How to fix a dent in my car?
Why do some 4-cylinder engines make a buzzing noise when they run?
How to fix th400? transmisioun?
a battery in a circuit is a 10 v battery, what is the current flowing in the circuit?
How long does it take to replace a single tire?
My ac stopped working in my car and its overcharged, why?
can someone help me?
best motor oil?
LOWER BALL JOINT: Duralast? Raybestos? AC Delco? Which one?
i just bought a 04 srt4 neon and the check engine lite is it cause im pushin 20lb or what?let me know?
I have a 2000 toyota avalon. The engine check light keeps coming on. Could it be a leak in the vacuum hose?
what do you do when your car won't start?
how many square yards of waterproof leather would it take to fabricate my own top for a chop top 84 s-10?
how many of you rev your car engine while its cold?
Does anyone know what it would cost to have air conditioning installed in a ford f150 that does not have it.?
i need a new 4 cylinder 140 M 2.3L FI motor for a 93 mustang where can i find one?
I'm going to cut off my catalytic converter today. What are the pros and cons?? (.s best answer!)?
Steering is loose in my car.?
What color is engine oil leak?
How do I take off the door panel on a 2002 trailblazer?
what transmission can fit a GMC 305 big block V6?
my ford focus studders/shakes when idle at a stop lights.?
why are brake lights red?
Does it matter what intake manifold i use if i want to put a turbo on my car? ?
Car Battery Life Span?
It seems like my gas usage is getting worse, what should I do?
Is this my shift cynoid or my transmission?
Getting a old carborated motor running?
Does a car engine lose horsepower over time, and why?
where do i find used pick-up parts for a 1977 ford f-150?
Severe storm and now my car's running bad? Please Help!?
i need the neutral safety switch for a 9 speed gearbox any ideas on cheapest parts?
Im selling my truck and i need to find out what size engine it has?
Is this a bad Starter? Or Possibly something else?
My ML 320 driver side window will not go up if wind down , what is wrong ?
Road transportation in india. Developmental strategy for roads in india?
My second gear is grinding (manual). Is there a chance that my transmission blows out?
Is it alright if the exhaust tailpipes do not go all the way out behind the car.?
if the timing belt goes will the engine need to be replaced?
Old 4 wheeler problem?
i need to know what kind of seats would fit in a 1956 ford f100?
My 280zx idles great, but sputters when you give it gas? Why?
does any one know what are the vehicle assembly plants in New Jersey and New york?
My 2002 ford explorer had a knocking sound it started to get louder?
i just got a new exhaust put on vauxhall astra 1.6 now have no power any ideas please help engine now rattles?
what are the paint colors for the 99 pontiac grand am's?
After market muffler installation?
I have rust on my camshafts........What shall i do??
Car overheats after about 1 hour of driving?
Anyone know how to change a rear directional light in a 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix?
Getting by a "Car Chip" system on my car without getting in trouble?
My car was totaled during a recent flood, will my insurance re-emburce me?
what are are advantages and disadvantages of diesel engine?
how much is a new radiator?
Why does my 2001 Ford Excursion lose power when going 70 and uphill on the freeway?
what is the best fuel to oil ratio?
speedometer and check engine light on?
1994 dodge intreped?
I got a ticket for "illegal screeching of tires" in IL, what do I say in court?
Why does my car not accelerate and making a funny noise?
Why wont my car start?
I just had work done on my 1990 ford f-150-I swapped trannis but on my way home my drive shaft broke off .?
Why does my car lose gas when I turn?
Lights Flickering Car not starting?
does my 97 jeep wrangler come with a dana 44 or dana 35 rearend,i have the vin #?
How do I go about getting compensation for the poor work done on my car causing my engine to blow up?
How do you put lambo doors on a monte carlo?
is my problem fixed? cars.?
How can you tell if you have the right rear end for your chev truck with 373 grears?
Which of the following safety warnings must be followed when handling asbestos dust?
how to make a cold air intake louder?
I bought a VR2500 power washer from Home Depot I did not get a Operating Manual nor owners manual?
transmission pan leak jeep cherokee?
changing valve stem seals on 1984 Crown Vic, what do I need?
can i use a spry can im Only a girl don't know how to relay paint my car but wanting to use a spray can?
Truck won't get fuel when the engine is warm?
Just killed my car battery and jump started it. How long should I run it to be sure the battery is charged?
where do I find the spark plugs on a 1997 chev. cavalier. I can't see them anywhere?
Car Oil Change, how do we know that they actually changed it?
how can i clean sand out of my car carpet.?
How do you know when the alternator needs to be replaced?
how do u install hood pins?
how to tell if your head gasket needs to be replaced on a 1996 jimmy?
how much oil do you need in an oil change on a 1992 honda accord?
where can i find carparts? on which web site?
How long to change a head gasket on a 91 Chevy Cavalier?
I want to get a Mustang but dont know if i should get a V-6 or a V-8 ?
How do i know if my speedfight 50 needs a new starter motor?
im working on a 67 camaro and i cant see why i cant time it.?
1987 Oldsmobile, Stiff steering wheel when it's cold..?
can I drive a vehicle with no AC compressor?
2005 GMC squeaky window?
Keeping engine oil in the trunk?
Having trouble with troubleshooting a harmonic balancer for a 1990 oldsmobile royale 88?
headlights dont work?
How often should I change the shocks on my car?
Turning radius on a manual steering truck?
Help with Ford 302 rear oil pan gasket?
What is the cost of filling ac gas in wagon R?
car trouble! Emergency PLEASE help me!?
I need to replace a rear tire (nail) - do I need to replace both rear tires to keep in balance/alignment?
where can i find a maintenance book for 1983 Pontiac Bonneville?
Dump the ugly guy?
My driver side window will not go up or can i fix this?
Why do gas pumps keep stopping whenever I try to fill my car's gas tank up?
car smokes and idles bad drive it and seems to to smoking whats the problem?
What is the proper procedure to check the oil level on a car?
I have a 01 Expedition with a plug in the oil pan due to stripped threads. Can I just replace the oil pan?
If your check engine light comes on what should you do first?
What are these screws called?
how could i fix my truck?
2003 Mitsubishi Galant Shut Off on Highway and Won't Start!?
I have jag xj6 which sometimes gives out a blue smoke from exhaust when starting?
i started my car and heard a whining noise comming from the back?
does fuel efficiency increse with the decrese in engine temperature ?
when i turn my distrubutor to adjust timing it doesnt do anything unless i turn it all the way to one side?
I need my truck repaired and need to know the cost.?
What do you do when all your boyfriend wants to do is answer quetions on ?
How to fix clips that hold the plastic inner lining of Camry?
I have a 1998 monte carlo that turns over but doesnt start. I have ruled out any fule issues. what do I do now?
In Cab Vibration Problem Please Help?
Why is the check engine light on?
dodge 47RE transmission pronlems?
My truck won't start without a jump, help?
the steernig wheel is so hard to control?
What is wrong with my car?
How do I open the Bell Radian Bike Light battery compartment?
were to find the oil preshure sensor on a 79 F100 with a 302 engine?
Anyone Know Where I Can Find Interior or Exterior Parts For My 83 Monte Carlo LS?
is it possible to completely repair a rolled car?
what is the labor time for engine swap in a 1997 chrysler sebring?
Should I service my renault clio or not and what is recommend from manufacturer to service?
What is the difference between planar and heated oxygen sensors?
How do I change the starter on a 1997 Dodge Neon?
What Do I Have To Do To My Drive Train If I Have Oversized Tires On My 4X4? I Burned My Transmission Out!?
I have a 2000 chevy cav. and it just dies! Please help me!!?
Problem with a/c compressor?
How to replace the tail light on a Honda Civic 2008 Sedan 4-Door?
Lifan 125cc starting?
instrument panel gauges at zero, but lights and other indicators working?
i have a 87 olds delta 88 and it vibrate on accelaration?
What is wrong with my car?
i have a 98 seems like it's getting harder to start the ignition and it will crank a lot more.?
Just had my radiator replaced, water pump needs to be replaced now. Is this common, or a mechanical mistake?
My car makes a popping sound when i turn the steering wheel?
I am looking for a left front fender and front bumper for a suzuki forenza 04 at a good price any ideas?
is an auto repair shop liable if a car is broken into and cd player stolen from vehicle?
Tire Pressure Question?
last night my mitsubishi CVT transmission just died, any ideas what might be wrong?
Car Gets Loud During Acceleration (wheels). Solutions?
Fram Tough guard oil filter any good?
Car Radiator Potential Problems?
how much does a radiator cost on a 95 chevy k2500?
Can any significant damage occur to my car if I put it in fifth gear (manual tranny) while going 30-35 mph?
My 97 ChevyTahoe driver door is sticking when trying to open & exit-no problem opening from outside-what's up?
To change the valve cover gasket on an automobile do you have to drain the oil?
Where to find 1988 Mustang parts?
anyone know how to remove a large miller lite decal from a chevy astro commercial van?
My radiator fan won't turn on!?
whats better hydraulic or roller lifters?
Can a transmission that is going bad cause a car to start funny?
I am looking for a replacement window for my snugtop camper shell, where can I find one?
My 91 camry is vigorously vibrating?
Why does a car battery tester/charger do this?
Why does my car loose power when I turn on my a/c?
how to find electrical short on honda civic?
Where is the AIT (Intake Air Temp) sensor in the Kia Sephia 2001?
Mower blowing out LOTS of white smoke in about 5 minute intervals?
What does the H and C mean on my cars dash?
best way to change spark plugs on a a firebird?
where can i find the recall list for audi?
how do u get the trarnsmission out of a 2002 IS 300?
Informercial for added horsepower and better fuel efficiency?
benefits of adding an aftermarket intake?
what are the 2 small circular object in the grille area on my scion tc?
How to add synthetic motor oil to your vehicle?
how many quarts of oil does a 1989 jaguar xj6 hold?
where to find about 2003 kia rio valve adjustment?
The fan on my car, whats wrong?
what headlight bulb should replace phoenix H1 12v 55w?
Whats battery does a Kobelco SK100 MK5 have??
Am i being lied to by the tire shop?
what's wrong with my truck?
Will a rack and pinon from a 92 model subru fit a 95?
Price of timing belt.?
What happens if you dont put enough oil in th car?
What would cause a car to drive for qbout 15 mins then stall and not restart for about 25-40 minutes?
Heat Shield loose under my car?
Problems with my car due to my sound system?
Can you install a mustang ll IFS with a 130 amp hobart mig welder ?
what is the difference between d15/16 and b16/18?
Doors frozen shut on my car?
1995 Mustang GT NOT RUNNING RIGHT. Help?
Is the 2003-05 Kia Rio transmission a Mazda transmission. I'm talking about U.S. specs?
Where can I find a rear wheel bearing for a1988 GMC truck .?
I just replaced my engine mounts a year ago and they need to be replaced again. Is there a reason for this?
Why is my car is revving to high rpms and getting bad gas mileage?
Car Problems!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How to hook up a single dualvoice coil.?
when your car gets older you have to get a mot what's MOT stand for(mechanic on take )?
None of my gagues work in my 1972 Ford F 250 PU. I have pulled the wiring block from the rear of the instrumen?
Is there anything wrong with getting car repairs done at the dealership?
What is the best way to thaw the lug nuts on my car?
What is K&N air filters?
2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee brake chatter. Replaced calipers, rotors and pads, occurs every 12,000 miles. Help?
can this car be fix or its total?
HOW TO LOCK MY DOOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 I REALLY NEED HELP!?
what does it cost to replace timming belt on mercury mistic 1995?
Bad tires on Car?
how can i fix paint scratches on my car whitout having to repaint it agian ?
How long will my 2001 Chevy Impala last?
What is the best way to repair a severally ed polyurethane bumper? Can I use fiberglass?
what are some of the tricks other Mechanics use to Beat the Flat Rate?
How do I get waterstains off of my car windows and windshield?
Can you diagnose this car problem? My sister is in the middle of a crosscountry trip. Help?
2000 Ford focus fuel delivery problem?
How much does a windshield replacement cost?
How much oil actually goes in a 95 Honda Civic Ex auto zone says 3.5 but I have heard 4 also does anyone know?
where is the alternator on a mazda 929?
If I only have a little bit of gas in my car...?
Is it ok to put food dye in the wind shiled fluid?
both motors are 4 cly one has a 91 standard the has the good motor the 94 is in the car i dont want to?
what is the camshaft specs?
My Bike Pump is broken?
How do i read a vernier caliper ?
Turn Signal Troubles.....?
Why are my breaks squealing when I let off the brake?
Cruise Control: How it works?
are all 4 oxygen sensors on a 1996 ford explorer the same?
Can you pour motor oil down the toilet?
The speedometer glass around my dash broke and I need to tell my mom something what should I tell her happened?
Motorcycle brake problems?
where do i put the stop leal in the radiator?
Hi i would like to know the torque setting for the rocker arm nuts on a 3.4 95 camaro engine?
What is the best (and quickest) way to remove ice from my car windows?
Touch up paint in my car gone very wrong?
I have a 2006 F150 and it is making a ticking noise when I accelerate, what could it be?
how can i find out what a-arm suspension i have?
Inner and outer tire rods replaced, loud grinding noise?
whats the best formula for cleaning windows ?
water in one of my spark plugs when i pulled it out what and how do i fix it?
Can rain water be used instead of battery solution?
how to improve my car's fuel consumption ?
Please HELP!!!! PLease I'm beggin u guys!?
Do I have a blown head gasket?
Do autoparts stores diagnose a check engine light on for free?
How far can a spare tire drive for? Say you blew out your tire in san diego, can you make it on a spare to los
If the alternator caused my battery of 2 months to die, can it be jumped just so I can get it to a repair shop?
Other than the clean looks, are there benefits of tucking your wire harness?
How do I know if odometer has been tampered with?
Manual transmission, car sputters while accelerating?
Why doesnt my Civic's A/C work?
Is it best to check engine oil level in your car cold, or to start and run few minutes shutoff & check3-5min.?
1991 240sx electrical
How does a Electrochromatic Rear View Mirror work / function?
Why does my alternator fail when I switch the lights?
Why are car spare wheels only fitted with temporary use tires?
I have a 94 ford explorer it turns over but wont stay started.Water gushes out radiator right away.please help?
does 1991 ford probe have sixteen vavles?
s10 white smoke comes and goes?
Mechanic's special: What are the engine stats to a 1989 Ford Probe?
Engine swap question?
Did I get ripped off??? I went to go get my car fixed....?
how do i change a signal light bulb on a ford ranger 1993?
I have a 1970 Chevy C10 carb problem.?
Where can i find a regular headrest for my toyota?
what is a through-shaft?
what tools do i need to change the front and rear bar linkage on my 97 audi a4?
How many miles does your car have? The highest gets best answer.?
Car key fob not working?
Suspension and brake questions.?
If an automatic transmission loses reverse should I just replace it or is there something small to fix?
store a car for 1 year?
I have two sets of tires on rims?
help with 88 pathfinder ecu(on board self diagnostic computer)?
Does any one out there know how to replace the reverse light on the lexus gx470?
How much does cost them to come out and make a key for the car?
what is the quickest way to change the oil pan gaskets in a 1995 cadillac sts?
on a ford pickup F-150 what is a 5.4 l engine considered. i.e. 460, 302, 351 what is it?
how do tou repair a brake leak in your brake lone on your car?
Is yours flat?
Is it important to warm up your car for a few minutes before moving it? and, why?
when i press the brake pedal in my car it makes a wushing noise like there is air in the brakes any ideas ????
my car has new eng. & trans. it will start but not move. why?
Why can't we use plain water as brake fluid instead of the DOT 3 or DOT 4 brake fluid?
Is it possible that I need a tune up?
best motor oil?
What car gets the best gas mileage?
where can i wax my car if i live in an appartment?
I just changed the rotors and brake pads on my 02 Explorer XLS and they still squeak when I brake. Why?
Overheating dnt knw whatelse to do?
The blower motor is working, but no warm air at all from the outlets. Suzuki Sidekick 89. Need help, please.?
Buick Regal Custom trouble starting up, and stalled while driving.?
is synthtic oil compapatiable with regular oil in auto's?
does tinting car windows on a 56 chevy Belair affect it in a car show?
I need an inspection on my Chevy S-10, but they say I need a new elder arm. What is it and what's the cost?
What is a good price for an oil change?
my auto door will not close and the part will not move in order for it to shut. any suggestions?
Is mobile one 5w30 oil little darker than other oil??
i have a 1998 dodge dakota im trying to fix the speedometer i cant find the cable on the transmision no on t s
my car lost its coolant but no leak put defrost on high heat but was coming out cold?
Question about EGR valve...?
Problem starting my car.?
94 honda civic ex 1.6 (mif) v-tech. holding back?
can you rebuild an alternator to put out more amps?
Do higher RPMs always use more gas?
I brakes squeak. Will Silicone Lubricant Spray help the squeaking to go away, or lubricant spray with Teflon?
why does diesel cost more than petrol it costs much less to refine?
My car heat/air con smells of radiator fluid.What is wrong with it?
How do I know where my engine coolant is leaking?
What damage can happen to your car if you put in 10-30 oil instead of the manufactuer's recommended 5-20 oil
Help me change my oil???
Can I remove my catalytic converter?
Where can I identify automobile transmissions with schematics?
auto when idling goes high and then low and back what is the problem ? thanks?
Why does my1989 Honda Prelude transmission only grinds and sometimes misses when shifting into second gear?
What would make my rear main seal go out as soon as its replaced?
would an ECU from an automatic car work on a manual 5 speed car?
Where can I dispose of my old oil after I change my car's oil?
rostra aftermarket cruise control any good?
i get a taping in my engine, but when i press my clutch a little it shops?
Gas mileage/gear selection question 1985 Crown Vic?
how to put a motor on a go cart?
lotus esprit, interior light engages starter motor?
so you put in antifreeze for the winter are you supposed to drain it and put in water for the summer?
Adding horsepower to my 89 foxbody?
I am trying to install LED signal and brake lights on my vehicle but it keeps blowing a fuse. What is cause?
What would make a Kia Rio shake and shudder and engine light come on?
My car pulls to one side?
BMW E36 starting problem?
my car shakes when idle is low. please help. (detailed)?
Vehicle VIN Numbers.?
Mass Air Flow Problem!?
can you drive a car with a broken strut?
Changed Battery And Alternator But Now.....?
Why does my 1993 Camaro shake?
Is the $250 maaco paint job any good or is it just a waste money and time?
Has anyone heard of a 250psi Portable Gas Compressor?
my corsa has oil leaking out from the wheel arches of both front wheels.?
If I leave my lights on by accident how long does it take to auto shut off?
Worth of a car with a rebuild engine?
Tyres slowly deflating but no puncture?
About how much does it cost to get my oxygen sensor replaced?
i got a new timing belt and now my car is crap:(?
does anyone have a theory as to why my 89 dodge colt vista 2.0L. died while driving it down the hwy?
when changing tie rod ends, is it necessary to change both when only one is bad?
at how many miles should i change my camshaft?
Car started then died...what happened?
when i change my deisel fuel Pump in the vehicle with a used one, what is the chance to operate idealy?
I heard putting a cup of diesel in your engines oil beofre a oil change cleans the valves?
What do I put in the trunk of my Ford Mustang to help put weight down for driving in the winter?
i have a 1973 nova with a 250 i6 and a 2 speed powerglide i want to swap eng and put in a 305 will trans work?
Should you change both headlamps on your car at the same time?
Lights Flickering Car not starting?
I have a battery charger for deep cycle batteries, will it work on car batteries?
are turbos for the saab 900 and the saab 9-5 compatible?
What does blank graduations stand for on drum micrometer?
How do i clean the coolant tank?
if i take my cell battery out wen my cell got soaked will it work again wen it is dry?
texan wire wheels? (30 spoke wheels)?
A/C condenser needs to be replaced?
Please help me ??? :)?
96 Jeep Cherokee not getting spark?
Why does the Diesel engine continue to run after I have turned it off?
how do you pop the door on a 1993 nissan sentra when the keys are inside and all you have is a coathanger?
is there any way i can remove scratches from my windscreen,?
what is causing the power steering in my car to sound like a moan when making turns?
Check Engine Light Will Not Turn Off?
why would the check engine light flash at me?
sometimes my car shocks me?
Help with car problems!!!?
how much would it cost to customize my car the way i want?
What would make the check engine light come on and make the engine misfire?( possible sputter not sure)?
can i get free onlinevolkswagon motor repair advice?
Screeching noise coming from my engine in the morning?
How do I pop the hood on a '65 Mustang?
My antifreeze is thick and brown,what would cause this?
can plastic ruin a metal grinding or grind wheel?
is it illegal to drive without the winscreen washers working (not wipers)?
cost of replacing solenoids?
white smoke from exausht but goes away after a few mintues and happeneds periodic?
My husband has a 96 ranger and it is really loud. How do we take alot of the noise off?
Turn Signals on 1989 Chevy Pickup not working?
What fuses do i change in my 1998 vw passat for the inside lights and the horn? Helpppp? x?
RaceMOD Performance Module?
2000 buick regal ls add turbo?
I replaced the starter,cam and crank sensor and i still have problems starting my car .. 1996 infiniti i30?
how to turn off the air bags light and seat belt light on a 2003 jeep grand cherokee larado?
Most automatic transmissions will not start in any gear except park or....?
i need to know were i can buy a manfold adapter and linkage for a 200 l6 ford maverick 1970?
What is EFI maening in Auto mobil?
Key won't turn in ignition!?
how do i replace a kia sportage 2000 timing belt? need a diagram or directions thanks so much?
how do you remove ink from a cardboard box from my leather interior of my car?
i have a mustang and i washed the engine now the car runs like a riding lawn mower, waht should i do?
What's the problem? battery or alternator?
Do you think this is a bad alternator or what?
I have a 1993 Ford Probe. It runs alright, but It doesn't go in reverse?
Ford 1999 contour where is the cam position sensor and crank position sensor located at on the car?
1992 nissan pathfinder no power and exhaust manifold leak with loud noise from motor?
can i just keep putting oil in my car without getting an oil change?
Car a/c clutch wont disengage?
How do I make a Mercedes Benz Gl450 Exhaust sound better?
Can I put 10w 40 yamalube in my car?
1997 caddy?
What are lifter noises?
fog machine for a car?
what is the budget car with the least plastic used in the interior?
My 97 Mustang overheated and now has water in the oil, does that mean a new engine or can this be fixed?
When after small accident does getting car into alignment mean the actual factory specs?
Whats the worst that can happen for not using a catalytic converter on the street?
I had to jump start my car today and now it wont stay started unless i keep the gas pedal pressed any ideas?
the air from my tires comes out(3 tires) and they new tires what should i do?
where can i find the turn signal flasher in a 2003 mitsubishi eclipse?
do i have to adjust my valves if i put in some cam gears on my 99 eclispe gs?
I have a 93 JGC won't start, is this the security system?
How do you clean a truck that has been stuck in mud?
2008 Ford f350 driver side front axle stuck (ball joint replacement)?
Can anyone help with my Cadillac Deville Ragtop?
MY 1999 TOYOTA TACOMA PRE RUNNER squeals upon taking my foot off the gas.?
Can someone help to identify the vehicle this car seat belongs to?
Why are both tires on passenger side wearing faster?
Why does my Chevy Camaro's battery drain as I'm driving?
1994 Chevy Suburban 350 5.7 ltr. Having trouble finding correct air sensors?
changed spark plugs and saw there was oil in a few holes?
raise torque or horsepower?
what could i do So My 24'' rims Dont hit?
OK What exactly in involved in the powertrain? Like in the warranty?
Is it safe to drive an hour with a broken fan belt?
What is an ECM on Chevy Trailblazer?
how much do spark plugs cost for a 2000 ford exepedition 4.6L?
1999 Rodeo, with a bad hesitation problem?
How important is increasing the mileage on your car?
with out buying anything how can i make my exhaust on my car louder?
My car is just under a year old and the steering wheel has started to judder?
shift pattern for a oliver 55 tractor?
is it safe to drive a vehicle that needs a hub assembly-wheel bearings?
lead is not often used in solder anymore. why not?
If you throw a brick at a car window and it doesnt break?
Stalling issue 2003 Pontiac Sunfire?
Mitsubishi A/C Heater Problems?
the water temp sender unit has broken off inside engine.The nut and the threaded piece have come out but the l
my error code is DTC 32, evhaust gas recurculation error?
Stolen Cat Is there much scrap value in a catalytic converter. Just had one stolen from our van last night?
2001 chevy s-10 2.2 liter engine standard trans. how do you roll car an get it to start. have turned key on?
Removing Instrument cluster on 02 Intrepid?
What make of car is Superman carrying on the cover of Action Comics #1 (1938)?
What does blue smoke coming out of vehicle mean?
vuaxhall vectra?
Chrysler 3.5L crank no start?
how do i fix a bent muffler without buying a new one?
how many months do i change oil on a car?
Am I riding the clutch on my 2008 Mustang Gt?
Car detailing service?
What is causing my security system to prevent my car from starting?
No O-2 sensor on my 1991 Crown Victoria?
How can I view an owners manual for a Buick Centry 1995?
Check engine light?
need website for aftermarket car parts?
My left front brake (Acura 99 3.0 CL) is leaking brake fluid and the car isnt braking. Cost to fix? thanks?
I own a 78 F150 and its time for a new carb. please help?
Will this do any damage to the cars?
Ok, so I replaced the spark plugs,wires and coil pack. still has no power and misfires under hard acceleration?
1995 Plym Voyager a/c - defroster question?
Volvo service manual on a f-613 truck?
remote starter does not work?
I have a Pontiac Grand AM 2002 it has a grinding noise in the drive side front wheel it is not the brake?
what doe it mean when the service engine soon light comes on but the car is running fine?
Is there any thing that you can put in your transmission(auto) so it will run smoother?
Why doesn’t the air pressure in a tire change when you add weight to the vehicle?
engine is running way to rich, too much fuel. how do i fix this problem .car is fuel injected.?
Why isn't the car lighter working? (all the fuses seem fine)?
how to reset oil pressure light on a 2003 fiesta finesse?
how to install a traz into chevy sprit?
where is the thermostat on a 2000 dodge intrepid located?
i have been hearing a high pitch whining sound and the instrument panel lights flickered.?
how long should your car heat in winter?
Bad brake problem please help?
I want to install some neon lights on my car?
How do I disengage electronic transmission shift lock in 2000 Chevy Tahoe?
does anyone know how to change tickover speed on a 1992 nissan sunny?
Xentex HID broken wire?
I have a 1997 Cavalier with no heater blower.?
if the thermostat in my cars can i improvise without buying 1?
why is my car squealing?
Would this die out my car battery faster?
The gas I but is 10% ethanol, is that good or bad for my car?
Is there a website that gives you average costs for vehicle repairs?
would a bad theromstat cause your temperature gauge not to work?
Should I buy this Jeep Grand Cherokee?
If the motor in my 2000 civic overheats will it damage the automatic transmission?
I smacked my back rear tire on a curb after going into a dead spin on Ice?
what would the yellow fluid be from 1997 olds achiva be?
How do you remove spray paint from the side of a car?
is it illegal to spary paint my car?
oil filter slackened off?
Did my motor blow up?
i have a 1990 silverado,with a 5.7 tbi motor..what should my oil pressure be?
Can i drive my jeep if the radiator fan is not working?
red leather interior anyone?
car wont start with fully charged battery?
Car pulls to the right and I have to drive with the steering wheel slightly left of center no noises any ideas
Car doesn't start / turn over, makes single click...then silence?
what would cause transmission to lose power?
Is it bad to be in neutral and hit the gas and quickly shift to drive?
does a fuel pump make the o2 sensors codes come up?
what happens inside a car battery when it is being used, like HOW it generates electricity?
Is this estimate for repair right or overpriced?
94 grand am cooling fan..?
Do I really have to use premium gasoline in my 1997 Acura 3.5RL?
at what wind speed will can of spray paint not work?
what color??!!?!?!?!?!?
how do you replace an alternator on a 2003 escape?
would I be safe to buy a blower motor from a junk yard for my heat to work in my car ?
2005 Dodge Ram 1500 Lost Power?
My radio in my 2000 Pontiac Montana has calibrate on it so I need to get it calibrated, can I do this?
Will an auto repair center force me to fix my broken headlight?
Can dyno tuning increase any horse power out of a stock engine?
What brand of oil should I use?
99 Accord - Gear shift indicator lights on dash not working after repair?
volvo car parts for a 1990 sedan dl240?
How do I fit a muffler/exhaust tip on my oval tip 2001 Honda Odyssey?
1995 Eclipse Engine Problem?
What are these auto mechanic tools?
Where do people buy parts for thier car interior?
Is my mechanic ripping me off? Help!?
Tryed to start my truck this mmorning cranked for a few secs then quit? Whats wrong? ?
what will happen to my car?
what wires need to be hook up to the engine for it to start?
Why is my car engine overheating?
what is making the gas go up in price?
Spark plug is wet with oil ,Why?
Is it okay if one of my back wheels hit a curb going 7mph?
my car makes a poppin noise when i turn and its not my tie rods, or ball joints. what else could it be?
Car has ed head.?
2004 dodge caravan side pan cover?
Headlight advice needed?
Is i ford 302 engine out of a 1990 lincoln town car a roller cam motor?
96 Geo Tracker failed Emissions test.?
Slow starts with my Blazer.?
cant find my car keys anywhere what do i do?
What's the price of gas where you're at?
ford fiesta diesel engine stays running when i turn ignition off WHY?
Where can I get a lowering kit for cheap for a 1975 Toyota with leaf springs?
what is that liquid dripping from the muffler on the car?
Ihad my viehicle towed to be repaired @ an auto repair shop that has the word Irishman in it can u help? It w,
Where can I get some good car window decals?
civic's A/C Compressor?
how do you fix a cars gasoline gauge?
What can I use to glue plastic to metal?
Clutch problems on a skyhawk bike motor!!?
can a bad thermostat run your car battery down?
car wont start all it does is click under the hood?
How do I not sound stupid at the mechanic's?
Any mechanics to answer my auto question?
Will Lucas Transmission fix fix a leak with the pump seal?
Dealer Service on Jeep Grand Cherokee 00?
Stop engine oil leak product?
how much air should tires on my honda have?
The formula for calculating V-belt length (pulleys)?
add dipstick for colbolt a.t.?
Help with a ticking lifter?
Please HELP!!! When I go get a smog check, do I have to change my oil first?
how do i get ice off of a car window?
Repairing plastic to plastic on auto grille , what is the best adhesive and any tricks bonding 2 pieces ?
car carries on running when i stop?
what type of caburator to put on a 350 with aluminum intake.?
My chek engine light went on in my 2004 toyota corolla ce...theres about 13,700 miles on it...what is the prob
can i put plastic film over a brake light lens legally in calif.?
da light wont switch off!?
What is the value of a 1965 Mustang convertible that is all apart but all there and what would it cost to put?
where can i get a left handed sdrewdriver from ?
What is this name of this part?
what kind of fuel does a M998 HMMWV use?
Best method to remove graphics from a truck body?
I have a 97 eclispe and the left blinker wont stop blinking. What do I do.?
Front car wheel snapped while driving....HELP!!!?
Red Diesel?
Why should Britain have MOTs and EEC countries dont?
AC is not working well ... Lincon town car 1997?
Why did my dad check the oil, water and transmission fluid in my moms car yesterday before he went to work?
my power steering fluid is brown?
What meant by the "Torque" of a vehicle?What is the relation between torque and Mileage?
how to tell the difference between 02 sensos?
after market converter from v6 to enviromentally friendly car.?
My brakes are grinding in the front. I need to bring my car in for a brake job.?
2 cycle oil in 4 cylinder engine?
94 Thunderbird LX 4.6 loses RPM after driving on highway and slowing down...why?
What little inexpensive modifications can i do to my 84 chevy 305 4bbl 5spd t5?
leatherette seat cover question?
I strongly advise a experience and knowlegable driver and/or tuner answer my question please?
Why does my steering wheel shake when I apply the brakes?
Is it safe to put an egg on the radiator of a car as a sealant?
how can i clean and restore the yellowed cloudy headlights on my ford?
91 buick riviera factory alternator?
Do you think oil additives such as Slick 50 are any good for reducing friction .?
Help me diagnose my car problem?
94 jeep soft top new but fits to loose?
does anyone no how to get the cigar lighter out of a renault espace, its doing my head in. can anyone help ?
My car battery light in the dashboard is on?
Will ford 351 cylinder heads fit a ford 360?
car scratches on a black vauxhall astra?
I just bought a 96 jeep cherokee how do I shift to 4 wd part time and back to 2wd?
can you change a gasoline engine to take in diesel fuel?
what would cause the starter to run but now engage the flywheel on my 2000 chevy astro?
My Saturn 1995 sl2 smoking from tailpipe and slight from under hood (white smoke) HELP?
96 Eldorado IAT Sensor 1-curcuit High Input problems not sure!?
Ford Galaxy losing power, why?
what problems can be caused by my brake fluid being past max line?
does anyone know how do to a rear brake conversion on a Toyota Camry from drum to disc?
Where can I friggen work on my friggen car?
my 1990 honda accord is smoking. what should I do?
Will a bad fuel sending unit on a 2001 brick century cause the check engine light to come on?
how much should a 2001 buick century C1225 and C1226 sensor cost to fix? parts and labor...?
how do I install a fuel filter?
what is going on with my car?
If my car always stay at a high temperature, what's wrong with it? How can I deal with it?
Removing stickers from cars,?
How can I tell if a tire is good?
1997 Toyota 4Runner start up problem?
Is it my battery? Or could it be the alternator?
Ford f 350 diesel wont crank?
What is a Rotary Engine?
can i put a 98' escort ztech engine in a 99' ford escort?
Who would be the responsible party for my flat tire?
When does the alternator charge the battery.?
Is it illegal to use veggie oil in your diesel car?
Car door panel sticking?
when should you get a full service as apposed to the annual service?
Can I use my Maruthi 800 battery to light a two 11w CFL bulb when the power goes off?
my 1987 Toyota pickup has shorts in the electrical system,could this be caused by the tranny computer?
camaro engine issues?
Onan emerald 4000 wont stay running only works when i use starter fluid in the intake and carb?
If you are purchsing a salvaged car in the USA due to Katrina water damage?
How To Tell If A Liquid Is Petrol?
Peugeot 306 HDI '99 remote cencors?
How is it possible that a piston simply doing its downstroke suck air thru the intake manifold?
How to remove Car odour?
my 2002 youkon ran out of gas. how can i get it started?
Where is the Fuse for a passenger side power window in a 2001 Corvette?
When should a Tecumsech 3.5 horsepower engine spark?
Help! Took car to repair shop driving fine, now I can't drive it at all?
any front end experts out there? This has me perplexed.?
How hot should brakes get.?
El camino 84 interior. Can i paint the interior panels without a backyard paint job look?
what is the loud humming noise or grinding noise in my 97 saturn please help?
How would you spin a bottle cap to close it?
My truck makes a shhhh sound when I accelerate the air pedal.?
Fixing reverse on Jaguar x type?
Can a 4 cylinder engine take premium fuel / gas?
How can I fix or do about my 95 honda civic dx that is consuming a lot of oil?
hydraulic system on 1986 ford medium heavy conventional truck hydraulic hoses busted need guide?
What are the names of these car engine parts?
does any one know the routing for vacum hoses on a 1984 camaro w/4 barrell carb.?
Do I have a chance of getting Mazda to replace my engine??
My car runs fne until I go uphill and then loses power-this is a new thing what is wrong?
Can you check a therm. sensor with an ohm meter?
(emergency) how to break into a car (rav4) its mine?
hit a deer the other night, how to manually open my hood??
My car will go in to 1st 3rd and 5th gear (stick forward) but not 2nd 4th or 6th (stick back). Diagnosis?
got good brakes to stop but after holding them a couple seconds they start sinking to the floor?
why does my fuel pump stay on?
how much would it cost plus labor to replace a water pump in my 92dodge spirit.the 4cylinder base mode?
Is it ok to put a 150 watt light bulb into a light socket?
Car almost stalls in rain, screeching noise?
I have a 2005 Nissan Altima and it won't start.?
Why aren't shocks on a car mounted vertical?
looking for clutch slave cylinder for a 1990 isuzu fargo 2000cc gasoline engine?
how long can you go without changing your cars oil?
how often should you put air in your tires?
I just recently had a new starter put in my car and my car still screams sometimes. What could be the problem?
I have a 97 VW Jetta that makes a ticking sound, its worse when its cold.?
Will the engine out of a 2002 toyota sienna fit into a 2000 lexus rx300 both 1mzfe 3.0. if not whats different?
Driveway Replacement of A/C Compressor?
Car shaking in idle, while stopped and travelling over 40mph?
what starter motor number should i buy?
2004 Mazda 3 replace or rebuild?
My car still overheats!?
my toilet is clogged up with my dodo?
How do I unlock my car with the security alarm on?
I have 1998 ford taurus. The heat has been blowing cold. I replaced the thermostat and it is still cold. The?
What happens when you put tampons in a gas tank?
how do I change brake pads on a 1998 VW beetle coupe?
2003 Ford Explorer Engine Shaking?
Changing My Tacoma timing belt this weekend.?
I smell mold when I open my car window. How can I get rid of it if it's in the door frame?
I need ball joints for my vehicle?
400 ford motor?
what is the firing order for a 1997 GMC SIERRA?
Does this sound like a con?
What the best way to gain more horse power fast in a stock engine ford mustang 2000?
Car battery cable came loose tightened cable car started, drove then died 5 minutes later?
what is wheelabrate finish?
I am hearing a flapping noise when changing the hot/cold lever on 00 Windstar.Only blows cold,temp guage is ok
Where are the crank, cam, and coolant temp sensors in 2003 taurus?
My car won't stay running, what could be wrong?
How can I break my car?
How do I change the oil on my car if it's lowered and a jack wont fit under it?
Speedometer needle not working?
Should i get angel eyes on my focus?
How much should a clutch replacement on a 1997 Subaru Outback cost?
where are cylinders are located in cars?
international dt4600 engine location thermostat?
problem with clutch on automatic?
Why do you think my mom sit in her car while my dad checked the oil in her car for her?
will a car not get a spark if the camshaft sensor is bad?
How do you remove a destroyed oil filter?
what does it mean when they say "The carb needs some adjusting,"?
how can i get a dealer plate for a detailing shop?
Vehicle emission test?
Car is acting like its running out of gas with full tank, whats wrong?
How do you clean car seatbelts?
Why do my brakes squeal after I recently replaced them?
Truck dies at idle and no power when gassing it?
check engine light on 03 beetle?
How do i know if my car battery is dying?
how long does it take for an 02 sesnor to reset?
Camshaft Sensor question.?
how do you remove a tailgate off of a 1995 gmc serria 1500?
Where can I get lights for my car's kickboard?
where can i buy some of the screws that screw the side pannels into the interior of my car to keep it secure?
Where does all the used motor oil go?
In a timed fuel-injection system, the air-to-fuel ratio is usually controlled by?
How long will it take for a 12 gallon air compressor to run of of air?
what is the biggest engine you can put in a 97 V6 toyota tacoma body?
what oil filter should i use?
What is wrong with my Car?
hydrolic fluid for dumptruck ,what kind is best ,, the pump is 20 years old?
Turning sharp left makes a noise.?
why when it leaks this condensation is it leaking inside my car?
e-locker posi unit installation?
what common problems occur with ford taurus's?
What is the best engine to put in a '69 Camaro?
why does my 97 taurus temp guage go to the red when i stop but go back down when i start driving over 30 mph?
Car help, weird humming noise (update)?
Yamaha Warrior 350 starter problems?
how do i change rear brake shoes on a 1998 dodge stratus?
My motor won't crank...?
Update: Why wont my car start?
How do I break into my car?
Putting a posi in my 70 chevelle, does it go straight in?
what is D.I.S. ignition on a car?
What will happen if you fill your whole car tank with water?
Is no-clutch shifting bad on the transmission?
how do you remove a snaped nut?
could this be the alternator on our 1999 expedition?
Revving car engine for too long?
My car won't keep coolant, is blowing white smoke, and the heat is also acting up. what is wrong?
I just bought a car and want to remove the ugly dealership sticker off the back. What's the best way?
why does my car crank for a while b4 starting?
How do i change the fuel pump on a Toyota 1995 4runner. Do i have to drop the entire tank? Can anyone help me!?
what octane gas should i use?
how much for a new panel fiesta mk6?
2008 Nissan Altima transmission?
94 Camaro weird transmission issue?
car running funny after replacing valve cover gaskets and spark plugs.?
how can I stop my car radiator from leaking?
Would a car be able to move if the gas line was damage/broken?
How to install a kick in honda stunner bike?
how much would it cost to repair a small broken window?
Why is my heater blowing cold air, when I just changed heater core?
i am not happy with my starlet ep71 brake system.i change the brake pads but all the same.but the real problem?
who can tell me how much the interlock system for a car is?
Cause of this Tire wearing?
Last night my drivers side back wheel froze up, and won't move just slides..any ideas???
Is it a waste to buy a used Chevy Impala with 90,000 miles on it?
How do you stop your car from rusting more?
How do I remove rainwater that have crystallized on my windshield?
how can i tell how old my diehard battery is ??
how can i get the factory air?
Do I need to spend the money to fix with a belt or no?
Car immobiliser problem, keys?
ez go 99 freedom golf cart. Right rear wheel turns fine but left rear wheel has limited drive. Problem? Help.?
Run engine without coolant to move it?
my 86camaro has no power and backfires when you put any stress on the engine need all the help i can get pleas?
Is it illegal to drive with a hole in your exhaust pipe?
Should the flywheel be covered if the starter is going to be off for a while?
Can you install a Turbo on a Automatic car?
Fixing real mileage on firebird?
What do i do with my old starter?
i got a huge dent in my dads truck...what do i do ?!??!?!?
2004 nissan altima window problems?
What's the best way to detail my car?
Windshield issues with Fairlane.?
What are the best brand of tools?
How much does a torque wrench.....?
Will an auto repair shop do the labor if I buy the parts elsewhere?
i want to know will i lose performance if i buy a spectre cai with a aem filter for a rx8?
where is the thermostat on the 2000 ford taurus ses?
car leaking, what is it?
Central locking not working?
Would 33 inch super swampers fit on my Mercury Mountaineer?
how can you tell if a clutch is going bad?
Water spots! Water spots on my civic!!!?
how to wire a volkswagen engine?
Why is my 2003 Chevy Malibu eating coolant/anti-freeze?
Explain why a battery of ten dry leclanche cells, each of emf. 1.5 volts cannot be used in place of a motor ca?
New tyre went flat immediately?
how to tune in a new carb on a 63 galaxie?
How long can the auto body shop keep your car if you don't pay them?
i have a 96 dodge ram 1500 with a cold starting problem and an overheating problem. do you have any sugestions
whats the right motor oil for a peugeot 206 built in 2005 , Petrolengine 1.1?
Will a chevrolet 305 fit in 1984 GMC Jimmy?
why spark plugs r not used in desiel engines ?
Problems with a Jack?
2 starters in two days, whats wrong?
Is water based spray on wipe off Turtle Wax ok to use on a 2004 car?
where can i buy a timing chain tensioner for a ford taurus sho v8?
why does my automotive battery overcharge as i have fitted a new regulator?
What is wrong if oil in car is going all mayo looking when i open oil cap,sort of cream pasty stuff?
Should a car battery be charged periodically, even if the voltage(s) are within acceptable ranges?
What is the best product on the market to remove or cover up scrapes and scuffs on black/Grey car bumpers?
Rough idle when cold?
How much should I be prepared to spend on recalibrating the engine on a car I have modified?
Dead battery can it cause this?
what oil is better for your car, penzoil or valvoline?
Mcpherson strut sping shoe by GP Tools #GP-2020 large shoe#A-42?
My car losses oil about 300ml?
GUYS...What's a fuse in a fuel pump?
Shell makes 13 billion a year profit and you have to pay to inflate your tyres?
I have a 1999 mercury sable power window problem?
I have a squeaky belt in the mornings. how do i fix it?
How much is a back windshield replacement going to cost?
I need a vacum diagram for a 2.2 motor in a 1987 dodge dakota?
would 18 inch alloys fit this vauxhall astra??? need hlp plzzz?
Nissan Micra cross member replacement?
weird carb problem (I Think)?
any GM certified mechanics?
My cambelt broke but there was no clattering noise, does this mean that no damage to valves or pistons?
I removed the CV shaft from my 99 nissan quest. What's the best way to clean the outer CV joint?
My car battery has one dead shell. Does it affect on the alternator ?
What is the best brake fluid for a 2000 ML320?
windshield wippers stopped in upright position?
Wont start not the fuel pump or relay switch what could it be?
What is the BEST material to dry your black car with do avoid scratches?
Whining noise from front of car, in gear?
How do I get bigger rims on my '68 Cadillac Eldorado?
I have a 94 grand am that's needs it's front struts replaced what's the best way to remove them myself ?
any suggestions on selling my car aside from craigslist or autotrader?
What can I do to have a smoother ride?
Transmission grinding into gear?
How to take apart seat belt buckle. ?
Check engine light appears then goes...?
why does my tempurature shoot up afterr im stopped at a light? or just anywere? no weird smells or anything?
where can i get a copy of the owner's manual for a '99 corolla?
leaving a car parked for 3 months without driving it.?
my car makes a scraping noise but stop when i step on the brakes?
why does my 2000 ford windstar sputter and stall at idle?
is it good for your car when you put the gas pedal to the floor?
Does a 79' c10 with a 350 have to have a catalytic converter?
what should i do to a car that hasn't been started in a year and a half. Besides jumping it.?
what tpye of oil dose the jeep leberty 2.8-liter turbodiesel inline-4 eng take?
my car heater does not work but the temp guage remains at normal, I am losing some water too.?
I was driving my car and it suddenly cut out when i stopped at a road?
can i replace the exernal mirror of a peugeot 206 from 2001 with the one o a 206 from another year?? both are?
my car is leaking transmission fluid, what are the possible reasons?
What would cause a 1984 Fiero to not engage the gears?
Smoke from exhause upon start-up?
Car is not starting, what could be the problem?
It it legal to completely remove a car's emblem and model labels?
is there anything extra i can put on my head gasket to help the seal?
Are Cadillac Escalades expensive to repair?
toro 5hp snow blower carb problem?
My car has trouble starting!?
I got a flat tire, what can I do?
OOOPS. Just put my mobile through the washer. Will it work again????
How to get better gas mileage out of my 05 silverado...?
transmission fluid is black?
how much would it cost to swap a V6 3.8 to 350 turbo motor?
Engine cleaning help?
Most cars if not all have its recommended tire pressure stamped right by the driver's door...?
Why does my 01 Ford Ranger accelerate slowly?
I dropped a nail polish remover in my patent leather bag,is there any way I could remove it?
How do I get the headlamp out of my 99 Mitshubsi Mirage? What is holding it in? Is the front lense easy to pop
Why do my car keep cutting off?
Where can i find an under hood wiring harness for 1973-87 chevy truck?
My car smells like burning oil?
305 chevy ,92 van. replaced map cencor, o2 cencor,plugs wires, filters air and fuel,still runs as though starv
Need to install new tailipe on 1988 GMC Jimmy. Need a diagram.?
i think i broke my dad's car?
If the dodge dart offerd a turbo 1.4 160hp and 2.0 160hp both same gas mileage rating, which one?
97 Ford F150, my brake lights don't work but my tail lights do?
Where can I find this engine (2.0L 195hp I4)?
how do i fix a power steering leak in an 1991 oldsmobile 88?
How much does it cost to get a new dog bone mount?
does VW warranty cover 17" rims?
how much of a gain would i get from this setup on my car?
what does 6 poster mean in automobile industry?
1994 Dodge Intrepid A/C problem?
how can i get better traction in the snow with my truck?
I ran my car out of gas we put gas in it it cranks but wont start what should i do first to make it run ?
Are Craftsman tools still made in the USA?
1997 buick lesabre transmission hard shift?
How do you remove spray paint from a car?
1988 chevy blazer v.6 starts but will not run is an S10 4.3 auto body help fix it?
Symptoms of a car running low on oil?
I am getting screeching/rattling sound - can it be strut problem?
Symptoms of a car running low on oil?
how do you compress the brake caliper on a Honda?
When is the best time to fill up my tank?
Will a bad transmission solenoid not allow the vehicle to go in any gear?
If my mercedes run out of gas what can i do to get it started?
my battery cables keep caroding about every 6 weeks. how can i stop this from happening?
how do i get water out of my T-shirt?
where can i find a fuel line for 99 ford taurus?
Car battery Died after oil change?
who installs performance chips on dodge trucks?
Dodge Man got a question for you?
When and where did the MOT test begin and how has it changed down the ages?
Should a check-engine light turn off automatically if the problem gets fixed?
How do you fix a car door that wont open from the outside?
What noise does a roflcopter make?
Grinding sound coming from right front when making a sharp right turn.?
when the automakers go bankrupt,what happens to the spare parts?
would it be illegal to completely replace a cars body?
where can i find a 1992 dodge caravan radiator for under $90.00?
How does engine blowyy get vented into the valve cover? What path through engine?
why does my car keep dieing?
electric problem 2000 chevy 1500 silverado?
Will a car with a ed windscreen pass a M.O.T ?
where is the sensor 1 bank 1 on a malibu?
what is the most effective way to remove baked on brake dust from my vintage 45 rims?
do's anyone know how to fix high idle on adodge intrepid 1997?
Are aftermarket headlights of better quality than OEM?
No indicating light for low windshield washer fluid?
how do you get the drum off?
Does anyone know the website that has a tabletop Aurora V8 on it?
if i pull my fuse for my abs system does it not work no more?
2000 chevy venture mini van 3.4L engine check engine light came on,runs like crap and the light flicker?
What are some possible reasons an engine is smoking?
Is there any benefir to using Premium unlead over regular unleaded in my Kia Rio?
What are the cars that is not easy to find parts for.?
Where is the fuel filter located in eclupse?
what made my engine light ,followed by a chime come on?
I have stored my Interstate car battery for 2 years. Can it still be used? Battery is 3 yrs old.?
My car wont start, what could be wrong?
Two Tone tints?
Did this garage over charge me; I couldn't refuse after they gave me the £592 quote as it was undrivable?
In a recent storm the ventshade on my Jeep window was loosened. How do I remove the old tape to reinstall?
what could be the cause or my toyota aveneis ideling badly egr valve has been cleaned and new fuel filt?
My turn signals on my 95 buick regal wont flash?
scratches on my bumper?
What is the coolant capacity of the Vauxhall Astra?
How Much is GAS where your located??
How many qts.of oil does a 1991 4.3L 4x4 S-10 hold?
antifreeze in the washer fluid tank?
what is the liqued that comes out of the exhaust pipe of a car?is it not sopposed to leak?what is it called?
2006 Honda Accord windows rattle?
i own an 91mod bmw alpina b10 v8...?
where do i find a SRDET20 engine for a 1998 nissan sentra?
I turned my steering wheel funny after I shut off the car and now it's stuck and the car won't turn!
HELP! Sheared off screw head?
My tire looks really crooked and it wobbles after I changed the brakes?
How do i turn off the passlock feature on a '00 Chevy Malibu?
how can I tell what kind of driveshaft i have on my 1995 4x4 chevy truck, x-cab, M/T?
why won't my ford ranger 1993 4.0 v6 start?
what spark plug wire gose to witch distributor post for a 1983 GMC 5.0L 305ci?
My '98 Dodge Neon won't start?
how do you adjust the cruise control on a 1997 chevy 1500 truck w/ 350 engine?
car windows fogging up?
accidently poured water where oil goes whats gonna happen?
What is the ECO light mean when it comes on in a 1993 Mitsu. Diamante?
i hit the curb in my vauxhall zafira. what possible damage could i have done?
Anyone got a door & front fender for a 98 Toyota Tacoma?
how do i get my remote door locks to work on my 1989 buick park avenue?
I am buying new head bolts for my chevy 283 engine. which are better Mr. Gasket or Victor Reinz?
i need a vw camper repair garage in the or close to birmingham.?
Is it true that the more cold air goes into your engine the more horse power you get?
I'm trying to remove the hub assembly on a 1992 Ford F150?
I recently changed a coil on my 02 Fiesta but the orange engine warning light remained do I get it off
If GM is doomed, the price of replacement parts?
What can i do with my 81 chevy throttle?
1990 honda accord puttering loss of power.?
What is WVA number of brake pads?
What is the flushing noise my car is making?
What is a volt meter? and how do I use it to check and see why my central air is only blowing cold air?
i have a homier farm pro 2420 tractor i ran it out of you know how to prime the injection pump?
My 2000 Grand Prix has unstable rpm's when i'm cruising around 50 mph, and let off the gas, sensor problem?
how do i open the fuel tank on my holden vectra 1998?
How to check if a wheel bearing is bad?
infinity Q45, charging problem????
car wont start?
What should the tire pressure be on my car?
how do i change my blinker fluid?
There is a rattling coming from the left side of my dashboard, how do I fix it?
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