Do I need my lower control arm replaced?
Is the 1989 Buick Reatta 92500 Miles a good car?
I ran out of gas in my 2000 Alero. I put $10 in the tank, but it still won't start. PLEASE HELP!!?
why does my car shake when im driving over 50mph?
doddge intripid keeps overheating, what can be wrong?
How do I get the timing right when installing a gear drive in my small block chevy?
how much will a new tire cost?
Where can I go to find a uv joint boot for a 96 mercury sable??
2000 malibu; loud grind noise, trans good and changed brakes and it where axles meet trans is bad?
Do you have to get gas immediately when the gas light comes on?
Why is it unlawful to tint car window glasses?
Is there really much of a difference between putting premium gas in my car?
My husband needs to jump start a car with 2 batteries. Does it matter which battery he connects the cables to?
Changing the wipers on my honda?
How do I centre my steering wheel?
I have just been in a strange car accident. Help?
are these sensors the same sensor?
Why has my gas millage in my car suddenly gone down?
where can i find a car junkyard at near detroit?
Turbo350 transmission?
Matching wheel and tire sizes...a must?
ia have antifreeze in my sparkplugs why and what cani do?
checking on the 95 blazer?
change engine oil light?????
how much do fans for your motor cost? where can i find a decent priced fan?
I have a 350 engine, 5.7 liter. The same spark plug wire keeps ing. Why would this happen?
Supercharger/turbocharger/street racing car?
1977 ski-doo: runs great then dies?
Automatics vs. Manuals?
How important is resurfacing my car's rotor at 60,000 miles? Is just changing my brakepads good enough?
speedometer is stuck at zero?
How should I paint my car.... Should I even paint it?
on a 1977 datson 280z with feul inj. why does the engine pulsate when idleing.?
I'm getting a new carburetor, which ones best?
My audio wiring tripped on my 1998 buick lesabre and now my windows don't work.?
I'm a marine in CA but I live & my truck is registered in IL. Do I have to follow the CA emission laws?
What do you recomend, servicing my car at the dealer or at any other reputable service center?
How can I tell that its time to buy new tires?
on my car when i push break pedal is realy heavy and go down only a little bit, any ideas what is it?
My 92 acuravigor wont start. When you turn ignition it makes a slight pop sound and wont crank.?
94 chevy 6.5 surging at highway speed , have plenty of fuel?
We have a travel trailer, and want to buy a new brake control for it, which one is the best ? digital ones ?
Posted vs. Maximum Tire Pressure?
"Click" noise when starting 1996 Plymouth Voyager minivan. The vehicle will start after several attempts. Why?
How will my1999 expedition run without cadilac converts?
New headgasket 5.0 Mustang 1987?
I just bought my new Acura.I changed my mind .I also put down payment.Can I return that car or any option .t?
My car wont start, what should I do?
what is the continuity between these terminals?
2 Questions about cars?
I was in accident months ago. How do I pull back fender so it won't rub against tire when i drive?
How to remove a screw thats lost its head?
Why are some mechanic shops so dark where they work?
what will get the smell of kerosene out of my mini van?
The compartment below the steering wheel in my 1995 integra feel off what is the name?
squirrel chewed my fuel injector wires?
what kind of oil does my 95 1.8 acura integra gsr use?
Would you need a suspension raise on a Cutlass Ciera Brougham if you put 20" rims on?
My headlight is a little dim, where do I fill it up with fluid?
how to connect wire to 1966 corvette starter?
what fluid can leak from your car besides oil and transmission fluid?
what would cause my ranger to not get any spark?
I just had my disc breaks replaced and they are now squealing. Is this normal?
On a locking differential, if you jack the back of the truck up...?
How do I get the headlamp out of my 99 Mitshubsi Mirage? What is holding it in? Is the front lense easy to pop
Is it bad to rev your engine with the clutch FULLY engaged?
"Summer/Winter" valve in heater hose - can I eliminate it w/out hurting the system?
I need help with my 1988 Yamaha Snowscoot Snowmobile. Can you help?
when i step on my brakes a can hear a scrapy noise ,is only when breaking, can you tell me what is it?
my dash lights arent working?
How do you replace the battery on a 1996 Buick Regal?
Need a brighter backup light bulb for 1996 GMC Sierra.?
I bought a used car and It smells like cologne?
is this correct? car problems.?
Should I change the oil pump on my Subaru Loyale or have a shop do it? Is it cheaper and easy to do myself?
how much does it cost/can you replace your seats in a car?
Air Conditioner Repair?
03 f350 oil leaking oil top rear of engine?
rpm guage flucuates on 1996 chevy lumina sd?
what are the different parts of motor pump?
Car keeps accelerating.?
Squeaking noise from belt?
Why can an automatic transmission idle without moving but a manual cannot?
What kind of wheels and lights does this car have?
Battery: Is negative + (plus) or - (minus) ?
Why is the trunk popping open on my 2002 jaguar s type?
What is the noise I am hearing?
I was wondering, what kind of mechanical problems are asscoiated with a '98 Lincoln Navigator?
Nissan pick up truck not starting?
What solvent can I use remove silicone sealant from an aluminium surface?
1997 Rav4 Four cylinder, interference engine?
Anyone know where MAP sensor is on a Dodge 5.9?
Requirements needed to set up a house trailer?
how do you rebuild a carberator step by step?
i have a 2010 honda civic si i want to modify it for speed what should i do first?
my wife put cheep gas in my car and now it is jolting as if there is some one pumping my brakes?
Does anyone know the where I can find the specifications of a Holden Commodore VN Coil Pack ?
how do I change my car's air filter?
i have a mk 5 escort xr3i and the battery light comes on when under acceleration why is this?
what is the french word for cam belt for a renault espace is it de la courroie?
A good fuel filter for Cumming diesel 2003 5.9 Water in my fuel?
my instroment panel went out exept for my spedometer because its ran on a gear. WHAT DO I DO!!?
Catalytic for small motor 5hp gas?
You think if i put this on mine it would sound better then the standard quiet exhaust?
What parts are best to gain power and acceleration in an automatic?
how do i remove the headrest from my 2004 suburban?
Red-Top Optima battery died recently.?
How much is it going to be to service a Bentley Continental GT (2004) at 72000km?
Owners of vintage and old classic cars?
Car opening?
Is it possible to replace 215/50/17 rated tyres with 205/60/16 rated tyres? If yes what is the impact?
Do I have to use antifreeze or can I use water?
garage ripped me off when replacing my wheel bearings. what should i do?
Is it safe for me to drive my 2007 ford focus like 3 miles to get new lug nuts/studs with only 2 left...?
how come the water won't circulate in my radiator?
How come some blades on the alternator pulley are wider and others smaller?
shoud i get an Escalade?
does a 1989 fuel injected Honda block fit a 1988 carburetor block?
Whats more fuel efficient, driving with the air con on, or driving with windows down?
Building A 383 Stroker Need Help?
can i get help to fix my car?
2005 PT cruiser stumbling at around 2300 rpms?
I have a acura rsx 05 i need help with it?
How can i tell if someone has put sugar sand or water in my gas tank?
My car leaks oil only when the car is running, I saw a bottle of stuff at Wal-mart as thick as honey...?
My car is running very rough and spits black water out the tail pipe.what does this mean??
5900k Low Beam Bulbs?
Prisma Finish on Konig All-Alone Wheels, HOW?
Has anyone had problems with Firestone?
The last two days when I tried to start my truck it runs real rough.?
Which sensor could it be if my vehicle is running rich? It's getting too much gas and I think it is a sensor.
Do I need to take my wheels off to bleed the brakes on my 99 Renault laguna?
My right sub is blown, why is the left idle?
My sunroof is broken HELP?
What is rubbing compound and how do I use it?
What Should I Use For This Ap?
My car squeals when the alternator is placed under a load. What's the most economical and reliable repair?
I have a leased vehicle that needs new tires. DO I have to replace the tires with the same ones?
what causes an oil pressure gage in a GMC pickup to radically flucuate?
What happend to my tail lights?
Does anyone know whare to get a rapair manual for a 1990 Fiat Uno DS??
Engine cleaning help?
Question about octane and my car!?
My car has an automatic transmission. How..?
Can i replace tire size 225/60r/17 with 235/65r/17 tires?
i wrecked a 98 ford explorer i have a 98 ford windstar that needs a motor will it fit in the windstar?
My car drives like my foot is on break and accelerator at same time?
Can anyone tell me what part of the carburettor this is?
Problems with mechanic?
Will this jimmy rig of a emergency light for a car work?
RPM issue with '98 Sunfire. PLEASE HELP!?
Stone chip in windscreen?
going from one brand of oil to another does it hurt engine?
How do I make my car's no seatbelt light stop dinging?
Can I get nice rims even though I'm not black? (No offense)?
Does the O2 sensor have anything to do with the catalytic converter?
Hello, I have a 2004 Toyota Camry, how can you tell when your brakes need to be replaced soon or NOW?
How do I get old tape off of car paint?
i stuck a battery in my butt and now its leaking acid?
How can I drain water from my car to replace with anti-freeze?
Its 64 degrees farenheit too cold to spray paint my mountain bike?
Why does my car go vroooooom?
Is there a free website i can find a step by step process replacing a head gasket?
my van wont start the battery is fine but when i try to start it it does nothing as if it was dead?
What rear end can i put in my 58 chevy apache to make it not run so high in RPM's?
pics of 3.4L DOHC timing for free?
what will happen if I use 15W-40W oil in gas motor?
accord 87 dynamo issue?'s related to a auto paint question?
What does the cruise control light tell me, altima 1998?
Can I put water where it says Radiator Coolant only?
Question about the AC in my car?
can a portable generator be started with a car battery?
If something is wrong with an SR20DET engine, is it able to be brought into and fixed at a Nissan dealership?
iv just brought a car with a q plate and now im bein told all sorts,is a q plate bad,what is it?
What is the correct clearance from a gas cooktop up to bottom of hood?
disconnected battery keeps going dead?
spark plug symptoms running rich?
how to restart n-gage?
My black plastic bumpers are looking very grey and patchy?
where is a web site in which i can find the specifications of any type of fire apparatus? need for school!!?
How do I make my car not run?
modern trends in lunbricants, study material?
What the heck is it??
I have a 99 civic Ex with 95K, is it time to replace the timing belt?
Car accelerates to 40, then when pushing the gas after 40 it revs the engine as if im in neutral?
What do you have to do to keep the AC and Power Steering when putting a turbo in?
what is the gasket called on the top of the motor and not a head gasket?
selling air tools need buyer?
20 inch rims -?
Can a throttle position sensor go out without warning, and if so, could it cause the engine to miss?
4 inch lift kit for 2002 2wd 4Runner Sr5?
Headgasket? BMW 525i 1992 M50 Engine (non Vanos)?
Whats the best way to get up Oil stains on concrete?
96 v4 camry will crank,but it dosn't star?
Why did my garage refit engine parts for body work?
how many tire chains do i need?
I have an exhaust question?
1995 chevy c3500 4l60e shifts up hard wont shift down, code 83 qdm failure. any known faults or fixes?
having trouble with a dodge ram 1500 4x4 wont start?
why do people give thumbs down?
96 camaro motor to 98 body?
My 96 ford Taurus wont shift the said it was the speed sensor?
how many sway bars are there on a 1995 camry?
can you change a gasoline engine to take in diesel fuel?
can anybody tell me how to short out my fuel gauge to make to go to max?
How do I run my truck without AC?
How to get paint off my car?
Grinding noise coming from engine? Broken water pump?
How to check if you have a bad wheel bearing with out any tools.?
Is it my alternator or battery?
How to adjust the idle on a 1983 honda 200 xl?
I just got shocked by my HID ballast from my car? Will I be okay?
I recently got a car that reeks of cigarettes. Any suggestions on how can I get rid of this smell?
is it safe to get my cooling fans to come on direct as i turn on my car (2000 pontiac grand am)?
I have a 2001 Astro Van. Air don't blow out of dash vents. How hard is this to fix yourself?
Should I buy a car from someone if they said all the car needs is a tune up?
my 1984 yamaha virago 1000 suddenly loses 50 percent of its acceleration power. what is going on?
Can anyone tell me how to program my key-less entry for my 2007 PT Cruiser? I?
Burnt valve?
Plumbers & Auto mechanics among a few?
I am looking for a pigtail wiring harness for a 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser?
what are the best shocks?
Toyota Tacoma Belt is squeaking. How do you make it stop?
How long does it take for gas to turn to varnish in a gas tank?
is a "tranny" short for transmission when talking about a car? or are they two completely different things?
My steering wheel is moving from left to right y?
Why does my radiator hose come off when starting it.?
Would a check engine light in WASHINGTON state result in an emissions test failure?
could i have have ruined my new water heater or messed it up by installing it my self,?
how do I tell different metals apart,ie steel,aluminum,tin?
How much is your gas per gallon?
car accident question?
How do you drain the radiator on a 1994 Jaguar CJ6?
Why is high mileage bad?
My car died and mechanic said it needed a new engine, can this be?
is there any other rear brake backing plates that will fit a 1990 chevy astro van all wheel drive other than a?
how do i set my two wheel drive truck up for mud bogging?
my oil cap has a white supstance on it the dealer said its not the gasket and sold me the car after putting co
Car dealer recommended synthetic motor oil (more$) but friend of my said don't for older cars, why?
What are the signs a heater core on a vechicle is bad?
is it possible to replace a 4.0 l. ford with a 4.9 straight 6 with little or no modifications ?
My car makes a rattling noise only when accelerating?
Where can i get my pontiac g6 repaired after an accident?
What will make your tachometer just stop?
What's the procedure for starting a large Diesel locomotive?
Does the idle come down automatically after throttle body cleaning?
Broken oil seal that is leaking oil please help?
Will a missing thermostat build pressure and blow ur radiator?
Will a 2000 Saturn with a 4 cylinder engines alternator fit on a 1997 Saturn sl1 4 cylinder?
What kind of gas should I put in a 1965 Buick Lesabre?
how do i make auto mechanic do his job correctly?
After hitting a kerb quite hard my car now rocks from side to side is this due to wheel alignment?
what is the cheapest and easiest way to replace lost car keys for a 1996 jeep cherokee sport?
seat Ibeza. where does the rear washer tube connect to?
making 2 stroke street legal in california/fuel injection?
new paint job?
how is a 24 volt hookup and a 24 volt hookup on batteries done?
Toyota Corolla Gas Gauge Question?
what is the effect of an incorrect alignment of an exhaust system?
Whats wrong with my motor on 1964 impala?
I accidentally pumped petrol into my diesel tank. How much will it cost to fix?
Car not starting.. Started only after pushing?
Thumping and grinding sound when decelerating.?
Distance to empty inaccuarate?
When i put my car into drive the whole engine moves what could that be?
How do I replace foglight bulbs for my 2003 BMW 330XI?
Flat Car Battery?
My car isn't shifting right?(details)?
My car has 110000 miles on it, but recently I have smelt gas inside and outside of the car. why is this?
when i drive 70m/h on freeway, my car starts shaking. i know it s not bec of the wind. what s wrong with it?
Clicking sound coming from left wheel while driving.?
Can a car work without a compressor ?
Why would my car swerve when hitting bumps after getting new tie rods?
Quietening noisy belt pulley in car?
87 suzuki lt80 won't start when warmed up.?
What is the best chevy smallbock V8 motor to put in a S-10 pickup truck?
How expensive is it to fix a P0193 Engine Code?
Using Different Oil Brands?
reason why tail light and head and interior panel light not working on 89 silverado even when fuse still good?
How can i take a brake?
What is the best substance to use to remove the wax reside on a windscreen?
The heat in my car doesn't work. Anyone have suggestions?
Repair Volvo Turn Signal?
I have a '99 ford taurus automatic and lately it's really hard to shift into or out of gear.?
If you know about alternators PLEASE HELP!?
Removing the emblems off the car illigal ?
Need an oil change on my truck?
How long do brakes usually last om your car before they have to be replaced.?
whats the cylinder head bolt sequence and torqe for 19998 jeep4.0?
Where is a cheap place to buy rebuilt Engine Cylinder Heads?
VW Mk2 Battery light comes on when idle ?
My Cars A/C is making a loud noise?
where can i find out what type of carburator is in a bayliner boat?
Car acting up after changing spark plugs?
Oil Change Question?
why is it?
i have a daewoo cielo 95 modul,?
Auto detailing business name?
linked a chip to the MAF and then engine management light stays on?
wanted to know the torque pounds to tighten down the head on my 1994 volks wagon golf 1.8 gas engine?
I get ripped off when I have maintenance done to my car...?
Once you jump start your car do you have to jump start it each time it stops?
where is the ignition control module located on a 1994 geo metro?
if brakes and rotors were warped would that make the cars tires feel like its gonna fall off driving fast on h
After battery charged, AutoZone tested the charging system said it was OK. But I get a variation of voltage on?
what does it mean when the brake light comes on in your car?
If you dont warm your car engine in the winter what happens?
Why is my car making a knocking noise?
What metal should i use to weld my truck frame?
2000 kia sephia transmission, torque converter or spline (don't know if i spelt that right)?
Why do people with front wheel drive cars put ridiculous rear spoilers on them?
what are hubcaps for?
Which would go better with a turbo, cold air intake or short ram?
service engine soon light went off on it's own?
If Ive put £9 of unleaded in my diesel car by mistake can i get away with it.?
name 3 ways of shrinking a panel that has been stretched in a collision?
is it safe to start my car after a small petrol leak?
were can i find a rear end for an 89 frod ranger svt?
How do you change the angle in which a wiper arm moves a wiper blade to stop shaking?
i put too much water in my car?
does anyone know where i can find motor mounts for a ford maverick?????? anybody????
Too much oil in my car?
How do manufactors choose cruising rpm?
Bleeding car brakes with engine running?
Has anyone ever heard of this?
i am looking for a Service Manual that i can download for a Fiat 850 spider?
Does a car engine lose horsepower over time, and why?
Why do men think women know nothing about cars?
Can you diagnose the cause of this vibration?
i have recently come across a 190cc.....?
My 2002dodge 1500 4.7 is stumbling going up hills or when it's at about 2800 rpm?
Car issue, fully stopped on an steep hill and gas pedal doesn't accelerate and the engine light was on help!?
My budbomb is stuck!!!?
how dangerous is it to drive my car with a broken sway bar link, a loose right tyrod end, and leaking struts?
does anyone know how to set the fuel injection timing on a mitsibishi (diesel motor)in a CAT 110b trackhoe?
Does penzoil fix-a-flat really work?
Our car has failed its MOT, and we are on a budget,We are also going on holiday soon. What can we do?
Its 64 degrees farenheit too cold to spray paint my mountain bike?
places to buy parts for a vauxhall vectra near hounslow middlesex?
how to get information on how the controls work on a 99 pontiac grand am?
Serpentine belt...?
7.3 powerstroke wont start ran fine day before?
why is my check engine light on my 2003 ford taurus?
Does driving a car for 10 hours (500 miles) in a day hurt the car?
Death Growling maintenence?
Converting a steam boiler to run on wood?
what accounts for "new car smell" and how can you get it back in your car?
what would be a cooler sparkplug?
My car has began to make a loud squealing noise when I turn wheel before car is moving...What is wrong with it
can auto zone or advanced auto parts check to see where my coolant leak is leaking?
what must i do!?when i drive my car,i feel kinda something is bumpy on the rear.what must change?tires?struts?
trying to locate vacuum transfer case switch for 1988 chevy blazer?
40 hp Johnson Not at full power....Part 2?
I bought a 1997 ford ranger the other day and it ran fine for two days and now it turns over but wont start.?
will changing the disc brakes get rid of the slight juddering i get from braking?
Chevy Malibu LE 98 cylinder 1 misfire?
Power steering not working?
1999 Ford Taurus does not hold charge of a new battery, shop says its not the alternator.what could it be?
I have lint build up in my dryer vent and maintenance does not appear to care, so what do I do?
L am looking for a clutch kit?
How do I connect my hoses on my 1989 Mitsubishi Mighty Max to the carbeurator?
What could be the problem when the engine coolant leeks.?
Buying 3-series as first car?
04 ford explorer shuts off when put on gear.?
What is a big block, and a small block?
how to put a 95 grand prix gtp in timing,timing mark settings?
Question about an 85 S10 Blazer, Problems with it are... crazy?
Putting gas while car engine still running?
what will cause a misfire on Cylinder 4?
Does anyone know how you can get the gasoline out of your car?
Front end damage on cars. $ ?
I want the phone number to put a compliant in about GM Goodwrench?
the air from my tires comes out(3 tires) and they new tires what should i do?
Great MUFFLER systems- please help?
my hillbilly neighbors are always revving their car engines and standing around their cars, why?
I have a Ford Ranger 2.3.liter with valve (Ithink) noise. Tried Rislone withoil change. Got worse. Suggestions
Is this car dealership screwing me? This is the 3rd week I'm bringing my car in!?
can anybody tell you what kind of rims these are?
How come changing some fog and headlights is a long invovled process?
wheel spacers good or bad?
What are the symptoms of blown transmission an engine?
Will a Wire lose wattage if it is split into 2 and going to 2 different places?
I just hit my door in another ladys car and made a chip how much do you think this will cost me ?
where to connect lines from charcoal canister on a rodchester?
how do you get in the spark plug case on a 2000 daewoo nubira?
Who is the best diesel engine manufacturer?
Is fwd or rwd better in the snow and why?
How do you take care of smoked tail lights?
Do Japanese car's have bad interior's.?
My car has a HUGE smoke cloud coming from the back!!!! HELP PLEASE!!!?
Where is the best place to put a bubble mirror on a existing car mirror?
had oil changed 3 days ago now seeing small oil spot.vehicle is a 2008 suzuki forenza. should i visit mechanic?
My friend tells me my car tires look low all the time?
windshield wipers quit working on a 2003 kia sedona you can hear the motor running but the wipers dont move.?
Question about brake bleeding.?
I just had my car painted. Can I wash and wax it right away?
Engine Light on running lean?
When I drive, i can smell gas from my car?
Having major car trouble after oil change?
Where is the starter located on a 1992 Isuzu Amigo?
What will cause my blinkers to flash fast?
How much for a basic paint job ?
How much will it cost to rebuild my engine?
My car needs a transmission but I don't have money? What can I do?
I purchased a used truck a year ago, I found out the frame is damaged, what should I do?
Should I get an oil change now?
how to backup in a ford truck?
I Locked My Keys In My Car What Do I DO? HELP!!!!!!!?
What is this hose on my motor?
Is it normal for water to run from underneath a car?
On a diesel forklift if it starts when cold and after it warms up it is hard to start why?
My Silvia S15 is non turbo with SR20DE engine can I replace SR20DET engine easily ?
When buying windshield wipers, what should I look for?
I am looking to repaint my 2003 black X-type jaguar in So. CA does anyone know of a paint shop?
2003 jeep liberty sport 4 wheel drive automatic with over drive.?
how long will a hammered out rod last?
2004 monte carlo. engine temp. getting to hot when sitting..cools off when you drive?
Speedometer into velocimeter?
zr 580 throttle sensor?
How do I reset a compu star remote car starter module?
Muffler Bearings?
why my truck not idleing right?
where is the AC evaporator on a saturn sw2?
Can I put a Ford motor in a GM?
I think my battery is dead.?
How often should I change spark plugs?
blown engine, what option should I take?
unique paint job on car?
what is ACTUALLY happening to the brake fluid when you hit the brake pedal?
My Car Is Broken. I Have No Money And Bad Credit.?
What does this light mean?
how to unlock my doors on my 1996 grand marquis using keypad on door?
Need help removing a flat tire. Lug nuts came off with no problem but I can't get the damn thing off.?
how do you know that ...this isn't heaven..?
c I need the location of the overflow coolant resivior on a 1998 pontiac firebird v-6?
When I brake my truck begins to shake.....what is wrong with my pickup?
what is the best product to get out scratches in your car finish - scratch is in the clear coat?
Can I rotate my tires instead of new ones?
What damage have I done to my car's brakes by using them with the engine turned off?
have a square d motor starter the bottom side there are 2 said OL the other one said?
How can I tell if my Water Pump is going bad?
can i take the catalytic converter off my mustang?
Automobile Mechanics Please Read?
I cant roll down my electric car windows?
does petrol have an expiry date I have some in a plastic petrol can that is over 1 yr old?
Turn signals stop blinking when I press on the brakes?
Who thinks this is funny?
My Suburban idles fine in Park/Neutral, but no good in gear. Please see details.?
what can i add to a 1971 914 porsche to make it faster?
Do I need to Instal an alarm as well (2004 Honda accord)?
why would an 88 volvo 740 gle stall and turn off?
Subframe broken in a Dodge Neon?
96' Honda Transmission problem?
why does my 94 VW jetta stall, spit and sputter?
Are the Radiator Fan and the water pump one in the same?
86 nissan rust repair help?
Does anyone know if you can fit 33" BFG All-Terrain tires on a stock '98 Dodge Dakota Sport?
Will I ever get caught stealing gas?
Is this car worth repairing?
I want to work on car motor oil pollutants,can anybody help me to find information?about it?
I'm leaking red fluid from under my radiator; it's either trans fluid or power sterring fluid...?
there's a mildew smell coming from the airvents on my wifes 2000 honda accord. Any ideas on what it may be
Car trouble with Dodge Neon?
New engine or new car? 2006 chevy cobalt?
when to change break pads?
My aftermarket sterio wont turn on after i shut off my car and turn it back on. what are some solutions?
What gauges to put in my pillar tripod?
what kind of gas does a 1991 TOYOTA COROLLA take?
PAST 2003 C5 owners ?
How much does it cost to get a starter replaced?
Mercury Transmissions?
My car is broke. How do I fix it?
How do I change the oil in my 2006 Passat?
I have a question...?
88 chevy silverado torsion bar suspension. Can it really affect steering that much?
would a radiator hose leak cause my heater to stop working.?
1999 saturn 4 cylinder engine firing order?
what is a good and reasonable web sight for auto body parts?
How much will my car be to repair (Estimate)?
Would it be stupid to lift an '05 2 wheel drive silverado ?
question about clear coat on a car?
where can i find an injector drive modguel(idm) for a 1995 ford f350 at?
can i drop a skyline engine into a nissan 300zx?
How much does it cost to get my car repainted?
I have a 1998 Chevy Malibu and would like to replace my timing belt. What are the proper steps involved?
car battery smoking?
Camry shakes when braking, what's wrong?
Is my driving permit valid as soon as i get it?
What exhaust tips should i get for my 2002 Camaro?
I've noticed a drop lately in my mpg?
my f150has no throttle response?
I cannot take my license plate off my car bc the phillipshead screws are stripped. How can I get them out?
What does it mean when your tires are squealing?
will my alternator dry out and work?
Need to tow Toyota Tacoma 4X4 behind RV.?
Heater blower removal?
Can I get my money back From Mufler man?
What is the area wear your belt goes called?
my 99 chevy tahoe steering wheel turns but my wheels don't?
The A/C on my 96 Dodge Caravan froze up today. (Belt Smokes) How do I drive car without fixing A/C?
What is the cost to replace a catalytic converter?
Why won't my car start?
How much should I expect to pay for installation of simple keyless entry in my Trailblazer?
How can I avoid that sound when I downshift?
can a broken radiator mount be fixed without buying a new radiator?
Could CV Joint cause a squealing noise?
Are there any sights that can help me replace the headlight on an 86 Chevy Celebrity?
Is their a a special tool I must find to take the pin out of the hinge that holds the autos door on?
Where can I find the Idle Air Control (IAC) valve on a 1999 Toyota Camry?
What causes water to overheat in a car?
a car with BOTH automatic AND Manual Transmission?
Do I have to do anything special to change my oil from conventional to synthetic?
LT1 has a miss and doesn't have the power it once had?
why does my van need an Oxygen sensor?
what happens when you put windshield washing fluid in the radiator instead of coolant?
plz help with my car!!!?
What can act like an alternator going out but isn't?
Civic 06 check engine, sluggish acceleration.?
1998 Dodge Neon Manual Transmission/Electrical Problems!!!?
Ford Bronco Paint Idea?
Do you think car mechanics are honest when they repairs our cars & not actually screwed up purposely?
Is the mileage on your car stored anywhere other than the odometer?
What causes antifreeze to come out of the over flow hose?
Car wont start. Sat for 3 months without use.?
What items do i need to replace the wheel bearing on a Ford Taurus?
How do you know if it's a problem with the battery or the alternator?
why would smoke be coming threw the vents of my car and fogging the windshield?
please help me i have no idea?
Who are some good and honest mechanics in the L.A. area?
Why is my car acting like it doesn't have any gas even though it does?
Symptoms of a bad wiring harness?
Is there a way for me to convert my truck to 4WD?
Help! Took car to repair shop driving fine, now I can't drive it at all?
my car shuts off anytime I turn on the ac?
put diesel in my petroll car but .have ot started the car yet (vectra 20i 16v)?
my ignition switch just turns over like there is no battery. it makes no noises. battery is good though.?
no power to fuel pump?
The windshield wipers on my 99 Saturn station wagon don't work all the time.?
what do you put in the battery cells when the level is low ?
the seat in my car is stuck too close to the steering wheel. how can i fix it?
Scratches on interior of courtesy car. HELP!?
i accidentally topped up my brake fluid with powersteering fluid will this be ok?
Do I really need new brakes?
How can I stop mice from getting into my car?
Trying to find an electric carpet scrubber for car?
What tyres are best for my car?
Wheel alignment off causing tire leak?
What can you use to take permanent marker off?
How does long your timing belt last after it starts making a squeaking noise?
is it really bad to have watermixed with engine oil???i did a tune up and wen i drained the oil water came out
how di install the door panels from a marauder to a crown vic?
How do I fix the sundamage on my '00 Mustang headlights?
what all do you have to do to put a pontiac 400 in a chevy caprice?
Stuck at a red light, what should i do?
I have 1998 ford taurus. The heat has been blowing cold. I replaced the thermostat and it is still cold. The?
I repainted my vehicle. Do I need to polish it now? Why?
if i put 90 weight oil in my car what would happen? I am trying to cover op bad bearing noise!?
free information for dodge dakota1996?
why does my air flow sensor keep on breaking on my escort?
Is this dent fixable ?
Car Problems and Concerns?
Coolant leaking or not , 99 INFINITI I30?
car wont start, possible bad fuel pump?
Is engine repair hard to do 3 days a week?
My car won't start! help!?
There is brown stuff in my coolant?
Why do auto makers use parts that are destined to fail?
looking for windo co 2006 truck sliding rear windo?
Where can i find audi used parts in good shape?
what type of motor did a 67 chevy malibu have?
92 jeep xj jumps out of low 4 when engaged what could cause this?
What can cause ticking or knocking noise from engine?
truck bed sounds like its getting hit by a hammer on sharp bumps. are the bed mounts coming loose or what ?
got a balance on car but only weights in inside.. ones on outside taken off...?
How cheap should I be able to get a 1976 Kombi painted in a different colour for?
there a access panel for the fuel pump on a 2003 venture?
Engine Noise question?
Can I swap these transmissions?
My convertible top window was glued in. It came loose, what glue do I use to put it back in?
How much to lift my F150?
Heat in my Car Isn't working?
anyone know where i can find an option code list for a 1999 chevy 3500 pickup? i want to know what rear axel?
How to remove silicone sealer without damage?
I have thick smoke coming from the dash board. I need to know what can cause that?
does any one have an cx6 adventra?
Why won't my car start?
Smell antifreeze?
Why am I leaking coolant?
What causes fuel condensation?
Is it illegal to sell a car with no spare tire?
is there any way to tell if my head gasket is damaged?
What kind of Oil does my 1988 Chevy GMT400 need?
94 eldorado engine overheats radiator stays cold?
How much does gasoline cost in your area?
dent repair question?
Coolant in the oil, what could it be ? Blown head gasket ?
what happens when your abs brakes gets disconnected?
On disk brakes what's the name of the part that the pads come in contact with to stop the car?
How to store my F250 power stroke?
does the flaps on your carbrerator supose to open because when i look at it it doesent open and it sucks gas?
I bought toyota corolla 2010, which wax should i put on the paint to shine ? i bought it about 1 week ago .?
I bought a replacment radio and think its the right one but the sales rep wasnt sure help?
OBD-II codes P1529 / P2600. what codes r thay for?
where are the spark plugs located in the 1995 chrysler sebring 2.5 liters?
do rust, paint, and grease affect welding?
I forgot to down shift from 2nd to 1st in uphill,what damages have I done?
How can I replace a rear break light for my Honda Odyssey?
Is my trucks transmission bad?
Why do i have to spray starting fluid in my breather on my cummings diesel engine to get it to start?
Where is external temp sensor on Vauxhall combo?
Antilock break light on.. What does this mean?
I need to change my fuel filter will this let my engine light come on.?
taking off catalytic converter?
if i have flowmasters exhuast and i put bigger tips on my truck will it change the sound?
My car won't start? Grand Am..?
My new car needs a long crank to start.What might be the problem?
My car is a 2000 Mitsubishi Galant. It's not even 20 degrees outside.?
how do you hotwire a car?
Can I convert a 91 fl50 from 2wd to 4wd using parts from an 86 f150 4wd?
turn signals will not flash on 2001 jeep wrangler?
Has anyone used innerfire engine parts? What about the quality?
Car wont start even with push starting?
Im leaking antifreeze from a metal line under my car, what line is this?
Knocking noise coming from underneath truck?
About how much is it going to cost me with labor to get my front passenger axel fixed?
My car keeps over heating I change radiator rezovior and the top tube connected to engine that let antifreeze?
Car engine can someone tell me a few things about it?
I have an emergency with my car, please help!?
how do I change break pads on a mercedes 300E or TE (early 90's)?
car shutdowns after driving in a few miles?
What coolant level should be for the UNMARKED reserve tank?
what type of engine oil do i use for my car?
what is the best car battery?
Driving on worn out brakes And damaged rotors?
where can i find a vacuum hose map for a 1999 jeep cherokee?
How do I tune up my car?
overheating 98 landrover freelander 2.0 deisel.?
what are the symptoms of a bad timing belt?
2003 Chevy Avalanche (VSS) Speed Sensor Replacing HELP!!!?
can you run 2 mufflers on a single exhaust pipe? (4 cylinder honda 1.6L)?
Dump the ugly guy?
why is my check engine light on my 2003 ford taurus?
Car Problem Battery Not Holding Charge?
high pressure power steering hose problems?
What gauge wire do I use?
if i have 2 12 volt batteries running at 75 amps for 5 hours, whats that in volts?
where can i find instructions on how to change a timing belt for 1999 kia sportage?
My truck won't start without starter fluid?
PLEASE HELP i need to redo the paint on my car?
Do you get better gas milage by keeping your gas tank full or is my gas gauge just broken?
Can I DIY these rust spots on hood of car?
My a/c fluctuates from dash vents to defrost/floor vents while in the ac setting. Any ideas?
Car runs hot only when sure conditions is off?
Answer for straight pipe?
car looses compression while driving?
filling up gas in my car?
My brakes still making a squealing noise after being changed?
I just had all new belts put on my car yesterday. Last night and this morning, I noticed a burning-belt smell.?
My car smells like burning oil?
Does my car need fluids to be flushed?
Why do you think my mom is in the house while my dad checks the oil in her car for her?
Oil Change in 3000 miles 3 months?? What if you don't drive much?
How can I temporarily fix a head gasket?
Is it possible to run a diesel car on vegetable oil - without modifying the car to do so?
where can I buy a remanufactured engine for my 1994 ford f150?
What happens if a high performance vehicle gets mid-grade instead of 93??
AC compressor question-new compressor pressurized?
Will a 4 stroke engine not start if the intake valve doesn't fully close?
What is straight through for an automatic 350 turbo tranny, first gear or second?
what does a 5HP engine mean?
Alternator or battery problem?
Will an evap leak kill my mileage and performance?
94 explorer 4.0L automatic with tranny problems?
what size tyre would i need for a 6.5x15" set of alloys?
if my alternator is broken will it effect the heat in the car?
Bad Ford Ignition Module Symptoms?
how are car doors adjusted. I have to pick up on the door to get it closed.?
How do i remove the arm rests for my driver and passenger seats in my 97 mercury villager?
how many types of lug wrenches can we have,depending on cross section?and which one is better?
correct valve lash or tappet clearance is necessary to...?
Thumping and grinding sound when decelerating.?
When I'm driving my 98 nissan sentra it is sputtering when I press the gas. What could be wrong?
Can someone tell me what this Volkswagen Toureg part is called?
How do I install a front H emblem on my 2002 civic?
would I be safe to buy a blower motor from a junk yard for my heat to work in my car ?
When to manually shift with an automatic transmission?
When should I change the air in my tires from summer air to winter air?
My car engine shakes sometimes, but it temporarily 'fixes' itself when I hit the brakes...?
at what point do car engine oil start to go bad?
How to remove rust from metal?
Triton 6.8L V10 vs Magnum 8.0L V10 which is the better work engine?
I have a SUV that has been sitting for 4 months...?
Car ignition? turning it on and nothing but a clicking sound?
can you use a 4.3 transmission from a truck in a camero that had a stick, I think it was a five speed?
1996 geo prizm bucks when going foward no problem in reverse?
What culd be wrong wit my car if wen i turn on heat,parkd n hit brakes,or put my windows up it idles real LOW?
Car blowing Heavy Blue Grey Smoke?
How do you remove a rearview mirror from a 1995 Mercury Sable?
1986 ford f150 4x4 ran out of gas and now is fluding and filling the oil pain with gas?
New brakes but they still squeak?
What does a 4.7 dodge Durango a t like or do when the head gasket is blown or ed?
Help with 1.8t cam chain tensioner and oil light coming on after replacement?
1999 volvo s70 when car is on take oil cap off it shoots out alot of presure ,also with i pull dipstick shoots?
revved my car this morning, now check engine light is on.?
how can i get the front wheel off my car?
lawnmower engine is smoking after it warms up, what causes this?
Where is the fuse box located on a 1990 Camaro?
How to bypass an immobiliser on a kangoo van?
Forums for Mistubishi Fuso Commerical Moving Vans?
When you get a "plug" put in to fix a flat tire. Is that a good way to fix a flat? Do plugs last?
Intake manifold door is stuck open on my?
Went over a speed bump too fast & sound like glass broke?
i have installed a renanufactored 22re with efi for a 1990 toyota pickup runs good but lacking power why?
I need engine specs for a mitsubishi 2004 lancer to do head?
i got a 91 jeep chorkee 5 speed tranmission can i put an auto trans in for wife?
freelander V6 reverse light switch?
How do I get rid of a truck and car in my driveway (not working)?
i have a hyundai excel that at times the motor wont go over 2000 revs.?
Can I put the 2012 ford edge sport rims on a 2005 ford explorer Eddie Bauer edition?
My break lights wont shut off =/?
1983 cadillac deville heater control panel come on but don't turn the blower on?
Strange Rubbing nosie and vibrations?
How long does the effect of a hand wax last on a car's finish after water is applied?
My 2002 dodge durangos back tail gate will not latch?
where do look for parts inside of my door? there is a small plastic piece broken inside and it wont open.?
what are the signs of a bad front axle?
I put too much oil in my car and now there is white smoke billowing from the exhaust, what can i do to fix it?
What could be the problem if your service engine soon light comes on?
Why does my cruise dont work?
Does it matter what spark plug wires I get?
How do I add a widebody look to my car fender areas from scratch?
Do you think my wife is cheating on me?
I have a yerf dog 150cc go cart and its been skipping and spurtering. I put a new spark plug and no luck.?
Why does my car steer to the left when I take my hands off the wheel when moving?
how do i replace a camshaft position sensor on a 2000 pontiac grand prix se 3.1 L?
Someone decided to scratch my car.!! How much would it cost to get fixed?
if you change your own oil will your car last longer?
I am trying to install LED signal and brake lights on my vehicle but it keeps blowing a fuse. What is cause?
I need to rebuild my transmission?
when i turn the wheel to the left or right i get a "thunk" sound. what is that?
2004 yamaha r6 will not start and when it does it stalls?
Blow fuse BOX in my car?
What wrong with my 91 caprice?
My Faze gauge shift light dont work...Why?
i got a set of heads off a 350 motor; they say 461 what did they come off of originally?
I recently assumed ownership of a 1992 Lincoln Mark VII. I need info on the problem areas I have to inspect.?
Car key is stuck in ignition, help!?
looking for vehicle mounting kit for emergency light roof bar?
my 03 eclipse is leaking coolent but i dont know where?
its a 2002 Hyundai sonata as i fill up the tank it keeps shutting off the fuel flow.
98 Grand Am hesitates when accelerating, just replaced a bunch of stuff, still hesitates..?
How many quarts of oil for an oil change, 4 or 5?
Why is there a knocking sound under my hood?
What can I do when I lost my car keys?
what is the purpose of the breather bottle in a car?
Is it possible to punch a '78 chevy 350 90 over?
I have a couple service questions about my 1986 Cadillac Deville.?
where can i find info on changing fuel tanks for an 88 oldsmobile cutless cierra?
What can i put in gas tank to ruin engine?
Where do I find the flashers on a 1997 buick park ave?
I'm running synthetic oil, when to change the oil,3000 or what??
How to clean black rubber strips around the window of my car?
castrol xir , engine oil treatment?
What kind of battery do I use in my key fob?
Help I serviced my engine put the light won't go off.?
car turns off when im at a stop?
Rover 214 strange problem with lights and demister?
do i have to take out the old oil?
ENGINE TROUBLE! Is this transaxle compatible?
how do i adjust the detent cable on my truck?
Does my car have struts or shocks?
lm 400lb and i would like to know if this can cause my car to burn more fuel?
Why is my car using so much oil?
87 camaro 5.0 runs good till in drive?
my 1993 z71 truck calls for 265/75/16 tires but will 235/70/16 hurt?
I have a 1986 cutlass supreme. how do you know what kind of seat was in it from the factory?
what are some easy and cheap upgrades for a car?( cold air intake exhaust?stuff like that)?
2003 honda accord, no power will not turn.?
How can i keep my car cool?
1999 Honda Accord O2 censor bad?
how to get rid of the steering wheel cover smell?
Cooling system seems full of air/overheating?
2001 VW Jetta TDI - ABS Light On / Steering Feels Loose. HELP!?
Who can tell me the noise was caused by tires and rims.?
How is the sequencial gearbox work?
soon i will start restoring my 70 pontiac gto judge any help to what to start with?
oil pan lug nut loose due to oil change company?
Anyone have a 2000 toyota camry solara... relay switch?
How do "Water Remover" Products work?
Vehicle Radio Problems?
Air condition problems question?
Bought a broken car, please help?
My gas guage is stuck on full. Why is that?
Need help getting my car started.?
Dodge Dakota loses power when accelerate/ Slow Accelerate?
Why is the check engine light on?
Whats the difference between Regular, Super,and Supreme Unleaded Gasoline?
Car service- whats the average mileage a car should travel in between services?
When I turn right my petrol gauge goes down?
the tire size on a 1982 280zx?
Color Code for my Car?
What will happen if we shift gear of a standing car without pressing clutch?
Is it safe to put water instead of antifreeze in the car?
Is it true that if you remove the tailgate from your truck you will get better gas mileage?
What would be the easiest way to explain seals and gaskets as it pertains to car engines.?
How reliable is a Land Rover Freelander or Discovery?
where can I find information on reparing a backhoe ford 550?
on our 01 GMC safari when braking at very low speed car will slide and brakes will not work. ABS issue?
Have I blown my car/head gasket?
Grinding sound when I hit the breaks?
Car losing oil, no smoke no leaks, and engine randomly dying?
2005 Ford Mustang 5R55S automatic Transmission?
How good is a 350 small block?
is it my clutch that needs replacing?
what is the point gap spec for a 1966 Mustang with 200 cid?
What will cause a car to start and die and eventually not start at all?
Could someone please estimate how much this dent will cost to repair?
Car shakes starting around 55mph and gets worse the faster you go?
is it normal to need your windscreen wiper blades replaced every year when the car is serviced?
how much to remove a car alarm?
how much cost for replacing timing belt in toytoa camary V6LE?
how much can you lower a saturn safely?
Haynes Manual Wheel Torque?
Best cutting pad for DA Polisher?
Garage diagnostic my car fault we done deal to fix it. next day they called i need another part to solve fault?
How Do I reset My Service Reminder On My B Class Merc?
what decibles does a hahn 3" catback exhaust for a cobalt ss t/c run?
Brake light on, brakes JUST replaced?
car paint job people answer please!?
Need 2 M10-1.25 x 110mm stainless or chrome bolts & 2 120mm?
my jeep liberty's steering wheel shakes like crazy when i put on my brakes?!?!?
Please help!! I need to take out the car battery (I dont know anything about cars)!!?
What are the main car service garages in Australia?
Would a oil pressure switch leak a lot of oil or small amounts?
i am trying to find a manual diesel fuel pressure regulator to install on my mack truck.Can anyone help?
Can I put a cold air intake on my new truck with less than 500 miles ?
Whats causing this now?
High pitched noise when I turn my car?
Around how much should it cost to replace ball joints on a 03 Dodge Stratus?
How do you remove a broken pilot bearing?
does 4cylinder have a v engine?
Just changed the brake pads on my expedition and they squeal terribly. What can I do to fix with brake job?
How much does it cost to pay autoshop to install them on my car? I think i have high performance tires.?
what modification do you need to change a turbo 350 to a 400?
has anybody installed a big block ford in a toyota land cruiser fj60?
1998 Toyota Camry. When I start the car. A puff of smoke is released from the tailpipe/muffler. Why?
HELP PLEASE!!!!!!! I need to know what part this is??? name?
how to reduce car milage odometer for computerized car by mannual or by computer software?
what engine would be best to put in my truck?
can someone tell me the name of a site that gives step by step instructions on how to fix automobiles?
My dishwasher just stopped working and won't turn on..?
Can I paint my car with bedliner?
honda civic or ford mustang?
What should I do about my car? Sell it, Fix it, or wait and see?
Just turned my solex 30 zic carbretta udside down and a ball bearing fell out wher does it go?
will a 4.3 v6 bolt up to a 5.7L transmission?
where is a great place that i can take my audi 95 a6 quattro in hbg pa?
check engine light ???? question?
I have a nail in my tire what should I do?
is it necessary to change the whole steering rack of my car if it leaks?
i stopped changing my oil when my car hit 200,000 miles?
wher can i buy spare parts?
Why does my 1996 range rover engine get hot when I run the A/C?
The oil in my car was changed 5 months ago but I am just now hitting 3K miles. When should I of changed it?
Besides engines, name something under the hoods of cars?
What causes my car to have recently spattered oil out of the part that has a twist cap that says motoroil?