front brakes changed, leaking brake fluid back driver side tire, car very hard to stop?
Buzzing sound when shifting.. Automatic Transmission!?
2006 Ford Freestar turns off while driving and then wont start. What is the problem?
I turn off my car and heard some bubbling noise in the engine. I been told I need a cat, is that the problem?
How do I turn my engine light off?
Just bought an 05 Renault Clio and thinking of modifying it. see details below?
My oil drain plug on my car is froze and rounded ?
How hard would it be to fix up and maintain an old 70s suburban?
ford 550 problem running normal?
Could the red liquid in the coolant be oil?
Toyota Camry 86--how do i get the door light to go out?
what places can i drain engine oil at?
My car died and mechanic said it needed a new engine, can this be?
just put new lowering spring and struts,and mu front is higher then rear,what do i do to fix it?
how do you change a defective brake light on a 99 honda odyssey?
when i step at the brake at any speed it shakes,?
What's the proper way to fill a radiator?
We have on star service thru Gm and they send e-mail to us regarding status on our car. do we have a block ?
oil change?
Best way to block view into the back of my SUV?
thermostat knackered?
where can I find a used headlight for a 1999 ford f350 super duty?
Would it be better to run platinum plugs ona 91 Ford Explorer?
is my engine leaking oil?
transmission leak?
where is the winshield wiper relay located at on a 1992 ford crown victoria?
Replacing the Rotors on my truck?
I have a 2004 golf all of a sudden the boot door will not lock and the rear wiper has also stopped working?
Reasons for car battery light coming on?
Gas leak under engine?
whats the difference detween oil and gasoline?
Is it true that once in a while air in the tire of the the car should be completely deflated and the inflated?
How do i reset the change oil light?
why does my tranny stays in first gear all the time?
is my airmatic suspension working properly?
what are some advantages and disadvantages for hydro boost power brakes?
if my tires r a 225 60/16 can i use a 225 55/16?
If I put too much air in my tire and it blows out can I just get it resealed?
what happens if you put regular on a car that's unleaded fuel only?
Radio faded out and turned off while driving?
HOW TO LOCK MY DOOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 I REALLY NEED HELP!?
My Toyota Camry i4 2.5 SE 2010 is running slower than the usual?
When getting a transmission flush does that include transmissiin filter?
is it normal for the accelerator pedal on an older car to be a bit stiff?
Combustion blower won't come on?
I'm Going Crazy..?
To the men. How do I know if I need a fuel pump or a fuel relay for a 1988 chevy celebrity 2.8 6v engine?
whats mpg on audi a6 2.0 litre petrol?
I'm Looking for the starting circuit diagram for a 1988 Mercury sable.?
ignition switch problem plz help?
my VW beetle won't start has power?
How can I identify a stuck valve lifter without inspecting each and every one?
How often should I change my oil?
1989 Chevy pickup truck, poor engine performance?
how the new ford three valve engines work?
I'm about 100 miles over my recommended oil change, Is it okay if I put it off until tomorrow after my test?
can anyone tell me how much an exhaust systm for a 95 buick lesabre limited would be?
Why is my car not working?
How do you know when your fan belt needs changing?
My car overheats when in idle but is fine when driving at speeds of 30 or more. What might it be?
How long can your water leak before it actually breaks?
Why does my dad pull the oil dipstick out 3 or 4 times when he checks the oil in my moms car for her?
How do you know the alternator is not working on a car?
My Toyota Corolla is pulling to the left, I have to keep the steering wheel right to keep the car straight.?
Limited slip Differential?
Car turns over will not start.?
why would the front wheels fall off a car?
My car makes a rattling noice and oil light is blinking?
04 ford 150 4wd,Can transmission leak fluid into transfer case?
Squeaky drive belt?
1992 chevy astro van losing brake fluid but no fluid ANYWHERE?
Driving a car with a coolant leak ok?
how do you repair a front brake pad on a 97 honda accord?
Honda Sputtering a bit, almost like Vapor Lock?
Do these effect gas milage?
Toyota corolla, car wont start?
Why do I have no compression after changing head gasket?
i am a member of the aa my clutch is burning out will they fit a new one?
New exhaust on 370z makes rattle sound. help!?
How To Turn Off the O2 Mantance Lamp On An 1991 Isuzu 2.3 Pick Up?
Ran over something while driving?
The whole problem started when the engine was being washed?
my *service engine soon* light came on, i think its because i put unleaded(87) instead of premium(91),help?
My car shut off when I was driving it and now it wont start. It just clicks.?
Car tires getting "chewed out" from inside?
how do change a fule pump on 91 camaro?
How much does it cost to get a catalytic converter unplugged?
what size of screw fits a 2001 cbr 929 oil pan?
Can anybody tell me how antifreeze got in the motor of my car?
how do you change car brakes?
How do you fix a door handle on an 88 buick lasabre? Cost?
BMW brake pads, I have 320i, not sure of the year (1992~1999)?
what happens when you pour sugar down car's gas tank?
torque converter problems.?
How do you remove window tint without scratching the glass?
Is there a way to adapt my personal cell phone on to my onstar system?
what is non - detergent engine oil? and why some people buy it instead of regular engine oil?
what can cause my odometer to measure miles less than the miles that I actually drive?
Is there a program I can use to record my vehicle's maintenance?
Why would breaks go out. there is black stuff caked on cylinder, what could it be?
Will stock Muffler from a 2005 Mustang Gt fit my 2005 Ford Mustang V6?
want to buy gear pump for Komatsu excavator PC200-3?
Car a/c doesn't blow cold!!! Is it the compressor?
I have a car that's been sitting in my driveway for a while. What can I do to get it to start?
Normal for an Astro (1989) to sounds a little rough driving in town? Shifts good, just abit louder in engine?
Locked Steering Wheel?
volvo car parts for a 1990 sedan dl240?
I am looking for a cold air intake for a 2004 Pontiac Grand Am that is a V4, NOT a V6?
what type of brakes do i need?
My 2000 Sonata GLS V6 may need Sway & Stabalizer Bar & Struts, timing belt all needed I think?
car cleaning question?
Is my rack and pinion going bad?
What can I do about a car dealership releasing my vehicle with gasoline leak after a major service?
Why is gas cheap and not before?
Can you use a High Speed Orbital Sander with finish pads (3-10000) to take scratches out of plastic windows?
Can anyone give me an estimate on repairing a 2003 Volkswagen Beetle?
Ready to mount strut Assembly for 2004 Toyota corolla?
Where to buy cone top/long nosed bottles?
My lug nut on my wheel is stuck. How do i remove it?
What type of oil is the best for lubricating ball bearings wan you send me a link to the best for the job?
Can slight damage, s, on automobile polycarb bumpers on cars be repaired.?
how do you repair P0067 Air assist injector solenoid valve circuit high input?
How do you replace a headlight bulb on a 2003 Ford transit van?
'03 Ford Focus ZX3 AC on/off - engine problem?
What engine oil weight should I use 5w30 or 10w30?
heres a dumd question.?
Does anyone know how to rebuild a motorcraft alternator for a 1972 mercury comet?
fix it your self web site for automobiles that shows parts?
Is it really necessary to put electrical wires through a conduit/pvc pipe for utility trailer lights?
does anyoe know the coloar of wire in the dash of a 1990 camaro rs is for the speed dometer?
should i change my cam belt now?
What is that thing above the ashtray called on a 1992 Buick Roadmaster?
Door opens but bends a little?
How much will it cost to paint my truck white?
How much R-134 will it take to recharge a used A/C Compressor?
what kind of carburetor will fit on a 1970 honda cb450?
what can cause my clutch peddle to snap to the floor?
i am trying to get more power from my 2.3L Mazda B2300?
Best way to install the timing cover on an AMC 258 6cyl engine?
2001 Ford emissions light keeps flashing on and off and...?
what transmission does my dodge ram have?
how to adjust the reverse on an 2001 ZL800 arctic cat snowmobile?
How to remove cable TV filter without the proper tool?
Could someone advise what product to use to remove oil from a driveway.?
Is there anywhere that i could find NEW tires for about $50 each?
Do different distributor cap, rotors, wires, and spark plug brands effect performance?
Truck brakes will not stop?
How often should I change the air in my tires?
i have a question reagarding my saab 9-3 aero?
how do i put the serpentine belt on a 1995 bonniville?
Car lights get bright when on gas/also car won't will start then suddenly shuts down slowly but?
my headlights won't work, but high beams work?
Just bought a 2000 Yamaha 1200 XL Limited and it wont start!?
How do i turn off the passlock feature on a '00 Chevy Malibu?
I have a 1979 mg midget and the starter solenoid will not shut off once the car starts.?
how do i tighten the belt on my 94 honda accord?
accidently poured water where oil goes whats gonna happen?
I have a 2003 chevy silverado w/o owners manual yet so I dont know how to reset oil change indicator any ideas
Am I being ripped off by the garage?
where do you fill antifreeze in a 2000 vw jetta?
Why does my Ford Explorer smell like burning leaves?
Is it safe to drive with just three tires?
bad to rev car in neautral then drop into drive?
my transit van is smoking when im going up and down gears what would cause this?
does anybody know any free good websites that hep u with problems with cars?
Why won't my valet key start my 2004 Honda Civic?
I have a 1993 jeep grand cherokee and I just got home and It's leaking really bad it's a red color what is it?
how hard is it to do a big block swap on a 74 charger?
Is it possible to vehicle to produce codes without the Check Engine light?
windscreen wiper judder?
What kind of gas mileage for Chev Equinox?
i need to change a water pump for a 97 saffari..?
how long can car oil be stored before it losses its viscosity?
Why does my 1998 Nissan Frontier misfire when the motor is cold?
i m sagitarius and suggest me a good lucky name for car accessories shop?
Why do the gas pumps do this to me?
car feels as powerful and smooth as the day it was bought. is that possible?
is it dangerous?
What is the best for removing vehicle carpet and upholstery stains?
Help with window motor?
do you think it is best to cut or just buy new suspensions if you want to lower your car?
Body shops/mechanics (for cars) in Mexico? Is it safe to travel?
I have a question about my car.?
How is mercury used in paint?
Do you believe in $2.50 oil change?
answer my electrical questions on 98 escort engine?
What problems can be caused by replacing my catalytic converters in my car with a straight pipe?
Can you siphon gas out of a 88' Hyndai Excel with a shop vac or would you explode?
Car started just fine and then slowly died as I drove it. Why?
removing hydraulic throw out bearing?
where can i purchase car paint for touch ups?
My engine smokes and my coolant fluid boils when I drive for more than a few miles. What might be the cause?
Year old gasoline bad for my car?
what to do with a wrecked car?
did i jump a car battery wrong? is my car now damged?
What color should I paint my 1953 Chevrolet Bel Air?
When should I replace the timing belt on a Rover 75, 1800cc, 2004 model?
How does the sensors help the fuel injection system?
How do you remove these brake rotors?!?
Fast car for around $4000?
Got water in my engine. Runs terrible anything I can do?
What makes sludge come in the bottom of a car engine?
How to remove Car odour?
why is my abs and brake light still on?
i have a car with a knocking rod, can i just remove that rod and keep on running it? for demoliton derby only
What is the clunk sound in my 92 chev cav when I go from a complete stop. Feels like I am being rearended?
How to find a reputable mechanic in your area?
I have a 93 Ford Taurus. The car started sputtering and stalling recently. What can the problem be?
whats the best solvent to remove factory coating from new brake discs prior to fitting to car?
After replacing master cylinder and front rotors, brake pedal goes way down. Mechanic says it's fine. BS?
diesel injector return flow test results.?
I have a quick question about rims?
Grand Jeep Cherokee 2.7CRD Ropey Acceleration?
Will a 1992 Mazda626 automatic transmission interchange with Mazda929?
Chevy Alternator problem?
Where to buy Peugeot 307 Rear Light Holder?
Is this a good price for tires?
how many camshafts does a V8 have?
Brakes have too much pressure?
what's causing my car to smoke. it isnt the thick black smoke, its light and kind of blue.?
Is there any automotive jobs with a high salary?
is it dumb to super charge a 4 cylinder?
How much should replacing ball joints on a 4wd 97 Wrangler cost?
How much does it cost to fill your car with petrol/diesel?
where in south africa will i get spares for my grasso compressor?
how do you change a battery in a jeep wrangler?
I was driving the car and the hood flow open and the windshield broke in little pics but?
can you get stopped for having ONE break light out?
power windows dont roll down on either side just bought car, need help trouble shooting (84 monte carlo)?
Why is my air compressor on my 1996 GMC Sonoma's clutch engaging and then immediately shutting off.?
how do I replace the timing belt on a 1986 chevy nova?
I have a 2004 Dodge Stratus..and the door makes a load "click" when I open or shut the drivers's the
dirty mechanics?
Bad battery or bad starter?
Where do I hook up my vaccum guage?
where is the dipstick for transmission fluid?
what kind of cost am I looking at...Auto repairs the hybrid mechanic?
2 questions, 1. about a car. 2. souldnt be asked here but im asking anyway... lol?
where is the hydraulic brake booster system on a 2000 form mustang?
is it the junk in the trunk?
i just want to know if you can trade a 4 cylinder motor to a 6 cylinder motor on a 1996 ford ranger truck?
I made a really stupid mistake?
What's wrong with my car?!?
Can adding too much oil to your car cause it to smoke BIG time?
auto exam help?
how do I fix my car once and for all ?
car keeps stalling when i slow down?
Hi I am John an i live in Greensboro NC I have a 83 honda V65 magna an i need help to find some-1 to work onit
how to change oil in a vw passat DSG gear box?
i have overinflated tyres?
can we use superchargers and turbochargers in diesel engine as we use in petrol engine?
Car battery dead & got work in 30 min?
Do I need hid to install Xenons ?
Does a faulty differential job affect your transmission?
how to remove shear bolt on ecu harness socket?
Battery or alternator, please settle this argument!?
What percentage of gas mileage do you suffer if you do not cover the box on a pickup truck?
how do i change AC power on my computer to BATTERY?
What are some causes for a car battery to drain (see more info)?
car has loud clicking noise in the front tire when I make a slight turn any ideal what it may be?
how can i make my car able to use that cooking oil fuel?
I have a john deer 1978 108.Pto cuts out on it after a about a 1/2 hour.?
what do i need to makes ethanol @ home?
BMW Part # PA 6 6F 30 or 8 370 747?
can you unlock a car by cellphone?
Does anyone know where I can get a Timing Gear Cover for a 1978 Mercury 460?
03 impala coolabt system?
Is buying a car with 158,000 miles ever a good idea?
how much money wood it cost me to put a 302 in place of a 350 ?
A windscreen wiper tip for you all.T-Cut your windscreen every six month for noiseless wipers.Try it.?
I have a Toyota Echo 2000 does it have an automantic shut off if u have been hit?
my a/c stopped working all of a sudden.the blower is not working.heat or cold air the blower is not working.?
What is wrong with my car?
How hard is it to replace the air compressor yourself on a 2003 Toyota Echo?
Do car companies like Ford, GM, Toyota make all of their car parts?
Can anyone tell me what the 'snowflake' symbol on the ford mondeo dx dashboard means?
What is the gas smell in the car?
What does it mean when the spark plug boot are filled with engine oil?
plumbing or motor mechanic?
how can i fix up a junkyard car ?
why does my car smoke?
I have only tap water in my coolant tank? 2006 fiat?
Automobile Hub Caps Where Can I find some in Pearland TX?
Why did the gages in my 97 voyager stop working?
is the 327ci turbo fire a good strong engine?
Im working on a 97 ford contour and cant seem to get anything small enough to get to the belt ?
Can't find interior dash parts for my 2000 grand am?
I put gasoline in my diesel truck's fuel tank and ran it till the engine lost power. What do I do now?
Going to buy this hood for my cavalier does it depend on year/make of car?
My 1997 Landrover just got a smog check and received the following codes.?
Anti Breaking System light always on?
I just Hit the front of my car in the curb?? Any mechanical damage? Please help me.?
the breaks on my rover 25 squeal when cold and wet?
how to prepare your car for car for a long ride?
Why wont my 1992 ford escort gt start?
roughly how much would it cost to repair a cv joint in a saab?
CD stuck in car CD player?
How hard is it to replace a car antenna on my '93 Ford T-Bird?
Who do I write, or call at General Motors to complain about my car?
Question about winter tires?
A question about my car?
I have always heard that storing car batteries on concrete is bad for the battery, is this true? And if so why
how much for a new alternator in the uk?
car mechanics only!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
whats a good muffler other than flow master fpr a 1982 monte carlo with a 383 stroker and a 400 tran with 390?
Hey my steering feels heavy, and doesn`t pick speed up as it did a month ago..?
what if my transmission oil is kinda brownish?
hid lights not working?
Will a 1997 Hyundai hatchback front end fit a 2002 Hyundai 4 door?
The shifter in my manual transmission car began sqeaking lately when I shift. Why?
how can i get my car inspected if the check engine light s on?
What would be a good tire pressure?
How long can u idle a truck for before running outta gas?
How do I get old bumper stickers off of my car?
99 Pontiac grand am question?
Is my engine blown? 2000 Buick Regal?
volvo 740 GL?
Car question? Mass air flow sensor or O2 sensor?
how to you remove the tallight cover on a 2002 chevrolet malbu?
Good car mechanic in Kenosha, WI?
Charging £240 to fix a toilet overpriced?
How do I find out what kind of after market rims my car has?
97 Jeep Wrangler error codes 12 and 24 displayed?
How much does it cost to change an automatic to standard?
How do you replace rear driver's side window lift motor on 2006 Nissan Pathfinder?
is a car tire salvageable if one has run over a screw,trating it all the way to the screw's base?
Help Identifying a Part?
I have a problem with my kymco zx 50?
what do i need to replace in my car if the back tires are facing inwards and quickly balding the tires?
My car was hit when it was parked, I was wondering if i will get the repair check or the body shop?
So.. what happens when rain gets into your engine?
Where can i find wiring diagrams for braun wheel chair lifts?
Why won't they turn off?
would my car need a complete tune up?or any other maintenance service?
battery cables get hot when i turn on the car?
what is leaking from my car?
When a car is fixed after an accident, can it be fixed to be like brand new? ?
idle problem 99 jeep gr cherokee odb code misfire in cyc 2 code 1?
what is the best kind of motor oil to use?
Why do car mechanics always add on more components to fix in my car?
where do you add and check transmission fluid on a 1994 mazda mpv van?
Toyota Sequoia -2003 lost keys?
For a 74 VW Super beetle. . . What would be the best way to route/ attach the hood latch cable for the trunk?
I don't know what would happen ?
What is the compression rate for a Daewoo Cielo 1.5 SOHC?
'03 GMC Sierra C1500 Stalled & Now Won't Crank To Start...?
Does my Ford Windstar have a speedometer cable or a speed sensor?
why does my tire keep losing air?
How do I calculate the salvage value of a car?
My car starts fine, but when I shift from park to drive then step on the gas it dies. What could it be?
Why dont my car cigarette lighter socket work?
i noticed something weird in a car!?
How do I remove a small door ding?
Why is my car jerking?
How do I know if a brand of brake pads is good?
What wrong with my car? No power at all, not even with a jump?
My 1995 Pontiac Grand Prix won't switch gears. What could be the cause of this?
A question about rear brakes?
My tires will not move, although my engine starts....?
Should I get a new battery for my car?
how do you know what is wrong with your car?
will a cold air intake hurt anything?
Car making a single hollow 'pop' sound when low speed braking?
My car cuts off when I come to a stop, does that mean that the battery is bad?
Do you think I did any damage to my car?
Car wont start in the rain?
were can i find pictures of a steering valve or steering pump for a 777d caterpillar truck?
I have a 2007 toyota corolla?
so i wasnt paying attention, and i pulled into the garage, and i turned my car off - and the key wouldnt come?
Honda Accord Engine Check Light issues?
how to fix power window on driver side of a 97 honda crv?
What are the Relays for on firewall of a 1993 Buick LeSabre? There are 6 in a row.?
what is the representation of each color wire of a stock radio for a 2003 silverado?
How do I stop my windscreen wipers from squeaking?
With manual transmission,?
Will check engine light go out ?
my car is overheating and when i stop there is a bubbling noise coming fro the reservoir?
what is a head gasket and could i fix it myself?
I have a 2004 kia optima and when i drive 35 mph or more it feels like a bobble head. what could it be?
where are my car keys ?
any one wanna buy a motorcycle?
How much does it cost for a car battery + installation for a 97 Toyota Camry.?
will a 2.8 ford motor interchange with 2.8 ford motor?
Car's electrical problem.?
why my cars's ( rpm) is too low , and the car is shaking alittle bit???
Weird grinding noise coming from back left brake?
What would cause my front drivers side tire to be bald and the others to be fine.. it's NOT the alignment?
Is my Lt1 hydrolocked with fuel?
Can someone help me out with this question on my 1997 Chevy S10 Pick-up?
How full should the brake fluid be in a 2003 nissan ultima?
Car door part replacement help?!?
how much would it be to replace a 4th cylinder on a 2000 toyota celica?
anyone had any problems with their 2001 chevrolet monte carlo?
my car heater only blows out cold on every setting can anyone help?
Do car dealers squirt something in new cars, to give them that new car smell?
bad tires...?
How long can I drive on 3 cylinders?
how much should a transmission control module cost for mirage?
how much would it cost to change a piston ring on a 89 crx?
What can I use to stop slight water dripping for PVC pipes on bore without draining the system?
Car Color Queston, Please help me diside.?
How can I get rid of wiper marks from my car wind shield?
I have a 2000 Nissan Altima and only the right- front tire leaks when the weather is cold. Why?
when i unlock the doors the windows go down?
mycarshifts hard while running but not when off?
can i put a hummer engine in a 1949 ford truck?
can i put a v8 in a front wheel drive car?
Today CRDN sharply dropped $2.03 on a huge volume after a beautiful rally. Why?
Why are some mechanic shops so dark where they work?
how do I get engine oil out of a white lace bra?
My truck is always dead in the morning and has loss of power, what could it be?
mechanics helpp!! car starts randomly then won't start!?
my turbo cuts out on my golf GT TDI why ?
How long did the late model 4l60 transmission normally last?
Scratch on my car, any tips on how to fix or mask it??
How do I wire seperate coils in my car?
car problem.?
Are K&N oil filters as good as wix or purolator?
Car problems...need a diagnosis please!?
i just bought a 99 alero and i like to add some performance parts to it but i cant find any anywhere?
What is left when a tire is burnt? Does the rubber turn to liquid or does it just burn up and become ash?
Why have my brake discs and pads worn out so soon?
Catlyic converter?
93' Z28-Camaro smarts only :)?
Help! Car engine shuts off when at a stop?
Do cars go "vroom vroom"?
How can I repair scratch marks in Black paint on my Trooper?
how to separate soot from the air?
how to adjust 1999 Subaru Forester headlights?
where can i find a program that will let me find out what car parts interchange with each other?
p0351 2006 chevy silverado 4.3?
Weird brake pedal problem on Saturn SL1?
why does my car keep losing power?
Why does my Explorer hesitate when going forward but not in reverse almost like I have the parking brake on?
I have a 09 Max and it won't start the key indicator light is on, on the control panel?
What's wrong with my car?
2005 ford escape battery/alternator question?
I have 1988 302 out of a lincoln .....?
Can I get a ticket for one rear brake light being out?
Are Honda small engines in general more reliable than Briggs small engines?
how can i clean my lifters on my car?
what makes a ford diesel miss when cold?
how to reset service indicator on 1999 vw golf tdi model?
how do i get 1 year old bug splatters of my car?
Can Bad engine coolant temp sensor and o2 sensor be a reason car wont crank?
How do I get to the brake light switch on my 2004 VW Passat?
How much will my MPG improve if I remove the spare tire??
my passenger side tire shakes?
I havent had an oil change for 6-7K miles. Will I need an oil flush or just a regular oil change?
How do you change the timming belt on the 2000 Ford Ranger?
What does + and - mean on a gear shift?
i had water in my motor now it wont start what can i do?
what are the possible causes of a major oil leak in a car?
Cost to paint bumper?
What,would cause my civic to red line wen i get up to 80?
How do I remove car oil stains from cement?
Only have low beams high doesn't work when switched to. Switch is fine have power to connector, bulbs are ok.?
As a Technician, why would you need to be aware of U joint phasing?
how many times a month do you wash your car ?
What does "bleeding" your brakes mean (in real English please....LOL?
what is the proper fireing order on a 84 mazda b2000 truck?
I didn't drive my SUV for a couple of months. Now I have to have it jumped every time I want to drive it.?
What is the metric equivalent to CFM?
How do you know if you have a broken clutch?
problems with my 1994 diesel ford e350?
Jeep Wranglers coolant systems would that slow the speed of the vehicle if you have dirty coolant?orlosepower?
How much would a replacement door cost Honda Civic 2006?
Car Dealership says inorder to rule out transmission noise, they have to replace all of my tires, is this ok?
rail/ sill dent and paint chipped?
Can I be put on a full year probation in north Dakota for intentionaly damaging a part that I painted?
abs light and handbrake light staying on?
How much should new brake pads cost?
car alarm going off -.-?
I pulled out one of my spark plugs and in the bottom of the cylinder was a little antifreeze?
how to switch out a car battery?
how do i change headlight in 98 ford ranger?
Do Fuel hoses have to be special hoses?
i have a problem with my transmission?
Why does my car run rough when wet?
Washer fluid is freezing?
why cant i keep it up?
i just got quoted $375-$400 to replace my ignition switch in my 96' cavelier, too much or is that average?
I got a door ding and am pissed?
Check engine light appears then goes...?
what will happen if I use 15W-40W oil in gas motor?
what does a person do if their car dies on the highway?
I have no feed to the stop solenoid?
My 1992 Buick Century won't shift into reverse...?
Can you change from high mileage oil back to regular oil?
what is the name of the book that gives you in detail how to fix an s-10 1987 pick-up and were do I get it.?
Does this appear to be the oil pan?
If your valvecap on youre tire falls off, will air come out of your tire enough to make it flat?
I am having trouble putting the rear brake drums back on after replacing the brakes....any suggestions or keys?
Is $750 for a fuel pump replacement on a 96 cavalier too much?
what is a boost leak?
what could cause the vacuum on my vehicle to suck transmission fluid from modulator into the throttle body?
which is the best engine oil for pulsar 180?
can you change the brakes?
2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo BRAKES!! HELP PLEASE!?
My car ran out of gas..?
What are the pros and cons of side discharge vs rear discharge muck spreaders?
my car shudders when in drive and i am at a stop?
I recently had a new distributor cap put on my car and two people told me it was not new. How cn I tell?
How do you remove a oil pan in 96 blazer?
Whats the best car fourm for me?
Achieving quality results with spray paint on boot lid? Is it possible?
Reccomendations on oil change for a 2004 Saturn Ion?
2 colors of EL wire I can turn on and off and maybe dim. Help please?
Why is my car making smoke from the exhaust?
Transfer case or front differential?
HID conversion kit problem?
my car revs but does not move it is very hard to reverse and revs loudly when i stop the car it cluncks?
one of my rocker arms keeps loosening?
Is it safe to fill nitrogen air in tubeless tires of a bike?
I am looking for the Brand name of a set of wheels that use an emblem that looks like an X. Thank You?
should i change the oil on my truck or just pay someone to do it?
Longtube headers in California?
Buying a new Lug Nut Socket?
How much coolant liquid do i need to put in my radiator?
Heat Problem in my 1999 Buick Century?
lubricating a car ignition switch barrel?
Hi. I want to buy some mechanic tools for my husband. Can you tell me what he need to work on honda and dodge.?
How do you install a water pump for a 1988 chevy camaro step by step?
What are the best brand of tools?
any one please send me information on getting wiring diagram for honda elite?
Can a ed windshield really be repaired?
I need a vaccum switching valve and air switching valve for a 1980 chevy luv truck?
I crashed my dads truck into a large tree. I don't want him to find out about it.?
how do i tighten the timing belt on a b18 honda motor?
What does it mean when you hear a squeaking noise when you put on the brakes. The car has only 16,000 klicks?
How do I get the smell of cigarette smoke out quick?!?!?!?
Does anyone know how big the gas tank is in a 2000 Dodge Neon?
I'm Having Engine Problems?
My 1999 Oldsmobile Bravada is only charging to and holding steady at 12 volts instead of the usually 14 volts.?
Car's drivers lock will not unlock all the doors anymore, why is this?
Cabin air filter 2001 Toyota Camry?
I need Parts 83 Mazda B2000 "L" & "R" fders & FT bumper, gas sending unit float & Key switch ign. & fuel tank?
My Van steers out of control?
Is it possible to change your speedometer's color?
I have a 1986 Pontiac Parisienne?
200 grand voyeger. new fuel pump, new water pump, and new timing belt. it still wont start, and am lost on why?
need info on a john deere 4455 mexican tractor?
my car shut off while driving and hasnt started back up at all nothing will come on?
strange noise in engin of 97 dodge ram 4x4 v8?
Which scanner should I use? OBD 1 or OBD 2?
how long is a 2000chevy short box pickup bed?
Does anyone have a clue what could be wrong with my ford focus 02 blower it only works on high setting?
Car Transmission Problems?
Can you help me find and Ignition wiring diagram for '85 Dodge 1\2 ton?
when im driving the steering becomes heavy when trying to turn?
Need help with the turn signals/brake lights on a 1967 GTO?
When I turn left my car sounds like a Hollywood chase scene?
my brakes stoped working today i just bought the car and just checked the fluid it is empty can i top it up?
I am wondering about how much it would cost me and if its worth swaping out my 2.8l for a 350 on my firebird?
heater blowing out cold air?
When turning the rotors for a 2002 Honda Odyssey, are the bearings involved, or can I do it easily myself?
my 1996 elfa romeo wont star after taking the alarm out the wiers were reconected in the right order but stol?
What's the chrome strip called that goes in the of the door and the body?
Benefit from going from a stock ignition coil to an accel coil?
rwd conversion possible for a dodge stealth?
Vibration at 70 M.P.H?
My a/c fluctuates from dash vents to defrost/floor vents while in the ac setting. Any ideas?
96 cavalier 2.2 turns over but will not start any ideas?
Timing belts and water pumps - do you always need to get the two changed at the same time?
Car bogs down and sometime stalls?
How do you tell tires sizes?
a stop light switch is connected?
What is connecting rod and what does it do?
Transmission problems?
car hums when steering to the right?
1993 Chevy Blazer Tailgate dimensions?
Engine making a ticking noise?
Why does my check engine light keep coming on?
question about motor oil?
Alt and Accessory belts to tight will it cause radiator to or engine to get hot?
what is the best way to get tar off my car?
Where can I get a passenger side tail light for a 95 pontiac firebird???
Quick Question: Is this Motor on Ebay the entire motor or just a part of it?
oil leaking, major problem?
I live in Calgary & want someone 2 paint my car inexpensively. How do I find someone who works from home?
help me on my car about my radiator fan?
I'm careful to frequently oil my brake shoes, yet my brakes always seem to barely work. What am I doing wrong?
Guys, I need some help please regarding my car?
How much do performance headers cost?
Oil in my spark plugs?
Minivan won't start?
i found out my fuel pressure regulator is bad, will it hurt my car if i don't fix it right away?
the nut on my oil sump is rounded off?
Gas/Odometer Problem?
If i drive around with my Hi Beams on will my battery drain fast?
I need a form to record milage and service on personal vehicles?
Why is my car misfiring? (98 Mazda Millenia)?
can i replace toyota camry 2007 tail light with toyota camry 2011?
My cars door is falling off.?
Do i need a wheel alignment?
Will a separated/broken tailpipe fail emissions?
Why is it advised to depress the clutch on a car before starting the engine?
Please Define, "Riding the Clutch"?
how do i change the catalytic converter on my 2002 gmc envoy?
Ok after using fix a flat can I take the screw out of the tire without it going flat?
How to change car oil?
I need some help before i spend to much money?
what are the wire colors / positions in throttle position sensor harness for a 1987 jeep cherokee 2.5liter.?
Is something wrong with my transmission?
I have a f-150 and it won't start but I have spark and fuel?
on a manifold gage set what do the rows of numbers mean on each gage mean?
is that normal to get rust in my 2005 aveo?
Speedometer doesn't work anymore.?
what should be the appropriate pressure for tires of toyota camry 2006 LE 4 cyl?
Engine Fan keeps running?
1990 Acura Integra problem, My tail lights are always on?
why cant i get reverse gear in a 5 speed gearbox.removed from one car to another?
removing hydraulic throw out bearing?
if petrol is called gas in USA what is gas called?
does anybody know about this problem with my car?
Check engine light appears then goes...?
i had a courtesy car but rental company say ive scratched the bumper but i never!?
Car much oil!!!!?
my airbag light comes on and off at highway speeds?
What Are The Best Ways To Save on Gas? (Car) 10 Points?
Pls suugest a good merc garage around NW London in uk?
My car wont start and sounds like a machine gun?
What is the tool called that helps me adjust the brake pistons for my 1999 ford mustang gt?
Custom handbrakes and shifter knobs?!?!?
Is 580.00 dollars sound like a fair price to replace a thermostat on a 02' Saturn L300 ???
Will the stock exhaust give more HP?
Do 22" tires wear out easy?
accidently put 1 litre of diesel into my petrol car, is this a big deal?
is there a Fuel heater on the 7.3 power stroke or just a block heater?
Does anyone know how to wire a tailight converter in for use on a trailer?
My car has a flat tyre, what do I do?
The size of the aluminum terminate lug depends on?
Diesel in a Petrol Engine - ARGH - Advice please?
How can u tell if my dodge neon is a SOHC or a DOHC??
Door of MK5 Passat does not open from outside, even if is unlocked. It does open from inside though.?
What color is harder to see at night and day time and why?
Can somebody decode casting number and identify engine?
What is the significance of using two air pipes for inflating automobile tyres?
is it normal for a 1995 isuzu rodeo to have a loud tap in the engine?
I seriously could use your input! i'm about to drive from the east coast to th west coast... repair on my car?
where is the crankshaft sensor at on a 1989 chevy cavalier.and how do you remove it?
When is wear being put on the clutch?
What is the normal rpm range at 65 mph for the 6 cylinder engine on a 2001 Nissan Xterra?
How do I find out what size gear I need?
need to know if my truck has been wrecked how do i find out?
Why don't you connect the negative live battery to the negative dead battery when jumpstarting a car?
questions on my guitar?
cylinder misfire issue?
my ac smells like Olives whenever i've had it off for a while i need to fix it...any suggestions?
Who publishes the best do-it yourself auto repair manuels?
what can remove nail polish from a black leather seat?
Question about a car over heating. ( need some one who knows what they are talking about)?
Chevy Silverado Coolant Leak?
My car is just under a year old and the steering wheel has started to judder?
What tools do I need to remove the engine cover on my car?
I missed my cars MOT, what should I do?
What are these parts called on my car?? Please help!?
What does the tools supplier Snap-On mean to you?
Should I be concerned that my *air bag* light is on?
do you repair cars on sunday?
How often do I need my transmission fluid flushed and refilled, radiator flushed, and tune up?
How is oil getting on my MAP sensor?
How can I find out if a particular Wheel/Rim will fit on my car or not?
What is that tool called that breaks off rust? It looks like an air gun, but has cables sticking out the end.?
What would cause the airbag warning light on my Ford Focus to turn on occasionally?
truck dies while driving, engine light is on saying EGR is going bad, also strong gas smell, and bad gas mil?
Is the fuel pump on a 1992 chevy Lumina in the gas tank?
Do diesel cars last longer than petrol?
my car has a slight case of the shudders?
why is my car jump late when i hit the gas pedal.
will exhaust header leak cause valve damage?
what is this Noise i here under the hood of my car?
What are the risks and effects of overinflated a 30psi car tire to 40 psi and above.?
What makes a turn signal flash fast?
Chevrolet 350 transmission / aux. cooler question?
when gas is below quarter of a tank it runs like its out?
What's a Reasonable Car wash prices?
when should i use high mileage oil in my chevy impala 74000 miles?
wrong oil cap causing oil to evaporate?
i put water in my radiator is that okay?
if your red oil light comes on it means?
My car got wet with sprinkler system water and has real bad spot stains, What can I use to remove them?
trying to find out whats wrong with my 1997 saturn?
96 Saturn SL2 is making a knocking sound.?
Jumper cables hooked up wrong on my 84 chevy truck, have headlights and inter. lights, will not start,no click
1965 corvette 327 what side do valve cover clips go on (right or left)?
what is an allighnment cam?
I have a squeaky belt in the mornings. how do i fix it?
2008 honda accord radiator fan issue, no a/c, no defroster, no cab air flow?
names of used car warranty companies?
Why does the price of gas go down and then back up in such a short time span?
tailight went out after hitting a speedbump, after fixing my car when i got in an accident?
When to replace the tires on a new Honda Accord?
Will a 5 speed transmission from a 94 tracker fit in a 99 tracker The 94 has 1.6 engine and 99 has 2.0? Read?
How much for a paint job and reupholstery on a small car?
Have a sticky rear brake pedal on my 02 Yamaha V Star 650 Custom, how do I fix this problem?
stearing is lock truck is in grage i need it move to put car in it tow truck cost to much?
Hello, I have a 2007 toyota yaris, with 20000, and it has maintenance reqd light, I am covered by fact waranty?
2.0l dohc timing belt broke.. Is my engine shot?
My son has a 1997 s10 blazer that is really hard to start?
classic car (Jaguar mark 2/Daimler 250 v8) engine swap MPG efficiency. England?
Why do my reverse lights stay on?
Honda civic hood repair?
what is rear esb on 97 grand prix?
how do i replace a kia sportage 2000 timing belt? need a diagram or directions thanks so much?
engine rattle at start up?
How important is it to use Premium gas when it is suggested?
My Camry shakes at low speeds (<20 mph) - less so when I drive faster. Problem started when I hit a pothole.
How much is this going to cost me to get my car fix at an auto body shop?
Were can I get a longer dipstick for my car?
Car coolant low what it cost?
what could be causing battery to lose juice?
can anyone explain diagnostic code 1401 on 2002 taurus?
car won't crank over?
What does it mean by bleeding a diesel engine?
my 2002 wont start or even click when i turn the key?
Why would my "service engine soon" for my "01 silverado stay on ,even after a new gas cap?
toyota corolla verso automatic, what maintenance does it need oils etc.?
engine light on will get scan but how can i check to see if its my gas cap it looks good visual?
how many o2 sensors on a 96 jeep grand cherokee?
I'd like a Free Vehicle History Report, does anyone know how to get one without having to buy the report?
Should I change transmission fluid?
My wife drove the car into the sand and got stuck at the beach last week. Now the car wont turnover?
Can using tiptronic/slapstick all the time damage the car?
Towing your car ? Does it use miles ? ?
Why is my car shacking at high speed?
Can I override the Navi on my Car?
04 jaguar x type airbag light on flashing 1 then 5 times?
92 Rodeo 4x4 R Turn signal wont work?
what is wrong with my peugeot 307?
how much would it cost to take a 4 inch sq dent out of a car?
1988 GMC Sierra 1500 series...ran great Saturday morning.?
what kind of battery does my car need?
Can I use household window cleaner instead of windshield washer fluid in my car?
I left gas cap off my truck. Malfunction Indicator Light turned on. How do I reset Malfunction Indicator Lite
Car leaking green liquid?
How do I remove this bolt on my throttle body (pic)?
Replacing alternator on 1999 G20?
how low should my car be?
whats wrong with a car when smoke comes out of the oil cap
Left keys inside 2002 F-150. How can do i open doors without keys.? ANY Suggestions?
My car started screeching really loud when i turn hard, like parallel parking, but now it does it more often.?
what is this part called? (2003 honda civic front)?
Clean my windshield with household glass cleaner...?
MY 2000 CADILLAC DEVILLE wont start!!!?
can a bent chrome rim be fixed?
why do my car cut off when i stop?
unleaded regular gas or premium?
Simoniz Leather Cleaner?
why is my car making a strange clicking sound under the floor shifter area when I am driving?
Are many small, shallow s in my sidewall dangerous?
How much should it cost in total for the following maintenance on my 2006 Honda Civic?
what is the problem when the brake pedal is so hard to push to stop the car?
Anyone have an opinion for good brakes for my van?
Why do tire and oli-change places inflate tires to over 40 PSI?
how much are you?
I am trying to find out if a 1993 fruehauf trailer is supposed to have one air valve or 2 for the air bags?
Car Mechanics: Tell me, is this guy full of it?
my brakes stoped working today i just bought the car and just checked the fluid it is empty can i top it up?
I made a really stupid mistake?
What is the best way to repair a severally ed polyurethane bumper? Can I use fiberglass?
refitting a rear bumper to \\p reg fiesta?
why are my car brakes squealing and why does it stop after about 20 mins? it's driving me mad!?
web site for cal-hawk tools?
How much does it cost to rebuild a alternator on a 2001 focus?
why are bmc inductions kits so sore on petrol?
What can cause smoke to come from the engine of a 2003 ford taurus?
94 ford F150 idle problems?
where is the crank sensor on a '94 jeep grand cherokee,4x4,a/t,5.2?
My transmission Oil in my car?
How do i unlock my bedroom door? PLEASE HELP ASAP!! :O?
ABS light is flashing & it won't shift out of park ,, 97 model F150 I can't find any fuse blown or anything?
Is it a bad idea to hook up my playstation and 19" tv in my car?
what can possibly be wrong with my truck? i changed the fuel pump1998 Chevy p/u, 5.0?
What do have in the boot /trunk of your car? (Be honest !)?
Question about a nitrous cam?
Does it hurt a car to wash it too much?
How much does it cost to fix a broken power window, the motor works, but the window fell off the tracks?
01 Explorer Sport - Hatch Door Won't Open?
is there a way to change your cars fan switch to a 3 prong switch from an auto parts store?
Car jumping when transmission changes "gears"?
How much does it cost to rebuild a motor?
where is the fuel gauge sending unit on a geo metro?
What can cause your coolant levels to go down in your coolant tank?
I need to reprogram the keyless remote for my 2005 Chevy silverado. It's pretty simple but need the trick?
mk4 20v 1.8t loud noise when starting from cold stops after 30seconds or so?
i have and LDV pilot and i have water coming in2 the back...?
how to replace a power steering unit?
Do you need a tire aligment after you get your right-left ball joints of your car replaced?
i have a dodge stratus R/T and its a 6 cylinder 3.0 and im not to sure how to change the spark plugs or wires?
Auto Transmission ! Auto Transmission?
Who or what was the half time entertainment in 89, 95 and 99?
any free books on principles of mechanics anywhere?I am a Mechanic in the military stationed in Germany thanks
how to convert Cold cranking amps to amp hours?
my car has lost horse power dramatically, shakes badly when idling, idles very low rpms. Ive had a tune up don?
Why would I lose power when my vehicle is running?
How can you clean the inside of the front headlights in a 2000 Toyota MR2?
Car wont start afterjumping it?
What is the name of the small rubber tube of a 2001 Hyundai Accent?
How do i fix my scooter.?
where do i get a hyundai repair manuel?
My oil light keeps on coming on and off when im driving but the oil has just been filled up to the max.?
how do i change the muffler fluid in a 2000 intrepid??
Hydraulic Cylinder Assembly...?
Car air horn wiring help?
DINAN Cold AIr Intake Filter Re-Use-able? 2000 BMW 328i?
What am I missing, why are gas prices going up AGAIN!!?
My front tires on my van are wearing on the inside edge. what need changed its a 3500 chevorlet van?
my car, zen model 97,sometimes doesn't start?no crank noise as well.battery,alternator,alternator belt ok?
My battery keeps dying and I jump my car it sounds like its going to die while Im driving is it batryor altrnt
car battery light keeps flashing on and off?
My temperature gauge keeps rising rapidly when travelling at speed (70-75 mph) only. Please help ?
bentley sedan on my block, should i scratch it?
which one will cause a car more damage when put into the tank, water or sugar?
Can other belts make screeching noises such as the timing belt?
Why would my car keep overheating?
Body Kit/Lip Kit. Best way to put a 2 piece lip kit together?
Previous owner torched springs to lower car?
will putting a little deisel in with the oil clean a gasoline engines pistols and oil pump i heard someone say
Headlights suddenly stopped working?
what motor should i get for my 84 trans am?
how can i know if the vehicle is ordinary transmission or cvt in 1 look?
how do i access 93 z28 IAC?
My 97 Honda CRV Overheats when heater is on between medium to full flow.?
Heat stops when car slows down or at stop light, What could it be?
My radiator over flow container is dirty?
Engine wont start up?
What is the general reason that the causes the "Check Engine" light to come on for my 1997 Nissan?
I need to locate a part for my engine,and need a detailed engine breakdown where can I find this on-line?
Would an oil-change place stock drain plugs?
my 2000 avalon with 114,000 miles had the steering column recall. when we picked up the car we noticed one of?
Price of new ignition barrell in GBP?
What can cause a Misfire?
"Clank" noise in 02 honda civc ex.?
IMPORTANT does any one know what website can i find this type of mower? and also find the pulley part for it?
Why wont my car start even with a brand new battery, or a jump?
Persistent engine oil leak problem?
production numbers on 1940 buicks?
Steering pump bracket assembly question? Need help?
Engine Serious Problems?
My gf drove into a kerb (40mph)? No obvious damage?
My blower fan inside the car just shut off unexpectedly and the fuses are not blown. What else can it be?
location of oxygen sensors for 1991 cadillac?
My car requires 5w-20 oil, I used 5w-30, will this have much of an impact?
my car doesn't want to start i don't think the fuel pump is working, but i just put a new one a week ago?
What is a good site to get general car maintenance info for free?
car is having trouble starting?
Anyone know a place where I can get a water pump for cheaper then what I was told?
I switch turn signal on and the hazard lights just keep blinking really fast?
1999 f 150 no brake lights or tail lights all fuses are good?
How to change car oil?
how can I stop my car from rusting??
My truck is overheating?
why won't my parking break light come on, z28 camaro?
my car died while driving?
What are some of the first things to do to get a truck going after it has set over the winter?
Is the "shock absorber" the damper or spring?
1995 Eclipse Engine Problem?
why does my car struggle to start?
antifreeze is pouring out of my grand cherokee chief what is it?
Should i change my engine oil every 3 months or 3000 miles?
How do a get rid of the condensation on the inside of one of my headlights?
car engine is stopping?
Overheating problems in my 95 eclipse?
noise whilst I'm accelerating? roder noise from the back? easy s please help.?
Car doesn't do anything when I turn the key. What's wrong?
i dont know whats worng with my car?
what is the best thing to use to wash a car, that won't damage the paint?
is cut & polish safe?
Leather seat cover repair for Mercedes C300?
where is the obd-II port for a 2000 camry?
How much would a shop charge for spring compression on uninstalled struts. The struts are not on the car.?
headlights for 240sx?
Car mechanics, help me please?
Just got the front wheel bearings replaced for $600, fair price or too high?
Your thoughts on aftermarket intakes....?
Honda Timing Belt Missing Teeth?
Where can I find and buy for less $ the solenoide valve the NOS and NX systems uses on their nitrous car kits?
My '78 Honda Express is super loud.?
removing spark plugs,i have one plug that i can not break lose,any sugestions.?
how do i replace the fuel filter on a honda odyssey?
In CA, if I replace the hood on my car with an aftermarket hood, do I need to obtain a new emissions sticker?
Front Left Axle Shaft Badly Torn - Question?
My spark plugs are misfiring?
i need trucklift kit?
What color should I paint my truck black or white?
I had accidently shifted from 3rd to 1st+ revving, What damages have I done?
oil change??
comar aluminum door hinges supplieis?
Snowmobile fuel pump help?
How often do I need to change the oil in an 09 Honda Civic with 24K miles?
Where can i download for free a repair manual for a 2000 chrysler sebring?
Where can I find a repair shop that does brakes on a Sunday in Laurelton, NY?
Advice for getting a new Glass pack?
A red dasboard light with the letters S.R.S. keeps coming on.?
Chrysler sebring 2000 still wont start after fuel pumps been replaced?
All my indicater lights are switching on and off?
Question about car problem?
spark plug location on 1999 lincoln towncar?
When I start my Geo Tracker 94, it goes to 2000 rpm, idle for about 7-10 minutes, How adjust the idling speed
How many motor mounts are on a B16a2!?
why wont my car start?
will a converter run from an alternator without a battery being involved?
Does a dying battery messes with the transmission?
How much would a small dent in the front passenger's side bumper cost for an 05 Acura TSX 4door, black?
can I find free repair manual books for a sebring chrysler?
Why did my garage refit engine parts for body work?
shaking problems????
2002 trailblazer ... engine problems?
When should a cars radiator fans come on.?
Why do you need to put your car gear into neutral mode when you stuck in traffic jam?
high revs in neutral--95' bmw 318i?
Why switch oil brands?
Where can I get my Billet Grille installed?
If the battery is bad will jump starting still start my car?
car wont start, any ideas?
Vibration felt through steering wheel?
Which oil should I use for my 1984 Chevy van with 5.0 Liter V8?
Just had my valve gasket covers replaced, now my spark plugs are sitting in oil. That is why my car almost?
I have replaced the old battery and the car has been sitting without being started in 28 days, what to do next?
91 lebaron 3.0 automatic takes abvout 5 seconds to go into reverse after shifted sometimes wont upshift?
oil getting into cylinder in small engine?
Car transmission fluid high is that a problem?
How tight do you tighten oil pan bolts?
What is the life span of a small car, say doing 10 thousand miles a year,?
Honda people, HELP with Cv Axle ?
Question about Bar's Leaks Liquid Copper/Aluminum Stop Leak?
Why wouldnt my blinkers work?
I left my lights on and my car died at work. ?
My car is making a loud clicking noise. Please help!?
1982 YZ490 clutch fades out?
I'm putting my car in a storage for 6 months. Is there anything I should do before I leave?
how long are automobile seatbelts warrantied for?
Car alternator questions.?
what is wrong with my nissan micra 1.5 dci?
Differences between the vin y and 9 cutlass supreme?
can a cylinder head gasket be repaired instead of replaced ?
I have a 1993 Dodge Aclaim. The key is broke in the Ignition. How hard is it to replace the ignition?
the elec fuse which operates the ELC and air compresser keeps blowing in my 99 pontiac montana?
car wobbles at low speed?
How to open a car without a key?
my car won't start does this mean i have a burned clutch?
Why does my range rover cut of when headlights are switched on?
Does anyone know were I can get free manual transmission schematics for an M5R2 1996 Ford 5 speed?
where can I get an exhaust system for a toyota granvia?
Chainsaw bar lube question?
what does it mean when your battery light comes on in your car?
how many miles are you overdue for an oil change?
My brake power booster is bad?
Average cost to get your front axels aligned?
Where is the oil sending unit located on a 1996 3/4T 4x4 360 CID Dodge Pickup Motor?
How can i get my car sponsered?
what cause coolant to mix with oil?
how can i get my 2004 nissan altima 4 cylinder to go faster?
how often do u have to do a oil change?
1999 Honda Accord V-tech 6?
i wont to import tire cold patches?
I have a 96' Mitsubishi and I have hard time going up hills and engine light is constantly is on.?
How would I know If A New Clutch is needed?
i just blew out my tire?
how do i change the muffler fluid in a 2000 intrepid??
I cleaned my cars engine with water and my car wont start anymore.....any suggestions?
Small engine question? thanks?
Do I need to change my clutch before it fail?
Shock absorbers that adjust ride height?
Where are the a/c service ports on a 96 volvo 850glt??
How much does a car engine weigh?
My car is making this sound?
What happens if the mechanic puts the wrong bulb in your headlight?
What is a good muffler?
I am trying to locate a website where I can make a complaint about my Dodge truck and hopefully get some re-im
Flowmaster, dynomax, magnaflow....which one is better quality and sounds better?
Dealership claims I don't have warranty on car when I was supposed to?
Is it true that the truck, volvo 670 has a lot of electric problems?
Is it better to repair the overdrive or replace the transmission? Financially which is better?
Which of these products is best for cleaning/detailing my car?
What does it cost gasoline?
why won't my car shift from park to reverse?
When bleeding brakes, do I open the master cylinder while doing it?
87 cavalier oil sending unit how to get to it to change?
what is the cost of keying a car?
i just brought a battery for my ford expedtion and it keeps dying so what else could be wrong with it?
Is it bad to rev an automatic car when in neutral?
Camry has problems starting?
transmission is stuck in truck, all bolts removed?
anyone know anything about replacing or repairing the parking pawl in my polaris magnum 330?
will the rear end out of a 1998 firebird fit in a 1989 firebird?
What type of oil and gas should I use in a 1975 MGB?
have 1987 audi 4000 quattro cs having fuel injection problems anybody else experience this with their 2.2 5 cy