Why would a 2011 car with only 35,000 miles on it have really dark tranny fluid?
do the pistons still move when you are not applying the gas pedal?
Why is my car using so much gas?
I'm trying to find a diagram for taking apart the steering column (tilt) for an 84 the knukle?
Change Engine Oil question?
My oil light on my car comes on all the time !?
how do you body drop a 88-98 chevy silverado shortbed?
when your car gets older you have to get a mot what's MOT stand for(mechanic on take )?
what turns the fanbelt?
why does my cigarette lighter keep blowing the fuse in on my cell phone charger?
What are the most common causes of "orange peel" when painting a car?
How do I use a MityVac2 one man brake bleeder. I haven't used it in years and lost the intructions.?
how much does it comst to replace an automatic trnsmission?
What will happen if I put a drop of water in my oil filler cap of my car?
where do i get a hyundai repair manuel?
Does a car engine improve with age ie. does the engie have a wear-in period?
How do I install these reverse glow gauges in my car?
Is there a way to unscrew a rusted bolt that is stuck really bad?
is biodesil econimacialy good?
Why is iron best for a core for a solenoid?
How to change the drive belts on a 2001 Nissan Pathfinder 3.5LV6 DOHC?
There's something wrong with my car.?
I have bare metal in some spots of my car that is starting to surface rust.?
why do my high beams work but my low beams dont on my driverside?
my 1996 saturn wont start?
Toyota 1KZ-TE engine is not Starting quikly @ the Morning.But When hot It is start . What happen that?
are front wheel drive cars fine for heavy snow states?
HELP! I accidentally just filled my car with Super-Clean gas, when i usually fill it with regular!?
I have Ford Escort 98. Temp gauge went in to red today as water coolant was nearly empty. What should be done?
I have a 1998 dodge stratuss that started overheating I could smell the coolent 2.5L V6 how do I replace the t?
My car will not start up but all electrical components are running?
Do car window tinting come off after a few years?
how much does a gallon of gas cost where you live and where do you live?
How to I establish TDC on cylinder #1 on 1984 Volkswagon Scirocco?
my honda del sol dashboard lights wont work what could be wrong ?
where can i find a wiring diagram on the internet for the starting system on a 1997 ford f250 diesel pickup?
I need to weld my exhaust pipe, would an arc stick welder work?
My check engine light is on. Is it okay to ignore it?
When I get my car over 70 mph, the steering wheel starts to shake. What does this mean?
Battery died in my 2009 Civic, now radio will not work?
legacy amp and 12" jl audio?
what is a good site to sup-up my ride??? its a cprice???
where can i find a jeep dealership in jackson mississippi?
Fiesta Freestyle 2001 Do you have to take the Steering wheel and?
How do you fix a broken off rear view mirror?
how do I change the oil on a 96 Ford explorer and 2006 Lexus SC?
How do you release the spare tire on a 2002 isuzu axiom? I have NO idea how!?
where can you find the transmisson range sensor on a 2000 fird contour?
what should I do if my car is leaking radiator fluid?
My car won't start, what is the problem?
Which car wax gives the best long lasting results?
Why does my Ford Galaxy keep over heating?
i measured my oil with the dipstick and every time i checked it, the stick had nothing on it. how bad is it?
Car wont start, battery has been professionally checked?
1992 GMC Jimmy fuse problem?
why does my car do this?
i read about nonprofit organization that helps singl parents get things they may not be able to afford?
Does anybody know what this is?
I jump started a friend's car, but now mine won't work.?
my husband insisted on using all water in the radiator and now the water in the truck is frozen.?
VW PARTS /sources?
what is the best way to bleed?
Where can I find a CHEAP car battery?
i just replaced my starter now its even worse?
What are some suspensions for a car that are independent and non-independent?
Low Revs??for s?
My car was out of green antifreeze so i filled it with pink is that bad?
What causes a car to overheat?
What is the reason for a battery draining when put on concrete?
My friend got a 04 trail blazer and he can get to shift out on park?
what color should i paint my 56 belair?
I have a 2001 Ford Ranger XLT pickup truck, when I apply the brakes to stop there is a vibration, cause?
I need the schematics to a 1991 chevrolet cavalier for trouble shooting?
Rear Shock Absorbers Are Squeaking?
K&N filter or cold air intake?
i need help determining the correct screw or bolt to use?
isuzu idle control system?
How long will work a Lexus ES300 transmision?
How can I get better gas mileage on my 2006 Suzuki Eiger 4x4?
I need to find a lisensed macanic in the calumet county area.?
what is a Tensioner?
Does any body know where to get car parts to restore a chevy corvair?
Why does my brake light fuse keep burning out?
whats the relation b/w the valves & the piston?If there are 4 valves in an engine then how many will be piston?
How do I fix the on the inside of my car door!?
what can it be when a cars sterring wheel shakes?
My 97 Eclipes Spyder overheated when the water pump broke. Not sure if the motor is done or just minor.?
Is this frame damage repairable?
Replacing my thermostat?
The ford contour will not start it makes a clicking noise when we try to start it. is it a bad, what?
1999 Dodge Service manual?
what cause's my 2002 chey trailblazer to die ?
Is the cheap Wal Mart brand oil ok?
why does the "theft" indicator won't start and the vehicle either on a 2003 explorer sport trac?
my car wont start when you turn key electiic works but wont turn over or anything?
how to install 6pc Flexible LED Million Color Interior Kit in truck?
How to prevent spiders nesting on your car mirrors?
airconditioner working fine but won't work on auto?
1989 Mazda B2600i- warmed up & idling- white smoke & raw gas odor.clears after up 2 speed.Detail added..?
I'm having multiple problems with my car?
trans mission quetions i need answer?
my 1998 mazda b2500 will not start it ran out of gas and now it kicks but doesnt turn over?
'97 Lexus ES300: Now using oil?
Why is my car having trouble getting in gear? Just revs?
I got a engine flush?
Why is my Honda CRV shaking when at a stop light?
what do you need for a oil change?
Did I get ripped off??? I went to go get my car fixed....?
how do you strip powder coating?
I need new struts on my car but... (see details)?
Junkyard engine or a rebuilt engine?
I need i96 mustang rear wing?
How can I make my car look cooler?
can i teach my self auto mechanics?
No heat on 1999 Suburban?
Which is better for your car brake rotors? cross drilled rotors or slotted rotors?
petrol in a diesel :(?
1988 GMC Sierra 1500 series...ran great Saturday morning.?
When you have the tires on your car rotated, what is the rotation?
what kind of oil does subaru recommend using in their manual transmissions?(91 subaru justy 5speed)?
How hard is it to change the fuel filter?
Gas mileage going down/how to check tire pressure?
Can you use fabric softener to rejuvenate brittle car upholstery?
I have 1998 VW jetta. Is there any positive way to determine on my own if the clutch is bad?
does oil need to be drained to remove oil filter?
Is it possible to use Porsche enginge in the old VW Beetle? How much would it cost?
The engine light in my car is lit. What could it be?
are short trips bad for car battery?
getting the most power out of my car?
i put about 1/2 qrt too much trans . fluid into my 2007 kia rio should i be concerned?
how much larger is a 285/75r16 than a 255/70r16 tire?
Can't remove my car's starter?
An ECU question ........?
Have u ever had a Nail in a tire?
how much motor oil for 2000 civic 4 cylinder?
Car won't start... Any suggestions?
1992 ford f150 high idle when engine warmed up?
What is causing my integra to idle roughly?
my 1997 neon's back right tire is locked up,I even cut the emergency brake but it is still not turning?
i have a 96 plymouyh breeze and the tach and odometer intermittently quit any suggestions?
my check engine light is on my 04 chevy cavalier. i just got a oil it safe to drive?
My Ford Fiesta Diesel 1.8 (1990) vibrates badly on tick over?
Car turns over but won't start?
Why do my jumper cables spark and overheat?
Ski-Doo overheating!!?
What is a better alarm system with remote start?
I have a Norcold 1200 RV refrigerator that flashes "no co" what does this mean?
Why do the gas pumps do this to me?
when the check engine light pops up dose that mean the sencores are bad on 95 plymoth neon?
How do i Mount a 12v connection on the outside of my truck?
i have been hearing a high pitch whining sound and the instrument panel lights flickered.?
Which brake fluid for vauxhall astra mk4 g?
Is it ok too run the 4 o2 sen. On the vtec-e d15b?
i found a paracitic drain on my car battery in the radios fuse would getting a new radio solve that?
What is the best motor oil to use in the summer time?
would you buy the same car again?
'97 Astro My headlights go out intermitanty and then come back on in aprox 1 min. Changed swit?
My 1984 Honda Prelude keeps shutting off. What could be the problem?
why we cant use supercharger instead of turbocharger?
How to fix wiper blade making loud click?
should i flush the transmittion on my truck it has 107,000 miles?
I am looking for some snaps with plastic sliders for a curtain in my 18 wheeler?
How to calibrate compass on a 97' Chevy Astro Van?
my OEM side marker light is 5 watts..can i change it to 10 watts or more wattage? does the fuse blow up?
how much is the fuel injection for a 2004 dodge caravan?
Car's running Hot, But not leaking!!?
My Mercedes car window is stuck down!?
How does a serpentine belt break in a car?
Where is the radiator located in a 2009 Pontiac G5?
What kind of stuff are legal or inlegal to put on cars?
I have a slow leak in a tire. What can I do about it?
2005 GMC squeaky window?
One of my wipers is not working why?
i can get a ticket for my car being too low?
Best Way To Get Rid Of Rust On A Car Bonnet ?
If you had your engine rebuilt and didn't change your oil at 1,000 miles, would it blow the head gaskets?
very old master lock needs key?
1996 F-150 XLT shuts off while driving, any suggestions?
How to push in a rear brake caliper?
What is Evaporation emission system leak?
Would it be wise for me to switch to an evening shift ?
why doesnt my crown victoria have a tachometer?
Engine check light & fuel cap (toyota corolla)?
Broken tail light? How can I avoid getting a ticket?
is pouring warm water on a car windscreen to get rid of ice a good idea?
Sell nissan sentra or try to fix it?
do shocks squeak when they go bad?
truck not moving in drive?
Truck battery keeps dying but alternator is fine?
what happens if you put diesel in a petrol car by mistake?
what is the best oil to put in a 2004 f150 with the triton 5.4?
what's the expiration date for Fed mandated extended warranty for emission control system for 1998 Ford F-150?
Should I be worried about squeaky brakes?
Help! My Car Tires Slide on wet surface?
Tips on telling if a Junkyard Transmission is in decent condition?
What car repairs should I look into?
How much does the mirror paint job cost?
How to add power on my 89 silverado 1500?
Electrical question- 91 camry?
illustration of geo tracker ignition switch?
Can I take my car doors off and reverse them so they're suicide doors?
use case diagram?
Why is my car shaking?
front bumper damage ripped of?
why does my cigarette lighter keep blowing the fuse in on my cell phone charger?
Can you spray can paint on your car?
My Dilemma: Do I fix the exhaust on the car, or do I go fishing?
What is this part of the car?
how much $ should i charge my uncle for washing 3 cars and waxing 2?
My cars speed don't go above 30 mph even foot down on accelerator but rev meter goes near the red line?
sentra gxe 97 makes noise when i accelerate?
cpi sx 50 speedo how do you change the mileage/time/TD..?
Where can i find someone to tow my car about 4 hours away in VA?
How much would it cost to replace an a/c compressor in a 98 ford escort?
Why does my 1976 454 missfire after replacing the coil, cap and rotor, and plugs and wires?
What is the best way to improve gas mileage?
Does the CarMD check for alternator problems or show you which fuses are burnt out?
We have a Nissan Serena 2.0 td showing a 'water symbol' warning light, does anyone know what it means?
how to install parkingbrakecables?
where do break fluid go in a 1986 w-150dodge ram?
Gas-Oil Ratio for 2 stroke?
Is it a good idea to switch an automatic transmission to a manual?
How much does it cost to duplicate a car key?
I want to order a transmission oil cooler line for a Dodge Dakota pick-up, where can I see parts pictures?
A question about the brakes on my car?
Battery or alternator, please settle this argument!?
what is the starting tread life for a tire?
fan belt slipping on car,how can i stop it just till i get time to fix it at the weekend? any ideas?
accurate automobile maintanence schedule common for all cars?
i have a 1997 dodge ram 1500 with a 5.2 i replaced the spark plugs and wires and now it misfires. it did not d?
Your Brake Pendal Feels Soft, One Reason For This Could Be?
Why does my car smell of exhaust when it's cold outside?
Why do my headlights flicker when I drive?
Ignition Control Module Pigtail?
Where is a good but cheap place to get a front end alignment?
Who makes a high quality socket wrench for a sensible price?
When I start up my car, it kind of shakes and seems like it is going to stall or turn off, but doesn't. !?
What is a good cheap paint to spray sportbike plastics with?
is it better not to let your car worm up before you drive it or does it really matter?
I need someone with serious car knowlage!!!!?
why does my car steering wheel shake like crazy when i go over the speed of 50? but doesn't under that speed.
Tire losing pressure after rotating tires?
Today I scratched my father's sports car, but my brother has driven it since,and hasn't noticed....?
Car turn signal sometimes stops working?
How do i set the clock in a 96 saturn SL1?
fuel guage stays on full all time, replaced fuel pump assembly, no fuses blown?
is it ok to use trans fluid for power steering? 92 gmc jimmy?
when should you get a full service as apposed to the annual service?
What can I do with my unused car battery?
What are the parts of the car's engine that needs oil?
If my high beams are on but my lights are off does it drain my battery?
How do I do a radiator Flush on a 1999 Gran Prix?
Replaced alternator car is running hot?!?
Does a stuck Torque Converter Solenoid make your car get bad gas mileage?
Why does my car A/C not blow cold air?
what is your opion of the 1996 mercury cougar 3.8 litre 6 cylinder. and when do you have to get timing gear.?
Who is responsible for my car?
Which waterless wash and wax product should I use on my car?
Transmission "Glitch" on a 2005 Dodge Dakota?
my 1989 mercedes wont start?
Why isn't there a Haynes manual for Lexus?
what are they electronic rust prohibitors on cars called to prevent rusting??
Erratic Idle, shifting problems?
Wet Floor and sloshing water in frame of ford focus after adding coolant. Why?
Is my Clutch Going Out?
My car broke down, and I have no idea what is wrong?
My Cadillac is making a knocking noise under the hood. What could it be?
where is the fuse box in the inside?
put new fuel filter on & truck still dies while driving down road?
What underneath a golf GTI could make a squeeky rattling sound?
1997 honda odyssey speedometer stuck on zero; "check" indicator light came on at the same time while drivin
Type of oil to use for 95' c280 with a small oil pan leakl?
is a high performance valve cover just for looks or does it serve any other purpose please explain im thinkin?
Whats wrong with my Mercedes ?
My front tires on my car keep wearing on the outside. Why?
Where do I find an online repair manual for a 1985 nissan 300zx?
how do you get skunk smell out of your car?
1997 Jaguar XJ6 Load Dump Module?
Where is the transfer case control module on a 1998 chevrolet k1500?
My car not starting update?
Ignition Keeps Locking Up?
Where can I find a 2000 VW Beetle fuse guide?
were to find aftermarket parts for 97 range rover? like clear lights or exhaust sytems?
how to tell if tie rods are going out?
how many quarts of oil in a F550?
What causes a car to vibrate at certain speeds?
Can a transmission just go bad in 7 months?
what transmission fluid for 04 kia optima?
My central air unit is very loud?
My car won't start, please help!?
how small of an imperfection on the piston will stop it from turning?
white smoke from car exhaust when cold, when warm ceases, why is that? Valve related, rings, or head gasket?
nissan brakes dont work when i rave the engine the break goes down?
i have a 1994 chevrolet beretta the transmission will stall when i come to a stop what causes this?
For what reasons would my "check engine light" come on? It seems to be running fine, and the oil was changed?
where can i find a diagram of the underneath of my ml 350 2003?
Can transmission fluid oder b toxic smell my heater core was leaking into my car and it was i?
I bought my car as is now my head gasket's are going can i take it back?
I hit a pothole. Should I be concerned?
Grinding and screeching coming from my car?
Should I replace spark plugs OR plug wires FIRST?
Strange Rubbing nosie and vibrations?
The car starts its a 98' sable auto the pb is off and when i put it into gear i can push it back and forth?
how can i get a "full brake pedal" ?
Why Does My Car Turn Off When I Rev It ?
Is gas a gas?????????
Can anyone help me troubleshoot my car's brake light problem?
where do you put gearbox oil (auto) 1996 on renault megane?
do those throtle body spacers actually do anything?
Maintaining interior of 1980 F-100, Need Advice!?
Brand new car dirty air filter?
2004 Sonata?
my steering wheel on my car is not centrall when my wheels are straight it goes slightly to left is this norm?
How do you remove the side mirror on a 2004 galant?
How do you know if your back tire is flat?
94 jimmy wont start unless i prime it and it runs good till i park it again?
How to Troubleshoot electrical problems on a 01' Cadillac Catera?
which speed sensor is bad if the van won't go into 3rd, and 4th?
How much is it to get headlight sockets replaced?
does it really help prevent problems with your vehicles engine (especially if old) if park in garage in winter?
How can I turn off brake light when car isn't on?
what did my 1997 jeep grand cherokee larado cost when new?
How is wye start motor is shifted to delat while running using contactors.?
So I have to Regear my Jeep!?
i got a bent piston rod help?
where can i find a schamatic to change a 2005 ford mustang's brake pads?
Does anyone know what the thing that the air filter goes in with hoses connected to it is actually called?
I got a 98' Linc towncar riding on 20inch wheels, do I need to have the Air suspension ON or OFF?
how to repair the power steering on a pontiac 2005 g6?
where is the fuel pump relay on a 91 gmc sierra 5.7?
what chain retailer is the best for buying tires from?
what's wrong with my car???
What is the role of torque in four stroke engine?
I was wondering if there was a way to substitute a alternator for a RB25 dett motor with a more common part?
What chances am I taking by not replacing a timing belt in a 98 Acura RL with 110,000 miles?
where do I get wiper blades for a mazda bongo friendee?
is it possible to buy a car that can tell you when your tyres need air?
1989 Silverado Slave cylinder problems?
How do Ignition coil's on 2 stroke engines work, and can they be modified?
my truck smokes bad (rings) will useing synthetic oil stop or slow it down?
Has anyone installed a skip shift eliminator (also called CAGS Defeat) on a C6 Corvette?
I bought a new car and a few thing are making me uncomfortable!!?
1992 GMC Jimmy fuse problem?
Air Conditioner Repair?
My car is overheating. everytime i stop at a stoplight,or use the AC it starts overheating and smokin somtimes
Why Toyota Camry V4 1999 has hard Gear Shift after undriven for 6 weeks?
I put some wax on my car and it made it shiner, but when i washed the car the wax came off. whats a good wax?
What will happen if you get an oil change after not having one for 70,000 miles?
Lemon Law? 92 Sabru PLEASE advise!?
Where's the best place to get fiesta st door bumpstrips?
you live in a cold state and ur heater doesnt work in ur car? whats a ghetto way to stay warm?
What is the best way to remove brake caliper guide pins for a 1993 ford F150 lightning pick up truck?
Why are my brakes locking up after 10 minutes of driving?
hi i change my tyres size for my rio is pressure inflation changed?
I have a loose front rotor/hub assembly on a 1993 Ford Aerostar. How do I fix it?
will gas go below $2.00 a gallon?
cb, scanner keep blowing fuses?
how to remove blue devil sealer from a car?
Does the horn in your car have to work legally?
*Need Help* My car is starting to jerk and sputter when i pull away from stop signs or stoplights!!!?
I would like to rewire my dodge caravan taillights to euro taillights its seems like the us ver has less wires
How much does it cost to re-key a car door?
3 wire COP ignition coil, what is each wire?
whats the difference between a 95 3.4 dohc engine and a 97 3.4 dohc engine?
crx control arm bushing stuck to bolt?
geo metro with low compression three cylinder, head replaced no change, fixable? original problem?
how do i remove water spots on my black car?
found a small cap from 5hp briggs and stratton in oil pan?
Who is willing to rent a residential garage, etc in kuala lumpar for the storage of 5 palets 10 X 10 space?
Will my car fail MOT if ABS has failed but brakes work well?
My Car will not start what could it be? (Details Inside)?
my wife put cheep gas in my car and now it is jolting as if there is some one pumping my brakes?
2010 Malibu stalls, help me?!!?
How come my brake light wont turn off?
how do i disengage my parking brake at the rearend in my 92 ranger?
Can citizens produce their own ethanol gasoline?
What can happen to a car if too much water is in the coolant system and not enough antifreeze?
I checked my dipstick and found coolant in my oil. Is my engine toast?
Is it hard to change the fuel pump in a 1993 chevy lumina van?
Are gm horns interchangeable?
my car is making a knocking sound but is full of oil?
what are common signs of catalytic converter problem?
is it bad for your transmission to shift from neutral to drive while you are moving in an automatic car?
Why is diesel fuel more expensive than regular gas, when it is a byproduct of the regular fuel process?
Does 1992 Jeep Cherokee Sport have rubber dust seals?
Whats wrong with my engine?
My car is leaking oil and coolant?
another name for breather hose?
How can you make your engine silent so it cannot be heard?
Why is it bad to drive with less than a 1/4 tank of gas?
Please tell me what the hell is wrong with my car, I'm going nuts?
Bent Nissan truck frame?
Is there a way for a Pulmonetic LTV-950 Ventilator heater humidifier to work on electric wheelchair power?
Can a mechanic put more expensive brakes on your car, without asking you first, then charge you more cash?
my 1989 chevy p/u pulls to right when braking. have changed calipers but still does it. it actually sticks?
What is a transmission gauge for?
Will it hurt my engine?
Car problems: Brakes.!?
01 jetta heating problem.?
What is the life expectency in miles of a Toyota 1500cc engine if reasonable care and maintance are rendered?
Does a standard get better mileage than an automatic?
Car fully parked on pavement?
Can I bi-pass my smog control pump this way?
2004 freestar stalls at idle?
I need to replace passenger side headlight(bulb) on 1999 ford taurus sport. How do I remove it?
Is it dumb for a 24 year old to purchase a used 2004 Range Rover?
how does a quick action throttle work?
how to disconnet motherboar battery step by step?
do you have to add distilled water to a new battery?
how could i fix my truck?
My check engine light on my 93 honda accord came on, any idea what could be wrong?
My car stopped moving, engine ran fine... replaced the clutch, not the problem. What else could it be?
Why my car with lowering spring looks stock height?
96 sea doo ignition problems?
i have a 1992 Pontiac Sun bird SE 2.0L and it keeps stalling ?
Any problem carrying a spare tire under a 1996 ford explorer?
Is my throttle position sensor bad?
I bought a 98 oldsmobile Silhouette and the heat is not comming out very well. what else should I do?
My driver side window will not go up or can i fix this?
need a used car battery for my 97 nissan sentra now near 24th st, and mcdowell in phoenix CHEAP?
Where can I get my amps repaired?
For my car should I get pedal covers or steering wheel?
Throw out bearing Help?
car battery smoking?
where is the crank sensor on a 1995 chevy S10 located?
i need to find something that actualy works getting oil off a drive way !!!!!?
Please help.. my car is shaking while i drive it?
Cylinder has spark and compression but still won't fire?
'98 Dodge Neon, interior floods every time it rains- Window seals seem fine- Where is the flood coming from?
how to put a drive belt on a 93 corsica?
AC in olds alero not working, freon full, compressor turns on fine?
Did you fix that squeaky problem you had with your 2010 nissan? Because I am having the same problem.?
What will take off window tint glue?
slow acceleration in my 2000 hyundai sonata?
my car CD player puts out too much power for 2 speakers how can I wire it with 4 speakers so each gets .5 powr
Where can i find an under hood wiring harness for 1973-87 chevy truck?
Whining sound starting your car in the morning then quiets down 5 min. later, is it the steering pump ?
what can be causing a 1992 toyota corolla to overheat after 10 minutes of running?
I am looking for a price on a 1954 hood ornament (pontiac) called Indian Chief, It's made of resin and metal.
What size are trans cooler lines on a first gen cummins?
My car lost all power?
Can a rear valve cover leak do any damage?
2005 Monte Carlo won't stay running after ran out of oil?
Quarter panel replacement?
A vehicle is consigned to a dealer. The dealer sells the car to a consumer and two weeks later the engine?
How can you tell if your water pump is going out on your auto?
I have an 05 GTO if i take my catalytic converts off would it be louder?
is there a website that lets you download a manual for a popup campers?
Why is the check engine light on?
does a broken flywheel sound like a rod knocking?
i am looking for an online service that i can use to repair any vehicle i am willing to pay for the service?
I need to know what kind fo frame will work under my 1937 plymouth coupe. Thanks?
Road transportation in india. Developmental strategy for roads in india?
How can I remove the dealer's decal from the back of my car?
My car makes a whine when I accelerate uphill.?
how much should it cost to get a broken axle fixed in chicago?
What would cause a squeaking wheel on car?
afraid of transmission problems?
What's wrong with my exhaust?
Is it dangerous to drive with a ed front bumper and a bent fender?
how to fix a tire when it has a nail in it? NEED HELP FAST?
Key'd car? Whats the best/cheapest way to get it done?
Brake drum wont spin freely?
My 98 Buick Park Avenue has an erratic fuel gauge. Is this common?
Car detail ended in deep scratches?
What all is needed to make your own flamethrower exhaust?
Ford Windstar tail lights (both) not working, but brakes light are.?
1999 Volvo s80 t6 Shift Solenoid price plz help?
ford mondeo 1.8 16v zetec will not idle when warmed up. any ieads?
Why does my car starts to stutter and eventually turns off when I'm idling?
How long can I leave this car on in this closed garage before the battery dies.?
How can I start my drive way car wash?
How can I remove motor oil stains from my driveway? My car used to leak motor oil and it looks ugly now.?
1996 GMC Yukon, I think it could be the rearend!?
how to unlock the rear-middle seat belt of a VW jetta 99?
I heard putting car in neutral(coasting) wastes gas?(Stick Shift)?
Why do I have to remove the negative cable on my battery before replacing?
I sprayed carb cleaner in my throttle body on my truck and some went on the windshield and will not come off.?
Auto recall on parts.. can this affect what i pay for my accident?
Paint Job Over Spray? Black car, slight off color where car was not painted and on windows.?
What type of oil do i use for my car?
something keeps drainig the battery in my 91 ef civic n i dont know what it is?
whats the best sounding muffler for a 2000 s10 2.2?
i need a website to show me how to change a timing belt on a chevy aveo.?
how can i stop my wind screen wipers sqeeking?
does anyone know how to repair the heater on 2006 rav4?
do the tail light lenses on a 89 d50 work on the 81?
White smoke coming exhaust?
Antilock and brake light comes on?
is it possible to replace a 4.0 l. ford with a 4.9 straight 6 with little or no modifications ?
How much would this cost for a Jaguar car? (2005-2006 model)?
removing pinion seal?
How can I make my car louder for a really cheap price?
what engines will interchange in a 92 toyota celica st automatic w/1.6 4afe?
My wheels were rotated on my car, and now one is making a funny sound.?
Does a 94 Nissan pathfinder use transmission fluid or power steering fluid?
my alarm has shorted and prevents me from starting can i bypass?
how can you tell if your alternators bad ?
did i get taken by the dealer?
Engine is turning over but car won't start?
Can I buy a different size tire?
why does'nt my 1989 Jeep start?
Is the ECM/PROM on my 89 Firebird faulty?
1993 Buick LeSabre code 56?
sample letter for change in invoice?
why does my tranny slip on turns?
Why is my steering wheel vibrating!?
do you need to crank car off before going in a car wash?
My 1990 civic's brake lights turn on when I turn my headlights on.?
How to remove scratches from helmet glass?
my vaxhall zafira has been playing up juddering had bits replaced but still not right?
My car battery has one dead shell. Does it affect on the alternator ?
Why my car doesn't switch the 3rd gear to the 4th?
How can i get a dent out from my car door???
what is the manuafacturers recomendation for spark plugs?
my ram 5.2l sputters intermittently when accelerating from a stop?
where can i find a transmission for a merkur scorpio?
How much Should it cost to replace the starter in my1999 nissian frontier 4x4?
ok its a pontiac transport and where under the hood some kinda general location please?
what would make the car shut down while driving?
What does a "slipping transmission" feel like?
What would cause AC belt to break and come off?
What is the best paint for a car?
How to protect cut convertible tops from rain temporarily?
glowplug lights on an astra tdi van?
Leveling a HID headlight - how do you do it?
Smoke when I start my car?
I have a 1989 mecedes E300 and the RPMS wont go down into gear?
Why wont the anti freeze in my reservoir go back into my radiator?
What spark plugs are good for a Ford F-150?
Recently changed spark plugs, oil and air filter and flushed engine, car continues to stall or backfire, help?
my car star but its shoting down quickly? what its the problem? Jorge (
My aunt got an Lexus LX 450 sometimes the car starts other times it doesn't?
Why are my rear brakes locking?
Where is the Engine light on a 2005 buick Lesabre? The one that 'looks' like an engine?
Where can I get a set of heavy duty auto ramps from?
when are is the price of gas going to dimish?
how to instal hand controls in my car?
How do you lubricate sliding doors on a minivan?
Triumph 1964 5TA unit twin side points modle?
how can i get more rpms out of my 428fe block?
how to tint car windows?
Heat Shield loose under my car?
does anyone know the engine codes for a 1986 olds 98?
can you put gas in nitro gas car?
my 94 integra just a 95 motor put in, the headgasket was bad and water was leaking in the oil, but i used that?
Any others having problem with 2003 Ford Focus SE instrument cluster ?
Why does my car have a rough idle / less power...?
new engine or new car?
Can you take a 1999- 2001 Lexus RX 300 to a regular place to get it fixed? i.e. Jiffy Lube?
I been driving with bad wheel bearing for a week.?
What is the power rating of a 12v deep cycle battery?
How long should I run my car for tonight to make sure it doesn't seize up in the cold?
Why wont my 2003 Pontiac Sunfire catch gears?
Is this a good price for a rebuilt transmission?
How much would it cost to paint a 95' Thunderbird?
How to push in a rear brake caliper?
2004 volvo xc90 T6 getting static through speaker system when car is turned off?
What should I do about my car??
is my ac on fire in my truck?
how do I rewire my truck. lights don't work?
can you put any size alternator in your vehicle as long as it fits?
How do I change my generator in my 1975 beetle?
flashing check engine light?
i want to spray paint cars as a job?
i have a 97 cadilllac deville the very low refrigerant light has come on constantly. is it stll safe to drive?
How much to get a new head gasket?
Rough will the choke cause rough idle?
what is the difference between a 4 speed engine block and an automatic engine block?
I am restoring an Austin Healey BJ8, has anyone undertaken a similar project.?
Is aFe a good brand of intake system?
What are common electrical problems in European cars? Are these hard to DIY? How is the part availability?
2000 Honda CR-V Car Alarm Problem!!!!?
Does removing the battery cause the ignition timing to be out?
Transmission oil to use?
How much should I be prepared to spend on recalibrating the engine on a car I have modified?
How to unlock a truck door without keys?
I want to know the problem to my 97 Toyota 4Runner?
ford focus hand brake cable HELP?...?
1995 pontiac bonneville place steering wheel?
what does the service engine soon light mean?
Where can I get the best value window motor for a 97 honda accord se?
Why won't my car start, is it the Battery?
How can cellutape be removed from car window?
Help! My car brakes squeeks when the brakes are applied....?
What size socket is the timing chain guides?
whipper snippers?????????
why does my 95 ford escort makes a high pitched noise whenever i start the car?
What's the problem with my bike?
what are things i should change on a car with 135000?
Temperature gauge reading low?
Change Engine Oil question?
Weird car problem? Antifreeze please help?
Why won't my car start?
If your car's engine is running, but you're not driving it, is the battery charging?
Can i put 195 65 15 tires on my 185 60 15 rims? ?
1995 bmw 318i engine diagram.?
how does the clutch work?
Why does my car pop when I release the clutch?
How cost a led light for mercedes ml 320 cdi 2007?
What is the best (and quickest) way to remove ice from my car windows?
What is this Cleaning product called?
Why did my car lose power after driving it, like the battery was taken out?
Why does my car die when I shut if off?
acccidenty poured oil into my transmission what damage have i caused?
The steering wheel of my car is locked and when I try to turn the car on, the key is unable to turn. Help?
My car leaked coolant all over the parking lot?
police tore my car apart, dashboard, cut seats, tore rugs, ect. they found parafenalia, who now fixes my car?
astra diesel electrical problems, please help !!!!?
i have no remote key and as soon as i turn the key to open drivers door the alarm goes off. starting the car?
any GM bulletins on 2003 S10 pick up 2.2litre for service engine light,code P0301,P0304,P0300?
Why does auto body repair cost so much?
where is the fuel pump relay swith located on the 1989 toyota pickup?
What should I do if my car wont start and just discovered its only running on 3 cylinders?
i need an intake manifol and carb for a 302 5.0 f150 1985 help?
What Happens if you Keep Driving Thousands Miles With A Spun Rod Bearing?
Is there a source in US for propane conversion of 1993 Ford pickup?
Forced induction 125cc !?!?!?
a question about truck tires ?
Ineed a rebuild kit for a 93 ford 4x4 xlt 4 speed manual with an overdrive?
how do i change the air cleaner on a 1996 camaro z28?
how much should i pay for a car battery?
what are the diffrent type of 4-speed transmitions can you use for a ford 2wd 400m.?
I've just brought 4 new tyres for my car but now if you let go of the wheel, it drifts to the left, why?
Ex put water in my gas tank.....?
i have a 2002 kia spectra BATTERY problems?
I think the auto parts store screwed me over?
When should I change the oil of my car Automatic Transmission?
does anyone know where i can get truck parts for a 1985 chevy pick up truck?
For GM experts,replaced pressure regulator,checked injectors,but still can't maintain fuel pressure when i tur
calling all car boffins!!?
Is it bad to rest your foot on the clutch pedal while driving?
we bought a chevy s10 from Elkton Aout Coral and it has broke down since we got it what can we do?
If your car passes smog does it mean it it street legal?
What car problem do you think this is?
I'M Looking for transmission parts breakdown for a 2000 montecarlo ss?
honda civic camshaft bolt?
I got a honda problem think you know it?
Why does my go kart chain jam up when I hit the brake?
How much does it cost to fix scratch damages on a small car? (scratch = about 3 inches). Ballpark range??
Chrysler "PT Cruiser" Dashboard Pieces ?
I replaced the battery on my 2004 Mitsubishi Galant, and now funky things happen?
A question of driving urgent help.When i push the clutch pedal and i want to change gear I encounter a problem
Hammer blow when I shift from Park to Reverse?
Why won't my windshield wipers work?
Will this tire fit my rim? 235/75/15 on 16" steel rim?
how much should it cost to reapir a bent subframe of a 2001 Nissan Altima?
I need to look at mechanic shop manual of 1989 F-250 351m 4+4?
i need the paint code for the color silverlake by bentley?
Thumping noise coming from under the front of my car.. what is it?
What are the wheel alignment specs on a 2005 chevy Z71?
anyone know where i can find a manuel online on how to change out a tranny on a 96 z71?
if my thermostat is opening and closing why is my heater still blowing cool air. I put a new one in.?
How do you change the SLAVE CYLINDER in a 1992 FORD EXPLORER?
If I change the fuel injection pump & sensors from a Chevy 4.3 to a Chevy 2.8 will it work???
Plumbers & Auto mechanics among a few?
Fuel injector cleaning questions?
My oil pressure light came on, my car overheated and now wont start. What's wrong with it?
Power steering Hose repaired and still makes noise?
Why do ladies have a hard time changing flat tyres?
i am a member of the aa my clutch is burning out will they fit a new one?
I have a toyota hilux surf 2Lte and its loosing power when going uphill and the pick up is low, what is proble?
How can I unlock my 80's car without the key?
How do I open a remote for it's repairing which I fixed using fevikwik(a kind of superglue)?
What front/rear inflation pressures should I use for Michelin XH4 tires on a 1972 Mercedes 280 SE 4.5?
Oil Filter shaft diameter and thread size?
is it good to lower the car?
Is it the alternator?
I have a vaux meriva -milky substance under the oil cap and exhaust emissions light on?
ECU chip install on 93 C1500 350?
Problem with the ABS & TCS on a 2006 Pajero can anyone help me?
A shop quoted me $800 canadian dollars to replace a broken coil spring. Can I repair this myself?
Car Mechanics: Tell me, is this guy full of it?
I just replaced a 2008 escalade battery with a new one but nothing works.?
transmission trouble?
Noise coming from under the car?
Car overheats in the day why?
battery draining down on my P.U.?
Painting my truck?
Oil question i need help?
i have a hyundai excel that at times the motor wont go over 2000 revs.?
I have a '91 Volvo 740 sedan (no turbo) which will not accelerate at lower rpm.?
Dodge ram Van 2500, load limit?
My aunt has a volkswagen wolfsburg edition jetta 4 cyclinder engine. The other day she had this automotive?
How would I know If A New Clutch is needed?
i need my brake's done! who's the best to go to kwik fit, ats or national?
98 dodge avenger runs hard and smells like fuel?
what are the affects without a thermostat?
Car Hard to start when warmed up???
What do I need to do to become an auto mechanic/ tech?
What is the knocking sound coming from under my truck on the driver's side?
Honda civic engine check light on?
How much do I top up my car battery with water? There doesn't seem to be any guage.?
how much for a new clutch?
Fix it or trade it in?
how to gain more horse powers for my car?
who makes the anodized triangler air breathers for hot rods?
i can't get my car started anymore and i just changed the distributor cap and roter and i can't figure it out
Easyest way to get rid of fine scratches on my car?
can I drive my car with water instead of anti-freeze?
whats the best way 2 remove pigeon faeces from my new car without damaging paintwork?
Toyota 22re longevity?
What does it mean when your car doesn't pass a smog check?
What's causes an airbag light to stay on?
Should I do this for a first project car?
My engine car is too loud?
Where can i find a wiring diagram for my truck?
can i get a remote start, keyless entry on my car?
I have a spark plug that's broke in half stuck in the head. Part of the porcelain is still stuck too.?
Auto Carbon Reduction Service?
Car stalled, steering wheel locked while driving!?
Want to add power steering?
How difficult is it to repalce a starter?
Motorized seat belt problem.....................?
03 Galant keeps wanting to overheat, yet has enough coolant and fans turn on as they should?
The rpm to my car drops and then it shuts off..advice pls!?
1994 Clio, water is boiling in coolant tank?
I want to damage my 150cc engine to claim warranty because of very low mileage how to do it without getting ca?
What is the correct pressure for a 14 inch car tyre?
What does 1560 means on the timing belt?
My car won't start, do you know what the problem could be?
should i buy this car?
how do i straighten the front of a frame from a front end collision? could i just use a torch and sledgehammer
how do you adjust the timing on a 99 suburban?
if i have a fuel line clogged while replacing the fuel pump, would i still hear the pump?
when you pull a piston out of the cylinder and then put it back in, is it ok if the rings have moved?
can one pump up a car tire with a bicycle pump?
Why are people cynical of what a mechanic tells them?
My son like to shift to to lower gears on his auto tran car when he comes to a stop. Can this damage the tran?
Why does my car smell like feet?
Engine misfiring severely?
my interior windows in my car fog up really easy. Why? Is there something i can put on it to make it stop?
Is mud guard or splash guard neccessary in a Accord sedan?
help i need a wiring diagram for a 4.5 GU Nissan Patrol '98?
can anyone tell me the alignment specs on a 1970 buick gsx?
Paint question: Which is a brighter white, Summit White or Stone White?
How to set up the shimano gears on my bicycle?
Accidently put about a 1/2 cup of trans fluid in my Saturn's engine instead of oil. What will this do to it?
How does wrong answer get chosen best answer?
Windshield Replacement?
1993 Nissan 240sx Se CKP Sensor Voltage is only 1.9V and it should be Battery voltage?
Are European cars expensive to repair and maintain?
Do you really have to get an oil change every 3 months?
What car has the safest cash test ratings?
Navigator Defrost Panel Issues..On while car is off???
99 Deville wheel stud replacement?
Need help with determining bolt size?
electrical pressure is measured in A ohms B volts C amps D watts?
how do i remove the starter from a 2000 ford focus SE? Chilton's says 2 bolts and says 5 bolt
What is a good HID conversion kit for my car?
Bosch or ImportDirect sparkplug wires?
how to remove front rotors on a 2004 4wd chevy silverado pickup truck?
Chevy s10 wont start?
What is a way to remove non plstic spray paint off of motorcycle plastics?
My brakes do not work every time I use them. New lines, rebuilt master cylinder could it be air in the master?
How does car know when to turn on the headlights automatically?
Why do my tires walk after five years?
how much would a new alternator cost?
After not working for a year, my power steering suddenly started working again?
can using the a/c on max all the time in my car cause any damage?
What does it mean if blue smoke comes from the engine of my car?
what are the paint colors for the 99 pontiac grand am's?
how can i get the interior lights on my nissan altima to work?
how much should it cost to have a repair shop fix my headgasket in a 1997 Mazda Protege?
how to remove the drum to change the brakes on a 2001 toyota rav 4?
could this be a bad right side tie rod end?
where can i find a wiring harness for my 87 mustang convt. 2.3L engine?
Is it bad to drive with a gas leak?
Can wheel alignment be done with worn track rod ends?
where is the thermostat located in a 1997 cadillac sts northstar v8?
what is voltmeter?
How do I remove a 92 saturn sc outer door handle?
does it hurt ?
2000 Dodge Intrepid OBD 1391 Please help!!! e-mail if u need additional info
Clutch Pedal Pad Falling Off?
cleaning my car leather seats can you guide me step by step?
accidentally poured 10mls brake fluid into fuel tank. Help?
Vibration noise coming from exhaust?
My husbands ford truck is having problems starting?
Will check engine light go out ?
on my truck when you step on the gas real hard while idling the rpms go up but take a while to come back down?
What kind of oil goes into a 5.0 go-cart?
Powder Coating With No Oven?
would my 1992 primera sr 18 de engline fwd fit a nissan sunny sr 18 4wd manual gst 1.8 version engine?
how can i tell if a clutch is ready to go on a car???
Will my car be okay without the fueling cap?
Can you clean and reuse oxygen sensors?
What could be wrong with my car? The loud squealing/screeching noise is getting worse?
My lifters seem to be making a ticking noise...?
name a typical application where a circuit breaker may be used?
Best sounding car muffler?
Smells like gas in my car?
how much would it be to replace a 4th cylinder on a 2000 toyota celica?
Can you push start a Automatic Car?
Why did my power steering pulley break?
I have a 1988 Buick le sabre custom. turns over but wont fire up.?
I can smell antifreeze but no leaks?
Get paint off of a side mirror cap?
Range Rover Sport has the front DVD monitor disabled by manufacturer. How can I activate it back?
my light for the lis.plates is not working.i changed fuses&bulbs.?
My Moped's Brake Doesn't Work!!?
Aluminum water pump on iron block ok?
What size wire guage for 24v 12ah battery?
My '02 Monte Carlo is designated to use 5W-30 engine oil but I accidentally put in 5W-20, costly mistake or?
i need to remove a rear axel from a 1995 ford explorer how????
Instrument cluster, 2008 Volvo s40?
Why does my car loose power when I turn on my a/c?
My car's engine seems to be keep overheating?
where in my area can i get my window tint in manassas va 20110?
What to do if I waited too long to put on clear coat?
what would cause the front end to shimmy when brake is applied?
How do you adjust the valves on a 2004 Honda TRX500FA/FGA ATV?
BMW2008-Night Vision Camera problem?
Voltage drop then stall help?
name of a good smog additive?
rust on car frame what is the best kind of rust remover to use.?
Where can I find the shift cables?
where can i find a reasonable price engine for my car?
Dash/Tail light fuse keeps blowing in my '97 Dodge Neon?
rattling/clunking noise while accelerating?
Where is the power distribution center on a 1990 Jeep Wrangler?
Torsion keys and front end components?
what is wrong with my car?
Could a blown head gasket cause a head to ?
do a 1997 ford expedition have to have cadillac converter on it?
who do i call if i lock my keys out of my car?
help!!!! my car does not start when its cold out, what to do?
2004 F250 transmission and timing belt?
I have a 2001 GMC 2500 Sierra.The parking break feels like it has broke at the pedal what do I need to replace
If a head gasket blows will there be coolant in the oil and can i tell from the dip stick?
I have a 1996 Saturn with 15in wheels. One on my tires went flat. Can I put a 14in wheel on in its place?
where is the low side service fitting for a 1989 nissan maxima?
My car wont start....? battery or alternator?
daihatsu fourtrak fieldman rear wiper motor wiring?
My vehicle doesn't start, but...?
Will a bad O2 sensor affect my trucks power?
How do I get a dent out of my car?
Help!!!! How can i remove stain & smell of diesel out of car carpet?
What happens if you hook up battery cables wrong and you get sparks? Does that kill your battery?
Easiest Way to ruin a cars Paint job?
My 1993 nissan pathfinder is leaking radiator fluid below the from belts. I'm wondering if this is the pump ?
I on accident crossed wires while jumping my car now my car wont start even though i replaced the battery?
noisy car??? HELP!!!!?
My car gets a funny odor after sitting in the sun?
My car is over-revving?
toyota corolla, red security light not blinking?
How do you remove the deck plates on The Wave Board???
When I pick up speed in my old car, the oil pressure gauge declines to zero, then shoots back up. Why?
CA folk: What is the difference between a 'test only' smog station and a regular one?
Car was running good until i took it to a mechanic to replace the flywheel And starter in a 1986 buick electra?
Why does my 1989 caprice shuts off sometimes?
bought aftermarket grips for KLR any easy solution for removing factory grips intacked?
what is fuel stabilization?
which brand of car wax is the best in Australia?
Part 2 700R4 Electrical?
Whats the best way to start knowing alot about cars?
Automotive Courses at TNCC?
where i the camshaft position sensor on a 1996 cadillac deville?
Please Help, Car Question??!!!!?
Clicking/ticking sound when I accelerate?
How long would it take for 1.50 mol of water at 100.0 C to be converted completely into steam i?
How to disguise bright lights of they are stuck on, ON?
lesabre 97 i have aftermarket radio and when i listen to my music and turn on panel light the speaker turn off?
please explain your definition of FAITH?
What is the cooler/radiator in front of car radiator?
if u installed a new transmission correctly.what would make it not engage in gear?
With tap and die set, how do I re-thread the exhaust manifold?
How hard is it to paint a car?
how many miles for gallon does a 3.0L fordeanger runs?
door glass coming off track?
If you wash your car too often does it eventually fade the paint.?
my battery isn't dead but it doesn't have enough power to start the car.. what could that be?
How much does a lift kit cost for a truck?
My 1980 chevy truck is leaking gas?
Where Can I get Stiffer Springs For a 1999 XR100R?
Car thermostat fluctuates, what could be causing it?
What are the causes why engine crankshaft broken?
Can I fix these scratches?
Mot failer. please help. front wheels brakes embalanced.?
can a be repaired in a engine or do I need a whole new engine?
How can I get rid of tobacco smell in my car??
What happens if you are driving and the transmission goes out?
Gas smell on a 2003 trailblazer?
How do I adjust the door on a 2002 Chevrolet S-10?
Is Midas technically capable of replacing a catalytic converter on a Volvo XC70?
Battery, Alternator? Electrical problems?
Changing Coolant in Corolla?
how do i fix my peugeot 206 brakes from squeeking? Front disks GTI?
My car battery just died because I left the headlights on....?
how to work air cooler?
When should i get my first oil Change?
turning off the Buick Service engine Soon light?
hi, our pugeot 306 turbo diesel always starts on the second key turn when on a slope?
my steering wheel shakes when i apply the brakes. new brakes. torn ball joint boots. is that the problem?
what will happen if you touch the positive & negative at the same time on a car battery?
Ma van squeels like a wee lassie fur the furst 2mins every morning, then it runs fine. Why is this.?
When my car sits over night it is sometimes hard to turn the wheel why?
if you can tell me what damage i could have done to m kia sportage battery in the wrong way onc?
What can I do for a car that won't be used for 3 months?
Would they take advantage just because I'm a woman?
Nissan Almera Tino Starting and Stuttering Fault?
What do you think is wrong with my car?
08, 150cc moped won't start/ has new carb?
What would you recomend if i already had maintenance done but still doesnt have the exceleration it use to?
When changing my oil do I have to change the filter too?
Fix it ticket for loud exhaust. what to do?
Can I supercharge my 2002 impala LS?
Where does the MAT sensor plug into my 1991 Cadillac Deville Fleetwood?
The lights in my 07' Scion Tc went out (center console)?
Professional or Do-It-Yourself oil change?
Looking for ways to secure the hood of a "77 Dodge 150 PU. Desire the end product non-offensie.?
Nopa wont honor lifetime warranty on my serpentine belt.. help please?
Where can i buy plenetary gears for AW4 or 3043LE transmission?
why wont my car star on after I jump it?
how do u fix a crankshaft on an 87 pontiac grand am?
How long must I drive to recharge the battery to recover the power used by starting the car?
air bag problems?
Where can I buy plastic filler rods?
lighting diagrams for ford mondeo 2004?
Blown head gasket - miracle cure?
My ex girlfriend put a scratch down the side of my car with her keys, how can i remove the scratch?
i have a question for you mechanics?
Will a 1983 international harvester 345 V8 fit in a 1983 international dump truck with a 392V8?
When you jack a car up and put it on stands, what do you do for backup?
my keywest moped will not get a spark?
Will a car's AC unit be harmed in any way if you put confetti down the vents?
can a bad battery cause a car to stall?
My car recently started running hot i was wondering what the causes of that could be.?
How do i replace the trunk strut on a 1995 Nissan Pathfinder?
Car has jerky movements when on low gear changes?
Car Fan Issues (1993 Mercedes E300)?
my truck smokes bad (rings) will useing synthetic oil stop or slow it down?
Is it true if you put a car battery on the ground the power will dran out?
how long does it take to change a clutch on a 92 chevy s-10 4x4?
Rough Idle and flashing check engine light on a 2000 Honda Civic EX. P0300 multiple misfires?
How do you remove pen ink from leather car interior?
how do i disable a kill switch on my car?
Respray with sunroof?
How can i remove glue left on my van when i removed the graphics?
Can I remove the top of my Suburban?
why does my 02 land rover discovery make a grinding noise?
What is the tool that is used to measure the gap of a spark plug called ?
car alarm not working?
My car takes a bit to start? Have to leave the key in for a few seconds? Help?
How do you change the front brakes on a car?
i need to locate fuel fillter?
Diesel truck question?
how change crankshafts to 1994 Mitsubishi galant SOC?
my oil is leaking from my car. does anyone know why and the cheapest way to go about this?
Will a battery cause hesitation when accelerating?
Car Engine oil change: Do NOT start while engine oil is draining. Reason for this?
how i get a motor and transsmission of a porsche any model 4 cil turbo used in a good conditions?
Battery Charger for Truck?
Can you disconnect 2 injectors on a V8 and run on 6 cyl? Will it get better mpg?
were is a heater core located on a 87 LTD?
how do i adjust my honda dio 2 carburetor?
Should I get my car's transmission fixed or buy new car?
My engine keeps misfiring?
My heater/Defrost/AIR Conditioner Doesnt work?
What type of oil/fluid is used in the transfer case of a 1988 Jeep Cherokee?
need to get my car repaired cheap today anyone know a cheap mechanic?
Can bad gas cause failed emissions test?
why wont my sidekick lx turn on?
My 1998 Lexus Es300 have a starting problem sometimes. I think it is an gas pump or fuel injector issue.?
My driver's side tire shakes really bad making the wheel jerk left when i decelerate to around 35mph? why?
on my 94' pontiac firebird, oil is filling up the air intake while climbing a hill what is it? pcv is ok?
where is the fuel pump on an 82 toyota supra and how do you know if it is defective?
I have a 1974 indian me-100 and want to know what kind of fuel to use and what oil to put in the crankcase.?
How do I open a car with frozen door locks?
Where can i get an overdrive conversion kit for a 1948 CJ-2A Jeep Willys?
Does anyone ever proof read their question before they hit the "submit" button?
Do I have a problem with 2002 Chevy Blazer's fuel pump?
What is the vapor canister, used on my Ford Ranger.?
Do auto repair manuals explain the car first?
Where is the EEC slot (to get computer codes) located on my 92 Grand Marquis?
Left my car out in the cold for 3 months. Is it safe it drive it now?
How do you drain the radiator?
gmc air condition system in envoy?
Car clicks several times and then starts?
Please help me....... My van is messing up and we cant figure it out.?
What is a light bulb?
I have a 2000 Honda Accord EX that idles really bad when turning on and then it turns off!?
when driving my car it pulls to the left and when going over 60mph the steering wheel shakes?
A tricky question about my truck?
where to find trouble shooting guide for internatioal t444E engine?
i just got quoted $375-$400 to replace my ignition switch in my 96' cavelier, too much or is that average?
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