What would cause a car to suddenly lose power?
I got a 2K Acura 3.2TL with 129K miles. Although I've maintained the car well...?
Power window not working.....(again)?
Jaguar xtype making a funny noise? more comments please?
How much to repair fuel gauge on 1991 toyota soarer?
The whitest white light HID for 2010 Camry?
Is it the breaks or sensor?
tires need to be replaced?
tell me about how fuel economy has improved over the years?
How do you remove rust ?
How do you put air pressure on car tyres?
Knocking noise coming from engine?
averagre cost of wheel alignment?
Is there such thing as a good used car?
What's wrong with my car?
What can i used to removed the smell of spilled gas out of my car?
How do I know when it's time to replace my car's tires?
what happens to my engine if a spark plug was to go or stop working?
Is it bad to switch from synthetic motor oil to normal motor oil?
how to fix a squealing fan belt?
why cant i keep it up?
how do i know which transmission my 1991 Mustang LX has?
cadillac deville concours low oil pressure shut off car sign comes on?
What is it gonna cost to fix?
What happens if you dont put enough oil in th car?
my neutral safety switch is not working properly what should i do?
Do I need wheel alignment when buying tyres?
is there anything special i need to do when i rotate my tires?
car won't start. please help?
Head Gasket Problems?
can i chip my 1994 f-150?
switcing off ignition while car still running?
What can cause check engine light to come on? Replaced gas cap already.?
what type of motor oil should i use for my 383?
Which pickups are better Ford or Chevy?
Astra LPG running lumpy and consuming lots of oil?
wanna know whats wrong with my 88 oldsmobile delta88 it cut off on me on my way home and wouldnt start up?
tire pressure question?
my 2003 dodge ram 4x4 hemi is throwing code p0836 po837 p0839 how do i fix it?
How does a gasoline engine work?
can i use a 60 amp alternator instead of a 65 amp one?
Car Battery died while driving?
should i put paint/underseal on my new car exhaust before i fit it?
Has anybody had to have rotors and brakes replaced on a 2003 chevy trailblazer at 28,000 miles?
My adjustable glowshift shift light is not working when i installed it?
The oil in my car is frozen. Car doesn't start, thankfully, due to dead battery. Additives to unfreeze?
is it bad to switch gas stations?
Why do the old fuel guages on 80s cars change if your on a hill or accelerating?
Radiator fluid still leaking?
I just bought a used car and it smells like smoke. How can I get that smell out?
what is gear shavings in the gear oil? thats what i was told by goodyear that is wrong with my old truck?
An oxygen sensor reading varying from 300mv to 800mv(at 1-2Hz) would indicate what?
Car starts butter sputters.. whenever i idle the car wants to shut off, what can that be?
low rpm for mercedez when start engine?
My car is making very loud farting noise, please help!!?
Does an exhaust leak past the cat hurt anything?
How much would it cost to get a ground wire on a guitar fixed? just give me a rough estimate.?
Safe to drive with a chipped tire?
i locked my self in my car trunk do i get out...i have 3 dead fish in here with me?
How i run car on red diesl plis?
What is causing my very low idle rpm (around 300)?
I have 2 punctures 1 inch apart on a tubeless car tyre. Apparently a new tyre is required. Is this right?
Manual or automatic for high mileage driving?
would bigger tires affect my little car?
Is there anyway to stop a in the windshield?
What is the O/D button on the stick shift of my 99 camry?
I need a wiring diagram for a 1986 Nissan Pickup?
K&N Air filter installation on my 97 Cavalier (2.4L) ??
we have dodge pick up and it doesnt whant to go forward we changed the filter on it it didnt smell like the tr
where is the crankshaft position sensor in a 95 honda accord ex v6?
brought a car few weeks ago and it wouldn't start today,need help?
Loading bike into van w/out straps QUICK answer needed?
How do I stop blinking?
Do you think.this is a blown head gaskey?
When to get an oil change in a new car?
The temp gauge in my car goes up when my car is idle,it goes down when i rev it or drive it around.any idea?
What fuse do i use to make my automatic seatbelts work?
What Spark Plugs Would Be Best For Me To Run?
what kind of alternator is in a 2000 chevy cavalier??
When is it too late to install a turbo charger?
Im getting window tint should I get 15 all around to match or go 20 on the front and 15 on the back?
Spraying after spot work?
FORD FOCUS ZX3 problem !!!!!!!!?
royal glass company for cars in jackson mississippi.?
Help my car is making a noise when the heat is on?
can you rebuild an alternator to put out more amps?
Has anyone had their car died right in the middle of the road while driving?
1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GST wont start. Please help!!?
There is a loud clicking sound by my tire?
5.7 TPI started and ran long enough to back out of garage and won't start again?
I need advice on what steps to take to get the better results.?
Do I need to buy BOTH tires AND wheels? Fitting, quality etc..?
How do you fix a broken off rear view mirror?
should i get a blow off valve or?
After changing battery in my 2007 Toyota Sienna many of the features of the car no longer work. Help?
Does anyone have the correct firing order & spark plug/wire placement for a 1985 CHEV S10 pickup 2.5L?????????
My car is sputtering when accelerating! What do I do?
what is under the hood of a 1990 lincoln towncar?
i have a 1997 dodge ram 1500 with a 5.2 i replaced the spark plugs and wires and now it misfires. it did not d?
where can I get suicide door lift kits intstalled?
Why do Americans answer UK questions?
anyone try diamond gloss wax?? suppose to last a long time??
Saturn repairs?
Why would a line running directly from the master cylinder smoke?
where is the map/baro on a96 dodgedakota must be a sensor?
How to determine size of rim?
Where is the fusebox located on a 1985 Chevy Citation II? Somebody, anybody.. please!?
98 Nissan Pathfinder?
Gas smell when car is idling?
Do you keep service intervals strictly when maintaining your car?
Should I do autobody repair or do 4 years to get my ase?
Radiator coolant looks clear, and is a little low?
Early Powerstroke question?
does anyone know of a performance module for an 03 accord with a display on it?
how do you install an output speed sensor?
looking for info on how to become a better sales rep without buying a book or program?
Battery Charging Hours?
can I drive a vehicle with no AC compressor?
What happens if a high performance vehicle gets mid-grade instead of 93??
I have a 1995 Land Rover Discovery with the hood release cable removed. How can I open the hood?
why does my air conditioner stink?
My fan keeps coming on and i cant get any hot air in the car. Any idea?
Need to find programming instructions 2005 GMC Sierra remote?
Can You Figure Out What is Wrong With My Dad's 1988 Mustang 5.0???? PLEASE!!?
how much does a Volt battery weigh?
Car is overheating after about 15 minutes of driving?
Replacing a ignition switch for a 99 pontiac grand prix v6 3.8?
oil filter leakin what could be the problem?
Oil empty then oil full and dark?
What is the name of the thing that the air comes out in the car dashboard? Where the A/C air comes out.?
95 Camry once started, stops running immediately?
Why can't i get a bike?
If my check engine light turned on? Should I try to reset it to see if it was just a one time occurrence? Or..?
first can i turn the fly wheel manually. if not is my engine seized, what can i cheek for?
Why does my car just die?
How do I change my dashboard lights color?
my stearing wheel has gone squint.?
I give up, Damn Chevy. Why is it dying out?
Are Fel Pro head bolts good bolts to use and torque on a cylinder head? chevy 283 engine?
i have 94 Bonneville with no fuel pressure fuel pump computer and fuses work,no error codes found either,help
Trouble with the ironman bullbar?
Car sounds like it's ticking when running and sounds like diesel when it starts up, any idea what it is?
at what point do car engine oil start to go bad?
Does it take a lot for aftermarket rims to dent?
How to increase my car mileage??
How can I program a Toyota pallet jack to have an increased top speed and a decreased top speed?
there are three types of gas reg. plus and super which is the periume brand?
car feels like it's always going over a bump?
Problems with my radio, please help?
Security Gaurd Jumped started my car BACKWARDS!!!?
Coolant level rising slowly in radiator immediately after starting with cap off?
when we can change toyota camery gare oil?
Why is my low coolant light on?
Toyota 4Runner problems-Help?
I just relized my car doesnt have a grill!is that bad?
Are Mazda B2300 and Ford Ranger the same?
Help Locked keys in truck?
Manual Transmission lingo?
were is the oil dipstick in a Mercedes Benz C240?
I left my lights on for three hours. Battery is now dead. If I leave it sitting for 2 hours will it start?
Is it true if you have a lot of keychains on your car keys it hurts the ignition?
Can a loose/improperly installed serpentine belt cause an engine to overheat?
How do I inflate the air ride suspension on a lincoln mark VII?
I just replaced my starter and it's already gone out?
Have to crank engine 3 times to start truck? Fuel pump?
No heat in my car?
2003 jeep liberty sport 4 wheel drive automatic with over drive.?
i have new plugs wires and new o2 sensor and car still missing and cat red hot anyone what is problem thank s?
01 astra window wipers and washers are not working tried fuses and relays?
My car was steaming? Not smoke, but steam.?
check engine lights is on for transmission. need a smog check here in california. Is there a way it can pass?
what does the term "knurl" mean when talking about lug studs?
my car want start at all help?
94 Saturn SL1 wont accelerate sometimes?
how do I change the serpentine belt on my 01 dodge intrepid?
Just Painted my Bike...?
97 cadillac deville ignition?
can my car stop running if the oil light comes on?
Why has my steerign wheel started to wobble?
what's wrong with my car???
how to unlock my car radio?
Whats wrong with my car?
Broken door handle on my 1989 Chevy Caprice Classic?
Why and what causes all the pieces of tire treads from the tractor-trailer trucks all over the highways?
low side presure for r134 and high side?
my check engin light is staying on. do that mean my car is going to need some major repair, around how much?
why is my car alot louder now that i had a new catalytic converter put in?
What price range should i expect for a touch up in my paint job?
Does engine collant make a stain on the ground when it leaks?
Does a 1987 Olds 98 front end assembly interchange with the 1988 Olds?
what is CO and CO2?
Does anyone know where I can find information on the old 3 wheel scooters called Westcoasters, built by Otis ?
How do you replace a door hinge pin on an 89 Mustang without cutting anything. I only need to replace one.?
The circumference of my 205 75 R15 tire is 2163mm(85") How big is the circumference of 225 70 R15 tire is?
I've been trying to get help w/ my engine problem, I was hoping I could get more insight here.?
What is a transmission gauge for?
By upgrading rims 13" to 15" what effect will it have on the car speedometer?
Is 12.3 L/100KM good gas mileage for a truck?
where can i find a maintenance schedule for a 2005 gmc topkick 6500 with a cat c7 diesel, and an allison autom
little help please?
My battery light is on, I have no power steering, and my belt is loose?
Where is the EEC slot (to get computer codes) located on my 92 Grand Marquis?
why does my low coolant light keep flashing?
How should I blow my $400?
What are the main reasons why a car would overheat?
Does putting Nitrogen in your car tires really?
1998 mitsubishi eclipse clutch problem?
Are 2001 Buick Century transmissions reliable?
Where can I get a Muncie transmission for my 1975 nova?
why does my steering wheel shake if i go over 30 mph and step on the brake?
What size rims will fit my C200 Merc 1995 model?
my 3400 has white smoke coming out and over heating , what should i look for?
have a stop light and?
I was racing and i think i hit fuel cut cause my eclipse gst 1997 stoped when i got to almost 7rpms?
best pick up truck for mileage?
Wife`s put petrol in my saab deisel turbo?
My car quit!!!?
How do I access the heater core in my 84' GMC Rally van?
how do you fix a 1990 geo storm when it acts like it wants to start but doesnt? we had it started but died.?
Where can find a free online chiltin guide for a 1984 oldsmobile?
Honda Pilot Buggy Parts?
If I buy a slightly smaller wheel, can I correct for it?
How to get a higher breaking engagement in my car?
on a1996 dodge statras how much and where and is it hard to change a ignition switch?
How to install a headunit into a 96 Mitsi Galant Viento..?
Car idling high in reverse and neutral?
I'm 19 and want to buy a Mercedes G550, I have the $ for it, but heard the upkeep is expensive, thoughts?
does mercedes offer free maintenance for 4 years/50k just like bmw?
can inverter in car blow?
Is Jeep safe to drive to shop with oil light on?
What does an ECU do in a Toyota Estima Lucida?
bad clutch fan after driving on deep water?
can i use a 60 amp alternator instead of a 65 amp one?
Attention anyone who knows anything about automobile air conditioners.?
can i use an 80amp tig welder to weld a trailer hitch?
why would someone lower the front end suspension on a car?
radiator fan's only coming on when a/c is on?
how to swap engine from 2.3 to 302 ford ranger?
HONDA D15 oil PUMP ?
Why would my check engine light come on?
1994 Park Avenue has new battery and aternator but battery light stays on and alternator not charging battery?
1994 ford f150 rear diff oil?
relay questions?
Briggs and Stratton vs Honda!!Which is a better and more reliable small engine?
Anyone know where I can get info to replace a Dodge Ram 100 p/u rear end, how hard is it and how expensive?
Chevy Vortec 5.7 or 5.3?
if i change my oil then drive 3,000 miles in 3 days do i have to change it again?
How do your hook-up heater core water lines on a 90 Isuzu Pup?
Why does my 98 Grand Am Stally right after starting? after start?
my 1993 chevy s10 blazer tahoe wont engage 4x4?
What happens if you spray paint a scrape on your car?
I have a quick muffler question?
how far can you lower a car with Lowering Spring without having to change struts?
What is the best (reasonably priced) car wax for my 04 nissan maxima?
Isuzu Rodeo blower not working on 4?
Brake calipers cylinder. Why does it compresse…‡
what is the power steering fluid capacity of a '99 Honda Accord?
Could somebody please tell me the keycode for my Ford Fiesta 53 plate 4500 RDS EON serial number M094249?
Should I get Xenon headlight bulbs for my car?
my transmission will shift into drive but won't shift out of first gear what can cause this and how much 2 fix
If I'm Replacing Rod Bearings should i Replace Connecting Rods Too ?
the torque of 350 vortec mpi also the 496-425hp?
How do you properly dispose of the used oil and filter?
Will big rims hurt the transmission of a car(22s,24s,26,)?
what could be makeing the oil dip stick blow out?
when i touch both positive and negitive posts on my car battery i dont get shocked?
My car has almost 170,000 miles my engine is 3800 series1 is it worth using the expense high mileage oil?
DODGEMAN, another question one the 97' Dodge.?
if an odemeter reads 37302,how many miles has the car truelly done?
how to reset abs light on a 1997 chevy tahoe?
1990 Chevy S10 pick-up?
Which of the following is not a suspension component?
If the clutch on a car's A/C is broken, would adding coolant cause it to work for a while?
Car Problems. need Advice for a Girl who knows nothing! (sorta long)?
Need car advice (sell, fix, drive off cliff)?
What is all wrong with my VW?
How to shift gears going down hill w/ automatic transmission?
Why does the steering wheel stiffen up while coasting?
How to polish a car using Meguiar products without leaving the round wax/polish signs?
When there is rattling and squeaking sounds coming from the dashboard of a car what could be the problem.?
What is needed for my Wagon R Lxi after one year?
is there a gm recall on antilock brakes for a 1998 chevy suburban?
my turbo keeps blowing off the air from the intercooler, what should i do?
what is the best cold air intake for my truck?
i have a customization question about my car?
My car is making noises :O Help?
2002 camero does it have an A frame?
Help! My steering wheel is upside down when my car goes straight?
Is 13.8 battery volts good after starting engine and running it idle for a few seconds?
How do I access error codes by turning the key off and on several times on a Ford Aerostar?
What could make a 1994 full sized Ford Bronco hard to shift into 4 Wheel Drive?
what do i do if i lost my keys to my car and dont have a spare?
Whats the top speed of this car?
Car brake pedal is really soft and the hand brake dash symbol stays on.?
what is wrong with my 95 chevy g20 vans brakes?
What Is Causing White Smoke Pluming From Exhaust?
hydraulic gasket , i seem to remember its better NOT to use a sealant on the gasket , is that true?
how to program the scion tc automatic power door lock?
What is causing a particular smell and excess heat around my left rear tire?
I just bought a car with no exhaust, do I have a grace period to fix it?
nedd 6to find a mechaic manuel 93 mercedzbenz?
help me please!!!!!!?
Broken tail light? How can I avoid getting a ticket?
no start on lifan 200 with fire and fuel present?
2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee brake chatter. Replaced calipers, rotors and pads, occurs every 12,000 miles. Help?
My car has two catalytic convertors, how do I find out which one is bad?
hit the house without damage?
My Car A/C does not cool?
How hard is it to change a catalytic converter?
is it ok not to use silicone when i change a thermostat gasket?
do you repair cars on sunday?
Is the 5-speed tranny in my 89 T-Bird Supercoupe durable enough to withstand over 400HP?
Honda civic?
how do I get more horsepower out of a 1963 plymouth valiant w/ the 225/slant 6 motor ?
Usually proud single mom needs help, as do her kids?
Does anyone have tune up info for a Honda cb 550-spark plug gap & point gap & how to adjust valves?
What is the best way to get rid of those oil/tar spots on car paintwork?
1995 Dodoge Caravan hestating to start problems?
2003 VW Jetta won't start and is having weird electrical problems?
With the accelerator pressed to the floor, is the same amount of fuel used no matter which gear you are in?
Can you stop a mechanic's lien against a car and how do you do so.?
When my 1994 ford ranger warms up it runs real rough,3.0 liter v6 engine. what would cause this?
How can the air filter get soaking wet?
what happens if you don't change oil in your Carr for a year?
antifreeze spill made my truck not start?
Hi I have a HTC Wildfire S the phone is OK for what I use but the battery goes flat too quick?
Can a vacuum leak cause an engine to lose power?
Is it possible to use store bought spray paint to give your car a paint job?
Anyone know how much a front quarter panel costs for a Saturn 3-door?
unleaded regular gas or premium?
What is the best motor oil to use in the summer time?
What is wrong with my car?
Balljoint on 2000 Z71 Chevrolet Tahoe?
How to fix a flat tire if there is no rim key?
is 20,000 miles put on car in one year alot?
Power Steering out.. bad "wheel"?
transmission question?
What kind of oil in a Ford 6.0L Powerstroke?
What is a fair price for shock and strut replacements?
Do tires cause hydroplaning?
what is a four-cylinder car?
Do cars with dual exhaust have two mufflers?
2004 2500hd dual a/c cold on drivers, hot on passenger side?
'Service Vehicle Soon' lite keeps going on & off. Should I worry?
my 99 ford f150 had complete electrical failure.. please help?
Is it possible to convert a car with an automatic transmission to a manual transmission?
My brakes squeal when accelerated and grind when stopping. Is it the brake pads?
i'm trying to find a picture to show me the location of the thermostat in my 2001 toyota rav4. thanks?
Lenovoz570 model battery charger wire was damaged by rats.. So is there any chance of joining?
how do you hook up a engine ground.?
Should I buy this Jeep Grand Cherokee?
Site to Check Best Price/ Quality For Tires and How Many Tires Do I Need to Buy?
I was having a unit fitted but the installer took pictures of my car?
Help, what's wrong with my car?
what year did GM start putting smog pumps on?
Mr. Gasket Street Scoop linkage?
What is the best way to get window stickers off my car?
I have a 1998 Honda SUV, and it is making a slight whistling sound that gets louder as i speed up, h2o pump?
Would rebuilding the car's engine be a good solution? ?
which octan should I use for 12.3:1 CR?
Will a 97 ford explorer transmission fit in a 98 ford explorer?
why a car overheat?
How do I remove the clear headlight lenses from a 1999 Toyota Avalon?
Truck issues, sensor?
Check engine light comes on and off in my 97 F-150?
Whats the difference between a long block and short block in engine?
How much should I actually fill my tires too?
What is the average cost for replacing ed head on a car?
Does anyone know a cheap good place or website to get cool air intakes?
What is a tune-up and where to go to have it done?
Do I need both struts and shocks to lower a car?
right turn makes 1985 blazer die????
How can I maximize my car mileage?
Is this a good price for brakes?
I have a 2001 Ford Focus, the radio went put and the dealership said it would cost $350.00?
Could somebody please explain to me what a "Head Gasket" is??
I have led lights in my ford ranger they blink fast which i think is cool?
my C15 cat keeps shutting down, but starts right up, runs and shuts right back down?
What is the difference between a check engine light and a maintenence required light?
Car wont start at first key stroke what could be causing this?
How do I throw a v-tech on a NON v-tech?
how hard can it be to reupholster the interior of one of my cars myself?
Is it ok to put regular oil in an engine that usually uses synthetic oil?
Is My 1971 Plymouth Duster A Chick Magnet?
My car keeps stalling when I'm under a stop light or when the engine is idle too long?
1996 Toyota Alavon. Changed transmission fluid, filter and gasket. won't go into reverse now. Why?
whats wrong with my AC?
Where to buy the small clip under the hood?
does anyone know about desiel pick ups?
What do you want to see in your car after you get it washed?
In an overhead or dual overhead cam engine are the valves located in the cylinder block or cylinder head?
where is the blower fuse for 90 honda accord dx 2 door?
Door light in my VW Bug stays on. Doors are closed. Car problems?
2002 Kia Rio - Check engine light is on and car is shaking?
unleaded premium gasoline?
i just put a new battery in my 98 honda civic and now i can't start it/ open my car without the alarm going of
I am going to open a business doing auto touch up,i.e. dings, bumper touch up. windshield chip fix,?
I just change the head gadgets on my 2001 Oldsmobile silhouette and now I need help?
How do I get the vibration out of my car?
what does it mean when you "bang " or "rip" a gear while driving manual transmission ?
how many years more or miles more will my 2007 toyota corolla with 66450 miles last?
Ford ka radio code? battery died and need the code ti unlock it?
Why is everyoen worring about me not being a TC?
how to install an alternator on a ford 2000 expedition?
Accidently put about a 1/2 cup of trans fluid in my Saturn's engine instead of oil. What will this do to it?
Whats wrong with my car?
How to rebuild a 4 speed manual trans for a 1952 Chevy 1 1/2 ton dumper?
Where do the oil cooler lines connect to the transmission of a Toyota.?
are there companies that have car restoration give away contests ?
how do i calculate the mpg my car gets?
Please help me with my car?
ok i have a oldsmobile 1980 delta88 and its a v8 5.7 but it runs real slow just changed spark plugs?
why is it?
Things to know when maintaining your car?
Car shudders after i put on winter tires?
What can cause a car to stall and how can I fix it?
can damaged exterior vinyl wood siding on jeep grand wagoneer be repaired or touched up?
where can i buy motor vehicle maintainance text books?
Was my alternator repaired properly?
Possible bad piston rings.?
how do you know if your air conditioner works in your car?
Is there a dollar limit on how much you need to spend to pass a Smog Test in California?
left mirror indicator light not working?
If you turned the car ignition to the off position and removed the key but the engine continued to run...?
what is best adr. for upgrade europien cars?
Question about jumping the battery on my car?
Why does my 1998 Nissan Frontier misfire when the motor is cold?
Good Auto Body or Mechanical Colleges?
whats it mean if your oil pressure is low in a car?
Best car battery?
How much would it cost to have my front end pulled out of my 02 Galant?
How to un seize a car engine..?
Can a mechanic tell me if a high flow catalytic converter is street legal and emissions legal in NYC?
has any one herd of a synthetic oil that will last a year?
need help with my bmw its not working?
Professional sounding car exhausts?
where to buy a trailer hitch?
why does my car makes a machine sound when as i brake?
My car has put on a lot of weight since being sprayed, is this normal?
Why does my car make a tapping noise when idling?
If a car was fully submerged in water, is it totaled?
85 chev s10, skipping during acceleration, misfiring?
Can i use a single wired Oxygen Sensor on a 3 wired connector?
Where can I find cheap tyres?
What do you think is wrong with my car?
where can i find an owner's manual for a 1990 ford bronco II?
What all tools i need to change the rear brake pads and rotors on a 1994 grand marquis?
Why won't my 2000 Taurus start after I replaced my battery?
where are junkyards 50 miles within hinesville,ga?
what does the term "knurl" mean when talking about lug studs?
How to remove Wolfgang Plastic surface sealant?
What Can You Use To clean The Headlights On your Car?
Is it true that cruising in gear in your car does not consume fuel?
Gas Gage 88 Plymouth Voyager?
/Can I replace my 285 75 R16 front tires with 265 75 16, or lower width?
i am looking to buy a D16A zc to put into my 1991 crx hf!?
How can you remove the front brake rotors off a 2001 Ford F-150 1/2 ton?
I have a warning light, exclamation mark inside a yellow circle on my 2003 BMW 325i. What does it mean?
Is the window motor and regulator bolted on or riveted on, on the passenger side in a 99' gt mustang?
How can I add more speed/HP to my 1981 Kz 250?
what would be the best work truck to get?
What is a U-joint?
acura cd player replair code?
How will I know when it's time to have my fuel injectors cleaned.?
i accidentally topped up my brake fluid with powersteering fluid will this be ok?
need to know what code 116 is for a ford escort 1995 thanks?
will a 12 bolt rear end out of a 71 buick centurion fit in a 70 impala?
What kind of transmission?
Got a question about car repair?
car problem that could have killed me... advice please?
I just bought my new Acura.I changed my mind .I also put down payment.Can I return that car or any option .t?
I have a 1998 dodge stratuss that started overheating I could smell the coolent 2.5L V6 how do I replace the t?
Wrong gas????
how to drain a 350 z gas tank?
where is the pcv valve on chevy 2003 s-10?
Lancer AWD?
Having steering problems that mechanic didn't fix? Difficulty turning steering wheel. What could be wrong?
How much would it cost to convert my corsa to electric windows plz?
How to put a rod in a 5HP Briggs & Stratton?
Check Engine light Came on for my peugeot 206, and it stops?
Have you ever bumped into a police car?
how much would it be to get brakes and rotors done?
what can cause a lot white smoke for the exhaust?
Operating The Hydraulic Compactor In Garbage Trucks?
How do you change the spark plugs in a 1995 VW Jetta? I can't take the top off to get to the spark plugs.
Check engine light came on, put gas in it and it goes off and then came back on?
Why is there a popping noise when i break?
cavalier power window moter removel rt rear door?
How a mechanical speedometer works?
help - think i've put diesel into my unleaded petrol engine - only about 10 litres - what do i do?
Does anyone know how to fix a vibrator. I just got it only had it for 3 days and it stopped vibrating..?
How can I put wider wheels/rims (to put wider tires) on my suzuki sidekick 89? I have seen some with 235/75/15
how much is a head gasket for a 1998 ford taurus?
When is it time to retire?
Who publishes the best do-it yourself auto repair manuels?
Quantum alarm on Polo C 1990?
how would I know if my thermostat is bad or my fans are not turning?
how much is a puncture repair?
How to get sand out gas tank?
How to paint the s on my IPhone?
anyone know of a rochester dualjet diagram?
Options for oil pressure boost?
How much cost to fix car harness wiring?
why does my Saturn ls2 have a rough idle?
should i keep my jettta?
Do the extras at the carwash work?
AE82 ignition barrel replacement?.?
Nissan Xterra shaking?
Water in my headlights, due to high water.?
how to replace a burned-out bulb (parking light) on a 2002 toyot 4-runner?
What tires could fit my rim?
Car idles rough and shuts off in Park?
what size Torx bit do I need to remove the front disk brake calipers on my 96 Mercury Villager?
Windshield wipers and low beam not working. Causes?
What's wrong with my gas gauge?
Iron residue from rug comes of on my blazer...any remedies to remove it?
Big screw in my tire!?
'94 gmc work van-whats wrong with it?
how can i get a wheel off of my car if i cannot remove the locking nut?
My car turns off but starts right back up?
Knocking sound from Mondeo diesel?
If I was going to lower my car, I would obviously need a new set of springs, would i need a new set of dampers?
Is it safe to drive a car with broken motor mounts?
The car (Suzuki) engine threw a rod . How much does it cost to fix it?
Faint grinding noise when my brakes are cold?
I have chevy 454 in class A motorhome. Blew left head gasket. Rig only has 57,000 miles. Worth fixing ?
Is it possible to put a car into reverse when in forward motion?
Multifunction switch is bad in 99 Cadillac. Is it difficult to replace?
How long of a shelf life does a rebuilt engine have?
can u use a go kart engine and put it on a go ped?
wheres the blen door in a 2000 chevy tracker?
How do you change oil on a car?
what is the real world weight of 87 buick regal?
Totally forgot to change the oil in my car. It's 5 mos overdue.Can I cause damage to my car?
How is it possible to drive?
a/c piloit tube 94 nissan quest location?
My passenger side window exploded!?
Why I am loosing engine oil pressure when the car is not moving?
Who is to blame for these high gas prices? explain?
Why does my car do this?
How can I keep continuous power coming from my Car Cigarette Lighter?
2 wheel alignment or 4 wheel alignment?
how do you install a oil breather on a 1994 ford tempo?
whats the best solvent to remove factory coating from new brake discs prior to fitting to car?
How do I fix my old cars engine to its original HP?
Service Air Bag Light 2008 Pontiac G6 GT?
how does oil viscocity vary with temperature?
HELP! Rough idle and hesitation... could it be throttle body?
how to replace rear brakes on chevy monte carlo? what parts and tools should i buy from auto part store?
ok when you press go pedal it sounds like it is running and acts like it wants to take off, however doesn't go?
i hooked up a battery wrong in my car and i replaced the main fuse under the hood and now the car wont stay?
My 1997 Chevy cavalier back up lights won't work.I tried to change bulbs,but no go HELP?
2004 chevy s10 passenger rear turn signal and brake light does not work.?
Did my clutch go out?
Why is my red corsa fading to white??
Proneer dxt-2369ub wiring?
I had decided to buy a second hand, Range Rover Freelander approx year 2001?
My motor won't crank...?
Coolant reservoir empty. Got new radiator yesterday. What could be reason?
2004 Honda civic Ex Im having problems and idk whats wrong?
I want to change the Bench type Midle Row Seating of my Scorpio with captain / bucket seats.?
i have a 2002 kia spectra BATTERY problems?
what headlight bulbs size is the 2006 Audi A3 using, low beam and high beam ??
Lucas oil and spun bearing?
my stearing keeps pulling left to right when i break and when i go over a bump?
what damage is done when gas is put in a diesel engine?
i need to know how tocheck fuel regulator and can you rebuild it?
transmission-I was told that drive(3rd. gear) clutches and reverse clutches were the same? was i told wrong...
Will a motor from a 1988 toyota 4*4 work in a 1992 toyota 4*4? Looks pretty much the same. Can someone help?
If I chop off the catalitic converter, will my truck run ok?
I want to know the correct tyre air pressure for a Toyota Corolla. How often should I check the air pressure?
What am I missing, why are gas prices going up AGAIN!!?
92 Toyota Pickup Performance Problems?
Why Did My wheel Nuts Break?
How much would it cost to fix up a car that has not been driven for 4 years (was fine before not being used)?
1997 Eclipse trunk keyhole wont turn to open trunk with key?
what is the proper torque for tire nuts on aluminum rims?
Transmission fluid leaked completely, what damage was done?
Are Kwik Fit just scam merchants?
Suborn spark plugs! I have a 1986 Mercedes 420 sel and i cant seem to loosen the spark plugs. Any tricks?
has anyone here tried megan racing coilover sleeves?
Am i being ripped off??
My Plymouth Voyager van leaks water as fast as i put it in. Could this be a head problem.?
will keeping my auto ac on while car is on idle cause damage to the engine?
Is it possible to officially lower car Co2 emissions?
Why is my car getting bad gas mileage?
If a truck won't move from a stopped position when the gas pedal is pressed, what might be wrong?
i build armored cars with heavy doors.i need someone who builds heavy duty hinges for car and truck doors?
how do accidents due to tiredness happen---what can be done to prevent it ?
system is killing my battery! please help!?
Putting a license plate back on ?
Can I just replace the lens ONLY on my 05 Mustang Headlights?
How to turn off the red light on the front of SGS2?
Will a car's AC unit be harmed in any way if you put confetti down the vents?
My truck shakes excesively from 60-75 mph..?
how i can blow a car in to small pieces?
bosch classixx 6 1200 i have changed the bushings fault f21 still flashing?
Jimmi Jammer?
Melling 22301 Cam in a 1995 LT1?
can I put a AWD transmission in a car with FWD?
can other plp c that i have blue lights n my car?
both of my brake lights are out?
Why is may LR wheel on my truck angled and not perpendicular to the road?
also i my car won't start unless u tap the starter?
what is a strut brace? How does it improve the performance of a car?
Cheap Honda CRX Parts?
Alternator 13.71 volts when AC on...13.86 without AC. Good or bad?
i need the spark plug firing order for a 1988 ford f150?
What Is Wrong With My Car?
is my fuel injectors bad?
My oil light flashes when I have my foot on the brakes. The oil level in the car is okay? What should I do?
Ford Focus Temperature Issues?
What could possibly be wrong with my car?
No owners manual for my car? Oil type?
Why doesn,t the back up lights work on my 1993 Toyota Camry, the lights are ok.?
What can I hook up a 09 lancer to go fast?
Can I use "petroeum plus ethanol" gas in my non-ethanol configured car?
95 saturn sl1 what caused it to jump time and kill the fuel reg/filter at the same time there is no trob/codes?
How long will my Pontiac last?
my 02 ford f150 harley davidson ed won't start unless you manually start it from the starter?
how many miles can i still drive on my 07 honda civic when my gas light turns on?
Should I try putting freon in my car's air conditioner?
Why doesn't my car cigarette lighter work?
Why does my car make noises when i turn?
how do I replace a radiator in a 1995 Toyota Corolla?
Looking to put power steering on my car?
My vehicle got vandalized: tires slashed, engine light is on and loud knocking/rattling sound. Any thoughts?
should shoes have warranty?
Front wheel bearing 1993 AWD Ford explorer?
Can I use rubbing compound and polishing compound on my paint sealed car?
Can someone please help me?
what would make a brake caliper get tighter against the rotor when bleeding them?
1997 ford mustang wheel sizes?
how to replace heater core in Grand Am 1989?
My car engine is leaking oil.?
Do you think $3700 is too much to pay to install a motor in a 94 Ford Taurus LX?
Is it bad for a car sit awile and is onley driven if lucky once a month?
How much does it cost to replace a fuel line for a 2003 Chrysler 300M?
wher is the petrol relay unit on my rover 25 imprection any photos?
How do you remove and install new cam seals in a 97 Prelude?
Do I check my oil when the car is cold or hot?
i'm looking for a window crank handle for a 1993 Isuzu Pickup 2.3L.?
Who makes a reasonably priced, quality, torque wrench ?
Is my window motor bad or regulator?
were do i find a weelbaring compresser?
1995 honda accord brake lights dont turn off?
I own a 1979 Chrysler Cordoba,almost runs. Should I keep it and fix it? Or junk it?
can mixing red and greeen antifreeze damage my engine?
How much oil do I put in a 2004 model HSV clubsport?
Car battery over charging please help!?
M.O.T Question 1 Washer jets?
My car is going by itself?
Driving With Emergency Brake On?
How can I turn my car into a time machine?
Question about tire change?
HELP!!! My car heater/air conditioner only works half the time!!?
Totaled '89 Mazda B2200 repair?
Why won't my car start in the morning when it's cold?
How do I repair cars and install audio/visual systems in them?
I am converting my 1988 jeep wagoneer over to a 5 speed tranny. how do i check engine and tranny compatibility
i have a 1980 oldsmobile delta88 and it doesnt read the speed im going what can be the problem?
What can I do when it's so cold outside to keep my car baterie alive?
Car shakes when going over 60?
ford mondeo 2001?
I need to find a place that can make my regular cab pickup into a extended cab pickup?
How do I temporarily repair a leak in a aluminum diesel tank?
loud noise from my car when driving?
04 mitsubishi eclipse hood not opening?
where do i put the oil into in a ford escort?
How do I remove the clear headlight lenses from a 1999 Toyota Avalon?
Why will my car not start?
My car grinds 2nd and 3rd almost every time. Someone told me its my syncros but idk. i need to know what to do?
How do you get rid of water spots on windshields? I've tried everything... Any ideas?
What can I do to my car to make it fast and fuel efficient?
brakes sticking and overheating?
I have an 04 cadillac cts an the power steering pulley is squeaking... can i just change the bearings? And how?
Can a mechanic replace my catalytic converter for me if I buy the part myself?
What happens when you put premium fuel in a car that is supposed to use unleaded?
What does it cost gasoline?
Car Electrical Problem ?!? VW?
when you check oil level in car should car be warm?
Do I need shocks to lower my car?
The "Service Engine Soon" light turned on in my 1998 Saturn. Does anybody know any common causes of this?
Liquid glass? Windshield Repair?
Can a high quick discharge damage a leisure battery?
My ramcharger has sat for 11 years and the cars brakes went bad now it has a squishy pedal?
I have a Maserati MC12, what should i do with it like accesories, Engine parts, Interior? Any Suggestions ppl?
Why does my battery in my 1995 gmc safari drain in a matter of hours?
How can i hard wire a 12 volt gps device into my 2000 vw golf?
The heat in my truck works when I give it gas but not when it idles what is the cause?
my car has no power and when i tried to jump it it sparks i tightened the starter wires two days is it that?
What Engine can fit in a Fait 500 (classic not new)?
My 97 Chevy Blazer died while driving, what could be the cause?
I have a 2006 Hyundai Santa Fe with black transmission fluid and a radiator flush needed?
How do i find out if my Jetta 2000 is GLS or GLX?
How many liters is my 1986 Nissan Z24 4-Cyliner 5-Speed truck have?
How do I replace water pump 2002 Saturn Vue, 6 cyl.?
When to start a car after you run out of gas?
where do i put the stop leal in the radiator?
Burnt Out Clutch In Vehicles?
Will an auto repair shop do the labor if I buy the parts elsewhere?
Should epoxy primer be glossy looking?
My front nearside wing is loose, will my car pass the MOT?
how to use auto scaner u380?
Tire losing pressure after rotating tires?
drive in 2nd gear automatic?
Should I install coilovers/camber kit before getting wheels?
In your experience, what are some tips for changing tyres easily?
I have a 98 m3 and got a turbo kit of ebay need new head gasket too...any sugestions to do so?
does anyone do hot dip galvanizing in nj?
Is it ok to put regular oil in an engine that usually uses synthetic oil?
Programming my 2005 Toyota Passo???
My son needs to know what year Datsun pick up is compatible to exchange parts. He has a 1976 pick up?
Why is my car still overheating?
does anybody know about this problem with my car?
Im lookin for a hid kit?
What is the black module that bolts onto alternator of 1994 chrysler town & country red lead goes to alternato
why are even old car sparkplugs metric threads?
What do i do when my 1997 bmw 328is computer reads "check brake light circuit use owners manual"?
help me find a tool?
car problem that could have killed me... advice please?
what does a thermostat do in a car?
Looking for a Gearshift Lever Socket Bushing 7335?
4 cylander upgrades? What can be done to make it faster?
My neighbor hit my car and didnt want to go through his insurance. Im not satisfied what can i do?
What would be a good stand alone (no electronics) transmission to bolt to a 5.9 Cummins for heavy towing?
Why won't my brakes work?
Car wont start- ecm problem?
How can I clean fuel pump?thanks?
I see that my back right tire is losing air, what do I do?
who makes arizonian tires?
how much does a new starter cost for a Pontiac Firebird?
how do i replace the window regulator in my 2003 chevy suburban?
Why is my blinker going fast?
whrer are the brake lines on a vehicle like an old chevy blazer?
What is this part called?
can a problem with the brakes cause a car to pull to one side...?
if i take the wheels off my car, can i put them back on with out worrying about alignment?
How do you remove and install new cam seals in a 97 Prelude?
Can a car battery die when just sitting in the garage.?
How many reasons could there be for a car not starting?
How do you convert tires from...?
My New Car Wont Start?
What oil weight should I use for a 1987 Camaro?
what does the dashboard warning light that shows as yellow snowflake mean on mondeo 03 ghia x diesel?
Snow/Ice at end of driveway - car bottomed out?
Will a 2000 tahoe ac compressor fit a 2002 tahoe?
I need an auto body shop near zip code 07660 I need some estimates my car was in an accident?
How do I add Transmission fluid to a Daewoo? It does'nt have a dipstick, and it is not a manual transmission.
Tracking keeps going out?
should i put 2 or 1.5 inch wheel spacer on my suv...HELp?
93 Ford Tempo - Battery or alternator problem?
I have three garage doors with a lights for each. The lights for the middle one don't turn off. Why is that?
Will my car start with just 2 hours of charge in the battery?
My dad wont let mebuy a car?
Toyota Lucida cuts out?
How can I straight wire a cooling fan to a switch to make the fan cut off and on with the car?
My car won't start...I need suggestions!?
What's wrong with my 99 Jeep Cherokee? The battery or alternator?
i looked under my car today and there was antifreeze leaking?
Why wont my car start?
Is it safe to add longer torsion key adjustment bolts?
Did Honda repair my car properly?
Car sound system problem?
can i use parts from another car to lift my truck?
two hoses to SUV a/c are leaking, is it safe to get used hoses from salvage?
Car bouncing while driving and harder while braking?
Oil Change KM reading?
Is it easy to remove a a damaged bumper and put a new one on?
What Happens To The Car If The Timing Belt Breaks While Driving? I Have A 2002 Mitubishi Eclipse.?
My AC blows cold air when I start, then it changes to warm air in about 5 min or when I stop at a light, why?
What kind of cars are recommended for short people? and cars not recommended for short people?
How do you remove a 2000 Pontiac Sunfires head Restraint from the seat?
I want to change my car contact brake point with CDI is it possoble?
When you put your key in the ignition the car doesn't turn over what does that mean?
Where can i get a cheap front window for a car?
what is the purpose of the EGR system on the ford 5.0L, and what advantage does it give?
Why does my car shake when in drive?
how to change coolant?
My boyfriend continuously looks at pretty girls, says it is innocent. What do men really think when looking?
oil change??
Oil psi queston??? chevy engine?
synthetic lubricants?
how to change brake pads on a Saab 900 s?
my car is blowing white smok at start up driving luke it has no power and smells like rotten eggs what could?
How often are you supposed to get a tune-up?
at what percentage level on the oil life register do I need to change my oil?
Will having no exhaust from cat back on my gto mess anything up from the heat?
What does it ,ean when my "i" light comes on ithe dash?
Are they talking about engine oil or transmission oil when you typically go into get an oil change?
The way I drive my parents car's, could it damage them by 2 much wear & tear? Or am I just worrying 2 much?
do the tail light lenses on a 89 d50 work on the 81?
how long does it take to repair a head gasket?
gmc 2001 pickup door locks?
Can I use a FUEL hose instead of coolant hoses? "Coolant hoses leaking"?
Where do I get a socket for a superwinch hub setup?
what does it mean when shops say they have 'no overhead'?
Is Purolator PureOne the top oil filter in the market...?
Car battery?
why is the cooling system in my automatic engine only working in 4th gear?
My car starts to squeek when i accelerate or brake. Whats wrong with it?
Brake Line "Shut off", how do I do it.?
I have a Chevy Aveo and twice in the last month I have had brake first time the pedal went to th?
i put used oil in my engine?
I have a 2002 Chrysler pt cruiser,2.4 liter?
2001 Malibu, OBD code P0113, replaced air sensor, reset, engine light back on and gives same code. What next?
i hooked up a battery wrong in my car and i replaced the main fuse under the hood and now the car wont stay?
Is this mechanic bsing me about my timing belt?
My car is not running well..?
What is the use of Diesel power chip in automobile?
01 alero again! Few lights on what do i do! Going nuts.?
Whats keeping my Mitsubishi Eclipse transmission from shifting?
what is the difference between R134a and R134A?
Where can i find dishwasher parts for a Smeg STA 4648?
wat is a 2.8 liter engine 4 cyl or 6cyl?
how to buy the good quality undercarriage for excavator?
how do you do u take the interior off the door of a 98 plymouth breeze?
Do f-250s come stock with the cab lights or is it aftermarket?
Check gauges light come on when stopping?
Why does my car not shift sometimes?
Do I need a new Radiator?
what would cause the starter to run but now engage the flywheel on my 2000 chevy astro?
I have Saturn 2000 SL1 sometimes start and engine not working?
what will happen if i buy a salvage car?
Where can I find a hood for my 00 silver Mitsubishi Eclipse in or around College Station Texas?
How do you fit a fuel filter on a car?
How do you disable the auto lock on a car? My guess: Fuse, its a 92 grande am?
how can you remove harden sap from a car ?
i need a picture of the set timing on a chrysler 3ltr v6....need to know how to set the camshafts?
Hose for the tranny cooler beads up with tranny fluid?
Do you think car mechanics are honest when they repairs our cars & not actually screwed up purposely?
My car doesnt want to turn on, I think its only a fuse.?
What drill and tap size do I use to put in a m8x1.25 Helicoil repair thread?
I think a mechanic mess up my paint. I want to tell him but I want to know if thats what happened?
will fiat cinquecento exhaust system fit a fiat seicento?
Does anyone of you expert mechanics know how to swap a 96' vortec 4.3 V-6 into a 90" vortex pickup? Thanks!
2002 Grand Marquis High Idle?
How do I turn off the seat belt warning noise on my 07 Honda Civic?
How do i stop my car alarm that goes off randomly on my '97 mercury sable?
How much damage does it take to write off a new car?
95 Bonneville starter problem.?
On the average, how long do tires last on a car if properly maintained?
why is antifreeze pouring out the bottom of the cars engine?
where can i buy a used hood for a 1994 chevy silverado truck?
Your thoughts on aftermarket intakes....?
I have a Travel Trailer and I think the converter is going out in it but i charged the battery on it and now e?
How big would the fuel consumption difference be between a 1.2l and 1.6l?
water pump leaking antifreeze?
What does the Engine Check Symbol really mean?
Can stick a head gasket on with blue-tac?
How much do you think it would cost to fix this damage in this saab?
Engine light came on. Found the speed sensor to be defective.?
Question about steering for my car.?
driver door wont open, please help?
How do you know if it's a problem with the battery or the alternator?
Hybrid Car Malfunction Conditions?
I need a fender for driverside 01 SC2 Saturn Silver if possible preferrably used. HELP ME PLEASE?
Whats wrong with my car?
Car dies when too many electrical things are on, headlights etc. help? break light and battery light on.?
Can i put Prestone 50/50 in my Acura Rsx?
Which car should I buy for my 16 year old daughter? A lexus RX or a Nissan Xterra?
I have a 1991 chevy c-1500 and the air conditioning compressor will not run and my a/c logo on my dash is blin
My 4x4 failed it's MOT!?
Can anyone help me with changing my power window and regulator on my 2000 pontiac grand prix?
2007 Toyota Camry problems after oil change?
charging a deep cycle battery manualy help?
How to remove rear bumper from 2003 Camery?
how much would a lift cost on my truck?
Need direction on how to replace door panel on a 68 Mustang?
is there a DIY supercharger?
How much does it really cost to fix my car?
could both low beam lights go out at the same time?
Raising mechanism for school lectern?
Were Should I Duplicate My Car Keys?
Can anyone give me a rough estimate on how much it will cost to repair car that has over 45 hail dents.?
Where can find a free online chiltin guide for a 1984 oldsmobile?
How can I make the muffler on my Crafstman 19 HP riding lawn mower louder?
Why my RV has blue exxhorst gas came out , when I starting engine and push pedal to accelrate?
how much is a decent car buffing?
is it easy to replace 2 crank shields and 2 oil pan shields on a 2000 suzuki grand vitara? How?
What might be wrong with my car?
how much would it cost to repaint a Mitsubishi Eclipse?
Which Tools Are The Best And Most Reliable...?
Anyone here ever took their car, while under warranty t,o get it fix when the damage was caused by yourself?
What in the hell god damn Jesus H. is wrong with cars now-a-days? Built like dog vomit?
the seat in my car is stuck too close to the steering wheel. how can i fix it?
what would be ideal to pull a flywheel off a briggs engine?
Vauxhall. New battery and altenator fitted but battery still goes flat. Why?
Removing drive belt to fit new alternator?
Pontiac Sunfire Issue?
Where can I fix my car real CHEAP? in or near hawthorne california?
Want to find out what people think??? I can decide....?
can I put a bull bar on my T2000?
What are some basic things to know about car care?
When was the last time you actually fixed your car yourself?
The name of the Cover piece of a cars door, the peice that covers the power locks, windows control, ect.?
Is it ok to shift an automatic using the 1 2 3 then to D,?
Car stalls when A/C is turned on.?
will my criminal background hurt my chances of getting a job?
My Flat Tire light came on in my car but my tires look fine...what could this be?
how to replace belt tensioner on 2001 durango 5.9 L. engine?
What is the loudest and powerful muffler i can get?
what could be the problem if a 04 Mazda3 will not turn on but the starter has no problem turning the engine?
does anyone know how to get a fusty smell out of the car it has been valeted but smell still there.?
why is my 1995 jgc windshield wiper delay not working, while my low and high work fine?
Do you know where Rose's Y card is? Is it in the truck?
Where is the THERMOSTAT on a '91 Honday Accord LX. Please give GREAT details, even a pic if available.?
power window cables to damn tight?
how do i find a parts list online for a vauxhall omega?
alternator has Magnetism on fan and shroud?
If i clog the muffler of my car will it run ? ?
Why is my oil light on?
My car was running fine, but the battery died mysteriously overnight, lights were off what might be the cause?
Went over on my oil change?
Does anyone know where I can find a mercedes connecting rod for 1985 190D 2.2 Diesel Engine?
Is this high mileage for this diesel?
If my friend doesn't change the oil in his car for 10,000mi, what will happen?
i need a GM forum/blog that has a d.i.y. or "how to" on a buick rendevouse interoir drivers door panel removal
On a 2005 Kia Sedona where is the directional flasher located?
Does ArmorAll ruin black interior in warmer climates?
08 edge shifter isn't locking if i go reverse it will move down to neutral but won't go past drive.?
How do you free up a completely frozen floating pin on a brake caliper?
can i still drive my car?
my 1993ford thunderbird wont wont go over 40 45 miles ahour?
Rattling sound when accelerating?
Walmart put the wrong size tires on my car i just found out about it now...what can I do?
Losing power in a car?
Does it hurt to get hit by a pop out air bags in the cars?
my 2000 chrylser sebring is running hotter than normal?
Car overheating issue and taking a long time to warm up?
Is it normal for my engine to be hot to the touch?
where is the orfius tube located in the 99 buick century?
alternator on a 94 grand caravan, only works when you tap lightly on black box on rear of alternator. ideas?
loud noise from my car when driving?
1991 ford exployer stuck shut hood cannot open?
Where is the SHIFT LOCK override button on a 2003 ford expedition?
How to tell if my blower motor is bad or is it the switch?
How do you put a sepentine router belt on a 1994 Dodge Shadow?
what would happen if I drove my dodge neon over 3,000 miles with changing the oil?
i have a 97 ford countour gl?
Anyone ever have Firestone tires before?
Does gasoline choice really effect mpg?
is there any way to tell if my head gasket is damaged?
I have 1985 fleetwood.starts,runs ok.Shut it off and it wont start.let sit 3to4 hrs.starts and runs fine.HELP?
hey i have a astra 1.6 petrol engine, ive never put oil in my car ever can i have some tips..?
very old master lock needs key?
Car wont start, battery has been professionally checked?
why are there white squares painted on our roads?
i need to know the tourque specs. on a 3406b cat jake brake?
Does a bad o2 sensor cause bad gas milage?
Can I fit a V8 Engine into my car?
I have a 2003 Buick Rendezvous. How can I convert it to run on propane or natural gas?
When is wear being put on the clutch?
How to clean a painted engine?
I'm about to change my Water Pump in my car, Should I get new Antifreeze?
in jumpstarting a car, where does one put the black cable on the dead car. Not the battery post but where?
drawback of gas leak detection?
what's the composition of antifreezing solutions used in cars?
Removing decal residue?
ford f150 4x4 rear end shaking or hopping when turning corners only from a dead stop??
what is a cam shaft in a vehicle? and what it does?
chevy cav cyclinder lock question..key won't turn now?
Have u ever had a Nail in a tire?
Car problem.... Heater not working?
Why is my car losing gas mileage?
How do you remove a destroyed oil filter?
How synchronisation is done in frontwheal drive vehicles if there is no differential ?
My car won't start unless someone jumps me. What's wrong?
what is under the hood of a 1990 lincoln towncar?
When a new engine is installed in a car does the mileage go back to zero?
I am looking for a performance intake manifold for a 3.8L 232 engine can anyone help me find one?
how can you tell positive side on a battery?
Will windex ruin the paint on a car?
wat can i do now? wat can da problem be?
Car starting problems.?
Tire is losing air, but no leak?
Are you able to put a ground wire for a light/socket?
Bar's leaks automatic transmission repair?
Weird smell when driving fast?
Ground for headlights on a 89 camaro?
After market exhaust system?
I would like to know which one is bad my altornator or battery?
is it normal for your steering wheel to shake when your slowing down after going speeds of forty and above?
I need ideas for the subject of a research paper/essay for an engine repair class. Can anyone help?
How to tell when doing a cylinder head job that head bolts need replacing?
Headlight advice needed?
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