Weird noise in my car?
How do I know when to change the thermostat or know when it isn't working??
Im finding it hard to shift gears in my 92 eb xr6?
how do I change the front turn signals on an 01 Camry?
The keyless entry to my 02BMW745 works perfectly - except the unlock button - any ideas? Both keys, same prob?
If my car always stay at a high temperature, what's wrong with it? How can I deal with it?
could someone pleasssssseeeee!!!!!!... help me figure out what kind of car this is..?
caqn a ford small block be bored .060 and still be a reliable motor?
what's the best motor car?
I hit a pothole and blew my tire?
please explain how trucks are catagorized as 1/2 ton, 3/4 ton or 1 ton - as in a Ford F-150, F-250 or F-350.?
Should you have the timing belt changed at 100,000 miles or wait? ('98 Chevy Malibu)?
what is wrong with my bmw steering because it turns left whilst driving?
If an engine overheats to the point of melting the plug wires is it trashed or can it be rebuilt?
how do i find tdcc on my 1987 tercel?
How do I pull the joint from the transmission of a 94 Mazda Protege? (Manual)?
Will replacing ball joints on a 2002 ford crown victorian cost me a lot?
How to fix folding/ing/peeling clear coat on car part?
I need help with my leather seats!!!!?
car dies when idling?
how much mpg would i get out of a 350 engine?
How often should I have my oil changed?
cratch remover for car paint??
how do I get the prisoners to do my bodywork for me? I heard that you can do that.?
Should I even bother replacing my Torque Converter Solenoid?
My Jeep is driving me crazy. while driving around town i have no problem. but highway...?
can moving an automatic gearbox when the car is off cause damage?
i have a prob with my 2000grand cherokee limited 4.7L V8?
Tail light doesnt work?
1990 ranger not starting?
my 69 long bed chevy 350 will only run while the starter is ingaged and dies when the key is released why?
car mechanics! help me!?
i need to know where the spark pulg wires go to on the distubtor cap and the firing oreer on a 91 s10 2.8L?
Why doesn't my oil light come on until after the oil is so low it doesn't even reach the dipstick?
How do I change headlights in a Volkswagen 2003 passat station wagen?
Where can inside door handles be purchased on a tan 98 Chev. Prizm?
Will coasting a mannual transmission car do harm to its part/s? pls help me?
dodge neon goes into gear but will not move?
i have a kia spectra 2005 with 16 inch rims, what other rims will work on my car, besides kia brand?
How do you stop your car if you run out of brake fluid?
How Do I Know I am correctly putting my gear in and accelerating correctly?
How do I break loose a brake hose?
why change car engine oil at 3000 miles ?
where can i find a book on how to rebuild alternators like a ebook or can someone send me any information?
replacing accord engine?
are fiero engine fuel injection?
park brake light on? when not engaged?
can any one help me locate a door of a 1964 65 or 66 chev truck any size or side?
My Peugeot 306 is wet on the passenger floor?
VVT sprocket noise please help?
car starts then dies. 98 saturn sl, 90k miles?
what are the symptoms of dirty oil filter and does it make sense to change the engine oil?
small engine runs with choke closed but not with open?
Is it true or not, that a car battery, setting on concrete, will make it run down?
what do i need to run 12 psi safely?
hurricane sandy vs my car.?
What's the name of this part?
What's wrong with my brakes???
what could be the problem if there is no compression in one of my cylinders?? in a 1.3 mitsubishi colt?
Why is my truck battery non holding a charge?
Will my shorted MAP sensor cause my car engine to die? Would it flood the spark plugs and make them bad?
how much should it cost to pull a car dent?
Whats wrong with my '94 chevy 4L60E transmission?
on a 1984 honda 200s 3 wheeler does the oil run the transmission?
my car revs high but does not move fast?
when my car radio is on it drains tha battery very quickly. Why?
I have a problem, 1992 Toyota Camry?
What brand of oil should I use?
Tires balanced and rotated?
what should I check on my 1997 ford ranger...?
Is there an auto parts store that will replace a headlight?
I have a Dodge Dakota and Chevy Exprees van. Why does the a/c compressor come on when I turn on the defroster?
how to remove car scratches?
Hesitation/stumble at wide open throttle carb # 17058213?
What's wrong with my car?
how reed valve function in two stroke engine,its advantages,its basic function and how it increases its effici?
if i have scratch on my car bumper will the bumper to bumper warranty cover it if i'm still covered?
My Chevy was recalled. Will they fix it for free?
Grinding noise when I turn wheel?
A good beginners project?
Car starts but wont move?
If I scratch someone's car which was blocking part of my driveway am I liable?
Does anyone know anyone that rents spray booth out?
Why are all the brakes sticking on my 92 civic?
When pumpin gas in the car it clicks off constantly any suggestions how to fix this?
have a new saturn aura xr with abs brakes that squeal?
Car is overheating! help meeeeeeee?
My cars not working.?
is it hard to install new shocks on a 2000 dodge ram 1500?
how can i get alot more performance out of a 350 TB 87 full size blazer?
My automatic 99 Mercury Mystique is stalling, help?
Recently bought a new car but steering is vibrating when speed reaches 65mph. Any idea why.?
Engine oil help needed?
does anyone have a pic of how to change sparkplugwires on a car??
Can't get monitors ready in OBD2 test for smog check?
Solvent to put carburetor in?
I brought a engine stand for my lt1 i purchased and i need to know what size bolt do i need?
How do I get my engine timing back?
Will exhaust manifold still leak if missing 1 bolt out of 6?
My well keeps turning on and off after just a few seconds. What do I need to do to repair?
Did I do any damage after driving through quite a deep puddle on the motorway?
How to fix paint, when you've scuffed too far, with sand paper?
What should a 60k service to the car include. Because autoshops include different items in the quotes?
Question about car oil change?
Car mirror replacements:?
if the two front rotors are starting to make a sound and you don't get them resurfaced right away...?
How many miles can I expect to get fro a Volvo 240 or 740 transmission?
Can disk brake rotors be recycled?
Why is my brake pedal hitting the floor? ive changed the master cylinder and brake lines anything i should try?
i'm using unleaded petrol for my car at the moment, will it damage my engine if i use super unleaded?
Is their a workmanship standard for upholstery?
Burnt Out Clutch In Vehicles?
is it worth it to put a supercharger on my 2004 mustang?
I'm just learning to drive a stick shift?
Can i remove my mufflers and put back on?
Was I ripped off when I purchased a new tire?
How do i stop damp in my car?
Sticky clutch? Reverse doe?
Compression test: 85 on 5 strokes / 130 on 10 strokes...good or bad?
How would you fix a small in a radiator temporarily?
Poor idle/ acceleration after washing car's engine, what could be wrong?
my car shuts off while driving 30 min it would start up?
why does my car pull hard to the left when i put my brakes on?
Where can I purchase new lug nuts for my car?
what has happened to the blk. paint on my car !?
What is the best pick up truck to by????
Is the Starter covered in an extended warranty?
where can I find 1993 toyota camry interior door handle case.?
where is the ground located for the electric windows on my 1995 Lumina van?
Car cigarette lighter/power socket not working ? - Help..need it to power sat-nav device for upcoming journey?
Why has my gas millage in my car suddenly gone down?
I have replaced the starter,alternator & bat and my jeep still won't start unless I jump it. what do I do?
Need a repair manual or picture diagram and settings for a 1978 mercedes 230 stromberg 175cd carburettor?
a car backed into me and chipped some paint off. how much will it be to paint my bumper?
peugeot 806 dump valve - diesel dump valve?
is there anything you can put on your car prior to a trip to keep bugs from sticking?
need change transmision filter when change the transmission oil ?
My car is hard to start at times but if I turn the key to the on position several times then turn key, it ....?
How do I re-programme a "blown" aibag sensor for most cars?
My 1992 geo prizm LSI only overheats with the A/C on...why? What would make my engine do this?
Problems with brakes!?
location and installion of heater core on 88 ford taurus 3.0l v-6?
can using the a/c on max all the time in my car cause any damage?
Did I get ripped off for service work at the Mazda Dealership???
How do I get the my new electric mirror on my corsa to work?
how do i remove oxidation from my car?
Does anyone know what the bottom part of the bumper is called on the G37? The part you can change the color.?
where can I find a coil spring for a 1999 crown victoria police interceptor for a real cheap price?
How do i clean the coolant tank?
car battery or alternator?
Can a loose ground wire drain battery?
What would cause a speedometer to not work?
is it bad to skip gears when driving?
1985 Camaro won't start?
What is good for rusty carborators?
Is it possible to get these kind of tail lights?
How can i tell what size engine my car is?
can you drive a car with a broken strut?
Should I fix a 1991 Honda Accord for $1600 or buy another(newer car)? It has a blown head gasket.?
car revs higher than usual when accellerating?
this morning i was running late to work so i had to skip warming up my engine.?
Mazda 3 2005 won't start?
where is the fuse box on a 2000 olds intruige?
can i paint my car steering wheel with regular house paint?
transmission will not shift any gear?
Correct terminal for 1998 Firebird Formula (5.7L V8 6 speed) (sparkplug wires)?
Just recently had a auto accident and im looking to buy a car for less than $2000 in md or va?
How much is cost to repair 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse leaking oil seal?
Should I use Amsoil Engine and Transmission Flush?
My 1986 Honda Accord idles @ 5k at times when first starting.?
Where is the idle air control valve located on a 97 eagle vision tsi?
how to save gas on a low tank?
how much of a job is it to install sparkplug wires on a 4 cilinder toyota camery?
Where to find a link to exploded view of a VG30i 3.0L V-6 engine?
how do i get sellotape off my car doors?
Why is my mpg so bad now?
what and where is the W wire located?
my key snaped in the car boot,how can i get the bit out?
A brakes question here?
my car was hesitating when accelerating and now has no transmission fluid?
Can I use a 98 Crown Vic fan motor in a 2004 P71 police Interceptor?
proper way how to polish scratches from toilet seat?
how to change 2007 Lexus IS250 Side View Mirror?
My driver side wiper will not work. The passenger side works fine.?
How do I rethreather the spark plug wells in my 1997 Plymouth Neon?
where is the fuse box and heater blower on a 1985 camero?my heater quit working?
How do I change out an oil pressure switch on a 1994 Mercury Tracer?
Where could I locate the Flex Capacitor in my 1991 Nissan 300zx?
how do u tell if your car has a dead battery? No color on indicator, has headlight/stereo, can't start engine
Why isn't the American auto industry better than the japanese and korean industry?
I am having problems finding a repair book for a kia sportage, any suggestions?
Does anybody know about Lexinton tires?
What was the first car to feature a door and key turned on chime?
how much it cost for labor to replace a neutral safety switch on a 1999 buick lesaber?
What is the best brand of tailgate nets?
How can I remove an ink stain from leather?
1990 Honda Accord Distributor, Crank Sensor or Something Else?
I am having trouble trying to remove the lug nut and wheel covers for a 1994 oldsmobile cutlass ciera.?
are cavalier and sunfire mirrors the same?
Car battery is sparking? is this normal?
what is a vehicle that starts with a c?
My astra mk4 is making a knocking sound when i turn the wheel. what could be causing this?
Whats the best generic scan tool?
Is topping off all fluids included in an oil change?
my car is bumpy when i drive on the highway. what is it? like it vibrates.?
MOT Failure - think I've been had?
My car shut off when I was driving it and now it wont start. It just clicks.?
removing exhaust manifold from jeep wrangler?
abs bearke working pirenspile?
I have a 94 cadillac STS I replaced Fuel Injector However is my Fuel pump bad?
diagrams kubota tractors?
looking for low beam headlights for 94 jeep cherokee in gulfport mississippi area?
How often should I change spark plugs?
how do you get blood out of a car trunk?
What will happen if your car won't start and you keep trying to start it? will it hurt the engine?
what is a safe method to increasing my car engine horsepower?
My A/C in my '97 Plym. Neon will not blow cold air, what's wrong with it?
Paint code for my car?
OOOPS. Just put my mobile through the washer. Will it work again????
Has my head gasket gone?
Does anyone know about the wiring colours for a 1997 Ford Falcon Gli El stereo system? Any help is appreciated?
i have a 1998 1500 chevy silv it has trouble starting up?
Do you trust car repair shops?
I have a 1998 Suzuki Esteem. When the motor is cold,the transaxle has difficulty shifting to higher gear.Why?
I took my car in for an estimate, and the guy fixed it without my permission, can a mechanic do this?
87 ford crown vitoria won't idle after it is started, why?
Can synthetic engine oil mix with normal engine oil and pour in the engine car?
Help!! Need clutch Repaired!! How Much?
2004 freestar stalls at idle?
Is installing a camshaft difficult? Would it be risky to try to do it to my daily driver myself?
What does the alarm means "Check Engine" for Ford Explorer?
my car will turn over but when i press the gas it will not move but when i put it in netural it will move?
how can i tell if my car's tires are worn out and need to be replaced?
I just got a new battery and now my car stalls easily?
why is my car alot louder now that i had a new catalytic converter put in?
Where does the air that comes into the ventilation system on my car come from? Does it come through the air fi
OK is the 2001 honda xr80r dirt bike model have the same oil filter as a new 2009 honda crf80?
How to replace a front left fender on 96 GMC Sierra?
I sent my car to a garage and they have done work on it without consent is this legal???
Oil Gauge fluctuating?
Can't remove my car's starter?
You have a puncture at night on a isolated road.. your changing the wheel to put the spare on when... ?
BMW 540i REAR STRUTS !?!?!?!?!?
Camaro car help!!! white smoke?
How do I access the high beam headlamp bulbs for 2002 Pontiac Sunfire?
Where can I find a Paint and Body Shop in/near Schweinfurt, Germany?
how much do you pay for a car wash and how often do you get it washed?
Would you replace a 5 year old battery ?
I need a recommendation for a good and affordable auto body paint shop in South Florida?
where can I go to find a turbo for my 3.2 cl type s or do I need to look for a super charger?
Buying new cars?
Parking break cable and door?
Does vht niteshades work well?
i need info. for 1994 chevy blazer 4 wheel drive on rebuilding motor and the fuleinjetion?
why would i have to use starting fluid first thing in the morning with my fuel injected car?
Car trouble! Please help!?
How much is it to install a new ignition?
what is ignition timing?
will changing my spark plugs increase my car's performance?
Do Morris minors have lighter plugs?
issues with automobile belts making screeching sound?
no run 99 chevy blazer help with diagnostics?
How do I wire through the car fuse box?
Help my car won't start?
Should i get an oil change or tuneup?
what percentage do you let your oil life get down to before you change it?
are there any special tools for changing a/c lines?
Anyone Know about tach filters for my camaro?
I just had the thermostat and Coolant sensor changed and now it seems to be trying to stall out?
My oil presure gauge went to zero and then back up to normal. This happened twice. What could be wrong????
Does a car block heater have to be on all night?
Where can I buy Tires?
having problems when acceleraing my car it makes a very loud raving noise but wont be going any faster?
help me find a tool?
scion 2006 xb overheats when at idle for more than after 5 mins.?
a problem on changing brake pads?
I need to change the brakes on an 03 ford taurus, just pads and rotors. anything special i need to know?
Could the alternator be why my car keeps dying?
Is my truck worth fixing?
Do you really have to get an oil change every 3 months?
I would like to know which one is bad my altornator or battery?
please give me some tatamotors recruitment papers.?
Get answers from millions of real people.?
2000 Chevy Ventura 3.4 motor has a sporadic cutout, any ideas?
have bled brakes 3or4 times still seem to have air pedal to floor some brakage nearly fed up ready to set fire
can the gas and electric turn off the heat with in the house?
what can i do to make my car faster?
rear windscreen washer not working would car fail mot?
Transmission problem?
2 years old Citreon Berlington panel van for SALE - Good Price?
Vauxhall Corsa C problem, seeking good Mechanics to answer please?
i have severe damage to the paintwork of my car from a self use carwash,where do i stand?
bulbs all ok but directional lights do not flash,front lights come on don't flash?
How to paint my car???
cheapest place to buy tires online?
Car Battery Question?
price range of u-joints?
where can i buy a torque sensor for a 1990 sunbird?
how do I find this tool?
How do i find out what the reccommended tyre pressure is for my car?
Mitsubishi A/C Heater Problems?
How much transmission fluid does a 2002 Pontiac Sunfire with an automatic tranny hold?
Should I "warm up" my car b4 driving first thing in the morning?
Where can I get a NEW 1978 Volkswagon Bus engine?
i wonna clean my car engine can i spray it with water?
free spare car tires without buying any?
Car won't start and radio keeps resetting?
Will Euro Tailights fit a 1996 Eagle Talon?
anyone know the websit to macs ford catalog??????
is it ok to not change my oil filter when i change my oil?
My husband breaks work boots monthly, can anyone tell me a brand that will last?
replacing muffler without welding?
What is wrong with this darn car?
Is there a way to fix the cylinder head?
I got a Kia and it disappointed me?
why do all of europe use summer and winter tyres, and britain keeps the same tyres on all year. Whos right?
can u clean headlights with toothpaste?
My car broke down! Please help?
locked my keys in truck how do pick it?
where is the crankshaft position sensor on the toyota 97 rav4?
what is the difference between a c4 and c5 automatic transmission and how do i tell them apart?
Issue with electrics Seat Leon 1.4L 2001 Petrol?
are unscrupulous mechanics much more common in the USA than in Britain for the most part?
I have a 2003 nissan xterri 5 speed my parking brake dosent work the pedal goes down but wont hold car still?
can a front-wheel drive car be converted into rear-wheel drive configuration? If yes, how can it be done?
Car Oil Low...How bad is it for engine?
Air compressor went out...what parts do I need??
can i fit 185/65/14 to steel rims on 206?
What is the average cost of lowering a car?
my sisters car has a ratteling noise comming from the engine due to lack of oil whats rong with it????
my 2001 ford taurus keeps throwing a code for cylinder 1, just did a plug change a month ago....?
how can I get a bolt off that is so tight that when you try to loosen it ,it just rounds off?
PLEASE HELP!? need a lot of advice?
Is the Dealer trying to scam me?
Drivers side door won't close in freezing weather?
mgtf head gasget???????????
How do you set the timing on a 93 Buick Century 3.3?
What pressure radiator cap to use..?
why does my car jump when i shift into gear?
Can someone email me service manual for Kia sedona 2002?
replacing radio in 1999 chevy blazer?
oil leak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
2001 explorer long crank to start, but it's weird symptoms!?
I have a 95 chevy caprice that was running fine yesterday and now today it wont start eng turns but wont run?
How many Mpgs could be lost driving a car thats underheating?
1990 Articat Jaguar 440 afs wont start?
what is the most reliable year that volkswagen was produced?
Car won't start, burning smell?
Make car sound deeper? without coffee can exhaust?
Will 215/50 16 inch tires fit on my 2002 grand am that currently has 225/50 16 inch tires on it?
I have a knocking sound in my 1999 s-10 2.2l.?
Whats wrong with my car? Whenever i turn the stearing wheel hard right it grinds like metal on metal?
Will sandpaper work to clean car headlights ?
I need help please before i panic !?
Can I mix synthetic and regular motor oil?
Whats the orange light that comes on on our dash?
my van is going for its MOT?
HNC Automotive please help .....?
on a 97 ranger 4.0 v6 is the idle control valve supposed to be air tight?
my alarm has shorted and prevents me from starting can i bypass?
How do you wash your car?
where can I find 1993 toyota camry interior door handle case.?
a/c on truck worked fine, then blows hot.compressor still turns?
refrigerant capacity on 1999 kia sportage?
Are there certain cars that can only take a dry nitrous system and certain cars that can only take wet systems
1996 Ford Explorer XLT 4WD Problem. "4WD" & "4WD LOW" lights flashing.?
would lit hurt my dirtbike to put a carberator with a accelerator pump on it?
I want to know if anyone knows a good website to look for parts to a 1976 ford maverick engine.?
Electrical/starting problem-98 plymouth neon?
Is it normal to pay 50% up front for a new AC instalation?
!!HELP!! Im New To Driving and got a problem!!?
In my Chevy 2001 Tahoe, I just took it to the shop and now the check engine light is on. Any idea why?
What Rim brand is better?
Are 8000k hid lights legal or illegal?
How hard is it to replace doors and wheel arch panels on a 2000 VW Polo?
2000 Kia Sportage Torque Specs?
How hard is it to replace a car alternator? '95 Honda Accord?
Why does my SUV roll while in gear?
tail light comes on brake light does not windstar lx 1999 why?
97 Chevy Blazer Headlights Problem?
I got stuck my car in a swamp?
how much would it cost approx to repair or to put on a new bumber?
i have yet to find someone who can answer my car troubles with confidence. if you have any idea whats wrong...?
how to save petrol while driving automatic car?
1996 eclipse headers?
Help haveing car problems?
Need a trans for a 300cc golf cart?
My neighbor hit my car and didnt want to go through his insurance. Im not satisfied what can i do?
95 toyota corrolla brakes keeps locking up after driving for a while, let car sit they work but does it again?
i ran all the gas outta my van, now it wont start back up, whats da problem? can anyone please help?
car won't start battery charged but no ignition lights?
how much does it cost to replace the C.V. Joint on a 2004 F150?
2007 Dodge Dakota vibrating at 45-65 mph?
battery works but the engine won't turn over?
2000 S-10 Will not start. Fuel pump will not pressurize.?
What does the valet key do?
Broken Car, Why won't anybody fix it?
Where can I find the cheapest front bumper and front passenger fender for my 05 scion tc?
What kind of cranckshaft do most high performance engines use because of their additional strength?
How do I fix a spongy brake pedal when the master cylinder is full ?
How do I replace the front bearings on my 2000 GMC Jimmy?
My battery goes dead easily in wintertime?
12 v battery is that enough volts?
what is more important in sandblasting compressor horsepower or cfm how much of each?
if an alternator runs at a set speed will it run an inverter?
My Check engine light is on how do i pull the codes to see why?
Spray on bedliner, or roll on bedliner, plus name brands?
How long do brake lines usually last in New England?
I have a 1997 Buick Lesabre and I have a slight gas leak that is coming from the bottom of the car.?
Cold air intake questions?
Chevy truck help me figure this out.?
How do I fix my tail lights?
Gear shift is very sticky?
how to improve my car's fuel consumption ?
What problems can a bad fuel pump cause?
Why is my rear end making a squeaking noise?
Need some good air fittings?
How to change the bulb in the rear turn signal on a chevrolet cobalt coupe?
what is the difference between a cam shaft and a crank shaft?
Should I try putting 100 octane racing fuel in my Lamborghini Gallardo?
I have a 2007 Volkwagon EOS. I have never replaced the brakes. They're making a squeeky sound. Help?
PLZ Answer this Q ASAP!! regarding engine oil?
Does the air conditioning in your car use your gas?
My car ignition wont turn, my car starter works but when I put the key in the ignition it wont turn at all?
Me and my friend were sitting in his truck at a stoplight when we rolled (foot off the brake) into a car?
Is my tire bad after being flat over the night?
How can you tell when I need to racing tires ?
7.3 International Diesel help!?
Can you mess up a vehicle by using it to jumpstart another?
What MPG does the Volvo Model C70 Turbo convertible get?
How can I find a repair manual for my old car? (Renault GTL5)?
Diesel fuel in unleaded tank?
need wire diagram for 96 caravan 3.3 tcm to transmission?
car trouble . when i turn either way there is a clicking noise that coes fromthe wheel thats turning.?
The best place to paint a car?
During an Oil change question?
Water dripping from little hose on bottom of 2012 Camry?
What is the best way to paint on top of rust spots on a truck? ?
i want to buy new tires 265.45.R17 they are better then 245.45.R17?
1996 Tahoe RPM running very high - can't go over 30 MPH?
guide on changing thermostat on a 82 Oldsmobile cutlass supreme?
Need Help with oil Change?
why is my motor sounding like crap?
ac doesnt work correctly in truck?
TPMS item on my new tire bill?
What is the correct firing order for the 1994 Ford Thunderbird LX V-8?
Turn signals and emergency lights don't work?
internal combustion handbook?
Where can i find rear bumper shock absorber brackets for my 74 dart sport?
what oil should iuse in my zetor tractor model 6045 in the gear box and diff?
Should I paint my silver '04 Honda Accord 5-spoke rims black?
chevy s 10 transmission problems?
how To check transmission fluid?
Something is wrong with my car?
1978 corvette dues it require high test fuel?
mileage doesn't change, whats the problem?
I lost the key to my car rim, where can I get a new one?
why is my truck overheating?
How volts in one kilowatt hour?
Adding Psi to the car engine?
can't ANYONE do something about the price of gas/diesel???
how do i remove a valve from a small engine, such as a e-ton YXL 150cc ATV?
Should I take Automotive Repair?
Car Battery Life Span?
Is it ok to have 3 tires tht are bridgestone/something else and the 4th tire to be somethin else?
How to give your car a flat tire?
My truck a/c stopped blowing cold air, what could it be?
explain what you would do for a loss of brakes at 50 mph?
instructions for changing engine for 1990 toyotaya pick up?
looking for a good place to replace a window in my Ford Taurus wagon in the San Francisco bay area?
my wife drove her car till 5500 miles on one oil change?
I am planning to buy fuel sending unit. Which one should I buy plastic or metal floater?
potential electrical problem?
Can I drive my car if one wheel is bigger than the rest?
If I have gas coming to the carb but wont start I pour gas into the carb fires right up?
I would like to know any specific problems in Toyota camry 1999 (4 cylinders)?
what type of wheel size and tire size do I need...?
How do I fix a spongy brake pedal when the master cylinder is full ?
Replaced alternator, squealing, grinding noise?
2009 Dodge Charger Overheating?
how do i unlock my disc brake?
What size gas tank will fit a 1986 zx600 ninja?
Heat/AC not working in car, but blower seems to work?
engine compression in one cylinder went from 60 to 190 with oil added. its been about 16 hours and the....?
I have a 95 S-10 that will not go in reverse, i was told that the tow or torque converter is bad, is this true?
if i get 300 miles on a full tank how many gallons is my gas tank?
dose Pepsi an Curry Powder drain your brake fluid out your car?
bought a salvage car without knowing?
does disconnecting the battery reset the computer?
my tyre keeps going flat but not a puncture?
is there a performance chip available for a 95 dodge dakota 3.9L v6?
Car is not starting. Is it the battery or starter? Or something else?
How much should a clutch replacement on a 1997 Subaru Outback cost?
Wrong battery cables in car?
give me full detail of suspension system of cars.?
i have a temperature of 97.6 am i ok, is that normal???
The police cant help?
My brakes make a grinding sound when I brake slowly and turn the wheel, any ideas what is going on?
What type of stuff forms in a car radiator?
car battery question?
Tipped my freezer ,then i pluged it in for an 1hr when i noticed overheating i then disconnected it am i safe?
When my car is in idle it is running at 2 to 3 and a half RPMs. How do i adjust this?
wrong Ford key got stuck into another truck's ignition?
If I swap in a small block Chevy into a 1985 Buick Regal will I be able to pass smog in CA?
How do i get a sticker off my car?
why is my dodge stratus ringing when i start it?
why does my car battery keep dying when the battery test says it a good battery?
What is the fastest street legal motorcycle?
How much does it cost to install Hydraulics in a 64 Impala?
Can you put a turbo or supercharger on an old 72 v6?
Is adding Acetone to gasoline safe in order to increase gas mileage?
what type of seals are used in arctic cat snowmobiles?
i've resently took 2.5 out of my 87s10 and put 94 4.3 vortec and fuel pump only runs while cranking engine?
Will heat destroy a chip key for a car?
My car shakes alot, can anyone tell me whats wrong?
If I tape the gas meter to stay on full, will my car be tricked into thinking it has fuel?
You try to remove a socket from an ratchet and you cannot pull it apart. What should you do?
does the valves on a gmc canyon ever need adjusted?
Whats wrong with my car?
The ball nut serves as the hydraulic power piston on a parallelogram steering gear... true or false?
Is there a correct number of miles that dictates when a car must have its CAMSHAFT replaced.?
i have 2007 reanult clio how do i drain the coolant out.please tell me step by step?
oil equivalent recommendations?
whats wrong with my car? it died.?
This is just plain weird?
Do these rims fit my BMW 328i??? Need help?
Is my battery dead or is it the alternator?
will a 1986.5 supra start with a bad crank sensor and how much would a new one cost cost?
400kva iveco generator has no load but shows 48% enigne load?
Could this be a fuel pump problem?
A tree landed on my car and smashed in the roof, trunk and broke a tail light..Do you think it's totaled?
Can a mechanic program your old mileage from your old gauge cluster to the new one?
whether overheating of a car is a manufacturing defect of a car?
What is the most mileage you've had....?
Don't you hate Recommended questions?
My car wont start battery or starter?
Idle Issue...?
Where can I learn a whole lot about cars?
what can i smell from the exhaust on my car?
my craftsman t2000 lawn mower will not turn over and does not make a sound when you tuen the switch on?
what website will give me complete instructions and illustrations on replacing a 1996 dodge dakota waterpump?
97 Dodge Intrepid engine dies randomly, then will turn over but won't start, and after 15 minutes starts fine.?
Whats wrong with my car?
how do you remove overspray from a car?
i think my car is running on 3 cylinders?
got vibration between 50-65mph on 1996 cadillac-deville with 82,000 miles on it.?
About how much time and how much money would it cost to fix a motor scooter?
Factory torque specs on tiburons?
How much will it cost to have timing adjusted for my truck?
Is something wrong with my brakes?
Can car air conditioner system w/ low refrigerant & compressor turned off cause a parasitic drain?
How difficult would it be to re-paint my own SUV?
My cars powersteering went out. What do I do?
Is it true?
can you over charge a car battery?
Totalled car, no insurance?
what burns more gas in a car, using the air conditioner or opening the window?
Can I get a 2005 Honda Civic for less than 8000?
Red Diesel?
what causes an exhaust leak in ur car?
1988 f250 pickup looses power?
Which is the different between the 3 kind of gas for the car?
Why do my reverse lights stay on?
Does a rack and pinion always leak when it's going bad?
My car stalls all the time what can it be?
what is 2024-t3 ?
I was driving on and all of a sudden my car just started slowing down and losing power. What's wrong with it?
Is warming up a car necessary (i.e. for good maintenance)?
Twice smoke/steam has come from exhaust of my new car after warmed up?
Car dealer recommended synthetic motor oil (more$) but friend of my said don't for older cars, why?
My truck will not turn over?
Car hesitates when accelerating?
can water cause a car to break down?
how do yu fix a car air conditioner?
how do i take the rear wheel off a aprilia rs 50 (2006)?
loud sound when turning the wheels?
My 2000 grand am stopped running and we tried new fuses and they keep blowing but it started with new fuses?
Causes of up and down bounce with the right fender lower than the left?
how can I learn to valet a car?
How do you level up as a auto mechanic?
Why does my car keep shutting off?
New brakes & rotors last week and already deep grooves in left front rotor, help please.?
rear windscreen washer not working would car fail mot?
on a saxo vts should the rocker cover be so hot but all the temperature gauges are reading normal?
looking for 1999 pontiac grand am owner hand book for car.?
why does the speedometer on my automatic 96 audi a4 quattro not work? It lays at zero and clicks.?
Will my car make it 10 miles? Drive or tow.?
my car has no power and when i tried to jump it it sparks i tightened the starter wires two days is it that?
Car pulls to the left or right often while driving?
does anyone know where i can get a rover 214 front wiper motor from???
Someone hit me in the rear side when I was staying on red light?
What could be wrong with my car??? HELP 10 points!!!?
Will the "Tornado" make any positive improvements in my car's performance?
My 1998 Mercedes c230 lost it's front coil spring, HELP! Does anyone know ...?
i have a question regarding the a/c on a 2005 ford e350
My truck is dying... Help?
Water in my headlights, due to high water.?
choke is stuck wont idle down?
how do you adjust the tension on the serpentine belt on 1996 saturn?
Car is making squealing noise.?
im looking for airflow window shades?
teardown of a jeep 4.0 motor...?
I would like to know why my belt on my 1997 Honda passport keeps squealing when I start it. I have put new one
how many quarts of oil do i need for oil change in 2003 crown vic?
Electrical wire wet wen can I plug it in?
Is changing the timing belt on a 97 Elantra difficult?
How much does it cost to re-key a car door?
Car making grinding sound?
Can you put a turbo or supercharger on an old 72 v6?
getting low mpg any suggestions?
Why is a ransmission work so damn expensive? Why do mechanics work for $75-89$ an hour. Isnt that way too much?
car battery connection?
The rotors on my truck have smooth grooves on both sides.?
why do people who have know idea guess?and do you agree that if you dont know you should not answer?
97 Chevrolet Tahoe....?
Need a battery for my corsa any cheap websites?
Is grease a good way to stop battery cable corrosion?
Can your transmission fail if you change the trans fluid on an old car that hasn't been changed in 5 years?
where is the relay for the elect. windows on a 94 plymouth transport?
Can I identify if the antifreeze in my car is Ethylene Glycol or Propylene Glycol?
leaky hose in honda accord. where to get replaced and how much?
How do I lift my truck?
Where can I find parts online for Benz and Jaguars built between 1970-80?
Can I use a regular oil filter with synthetic oil?
just need to know how much a blown or ed head gasket and a ed cylinder on a 2001 holden astra?
What kind of parts can I interchange on my Free Spirit Fs10?
2 questions about broken timing belt?
What would I need to fix the paint job on this car?
How can I connect an iPod to my 2005 Honda Accord?
car overheated and wont start?
why did my car quit running when i washed under the hood?
Can a broken radiator cap be the cause of the car overheating..?
Is it an MOT failure when passenger wing mirror missing?
Does anyone know where the power steering fluid reservoir would be on a 1997 Pontiac Bonneville? can't find it
What keeps the ignition from turning over in a crown Victoria?
If I get a wheel alignment done will it make my steering wheel straight again?
I can't start my car?
I have a 1988 Suzuki Samurai. After sitting for a few years, it starts right up. But it quits when accelerated?
Help me change my tire?
do you think its right?
Why can't mechanics put all of your gas back into your tank?
how do you put a rearview mirror back on?
What do u think about Mobil 1 Extended Performance oil where we change oil when it reaches 15,000 miles?
Would they take advantage just because I'm a woman?
what can it be when your obd2 monitoring signals o2 sensor and catalytic but no codes or check engine light?
how do you bleed the air out of a 1998 altima radiator?
the normal sequence of traffic lights are?
what can i use to stick my rear view mirror back on my car?
How much should it cost to replace a caliper?
How do you replace the thermostat on a '96 Buick Skylark?
I have a brand new battery in my car and when I went out to start it this morning the battery is dead?
Disc brake squeaks when braking?
94 Cougar Heater Core?
Stripped flare nut power steering line 1994 chevy caprice?
my 1994 cadillac deville will not startin park or netual, no contact. battery is okay?
My son shut his hockey bag strap in the door latch of a 2001 jeep cherokee and now I can't open the door.Help?
What does it mean when my car looses power?
if you locked your keys in your vehicle what would be the first thing you would do?
what do you call what the auto mechanic lies on to roll under the car?
Why does my girlfriends mazda3 vibrate when it idles.?
Does the 89 VOLVO 740 GLE have a DLC Box?
how to get rust out of a gas tank for cheap?
My mom just hit my car and left the scene?
Is it true that the soda (coco-cola) can really eat rust off a car?
Will running over bottle puncture a car tire?
Strange steering wheel vibration on 06 honda civic?
changing the interior bulb?
On a $1,000 car repair job, how much to tip the mechanic?
What car has a bigger engine?
How do I fix my old cars engine to its original HP?
how do i get rid of static from my car?
95 v max is bogging down?
Air filter and Throttle Body distance?
What is the firing order for a 1985 Honda Civic?
how can you tell if a power steering pump is bad?
how to remove interior door panel (rear)on 2000 buick to find problem with power window?
car making a clicking noise when driving?
so i put a new power steering pump in my 92 k1500 350 and it still leaks from the pump. any ideas?
why do my car cut off when i stop?
My car will not reverse and when it is neutral it drives and in drive it drives like regular please help?
why wont my alternator work?
How can I save the new Eclipse movie trailer? Keepvid and Savevid seem blocked..?
How do i get fish smell out of my trucks carpet?
Why do vehicles die when the positive battery terminal comes loose?
where is rear vent in in dodge durango?
what is maintenance?
If i get my car serviced at kwick fit type garage say..will the price include them changing the oil, coolant,?
What is wrong with my remote car starter?
Car was drowned when i brought it !!?
Can having 2 ignition keys on a single ring cause ignition problems?
Must you change both headlights at the same time even if only one of them has blown?
Automatic transmission vs. CVT transmission?
'99 Ford Explorer has front end knocking noise?
Will Euro Tailights fit a 1996 Eagle Talon?
looking for a free wiring diagram for a ford super duty truck 1993?
Where can i find/get a good "Go Kart Engine"?
i need an intake manifol and carb for a 302 5.0 f150 1985 help?
Transmission Problems?
Can A Transmission really drop out of your vehicle?
Couldn't get the lug nuts on the dodge magnum's front wheels off. Need to change the brakes. any ideas?
how to determine the type of transmission i have?
Transmission Fluid.. To Change or not to change that is the quesion?
what is the firing order for a 2.8 l 1987 gmc jimmy s 15?
What is the part on the front of the caliper piston (which contacts pad)?
Where is the fuse to the cig lighter in a 2000 300m?
What happens when you overfill your gas tank?
EGR Valve Gasket to exhaust?
Does my Ford Galaxy need a passenger wing mirror to pass the mot?
can i fit a kenwood DPX308U double din in my 01 pontiac sunfire?
I have a 67 chevelle malibu and when i hit the brakes hard it stalls, what could be the problem?
common cause of Ford Freestar check engine light?
Are you suppose to drive in overdrive or drive?
how do you drive manual in traffic?
I recently hit the curb while doing a u turn, now when I go over 65 the car shakes violently why is that?
The floor of my car is wet all the time. I have tried lots of things to get it to dry but it's got puddles!
Can Anyone show up with a Fix it Ticket?
Today when i tried starting my car it would turn over REAL slow but wouldent start i have a new batt?
How hard is it to grease the front of my 4x4 Honda Passport???
Car set on fire help?
Blown Head Gasket or something else?
How much should a rear brake job on a Honda Accord cost?
What is a head gasket?
is it possible to get gas in the oil on a yamaha maxim 550?
fan for ford escape air conditioner?
1994 Honda Passport,idler pulley went and threw timing off. Has interference engine, valves bent? Cost 2 fix??
I give up, Damn Chevy. Why is it dying out?
What would be the best Cold Air Intake to install on my 02 Toyota Corolla?
how do i remove the oil filter housing?
Different Gear types?
what is the best cold air intake for my truck?
What is wrong with my S-10? It is experiencing an extremely slow/hard start when the engine is cold.?
Why is it cheaper to re-fuel my car everyday as opposed to once a week?
where did "WD40" get its name?
i changed my oil wrong?
need 2005 highlander limited owners manual?
I have loads of white smoke coming from my exhaust?
ive got a car thats been sitting for 5 plus years that i want to fix up. what can i expect to replace?
what would you do in this situation from napa auto parts store?
Should u Drive with your brakes leaking?
My tires still rub after a good but of trimming?
Does my car need a repair?
How long can i go with out a oil change?
how do you program a factory key fob for a 2001 Grand Am,lost old one and replacing with identical fob,but fro
i flushed a metal button?
I Have A '67 VETTE,Why after it WARMS UP(ABOUT 10MINS-IDLE) coolant boils out of overflow tank,why?.?
Car trouble?
98 ford windstar overheating?
Problem with car starting in the morning...?
why wont my 99 yukon start?
Does anyone know where I can find auto repair financing?
Will AAA tow a vehicle to your home instead of a repair center?
I used some of that tire shine by Armor-All and it smelled a lot like WD-40. Will WD-40 do the same thing?
auto/ blower motor is not working.?
do i have to remove my sons vw golf gt tdi front bumper to fit a new side light bulb it is a 2000 w plate?
what can i do?
list 400 results for But I cannot excess the website. It reads, does not exist?
i have a lincoln towncar 1991 and i put the key in the ignition but it wont turn?
Can a 427 Trans Am do 0 - 150 mph in 15 seconds?
how much litres of oil in a ferrari testarossa 1988 engine?
What could cause a door seal on a car to deteriorate?
Which one burns more gas?
Mazda Truck- Not getting enough gas and always sounds like it wants to turn off!?
what causes whining noise in a transmission?
is torque good in forza?
what are the pros and cons to using oil skimmers?
i need help with my car before i send it to the junk yard,?
should i drive if the speedometer is broken?
Was in accident WHAT SHOULD I DO?
My car won't start, help please?
My car is shaking when in idle please help?
does anyone have high miles on a lamborghini gallardo?
Do you know where i can get a full body kit for a 2000 n16 nissan pulsar?
my tyre keeps going flat but not a puncture?
bad gas milage on my car?
How much is gasoline per gallon where you are?..just wondering.....?
How will my1999 expedition run without cadilac converts?
Something rubbing on car engine... Brief strong smell in car, now feel a tiny bit dizzy?
Is it really necessary to get your radiator flushed to clean it out ?
Power steering lines; 2005 Mustang V6?
Need help with turbo issues not having boost power?
for how long do I have to change the Car's Oil?
Is it bad to put an Underdrive pulley to 3.9L Dodge Dakota?
Where can I find repair manual for this briggs specifications (I am rebuilding a small engine)?
2002 Malibu is overheating.. I have changed the intake gaskets, thermostat, water pump and still overheating.?
Can I put 15" wheels from a car to my trailer?
will the transmission really fall out of my car if i don't get it fixed?
Front end of my car makes a knocking noise and the tires easily wear out..HELP!!!?
small chips on windscreen?
What is causing my uneven tire wear?
How can i remove a stripped NUT (not the bolt)? Any suggestions?
Best Cherry bomb exaust ?
What's a good automotive forum to learn about cars inside out?
my car is due a service!?
was looking in my blazer floor boards..?
What's wrong with my car?
How do I change the igniton switch 92 lumina?
when did steam engines stop running?
What is the name if this part called ?
witch wires run the greeting gauge on my cam am?
Car not leaking but is now?
Is there a way to take a rusted car tire valve off?
What's a good wrench set?
Can I switch from 17" wheels to 16" wheels on my 2012 Ford Focus for winter tires.?
if you have tires and rims do you have to have someone else put them on or can you do it yourself.?
What's the registration number of my car?
What temperature does it take to ignite the petrol fumes?
Does a natural gas car have a normal engine.?
My car runs fine except in traffic jam it overheats! Why is this?
Grinding noise when turning at low speeds?
200 Dodge Grand Caravan 3.8?
is it possible to switch form ordinary mineral oil into synthetic oil for a high millage car engine.?
Anyone can tell me the name of the black car from the end of video "what goes around comes around"?
What is window starter?
Coolant recovery tank is overflowing?
How do I fix an eroded battery cable?
I need to replace(per the dealer) the torque converter solenoid on my '97;s located where?
What would happen if you put an automatic in park while traveling at 65mph?
What should I be charged (roughly) for getting a broken leaf spring mount fixed?
New Thermostat, better throttle response.?
I have a major car question?
How do you clean your engine at the carwash? I don't want to mess it up!?
Shold my car be leaking any coolant?
i had my car serviced last friday, and i was told my head gasket had gone..?
What causes a slow turnover on a starter for a Jeep Cherokee if it is cold outside?
Scratch on my car, any tips on how to fix or mask it??
Why did I become an auto techncian?
Where can i find black tinted Tail lights?
Need instalation instuctions for a 1994 Poniac Grand AM window motor?
How do you set air flow on a fuel injected engine?
can a car engine seize after 12months no use?
Cold outside my car cranked fine then when I put it in drive it died...?
Will some Jet Fuel in a vehicle boost Hp?
When I turn on my car a light flashes 10 times, it says "Main't Require". What does it mean?
car mileage?
what is a sway bar for a 1998 plymouth voyager?
would a car with over 200,000 miles cause the engine light to come on?
how can i stop my 1970 ford f100 from sputtering after i turn it off?
Solvent to put carburetor in?
what could be up with my car?
well they told me i burn the clutch and that maybe i can still drive it. what do u think ?
No HEGO switch detected on Ford Ranger?
does 4cylinder have a v engine?
What's heavier? A 3-cylinder cast iron engine, or 4-cylinder aluminum engine?
car starter wont catch?
I have a 1998 Chevy Cavalier. Can someone tell me why it seems to have a stutter.?
1997 Ford Expedition keeps comming out of 4wd when I need it. Why?
Did I snap my e brake cable?
The temp gauge in my car goes up when my car is idle,it goes down when i rev it or drive it around.any idea?
Has anyone seen my screwdriver I only had it a few minutes ago?
what does wd40 stand for?
how to install an aftermarket radio in a 1997 ford taurus sho?
what kind of lube to you men use???
Will the car continue to overheat?
where is the pollen filter for a Holden Astra 2007 model located? and how to change it?
Your Open Question: Will an exhaust from a 86 Z28 camaro fit a 1989 gta trans am?
Mitsubishi outlander horn alarm sounding after replacing battery?
Where is the fuse for the instrument cluster on a 93 Saturn SC?
What would I need to fix the paint job on this car?
What do I need to get done if my steering wheel shakes when I go over 60?
If I have new brakes, calibors, lines,and wheel cylinders why is thebrakes still not workingt?
toyota tocoma water was in tank. is there 2nd filter? fuel pump? really held down at low grars but go h gears?
Should I use 10w 30 or 5w 20 engine oil for my v6 ford fusion?
Why do my breaks whistle?
Aztec 2004 fuse box?
Bright lights wont work?
Maintenance Required light in my car?
what happens when you put a 100 watt bulb in a 55 watt bulbs place?
What is the best kind of motor oil to get for a vehicle?
if i am driving at 65 mph and my car starts to vibrate, what causes that?
How often should I change the oil to a honda foreman? It's an ATV purchased from
if car is driving really smooth can the timing chain be bad?
2000 buick regal ls add turbo?
what would cause a car battery to go dead while sitting in drive way??
Did I blow a spark plug?
How do I fit and outboard motor? (alignment?
transmission pan leak jeep cherokee?
1994 MERCURY COUGAR fuse box?
Will a dearlership let me trade in a car with a bad transmission for the purchase of another vehicle?
how to fix standard car audio (right speaker) on Chevy Cobalt 2006?
what does it mean when the oil in my car develops a creamy coating?
I can't undo my seat belt!!!?
Can anyone tell me what Code P0601 means on a 2001 dodge Intrepid means?
When I apply brakesthe"check gage light comes on and all gages go to the left or "0" for a few seconds
Can I plug a tire with a nail hole right where the tread meets the sidewall?
Why won't my tranny downshift to passing gear?
Why do mechanics try to rip off women?
what does it mean when you start your car and it kind of starts but you have to press gas to make it start up?
1993 Saturn SL2 will not start. Running lights flash when key is on.?
Cost of removal of original motor and installation of new motor for 1990 toyota pickup V-6 engine?
What is the gear pattern for a kwasaki kx 100? And is it possible to start it by popping the clutch?
how are bridges constructed in the twentieth century and even in prehistoric period?
Car Battery Question?
What does it mean when a car lets out white smoke? I have a 98 BMW Z3 1.9 L?
where a place in middle tn where i can have a ad put on my car and get paid to have it on the?"ad in motion"?
My 03 Civic will get really hot and then coll down to normal?
blazer oil change question?
What is lifetime warranty on car brakes?
how much more power would a grand am gt need to match a buick regal gs? this is easier than it sounds...?
Car has no power, nothing works!?
I have a 2000 model Toyota Celica with water in the head lights?
Would you buy a 2003 ford focus if in the description it said "runs great, but needs servicing"?
How do you fill a tank of gas on a car?
squealing noise when i drive?
how to replace ignition on a 1993 ford probe?
I can't get my bike tire off..?
What websites or chain stores could I go to get some "pep" for my car?
95 too96 2.2interchange?
car repair info please help?
Can i add water to where it says coolant only?
rust on car frame what is the best kind of rust remover to use.?
I just bought a new battery, why won't my car start?
How do I change my dashboard lights color?
is it okay to give someone a jump every night when you have squeaky belt?
i have a 1994 ford areo star van, every 2 or 3 days i need to add transmission fluid,but no leaks.?
A low spongy brake pedal, even after pumping it several times... please help?
Ever leave your house key on your key ring at the car shop?
how much gear box Atf is needed in a 1G FE engine?
valve cover question?
Why won't my remote starter for my truck work?
Any ideas on what can be wrong with my car?
copper color floating in your radiator fluid, what does that mean?
i have just put a new altonater on my 2004 kia i crank it up car is runing i des connected the pos battery?
I have a 1979 nova 2 door custom with the 4.1 250 whats the value of my car?
my car wont turn over..but i can pop start it?
My brake caliper bolts are too tight to undo? The allen-key tool is like bending as I try?
Mechanic put too much oil in my car! what should i do?
How to close automatic sunroof in 2005 Trailblazer LT, intermittant problem?
hi.Whats the strongest washing powder/liquid on the market,suitable to wash mechanics overalls?Thanks Allan?
How do you disable a car odometer?
Tips to get more mileage from Patrol car?
What tools might a beginner mechanic need?
can i take a home window air conditioner and mount in my rear sliding window of my truck?
how much transmission fluid does a 2001 chryslyer concorde hold?
what is the torque spec for 99 Blazer 4x4 front hub axle nut?
how do you change break pads on a car?
What is wrong with my car?
What is causing my car's voltage to drop at high RPM?
Hi my car wont start after cutting off on me. Even with a jump it wont start.?
just put new lowering spring and struts,and mu front is higher then rear,what do i do to fix it?
wana to buy a car vacuum cleaner please suggst...?
need wiring diagram for 1994 cadillac concours?
air pressure to fill tier 265/70/r17?
Where to find the agusta westland AW-101 (EHI-01) Merlin Maintenance Manual?
Transmission rebuild $2,400 Canadian?
what does it mean when my sterring wheel shakes it happens when I slow down then I hear creaking noises?
I have a 4171S carter carb off a 1966 429 CU. IN. Cadilac, can anyone tell me what CFM this carb is ?
engine coolant and ac question?
what is the liqued that comes out of the exhaust pipe of a car?is it not sopposed to leak?what is it called?
How do you put the jack back into a Ford Focus trunk?
How to make my un-air conditioned car more bearable?
Do i have a blown head gasket?
where is the starter located on a 1988 Dodge Omni?
partsplusautoparts falcon chassis Parts?
nextar automotive navigation system (gps)?
if my thermostat is opening and closing why is my heater still blowing cool air. I put a new one in.?
My new front windshield is making wind noise and it looks like there is gas trapped inside the glass?
Engine timing / can i start the car for a moment without the water-pump hooked up to ensure timing?
We lost the KEYPAD to our 2002 Altima, we have a spare key but can not shut the alarm off! What can we do?
My car stays in high rpm when on the freeway... any help?
what is the point of tuning the ECU when in stalling a supercharger? i thought the bosst is based on the pully?
Someone pissed in my friend's gas tank and now his car is messed up. HELP.?
does the saturn vue and sc2 have the same engine bolt pattern?
Are there any easy ways to remove a bumper sticker from my car without damaging paint?
lower ball joints and coolant hoses?
my 2002 pontiac grand prix 3800 v-6 is cranking over longer lately before it starts up. what's wrong?
can i convert a timing belt into a timing chain?
how often should I get my oil changed in a 2003 vehicle?
how to remove the headliner of a 2006 ford expedition xlt ?
where could a oil leak be coming from if the oil on the ground is beneath the bottom of my 95 plymoth neon?
where is the orfius tube located in the 99 buick century?
my batt light comes on and my truck starts .but no radio, lights,nothing on the dash.whats wrong.?
anyone own a 2001 cavalier? Does the gas intake say E85 on it? It supposed to take E85 also?
300ex ticking after valve adjustment?
my borthers mustang won't start how can i fix it?
Is it safe to put an egg on the radiator of a car as a sealant?
Is there a place to get used auto repair manuals for VW's?
can i spray paint my car?
Can a ed windshield really be repaired?
can anyone tell me what's wrong with my car?
I have a 199 Honda Accord that is Stalling?
can other plp c that i have blue lights n my car?
Why do we need oil changes instead of filling it back up?
what does it mean when u have alot of white smoke coming out of your muffler?
Should I wet-sand my car's finish some more?
How do I fix the Blower Control on my 2000 Buick Century?
How can I stop my car from idiling in the morning?
What would cause a squeaking wheel on car?
Whats the difference between a h22 b16 b18? What do they stand for?
what size Torx bit do I need to remove the front disk brake calipers on my 96 Mercury Villager?
What does it mean if a little smoke came out of my steering column?
1992 ford probe seat belts dont work fuse is ok?