Are Cadillac Escalades expensive to repair?
How can i fix a 24 volt battery that wont charge?
ball joint needs replaced help?
My Pontiac gets hot fast and water bubbles out the coolant jug i changed heads,water pump, thermostat radiator?
What are the main car service garages in Australia?
is there anyone who knows about hooking up camper batteries?
How can I break my car?
Does Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep really have terrible quality?
Why is my air compressor on my 1996 GMC Sonoma's clutch engaging and then immediately shutting off.?
What is the downside of synthetic motor oil...?
How do you get to the air filter of a 2000 grand voyager?
Help! I left my headlights on for an hr 45 minutes this morning at class! I'm worried this will affect my car?
If my car runs out of oil is it ok to just poor oil in?
Does anyone have plans for building a bulldozer?
have obd trouble code p400 on 98 chevy tracker how do i fix it and what causes this?
How do I know if my head gasket on my car need to be changed?
Smoke when I start my car?
Why causes the vibration of a steering wheel at high speed?
I have a 98 grand am. it has been accelerating by itself & idles high. i replaced tps but still having problem?
How come?!?
91 Honda Accord - 173,000km Maintenance Advice?
Turn signal not working? Some times it does and some times it doesn't?
Does anyone know what stores are opened today on this Good Friday?
Any treatment I can put to prevent slipping of a trans?
Does anybody know how to repair a seatbelt on a Volvo S40?
car brakes squeaking?
i need instruction on replacing a starter on a 1994 chev truck.1500.small v8?
Will lowering springs cause a rough ride?
does the save gasoline "pill" work?
2001 mustang gt question?
What throttle body to get?
Do car companies like Ford, GM, Toyota make all of their car parts?
what are the signs of a bad u-joint?
My car starts to squeek when i accelerate or brake. Whats wrong with it?
Timing belt slip up?
what is the usual cost for a oil change on a 2007 infiniti m35?
1976 Honda CB500T. Starter blows fuse. Can you help me out?
wat do i need i have a 2cycle engine i put only gas in it now it wont turn over wat do i need?
Do you have a Pep Boys where you are?
Is it normal for a car battery to die without warning?
How often do u need to change the?
I bought a 2009 Nissan Altima 2 months ago and i was wondering when do i need to check my oil level and tires?
question bout my 88 taurus?
My ruslter vxl spins out when I break.?
Car starts with a jump but when i turn it off it won't. Battery is good and new battery terminals?
how do you use a car cigarette lighter to light a cigarette?
what is a V6 engine and what good it does when you want to buy a SUV?
Can I sue a mechanic for scamming me?
is it okay to transfer car battery of 2002 suzuki grand vitara v6 to a 1995 toyota corrolla 4 cylinder engine?
Car smells like gas ONLY when low on gas...why?
Can i switch from synthetic oil at 90k miles to conventional?
how to remove a freeze plug from a ford inline six?
do the elec and manuel wing mirror covers fit each other?
air conditioner works but does not get cold?
What causes a car's steering to drift?
how do you check brakes ?
how do i get the metal clip on the bottom of my driver window glass (86 chevy nova)?
My anit-freeze in my car keeps leaking and my boyfriend just keeps filling it up. Should i get it cheecked out
What's wrong with my 99 Jeep Cherokee? The battery or alternator?
my car is making noise every time i place break pador i am not sure what its?
i have no reverse light on my vauxhall astra?
I have a mazda protge 91. my fan dont work , along with my parking lights.Do you think i blown a fuse ?
Grinding noise from Front driver wheel?
Do I need a 4 wheel alignment?
my dryer is broken. what part do i need?
Help! Brake caliper piston has gone to far out, can't get back in?
I rear ended a kid at a light and is trying to get $500-$700+ out of me?! no damage though?
need to find head torque specs for 92 mercury tracer 1.9?
Light scratch touchsreen remover?
What do the bumpstops on suspension do?
window tint law sucks?
How important is it to torque bolts?
when should the DTC be cleared ?
The lining on the ceiling of my car is coming off. How do I go about fixing that?
my truck won't start?
Is there any way to repair a nicked windshield without replacing the entire glass?
My car battery tests out fine at autozone where I bought it 1 yr ago.?
what the firing order for a 350 chevy small block?
Why has my engine developed a knock after a long journey?
bmw bottlecap wheels on a civic? what size tire should i run not to big but to look good?
alternate ways to make some sort of welding machine?
Do you do your own car maintance or just take it to Jiffy Lube or a place like that?
how much i cost it to put leather interior into a car?
For all who replied to the head gasket problem thank you. It is a 3.8 engine?
Why is my car smoking?
best product to remove tar and brake dust from cars?
18.5 briggs and strat engine 92 powr kraft mower. It runs good until I engauge blade then tries to stall?
Does anyone know how to fix a hearter in a camper Please Help?
best heating & cooling companys?
why do my windscreen wipers make so much noise when operating in the rain
What kind of detector is this?
How much do you think it would cost to fix this damage in this saab?
can you show picture of pulley for 1993 chevy surburban?
help needed someone threatning to put sugar in gas tank!?
auto transmission jamming in high gear on bmw 525 1991?
Fusebox 1997 Ford Windstar?
What can I hook up a 09 lancer to go fast?
Blue smoke is coming from exhaust. How much to fix?
How can I keep my car windows and doors from freezing shut?
what is the location and # of radio fuse in 1995 Dodge Dakota Sport pick truck?
where is the clucth located on the 98 civic hx?
My car locks have been frozen for three days, I've tried the de ice stuff and it didn't work. Any ideas?
What does it mean when someones 'head gasket' has gone?
Why won't my car door open?
Whats wrong with my gearbox?
Is there anybody know about a floating pontoons for hotel usage?
I have a 1999 Honda Accord which is having transmission/ torqconverter problems-What is best way to resolve?
2007 Nissan X-terra with grey plastic trim and bumpers. Bumpers are turning a bit white what can I do?
What can I do to fix my blinker problem?
Small engine rebuild Tecumseh 12hp.?
mechanic negligence cost me my car engine due to a bad oil change, what should I do?
Lifters STILL noisy! Help.?
Is my transmission shot?
how do you know when the timing belt needs to be changed on your car?
Whats the cheapest I can get a radiator (the part) for a 2002 impala?
is it normal for me to hear my brakes make some noise when i apply the brakes?
I got a brand new Honda Civic2006 Lx and next day I had to drive it ...?
how many days does it take for my check engine light to come one once its cleared.?
can you put dual exhaust on a four cylinder car?
how much oil do i put in a 2005 dodge caravan 3.3L v6?
Did she get ripped off or what???
What will happen to a car seat if it's soaked with pee and not cleaned for a week?
I need the firing order and the plug wire placement for a 1988 chevrolet silverado?
which is the best rv battery?
Why does the rotary engine drink oil?
Whining noise and flickering battery light on 2003 BMW 325 Sport - what's wrong?
What can I do when I lost my car keys?
If my car Ac is blowing hot air when freon is full?
Transmission issues. Just replaced transmission.?
i have a automatic 87 firebird trans am and it cant go over 2000 rpms?
what tire pressure should I use?
What to do when yours car is too expensive to repair?
Did all camaros after 1981 also have a CCC emissions control?
How do I know how much air to put in car tires?
information on the mark 1 vauxhall vectra 2.5 v6?
What price range should i expect for a touch up in my paint job?
What Happens to your car engine if you pee in the gas tank?
high beam headlight swich in a 94 corsica where is it?
how can i find bmw maintenance?
when finished should i switch off at mains?
Why does my 2000 Ford Countour make a reving noise when turned on in the morning. (Goes away after 5 minutes.)
1990 t-bird codes 41,91both o2 sensors bad unlikly?
where are the spark plugs on 04 cad deville?
brake master cylinder leak can it cause pedal to go to floor?
If a car was being driven with only water in the cooling system, how long would it take to overheat?
is 100,000 miles high for a diesel engine?
What happens if I put in 3 cans of 134a a/c and i only need 2 cans and a half to fill it because i put three?
who will win a race?????????????
windscreen replacements in brisbane? does anyone know where is cheap?
what is the easiest way to drain a gas tank on a car tank is full?
installed new map sensor but when i plug the pigtail in the vehicle shuts off : is that a bad pigtail?
94 Chev 1/2 tonne truck, has problem where will suddenly shut off, then wont start without pumping gas.?
2006 Dodge Ram 2500 help with MPG?
is torque good in forza?
1995 Mitsubishi Galant Wiring?
My banshees gears are hard to shift from one gear to anothere what could be causing his?
how do you install external voltage regulator on 91 dodge dakota with v8engine?
what does it means when there is a grinding sound when letting feet off gas?
What should be included in 60,000 mile auto service?
toyota tercel?
I put cooking oil in my vehicle and now it won't start.. .what should I do?
Is it possible to run belt in 2000 Saturn LS without A/C?
the water does not come out from two thingys placed ontop of bonnet for water to wash my windows? PLZ HELP!!!?
Loss of RPM while driving over 50mph.?
I have 06 F250 will a lift kit and a banks system void my extended warrenty?
Should I get rid of my car?
battery goes dead overnight on 70 pontiac?
Transmission damage? ?
can i use nail polish to repair the chip in my windshield?
I have 2002 Acura 3.2 TL 4 Dr and my left low beam burnt out. Can I buy a replacement bulb cheap anywhere?
I have a 1995 Mazda 626 5 speed 4 cyl. It jerks in 2nd and 3rd gear. What could be the problem?
Car leaking coolant?
this sounds silly but....where do i fill up my window washer in my car????
How much would it cost to paint a car?
What should i pay for a 1989 nissan 240 with a rust whole in frame?
i want to replace my 1997 xr70 engine?
Is the noise I hear when trying to start the car because of a weak battery?
How do you do a tune up on a car?
how much is it to get new compression rings installed at a shop?
What happens if I try switching on car's engine when its already on?
If u stick a fuel pump on wrong ?
anyone find any success by using product called lucas oil treatment conditioner?
I need to know to buy a OBD11 Scan tool.Have a body shop dontuse often to justify the cost/updates like snapon
how do i fix rock chips in my cars paint?
why petrol is not used in diesel engine?
What is a big block, and a small block?
have a1995 ace limited pops thru the front pipe had carbs cleaned still does it.?
my 2000 5 seriesBMW with 70000 miles blew a head gasket...?
why won't my car move in drive?
why do my blower motor only work some times or after i hit a bump 2002 ford taurus?
Does $1,300 sound reasonable to fix a rear bumper dent from a slow moving rear end collison?
Can I switch from ordinary motor oil to syntactic motor oil?
What would make my rear main seal go out as soon as its replaced?
How come gas prices keeps on going up?
Could I remove my Engine fan?
Is the 3,000 mile oil change just a marketing scheme, or real?
will pouring used engine oil in my engine cause engine sludge because i had some?
Please help!! I need to take out the car battery (I dont know anything about cars)!!?
My mechanic says my car needs muffler bearings and the cost is about $300.?
Accidently used Diesel fuel instead of regular fuel for car, damages?
93 northstar:rough idle at stoplight,backfire while driving,passed emissons.I think something with fuel. HELP!
Should u Drive with your brakes leaking?
What is the best way to get rid of those oil/tar spots on car paintwork?
Battery alternator issue?
Oil pressure goes to about 5psi at idle.?
are shocks inside of struts or is it either or?
Is there a way to clear a clogged catalytic converter?
The head of my oil plug has been rounded how do I get it out....??
please respond- car wont start?
what was it? not overcharge.?
how to hide the smell of smoke?
Why do i have to keep topping up my car's engine with oil?
what is a TBI 5.7L 350?
can anyone tell me where to find the a/c compressor low press switch on a 1993 pontiac grand am?
Installing a Second Horn?
Would a tire sized at 205/65/16 fit a car that takes a 205/65/15 tire?
Dark spots on my car interior.?
Car Spray Painters! - Professionals Please!?
My horn won't quit honking! Help!?
Would my car fail it's MOT if the horn is not working.?
A shop I frequent, trust, and like, is telling me it's $75 to resurface the 2 front rotors on a Sentra, ...?
Do low quality spark plug wires effect performance?
how do u change a distributor in chevy V8 engine?
can someone give me an estimate for a font left quarter panel on a 2008 toyota camry hybrid?
petrol price in your area today?
Will a separated/broken tailpipe fail emissions?
is it possible to replace the driver seat in a small car with a more comfortable one?
What Happens to your car engine if you pee in the gas tank?
i have a ford Taurus that wont come out of park.i checked fuse but looks good?
Once driving through a rough part of town, i heard a lot of commotion around my vehicle.?
were is the iat sensor plug located on a 2005 colarodo truck?
Why can't I keep driving in four wheel drive?
how do u know if u have a blown head gasket on a 1989 chevy caprice?
how to add horsepower to my 2004 dodge ram 1500?
What damage does overfilling a autotrans cause?
Do you know any cheap carwash around Los Angeles or Culver City?
aaaaahh! help my brakes went out on my car what do i do im driving down the road as we speak! [ crash ]?
Spark plugs - which ones do you think are best?
how heavy is a Cummins ISB 24-valve Diesel I6 ENGINE?
My 1999 Honda Accord randomly dies / shuts off on me?
If v=14=94;n=?
How much would it cost to get my catalytic converter replaced?
Where are the relays for the A/C in a Ford Taurus?
find auto manual for ford taurus "1992" airconditioners?
would to much oil not start your car?
Why won't my car start?
how do you hot wire a car?
Lights go off and oil light comes on?
Humming sound possibly from diff. on transit van. should I be worried?
Car Accident. Wheel's off center?
My 2001 Honda Civic is overheating still after replacing most parts! HELP!!?
How many miles can an automobile go before changing oil if sythetic oil is used?
I have 235/75/r15 + 3" body lift ...I am considering purchasing swampers ... how do I convert the sizes?
Why does car shake when it hits 60-80 mph?
How much can I expect to pay for new brake pads?
New tires, vibration in steering wheel. Suggestions?
Is there a 5 speed transmission that I can couple to a 70's Chevy 350 small block?
98 chevy k1500 4x4 ext cab putting 3"lift and 16x10 wheels, and wanting to put 35x11.50 tires
where can i buy shock absorber with coil spring for volksagen 1200 in cebu city?
How much to fix a starter switch?
i have a92 pontic grand with a3.1 v6 thefeulsystem overloadingwould like to know why?
1984 Ford F-150 won't start?
how do you losen the tensioner on a 2000 mitsubishi mirage?
Outer edges of front tires are smooth or bald?
What's the real deal with my car?
How does gasoline make the car work?
I need a 1987 honda accord usersmanuel that is free no cost?
What Engine Oil should I use 5W-40 or 20W-50?
is a mazda 3.0 v6 parts compatible with a mazda 2.0 tribute?
How much do you think this will all cost?
thermostat location on 1997 Isuzu Rodeo?
How often is a brake fluid flush recommended for 03 monte carlo?
oil in radiator coolant 2003 cts 5 speed?
generator auto throttle system not working?
Which should I change first...brakes or rotors?
Why is coolant leaking inside my car?
What is a power actuator valve?
Engine damage - fire or sun damage?
how do i get rid of static from my car?
How much R-134 will it take to recharge a used A/C Compressor?
i need a duplicate key for my 1990 toyota camry by using the vin number?
If I take a working thermostat out of a car that is overheating, will it run cooler?
can an expert on emissions tell me why...?
Is superglue resistant to diesel?
where is the thermostat located on the 2002 kia spectra a picture would be very helpful?
Can I swap these transmissions?
1977 Motor Home wont start after getting fresh gas.?
Octane Number?
Whats that smell coming out of my ac vents in my car?
When is the cost of Petrol going down ???
just bought a car ., I run a auto check and it says previously a salvage car?
My car died and mechanic said it needed a new engine, can this be?
My 04 Dodge Neon also shows p0700.?
car wont start, possible bad fuel pump?
I need the owner manual for Dodge Grand Caravan Sport 2001!?
toyota tacoma oil change?
I have a 96 Ford Crown Vic with 75,000 miles on it. Is th intake manifold still under warranty?
mcquay chiller evaporator maintenance alarm how reset?
How often do you need to change your car tires?
How much would a custom paint job on a car be?
this morning my car made a weird noise?
just rebuilt a 350 and their is no compression on none of my cylinders.what did i do wrong?
my brake lights dont really work what should i do?
My car has an oil leak, I have been told its the cylinder head gasket?
I heard when its really cold you have to let your car warm off before you drive it. Is that true?
Is the butterfly on a cars throttle body suppose to move smoothly? or is it hard to move?
i just got my a/c fixed and well everytime i go over 3,000 rpm's it starts doing a strange noise...?
My car is making noise when turning left?
Cars Wth High Compression Engines Requiring Premium Gas?
The battery light in my car just came on. Is it safe to still drive?
What keeps my ac compressor cycling on and off when my ac is on and i have a 2007 honda accord?
What does it mean when my car looses power?
How much would it cost to have an engine swap?
Ok am I leaking motor oil or not?
Does anyone know what is wrong with my drivers side window? It has stopped working and it isn't the fuse!?
Am looking for information on how to rebuilt a chevy 350cid engine to gain hourse power.(books,ext?
Why would my steering wheel feel different after taking it back from the dealer?
Anyone have a deutz f3l 1011 engine repair manual?
What is the clicking sound?
93 aerostar - heater cord replacement?
Charging a car battery without the car.?
volvo 740 GL?
ive got a car thats been sitting for 5 plus years that i want to fix up. what can i expect to replace?
what could cause my nissan to only run on 3 cylinders?
if the shifter level bolt broke off how can i fix it?
How bad is it for a gasoline car if you pour diesel into it?
Left car running in parking lot for 7 hours, will this hurt anything?
Left ac air return without filter for months?
How do I fix the reclining seat on a 1997 Chevy Silverado? It will not latch back to the upright position.?
Can somebody tell me what's wrong with my car?
what's wrong with my steering wheel!!?
On a 99 f-250 does it die when put in reverse?
why does my car smoke out the pipes a few days after it rain. i have an 94 lexus sc300.?
Transmission Fluid Flushed?
what is causing that sulfur smell in the air over moreno valley?
were can i get ge load center cover screws?
how can i get my driver side door out of the lock position so i can close the door on a 95 lexus sc400?
Unmixed coolant oops need halp asap!!!!?
What is window starter?
What could be wrong with my car??? HELP 10 points!!!?
1986 forerunner oil drain plug location?
Eclipse Knocks, how to find whats the cause?
What could be the result of putting water in your radiator during the winter? ?
what is the easiest way to change belt on my 99 eclipse GS? do i have to lift up the engine at all?
I heard putting a cup of diesel in your engines oil beofre a oil change cleans the valves?
how to remove battery on mercedes benz ml 320?
My speedometer and rpm gauges on my 95 chevy pickup dont work , causing transmission problems.?
what is components of car radiator water ?
How do i remove screws for frront gaurd panel - Nissian Primera p10?
How often should I change the oil and filter on a 1997 Ford Crown Vic with 37,000 miles on it?
How can I remove gasoline odors from my hands?
I just bought a used 1998 windstar van and my battery light comes on?
What is typically done when your car gets a 'tune up'?
Question on a mazda mx6?
A display of a water can flashes on my dash, car not hot, what is this?
how reed valve function in two stroke engine,its advantages,its basic function and how it increases its effici?
How much would it cost to get my back bumper and back right bulb fixed?
My 1999 Ford Taurus has a problem with its automatic driver's seat... How to fix?
How much energy does my cooling fan use?
Please HELP ME! My day has been ruined by an ink pen. I put one in my back pocket and it broke when I drove?
Can I take a busted tire with the RIM to a car place and will they be able to replace the tire without....?
will no antifreeze jus water overheat the car?
how does a locksmith make a new car key?
2004 4.7 V8 Dodge Ram Transmission?
Will a 2.2 engine from a 98 accord bolt right up to a 98 civic?
how easy is it to use touch up paint on cars and what type of brush should i use?
why is my exhaust blowing black smoke, at times, oil filter change?
why has the petrol consumption on my ford escort suddenly increased?
Does a car need to be reprogrammed if left dead for over a year?
how can I learn to valet a car?
Blown Head Gasket or bad Water pump?
my car overheated. i changed the thermostat but it still overheats and my heat doesnt work. what could it be?
Whats Wrong with my 1993 FORD PROBE?
powersteering pump issues?
how can you tell if your automatic transmission is going bad?
If I rev my engine in park for like 10 seconds to help it warm up will is hurt my engine or transmission?
What is usial service life for Hyundai Accent CRDi engine 2002 August manufect. belt pulleys ?
what should i put in the windshield wiper thing...?
Sunroof issue on Jetta?
My car will not start, and not sure what to do. HELP?
How can I turn my car into a time machine?
Grand Prix GXP front turn signal replacement?
Best car battery?
Can I DIY these rust spots on hood of car?
Is the $250 maaco paint job any good or is it just a waste money and time?
help on changing brake fluid and bleeding brakes?
I just had work done on my 1990 ford f-150-I swapped trannis but on my way home my drive shaft broke off .?
HELP PLEASE!!!What Could Be Wrong???
What fluid goes into a radiatior?
Know a good auto body shop around LA (San Gabriel Valley to South Bay) that can salvage a car cheap?
How do I change the lights on behind my temerature control panel?
Please help! Fuel/Oil Questions for Toyota Camry.?
what should i do if my original car key broke?
Ford Ka burning smell?
HELP! Superglue On Paint Of Car!!!!?
I was wondering were do you find the fuel pump relay switch on a chevy caprice classic?
Help Whats wrong with my car Plymoth Breeze?
Is it bad to leave a phone car charger in the plug all the time?
can you bump start a diesel engine car?
How to fix my gas gage ?
can you access tsb data found on 93 ford escort gt,concerning the fuel pump harness?
How to properly replace tail light bulb?
car alarm sets itself while driving or car is stopped?
my car wont start?
faulty headlight (02acura3.2cl); the bulb cant be out because it turns on sometimes. what could it be?
Can someone translate this car talk for me please?
How should I start my car during wintertime?
I need step by step instruction to replace my 99 subaru impreza 2.2l timing belt?
2001 Saab 9-5 Wierd Blinky Light Problem?
I have a 4spd w/overdrive trans. in my G Cherokee. When I accelerate?
How do you attach a tachometer to a 1974 ford pickup truck?
My car won't shift into gear by itself all of the sudden?
!992 Toyota Celica Lights problem?
Problem w/Serpintine belt for 99 Oldsmobile Silhouette. Why does it keep slipping off pulleys?
how to replace the back up sensor?
leaking celiling?
what to do with car engine?
does anyone know if this is a good exhaust?
i put about 1/2 qrt too much trans . fluid into my 2007 kia rio should i be concerned?
Should we pay for a new clutch?
how can u tell when ur cyloinder head gasket has gone and howe much will it cost to get it replaced? i?
The windsheild in my car won't un-fog no matter how warm the vehicle gets, what could it be?
What brand xenon hid headlight bulbs will last the longest?
what additive do i need to add to petrol to improve performance of my car?
i have lost my locking wheel nut and have a flat tyre. any suggestions?
My car pulls to one side?
where do i put the transmisson fluid in a 1999 ford taurus se?
my steering wheel shakes when i apply the brakes. new brakes. torn ball joint boots. is that the problem?
should I buy a car that smoke?
can you use a nova 1970-74 pitman arm on a 72 buick lasaber one place said yes the othere dont know?
I'm putting a zz383 stroker in a 85 vette, can i still use the tpi and get rid of the egr system.?
I accidentally locked my car key in the boot, and the boot open only by key..any idea on how to get it out?
I disconnected the wires from the starter of my 1988 Chevy G10 van. now i can't remember which one goes where!
Car engine turned off after driving for 45 minutes. Water further pls?
IS HE TRYNA CHEAT ME??My AC doesnt work and the mechanic says ill need a compressor and something else??
please respond- car wont start?
If one ball joint in a vehicle is bad is it really necessary to replace all four? honestly, no salesman crap?
when should you get a full service as apposed to the annual service?
bad ball joints on a 2001 ford explorer sport 4wd?
Is it a good ides or waist of money to have my windows tinted in my car?
I'm having trouble sealing the beads on truck tires(11/22.5 16 ply?
My Grand Prix made a loud kind of slapping/ticking noise then leaked all the oil?
Ruined car's paint?
Will 98 3.0 caravan transmission fit my 98 3.8 caravan?
Exhaust pipe bolts keep coming loose?
Is there a way to stop the odometer on a older uhaul truck?
how long does it take to replace a fuel pump in 1990 dodge caravan?
2002 Ford Taurus white smoke coming from hood, car is not overheating?
Question about my speedometer... 91 Volvo 740?
How do I recharge my ac in my 1997 isuzu rodeo?
where do I fined info about wiring schematic for cars without having to buy them?
Check engine light wont go away. Codes?
Dead battery and Key stuck in ignition?
how much would it cost me to change a manual transmission to an automatic transmission in a chevy truck?
Why my window wont roll up?
my heats not working in my 94 biuck century?
how do you adjust s-cam brakes on a trailer?
Why is my car jerking?
why am i having stalling problems?
1999 Mercury Cougar the panel lights (dash, stereo, etc) Have blown out along with my headlights.?
Astra g van passenger floor wet?
need to take the superchager off my grand prix..?
Mustang GT Turbo kit, why?
Why is there steering wheel play after changing upper control arm and ball joint?
what does the service engine soon light mean?
1997 Rav4 Four cylinder, interference engine?
At fault-car accident...however?
intermitant grinding/ low hum?
What do you mean by leading and trailing edge/shoe in the brake shoe of a drum brake ?
My roof top on my ford taurus was dented in by by 9 year old and pushed back out by my 13 year old is this?
1999 BMW 328I Sports Muffler?
how to tune a eb ford?
Learning how to drive a standard transmission.?
BMW oil pan gasket question.?
what are the plug ins on the negative side of battery on a 98 ford escort se?
2000 mercury grand marquis no power to computer?
how do i remove the starter from a 2000 ford focus SE? Chilton's says 2 bolts and says 5 bolt
my car is leaking tranny fluid were the motor hits the tranny i think its the seal what else could it be?
What could be wrong with my car it seems like when your pressing a little hard on the gas to pass a car on the
How much would it cost to have a new frame installed on my 2003 chevy silverado?
How do I change the oil on my car if it's lowered and a jack wont fit under it?
Air Filter Changed On A Car?
How much does it cost to get some of your car repainted?
how do you change an engine block?..freeze plug without spending an arm and a leg at a garage?
Car gears question please help.....?
Are their products that you can mix with your gas to get better mileage?
where can i find a owners manual for a 1987 2door Nissan Sentra?
how do u change a auto transmission for a 1997 dodge stratus es?
the body of my car is oxydising other then full body repaint can i just fix the oxidied parts?
Help, whats wrong with our car?!?
steps to replace heater core?
Why is my gear shift stuck in 97 explore ?
1974 Chevy Impala 2 door small block 2 barrel 6.6L?
My car kinda stumbles at idle in park and stumbles really bad when I give it gas when driving??
does the valves on a gmc canyon ever need adjusted?
HELP CASE FAN POSITIONING intake or exhaust?
How does one start a diesel engine when it is COLD outside?
What happens if you drive a car without getting the oil changed?
i poured oil where my transmission fluid go's what do i do?
Alternator or belt whistle?
What could be causing my car to overheat while idling?
i got a huge dent in my dads truck...what do i do ?!??!?!?
Would a malfunctioning EGR Valve making a "whistling" sound?
1978 Chevy C10 Battery Problem?
If I have 16x7 rims what's the widest tire I can use?
how do you change a car spedometer from miles to metric on a Mercedes?
I drive a 2004 Tacoma. How long can I go without changing my oil?
how expensive to have a rear bumper pulled up or straightened out?
can anyone tell me a web site where i can download an engine manual for a (mitsubishi carisma 1.8 gdi 98)?
Massey Ferguson MF-12 parts places?
possible to run car without AC condensor?
whats a ball bearing for on a truck?
put a another 12 volt battery in pocket bike?
RX300 front doors don't lock & unlock automatically?
To replace a drivers door can this be done by me because I see nothing that I can unbolt?
For the first few minutes, nothing happens when I shift from Park to Drive?
can I convert to roller cam?
is it illegal to spary paint my car?
Why do I have oil in my radiator resevoir, mazda rf diesel van??
what is the spark plug gap set at for 1999 honda accord 4cyl. 2.3 engine?
DO carb and fuel injector cleaners really work or are they a waste of money?
5-110 bolt pattern rim what car fit?
Do the inpection people check the radiator when I have my truck inspected?
My rear end is too wide on my car!?
head gasket worth fixing?
My truck will not start. I replaced the battery .... but nothing happens. Possible solutions, please?
whats it mean if your oil pressure is low in a car?
HELP!!! 2000 Dodge Stratus 02 sensor code problems.?
battery on my car is flat?
Alternator,Battery Don't know Someone please help?
You know when you fill your car with petrol - how do you configure the trigger ... ?
what should i expect to pay for a used engine?
96 dodge 1500 multiple engine prob?
What happens to the gasoline already in the tank?
all wheel drive olds bravada?
what is the gas price in your area?? here in indiana its 2.88 for reg unleaded.?
1995 Dodoge Caravan hestating to start problems?
Supercharger for 2002 silverado 1500?
is kwik fit a good garage?
400kva iveco generator has no load but shows 48% enigne load?
what do you think the most important part of a small engines?
I lost my fuse diagram for my 2000 mercury cougar v6 coupe?
I smell burning smell in the living room?
What car parts are worth removing for scrap?
What is the recommended replacement of the timing belt on a 2007 Ford Escape 4 cylinder?
my buick park ave starts up then dies rite away whats choking my car?
My 97 Eclipes Spyder overheated when the water pump broke. Not sure if the motor is done or just minor.?
whats wrong with my '97 ford taurus?
how do I replace fuel filter on 2005 tahoe?
my car has about 20,500 miles on it. it always gets its 5,000 or 3,000 or whatever services.?
Why is my car high revving without pushing the gas pedal?
how much does an mechanic make at a foreign dealership?
Is it true I can use dry Ice to pop out dings in my car due to hail damage?
Someone scratched a bad name in my car how can I repair this cheap but make it go away?
I went to start my car today and it wouldnt turn on or even turn over. no lights were left on or doors open.?
ed head?95 ford taurus?
Engine oil? Would this damage the engine.?
Engine sputtering horrible gas mileage?
Vaccuum problem? Air won't vent to 'defrost', slight 'burp' if I accelerate while at highway speeds..Related?
My car smells like antifreeze....what could be the prob?
Does the air intake on a vortec engine swirl the air as it enters the intake?
Wondering how to fix a busted oil pan for cheap.?
what is 2step ??? is it launch control or somethink how does it work?
What is the best gear ratio for a weed wacker bike with 24inch wheels?
About how much would it cost to customize a 07 dodge charger?
Is it alright to wash a cars engine?
how to change front hub -ford 150 2005?
why my car interior lights stay on at night?
will installing a k&n air cleaner help the gas mileage and is there something you have to do to the computer?
I just bought 1995 eagle talon TSI Turbo,?
how do I unhook abs on 95 baretta?
2002 Ford Taurus problem?
What's a good site for car parts and accessories?
How much horsepower will my truck put out?
Are HVLP paint sprayers suitable for automobile painting?
Would my car make it driving from Boston, MA to Orlando, FL?
what's the difference between radiator in an automatic and a manual car?
why is my car not starting?
starter bolt size on my 99 f-250?
How do i remove the whole dash on my 1995 honda civic dx? i've tried everything!!!?
Why is my car burning gas so fast?
93 explorer turns over but won't start after changing things out?
Car Headlight?
does an audi A4 have chains or belt in the crank shaft?
1994 pontiac transport cabin air filter?
why do i have black smoke coming out of my car?
R-22 Freon where can I buy it?????
Check engine light on ?
My car's catalylic converter is clogged...does this emit dangerous fumes into my actual car while driving?
Is fueling your car with regular unleaded gas bad for your car in the long run?
Brakes making a slight grinding noise?
Airbag light fix or not....?
Can i use 33801 4x500 as replacement with 33801 4x800 fuel injector of my kia carnival 2008 crdi?
cost to rebuild john deere 4020 engine?
Should you buy parts and bring car to mechanic or bring car and let mechanic buy parts?
1998 Saturn SL2.. did this....?
1994 Ford Taurus brakes growling?
i put in a K&N cold air intake and it rattles?
How do I get a job testing cars?
Can jumper cables go bad?
What year did cars first have air conditioning?
Why won't my dim head lights work?
My son shut his hockey bag strap in the door latch of a 2001 jeep cherokee and now I can't open the door.Help?
Any option for Recovery Van at Cambridgeshire?
i just replaced the water hose to the oil filter the car was running good when we went to the store but when?
will a 1996 chevy truck pass new york states inspection with 2 emission monitors not reset?
How Can I Break In to My Own Car?
Synthetic Oil for my old car?
old transmissions?
what will happen to my car with no antifreeze?
my oil light keeps blinking in my 1982 mazda b2000 pickup. what could it be? what is an oil pressure sensor?
Is my battery about to go dead? when i turn the ignition my car clicks before it catches and starts up.?
how to exterior valet yourself?
Do you think the garage ripped us off?
What are the chances that the internal parts of transmission being damaged due to torque converter going out?
i was wondering if there is a difference between 89 octane and 91 octane in hp?
My Mustang ABS and Traction light keep flickering, and the radio keeps turning on and off...?
03 Saturn Ion 5spd trans "buzzing" noise, anybody know?
will i conserve my gas if i leave the air conditioning off?
I left my car lights on for 20 minutes when my car was off, did that run down my battery a lot?
How bad do I have to drive a stick shift to destroy a transmission?
Is it okay to mix 2 different grade of car petrol?
pipe going into heater coil leaking on saturn l 100 4- cyl?
98 mercury villager, clicking sound coming from front end.?
mileage doesn't change, whats the problem?
electric turbo cheap idea, or downright dumb?
Does any one need a Kia Sedona 2002 for parts?
Can I use a "add a fuse" to install a horn?
Whats wrong with my car?
my friends truck frame has surface rust all over it?
Need help getting the smell of throw up out of my car?
A low spongy brake pedal, even after pumping it several times... please help?
Bought a car at an auction and the radio is locked. HELP?
car battery dead, i have a question?
If you put your foot on the brake pedal; is your life in your foot's hands?
Car clicks, but won't start. It's not the battery, solenoid or starter motor.?
Why won't my speedometer move while I'm driving?
i have a 2cycle engine and i put only gas in it nah it wont turn over wat do i need please help?
i think i took off a part of the rear defroster cable. Is it a big deal?
What would be the things I need to maintain my car (like oils etc)?
1988 f250 break prblem?
nissan sentra 1997 does not start sometimes.?
How many quarts of oil does my car need in oil change in honda dealer?
can you put two different tires on a car?
On a front wheel drive (fwd) vehicle, do you put the best tires in the front or rear?
leaking Ford Ka Collection 2000?
What causes windshield wipers to shake on the downstroke?
Not sure if I blew my engine or not?
I need help with changing the brake light on my Nissan Frontier 1998 model?
vehicle door question?
how can I find the orphus ona 93 chevy surburban?
Painting a car with primer?
2002 Buick L:esabre Used Window Regualtor?
1991 nissan pickup truck question?
Do you think I did any damage to my car?
AC control selector not changing. how can i fix it?
Brakes on 96 Honda Civic goes to the floor after turning wheel far left and right after struts were changed.?
how to remove battery on mercedes benz ml 320?
Honda CRV jerking while accelerating 40-43 mph?
I have a problem with an automatic gearbox Jatco put on a Land rover Freelander?
Could you change a tire by yourself?
the lugs on my car broke?
93 Pontiac Bonneville - security light - comes on when starting and will not start. Now it is on permanently?
Symptoms of a bad cv joint?
Car paint job! Any ideas on pricing?
Is something causing my spark plugs to go bad every 6 months?
daf 45/130 thermostat location cummins straight 6 engine?
Can I fit 39 inch tires on an '85 blazer with 5"s of lift. I don't mind cutting sheet metel.?
my truck starts violently shaking at speeds between 25-35?
Where are the cheapest tires?
Why does my VW Passat keep displaying the message 'Check coolant' on the dashbord?
My heater fan stopped working today on my car on the way to work. What could be wrong with it?
Where is the oil drain plug on my 2001 Audi TT? The more specific, the better.?
Why my expedition stay on when I turn it off?
How do i bypass the speed limiter on 1999 dodge neon rt?
im looking for tirekingdom or national tire&battery some one told me there is a place in elmhurst,ny?
is the money worth it for my car fix?
Is it bad to switch from neutral to drive in automatic?
how do I get out of the status window that pops up everytime i log on or move to a different window?
where can i find a template for measuring trailer hubs?
Where do you put in transmission fluid for a 2003 Ford Escape?
radiator flush do-it-myself?
My Blazer heater doesn't blow hot air. Ideas?
One of 4 dashboard lights in 2003 Saturn ION sedan is not making contact and will not light up.?
can you have your front wheel well liner replaced.?
If the spark plug has no spark then wut?
How much does it cost to repair a windshield?
Mercedes CLK 500 lights remain on during daylight conditions when set to auto mode. Why is this happening?
does the 1984 chevy s-10 blazer 4x4 w/2.8 motor have a oxygen sensor and where is it located?
Why doesnt my truck turn off properly?
Are chyrsler 300 parts expensive?
My rear wheels wont come off?
I have a '93 Thunderbird. When I try to start it, it clicks multiple times, but does not start.?
I have little oil stains on my driveway. there not coming out. Does any one have?
the current through the starter motor of a car is 210A. if the battery keeps 12V across the motor,?
how do i replace a nissan altima hood?
Car makes click noise but doesn't start?
Car spoiler spray paint finger print problem?
I got into a car accident today when a car pulled out in front of me?
My 2001 Ford expedition has a problem with speed?
What are some 1995 Saturn SC2 Performance parts?
i want to learn how to do auto upholsery what do i need to do?
Is it possible that my engine is gone??
when a car loses oil, and there is no dark spots where it is parked, what's wrong?
What's the code to start a 1998 VW passat?
how bad did it hurt my engine by accidently revving my car in 'park'?
Any idea what's wrong with my car?
Why won't my 94 Camry start?
car wont start... but should the radio turn on if its a dead battery?
Workshop to change the steering wheel from right to left in Britain?
Does Rim Width matter when buying new rims?
why is it harder to pump the back side of my ripstik?
Where can I buy 0w-20 motor oil in Canada?
How would you handle a leaking sunroof on brand new car?
No Heat in my car....temp gauge SKYROCKETS?
Will my excursion get better fuel econ. w/ different chip?
i have a 1991 ford tempo and it stalls out when i come to a stop, what could be the problem?
Why won't my 4 gear automatic trans go into 4th gear?
My vehicle doesn't start, but...?
how do i keep the flies out of my car?
its ok to wait exactly 3,000 miles for oil change?
how to get more than 3000rpm on a mitsubishi v6 4x4 engine?
Putting Taurus snow tires to a Corolla?
How to Make My Truck Louder?
Why won't my Ford f-150 release its parking brakes?
Is the alignment or new tires more important for your car?
How to adjust the valves on a 2005 mazda 3 2.3 liter?
Has anyone actually measured the actual temperature of epoxy resin as it gets hot and cures?
What things to consider when going from 16' wheels to 18' wheels?
Question about a 2001 Jeep Wrangler?
1989 ford ranger mpg?
What causes a timing belt to break or go bad?
What four cylinder engines are interchangable with the 1995 ford contour 2.0 liter engine.?
What are cam seels?
Please help me with my 99 satur sl1 haveing alot of problems?
Where is the bleed holes on the heads of a 6.0 diesel?
All 3 motor mounts or 2?
What are two advantages of V-6 design over an inline six-cylinder engine design?
How to stop car windows freezing up overnight.?
Tie rod? Ball joint? Bearing?
What could be cause of a noise that sounds like creeking in rear of 1990 Mazda RX7?
Engine is making a knocking noise when I accelerate?
2002 power distribution box how to change it?
Ideal rpm for an Automotive alternator to spin at for maximum efficiency?
Does an exhaust leak past the cat hurt anything?
Can I fix a slashed tire with fix-a-flat?
Do I need air shocks AND springs for a wheelchair carrier for a Chevy Venture?
My antifreeze smells like gas but my oil is not contaminated?
i need to know how tocheck fuel regulator and can you rebuild it?
1989 Ford Escort AC recharge?
my93pathfinder is losing steering controll?
hello i am looking for interior paneling appliances flooring to remodel a 1981 motorhome?
replacing c/v drive shaft on a 2000 pontiac grand prix?
Pros and cons with these diesel engines?
Serpentine and alternator drive belt?
Which Car Is Better??????
why do my dash lights not work in my 94 caviler after my radio was stolen?
Help me plz!! My car's front end is vibrating really bad, does anyone know what's wrong with it??
Ford Focus 2002 power Window Cable???
Should i turn my car off while getting gas?
Why isn't my Jeep Laredo idling so low?
What would cause my truck to turn off when I stop?
what is chrome? Is it a metal or something that's applied to metal?
can WD-40 spray help joint aches?
Help! slave cylinder bleeding/ wont go in gear when on?
what happens if you put washer fluid in brake fluid container?
Chevorlet Cavalier 2000- Keep or dump?
2000 Polaris Trail Boss 325 Heat Light ?
What tires could fit my rim?
all i get is a clicking sound when trying to start my gs 500?
Need help with a stripped torx screw?
My 04 Dodge Neon also shows p0700.?
Antifreeze in my oil: Is it my mechanic's fault?
replacing 2000 ford focus engine.?
How to repaint my cars...?
Will my car be affected if left standing unused for a year?
do I have to take off the front axle bolt to take off the front brake rotor on a2000 caviler 2200 motor?
what would cause enough pressure to push out your dipstick and spray oil out of a 2000 infiinity while driving?
how to clear out the a/c codes on 97 cadillac sedan deville??
how much is gas at your corner store?
what is the most reliable automobile in the united states ? I want to buy a really trouble free auto Im sick a
what is the correct spark plug gap specification for 1994 pontiac grand prix?
My car leaks fluid from the front of the tranny?
where is the sensor for outside temp situated on a merc c200 ESPRIT 99 it has not got the grill on the wing?
cost of new brake discs/pads for VW?
My 1993 f150 keeps stalling?
how can i make a quick fix on a exhaust leak without taking it to the shop?
Temperature Sticker on my Raptor 350, how do i know what the overheating temp is?
Got rear ended by a truck.?
What does it mean when a car ad says" needs tune-up"? Is that necessarily bad?
whats the differance between a sliding mesh gearbox and a constant mesh gearbox?
Where can I get the pipes to dual out my exhaust on 99 Grand Marquis?
Is expensive car oil worth it?
What do these automobile acronyms actually mean ??
How does wrong answer get chosen best answer?
Need a maintenance manual for a vermeer 1230a chipper?
When i speed up with my car it start shaking?WHY?
1991 mitsubishi montero?
what is an AMT transmission?
what will happen to a car if it just sits there for a year?
i have a 98 olds aurora and mybattery keeps getting drained what cause it had alternator checked says okah?
Why would the oil pressure in my suv go down when i stop, and go up when i move?
vw running ruff when i turn heater fan on. 1993 cabriolet 1.8.Replaced voltage regulator,but still does it.?
I need to download a free diagram of my car's water pump so that I can replace it myself. Any suggestions?
Should brake fluid be changed?
why is my car heating up?
when i start my car it acts like it dosent want to keep running what causes that?
2005 GLI RPM drop in 3rd gear?
Service engine soon light appeared in my car. What does that mean?
would studded tires help me with a rear wheeled suv? it is not a 4 wheel drive?
Does anyone know of a good website to find recalls on a certain vehicle?
I changed the brakes and now i have a slight grinding noise?
my car keeps stalling and i have no money, whats wrong with it? can i fix it myself?
My 1981 datsun pickup is idling at high rpm, i think its the carburetor but I'm not sure. How do I fix it?
2005 Silverado battery drain?
Radio, clock and dome light wont work in my 1997 buick century. Fuses are all fine so what could it be?
How can you remove the grease on your hands?
does high altitude affect a car?
My car is losing coolant?
Given wrong information re MOT at Kwik Fit?
Camry Hybrid electrical problem?
What would cause my left signal to flash in a normal rhythm and the right to flash very rapidly?
Mazda 3 06 Clutch feels very soft and "squeaks"?
how to install struts on a chevy venture?
Which car would have more damage in a three car accident?
I have a Pioneer radio/cd player in my truck and cant set the!!!!!?
i've have a 2004 pontiac grand am the problem is that there is a lot of brake dust on the wheels?
Storing car, but major service due, do before storing or after?
is it better to buy a new ac compressor or a re-manufactured one?
How to ger rid of water spots and tiny rust spots on a car?
1988 dodge diplomat vacuum hose diagram?
my engine shakes its a 1963 mercury wth a352.?
Does my mechanic owe me a new battery?
can i disconnect fan relay on 2000 grand cherokee to keep battery from going dead?
can someone tell me how to replace a fuel pump on 1999 tahoe 4x4?
its ok to wait exactly 3,000 miles for oil change?
If I put my car in drive and then step on the gas and it won't move what is wrong with it?
Car broke down?? What could it be?
truck was runnin awesome. better than ever. for a little bit?
what's wrong with my car?
does any one no a webcite that starts with www.spark and ends with .org?
What to do if you put unleaded petrol in a diesel engine?
I have a 2004 range rover hse and my remote doesn't open or closes the doors?
Is there a way to turn off the (ABS) light on a 2000 chevy tahoe without pulling fuses? Also cannot pull bulb.
Was this person pulling my leg or what?
Can anyone tell me where the oil filter is located?
How often should I change the oil and filter on a 1997 Ford Crown Vic with 37,000 miles on it?
can a in the transmission be welded?
Why is high mileage bad?
What kind of Remote Key fob do I need?
Waxoyl on Car underside?
04 acura tl center console and steering wheel controls. no light. it sucks. all fuses good. i o i o i o i o?
Manufacture's Code P1320??? ?
I crashed my parents car?
is is harmfull to a car to not let it warm up on cold(35-40 degrees) days?
about how much do tires cost for a car?
Aren't different "grades" of gas just the same thing with more water added?
oil all over the ground!!!!?
where is the fuel pump relay on 1996 dodge intrepid?
remove tree sap from car?
My car is squeeling like a bad belt but all the belts are fine?
What is wrong with my S-10? It is experiencing an extremely slow/hard start when the engine is cold.?
my gauges went out when i changed the battery in my 94 seville, cadillac.?
Can I offer to pay for damage to a another car to avoid loosing no claims discount. Its a very small dent?
Anyone know where I can find a wiring harness for an airtex fuel pump?
car parts for my car?
Will putting premium 94 octane gasoline in toyota corolla provide additional benefit?
Lemon Law? 92 Sabru PLEASE advise!?
Why would my coolant look like dirty water?
How can i replace my cigarette lighter socket on a G37s?
where is the fuel filter at on a 87 dodge ram50 4x4 2.6bbl??????
what can i expect a Xreg ford K A to do to the gallon at 56mph?
new battery, but wont start.?
Im looking for free online engines specs for a 69 ford f250, can anyone help?
a question about a egr valve?
Is it normal for my vehicle to make noises when first start in cold weather?
Can a Panel Beater get a job in welding ?
How much will it cost to get my truck fixed and where can i go to get it fixed?
All the water ran out of my radiator .. added more now its not running out?
Will this make my car louder?
Can liquid nitrogen or liquid helium be used to keep a car radiator from overheating ?
My truck wont start on its own is it my starter or wiring?
How do you get locked lug nuts off when you don't have a key?
My Car smells like anti-freeze?
How do I siphon gas from MY CARS tank?
How can I fix squeaky brakes on a corsa?
can a cylinder head gasket be repaired instead of replaced ?
does anyone know how to set the fuel injection timing on a mitsibishi (diesel motor)in a CAT 110b trackhoe?
I am new driver, what tools I need to have in car?
Why doesnt my car start?
Why doesnt my truck turn off properly?
How to Wire an Electrical Push Button On & Off Switch?
where to buy a scan tool that reads b and c codes?
If I switch my spare wheel but keep the spare rim would it work?
How to improve gas mileage in a 1988 Shasta motor home?
what would make the car shut down while driving?
what is the replacement bulb for a 1998 toyota 4-runner turn signal?
What are the causes of piston ring failure?
Does radiator stop leak actually work?
Body control module failure?
Why does my car battery keeps going flat?
Can chromed whel rims sustain damage if exposed to carwash detergent?
Car door locks not working any helpers out there?
Crankshaft Position Sensors?
Will this ruin a master cylinder?
check engine light came on:(?
Radiator coolant looks hot but is cold?
what can cause vapour or smoke to emanate from the oil tank of a car?
Out of control idling 4Runner?
1990 Honda Accord DX - sputters and close to backfiring and no power ONLY when it goes up a hill.?
Is there any places on the net that sell the bottom backets that come with a new window when purchased?
how do you get a 2 day old coffee stain out of a car seat??!!?
car wont start unless jumped?
What is the most mileage you've had....?
my dash lights arent working?
Air flow sensor??
am not kidding its broke?
Trying to locate picture of a waterpump for a Buick Century 1999. Location on engine?
Would a voltage regulator cause a vw beelte not to start if it is bad?
How to tell if my blower motor is bad or is it the switch?
My car won't start. Head or timing belt.?
i have a 92 pontiac grand prix that is overloading it,s self with gas would like to know why?
Pumped diesel into gasoline powered '07 V6 RAV4. Is it as bad as Toyota techs claim?
what can you do to stop the oil leak , LA?
When starting my ford taurus it just clicks. I have changed the battery what do you think it could be?
car battery cap wont go back on?
Besides wheel balancing .What causes an irritating wobble in the steering wheel at around 60-70mph .?
How to get the smell of smoke out of my car..?
Is Brake fluid on car same as the Power steering fluid??
Why are my lugs cross-threading and breaking?
Why my F250 turbo diesel shutdown only when is raining?
Do I have to get the transmission rebuilt kit ..?
engine oils?
What thickness of a windshield glass should be?
What the hell is this car part called? For the love of god, I can't find it anywhere.?
LIFT KIT HELP!!!!!!!!!?
Can I rebuild an engine in my dorm room at school?
while mechanics are working on a car, will they purposely damage it so you have to bring it back?
What is wrong with my 2001 Mustang GT's cooling system? Ideas anyone?
head gasket? thin layer of white oil on oil cap?
Fleet driver. I can buy my 2006 Chevy Malibu with 69k miles for $7,700. Want another 50k miles. Reasonable?
Anyone here ever took their car, while under warranty t,o get it fix when the damage was caused by yourself?
More Car Radiator Problems and just some help?
how much would a front axle be for a 2000 tiburon?
why does antifreeze get on the windshield when i turn on the heater?
Is being a Diesel Mechanic a good career?
Dead car battery failed to jump, aside from a new battery, would I need a new alternator?
How would I start a detroit diesel engine on a stand? meaning off and removed from the truck. thanks?
Will a nearly dead car battery result in a loss of power steering? It seemed to steer fine once I charged the?
How to do an alignment on 1992 Jeep Cherokee Sport?
Whats wrong with your car when steering wheel shakes and you've had front end alignment.?
How often should i buy fuel injector cleaners?
My 00 buick regal fuel gauge is going bad?
shouldn't a mechanic be able to tell you about forseeable damage while working on your vehicle?
how to paint plastic parts?
Car wont start...PLEASE HELP!!!?
What size bolts and what else should i use to ground the white wire on utility trailer lights?
Do you think I will make it to the auto shop?
Honda Civic Battery Light on and Oil light on. I purchase a NEW battery. But the lights are still ON?
whats is a dipstick, and how can I tell when I see one...?
What do you call someone who changes tires and oil? In short someone who works in a car garage?
How can I get a used or refurbished engine for my isuzu rodeo 2003 V6?
Can cars be retrofitted with the LATCH system?
Where are you and how much do you pay for a gallon of gas?
what is the worst ever car you have had, or have got,and any opinions on the ugliest car of the past?
best place to buy nissan 720 parts?
can i replace my stock Mass airflow sensor on my 87 rx7 with an after market mazda or ford sensor...?
TPI module?
How do you get light scratches out of a windshield on the outside?
How to replace studs on a 2001 Dodge Durango?
I have a lug nut that is not coming off?
I have a 97 Maxima and when i turn the key it wont start, it only clicks.?
I'm looking for the pneumatic diagram for a 1974 Mercedes Benz O302 bus.?
How to make a raptor 350 have better acceleration?
Would hydroplaning cause steering problems in a 00' Firebird?
Why are my brakes still squeaking?
preformance chips work?
what to do if power stering fluid is in the wrong place.?
need help when shifting gears on my ATV?
Does anyone know whare to get a rapair manual for a 1990 Fiat Uno DS??
Help me fix my 2002 mitsubish oz rally please?
How expensive would it be to convert a 1980 Corvette from auto to manual trans.?
why does my car smoke?
on occasion when i turn my directional on when it clicks back my inside lights flicker?
1996 Nissan Infiniti J30: EGR valve malfunction?
WHat si the ebst fuel system for a 10 year old 4 cylinder sedan with 125k miles?
Reasonable cost for car repair post-accident?
RE: $900 to fix brakes?
Do I need an oil change?
Why is my engine running rich?
why is my truck running hot?
what carb should i put on my 350 for the best performance?
How do you remove a torque converter from transmission on a 1982 Chevrolet 3500 truck.?
Which cylinder head should i use on the 5hp Briggs engine im building. Which will give better performance?