How can I stop my car's computer from sending those annoying "check engine" messages?
cars ventilation not blowing air/?
Replace the front bumper on an 09 Pontiac Vibe?
do u think is it necessary removing flims on car glass?
Car won't start but don't think battery is dead. Lights & radio work.?
Whats at the bottom of both of my snowmobiles carburetors?
i cant get my vw polo sump to seal properly?
What does the belt do in the front of the engine?
I have lock nuts on my wheels. One on each of course. i lost the key, can you tell me where to get a replacme?
How much would a black paint job cost?
Mercedes benz 1994 sl320 elecctric seats dont work?
Lowering my silverado 2012 reg cab?
Engine Harness - Is it ok to just twist and tape?
How do I know if my car needs new shocks and or struts?
where can I find screen enclosures for an RV awning?
tell me guys whether these tyre sizes are same, 145/70 R12 and 145 R12?
i went to start my car and nothing happened.?
How to fix AC IN CAR?
Is it okay to drive If I remove my Tail Lights on my Subaru B4 Legacy 2002 model?
What's wrong with my breaks?
"how to bleed a hydrolic clutch on a 1994 Chevrolet Truck C1500 1/2ton P/U 2WD 5.7L TBI 8cyl"?
how do i know when to replace tires on my car?
I want to get my car painted, but not spend 6,000 to do so.... Please read on!?
What can I do about a1996 Mazda b3000 pickup (Ford Ranger) Throttle lag uphill?
how can i add power streeing to my 64 impala. It has a 92 motor.?
how do I replace push rods for 96 chevrolet lumina 3.1 v6?
marksman 12v battery jump starter, lost the insructions, can anyone tell me how long it takes to charge?
Have a 99 oldsmoble intrigue that blower for A/C & heater will not turn off.?
Has my car wheel bearing been broken by the mechanic?
Why does my 98 Grand Am Stally right after starting? after start?
Where is the fuel filter located in eclupse?
Does a standard get better mileage than an automatic?
Would a Air compressor shoot paint out of a airbrush continually at 50 psi?
im tired of my lights dimming and battery dying on my!!!?
2001 nissan maxima issues maybe TRANSMISSION ?
I just changed the alternator on m y 99' jetta and now the low battery light is on until i touch my gas pedal?
Should I jack up the front end when flushing power steering?
What fuses should i replace and with what # of fuse?
Is 128,467 mileage a lot for a 1989 Honda Accord lxi?
What causes my '93 4.0L Jeep to have delayed starting after fuel pump replacement?
why wont my 92 dakota 318 not start after i replaced the front seal in the transmission?
Is it my battery or my alternator?
Where can I find a 3" body-lift for a 1996 2WD 4dr Ford Explorer?
what can cause the engine to idle high when first starting it?
why does a picture of an engine appear on my dash and doesn't go.its a fiat punto 2004?
What is wrong with my focus?
gmc suburban won't start. Just clicks repeatedly when trying to start. What is wrong with it? How do I fix it
can i find a repair manual to download online for a bmv 318is?
is it dangerous?
How do I fix my windshield wiper motor on my '99 Merc Cougar.?
My car constantly over heats causing it to stall out. Spits out the radiator. Any ideas?
In line fuel filter on 1999 dodge caravan?
Should i go to a Lexus dealer or a local auto shop to get my car repaired?
motorcycle side mirrors?
Do I need a new car battery?
Jerry gas can restoration?
is the radiator support on a 94 civic welded or screwed on?
I need to lease an automotive parts washer for a car dealership in Se Iowa.?
Can I change a 1996 Honda Accord front wheel drive into a rear wheel drive and what would the cost be?
I changed the brake rear break lines and they are still spungy?
Truck won't start. It just makes a clicking sound when I turn the key. Help!?
Interstate Battery for 99 Corolla?
How do you stop an older car (2000 Daewoo Leganza) from Vibrating so much?
My car starts fine when it's cold, but when it's warm it hesitates. What could it be?
Why won't my brake lights work?
If you put that heavy duty duct tape on the outside of a car, will it strip the paint when you take it off?
I just installed a new battery in my car and the cca is reading high. help!?
How can i make my 1984 corvette faster?
Horn blows when I turn wheel, how do I disable horn of 94 camry until I can get it fixed?
knocking noise in gear, out of gear it goes away. what is it?
Where can I find the headlight housing, just the glass?
I have no power sterring in my 2001 grand caravan?
Grinding noise, is this bad torque converter or bad transmission?
I have cut wires under the dash. Where can I find inexpensive wiring schematics?
Dodge Ball joint and wheel baring prices?
1987 Ford Escort Brake lights not working. Help?
How long does it take the "check engine" light to go off after a car has been serviced?
My radio in my 2000 Pontiac Montana has calibrate on it so I need to get it calibrated, can I do this?
On a 4 cylinder petrol engine if the camshaft is timed up 180 degrees out,will it run?
Decepticon car emblem?
What can I use to restore moderate color fading on my leather car seats???
Does the CarMD check for alternator problems or show you which fuses are burnt out?
how do I change the starter on a 87 chevy camaro z28?
how do i remove scratches from a cd?
Car wont start, even with new battery?
What am I missing, why are gas prices going up AGAIN!!?
Please help. First time buying car brake and rotor online.?
97 ford escort horn location?
The check engine light came on my 2000 Honda. Help?
anyone know what this is that fell off my car?
i have a 95 honda accord and when i sit for long periods of time it begins to run hot.what can i do?
I swallowed my car alarm remote. Do I have to punch myself in the stomach everytime I use it now??
looking for service manuel for 1967 f3500 ford agriculture tractor?
What will likely happen if the oil drain plug is over tightened while changing oil?
Why do my hid's do this?
wanted to buy a fuel sending unit for 1994 toyota 4x4 pickup?
muffler turns bright red?
do u know how to replace a cabin filter in a 1995 toyota avalon?
My radiator had a hole in it i put in some stop leak i wonder how long i can drive it for like that it seems?
VP commodore air conditioner not working?
what can I remove from my vehicle to give an extra 2 miles per gallon.?
What happened to my car?
My car tyres are wearing down on the outside what causes this?
How to install a stereo stysem in an 2005 Dodge Stratus?
How can i take out a cd player from Scion tc?
Why does my steering wheel shake?
I have a 1998 honda passport, 4 wheel drive. The symbol for 4 wheel drive continues to blink on the dash.?
My 2005 Malibu dies while driving... Sitting at stop lights no rhyme or reason it just dies?
Is it the breaks or sensor?
Why does my car keep using so much coolant on my 2000 Mustang V6. I just had the lower intake manifold fixed?
1995 ford taurusproblems?
What does it mean when it says p100 filters are oil resistant?
350 engine 1 piece vs 2 piece rear main seal????
The AC compressor on a Ford 2001 Taurus cycles off every 3-4 seconds. Why?
I need help w/maintenance on a 2002 Ford Taurus SES?
how do you get tree sap off your car?
where to buy a air filter housing?
What is the best air filter for a 750 stand up jet ski that will increase proformance?
Replacing a headliner Board?
Car battery dead. Tried to jump start but no go!!! help!?
Toyota MR2 & I need to add pwr steering fluid but it is covered w/the black trunk protector. How do I add?
what parts do I need to fix my car windows?
In a recent storm the ventshade on my Jeep window was loosened. How do I remove the old tape to reinstall?
Why must you drive a new car under 60mph during it's first 500 or 1000 miles and is it really bad if you do?
Is it necessary to replace all four tires on a 4wd vehicle if I only had one flat? ?
How much will it cost to get minor framework done on a 1997 saturn wagon?
I had an oil change today and the guy said there is a leak in the oil pan or gasket.?
Car belt is squelling what I start the engine, anything I can do?
Did this garage over charge me; I couldn't refuse after they gave me the £592 quote as it was undrivable?
How do i unlock my bedroom door? PLEASE HELP ASAP!! :O?
What type of stuff forms in a car radiator?
windscreen wiper judder?
looking for mud tires size 39.5x15 or 39.5x16?
What are your opinions on having the tires rotated regularly on a new 2006 front-wheel drive sedan??
What could be causing the RPM's to jump when driving down the road on bare roads?
vw beetle electrical problem?
What could be the cause of wear on the outer edges of my front tire?
Am I out of gas?!!!!?
Firestone FR380 or Bridgestone Insignia?
contact paper for cars?
What exactly holds the car together (is the subframe crossmember crucial)?
should I get an oil change?
C230 Air Conditioner is OUT!`?
does painting a engine radiator reduce cooling efficiency?
When starting your car in the cold do you wait for the radiator sign to go to the middle?
Upon acceleration my Ford Explorer feels as though it is slipping on ice, what could be causing this?
How can I make my car shine like new again.?
i need instrustions to take off a 1999 ford experdition door panel?
When doing an oil change for AcuraTL/06, does the service light reset automatic, or need a spec. tool 2 reset?
nearly new car? New to me?
I need to repair the bearings on the front differential on my 1999 landrover discovery do I need special tools?
What is a Cat, and is it expensive?
where can i find an on line manual for a 93 buick century?
My car makes a "womp...womp...womp" sound on the right front side when I am turning left or slowing on a curve
How do I program a keyless remote for my 2000 honda accord?
Blown manifold gasket... what's the worst that can happen?
can this welding damage my eyes?
best sounding exhaust for 2005 dodge neon sxt?
what kind of grease/bearings should i use on my bearings?
What is a "Tire-rod"? How much does it cost in Canada/USA to fix it?
Anyone no how to plug a hole in a radiator some tricks of you have no way to buy a new one?
Is it bad to take off in your car without letting it warm up?
Just remove real muffler and put straight pipe?
97 LT1 camaro po133 O2 sensors slow response ?
what is the best way to clean my drive way of oil from my car?
Car runs lean after speed run? (Carb)?
How to remove this shift cable?
How do you get ink off a leather car seat?
Weird clutch? Is this normal?
Car Headlights Upgrade?
My check engine light is on in my car.?
i have baked bug on my car - how do i get it off?
Should I do this for a first project car?
Cost of Toyota celica repair?
How far will 8 litres petrol get me?
I have a 1994 lexus ls400. when turn off A/C while driving, the engine shut off, anyone know whats wrong?
My car was totaled during a recent flood, will my insurance re-emburce me?
to wire a sensor and a light 50 feet apart? the sensor is at the back door the light is 50 feet back from the?
Buffed paint off my car too much?
I need upper intake tourque specifications for my 1988 Ford Mustang GT?
Should a parking brake be used ONLY when the car is parked on a hill or slope?
How much for new paint?
After you work on a car and your hands are all black and oily...?
Can i drive with 1 half broken wheel stud?
My car doesn't start but when I turn the key it clicks once then nothing but the radio works whats wrong?
how to set the timing bell of a Suzuki Vitara 2000?
My car was just totaled and I dont have car insurance?
How do you fix interior door handle on 1996 chevy pickup?
When should I replace the timing belt on a Rover 75, 1800cc, 2004 model?
Is mechanic taking the piss?
does oil pump can cause oil on radiator?
i have a 95 buick park avenue 3.8, i put a new motor in and it stalls i've checked everything i think of. help
What is firing order in petrol engine?
90 cavalier rs problem?????
whats the name of a liquid product for my car to stop the heater leaking(called something like gunk/gloop)?
I know this is getting old, but I am not very mechanically inclined. Can I drive my car with a bad water pump?
What color is engine oil leak?
does this carreer make decent money?
I hav a 97 Plymouth Breeze. What does Dignostic Code 1281 Engine is cold to long mean?
will a second generation neon(96 & up) radiator relay fit into a first generation neon (95 model)?
how do you clean paint roller?
how do you adjust headlights 93 camry?
Undone bolts.. but now how to lift away something which is sitting deep on the thread?
is it bad to let my car sit for a few months without running it?
Is it safe to drive a car that has a worn out brake rotar?
Head Gasket still bad after replaced ?
Alfa Romeos destroyed by Top-Gear - anyone else offended?
What is the proper way to add radiator coolant?
im trying to replace the timing belt on a tigra but found that there was no marking. or cover what can i do?
when should i have the tires rotated?
97 malibu cranks but wont start?
Why does the fuel sistem not maintain fuel pressure.?
How often should I have to keep antifreeze?
on a volvo 940 estate, what does the orange square,green triangle with an upsidedown Y warning light mean?
To the men. How do I know if I need a fuel pump or a fuel relay for a 1988 chevy celebrity 2.8 6v engine?
compressor abnormal noise?
at what milage should a person change the spark plugs on a 2001 Grand Am GT? fuel filter? airl filter?
my 1997 nissan altima won't shift into third gear, what could the problem be?
What can i substitute hydrolic fluid with in a log splitter?
I just installed a tv and the wires stuck out weird and sometimes it makes sparks. Is this a hazard for my son?
Wheel locks up on braking?
can you replace brake pads on a car without resurfacing your rotors?
Does anyone know, without question, what the reason is behind auto manufacturers recommending lighter weight?
Car won't start on its own, only if I jump it first. Why? (See symptoms below.)?
Why does my car turn off when I press the gas at idle?
When I push down on the gas pedal nothing happeneds. Why?
Replacing bed floor in truck?
Why is my car squeaking?
what oil should i use for a nissan altima 2.5l 2005 with 105k miles?
It seems like my gas usage is getting worse, what should I do?
Are the bolts on a 2000 Kia Sportage head, torque to yield?
What is the best over the counter product for roaches?
El fairmont keyless remote replacement?
every time i put gas in my car it wont start?...?
Any tips or advice on changing an alternator in an 88 Deville?
Do neon lights always turn on when a car is on?
1993 Jeep cherokee headlight wiring?
sprit honda scam!?
i ran over a tree now my car will not go forward what happened?
where do i find a (ABS) solinoid relay switch for a 1994 chevy caprice and how do i replace it.?
I have a '89 Acura Legend 2.7 V6 I need to know how to check out the elect. fuel pump. thanks John?
Am I supposed to oil the seal on the oil filter before I put it on?
How do I hook up my halo headlights to come on with my parking lights?
would golf balls clog the toilet?
what bed (s) will interchange with a 2k f250 xlt crew short bed?
What's wrong with my ford taurus? do you think it's a big problem ? plz. help?
if you don't get your cv axles repaired what could happen to your car?
what do i do, i bought a vehicle in phoenix for $2000 about 2 weeks ago and it now needs a newengine?
Is Leaving The Car Engine On While Pumping Gas A Serious Problem?
Iwant to know how to fexe my car?
I have a brand new battery in my car and when I went out to start it this morning the battery is dead?
how do i clean my MAF senser on my 87 camaro Rs?
Just curious, is it bad to be driving down the road, switch from drive to neutral and reeve up the engine?
how do you install a ignition coil in a oldsmobile omega?
How much does a Buick front bumper cost?
how do we replace the radio antenna on a 2002 TrailBlazer?
what is wrong with my car?
is it ok not to have a heat shield on my exhaust?
when did steam engines stop running?
Clicking noise when everytime I hit brake?
Turning a back seat that don't fold down into one that does fold down?
Vauxhall Corsa M REG?
1992 Jeep cherokee sport More Power?
why is my temperature Gage flashing even though I have filled the coolant reservoir?
After $5,000, my car isn't repaired! What are my rights?
i am trying to find a manual diesel fuel pressure regulator to install on my mack truck.Can anyone help?
how come my 03 saturn vue smokes when i add oil?
do they sell convertible conversion kits for a chevy caprice?
Why is everyone not using these amazing tablets for thier cars vans and trucks. I do!!!?
What would be causing brake pads to smoke?
can you purchase anti-lock brake module valves from somewhere other than General Motors, if so where?
were to find the oil preshure sensor on a 79 F100 with a 302 engine?
How much horsepower does painting racing stripes add to my car?
why does my speedometer bounce?
What's the best engine oil?
67 mustang fuel gage goes to full?
does anyone know how to fix a sliding door on a van?
check transmission fluid in a 1997 Cadillac Catera?
is there a cam upgrade for a 4.2l l6 trailblazer?
Am I bound by law to pay fines that are posted on a sign but which I have not been notified of?
what kind of oil should i use for my car?
Is it ever good to have small valves high flow to help velocity?
2008 jeep compass wont shift into drive?
My car is using more gas?
what is the difference between 5W20 AND 0W20 SYNTHETIC OIL?
What's the difference between blinker fluid and high-performance blinker fluid?
Does a dying battery messes with the transmission?
If your car charger/ lighter wont work because its been under change forever...can it be fixed?
05 Pontiac Grand-Prix, Engine makes a whining noise when accelerating and decelerating. Whats the Prob?
1994 Accord F22b1 VTEC Car won't start!?
3.1 Chevrolet Intake Gasket?
need belt configuration on 3800 series 2 for 1996 buick la saber?
Why won't my step dad's truck start?
i 'am trying to get my 55 ford customline started with no luck can't find no books on it nd wiring diagram
where can I find a Trunklid 300 TE?
'92 Topaz cant get out of park?
Which is the best for the car wash?
what is my vw beetle called?
1996 Audi A6 (Loss of brakes and steering) help?
I have a carter YF carburetor and it spits gas and i dont know why?
I only see 4 spark plugs on my 4 cyl. Is that normal?
what do you call what the auto mechanic lies on to roll under the car?
Does my car sit too much?
Can you install rear electric windows?
Car wont's start...What the heck is wrong?
O2 sensors are bad do I really need to replace them?
Is it okay to use regular antifreeze instead of Dex Cool when car ask for Dex cool?
How do you start a car which has been parked for 4 years?
Car diagnostic/repair software?
Brake Problems ??
How do I replace the blower motor???
Car leaks oil, is this bad?
How to get the check engine light offf of a Toyota echo?
What should i get for a muffler?
How do you bleed the coolant system on a Plymouth Sundance?
Why does my LED third brake light collect moisture inside it? can it be fixed? ?
the step that forms at the top of a cylinder in the area where the piston rings don't travel is called a?
Noise after tore rotation and brake pedal may be vibrating.?
performacne chips for vehicles, wich ones work and best for money?
i need to find a new transmission for a 1995 dodge caravan,can anyone help ?
How much 4 a used 2004 dodge3500 transmission?
I just bought a Cadallic Deville, 1997. And was instructed to buy only the best premium gas, is this true?
Why do my plums tremble when max velocity is achieved ?
Airbag delay during accident?
will buying after market catalytic converter make my exaust system sound a little louder?
Where to get leather seat covers for my camry? not too expensive?
Which is more important? Oil temp or Engine temp?
how do your tires get cupped ? thats what they told me what was wrong with my tires.?
Can I really save on gasoline by modifying my car to use water?
what temp should I time my 350 at?
if someone puts candy in ur gas tank what will happen ?
What does it mean when a car has 135k miles on it ?
Could my engine sieze if small sand particles got into the engine through the spark plug holes?
Steps to replace a PCM (ECU) in a 2001 Chevy Prism?
can I get 215/60R16 tires on 15"x7" rims?
Car overheating with all new parts?
when i drive then stop the car stalls and judders and cuts out even though my foot is down on the exclrater?
Yes i let my engine warm up?
TDC stands for Top Dead Center?
How much hp will my nissan 240sx make with a chevy 350 swap?
how could i fix my truck?
what happens if you put the wrong type of fuel in the car..?
Why is my car not starting if the battery is ok?
1995 Ford Ranger Super Cab?
IS HE TRYNA CHEAT ME??My AC doesnt work and the mechanic says ill need a compressor and something else??
should you hold down the gas pedal while parked to unflood engine?
remove car door panel?
i changed my brakes in my 2002 ford ranger and now the antilock braks are messed up. How do I reset the ABS?
Should i replace suspension components, not needing repair.?
what is residual fuel pressure?
how do we know the clutch of auto A/C compressor is working or not? ?
When I go to turn my key in my car, nothing happens, when I try again it starts...?
What is the mileage of royal enfield thunderbird 350 cc?
My car won't unlock without setting off the alarm, I'm a college student with classes can someone please help?
How do I get chocolate out of my car interior?
what's wrong with my car?
can you use unleaded petrole in a diesel engine?
Changing magna tj executive rim?
Is my alternator or battery shot?
Automotive schools in Dallas,Tx ?
Can you put oil in a car while its running?
does anyone know how long it takes on average to fix a car gearbox?
Has anyone else had problems with Discount Tire's free balance and rotation?
What type of transmission fluid does a 1952 Studebaker Commander V8 with an automatic use?
Did the distributor rotor fail?
How do fix my 92 cadilac deville fuel guage?
what does it mean when your truck wont start?
looking to rebuild a set of webber carbs in o.c. with a flow bench.?
setting up camshafts on a kz 650 1978?
My Dirtbike(YZ 125) wont shift into gear?
I have an older car that may have a engine problem. What does a knocking noise in the engine's idol mean?
Are bosch the best or better replacement part? I got a couple 0 2 sensors that are still bad.?
where do i find instrusctions on how to locate the heater core on a 1993 chevy cavalier?
What is the substance found inside the battery?
I want to put a 1275 engine in an original 1000 engine Mini Moke. Do I need to change the carburetor?
How do I cahange the serpentine belt in a '97 Ford Taurus?
About how many miles should I expect out of my 1982 Toyota Tercel?
How do you get a tight bolt off?
how much does it cost to get a paintjob on a 1969 mach 1 mustang?
How much should an average Wheel Alignment Cost?
What sticky things can i put on car paint?
how do you change a 1988 camaro 305 to a 350? what wires can i cut out?
What could be all the possible issues wrong with my boyfriends car after front end accident. Pontiac G5 Coupe?
What will likely happen if the oil drain plug is over tightened while changing oil?
I have a chip in my windshield how do i know if it will spread?
location of fuel filter of 96 ply. breeze?
Shellac on to get it off.?
What is wrong with my 2000 ford ranger, my brake lights don't work?
My check engine light keeps coming on but my engine is still there; what's up with that?
my 1993 integra needs it motor mounts?
how much would it cost to get a sub installed into my car?
Did I meet requirements for safe vehicle.?
what is the loud humming noise or grinding noise in my 97 saturn please help?
How do I rethread sparkplugs?
what light is the light that continually lights up on my dashboard,it looks like an engine. i have a vectra?
Do you know what this noise could be?
Average paint job cost for a car (rav4)?
How do you change an air filter for a 1992 Ford Explorer Sport?
my power brake booster is leaking?
Need a brighter backup light bulb for 1996 GMC Sierra.?
Cars: Question about Steering Alignment?
Is it okay to use 10w30 engine oil on my 86' el camino ?
Is it possible to flood a car with electronic fuel injection?
how do i know if my car needs an oil change?
how do you check car engines?
Brake Warrany?
what would be the best shocks for a 1967 GTO?
Why does the steering wheel shudder past 55 mph?
Removal of Window Tint Glue on the rear window?
why does my toyota camry v6 3.0 litres over heat at high speed?
Car dies at idle and runs rich, what can be the problem?
How tall or big are 225/75/R16 tires wheels?
how do i take off a door panel on a 2001 pontiac grand am on the rear drivers side door?
2004 sonata, any proplems outthere 16000mi-Im good !?
My friend's car got towed. In the process of towing, the towers broke her car's transmission.?
1994 Accord F22b1 VTEC Car won't start!?
What is a obd2 harness?
i locked my self in my car trunk do i get out...i have 3 dead fish in here with me?
How many miles will a F250 last?
What does Snafu mean?
We rebuilt the engine in our truck and now it won't start.?
how do I remove a cross threaded nut?
my car keeps dying on me?
Headlight wiring question?
does petrol go off if left in a vehicle unused for a year?
Auto Body paint job question?
Why wont my 98' ranger shift right?
how can i find a center cap for a rim that is discontinued?
Volkswagen Transporter T4 1997 Manual?
MY Front driver side is leaking brake fluids,what could it be ?
My car wont start battery or starter?
what can i do with spare 50cc scooter parts?
HVAC won't change vent flow?
I'm going to get rid of my catlyic converter, and replace the O2 censor with an eliminator.?
does a cold air intake exhaust make a big difference when installed?
Is it ok to drain the oil from my truck and then put it back in?
how to put a wing mirror on a ford fiesta?
Can i put automatic transmission fluid in my oil?
Windscreen washer bottle is full but nothings coming out ?
When put the car into gear 1 and lift the clutch I sometimes hear a POP noise?
2002 ford explorer sports fuse diagram?
Can i fill the back of my truck with water?
when the oil light comes on do I need more oil or an oil change?
how do i reset the fuel shut off switch in my truck?
Idle Issue...?
when i brake the car pulls to one side?
I just bought an Acura TSX. Do I really have to use premium gasoline all the time?
Blown Head Gasket And now the car wont turn on? Sell it or Scrap?
What's that smell coming from my engine?
How much oil is too much?
Is there a conversion kit available to convert a 1 passenger ATV to a 2 passenger ATV?
Transmission won't up-shift?
I have a 2004 Chevy Tahoe. My model has the third row seats. How do I take out the third row seats?
how much is a timing chain?
how good is dodge shadow and what are some of the problems that usually occur with them?
my 86 park ave keepstalling on acelliration will start up again normal?
Car juddering problem?
How can you learn how to be a auto mechanic?
in cars made after 1995 if you pull the positive wire on the battery will the car die if the altenator is bad?
are ford ranger parts universal?
What would be a fair shop estimate in replacement of a passenger wheel bearing on a 1997 Ford Taurus?
help with my auto exam?
Does hitting the curb while parallel parking damage your cars tires/wheels?
Help? Paint job on car, Im a girl so bare with my bad car lingo.?
92 buick century service engine soon light?
where can i get a car dyno?
'86 Chevy S10 2.5 won't pass emissions, high hydrocarbons.?
how can i remove window from my car?
halo headlights installation help.....needed badly?
where can I get a rebuild kit for my matco tools air gun?
do u need to replace transmission when you replace engine?
What is the maximum air pressure for each passenger car load range(p,xl,c,d,e,)?
my car won't stop overheating!?
whats the diffrence between wet sanding and dry sanding?
my 97 ford f-150 is making a sound like when u back up, the sound is coming from under the glove compartment?
Is my car covered under warranty?
honda pp oil coming of of tube is it trans oil?
What should i do with my cutout?
How much does a smart car replacement key cost?
How to determine foot pounds of torque when tightening bolts?
What's the best way to make a 1996 honda accord really fast?
In need of a apprentice mechanic?
how do you change a car spedometer from miles to metric on a Mercedes?
I am trying to get a diagram of a 1994 crown victoria fuse panel, where do i go?
looking for car repair /campbellsville,ky?
How much would it usually cost to have a Fuel Pump installed in a 2000 Mitsubishi Galant?
would i be a auto ricer if I did this...?
Dodge Durango interior lights?
Where is the speed sensor on a 91 mazda protege?
does a 1984 capri have rear coil springs?
Why doesnt my car in forza move while using my steering wheel?
on a 98 silverado 454 whats the best parts for power?
What do I need to do to my car to prepare it for a long trip...well longer than it is used to?
Californian Emmision Part Needed?
What's the best way to label an engine for removal?
My car is making a high pitched squealing noise while I drive?
Why do i have to oil the gasket on my oil filter?
Can you put premium gas in a car that takes regular? Will it damage the engine or enhance it?
Whats wrong with my fuel gauge?
Is my dip stick reading right? i dont understand?? please help!?!?
What is the difference between a sunroof and a moonroof?
Is my car battery dead?
what chain retailer is the best for buying tires from?
I want to buy a cold air intake filter but do i need to install the whole set?
does a car's headliner serve any purpose other than it looks better?
rotary engine rotors?
Having problems with the starter on my 1989 Bronco 2?
how much air pressure goes in a 82 datsun?
Why won't car turn over even after replacing battery?
96 Chrysler Cirrus has power but wont start?
what are 180 degree headers?
1987 Chevy silverado Fuel injectors not spraying?
97 eclipse spyder 4 cyl. turbo_big time shifting issues?
what part of a car collects the used oil?
Why Ford Escort 1.8 diesel after being off road for 2 months gives starting problem with one battery alone?
engine exchange ohio for timing belt damage?
Engine oil help needed?
When I let got of the breaks on my car there is a loud lower pitched noise?
My windshield wipers stopped working?
how much can i expect to pay to replace a starter or alternator on a 96 ford explorer?
New battery immediately drained?
Do I have a problem with 2002 Chevy Blazer's fuel pump?
Why did my car lose power after driving it, like the battery was taken out?
2004 Ford Escape radio/clock light blinking?
What can I use to get dead bugs off the front of my car?
How to reset oil service light Chevrolet Trucks Avalanche ?
2000 malibu dummy check engine light?
What's wrong with my Jeep?
my truck windshield fogs up and heat smells like radiator fluid?
What will make an RPM gage on a 2002 Chevy Cav. jump and shake the car?
I do I make my car lock popper unlock both my cars?
Is it a good idea to switch an automatic transmission to a manual?
I have a 1999 Plymouth. When is the best time to change a serpentine belt? Mine has a nice line of rust on it.
What is the worst thing you can put in a car's gas tank to destroy the car?
what can i do to make my car faster?
My car delays in accelerating?
Bad battery while driving?
What kind of maintence is absolutely neccesary for my car?
What is a camshaft dephaser circuit/cost?
Help with exhaust tips?
car wont start on ford focus 2003?
Does this sound correct?
Can harm be done to an engine by having to much oil in the pan ?
Looking for a diagram of a fuse box under the hood of a 1994 4.6 liter V8 ford thunderbird?
how do i restore my scratched atv plastics?
what's wrong with the brakes on my 2002 Thunderbird?
I bought a car with a bad heater core ?
is it true that car batteries will not last beyond two years and need to be replaced?
Oil/White Smoke shooting from engine any idea?
help with campervan water system.?
91 geo prism why would it eat so much gas? i put 45 dollars in gas 2 days ago it's gone? what's the cause?
about my car?
1990 buick lesabre dies whem being driven?
what is the easiest way to drain a gas tank on a car tank is full?
whats the lung nut pattern for a Daewoo Leganza yr 2000?
2000ford focus changed engine?
i want to know about the wireing for the ford zetec 16valve 1.8 engines?
A shopping cart rant into my front right fender of my car and caused 3 little nicks.?
how to change a 1999 mercedes c230 kompressor lightbulb?
Buying a car and had a question about it?
05 grand am doesnt no that its in park when i try to start it?
How do you take off brake switch on 97 blazer?
how do you turn off the speed limiter on a car like a BMW M6?
what is the rubber seal on car doors called... and where can I buy a new one?
what can damage a gear shift?
i was wondering?
Are there any wiring harnesses compatible ?
Loose fitting spark plug wires?
how to turn off check engine light?
Should i sell or fix my ford?
I bought my car as is now my head gasket's are going can i take it back?
mondeo starting problems ( flywheel )?
Would it be Hard to change the Oil in My Car?
were is the fuel filter on a 91 geo storm at?
New Thermostat, better throttle response.?
Sand Blasting Sandblasting Question, Ceramic Nozzles vs Steel Tips?
Where can i get a new fuel tank for my car?
What is a good stereo system to put in a 2001 Volkswagen Jetta?
Why would my aftermarket remote start with key less entry just stop working all of the sudden?
Amp limits on AWG/guage wiring?
How much to repair fuel gauge on 1991 toyota soarer?
Motor oil all over my spark plugs is this normal or a bad thing?
How do you repair a rearview mirror (inside) that fell off the windsheild?
My 1995 Oldsmobile aurora shut down while driving. Gas flow, coils and boards checked. What else could it be?
I have bought a used car,there may be a problem with the camshaft, am I entitled to a refund?
what is the optimum size for a cold air intake for a 1.8l engine?
Someone has put a lilac powder in my petrol tank and my car has now broke down, what is it?
Will exhaust manifold still leak if missing 1 bolt out of 6?
how can i smog my 86 jeep 6 cyl jeep from arizona to calif smog?
The Chevrolet Uplander has been recalled?!?
Is there any brands that make Intake kits for a 2006 Suzuki Forenza?
Where does the rubber go when it wears off tires ?
Why would the brake pedal go all the way to the floor when applied?
whats the name of a liquid product for my car to stop the heater leaking(called something like gunk/gloop)?
my car want crank but the battery is good and all the lights come on it is a 93 crown victoria any suggestions?
Why won't four wheeler won't start?
Why are semi-trucks so loud when coming to a stop?
I put oil in my car 1 month ago. I checked it and now it was gone. I have no leaks what could be the problem?
My stick shift car feels slow when switching gears?
why is my truck running hot?
1990 escort wont start below 56 degs. smells like flooding. if does start runs super rich. above 56 degs ok.?
Why does my battery in my 1995 gmc safari drain in a matter of hours?
How to cure speaky wiper blades?
how can i open my 1982 corvette hood? apparently is sealed!?
Has anyone ever heard of this?
My car just started making a funny noise ive never heard before on the left front passnger side?
does this mean a new cluch?
How to turn off the ding dong noise at 100km/h in a corona?
how do i remove the shift knob on my 2003 saturn vue?
'95 GMC Safari won't start every now and then.?
My son has a 86 Ford Ranger and the battery keeps being drained.The battery was tested and it was fine.?
If you steer your car wheel when the car is too close to a curb does it damage anything?
My car wouldn't start lights turn on horn works what could it be?
Does anyone know anything about how Vauxhall spares are acquired?
Is It Really That Hard To Learn How To Drive A Stick Shift?
Why do i hear a sqeak in my transmission when i press my clutch pedal?
Why won't my car start????
my 1996 ford taurus is overheating. what is going on?
Why is my outboard motor not sparking?
I need a new 02 sensor on my car will i pass emissons?
What would Stone Cold do if he got a new car and the saleman did this?
my 98 prelude blows out blue smoke in the morning but it goes away after its warm what could be causing this?
Is there a free place to get information on how to dianose and repair a Bronco ii 5 sp.manule transmission?
Have I destroyed My Engine?
Where is my speedo cable located on my 2004 Kia spectra ?
i have a 87 olds delta 88 and it vibrate on accelaration?
my car makes a rattling/screeching noise when running.?
Dodge Dakota shakes when A/C is on, is it a vacuum line?
Can't figure out why my check engine light wont go off.?
Focus TDDI diesel pump removal 1.8 1999?
engine management light on BMW316 problem?
Which supercharger do you think is better?
My car's blower is filled with stuff. Is it ok to drive?
i have a L206D camper van can any help me please a bout parts?
motorcycle tire tubes?
What is wrong with my car?
why does the intake manifold on my 67 vw baja ice up?
Steering Wheel shakes uncontrollably when I drive...what's wrong with my car?
Who do I complain to about a auto repair company?
Lawnmower starts then dies??? Why?
where can i find out information about how cars work and how to do your own maintenance on them?
What causes motorcycle starter clutches to go bad?
2003 Saturn Ion Quad Coop Issues with jerky acceleration.?
Who Should Pay?
Would putting a K and N induction kit and upgrading the plugs and leads make a difference to my Corsa 1.216v?
Son,s car wont start, radiator is dry?
Does anyone have a diagram or schematic for the vacuum lines in my '83 Jeep CJ-7?
How do you stop a leak in a radiator without pulling out the radiator.?
02 sensors keep going bad?
Weird noise coming from my car?
smog check fail please help?
why clutch is not important in upshifts?
oi !!! petrol heads?
I need a really good glue, but thicker than super glue, for plastic to glass.?
Where is the best place to look, besides ebay, for parts to a 52 Chevy?
what is the fuel capacity for a 1987 chevrolet caprice classic?
how often should you have your break fluid changed?
where can i buy a timing chain tensioner for a ford taurus sho v8?
Car doesn't start, just a 'tick' noise coming from the engine.?
Car making noise when accelerating?
Where can I find a repair manual for 1968 Ford Gran Torino GT Fastback?
whatelse can you check for with a misfire if the plugs, wires and coil pack have already been changed?
my radiator has a and coolant wont flow?
Is it safe to drive an hour with a broken fan belt?
How to diagnose car battery? Help!?
Why does my heater resistor keep blowing on my 2002 focus? Replaced it twice now.?
How many motors are there in the car ? I think there are two motors in the car :?
What is the part called on Freightliner Columbia?
What is the best brake fluid for a 2000 ML320?
Can i buy an air conditioner for my car?
How can i store my store tires?
where is the transaxle fluid plug under the hood of a 2000Daewoo Nubira car?
How much should it cost to replace the chrome strip at my front window on my MKZ ?
My 97 Jimmy has transmission problems. I have replaced 2 O2 Sensors, 2 solenoids and the compute?
Overheat Coming Off Highway?
Ahh am having major problems with my car where is it I should take it for service ?
Car won't start, clicking noise but good battery?
is it dangerous?
What is the liquid that comes out of the exhausts of cars?
What tire pressure do I put for Yokohama S.Drives on a 2000 MR2 Spyder?
Poulan Pro PR550N22SH Muffler?
Car making loud sound when I turn it on and press gas pedal, is it the exhaust?
Is it bad for your car to keep attempting to crank up the engine when its not starting?
Will the seats from a 94 Cadillac Deville fit into a 78 Cadillac Seville?
What is overdrive for? Does it get better gas mileage with overdrive or something?
horsepower question?!?!?
How can someone not know what their car is?
where can i find a 1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass 442 engine? and other parts?
Car sometimes kicks while accelerating?
my 90 5.0 crown vic surges at idle any ideas ,what this is and how to correct it?
approximately how much might it cost to replace the motor mounts on a 1985 Chevrolet Celebrity 4dr sedan 6 cyl
question about instrument panel in a 2004 chevy trailbalzer.?
Is it really better to change your own oil?
How much would the cost be to fix this car?
Brown colored coolant.?
I need to replace u joints on a 98 Jimmy. When I drop the driveshaft will I lose tranny fluid?
What is an electric turbo?
Where to get 1957 chevrolet paint codes?
how do you boil a engine and cam it?
what happens if i put brasso in my petrol tank on the car?
Why is my car idling up if not past 2rpms?
1994 Toyota Corolla will not start?
how do i know if the muffler i buy from ebay fits my car?
my check engine light is on for the egr valve?
where can i find a wiring diagram for the stock radio in my 2000 mustang?
How to drive a manual car??? tips???
How do I add horsepower to my 95 Grand Prix a reasonable cost?
If you know everything about cars answer my question? Simple.?
Where to find side-mounted truck tool boxes with drawers?
What happened to my car?
my car engine shakes a lot when its idle at stop lights or about to park?
how much will it cost to replace?
what kind of oil best for KIA 2005 Spectra LX?
on the way home my lights power went dead car would not start again?
How do the cams and distributor work in timing?
If I want to run E85 in my race car what do I have to do to the carb?
I have a 1997 Ford Explorer, my security alarm goes off 45 minutes after I lock the doors,?
Could driving with the e brake on result in transmission failure?
Air Conditioning conderser fan turns on but then turns off...?
GUYS i'm a mom who know nothing about cars...?
Need help with making my car fast !?
what causes the heater of a 1994 jeep cherokee to go out plus create random antifreeze leaks in random spots?
does anyone know a simple wiring diagram to get a quad going?
i have a ford explorer 1999 and i accidentally put diesel in it for gas now it keeps dying can it be fixed?
What do u think about Mobil 1 Extended Performance oil where we change oil when it reaches 15,000 miles?
paint black moulding on side door of car - do it myself?
Is my head gasket blown?
Recently my speedometer and odometer stopped working in my truck. Should I just get new spark plugs?
any way to fix flaking clearcoat on my car? its only in a couple of places.?
changing intake gaskets on a 2.8 chevy s-10?
Once you jump start your car do you have to jump start it each time it stops?
If the little battery inside a computer is dead does that prevent it from turning on.?
i have a Peugeot 206 can i put a full size tyre were the space saver tyre is?
My 3yr old BMW F650 Funduro jerks when hot, doing 80 -100kph and the rev counter goes into the red.?
Should my car engine be making this noise?
How much would it cost for Airbags to be replaced after they are deployed?
my car won't go straight will it pass smog?
My car won't start. Help.?
2003 mustang cobra bad battery or altenator?
the cdi box for my go cart is a 6 pin but the plug for it is a 5 pin plug so would a 5 pin cdi box work?
would 95 golf parts fit a 93 golf?
Is it bad for a clutch if when im downshifting I use the clutch as break and release it halfway?
what is the difference performance-wise between replacing halogen bulbs with xenon bulbs & converting to kits?
My car is overheating, I thought it was my fan but my radiator was stone cold?
After how much time should a car's tires be changed with new ones?
I need the over-ride code for the "Smart Start" breathalizer installed on my truck.?
my brakes stoped working today i just bought the car and just checked the fluid it is empty can i top it up?
can i clean out fuel injectors in F150 2000 by putting 2gallons of diesel and filling my tank with Regular Gas
is it much of a problem to bleed a brake system?
How can I tell if a mechanic is fooling me?
Problem with 4ws in Honda Prelude 95?
my car won't start I need help..?
Which gives better gas mileage: Ford Diesel truck or Chevy Suburban (non-diesel)?
does tornado fuel saver work?
When my car is off, why does it makes a grinding noise somewhere under the hood?
My car won't start...?
is 100,000 miles high for a diesel engine?
im lookinf for a diagram of mercedes benz 0227100023 ignition module i need to see the inside of this item?
94 Yamaha Timberwolf 250 ATV is leaking oil.. Is it just a bad gasket?
1997 Pontiac Grand Prix GT w/ the 3800 won't start now. Any suggestions?
How to open a car with two broken door handles?
When Are The 2008 models For Hotwheels coming out? and What are some new cars?
Car roof liner on a 1976 buick Skyhawk?
i left my keys in my car what do i do?
my 95 galant changes from "Drive" to Neutral while i'm driving what could this be help!!!?
front wheel balancing?
Will these rims fit(offset)?
Are struts for the front or back?
How do i tint my rear window in my car?
Why do mechanics try to rip off women?
What is the best day to go in for an oil change? (Least crowded time)?
I am looking for a shop manual for a 1978 Golden Falcon III RV by Skyline. Does anyone have a good source?
I need to Replace my el camino frame?
2003 Nissan Sentra SER Dropping RPM at idle. Worse when fan is turned on. Potential problem?
I just bought a brand new 2006 mustang...Would you get the windows tinted or not?
will a converter run from an alternator without a battery being involved?
97 ford explorer it seems to be like in netrual wont move in any gear clutch still feels like there is pressur
Trouble starting my 2000 Silverado 5.3 2WD, loud screeching sound and cold weather...?
Why do I have a "musty" smell when my truck air conditioner is turned on?
Where should I buy my car tires?.?
whats the biggest wrench that can fit in your pocket?
What's wrong with my car? 02 ford zx2?
can you park in front of a dropped kerb with a driveway in use?
My gas tank froze. I put in HEET. My car still won't start, Does anyone have any suggestions?
chevy colorado thermastat sticking?
fuel pressure specs 95 chevy?
What do I need to do to put my 89 Honda Civic Si Transmission on my JDM DOHC ZC Engine?
Yamaha scooter wont idle. Please Help?
why is antifreeze pouring out the bottom of the cars engine?
PLEASE HELP!!! WHAT is wrong with my car?!?! Thanks!!?
I have a vauxhall Corsa and it does not seem to want to go into first gear. Can anyone tell me why?
How do I know if the water pump is REALLY bad in a 2000 Grand Am.?
Why is my alignment straight all of a sudden?
How low does the fuel pressure need to be to indicate pump failure?
5w 30 or 10w 30 oil???
I have a vw passat1.8 turbo, blue smoke is coming out from exhuaste what can i do?
Do I need an oil change?
If there is little or no coolant in a car engine, will the block ?
How do I know if my Car has an alarm?
Cost to repair scratch on car?
Need a diagram to install a timing chain and gears for 1995 jeep cherokee 4.0 6 cylinder.?
can i be responsible to pay for oil leaks on a car after its been sold for 3 + weeks?
Why is my car battery draining?
where can i find a good quality car battery?
what can cause a tie rod or ball joint boot to rip?
Is it bad to switch from synthetic motor oil to normal motor oil?
How to get a car out that's buried by frozen snow?
i have a 5 gallon drum of gas with fuel stabilizer, can i put it in my car?
My car is having trouble stopping, my brakes are new what could be the problem?
How can I install in-cabin microfilter on 2002 Nissan Sentra?
what front axle do i have in 2005 ford f250 4x4?
I drive a 2003 Ford Mustang and I am having problems with the steering vibrating it starts around 50 to 65 mph?
There is a clicking in my steering wheel when I turn my car to the right.?
Will gas over $4.00 this summer?
My motorbike makes a horrible grinding sound when it runs?
"goodwill warranty" help?
Could a ed motor mount and cv joint cause transmission to slip?
Something just poured out from underneath my car.?
How can I protect bare metal from rusting?
need help with mountain bike, flat tire?
I need to repair a favourite belt. The bit that goes through the belt and is attached to the buckle is broken.?
Why doesnt my heater work very well?
Oil Change Question?
Could a ed motor mount and cv joint cause transmission to slip?
Snowmobile blowing headlights?
please help me out on a car issues?
Is it my cars alternator or the battery?
what do car gages mean?
i bought the car for £1700 pound it is a T reg rover 214 8v I have only done 600 miles in it in last eight?
My '98 Honda Civic LX is having problems after start-up.?
My radiator had a hole in it i put in some stop leak i wonder how long i can drive it for like that it seems?
how to remove steering wheel from a 1995 fiesta si with air bag?
what kind of brake system does a 1993 cadillac coupe deville have?
where is the fuel filter located on a 2001 sienna van?
Why does my 1994 Honda Accord shake when I come to a complete stop? RPM dips at about 500. Can anyone help?
Would a Door from a 91 Geo Storm fit without customization on a 92 Geo Storm?
Where can I find info on changing a heater core on 95 ford ranger?
my front coil spring on my car has snapped im getting it repaired tommorrow.should i get them both done?
2004 dura max 6.6 turbo wont start?
Forums for Mistubishi Fuso Commerical Moving Vans?
Dirty windshield can't get clean?
will this paint hold up on my heat shield for my headers?
My car died and mechanic said it needed a new engine, can this be?
1993 Ford Ranger temperature gauge/fuel gauge not working?
The wrong antifreeze was put in my car?
What happens if you put wrong type of gas in your car?
Why is my pickup dying?
My moped (Dayang QT50) won't start. I tried charging the battery, but it is good; no juice though?
What can I use to replace my redcat monsoon xtr body?
need vaccum hose routing?
How true is this? :-)?
What does it mean when they say your AC needs to be recharged? This for an automobile.?
Will stop leak work? Help plz?
ford fiesta... lacking a bit of well... oil?
Why doesn't my car always start?
1992 buick roadmaster keeps blowing the fuse right next to the fuel pump relay, my car then turns off when dri?
If my brake line is broken during an oil change, who is responsible?
How to tell a new timing belt from an old one?
Where can I find silicone tubing in Orlando?
Question about parking a manual transmission car uphill?
Will car polish remove scratches form a car?
my 1993 jeep grand cherokee laredo brakes feel like they're grinding?
Is it possible to remove a light scratch/scuff from a car caused by a bush/tree?
what kind of damage can be done to an automatic transmission when going from drive to reverse while the car is
I have a 1999 mercury sable. The o2 sensor keeps coming up. even though I replaced it. what else could it be ?
A low tension motor has rpm 1485.its pimp has power 200HP.what will be the reason for tripping of this pump?
Any idea what's wrong with my 1997 cadillac catera? White smoke and burning smell?
How many amps does a alternator deliver to a car battery?
how much would it cost to get this repaired ? ?
how is vehicle wrapping "a fraction if the cost" of a respray?
hELP.lock my car keys in the car its a v. corsa and central locking how can i get them out?
what battery do i use for a 5mm and 3mm led?
i,m looking for an independant car assesor after haveing very poor work done on my vw beetle can anyone help?
Help car trouble hope someone can help?
How can i prevent gas siphoning?
when i let off the gas pedal in my car, the rev counter goes down to zero for a second before it returns 700is?
Does anyone know of good places to get accessories for a 98 Mustang. And/or a place to have it installed.?
Will dealership pay for this?
My car is steaming and boiling?
where to get factory ford parts for 2004 f-150 super cab?
Why can I do to beef up the rear suspension of a 2007 Chevy HHR LS?
95 buick roadmaster.....spark plugs/wires?
Wiper blades are colliding?
How do you get blood stains out of the trunk of a car?
What should the 90,000 mile service cost for a 2003 Ford Escape?
What's the correct PSI for my tyres?
92 pontiac firebird starter part plus cost of labor?
do i have to replace the rear end with the tranny on a porsche 944?
is this a sign of a bad clutch or transmition ?
i have a problem with a car that no one can figure out,looking for some troubleshooting ideas to help me out.?
Why does my car sputter when I give it gas? ?
how can i avoid my car lock from freezing overnight in this cold weather? ?
1964 Chevrolet Impala "Ignition Fuse Blowing" while Ignition Switch in "ON" position?
what does error code 420, the catalyst seems inefficient mean?
A switching sensor can be checked for proper operation with a(n)?
my car's engine oil colour is changing to creamy colour.after changing oil also the same problem occurring?
window tint law sucks?
How do you put a serpentine belt on a 1994 dodge spirit?
Is my this car worth everything that needs to be fixed?
What do you think about this car with miles and price?
Question about what car/truck to choose?
Dodge Oxygen Sensor?
replacing a whole car interior including dash sydney?
vacuum lines on 98 ford ranger2.5l?
Can a Panel Beater get a job in welding ?
Can A Manual Gearbox Be Replaced With An Automatic?
Can I turn the left hand camshaft sprocket (4 teeth )in order to remove the two timing belt cover bolts ?
do cars need a head gasket?
I need to find a manuel and instructions on how to change a fuel pump in a 1989 GMC Jimmy?
Is there any reliable workshop in Singapore that do engine wash? My car is a Toyota Corolla 1991.?
My car will not start, when i turn the key all it does is tick tick tick tick tick?
help needed buying traction tire chain?
I have a 2006 Dodge Ram Mega Cab with 5.7 litre Hemi.?
What could be wrong with my car (high pitch noise)?
when i start my chevy venture 2002 on a cold day its noisy.?
Getting my windows tinted?
I would like to paint my car. does anyone know what kind of paint I could use and where to buy it?
ya got it.. thanks dude... can u tell me which model of "k and n "air filter is best for pulsar 150dtsi.
Can i fit a 2001 isuzu rodeo ls 3.2 engine in a 97 3.2 isuzu rodeo?
My gas pedal got stuck?
how do you reset car alarm on Vauxhall Vectra?
Suspicious Break Light Question.. Please help?
Why is antifreeze left in a car's radiator in the summer and winter?
Why is my car and steering wheel pulling to the left?
Equipment Maintenance System?
how could i replace a throwout bearig on a 98 eclipes?
what to look into while buying new tires and how much will the labour be ? there's a wide range of prices?
My car steering has started shaking?
can i take my cavalier to the chevy garage?
What front/rear inflation pressures should I use for Michelin XH4 tires on a 1972 Mercedes 280 SE 4.5?
what kind of battery does my car need?
Honda CRV stalls at red lights if the AC is on.?
What type of shop rebuilds steering racks?
My check transmission light is on...what could it mean?
Has anybody found a fool proof product for cleaning and shining vinyl tonneau covers?
is it ok to change the just oil but not the oil filter? I think my oil filter is still good after 3000 miles?
Car battery requires frequent jump?
99 corolla has timing chain or belt?
Would you rather own a cadillac or a mustang GT?
Please help.. my car is shaking while i drive it?
honeywell I do not have directions to set my oil radiator type heater and it keeps shutting down on me...?
How do I know if my Car has an alarm?
I have a tiny nail in my tire should I even bother to repair it?
Where would I find dodge replacement truck seats?
what transfer case is in a 1990 full size bronco eddie bauer edt, automatic. with 3.55 ls gears?
What makes sludge come in the bottom of a car engine?
What is the best way to restore a Mercedes 380 SL?
FMX just over hauled goes forward in reverse and back in drive.Starts in park but is really in second gear.?
what is the tranny model number for a 96 dodge grand caravan 3 speed automatic?
Problems on a 01 Celica GT?
Is this allowed in Houston Tx?
Exactly what does it mean to "Turn your Rotors" and why is it necessary?
will this engine swap work?
How much is an engine worth from a 2006 mazda 6 4-cylinder?
will it help to put rubbing alcohol in a transmission to keep it from slipping?
Need a little advice?
Question about a car battery?
How do I fix my windshield wiper motor on my '99 Merc Cougar.?
New engine, running perfectly, great emmissions results. Still burns gas worse than before I fixed problem why
car overheating.. what do i do?
Where can I get skinny/thin tires for my 08 tahoe?!?
The neighborhood mechanic says replace the engine but he didn't "test" if it was locked up. Is this right?
Which one absorbs shock the best? Rubber, sponge, or foam?
96 Ford Ranger door damage?
Jeep won't start after cleaning battery.?
why is my temperature Gage flashing even though I have filled the coolant reservoir?
what kind of fuel injection does the 1984 chevy suburban 4x4 have and what kind of mpg do they get?
Is my alternator the problem ?
My check engine light turned on should i still drive it like that to Calif. if i live in Nevada???
On a 1992 Ford Taurus if it won't shut of,and it's not the ignition switch,what's wrong?
in a tornado why would you put duct tape on you glass doors and windows?
Rear Wheel Bearing HELP!!!?
What is this woodpecking sound my car does and even when the car isnt doin this it makes a mild knock sound?
How should I paint my car.... Should I even paint it?
my ac smells like Olives whenever i've had it off for a while i need to fix it...any suggestions?
How can I fix a "slipping" Mercury outboard engine's gearbox?
is it really bad to have watermixed with engine oil???i did a tune up and wen i drained the oil water came out
will this engine swap work?
What does the term "HEI" mean when talking about electronic ignition on cars?
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