Should the flywheel be covered if the starter is going to be off for a while?
how much to install a oil pressure gauge?
I did donuts, car alignment feels weird now?
car paint help?
accidentally poured 10mls brake fluid into fuel tank. Help?
Where is the AC blower resistor on a 2000 mercury mountaineer 2WD V-6?
Is there a way to adapt my personal cell phone on to my onstar system?
How much does it cost to replace a Truck Headliner?
transmision slipping ouot of passing gear on 2 to 1 shift please help.?
can old oil cause engine knock?
Car turns over and sounds like it is trying to start but doesn't?
my tail lights wont shut off. the switch is off. it still killing my battery. what do i look for?
Manifolds vs Headers?
No oil in engine and I kept driving.?
Is Purolator PureOne the top oil filter in the market...?
a standard black paint job with a klavierlack clear coat ?
what is a loud muffler please help?
How to start a car thats been sitting for 3 yrs?
Why isnt my Python car alarm isnt working? The key fob lights up when I press buttons but the car does nothing?
Is it better for me to leave the blade up or down when my plow truck is parked ????
Car won't start on cold mornings?
Have a 2002 Nissan Altima won't start ?
vectra breathing and knocking?
My car battery keeps going flat if it has been cold overnight,once i get a jump start it goes fine.?
If you are a good enough mechanic will they hire you if you are still in high school?
Where can I buy portable car vacuum cleaner?
My Honda won't start?
I have a 2001 GMC 2500 Sierra.The parking break feels like it has broke at the pedal what do I need to replace
does a 1999 renault clio 1.4 have a serpintine belt if so can i change it myself?
What would cause this car to heat up?
what do people get on their cars to get the loud muffler noise the one that goes really loud when you accelera
Is a bypassed heater core a MOT fail?
If my car is white do i have to remove all the paint before i paint it and the color i want is black?
why would my power brakes/ steering go out at the same time?-and the belt is good.?
How do you remove the headlight lens cover on a 2001 BMW 740i?
hi,, i have an 88 maxima, i changed the intake filter, i put a k and n filter, does anyone recomended this?
fuel gauge is fluttering with putting in new fuel pump assembly on 99 GMC safari ? Does any one have a solutio?
When the airbags have deployed, does that mean the car is done?
Does a Ford Mondeo 2002 1.8 petrol have a pressurised petrol tank?
Auto electrics help please?
what kind of engine brand is in a holden rodeo 1998 model 2.8 turbo diesel?
A Saturn Vue? Help please.?
Does anybody know approximately how much it would cost to wire a car horn?
Best way to improve gas mileage and power?
92 honda civic stalls in idle. electrical?
is it better not to let your car worm up before you drive it or does it really matter?
HELP i bumped my car! my dad is gonna kill me if he finds out....?
where is the oil plug for craftsman 675 pressure washer?
transmission fluid levels for a plymouth neon?
I have white smoke coming out of my exhaust but i have no coolant loss?
My Corolla, 1998, 95000miles. is burning "the" oil. Is there a safe addetive to avoid costly repairs?
Is this garage ripping me off or is this reasonable it just seems a lot to me?
can bleach hurt your engine?
Does an aftermarket remote car starter need to be reset or reconfigured if the battery's been disconnected?
i was doing over 100 in my yugo and the quarter panel flew off.... anyone know where i can get another one.?
Diesel won't start in cold, do I jump it?
what could be wrong if your car wont turn but its not the battery?
how often do you service your car?
Head gasket and spark plug seals?
why do mechanics over charge you?
Can you help with my car please!!?? It's a 96 Mustang....?
How dyou you replace your brake pedels?
my 97 honda accord keeps overheating even if i have barely started it?
i have got a curtsy car and iv got a very tiny stone chip on bumper what should i do?
What is wrong with a cars engine if car had run out a water in radiator and is now engine is making a noise?
Speedometer reading changing due to tire size?
i need a picture of 93 dodge carvan alternator belts and how the go back on?
how to tune in a new carb on a 63 galaxie?
97 Taurus wagon ran out of gas and now won't start why?
brakes keep making a noise when driving - please help?
What is the best to use to seal a of of the radiator leak?
How long do I need to warm up my 93HondaCivic before driving it?
in need of passenger head light for 98 camero near orange texas?
how do you change the headlight to a mitsubishi lancer?
Cost to have a engine problem diagnosed, but not fixed?
Big screw in my tire!?
Still can't get the 1992 Buick century rear drums off?
can i put a 86 wagoneer rearend under a 93 z-71?
what is faster; 2001 z28 camaro or ninja 500?
what to do to pass the smog test?
what all is involved in puttin in a speed sensor?
Cooling system seems full of air/overheating?
how to remove fungus growing on carpet?
cant jump start my car help?
what can i expect now that i added water immediately after my car engine overheated and was turned off?
where can i find instruction manuals on vehicle maint. particularly a tune-up on a 2002 kia optima v6?
Best Shocks for a 2 inch lifted truck?
are front wheel drive cars fine for heavy snow states?
My car is shaking bad when i drive it??? what is up??
How much does it cost to get your car to open the doors like a Ferrari (Up and down)?
what is the best vinyl protectant?
I've put petrol in my new diesel car!!!?
I backed my car into some dirt and theres dirt and grass all the way in the muffler, what to do?
Car juddering problem?
What to do to my 91 supercharged levin?
how do you break a lug on a car tire that wont come off?
Antifreeze mixing with oil in my car how bad is this problem?
How much to redo a whole car?
I want to buy a 98 Honda Accord for about $6500, the mileage is 97k should the timing belt have changed?
Press gas pedal no acceleration at all?
wirring for parking light, breaklight,and turn sigal for a 1988 ford enconiline van. having lights failure.?
To start my rover 45 (V Reg) 1600cc, I have probs.?
2003 range rover - lock the car without the alarm?
where can i find the recall list for audi?
Someone has put a lilac powder in my petrol tank and my car has now broke down, what is it?
Have a question about truck dieing?
How do I fix this dash?
i just washed out my car Honda city engine?
Need Help With My 1996 Deville Concours?
I just got charged $883 to get my back brakes fixed w/ replaced callipers. Is that too much?
how to set the timing on 95 chevrolet monte carlo z34?
96 Mercury Sable trunk key anyone know how to get one?
How to clean these stains(see pics) off my recently bought car?
How do i know when an handbrake is not working well&is it possible for a car to still move after brake is up?
horses and ignition?
i have a lincoln towncar 1991 and i put the key in the ignition but it wont turn?
What SMALL diesel engine could be put into my 2006 cobalt? what are some recourses?
is it ok to put the automatic transmission on N position while driving?
I need to find the glass for a side view mirror of a 2000 mitsubishi montero sport.?
I have a 2006 impala police but when I lock the car it doesnt chirp?
why wont my car stay running with ac on?
I cant figure out whats wrong with my car. please please please help!?
bedliner paint won't dry?
Should I "warm up" my car b4 driving first thing in the morning?
my passat vibrates!?
Biggest tire size with 20" rims...?
Turn signals not working. Help?
my dad got a car and got ripped off!!!?
Why does my car keep dieing?
My car is frozen!?
How do I get rid of the wheel cleaner stains on concrete?
How do I increase my horsepower?
k, i made a mistake, filled gas tank soy milk? car is making funny noises...?
No back seat belt for my car, will i pass inspection?
what would happen if the engine is hot and i put coolant on it?
How many regestered cars in Wash. St.?
what size tire is recommended for a 98 chevy cavalier?
Is recycled steel rail safe?
how to be a car mechanic if i cant go to college?
Car problems! Please I need advice!?
Why won't power door locks work on 2005 chysler mini van?
Best color for my car?
What is the best way to fix a loose rear bumper on a 17 year old car?
How Much is GAS where your located??
where is the engine number located on a 96 Toyota Camry V6?
What does a fully loaded car mean?
how do i test an oil pressure sending unit on a ford 2.3?
Car battery keeps draining?
my car is overheating and when i stop there is a bubbling noise coming fro the reservoir?
will a 13 year old be able to buy wd-40 or spray paint?
Why is there anti-freeze leaking out of my tailpipe?
my 2002 ford Taurus is not getting heat and the temperature gauge goes up and down.?
my dad got a car and got ripped off!!!?
I have a 97 Malibu and my breaks will not bleed or have any pressure and we change the roaders nd master cyld?
can you polish your car with earwax?
My car has an oil leak, I have been told its the cylinder head gasket?
How far to pull up a car handbrake?
Which would go better with a turbo, cold air intake or short ram?
Could the red liquid in the coolant be oil?
My breaks are making a grinding sound...what does it mean?
What would cause a gas smell in 80 el camino?
How much for a new rear end for a 2001 Jeep GC?
87 Toyota Corolla, my turn signals dont work, how can i fix this?
How do I change the transmission filter for the 1987 f150?
Is the oil pump on my car going out?
Is it worth it to buy a new gas cap for my car? My sister lost it, so it doesnt have one right now.?
whats wrong with my car?
Failure to change o2 sensor can result in Catalytic Converters to fail?
Fuel Pump for a brand new 09 scooter, motobravo. 150cc? how much would it cost and is it hard to install?
How to avoid bad odor when I turn on my car Air conditioner?
cheverlot front suspension diagrams?
What can I do to keep my car's gas line from freezing in subzero temps?
I just bought a Cadallic Deville, 1997. And was instructed to buy only the best premium gas, is this true?
Would a bad throwout bearing keep your car from starting?
Can someone tell me how to change an ignition module on a moped?
Should a thermostat and housing cost $168?
I have Alternator problems?
spounge clutch pedal?
Cost of Gas Where you from?
I have a 1995 Honda passport and the heater is not working please help?
Does the air intake on a vortec engine swirl the air as it enters the intake?
is any one on a mechanic?
can a radiator flush stop my windows from getting foggy?
is there an inline fuse for automatic seat belts on 92 saturn sl2?
how to remove timing-belt warning light from dash board ( toyota Hiace- (2008) Diese)?
when i brake in my car it pulls to 1 side sometimes what could this be?
Does listening to the car radio too often kill the battery?
need to know how much maintenance would could cost on a 2002 rav4 toyota such as tire cost,oil changes etc....
what website shows your car with different rims on it?
how do six speed automatic transmissions work?
what is the firing order for a 1965 ford mustang with a 297 cu. inch block, V8?
I have a 1972 bug. It won't start. I tried spraying carb cleaner, but it still won't start.?
I accidentally took off the positive battery cable first? What do I do?
where is the engine number on 2005 daihatsue mira?
What kind on engine oil do I use for a 96' Oldsmobile eighty eight ?
what is the procedures for replacement and repair of steering system components?
change mirror on ford pu?
How do i get to a heat core on an 1989 Chevy blazer?
Is mechanic taking the piss?
Repairing upholstery on a car cheap?
switcing off ignition while car still running?
I need pictures of the undercarriage of a vehicle What do I type in?
where is the starter located on a '93 chevy Corsica?
engine stops while driving?
what is likely culprit for check engine light on on honda accord 99?
how can i reset my 91 honda accord's computer?
If you pay $115 for a car battery and you are told it is an exclusive AAA Member Discounted price.True or not?
do i have a bad battery?
Oxi clean on car paint?
i had to order the part and it will be 2-3 days, is it safe to drive, im loosing 1 pint every 100 miles!?
do i need to top up the oil on my car ever?
Potential for a 1995 240sx? Tuner Junkies!?
how can I make my car louder?? Please help!?
Steerin wheel goes stiff, and the car goes off. brake light n battery light up?
how much will it cost to fix suspension brush and front brake pads on ford fiesta 2001?
3 trouble codes on 04 Suzuki Verona?
Can parking company clamp you for not having car tax in my communal parking while repairing the car?
what would cause my 2007 dodge charger to shut off when the air conditioner is turned on?
In a 1984 el camino conquista what does the rear suspension have? pose track or a limited slip rear end?
What Is Wrong with My Headlights?
Estimate question for mechanics?
my car radio keeps changing its own station (sporadically)... any ideas why?
Did I cause the grinding brakes?
How do I remove a small rust spot in a chip on my car and repaint it so that it will not rust anymore?
We lost the KEYPAD to our 2002 Altima, we have a spare key but can not shut the alarm off! What can we do?
Gas leaking from the meter?
What happens if you miss an oil change?
possible deadly car problem. Engine shuts off on its own.?
what tpye of oil dose the jeep leberty 2.8-liter turbodiesel inline-4 eng take?
How do I figure out how much I should charge for doing a mobile repair?
why my pick up truck is overheating?
where is the water pump on a 96 chevy s-10 blazer?
I dropped down a curb with my car and now when I turn right the right wheel axle area makes a weird sound?
If you lock your car and snap the key, leaving half inside the lock, how can this best be rectified?
Top 5 Car Mods you have seen?
can i put 5x114 on a 5x115?
How do I know if someone put a nail in my car tire or if I ran over it by accident?
Is there any possible way to override the alarm system on my 1993 Town Car? The alarm goes off for no reason!?
How do I repair my 4 ton jack?
What could cause a very rough idle? , any one has experience ?
Technician A states that a test light should be used to diagnose poor connections in an airbag circuit.?
Can you actually put the "wrong" battery in a car?
How do I change the oil and filter on a Mercedes ML270 CDI?
Cheap/fair Volkswagon mechanic Northern Ireland?
Sound difference b/t aftermarket muffler and catback?
My air compressor is leaking compressor oil!?!?!?!!?
authorized dealer for general brand air conditioner?
how to replace a fuel pump in a 2001 hyundai?
What does high level of HC mean in auto emissions testing? What can I do to pass?
where is the dipstick for the transmission of a 2000 pontiac trans am?
Why does my 1998 Ford Escort drive "sloppy"?
How can u add self start to Honda Eterno?
copper color floating in your radiator fluid, what does that mean?
Amateur car diagnosis please?
Why does air slowly leak from 2 of my tires? Even if they are new tires?
3.8 engine, saving it?
How did this happen to my windshield?
front end loader?
I have a home diagnostics pack from Halfords. Where is the diagnostic point/plug on my 2004 Vectra?Any ideas?
Tossup, Chevy Caprice opinions vs Crown victoria?
what is the limitation for the shock absorber of a car?
How much does a new leather seat cost?
My car runs fine when cold. As soon as it warms up, the speedometer stops and the tranny won't shift?
why cant i get reverse gear in a 5 speed gearbox.removed from one car to another?
Can you add 134a Refrigerant when under hood it say only R-134a?
The correct tyre pressure for a Mitsubisi Galloper 4 by 4 2.5 diesel?
what did i do to my 89 celica?
is oil in water and milky oil cap defo suggest blown head gasket?
hey got a 95 honda civic ex auto transmision 15500 miles. doing tune up etc.?
weird colored engine oil?
Power stroke diesel's catalatic converter?
How can I tell if a 2005 Kia Optima has an alarm system?
How does spark plug works?
I need to the how to repair an altanator on a 1989 BMW 325is?
ball joints bad on my ford explorer..need help?
Can Anyone Help Me With My Car Please :-(?
How do I sell my rotors without information?
How east would it be for someone to clock a Honda nsr125¿?
HELP!! automatic transmission wont down shift sometimes and normal other times..?
parking brake went out not sure if it will affect the braking system?
What could be making my 1990 Maxima stall after stopping then trying to accelerate?
I have a 94 Ranger, they want $300 to install shocks on it. Is something that I can do myself?
is this part still covered under any kind of gm warranty?
How to add leaf with cool springs?
How to verify that i have my car with bi-xenon lights?
My light bulbs on my car dont last long, what can it be?
Button to turn off Check Engine for a 96 Land Rover Discovery V8?
2002 Mitsubishi Lancer, smog test fail. Need to replace catalytic converter.?
car problems?
kawaski 3 wheeler CARB HELP?
Why does my starter keep burning out Vauxhall Combo Merit 1.7 diesel?
I have a 92 GMC Yukon that after it warms up, it blows out 1-2 qts of oil from the filler cap. And then smokes
My car battery died; can I get an inspection sticker?
How much transmission fluid to use?
Which cars will run the longest & the best with the least amount of work? And how many miles is too many?
Help!!! My speedometer and odometer is broken!?
2000 Lincoln Navigator Problems?
who to adjust Mechanical lifters?
how do you adjust the Trans.bands on a 99 neon 2.0?
anybody know any auto switchers for runescape like garys hood auto clicker but auto switcher?
How do you use a slim jim?
AFE intake?
where do i put the oil into in a ford escort?
Why won't my brakes work?
How much should it cost for a shop to repair 97 wrangler exhaust and intake manifold gaskets? Quoted 300!?
Pickup Timing and Carbeurator?
Should a check-engine light turn off automatically if the problem gets fixed?
My 1985 gmc sierras gas gauge doesn't work?
VZ Calais Engine coolant?
will a transmission out of a 1993 escort bolt up to a 3.0 v6???
Where can I find what the numbers on a crate engine for a jeep mean?
When diesel car gives off heavy black exhaust what might cause this engine problem?
how can i test a fan relay?
Whats the order for using jumper cables?
Hiya! Have recently got a Honda Accord 2000 model car, need to know some information about servicing this car?
What is wrong with my washer?
Hi does anyone know how i can find out the paint name for my vauxhall astra,?
Locate fuel pump on 2002 Chevrolet Malibu?
what is the glass outside part called on a headlight??? it snaps on and can you get just new ones?
How long does it take to have tires replaced?
how do i tell which type of brake fluid is in my car?
nissan primera alternator?
Mopar Antifreeze Bottle Exploded?
87 gas to an 89 gas.. what should i expect ?
Whats wrong with my car?
Why did my car lose power after driving it, like the battery was taken out?
Is there any different between motorcraft premium automatic fluid vs castro oil?
What are the pros and cons of buying auto parts not from the dealer?
when i start my chevy venture 2002 on a cold day its noisy.?
how can I make my 05 mustangs engine noise louder?
Broken release (I think?) on VW Passat.?
After changing spark plugs, car won't start or stay on unless I give it gas?
Just had my radiator replaced on Friday...Today I noticed a brown liquid leaking from under the pass side?
Is it normal for a car battery to die after one week of no use?
My car engine is leaking oil.?
bad gas milage on my car?
How do i change my bumper lights on 96 accord?
how much freon is in a 2004 Hyundai Sonata air conditioning line?
How do you change your license plate?
My husbands ford truck is having problems starting?
Bobcat 742b skid-steer load oil weight?
i have a 206 (2002) when starting the car the doors lock what would be the problem?
How do you change an air filter for a 1992 Ford Explorer Sport?
My car has a flat tyre, what do I do?
how often should i chaneg the oil in my car?
Is my heater going in the car?
Does Triple AAA charge to fix/replace broken keys?
How much boost can a t3/t4 hybrid turbo produce?
ihave an lpg gas run maruti car, i would like to know the maintainance & optimization tips for the lpg cars?
What does "rotate your tires" mean? Why and how often should you do it?
Fast flasher problem.?
Will having no exhaust from cat back on my gto mess anything up from the heat?
Why does the rpms go up to 4000 and bogs out when giving gas on my skidoo?
2001 Infiniti Q45t suspension system-how does this system work and what is the required maintenance interval ?
I own a 1997 Chevy Blazer and the turn signal lights are not working. I have replaced all bulbs. Please help.?
grand prix gt electrical issue....?
does 4cylinder have a v engine?
is there a voltage reducer that will reduce a 12 volt battery to a 6 volt system?
New 2012 vehicle paint factory defects?
how do u change a auto transmission for a 1997 dodge stratus es?
what is the name of the insert that goes inside rim centers to protect the wheel from damage by the studs?
On a Ford Focus 2.3L, how which two wires.....?
1992 Chevy Lumina 3.1 Euro is stalling/hesitating/missing/cutting out! Please help!!?
How much does the 60k service for a 1999 mazda protege LX cost?
i am being ripped off by a car dealership?
How can I tell if my car's transmission has ever been rebuilt or replaced?
Is it bad to accelerate fast with an automatic transmisson?
Idk why but my A/c compressor kicks on and off making my rpms go up and down. why?
Does a 1995 Dodge Intrepid have a roll over fuel shutoff & reset, whereis it?
what are some easy and cheap upgrades for a car?( cold air intake exhaust?stuff like that)?
If i did blow my head gasket does that mean that i need to replace the engine?
how do i get my windscreen wipers to properly clean my windows instead of smearing them?
buy and change tire?
Just replaced timing belt, now the engine runs rough?
Why is it not recommended that we keep our car on idle for a very long time?
My cars always dirty after it rains.?
I have older Maruti Suzuki 1300 CC of 1993, and it doesnt have the rpm meter ? Can i fix it externally ?
Is the speedometer on my car broken?
How Do You Fix An EVAP system?
Is it true that when a car is empty on gas it has another 20-30 miles to run on?
Easy engines to work on? (Gas/Engines Repair Class)?
Why does 01 Buick LeSabre engine randomly cut off and battery light comes on?
My car swerves or skids at certain times and I don't know how to fix it?
why would my car stop blowing air out of its vents?
When swapping fluid in the transfercase do I Wait?
My4x4doesntwork.iwas told ineed a actuator ona1997gmc sierapickup.How do I Fix?
welding question can you weld Aluminium with a steel rod or must you use a Aluminium rod?
How to remove water stains on cars window?
I need to know what this is. Picture to follow.?
my 97 vw passatt glx vr6 is loosing coolant but no leaks visible what could this be?
Possible repairs for emission standards failure?
how do i replace the fuel injectors in a 1995 gmc jimmy,4.3 ltr?
Car window screen?
Is there any good method for cleaning catalytic convertors?
i have a 1984 gmc s15 jimmy with a v6 engine. it starts after about a min it dies and it wont start at all.?
First scratch in 15 years!!!!!?
how often should you change the fuel filter?
Heater doesn't work in my Car?
Will my car be totaled? *pictures*?
I've just had a car MOT'd, Is it legal?
On average how many miles can a Honda or Toyota engine give you before "dying"?
whats wrong with my car if it doesnt accelerate when i floor it what can be wrong?
Symptoms of a dead car battery?
What years will fit a 99 Toyota Tacoma 4 x 4 for doors and fenders?
how do you change the spark plugs in a nissan xtrail?
Why is it going to cost me $900 to get my car fixed?
Why do truck companies only put turbo's in diesel engines?
My toolbox is not short a wrench, but my taco is missing a bell?
I have a 1999 gmc tahoe, and the front differential wont engage when it is put in 4x4.?
I put salt on my friends car?
Should I replace my rear tires?
When I try to start my car i get a scraping metal noise when i turn the key? Any ideas?
How do you get the smell of cigaretts out of a car.?
Should i drive my car if...?
oil change question please help?
What is the price of gas in your area?
Recent oil change to blame for overheating?
where can i find a good quality car battery?
why cant you get v6 torque out of a v8?
i need to empty the gas out of my 01 tahoe, what is the best way to do this?
ford tauras can this be fixed?
Car not running on fuel?
$3000 damage, should I go through insurance?
Car fishtails over pumps?
Need help with putting a belt on a 1990 ford festiva.?
White smoke from Radiator and Reserve Tank?
I lost the key to my car, it is a 1993 pontiac firebird. How much does it cost and how do I replace it? thanks
My 1993 toyota landcruiser has a raddling in the engine, especially when accelerating up a hill. What it it?
oil change mistake?
check engine light came on again?
In a Kia Soul 2010, do you have to replace the entire sensor when the tire valve breaks off?
What can cause a car to shake at 40mph?
Failed my emissions test, what should I do?
where can I get instructions with pictures for changing the brake pads and rotors on a 2001 CHEVY VENTURE?
my dad sprays the trailer for bugs constantly, but roaches keep appearing, why?
I have a 95 Grand AM (4cyl). Where is the fitting to check the fuel pressure and what type of fitting is it?
What is considered the front of the engine?
oil filter fell off 10 miles after an oil change?
what is the minimum amount of work required to fix my overheating car?
Me and my dad are rebuilding a 1967 Chevy Nova and are looking for a website we can buy all our parts we need?
How do I know my cars horsepower?
How can I fix this scratch on my car?
Blinking Tail and Reverse Lamp on Braking?
What is the best oil for a 1998 VW jetta 2.8 VR6 with 80,000 miles on it?
How will I know when my brake pads need changing ?
I'm looking for Dupont #7 Chrome Polish. Where can I get it?
How can I find out whats draining my car battery when I turn off my car?
How to bypass ignition on honda atc 200M Three Wheeler?
i have a 96 buick regal limited and how much is labor on spark plug replacement?
What is wrong with my car?
what color is the positive wire for the drivers door in a 2005 dodge ram 1500?
Why isn't the high beam working on my 1996 Ford Econovan?
speedometer, odometer and oil pressure meter don't work on my car, how much does it cost to repair? 92 mustang?
Anyone know where the Thermostat is on a 1996 Grand Am SE?
How do you fix a speedometer on a 95 Honda Accord?
How to get bad smell out of vehicle.?
Does a rack and pinion always leak when it's going bad?
toyota piston ring end gap?
i drive an mgf. my oil has white/brown in it. is my head gasket about to blow?
Vibration Frustration?
where can i go to get my brakes replaced? A place i can trust?
When tinting a cars window in California does the owner of the car have to be present?
black widow keyless entry..don't know how to use it..?
Can A Transmission really drop out of your vehicle?
i have a dime size hole in my tail light cover?
Alternator or Battery issue?
where is the starter on a 1987 oldsmobile?
volvo car parts for a 1990 sedan dl240?
my 98 honda prelude is idling up and down when going 40 to 50 miles an hour it jerks the car back and fourth?
car problems! please help!?
Whats that smell coming out of my ac vents in my car?
help with 91 gmc sonoma?
can having new tyres fitted to a car affect the speedometer.?
how do i remove a mangled up oil filter on a 1993 S10?
Girlfriend's VY commodore won't let her start it, please help?
How much time and money is needed to fix the fork seals on my 85 Honda Sabre?
Where can I buy automotive weatherstripping?
Installing a new battery in my moped.?
I need to get my car to stop working?
My daughter has put in a new battery and a new alternator and still......?
Brake light fuse problem?
Is $60 a good deal to get water pump installed?
1992 ford f150 high idle when engine warmed up?
What size wrench takes off 98 ford escort front calipers.?
how do you set timing for 93 mitsubishi eclipse?
Oil And Fuel Filter In Cars?
I have a Bad air compresssor! Could this be damaging my car?
my car won't start I need help..?
What kind of cars are recommended for short people? and cars not recommended for short people?
Check engine light is on "O2 sensor"TOY Landcruiser.Will we get alot less if not repaired? problem to sell?
I got a broken dipstick stuck in my car's engine oil hole?
is it bad for car to change gas stations?
if an alternator runs at a set speed will it run an inverter?
where can i have cheap rims?
what can happen if an auto engine runs out of oil?
noise in car?
Are spark plugs used in all cars?
I have a "high-performance engine" (WRX). Would it be harmful to slowly work down to an 89 or 87 octane fuel?
Hi. is a 195 50 16 Tyre smaller in actual size - than a 195 55 16.Thanks. Ivan.?
i have a diesel works van it was nearly empty and went to petrol station and the apprentice accidental put in?
How much $ to paint and clear coat a hood?
why is it ?????
My 2000 Saab 9-3 is having problems with CV joints, anyone know anything about this?
Do I need to condition new brake pads?
I left my headlights on and now it takes a while for the car to start.?
how do you hook up battery cables?
dhy don't my electric door locks work?
Whats the difference between v6 engines and v8 engines?
My car got towed today for the first time, it is a 1984 Mercedes 300D, and I'm worried about damages?
how do I get more horsepower out of a 1963 plymouth valiant w/ the 225/slant 6 motor ?
How do fix a little bent in a frame of a truck?
I want to put 22 inch rims and tires on my 02 suburban lt1500 what is the best ones for my truck.?
If I live in California do I have to have a catalytic convertor even if....?
Electric car window is stuck?
could this be my water pump?
How much would it cost to get a fender painted off the car?
1979 AMC rebuilding?
a few questions about 3rd gen cars?
The mechanic wants $150 just to replace the switch on my electric this a fair price?
after india change auto/bus/taxy to cng how much get clean polution?
i have got a curtsy car and iv got a very tiny stone chip on bumper what should i do?
I bought a 1986 Dodge Aries, inside found a warranty card (36k/3yr), took to dealer, they said no!?
what website can I go to so that I can customize and design a 1985 GMC Pickup with authentic parts?
1995 Isuzu Rodeo fuel, brake, and battery lights stay on and blower does not work, why?
What's wrong with my car?
there are three types of gas reg. plus and super which is the periume brand?
what makes brakes squeak?
how do i tell if my frame is bent?
Safe to drive with a chipped tire?
where is the fuel pump relay on a 91 gmc sierra 5.7?
tree sap on car, how to get off without damaging paint?
how can i fix a a/c problem in a 1998 cadillac deville?
1999 mercury grand marquis stirring wheel shakes?
Why does my car hesitate while accelerating?
airbag symbol remains lit at all times?
car out of gas question?
Do you think Car dealership garages deliberately damage cars so as to get more work?
Can any car be turned into a convertible?
Does anyone have info on Chrysler 2.7l engine being replaced due to oil pump failure?
My 94 Pontiac SE minivan lost power while on the freeway -- sparkplugs or fuel?
My car turns off while driving what could be causing that?
My car won't start, what is the problem?
i've a 91-f 150 6cylinder i put $60 of gas in but it is only showing a 1/4 tank how do i know if i go
Whats wrong with my car?
car won't drive or reverse?
Crack in my windsheild?
My car won't accelerate first begin to drive. I push the gas it doesn't move then suddenly jerks and goes.?
what can remove nail polish from a black leather seat?
How to remove heads from Concorde 2000?
How to start and old car without keys?
Your Open Question: Will an exhaust from a 86 Z28 camaro fit a 1989 gta trans am?
car battery trouble!!?
Replacing the master cylinder or brake booster?
1996 Dodge Ram leaking transmission fluid into transfer case?
whats the difference between a 95 3.4 dohc engine and a 97 3.4 dohc engine?
1998 chevy blazer instrument panel lights?
Dodge Ram air conditioning starts and stops?
what should i get a gtx 460 or a gts 450?
why does my car screech?
I'm running synthetic oil, when to change the oil,3000 or what??
Engine troubleshooting?
Metering valve is required on a vehicle with four wheel disc brakes? True? or Fales?
My horn doesn't work anymore, why?
oil change question please help?
Where is the Oil Pressure Check Valve on a 2003 Silverado located? ?
Do the twin guard door draft work?
Radiator coolant looks clear, and is a little low?
If my Alternator only gives out about 12 volts while driving should i get a new one?
Why does my car vibrate when idle?
What routine maintenance should be performed on a 125 cc motorcycle?
location and how to remove driver airbag computer for 96 kia sephia?
Dura Seal Head Gasket Sealer actually works!?
request nissan sunny 130y wiring diagram?
we bought a car with coded door lock the dealershop we bought it from doesn't have the code. Help!?
How long do I have before it shuts down?
Transmission oil to use?
how to fix a car engine?
Will a 4 stroke engine not start if the intake valve doesn't fully close?
How Can I fix my motor?
Is this a DIY job or should I just pay this good mechanic to do this?
I have jag xj6 which sometimes gives out a blue smoke from exhaust when starting?
Why is the ls block a small block even at 454 ci if its predicessor used a big block?
where is the crankshaft position sensor located on a 1997 ford explorer v.6?
mechanic says pistons need honing?
how do i get the mold smell out of my car?
Why does my car AC blow warm air?
Where is the starter on a 95 lumina 3.4 $ how do you take it off?
Why do mechanics charge SO much?? How do we get around that??
My Girlfriend Smoked In My Car?
Why did I become an auto techncian?
My stering wheel shakes when I step on the breaks! Help?
How hard is it to put in fuel injectors?
Where can I find sikkens auto paint?
Do lil engines have hhigh idles?
Do you think a female run garage is a good idea?
what are the first signs of a bad transmission?
At what mileage should the timing belt be renewed in a Ford E-150 van?
why does my speedometer bounce?
My car makes backfiring noises at low RPMs and shakes while idle. What might be wrong?
Rover 25 ECU?
Will putting premium gas in a unleaded only car harm it?
what modifications are neccessary to fit a chevy 350 crank into a 327?
what happens if i leave the iac sensor unplugged in car cause it runs fine without it?
Shaking engine and oil puddles around spark plugs?
Use motor oil full synthetic for my truck?
Volvo 940 problems muffler smoke?
My dash lights went out on my car and my headlights and radio won't work. Could this be an electrical problem?
are the cool blue headlights bulbs brighter than the regular halogens?
How can attach garden hoses to insides of utility trailer if have electrical wires running through for lights?
i have a 1999 buick regal, and i want to put 22 inch rims on it, will i need spacers or will they fit?
What should I do if my engine is smoking?
need help with my moped variator case?
Is it the alternator or battery?
while i am driving at night my headlights go dim and then back to normal. what is the mostly cause?
If I put my car in to a garage to service it, what will be replaced/serviced as standard?
my friend said that one of his enemies were going to put sugar in his gas tank. will that harm it?
Battery charger question?
All interior lights have stopped working in car?
rear end welding...?
Anyone know of any Good/Honest Honda mechanics in Sunnyvale?
My car battery won't hold a charge...why?
Is it better to keep your car running or turn it off?
where is the fuse box for the ac on a toyota highlander?
I want to change 95celica head gasket.send me a website to show how to change a gasket?
Get me Audiovox 5BCR05 Programming instructions for s!?
i need help putting some spunk into my car!!!?
How would one go about increasing the engine compression on a gas engine?
What is the best trailer hitch for a 2006 Toyota RAV 4?
Air conditioning question?
grrrrr, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, grrrrrrrrrooooowww, grrrrggggrrrrooooowwwwww!!!!!!!!! I Love You.?
Whats wrong with my motor on 1964 impala?
what is psi?
This is a serious question.I have to give a 400 pound man a ride.?
Can anyone please tell me what the tune in the CORSA car advert is . thanks?
mycar shifts hard while running but not when off?
What is wrong with my car??? Plzzzz help? 1997'FORD EXPLORER?
My car had a front brake locked up and the brake pedal is hard at the same time. Please help?
Getting gas to my four Wheeler 110cc?
When you get a "plug" put in to fix a flat tire. Is that a good way to fix a flat? Do plugs last?
Wheres my antifreeze leak coming from?
good universal short ram intake???
I have a 1998 Ford Windstar, the sliding door sensors have broken and the door chimes are always on--HELP?
Why is my car getting such bad gas milage?
Any tips or advice on changing an alternator in an 88 Deville?
Oh no! Have you ever been locked out of your car? What did you do?
Anti-freeze leaking out of my car, why?
What could happen if i took the Governor off of my lawn mower engine that is powering my go cart?
IMA &Check Engine light on 2004 Honda Civic Hybrid?
Air coming from oil cap, good or bad?
Can you add straight coolant to a car without mixing it with water?
my alternator belt fell off is it safe to drive?
Wheres the location of the power steering filter on a 2001 Olds Aurora?
Non permanent adhesive for gear knob?
What other cars door glass is interchangable with a 79 2dr malibu?
I'm having problems with my bright lights staying on. Can you help me?
have a 93 nissian sentra,2 ingectors not working replaced alot of parts?
Where can I find out how to replace the interior &exterior door handles, on a 98 chevy tahoe? A diagram?
Lower Intake Gasket Symptoms?
how can i tell if a bumper/brush gaurd thing off a truck is aluminum?
My car doesn't want to start?
Is being a Diesel Mechanic a good career?
Put Gas in car now it wont start?
how much will it cost to replace?
how much is a motor mount for a 2005 dodge neon cost?
How do i find & replace flasher for 1999 Jeep cherokee tried access through lwr dash?
when was the catalytic converter first used in cars exhaust system?
How long until a honking car-horn CAR ALARM kills the battery?
I purchased my car not even a week a go and the service engine light came on How can I return my car?
My car wont start, the lights and radio still work fine..purchased a new battery and still nothing,, ?
what would cause my car to shake when I am stopped?
does anyone know how much is a proton saga front bumper? pleaaaase pm me sami_wildman?
where do the 3 fuel lines go to that come from the fuel seperator to the tank on a1997 hyundai elantra gls?
My car is overheating within a mile. And my engine is revving from 0 to 1 only when in park or neutral?
is there anything you can put on your car prior to a trip to keep bugs from sticking?
Why dont my car cigarette lighter socket work?
replaceing ball joints 94 ford ranger, both sides?
Is it cheaper to get a transmission rebuilt or replaced?
i am looking for parts and part catalogue for allis chalmers acc 60 ds if some one can help please do?
JLM HID 8000k different box?
remove and replace a 1984 nission 4wd truck head gastek?
someone changed a heater core in my 92 firebird. it keeps dieing. is there vacume lines behind dash?
driving on a short distance my 91 honda civic 16 valve 1500 motor overheats. what could it be?
what are some of the better turbochargers??
i need ecm/ecu for 1997 toyota camry, toyota 89661-3H030?
my car starts out well with good oil pressure but as it gets hot it goes down to 5 psi.?
Sweet smelling whit smoke and car overheating?
What is the open circuit voltage on a constant current welding machine?
the steps to replace a belt in a 92 olds 88?
My car wont start all it does is click. Any help?
Installing a/c eliminator kit in 5.0 1993 mustang?
How to fix OBDII P1652 on a 98 buick regal?
Who would be the responsible party for my flat tire?
Toyota Camry 2000 XLE OEM Number to Cross: P1135?
What does the OD ON/OFF mode indicate in a car ?
engine code p0320? please help ty?
how to save diesel consumption?
Power to car cuts out when I try to turn over engine. Whats wrong?
2001 Volkswagen Jetta Owners please help me?
Where is the cheapest place for me to get aggressive tires for my truck?
Do wheel lug nuts rust? or are they suppose to?
had the wheels balanced on my astra but the steering wheel still starts to shake at 70?
I need to know is there any way to get moister out of the fuel lines on a propane forklift?
I can't firgure out why my mustang is overheating?
What is the best way to increase performance in my car?
Chevy Vortec 5.7 or 5.3?
how to unseize a 89 toyota camry engine?
My car makes clinking sounds when I drive?
I have to pump the brake ahead of time to stop the car.What is the problem with the break system?
How much will it cost to put new all season 17 inch tires on a 2007 Mazda 3?
How much does an ABS scan cost?
What happens if you put diesel in a car that needs unleaded?
can i change my manual locks and manual windows to automatic?
okay got turbo installed got ecu chipped, what else do i need to do, if anything, to get my car (91 integra)
How long should install of lower control arms and struts take?
DO carb and fuel injector cleaners really work or are they a waste of money?
a train leaves chicago at 4:30 and another from LA @3:30, when will it stop burning when i pee?
How can i make my 1984 corvette faster?
How do you replace the alternator belt on a 1987 Volkswagen Golf?
how to change a cooling/radiator fan in a 2004 cavalier?
Recently replaced water pump, radiator,and thermostat but still overheating, not a blown head gasket so why?
how to fix a clutch cable on a 95 accord?
how do i put a window back on track for a 94 chevy corsica?
04 GTO Performance Parts?
What could be wrong with my car?
need information on starter and alternator repair, and parts?
Car accident - Does my car loose value althought its restores perfectly?
where do i buy left handed screw drivers?
i have a s10 truck that needs bracks dun,i need a drum brack assembly layout.for 1988 s10 truck. i tridchilton
How do oil companies determine the price of gas at pump?
is it hard to install new shocks on a 2000 dodge ram 1500?
my truck is stalling when accelerating in low gear from high gear?
is my car going to be ok?
help! who knows about timing chains and components?
if my honda accord has 10w-30 oil but is low is it ok to put sae-30 non-detergent in it?
how often do you really have to change oil under normal driving conditions?
Has anyone ever had their catalytic converter stolen? ?
A couple of questions about 1972 chevy impala 4 door?
Need a opinion about my car ?
My car runs fine except in traffic jam it overheats! Why is this?
How do I know if my clutch is going out?
Hi everyone can anyone tell me what would happen if i did not replace the aircon pollen filter on my car.?
What could be wrong with my 2000 chevy silverado?
I was driving my car then all of sudden the gas gauge started going crazy, does that mean my gas gauge is brok
could dirty battery terminals cause check engine light to come on?
Radiator fan will not shut off on 95 Neon?
how do you adjust or change the timing on a 95 plymoth neon?
Car overheats at stops?
what is something to put in gas to mess up your car?
i have what i think is a hard car repair question!! i need an answer badly b/c i cant find one anywhere!!?
How hard is it to change a 98 civic ex from an auto to manual?
Where can I find some cheap rv parts online ? Any recommendations ?
when the abs light comes on in a ford f-250, does that mean its a sensor, and how many are ther for the abs?
How Can I find out where a gas leak is coming from on my 1984 Dodge Ram Van?
spongy brakes?
Auto body painting Question!?
My chain on bike keeps coming off its holder. How to fix this?
Is there any Operations Management Association you can get affiliated to?
Honda civic hood repair?
How much to machine rotors and replace pads on my truck?
why wont it start!!!!!?
What can I use to get dead bugs off the front of my car?
Power Steering pump whining?
My breaks need bleeding, is it possible to do it myself with no help?
If one accidentally scratched a car ( a very expensive car) should one own up?
need a diverter valve for a 91 dodge ram van or ?? to take its place?
I've been trying to get help w/ my engine problem, I was hoping I could get more insight here.?
Cost of a blown head gasket?
how much is car wheel alignment?
why won't my car start?
2007 GMC Sierra AC blower?
Whats the best engine oil to use for your car?
where in sacramento, ca can i learn the trade of upholstering autos.?
My car has started to sound like a diesel?
is any one on a mechanic?
Why doesn't my car run? (Serious answers only)?
Why wont my car start when it rains?
How to remove silicone sealer without damage?
does a 97 toyota tercel have a heater hose?
Is my tranny going out?
How do you change the serpentine belt on a 1999 ford taurus? Do I need a special tool and where can I buy one
1999 mercury grand marquis stirring wheel shakes?
how much trans fluid should i put into my engine before an oil change?
Is it possible to flare the end of a steel brake pipe, whilst it is still on the vehicle?
Two batteries have same 12.5V 5.6Amp, why does one battery can start engine but not the other?
Oil change: 3 months or 3000 miles?
So my neighbor asked me to check out her rack..........?
has anyone ever herd of putting nitrogen into car tyres? is it safe and what does it do?
why does my volkswagen polo keep stalling when i put my foot on the clutch?
Humming sound in my Focus?
How do i stop damp in my car?
will bad spark plugs keep a car from starting?
On my 93 mustang conv. and the glue holding the rear window is coming loose, what type of glue should I use.?
New motor in 1996 chevy cavilier.....?
what is a Mechanical Transmision???
i went to a guy and ask him if i could put my exhaust more bigger he?
What could be wrong with car when it over heats and what can be done?
turning right on a green light?
how to wire the ignition on a HPX 4x4 gator?
Why does my crank sensor keep blowing?
can 2006-2008 headlights fit on a 2003 range rover?
Someone put a potato in my exhaust?
loseing presser on cluch pedal mg zt?
why does my motor shake after i exit it off the freeway?
volvo v70 classic, heater only blowing warm on one side, cold on other, can switch over but not blowing hot?
Driving downhill, would I save gas/petrol if I put the gears in neutral as opposed to a higher gear?
what is abs on chevy astro van?
I scratched my clear coat with a sponge, Help!?
what color car do you drive? Do you speed?
I've got a daewoo lanos 1.4 is. more than 2ookm. it is very heavy on fuel, what could be the reason?
why does my 97 Buick lesabre not start sometimes?
new battery and alternator, but battery light is still on!?
Best way to replace flywheel?
How do you turn the idle up?
Car advice? My car makes a clicking noise when starting?
What do i need to do a cambelt change?
any body know what petrol starvation means?
what do you call this tool?
\temp gauge keeps shooting to the top even when temp is ok, car is a rover mg zr?
Shell Rotella T6 full synthetic 5w-40 or Mobil 1 0w-40 in my 06 infiniti m35x?
Is it good for your car to run cool during cold weather?
what is the firing orderof a 1970 dodge318 cid engine truck 300 series?
What does 16v or 18v mean with car engines?
where is the water pump on a 1994 honda civic 1.5L 16 valve engine.?
Picnic chocolate bar smear on back of car, fabric seat.?
What is wrong when the tires wear out faster on the inside of the tire, rather evenly?
How do I change out headlight bulb on an 05 530I?
i was doing over 100 in my yugo and the quarter panel flew off.... anyone know where i can get another one.?
If my battery tests at 8 volts, is it dead?
car has loud clicking noise in the front tire when I make a slight turn any ideal what it may be?
why is it dangerous to leave a car engine running when the car is in a closed garage?
Is it true cars use less gas if the tank is closer to full?
Getting a motor running thats been sitting?
Bald patches appearing on left front tire?
My V6 camry temp. guage goes toward red when im driving, but goes back to normal when i stop. Help?
what could cause my transmition to not go in reverse or any other gear?
What is a good engine oil for high Km cars?
Where to find a GM Service and Repair Manual for 5500-7500 trucks. 1999-2006?
I accidentally put diesel in my car, help?
what dose it mean when a automatic car revs when in drive?
How much to restore this 1972 Gran Torino?
I was charged $800 to replace my rack and pinion, is that too much?
How do i remove my windscreen wiper arms?
My citroen berlingo 2001 wipers will move but don't stop at the correct position?
why my car sometime get hot and sometime it dont and it dose not resthot?
my car can't pass emmission control test. what to do?
How do I get chipmunk's out of my car engine?
Hi .my Nissan primera automatic is not changing gears and the drive indicator on the dash board is not coming ?
plastic cover behind the car door panel?
the plastic part underneath the front of my car is dragging?
For a 2006 LX 470, I accidentally closed the hood, how can I open the doors?
how to disconect clutch cable from fork 5speed trans
When I drive highway my thermostat dips really low and my car consumes gas a lot faster. Why is this happening?
where is a fule filter located on a 2002 nissan sentra gxe 1.8 liter?
I was told my 1/2 shafts are bad, But my brake pedal is going down too. Which is a priority?
how will bigger tires effect my gas mileage?
Does anyone know why everytime i turn on the AC in my car i hear a vibrating sound?
Removal of Upper intake manifold 2004 Nissan Quest?
why do I always get the feeling when i get my auto repaired,the shop does something to car so ill be back agai
I have a 87 fiero trying to put a motor form a 84?
where is the tire jack located on a 2010 ford edge?
Why is my Tyres shredding rubber off around the front of the wheel?
My lifters in my dodge grand caravan are ticking how serious is this?
What paint stripper is best to use for car paint?
what does the idiot light with a arroe down and a water level stand for?
Disabling the SIR system?
Vauxhall Dealership won't offer me a courtesy car for faults to car.?
how do i change rear brake shoes on a 1998 dodge stratus?
do afthermarket honda prelude 1997 and up, retroproyector headlights exist on the market?
We're changing the back breaks on our truck and...?
whats diffrence between engines tdi,hdi,dci which one should i buy a car with to pull caravan?
How hard is it to learn a manual?
Oil and gas mixture in a car will it ruin the car?
how to remove 97 cavalier hubcaps?
oil capacity for 1987 jeep cherokee?
Why does my car pull to side? NOT ALIGNMENT?
Is it the battery or the alternator???
what is the difference between velocity & speed?
Garage for the new car?
Indicator issues???????
do i need to remove old wax before new coat?
how important is car mileage please tell me?
Can anyone recommend a car garage in Glasgow?
normal rpms for 4 cyl engine on a 2007 kia spectra?
check engine light came on, they said i need a new engine? wtf!?
1995 Nissan Maxima car won't start after changing the top gasket?
Could this rock be the source of my car break's squeaking?
How can I find the specs for my '88 GMC 1500 pickup? Specifically how much can I haul in the bed?
How to Rotate my Tires?
How likely is it to find a car damage estimate for less than what your first estimate was?
How can i cover up the damage to my bumper before my husband sees it?
do you normally park your mannual car in first?
my power steering fluid is brown is it time to change it?
Can you tell me anything about the "finishing touch" paint protection that was applied to my nissan maxima??
Is it expensive to have your engine change or repair?
deleting ford mechanical selector to?
don't you hate it when people tailgate?
have a 96 taurus, it shifts into overdrive for no reason . what is the problem?
How do I fix a hole in my transmission line on my 1979 coupe deville?
how to reprogram the car door clicker?
Estimate cost of auto damages?
my 2002 chevy malibu turns on but then shuts back off?
Leave car at car wash to be cleaned entirely, gets broken into, radio, tv stolen, who is responsible? ?
How much will it cost to replace a car window?
How can I contact the makers of Champion spark plugs?
how much do spark plugs cost for a 2000 ford exepedition 4.6L?
What can I do to fix speed sensor problem in my Nissan Sentra 2002?
Hello, I have a Ford Transit, 1999 diesel. its losing water, only when running. Wondering what it is and cost.?
car keys locked in car?
is the steering column mechanism under warranty on a car. is it possible for a power steering flush to cause t
Is my clutch going bad?
bad water pump 1997 firebird ?
Anyone have a radio code for a volkswagon passat '96?
Add-a-Leafs for 2006 F-150?
third w golf colour code?
Cast iron dutch oven been painted, how to remove?
What is the firing sequence on a 1999 Jeep Cherokee? I changed my plugs,wires and distributor cap- no fire?
Why won't my car start when being jumped?
Where can I buy a reconditioned engine in Ireland?
Are these symptoms of transmission failure or clutch failure?
what a good atv that does not brake?
i have a 74 charger no brake lights help?
What is the best way to increase horsepower and torque?
Car acts if is going to stall?
i have a 1988 ford bronco with a 1995 5.0l engine. i need a firewall for the engine. where can i find one?
is there anyway my accelerator cable can stretch in my car?
The shorter the glass pack the louder it will be,correct?
looking for front & rear bumpers for 1935 plymouth business coupe, this is now a hot rod?
A question on the Valve Clearance?
Is it easy repair a Renault clio dimo 2006 DCI 86?
Are technicians at car repair places trained or told to "find" extra things that "need" to be done just for $$
What causes a automatic transmission not to change gears?
looking for a dashboard for a 1937 plymouth?
code on my nissan sentra came up P1491?
If GM is doomed, the price of replacement parts?
How do you take off the rear brake light housing lens on a 2000 Nissan Xterra?
How do I troubleshoot a car auxillery input?
Flooded Trunks for Toyota Camry SE 2007?
Replace a head gasket on a 2000 ford transit 2.4 turbo deisel?
Variable camshaft timing?
what should a 1998 cady deville generator be charging the battery at?
What mods should i get for my 2000 eclipse gs?
What is the "rear dashboard" part of the car actually called?
Having major car trouble after oil change?
97 subaru legacy ebooks?
What need to be taken out a 98 malibu to put a tensioner shoe in?
Focus rear window wash fault?
Will draining the car battery slightly, increase fuel consumption?
Its expensive to fix my ABS control module; is it still safe to drive it even with the ABS/Traction light on?
I have a 1990 Chevy truck 4X4, I have speed sensor problems..?
my engine sounds like a lawnmower?
Can I cut the catalystic converter and muffler off my truck in new york?
Can a e6013 welding rod be used on a 110 volt arc welder?
What kind of radiator should I get for my Oldsmobile Bravada!?!?!?!?
my engine on my car smokes, is it time for a new motor or what?
I have a 99 5.4L expo. what other engine can i put if i want to head towards performance?
top end 'knocking' from iveco turbo daily 2,8 tdi?
When to replace the tires on a new Honda Accord?
How do you remove the wiring on a '97 Dodge 1500 Fuel Pump?
how many miles to gallon should i get from a 91 chevy camaro?
I have a 1996 Buick Roadmaster, what do I have to do to put on 22 inch rims?
Did you ever change the oil of your motor car, motor bike ever?
Where can I find a 1998 cadillac deville back bumper chrome molding and a cheap classic or billet grill?
Anyone know anyone in Searcy who can put brakes on a car for cheap??
i have paint chipping on my mazda 3 what should i do?
do i need a new alternator?
sell it to junk yard and get $200 or part it out myself and get at least $2,000?
How do I fix my Center consile lights on my 1995 Jeep Cherokee Country?
HELP my car may need a new engine?
1997 Ford Expedition keeps comming out of 4wd when I need it. Why?
don't know how to adjust toe for ford taurus?
I have a 4l60e trans and am buying a pigtail for the lockup it has 3 wires are they for power,ground,control?
Replacing my cars headlights?
How to Break-in BMW Engines?
how does an ecm burn out?? on my 2000 nissan altima?
Car problem... Seat Ibiza 1997 1 litre engine... please help!?
2002 Dodge Ram quad Cab, 5.9L having problems starting?
looking for help on 1979 corvette heater a/c controls repair?
chevy 1500 keeps stalling?
-- 2003 Kia Sedona LX --?
should i paint my 87' gt 5.0 red or black?
my car a 2001 toyota corola started idaling real rough especialy in reverse?
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