Should I Repair My Gearbox or Replace Gearbox?
My car tyres are wearing down on the outside what causes this?
How do you install a rear Quarter window on a Jeep Cherokee??
Bought a broken car, please help?
engine block casting number 3870010?
How to reset oil service light Chevrolet Impala ?
I have Mold + Mildew growing in my car can anyone help?
Why won't my Bronco shift?
whats wrong with my car? its stiff to change gears?
My speedometer isn't working on my 1994 honda accord ex(auto, 4cylinder).?
My engine is burning & glowing orange & sparks are flying out under my car. Whats wrong? What do I need to do?
oil can light on dashboard?
what is attached to the top of the valve guide?
if my transmission is shot can i still drive my car?
How do I properly detail my car (wash, polish, wax)?
I have a VW Jetta and lost the gas cap, will this be a 'problem' until I get it replaced?
i just got a new exhaust put on vauxhall astra 1.6 now have no power any ideas please help engine now rattles?
Could the drive shaft have come out of the gearbox on my golf mk5?
What is tlc when talking about fourwheelers?
Can you get 900 hp out of a 426 hemi v8?
My check engine light turned on should i still drive it like that to Calif. if i live in Nevada???
what is the third common set of tools?...standard, metric and ???
Check engine light 2001 Toyota Camry?
How to make my truck louder!?!?
Is it safe to drive with a live bullet stuck in my tire?
where can a get a carbon fiber trunk for a 96 nissan altima?
Why doesn't my 08 Malibu start right up when I fill it up with gas?
Lemon Law? 92 Sabru PLEASE advise!?
what is the refrigerent charge of freon for a 1970 oldmobile toronado?
nission pathfinder 2001?
what do wearever d52 brake pads fit?
WHere do I get my car door fixed?
Why one of my head lights is dim wen i put the hids on?
the engine oil is black?
should i receive a reminder when my car is first due for an MOT ?
what latest tecnology about clutch?
Does it matter if you get you automatic transmission flushed vs drained and refilled?
I have a 1995 Oldsmobile Arora, the steering wheel controls, cruise, horn, ect. wont work. Is it just a fuse?
What is the difference between a 2 stroke cycle and a 4 stroke cycleengine? (Example: GM motors Automobile)?
2003 gmc yukon denali, what is the recomended spark plug gap?
What are some possible reasons an engine is smoking?
What to look for in a car that has been stored in a garage for 20 years without being started up?
how long is everybody sleeping for?
1998 surburban gear sticks?
how can i go faster in my civic?
Will Washing car with regular water damage paint on car?
What is the best way to get minor scratches out of the duco of my new car?
What are the dimensions of a radiator from a UK spec Nissan Almera GTI?
Car Question: How to tell the difference between a ed engine block and a blown head gasket?
i need information about a 1999 mercury cougar?
i lost my gas tank key to my z28?
Quit job because of bald tires on dump truck?
where can i find a replacement seat belt for ford focus 2002 drivers side.?
does petrol go off if left in a vehicle unused for a year?
STRANGE Camry Brake Problem, Plz help!!! Camry rear drum brakes won't bleed!!!?
Can you tell me how to put a tether anchor on my 99 Nissan Sentra? Or where I can find a diagram??
how can i make my truck faster without having to tune?
Christmas present for my dad -- but can't think of the name of the tool?
98 sunfire check engine light wont go off?
How do you successfully remove the tint film from the back window of a car without damaging the defrost lines?
Question about alternators?
Is it serious if my gear shift "knocks" occasionally when changing gears?
EASY 10 POINTS!... GUYS ONLY ---> Describe a time when you had the soles of your barefeet tickled?
Why does vehicle oil need changed (continued)?
Where can I find a wiring diagram for a 1986 Ford F250?
My car starts but only after a few tries.?
I have a 99 cheverolet silverado 1500 4.8 4wd. There is a rattling under my truck that i cant figure out.?
what dose offset mean on wheels?
how much should a new set of installed breaks on a jeep cost?
Sulfuric Acid Spill help?
Service Engine Soon Car Light?
i have a 1992 toyota 22RE and it wont start..i fount i have no volts at injectors and cold sensor.can u help?
Blue smoke is coming from exhaust. How much to fix?
87 trans am trunk release ?
how to remove the inside panel on the drive side back door of a1998 cadillac catera?
were can i find out how to change the heater core on a 1992 izzui trooper?
So inspection is coming up and cant seem to figure out why my break tail light wont go off?? Any suggestions?
What grade of gas do you put in a c250?
what type of oil do you use for a Lincoln 2000 LS?
When your battery to you car dies instanly and you already changed the alternater what else could it be?mnpc1AA55502122608002"> power out side mirror and power door locks just stop working?
My heating in my car blows hot for a while and then blows cold - anyone got any ideas?
Why did my brakes give out?
Is there a trick for removing the rotors on a 91 Geo Storm?
where can i find a dx spray paint shirt?
how do i wire a new headlight socket that plugs into the bulb?
We have a 2004 chevy venture van it wnt start it has a good battery and some gas but it wont start why?
can a bent car chassis be repaired?
Should I junk it?
HELP!! 92' Honda Prelude Rear brake problem.?
How do you get a bent valve in the engine?
How do i fix my soft brake pedal?
i replaced my engine but my car still runs funny?
How do u test an alternator?
I need someone knowlegeable about cars...?
Honda accord smokes and wants to die?
Should the life of tires be reduced by about 50% if the tires are rotated only 2 times within 38,000 miles?
Is 80 dollars too much to charge for labor to put in a new water pump in a ford aspire?
How do I remove the Windscreen Washer Reservoir?
Trying to go into second gear when driving and it just grinds and doesnt go in?
my cars check engine light recently came on?
How to change the front right hub bearing on a saturn ion-3 2006?
Will putting super unleaded gas in my Unleaded car harm it?
Swelling clutch bands?
Oil on spark plug, what gasket to replace?
94 gmc 4x4 pickup 350 fuel injection will not start when it sits over night. run fine when warm?
My car has been towed by a towing company since then I paid thousands dollars for alignment and axel repair?
What is wrong with my 1990 Dodge Dekota?
in a 1999 ford exploxer, if i feel every single bump going down the road, whats the problem?
1989 vfr400 nc24 electrical problems?
what are the torque settings for the cylender head?
Buying tires,I've typed in my reg number on 3 different web sites and they all tell me the tyres I need are ?
my car when it turns on i cant take it from parking :(?r=1257120644?
YZ 125 knocking and wont get over 10 mph. What you think is wrong?
Where is the cheapest place to buy a 2 or 3 inch lift kit for a truck?
The website says my car has 3.0 L and V6? Which on is cyl? I cant find them on the specs?
where is the location of the hatch release switch on a 1998 grand cherokee?
Moisture on passenger floor?
Where is the fuel filter for a 2000 Seat IBIZA 1.4MPI located? How do I replace it for myself (without books)?
Can a ed spark plug cause a misfire or is it the air filter?
My transmission is making a funny noise and gears are slipping?
i just bought a brand new battery for my car. turned over great for a week,now it wont even turn over.?
99dodge diesel with holset turbo can u just replace the wastegate?
What is a tune-up and where to go to have it done?
1996 Mercury Cougar XR7 dash noise?
Oil in my 2007 suzuki z400 quadsport smells like gas.?
Looking for a distributor of motor oil and filters for the Eastern Kentucky area?
Can I change a 1996 Honda Accord front wheel drive into a rear wheel drive and what would the cost be?
What type of oil do I use for a 2000 Buick Regal super charged?
where are the vin numbers on a 1965 ford pick located?
will taking the cadillac converter off my car make it faster and louder?
does anyone have scientific based opinions on the effectiveness of synthetic motor oil?
p0300 cylinder misfire?
Can you sue a user car dealership for giving you the wrong spare tire?
fuel guage stays on full all time, replaced fuel pump assembly, no fuses blown?
Why is my 3k toyota engine is growling like a cat when i step on the clutch even with slight pressure only ?
Where can I download a Honda Civic Owners Manual 2001-2005 or a Fuse Diagram?
My car temperature guage goes up during warm up in the morning can this temperature affects my car engine?
how to fix frozen brake calipers?
90 jeep wrangler runs rough and idles poorly?
Got a 2002 cavalier with a stuck gear shift, key wont turn off?
what happened to my car?
Custom Exhaust System Upgrade?
96 chevy silverado not getting gas to carb. put on new fuel pump?
04 Chevy Monte Carlo - Starting Problems?
How to replace rear O2 sensor in 97 Nissan Maxima?
need to know how to change the shocks and struts on my 99 saturn sl1? can any one show my the instructions?
How do you replace a front wheel hub on a 1996 mistubishi galant?
I need someone knowlegeable about cars...?
Hi my 1.7tdi vauxall astra keeps cutting out every couple of weeks then will not start,?
what is wrong with a car with a car with the milage over 200000?
how to instal hand controls in my car?
How do u change spark plugs?
What are best tires to put on a Honda CRV ?
Where can i go to get the fuel gauge indicator fixed?
what to do if i jump started my car wrong and now it will not run?
Why my car is skidding in the rain?
White liquid on alloy after tyre change?
1996 Falcon S/Wagon, recent issue is a 'clicking/ticking' noise.?
Grease Monkey: change your oil every 3000 miles, my Toyota manual: change your oil every 7500. Which is right?
can i drive on a bent knuckle?
how do you lower the co2 emissions easily on an old car (1984 escort) to below mot requirements?
What is the price of gas in your area?
How to install new front wheel stud 2003 Cavalier. Not enough clearance?
can i put airbag suspencion on my 46 ford?
What kinds of things will ruin a cars paint job????
i have recently had the track rod end fixed on my car and now the wheel alignment is out should they fix it?
Asking why water in a gas tank will cause corrosion and failure in a fuel pump?
What could happen if a jug of semen was poured into a car gas tank? Could it possibly do any damage or nth?
Oil change?
Brake problem! Help!?
My MG ZR 2003 1.4 has just displayed an Amber 'engine check' light on the dash, is this serious?
Why is good hygiene important when working in an auto shop?
How Do I Get My Car This Shiny?
what do you think is wrong with my car?
86 chevy truck question? 10 points best answer!!?
Hole in the radiator?
If i take the bed off my truck will it get better gas milage?
2000 Ford Focus- Turned the AC on: heard a Pop, swish (spray) and then the engine stalled out.?
rikshaw rebuild how?
how many years more or miles more will my 2007 toyota corolla with 66450 miles last?
How to tell the difference between a girl, and tranny?
How can I prevent rust from happening inside my huge 120 gallon air compressor tank?
Will a mechanic look through your car for registration or insurance?
Does Gasoline Go Stale?
Please help with this truck question!?
What temperature should the car reach before the cooling fans kick in?
Will a prelude 2.2 vtech motor fit in my 1989 honda civic hatchback?
I have a 1997 Ford F150 4.6 litter engine. I am not getting any fire on the drivers side of engine HELP.?
I left my emergency brake on?
Car problems is this price fair?
Theft system keeps coming on in my 96 grand am, if i put in a new steering column will it fix it?
Is there anywhere in the country where gas is below $3.00 a gallon?
i own a 89 ford escort its an automatic and the tranny shifts hard what dose this mean cvan it be fixed thanks
can you put a kickstart on a pull start engine?
Where is the oil filter located on a 2002 Ford F150 4.2L V6?
Where to take car for a full inspection?
towing a automatic car?
how do I blead my clutch?
how easy is it to use touch up paint on cars and what type of brush should i use?
why is my engine squeaking?
pros and cons of navigation systems?
what type of car is this?
What could be the result of putting water in your radiator during the winter? ?
1994 Clio, water is boiling in coolant tank?
finding the right muffler?
A Wheel bearing on my car is starting to whine (noticeable when going around corners) My question is?
Brakes not working on a 92 honda civic?
Small drops of oil under my car?
Truck wont shift after replacing brakelight switch?
Do I need a water pump or is it something else wrong with my car?
whats the price of self start motor for bullet?
my car battery is brand new...?
My 99 Infiniti i30 has recently started to leake transmission fluid and wanted to know if it was a cheap fix?
1992 toyota 4cylender .we tried to remove the pvc valve but we could not get it out?
Mechanic did work to my car and now it wont work?
Is it okay to buy 1 tire thats different from the other 3 tires of the same size?
On a BMW 323i, do I always need to change the rotors when I change the break pads?
5w20 vs 5w30 oil what too use?
What would happen if you constantly run your car in overdrive?
Ok I understand that, heres my delima. I hit a rock and smashed a baseball size hole in the oil pan. And ?
how much would this custom auto interior cost?
what function does a car vacuum hose perform?
will a ford C6 transmission off a ford 351 fit a ford 460?
How much does pepboys charge for an alternator replacement?
i am changing the alloys on my audi A4 1998 from 15" to 17" will i require spacers ?
How often do I need to change trasmition filter and fluid?
My car will not start when it rains, What could be the problem?
having car trouble turn the key on and it clicks and dead as a door knob any one know what it might be?
ISCO forklift/sweeper repair bottom of the barrell repair company low pay bad service?
why is my car wasting more gas than usual?
HELP!!! Truck dealers or Men knowledgable about small trucks - Mazda, Nissan, or Ranger? Which one do I buy?
If my cars break rotors are shot can I just replace the break pads?
Testing the throttle position sensor in a 03 expidition.?
if a tire gets a snall knot on it can it still be driven on?
How much for a Color paint for my car?
my heat pump isnt working properly?
do minicoopers cost alot for yearly maintenance?
Is my thermostat sensor broken in my car?
do you reall have to resurface your discs every time you replace brake pads?
How far can a car go without an oil change?
Is it ok to use fuel injector cleaner on a new car?
I have a 93 dodge spirit with a rear tail light warning, is it important and how do I fix it?
gmc sierra turns, has spark,doesnt start. replaced lots >:(?
where is the turbo on a hdi engine?
I have a question...?
who makes a repair manual for a 1967 ford galaxie 500?
2004 sebring engine help?
how to instal volvo 850 headlight?
Can you patch the sidewall of a tire?
Cart just looses power. Let off the pedal and it comes back. When driving it , the cart will act like it shuts?
Grease Monkey: change your oil every 3000 miles, my Toyota manual: change your oil every 7500. Which is right?
car dies when i give it gas?
Does anyone know where the fill hole on a transmission for a 1991 Ford Bronco XLT 4X4 is?
which one is better? car with automatic or manual transmission?
2004 Honda Accord V-6 no start. Cranks, fuel pump works, no spark frm coil pack. Chnged Crank Pos Sensr no chg?
How did this happen to my windshield?
What does OHV stand for?
When my car is off, why does it makes a grinding noise somewhere under the hood?
How can I change the oil in a GMC????
Would wrong size tires or misalignment cause inside of tires to wear out quicker and ruin the tires?
tail light tint covers?
Has anyone else found the Jiffy Lube people to be awful? I'm going to Quick Lube instead and they cost less.?
Spark plug got lose during a ride.?
white gunk in oil cap doesnt use water or smoke?
Where is the fuse for the power windows on the audi 80?
Will a Wire lose wattage if it is split into 2 and going to 2 different places?
Can i use a Catalytic converter from the scap yard ?
Problems with my car!!!?
Is it safe for me to drive my 2007 ford focus like 3 miles to get new lug nuts/studs with only 2 left...?
oil in all of my spark plugs. what failed, why, and how do i fix it? any answers will help. thanx.?
how does one bleed the brakes using one person method? can someone upload me a link?
i need help w/ mazda mx-6 repair?
I have a '71 chevelle ss 350 auto trans. i was wanting to know if i could go column to floor with the shifter?
Where can I find free wiring diagrams for a 1995 Georgie Boy Motorhome?
QUESTION REG. my car nissan 240 sx 1990.?
Car won't start. Low on oil.?
How do I spot paint my car?
my check engine light comes on but thay say that there is no problem can u help?
Trying to fix leak, plastic piece in way of Cartridge?
what is the problem with your car if the "low pressure" oil light comes on?
How long will my car last? (mileage estimate)?
how to replace windshield on 1985 mercery marquis?
How much would it cost to get a wheel bearing fixed?
My car jerks only once every time i touch the brakes. but does not shake.?
Tip on touch up or repaint plastic bumper on 06 Durange/Balck?
95 Blazer 4.3 Vortech motor swap want to put in a 97 4.3 Vortech motor will it work?
anyone know how to solve a light that stays on the dashboard all the time, its called engine auto diagnosis?
What does it mean when your catilatic converter is leaking?
my 1990 toyota 4x4 hard on gas 10mpg 3,0 v6 changed plugs wires& fuel pressure regulater . why?
Got radiator fixed on minivan, now hissing sound and other issues?
What parts do i need to make an inflation hose?
i bought a new used car for less than a month and it needs a engine replace already. will i win if file a case?
How do I adjust the rocker arms on a 350 Chevy? And what is the gap?
what causes excessive oil consumption?
Help my futile attempt at fixing my 1973 chevy vega?
My diesel engine blows black smoke?
GTR 34 swap in a mustang?
what price should I expect to pay to have the a/c condenser replaced on my 98 Cadillac ?
Honda XR400 shifter shaft replacement help?
Can I spray paint a car with cans of spray? And if so, where can I buy them?
I have a 2004 GMC truck. It has a double heater control system.?
Car shifting funny. 1999 pontiac grand prix (automatic)?
my tire blew out on the highway...?
what would be the principle of getting longer lug nuts after getting spacers?
I have a car 1992 chevy Corsica. My car getting stall...what wrong with my car?
What causes transmission oil to go into your car radiator?
looking for trunk lid for a 1993 ply acclaim trunk lid color needs to be white?
1990 F150. When I turn the key and I push the o'drive button & it doesn't light the engine wont start?
My Ford Focus has a steering thud/ tight spot/ bind when turning the wheel from centre.?
My pickup truck bed is crooked?
Anyone have a guess as to why my car was overheating?
Battery is dieing in my car, but the battery is brand new, any help?
Does a standard get better mileage than an automatic?
How long can a manual transmission run with a bad throwout bearing?
I have a 2005 arctic cat 400 4x4 automatic. It is not getting up to speed. It only does about 25mph. The engin?
can't get the key out of the ignition switch?
what does it mean when your car shakes when it is at a stop?
Whats the difference between these two water pumps?
2000 ford only getting nuke warm air its not hot....i had the coolant and heater core flushed..?
what year is generalmotors engine block # 3970010 350 CHEVY?
prius extended warranty from toyota?
Is it ok to put a 150 watt light bulb into a light socket?
How to know whether to replace wheel bearing alone or wheel hub/bearing assembly?
Car alarm and remote start?
What might cause my car to get worse gas mileage suddenly?
put people to work cleaning up that big patch of plastic in the ocean?
My car has some problems.?
what is the minimum labor charge to install a new gas cap on a car?
1993 chev pickup injetors have grownd to pcm .Y not.?
How do you remove the entire dashboard in a chevy s-10 blazer?
what kind of maintenance should be done on a car after 60,000 miles?
Cat convertor cut off and stolen. Do the thieves sell it for the metal?
what are the possible causes of a major oil leak in a car?
The flux capacitor in my old delorean seems to have conked out, where could i get this part.....?
MG Rover 400 registered 1998. why is steam coming from under the bonnet (right hand side near the windscreen).
kia transmission not shifting right when cold?
does anyone know a nice color to paint a car?
My car has started to pull to the left when I brake. How do I fix this?
where do i find free answers to troubleshooting the suspension and steering to my 1983 toyoya 4x4 pickup?
my car won't start?
The nozzle in my Bellows is loose & keeps falling out, is there a device which secures it in place?
Toyota is not running right?
How do you change the oil?
what is a mass air flow sensor?
Head gasket replacement or replace the whole engine?
When should you change your brakes on your car?
motor runs but no fuel is being pumped?
The air condition in my 2002 nissan altima keeps going out, anyone know if this is common, or how to fix it?
How much would a paint job cost?
refilling a dead orbital battery?
Why won't my 1998 Mitsubishi eclipse start?
car feels like it's always going over a bump?
how do i replace the fuel injectors in a 1995 gmc jimmy,4.3 ltr?
what motor is in my civic?
Is it the alternator or battery?
What's the most likely reason my car smells of gas, but not on the inside?
How can I turn off my 1991 Honda Accord's "Seat Belt Alert" (beeping noise) that's malfunctioning?
Where is the PVC valve located on a 1993 nissan kingcab pickup?
Putting Oil in Car. Please Help!?
okay. my 1999 toyota tacoma has no heat.?
What if I put a new thermostat,radiator, and water pump on my car and it still leaks and over heats?
"How to lash on a rocker arm"?
Truck runs pig rich, and runs bad for the first few minutes it's on?
What is difference between a motor that gains acceleration at high rpm then one that just gains speed but not?
My truck is tapping real loud when I push the gas, when the RPMs go up, it quiets down?
need a diagram for serpentine belt to put on my 94 caddy. any suggestions?
do i need to fix my power windows for inspection?
my car is making a clicking noise when i start the engine?
what are the engine overhaul torque specs on 305 ci chevy?
Brakes wore out(rotors+pads)at 31k miles on my 2004 F150 supercrew,will the dealer replace the rotors for free
Is it necessary to replace ALL motor mounts when one is bad?
What's with the misconception about lowered cars?
How can i turn on smart start on my car?
how to remove taillights on a 98 mountaineer?
How is SAE-30 motor oil different from 10W-30 motor oil?
No mechanic can diagnose?
my 1998 ranger 4wd has like a skip so i replaced the plugs and wires and the oxygen sensors and it still does?
Bad to super glue air filter onto pocket bike?
Should I be reimbursed by the garage if they did not fix my car?
Brake shoes vs brake pads?
Has the mechanic ripped me off?
20 point inspection in motor vehicle?
What would happen to my engine if i tried to water down my gasoline to save money?
Can you fix a bent rim?
I just asked a question about whether I can use regular oil in a diesel engine. I recieved two answers,?
My engine stall when i stop at lights?
how can i get my trunk open from my 1997 bmw 528i?
Could I remove my Engine fan?
Tempture/Direction System doesn't work...?
where's is O'Reillys Auto parts located in Raliegh ,NC?
Problems with my Mercedes overheating?
locked keys in car.. no spare what do i do!!!?
Is there a way to make a gas( club car) golf car go any faster? no race car just a little faster?
free owners manuel 1998 honda civic?
can i put a manual transmission on a torque converter?
I can't start my remote control car?
1999 mercury grand marquis good battery good bench tested alternators problem still lurks?
I am changing the oil on a 2003 Volkswagen Jetta with a 1.9L diesel engine and I can't find the oil filter
how long would it take to replace a head gasket on a VW Rabbit?
I have a 1994 gmc truck with a 350 5.7. How do know if the MAP sensor is going bad?
Is it better to check the oil in a car before you start it or after it has been running, like at a gas station
90 camaro rs sensor problem?
what are the best spark plugs for my 94 civic?
How much transmission oil is needed for 2002 NIssan Xterra A/T 2 wheel Drive?
what are the torque specs for a TF727 transmission?
i got a 1992 2500 chevy 6.5l turbo hydralic clutch the rod that goes into the tranfer the broke off in side?
MOT FAIL or not ? Car suspension !?
2000 Mitsubishi Mirage?
2005 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 8 Maintenance?
The horn honks and lights flash after new starter was installed.?
86 4runner transmission problems?
Lexus es330 timing belt help?
When a car breaks down what's the usual reason and when it happens is your car basically a goner?
Camshaft Positioning Sensor?
Replacing the fuse for my car head unit?
2007 ford focus vent selector problems help?
OEM 6-CD changer mutes with breaks, bumps or shakes?
my 1998 ford explorer 4.0 sohc engine rattles when cranked and has a low idle.?
My car was just totaled and I dont have car insurance?
97 chev silverado 1500 350 vortec. the motor just started knocking really loud..what's wrong?
air gas for cars?
Question about engine hydrolocking?
Is there any difference if i clean my car inside with furniture polish?
New vehicle, gas tips, engine care advice?
Which is more important? Oil temp or Engine temp?
My Honda 300ex atv will not start after it sits for a couple weeks. Any suggestions to what I can do? Thanks?
can i weld a small pin whole on my gas tank using MiG welding?
Can you leave your car in the garage when it's over 100 degrees?
blown head gasket? confused.?
i got a 92 chevy s10 the alternator get real hot?
how to erase a rubber scratch on the car?
1986 ford f250 start up?
which is betta fuel injection or carb?
ford fiesta diesel engine stays running when i turn ignition off WHY?
my alternator belt came off i replaced the belt now my car is running hot any ideas?
im looking for a rear end for a 1997 chevy thao 343 gear ratio postive trac 4 wheel drv?
2000 Cavalier leaking coolant 2.2L?
2009 Mitsubishi lancer GT?
1980 cb650 custom blows blue-ish-gray smoke once it warms up?
Why arent my wipers working??
What happens when I started my car?
My 2004 mondeo has developed a problem.the engine warning light is staying on,glow plug light is flashing?
Vauxhall omega oil lack on display?
why is my car having idle problem without check engine lights?
About How Much Would It Cost to Reprogram This Vehicle?
how do i take my engen out of my car?
Battery or Alternator?
i dented my 2013 v6 mustangs passenger side front fender where can i buy a new one that is the same exact one?
how much does it cost to install AC?
How to build a 350 engine ?
If my battery tests at 8 volts, is it dead?
How do you change a water pump of bmw 2000 323ci?
Do you lock your doors at night?
How do I disable a keyless entry system which prevents the engine from being started if the remote isn't used?
Quick Steer race question.?
what wire to which node on 1993 porche 4 taillights?
Does EGR valve malfunction in 98 Honda Accord compromise the engine performance in any way?
when does a micra 1.4 petrol need the timing belt changed is it a belt or chain?
how do i remove the ignition switch from a 1985 mercury?
What is a PFE (Pressure Feedback EGR Sensor) and what does it do?
when repairing damage to the side of a unitary vehicle, how can the dimensions of the door apertures be check?
How do I get a stripped lugbolt off?
97 Ford F150, my brake lights don't work but my tail lights do?
2004 Chevy Avalanche Engine Problem?
Looking for auto service in MINNESOTA: replace a convertible top on a 90 Chrysler Lebaron?
Where is the fuel filter located on a 1997 Dodge Ram 1500 van ?
Where is location of fuel pump in 95 mercedez?
If i turbo my e36 318i 1995 at 7 psi will my engine die fast? how many miles before i have to rebuild it?
If I key a car will it set off the alarm ?
Jeep Grand Cherokee wants to overheat. Why?
'93 Eagle Summit LX transmission?
about how much horsepower will i be making?
k, i made a mistake, filled gas tank soy milk? car is making funny noises...?
in the uk how many liters make a gallon?
My car's brakes have started squeaking? What could be wrong?
93 pontiac grand prix se floods everytime i try to start it could it be a fuel injector or fuel regulator??
fiat punto steering wheel nut?
Reason for gas tank capasity get smaller over time?
What is causing my car to lurch forward at slower speeds?
why does my 206 overheat constantly, oil temperature gauge keeps rising?
My car won't start what is the problem? I think it might be the damp .I have a new battery.?
I drive a 1990 f-150 with a straight six in it, and I did the math yesterday and i'm getting 4.5 mpg, help?
Spraying Basecoat-Clearcoat?
How much should this cost me to fix?
How to change rear drum on 98 chevy venture?
If my mercedes run out of gas what can i do to get it started?
Chevy trailblazer how can I fix alternator and battery it won't hold a charge what is the problem?
does anyone know where i can find a wiring harness for my 1997 jayco pop-up camper?
is it safe to get a paint job on a vehicle from MAACO or AAMCO? do they do good jobs?
Odd revs and a bit rough, ideas?
How can a 4 way flasher relay be tested to see if it is ok? Thanks?
How much air do I put in my tires. Tire says 44psi max. Door panel says 30psi cold.?
if i flip the bow springs on my car will it still fit etc?
Witch one would win in pull?
Driving with the "check engine" light on?
What are some ways to improve gas mileage of '99 Camry, 4 cyl. ?
2008 Prius approaching 50K miles.?
How do you know wich side of the uv joints are going out?
Does anyone know how to replace an oil pump on a 2004 Ford F-150?
is torque more important than horsepower?
What materials used for teflon coating & what is the procedure?
What is the cheapest way to replace my brake pads?
what are the engine overhaul torque specs on 305 ci chevy?
Can anyone here walk me through instaling the Radiotor Expansion Tank/Coolant Reservoir into my 2000 bmw 323i?
Head Gasket Problems?
i need to know how to tighten the tension in the steering box of a 1993 chevy suburban 4x4. thanks 4 the help!
i bought a car from a used car dealers eight week ago and the head gaskett has gone they say it is not covered
where is the dipstick for transmission fluid?
removing a windscreen?
Why do some semi-trucks have cardboard or some other material covering the grill of the truck in the winter?
there's a mildew smell coming from the airvents on my wifes 2000 honda accord. Any ideas on what it may be
Fixing my Rocker panel on my VW Beetle?
Does anyone know what the tyre pressures should be for a BMW Rover 620 car?
Would old push rods cause valve tapping sound.?
Why I can't shift to the reverse gear while the car is moving?
CUmmins engine have trouble starting when is hot ?
What web site can I go to in order find out the history of a used automobile I just purchased?
My car just started making a funny noise ive never heard before on the left front passnger side?
96 camaro motor to 98 body?
will a 205/55/16 tire fit a 16x7 rim?
Pump Kick On After Few Minutes?
how to install ignition switch in 88 ford ranger?
Headlight trouble with 2004 Pontiac Sunfire?
I noticed my windshield washer fluid..?
Where would i get parts for a daewoo lanos?
Squeaking belts?
I have this ls B18 block and I'm trying to make it turbo ls vtec with gsr heads but i have a bit a problem.?
I just asked about a possibly wet navigation system. I'm getting good response.?
Trans cooler lines leaking?
Does anybody have a Vacuum Hose Diagram for my 1983 Camaro 2.8L V6 or know where I can get one?
Wat is the best way to drive a 5 speed?
I have a 99 Jetta, what to fix to make it faster and run better?
Orange headlight bulb on car not working?
I asked this already Someone please help?
FORD Windstar Wheel wobbles?
Is it worth getting a shift kit on a manual?
alternator replaced battery charged just clicks?
I jacked a hole on the bottom of my car how can i fix?
The speedometer glass around my dash broke and I need to tell my mom something what should I tell her happened?
I'm writing a book and I need question about a car answered?
why is water coming out from my exhust pipe?
Holden Commodore Station wagon 1996. How to remove and replace ignition barrel?
Is it possible to run belt in 2000 Saturn LS without A/C?
If I need to jump start a car in the rain, is that safe?
Does anyone know how to get small hail dents out of my truck ???
I need help covering up rust on my car?
86 chevy fuel problem?
Car Accident now my steering wheel turns all the way around? What did I do ?
where can i git some plastic blocks from.?
my little brother smashed the window out of my car, he is 12 and has no money how can he pay for it.?
how long will tires last in storage?
Car turns over and sounds like it is trying to start but doesn't?
How much would it cost to replace electric window with manual on car?
Could the drive shaft have come out of the gearbox on my golf mk5?
I have a 99 cheverolet silverado 1500 4.8 4wd. There is a rattling under my truck that i cant figure out.?
700r4 shifting problems?
what causes wires to show on the very top side of car tires?
where do i find diagram for 1994 toyota pickup left front door and lock assembley?
in demoines IA,some 1 stole my purse, all my money is gone, my cell phone& car key how on earth do I drive???
battery removal red or black first?
Car jerks a bit from accelerating from stop (manual transmission)?
Can I use Pennzoil sae 10W-30 for Buick Park Avenue?
Where is the best place to find the U-joints for my mazda truck?
I'm trying to change the wheel on my car but the bolts are on really tight. has anybody got any tips?
What is a CARFAX Mileage Verification for a used engine?
Trying to find a new 55 gallon plastic drum. Orange County California?
new battery and glow plugs but still have to turn over about ten times to start?
Is it true that when a car is empty on gas it has another 20-30 miles to run on?
Accidentally put oil/gas mixture in my car?
Car won't start after driving for awhile.?
what does a blown head gasket mean?
can i take the catalytic converter off my mustang?
What controls the tachometer on a '91 Ford Ranger 2.3L?
IS a worn out center link all that is involved in wheels having too much play?
Question about fixing control arm on Toyota Camry? Nut won't go back onto bolt?
who offers better service for exhaust systems?? price and service?
seeking feedback on 1998 infiniti qx4 transmission problem, no reverse?
Self Service Autoshop in Wisconsin?
did i pay too much?
Why is gas so expensive?
I need to know about the back brakes on a ford probe and if there is a special tool i need to change them?
Oil & dirt from my tyres has marked my friend's newly block paved drive. Any ideas how to remove it?
I want to modify my Royal Enfield 350. Can anyone tell me the dealer IN PUNE who does the same?
Honda Accord - Radiator leaks?
will cops pull me over for a ed winshield?
problems with Ford Taurus SES heater?
how do you adjust throttle linkage for a ez go gas golf cart?
Can a shop mess up the brakes in the process of checking them? s for best answer.?
how do i replace the fuel injectors in a 1995 gmc jimmy,4.3 ltr?
Own a Ford Freestyle...Can you answer about the steering, brake and engine things going on with it..?
Car question about a 2003 Chevy Cavvalier!?
Why can't American car manufacturers make an entry level vehicle as dependable and long lasting as a Toyota
I have an error code on my 2001 F-150?
Best way to restore rubbed tire sidewall?
How much would it cost to fix or can it stay like that?
where can I find some one to install shocks on my car that I bought?
how do i remove a 12mm bolt, cant use socket as the head is rounded tried vise grips & stilsons but wont grip ?
My first car really need help im very happy but sad?
can I replace Cav injector nozzles #BDLL140S6592 with Cav #BDLL140S6192 ...?
I need a diagram for a 2000 F450 brakes?
How long would it take a mechanic to do these repairs?
Power Steering out.. bad "wheel"?
Is my mechanic ripping me off?
Can I pour 10w 40 into 5w 30 oil that is already in the car?
I have new brakes all aound on my 1991 silverado, why are my rear brakes not working properly? my front brakes?
how many miles are you overdue for an oil change?
Crankshaft pulley removal question.?
How does an automatic transmission work and particularly the 3rd start function?
How do I connect a battery charge to an auto battery?
Is it possible to install an A/C in a vehicle that doesnt have one already?
What is the best motor oil?
lawnmower engine is smoking after it warms up, what causes this?
I need a wirring diagram for the charging system on a 1989 Honda 250 4 wheeler?
Cleaning the AC Drain?
What is the best way to repair a in your windshield?
what is the part of the car called where you put the gas nozzle into?
How do I add sidelights to a J Spec Mazda MX3?
Why do gas pumps keep stopping whenever I try to fill my car's gas tank up?
car shaking?
need help i have 92 hatchback want to convert to 99 civic does any one have info?
94 ford ranger wiring problem?
where is the starter?
How often should I change the spark plugs on my car?
how long can a ford 4.6L engine last without?
Does my vehicle need a carport?
The check engine light keeps turning on...?
need firing order for 95 s10 4x4 4.3L?
What kinds of maintenance would a car need within 9 months?
I'm trying to remove the hub assembly on a 1992 Ford F150?
96 gmc jimmy/ i have 2 spray starter fluid in carb, 2 get it started.? is my fuel pump, injecters,fuel filter,?
will a loose radiator cap cause my car to overheat?
1969 DZ 302sbc?
My friend tells me my car tires look low all the time?
How much does it cost to use a uhaul truck?
i have codes after fixing my car?
If I want to run E85 in my race car what do I have to do to the carb?
Truck runs pig rich, and runs bad for the first few minutes it's on?
98 % of men own it and 95% of them don't use it.?
2000 pontiac grand prix gt cuts off right after firing up. Not out of gas. Electrical sensor?
96 Plymouth Voyager won't start.?
how do i remove air from the fuel system in my car?
can I find free repair manual books for a sebring chrysler?
i just got in a wreck. how much for a new front bumber and new light?
when i press the brake pedal in my car it makes a wushing noise like there is air in the brakes any ideas ????
Car Fuse Problem? please help?
What is wrong with my car?
Increasing Mpg with a mpg saving ecu?
Whats wrong with my truck?
2 cyl lawn mower, 14 hp briggs stratton no spark?
Do I need a fuel pump fuse to operate my van?
Steam out of vents, water in the floor board.?
How fast can you go in 4 hi 4 wheel drive?
will a 1993 f150 door and hood work on a 1987 f150?
Sometimes when i press on the gas my car doesn't shift into the next gear. Why?
My car keeps chewing up the back tires and I have no clue as what it could be ?
Will transfer case from Chevy K-2500 fit K-1500?
In an overhead or dual overhead cam engine are the valves located in the cylinder block or cylinder head?
does adding aspirin to gas tank increase mileage?
How much would it cost to repaint my truck?
my neighbor has no muffler on his car and wakes me up at all hours!!!?
I have a pinhole leak in my fuel filter, 2002 Chevy Impala, Any quick fixes for this?
how do i replace the trunk lock on my 1987 cutlass supreme?
Putting petrol into diesil car and running for 3/4 mile?
need help to repair dodg neon no spark turns over wont start?
when you tell the shop to put your car on the machine to check it out do you have to tell then what part if?
What window tint should I get?
Why is my engine sputtering?
What kind of rear end do i need?
Why doesn't the heat work in my van?
What is a good Body kit for cars?
Why does the abs light come on when I pull out?
I have a 2007 Camry Hybrid. Had dead 12V battery after 8hr parking 2x. What causes this? How can I prevent?
My car will not start up but all electrical components are running?
Vibration above 70 mph?
headlights come on without switch?
what do you call the engine part where the sparkplugs get screwed in?
2004 chevy cavalier, has a locking torque converter. how do i know if it is not working correctly?
Blown head gasket, or is my turbo going bad?
Why Is my car only running off the battery and keep dying?
Which way do I wind the spring on a honda window regulator?
How much does it usually cost to replace worn tranny syncros?
brake fluid boiling?
Manifold leaks a rounld the gasket how do i fix it?
Car key fob not working?
how do i find what is draining my battery?
Are the new Saabs as good as the vintage 900 and 9000 models?
How much would it cost to restore a 1988 GMC Sierra2500?
power steering fluid location on a 2003 chevy impala?
How long should it take a mechanic to find a faulty sensor?
Cheap Tricks to get my car to pass smog , just to help a little?
98 Olds Aurora: center console?
Cam position sensor circuit.?
How much does it cost to get your brakes done (1994 isuzu rodeo 6 cycl. 5 spd 4wd 3.2L)?
Can I airbrush windshield wipers?
what does it mean when my sterring wheel shakes it happens when I slow down then I hear creaking noises?
how do u knw when u need new wind shield ripers?
My ac in my car isnt working dude?
How do you take off heads for a 2000 f250 xlt with a 5.9l triton ?
Why does my car overheat?
1jo973722 what is this? VW?
I have a Ford Ranger 2.3.liter with valve (Ithink) noise. Tried Rislone withoil change. Got worse. Suggestions
is it ok for me to put diesel fuel, in my radiator, so it will act as a long term anti-freeze, this winter ?
why my car bounce up and down when i pulling off from a stand still?
whats wrong with my tire? its constantly losing air?
How do you replace the windshield wiper motor on a 984 porsche 944?
What is mechanically the most simple car?
hi, our pugeot 306 turbo diesel always starts on the second key turn when on a slope?
can i convert regular halogenheadlamps to HID system on my Saturn Vue?
Why are the lights in my car dim?
What type of fluid do I need to use in the front and rear differential in a 2000 ford ranger?
is it worth painting my car? its a 92 honda prelude with 147K miles?
why does my e36 smell like gas fumes when its cold or when i drive it on high rpm?
If your not a mechanic how did you learn to work on cars?
Hey! Does holding down the clutch while breaking wear down the clutch.?
how do you get the starter off of a 1990 sunbird le?
Changing Brake Pads on 2004 Civic ex 2D, Caliper's Bolts are stuck! any ideas?
Whats the world fastes 4 cylinder car? is it still the eclipse gsx?
can i put corn based gas in a 96 taurus?
When a auto body shop takes apart a door panel, shouldn't they replace the plastic vapor barrier and seal it?
Would they have been able to tell me this at an oil change ?
need help with my headers?
can a 94 3000gt window regulator fit ain a 93 3000gt?
Rim key help?
Given wrong information re MOT at Kwik Fit?
Where Can I get cheap air bag replacement on a honda Odessy?
my breaker is trippin should i change it to a bigger one?
How do I get the best fuel economy with a manual transmission?
Why does my Battery die?
Has anyone had problems with a Dodge Dakota, engine sludge, engine failure?
How would putting a turbocharger on my 95 f-150 straight 6 affect towing performance?
I have a 2002 HD Chevy 2500 with a 6L motor since new the motors knocks when started is this normal?
Help with starting flat car battery using a Trickle Charger?
What is a tranny?
2000 Ford Taurus- Door ajar light on when door is closed. Any ideas on how to fix this?
what is non-shift-tronic?
does a v-8 engine use more gas than a v-6?
volkswagen jetta turn signal flasher?
2 different pairs of tires front? Back?
Tips on telling if a Junkyard Transmission is in decent condition?
if i left my lights on for about 3 hours. My car would not start. I got a jump and it started. I went to the?
Should I always use emergency brake on car when parked?
I have 2001 Honda Accord LX. Anyone know what is the ideal brake fluid level in brake oil reservior?
How do you tell if you have a macpherson suspension?
I peed on some ones car seat!!!?
how to fix frozen brake calipers?
what is the normal procedure if you lose your original car keys (with sensor)?
what will a car with a throttle body act like if i am missing the air cleaner gasket?
where is the crank sensor on a '94 jeep grand cherokee,4x4,a/t,5.2?
How do I start on fixing up a car?
After powerwashing my Cummins engine, my oil pressure indicator is not registering, and now engine shuts down.
have 05 f150,what would cause engine to idle up and accelerate irregularly?
what is the best differential for an fr car?
what website shows your car with different rims on it?
Will a car run on vegetable oil?
I need help with fixing a 1999 Ford truck?
1970 Cougar, are the fender bolts under the hood, painted or bare when they came from the factory?
Why does my 99 Jimmy go in & out of 4wd?
I have white smoke coming from dash vent?
Would it be stupid to lift an '05 2 wheel drive silverado ?
2000 cadillac deville is cutting out when driving and idoling. but when u give it gas it smooths out. plus it?
front brakes hang up.?
If two of my car tires are already bad but the other two are fine, can i buy only two tires?
is my transmission dead?
Can you get rust off metal?
Had a flat tire, paid to have it fixed, then 2 days later it's flat again. What's this mean and what do I do?
My 79 camaro needs to be jumped all the time, generator?
Roughly how much would it cost to fix the 2/ 3 solenoid on my 2000 Chevy S-10?
Where can i buy engine Sea Foam in Australia?
Where can I find a repair manual for 1968 Ford Gran Torino GT Fastback?
Left Ignition On, Will Car Be Okay?
How do I change the headlights on a 1996 Mercedes E320?
Why does my 5th gear pop out on my Mitsubishi Eclipse?
my 3400 has white smoke coming out and over heating , what should i look for?
can i use a honda accord 1992 cv joints on a honda civic 1995?
is it ok to put a part for a v6 engine on a 4 cylinder. My car is an 03 hyundai tiburon?
Windows won't go up or down (2000 Saturn ls1)?
Sea Breeze. Covections?
what are names of sites to find parts for a car's interior(97 MONTE CARLO)?
My car's check engine light came on, but the engine seems to be running fine...?
Where is the iat sensor on an 87 Fiero?
can you change the brakes?
Is my head gasket gone?
How much does it cost to get a locked car opened?
Chrysler Grand Voyager wheel hub and bearing v reg 2000 model?
Has my car passed its MOT?
What happened to my car?
how do I replace the alternator on a 95 avenger?
What is wrong with my car?
bumper falling off ???
What's the reasonable price for fixing scratches on the car (Acura TL Pearl White)?
What do i need in order to install headers?
How to turbo my car? ?
Squeaky noises while open and closing doors?
Had Head Gasket Replaced But It Still Smells when i run the heat?
Where do I find a Chevy S10 Clutch cylinder diagram?
Let my car run out of fuel. Cannot get it to restart. fuel injection hyundai . old model?
Transmission problem:?
will 3.8 ford heads from a rear wheel drive motor work on a front wheel drive motor?
Does motor oil have a shelf life...?
put water instead of diesel in my car?
my car has been chugging/stuttering,speed drops and then wont go anywhere and it stalls out.?
when i changed the transmission filter and fluid in my 1998 hyundai, it started leaking out a "weep" hole?
Car taking longer than usual to pick up speed...?
I have a 2004 grand prix. Transmission problems? I think?
My automatic car wont shift correctly?
What would cause one rear drum brake to lock up?
can I replace 350 with 454?
Hey you car smart people out there...?
how much will my repair cost?
What's the price?
Is it normal for oil fo drip from oil filter?
why is my car loosing power on hills?
Should i get angel eyes on my focus?
Would this stuff damage the BMW?
Why isn't my tail light working?
What could be wrong with my brakes?
can I use body filler on top of glazing putty?
Is it bad if my spark plug wire glows?
How can you test to see if spark is getting to the cylinder ,at the correct time?
What is the purpose of cattle grids on the road?
Cleaning alloy wheels?
How do you break into a car with a wire coat hanger?
I need a cold air intake hose for a 1988 Toyato Celica. Where can i find one?
whats wrong with my car if?
exhaust question.....?
Hi! I have a 96 Accord and cannot turn off the hazard flashers. Where is the fuse located?
What transmission sensor is this?
where is the brake light fuse on a 2002 honda odyssey van?
No mechanics can figure out what's wrong with my car?
Does anyone know any web sites where I can find car engine exploded views. I don't want to buy Chiltons books.
should i be mad if wife and her mom try to sell my 1962 running pickup?
how does a deisel engine work?
home lite gas 5500 11 hp generator not getting spark to spark plug?
how do i install a air/fual ratio gauge on my 2000 kia sephia?
(10 points best answer) Would 24 inch rims be okay with a brake upgrade on a 2004 Ford Expedition ?
what is this sound? maybe a suspension part? 06 accord?
Should I use a rubber oil drain plug?
can anyone tell me step by step on how to rebuild my 1969 350 chevy engine?
Lost my car's key what do I do?
My oil drain plug on my car is froze and rounded ?
How important is it to fix a bad heater core?
what car model or name of a car starts with a C and ends with a E.............i really need to know so i can f
Poll: Whats a better small engine? Briggs or Kohler?
hi, i have a 06 auto focus.only getting 20-23mls per gallon. its fully serviced with no leaks from anywhere.?
My car has started to pull to the left when I brake. How do I fix this?
which garages still sell 4 star petrol in and around reading, berkshire?
My toilet just flushed itself?
Where can I find a reuild kit for an 89 Volvo 740GL turbo?
what wood make my 99 blazer overheat when i use the air conditioner, but goes back down if i turn it off?
Should i change my engine oil every 3 months or 3000 miles?
What is the purpose of track rod bushing?
How to clean the inside top interior of your car?
I have a corsa and someone told me the head gasket has blown. is this expensive to repair?
Are clay bars any good for car paint cleaning?
Does car have bad starter or alternator or...?
1994 Corvette "Change Oil" light appears even after 2 oil changes. How do you turn this light off?
I scraped a door on my 2006 Mitsubishi Galant. How much is it for a replacement?
Coolant flush should it cost 150.00?
Question about lift laws and traveling?
Will the gauge cluster from a 93 cheyenne work in a 90 scottsdale?
Cost of brake pad and brake shoe replacement on a 2001 Honda Civic?
Is there an easy way to repair defroster on rear window in a Saturn 1996? Just stopped working one day.?
How do I remove rainwater that have crystallized on my windshield?
should the pistons hit the bottom of the head in a motor when there is no gaskets?
Is $375 + tax expensive for a valve job on a 4.3 L V6 engine? (pretty much replacing guide seals)?
how can i apply for a service and parts position at the ford motor company at 6455 s. western?
i would like to do my own tune up?
How do I clean my carburetor?
New engine for a 99 Saturn SL?
how much oil u put in ford falcon ba and what grade, is castrol magnetic any better??
'94 Toyota Camry running hot, cools when I rev engine?
where can i find a tutorial video on swapping a fwd transmission?
oil leak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
what is the biggest engine you can put in a 97 V6 toyota tacoma body?
Why is there a knocking sound under my hood?
My car heater doesn't work. The water temp. is 280. What is the Problem?
Whats the worst thing you can do with an scrap car?
how long does it take to put a transmittion in a 1995 ford taurus?
Why won't my car start? Battery is strong, ... no clicking, ... what gives?
What dous TDC stand for in engines?
my oil light on me car comes on now and again but the oil level is fine,wots the prob? help!?
put the wrong gas in my ford f250 what should i do?
how air condition works in car?
Engine code P0507 mean High idle speed?
i just brought a battery for my ford expedtion and it keeps dying so what else could be wrong with it?
How could undiluted antifreeze damage brake system? Ingredients are same family.?
flat rate labor for a 95 escort with a/c?
How can I remove the door lock cylinder from 91 pontiac grand prix?
where can i buy an HID kit in boston area for pickup, not mail?
Greasy film inside windshield. Water pump replaced 3 days ago. Is film from heater core or maybe water pump?
My headlights are very high even if i turn it to low beam.?
Do I need a new Starter motor? need help?
How do I fix a loose door handle on a 2000 Chevy S10?
Car will not stop overheating!?
How do you get the sticky residue from duct tape off of your car without removing the paint in the process?
Engine Coolant - Stupid question?
Car won't start, only click noise. (intermittent)?
Do I have to replace the filter on my click n vape?
b16 new crankshaft?
What software can programme injectors on mondeo tdci 02?
Is 164,444 miles on a 1996 Honda Accord too much?
Can i repair a stuck/melt Spark plug in the cilinder head of my 1991 pathfinder??
Tire losing air due to hubcap bent? Can i drive a 60 mile distance on this? its crucial.?
1994 isuzu trooper wont start? helppppppp?
how to instal volvo 850 headlight?
lights started to stop working so did radio,then they cam back wndt turn on?but lights work nw
My friend is buying a used 93 Cavalier, but it needs a hood.?
Any tips on how to remove spray paint from a car?
Who does the best job of putting a muffler and pipes on a pickup?
How do you find a short in a wire to the brake light in a 1995 Toyota Corolla?
'85 Ford F150 will not start?
i am looking for special tunerbolts for custom wheels. they need to be longer than usual. any sources? thanks!
What was the price of a quart of automatic transmission oil in 2002?
does anyone know the firing order for a 1990 hyundai s coupe?
Finding peak rpm performance with cam's and intakes?
what happens when your abs brakes gets disconnected?
I added transmission fluid to my gas tank by what?
What to do when a tyre constantly loses air?
Muffler Bearings?
how do i fix seat latch for sonoma 2001. seat slides and latch frozen?
Do I need a new transmission if i get a bigger engine installed?
Off car injector cleaning Lexus ES300, 92?
Is it difficult to replace the master cylinder on a '82 Cavalier?
Seat Immobiliser fault?
Clutch/transmission problems?
What size fuel filter do i use?
what happens if you get a hole in your cadeletic converter?
car dealership problems?
I have a Massey Ferguson Mod. 65 and I need a new seat. Can anyone tell me of a web site I can order one from?
is an alternator condenser required for my truck?
Can you leave your car in the garage when it's over 100 degrees?
what the best way to make my tires shine?
I need help on were to find either a rebuilt trans or new for 97 lexus es 300 for cheap.?
Keg, Shots, Strippers?? Men's version of a Baby Shower, need help!?
im looking for the fireing for a buick century?
car mechanics only!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
what kind of transmission is in a 95 lesabre custom is the gear ratio 2.84 or 3.06?
after installing struts on my car will i need to get a front end alignment?
sorry but how much does a wheel cost? roughly ta, x?
My car brakes squeak when I release them (not when I press down on them). What can cause this?
where is the knock sensor located on a 1990 buick lesabre?
jcb 416 transmission trouble?
A question about mechanics...?
what is the firing order for a 1993 chevy suburban?
Tire Rotation Cost?
why my ltz 400 wont start?
Gas leaking from raptor carberator?
An ECU question ........?
Mouldy wood floor because long time leak pipe, shall I really change it or has some methods?
what does the gov pressure solenoid and sensor do?
My friend might have possibly ruined his car, can anyone help?
when you replace your transmission do you need to buy a new torque converter if its slippin?
has anyone ever used head gasket liquid to stop leak? does it work or is it a temp fix?
How to install an aftermarked speedometer that goes up to 200mph?
I1996 Holiday Rambler with a 300 cummings diesel. Loses Power?
whats the most horsepower a 3tc engine can put out?
How do I adjust the clutch pedal on an '88 Jeep Wrangler?
i just got a dvx400 (sports quad) and when i brought it home there's alot of oil on the trailer..?
How to install a freeze plug?
How Do I fix my truck!?
Whats wrong with my truck ?
How can i paint my bike the way it is originally?
Why does my car veer to the left?
procedures on bleeding ABS braking systems?
What could be causing my rough idle on my GMC Pickup?
How do you lower the front of a 74 beetle?
what ever happened to the fullhouse car?
What's this awful squeaky noise?
04 Chevy Silverado A/C Heat problem?
Whats wrong with my car? It vibrates. I've checked balance 3 times and alignment twice. What else could it be?
What could be wrong with my car?
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Whats wrong with my car?
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