Oil pressure goes to about 5psi at idle.?
antifreeze, can you mix?
Does this sound like a battery or alternator?
How do I buy an alternator?
My car makes a whirring noise when i accelerate?
photo on chevy pick up s10 1994 auto choke 4cyl.?
brake lights out on a ford 2000 ranger?
Why do they lock gas station bathrooms? Are they afraid someone will clean them?
can you change full synthetic to regular oil?
If theres a knocking sound when driving from the front end ,can this be the wheel bearings?
Where is the starter located on a 1997 hyundai tiburon?r=1228691115?
Why is my gas tank humming?
Are ceramic Brake pads the higher quality pad or does that indicate cheaper esp in regard to heat dissapation?
whats a demand regulator?
Whats wrong with my car?
egg in oil to fix leak?
My 2001 truck has had nothing but synthetic oil. It accidentally has had regular oil put in it at recnet oil o?
Check engine light will not go off?
can some one explain how i can set my camber toe in on my bmw318i 86 model where is the toe located?
How to fix a leaky power steering hose / whining when turning? (1993 Lincoln Town Car)?
Will this wheel fit my car?
what is D3 and 2 on an automatic for?
How do you take tint off a car window without leaving glue and/or messing up your defroster strips?
Would an after market air cleaner and pipes affect the fuel mileage, ...should carb nidles be changed ?
white smoke ford explorer looking for some advice?
i have a automatic 87 firebird trans am and it cant go over 2000 rpms?
On a 93 cadillac sedan deville can the front and rear air ride shocks be replaced by regular shocks?
how many gallons of gas left in the car when the gas light starts flashing?
did a leak down test, felt air coming from cylinder #4 but my gauge was attached to cylinder # 5, what is prob?
my left front disc continues to drag after a complete caliper rebuild and new disc pad....?
Where can i find a website that Gives details about Cars?
Is it okay to use Mid-Grade gasoline in my scooter?
low voltage on starting?
Are my brakes grabbing or am I Crazy?
I want to put a 1275 engine in an original 1000 engine Mini Moke. Do I need to change the carburetor?
How do adjust the hand brake on my 1994 Clio Rsi?
How to adjust the cluch of a 1989 Honda Accord 4CLY?
what causes that on a 87 olds delta 88?
what can i use for hood hinges on my 72 lincoln contenental.?!?!?!?!!!?
wrong gas put it, car engine knocking.. im confused..?
Truck won't start? Help?
what is a reasonable price to pay for a 2000 dodge stratus transmission,rebuilt or new?
What's the best upgrades to get better fuel economy on my truck?
Throttle revving up and down?
Is this air dam really only 8$?
i want to rebuild and restore a vw Volkswagen bus. BIG QUESTION! is it possible to...?
Can someone that knows about cars answer my question?
What should I give my boyfriend?
trickle charging, how to?
the price of oil (please help)?
where can i find definition of engine specification terms (ie. torque, power output, etc.)?
how do you know if a fuel injector is bad on a 92 pontiac grand prix LE?
where can i buy automotive paint online?
were do i get a ecu softwear and program link for a classic 1997 wrx impreza import as the obd2 does not fit.?
starter problems on a 1993 taurus sw i have to jump the solenoid to start with key in on position?
I have a 51 chevy deluxe putting in 55 chevy 235.?
Nissan micra 1.0 2001 3 dr hatch petrol is it a timing belt or chain?
What does "litters" mean??
how many amps can go through a 14 gauge fusible link?
No O-2 sensor on my 1991 Crown Victoria?
I need to get a wiring diagram for the stereo wires in a 1990 Toyota Corolla.Want it free, just need radio in.
How can I find out what I need for my 2004 Range Rover HSE?
will a T28 turbocharger fit my 2002 1.5L Echo?
how do i find the headlight fuse for a 1989 dodge B250 van?
which fuse do i pull out to stop the seat belt sensor from beeping. I dont have the manuel?
Where can I buy Frontera body kits from?
What is wrong with my maxima?
I spilled plain bottled water on my car seat and it left a stain--how do i get rid of it?
Why does my car seem to wobble a bit when i drive?
what's wrong with my ford taurus?
Does wheel balancing really work or is it a gimmick ?
my 94 s10 wont start it has a brand new starter power is going to the starter but it wont even turn over?
Are these symptoms of transmission failure or clutch failure?
carburator getting gas wont stay started?
question on exhaust system on 2000 f150?
Lexus es330 timing belt help?
why both headlamps dip+main failed to light when switched on?
does compression restorer really work?
is computarization an issue on becoming an automobiel mechanic?If it is how so?
what's a good brand of oil?
Are car traders liable for excessive repairs even if the car was sold without a warranty?
My right brake light will not work even after changing the bulb and circuit board. Help!!?
what is blinker fluid and where do it get it where in the blinker does it go? my local mechanic said the i nee
How can I ask the question with photo to this ?
I have a 1992 Ford Explorer that wont go into any gear?
My car shakes when i brake?
I just changed my ignition switch in my 2002 mitsubihi galant and now it won't start?!?!?!?
Car wouldn't start then RPM spikes?
what damage can driving without radiator cap on do?
What can be causing a "sputtering" noise only when my foot in on the gas for a 1995 Merc Tracer?
how often do you change the distributor cap and rotor ?
My car stopped running in the highway after the oil light turned on. Is the engine seized up?
How often does a hybrid car need charging?
Every time I drive in my car, everybody in front of me stops at the red lights. Why do they do that??
Coolant Temp Sensor problem?
where can i buy transmission parts for a 2003 ford escape?
Can you spray can paint on your car?
my thermastat housing cover ed. do you think it might work ok if i glue it back together?
What motor oil should I use in 97 Taurus?
Locked keys in car?
Is it normal for oil fo drip from oil filter?
I lost the only set of keys I had,how can I replace my car key or ignition without going thru dealership?
Will these fit (without modification) onmy truck!?
Electrical problems with a 92 ford taurus?
How do you bend stainless steel tubing 180 degrees?
Did I blow a gasket or an engine?
My car wont start, some possiblilites?
Does revving my car to the max for long damage the engine?
Fuel Injector Cleaning recomended by dealer?
Why do my lights on my car work sometimes and not others?
How bad is it really if the "Head gasket "is split?
Triangle Talon Sport tires, any info would be wonderful?
Anyone Know Where I Can Find Interior or Exterior Parts For My 83 Monte Carlo LS?
Where's my engine oil going on my Hyundai Accent?
My HVAC system in my car won't change from feet, face, or defrost I have depressured the vacuum, what to do?
what's good color tint (percent) wise if i want to be dark but still able to see out window?
what is ACTUALLY happening to the brake fluid when you hit the brake pedal?
97 chrysler sebering wont start and blows fuses?
how much does it cost to replace tire rod for a 1997 dodge ram 1500 van?
will transmission out of 86 nissan truck fit in a 90 nissan truck. both 4x4, both 5 speed, both 4 cyl.?
What is the best way to get an oil spot off a driveway?
82 Honda CM450 Custom Clutch/Transmission problem?
I left my cars keys in the ignition for about 3hours, will my car start without a boost?
how to mod a 5watt fm transmitter
My car is making a squealing/screaching noise from the front drivers side tire area?
Most automatic transmissions will not start in any gear except park or....?
where is the knock sensor located on a 2002 chevy cavalier?
when it is late at night since it has been cold my car hestitates to satrt sometimes what could it be/?
no spark from spark plug rm 80?
I have an invention and want to patent it. where do i start and who would be best to speak to?
On a 2000 Toyota Camry are the brake pads the same for the front and back?
how to fix my ford focus clutch?
What is the function of a spark plug in a vehicle?
When do you replace car battery?
Please - any auto mechanics or people?
Welding: Can you fill a small oxygen or acetylene tank directly from a larger, industrial size one?
Does snap on tools replace or fix ratches for free?
whats the difference in regular gas and super gas. also does it matter which one you use for your car?
1998 Mazda B-2500 Pickup - Hot air blows thru defrost vents & floor vents?
I have a 1991 ford Explorer I need to know if you know why my heater isn't getting hot?
My abs and brake light remain on, I have installed new front rotors and rear drums as well as new brake pad?
why would the check engine light flash at me?
how much for an oil pump for a 91 pontiac 6000le?
Can not changing the oil in your car cause a leak?
I have 3 batteries sitting in my garage. How do I dispose of them?
How do you remove a valve pan from a 94 Toyota camry ( no bolts that I can see )?
My car's constant velocity joint is making noise, but the boot is still intact. Does it need replacement?
How do I remove a small rust spot in a chip on my car and repaint it so that it will not rust anymore?
i need smart peolpe on this?plz?
98 mitsubishi eclipse short circult?
Do you know anyone interested in getting better fuel mileage? In any vehicle?
what does breaks squaking on my car mean?
What will cause my steering wheel to wobble while driving?
Why would a 1990 Cadillac Sedan Deville with a 4.5Lt. have an rough idle?
Rims for car's?
Want to change my car into a convertible?
camaro rs wiring is screwed up?
Could someone explain exactly how the ignition harness works on a 1991 Chevrolet Silverado C2500?
does it hurt the car to drive the car with low power steering fluid (other than being difficult) ?
Help? my blinker fluid is low.?
99 Malibu Brakes?
car backfires when i give it gas like it bogs down then makes a pop pop noise whats wrong with it? i?
where is the winshield wiper relay located at on a 1992 ford crown victoria?
4x4 won't engage in my 96 chevy blazer?
Water dripping from little hose on bottom of 2012 Camry?
The oil is always maintenance. Converters are in the storage shed. Flex plate?
oil filter for a 91 geo metro?
what should i do when my car is coding for a faulty EGR valve?
window tint law sucks?
Why does my car hesitate while accelerating?
Car acting like it is out of gas, chugging?
How much does it cost to change an automatic to standard?
i changed my fuel filter for my 88 town car about 6 months ago but my car wont start?
location of camshaft sensor on a 2002 dodge intrepid?
My Golf 3 95 gasoline RPM decrease when I move my car after it is turned on when engine is cold?
have a peterbuilt thats having fuel problems..need some one who can help....?
Why is my 2003 Dodge Neon knocking?
transmission fluid change?
Should an automatic transmission be shifted to N during long stop at red lights to keep it from overheating?
how much will it cost to replace a door lock in an old car (UK)?
Can you add too much oil to a car?
My car ran out of gas lastnight so we filled it up and had to jump the battery now it sputters when driven?
i have a 2003 chevy impala elect window quit working replaced switch still does not work t work?
what's the PROPER procedure for jacking up a car/truck and putting it on jack stands?
what is the purpose of the ion propelled engine?
drilled out small tube on astra mk 4 throttle body but will this do any damage or cause problems ?
Put the R134A crap in the S-10 and still no cold air, HELP?
where do I find info on jeep cherokee transmissions?
What could have cause this type of damage on my car rear bumper?
When we stop our car at red light (trafic light), should we put the gear at Neutral or let it be at Drive?
Cheapest way to fix rust holes?
backseat door wont open?
What happens to the engine, if an oil filter is loose?
Can a bad fuel pressure regulator affect your fuel economy?
Constant 12v Fuse on 98 Ford Contour?
What is this hose called?
is there a diagrami can see for a 1984 chevy s10 durango?????plz?
Cheap ways to add horsepower (to a unique car)?
fuel filter location on 92 toyota ext cab pickup?
Nissan pick up truck not starting?
Is my car leaking freon through the vents?
Should I take my car back to the mechanic?
Head Gasket Problems?
2 cyl lawn mower, 14 hp briggs stratton no spark?
I have little oil stains on my driveway. there not coming out. Does any one have?
how to adjust a clutch on a semi truck?
ok what can i do to my 1985 honda v65 sabre to get more horse power?
How much would it run me to replace the floorboards ?
About 4 stroke engine oil?
What effect does oil have on rusted metal when it is soaked in it for a day?
Car battery question?
Does anybody know what this is?
What oil is the best for my car?
No pressure out of exhaust + White smoke?
How much oil does a barrel of oil hold?
were can i buy second hand car air bags?
Automatic Car gives strong jerks on shifting gears?
F150 stuck in low range?
where is the egr valve and vacuum hose that is attached to it located in a nissan 200sx 1987?
what will be the rating of the starter motor if the horse power of the engine is given?
what makes a car back fire?
Car wont start question.?
Is the 2003-05 Kia Rio transmission a Mazda transmission. I'm talking about U.S. specs?
What type of Transmission Fluid do I need?
how do you change an engine block?..freeze plug without spending an arm and a leg at a garage?
do audis REALLY need premium gas?
How can I safely remove tree sap from my cars paint work?
What are the ups and downs of a Turbo diesel engine?
cleaning my car leather seats can you guide me step by step?
My car viberates when I hit the brake pedal to slow down when driving fast on the freeway.?
What is the difference between an engine starter and engine switch?
fan belt slipping on car,how can i stop it just till i get time to fix it at the weekend? any ideas?
Had my master cylinder replaced 7 days ago now im being told i need a new clutch help?
Broken Speedometer? Rise in RPM's?
What does it mean when there is white smoke coming from your engine, but it's not running hot or leaking?
My break lights turn off when I hit my breaks.?
What's causing my car to screech around my rear tire when the car is in motion?
wiper won't shut off?
What's wrong with my car?
Jeep blinker lights come on solid when pressing on brake.?
How do you install a 1998 chevy S10 clutch plate and preasure plate in a manuel transmission?
Can I run my car on water?
what did overheating do to me car? please help im in the middle of the desert right now!!?
Car mechanics what harm can diesel engine fumes and soot do to your health???
what happens inside a car battery when it is being used, like HOW it generates electricity?
what do i do, i bought a vehicle in phoenix for $2000 about 2 weeks ago and it now needs a newengine?
Can I mix coolant with water for 5 days in a row until I replace my radiator?
I took my car in for an oil change. They told me I need a new engine. Does this sound right?
Need to know if my winter tires are good for my car?
Getting really bad gas mileage?
1991 Olds. 98, car won't start, security light comes on , 3 minute delay?
What is the use of a Tachometer in cars?
Can I do a timing belt myself?
Is this about right for this work?
i want my car to be loud, any ideas?
What does paint look like that is chipping due to environmental factors such as bird droppings?
Cylinder has spark and compression but still won't fire?
Ibought a 6.6 duramax engine and I want to know how much oil does it take in the crankcase?
I hear a high pitch noise that comes from the engine?
Bought a truck with a propane conversion kit on it. How do I get it back to regular gas?
My car swerves to the right when I hit the brakes.?
It seems like my gas usage is getting worse, what should I do?
Will 10w40 oil hurt my car?
Can I get instructions on finding the rear differential oil fill hole on a 1999 mustang (v6)?
Will V.W.Beetle mechanical parts interchange with the old Porsch 356. THANKS .?
i want to write something cool on my car windshield..?
The miles notification on my 2010 Scion xD stopped working?
Would you be afraid of driving a car with the windshield broken?
Brake problems! please help!?
I have a suzuki vitara which won't start after rain - would a car cover help?
Truck won't start. It just makes a clicking sound when I turn the key. Help!?
Car won't start. Battery and alternator are fine. Not an engine problem. Any ideas?
Does hitting a car with a car door cause a dent?
Is it the end for my engine?
What is the difference between having cams and valves?
how to remove broke off bolts for a tailgate hinge on a gmc sierra 1500?
Is AAA Membership worth it to get?
when i shift a manual transmission do i let go of the clutch slowly and..?
is there a trick to getting the back 3 sparkplugs off on a 96 beretta?
how long does it take to change a shogun rear axel?
The engine light is on but nothing is wrong?
how to permanatley turn runnning lites off?
Im lookin for a hid kit?
car is running hot?
Check engine light codes 2004 BMW 325i?
How can i get my boyfriend to polish my headlights?
white spots on hood of my car?
Buick Century 1991 non starting engine.?
removing the freon from my AC compressor?
HELP! i put kerosene in my car caus i needed gas and it was cheaper than regular?
What are injection heads or smog injection?
Can putting the wrong type of gas in a car ruin the spark plugs?
Where did the oil in my car go?
what can drain my battery in my car?
Where does the air that comes into the ventilation system on my car come from? Does it come through the air fi
my belts squeak when wet?
how to r&r parking brake shoe's on 1980 corvette?
were are the steeling bolt pattern located... 5x114.3-5x100..etc?
how do you know that ...this isn't heaven..?
i had a small fire in my truck cab, will they replace everything to get the smell out or total it?
How do i tell if a fuse in my car is bad?
How long can I still drive if the lining in the rotor is worn?
Why does my Car sputter and then die?
Will rebuilding my carburetor significantly improve my gas mileage?
Why is there oil getting on my number one plug and fouling out?
where can i find GMC seats years 1998 to now?
while stopped my brake pedal lost pressure & went to floor?
All things being equal, will an 8 cylinder engine last longer than a 4 cylinder engine?
I've gotta force the gear stick into 1st and 2nd gear...?
why did my '98 windstar tempature gauge stop working?
i have a renaultlaguna which wont turn over, new batt,sparks etc was running well,engine still warm.wont turn?
anyone have an ideal where i can get a drivers door for a 66 chevy truck real cheap a good one?
Haynes manuals?
My car was hit and the bumper has a BLUE scuff on it?
Cost to have a engine problem diagnosed, but not fixed?
i want to buy an 18x8 in wheel and 18x 9.5 in wheel what size tire do i need in width? 225 , 245 ect?
I locked my keys in my car?
my car is not firing up.........?
How do I remove chewing gum from on of the seats in my car?
Can I change the oil filter after I've filled it with new oil?
Where to buy Blacked out Taillight covers?
what is a head gasket for?
i just got a new faze tach for my 1997 cavalier i have everything hooked up but green wire were does it go?
i need a 1990 nissan 300 zx headlight can you help ?
How much to get a flat tire patched at a car shop?
What is the best way to clean the interior of my car?
has anyone heard of e.g.r. valve problem on 98 mit carisma gdi 1.8. if so where can i get more info on it?
my truck is making a clicking noise?
Tell me about a serpentine belt?
What kind of warrenty or protection do i have if i buy a car that falls apart a week after purchase in the uk?
Are Kwikfit windscreen repairs any good?
what could a humming noise from my rear end be?
is there a way to remove oxidation froma black car?
Is it wrong to like putting your tongue on a 9v battery?
can an abrasive toothpaste with baking soda polish cloudy car head lamp plastic covers?
on my 3o twin cam the front pistons position?
diagrams of 1987 haonda accord engine?
need to find a place that will show me where on my 1995 galiant where my oil pressure sending unit is?
Does lack of oil in a car mean you need a new engine?
How much energy does my cooling fan use?
My truck won't start!?
How often should you change timming belt on hhr?
What are the best ways to care for the finish on a black car?
Attention Mechanics or Knowledgeable Car folks!?
what is a torque converter?
How do I replace the headlights on a 2005 Grand Am?
What is the difference between unleaded 95 & 99 petrol? Is there benefit to using 99 in a car built in 1990?
why is the centre console hot including arm rest and handbrake lever?
Car making a scraping noise when coming to stop?
Which Engine Oil Specification replaces SE/SF?
2000 cavalier problem?
how much does it cost to rebuild mustang?
What is the correct ignition tempreture for a Shelby GT 500 Mustang, before TDC ?
all my tires have 32 PSI, but my truck pulls to the right?
So inspection is coming up and cant seem to figure out why my break tail light wont go off?? Any suggestions?
I recently changed the oil in my car and now the gears are not engaging? what could be wrong?
carb for a chevy 350?
Is there any benefit to letting your car idle before driving?
how do i change a fuel filter on a 1993 ford explorer?
What is the best synthetic transmission fluid for a 93 ford taurus 62k?
Does anyone have a picture of the fuse panel cover for a 1994 Geo Prizm? Pleeease HELP!?
Why would my "service engine soon" for my "01 silverado stay on ,even after a new gas cap?
my ac smells like Olives whenever i've had it off for a while i need to fix it...any suggestions?
Trying to find out what the motor came out of. it is a V6 and the cast number on the block is 96TF-9424 AB?
how do i program keyless entry / different fob for 99 tahoe?
Will putting a FWD car in reverse while going 20mph break it?
high perfomance real time software?
where can I find a certified Light inspection place San Diego ca ?
Where does the blinker fluid go on a 2004 Neon?
Why dos my defrost smell like something burning?
Can I use a regular oil filter with synthetic oil?
Can I hard wire an LED light off a car battery?
1994 Ford Taurus brakes growling?
94 chevy s10 pushing coolant out of radiator cap?
My 93sarturn is turning over but won't start ?
How much did a 87 ch150 cost new?
I need to know if it takes any special tools to replace the ignition on an 89 buick regal?
i have a lanser 2005 i stop at he shop now it wont tern over tryed jump start not even a kick?
P0420 - confirmed bad 02 sensors and MAYBE bad catalytic converter?
I bought a used car less than 24 hours later the engine started making sounds?
I want my linc tc to outrun a linc cont same year cheapest fix?
Where is a good place to buy parts for an engine swap?
Why does my husband's car tyre keep getting punctures?
HELP!! Car Leaking Oil!?
2.4 cylinder head on 2.0 engine block ?
Drive with Damaged Brake Rotor?
Monday I have to change a rear axle on a 91 Aerostar. Can't find my Chiltons. Any sites I should know about?
Why did the my oil change on the car was so fast?
Bought Lemon feel so used need help finding imfo on caa 8yr 80,oo war on 2001 ca?
how to replace ignition wires from distributor to spark plug?
I have a 94 chevy p-30 chassis/454. My speedometer is picking up tachometer signals at higher rpms.?
Fuel gauge stuck on halfway?
my car heater does not work but the temp guage remains at normal, I am losing some water too.?
Is it true that the slightest bit of white smoke from a tail pipe means a ed engine block?
2003 chevy blazer ls heater vent wont switch to defrost?
How much would a paintjob be...?
What are the rotor specs for 2002 Olds Silhoutte?
2000 explorer rear bumper repair?
What kind of power steering fluid does a 1998 dodge dakota take?
what is the difference between tapered tap and a bottoming tap?
vauxhall vectra transponder reader removal? HELP!?
Seafoam and the pcv valve?
Several minor problems with my car involving engine oil. Please HELP?
Car wont start a day after putting in new battery?
What oil is the best for my car?
Which style of rims is better for a car? Silver or Chrome?
2005 ford escape battery/alternator question?
how was front end mask (bra)was made? or what is the process of making a front end mask (bra)?
What's the average operating RPM of a small Briggs and Stratton engine?
Camper light connector wont stay connected to tow vehicle?
What's wrong with my car?
How to replace fuel pump on 2004 chevrolet classic?
High clutch and engine stalls?
I am losing oil in my toyota truck.It dont smoke or leak!Its really strange.?Its a 87/22R?
How do I flush and change the antifreeze for a 1997 Saturn SL1
67 chevelle won't start...need ideas?
what are the chances of a brand new truck being totaled after a wreck?
Problem with Car Keyless entry / Alarm System PLEASE HELP!! :((?
how long do you have to report a car accident if the other person hit your car?
Can I take my Volvo anywhere to get more refrigerant?
Turbocharger vs Supercharger?
1987 toyota pickup 4 wheel drive?
Throttle position sensor?
How much would a 15" suspension lift cost?
I cannot hear my fuel pump turn on before I start my car, is the fuel pump bad?
What Can I Do About This...And a WARNING to ALL!!?
How do I upgrade my differential from a 3.727 to a 4.11?
How to fix hard shifting on 03 Chevy Cavalier between gears on 4 speed automatic transmission?
How dose one remove the shifter knob from a 2004 chevy colorado?
vw golf alarm problem?
What is wrong with my car ?
how can i stop my radiator leaking,only just started,will radwell work?
Should I take Automotive Repair?
Why doesnt my Civic's A/C work?
F150 A/C pulley making noise?
UPALLNIGHT how did you make the potato cannon? (or anyone else who knows...)?
Owners of vintage and old classic cars?
i have a 2002 Kia Sportage and my gas tank spits gas back out when i pump?
my new BMW states the oil only needs to be changed every 15000 isnt that to many?
Does radiator stop leak actually work?
why are jeeps such pieces of shitt?
clutch problem please help me!!!!!!?
Car emitting Smoke ???
chevrolet lacetti idle adjust?
How do I run the vacuum lines in a 1992 gmc sonoma?
Getting a motor running thats been sitting?
how would i know if i had an oil leak in my car?
Fuel pump causing bad gas mileage?
I need a hammer/breaker for my Cat320 excavator,Which one is suitable?
what is it called?1?
my cavaliers abs was faulty so pulled out the fuse to disable - warning light on. will it affect M.O.T?
In a 4 cylinder engine why would my 2nd and 4th spark plugs be black when the 1st and 3rd look brand new?
HELP..I started my car and it exploded into a ball of fire..What could be the problem??
What causes the hydraulic timing belt tensioner to fail?
How can you tell if it is a 2 wheel drive or 4wheel drive.?
Ford Windstar Lights Stuck On!?
Lexus enthusiasts... I need parts cheap,,, for a 96 ls 400 that i bought at an auction?
What is the best make of box truck/ moving van. I have a ford e-350 which has had issus.?
Will Lucas Transmission fix fix a leak with the pump seal?
How do I add this to my and easily access it when I need to?
Why does my old truck keep turning over when I turn off the key?
Car sounds like power hammer dril over 40 Mph?
where can i find cool blue light bulbs for my car and whatz the best ones?
My car wobbles real bad and pulls to the right?
I have an IDLE problem, need help?
I lost my fuse diagram for my 2000 mercury cougar v6 coupe?
dash warning symbols on 2007 chevrolet malibu?
My brake light (the warning light) comes on when I step on the brakes??
how to learn to repair an 86 mr2?
Was I taken advantage of during my last repair?
if an odemeter reads 37302,how many miles has the car truelly done?
Engine needs replaced in car - Mechanics HELP!?
What does the O/D Off mean in a car?
mopar cold air intake?
are you liable for driving off with the gas pump nozzle still in your gas tank.?
what's wrong with my car?
How much are break pads and discs of mitsubishi carisma 54plate?
where can i get a soft top replacement for a 1992 chevy lumina?
what is the best method for getting rid of oil stains in the drive way?
what is the difference between an engine and a motor?
Why is my car shaking really badly?
how can i get a dealer plate for a detailing shop?
How to tell bad rear coil springs?
How to tell bad rear coil springs?
my car will not start i have a golf 1.8 auto?
Will replacing an engine cause future problems?
changing intake gaskets on a 2.8 chevy s-10?
my car is not starting, it just makes this clicking noise. what is that?
Prius 2005 problem, really low gas mileage?
I have a golf mk4 Can I turn off my engine management light myself? It's a faulty lambda sensor?
I cant find my car keys?
i keep having to get my car jumped off...?
Grinding sound when I hit the breaks?
repair damage on car left by abrasive brush?
How many times have you busted your knouckle while working on your car?
Can someone PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!! my car wont start (making rapid clicking sound)?
car trunk opems by itself 2002 camry xls?
i have a 2002 dodge ram 1500 4+4 when i take it out of 4h and put it in 2h it makes a clicking sound?
can you use regular gasoline in a 1992 cadillac deville that says Premium???
would golf balls clog the toilet?
Acceleration Question?
question bout my 88 taurus?
Where can I go to have a headlight replaced? I'm a girl, and husband is out of town, and my car is tricky...
help ! 98 toyta camry. dies when it cools hours later will start up??????
v w golf 1.6 car is shakening?
how much $ should i charge my uncle for washing 3 cars and waxing 2?
My 2002 Sentra's power door lock switch doesn't work. When pressed you can hear a click but that's all.
How can I tell if a rusty old engine will run?
dropping fuel tank compared to removing bed to replace fuel pump?
can some one please ansswer this leak Q for me?
Is it true that someone can jump start their car without another car? How?
question about the price of the blower motor resistor?
How do I remove the front spindle on a 2000 ford ranger 4x4 ?
what is the problem if your truck keeps stalling out in the middle of a turn?
Whistling sound when accelerating in some gears.?
87 Toyota Celica head gasket replacement?
Someone offered to fix my rack and pinion for $...?
i have a rover car but can i take the old stereo radio and replace it for a up to date cd player?
Why won't my car start?
What is connecting rod and what does it do?
so, you buy new tires for your car because they get worn down...where does the rubber go?
My 2004 Hyundai accent makes a clunking noise then jerks while Im driving, why would it do this?
Does putting sugar in a gas tank really destroy the engine of a car?
Where can I find a new gas tank for a 1992 Isuzu Trooper?
Are HVLP paint sprayers suitable for automobile painting?
why does my blinker come on when i apply the brake?
how do you know when bearings in wheels are going bad on car?
Why do men kick a tire?
Why is it that all the vehicle tyres are black in color?
Volvo, jaguar, or lincoln?
how long can u work 4 contract labor in oklahoma?
My car has started to jerk when i am accelerating and when I'm stopped.(feels like it is going to stall)?
were or who can i call to find engine prom for my computer?
I left my headlights on, now my car won't start. Once I get it jumped, will I have to buy a new battery?
cornered about jacking up my car because it has a 6 in clearance (stock not lowered)?
Does anyone who has a car with a CVT transmission actually prefer the CVT over a regular automatic?
How difficult is it to get a inner tie-rod in a 95 subaru legacy?
Does anyone now the fireorder for a 1976 ford 302 and a 1968 ford fire order ?
my front right speaker of my car doesn't sound! what happen?
My ford ka had some work done to it and when I got it back the radio had a lock on it!?
Whar does a head gasket on a 97 pont gtp look like?
Where to find the flasher/blinker fuse on 1989 Econovan?
How do I change the heater return pipe on my 1984 volvo240 GL?
Does dashboard have to be removed to replace Blower Motor Cont. Mod. or HVAC Cont. Mod. on 1987 Vett.?
How long will it take for my car to be repaired?
is it better to go to the dealership to get ur oil changed, or are places like wal mart and etc r fine?
can you kick start an eletric start without the key?
96 Honda Civic: Car has problems starting and dies in idle?
my car heater only blows out cold on every setting can anyone help?
looking for the fireing order for a 1987 izuzu 4x4 4cylinder?
Cross member removal to replace tranny mount?
would it improve the performance of my car if I add a quart of jack Daniels to the tank?
How do I change a fuel pump on a New Holland L160 skid-steer?
Car not turning over?
In need of vehicle help-electrical?
What will the driving experience be like with the 4 cylinder?
I have an '01 honda CBR 600. I want to get a Yoshimura pipe put on. Do I have to get a jet kit?
just hit another car, advice needed?
87 ford crown vitoria won't idle after it is started, why?
454 into a Trans Am: Clearance issues?
My car has put on a lot of weight since being sprayed, is this normal?
squeakky brakes?
i need to know where the spark pulg wires go to on the distubtor cap and the firing oreer on a 91 s10 2.8L?
how many gallons of antifreeze goes in a radiator?
timing marks for a 1989 honda prelude 2.0 s?
front roaring noise when turning right?
Is 13.8 battery volts good after starting engine and running it idle for a few seconds?
could it have been the alternator?
what is the difference between a c4 and c5 automatic transmission and how do i tell them apart?
94 camaro transmission?
i think my starter is going out and does not want to start when it hot?
cheap car mods for 2004 hyundai elantra?
High oil pressure help?
How difficult to revert '91 Dodge 4x4 from propane back to gas,what all is involved ?
how many catalytic convertors does a 1991 Mercury Grand Marquis have?
Why wont my Mr. Clean autodry shoot soap out?
just got new tires and an aliment and the front left tire is already bald. why is that?
How do I get oil and transmission fluid stains off my driveway? They are NOT fresh, but older?
Throttle body cleaning question?
Battery Terminal's are frying,?
has anyone heard of using newspapers to clean windows? Is it more effective than paper towels?
Are cars of the brand 'Brilliance' easy to service by independent garages?
Remote for my truck doors?
What could be wrong with the brakes on my Ford Fiesta?
1989 Plymouth Acclaim Air Conditioning drain hose. 4 cyl?
2004 chevy avalanche with windows that don't work?
Whats wrong with my car?
Orange headlight bulb on car not working?
Why does my radiator hose come off when starting it.?
Over filled my bike with oil now it won't start do I need new engine?
How do I change front and rear brakes on a 2001 chevy cavalier 4dr sdn?
305 chevy ,92 van. replaced map cencor, o2 cencor,plugs wires, filters air and fuel,still runs as though starv
car still knocking after head gasket repair.?
Question about fuel injectors...?
why does a v8 engine idle and run alot slower than a v6?
Will a car start without any oil in the engine?
what do i do if my pocket spark plug hole does not spark?
Need help on this one...rpms go up and down on new car..?
what parts on a car can you replace to make car faster?
how do i remove oxidation from my car?
how do i find the gear ratio for a 1995 buick park avenue 4T60-E transmission?
1970 Toronado Height Adjustable?
my car messed up and it started to overheat and a bunch of white smoke came out of the exhaust. what can it be
what's the best tyre pressure for toyota vios car?
Any one know of any good reliable "not going to rip a person off" mechanics in Columbus, Ohio?
how do i make my car AC colder?
I have a squeaky belt. Can I replace this myself?
Is it hard to fix the timer on a 318 dodge engine?
My brakes or rotors sound warped but I just replaced the rotors and pads. Any ideas?
How to fix a car brake? NEED HELP IMMEDIATELY?
will a 2000 starter fit my 1999?
Why does the fuel gauge say it's empty when it's a full tank?
Dodge Ram starter problems?
"When i put fuel in my car the fuel back feed an so i can only pump 20 cents at a time?
How can I make my 2000 mercury sable faster?
Anyone have any ideas?
Failed smog test, no air inj system, what is that?
02 Volkswagon Jetta Engine Oil Light: What does this mean?
Torque Settings?
I have an 01 dodge ram 1500 5.9 and it started to leak fine oily liquid around the water pump area. and stalls
Ford aspire 1995?
Please help! Car problems.?
1995 nissan sentra brake and battery light?
how to replace broken antenna on toyota 4-runner?
My headlights are stuck on highbeam?
What is the problem with my car?
how much would it cost to buff a whole car?
Why does my car have a layer of dust on it within hours of washing it?
do you put water in the radiator with the engine on or off?
where is a fuel filter located in mistubishe eclips 2000?
A tricky question about my truck on how it's running?
what is a good metal preserving oil?
What could be wrong with my car?
Changing both of the rear struts of my 03 corolla, how much would be a reasonable cost including labor?
what would cause a hole in the gas tank?
Can i put automatic transmission fluid in my oil?
How does braking in an automatic car waste fuel?
Jump starting my car.....?
Why does my car shake when i brake?
What do you use for bolts in a tight spot that wont break loose?
My car revs and tries to go when I am stopped.?
Engline check light always on. Please help!?
jeep grand Cherokee 1999-2004?
What is tlc when talking about fourwheelers?
Can you get a auto mechanic job with a GED?
Is my car dead for good? wont start up at all?
To much engine oil!!!!?
I would like to know why my belt on my 1997 Honda passport keeps squealing when I start it. I have put new one
Whats that noise called on car? Sounds like twin-turbo.?
I ran out of gas and put in more than half a tank but my car won't start! What do I do?
What gets change in a tune up?
okay how do youkeep your car from breaking down and running smoothly for years??
Floor Pump wont pump up my tires?
Is it wise to use sandpaper to clean cloudy headlights?
My break pedal goes to the floor and swishing sound comes from under dash what could it be?
1998 nissan quest a/c doesnt work, the blower works but only blows heat.?
I would like to paint my car. does anyone know what kind of paint I could use and where to buy it?
How can I find six cylinder engine posters?
How often do you wash your car?
How to get the smoothest ride on a 03 Mitsu Outlander?
Is HVLP paint sprayer suitable for automobile painting?
Is it cheaper to replace a diesel engine or repair it?
Age or Miles? Should I replace my timing belt because my car is 8 years old, despite the low mileage?
Can adding a "additive" to my 99 Lexus transmission make it worse?
1989 BMW 750iL Transmission Problem?
my chrysler concord alarm went off and I do not know how to reset it. Disconnecting the battery does not remov
What is the best way to repair a small leak on a steel diesel tank on a motor home. Weld with the tank full?
how to get contact with bike and car manufacturers?
2002 Dodge ram 1500 fault code P1493?
do i need to upgrade my brakes on a 2004 sport trac if i'm putting some 20"s on it?
How do I get diesel? (::::::::::::::xxxxxxxxxccccccccccx?
What Type Of Spray Paint I Should I Use For My Rubber Mask?
has your Fuel Pump ever gotten Noisier after an Hour or so of Prolonged Operation, with some Hard Driving?
How to adjust shock on my Dirt Bike?
What's the cheapest alignment place to go to?
Why does my indicator light come on when i brake?
Car battery won't stayed charged and keeps dying...Help?
two studs broke off my rear wheel well. have no idea how to change my studs?
Why is my pickup dying?
What's wrong with my electrical system?
Question for any car mechanics re battery/alternator?
We are buying a second hand car, it only has one key with it?
Can a collision repair shop have your car reposed if your deductible check you wrote to them bounced?
MIG welding tips for first time shop student?
My Victa 2 stroke lawn mower won't rev up like it used to.?
I need to change my car oil....?
What is the Correct length and width of a 2010 Pontiac G6 Wind-shield?
how do i get my check engine light to go off?
oil in my water coolent is it the head gasket?????
why does my car have a rough idle and feels like it wants to stall when in reverse or in first gear?
Why is my car making this sound?
How much do auto mechanics make an hour? Feel like I'm getting ripped off.?
Car mechanics please help?
Need a little advice?
where is the speedometer sensor located?
Dead car battery recharge time?
how do you remove the taillight assembly from a 1990 toyota celica gt-s?
I have to change my throttle body into carburated because it is loading up on fuel?
What does the Engine Check Symbol really mean?
When you get a tune up on a car...What all comes with that?
how do i put in a head gasket in a honda?
I'm able to start my car, but when it gets going it makes a rapid loud clicking noise from the engine?
where is the vtec pressure switch on a 2002 Honda Accord?
i've have a 2004 pontiac grand am the problem is that there is a lot of brake dust on the wheels?
IF trying to get ASE certification without hands on experience what is the advanteage of takining a college co
Sparks coming from exhaust.?
1986 mitsubishi mighty max wont start?
Is $100 too much to pay for fixing (buffing) foot long scratches on car door?
how do you dispose the old oil after chainging the oil in your vehical?
i have a black car and it got scratched not dent how can i remove it with household items? and fast?
How can I paint my bumper black?
1995 Mazda pickup died while driving down the road, now it won't start.?
1988 chevy cavalier z24 2.8 v-6 wont start.....?
why does my whole car shake once i get up to 55-60 mph? could it just be the tires need balanced?
Where is the 2001 Hyundai Elantra's gas filter situated?
Should I use a heavier oil or?
Why not petrolieum should not be replaced by some other substitute?
A power loss, start and knocking sound on old Volvo four cylinder?
Is it normal for my car's temperature gauge to fluctuate?
1984 Chev Celebrity Stn Wgn. Door latch stuck & won't release so door can be closed. How can I fix it?
I need info on the brake pedal switch in my 2001 Grand Prix SE.?
water pump leaking antifreeze?
Getting a truck, want to know a modification list on truck, plus final price of mods?
Car juddering problem?
where is the tranny drain plug on a 99 durango (4spd auto v8)?
1990 camero We cannot get it running.?
I changed the battery in my car the car runs for a while and then the battery dies what's wrong?
RPM doesn't match acceleration?
p 0455 code on 200 dodge neon?
overheating firebird?
Where exactly is the resistor pack/block located for the blower motor on a 99 F150?
What is an EGR valve and it's funtion?
What 2 do... I bought a LEMON of a car from someone who had an add in the paper...& it died the same week!!??
My car has trouble starting!?
i need a picture of 93 dodge carvan alternator belts and how the go back on?
Will a aftermarket muffler increase the horsepower in my car?
how to start car on cold days?
how do I reset the service\check engine light on a 98 ford escort lx\le?
The brake light on my car is on, what's happening?
Where is the flasher relay located on a 2001 Nissan Altima?
A little bit of shakin any ideas?(details)?
My sons atv bogs out.?
Rebuilding Chevy Engine?
how often do you get a tire blowout/flat?
Why does my vehicle eat through coolant?
How do you remove the alternator from the 2000 Ford Focus?
What is the best site to buy performance parts for my 96 Nissan 200sx?
who can tell me how much cost repair the head gasket of a 99 cadillac deville?
what could be wrong if your check engine light comes on?
i want to restore a 85 nissan pickup were can i find out how to start?
Can someone help me fix my 1995 Chevrolet Camaro its killing me?
Can anyone tell me what are great all-weather tires for a Mazda 3?
is it better to buy a new ac compressor or a re-manufactured one?
What is the exact kilometers before replacing a new timing belt for an opel vectra 2.5 v6 1998 red color.?
I have a 1985 Toyota supra and it has an oil leak inbetween the engine and transmission, can I fix it myself?
what is the best motor home ,used 20 years old or older..?
nissan pulsar airbags?
Did the car mechanic try to rip me off?
im having electrical problems with a 75 dodge truck. when i turn the key nothing happens. battery is good.?
Best Way to Wetsand/Buff my Car... What products to use?
turn signal in truck?
What is the best transmission "fixer" additive?
How to get Auto Color Charts?
Why does my transmission shift very hard?
Why my expedition stay on when I turn it off?
My car makes a whine when I accelerate uphill.?
how can i stop my radiator leaking,only just started,will radwell work?
Why is there a ticking noise when my cars a/c is on?
Does auto insurance generally cover damage to a car during a snow storm?
how do you tell the input spline quantity on a torque converter?
My cars engine has got down...! what to do?
How to replace an axle on a 1995 dodge intrepid?
when i start up my car it goes to a low idle and aalmost dies....(sometimes does)?
Which cars will run the longest & the best with the least amount of work? And how many miles is too many?
Air intake question: Fram?
2000 Acura Integra front end noise?
fuel rail pressure problem?
Car A/C fuse blowing out after new drier and expansion valve installed.?
What happens if you go a few hundred miles without getting a scheduled oil change?
is there anywon who can answer aqueston about 1.3 b13 rotary mazda engines?
Exhaust camshaft solenoid problem?
How do I disengage electronic transmission shift lock in 2000 Chevy Tahoe?
How does having a battery for your subs in the trunk work?
How do you set timing for 1990 v6 toyota 4x4 truck.?
What can cause your battery light to come on in your car?
Brake job did I get ripped off?
What's wrong with my car's AC?
i just bought a 2001 isuzu rodeo, can i get the third row seats for it?
What is connecting rod and what does it do?
where can i buy a kit car replica of morgan or alpha romeo?
1988 MR2 Car trouble. help?
my brake lights went out in my 2002 envoy how do i see if it is just a fuse?
What causes fast brake pad wear?
R Fog Light burned out, then R Headlight bulb, then when play music, it goes to L side of car and back to norm?
How can I get a deep stratch (made by someone's key) off on my car?
Fitting/Replacing Stuff On Car?
Going on a roadtrip, need some tips.?
What problem will i have if i drive with the egr tube not hooked up?
Types of lubrication used in a motor vehicle?
where can i find anything on 1992 dodge power ram 4x4 pick up anything from acess to body parts?
bad tires...?
How often should I change my brake pads?
ASE or backyard?
What's wrong with my headlights?
is there a website for free 2003 ford taurus engine diagram?
Heat issues in 2000 durango 5.9L?
What is the proper procedure for breaking in a new Corolla?
how much does it cost to fix a 2 feet scratch on car door?
i accidently drove my old ford explorer with the emergency hand brake still engaged. Is it really damaged?
my gas gage isn't working how do i fix it?
thermostat will not register over 140 degrees?
how do I get rid of cigar smoke smell in my car?
why isnt my nissian murano shifting into gear when it gets hot?
rwd rear engine and cheap?
What months of the year is de icing windshield wiper fluid available?
haw to change a lower ball joint?
Why does my car hesitate on acceleration?
has anybody crashed today? i did :-(?
car wont shift out of park?
what are your gas prices?
If the condenser coil is dirty the head pressure will be?
my check engine light is on for the egr valve?
What would cause a fire underneath 1992 jag xj6 on passenger side from begin front door to mid of back door?
how do you hotwire a car?
A 5 gallon tank of gas spilled on my trunk. How do I get the smell out of the carpeted spare tire cover?
Why do i have a cruise control fuse?
How much would it cost to fix the A/C on a 2000 Cadillac Seville SLS?
What would cause a car to quit while sitting still?
Its the morning and my car wont start!! i dident plug it in how can i get it going?!?
Car Problem?
How do i fix something after i ****** up BAD?
Does it cause more damage to a motor to rev with throttle or without?
What can I use as a clamp for a quick fix muffler/exhaust can job?
Bad head-gasket/ bad block/ bad cylinder head?
How can I get my 12 year old car not to rattle so much? Everything is ok, apart from the rattling.?
Tubeless tyres/ tyre with tube.?
What's wrong with my car?!?
Why won't my car jump start?
how much would it cost for a deep auto scratch repair?
What's wrong with my car?
car question?
isuzu idle control system?
Something is wrong with the car it seems to be transmission related?
01 durango slips bad in reverse but great through forward gears?
Should I be able to go off roading in my truck?
Why Can I NOT shift out of park on an incline in a Buick lacrosse 2006?
1990 toyota camry shuts off, gas fume under hood. what can be the problem?
how much should a car battery from a scrapyard be ?
the shifting lever moves freely on my 97 chevy silverado but it is not shifting gears it is no engaging?
I have a 5 year old car that I would like to maintain?
what colour wire for the radio memory?
is this daylight robbery from my mechanic?
How to remove broken spark plug?
oil in radiator 2000 Buick century 6 cylinder?
How do I reset my security system on my 1999 Ford Explorer?
blown head gasket? confused.?
How much is a gallon of petrol in the UK now?
Can Radiator wait until next week?
How can i stop my ford focus fan belt squealing?
where can i find a 1987 mazda b2000 truck bed?
My 1995 ford contour will turn over but wont run when the engine has been warmed up.?
1996 Ford Ranger Maintenance Guides?
price of oil change for vauxhall astra mk4?
Why does my car AC blow warm air?
why is my truck is shaking??
what is causing my car not to start?
Is it possible that I need a tune up?
Why my car steering wheel vibrates at speed 110-120km/hr.? Its cambered/ aligned, balanced and w/ new bushing?
anyone know how to solve a light that stays on the dashboard all the time, its called engine auto diagnosis?
My car engine is making a little different sound than a putt putt sound, should I worry?
Why are my brakes still sticking, do you think it can be a brake line?
why does it take so long for my jeep to heat up?
getting my vechical painted please help?
My son hit a curb and broke the front axel of my 2004 Mitsuibishi. Any estimates on how much this will cost to
what product cleans headlight lenses when they look hazey after years?
Please help- one more time!?
What does it mean to Rotate your tires?
why do the fans in my 94' camry only turn on when i turn it on? should they turn on at a certain temp.?
Reverse light fuse for 1993 Buick Regal?
car running hot, cant figure out why?
What is connecting rod and what does it do?
Any interchangeable body parts for a 1969 Mustang GT?
why does my car idle high?
why does my 1995 volvo 960 stops running at stop lights?
how to shift an automatic car into FWD?
Please tell me which link is good to follow when I adjust my rocker arms on my chevy 283?
Car door panel sticking?
vauxhall astra 1.4 16v wont start?
how much for a new alternator in the uk?
Does anyone know what type of wiring harness that will go on a 1994 Ford explorer 4 a trailer hook-up?
my transmission is slipping. What else could it be?
Where can i find the sparkplugs on a 1998 Chevy Cavalier z24 2.4?
I cant get my car to start..
dashboard of car and snakes?
how much will this repair cost?
In many final drive systems,U joint phasing is required. What is U joint phasing?
When your coolant level gets low in the radiator, what happens?
What's Best for Removing Oil Stains from Cement?
How can you tell if the clutch is worn out?
Why does car temperture go over 195 degrees when driving?
My Car is Running Rich?
where is the Cylinder Head repair services in Dublin?
Should I get my tires checked?
How can I learn how to fix cars? I'm starting from square one. More willing to spend time than money...?
What is the best way to buff out scratches on the paintof a navy blur car? Whats the best quipment/wax/method
Anyone know where I can buy a engine dipstick tube for a 1986 oldsmobile cutlass supreme that has a 307 engine?
why wont my air bag light go off?
does anyone know how to install a car heated side mirror in a car that originally didn't have that option?
Will a pre 1964 chevrolet start without a horn relay?
99 Saturn Sl1 fuse question?
My car broke down and a part popped off - What happened?
Why does my car smoke after oil changes?
how do you remove clearcoat from aluminum wheels?
I have a 2001 Kia Optima lx, I Let my mother borrow it , she had to drive though a huge puddle to get home.?
is this part still covered under any kind of gm warranty?
My car doesn't have air conditioning, and I can't afford to have it installed, what can I do ?
car was left running with a/c on now a burning smell. what do i look for or what do i do?
how much would it cost to get my rear bumper painted?
Why is my engine idling weird?
how do i remove an ignition barrel from an impreza with out a key?
Waxing a car is a major cause of rust?
Should I fix my 1994 honda accord or get a newer used car?
Does it hurt to leave the top on a convertible automobile down on a sunny day?
What is the difference between a 2 stroke cycle and a 4 stroke cycleengine? (Example: GM motors Automobile)?
mustang wheels... snapped bolts?
How can a transmission mess up?
How can i fix minor seat belt problem on my 90 toyota camry?
Have there been any recalls concerning Chevy Blazer ignitions or ignition modules?
my break lights are not working, the bulbs are new and the led light bar in rear window does work?
stearing is lock truck is in grage i need it move to put car in it tow truck cost to much?
what is the best agent to clean a car wind shield?
Can a bad transmission cause a car to randomly stall?
my truck is stalling when accelerating in low gear from high gear?
oxygen sensor engine running rough for 30 seconds?
How to remove paint from a car?
my low coolant light is flashing on my car... we already put water and antifreeze in it but still blinking?
can a loose rocker arm cause backfire or popping out of the carb?
where is the cheapest place to buy tires?
Some metal part of my car keeps hitting the floor. What is it/Should I fix ASAP?
1998 mitsubishi eclipse clutch problem?
How to do a burn out in a automatic ?
When did they start making the hood with the vents on them for Range Rovers?
How important is resurfacing my car's rotor at 60,000 miles? Is just changing my brakepads good enough?
How to fix a side view mirror?
Vacuum leak diagnosis?
4x4 Low Range Causes Clutch To No Longer Work?
94 E-150 5.0 Auto Starts and then dies 2 seconds later?
the sliding door on my 1999 dodge caravan keeps coming out of the sliding track on the bottom any ideas why?
How to replace an engine on a car?
Best way to protect the bottom of a truck when off roading?
How much does it cost to turbo a car?
My oil filter it stuck and tore up?
Will switching from 87 octane gas to 89 octane gas hurt anything?
Where is the oil filter in my 1993 Suzuki 160cc atv?
Ok, looking for reasons & why. Tell me, what is the best engine block sealer product out on the market?
my steering wheel on my car is not centrall when my wheels are straight it goes slightly to left is this norm?
Low Rev "knocking" on My Nissan Maxima?
97 mountaineer clunking noise?
car stuck in water?
is it bad for a car to burn oil?
symptoms of bad o2 sensor?
01 2.0 Jetta (Overheating)?
I had my subaru around 6k rpms in third for a minute on the highway is this bad?
Can you drive a car for over 7 hours when it is leaking oil?
Kfx450r oil filter size.?
what car company emblem from 70'or 80s' featured a wolf ontop of castle?
1953 willys jeep cj3b from 6 volt to 12 volt?
Removing wax from windows/windshield?
Should I get a hydraulic roller lifter or mechanical roller lifter kit for my 4x4 truck?
Rattling sound when I push my brakes lightly and coast downhill?
what would be the beat gear ratio on a 65 ford rear end fo current freeway speeds?
Car is missing /misfiring?
What type of transmition oil shoul I use?
My brake warning light comes on when I apply the brakes?
does anyone have suggestions on the replacement of the flasher relay on an 88 528e?
What happens when you put Diesel in a Petrol car?
I just had my brakes done at sears, And when we drove off and made a right turn,the steering wheel shook???
1994 Mitsubishi 3000GT?
Coolant level rising slowly in radiator immediately after starting with cap off?
looking for a company to align and service my trk with a 6" lift in GA?
car brake pad light on dash computer?
Where is the power steering container located in a Saturn SL 1995 with a SOHC engine?
iam kneed to find the exact location for the starter in a 1988 toyota corolla under the hood.?
2000 hyundai elantra shifting problems?
can you fit a honda b18c engine into a proton satria xls 2000 model?
How can i get a dent out from my car door???
How fast can a car go in reverse?
What is causing this sound? Can I do it at home or should I take it to a shop.?
94 Pontiac Firebird V8-oil meter says i have low oil no matter how much oil i have. what could the problem be?
Why has my gas engine started sounding like a diesel engine?