humming noise when i accerlate, noise goes away when i declerate?
my r reg vectra fault please help me?
Where to start to learning Auto mechanics?
What makes the rattling noise from the exhaust on a 98' bmw 540?
transmission want shift already had rebuilt 991500 chevy truck?
I have a 1994 jetta jl 2.0 i need to replace the head gasket. How do you get to the bolts to remove exhaust?
My banshees gears are hard to shift from one gear to anothere what could be causing his?
When my car is in idle it is running at 2 to 3 and a half RPMs. How do i adjust this?
How can i stop my ford focus fan belt squealing?
Should I tip a AAA serviceman?
my car heater doesnt work very good?
How do you put the jack back into a Ford Focus trunk?
Why is water freezing in the car radiator bad?
How do you know if your carbs float level needs to be adjusted?
what product cleans headlight lenses when they look hazey after years?
Where, near Daly City, CA can I get my broken car window fixed today?
How often should I change the spark plugs on my car?
95 too96 2.2interchange?
i own a 1995 chevy silverado 1500?
the moonroof or my honda don't slide open just move little bit any ones know how fix ?
My car willnot start?
What kind of battery do I use in my key fob?
what do you drive?
How can i Modify a 1979 trans am?
Anybody knows how I can get a replacement Brain Box for a Mitsubishi Pajero 3.0 GLS Auto and Fuel engine.?
what does your car do when you have bad vacuum line?
Where are the spark plugs located in a 99 pontiac grand am?
Learning about engines, replacing the parts and ...?
Komatsu Garder Catalog?
will i conserve my gas if i leave the air conditioning off?
Something is wrong with my car?
is there a web site for auto manual?
brown/yellow gunk in 2001 chrysler 300 radiator?
Brakes are week there is debris in reservoir. How can I tell if it's a bad booster or clogged calipers?
Used transmission ! Used transmission?
how do I change the gear oil on my 2002 Mitsubishi Lancer?
ac blowing through defrost only how do i fix?
if i didn't fix my clutch would it cause any more damage etc?
need spare parts.....any idea where i will get them?
What's the difference between premium and regular gasoline?
Grinding noise from front wheels/brakes area on 2003 Maxima?
Why does my car jerk when i redline?
where can i spray starting fluid in my dodge stratus ?
I have a spark plug that's broke in half stuck in the head. Part of the porcelain is still stuck too.?
driving without one headlamp?
Is a house wife job to take the car for oil change and tires?
what glue do I use to repair my rear view mirror?
Does anyone know a fair and honest auto mechanic in St. Petersburg, FL?
Hey Im buying a Toyota Rav4 2007 Limited. I need some instructions.?
Vfiber Body kits. Opinions of previous customers. Any Good? Any flaws or downsides? over-all quality?
How to remove tree sap from car?
how many miles can an engine go?
2000 Blazer Ignition Problems will not start?
What are the essential things to do when maintaning a porshce 944?
hi i am a owner a fiat brava 1.9 JTD ELX Y REG. and need some advise please help!!?
i wonna clean my car engine can i spray it with water?
when is my car mot due as i cant find my ot certificate?
why is smoke coming out of my vents?
how do you tell if your water pump is bad on your car?
what fluid do you need to check?
How does a car get air?
I have a hole in the top of my radiator can I seal it?
how many months do i change oil on a car?
why is my cruise control not working?
How to use a battery charger?
the luxury cars (Volvo, BMW, JAGUAR) have a hole with a snap cover on the front bumper? what's that?
How much would it cost to repaint my truck?
leaking celiling?
Car not starting, sometimes?
How often to change radiator?
How do I adjust the headlights on my '95 Mercury Mystique?
Bought Lemon feel so used need help finding imfo on caa 8yr 80,oo war on 2001 ca?
Is it possible to supercharge a two stroke engine?
What does it mean when a car is smoking heavily?
How do i turbo my 240sx?
Where should i place LED white wedge base bulbs on my truck?
My transmission starting leaking but it's letting me change the gears the car just don't want to move?
cause of rubbing noise when turning steering wheel on car?
Auto mechanics, what is a PO401 code mean?
Difference ?? Pneumatic and Electrical central lock ?
Air condition problems question?
Why is it that when i hit the breaks the steering wheel shakes like crazy??
Why is my car overheating?
what is an automobile drive line?
dusk sensing headlights?
What is the gas mileage of a regular sized limo and are they expensive to maintain?
How serious are these car repairs? Car is currently getting inspected...?
transmission shifting goofy?
how to replace fuel level sending unit on 2001 chevrolet tahoe?
What's the best way to remove blood stains?
Radiator flush help?
question about automatic gear box?
how much does it cost to rebuild mustang?
We had our car towed to this garage three times in three weeks.?
Why do honda civics suck yet so popular?
what can be killing my battery. its new battery i get a cuople cranks to start car and then it dies. cuold it?
which fuse is for the radio and window for a 94 taurus?
How do you fit break pads on a volswagon bora?
i have a vauxhall astra 2001 x reg and for some reason steering feels heavy..?
my car is heating up and my anti freeze seems dirty - a friend suggested a radiator cleaning any ideas?
Clonking noise whilst turn on full lock - sometimes when just pulling away. what is this???(car)?
why does my car shift for side to side when i drive at about 100mph?
Lincoln Towncar Air Suspension Problem?
caravan fit out accessary. where to buy?
Why does my steering wheel shake intermittently (like every 20-30 seconds) when I drive over 60mph?
When the airbags have deployed, does that mean the car is done?
Thumping noise coming from under the front of my car.. what is it?
My bro filled my tank up but with the WRONG gas..will my car be damaged?
How can I find valuable source for technical specification of PEUGEOT 206 & good way servicing on the net?
Truck's battery light came on, power steering went out, and it overheated?
i m sagitarius and suggest me a good lucky name for car accessories shop?
Is there anything I can use (JB weld for example) that would halt a leaking differential seal?
if a car is not getting the right amount of air flow can it cut out?
all power windows, 95 jeep grand cherokee limited, inoperatable. Whats the problem? Thanks?
How do i unlock my corsa b?
How to install 89GMC interior window rubber seal. Rubs against window as it moves up/down. Old stapled on.?
How long will it be until my car explodes if the check engine light just came on today?
Whats better, Raptor or Street Fighter transmission?
Where should I start to make this car faster?
Spark plug question?
what is a exshaust resonator exshaust tip ? does it make your exhaust louder?
What is wrong if I press down on my brakes and they don't respond until it's pressed down really low?
What happens when you use a marine battery in a car?
UK - What happens if I refuse to pay garage for auto repairs?
At what mileage should the timing belt be renewed in a Ford E-150 van?
I need tips for tuneing a 1999 tras am?
What is the fan belt model/size for a 1995 Nissan Skyline GTS-T?
what causes sparkplugs and sparkplug wires too go bad before its time too change them?
My 1995 ford explorer killed on me after I cranked it up and drove off . Now I have to wait about 5 min.?
My 97 Chrysler Sebring drives fine in 1 st gear but when it shifts to second and you get over 30 mph it slips.
i think the starter solenoid is out on my car?
I can't get my bike tire off..?
mk4 20v 1.8t loud noise when starting from cold stops after 30seconds or so?
front end makes a thump noise 96 dodge avangar .. only when i'm going under 30 mph .. no bump needed 2 make
What will happen if I try to start my car with no motor oil?
2002 pontiac sunfire axle problem?
Plasti-Dip or Wrapping?
How can you prevent your vechicle from rusting?
How much will repairing the exhaust on my 2001 Ford Focus ZX3 cost?
if i have 2 12 volt batteries running at 75 amps for 5 hours, whats that in volts?
ford explorer security code side panel?
My car ran hot and it became hard to steer. Why and whats wrong?
A timing chain break can cause far more damage?
How to maintain and drive my new alto k10 til first service..??
My windows keep fogging up and air coming into the car smells like antifreeze,whats wrong?
Where can i get a new fuel tank for my car?
How do you stop your car from rusting more?
2005 Ford Explorer Sport Trac XLT Paint Repair?
how to fix power window on driver side of a 97 honda crv?
why does ICE form on my car's windshield on cold nights and how do I prevent it from happening?
does having a boost leak cause your car to get worse gas mileage?
What is an average cost to overhaul a transmission on a 1991 Nissan Maxima?
Gear shift issues? or something else?
84 corvette won't stay running?
My car streering doesnt come back to the centre?
what causes a vehicle to lose pressure in the brakes system. If you put new brakes and calibers all the around?
is this a big problem? what does this mean?
my 1993 ford ranger we just changed the fuel pump and it will not turn on?
2000 Dodge Intrepid 2.7L engine problems?
is 180K miles on a car bad?
where do i go to convert my car to cng?
how does brake fluid work?
Why can't car tires be made of solid rubber, or some other solid material that won't puncture?
Steps and tips for changing a intake manifold on a 4.6 ford 2003 crown Victoria police interceptor?
How do you drive in reverse in a straight line?
No back seat belt for my car, will i pass inspection?
My car shakes slightly when i drive faster than 70mph. what could it be and how much does it cost to fix?
Does DS2 HID headlight work with DR2 headlight for 350z?
What can you use to tie your cooling fan to your ?
what are some long term effects of driving a car 200 miles with no oil?
Are auto transmissions waterproof?
Why won't my back blinker work?
PLZ Answer this Q ASAP!! regarding engine oil?
again about 1986 honda?
why is our car using so much water?
How to set a clock on a 98 Ford Ranger.?
Will not having a fuse drain a battery?
How to get better mpg on my 09 f150?
I have just been quoted by a garage for £540 to replace my timing belt, is this O.T.T?
How to remove rust from metal?
My fiance's car is a 1999 Cavalier and it doesn't seem to be fuel efficient.?
my car is squeeling like a bad belt but all the belts are fine?
How much does the average passenger car paint job cost?
What's wrong with my 07 Jeep Wrangler?
Why would I get lifter tick after oil change?
Does a full tank of gas waste gas?
1995 truck 4 Cl 95000 mi. looses power going up a hill, bogs down on take off.?
Rims Fitting Size - What to look for to make sure wheels fit?
Can anyone help me here :my check engine light keeps coming on...?
What would happen if I use E85 instead of regular unleaded gas in a Buick LaSabre?
my car starts out well with good oil pressure but as it gets hot it goes down to 5 psi.?
Why does my 1995 Grand Am 4 Door SE have 1 inch thick water sitting on all floorboards?!?
can you put a 15 inch rim size on a 17 inch wheel?
the function of a start winding in a split-phase motor is to?
who offers better service for exhaust systems?? price and service?
how do i check mileage on my car?
what do you have to do to repair your car when it overheats?
My car starts,but shut off immediately.There are no problems in Car,but how to solve the problem?
wheel spacers good or bad?
How can I remove a stripped metal screw from a metal hole?
Accidentally drove without the gas cap on?
Have to crank engine 3 times to start truck? Fuel pump?
Stick shift?
had throttle body clean an idle air put in still shakes at stop light and rpm drops really low help?
The blower motor is working, but no warm air at all from the outlets. Suzuki Sidekick 89. Need help, please.?
How long can I drive with a dummy tire?
whats the best 50cc moped for about £1300?
Will a chevy Big Block fit in a S10 truck?
Should I invest in this car?
Both headlight filaments in one headlight glow dimly while the other headlight has a brightbeam what fault?
Car Won't Start - Why & What Do I Look For?
I need the firing order and the plug wire placement for a 1988 chevrolet silverado?
shift problem 07 mazda3?
'98 ford ranger dies when put in gear, why?
I need new brake pads & discs for my P reg fiesta.?
another torsion adjustment bolt question. does any one know the length of a 91 b2200 bolt?
AC Fan issue 1999 chevy lumina 3.8L?
replaced car oil and filter 2 weeks ago.i started to get noise in the top of my engine?
what is the best way to remove a froze up brake bleeder screw?
How do you clean white 'cholesterol' out of an engine completely?
what type of motor did a 67 chevy malibu have?
Car makes flicking noise when I drive?
99 experdition making squealing noise. replaced belt and pulley also tension arm where else should i look?
is it possible to change an manual transmission to an automatic one? if so how much would it cost?
Is it true that you can't drive a new car on the highway before it's first oil change?
Car has winter starting problems, what could be the problem?
Is the battery in my car dead?
How do I put oil into a long stoke hydraulic jack. Do I need to prime the jacking plunger? Do I put oil into t
How much to get a new muffler?
whats cheaper diesel or petrol?
what do you need for a oil change?
need fuel system repair on 1998 dodge cummings deisel 24 vavle?
Should I junk it?
How do you remove "stickers" from car windows?
why does a fuel pump go bad?
By changing the engine in a car, is it possible to improve that car's fuel economy?
I mistakenly turned my car on without ANY oil in it. ?
What would cause a car to shake when breaking?
Does the heater in a car use gas?
i need the vacuum diagram for my 1997 Pontiac Bonneville SE Vin K?
What are exhaust baffles (for car)?
Can you wash a car seat?
i want to put a turbo in my car?
Is a twin clutch sportronic transmission automatic?
How do I check to see if alternator is good or bad?
93 Mazda Miata just started making a weird noise when I back up...?
Ford truck info.?
What's wrong with my car?
2007 ford f150 about brakes?
Fiesta Freestyle 2001 Do you have to take the Steering wheel and?
how do i change headlight in 98 ford ranger?
Truck ran out of gas, now it won't start?
main bearing clearance?
What should i do when crusing and the car breaking system and steering wheel fails?
why wont my car start?
HELP CASE FAN POSITIONING intake or exhaust?
Can I sue a car repair shop for damageing my car and loseing my work contract?
My Honda NSR 125 is leaking, why?
my car has a whinning noise when i rev it up,and when i first start it, untill it gets warm, any answers?
VW T4 Campervan esbasher heater, where is the best area to fit it???
what is a good price to get my ac system replaced on a 2002 focus the hose at the bottom ripped and the entire
Help my ABS is kicking in early making my brakes not work properly?
Need help!!!!!!!!! changed motor in my 05 grand caravan and cannot get it to start?
My exhaust has blown where it joins onto the back box, what is the best way to fix this?
how do i mix paint at a ratio of 8 parts paint 4parts reducer 1part hardner to make a quart of paint.?
can someone tell me what theheck a passing gear rod is on a automatic transmission?
Car wont accelerate and then car shuts off?
How much does it cost to repaint a car?
exhaust valve burning on a petrol engine may be caused by...?
how much can i expect to pay to replace a starter or alternator on a 96 ford explorer?
I have Audi a5 2009. The bumper of car got hit n front grill is messed up n hood is lil tilt.Any idea of cost?
headlight bucket on a 96 ford f-150 ?
what happens if you have bad/old spark plugs?
An auto service place took advantage of my older mother and cut her brakes. Please help me on what to do next?
2009 Camry has a rough idle when the car's fan or defrost are turned on.?
What does the arrow light on the dashboard of a Saturn mean?
98 Cadillac Seville "Service Engine Soon" light?
I have a question on wrong paint match on a repaired bumper.?
What size wheel covers do i need for my 2003 toyota corolla?
How do you turn a fwd car into a rwd car?
My headlights are so dim its like there not on?
Rough cost on replacing the sills on a ford?
i have a 1.6 8 valve vectra ,with starting problems, sometimes it starts and sometimes it does not,pleasehelp?
What do I do if I have egg on my car?
Truck making funny sound?
How bad is it really if the "Head gasket "is split?
how long would u expect disc brakes on a 3 year old car to last?
change out a th350 for a 700r4?
what could be wrong with my car? free high five and beer to each answer :)?
Ineed to change the drive belt on my 1991 jeep?
Car won't start - any suggestions as to why?
Should I get a new transmission? ?
Does a 1989 Chevy C1500 have a torsion bar?
What sounds better on a Honda?
how do i change intake and head gaskets and freeze plugs on my 87 mustang?
what should i do to a truck that's been sitting for 6 months?
when i move my steering wheel i seem to have clunking sound?
Why do life time breaks squeek?
Is Awesum Auto Detailers in Farmington, NM yet?
How do I get a belt to quit squealing?
Bee R rev limiter not working?
1986 Mercedes 300E Engine wont Fire?
How do I fix my edelbrock carberator from running full trottle on it's own?
Why isnt my 1990 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera starting?
98 Acura Integra GS????
Need a expert for Chevy blazer 1999 electrical?
My car was hit when it was parked, I was wondering if i will get the repair check or the body shop?
What size wheel spacers should I get?
I was wondering if any one knows a good website to find car or truck parts for great prices.?
How can i get better fuel efficiency from my Ford Crown Victoria V8?
what is the best engine degreaser on the market that really does clean the engine?
flat hourly rate for changing a vehicle motor?
Do I need the top cover for my 1999 VW Cabrio?
Why is VW dealer charging over $1300 just to replace coolant reservoir and brake pads?
Ways to customize my bicycle?
I put the wrong oil in my car is this a problem?
how fast do clutches burn up on manual cars?
what is the significance of degreeing a camshaft?
I am driving my daughter's 2000 Isuzu Rodeo and the interior lights do not come on when I open the door.?
I have excessive road noise from my tires at 55+ MPH, help!?
How to get under the hood of my 94 caravan.?
Anyone have any idea how to change the back three spark plugs on a 98 Dodge Stratus 2.5 6cyl?
why does my 02 land rover discovery make a grinding noise?
Can you mix sp 3 transmission fluid with s matic?
Just done an oil check in my car, brown sludge!! help..?
where can i find a freightliner dealership that has a repair shop in the Indianapolis area?
i have a 96 dodge carevan and the kill switch is acting up! wat can i do to get it off without going 2 a shop?
2003 Mitsubishi Galant shift shocks?
Is a 1977 pontiac 400 engine good?
coil pack bad or something else?
Why is my steering wheel still vibrating as I increase speed on 97 nissan maxima?
how hard is it to change a valve cover gasket?
I have put petrol into a diesel car. I have 3/4 diesel and 1/4 petrol in the tank. what should I do ?
What can I do about a sticky/tricky ignition?
would a lowering kit for a 1999 3 door corsa fit the 1999 5door?
We lost the KEYPAD to our 2002 Altima, we have a spare key but can not shut the alarm off! What can we do?
How much would it cost me to fix my car's electrical problem?
How can one clean "ABC" ("Dry-Chem") fire extinguisher powder from car trunk-liner?
my tyre has a hole in the sidewall do i need a new one or can it be patched?
Does mastercraft have seat covers?
how to get step by step instructions to change fuel filter on ford 2000 taurus?
Check Engine Light on?
What do they call those things that mechanics use to lay down on underneath cars?
An auto service place took advantage of my older mother and cut her brakes. Please help me on what to do next?
What is wrong with my car?! Help!?
I have an older car that may have a engine problem. What does a knocking noise in the engine's idol mean?
Does it damage your car engine to take the RPMs higher but not into red zone?
why car jerking when brake?
Is it true that, if you get your oil changed every 3500 miles, your car will last for a seriously LONG time?
How to fix a burnt out car cigarette lighter?
Tire pressure for light truck oversized tires?
Can I put Bar's stop leak in my 2004 745i BMW when it is leaking from the weeping hole?
What's wrong with my car?
My Toyota Camry i4 2.5 SE 2010 is running slower than the usual?
Is there a dollar limit on how much you need to spend to pass a Smog Test in California?
i have a 1995 toyota and it wont crank at all?
2000 Pontiac Grand Prix GT?
Need Manual and any service info on a 85' Volvo740GLE Turbo Diesel???
Power Seats & Power Windows DEAD?! (ALL stopped working at the same time!!!)?
when was the last time you washed your car ?
why is my car making this sound?
what is the firing order for a 1993 chevy suburban?
how to remove top speed governer 1993 ford f150?
New alternator, now charging normal at idle, higher RPM, over 16V, WHY?
What brake contoller do I need for a 1990 F600 dump?
If the hydraulic pump on the rack goes out, do you have to replace the entire rack?
My 2000 ford contour is making a whistling noise when it idles?
need some tips or advice on rebuilding a holley 4 barrel carb?
Engine rotates but won't start in 96 Saturn SL2?
where is the ECM located in a 1991 G-20 van? the salvage yard says it has two computers.?
can an auto vac be converted to work in house?
Can you diagnose this car problem? My sister is in the middle of a crosscountry trip. Help?
Torque on rocker cover?
I WASHED MY IPOD ON ACCIDENT! i blow dried it and put it by the sun. will it be okay soon?
How do i remove dog hair in my car?
Which is faster and more reliable a 2000 Volkswagen Passat or a 2000 Volkswagen Jetta?
1993 cavalier 2.5 ac 130.000 miles burning to much gas burning blue smoke! how do i fix problem ?
Is it a good idea to switch an automatic transmission to a manual?
My transmission seal is broke on a 2000 Dodge Durango 5.9 engine 4 wd what happen if I don't fix it?
any one know????????
i have a car ignition coil with three wires. a yellow, a red, and a black. which is my positive and negative?
How do you wash your car properly?
Can do different tire sizes other than the stock recommended size?
My car turns over but won't start?
i have a 2008 ford ranger and the heat just stopped and thermastate is fine and im not sure whats wrong here .?
how to repair a truck's driveshaft?
96 Chevrolet 350 wont start?
Power steering fluid was added to engine instead of oil, will it damage the engine?
Can a mechanic put more expensive brakes on your car, without asking you first, then charge you more cash?
car wont start,battery drains?
truck would not start?
Is it possible to move the frame of a car "in"?
What can I do with a 3.0L V6 FWD engine? What other models can I put the engine in besides a Ford Taurus?
what is a cv joint(on a car)and where is it?
Hooked up jumper cables backwards now my car wont start no lights, nothing, what have I done?
I have a 02 jeep grand cherokee and it runs for about 30 mins then it dies any suggestions?
How can i tell if my starter or the solenoid is bad?
How to change the window motor in a 1991 Buick Lesabre?
no heat in car?
I need to know how to find Coolant Air Bleeder valve.?
Will buying a repair manual for my car help me troubleshoot problems?
1995 ford contour gl 2.0 4cyl 5 speed engine rpm redline?
seat upholstery for 1966 buick rivera?
When filling my gas tank the gas is slowly draining into tank causing the gas to spew out. chevy trailblazer02
Car Dealership says inorder to rule out transmission noise, they have to replace all of my tires, is this ok?
does the clutch on a car have to be pushed when in neutral in order for a car to start?
Can I insulate my room by myself, I can hear my neighbors talking and walking!?
primary causes for park to go out on my allison transmission?
head gasket or not?
I have a Everstar model 10cr-bb6 portable air conditioner.?
1990 Buick lesabre duct work problem?
How to Know If Your Car Needs a Thermostat?
Where can I find cheap tyres?
My car pulls to one side?
My truck isn't moving?
I found out probelm in my car. Since this week when i turn the fan on, my car gives a bump like i feel that ca?
shift problem 07 mazda3?
Are all the parts on a 1984 dodge ram 150 royal se swappable on 1989 dodge power ram w100?
Best carb to go with the olds 307?
what does it mean to crank an engine??
is becoming a mechanic worth it?
Car makes a weird humming noise when i accelerate?
Car ran out of oil please help?
No reverse in my backhoe?
Fuel Pump comes on when battery is connected?
smell gas when I turn the heat on in my car?
Can I use 205 70 16 tires on my car?
My 2007 honda needs a new engine and the honda dealership wants 9k for it.?
Can you ruin your a/c unit in a car if it is ran with the windows down? If not, is there any diff.?
How do you remove paint splatter from a car?
Where can i get a 1991 daihatsu mira l200s service/workshop manual?
Do those windshield wiper repair kits really work?
What oil should I put in my car?
Will a transmission cooler increase my payload and towing capacities?
How Do I Remove The Smell Of Smoke/Cigar Smell Out Of My Car?
Whipper Snipper fuel Problem?
Whats the best way to clean a fuel injector?
i hav a 2000 nissan frontier 4x4 everytime i put it in 4 wheel it pops on thepassenger side any suggestions?
There is some oil near the oil cap and on top of the engine?
What tyres are best for my car?
bought a glass pack cherry bomb muffler. doesnt sound very loud?
Why are my car belts squeaking?
What oil am I looking for?
2001 Ford Explorer Sport brake problems...?
After $5,000, my car isn't repaired! What are my rights?
Ihave 2 dodge trucks that die when you hit breaks hard.Otherwise they run good. Why?
If you're driving your car one day and white smoke all of a sudden comes out of the exhaust pipe and?
What could happen if I don't fix the Oxygen Sensor for my car??
how do u get a stripped allen head bolt out.?
few questions on my 98 grand prix gt?
Has my head gasket gone?
What's the easiest used car to work on yourself?
gmc 2001 pickup door locks?
what could be the cause of my fans not working in my car.?
fixing leaking 10gal metal tank?
my car starts but than makes a grinding noise while running?
What is the most miles you have had on a vehicle?
Temperature gauge on 94 Acura Integra fluctuates from mid-point to hot zone?
two different size tires on one axle?
Stick shift or Automatic?
Can anybody tell me about Thermagasket ?
What is cheaper replacing a car's rings or just putting in a new motor? SERIOUS ANSWERS ONLY?
My key is stuck in the ignition of my 2006 Chevy Aveo?
My car is over-revving, what can I do to make it stop?
subaru forester electrical problem?
When you stick shift grinds does that mean the cluth is going out or the transmission?
What could be causing my 50cc tao tao moped to shut down?
car temperature guage cold but goes up very slowly and never reaches midpoint no matter how long I drive.?
Check Engine Light on 1994 Suzuki sidekick?
how can i get rid of these water looking spots on my chrome bumper?
how do i know when my timing is off on my truck?
why does my new car pull slightly to the left?
i am having a cold start problem with my 92 jeep cheroke can somebody help me?
a question about disk brakes?
317,xxx KM on a 97 Mustang GT?
Car hesitates when accelerating?
Vehicle not starting, need help finding issue.?
What's making my check engine light come on?
What is the firing order for a 1985 Honda Civic?
Why does my "check gauges" light keep flashing on in my '96 Chevy Cavalier?
how can i make my truck start sooner?
My Jet ski (Yamaha Venture 700cc 1998) when flushed the water is slightly black, Should I be worried?
Where can I get 1993 Toyota Camry manual?
State two checks made on a ramp and wheel free system prior to use ?
Could i pump a full tank of gas before an oil change?
Where does one disconnect the overdrive on a 2001 hyundai Elantra automatic gearbox?
1995 jeep cherokee 6 cylinder 2 wheel drive?
Are Toyota pickups worth the extra money?
I have a 2004 Cadillac deville .?
Where is the fuel injection schrader valve on a 2001 Ford Ranger with a 4.0L SOHC V6 engine?
What to do when brake fluid gains color?
what is the difference between hp and bhp?
Does anyone know how often we should have the transmision fluid changed for a Camry 06?
How to remove a spare tire rack?
I think my car battery is dying?
Mastec 70 THANKS! P codes show mutiple o2 sensors bad?
Converting fabric seats to leather???
Truck 'ticks' when i turn the key, then all the guages fall and the truck wont start. read on.?
I cant get my tire off!?
How critical is it to have a water pump replaced?
What does a V-tec controller do?
my car is ideling eraticly?
Whats wrong with my car? How do I fix it?
how can i convert my 1996 f150 2x4 into a 4x4?
why doesnt my crown victoria have a tachometer?
what is the exhaust size on a 04 gto?
My car ran out of gas what should I do?
I had my car running for a half hr.after I pushed started and battery did not charge. it's not the alternator ?
where is the overdrive seloniod 98jeep grand Cherokee?
Whats the name of that connector wire that the o2 sensor hooks up too?
Replaced my car battery and now it wont turn. Interior lights function..?
Another "Bright Green Fluid Leak" Question...Need Immediate Help!?
01 lincoln ls electrical problem...?
How to Replace Liftgate Backup Lens - Lexus RX450h?
My serpetine belt came off. I replaced it and now my car wont crank?
what is the difference on rims between ones that were made for rwd cars and those made for fwd cars?
Looking for a 14.4 durabuilt battery charger for my Cordless drill. Anyone know where I can buy one? Thanks.?
on a Briggs and strassen 12 hp motor what is the gap between the coil and flywheel?
Why wont the anti freeze in my reservoir go back into my radiator?
Has anyone worked with the Xtreme Sytems selling Enviromax?
Whats better for metal cutting a cold saw or band saw.?
What is a 2004 Saturn Ion gas tank made of?
if brakes and rotors were warped would that make the cars tires feel like its gonna fall off driving fast on h
Does any one knows how to fix fuel tank meter?
I'm able to start my car, but when it gets going it makes a rapid loud clicking noise from the engine?
Ive just bought a new car after passing my test recently, and im a complete novice, it says in the car ....?
starter for 98 windstar compatible with 96 aerostar?
How do you change a fuel filter?
I need help please before i panic !?
When I turn off my 83 Ram the temparture goes way up, what is that?
looking for used parts for john deere lx188 series lawntractors?
I have a 1990 chevy dully and was wondering if an lt1 motor would work in it has an 350 tbi.?
I have a 98 Blazer it has around 146,000 miles do you think it is safe to go on a trip over 1000 miles long?
Car wont start every morning or after work. Always need to use a Jump Start. What can be the problem.?
tach install in 98 s-10 with 2.2?
What would happen if i use E-85 in a car that is not recommened?
i have a 1998 pontiac grand prix gt. the low coolant light keeps coming on..?
What is the cooler/radiator in front of car radiator?
If I was a light switch, would you turn me on?
What is wrong with my automatic transmission from shifting from 3rd to 4th gear?
Why does my car attempt to start as soon as i put the key in before i turn it?
I just put Super Unleaded in an Unleaded Fuel Tank. Am I in the sh*t?
What is the turbocharging system in modern marine diesel engines?
Is it true that you can polish your car with a brillow pad for best results?
New air intake kit vs. new filter?
Do my two front tires have to be identical to the back two on my car?
Civic 98 1.6 Vti Losing Coolant when OFF and stationary.?
where is the modulater valve on a 1988 oldsmobile delta 88. front wheel drive?
Where can I buy brake pads, and are they hard to install?
My four wheel drive will only go 25 miles pr hr at 3500 rpm, what is wrong?
can i install electric start in NEW TWINSPARK STANDARD 350 CC BULLET?
need a radiator cor support for 1951 ford sedan. what other makes and years will fit? thanks?
should i jump on the situation?
how to fix my car battery ?
1959 Impala Convertible VIN # location on Frame?
What do I put in the trunk of my Ford Mustang to help put weight down for driving in the winter?
I have no leak but am loosing water?
will my 6.2 diesel have more power?
best way to stop auto engine from smoking due to bad rings till i can get it fixed?
Where to find SE, CC, or CD classification engine oil?
I wrecked my boyfriends car is it still worth anything?
What will it cost to replace the throw out bering in my 99 S10 pickup?
what type of spark plugs are the best for a 96 hyundai elentra?
how much does it cost to replace a heater core?
What was your first car and how much did it cost? Did it survive without a scratch?
Where is the fuel filter on a 2001 oldsmobile alero?
Difference in sound from Dual tipped muffler to Straight tipped muffler?
My car overheats then cools down?
How do I turn on the highbeams in a 1988 Jeep cherokee pioneer?
how can i tell if mice have made a nest in my car?
Why are all my turn signals dead?
is it ok to repaint my AEM cold air intake?
Red Diesel?
How much does it cost to get all 4 of your tires changed?
Where can I get my "tenshioners for timing chain on 2003 lincoln navigator fixed?
what makes the engine run rough when ideling on a diesel?
hi i am lloking 4 a headlight 4 a mazda626 RH drive. On d light there is a number 210 61918L. where to go?
how can i reset my 91 honda accord's computer?
i have a 91 geo prism and i was wondering what would cause it to keep stalling every time i stop?
auto body repair or automotive repair?
Car making a knocking sound?
i need help with dismanteling a waterpump from a dodge 1ton pickup truck i need to be shown how toputoneon?
best place to buy nissan 720 parts?
1998 Firebird Rough Idle?
How can a vehicle's engine be kept warm in the absence of electricity?
How much is it gonna cost me to get my windows tinted?
1990 Acura Legend, gas in oil, power steering fluid running out and water reservoir running out. WHY?
not timing belt, replaced 6 months ago?
driving on a short distance my 91 honda civic 16 valve 1500 motor overheats. what could it be?
My 95 F150 AC stops blowing (vents close) when I accelerate. I have no idea how to check vacuum lines?
ive found wated in the oil of my 1990 escort,was told its a creacked head or head?
Driven the normal hours had breaks but end of shift relised it was someone elses card declared it wrote everth?
where can i find 1991 dodge dakota performance parts for 2.5?
how many rubber seals should go between tank and fuel pump hanger on a 1989 caprice 5.0 tbi?
Why wont my car start?
Threw a rod?
how do i remove a 1999 mercury sable's headrest?
How can I remove a sticker from my car window without leaving scratches?
Car Repainting Products online?
Will not having a fuse drain a battery?
When is my first MOT due?
I have a 1997 chevy blazer and my e brake light will not go off. The e-brake is not on at all. what do I do.?
How many people think jaguars are unreliable cars now and in the past?
what kind of cost am I looking at...Auto repairs the hybrid mechanic?
how do i stop my fan belt squeaking on vauxhall vectra 2.0 diesel 1997?
I ordered some new number plates for my car and it has no holes in it?
Mercury Cougar V6 2000 codes p0171 p0174 and p0420?
how can I repair the breaks on a 2002 honda accord?
How do you make the radiator cooling fan come on automatically when starting a car?
can i still drive my car?
engine starting problems? car experts!?
i hit a tree with my trucks tail gate its a pretty big dent!! HOW TO I REMOVE THE DENT???????
so is it my relay for my blinker or is it the blinker switch?
is there aweb site for car repair ?
Can a car run on orange juice?
engine misfire after spark plug tube seal replacement- what to do?
How to replace Lt remote mirror on 91 buick parkavenue?
Can caliper bolts just come out without someone taking them out?
where can i find a cheap transmission for my car?
What is the best motor oil to put on any type of Cadillac?
How do you fix a car door that wont open from the outside?
Is rust on brakes normal?
Non- ethanol gas in eastern pa/ nj?
My brake warning light comes on when I apply the brakes?
Why does my car shake pretty heavy at times when I'm in park?
what causes a diesel to run rich?
what does ACC mean on the cruise control button?
tranny fluid and filter change?
B18b motor swap question for 88 integra?
Should I replace just the torque converter, or the complete transmission?
I have a 1991 toyota mr2. will the tranny for the non turbo motor bolt onto the turbo one?!?
Do you leave the car in gear or neautral in a manual trans?
Some times Car Engine temperature guage going beyond halfway?
what are the effects or benefits of putting vegetable oil in my diesel car?
Question on how to use a torque wrench?
Need help with BMW TRANSMISSION?
Hood won't open in my Volvo 940?
1994 S-10 4.3 shuts down after getting warmed up?
ford 550 problem running normal?
97 Taurus wagon ran out of gas and now won't start why?
Repair Data & Diagrams???
Can I connect a Chevy 3-speed manual to my yenko 427?
remote key battery for 1999 volkswagen new bettle?
i have oil in coolant but not coolant in the oil?
Replaced the rear output seal on the transfer case and it still leaks at the seal.?
My break lights wont shut off =/?
how to tell if ignition coil is bad?
correct way to install a car seat?
how can i learn to restore and fix up old cars without going to a special school or taking an autos class?
I just bought a used car battery that was fairly new. Now my car keeps shutting off on me?
Auto shop misdiagnosis? Or what?
what does it mean when my car shakes at about 35 mph it stops once i reach a higher speed?
will autolite ap65 spark plugs work for a 87 honda accord?
When pressing on brakes in Honda CRV i hear a click, what is that?
Should i drive my car if...?
My car won't start and the engine is hot. What do I do?
Why don't people clean spark plugs anymore?
I'm trying to replace a sunroof on a 1998 Saturn SC2. Any suggestions?
Which set of suspension is better?
The check oil light is on in my car and I have plenty of new oil in the engine, does anyone know why?
Is buying, owning, and maintaining an old MG car too expensive and impractical?
How do you get keys out of a locked car?
VW Golf Car Battery discharges while sitting for more than 4 hours. Battery & Alternator are good?
how many times a month should i wash and wax my new car?
can i use my turbo from my 98 grand prix gtp on a different car?
How do u get dashboard lights to work in RAV4?
what are the torque settings for the cylender head?
Isuzu pickup just cranks and cranks no spark?
should my heater fan be off or on when I start my car in the cold?
When my car windscreen ice's over, it is not only outside but also inside. Why is this / how can I stop it?
what does "freeze frame data" do in a car code reader?
Go kart engine under 220.00 U.S.D ?
What is the best (reasonably priced) car wax for my 04 nissan maxima?
Car problem.... Heater not working?
What parts are needed to fix three burnt valves?
Is it ok to paint the lettering on tires white ?
Car sometimes shudders and drops rpms as I come to a stop?
i have a 2005 vw jetta tdi with obd code P2112?
How much does it cost to pay autoshop to install them on my car? I think i have high performance tires.?
I changed my oil in my engine. can I still add marvel mystery oil after I put 2,300 miles on the oil?
How can I recycle my used antifreeze?
malfunctioning window?
what kind of sand paper do i use to sand down my car?
My car was left in overdrive!?
How much chould i pay for a new muffler?
stupid paint?
can anyone explain diagnostic code 1401 on 2002 taurus?
Is it important to have your cars automatic transmission flushed?
what are the wire colors / positions in throttle position sensor harness for a 1987 jeep cherokee 2.5liter.?
What Is Wrong With My Car?
why is my heater blowing cold air in my 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee LTD?
its a 1992 toyota truck.with a 22RE engine..check the fuses and there is no problem in sight.very confused..!?
Changing rear gears dor biger tires?
How much would it cost to fix my car?
How do i take the water pump out of a 1987 Nissan Pathfinder?
BMW back right turn signal is not working.Have replaced the bulb. If i move the holder it works & stops again?
Can I swap my automatic transmission for a manual?
the bolts on my tranmission pan are twisting off what can i do?
Air bag FORD 1996 EF.warning lights stays on+flashes on the dash after checking the fuse.How do you reset it?
What is the average cost to repair a gas gauge on a 1997 Monte Carlo LS?
Theres something wrong with my cars brakes?
My car is not starting but makes a clicking noise, and the battery is good; what could it be?
can i replace rubber floor to carpert on 02 silverado?
Is it true that Ford will pay for a new head gasket?
I've changed the thermostat in my car now what?
What glue for the hard plastic on automobile interiors?
owners manual for 1997 lincoln v111?
What actually happens to a car after someone has poured sugar in the gas tank?
If i get a tune up with my engine light go off?
Are there spark plugs still sold new for a 1987 Volvo 240 DL?
What is that rubber strip on the outside of almost all car doors called?
1992 Chevy S10 2.5 TBI. Runs great down hwy but begins to run lean after idling...?
I changed the battery in my 2006 honda accord EX. How do I get the radio to work again?
how do i change headlight in 2006 dodge charger?
What does white smoke from tail pipe mean?
I need storage rates for large rv's vehicles in canada?
1998 Mazda MPV 130,000 miles, what are the suggested engine service needed?
How long can you keep petrol for... does it have a shelf life?
My 1981 datsun pickup is idling at high rpm, i think its the carburetor but I'm not sure. How do I fix it?
Has anyone ever used Fix It?
Theres a huge screw stuck in my left rear tire what should i do?
How do you do a clean install of a tachometer into a 98 ford escort wagon using the fuse block?
Do I need special skills or credentials to work at a paper factory / paper mill?
Whats wrong with my car?
Can easily "splice" a few inches on a few cable wires..if dont have a "Wire splicer"?
my 4 wheeler has blueish smoke comming out of it whats wrong with it?
where can I find how to route emissions hoses on a 1985 5.2L dodge engine?
how do you program a spare key for an acura 2002 rl?
Best advice to pump up car tyres please?
My 83 gmc will start sometimes but mostly just clicks. Cables at battery are good, starter or weak battery?
Auto Body paint job question?
my car wont go into gear. It will only go into park and neutral? any idea what it coulld be?
84 corvette wont stay running?
How dangerous can jump starting a car be?
Temp gauge acting up?
Can gasoline go out of date?
Keyless remote instructions for a 2005 Buick Century.?
What spark-plugs should I put on my truck?
can some one tell me what could be wrong with my 1991 pontiac 6000le?
Should I tip a AAA serviceman?
Ebay Electric Cai'
where do find the 16 pin connector in my 99 Toyota surf SUV?
Car smart people, what could be wrong with my car...?
Speedometer doesn't work anymore.?
Is clicking from my car the starter or the battery?
How can you get a hood to open on a 1989 Cadillac if the cable is broken?
Is it bad to rest your foot on the clutch pedal while driving?
Battery light on when accellerating, off when engine slows back down (sometimes)?
how much would it cost to restore a 67 mustang? or best estimate?
Can I buy just one new tire?
Is my manual tranmission ok?
how do you remove the sunroof on a 1998 isuzu amigo?
What could happen?
Could an undiagnosed leaking water pump cause the early demise of my radiator?
Does motor oil go "bad"?
Do they remove the wheels during MOT?
how to chang a chevy 350 turbo trans from a short tail shaft to a long tail shaft?
how to best remove permanent paint-color from your car?
Does anyone know how to get car owners manual if lost.?
Whats wrong with my car?
How much for a new micra gearbox ?
how do i stop my taxi windows misting up?
How do I change the dash bulbs in a 1995 Ford Explorer?
Switch for directing air flow to windscreen,and floor area is difficult to turn,any idea's?
I have a 98 buick century, while in idle car sounds rough?
Can I put 10w 40 yamalube in my car?
Why are Japanese cars known for their reliability,like Hondas & Toyotas?
what do i need to service my 97dod4x4 transmission?
How can I remove motor oil stains from my driveway? My car used to leak motor oil and it looks ugly now.?
Front right tires squeaks and makes rattaling noise?
Why does my Pontiac Grand Am take 4-5 tries before it will actually start and keep dying out?
Battery on my car keeps going flat. I charge it up and next day it's flat again. How do I check if it 's the
98ford f150 horn honks when key is off but with key on it wont honk. any ideas?
What would cause all of my power windows to stop working?
my car wont turn over..but i can pop start it?
Can a screw or nail pop a tire?
I need info on parts for 1929 chevrolet coupe sedan?
how do i remove drivers side door panel from a 1994 pontiac bonneville?
what happens when u mix green and orange antifreeze?
Generally speaking, around how many miles do you start doing alot of maintenance?
can a powerglide transmission from a 1968 chevy nova fit in a 1980 datsun truck?
is seamist and seafoam the same thing?
fiesta mk5 zetec s timing belt change?
retensioning caravan window blinds?
what's moly grease nlgi grade and what are alternatives?
Cool stuff to do to my car?
how do you remove chewing gum from car seats?
Why won't my car show the gas level?
Can shifting down harm my car?
What should I do to fix intermittently dimming headlights / slow blower fan on my 1999 Olds Intrigue?
after changing The alternator on a 98 ford excort, does the battery need to be charged?
Why are my tires wearing on the outside?
Lamborghini Doors added on costs!?
I have a 98 Honda Civic, I'm almost at 90,000 miles, my mechanic quoted over $700, is this appropriate?
Car leaking coolant from drive belt?
My 2000 Grand Prix has unstable rpm's when i'm cruising around 50 mph, and let off the gas, sensor problem?
How do i safely get glue off my car's bodywork without ruining the paint?
Car Respraying....!!!!!!?
My engine management light came on in my ford ka yesterday, but was off when I drove the car this morning.?
What is wrong with my car?!?!?!?
Is it a good to use injector cleaning aditives all the time?
how hard is it to replace floor pans on a datsun 240z?
My car starts to roll after 10 seconds on the brake pedal?
Should an old cambelt be replaced on a low mileage car?
how do you get the new car smell back... besides buying a new car?
There's a white smoke coming from my exhaust does this mean my head gasket's gone? It's a Renault Clio
4 cylinder in the cylinder head is leaking oil on the exhaust side?
what is the complete history of heating and air conditioning?
my 91 toyota tercel idles rough when cold or not started for awhile.What is causing this to happen?
What color is J-B weld waterweld?
i have a 2000 sl2 Saturn where are the spark plugs located on this car?
Need a diagram to install a timing chain and gears for 1995 jeep cherokee 4.0 6 cylinder.?
Small block 400 won't bolt to my 89 chevy truck,different motor mounts?
Do I need to do a tranny conversion or upgrade to put an 8psi twin turbo on my 05 Grand Am?
how can you get sugar out a cars engine?
Lost key fob for viper alarm system?
how can i reset my 91 honda accord's computer?
Car will not reverse, what is the sensor that is needed?
Why won't my back blinker work?
can i put corn oil in my engine instead of petrol oil ?
I have SRP, is it cheaper to just turn my AC off the to keep it on?
Where do you put the transmission fluid in a 01 Izuzu Rodeo?
How can you tell the difference between a ed cylinder head and a blown head gasket?
How far can I modify this engine?
My tire looks really crooked and it wobbles after I changed the brakes?
my truck wont start I tried jumping it it wont turn over at all?
i accidentally put diesel into my car?
My Jeep Cherokee always want to die!!!?
where can i find imformation on changing a starter on a mazda mpv mini van?
Do any cars/trucks have the same lock tumbler as a 1998 Ford Ranger?
I got a 96 lumina and i locked my car keys in the car trunk can u help?
Where to look for a Body Kit for a 2001 Lincoln LS?
Is it worth patching a whole in my Exhaust or buying a new one?
Has anyone heard of Delfin Motor Oil?
what are the malfunctions for a dodge intrepid to crank over sometimes when starting the car?
How much would it to fix a valve noise from the engine on a 2001 dodge durango with 154k miles?
Can I convert my carburetor to burn 100% ethanol?
why change car engine oil at 3000 miles ?
d(prop)greater than d(trans). At t=d(trans). Where is the 1st bit of package?
My 2001 Chevy Tahoe will not start?
changing nova heater core 1970?
clutch replacement for a vertra car?
How does an aluminum block work without sleeves?
does bad tires cause vibration in the steering wheel?
about voltage regulator?
tire size difference?
what size socket to remove exhaust pipe on 96 cirrus lx?
My car got towed today for the first time, it is a 1984 Mercedes 300D, and I'm worried about damages?
1998 toyota corolla hum?
Can I put SAE 5W-30 in an engine that requires SAE 5W-20?
How do you dispose of a car battery?
Why would the fuel injectors in a tbi 350 not spray?
How do I properly install headlights on a 99Honda Civic?
Where can I purchase a sheet of material to make a replacement diaphragm for a pressure carburetor?
car accelerates on its own?
Will this bumber fit properly on my car.....?
if an odemeter reads 37302,how many miles has the car truelly done?
could diesel engine run with petrol?
where can I buy a brand new Isuzu engine in South India?
Noisy Wipers?
How to open the glove box in a 1998 Nissan Sentra GXE?
Need help locating issue?
Why are cars designed to run on High Octane Gasoline when it is more expensive?
Please help me remember whats wrong with my car!?
Question about car "immobilizers" disengaged by keys w/ chips & getting a remote start?
What do you call those mask things which go over your nose and mouth to protect against fumes/dust ?
Haier hlp21n does not spin and agitates badly. What can I do?
i need to know where the fuel pump is on a 1978 olds 403?
1995 Pontiac Trans Sport Van with obdi connector with obdii read codes??
why has the fuel economy on my van dropped all of a sudden?
I have a 1996 Chevy Cavalier that needs a control arm, is it hard to change?
How do I fix my power windows on my 1997 Ford Explorer?
my power brake booster is leaking?
I'm trying to remove the hub assembly on a Ford F150 truck and can't get it loose. Any suggestions?
Tire pressure problems?
Whining sound starting your car in the morning then quiets down 5 min. later, is it the steering pump ?
the valve train consist vales and a mechanism that opens and closes them. select th opening and closing mechan?
Windshield wiper problem?
Car Leaking Odorless, Colorless Fluid?
i was wondering if when removing a v8 engine is it okay to use a floor jack to lift it up on a steel oil pan?
Piston Rod Knock?
how much would it cost to go1,595 miles at 3.50 a gallon with 7 miles to the gallon?
How much does it cost to replace a fuel pump on a 2001 Mazda Millenia S?
my car needs alot of work can you help me with cost estimates?
Can't get piston on new caliper to compress?
2005 ford freestar engine vibration @ 90 Km/H?
tinted windows on a classic car?
What's a good oxy gas cutting torch?
my cars air does work but takes long time to get somewhat cool?
How long does synthetic oil last?
on my 98 durango the speedometer will not move until the RPM is at 1500.Can some ome help me.?
i just tried to open a remote back and the battery had burst inside does that mean i have done acid?
Do you know where Rose's Y card is? Is it in the truck?
Steering wheel making a squeaking noise....?
Need help with Jeep Commander not starting after alarm issue?
My car won't accelerate first begin to drive. I push the gas it doesn't move then suddenly jerks and goes.?
Car paint peeling?
Engine blown... need tell-tale signs that it was run without oil?
Anyone ever have issues with suspension on Mitsubishi Outlander?
what would win in a straight drag race between a ute and a sedan (ford falcon) if the the same amount of power?
How do I turn off my Brake light on Dashboard on a honda civic 2009 lx?
What is a Camber kit and do I need one need to know ASAP?
Why wont the car start?
Can you tell us where to find the plastic clips to put chrome on a 65 Marlin?
Where can I finbd factory specs for an 87 Nissan Pulsar crank angle sensor?
Spray Paint on Plastic?
What do i do with my old starter?
Car question about aluminum rims?
How do I remove a front passenger door panel on a 96 GMC Suburban ?
What component in the braking system provides a mechanical advantage?
Why use 50/50 coolent?
Paint repair for cars? Any tips?
Vehicle failed for hydrocarbons badly, what could be the fix? #4?
trying to find how to position the timing marks on a 96 saturn 1.9?
My acura legend 92 vs mustang 00 gt?
honestly, What is the hype about the new Hemi engine? Is it "that" much better?
hey does anyone now how to open the trunk on a car?
how to set the ignition timing on a 87 f-150 with the TFI-IV system?
drove through a puddle in my tahoe now it wont start?
where do i find used pick-up parts for a 1977 ford f-150?
Where is the PCV valve located on a 1999 Ford Ranger?
Are Sylvania Silver Star headlights worth all the money and hype?
How can you tell if you have the right rear end for your chev truck with 373 grears?
Whats wrong with my Gas Gage!?
5th wheel camper damage after it was purchased?
On interstate-timing belt belt on 1986 Mazda 626 broke. Is it worth replacing?
Advice needed about accident and mechanical problems on car.?
Is it necessary to go to a dealer in order to install an airbag?
What is the average amount of hours (labor) for a mechanic to replace an oxygen sensor?
what oil do u use for your car engine ?
How do I file a complaint with the beuro of automotive repair?
is there any way to put a 3.0 v6 into a ford escort???
how do i stop squeking wiper blades on my windscreen?
Will replacing ball joints on a 2002 ford crown victorian cost me a lot?
my cooling fan went out ..can i use like a house box fan to cool my engine?
Where can I find a new wiring harness for the crankshaft sensor on a 1995 dodge neon?
2006 Ford Focus pinging noise?
Where can I buy Pontiac Torrent GXP accessories?
In what order do I disconnect my battery cables on my Ford Explorer? Positive or negative first? Also...?
what will happen if I drive with warped rotors for too long?
How come many new cars do not use canister oil filters anymore but the cartridge type European cars did?
can i syphon coolant out of my car?
Where is the CABIN air filter on a Toyota 2007 Rav4 located?
I lost the centerpiece to my rim on my car and was wondering if anyone new where I could purchase another one?
is it a good idea to slash all the tires if you get a flat?
the wrong type of fuel was put in my car what should i do?
i have a 351m and i want to put it into a car without that much work any help?
Can a different exhaust system give you better gas mileage?
Is it really necessary to change your cars oil every 3000 miles?
New Car Kanna Kiss on the Rear Bumper! What needed to do?
Is it bad for a car if you change the gears when it's not turned on, just for practice?
Why is my car making a ticking noise..?
how can I get a good diesel mechanic job, and where is a good one to get it ?
Car battery keeps draining?
Why would I get lifter tick after oil change?
i am looking to relocate my shocks from there stock location on my 2000 tj anyone know of a kit?
why would gas be coming out my muffler?
Flipped my Ford F-250 on its side?
1989 BMW 750iL Transmission Problem?
why do chemicals have to be kept secure?
2000 vette oil gage pegged at 80 when engine running, why?
Should I remove brake fluid before remove the brake caliper to allow for expansion or not?
How do i do a vtec head swap on my non vtec k20?
What wire connects the starter to the clutch so you can turn the car on?
how do i know if i have a in my engine?
should you be imbariesed if your car is towed?
2004 Altima battery not charging?
why LPG getting less mileage than petrol?
My Yamaha 700 Grizzly won't start?
Can I use 10W-30 motor oil?
Can anyone tell me where I can find a vw polo hub cap?
how do i work out MPG with a trip meter which has L/100 miles reading.This is in a new Mazda 6?
Whats the best spark plug out there for performance?
2 cycle oil in 4 cylinder engine?
Oil in spark plugs. how do i clean it out?
my car will turn over but when i press the gas it will not move but when i put it in netural it will move?
2001 tacoma should i replace timing belt?
how do i know if my headlights, "light buld," is out? or if its a fuse?
car accelerates on its own?
how do i change the timing belt on a 1998 subaru legacy outback 2.5 engine?
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