Will Sharpie stay on a Car?
Hey my steering feels heavy, and doesn`t pick speed up as it did a month ago..?
What does a ECU unit look like on a ford focus Zetec dual fuel and where will it be found?
how do i sketch a layout of hyd. braking system suitable for tracks of mechanically driven vehicle?
Just changed the water pump on my 2000 Chevy Malibu, but the engine still overheats. What can this be from?
white smoke coming from tail pipe when i start my truck?
Phone numbers to the nearest junk yards in Jasper, Ga 30143?
Will a transmission cooler increase my payload and towing capacities?
Why is my car rattling?
What is the best way to get that mildewy smell out of my car?
oil in water what could it be?
How often should I check my car breaks? Why my car breaks are going bad so soon?
my cavaliers abs was faulty so pulled out the fuse to disable - warning light on. will it affect M.O.T?
how much is it to install new or used rotors on a 1995 dodge dakota sport?
Is it difficult to repair a blown head?
where is the battery on my dodge stratus 2001?
Whats wrong with my car?
what is the best battery to get for shoprider soverign 4 mobility scooter.?
oil equivalent recommendations?
When I push on the gas in my car I get a rattling noise. What is this?
Does steam cleaning a car engine damage it?
how to replace fuel pump on 1997 mazda mpv?
I need to know how much a 94 ,v6, 3.0 Nissan Maxima motor cost refurbished or new?
back up sensor stopped working.?
When storing tires outside. Is there anything i can put on the rubber to prevent dry rot?
Mechanics what do you know about cars? help me pick one!?
how do i get tar off my truck?
How do you kill rust?
DE7184 Break Tester Problem?
Chrysler Grand Voyager wheel hub and bearing v reg 2000 model?
My transmission coolant line came off while i was driving and transmission quit working is this huge problem?
ways to improve heating efficiency?
What the difference between SE, XE and LE?
Is my alternator or battery bad?
Manual or automatic tension?
Part number for Engine Undertray?
How long will duct tape hold the muffler on my Studebaker?
so i took out my spark plugs...?
my right tire is smoking help!?
Front end of the car makes a loud grinding noise?
i have a 1999 cavaliar that starts but boggs down if you try to go faster than 20 m.p.h. can anyone help me?
how do i remove my cv joints?
i have an 02 buick century with abs/trac control problems. codes 1216, 1226 & 1222. speedsensor cks ok. ideas?
How much do mechanics get paid in the uk?
Is it difficult to find parts of a old Volvo Amazone?
Why does my car burn oil?
Converting Crx to....?
My 96 ford Taurus wont shift the said it was the speed sensor?
What are the standards incurance companies use to total out wrecked vehicles?
what is the point gap spec for a 1966 Mustang with 200 cid?
Can power steering fluid leak out of the transmission line?
Have oil and sensor in front of motor is red hoy what could be making my motor knock?
will a truck motor lock due to lack of water?
where can i find a repair manual for a nv5600 transmission in a dodge 1 ton truck?
how to change neon ball joint?
standard ignition switch diagram?
Had car accident, the engine did not take the impact so why will the car not start?
Can I remove the top of my Suburban?
new engine or new car?
I have a 2000 Chevy Tahoe, took it to the shop for a starter, the shop said a battery was needed also?
what kind of dvd player(brand)there is on a 2003 gmc Envoy ?
want to apply for sales job with auto zone automotive on line?
How to install front brake pads on a 2003 GrandAm?
How much does it cost to fix the outside car door handle on a 2006 Cobalt?
What is the difference between a low end and a high end power coat paint gun?
How much would a ticket be for the brake light not working?
how to determine the type of transmission i have?
how do u you if the alternator on a car is going out?
Fuel pressure regulator on 2000 Dodge Ram 1500 V8 5.2L?
I've decided to try to pay to fix my car up instead of buying a new car, is this a good idea?
how much would it cost me to convert my 2002 L300 Saturn V6 3.0 MFI DOHC automatic tansmission into a manual?
Are you supposed to upgrade on gas every 10 times you fill up your car?
A good name for my car?
Can someone that knows about cars answer my question?
in what order does the fuel lines o rings and spacer go into the throttle body?
What is an easy/ inexpensive way to remove dents form my car caused by hail?
do you think I can JB Weld a hole in an oil pan as a temp fix while i check on other things?
my hub and caliper came off of my 1984 f150 4x4. now i cant seem to figure out how to put the new brakes on?
Steeda Cold Air Intake vs K&N Cold Air Intake?
Will my car go in reverse?
Anyone have any experience with this code??? P0420: Catalyst efficiency below threshold.?
My car is making a clicking noise?
Is it bad to drive a sports car slow ?
my car revs high but does not move fast?
What paint should I buy for my car?
How to fill up antifreeze in truck?
Whats wrong with my car?
The mileage on my car is fast approaching the mark where my warranty will be up how to stop the odometer?
I need a lift kit for my truck!?
what is the best glue to use for hard plastics?
My car seems to have an overheating issue... help?
I have a 1999 Honda Accord which is having transmission/ torqconverter problems-What is best way to resolve?
VOLVO 850 how do you replace bulbs near speedometer?
6.5 turbo diesel trouble?
car rolled into a wall on a hill...whoops?
I bought a used car last month and the transmission block is going out. does the lemon law still work?
am looking for english version for fuse cover on a honda odyssey jap import 1996?
mechanic trying to rip me off?
Have anyone use a 9006/HB4 12V 80W Lapis Blue to replace their stock low beam on the 2008 Honda Accord Yet?
Check Engine light followed by a flashing O/D light?
What is the best oil for a 1998 VW jetta 2.8 VR6 with 80,000 miles on it?
Coolant leak 98 Civic no hot air blowing out either?
Why does my car not go when its in drive and I step on the gas?
Why my car doesn't start after an engine swap?
are scion xb rear brakes self adjusting?
what would help get tar spots & marks off the alloys of my car - is there an everyday item around the house?
How to unlock my halo 4 emblem?
How do I Balance my twin SU's and how do I stop her running rich (Triumph TR7 V8 3500). Thanks.?
My windshield wipers etched a pattern on my van window; is it too late to save my windshield?
Help...Car won't start. Could it be...?
my buick le saber won't start-it just makes a revving sound-dashboard lite FLASHES says "INFL REST." HELP
what is hydrostatic drive?
How much roughly would these repairs cost? (I am trying to figure out how much I saved)?
How do you install a temperature gauge in a isuzu???
a car can accelerate at a whopping 3.5m/s^2. so if it like is going at 65.0km/hr and you rev her up to be goin?
why do i hear this squeaky sound every time i move?
What is a reverse switch called?
Converter replaced with straight pipe?
Is it ok to keep the car running while filling up the gas tank?
Whats wrong with my car?
Should I buy a car with an engine knock?
my 2001 dodge neon wont start?
how do you remove a starter on a 1990 toyota pick up?
Which tire should I buy?
How long does it take a mechanic to fix wheel bearing?
Can you patch a in your wheel with J.B. Weld?
If I use a 3/4" wrench on hydraulic lines, what size are they? And which fittings? (see inset)?
Broken something!!! Urgent!?
How can attach garden hoses to insides of utility trailer if have electrical wires running through for lights?
my car virbrates between 2nd and 3rd gear?
Why do people only do oil changes but don't change any other fluid?
Who makes the best clutch?
Is it a good idea to retread tires?
Serpentine belt...?
Doors frozen shut on my car?
If I scratch someone's car which was blocking part of my driveway am I liable?
Will a 185/60R15 tire fit a 15 inch wheel?
how does one bleed the brakes using one person method? can someone upload me a link?
What is "Power Steering" ?
Engine overheat and surging?
Brush or sponge for washing your car?
I have a 1995 honda accord that needs a new radiator?
My car won't turn over.and start?
I am trying to locate a website where I can make a complaint about my Dodge truck and hopefully get some re-im
Coolant circulation presure-Altima 2000?
What can happen when a allison transmission is overfilled? Help!?
E brake to hand brake?
I need unlock code for car stereo with serial vwz9z7y7236700 volkswagen product?
if oil in a hydraulic system was replaced by air would it work the same?
MY Jeep Cherokee wii not crank?
Whats the difference between Automobile Mechanic and a Autobody Repairer?
new brakes and rotors grinding noise?
do the pistons still move when you are not applying the gas pedal?
Do I need an oil change?
How can I re-paint a scratch on my car cheaply?
who do i contact to get a replacement key for mitsu. delica? there is no spare, i have barrel out. ideas?
I need to know where the vacuum lines and coil go on a 351 engine?
RC Car Question???
Should airbags be replaced?
How do you turn off the power antenna on a 1989 buick park avenue?
What's wrong with my car?!?
06 Chevy HHR, Coolant Problem?
i am trying to find out a phone number for the people that make cadillac vehicles?
the cdi box for my go cart is a 6 pin but the plug for it is a 5 pin plug so would a 5 pin cdi box work?
Accidentally put water in oil tank.and drove the car?
do the pistons still move when you are not applying the gas pedal?
Is it ok to leave your car air conditioning 'on' while the windows are rolled down when driving?
I have a '98 Grand Prix and when Iam driving the RPM goes high when Iam not accelerating also when its in park
location of egr valve on 06 dodge durango?
Manual Transmission does not engage?
Manual to automatic?
Spark plug order for a 383 chrysler mopar?
Strange Dashboard Light popped on twice today. Cant find out what it is.?
riding mower won't start?
Have had some deep scratches on my car?
Why is the heat through my car's vents so extreme?
how comes when i make a left or right turn?
What promotion would your local auto repair shop have to be running for you to get your car fixed this week?
Transmission fluid capacity for a 95 v8 Jeep Grand Cherokee?
What would be the things I need to maintain my car (like oils etc)?
service details for jeep cherokee 2.5 crd model 2003-2004 ?
Radiator repair after a small accident?
How much does it cost to put a new engine in my car?
Is it true that parts/maintenance/repair of Nissan is more expensive than Toyota?
If carb cleaner is sprayed into the air intake of a car could this damage valves and cause low comression? ?
Power Steering Fluid?
how big of a differance will an aftermarket intake manifold make on my 2007 4.8 sierra, 35" tires 17" wheels?
what causes an engine to run on after the ignition is switched off?
How to swap a 96 lt1 and a 700r4 into my 79 chevy c10?
the battery light comes on when i start the ignition?
Please help!! I need to take out the car battery (I dont know anything about cars)!!?
where can I find 1993 toyota camry interior door handle case.?
I have a Purolator fuel filter I bought it was sitting in my garage, can I use it for my Lawn Tractor?
How to protect cut convertible tops from rain temporarily?
how we can control speed of electric motor?
1972 ruviera 455 engine 4speed trans-3?
i just bought a used car and it rides really hard?
What do I need for my car?
Starting up a diesel engine in colder weather -Is this harmful?
Tight engine when pressing start button (video)?
Lowering my silverado 2012 reg cab?
i need the spark plug routing order and number for the cylinder?
'93 Eagle Summit LX transmission?
whats wrong with my car?!?
car fix quick question?
What is the best way to fix a loose rear bumper on a 17 year old car?
Mechanically intelligent people/ need suggestions about 81 Lincoln- old CAR!?
how long is everybody sleeping for?
if the starter goes out on my car will it make the car die?
Are LED Tire Valve Lights illegal?
why is my truck steering wheel hard to turn?
how can i get brake pads for proton persona?
how can i tell if a bumper/brush gaurd thing off a truck is aluminum?
I need help with my 1993 chevy lumina van!!!?
Is 164,444 miles on a 1996 Honda Accord too much?
Hard starting Mazda V6 3L but only about 1 of 10. Otherwise ok. It just spins fast as if no fire. Why?
is it illegal not to have a catylic converter?
Shift into reverse (manual trans) while moving backward?
I've a creamy substance forming around the oil cap. My warrenty company says this is ok, is it really?
Will your CHECK ENGINE light go on if your car battery is about to die?
how do I fix the speaker wires in my driver door?
what is causing that sulfur smell in the air over moreno valley?
How can my brake pads from Autozone have a life time warranty?
My cars battery keeps dying.?
Myth or true and actually safe to do???
help truck keeps trying to start?
The floor in my car is wet but I can't find where the water's coming from?
What does rust in the engine of a car signify and will it affect the overall running of the vehicle?
Vw Polo Airbag light on.?
MIG welding tips for first time shop student?
my car keeps having issues. pay the money or drive off cliff?
got codes for 91 buick ?
is it normal for your steering wheel to shake when your slowing down after going speeds of forty and above?
what is wrong with my car?
Battery Power drain in car at night?
Intake manifold gasket?
Old truck DIVES right when braking!?
Toyota Celica Front Struts Replacement?
backlight on radio for 2003 accord EX?
Automatic choke problem.?
i drove my car for too long in 4th gear without moving it i was driving slow too?
What happened to IATN??
What is the best cheap reliable car to purchase just for going to and from work? 1 hour drive total per day!?
how much to repair rear quarter panels?
How long will it take the shop to replace all 4 brakes & rotors?
Difference between a spherical bearing master cylinder and a trunnion master cylinder?
Do auto mechanics sabotage cars for future business?
Do grease injector needles come apart?
Does sugar in a gas tank screw up your car?
Shift solenoid or speed sensor 95 Grand Cherokee?
the car wont turn over?
how do i set the INTEGRATED GARAGE DOOR OPENER on my 2003 expedition?
BMW oil pan gasket question.?
will suspention off 84 F-250 interchange with a 88 F-150?
Oil psi queston??? chevy engine?
My driverside window dropped down and won't come up.?
how to make a new car smell?
Whats wrong with my car is the engine or transmission going bad?
Does anybody know what would cause a low RPM sputter in a nissan 90 300zx non turbo? Cost :Turbo engine Swap?
Serpentine belt shaking in 2000 sunfire, idler or tensioner?
any special tricks to quieten a noisey deisel engine?
When i turn the ac cold i can hear i a loud noise?.. what could it be?
what if i put in coolant without mixing it first, and put water in after?
Why does my dad check the oil and water in my moms car for her once a month when she drives and pays for it?
my car wont start and i dont know what could be wrong. its a 2001 pontiac sunfire. PLEASE HELP!!! :)?
Volvo 940 (mechanical help please)?
Is there a way I can get a dent out of my trunk?
does my truck need exhaust back pressure to run properly(mufflers)?
Will fill up a car gas tank at the half level save gas or avoid engine problem?
when you get your windshield replaced do they fix the mirror too?
My 180sx turbo is making a like clicking noise when i accelerate fast and when i put ma foot down. any 1 no y?
car front headlights sometimes doesn't work do you think its a wire problem?
is there engineer in authorize dealer showroom?
relay flasher contour 1999, I need to replace it and can't locate it, is it round? only found Ford's?
Is cheap petrol bad for your car?
My car is acting really funny-- need a car expert.?
can low oil pressure cause the check engine light to stay on?
anybody know of a workshop manual for daihatsu hijet??
Doors frozen shut on my car?
How do I replace the alternator on a 95 rodeo?
Do i have a bad thermostat?
Are my piston rings bad?
My AC in my 2001 Malibu makes a funny wheezing noise?
how can your sparkplugs become lose someone changed mine and my 98 explorer was riding rough after about a?
What would cause the "piston" not go back in (using a C-clamp)when changing brake pads?
Car won't start, weird buzzing/clicking sound, but lights turn on...?
How to install keyless system on my truck ?
What is the range of a Fiat 124 Spider 2000 fuel injection?
what oil do i need for my pit bike?
how do i know if my clutch is going bad in my 5 spd. car?
Why is my steering wheel vibrating?
i have and 88 f250 and the ebrake is stuck. the pedal is released but its still holding. what do i do?
When I start my car and try to go, it struggles. When i give it gas its like it not getting the gas. any ideas
I replaced a oil pressure switch on my 04 toyota corolla n the oil light keeps comin on after drivin for 5 min?
Where does the brake hose go to?
For the people who know ALOT ABOUT CARS!!?
how long can car oil be stored before it losses its viscosity?
i've just bought a car. the vehicle docs say fuel type heavy oil what's heavy oil?
Impact wrench and compressor CFM?
car wreck what could be the issues?
alternate ways to make some sort of welding machine?
Rocker cover gasket.....?
Need a good mechanics help with my new first car?
Where do I find the engine number on a rotary engine?
How do you close an '87 Camaro trunk?
dodge intrepid (concorde/eagle) 1993 electrical fault?
What kinda gas mileage does a stock 99-04 mustang gt 5 spd get?
I have lint build up in my dryer vent and maintenance does not appear to care, so what do I do?
where is my oil sensor on a 92 suburban?
truck was runnin awesome. better than ever. for a little bit?
What's better: V6 or l4?
if u wanted your car painted a unique color, what would it be?
Peugot knocking when accelerating and decelerating hard?
How do I clean the outside of a car engine? When I open the hood the engine looks filthy.?
Car alternator questions.?
Car has no power, nothing works!?
What causes oil 2 leak where transmition mounts 2 engine?
aftermarket car alarm, someone made a fob and is causing mayhem,?
Cars That Do Not Have Spares?
Does it hurt a car to wash it too much?
Car leaking coolant?
car has real bad brake problem?
My car is making a wierd noise. Any ideas what it might be?
this is a noob qstn: but what are some types of manual trans (4 or 5 spd) that would fit on a chevy 350?
looking for a carbine kit for a 1986 camero z28?
I have a 1997 jeep wrangler sport i was wondering what do i need to do to the soft top to keep it from leaking
alternator question, please answer.?
Engine dies during takeoff.?
how can i get this off my car?
I am in the Uk. Toyota have discontinued the body decals ,any ideas where I can obtain some.?
Does a early '90's Eagle Talon have a fuel pump reset button anywhere?
firing order for 1984-86 ford f250?
pretriping for road trip?
what do i need to replace my 4.3 v6 efi to a 350 v8 tpi?
How to clean cupcake icing off of a car window?
I have a question about automotive sealer?
what happens when a ball joint from a car tire breaks?
Glass pack compatible w/ 2003 civic lx?
how much would a supercharger cost for a 03 chevy impala ?
the inside of my car smells like gas need help!?
2003 Ford Ranger XLT repair questions? Please help!?
bronco with leak or not?
1994 toyota celica no fire replace distibitor?
what website will give me complete instructions and illustrations on replacing a 1996 dodge dakota waterpump?
my antenna on my car came off in the drive thru car wash, now my radio hardly comes in. is it hard to replace?
What can I do to make my car heat up more and faster?
Car takes forever to start?
I have a 1985 Toyota supra and it has an oil leak inbetween the engine and transmission, can I fix it myself?
choose a car battery that has more cranking amps then old battery?
volvo transmission ?
What is this 2001 Saturn SL2 dashboard warning indicator?
The Oil Warninglight is always on (colour:orange) when I drive, although I've just changed the oil.?
My 90 Toyota Camry wont start or click the only thing it will do is my headlights will come on.?
why does my automatic transmission not drive in drive?
I want to put ZMAX in my snowmobile but how much do i put in?
I have a 1988 KD80X How do i know if this is a KD80 or KDX80?
What is the easiest way to get oil out of my driveway?
What it is a sticking Throttle linkage ? My car has too excesive high idle speed. Some help please.?
how hard is it to replace the carpet liner in a suv?
where can i find rebuilt struts for a 95 dodge neon in the dallas,tx area?
Is my car battery dead?
Being an apprentice Mechanic?
briggs and stratton magneto?
power block question?
is it possible to convert a non-vtec engine to vtec?
What should my psi be from my fuel pump?
Whats causing my E Brake to stick?
What will happen if you get an oil change after not having one for 70,000 miles?
so, you buy new tires for your car because they get worn down...where does the rubber go?
HELP PLZ! i need a lil info on my tranny?
How do you get super glue off a new car's paint without destroying the finish?
Is it best to replace both front & rear brakes at the same time?
How do I increase my horsepower?
My car is slow to start but battery is fine. What could it be?
how do you mix 8:8:1 paint for autos?
Fender Bender situation?
Any recomended place in San Jose for having body work done on my Ford Explorer?
Do i still need a camber kit if i lowered my car with coilover?
Why do I have to use starter fluid every time I start up my 1989 Cutless Ciera when it is cold?
Where do i buy lighter fluid?
How do I change my watch battery?
Should i become a mechanic ?
I can't get my lights to go out under the dash towards the floor in my 1994 Mercury Topaz?
Is antifreeze considered a lubricant for the engine block?
do you normally park your mannual car in first?
How do I detect that my Diesel Engine is Misfiring?
i put used oil in my engine?
I am looking for a car Grille for a 1987 Buick Custom LaSable.?
question about rotors and pads?
where is the starter located at in a 1996 hynda accent?
massey ferguson tractor 1959 what fuel?
i have a 1973 nova with a 250 i6 and a 2 speed powerglide i want to swap eng and put in a 305 will trans work?
Slow Pug 206??
Anyone have a deutz f3l repair manual?
Does it hurt to leave the top on a convertible automobile down on a sunny day?
Any idea why car wouldnt want to go into 1st or 2nd gear?
cataletic converter?
Why don't Women Check their own car oil?
New car battery placed in door left not fully closed.what will this result in?
Whats wrong with my Camaro?
coolant for 2001 honda accord v6?
98 chevy silvarado stalling/dying?
How can I get salt out of the carpets in my car???
My temperature gauge keeps rising rapidly when travelling at speed (70-75 mph) only. Please help ?
Do you have any JC Penney tools?
idk what to do about the wire harness when i do my engine swap?
white smoke and will not move after an oil change?
I have a 94 plymouth voyager van door ajar chime and lite keep coming on. Why and how to stop or fix.. Thanx.?
2000 grand am, speaker go in and out?
My CV joints are going bad, should I replace them?
will a mk4 golf window motor fit in a mk4 polo?
how to save gas on a low tank?
What parts do I need to replace in my crashed car?
my error code is DTC 32, evhaust gas recurculation error?
Gas smell when car is idling?
how do i know if my phone is leaking battery acid?
When I turn my Jeep on and put it in reverse it squeals why?
Car won't start, no lights, no radio, no turning over, nothing but silence.?
anyone have prices for me please to rebuild my engine?
I have a 1991 ford Explorer I need to know if you know why my heater isn't getting hot?
91 buick century only runs till it is warm then stalls and won't start again till it is cold.?
How to fix my case backhoe?
bad to rev car in neautral then drop into drive?
Is the service low side A/C line to car air conditioner between evaporator and compressor in 1995 Cadillac SLS?
my car is making weird noise by the tire?
timing belt for e300 honda generator ,icant find?
are you sick of gas prices?
Okay, this is the last time I will ask why my car is stalling... we hope 1 of you will solve the riddle?
What should I do to fix intermittently dimming headlights / slow blower fan on my 1999 Olds Intrigue?
why is my chevy astro van over heating.?
whats the best way besides welding the header collectors to stop exaust leaks?
What's checked on an MOT & are wiper blades deemed to be a fail?
How do I clean my car engine?
Help, how can I fix my tail light?
Can you get pulled over for a blown Tail light?
Where is the ERG valve?
I installed 2 new power window regulators in my ef falcon.front left and front right ned advice?
If you lock your car and snap the key, leaving half inside the lock, how can this best be rectified?
How common is a broken suspension coil spring on a 3year old fiesta?
Easyest way to get rid of fine scratches on my car?
Front windscreen wipers not working yet back one does. Rover 25?
Co-Worker borrowed it makes noise?
how do i change the rear brakes on a 2004 ford f-150?
What is wrong with my car?
what is broken when u can move a rear tire from side to side while the car is in park?
can anything replace petrol in future of our need?
my car wont start :(?
p0300 cylinder misfire?
Big problem with my car. PLEASE HELP.?
Need help getting the smell of throw up out of my car?
is there a specific TCM for 03 Volvo XC90 or will any 03 Volvo XC90 TCM work(Used)?
size copper seal oil drain plug on c5?
What skills are involved in restoring a classic car?
rear window wiper is jacked up!?
Low Revs??for s?
Are you supposed to tip the guy who details your car?
ihave a 92 ford f-250 that surges at 40mph what is wrong?
possible reasons for car trouble?
Is it ok to use normal sockets with cordless impact driver and wrench?
How do I fix a lawnmower?
How is wye start motor is shifted to delat while running using contactors.?
What problems can be caused by replacing my catalytic converters in my car with a straight pipe?
i bought a volvo 240 serise and i use up a lot of gas question is this normal or what?
my car shakes at all speeds when givin power.?
Wheel Vibrations Only Highway?
Why won't my car start?
I had my brake cylinder replaced - now parking break fails, break light is always on, found a leak?
Car won't start if left off for 20 minutes?
labor costs to add 4 speakers, 4 hub caps,4 tyres and a muffler to a Nissan X-trail?
conversion, catalatic converter to standard exhaust system?
Can I put 10w-30 or 10w-40 engine oil in a toyota avensis 1.8 petrol (2004)?
need a diagram for replacing the timing belt on a 1997 mercury tracer?
can u match 275/45/22 tire with 305/40/22 putting the 275 on the back.?
HELP! Superglue On Paint Of Car!!!!?
How can i get a bumper sticker off a car?
What gas station offers the best premium gas?
how do you recognize when a brake booster is going out?
Where in Los Angeles can i get a cheap paint job for a car?
brakes that don't work?
Why won't they turn off?
i have a 92 caddy deville the car starts fine but when i turn off the igniton the car will turn over?
Check Engine Question?
what causes white smoke on cars and is it a problem filling up with water every 2 weeks?
how do i fix the bogging in my 94 k1500 5.7 350 tbi?
What is wrong with my dang car? It won't start, idiot lights come on, rapid clicking sound...more inside...
is heating oil the same as diesel--can it go in a car? cheers?
How do I make my car take off faster?
My brake pads and rotars were changed by a buddy andnow when i brake the brake pedal goes all the way to floor
How do you fix a power antenna on a '99 Mazda 626?
car stalls in traffaic. who is at fault?
My Ford F-150 broke down while driving, any ideas?
Whats wrong with my motor on 1964 impala?
Clio Grande Radiator Cap?
Can not changing the oil in your car cause a leak?
I own a 2002 Saturn SL1, a the engine justs turns off while driving at highway speeds but turns back on. Why?
What do all the ratings on auto tires mean?
Is it possible to stall a car with automatic transmission?
i got no fire coming from my coil pack can you tell my why?
I have a 9.7 ford Thunderbird w/a 4.6 l engine. it turns over but will not start. i havee had the coils tested?
My 1994 f250 just got it! I drove it and front tires shakes?
How much would it cost for a mechanic to install bulbs in my car?
03 polaris preditor, does the starter have a selonoid?
Does my mechanic owe me a new battery?
car seems as if something is holding it back when driving?
Is there more than one oxygen sensor on a pontiac sunfire?
I am a girl, did pressure check on radiator for impala and the pressure stayed good oil still went in overflow
Who makes the most reliable hybrid car between Ford, Toyota, Honda weather truck or car?
what will happen when the oil and coal runs out?
is there a kill switch for the air ride in a 92 continetal?
Rear brake drum shoe/piston issue?
engine damage is irreversible, can I get my money back for the car?
how do i fix my ford ka horn?
i have a 2001 9.5 the car will not start i can take the battery out put it bak in and it will start then die?
Problem With GMC S15 starting up?
my transmission wont stay in reverse unless i forcefully hold it and it wont go into 5th gear?
can I spray de-icer on my brakes?
already changed thermostat and flushed system?
Air in the brake line?
The fan on my car, whats wrong?
how to remove top speed governer 1993 ford f150?
how much oil does a 2001 honda xr400 hold and what is the gap on the spark plug?
Lockes out if my car?
1989 Olds Delta 88 with no spark?
Where can i find a tacho for a 1994 daihatsu mira?
302 fuel injection in a ranger?
when should i change the tires of my car?
What is that grilled rear window on muscle cars called?
Does my Shocks on a 08 civic need replacement?
94 olds cut cruiser, transmission clicking on excelleration. what is it?
ATV engine change?
How long do you need to warm your car engine during cold weather.?
Where is the fuel pump on a 1986 Olds 88?
how do I jump start a jaguar xk.?
Question about engine hydrolocking?
NOOB QUESTION: How do you do a burnout with a manual tranny car staying in just one spot?
Not adding water in coolant?
Gasoline smell coming from my car?
What are some car auto body shops that will do spot painting or full paint jobs in Eastern CT ?
Removing a truck topper?
is it better on gas for your car if you mix premium gas with regular gas.. half tank regular and half premium?
Oil in my spark plugs?
Charging a car battery...?
Why does my Toyota Camry 1998 only click when I try to start it?
when you hear the name nikola tesla, what do you think of him as?
lawnmower engine is smoking after it warms up, what causes this?
Why do i have to keep topping up my car's engine with oil?
Would a car sputter or stall if a large amount of dust enters the carburetor all at once?
i need a cheap reliable place to change my oil in Norht Myrtle Beach S.C.?
I changed gears while my car was moving i was going like 5mph whats the worse that could happen?
I have a 98 durango and I want to know if Champion plugs are better than Autolite plugs.?
1990 Lincoln Town Car - Power steering works only on right turns, not on left.?
on a 2002 vauxhall zafira what does the dashboard symbol mean that is a box with a star in it and a nozzle thi?
what's the price of the 40k service on a saturn ion??? ?
car body shop in Miami?
Car gets very loud and speeds up very slowly when pressing gas?
When I turn in my car sometimes a high pitch squeaking noise.?
cost to R&R head gaskets for 300ZX Nissan 1987?
how do i turn the door chime (ding ding ding...) off.?
Can I get by with just replacing the brake pads (I need this answered ASAP!!!)?
How do I prevent ice/frost from forming on the inside of my windscreen?
Question about Mitsubishi Eclipse? Do there compressors really come attached to the clutch?
brakes sticking and overheating?
Unequal length wishbones?
car shaking, what can the reason be?
My 2003 ford taurus will not shift into gear, but if I manually shift the gears under the hood it works fine.?
Will a car run on vegetable oil?
Is my vehicle now a salvage vehicle?
What is a 2.5 Litre engine mean?? Is it good on gas?
fiat punto steering wheel nut?
My car turns over but wont start, what is wrong?
I have a car problem. Please help!?
how to wire kazuma coyote 150cc gokart?
Why Is My Car Overheating?
Transmission problems 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix?
My car won't start and I don't know how to fix it?
Someone on here told me to check my muffler belt but I cant find it what should I do?
My Transmission is leaking Because of a seal. I dont know what the seal is called.?
Are ceramic Brake pads the higher quality pad or does that indicate cheaper esp in regard to heat dissapation?
What will it cost to replace the throw out bering in my 99 S10 pickup?
What does it mean when your check engine light comes on?
In your experienced opinion which brand of auto repair manual is the best?
Squealing noise from front-left wheel area, goes away when braking?
Gas question please help?
Why my speedmeter speed is off when I go past a speed thing on the side of the road that tells you haw fast?
Questions about installing different size tires on front/rear: 02 Pathfinder 4x4?
Why replace both head gaskets if only one needs it?
where is the thermostat located in a 1997 cadillac sts northstar v8?
can moving an automatic gearbox when the car is off cause damage?
Do mechanics and dealers always try to rip woman off?
I want tinted windows for my 07 camry LE metallic(silver)color.?
4 wheel drive not working?
when i get a puncture in my tyre,why is it only flat at the bottom?
my car will not start now............. please help?
Name the different ways to blow an engine???
does anyone know where i could get a left hand drive to right hand drive conversion done?
does a motor mount need to be replaced if it is vibrating?
i am looking for (motor) books/manuals on lite duty trucks, ford,chevy and chrysler for the years 1986 -2000?
Check engine at idle, acceleration decrease?
What should your Oil Pressure (PSI) be when Idling?
Modifying for fiesta?
What are the signs of excessive automobile engine wear?
can a home aircon[split type] be fitted in a 35 seats bus, powered by a 10KW generator ? What Tonnage reqd. ?
i had to remonv both cams and big end haw do i set timing from scratch?
How do you fix a blown engine?
just got new tires and an aliment and the front left tire is already bald. why is that?
gas problem?
return a new truck with major paint flaws on the roof?
to all revheads need help?
where is the fuel located on a 2003 ford mustang 4.6?
why does my vectra 2.2 start to lose power at around 65 to 70 mph.?
1988 crx not accelerating fast enough?
What do call that belt in the car that goes around the alternator, power steering, and airconditioner?
what is "torque" (automotive, car engine.)?
what is the spark plug gap setting for the 2002 kia sportage?
Can a bad catalytic converter cause oil loss and smoke when I first start my car?
Does my coolant still need to be flushed?
Red Diesel?
why I do not have full brake pedal?
Theres something wrong with my cars brakes?
location of orifice tube on 1998 gmc sonoma?
Lancer (93), when I turn off my car, the car shakes?
what will take a sticker off?
How do you remove a PCV valve on a 2001 ZX2?
Drove car over 1ft of standing water at night in the rain. Car still runs, but what should I do now?
If i just replace my stock muffler with a singleinlet/dual outlet flowmaster 44 will it sound decent?
How To Replace A 1996 Honda CRV C-V Joint (Jap Import)?
Can I just top up my brake fluid now it has run low?
how do u change a distributor in chevy V8 engine?
do you check your motor oil when the engine is hot o cold?
Whats wrong with my car?
Can anybody tell me how to adjust the bands on an aluminum body powerglide? Thanks!?
how to replace the starter on a 1997 Honda Passport 4WD?
What is the function of an ignition coil in a 2000 Chevy Prizm?
is one turbo the same as another ?
MY car is overheating when it standing still but yet again when I am driving it's fine?
What do I need to fix in the front end of my 2001 Ford F150? When I turn a sharp left the tire kicks out?
Is bad for the axle when your car has 20' rims and the machanic lifts it on those machines that lift your car?
how much antifreeze do i need to stick in my laguna 2 1.9dci?
is there really a key hidden on new cars for the repo man? ? where?
Is this uneven wear on my tires normal due to my setup or an indicaton of misalignment?
How often do mechanics lie?
Where is the nissan pathfinder flasher located?
where can I go to get my heater fixed in my car (it won't come on til I put it on 5).?
buick is sizzling and smoking from top engine?
My car alarm(viper) stopped working because?
What kind of anti-freeze do I use on a 82' Buick Riviera?
Squeaky brakes????????
My car battery keeps going dead... why?
my truck wont start its not battery?
i want to contact bmw auto makers in germany.Need e-mail address?
how do u clean ur headlights when they get that yellow, cloudy film on them?
Is a faulty timing chain a common problem with 2002 1.0 Corsas?
Why won't my car start with a good battery unless I jumpstart it.?
how much does an egr valve for a 2002 misubishi galant de 2.4L 4 cy cost>?
Help me understand why big honkin diesel pickup drvrs leave the engine running while sitting in a parking lot?
Car isn't starting!?
The right industrial battery charger?
my car starts but only will run for 15-20 minutes. then it has to sit for a few hours b4 it will start again?
I need to know how long it take to pump up a dodge clutch master slave cylinder?
what car company emblem from 70'or 80s' featured a wolf ontop of castle?
can you use a 4.3 transmission from a truck in a camero that had a stick, I think it was a five speed?
what are the chances of a brand new truck being totaled after a wreck?
Cooling fan relay & Oxygen sensor?
Where do I find info on maintenance, service and warranty obligations for my Chevy Cavalier & my Nissan Altima
How do I change the fuel filter on a 1995 Mercury Grand Marquis GS?
frozen diesel what can be done?
2003 Ford Explorer Engine Shaking?
When I make a right turn with my subaru forester I hear a clicking sound.What is causing that?
my car has trouble starting what could it be?
My car starts to shake when I hit 55MPH--what could be wrong?
my car starts up just fine. but when i put it in gear it doesnt move.?
anyone know how to solve a light that stays on the dashboard all the time, its called engine auto diagnosis?
spark plug wont spark rm80 suzuki?
I need an owners manual for a 2000 Chevy Cavalier, 4dr, sedan. Can anyone direct me?
my MGB GT starts first time when cold but when hot will back fire and if switched of then try to start will no
were is the TRAC button on my 2000 Buick centry custom?
why does my driver side mirror rotate up when i use the central locking system button in my 335xi coupe?
free information for dodge dakota1996?
What is a quick and cheap way to fix a 93 lincoln mark 8 air ride?
Car problems...?
is it ok to use spray on wax on my old car?
Is my mechanic being truthful?
where can i buy a spark plug that burns oil?
how can i get a living room set made out of a car like on Top Gear in the UK?
how do i find my fuse for my fuel pump its a 1990 Pontiac firebird w/3.1L V6?
Installing tachometer on 1986 Honda civic 1.5 Carby, need help with neg. signal wire?
How much to ask for a T5 transmission?
HOw much for a complete engine overhaul for a 1989 nissan 240sx?
I think my mechanic is ripping me off. What should I do?
Am I damaging my car?
Why is my car hesitating high rpm?
Should I get my oil changed?
Dodge Dakota having issues?
Has anyone ever heard of an automotive lift called "TRUE LIFT"?
car wont start makes a clicking noise has a new battery and starter?
Unlock family filter?
How do I replace the starter in my 1990 Aerostar?
Whta is and whats the purpose of main shaft and primary shaft?
Hi! I have a 96 Accord and cannot turn off the hazard flashers. Where is the fuse located?
Fitting/Replacing Stuff On Car?
i read about nonprofit organization that helps singl parents get things they may not be able to afford?
I broke my remote-entry key fob for my Grand Prix. Can I get it replaced, or does it have to be entire systemn
what causes your gear shift to lock up?
I need new rotors and brake pads for my car do I buy just 2 rotors or 4?
where is the pcv valve in a 1994 toyota 4runner?
I have a 2001 Buick Century, how do you replace the cv joints on both sides, boots have holes in them.?
Is the Dealer trying to scam me?
Do honda civic have timing chain or timing belt?
how do you find top dead centre on a V12 engine?
Does a turbo kit for a 3g eclipse 2.4 fit a 3.0 v6?
When is a transmission flush necessary?
why does my ford pick up truck blow black smoke from the exaust and still smell like gasoline ?
Is it my starter or what?
New KEYDIY KD100 Auto Flip Key Refit Tool from obd2motor?
Does anyone know where the fill hole on a transmission for a 1991 Ford Bronco XLT 4X4 is?
Where is the oil filter on a 2002 kawasaki ninja zx6r?
Car exhaust is leaving black soot on the ground... What does this normally indicate?
What year and make vehicle will this roll pan fit?
Mitsubishi Eclipse Clutch Repair?
should i be mad if wife and her mom try to sell my 1962 running pickup?
Is it possible to install an exhaust gas analyser permanently in a car, to give continuous readings?
Car surges and looses rpm?
Does a failed head gasket warrant a complete replacement of a car's engine?
Looking to do get some info on digital dashboard replacement. thats a replacement from a regular type dash.?
need help with fiberglass?
What is cupping tire cupping? Didn't really explain about what tire cupping is!?
Have a 1999 ford windstar that is screeching when I cold start it. Any ideas trouble shooting. thanks?
Battery or Alternator?
2006 equinox with 4800 miles and oil and tool light on?
oil not showing on dipstick, but oil light not coming on?
On the back window of most cars, there are these lines that run across the glass. What is it for?
Water through a custom hood scoop cause problems?
whats the noise in my car?
Can you drive a car without the back end of your exhaust?
1996 Pontiac Formula, 5.7 liter engine. Are the intake/exhaust valves adjustable or torqued?
How can i lift up my car with out a lift?
do high efficiency window unit air conditioner use less energy than a central air conditioner?
Should an old cambelt be replaced on a low mileage car?
How much for new headlight?
I have a 1999 dodge Durango. Has anyone had any mechanical issues with theirs or other issues? Opinions please
Smoke from my car hood, what could it be?
My diesel truck wont start in the cold?
I have a 73' cuda that I'm redoing ,did all 73' cudas have a spoiler or not ,I think mine had on orignaly
do you have to gut a car to install a roll cage?
Will a 21mm (13/16") socket work on a 19mm (3/4") lug nut?
What causes oil pressure to increase?
Alternator or Battery issue?
ive put petrol in my diesel engine what do i do?
Car drivers, have you ever found a screw embedded in your tyre?
How long does a Ford ZX2 Last?
What parts do I need to rebuild a 1983 Toyota Celica Supra?
universal car seats....?
How do I install an electric fan motor into a chevy cavalier?
On my 1999 Ford F-150, my blinkers and 4 wheel drive don't work when it's cold, but after I drive it....?
I want to fix x' mas tree in my flat?
I have a '97 Pontiac Montana and the parking lights...?
How do you adjust the parking and e-brake on a 63 impala?
If you bleed the front brakes, is it necessary to bleed the back one too..? READ MORE ON DETAILS?
How to remove a screw thats lost its head?
How do u change the fuel pump on a 96 Honda Passport? Do u need to replace the whole sending unit?
me truck is shaking while i drive?
Is it okay to dry my car after it rains?
how do you get the interior lights to shut off on a 99 mercury sable?
need some answers on the motorcycle lemon laws in kansas, tried, & it didn't come up?
what will neutralize car battery acids?
my air conditioner in my car isn't working,?
does walmart sell?
v40 idle control valve cleaning?
Can I use a Lfront MOTOR MOUNT for LRearmount in1990 Ford Tempo? They look similar-kragen shows fronts only?
what are the transmissions called where it is automatic but can be moved and used as mannuel not full mannuel?
Why is high mileage bad?
i think i just messed up my 96 honda accord?
can you take rear end of a 1976 chevy truck and put it on a 1964 chevy truck?
Is the mitsubitshi,2.0 & 2.6 engines interchangeable?
putting petrol in a diesel car?
air coming from brakes..............?
What all needs to be replaced in order to fix deployed driver airbag?
check engine?
How to check Transmission Fluid ?
Can I trust jiffy lube’s engine oil change?
Does a standard get better mileage than an automatic?
MX5 not starting it cut out whilst driving with a electrical smell?
how to bleed hydralic on clutch plate for 5 speed on 2004 chevy cavalier?
My breaks or wheels are squeaking,?
Front axle part with rubber tubing that's disconnected?
Engine Mount Replacement Cost?
what's wrong with my engine?
2 questions: 1. Excessive road noise, even after new tires? So...wheel bearings?
Replaced hub assembly, noise persists?
tar removal from car?
Which gasoline should I use on my SUV and why??
What brand of engine oil does KIA use?
When car is accelerated after a stop, car hesitates then jerks foward. What is the problem?
CCV on a 83 Benz TD. Hose is missing off the CCV and there is smoke coming of it. Where to connect it?
There is noise coming from the engine gets louder during acceleration?
a car and a truck leave at the same time when the are 350 miles apart the car has gone 70 miles farther.?
cost of replacng front quarter panel of hyundai getz and where best to repair/replace it?
What is the best sound camshaft for a 460 big block? What camshaft sounds the best on a big block engine?
My car has 110000 miles on it, but recently I have smelt gas inside and outside of the car. why is this?
why is my 0-60mph time so slow?
What type of BOV is this?
what would make a car batter discharge and check engine light come on. when i have a new battery?
How much to remove old airhandler, and condensor and install new one?
Is the car wash responsible fore damage even if it has a not responsible for loss or damage sine?
How do i Replace A Fuel pump in a Infinity 1995 Q45 Car?
what should i do with a vehicle that has sat for 5 years?
window tint examples?
Where is the Fuse for a passenger side power window in a 2001 Corvette?
Does a rack and pinion always leak when it's going bad?
Do you keep service intervals strictly when maintaining your car?
i have- 2007 Saturn Ion quade coupe silver rite now want it black how much would it cost? is it a bad idea?
where are the grease fittings on a 2000 ford explorer?
What is airbag code 37 in a 99 ford?
how much would it cost to replace a starter motor in a proton wira?
Car issues..does anyone now what could be wrong?
Is it safe to remove the catalytic converters from a 2003 ford ranger?
Engine swap labor costs?
Why won't my speedometer move while I'm driving?
SVO how too ?
When I step on my brakes suddenly, feels like the car is going to die. Why?
how can i change leather to cloth seats in a 2007 cadillac escalade?
My car started and then immediately shut off.?
How do yor change a 95 honda civic ex coupe oil?
can I order a duplicate ignition key online for my 1999 Buick Regal?
is it illegal to remove my muffler in texas?
car wont start and battery dieing. Is it the alternator or something else or the alternator plus other things?
What else aside from the coolant system could cause a vehicle to overheat?
What was the highest mileage you have seen on a vehicle?
How do you change the transmission oil on a Suzuki Aerio 2002 Automatic?
my Lawnmower starts for couple of seconds and then stops, please help?
Why does the 4 wheel drive light flash on my Mitsubishi Montero Sport?
My 2003 sable steering wheel vibrates while driving, the faster I go, the more it vibrates.?
how to reduce rpm on 1996 VW polo car?
Engine Queston's about to rebuild?
ive just bought a 1991 mazda 323 astina but the headlights wont go down when turned off, any ideas?
Car repair shop repaired the wrong thing..can they charge?
can I replace Cav injector nozzles #BDLL140S6592 with Cav #BDLL140S6192 ...?
why does a car have 4 weels?
no power to the injector on 2.5?
Am asking for the late personal advisor to the late head of state of ivory coast?
My front rims on my focus keep getting bent. What would cause them to do this?
could change a 328 automatic for a 320 manuel. doet it work??
what does SAFE mean on my A3 dashboard?
Someone has crashed into my car and drove off.....?
Why does my enginee light come on? What can cause it to come on.?
mercedes servicing in greenford, london west?
Did my starter go out?
I am looking for a wiring diagram for the radio in my 2001 Honda S2000 car?
What is this tool?
hi was wondering if anybody know's what sort of wing mirrors a peugeot speed fight 2 50cc from 2006 needs?
White smoke from Radiator and Reserve Tank?
where can i pick up a can of spray filler and undercoat?
can i drain some transmission fluid from the transfer case; or any other way? its over filled...?
What is the output of Excavator EX-10 per Hour per Cu metre in hard rock?
i have a 94 ford van with a straight 6 it runnig rich and i dont know why?
is this a big problem? what does this mean?
What 22" Rims and Center Caps Fit On My 86 Trans Am?
Does a car run better if the tank is full of gas?
How to get battery out of a 1997 Grand Prix?
what brand of oil recommended for a dodge challenger 2011?
can any one tell me where i could buy an oil pressure sender switch and wrench for a 2004 dodge stratus 4 cyl
intermittent over heating?
what transmission fluid for 04 kia optima?
car paint spraying uk?
1979 350 small block?
My car eats up a lot of gas, even a full tank will only last about 3 1/2 days, what does this mean?
How can I get informaiton about complaints on Toyota Matrix's?
Chevy S-10. What is the number, or model of a rear axle? year 2000.?
my car radiator pipes have frozen can i drive it or do i need to try to unfreeze pipes first and how?
Things to know about driving stick shift?
2007 Saturn aura coolant problem?
Is this good enough for a replacement?
after changing oilpump car turns over but will not start, 98nissian frontier?
Will 2005 Ford Escape front seats fit a 2002 Ford Escape?
Can I use 225/45/17 on a 17x7 +42 rims?
How much do you think it will cost to repair my car?
05 durango, wont start. turn ignition on it dings and check engine flashes 10-11 times, new fuel pump. local g?
I have a 2000 mazda protege the A/C fan only sometimes work. Any one know how I can fix this ?
car paint dull help?
How often should oil change be done? The manual said every 5K miles or 6 mos. What if I only drove 2k miles?
I have a 1996 mitsubishi 3000GT and it keeps over heating. I have replaced to thermostat 2x's. wuts the problm?
MY CAR SIGNALS(Right and left)Don't turn on no more what can i do?what is it?
Can u drive a car with out radiator support? ?
car window ice up , has anyone a tip on how to prevent them freezing up or a good way to de-ice... ?
car has Gear shifting problem- please help?
about low trac light that comes on?
why do most people jack up their car on the differential?
My car won't start, it's not the battery or air intake valve like last time, what could it be?
is it ok not to have a heat shield on my exhaust?
Changed the what?
is it hard to fix a speedometer after you put bigger wheels on your car?
1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee transmission code P1763? what does this mean and how serious is it? Can i still drive?
Took my key out of the ignition and the engine was still running......why?
Blazer won't start and is stuck in PARK position?
About how much will it cost to repair my car?
I Have a new set of alloys, when can I get the tyres transferred?
What is the difference between 10w-30 oil and 5w-30 oil?
my son rode his bike into a moving car?
I am looking for mechanically minded to work with me on a project, where would I find them?
how do i change my own oil on a 2003 saturn vue?
Should I buy a car from someone if they said all the car needs is a tune up?
how much would it be to replace a 4th cylinder on a 2000 toyota celica?
How do I make my car take off faster?
Mod shops in massachusetts?
Body shop in So cal?
i heard if you leave your window's up in your car on a hot day i will blow the window's out - is this true
opinion on toyota 4runner?
Putting sugar in a gas tank...?
i have to pass the smog for my 96 honda civic ex?
how would i connect a headlight to a small engine that does not have one?
whats wrong with my friends truck?
Whats the deal with pre turbo or after turbo Pyro palcement.?
need to find the timing marks for a ford 5.4 engine?
Where can i find a company that sells a kit to convert the pedals on my jeep to the right side?
Advice needed... i have filled my diesel car with petrol?
What should one pack in an emergency car kit ?
89 gmc Sierra brake lights are flashing?
Does anyone know the part number for a fuel door for a 2004 Nissan Sentra?
My radio in my car died after jumping the battery?
i need to know where to find a free online guidefor1988 chevy cavalier repair manuel?
Ford want to charge me over £100 for a new Ka ignition key, where can I get one cheaper?
if u had your fuel pump replaced and now your check engine light is on..what happened?
is my engine must likely own its way out in my 1999 expedition?
i need an oil change but cant get one till next week.?
Removing sticker from window?
200 grand voyeger. new fuel pump, new water pump, and new timing belt. it still wont start, and am lost on why?
Where/how much is a new car battery?
I totaled my friend's 1996 Toyota Camry that has 196,000 Miles. How much do I pay him?
How do you remove clear tape residue from automobile paint with out hurting the paint?
My car front wheel rim (both) gets heated more after a drive of 20 Km when compared to back one, why?
Where is the exact location of the fuel filter or Pump on a 1998 Chevy Metro?
How can you fix noisy tappets on a BMW 318i?
Why do they say Ford cars suck?
Troubled w/ my nissan sentra eccs 94 model. It drags when i shift to 2nd gear and step on gas. Can u help me?
What is the torque setting for a 2003 mitsubishi galant valve cover?
Is there a source in US for propane conversion of 1993 Ford pickup?
when i come into a stop my motorcycle stays at high revs and it wont go down.?
How to wash a red paint job that's been acrylic finished?
Why wouldnt my blinkers work?
windows keep getting steamed up?
When will this car die??how can I make it hurry up and die?haha?
My cars a/c only works on the low setting. Is there anything i can do to fix it myself?
Is it bad for the car to run the air condition while the car isn't on?
When i drive my car it doesnt gain speed?
i have a 2003 chrysler sebring the number 4 injector is not working please help?
where can i find a used radiator for a 1987 dodge ram D150, slant 6 engine?
did not work vibrate on galaxy s?
How much does it cost to fix a garage door in Northern, VA ? If the extention springs are broken?
305 35 24 under $1000?
How do you change the inner and outer wheel bearings on a 1990 Mazda 626?
What will peel paint off a car?
Engine Serious Problems?
Anyone have any ideas on where to get a free repair manual for a cirrus 96?
Is it safe to start my car? Or will it burst into a giant fireball!?
Where does the oil go in the turbo supercharger 99 buick park avenue?
What is the gas smell in the car?
Can I report my car stolen?
I have a 2004 Chevy Impala, lost my manual and can't get the key to turn. The wheel isn't locked & not in gear
Planning on getting h.i.d headlights..?
Where is a good place to buy projector headlights for a 99 grand prix gt?
Can i hand a car back after 2 years paying for it out of a three years finance agreement?
Plunger in a car. How it works?
How do I get a private gravel road made public so county will at least scrape it?
Is it okay to install a door on a car with bondo on it over winter?
alignment check are they supose to charge you?
i have a 93 chevy lumina when your driving down the road it will shut off and you can start it back up after 5
Why doesn't my car start?
How 2rebuild a transmission?
where can i find a manual for 98 sebring lx?
The flux capacitor in my old delorean seems to have conked out, where could i get this part.....?
Any complaints about the 2005 Jeep Grande Cherokee?
For how long do I leave my car turned on for the battery to charge?
What is the big deal about "grounding kits"?
Is gas a gas?????????
My car a 01' Buick Century is doing wierd things...?
Are there any sights that can help me replace the headlight on an 86 Chevy Celebrity?
2002 Chev suburban. Rearview mirror temp shows OC. How do I fix this?
How does a "v" engine get power to its front wheels?
My car is sputtering when accelerating! What do I do?
Is it illegal to have your truck tailgate down?
How to get Unlimited Car washes?
How do I take the arm rest off the captains chairs in my '99 chevy van so I can install seat covers?
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