Please tell me the cost of the new Honda City Rear bumper paint work. my car color is taffeta white.?
I need a fusebox diagram for a 1991 Chrysler LaBaron?
How much gas a Van consumes?
does running the airconditioner in your car use more gas?
Automatic Transmission question?
How do you know if you threw a rod in your car?
i have replaced the lug nuts on my tire 3x in two months after getting a complete suspension system installed.?
Is expensive car oil worth it?
How can i scrap my car?
Why won't my 2002 MR2 Spyder start?
GM 4L60E trans issues?
My motor oil is really low? Could that cause my "reverse" gear to go out? :(?
Help..Somethings wrong with my car?
My Girlfriend Smoked In My Car?
Where can I find inexpensive parts for my 1955 Second Series Chevy truck?
Waste vegetable oil engine/diesel?
should I change the thermostat if the water in the radiator is at a standstill while running?
i think i have a ed engine you think a stop leak product like "block seal" will help?
my car is making a loud rattling noise in engine near were oil goes oil in-any ideas what is it?
Do you think my mom should sit in her car while my dad checks the oil in her car for her?
The Car Starter Position?
What is wrong with my car?! Help!?
Can I still put this antifreeze back into my radiator ?
How hard is it to rebuild a motorcycle?
brake fluid leaking from 94 bonneville (rear passenger tire)?
1971 f100 motor mounts?
where can i download a munaul for a 1989 Pontiac firebird?
How to change a pull start engine into a push start?
Have any of you ever tried the Ding King? Does it really work on body lines?
Keys locked inside car what do i do, no more extra keys.?
my suzki esteem 2001 Engine light on?
I want my first car to be a GM that runs on Ethinol. Is this a smart move?
Can someone help me find a high pitch squeeling noise in my 94 chevy?
I accidentally put a small container of brake fluid in my radiator overflow.?
anyone have experience with LED Headlight/Fog Lights?
It it legal to completely remove a car's emblem and model labels?
rotten egg smell at work.. gas leak?
Rusted strut tower, is it safe to drive?
How much would it cost to get a blown head gasket repaired for a 2001 ford focus ?
what type of oil should be used in a 92 volvo 240?
Should an automatic transmission be shifted to N during long stop at red lights to keep it from overheating?
I have a 2006 Mazda - I was told on a newer car you should change the oil every 3000 miles; True or False?
Is this a DIY job or should I just pay this good mechanic to do this?
Are dodges really pieces of crap? 2000 Dodge Durango?
I took my truck to an oil change place and they recommended a power steering flush. Do I really need this?
wats the best/cheapest ways to restore a car that has been sitting a while?
Where is the thermostat located on a 1998 Chev. Malibu or does it have one?
What is the area wear your belt goes called?
Bottom of car scraped concrete hard.Car is vibrating.Repair cost?
how do i get water out of my T-shirt?
where is and how do i get to the pcv valve on a 1998 ford taraus?
Does steam cleaning a car engine damage it?
how to fix in my van the front panel indicators works?
Where can I find a diagram of my 1997 Chevy Lumina's fuse box?
Any tips or advice on changing an alternator in an 88 Deville?
I have a 2001 S-10 and my transmissiom is stuck in gear & also my transfer is stuck in gear whats the problem?
I'm changing the front brakes of my 2001 malibu chevy, what size are the caliper bolts.?
How do I remove small chips on a windshield?
are 4.3 vortac moters reliable?
were is the (iat)intake air temperature sensor located on a lexus es300 1995?
gsr o2 sensors where and how many?
What will just make my brake fluid disappear from the master cylinder?
Car brake problem? Too much play in brake?
whats wrong with my car?
How to Hotwire a moped?
My 2002 Sable's A/C clutch is a goner, how do I fix?
rattle and acceleration problem?
what can i do about the a/c smell in my car?
What is the name of the thing that the air comes out in the car dashboard? Where the A/C air comes out.?
Where can i find out when albums leak on the internet?
heating does not work on my mazda 323f?
what does it mean when anti-lock brake system light comes on and then goes off?
2000 grand prix replaced drives door using same wire harness now radio not working ?
Should I use an Alternator for my wind gernerator?
When you turn a standard car into a automatic do they remove the clutch off?
What is the best way to keep a new black car's paint in "showroom" condition?
TCM-long term memory error?
plug wires on my grand marque?
what's best way to clean (and afterwards soften) gray leather car seats that have normal wear? (a 98bmw)?
heater quit working in my 98 f150?
if my car has a bad head should i replace the heads and rebuild the whole motor?
where can i find restoration parts for 1966 pontiac catalina?
Which material is the best to dampening the sound in a Lotus Elise MK1?
I have a 96 integra and i need to change my starter, but i cant find it. does anyone know where my starter is?
My friend punched a car and left a big dent and we were wondering how much it would cost to fix.?
how do you release pressure in fuel line on 2002 ford ranger?
Where can I get a free firing diagram for a 1992 Ford F150 truck?
what does the ETS light mean when it comes on in a 99 caviler?
what is the advantage of having more negative camber on the rear tires than the fronts?
Why wont my 2002 cavaliar start got new relay switch and not fuel pump?
where can i find downloadable schematics for converting mini bus into campervan,?
On my car the front ball joints need replacement.?
I cant get the tire off my car the lug nut is rounded off got any ideas?
What could be wrong with my 4-cylinder 95 Chevrolet S-10?
The fluid for my windscreen wipers is not forceful enough to end up on the windscreen. What's wrong?
When i buy buy a carburetor for my truck?
What are effects of a bad catalytic convertor?
i have a ford focus 3dr and my electric window (drivers) goes up really slow any ideas?
bad to rev car in neautral then drop into drive?
i put new brakes pads on my fordtaurus but they still squeak?
how do i set the timing on a 1998 ford explorer?
If your car requires only unleaded regular gas is it okay to change to premium or plus once in a while?
22.5 low-profile truck tires on my 2008 F-350 4x4?
Wanna Change Brake Shoe?
how to change a rack and pinion on a 2005 chrystler t&c?
How much does it cost to add a sunroof to a 2004 Ford Explorer?
Why is my saturn idling high after changing heater core?
what is this wire under my valve cover ?
i have a 2004 eclipse having trouble shifting?
Max RPM of a 90cc chinese atv motor?
My 96 eclipse has severe rust around the front right strut tower... can it be replaced?
How often should we change the oil?
Where can I get information on my 89 Mecury Cougar and how to diegnose electric problems?
Why does my steering wheel drive to the left and feel like the right wheel is more planted?
What type of exhust should I put on my 83 944?
How much horsepower does a 350 have?
i have 10 hp 4 stroke boat moter how do i remove air from gas line?
If my fluids leak and I dont wanna shell out the dough can I just keep an eye on them?
Air Conditioning in a 2004 Nissan Maxima??
My 04 Dodge Neon also shows p0700.?
i cant find a site that has body panels for a 1949 pontiac?
is there any way i could make my car run on fewer cylinders?
My garage has recommended 'Go Faster stripes' for my rather old car. Do they really work?
What are the chances that the internal parts of transmission being damaged due to torque converter going out?
I just bought a 1989 420 SEL Mercedes-benz and the Battery indicator light is now on, but it's not a bright.
Engine knocking 302 motor?
Car Overheats (With additional Problems)?
I have a 1998 Ford Exporer Sport, I want to replace the radio that is bad. How do I take it out.?
How can I fix my break light?
where can i get a cheap bumper for a 2001 cougar?
What are the bumps across the white line.?
Overfilled motor oil?
Can a supercharger be added to a stock 2005 mercury sable, 24v duratech engine??
Check engine light flashing?!?
Is my engine ed?
where to buy a air filter housing?
How do i read a vernier caliper ?
Why does car rotate but not start while the instrument panel lights stopped coming on at the same time?
EMERGENCY! Is it broken!?
husband locked himself out of his brothers jeep cherokee help?
Will using ethanol instead of gasoline harm our cars engines or fuel systems?
How do I change the front wheel bearings on a 1999 Honda Odyssey ? ?
Can a voltage regulator cause your engine to cut out while you're driving?
How do I change a starter on a 1997 Monte Carlo?
i have a 1978 rv, it needs a back brake line put in, How much will this cost me? Also it needs a tune up,?
i have a 97 ford countour gl?
Every year I need a tuneup?
my clutch ?????????????
Toyota highland 2005 problem.?
why does my 97 ford taurus sit so low in the rear?
if i have a body of a car?
Can a Nevada emissions inspector get hired to do the same job in Portland,Oregon?
My car makes a clickling sound when I try to turn could it be my battery?
remove rear window wiper arm 94 buick century wagon?
how much does a Volt battery weigh?
parts repair manual for Kawsakie?
what size hub sucket i need for?
What is a timing chain and why did someone tell me I have to change it when upgrading performance parts?
The neighborhood mechanic says replace the engine but he didn't "test" if it was locked up. Is this right?
how would one go about slicing a tire?
faulty car window lift system.?
how do i fix a gm error code 44/lean condition....?
can you go from synthetic to regular oil?
Please tell me why my 1991 F150 with duel tanks and 300inline six still won't pump after I installed anew pump
My dad wont let mebuy a car?
should i put paint/underseal on my new car exhaust before i fit it?
Why do people use 10W 30 oil when most manufactures call for 5W 30?
help me please!!!!!!?
I have to pump my brakes for them to work. What's wrong with them?
Land rover has weird problems with suspension?
SUV Making a Whistling Noise Need Help?
I have a 99 Ford Expedition-when in park the gear shifter handle looks like it's in reverse-what's wrong?
Is it more fuel efficient to drive with the A/C on or with the windows down?
I've changed the thermostat in my car now what?
how do you change an oil pump on a 98 toyota camry v6 3.0?
Car shakes when releasing clutch from standstill. Burnt smell? What happened?
balance shaft seal leak?
1995 Mustang GT NOT RUNNING RIGHT please help?
Why is diesel fuel so much more expensive than petrol? it used to be cheaper?
Does Painting Flames on my Trans Am, make it Faster?
How often do you maintain your hub bearings on a vehicle?
Disconnect battery , red or black?
i have a 1995 ford taraus when i drive i see white smoke from my exaust but i just had a oil change why?
location of orifice tube on 1998 gmc sonoma?
How many keys do you have on your key ring??
1998 Eclipse Engine Problems?
How do i maintain the soft top on my deville 1996?
What happens when CDI is being short circuited?
is anyone familiar with the passkey 2 theft deterrant system?
Reasons for car battery light coming on?
How can I tune up my car for under $2000?
how do you remove the engine from a ford explorer petrol?
2010 Mercedes E350. What is the E-brake (fix) to enable DVD viewing when in drive?
What to do about my tranny?
1993 speedometer problem?
My car has no pick up I changed mass air flow sensor but still has same problem can it be catalytic converte?
why does a manual car make jerkin motion if you start it wrong?
the oil pan is leaking but none of the part stores seem to have a gasket for the oil pan, what are my options?
Advice on what to do about my insurance company/car garage after car crash?
does your check engine light come on when the oil filter is clogged?
my van is going for its MOT?
tar removal from car?
Cant figure out why my 1990 Crown Victoria is Misfiring?
where is the oil filter located on a 2005 chevy cobalt.?
Ford Focus 1.8 2001 fan question and steering fluid question?
Painting a midsize truck?
driving without one headlamp?
do the fuel injectors have anything to do with my car shaking?
What octane should i be putting in my 92 civic ex?
Service engine soon light came on...?
HELP!! Car Leaking Oil!?
Sometimes my car starts fine then sometimes I turn the key and nothing but a click sound. what could it be?
im looking for a hand book for a 1997 chevy blazer?
My wrench is touching both terminals of my car battery. How do I safely remove it?
How much horsepower will get out of new headers?
Antifreeze in oil and a whole bunch of bunch of problems?
Vauxhall Spares?
2001 chevy s10 truck 83,000 miles?
I have a 1998 civic LX with an automatic transmission, i want to change it to standard, what do i need to do?
where can i find my fuel pump on my 1991 beretta GT?
how to check blinking air conditioner controls?
Turning rotors...again!?!?
No power to AC Clutch in 2000 Buick Lesabre!!?
Why dont the crows that sit on power transmission cables receive shocks?
Will a 2.5in Tip fit over a 2.5in exhaust pipe?
where do i find my computer chip at on my ford explore sport trac cause i want my truck be able to go over 100?
347 Stroker Street Build Cam Choice Help?
What could be my car problem?
How do I replace the front wheel bearings on my 91 Pontiac LeMans. A job really worth $500 in the shop???
What are the steps to replace the fuel regulator on a Pontiac Fiero v-6?
Do you like fully synthetic motor oil, Do you think it is worth the extra cost?
Why does this 1997 GMC 1500 Extended cab sputer when i accelerate?
Anybody have trouble with 1995 Chevy Silverado pick-up starter switch?
How to remove water spots on car windows?
car question?
Ford Focus Battery light problem?
How were car undersides worked on before hydraulic lifts came about?
ok i converted a fuel injected ford over to a carburator but it wont stay running can anyone help?
Body Repair for a VW Beetle?
I need exact details on how to repair the hydralics for the three point hitch on a John Deere Model 60. ?
2003 cavalier windshield wiper repair?
to change an automatic to 5 speed is the only thing you have to replace is the transmisson?
Check Engine Light Keeps Coming On?
how many amps does 01 chevy silverado starter supposed to draw?
how much would the sidekick lx cost?
suspenions sring for a mazda?
Flashing service engine soon light on 96 chevy on pickup?
how much is it to get new compression rings installed at a shop?
How can I find a somone to remove a dent from my car without going to the body shop?
what is the role of a chief production officer in an oil industry?
why would my 93 saturn motor lock?
Have loan of a car while mine gets fixed for MOT, forgot to ask if it was?
i have a 1993 isuzu pickup wont start good battery reads 12v on voltage meter makes loud click when try start?
when finished should i switch off at mains?
How do you wash the removable trunk carpeting in a car?
91 Octane Required Vehicle Question?
I have a car that is left for months at a time. I need a solar panel that will top up the battery. Ebay?
jiffy lube are they any good is the price any reasonable?
Car Battery probe on tongue and finger?
whats the easiest way to get a belt on a 2010 skidoo mxz 600 rs?
What's wrong with my 1997 Ford Ranger?
Why do my car headlights flicker off when coming to a stop?
I have a carburator question?
what is going on with my car?
where can i buy this atv part and is this whats wrong with it 1990 trailboss?
changing rear windshield?
how do you replace a water pump on a 2003 chevy trailblazer?
toyota camry starting problems?
Is it my water pump or something simple?
ford escort and a rattle noise?
can i get a remote start, keyless entry on my car?
how can i add lots of horsepower to my truck for cheap?
What is a clutch slave cylinder? Apparently mine has gone. Is it expensive to repair?
how would one go about slicing a tire?
car will not start, is battery dead?
Should I get this 1992 Infiniti G20 (needs alternator) or should I just keep my Oldsmobile?
My vehicle got vandalized: tires slashed, engine light is on and loud knocking/rattling sound. Any thoughts?
Who provides extended warranties on BMWs?
common cause of Ford Freestar check engine light?
A mechanic told me my "blinker fluid was low" and wanted to charge me for the diagnosis, is this a scam
my alternator is putting out 70 amps(normal) but only 6.48 volts.battery is running at 12.68?
What is the most difficult part of installing trailer lights? (mounting, wiring, or other?)?
If you put a new Muffler on a car do you need a new exhaust tip too?
The 4x4 on my chevy messed up how can I get it fixed?
Tyre Pressure...?
were can i get vw golf 1.3 cl wheels from?
car belt not working?
Why is my engine knocking?
i changed my fuel filter for my 88 town car about 6 months ago but my car wont start?
Can the ball joints on a 2001 expedition be lubricated? And if not wouldn't ford be responsible?
Car overheating, antifreeze not doing the trick! ?
Loose pipe? Exhaust?
How much should a 90k service cost for a 1999 Ford Expedition?
Should I get an alignment with new tires?
What happens if you turn ignition when car was running?
My car has a Big over the windscreen will it pass MOT?
What causes excessively fast idle(1500 rpm) on a 1994 Ford Explorer?
What is the best Synthetic Oil out there?
how do I convert my Range Rover TDI engine to run on biodiesel?
I own a 99 Arctic Cat 500 and Im having problems keeping it running?
Help! My van broke down.?
how much am i going to have to shell out to repaint my 2001 xc70 wagon if it has only minor scratches?
Can a car's electrical system fail but keep running?
Can I get my car back without doing serious damage?
How much does it cost to remove an exhaust from a Honday Civic?
Whats wrong with my car? someone please help?
I have stored my Interstate car battery for 2 years. Can it still be used? Battery is 3 yrs old.?
I have an 88 Nissan Pickup with a z24 engine...?
Fuel injection cleaning @ EZLube?
what is maintenance?
can letting the air out of a tire, set off a car alarm?
I need to know how to bypass an immobilisor for a '95 Nissan Primera.?
How to hide cigarette burns?
Mustang Cobra wont rev over 2500 in neutral?
why is the red needle in the temperature gauge in front panel always or stuck in hot side even in cold start?
Will a car seat scratch leather seats?
How do I start a car that has not been started for over a year?
Today when i tried starting my car it would turn over REAL slow but wouldent start i have a new batt?
Oil pump went bad. What to do?
2000 Chevy Tracker still hesitant to start?
Washing your car at home--what's the best for the car's finish?
I need bobcat 440 engine help?!?
'02 Ford Taurus Doens't Shift Gears?
I have a 1997 Ford contour.With problems.Help!!?
My car rattles when i accelarate?
how long should i let my check engine lite stay on?
what is the labor time to R&R a 4WD transmission on a 98 S series blazer?
Is Arco (BP) gas better than Chevron or other fuels?
Why does my car shake between 70-80 mph, but if I go faster it does not?
how to get to spark plugs in a 1993 chevy astro van?
ford taraus SES?
My headlights are so dim its like there not on?
can "bad" auto shocks be taken apart,or "degassed" before shipping back to company?
car overheating.... too much pressure in cooling system ... Thermostat ?? water pump or dreaded head gasket?
Fitting/Replacing Stuff On Car?
What difference is a four prong plug on an automatic transmission on a 87 buick and a five prong on a 89?
how long after painting a car should i wait to wet sand?
hi my 1995 ford fiesta uses 1 litre of motor oil every week,the car dont smoke is this normel ??
why can't we have prescription windshield windows in our cars instead of wearing eyeglasses?
i need help for my car!?
is it normal when I hit the brakes the steering wheel move?
How to get liquid wax off of car windshield???
How difficult is it to replace a windshield?
My gas guage broke, how do I know when I'm low on fuel ?
High clutch and engine stalls?
Torque and acceleration speed question?
UK - What happens if I refuse to pay garage for auto repairs?
Do you think an oil change every 3000 miles is excessive?
how do i get tree sap off of my car without ruining the paintwork?
when i start up my 1993 chevy s10 blazer it idles rough & it dies in gear it has a 4.3 vortec motor?
i have changed the fuel filter on my 2002 ford explorer and it still will not start?
what is egr flow?
My 1993 Grand Am SE is misfiring and then stops running?
Dead Car Battery?
Where i can find good quality Roadside products.?
Where is the location of the Slave Cylinder on a 1995 Chev. Cavalier?
My driverside window dropped down and won't come up.?
where can I get a manual for a ford ranger xl, 4 seater/2004?
who controls the price of gas?
Had a headlight replaced from Pep Boys, now my batter wont hold a charge?
Leak on my 94 spx?
how often is fuel filter be changed?
wheres the spark plugs located?
my 1995 chevy montey carlo is overheating?
What causes a car's heat to go out?
Cost to fix Mercedes -- a few problems...?
Do you service your own car?
Should I buy a car that just had a motor replace?
Why is the radiator light indicator keep coming on when fluids are full?
Painting my car in autobody?
how much trans fluid should i put into my engine before an oil change?
Tire questions?
do I have to change the oil filter every time i change the oil in my truck?
Car can't switch to neutral, stick shift?
please supply fusebox details for a rover 25 2000 model?
bmw over heating?
My Ford Fiesta Diesel 1.8 (1990) vibrates badly on tick over?
how can a drill a hardened metal?
How do I convert my small SUV into a shaggin' wagon?
Only one side of car air filter is dirty?
Is this a V-8 engine?
Can slight damage, s, on automobile polycarb bumpers on cars be repaired.?
Tires!How to read the manufacture date on tires.?
how expensive to have a rear bumper pulled up or straightened out?
Thinking i might become a mechanic?
caqn a ford small block be bored .060 and still be a reliable motor?
95 for ranger wont start??? help!!!!?
find auto manual for ford taurus "1992" airconditioners?
Do you really have to get an oil change every 3 months?
Do you know what this noise could be?
Using a multimeter to find parasitic battery drain in my car.?
mechanical help for 95 pontiac sunfire?
my car does not have ababy seat bolt fitted (el ford futura)can i fit the seat myself legally?
vw1 .6fsi touran losing pressure on clutch ok for a while when pump pedal any ideas please very grateful?
No mechanics can figure out what's wrong with my car?
Car dealership damaging my car and left off transmisson mount bolt, what can I do?
On a 00 Mazda millenia how are the spark plug wires setup on the distributor cap?
No oil in engine and I kept driving.?
engine shut off,when i give it gas.service engine soon light comes on.?
How to get a corroded bolt off my car?
when does my car with a04 registration need an mot?
uh oh! what happens if i accidentally put power steering fluid in my brake system ..?
we have a chevy silverado o3 pick--the dipsck won't go back in no matter what. stuck on a turn?
"Hair hanging from exhaust" N Reg 1.6 Mondeo.?
does having a boost leak cause your car to get worse gas mileage?
I no this is kind of a Dumb question?
I have a 92 Ford Explorerw/auto trans. Overdrive quit, otherwise trans works fine. Poss sensor or vac line?
is there a web site that i can find a diagram or a schematic of a 1999 chevy z71 rearend?
Someone put sugar and water in my gas tank, will this destroy my car?
i ran out of gas and now it has gas and my car wont start it makes a clicking noise and now it wont start up?
Volkswagen polo engine management light?
Why doesnt my Civic's A/C work?
Is it better to mix 87 octane with 92 instead of straight up 92 for a lexus car?
How can I fix the threads that are stripped on an aluminum intake manifold?
How to remove a burred nut?
Can someone help me find a website that will tell me specifics on a 1951 GMC Pickup?
Does anyone know where i can get good, used parts for dodge avenger? cheap or reas. price?
How long can i drive with burnt valves?
Lug nut missing on wheel. Should I worry?
Hydraulics is this what i need?
how can I be sure an auto mechanic won't rip me off?
No heater in my '04 Venture van?
What's the price of gas where you're at?
i need smart peolpe on this?plz?
does anybody in or close to mansfield,oh have parts for a 1985 chevy 4x4?(body parts)?
96 eagle talon Accelerator cable melted need help.?
I replaced my car battery yesterday but was accidentally misplaced the wires that adapt to the head of the bat?
my car is heating up, i changed my thermostat but it still heats up what can it be?
has any one ever gotten a car painted in earl schieb in brooklyn, new york?
where do i get cheap tires for my truck 265-70-18?
how do you replace a rear side window on a corsa 3 door hatch 2004?
will these tires fit these rims?
auto part dearlership in hackensack new jersey?
when i take the gear out and put it in neutral to slow down my car turns off , it shows the battery light?
how much is the heater core hose that has a T in it on a 1990 F150 straight 6?
did my timing chain jump a tooth?
i dont no how to get A CAR IN MY ON?
My lug nuts wont come off?
transmission removell?
My car never shows boost?
my coolant leaks?
Is it ok to put regular oil in an engine that usually uses synthetic oil?
Question about changing Wheel bearing on 1992 Honda fourtrax 350?
How can i remove skid marks from my...?
how long is everybody sleeping for?
Is there a FRAM or PUROLATOR equivalent oil filter to NEW HOLLAND 84475542?
my car is letting out black smoke and the oil Gage fluctuates and im getting bad gas mileage!?
My oil is low and my coolant reservivor is full of brown water?
Is it ok to drive with a broken pulley side motor mount for a couple of days while the part is being ordered?
how bad would the damage be if you put diesel in a petrol engine?
how do I change the front turn signals on an 01 Camry?
Does anyone know how or who can convert a ford explorer 5.0 v8 to run on propane?
my car battery went flat,now my car radio?
Does anyone know of any good mechanical schools in Northern Virginia?
Brake light wont work. on only one side?
clean out fuel injectors with higher octane fuel?
Transmission cost for a '95 Geo Tracker.?
What are some things to check or replace when a car or truck is getting bad mpg?
there's a smell of gas coming threw my car vents?
What are symptoms of a faulty wiring harness or the fuel injection?
what does a catalytic converter do?
Has anyone bought something from
setting up indicators?
How do I set the clock on my 94 Honda Accord EX? The buttons are missing. HELP?
What should I use when I'm going Uphill ?
Is it ok to let your car air dry after washing it?
my brakes have air in them how can i fix them?
my OEM side marker light is 5 watts..can i change it to 10 watts or more wattage? does the fuse blow up?
Hi, i need to buy a new gear box for my highlander 2008. Please aadvice?
Why would my car battery drain instantly?
Engine won't turn over?
i recently changed my thermostat in my car and now my waterhose going to the radiator keeps sucking in?
How do you change a speedometer/Odometer cable in a 1970 Chevy Silverado Pick-up truck?
My Altima SE-R is making a rattling sound when the A/C is on?
How many gallons do i pump to a 4 cylinder?
Which are the different kind of fluids in a car?
where can I order transmission fluid for less?
How to repair a vinyl car seat?
How many quarts of oil does a 01 eclipse GS hold?
Car won't shift into reverse gear?
how to remove fuel hoses from tank on a 1999 surburban?
is it ok to have 185/65R14 86H tires at the front and 185/60R14 82H at the back?
how often should I put oil in my car?
MK 3 Mondeo (sons car) I can't get the front Interior light housing out? I have used?
where do you check the transmission fluid in a 99 acura cl?
How do I empty the septic tank on a Chevy Tahoe?
about how much to install & paint left front fender that I already have on saturn outlook?
Car question about 1990 Toyota Camry?
how do you reset the "change brake pads" light for a 1999 cadallic sts?
My Chevy Impala battery light comes on after I drive 15 minutes. What is the problem?
My Car Doors Will Not Unlock?
My car just clicks when I try to start it is it my alternator?
What happens if there is too much water in my gas tank?
where can I find tie rods for a 1997 Range Rover HSE 4.6?
1998 Chrysler Sebring JXi, Coolant Pouring Out from Under Passenger side.?
How do you prevent short journeys damaging your engine?
Cam position sensor circuit.?
Is it allowed in the States to wash your car at home?
My boyfriend changed the air filter in my Lexus RX300 and now the car will not go into reverse?
Why is the engine idling so low that it almost cuts out?
my neighbors remote keeps opening my garage door, I have changed the code on my control and it wont stop HELP?
my vauxhall cavalier is overheating and water is leaking from underneath-why is this?
Lucas Oil treatment in a little motor?
Leaking metal Tyre valve stem?
Car cutting off when I stop..bad gas?
i have a 1999 isuzu rodeo 2.2L TBI that will start and run for like 5 minutes then dies and will turn over.?
Do all carberators for 43cc gas goped style scooters leak gasoline?
Headlights went out????
how can i make my car better for $500?
how can I disconnect the seatbelt warning buzzer on a 2003 ford explorer?
cost for new transmission. boyfriend says 15 grand, trying to prove him wrong?
why can't we have prescription windshield windows in our cars instead of wearing eyeglasses?
Is there anything else that goes along with changing an air filter in your car?
Is there a device i can put inside of a rim to make it stick out more? Help?
Vehicle is showing trouble code PO304?
how do I add a catalytic converter to my ca? is it somthing only a muffler guy can do?
does pvc leather and real leather look alike ?
Starting problems on diesel car?
Reasons why a car can overheat other than lack of water?
Engine belts replacement?
Brake fluid leaking from the front left tire? What could it be!?
Were can i find a new beeper for my car it's a 2001 nissan altima factory alarm?
Which oil for my car?
Price estimate on Automatic to Manual conversion?
Let me guess, bad transmission?
86 honda accord revs to 5k by itself, how can I fix it?
Do i need to clean/wash my car engine?
Is it a filter really necessary when doing oil change?
2000 Daewoo Leganza CDX 4 Cyl 2.2L?
how do you adjust s-cam brakes on a trailer?
Wobbly steering problem?
Will the car explode if radiator hose is leaking?
What is causing this squealing noise when I first start my car and when I press on the gas?
Can Right Glass be on Left side?
Chart to torque bolts and nuts?
i have a 1998 dodge dakota im trying to fix the speedometer i cant find the cable on the transmision no on t s
Is my tire bad after being flat over the night?
What are those play do type thinks that people put keys in to impression them?
Is it the end for my engine?
can i use a 2004 Grand marquis transmission range sensor in a 2003 crown Victoria police interceptor?
have you leased a car?
would stop & shop have electrical tape?
What's causing my 97 clavier bounce and shake when in idle ?
why my car bucks when i first turn on?
What type of fluid does a 1998 mazda b4000 manual transmission use?
Manual or Automatic??
my car's generator is having sparks?
what's wrong with my car?
will a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited front driver side door fit on a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo?
My reverse lights don't not function.?
What material covers your dashboard?
can I change my own timing belt?
What kinda engine should i use?
My brakes wont work on my car,everything looks fine but pedal sinks in and car doesnt brake!?
if your u joints are going bad on your car what does this mean and can it cause your car to break down?
How long have u or anyone u know went on just fine without getting your engine light checked/inspected? ?
Where is the fuel pump inhibit switch on a 1992 Acura Integra RS located?
Can any ordinary gassoline car be converted into a hybrid vehicle?
Do fuel saver gizmos that you put on your gas line really work. They claim to add 10- 20% more mpg?
what size gears are in my dodge truck?
what would be causing my car to backfire and not accelerate properly?
where can i get a good deal on rim and tires?
I have a 93 integra ls..not shifting?
My car won't start. There is a click (or tac, tac, tac) noise . What could it be?
can i put club soda in my car battery as a substitue for distilled water?
my mechanic got grease on my tan cloth convertible top. How can i clean it ?
How do I drop the oil pan on a 1997 S10 Blazer?
my car sputters when going uphill on less than half a tank of gas?
99 Malibu, what is the color of the high speed cooling fan?
Toyota Harrier Steering Wheel as well as ignition key slot LOCKED! Due to movement of wheel when engine is off
Drove my car through partially flooded area now it wont cut on, any possible solutions?
Manual Transmission Cars and Breaking?
exhaust question.....?
Will a car insurance claim cover prior damage?
instrument gauges do not work on 1993 ford explorer?
rims vs mags???????????
what will happen to a car if it just sits there for a year?
lpg car gas tank.How much is it to repair it every 4 yrs or however it's life is?
Should i change gears in my 2000 lifted f150 5.4?
what's wrong with my 92 sentra se-r when it stumbles accel. and decel. not always just sometimes.?
any good ideas for cleaning a tan conv. top, from mildew stains without harming top?
Do I have a bad fuel pump?
Fisher-Price Power Wheels Cadillac gearboxes?
If my car is making a clicking sound and will not start waht is it?
How much generally should it cost to replace the radiator and outter drive shaft for an infiniti i30 99?
Reached an agreement on a fender bender, was it the right move?
what is the lug nut torque for a 1996 33ft Jayco 5th wheel Trailer?
wel its been over heating alot and i was looking for the thermalstat and i cant find it lincoln mark8?
why won't the fan in my car shut off when i shut off my car?
why does the fan belt keep coming off dodge dakota 2002 .am on second belt and have replaced tensioner.?
How much longer does my Car have?
Should you check your oil level in your car should you check it with the motor on or off?
does any one know how to clean corrosion from a car battery?
Want to swap 348 gm engine for 454 engine in 1958 Bel-Air.?
do i need to charge a brand new car battery after purchasing it?
Starting a car with a broken starter?
central locking problem on my 2000 Ford Mondeo MK2?
my break lights are not working, the bulbs are new and the led light bar in rear window does work?
what years did cadillac produce a wrecker?
What is wrong with my 2003 Chevy Cavalier?
What is wrong with my coolant system?
why does my 97 ford taurus sit so low in the rear?
hwo do you change 89 thunderbird brakes?
whats wrong with my van?
Has there ever been a f1 engine using ohv and sohc over the modern dohc design?
something draining battery on our '93 talbot express campervan - new battery and zig unit fitted. Any ideas?
How much does a 2001 Acura MDX sideview mirror cost to replace with labor and everything?
How much would it cost to remove white vinyl stripes from a car?
My car's thermometer suddenly goes way up, then goes back down?
I smell really bad. Everyone runs away from me. What do i do?
Problem with a 1994 Saturn Sedan and windshield wipers?
Anyone out there have an engine for a 91 Toyota SR5 Pickup (V6) for under $1200?
How reliable is a Land Rover Freelander or Discovery?
i have white smoke comming out of my tail pipe?
Why do you think my mom is in the house while my dad checks the oil in her car for her?
can you dropped the trans. pan to replace a gasket and not change the fluid?
Having issues with my drum brakes on my '00 Ford Windstar?
I am getting ready to leave (20 minutes) for a 4 hour road trip. I just checked my oil and everything was ...?
Why does my Dad Check my Moms Car Oil for Her?
my car is not starting, it just makes this clicking noise. what is that?
how to remove a bumper sticker off my car?
Why does my car overheat when idle?
Truck juttering? what could it be?
hi , Im in London ( wood green n22 ) I lost my keys to my car and i have to break into it somehow?
1992 safari 4.3l engine problem?
hi I have a dodge ram 1994 at traffic lights it cuts outwhat could be causing this?
How long for a engine replacement?
any way to test a o2 sensor?
where can i find halo headlights?
After i change the oil in my car... where do i dispose of the old oil?
I would like to paint my car. does anyone know what kind of paint I could use and where to buy it?
what part of guitar vibrates? Best one going to get 10 point?
my rear wiper has stopped working on my ford fiesta how can i find out the fault or could i be a boot sensor?
is it okay to mix tyres on a car?
I scratched my clear coat with a sponge, Help!?
what color should i paint my car?
Need some idea's on a 93 cherokee no start condition. Vehicle ran decent 6-7 months ago.?
is there anyway to lower high mileage?
Would rebuilding the car's engine be a good solution? ?
Whats wrong with my lights?
92 honda accord help?
Why did my Slip Indicator light and check engine light come on after I got new tires?
2003 saturn vue won't start, whining noise?
Is it ok to use 10 year-old car wax?
hi, my car is stalling, I cleaned the carburator and changed the air filter, but it still cuts out on idle, Wh
what stays on with the ignition, ignition problem?
She ran into me, totalled my car. I had liability insurance, she had none. I have no car now, what can I do?
Cool stuff to do to my car?
diagnose car noise issue?
How do you turn off the smoke alarm?
My car keeps stalling when I'm under a stop light or when the engine is idle too long?
bad water pump 1997 firebird ?
Caprice shakes when breaking.. What could it be?
Brown liquid on passenger side of car?
where is the #2 oxygen sensor located on a 1996 ford thunderbird?
1991 Eagle Talon TSI?
how to unscrew two metals?
$275 to replace my starter. Did I get ripped off?
how long will a hammered out rod last?
Putting a diesel turbo on a petrol engine?
How would I know if i blew my engine or threw a rod?
2003 monte ss 3.8. Code said PO300 which is random/multi misfire.?
By mistake press the lock ferme switch nob on back door of your civic 1992 and now its lock ferme?
What the f***?
Do my back tyres on my car have to be the same make?
Oil type for new generator? and after break in peroid?
I'm trying to buy 2005 built lennar home,inspection shows garage electric panel copper wiring turned black.why?
Why does my car have a slight miss after I go above 65 mph.?
when you just buy a new truck can you do a burn out?
98 pontiac firebird theft system on how do i by pass it?
instrument panel on ford mondeo estate tdi doesnt illuminate what fuse is required?
i just got a dvx400 (sports quad) and when i brought it home there's alot of oil on the trailer..?
93 honda accord high engine temperature?
How do I get the yellow film off of my headlights?
How do you fix a cam shaft on a Vauxhall Corsa 1996 model..?
Why is my gear shift stuck in 97 explore ?
Can I do this at home?
Is it my catalytic converter or my O2 sensor?
How long will truck battery last?
where is the modulator valve located on a 1994 ford aerostar (3.0 L)?
new car oil burning Engine question?
how do you find the throttle body fuse for a 88 chevy blazer?
when im driving the steering becomes heavy when trying to turn?
petrol in a diesel!! help!!?
anyone know if the plastic rear window in a renault megane convertible can be replaced?
Why does my grandad kick the tyres of cars?
Diesel fuel in unleaded tank?
Why does my car seem to lose torque?
I bought a 92 Dodge Caravan recently - runs good - but it has approx 180,000 miles - how long do timing chains?
how often should i get my car's oil changed?
What can you do with your old spark plugs?
I have bought a used car,there may be a problem with the camshaft, am I entitled to a refund?
alternator issue vs. starter issue?
Does check engine light really matter?
Tell me if somethings wrong with this?
How do you repair a rearview mirror (inside) that fell off the windsheild?
How can I fix a "slipping" Mercury outboard engine's gearbox?
how often should i replace my cars air filter?
why is my truck overheating?
Car won't shift into reverse gear?
Can you put oil in a car while its running?
Why does my SUV over heat when it's idle?
mgtf oil temp????????????
1998 mustang question?
How do i find a faceplate replacement for my car?
Can anyone please tell me how to get rid off the smell of damp from a car!?
Conditions that contribute the quality workmanship?
powerglide tranny wont go into gear!!!!?
My 1998 camry will turn but not start Whats wrong?
In an automotive engine, the condition in which the air-and-fuel mixture ignites in more than one area of the?
Relays and its types?
How do I get my drivers side windshield wiper to work on my 84 accord? It suddenly stopped.?
Something rubbing on car engine... Brief strong smell in car, now feel a tiny bit dizzy?
A4ld transmission service manual?
Adding a supercharger?
My car key won't turn in my ignition?
What is the problem with my car?
How much to machine rotors and replace pads on my truck?
would i get more power from a exuast kit or headers?
When sitting at a red light or stop sign the temperature gauge starts to rise.?
What does an egr valve do?
should I wait to replace my front right outer half shaft on my honda accord?
how do you remove cv joints from a car?
I need a diagram for a 2000 F450 brakes?
Should I remove brake fluid before remove the brake caliper to allow for expansion or not?
my k5 blazer died and wont start ,if i spray starter fluid it will start but thn dies when i stop spraying the?
what are some good ball joint brands?
where can i find a used radiator for a 1987 dodge ram D150, slant 6 engine?
how do you change your own brake pads?
How can I view an owners manual for a Buick Centry 1995?
Fixing rear view mirror to car windscreen - what glue ?
could diesel engine run with petrol?
what is a fan relay switch on a '95 pontiac grand am?
i have a Honda CR-V 2001 and there is a leak in my radiator cap..?
Where can I get a gas gage sending unit(in the tank) or the GM part # for the same. It is a 69 Buick 225?
What is causing my coolant to boil over?
rwd rear engine and cheap?
how do i change my rotors on my g6?
<sloshing sound in my car>?
My cars rotors are rusty how can I clean them?
Where can I get a tech manual for a 2002 Pontiac Montana?
When I ride my lawn mowrer my american pit bull bites holes in the tires How can I stop this ?
where is all this coolant coming from?
Ford ka radio code? battery died and need the code ti unlock it?
How price ceilings affect supply and demand?
My Car smells like anti-freeze?
I am having some car trouble. My car does not accelerate well and jerks a little.?
what are the functions of the motor,sensory and relay neurones when you tuch a hot iron?
Did I break the gear box on my car?
If my tire size is 185/65/14, can I use a 185/60/14 tire?
the security break of my 93 chrisler dinasty is pressed all the way in. how do I fix it?
if u installed a new transmission correctly.what would make it not engage in gear?
I smell really bad. Everyone runs away from me. What do i do?
Can you use a used turbo kit on a car?
Can lug nuts loosen themselves?
Question About Shock Absorbers?
plastic cover behind the car door panel?
How much does it cost to put a lift kit on my truck?
how can I stop my car from rusting??
What job(s) can I get with an ASE Certification....or degree in industrial automotive?
Who makes the best cold air intake for a 2004 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 V8 5.3?
How much does it cos to get car parts sprayed?
Whats the chance this motor will run again?
is it possible to repair a car petrol tank with a pinhole without removeing?
Can I drive my car without a thermostat?
2000 S-10 Will not start. Fuel pump will not pressurize.?
rikshaw rebuild how?
Best way to remove spray paint from plastic/fibre glass?
How can I switch my car ignitions switch with out a key?
I changed the spark plugs on my moms 04 Kia, From what I say, Did I do it right?
Problems starting 89 Cadilac Deville v8?
I have a 1992 Ford Explorer that wont go into any gear?
common cause of Ford Freestar check engine light?
Should I delete my car code?
Sounds like a grinding/rubbing sound when turning?
How come my car won't run?
My transmission fluid smells like an onion and always low also my radiator fluid is low after beind filled?
Is $375 + tax expensive for a valve job on a 4.3 L V6 engine? (pretty much replacing guide seals)?
Dumb*ss me, poured oil into the flush out (?) cap NEXT to the Oil Cap on my 5 Seater Sea Doo. Am I screwed?
can welding damage my eyes?
2000 lincoln navigator? antitheft light blinks fuel pump disable cranck no stat?
how do I fix a tear in a leather seat in my car?
I noticed a coolant leak in my engine and also steam coming from the engine?
What do you think is wore out on my suzuki atv?
Buying a 2008 Volkswagon Jetta with 94,000 miles for 7,500 Good or bad?
How do I clean out a gas tank with 10 yr old gas in it?
how many inches is 3mm?
How much would it cost to get a wheel bearing fixed?
Do I need to add any oil to ac system?
How can I take apart my Camry door?
how do you change the ignition coil on ford taruas?
what is the world's most reliable used car?
Jeep Wrangler squeaking noise when I drive. Need advice or ideas on the issue.?
Question for mechanic about battery voltage?
What is the diameter of a GM 7.50" rear axle shaft with 28 splines?
can you help me put stuff on my page?
Saab front suspension noise?
Check Engine light going on and off? Misfires?
ESP system on peugeot 607 turbo D?
How much longer can this car last?
What is the best engine to put in a '69 Camaro?
Is there web site that you can decode car and truck part numbers?
vacuum lines on 98 ford ranger2.5l?
why does an Oxogen sensor have a spring inside it?
Touch up paint in my car gone very wrong?
I have a 1986 cutlass supreme. how do you know what kind of seat was in it from the factory?
What is the green liquid leaking from my 78 honda? If it's coolant, can I just add water to replace it?
how do you find the throttle body fuse for a 88 chevy blazer?
Leaking Front Crank oil seal by the Harmonic Balancer?
Where is the crankshaft position sensor located at?
(2002 Hyundai Accent GL) Car stalls out?
i'm to scared to tell my dad my check engine light is on?
What causes a slow turnover on a starter for a Jeep Cherokee if it is cold outside?
my car got flooded the night of sandy storm in astoria houses can i get help?
Transmission Issues! Need some opinions!?
How many miles on a car is too much?
when you put your car in park, why do the brake lights come on?
Help!!! My speedometer and odometer is broken!?
What can happen to a car if too much water is in the coolant system and not enough antifreeze?
My car is a bit broken.. anyone know what the problem might be?
Inlet valve compostion for Exhaust Gas Recirculation? will there be any impact on valves if EGR is used?
How much does it cost to replace a fuel pump?
A timing chain break can cause far more damage?
Good motorcycle tool kit?
Does the air conditioning in your car use your gas?
93 ford probe GT brake booster installation?
Ac compresor doesn't come on with full charge and compressor is good?
Car Wash; Do you like touchless, or the swinging flapping fabric kind?
How much to rebuild a 12.5 hp briggs lawnmower engine of a craftsman mower, or better to buy a new one???
automatic vs manual transmission? What are the ups and down of each?
383 magnum?
auto when idling goes high and then low and back what is the problem ? thanks?
turn signals dont work?
Why does my car move when I put in drive and press the gas pedal?
How do I find info on propane powered vehicle maintenance that is free?
Where can find a free online chiltin guide for a 1984 oldsmobile?
Mazda3 Air conditioner?
clutch problem on my ford f-350 7.3?
what type tranmission is in the Cadillac Catera and what type of engine also,did they get from another company
will universal rims off a 00 crown vic fit on a 78 caprice?
My car wobbles/shakes when I brake?
Auto Mechanic says my car is a liability?
I got my tires worked on but...?
my steering wheel shakes every time i drive above 60 mph. its a 04 quest. any ideas wat 2 do?
how do i replace the brake pads on my 1992 oldsmobile 98?
Cherry Bomb Extreme vs Cherry Bomb Glasspack?
where can i get a 1969 Datsun 510 wagons driver door window? i live in redwood city... help?
Civic problem Help!!?
1984 trans am crossfire motor, what is the maxium horespoer and torque it produces?
ok im trying to take a bolt off on my car if i use a 19mm its a little lose it grabs but not like it should i?
When I go over 50 MPH if I press on the brakes the car starts to shake for a few secondss. Whats the prob?
performance alternator for honda?
How much will it cost to replace the cylinder head on a 89' 525 bmw?
Will a 3.2 liter transmission fit in a car which transmission size is a 3.1?
my engine is leaking oil somehow onto the sparkplugs. any ideas on how to stop it? i thought maybe the seals..
Whats a dipstick in a car?? and what does it do??
1989 Mazda B2600i- warmed up & idling- white smoke & raw gas odor.clears after up 2 speed.Detail added..?
what can i do if a mechanic wont give my car back?
Is a eclipse gsx a really fast car?
Annoying engine check light question?
My caps lock won't turn off?
car cigarette lighter jammed in port?
Help! The keys from the car don't work?! How is it fixed? GOTTA KNOW?
why is my truck a/c blowing hot air with the compressor constantly running.?
Have i been quoted too much for labour costs to repair my car?
Volvo Airconditioner, and brakes?
Where can I get the right wheel studs?
diesel engine?
how do I repair the Head Gasket on my '86 Chevette?
oxygen sensor replacement?
Whats going on with these cars?
Is it normal for a repair shop to charge for shop supplies?
what might be the problem when remove the oil filter and there is no oil in the filter?
where is the best place to get your car detailed in melbourne, i want my car to have no swirls, i want someone
What is the procedure for changing a head gasket in a 1999 plymouth voyager. Is it a difficult job.?
How Can I Check My Car For Sludge Build-Up?
What are the essential things to do when maintaning a porshce 944?
1998 ram 1500 cruise and horn dont work-cruise light wont even come on-are they related-fuses good- have idea?
how would i get the a c switch off to clean it?
Is a differntial carrier bearing the same as a universal joint?
how do i change the speed sensor on a 2000 for ranger?
what is the size of bolt that connects the battery and the wires let me know?
Small motor efficiency older Briggs or Tecumseh L-head vrs new overhead valve?
I have a 1989 Buick Skylark and when I go over 45 MPH my gas pedal grinds.What's causing it?
Why do the tires on my car explode on a regular basis?
2001 dodge intrepid loose hot wire?
2 cycle moped carb. problem?
How much does muffler man charge for a flow master?
The lock on my driver's side door is broken?
how do u konw if my fuel pump is not working right?
What is the best oil for a shogun sport?
scratches on my bumper?
no drive or reverse... transmission making clattering noise. whats the problem?
My car does not have enough air in the tires to drive. How can I get air in the tires w/o moving it?
I need help with my car please......?
VW Golf Hunting Idle and Surges?
how much would it be to repair a blown BMW 540i motor?
i have a 1994 acura integra gsr and...?
Code PO171 what do I replace?
how do i know if my ignation is bad?
Cold air intake questions?
How true is this? :-)?
Would you buy a car/suv which is black or which is white in color if you are living in the tropics?
Where is the cam position sensor located at on a 92 Dodge Dynasty 3.3?
my car makes a rattling sound on my 93subaru legacy?
here is the deal?
I want to paint my car online. what software is available to me online.?
What is the torque setting for a 2003 mitsubishi galant valve cover?
Cost to paint bumper?
if my drivers window does not work will it fail the MOT?
Car speedometer jumping around?
car is broken, at the dealer. "the distributor is broken, but maybe more." shouldnt I be told everyth.. at 1ce
how much would it cost to get my rear bumper painted?
What should I do to improve the performance on my 1991 2.3L Ranger with 200K miles on it?
is it okay to have the computer to a car wired to the battery?
fog lights?
Tempture/Direction System doesn't work...?
The AC compressor on a Ford 2001 Taurus cycles off every 3-4 seconds. Why?
How can I tell what is wrong with my car? It clicks, but won't crank?
why does a starter go bad?
where can i find a 0 gauge terminal ring end near beenleigh (Or what shop sells it?)?
when getting brakes done how do you no if you need the rotors cut as well?
i hit a curb and i want things to go back to normal?
Girls being mechanics..?
white sludge around car ehgine oil filler cap?
Help! My car overheats! Any advice?
How do you install a goped Muffler Connect Tube?
how often should the oil be changed in a saturn astra?
Where is the PVC valve on a 1993 Nissan 4 cylinder located?
I left my headlights on, now my car won't start. Once I get it jumped, will I have to buy a new battery?
would a fuel pressure regulator fault cause my 406 hdi to cut out after it been running ok for about 15Min's?
automotive repair oil consumption?
Car's running Hot, But not leaking!!?
What will the K&N air filter do to my car?
how can i turn off passenger airbag in a 06 chevrolet lacetti?
chevy astro 2002 coolant temp sensor?
My gas pedal, steering wheel, and brake pedal locked up! was it cause i needed an oil change? ?
How do you use a slim jim?
how do i replace the center link on my 1993 dodge d150?
How much would it cost to replace an engine?
Question about staggered shocks?
What is an average charge for a tuneup and rpm sensor replacement on a 2001 Ford Taurus?
how do I get my auto window to go up stuck button?
What is wrong with my car tire?
If car is over 100k miles, could this be a problem?
what is a sway bar for a 1998 plymouth voyager?
What pound battery do I need for my ATM50-A?
Is there a way to seal the rubber bumper around my RV windows so they don't leave black streaks?
Which power steering fluid do you think produces the smoothest turns on a steering wheel?
what color window tint should i get?
installation tips for mountable pressure washer?
Should brake fluid be topped up during a service?
How do I change the fuel filter on a 2004 Chevy Tracker ZR2 V-6?
I just bought a oldsmobile bravada 2002 but the is too noisy, i checked the clutch fan and it's ok please help
Pumped diesel into gasoline powered '07 V6 RAV4. Is it as bad as Toyota techs claim?
how long does it take for an unused car battery to go dead?
should I get an oil change?
Why is the bass in my car starting to have a static noise?
how do you bleed the brake system on a 1995 nissan maxima?
My 95 Altima leaks oil but from where ? ?
Is it necessary to have a speed controller on electric motor?
car problem that could have killed me... advice please?
can you safely tow a kubota bx25?
I'm Wondering What the Speaker Wire colors for a 97 Ford Taurus are so my friend can hook up his cdplayer thnx
How long do tires last?
My 91 camry is vigorously vibrating?
What is the proper way to charge a dead car battery with a battery charger?
will a loose radiator cap cause my car to overheat?
how many miles can my car run for?
Windshield Wiper help?
My car looses gears...?
Can I drive my car if one wheel is bigger than the rest?
Car Troubles...Water on Passenger floor?
when replacing outer tie rod ends on a car, if your adjustment isn't right will it affect the camber of tire.
how do i get car oil off my cement drive way?
where can i find a performance chip for a 2006 dodge magnum?
why does my car overheat when it's not moving?
which permatex product do you use on a head gasket?
My car acting strange?
what are some pros and cons with changing transmition fluid?
what does it mean when i turn the key in my buick park avenue and the dash lights on the bottom turn off?
What is the difference in HP 120 compared to 122 HP( Horse power)?
Engine Fan keeps running?
Hit LOCK twice, car starts?
If somebody tries to push start an automatic, what are the "bad" effects of this?
can a turbocharger or suppercharger fit on the nissan titan that would normally go on some other vehicle?
Only replacing tires in pairs.?
14 bolt 8 lug rear diff?
how to build a car (hotrod)?
how to test your Ignition Control Module(ICM)?
Canister Purge Solenoid Hose?
Would using wrong oil do this!? What should I do?