How can I find out whether I had done 60,000 mile servicing of my car or not?
Will adding metallic to car paint dramatically change its color?
My transmission light came on in my 2002 passat 4 cylinder.?
how are the brakes on auris ?
Can I just drain 1 qt. of my car's engine oil?
car dies out?
Who makes a reasonably priced, quality, torque wrench ?
Power outlet for portable air compressor(for car's tire)?
I have a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo and the headlight lens are "etched". How can I clean that off ?
How can I tell if my engine is blown, or if it's just the head gasket?
I would like to find a diagram of my car's parts online. What is the web address for a 1993 honda del sol Si?
What kind of stores do I need to go to to get automotive paint?
how do i remove the rear brake lines on a ford contour?
cars over heating??? help!?
Roughly how much does it cost to get central locking put in a car.?
Are Pontiac 400's cheap to fix?
chrysler convertible sebring 2006 oil light came on car stopped put oil in it now?
Is this mechanic trying to get me out of money me or should I just go ahead I need your advice?
The major purpose of the car battery is to?
1996 camaro rs dome light wont turn on at all?
How do I adjust the carburator on a 93 pontiac grand am se?
How Driving Manual Car about braking?
What is the gas smell in the car?
car maintenance. Changing the washer pomp.?
Car electrical system problem?
My cello part on Sibelius has started sounding like a brass instrument, how do I change it back?
headlight adjustment and sound in brakes?
How do you know if you need to change your fuel pump?
rover 620 fuel pump problems?
Car wont hold an alignment?
I'm having poor mileage in my civic?
Used Mercedes Part question.. 1991 350 SD AC/Manifold Hose?????
need to find instructions on how to install a clutch on a 86 honda 350x?
Bypass heater core on '92 Chevy Cavelier?
why would an ALREADY-RUNNING DEAD-ALTERNATOR car die on you if cars run on GASOLINE?
How many gallon of gas does my car hold ?
my fuel filter is is old and probably bad?
Motorbike rpm very high. As if throttle is stuck open. (Watch vid)?
I am writing this because I have an issue with my car, and so far everyone I ask gives a different answer?
Can anyone tell me what's wrong with my power windows?
Im putting a 350 chevy small block in a 1970 chevy c 10 pickup please help..?
I need the clutch pedal assembly drawing for a 1987 Toyota Tercel wagon, please direct me to a site?
Are headlights expensive to replace?
having car problems can anyone help it is a weird situation?
Do I need both struts and shocks to lower a car?
car problems! please help!?
how do i know if my car needs an oil change?
I hear a woo woo sound when I am driving and a I feel a bumping on the passenger front side of my car?
How long will a tire last if the wire threads are showing?
1993 beretta,3.1, starts when it wants,checked the fuel pump it;s good,changed the crank sensors,still nothing?
can a bad catalytic converter cause the car to die at low ideal?
Guys, what is your opinion of a girl who drives a white Avalanche?
what is the best method for getting rid of oil stains in the drive way?
how do you take out a distrubitor module in a 1994 mercury topaz?
car is not working please help?
Question about alternators?
my 2000 Nissan Sentra makes a clicking noise only when I turn right. What could it be?
Is it expensive to have your engine change or repair?
Am i getting ripped off?
94 Olds Acheiva problem?
can you help me put stuff on my page?
Is the alternator in a 1990 Turbo Eclipse easily accessible?
What will cause a car to start and die and eventually not start at all?
why cant you get better than a quickfit fitter?
Why is my vaxhall corsa sxi plus 56 reg making a humming noise the back passenger side?
my remot start wont work on viper security syatem help....?
Why does the steering wheel shimmy back and forth while I am driving?
Is it urgent that I get these fixed?
1972 vw beetle shifter pics?
Recommended maintenance for my Jeep?
Why does my dad check the oil, water and transmission fluind in my moms car once a week?
2000 silverado ac problem?
chrysler convertible sebring 2006 oil light came on car stopped put oil in it now?
1998 mitsubishi eclipse clutch problem?
my 1992 cadillac deville smokes while on the road! what can that be?
can i use petrol in a diesel engine?
How can i get better mpg for my 83 bronco with a 400 engine?
exhaust system vs. cold air intake?
what happens when you try to start a diesel engine without letting the glow plug heat up?
My car grinds 2nd and 3rd almost every time. Someone told me its my syncros but idk. i need to know what to do?
Car battery starting?
LOST CAR KEYS, dont have a spare?!?
Bad transmission or something else?
Engine oil wearing out fast?
Was a 5.7 H.o. In a 87 iroc?
What is the refrigerant capacity of the ac on a 96 Chevy K1500 4.3 eng?
engine overheating AFTER I put coolant in, Please help!!?
if a oil filter on a car is lose will u leak oil?
could i use JB Weld or Seals All to fix a leaking gas line on my car?
Is it true that parts/maintenance/repair of Nissan is more expensive than Toyota?
is my car battery dead?
My 94 Mustang- the A/C blows cold, then hot, then cold. It's not leaking freon and has enough in it. What else
Estimate question for mechanics?
getting the most power out of my car?
Why won't my car start?
Would a xr6t snorkel snap strait on a el 97 wagon and will it increase throttle response and HP?
How much does it usually cost to replace a muffler?
my 1998 ranger 4wd has like a skip so i replaced the plugs and wires and the oxygen sensors and it still does?
Why are my destructo d2 trucks so loose, after countless number of attempts to tighten them.?
Heat in car only working sometimes?
Why is my car idle so low?
i have to take my car in for a check up and i know there is something wrong with her.?
My car has started to sound like a diesel?
programing power locks on VW Jetta?
Where can i find the exterior paint color number for a 1997 Toyota Camry?
How do you change the blower motor resister on a 95 sunbird?
peugeot 306 auto, brake lights not working and cant get the auto stick out of park?
have 1976 Itasca motorhome with loose vacume hose cannot find where it goes has a"T" connector on one end
ase test length?
why does royal enfield have gear lever on right side...?
is it possible to Fit factory made steel mesh bulk head to a Vauxhall combo with a ply floor already in place?
My rear end is too wide on my car!?
Does anyone of you expert mechanics know how to swap a 96' vortec 4.3 V-6 into a 90" vortex pickup? Thanks!
How to put caliper bolts on when they are stripped?
where can i download a kawasaki mojave250 repair manual for free?
How much does it cost to put a sunroof on a 2008 Toyota Corolla S.?
brake pedal goes to the floor changed hose and master cylinder bleed brakes what do i check now.?
Question about car warranty?
Do birds have a favourite colour to crap on?
Who makes the best convectional Motor Oil?
how much power increase can a 4 barrell give over 2 barrell?
Why are my spark plugs coming out with oil on them ?
how do i fix rust on a honda
I got an oil change and the report told me that there is water in my oil what should I do?
is it illegal to drive without a drivers wing mirror?
car will not start, is battery dead?
my number plate has been sprayed with pain , how do i remove the spray paint?
How To Swap Full Bunch Seat To Bucket Seats 1988 S10 Single Cab?
Help my 2001 Chrysler neon won't run?
how to remove a door latch from a 1989 F150 ford truck (the door is stuck closed)?
My Suzuki LT250 has a weak spark and wont start?
How much cheaper is a manual car to maintain than an automatic?
gm starter connections for solenoid?
I spilld battery acid on the carpet of my truck. How to clean it?
How do I replace the wiper motor in my 2006 G6 GT?
is there a spray on self clean car wash?
New key made but anti theft is blinking?
My ABS light came on in my car and it is making a noise even hours after being turned off?
What's the best product for getting brake dust off painted wheels on a 1996 Pontiac Bonneville?
fix cost for rust problems?
how to backup in a ford truck?
how to replace my integra cam gears?
Where do I find the ignition output wire and the starter output wire for a Ford F-150 Truck?
What are your options if your car will cost more to repair than what it is worth?
why does my car steering wheel shake like crazy when i go over the speed of 50? but doesn't under that speed.
is there a trick to start a Saturn when it won't turn over?
is it bad if my car leaks water when the ac is turned on?
Does check engine light really matter?
Trying to find classic beetle mechanic near Layton UT.?
How will it cost to repair the muffler?
Oil leak on 2002 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am WS6?
I've always shifted an auto transmission into neutral at stoplights. Now the trans needs to be rebuilt.?
how to fix a speedometer?
What type of freon does a 1988 chevy truck take?
Car trouble chevy classic 2004. I bought this car a year ago run fine the whole year no problems?
Why doesn't my car turn on?
Does a dying battery messes with the transmission?
My catalyst converter is going bad and i was told it would be about $1500 to fix it? is this true?
Can you take a head gasket off 1 car and put it on anotha?
What's wrong with my Rendezvous driver door window?
how far can your car go when your fuel tank touches e. can it still move or will just stop.?
how do u get water out of a tail light?
I have a 95 honda accord w/ a 152000 miles in good condition, how many miles will it go and what things have?
Car ran out of coolant, is now extremely loud, what is wrong?
how can i shut down a govenor in a 1997 cavalier?
why it's wrong to add water to the car radiator while the engine is warm and not running ?
I have a brand new fuel pump, an filter but it feels like im running outta gas an I kno Ihave gas wat can it b?
Have 1997 nissan sentra gxe.?
Where is the coolant temperature sensor located on an 89 civic?4cyl sohc 4 speed?
What should I do if I have bird droppings on my car but no water hose?
how to rebuild an engine?
Need to tune engine after compression increase?
which motor mount causes popping?
Which brakes should I buy>?
Car question is this a good deal?
Is it safe to drive car that has leaked antifreeze if the res if filled back up?
Why is only 1 wheel per axle spinning on my Nissan Pathfinder?
How do you remove a broken oil filter with blue glue sealed on it that wont budge,, tried all my tools?
if i take the headers an muffler system of a 4A-GE an modify it to fit my 4A-FE.should i get more horsepower?
HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP! I need someone who knows jettas!!?
97 s-10 blazer problem?
does any one know were they hiring for afull time job?
why is my 96 grandam gt floor soaking wet on the driver side in the front and in the back on the floor?
What is the best way to remove all the rust/gunk from the bottom of my motorcycle engine?
low voltage on starting?
Por-15 or Herculiner to paint/rust-proof the bottom half of my car with?
When should you have a tune-up?
Can I use Pennzoil sae 10W-30 for Buick Park Avenue?
Does anyone know what these CODES mean for a '96 CADILLAC DEVILLE?
when i press the brake pedal in my car it makes a wushing noise like there is air in the brakes any ideas ????
Where can I find the heated windscreen relays in a MK6 Ford Fiesta?
how can I extend the life of my windshield wipers?
I need new breaks on my car, along with rotors, drums and shoes. I don't have the 480$ to do it. What do I do?
1987 Ford 1/2 ton pickup--Fuel injection problem?
why type of oil should i use for an 02 galant, automatic? thanks?
92 e150 inline 6 running very rich, rough idle?
Is it true that you get worse gas mileage if you don't change your oil frequently in you car?
Will buying a repair manual for my car help me troubleshoot problems?
my car doesnt have a good pickup . I hav tried changing transmission oil. any suggestions to improve pick up ?
how to solve the delay in accelerating?
is it bad if i havent had an oil change in over 5 months (even though car hasnt driven 3000 miles)?
where do i find a website to reserve a name for a detailing bussiness?
how to change back side window for a ford explorer 97?
When I get out of the shower, and I have fog on my mirror, how can I prevent the mirror not to fog?
my 1990 honda accord driver side door lock won't lock, how can i get it fixed?
How do I change the freeze plugs in a 1989 Ford Ranger?
Car overheating with all new parts?
Be careful...I've been told that Suncore uses Chinese springs for their kits and heats them to fit more models?
Question about coolant (antifreeze) level?
Steering wheel trouble when brakes applied?
what motor oil do i use for a 2004 ford explorer?
Can the tires of a 95 Plymouth Voyager fit on a 95 Chrysler Cirrus LXi?
Can ceran wrap scratch a car?
How do you change the front turn signal bulbs in a 1998 F150?
i am interested in buying a extra car for fun. was thinking about a 4cyl car rear wheel drive with a manual.?
cars ecu programming?
would adding a cold air intake and exaust system make my car faster?
how to paint a car?
where can i find a site the can show me a parts diagram for a chevy truck?
94 f150 shuts off after 10 min running after 5 min will run for 10 shuts off replaced fuel filter and computer?
im working on a 67 camaro and i cant see why i cant time it.?
where is the speed sensor located on a 95 honda accord?
Does fuel additives really work?
How can i test a car AC evaporator before installing it?
Corsa High fuel Consumption?
Car turns on for 2 seconds then dies?
What's wrong with my car?
battery in keyless entry remote ?
Why is my 2005 Toyota Matrix making a rattling noise?
what would be a cooler sparkplug?
Why is my Brake warning Light staying on?
What burns more gas in your car Heat or AC?
Best speed for mpg freelander2 diesel?
What is the most difficult part of installing trailer lights? (mounting, wiring, or other?)?
i found out my fuel pressure regulator is bad, will it hurt my car if i don't fix it right away?
How much is it to replace my car's computer?
what can cause engine oil in radiator?
Things to know when driving stick-shift?
do i have to drain the radiator if i want to top up coolant in a 2005 uk ford focus?
Bad Starter any way to start it?
having trouble removing the brake pad cover on a '99 Trans Am?
Why is my car idling roughly?
I just bought a second hand Peugeot XR6 Sport and theres a few problems?
My Car moves when I have it in park?
why does a "standard"vehicle start when, while the vehicle is moving, the clutch is applied?
What happens if I go to long without replacing a bad wheel bearing.?
my van is going for its MOT?
getting too much oil on my 150cc yamaha two stroke plug.....fouls in one day..adjust??
I got a broken dipstick stuck in my car's engine oil hole?
How hard is it to change out a transmission in a chevy z71 96 model?
what kind of engine does abuick lesabre limited 1995 engine have and is this car good or bad on gas?
2000 neon manual transmission problem?
How to disable ignition interlock (not DUI system)?
what are sum reasons why my car starts but dies immediatly?
Broken Glass in Car Wash - Who Should Pay!?
Can 4 bolts that say 10.9 JH strong enough to hold up a 600lb Engine on engine stand?
In an internal combustion engine, if I have 90 psi compression without spark and fuel, what...?
how much would it cost a machine shop to check my block/head/cylinders for warpage?fix?
How to stop slight jerk when switching gears on stick shift?
Auto transmission Pan Gasket?
Will a motor from a 1988 toyota 4*4 work in a 1992 toyota 4*4? Looks pretty much the same. Can someone help?
Mechanic Help? Fuses?
I have been told my car is running on 3 pots instead of 4. What are pots?
when I am at stop signal light,the foot on brake pedal, my car makes little bumps noise, shakes for seconds.?
My A/C vents cold air for a bit and then it just vents out room temperature air after..and it repeats? why?
Cleaning drivers seat?
how much is a ton????
How much does the A service on a S500 cost?
is it worth it to put a supercharger on my 2004 mustang?
How do you increase gas milage?
I changed my tranny and my car keep turning off when I accelerate or change gears. Tips?
would buy a 2002 polo which has failed the MOT. THE CARDEALER ISN'T SURE WHY?
I want to know what parts to replace on a 2001 Ford F150 4.2L V6 engine w/110000+ miles on it?
Is hot wax better than cold wax??
Whats the best 1st car?
How do they restore classic old school cars?
Good junkyard in Midwest US? I already know about pull-a-part.?
Does the Liters on an engine matter for a mass airflow sensor replacement?
why does my overdrive turn itself on when i start my car?
got a 1994 vr commodore auto every time i stop my car turns off also having problems with changing into gear?
What is the best way to remove decals from a car?
Are the 1997-1998 WMATA Orion V's still going to be in service by November 18, 2012?
Tie Rod & Front end alignment?
Why are my lugs cross-threading and breaking?
i tore the cable to the battery terminal on my car, can i just?
Is Midas technically capable of replacing a catalytic converter on a Volvo XC70?
What is the difference between a 351 Cleveland and a 351 Windsor?
Realistically, how often do I need to get an oil change on a 2006 car?
Why I can't shift to the reverse gear while the car is moving?
where to buy uniroyal liberator tires?
I have a 1998 ford truck and the check engine light came on. Nothing seems/feels wrong and just before i came?
I need to find headlights in new jersey for a 1997 2.5 TL where can I go?
Why does my dad check the oil and water in my moms car and hardly ever checks his truck?
My truck died while I was driving?
Does a mechanic have to send me a certified letter before he sends my car to the salvage yard????!!!!?
Broken Glass in Car Wash - Who Should Pay!?
Whining noise in the rear of my 1998 Ford Windstar. What can cause this noise to occur?
How to install a kick in honda stunner bike?
What is wrong with my car...........please help?
Can i drive my car downhill in neutral gear when engine is running? Will it harm engine/other part in any way?
"smart boxes" fitted to a car. How do they work ?
Whats wrong with my car?
Would a ill fitted spark plug blow head gasket?
Why do all my spark plugs keep failing?
how can i get a boot(the thing on the wheel)off my car?
I can't find reverse?
Mercedes Benz Dead Battery Every Morning?
when i get a puncture in my tyre,why is it only flat at the bottom?
My 89 jeep cherokee has troubles, it will crank for like 5 full seconds untill it starts?
Rough Idle on my Truck.?
HOw much for a complete engine overhaul for a 1989 nissan 240sx?
i want to find out the website that allows you to put rims on a car, it lets you pick the color of car.?
my car got egged about 10 days ago and my house twice should I just ignore it?
wiring diagram for a 1990 sedan deville caddilac starter?
if u choke a smirff what color does it turn?
what are some things that could cause my 93 ford escort to miss only when it is idoling ?
what to check for when your vechile is overheating and you changed the therastat and theres no heat?
Just changed the brake pads on my expedition and they squeal terribly. What can I do to fix with brake job?
Car stating Problem. Click Noise?
Should i take my car to a shop?
Rebuilt my mustang engine and now its go a mean growl to it?
Which diesel engine gets better fuel economy?
What is wrong with my car?
Women and Cars?
what can I use to erode a sticker off of my car without damaging the paint?
Why is my car overheating?
Mechanics please answer this...clutch on a BA falcon?
Auto Apprenticeship Program Plan?
I need an exploded diagram of 1997 chevy S10 5-speed transmission?
Why is my plug wire sparking through the boot?
can a static electricity cause explosion while i'm fueling my moped?
1999 Mercury Sable Repair.?
My driverside window dropped down and won't come up.?
If your N20 bottle isn't held down tight does that mean the juice is loose?
Where is the ballast resistor located in a Chrysler Lebaron?
How much is cost for auto frame straight?
I turn my key on my 1991 Toyota Camry and it won't turn over or start, dead silence. Any solutions?
car seems as if something is holding it back when driving?
1995 ford explorer starting issue?
Taking keys out of truck while its on?
I need ideas...most orginal gets auto .s.?
Anyone know where the Thermostat is on a 1996 Grand Am SE?
Need Help with 2000 Mustang A/C assembly?
How many miles will I gain with a K&N intake kit?
noisey wind screen wipers?
trobleshooter for a ford explorer?
Car is emitting a bad smell and white smoke?
Small Engine Running Only With Full Choke??
i have a 1991ford f250 v8 5.8 efi do i need a to have a catylic conveter?
How would I install a passenger side window(manual) on a 1990 Cheverlet Cavalier? Or leave it to the pros?
Jump starting a car, need help asap?
what type of muffler should i get for a 6.2 liter detroit deisel thats in my 87 gmc truck?
whats with auto zone?
how do you change a battery in a jeep wrangler?
My 1999 Chevy Tracker seems to have a water leak somewhere. Help!!?
ok i just blew a head gasket so i pull the head off my car to find a little rust in the cylinders.?
what is the best way to clean the light tan leather interior in my 2000 jaguar convertible?
how to change the oil on a 1985 Monte Carlo SS?
Is it safe to drive with a cylinder misfiring?
My nut is stipped on my bolt and it keeps spinning and spinning. How do I get it off?
Ford Explorer Parking Brake doesn't work well, but there doesn't seem to be any adjustment. Disks on back.
95 dodge neon died after i turned heater on?
I have a 1988 ford e150 van that the gas tank was replaced in. the high pressure pump quit after. why?
Loud rattle in my f150, what is it?!?
How to make a large hole in the bottom of my car?
Custom car shops near Tacoma, Washington?
how many liters is a stock chevy S 10?
What is a CV Axle ... is it a front axle ?
Just got some new rims put on my car. why does it vibrate everytime i go above 60mph?
where can i find a site the can show me a parts diagram for a chevy truck?
Car alarm help?
why does my 150cc leak ?
Is it illegal to drive with no window wash?
Does $620 for replacing four rotors and four pads on 2008 Altima 2.5s seem reasonable inc'l brake bleeding?
What could be the problem if my car want start and when it does the catalytic converter overheats?
If my honda 400 ex only roll starts, does that mean my start is bad?
where is the starter located on a 1996 dodge intrepid?
how to fix the timing belt o a 85 dodge aries?
Hot tub has flo error. resetting power and everything us fine until the pump turns off?
Male knowing almost nothing about automobiles?
List of Daimler-Chrysler Factories.?
My Front tire wont come off?
grand prix head up?
is it harmful to use different model spark plugs in car?
I'm looking for a bulb for a Sun Inductive Timing Light, it's 12 volt, any ideas where to find one?
Is a centimeter over the oil fill line too much oil?
need help with my car cd player to DC12v?
What do I top-up the aircon filler with on a Nissan Primera (2003)?
where would the fuelpump be on a 1983 chevy caprice?
Can a bad ignition coil cause engine damages?
Can u clean an EGR valve on a Passport and make it work?
mechanic negligence cost me my car engine due to a bad oil change, what should I do?
how can i find a diagram of my engine?
when you get your windshield replaced do they fix the mirror too?
my 2002 ford Taurus is not getting heat and the temperature gauge goes up and down.?
how long to charge a car battery?
How to start a car with a bad alternator?
what do i do when check engine light on?
i wanna take my car to maaco to get my bumpers painted?
How much is regular gas near u?
whats the torque on 1985 bmw 325e valve covers?
Oil Leak under my car?
How to replace the tail ligt bulb?
Brake Caliper Bolt Help !?
mgtf cylinder head bolts?
a bug flew into my antifreeze. ok to to run the car?
What can this be? bad fuel injector? transmission?
When jumpstarting my car I connected the leads to the wrong terminals. Now the battery is completely dead. Wha?
1996 Isuzu Rodeo timing?
What is a CV Joint? What does it look like? Where is it located?
HELP!!! im locked out of my car!?
Can u straighten a bent 22 inch 180 spoke wire wheel ?
How do you replace the right back turn signal on a 95 Cavalier?
How can I make my car faster?
Why is my 1991 caprice spilling oil out of the dipstick?
are a/n fittings (blue,red anodized) designed for high pressure?
my car was burning oil then i put 20-50w oil then engine started to shake and choke then burning lots of gas a?
how do i get the codes on my 1996 mustang?
If I put a super 44 flowmaster on my truck what will it do?
Cost for pro to change my gear ratio on '05 Durango 2WD?
1990 Cadillac Seville sometimes it starts sometimes it doesent?
How much should it cost to repair...?
Why is my car making this noise?
does a smaller muffler exhaust damage a car's engine?
how to get black mark off car?
How do I change my gauges?
Can I paint my car with bedliner?
i need to know what 1 of the idiot lights meen on dash of my saturn 2002 sl1?
How much does it generally cost to switch a manual to an automatic??
why cant you get v6 torque out of a v8?
Push Start on my vehicle?
Can low battery make ABS & battery light come on?
2002 focus Zx3 Rough Idle?
2006 Hyundai Tiburon SE V6 PCV?
My gas pedal, steering wheel, and brake pedal locked up! was it cause i needed an oil change? ?
Tire wearing problem. One side wearing, one side not?
Toyota corolla Hatchback tire sizes?
k im working on my van and my fuel pump is out i wana ask u something that sounds stupid but i mean not ,,,,?
TH350 shifting problems?
how do i install a passenger side view mirror for a 96 Chevrolet Monte Carlo?
can a blocked air filter cause hunting?
Is my car worth repairing?
Methods of finding out if the O2 sensor or temp sensor is cause a vehicle to run too rich?
Why is my car overheating and steaming?
how to replace an oxygen sensor on a 99 mitsubishi galant?
If a car flips aver once and wont start for a while, whats the problem?
My timing belt tore could this be why my car wont stay on for long?
gas milage of a 1985-1986 winnebago cheften?
-6 degrees and car wont start! Help!?
I am trying to restore a 1954 Chevy and need some help with the Door Panels Can I buy them or should I Restore
how much will it cost to get three doors fixed on a 2000 ford explorer?
The car keeps on over heating. What would be the reason?
windows wont roll down in my car?
Right blinker on my car sometimes works...and sometimes does not.?
Will a 1.6l mazda miata flywheel work on a 1.6l mazda protege?
bike turns off soon as i let go of the clutch on neutral?
What do you have to disconnect to do away with oil inj. & use premix fuel? does pump have to come off?
does anyone one know how many miles per gallon a toyota camry can make ???
will silly string ruin the paint of a car if there over one night in cold weather. not sure.please help thanks
i would like to know what would happen if automatic while driving would do if put into reverse?
My car wont start. it'll turn over but it wont start.?
I keep having to add power steering to my car, any ideas on what could be wrong and how to fix it? Thanks!?
what happens when your car loses power on an incline?
I am using 2 batteries in parallel for a camper, which terminals would i use to connect a solar pannel to?
what kind of oil is use for lawn motor?
why does my brand new honda civic car appear to be leaking water from underneath the car even in dry weather?
What causes a "bulge" in a tire..?
my truck windshield fogs up and heat smells like radiator fluid?
what type of oil do i put in my 1974 super beetle?
I have a 1989 jeep cheokee. when the engine gets hot the jeep shuts off. it will start again when it cools off
why doesnt gas get to my carb on my tecumseh small engine?
I have a 1987 Ford Aerostar and I'm looking for a radio & speaker wiring diagram. My system has 6 speakers.
what would the yellow fluid be from 1997 olds achiva be?
How much does it cost to duplicate a car key?
Is the throttle positioning sensor in the fuel pump?
How often should I have my car checked?
I purchased new 3 year battery 2 months ago once a week my battery light flashes for a few minutes .?
Is there an easier way to replace the serpentine belt on a 1998 buick lesabre?
How long does it take for a body kit to be painted and installed.?
I have a 2 month old car with a bad trans and out of waranty. 2002 Cavalier z24, do I fix or sell?
Do you have to change your rotors every time you change your break pads?
91 honda accord 4cyl 2.2 engine engine light comes on aftr 30min or more runs ruf an sputters loses rpms?
what is the best camshaft to put in 352 FE?
where is the o2 sensor located on 04 sentra?
will a dirty MAF sensor make a 1994 crown vic lop/sputter on a cold start?
My brake pedal slowly drops all the way down when I apply pressure.?
I have a 2007 Volkwagon EOS. I have never replaced the brakes. They're making a squeeky sound. Help?
car brakes squeaking?
Why is my car shaking?
Car Is Wobbling Back and Fourth?...?
Manual transmission shaking when starting from a start?
What does STP mean when it comes to cars?
ampares difference between 12 volt power supply and 12 volt battery?
How much is gasoline per gallon where you are?..just wondering.....?
How long should brake pads last for?
Any site with prices for parts on a specific car? (Any car will be just fine)?
can a ford dealership make me a key?
How to clean the inside top interior of your car?
why is my closed system overheating 98 Countour 2.0?
What is torque lbs for 2002 chevy astro van lugnuts ??
How often should you get your tires rotated?
how much does a replacement timing belt cost?
One headlight keeps flickering on and off while driving.?
Does my 2005 GMC Yukon have a fuel filter?
Just replaced alternator but battery still dies?
What clubs, resources, websites are available for assistance with an 1988 Cadillac DeVille?
I have a 1.2 GLS corsa which the engine is turning over and has a spark and fuel but wont start. whats wrong?
my car is eating too much fuel for being a 4cylinder?
why is my 1994 integra ls burning more oil than usual?
will the min/max feature of a fluke 88 work with an amp clamp?
How to remove smudged hannah ink ?
My interior lights do not want to turn on?
oil light comes on when I press the break?
on a 2000 kia sephia is there a orfice tube or expansion valve in the a/c system and where is it located?
is my battery or alternator bad?
What brand of smog legal Header exhaust system would be best for a 2002 chevy silverado with 4.8 V8?
How do I change a backup light switch on a 1994 Cheverolet 1/2 ton pickup?
why does my car jerk when in low kms and over fifty kms fine ?
would a z24 tranny fit in a 420a motor mitsubishi eclipse gs?
can a fob for a renault kangoo be repaired i have 2 and both are broken each new fob costs £107?
Just bought a 95 F150, few minor issues?
problem with radiator, please help!!!?
engine turns over but it doesn't want to start.?
My 8 yr old Vauxhall Corsa is having trouble starting on cold mornings, what could be the reason for this?
Warning light on the dashboard is showing in my 4 year old?
replacing engine in car?
What can happen when you use gasoline in a diesel car?
1987 GMC pick up fuel regulator?
Toyota Rav 4 2002 won't start, just clicks when i turn the ignition...?
2000 Toyota Camry LE 6cyl Questions?
Why New Tires Making Rattling Sound?
My truck brakes have satrted making a dragging sound just as I come to a complete stop; what is that?
Replacing my thermostat?
can anyone pls tell me that what i have to do for autobody course?
What does it mean when you have a nice size slit or rip in the...?
should shoes have warranty?
Why do i keep stalling my car?
I want to get rid off my car?
i have baked bug on my car - how do i get it off?
Can you take a 1999- 2001 Lexus RX 300 to a regular place to get it fixed? i.e. Jiffy Lube?
My car has leaked diesel on my drive. What can i use to clean it up?
car battery wont stay charged.?
Flipping Cover of headlights for Ford Probe 1989?
The lining on the ceiling of my car is coming off. How do I go about fixing that?
what is the oil capacity of a 97 Ford Aspire?
Alternator or starter?
07 ford focus airbag light is staying on. What could be the problem?
Ex put water in my gas tank.....?
hey, how often do you need to changed your oil filter in a car..?
Where could I locate the Flex Capacitor in my 1991 Nissan 300zx?
i don't have a sticker inside my door so how to i find the proper psi for my tires?
why does my f-150 leak /lose anti freeze?
how do i hook my air fuel ratio gauge to my 2003 yukon xl with 5.3?
my 2002 oldsmoible alero stopped on me 2 times today while i was driving!!!!?
Does my truck have aluminum or non-aluminum control arms?
my car want start at all help?
alternator belt broken will you still be able to drive car?
my chevry astro van turns over but wont start its a 2000 it has a new battery and yet it shows a low battery?
Needing Ford Motor and Transmission Decoding?
What does a serpentine belt do?
Why can't I get my Volvo to start? Is it a problem with the security system or mechanical problem?
Will a coil spring in a cylinder mess up the engine?
Is the motor in a 1988 honda accord carburated or fuel injected.?
p1320 code had p0304 changed out coil pack now 1320 code need locations of 4 cam pos sensors?
When is it better to fill your car up with gas?
i have a 2000 jeep grand cherokee, whats making my rpm's go to 5,000 when under 35mph?
I have jag xj6 which sometimes gives out a blue smoke from exhaust when starting?
I have bought a mr2with a clifford alarm, i have no fob so cannot deactivate imobaliser, is there anyway i can?
Does gasoline still smell after it dries? is it still flammable?
i have a 1989 ford laser, i want to take the rear discs off to replace them,?
Saturn Astra Steering Rattle?
What oil do I use in my engine?
have gas in my oil dont know why?
What kind of Antifreeze should i use? 02 Hyundai Accent?
How to fix a keyless entry pad on Ford F150 truck?
What is the best day to go in for an oil change? (Least crowded time)?
Why is MPG still low?
when i shift in 1st and 2nd gear then when i run the car it will comes back in neutral gear.what's the problem
hi, i normally use unleaded petrol, would i benefit from useing super unleaded instead.?
Where can I find replacement parts for a Braun wheelchair lift?
Restoration of a 1957 chevy Bel Air cost?
1993 taurus seems to want to cut off everytime i start it?
Where are the shift control solenoid valve located? on a 1998 Yukon 4WD?
I just bought a 92 300se benz and the key won't open the trunk how else can I open the trunk.?
why is the price of petrol going so high and will it ever go down??
i have a 1999 buick regal, and i want to put 22 inch rims on it, will i need spacers or will they fit?
passenger window problems?
Can anyone please tell me where the IAT sensor is on a 2004 Chevrolet Silverado?
Can I jump start my ATV with my truck battery?
Engine VIN Numbers, I need some information.?
Can you swap wheel nuts/studs for wheel bolts?
Pontiac Grand Am Question?
What auto maintainance is recommended prior to long trips?
Please settle a debate between my husband and I regarding letting the gas tank get to low?
I need help with my car! Mechanic advice?
Getting gas to my four Wheeler 110cc?
can the 3 pc one man brake bleeders flush brake system as well as bleed?
Silverado 1500 Starts up but then idles out and dies after 5 seconds?
If i take off the heat shield off the catalytic converter? Will I be fine?
How come the light keeps coming on and off?
Im trying to find information on how to fix a low fuel pressure problem in a caterpillar engine?
battery goes dead overnight on 70 pontiac?
I want to become a mechanic?Help?
How can I get a device for my car that will tell me when the battery is about to die?
How do you install and ignition switch?
Where to get a tire rim repaired?
what is the oil capacity on a klx 125 with filter change?
abs light and handbrake light staying on?
I have a 2002 F150 and Im thinking about changing the gear ratio, because I have 35" Pro Comps on it right now?
2002 Pontiac grand am car issues shutting off and trac light comes on.....?
How do I remove the instrument panel\cluster of 2011 Camry?
Should i rotate my tires or buy new?
Is ebay car window tint good or it will turn purple?
i have a 1992 Toyota Camry with 206,000 miles, how can you tell if the timing belt needs changing?
Why does my 03 cadillac seville SLS run great all day then when i put in to park it idles high rpm ?
What is Torque and what does it look like?
My radio in my 2000 Pontiac Montana has calibrate on it so I need to get it calibrated, can I do this?
Is it dangerous to rev a car in a closed garage?
i went to a guy and ask him if i could put my exhaust more bigger he?
Shifting in an automatic?
Need advice for my truck, about the battery and head gasket.?
how do you replace the electric choke on 84 monte carlo ss?
What is the best HID kit to use in my car?
Coolant Temp Sensor problem?
Completely stripped bolt problem?
What are some ways to increase torque in a car?
Do i need to replace my serpentine belts?
1998 blazer misfire!!!?
Castrol GTX vs Valvoline?
Why do people work on their Cars?
Car shakes when turning on?
Why does my car constantly swerve to the side?
How do you take out a broken spark plug out of a 2005 town & country van?
My car didn't have a thermostat?
why does my car say it's overheating when i drive it down the block?
why does my brand new honda civic car appear to be leaking water from underneath the car even in dry weather?
Do I have a blown head gasket?
I hit a pot hole and my entire drivers side is offline? What kind of damage does that sound like?
how to stop breaks from always makeing noise while moveing?
two problems i am having with my 1994 camaro Z28?
where do i put the transmission fluid in a 1999 honda odyssey?
i have 2 flats they have 1 lock nut on each tire how do i take them off w/o breaking the lock nuts ?
how good are my tires?
18lb wheels vs 18in 17lb wheels?
Head Gasket still bad after replaced ?
what dose the temp run on 2000 tran,s am 5.7 sfi 8 cyl?
An auto repair shop damaged my car while performing a tuneup are they responsible for the damage done?
Are the silhouette mini vans any good?
what do the P225/55R16 on a tire mean?
My stering wheel shakes when I step on the breaks! Help?
Electrical problem in my car, Is it the alternator?
do you need two diferent sized wiper blades for the front of a car?
Is a bypassed heater core a MOT fail?
have 1976 Itasca motorhome with loose vacume hose cannot find where it goes has a"T" connector on one end
I replaced my radiator hose but my car is still heating up.?
problems starting my car, starter engine turns but wont start??.. HELP?
How can I make my car faster?
How do I figure out what is stopping my serpentine belt?
anyone know anything about fuses? brand new car and none of the lights work!?
After I change the oil and filter, how to I reset the system on my 2005 Chevy Tahoe?
I have a 2001 Buick Century, how do you replace the cv joints on both sides, boots have holes in them.?
after how many km I must change distribution belt at Citroen Saxo motor HFX 1100?
Who can identify the car on my avatar?
do tyres deflate without dust caps?
Whats wrong with my 1998 Saturn?
Does gasoline still smell after it dries? is it still flammable?
i have a 2005 Suzuki ltz400, my coolant level is at the low mark and has stayed there for the past three ?
"Low Coolant" on a 1998 Cadillac SLS?
Left brake light out on a '97 Explorer. It is not the bulb. Any suggestions as to what else it may be?
How to lower my NOx emissions for California smog test?
How to find a powerwindow fuse on a 2001 corvette?
i tried to test my struts by pushing down corner of car but it doesnt come back up?
How do I turn on the highbeams in a 1988 Jeep cherokee pioneer?
What would cause the front end on a car to shake violently?
Why does my radiator need bleeding again?
2000 ranger. It wont start. it is trying to but wont turn over. the the theft light in on. is that the problem
How can I fix my fogged up lamps on my Mustang?
What type of battery do I need for my 1981 kawasaki Kz440 ltd?
what kind of transmission?
How do I fix grinding noise behind the dash of my 07 4Runner?
does hooking up a battery backwards destroy a car?
What are the signs I need a fuel filter?
Anyone have any ideas on where to get a free repair manual for a cirrus 96?
how much does it usually cost to remove a dent from a car?
Where is the fuel level censor located at? and what the heck is a fuel censor?
my pocket bike will not start and i tried to put gas in the carberator and it did not start?
why is my van blowing out blue smoke?
Car battery (maintenance free type) is flat.?
Catalytic Converter is clogged again!!!?
question about oil change?
home lite gas 5500 11 hp generator not getting spark to spark plug?
99 toyota corolla, probably transmission?
i have a carolla 1991 model AE100 it runs well for a while then the engine light comes on then it loses power?
How much does it cost to replace and repair a transmission torque converter seal on a 1998 Olds Bravada?
where can i find blueprints for a piston replacement for a honda crf450?
Is it alright to use my car if the heater isn't working?
Should I get a new battery? Or what could the problem be?
I just bought a 2000 buick century and the low trac light came on... What does this mean?
what is a good auto polishers?
does head gasket sealant work?
Any body want anything from the shops?
my car windows (electric) are frozen from cold?
i have a lincoln towncar 1991 and i put the key in the ignition but it wont turn?
Why does my Delta kitchen faucet spout leak between the end of the spout and the aerator?
Radiator running out of water n no leak at all but engine start overheatin and the water reserve start boilin.?
what is maintenance?
where can i go online to printout free car maintanence check lists?
My a/c belt is making a lot of noise. How long do I have?
My '92 Olds' "check engine light" came on & when my husband checked my car there was no coolant in my car.?
can you work on your car in a council rented garage?
how many Foot Pounds of pressure do I need when replacing rocker heads on a chevy blazer 97?
Help I couldn't get my oil change because of my oil pan!?
My brake rotors have a wavy surface appearance after checking out green at my last service.?
rear brakes toyota avalon 04?
I ran my car, 04 PASSET, thru high water today, now the engine light is on. Is there problem with the car now?
how would i connect a headlight to a small engine that does not have one?
my car stopped running...can you give me some idea?
I'm looking for a car tuner?
What are the effects of a bad ignition coil on a Jeep ?
Every time I turn on my air in my truck it whines with a high pitch sound. How do I fix this?
how do build my own pressure washer with gas motor?
how much does a head mechanic at pep boys ca make?
how do u tell the size of a detroit diesel?
should i put in an new steering stabilizer?
Where is the EGR valve on a 98 Honda Accord EX?
Can I use this Techron gasoline additive in my car?
Help with Impeding tickets?
Does anyone know were the fuel filter on a 1989 Mazda 323 goes?
jack for easily removing 18 wheeler tire?
How do you know if it's a problem with the battery or the alternator?
Ive taken out charger and battery. Waited 5 mins put battery b k in restarts log one ok. Homepage frozen?? Any?
Car Not Shifting Into Overdrive?
What oil needed for 2009 Malibu?
my 96 GMC Jimmy's fuel pump keeps running after I turn truck off, what could be causing this?
Metal Scraping Sound from front of car.?
How to fix sun damage on cars?
Alternating Car Battery.?
96 chevy silverado not getting gas to carb. put on new fuel pump?
how can i get diesel out of my hair?
Engine running REALLY CRAPPY, help (video)?
Why won't my car start?
I have a 96 explorer, the battery is fine but the car doesnt want to start in the cold?
How to replace an overdrive switch?
Does a car battery need to be 12 volts flat to start a car?
Are there any household scrubs/creams that I could use to buff out paint on a car?
For a 2006 LX 470, I accidentally closed the hood, how can I open the doors?
How often should I check my car breaks? Why my car breaks are going bad so soon?
What makes the floor of the right back seat in my car wet?
Are transmission flushes really bad for your transmission?
when the oil light comes on do I need more oil or an oil change?
where does a person dispose of old tires in waco area of texas leagelly?
Do cv joints dried up when auto not in?
is this a good way to determine how fast a car is?
my 1997 nissan altima won't shift into third gear, what could the problem be?
brake lights wont go off, 1990 240 sx?
Struggling to get my car in gear, what's the cause?
i need to find out about my mustang i dnt remember if i had two keys one for the ignition and one for door?
hydrolic fluid for dumptruck ,what kind is best ,, the pump is 20 years old?
What am I missing, why are gas prices going up AGAIN!!?
is the fuel filter and the fuel pump in the same part for a car?
Anybody own a 2001 Mitsubishi Mirage and have problems with the one of the cylinders always misfiring?
I have a car that I want to get painted but what do I need to add or apply to give it a nice gloss?
Strange Rubbing nosie and vibrations?
is it safe to start my car after a small petrol leak?
WHERE is the fuel filter at on a 2001 ford taurus???
Is there anything that I can put on my windshield to prevent frost?
Why is oil still getting into my cylinder 1 and hitting my spark plug?
What size rims can i use?
What is the lug nut stud size for a 1993 geo storm?
need more horse power help?
Is the motor in a 1988 honda accord carburated or fuel injected.?
where in my engine do i pour my power steering fluild for 1989 ford aerostar?
Help I can't put gas in my car WHHHYYYY???
will a 1988 s-10 short box cap fit a 1996 short bed s-10?
Can I use water instead of engine coolant during the summer?
i have and a xterra 2001 but the air codition went out the compresor it came on but is not cooling anything?
My miata is squealing. I need a real machanic?
Where is the crankshaft sensor located on a '97 BMW 840CI?
Coolant leaking from the bottom tank under the engine, leaking were a rubber seal is on the tank?
How do I know when to get a tune up for my car?
Is it safe to rinse my car with a 3600 psi pressure washer?
how can i get rid of spare cigarette due to quiting smoking?
In a Buick Park Ave. where is the starter and altinator located?
Random multiple misfire on a tahoe?
what should i do to a car that hasn't been started in a year and a half. Besides jumping it.?
Computer scanner hook up for a 1992 ford thunderbird sc?
where can i get a diagram for a 1993 4.3 liter vortec upper plenum for my blazer?
can anyone tell me the firing order for a d15b?
I changed the oil of my car but the it turned into dark oil again?
How is the best way to remove paint?
Where to get a bent chrome rim fixed in West Texas? Even Lubbock, Texas!?
my power brake booster is leaking?
Why is the check engine light on?
What is this part of the car?
Honda civic ep3 pre facelift key fob problem 51 plate?
what is steam ? can you see it.?
What's wrong with my car?
Pushing the gas pedal and no acceleration in a 2000 saturn l series?
Ford Taurus Code P1744?
How do I get GUM off of a car without ruining the paint?
when the key is turned its like the engine is starting but it doesnt.?
So my garage broke, the wheels came off the rails.?
Can you help me with my exhaust?
How long does it take to put on a engine or ignition lock? I'm not sure of the name.?
Do you save more gas in a higher gear or a lower gear?
why wont my fog lights work?
Can any1 tell me which 17'spinners will be best for my car?
Is it possible to get a 3.7l jeep and drop a 6.4l hemi in it?
The bottom of my car is icy?
Ways to increase miles per gallon in my car? aftermarket parts?
What is this light on my dash?
Why do I have to keep changing my car headlights?
Cloudish stains on car paint ?
what clutch will fit a t90a-1 with a flat head 6 ..?
my wife accidentally put water in the engine instead of radiator?
will my 89 honda accord engine fit into a 93 accord?
warning little car we key?
Transmission leaking into Transfer Case...can I just use the same fluid in both?
What do I do if someone hit my Car's left mirror?
new question for 97 chevy k 1500 mass air flow?
What are the names of these car engine parts?
2003 Nissan Altima not continuing to blow heat?
what coolant reservoirs are closest to a 04 impala?
I have a 1998 Grand Prix GTP when i drive it the transmission will stop pulling?
Oil for 1996 fiesta mk3?
What is point of grip-pier clutches and lightweight flywheels?
do i have to adjust my speedo if i put bigger rims and tyres on my car?
how much is a puncture repair?
Kia Spectra dash at defogger vents lifting up. How do I repair without removing dash or windshield?
I am assuming I need new brake much does that cost??
Bad Crankshaft Pulley?
at startup motor seems to be off timing?
My check engine light is on, My car shakes when I accelerate hard or on an incline? What's wrong?
mugen seiki mtx4r vs kyosho rrr evo 2?
How to stains out of leather on 2011 Accord Sedan?
Beli Fairing GSX sepeda motor Bajaj Pulsar 220F daerah sidoarjo dimana yaa? dan kira2 harganya berapa?
small chips on windscreen?
Melted battery terminal.And continuous current.?
How do I read the code on my car tires?
Why type of piston rings are good for high rpm?
try to determine timing marks for a 91 mercury capri?
wat colour is paint code 904b for a fiat bravo?
humming noise when i accerlate, noise goes away when i declerate?
What glue for the hard plastic on automobile interiors?
Is there a location I can find whether or not a Tsudo Cat-back Exhaust System is street legal?
HELP! Can I wait longer to change timing belt?
Do dealershiP shops ever try to lie and add things to the problem to get as much money as they can from u?
Who thinks this is funny?
More trouble with Trans Am project.?
Why does my car steer to the left when I take my hands off the wheel when moving?
Changing a car tyre?
Power locks wont work in my car now..?
How much longer does my Car have?
Why does my car hesitate at acceleration?
Why does my service engine light come on when my car is in park?
ok,so i have done everything on my 93 z28...?
Anyone Can HELP ME With A Car Question, mainly a problem.?
I am running three deuces with factory end carbs on a Chev 350. What do I set the float levels at?
Am i being TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF by my CAR DEALER? Everytime i go in their it seems like they alway's?
what is the cost of a tail light on a 2005 toyota camry?
I change my thermostat n my car is still running hot?
in order to replace a fuel filter in a 2003 Chevy Chavalier, does the entire fuel pump need to be replaced?
where can i find a diagram of a fuse box and relay switches for a 91 volkswagen passat?
My tail lights dont come on when i turn on headlights but do when i press pedal and no dash lights fuse ok?
Car Wash; Do you like touchless, or the swinging flapping fabric kind?
Car engine not starting?
My 97 nissan sentra jerks from 1st to second gear and back, how should i fix this?
anyone know why 93 suburban keeps blowing out heater cores?
Not sure if oil is leaking from valve cover?
Is my head gasket gone?
Is there any Oxygen sensor and it is necessary to replace the Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor?
I'm really not buying this transmission crap!!!?
How much is reasonable to replace a muffler on a Buick Century?
mondeo starting problems ( flywheel )?
My new key won't start my car?
car hit deer and now wont turn over could altenator short cause this? still have lights,horn,no radio or wiper
where is the dipstick on a 2002 Chevy cavalier transmission?
Should I use Loctite on water pump stud bolts?
can a muffler change the sound that your truck makes?
Why is there a constant grinding sound in my car?
Possible no fuel issue?
What is wrong with my steering?
having trouble removing the motor mounts on a 199 Ford Explorer with AWD is there an easier way to remove thes
is there an inexpensive way to fix a power steering leak?
why is my 1996 blazer dieing out as soon as i put it in gear?
I am choosing between a 2004 Acura TSX or a BMW 325. Is the BMW much more expensive to maintain?
hi just purchased a super bessacarr 390 sle 2 berth caravan 1992 can any one help me find a manual for above?
Windshield wipers stopped working?
What size is the engine and where can I find parts for a Ford F-600 ?
how do i replace drive gear (bendix) on auto starter?
There is a rattling noise coming from underneith my hood?
i have a 1990 dodge dynasty, it sounds like i have an exhuast leak, but it could be an emmissions problem?
No spark from ignition coil on 1993 GMC Truck?
how do I install a car battery in a car in my 91' lexus?
do i need to change rotors when changing brake pads?
where is the outside temperature sensor on a 2002 GMC ENVOY located at?
will a head job fix a seized cylinder?
What is causing my battery not to charge?
I'm looking for a 1992 Ford F-150 wire harness. I think its for a transmission.?
I just got a 1998 Avalon. Does it take 4 or 5 quarts of oil when I change it.?
Because you time the 345 engine off of the number 8 cylinder, Where do you go from there?
the steernig wheel is so hard to control?
I have a 1997 Isuzu Trooper that makes a high pitch whine for about 3 minutes when I turn on the engine. Why?
How do I get a lug nut off that is stripping?
what happens if i put my car oil in...where you check your oil and not the actual black oil cap where it goes?
How can I clean fuel pump?thanks?
HELP! my car wont start?
i am a metal used in the wheel covers of many cars?
How do you get car window shine off your windscreen?
What Do Spark Plugs do?
Where is the Mass AIr Flow sensor in a 1998 Ford Windstar? THANKS!?
How do I check for warped engine heads?
Should I swap trucks...?
My car requires 5w-20 oil, I used 5w-30, will this have much of an impact?
Whenever I take my car in for a simple oil change they always come back and says something needs my attention.
where is the fuel pump relay on 91 mercury capri?
how do you change a battery in a jeep wrangler?
Camper light connector wont stay connected to tow vehicle?
Car started blowing a-lot of white smoke from exhaust.?
Tune up for 2002 Izuzu Axiom?
Do performance chips work?
my peugeot speedfight will not start?
I am having problems with the power steering in my 92 Cadillac Fleetwood. Please help. I have changed pump.?
Help! How do I get the serpentine belt back on my 1992 Plymouth Voyager?
My car says "premium unleaded only" What harm could it do to use regular unleaded?
brown/cream oil slug in oil cap?
Is there a fuse for the clock and odometer for a 2000 Honda Accord?
2003 Dodge Ram 5.7L returns error code P0456 with 49,000 miles on it, anyone have a clue as to whats wrong?
My 1982 el Camino with a 406 Stroker and a turbo350 Transmission went out ?
Simple breath analyzer circuit for automobiles (to disable ignition)?
Is this my fuel pump?
How to open a jammed car door?
Need 2 295/50r15 can anyone lend a hand?
By pouring either water, coke, etc over the ring hooks that attach to the car battery I am on risk of..?
Can anyone tell me why I get a strong petrol smell inside my 1995 Vauxhall Vectra?
How do I remove scratches from the rubber trim on my car?
why cant you get better than a quickfit fitter?
Fuse keeps blowing 1998 ford contour, how do I find the short?
I am getting screeching/rattling sound - can it be strut problem?
Can you use and automotive tire patch for a dirt bike tire tube?
Automatic transmission oil instead of synthetic manual transmission oil?
is it my battery or my alternator?
How do I get rust and transfer ink out of leather seats in car?
Why does my LED third brake light collect moisture inside it? can it be fixed? ?
toyato maintenance, does a 2002 avolan have a timing belt or chain?
what oil for a spitfire xk 200 generator?
Sym-Tech Automotive Protection. Does it work?
Where can u buy decorative battery Oversize covers for the Sprint Galaxy ii s?
Car starts but wont move?
2009 ford focus engine coolant?
can we reverse the direction of wiper motor?
How much is the average matte black paint job cost?
Is this a cheap estimate to get my windshield replaced?
heater fan and rear windscreen heater have stopped working on my car (saxo)?
the location of the cam positioning senser on a 99 saturn sl2?
Whats wrong with my car?
reason for vehicle hesitant to start up in the morning?
my tail lights wont shut off. the switch is off. it still killing my battery. what do i look for?
Tail light doesnt work?
how do i know if i blew a gasket or ed my block?
How do you remove decals from your cars body?
intermittent brake Problems?
is 350 dollars a fair price to replace a intake manifold?
can I convert to roller cam?
My truck's air conditioning says Woooop!?
Why is my car suddenly overheating?
Short shifter questions?!?!?!?!?
My car smells like oil sometimes, does it mean it may need oil or leaking oil? ?
fix gas gage on a saturn sl2 1993?
Grinding noise in back tire?
How much does it cost to replace a clutch in a 2006 Chevy Cobalt?
4x4 won't engage in my 96 chevy blazer?
what could problem with 2005 maxima that wont start, not battery, is making a clicking noise?
Crx sunroof help.....?
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