ford fiesta frascati fix it problem?
How much would a paint job for a '96 Toyota Camry cost?
My brakes are messed up...again.?
does anyone know were i can get a Detachable Face for In-Dash CD Player?
any mechanics know how to repair a ball joint?
In desperate need of good mechanical advice...points earned?
1989 t bird 3.8 supercharge shut off when it got hot.i want to know why?
Daughters Car is stalling at traffic lights?
car headlights sometimes stall the engine?
96 Buick regal won't start need help?
bought a new battery and the starter is good but it clicks a few times then turns over?
What does "Service ENGINE SOON" light means?
Why do i have to wait till my parking light lights up before my ignition switch releases my key?
where can i purchase a water jacket for a 1966 dodge dart slant six?
I'm looking for a parts inventory program for the trucking industy.?
check engine light after a cambelt, oil and fanbelt change?
What is the best source to compare the maintenance costs for all model of cars and trucks?
Ford f100 truck electrical system wiring diagram?
looking for chysler 400 engine specs for timing for distributor?
Can I switch from 17" wheels to 16" wheels on my 2012 Ford Focus for winter tires.?
Why does my car steam up so quickly?
what kind of oil should i use?
Jacked the car on Wrong spot?
Pumped gas in my car. Then 2 mins after leaving gas station, car starts shaking really bad....?
guesstimate a price for all of these? first good answer is my pick! im waiting?
any ghetto way to stop a tranny leak?
How do body shops get rid of small dents and dings out that a dent puller is too big to get out??
Do you service your own car?
what is the part of the car called where you put the gas nozzle into?
Can I drive my car a mile down the road with one tire on 15psi?
Whats wrong with my lights?
Nexen n500 as replacement for Michelin MXV4 Plus?
I have a 2005 CTS that is reading 5th cylinder misfire. The Cadillac Service people told me they changed oil,?
My car won't stay running, what could be wrong?
MOT FAIL or not ? Car suspension !?
Do I need a caliper?
Coolant flush should it cost 150.00?
I am running three deuces with factory end carbs on a Chev 350. What do I set the float levels at?
1999 Ford Expedition start-up problems?
What is that grilled rear window on muscle cars called?
Where can I get a Muncie transmission for my 1975 nova?
My Breaks on my car are making a really loud noise it sounds like a metal on metal noise. Can someone help m?
should i increase my tires psi?
'95 Honda Civic: Grinding noise when starts, partially goes away when AC is on, almost complete when car move
will just removing a cars muffler make it backfire/poppy sound?
Car won't shift into reverse gear?
Why does my car turn and and then as soon as I press the gas it dies out?
My truck is making a clicking sound when accelerated?
How do i fix overheating problem?
Whats wrong with my car?
can i replace my car tires by myself. how much would it cost?
If I installed smaller tires on my car will the speedometer register slower or faster than my actual speed.?
my car has been sitting for 3-5 months. now it wont go into over drive, what do i do?
Where can i fing the alarm box on my '02 Ford Explorer?
1997 Monte carlo 3.1 with no power. I jumped the car battery but still no power.?
Should i buy a car with a blown head gasket?
my car didn't want to start. no sound at all,tried to jumped start but didn't work?
Nissan Z20 Motor alternative motor? im looking for more power?
Car went over bump hard?
Does this bit of plastic on a Corsa have a particular name or is it just that?
issues with automobile belts making screeching sound?
Where is the Mass AIr Flow sensor in a 1998 Ford Windstar? THANKS!?
compressing rear disc brakes on a 94 pontiac.....screw ins???? which way? R or L?
Sudden Bad Oil leak When Started 95 Mirage HELP PLEASE!?
1986 Toyota 22R - Remove rust in engine's coolant chambers?
What's wrong with my car's tire?
How do you replace the fuel filter on a 1999 Grand Am?
how do i get a service manuel for 2003 chevy s-10?
The speedometer on E450 stopped. We replaced the speedometer sensor and it still does not work!! Any help?
I need switch blade key help?
does anyone own a 2004-2005 toyota camry which is salsa red?if so,Is the paint coming off of your hood where?
change out a th350 for a 700r4?
How long before my car dies a spectacular death?
How do i set up the radio in vauxhall corsa?
can I get away without fixing shocks on my car?
my hood release cable on my 96 corsica came loose how can i open the hood to repair it?
My car is out of gas and gas wont start it, what do i do?
My truck turns over but won't fire?
Emissions CO idle problem (E test)?
i get a taping in my engine, but when i press my clutch a little it shops?
My 1995 Toyota Pick up wont start. please help troubleshoot with me?
96' oldsmobile ( ciera sl) reverse will not work what is the problem?
My car smells like burning rubber?
car alternator?
putting real inflatable tires on a kids plastic push around buggy?
My truck misfiring going up hill at 65 past few day real bad, now even on flat road. Please help.?
What is the Cost for replacing both ball joints in 1999 ford taurus, labor & parts?
is it possible to fix a car that has a front end smashed?
I regularly need to park my car halfway on the curb.Would it affect my car (like the axle,strut,etc)?
Do I fill my car tires to the pressure listed on the car or the tire?
My BMW 316ti 2002 alarm keeps going off.?
Vauxhall Vectra 2.2 tdi belt routing diagram?
can i use a type 2 head on my type 1 acura legend?
my steering wheel shakes when I apply the breaks. What causes that?
what is %20 off of 69.99?
what cant duct tape fix?
My car has a transmission problem?
what spark plugs shud i put in my 12v corsa?
my right tire is smoking help!?
My car is overheating and leaking coolant, what's wrong with it?
What is causing my 1999 Oldsmobile Alero to overheat and leak coolant from the overflow tank?
starting problems for 1998 chevrolet silverado?
Where online can I find a mechanics manual for a 1993 buick roadmaster.?
94 Camry won't start! HELP?
Why is my oil light coming on when my car is idling?
When i turn the steering wheel in my car it has started to make this deep groaning sound..............?
What is the price of gas in your area?
My 93 thunderbird is jerkin but it runs fine it goes into gear fine an picks up speed find what is worng?
how can i take scratches off my car?
How much doe the machine work cost for a 383?
What type of turbo system is this?
where can i find GMC seats years 1998 to now?
truck will not pull down into gear looking for info?
Is it unsafe to keep drivng without fixing the brake fluid leaks?
is their a free site for automotive thecnitions to use for technical asistance, like diagnostics procedures?
Should I buy Car which I know has been Crashed? PLEASE HELP?
my remote broke from battery leakage how to fix it??? :(?
Why is my car so squeaky?
Did Isuzu make a 17DTR engine? If not how easy would it be to replace a 17DTR with an Isuzu lump?
any places in riverside county that can weld radiators?
whats wrong with my car?
what kind of cam gears should i get for a jdm b16a?
i need leaded petrol for my beetle? in reading, berks?
Can you give me info on whats the alert on todays radio HOT 97.5?
how much would it be to get my truck painted?
bad tires...?
On a 99 Toyota Camry, how do I take the door panel off to replace or tighten something on the regulator.?
How do you use a slim jim?
I am leasing car, have warranty bumper to bumper will it cover bumper repair? thx?
My steering wheel is hard to turn. The engine was smoking. I checked and the car needs oil. ?
NAPA Parts vs. Dealer Parts. Is there any difference? If so, what is it?
car using unusual amount of gas?
Car will only start when jumped?
RE my mitsubishi running out of diesel?
I'm going to install coilovers?
i just bought a 95 6 cylinder mustang as a first car, what could i put into the engine to add some speed?
Washed car engine now doesn't start. what to do?
I have a 1991 Buick LeSabre with high mileage, lately the service engine soon light has come on and stayed on?
I have bought a 1980 Suzuki FZ50 and can't get a spark, any suggestions?
Could something be wrong with my transmission?
Car didnt start first round?
2006 CHEVY monte carlo LS?
Something is scraping on the bottom of my car?
Is it possible to install a third-party rotary engine into a '94 Civic del Sol?
Why wont my car start?
how can i get the exact colour of my car so i can buy the paint i need?
Can you diagnose this car problem? My sister is in the middle of a crosscountry trip. Help?
Where is a cheap place to buy rebuilt Engine Cylinder Heads?
why the hoses are ruptured?
what is the best method for getting rid of oil stains in the drive way?
white foam in coolant on 2002 jetta?
where do i put the jumper wire?
Will these hubcaps fit my car?
is it possible to bend lower control arm by hitting a curb?
Is this MPG average for my truck?
Should I drive my 2006 Mustang GT convertible in the winter or not?
My car loses coolant but its not leaking?
My rear-view mirror fell off used glue and fell off again! What should I use to fix it?
torque converter problems.?
Will this harm or mess up my engine?
do i have a bad main relay or something else?
2003 ford explorer heater core questions?
Why does my go kart move without pushing the gas?
Would it be ok to just put water into my car instead of antifreeze?
I want a decent car for the summer. Suggestions?
Whats the best truck for gas?
When I accelerate in 5th gear the gear stick moves slightly. What does this mean?
What are some common problems with these certain cars and how much are the parts to fix it?
Need help please!!! With bolt extraction?
why do u have to press the clutch and the brake at the same time to make a full stop ?
if the valves were bent on a honda from a broken belt, could the engine be ok, and just get a new timing belt?
How expensive is a tune up for a 01' Corolla by a good foreign auto mechanic? ?
2004 Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart 2.4 service manual?
Smell tire burning smell after oil change?
what causestemp guage to raise and fall w/o overheating and having to put anti-freeze in radiator weekly?
my new BMW states the oil only needs to be changed every 15000 isnt that to many?
My car won't keep coolant, is blowing white smoke, and the heat is also acting up. what is wrong?
what voltage does the trigger coil on a cdi ignition system put out?
I have an 98 S-10 with codes P0004 & Pooo5,How do I fix This??? HELP?
how to change the window motor on my 90 toyota camry?
i need help finding my car's fuse chart. :(?
spark plug??
need to know if there is a website in which i can find the electrical diagram for a 1998 arctic cat powder spl?
were is a starter for a 83 old 4 door sadan 350 rear wheel drive? how do i find it?
Is is really bad when the check engine light is on?
what will cause a misfire on Cylinder 4?
think you're smart with car repairs?
What's the funnest van to drive? Have any van stories?
what makes the rear tyres on a bmw e24 wear on the very inside walls when all bushes seem fine and no damage?
Should i put bucket seats into my car?
What would happen if I don't fix my tie rod end boot that is rip for a while ?
How can I get rid of vertical streaks on my windshield?
Will a 10.5 cfm gas engine air compressor 10.5 gallon tank be adequate for a Binks Mach 1?
Fuel injection problems?
Car doesn't start / turn over, makes single click...then silence?
Where can I find a parts list for a Ford super duty chassis front brake calipers?
12 v battery is that enough volts?
How do I change the oxygen sensor in a Dodge Dakota?
Any suggestions on a turbo upgrade?
what type of coolant does a 1998 saturn sc2 take?
How much would it cost to fix a van door?
turn signal switch...getting ripped off?
Who here loves Chevy Trucks?!?!?
why is my transmission fluid foamy?
Hi! I have a 1972 W115 Merc. I can't shift gears anymore.?
did my boyfriend get ripped off? went to jiffylube...?
On a Mitshubishi Eclipse 2004 can just anyone change a rear tail light?
When my car is warm, it has a smell similar to a hot glue gun.... why?
car wont shift out of park?
99 suburban idling rough?
how do i clean the carburator on my atv?
How to convert a manual choke to an automatic choke?
what happens if you put diesel fuel in a gas engine?
can i "chip" my truck from the computer?
do i have to reprogram an ecu on a 2003 kia sedona after changing engines?
Where should I take my car to be fixed?
Is it legal to drive at night with fog light on?
How do you get cigarette smoke smell out of a car for good?
Why does my car not start occasionally?
Transmission problems JD 450?
Car vibrates at 65+...any ideas?
Car won't turn over, suggestions please?
My 93 thunderbird is jerkin but it runs fine it goes into gear fine an picks up speed find what is worng?
Ideas why I am getting terrible gas mileage...?
what is the best vinyl protectant?
how to put timing belt on 97 ford contour?
How do I disconnect the anti theft system on my 97 chevy malibu?
what are the plastic pieces on the dash for directing a/c called?
What does it mean when a car ad says" needs tune-up"? Is that necessarily bad?
1991 k2500 wont start?
battery and handbreak light open?
How often should break pads wear out?
Why are my brakes so squeaky and how to fix it without a mechanic?
i've had my thermostat replaced & my blower is working well but I'm still getting no heat in my car?
How do you know when you need to change the brakes on a Peugeot Speedfight 2 50cc?
why wont my alternator work?
Should I change the transmission fluid in my 02 Explorer?
87 300zx circuit problems can you help?
Anybody have trouble with 1995 Chevy Silverado pick-up starter switch?
What is causing the squeaking when i start my car and turn on the AC?
I have a 1995 dodge ram 1500 slt auto..Stuck in Drive?
how do you take a fuel pump out of a 90 hoda prelude 2.0si?
will a 80s -90s fuel injected engine work with a transmition from 76?
how to get your car battery charged if you havent used it in a while?
Mixing Tyre Types - Nankang Problems?
How dangerous is it to drive my pick-up without a rear shock?
BAS ASR orange warning light do not switch off mercedes benz c240 v6 1998 model?
Car radiator coolent disapearing?
My check engine light turned on should i still drive it like that to Calif. if i live in Nevada???
Steering Wheel Vibration?
How much to bore and hone a gm 350 small block?
What's wrong with my car? Nissan Sentra?
Where on a 1988 isuzu trooper is the thermostat?
How tight do you tighten oil pan bolts?
Alternatives to exhaust repair?
I stupidly have put diesel into my Mazda Demio car. Only 5 litres before I realised. Will it damage the car?
Which lowering springs should I get?
gm starter connections for solenoid?
What can i substitute hydrolic fluid with in a log splitter?
I am looking for a foam tire filling kit for a lawn tractor and a small wagon. Who makes it, where to obtain?
jet ski will not turn over Have a new batter and spake plugs?
How to replace a tie rod on a backhoe?
what is the proper drive belt routing for 1995 dodge caravan?
My heating in my car blows hot for a while and then blows cold - anyone got any ideas?
are the motor mounts brackets for a late modle sb 400 diffrent sizes?
how much oil for a 2.4L L4 DOHC 16V?
im in sooo much trouble?
typical applications of semi floating, three-quarter floating and fully floating final drive hubs?
How often should i change the engine oil and oil filter of my car?
Why is my car suddenly shaking after...?
Do I need to gap my plugs?
Is Driving in third gear going 70 mph bad?
engine flush, flushes the engine or just my wallet?
What is the best bondo technique to use on my car?
Oil light on when I idle?
Does anyone know where I can get a Timing Gear Cover for a 1978 Mercury 460?
My stick shift car feels slow when switching gears?
does anyone know where i can find plow brackeds for a 199 polaris ranger 6x6?
what car part is this?
Location of Fuel Filter on 97 Chevy Lumina?
Vehicle VIN Numbers.?
there is this screeching noise coming from the new brakes i just replaced especially when i come to a complete?
Why would bird droppings eat through the paint on my brand new car which is coated with simoniz??!!?
what is wrong with my car?
My radiator fan broke, and punctured my radiator. I looked in there and found a ratchet behind my fan casing..?
Having car problems. Im not sure if its a radiator or thermostat, or some other issue?
chevy astro 2002 coolant temp sensor?
What is better than super glue to glue things, I want to glue something that will glue well?
how do i pull the front of my car out of my radiator?
How much should I be expecting to pay to get a weld-on down pipe installed for a 2004 Subaru WRX?
help with 1997 6cyl astro van power stering pump?
Changing my brake pads tommrow and have a few questions?
my car will not start although the battery seems to be getting a charge with cables on it?
Where is the auto-transmission, 4WD, dip stick?
How to properly stop a manual transmission car?
Lost my car manual and need to add break fluid, how can I find out which one?
I bought a can of gas but only it wasnt gas it was water i put it in my tank now what do i do?
toyota corona 12r motor/gearbox in daihatsu 4x4 -old vehicle?
Ford fiesta speaker not working how do i fix it?
Every time i press on the gas pedal it makes some kind of sound like its being dragged?
My car doesn't want to start, any suggestions?
How do you reset service light indicator Audi A6 ?
will my car idle but not rev if map sensor is bad?
1997 Volvo 850 Wont start?
2001 Honda civic 2 door LX power door locks failed, how to repair?
Why does my car make a grinding sound when I shift my gear into drive and it won't click into drive?
will it hurt the car any if you have open headers?
Windsheild wiper problems!?
My 99 silverado with the small v8 doesn't want to start most of the time.?
how do I get dried tree sap off of my car?
Would it be bad to slash a persons tires for dinging my door?
what is the correct tire pressure for 9.5x30 tires on an f150?
Are your lights on or off?
why does white steam come from under my hood occasionally?
M.o.t do you get and days grace for being overdue?
Does anyone have a problem with getting nails in car tires (often)?
Are tire width sizes picky?
why am I getting luke warm heat in my car. there is no smell or film on windshield?
why does my vechile shake when idling?
Any known problems with manual trans for grand am's?
What is the normal coolant temperature for my 1991 Cadi Seville?
where can i find a free kawasaki mojave250 repair manual?
Can anyone tell me where I can find a vw polo hub cap?
How much does a new/used radiator fan cost??......?
hey is this bad for my manual transmission ?
wHATS wrong with my car?
1993 honda civic cooling question?
I have a '99 ford taurus automatic and lately it's really hard to shift into or out of gear.?
how to fix a car engine?
Would a battery diagnostic ruin a car battery?
What makes a car leak anti freeze?
whats the main reason for squeaky brakes?
Why does my family think that just because my husband is a mechanic that he will fix their cars for nothing?
When does a car use overdrive?
can you use a blow off valve on a non turbo car?
1991ford ranger 2.3 will not start after I over hauled the engine.?
Can anyone recommend I great book for beginner basic car maintaince?
I drive a 2001 Ford Explorer Sports Trac, and for sometime now the "check engine" light remains on.?
How do I know my ignition module is going bad?
Why does my car Hesitate and Surge?
Air pressure in my truck tires. Sidewall reads 50 psi cold.. tire shop just put 4 new ones on.. read on please?
how much would a go kart transmission repair cost?
How do i make a bumper sticker in something other than paint?
Does any1 know where i could buy a wiring complete diagram manual?
trying to fix my headlight wiring?
What do I need to know to build an off-road vehicle.?
20's on a ranger?
What is the firing order of a 4 cylinder 2000 Daewoo Lanos?
Oil or transmission leak?
03 Sentra Se-r Spec V Starting Problem?
i want to make my own design for a seat cover like put a turtle on it on just a black seat cover?
Has anyone else had any problems with the throttle sensor in a 03 GMC Sierra or any other vehicle?
what's the name of a parts supply company in nj with AMG paks for mercedes sl?
I'm looking for a transmission for a 1964 Clark OY 180 BD Forklift?
OBD-II data retrieval?
Does this sound like the starter solenoid or the alternator?
Do you know where I can locate a Mercedes Benz In-Line 6 cylinder Diesel Engine?
1997 FORD ESCOURT shakes when i slow down?
My 98 nissan pathfinder is making whining noise when I'm in 4 weel drive the faster I go the louder it gets ?
I have a 2005 Ford Tauris. How to fix ther.?
Please help me....... My van is messing up and we cant figure it out.?
Toyota Camry LE 2000, automatic Trasmission, Gear selector moves freely, car not moving?
does it cost more to maintain a hyrbid vehicle versus regular gas vehicle?
Cars, Help! How often should I change transmission oil in Honda civic 2005 sad an lx?
My mom smoked in my car, how do i get the smell out, and how do i get her to stop?
Ok I understand that, heres my delima. I hit a rock and smashed a baseball size hole in the oil pan. And ?
When is it time to retire?
What kind of tires should I get since I'm now at 80k miles and about to purchase my 4th set?
valves knocking too much?
hissing sound from engine bay?
My car has no acceleration. I constantly have my foot to the floor and feels like I'm dragging a lorry.?
Why doesn't my car accelerate after im in second gear?
1999 Jeep Wrangler .
300zx headlight problems, whats a good fix?
How do you replace the water pump on a 1994 Pontiac Firebird?
Car wont accelerate but it reverse. What's the problem?
My car is shaking bad when i drive it??? what is up??
I need your opinion on what my mechanic charged me ....?
Where I can get a after market Navigation system for Infiniti G35.?
The white text on the tiers, will it hurt if I hide it?
What saves more gas, A/C or windows down?
Do you need a spare tyre to pass an MOT?
can a diesel engine turbo be fitted on a petrol engine?
when do i set my clock back? and do i set it forward or backwards?
what do they do for your 30000 service on a Madaz 6?
Whats wrong with my engine?
Sportsman speedometer problem?
Air conditioner blowing out cold air? ?
What did birds poop on before cars were invented?
Rebuilding brakes on car.?
geo metro with low compression three cylinder, head replaced no change, fixable? original problem?
Are X pipes better then straight on a?
Does $1,300 sound reasonable to fix a rear bumper dent from a slow moving rear end collison?
If I dont have the little tops on my tires could it cause a accident?
How do I fix my brakes? Is it electrical? 1978 Firebird?
2003 Chevy pick-up ABS problems?
2000 ford contour 2.0L ALT FUEL(cng)DTC U1262,stalls after start up(30-45sec)PCM?
why does my ford mondeo make a noise when i steer to the left?
Does anyone know where i can buy some catalyic converter cleaner?
Car Not Braking (Nissan)?
i need a blower motor for x reg civic ?
sound coming from my car, it mite be the end for her ..........?
Car Q - when I pull my clutch out in first and give it gas, I have to give it a lot of gas or it ...?
What does it mean when your trucks steering pulls a little?
Question about my Jeep Cherokee!?
How do you check to see if the EGR valve is working?.?
I am trying to get a hold of GMC. I need some work done on my Buick car. No one seems interested in helping me
car paint dull help?
oil change?
My friend's car is overheating, but she has oil, antifreeze and transmission fluid ..what is the problem?
How to change timing belt on 1996 Ford Ranger 2.3 liter.?
What is a clutch slave cylinder? Apparently mine has gone. Is it expensive to repair?
is there really any difference in the types of gas (gasoline)available(USA)super,medium,and regular?
Squeaking steering wheel?
Car is clicking but not turning over.?
Car problem.... Heater not working?
how do you change a heater core in a 1995 oldsmobile achiva?
HID Projector headlights not a lot of output?
what does it mean when your car jumps as it first starts going and changes gears?
car smokin when i turn it off?
synthetic oil VS regular motor oil HELP?
Where can I buy parts for a 1969 Firebird?
will the front spindles from a 1984 pontiac Bonneville fit on a 1969 Chevy chevell?
Will a 1-wire distributor work on an 88 Camaro?
Coolant cap broke off. Chevy Malibu needs coolant. Stem still stuck and is pressurized.?
Why do vehicles die when the positive battery terminal comes loose?
when i put in my very first load and started i get a loud nswoouchy noise as if the belt is skidding and ac?
Where can I find online car manuals? Or just find how to change a headlight?
Were in the UK can I find parts for a '03 Mustang?
2001 Chevy Malibu Air Conditioning problem?
Does EGR valve malfunction in 98 Honda Accord compromise the engine performance in any way?
Exhaust emitting blue smoke?
i need help Hotwireing a craftsman ridingmower i have the key but the ignition switch stop working ?
When you get a tune up on a car...What all comes with that?
why does my belt squeal when it gets cold?
pro comp tires are made by???
Why does my car stall while driving?
Why do dealerships lie to customers?
This truck is cool, where can i buy it? (i'm talking about real car, not toy)?
How do I pull my bash in trunk out?
car wont start, not battery, could it be a fluid missing of some sort?
Why do auto makers use parts that are destined to fail?
How do I get the oil cap off my 1989 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme? It just spins in place.?
Is it possible to replace a 93 LX crown Victoria doors with 97 once?
Where do babies come from?
how do you remove the front drivers side door panel inside a 1987 cadillac fleetwood?
why are the handles of a screwdriver and pleirs have plastic or rubber covers.explain?
Will datsun's be collectible and valuable in the future? Is this a ricer?
Paint job/body work prices ?
were can i get vw golf 1.3 cl wheels from?
Has anyone even noticed a sudden jerk when the get behind the steering wheel of a car?
Help! I left my headlights on for an hr 45 minutes this morning at class! I'm worried this will affect my car?
can the brakes on my car be to tight?
95 firebird low coolant sensor needs changing?
I need to know exactly where the low side a/c port is located on a 98 buick park ave?
How to program keyless entry for Toyota Avalon 2003?
steam coming from the oil in the engine?
Fog lights wont turn on.?
Which Automotive store sells TRIPOD part ONLY w/out me having 2 buy the whole CV joint system 4 a Tercel 1990?
how to use the torque angle gauge?
Will my Car Alarm Sound?
how much is a motor mount for a 2005 dodge neon cost?
Fix er upper: need schamatics on fuse box by feet on a 1996 jeep chorekee sport?
can someone with simple mechanical skills change spark plugs?
1991 Ford Bronco cruise control?
Why does my car have a layer of dust on it within hours of washing it?
Saturn SL2 day time running lights flash and stay off?
while replacing a car thermostat, why would coolant come out engine hose and not radiator hose?
Do you leave the car in gear or neautral in a manual trans?
i have a s-type jag converted to lpg, i also installed a oil drip sytem to lubricate the valves, what kind of?
What do i need to do to fix my 2001 fiat punto's brake lights and headlights?
I'm looking for wiring diagram for TOYOTA Hilux ?
why does the gearshift tug up or down a little with the car's speed?
How do i find out the strenght of tint on my car windows.?
i have a 05 dodge durango with 142.000 miles, and i was told that i need a brake and transmission flush.?
How to correctly adjust pressure gauge on gun? Autobody?
Is there a way to flush or clean the heater core? Without replacing first.?
i have a 1998 Lincoln Navigator, that I think needs a new Heater Core....!?!?!?1?
i broke my car key in half...?
illustration of geo tracker ignition switch?
Why is my car engine shaking?
what is the easiest way to remove an oil pan from an 88 ford f-150?
Can I get more miles between oil changes by using synthetic oil in my car?
where is the fuel pressure regulator at in a 1988 Ford F150 4x4 4.9 engine inline 6?
How to fix '91 Linc TC window cables in front doors.?
is it bad to not use a car?
MPG Dropped by 10 Miles?
Smell tire burning smell after oil change?
How To Turn Off Head Lights?
how do you figure out CFMs on an air compressor?
PLEASE HELP! 97 isuzu rodeo, auto 4x4, wont start, and multiple dash light problems.?
band names?
Estimate question for mechanics?
86 Toyota Camry..what would make it stall?
What Are The Best Ways To Save on Gas? (Car) 10 Points?
When replacing brake pads is it necessary to bleed the brakes?
Need a trans for a 300cc golf cart?
Can disk brake rotors be recycled?
My car makes squeaking noises when I start it up and it is not the fan belts, any ideas?
Car starts, goes into gear, wont drive or reverse?
just change clutch and pressure plate on a 1996 vw golf but car still wont go in gear?
how do i paint a fiberglass car?
i just installed a new alternator, how long will it take for my battery to be fully charged?
MG Rover 400 registered 1998. why is steam coming from under the bonnet (right hand side near the windscreen).
can i use paint stripper on my plastic motobike panels to make it easier to sand???
i havent started my car in 3 months. if i replace the battery will it work again?or could it be my alternator?
Do u need to use headlights when it rains or snows?
Car seat repairs within east yorkshire?
Why sway bar bushing went bad immediatly after replacing on 04 super duty 4x4?
How do I open a lock on a tool cabinet to which the keys have been lost?
My car has heavy white smoke coming from under the hood and tailpipe?
does anyone know a site to find the amount of oil a car would take?
Is it cheaper to get a transmission rebuilt or replaced?
My Chevy S10 Blazer makes a squealing noise when started,what is that?
I want to keep track of my MPG. How do I find a chart to keep track of this?
My car won't start?!?
Toyota Rav 4 2002 won't start, just clicks when i turn the ignition...?
i have a 1993 honda civic dx 1.5 i was wondering is there is any good site to get cheap part?
is the bearing that the fan clutch is connected to part of the water pump on a 94 toyota pickup v6?
on a 1963 chrysler newport 361 motor and tranny w/push button shifting is the solenoid on or in the tranny?
My car overheats when in idle but is fine when driving at speeds of 30 or more. What might it be?
how much does a car service cost, normally?
Should I shift my course (from BS Electrical Eng'g to what)?
i cant get my corsa in first second gear and hard to get in reverse?
ive got a corsa 1.2. the engine temp gauge keeps going to high, got plenty of water in the coolant. help?
assessment of a oxygen sensor with reference to cost effectiveness and overall functionality of it?
How long will my car last without engine coolant?
'90 Honda Civic wagon. Is it going to be a big deal for a gal to replace her own fuel pump? Cost?
MY Front driver side is leaking brake fluids,what could it be ?
peugeot 206 ecu help?
How much does it cost to replace a broken key?
Constant knocking noise when i drive?
what causes my steering wheel to shimmy back and forth when I drive?
I have a honda accord (1997 1.8 ILS); Central locking problem!!?
Question about driving manual (stick shift)?
Check for complants on 1998 Ford Escort and problems with transmission?
How do I burn out in with an automatic car?
i put too much water in my car?
Do you know how to remove stubborn windshield deposits?
when i brake my park lights come on?
what u think about Mercedes bens S430?
Does putting a car battery on concrete make the battery drain quicker?
how do you wire a 3 position switch to a 12volt winch?
flat rate labor for a 95 escort with a/c?
what is the part of the car called where you put the gas nozzle into?
Clicking / clunking sound when braking at slow speeds?
What do people think of hybrid cars?
Alternator or battery problem?
how do i get inner door skin off?
how do get my truck windows clean I have tried everything and all they do is smear.?
my clutch has gone in my car-how much will it cost to replace?
What's with the misconception about lowered cars?
Why does my clutch pedal stick halfway and sometimes make noise?
do turbo diesel 4x4 need to cool down after short trips?
need help finding fuse diagram for radio?
Car Problems/ Mechanic Help?
What's wrong with my brakes? Need help ASAP!?
whats the right temp for spraying a car in a spray boot?
Can suicide be committed by slamming your head in a car door multiple times?
today when I was driving my 83 dodge truck it felt like it might die in drive, what causes that?
why is my service engine soon light on?
what other cdi boxes will fit my 93 seadoo gtx?
thermometer malfunction on 2001 jgc, reads 39 deg, actual outside temp 60 deg?
Fuel Line Antifreeze?
Help needed for gear trouble pleeeeeease.....??
new rv water pump not pressurizing?
bad/unsafe body but great engine/mechanical on my car, what to do with it?
if you cant answer the question with out any proffesional background then dont,the asking people need truth..?
Can you start an engine backwards?
My room has aluminium Jalousie windows and I need insulation?
Can I use regular honda parts like a Air Compressor for a V-Tech engine Honda car?
What would cause the speedometer on my 2004 Chevy Impala to read 120mph when I am going 45?
My cello part on Sibelius has started sounding like a brass instrument, how do I change it back?
Steering wheel making a squeaking noise....?
any toyota mechanics near maidstone?
What's causing a loud knocking sound in my car?
Performance Tuning Websites?
OBD Scanner hooked to car but no power - good scanner - whats going on...?
what's wrong with my car?
where do i find the cheapest mechanic to do a ball joint job on a 1988 pontiac 6000 le?
Car dies right away unless gas pressed?
i had an oil change and for 4 days so far after it i have oil drips all over the driveway..the guy said?
What is the proper way to relace rocker arms on a 87 Dodge Dakota?
Help Car Locked with Keys Inside
How bad do I have to drive a stick shift to destroy a transmission?
Why are people cynical of what a mechanic tells them?
My 1999 Plymouth Breeze will not turn over. It does not crank or click but i have lights and radio?
How much to fix an e-brake cable on am 03 hyundai tiburon?
I have a 2005 Saturn Relay. Why would the heater blow hot air while accelerating but cold air when idling?
How to disable ignition system on a 99 lumina to do compression test?
What does In Transit Mean?
How do gasoline work?
Gravity Feed Blaster Gun can it take off paint?
Does a 2010 Camry need synthetic oil?
Car problems, please help.?
my car starts with no problem but when put into drive it shuts off whats the problem?
How bored must one be to check the Bulb's power rating on a Tuesday evening..?
how can i go faster in my civic?
looking for online instructions for a oil pan gasket removal and installation on a 1984 nissan pickup truck!?
what does it mean?
is it possible to bump start a 2.5 ltre diesel engine?
What would it cost to Replace 2 Doorlocks on a 1986 Cadillac Sedan Deville?
What air compressors have 200 psi or more?
can't reload the canister with coolant in for the a/c?
i have a 1981 el camino is ther any bdy kits out ther or any cool cosmetic thyings i can do for the car?
What tire would you recommend for my 2008 Silverado 4x4 if I want a more aggressive looking tire?
Chevy van trouble code p0315 help needed?
Does a 1ltr engine have a much higher pitch than a 1.6?
Will an 1985 or 1990 plymouth voyager transmission fit a 1998 plymouth voyager?
Sensor on top of valve cover?
How do I fix my old cars engine to its original HP?
Not understanding salvaged title.?
How often should I change the oil in my 2002 Toyota Highlander?
I was driving my 97 ford ka on the motorway earlier i was doing around 80mph and then it suddenly lost power?
I bought a new car last tuesday and the garage said........?
My heater is not working but my air is what is the problem?
I am having a problem with my car battery?
Cam belt snapped during an MOt?
how do i remove wheel trims? What tool do i use etc.?
How do i tell if my wheel bearings are going out?
Does it matter where you go to put gas?
Will sealing the distributor with rtv hurt it in any way?
How much oil for 2002 s type 4.0 jag?
I scraped my car bumper?
do u think is it necessary removing flims on car glass?
Neon battery issue?
I have fuses, some lights tvs went 3x yesterday and then came the oven went off on fuses ok help?
Where is the blower motor located on a 2002 Cadillac Deville?
why dont my fuel injectors work?
How do I release the tension of the drive belts on a 1993 nissan sentra?
why does my car jump when i shift into gear?
Whats wrong with my car?
My new car needs a long crank to start.What might be the problem?
Do I need new strut mounts with new struts?
Why is my car heating up?
timing marks for a 1989 honda prelude 2.0 s?
Does Modding a vehicle with a chip Effect it?
how to compare volts to horsepower?
Honda CRX valve job?
how can i stop or disconnectt car alarm on a merc c250 car?
What is wrong with this car?!?
two different size tires on one axle?
how to adjust 1999 Subaru Forester headlights?
1995 Volvo940 A/C System?
Noisy new brakes.?
What are the timing mark settings, or (the timing gap) on a '94 Chrysler Eclipse??
How can i get scratches off a car, or hide them?
Which is the most economical a manual transmission or automatic?
my car wont start unless i connect jumper cables?
I'm always having electric shocks or grounded with electricity when touching something like my car.?
My Dipstick Handle Broke off. What do I do?
what is the length of the alternater belt on a 1987SUBARU GL?
Why does this 1997 GMC 1500 Extended cab sputer when i accelerate?
Are Some Engineers Born Without Common Sense Or Are They Sadistic?
who likes the gas prices?
What is the output of Excavator EX-10 per Hour per Cu metre in hard rock?
i have a 1990 mitsubishi eclipse with 242,000 miles. is it worth it to rebuild the engine and put on a turbo?
how can i stop my new windscreen wiper blades making a lot of noise?
Car frame alignment?
what will happen if I use 15W-40W oil in gas motor?
is it my fuel filter?
my car is overheating so i replaced the thermostat and it still overheating no leaks are coming from anywhere?
Transmission has no overdrive?
will 10w30 oil mess up my engine in my 02 cavalier?
taking the head of to replace the gasket ..?
Will vinyl car wrap cover up crows feet s on car hood?
what is the average cost to fix leaking oil?
Why are my brakes still sticking, do you think it can be a brake line?
I am hearing a flapping noise when changing the hot/cold lever on 00 Windstar.Only blows cold,temp guage is ok
how much does it cost to get lpg certified?
What is wrong with my car?
jake brake wont work, please help!?
Your opinion? Collapsed valve?
Im getting my car serviced soon, do i need to clean it out before i take it?
my car pulls to the side when i hit the brakes?
what's electrically wrong with my truck?
Power steering fluid was added to engine instead of oil, will it damage the engine?
Pressure Washer For Car!?
Classic Cars collectors.?
where can i find help trouble-shooting my outboard motor?
Check engine light appears then goes...?
Can a missing oil cap cause fumes in your car?
why is my 0-60mph time so slow?
What is 305 hours in days,?
my 1999 mazda mallenia tcs light stays on causing my car to hesitate at an certain rpm and wont disengage?
My windshield wipers need fixed help?
My key FOB for a 2003 Suzuki Grand Vitara isn't working.?
97 Stratus instruments work part of the time.?
1994 firebird formula 5.7L How come there is no power going to the crank fuse in the engine fuse panel?
How do you successfully remove a bumper sticker?
Did I damage my brakes?
My car won't start, and I just put a new battery in, and it still won't start!?
Will T-Cut make scratches on cars less visible. x?
what is wrong with the engine?
Battery charger directly to motorcycle?
What number is the fuse for the horn in a 1998 Honda Passport?
where can i buy refrogerated truck body parts?
Actually i want full cooling on rear seats in my car. suggest me can i attach another blower or any other?
can i use this Mongoose Volvo Dice OBD-II Diagnostic Interface with Volvo VIDA 2012A software?
which brand of car wax is the best in Australia?
How do you know if your clutch has gone out?
what does a new air filter do to help your car?
How do you get a mechanic to listen to a girl's car problems seriously?
What would be the best way to go about changing my radiator fluid?
Why won't my step dad's truck start?
My car randomly died?
how do you stop condensation forming on the inside of your car windowscreen?
Battery is good starter is good..whats most likely the cause of no start?
Stock Carburetor for 1979 Chevy Custom Deluxe Pickup?
When I try to start my car, I hear rapid clicking sounds, but the radio works?
how to remove door panel on 05 dodge magnum?
Check engine light problem/questions?
1994 toyota 4runner lacking power?
What is the best solution to fix a broken plastic autopart?
what kind of motor oil do I use on 2,3L mazda6 engine 2003, is it 10w40 or 5w30?
my transmission stays in first gear for about 25 or 30 seconds then shifts into gear?
How much will it cost to fix this lol?
How much would you pay to have a light bulb replaced in your car?
Our van starts, smokes, and wont go anywhere. Solutions?
where can I get a ford 289 engine rebuilt?
Automotive Jobs For 15 Year Old?
what is a mazda map sensor?
how can one VIEW A REPAIR MANUAL ON A COMPUTER (OR DOWNLOAD ONE) for a volkswagen transporter?
why does my car start shaking at 60 mph?
How to check for a warped brake rotor?
I want to know the correct tyre air pressure for a Toyota Corolla. How often should I check the air pressure?
How do I change my gauges?
Driving with the hand brake?
fix my car muffler hole?
check transmission fluid in a 1997 Cadillac Catera?
electric shocks?
On my dirtbike when i turn the fuel gauge to on the gas doesnt come out and i do have enogh gas honda xr 100?
Heat doesn't work in car?
Looking for Invoice ideas for auto window tinting forms?
how do i turn the alarm on my toyota rav 4 off? the button doesnt work? Is there an override? a fuse?
About how much does it cost to get my oxygen sensor replaced?
Is there any way to take a car out of park if the battery is dead?
how often should a car battery be changed?
What i need to lift my 96 cherokee?
2008 grand caravan battery replace and still will not start something about the OBD II says take to dealer?
Car not turning over?
whats wrong with my car?
my dome light dont work on my 92 honda civic and it is a new bulb..if it has a short where would it be?
Why did my car start rough today?
1991 Buick Park Avenue?
Why operate "clutch" for shifting gears?
How do I add horsepower to my 95 Grand Prix a reasonable cost?
Tips to prevent you car engine from getting spoil during flood?
Quick Question: Is this Motor on Ebay the entire motor or just a part of it?
can anyone tell me how to change the water pump/alternator belt on a 1977 280z (datsun)?
Why does the air conditioning of a car kill the battery of the car?
what is the best weight motor oil to use in my honda accord in arizona?
My car is running very rough and spits black water out the tail pipe.what does this mean??
Acrylic car metallic paint repair?
can i replace my ecu unit in my car with a second hand one?
do i need to remove the bumper on my 95 dodge neon to replace the bulb in the fog light?
Anyone knows about Sport Tuning rim brand? It's a cheap brand with nice design, but how about the quality?
Car won't start could it be the starter?
what to use as window replacement for a day?
How can i stop my ford focus fan belt squealing?
how to install rear brakes on 1993 mazda 929?
What are the steps to changing a Mass Airflow Sensor in a 2001 VW Jetts GLS?
I'm wanting to put a bigger engine in my car?
i have a mercedies ML and my front window washer does not work. there is no sound from the pump?
Electrical problem in my car, Is it the alternator?
My rear exhaust pipe is rusted out all the way around, do i need to replace it, is their any harm done?
does anyone know were i can get a Detachable Face for In-Dash CD Player?
been having tons of probs with car - radiator & transmission - just found out frame is bent - any advice?
Car vibrating in the front end.. need suggestions...?
My miller Generator has 40 volts and 80 volts on the 110 output should it be just 110 and nuetral and ground?
what happens if i accidently put anti freeze in my powersteering what can go wrong//...?
2000 malibu check engine light?
How can I take it to the repair shop if my car broke and not moving?
why is my van leaking antifreeze?
I crashed my car the other day?
how do i tork head bolts on a 1989 mercedes benz?
what size grease fitting is on the hub of a dana 60 axle?
Stepping stool for Ford Astro van 1992? Is there anything I could use?
my car has reached 50,000mi. dealer says its time to change all fluids in car $900. is that the right price?
Which Tools Are The Best And Most Reliable...?
why does my exhaust pop when i rev engine?
my van is going for its MOT?
is there anywon who can answer aqueston about 1.3 b13 rotary mazda engines?
best remote starter for 2005 honda odyssey?
on my v reg nissan micra the outside vents blow hot but my central vents blow cold is there something blocked?
Car issues..does anyone now what could be wrong?
can you patch a power steering hose?
I have Z71 decals to adhere to my 2001 Chevy Silverado. They don't have instructions, how do I adhere them?
My car is overheating, I thought it was my fan but my radiator was stone cold?
I finished the claer coat on my bumper. how long should i wait to put it on the car?
my car has no power none of the lights workwhen turning the key no noise but it does show check engine?
Car pulls to one side when braking?
What is wrong with my car?
My car keeps dieing?!?
What is the estimated cost for a fuel injection cleaning for a 03 cadillac seville SLS?
Mechanics help! Is it the timing belt?
car pops back through throttle body?
How much do you think it would cost to get a corner panel replaced on a 1980 chevy malibu?
OBDII code PO170-Fuel trim malfunction/bank 1. Where would be a good place to start looking for the problem?
my check engine light came on?
How do you take oxidation off of headlight lenses ?
Can i buy an air conditioner for my car?
How do I change the oil on a Ford Model T?
The brand ( Buick ) its a good brand ?
my beko washer wont spin and drain?
Are Kwik Fit just scam merchants?
Peugeot 306 1.9 TD valves and pistons?
My check engine light came on in my 1998 Honda Civic. How much is that going to cost me?
Do you have to own a car to paint it?
When my heater is on my automatic R reg Peugeot 106 I get a burning smell, sometimes petrol?
i have a 2000 mercury cougar, and when i am driving, everything completly shuts down..the car is able to drive
when do you know you need an oil change?
Is it hard on an engine to give it harder acceleration and shift faster? Will it harm the engine?
I jumped a car with my G6 and now the power steering doesn't work and there's a light on. how do I fix it?
My car's locks keep unlocking consistently while driving. What's wrong?
Just changed the oil and my oil gauge is reading very high.?
hi i need to put my car battery back on but have forgoten which lead is which?
How to replace weather stripping?
Can a car leak coolant without a leak?
How much fluid does a TH 400 transmission take?
My car wont start. battery is good
i have a 1988 nissan truck it has been sitting up for four years i trying to start it but cant get it to fire?
how do you get tar off the side of your car?
2000 grand am, speaker go in and out?
Is it worth buying 95 Honda Accord with a slipping tranny?
Wiper motor blowing fuses?
My car won't start, do you know what the problem could be?
No heat in my car?
Information on 'Autogas system' !?
I'm looking for a gasoline tank fill pipe from ford part number F5VY9034D It's for a 95/97 Lincoln town car
Transmission Slipping?
How is the end float of the crankshaft controlled, and what does it do?
what reason does an car engine smokes?
How can I reconnect horn and cruise control on a 2001Dodge Stratus Sedan?
My ZX Auto Light Diesel truck does not shut down when I turn off the ignition. How do I fix this problem?
why is a 1994 Jeep grand Cherokee only going 30mph when acclerating?
How much bullet 350 STD paint and nickle chrome etc. would cost me in chandigarh?
Help installing Tacho?
is it proper to use the teflon lubricant, SuperLube, on air conditioning hose connectors?
honda vs bmw, which is safer?
Car has broken down twice in the past week?
Can you drive a car without the back end of your exhaust?
Manual or Automatic Transmission?
pro comp tires are made by???
Accidentally sucked up water with my vacuum. Will it be safe to use after a few days?
instructions on changing the front disc brakes on a 89 ford bronco II?
My mechanic told me I need to replace my muffler bearings, and it's going to cost me $250 dollars....?
what would be a cooler sparkplug?
how can fix my 95 saturn sedan's heater?
windshield broke at dealership while in there control of vehicle who is liable?
is there anyone here in round rock, tx that buffs cars as their career where and how much do u make?
Spark plug flying out?
Why does my 2004 Chevy Silverado die?
1991 Buick Park Avenue Wiring Harness?
Will my 355 handle my 700r4?
In addition to the battery what are the other ways of starting the BIG DIESEL ENGINES?
CLOSED DIODES!! help needed! Lawnmower WILL NOT START!!!?
I have a 2002 HD Chevy 2500 with a 6L motor since new the motors knocks when started is this normal?
Is it okay to melt tupperware and pour it on my windshield?
Will Gas Prices ever go back down to?
what is a Triptronic or Sportronic used for on cars?
Car stating Problem. Click Noise?
when the 3 cylinder TA TA nano is releasing, how will be the performance of that car?
i have recently bought a vt commodore. its a v6 manual. i want to do some performance upgrades and have some i?
What can happen to a car if too much water is in the coolant system and not enough antifreeze?
Car shakes violently when putting into drive or reverse?
How to fix your front car lights from foggy cover stuff on it?
how do you disable the autoride on a 2002 tahoe?
1991 ford escort engine power loss?
by definition,work is a force that is applied over a specific?
04 Xterra 2wd V6 40000 miles, do i have any maintenance issues coming up? I do regular oil/filter changes?
How much damage will 100 miles of diesel fuel do to a regular car?
1996 Isuzu Rodeo timing?
Do you know why my 98 Volkswagen Beetle is overheating?
car moves forward in reverse- manual car?
my car shut off while driving and now wont start?
Brake problem '99 ford f-150 4x4?
My 2000 Audi A4 has an overheating problem. The tem gauge goes up and the warning light is on. Why?
Can any help me with how to fit the eletric window cable on a Totota Avalon 2000?
What reasons would I smell gas in my 1991 lexus ls 400?
What would it cost to fix the Ring and Pinion on a 1999 Dodge durango?
ive got my driving lesson on september and i aint nervous but i am kind of lool?
my car wont start it just makes a wirring noise when i put the key in? my bf said maybe the batterys flat try?
What is the oil capacity of a 1997 Saturn SL2 with filter?
i need 1993 bmw radio codes?
where do tyres go when they're finished with? When you get new ones on your car, what happens to the old ones
My caps lock won't turn off?
how do i fix a 1998 jeep wrangler?
How much does a wiper washer pump cost?
what can i get a 1/2 inch valve off of for air suspension at the junkyard?
Does running the air conditioner in an auto use up more gas?
When I turn on my car a light flashes 10 times, it says "Main't Require". What does it mean?
Engine problems need help finding whats wrong?
why does the brakes on my 92 Chevorlet Beretta lock up when its wet out?
Electrical short 2002 Chev Trailblazer help?
2004 sebring 2.7 engine sucking air?
1995 Chevy S10 Blazer steering wheel installation diagram.?
1996 lexus,135,000 miles. tune up/ timing belt/ motor mount where to go, how much will cost?(dallas area)?
Would I have damaged the bosch alternator?
Rough will the choke cause rough idle?
can a new engine lower mileage on a car?
can the gas and electric turn off the heat with in the house?
s10 blazer fuel pump?
How to put on a new themostat on a 1990 Buick Rivera?
i just purchased a used car two days ago and the tires are shot i asked them to change the tires before?
i have a 1993 oldsmobile cutlass ciera.?
Is there a fuse or breaker that protects the circuit of the Chevy Malibu driver side power window? Where is it
I need car help please.?
How is wye start motor is shifted to delat while running using contactors.?
goes having gas turn girls off?
Can a stuck open thermostat really effect my mpg ALOT?
i went through standing water and my volts gauge went down?
i have corolla 1984 recently put new rings as car was consuming oil . but problem not solved what can be other?
car backfires when i give it gas like it bogs down then makes a pop pop noise whats wrong with it? i?
car is running hot?
what is meant by pavement performance?
Could my radiator cap cause both rad hoses to collapse after car cools down? The car is not overheating at all?
How do you pull transmission on a 1999 camaro?
my car vibrates while accelerating between 30-50 mph?
How much should this truck part cost? 10 PTS!!?
Car Door Buzz?
Whats wrong with my car?
are DOOR TRIGGERs same the door switches?
Can anyone explain to me why diesel fuel is coming out my coolant reservoir?
IS 300 (2002) my ride is bumpy. Is it the tires? I am on my 2nd set thinking bout a 3rd. Any other ideas?
How do I use a voltmeter?
High oil pressure, and ticking noise in 2000 Chevy silverado?
Adding read breaks to my 2002 Lancer?
Are European cars expensive to repair and maintain?
my breaks dont work help!!!!?
Brakes on a 1972 Corvette?
where do I take my jeep to get fixed?
mazda navajo 4x4 1994 i smell gas inside the car but mostly outside. whats the problem?
Is there a internet suite to show me to do a brake job on my Yukon with pictures of the callibers and pads?
Radiator coolant looks clear, and is a little low?
What does it mean to "start" a nut?
is biodesil econimacialy good?
i have water coming from my car motor?
Mechanics Of Chevy trucks come here!!!?
is it normal for your steering wheel to shake when your slowing down after going speeds of forty and above?
i was doing an oil change and i took out the spak plug cables i dont remember how they go!!!?
Im frustrated am i wrong?
how much does head gasket replacement cost for a 1997 toyota camry 4cylinders?
what grade wet and dry should I use on basecoat before laquring?
Can anyone help me find gm 3.8 intake manifold & plenum installation guide ?
what website shows your car with different rims on it?
Can spark plugs be a reason as to why there is hardly any power in the engine?
plugs ,wipers,engine cleaner?
my car starts up and stays on only for 2 seconds. What could be causing this?
First rough idle youth now it won't accelerate over 2000 RPMs?
I have a1996 vw golf and for some reason it keeps flooding and loosing power and so I drive at high rpms?
how do i get my 99 chevy s-1o 2.2 4 cyl. to go faster?
does any one have the removeable hardtop for 87 325ic. any condition?
What if I cut my the ring around my headlight bulb?
What would I need to do to change a 1957 Y-block 272 from 2bbl to 4bbl?
How do I fix a Toyota, that runs rough, NO engine service light on.?
How often to change radiator?
Why does my thermostat temp fluctuate?
I have barely 500 dollars and no Job what would be a really cheap stick shift car open to anything?
Can the inside of an engine rust?
Car wont go in the cold?
How often are the inside of Airplanes cleaned?
95 toyota 4 runner wont go up a hill?
77 Benz 230 gives petrol odour when gas is pumped over half tank or is running with 3 or more passengers?
How long should it take to replace a timming belt on a 2000 Mitsubishi Galant?
How to tell if your fuel filter need replaced?
How many miles can I go on an oil change if I have synthetic oil? How does the synthetic differ ?
Car Problem : It feels my engine is dying when I step hard on gas?
i need an illustration of what a 1999 chevy pickup power steering pump looks like taken apart?
Car ran out of oil in 2-3 months after a oil change?
My 4age 16v Bigport 4age running on 3 cylinders.?
When a car's heating system is turned on, is it likely to consume more fuel ?
need information on Dayton vacum model 6x096c?
why is my airbag light staying on all the time in my car?
What are these RIMS called?
Car takes a few tries to start?
Do i need a new thermostat or sensor?
Classic transmission problems?
With manual transmission,?
tell me the principles and practice of fuel injection on cars?
My power steering fluid is red. Is this a problem?
are there any automotive brake certification like 609 for automotive ac ?
gear ratio for 1990 Chevy 1500 with 4.3 5speed trans 4x4?
How much did a 87 ch150 cost new?
How can I remove the broken metal spike that's used to measure oil level?
my cars battery died again, the car was just left alone?
Replacing truck bed with another one from truck with twisted frame?
mixing gastrol gtx high miliage part synthetic with fully synthetic?
Where is the Pcv valve in my '96 Ford Ranger 2.3 L?
Why fluid around all 4 wheels?
Will Honda still perform maintenance on my car after I modify it?