Is the transmission changing procedure the same for every car?
Chevy trailblazer how can I fix alternator and battery it won't hold a charge what is the problem?
what is wrong with my car?
Does anyone have bad luck with cars? Because I do.?
where can i get 1997 jeep wrangler consoles?
My car jumps when i hit the gas whats wrong?
Do you guys trust mechanics?
When I press down on my brake pedal my steering wheel shakes back and forth, why does it do this?
carpet cleaning machine?
Location of sensor a1j22 in 99 bonneville?
What would be the best way to go about changing my radiator fluid?
How do I unprogram my silverado truck key fob?
Can we apply grease to battery terminals after you have connected and tightened the battery cable to pre corr?
Can I drive a car that's over 100,000 miles long distances, like over 1000+ miles?
what will happen if i put water in my power steering fluid?
Is this enough to charge my battery?
I just got new brakes put on, why are they squeeking?
Where can i find an under hood wiring harness for 1973-87 chevy truck?
i sold a bike that had a hole in the piston, i put a self taping screw in it,it works well but for how long?
what spark plugs do i need and how many for my 87 supra ?
rusted 1999 ford taurus frame?
Difference between motor engine oils?
Cost to add another gear to a manual?
Wipers work but get stuck in upright position when shut off.?
warranty on car?
A plate glass window measures 8 ft by 12 ft. If glass costs $ 6.50 per sq ft, how much will it cost to replace
how do i get a rusted hitch ball off of my truck?
94 buick century problem?
why does my 1988 mazda b2200 die off when i hit the gas pedal?
car takes off fine but after five minutes feels likes it driving in wrong gear?
Replace starter or alternator?
how to shine up a faded atv?
What's wrong with my car?
i changed spark plugs on my vs commodore, but now it seems worse?
What's wrong with our Thunderbird?
if my check engine light is on in my car what could possibly be the problem. And is it a big threat?
The temperature gauge on my car says HOT. What should I do?
How much does a windshield cost?
Painting a car flat black.?
At how many miles should a timing belt be changed on a Subaru Impreza?
Is Hybrid expensive to maintain than a gasoline car?
Water leaking by gas pedel, just rain or?
what all do you have to do to put a pontiac 400 in a chevy caprice?
Truck issues, sensor?
Do I have a bad fuel pump?
is there any way to bypass the push button shifting on a 1963 chrysler newport has 361 motor and tranny?
looking for bush digital set top box remote control to replace my broken one?
02 jaguar x type a/c blower motor fuse?
i ran over a tree now my car will not go forward what happened?
Brake light came on. Think it has to do with emergency brakes?
does this sound like a dirty fuel filter?
i want very cold ac for my cadillac which is coldest r12 or r134a?
car shuts off unless put in drive.?
Windows won't go up or down (2000 Saturn ls1)?
How do u change the fuel pump on a 96 Honda Passport? Do u need to replace the whole sending unit?
how many quarts of oil do i use in a ford 302?
What does pulling the Neg battery cable do?
How to get a bad smell out of my car?
my car brakes make a burning smell sometimes-what could be the cause and should I get them looked at?
Who sells Red Diesel where in London can I get Red Diesel?
Where, near Daly City, CA can I get my broken car window fixed today?
Help with car battery?? Starting Car.?
Gas price: How much a gallon does your gas cost and what area are you in?
How tall or big are 225/75/R16 tires wheels?
Why won't my truck start?
2000 toyota celica GT clutch problem?
2000 windstar radio wipers dash lights all come on while driving when u start the van front head lights flash?
How do I find out what transmission is in my Dodge Ram 1500. I need to know which specific tranny I have.?
1996 leaking anti freeze,any ideas, where are soft plugs,leaking at the back of the head?
Tempurature/Navigation System doesn't work....?
is it just me or do oil dipsticks not work?
my car battery is draining within an hour what is causing this?
Gasket making flutter noise?
how can i drain a car battery?
Why do tire and oli-change places inflate tires to over 40 PSI?
need to know how to run my vacumn lines on my 1977 chevy with a 292 motor?
What's wrong with my stupid car?
99 alero- coolant bubbling out of reservoir?
Car basically vibrating when I turn right and accelerate?
when starting just clicks jumped and just clicks tightened battery connections?
how do I repair a thermosatatic air cleaner system on a 2001 hyundai accent? how do I repair an EGR system?
is there a different starter for a smaller fly wheel on 400 chevy small block?
Is it illegal to have no catalytic converter, or muffler on your truck in Philadelphia?
How much should this cost?
how do you know that ...this isn't heaven..?
Is it ok to use regular water instead of anti-freeze?
Will 4 stud alloy wheels that fit a ford festa fit astra?
Fog inside aftermarket headlight?
How do you know when your heater core is bad?
how do you set pinion depth when you assemble a ford 9 inch differential?
the blinkers on my 94 honda accord are blinking at a rapid pace?
i have a 93 chev truck with the turbo diesel and when i let off the gas fast is stalls what could be wrong?
Will a pre 1964 chevrolet start without a horn relay?
Car died, is it battery or alternator?
My steering wheel shakes while I'm driving.?
does oil need to be drained to remove oil filter?
How to remove marker off a school bus seat?
what 1980s vehicles contain isuzu engines?
i change my car front pad break but still making noise so i have to change disks do i have to buy break pad ?"?
why would temperature go up when idling?
Is it possible to replace 215/50/17 rated tyres with 205/60/16 rated tyres? If yes what is the impact?
How can I remove the broken metal spike that's used to measure oil level?
Free Honda servicing at dealerships?
Haynes manuals?
My van breaks lock up! help?
Can any car be turned into a convertible?
I have a vaxhaul corsa. when I drive over 50 mile I feel I do not have control over the steering wheel.?
Do petrol lawnmowers contain any sort of battery?
how to remove modulator valve on 1990 300e series mercedes transmission?
How do I know when it's time to replace my car's air filter?
Strong fuel smell when car is running?
Where can I find the body(shell) for a 1996 checy blazer?
1997 Nissan Altima GXE, shakes at idle or on stop light. some times the engine stops.?
when was the last time you fixed a flat tire?
I need an inspection on my Chevy S-10, but they say I need a new elder arm. What is it and what's the cost?
1994 ford f-250 non-turbo 7.3 diesel....what are the factory horsepower and torque specifications?
what dose the temp run on 2000 tran,s am 5.7 sfi 8 cyl?
How do I know if the problem is the battery or the alternator.?
show me pictures of how a vw engine works?
clicking sound get louder during acceleration?
Why is my car making noises when I turn right?
A question about mechanics...?
My boyf changing 92 magna tr fan belt tommorrow- Any tips?
3 out of 4 of my cylinders are misfiring on my 2010 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution?
my suspension is leaking?
what gas stations give better mileage?
Need help with my car?
if a 5spd. stick shift jerks while in 1st & 2nd gear but goes fine in 3rd, what might be the problem ?
how much are aluminum pullys for a nissan sentra 94? guesstimate?
Anyone know anything about cars.....???
What does riding the clutch mean?
Micra reverse lights and sensor not working.?
Bad Starter or Alternator?
how do you put a bench seat in a vs ute?
I am looking to find an owners manual for a 1991 jeep wrangler that is online. No time to order it by mail.?
Are there different 1995 Honda Civic LSI steering columns? I just ordered 1, but was told there are maybe 2?
if plan to not drive vehicle over winter (3 months)..what preventions or things should do before parking it?
Am I being ripped off by my mechanic?
what would cause a vehiechle to run and then sound as if it is about to die then it catches itself.?
How can you identify types of car batteries?
can you rev a car when its in park?
I just recently installed LED tail lights on my car,but now my right turn signal is out.?
can anybody answer a few questions for me about a 2002 mitsubishi motero XLS?
How much would cost to have a water pump replaced?
my craftsman t2000 lawn mower will not turn over and does not make a sound when you tuen the switch on?
when applying tint to a vehicle they do it from the interior right.?
Are the Door latch assemblies on the 85, and 88 Honda CRX Compattable? If not Does anyone know ho has a 85?
Buying tires,I've typed in my reg number on 3 different web sites and they all tell me the tyres I need are ?
What are your options if your car will cost more to repair than what it is worth?
My car overheated. What should I do?
Car rattling when driving slow! Help?!?
hi what will cause a lot of pressure to build up in the gas tank on a 92 ,240 volvo ,,,?
why does my 1984 ford f250 with the 460 run crappy under a load going uphill?
2001 Ford Escape - Cherry Red Cat?
OBD-II data retrieval?
what's involved in 100,000 km service for BMW my07 120i and how much will it cost?
Where can I buy original seat covers for a 2001 explorer sport. Just need front pass. tannish cloth.?
Can you get a ticket for a ed windshield?
How do you change the flasher on a 2002 Xterra?
6.5 turbo diesel trouble?
Whats wrong with my car?
how much does it cost to replace a radiator for Honda Accord?
My three wheeler wont stay running after i give it gas... any ideas?
Are their fuses in a tv that will blow b 4 they will burn up from a electrical problem?
How do I mount a Euro plate I bought from Ebay?
Is there any auto repair/maintenance shop in LA that caters to rust prevention or treatment for cars?
My brakes do not work every time I use them. New lines, rebuilt master cylinder could it be air in the master?
My air light bag is on how can i fix it in my 2000 renger pickup truck?
my car rolls backwards on a hill in drive. Is this normal? 05 chevy malibu?
how to convert from positive to negative ground on and f-1 ford?
names for new car cleaning shop?
is it normal to need your windscreen wiper blades replaced every year when the car is serviced?
my car wont start when you turn key electiic works but wont turn over or anything?
At how many RPM does a transmission change gears?
What is the name of the part by the exhaust manifold?
Will black magic tire wet eat paint?
What's wrong with my car?
Spark plug got lose during a ride.?
how much dose it cost to have pinion and carrier bearings replaced on a '06 Chevy Tahoe?
I just bought a 1991 mercury capri. how do i get the top down?
Is it possible to tow a car with a sufficient amount of duct tape?
Do I HAVE to have my service/maintenance done at a dealer?
Does radiator stop leak actually work?
How do you replace a side curtain airbag module in a 2007 Chevy TAhoe?
Got a little of the erg valve gasket in my engine.?
Can I use any Chevy front end?
Oil pressure goes to about 5psi at idle.?
How much boost will a 2.3 thunderbird motor hold?
Metal rod lost im defrost vents on an 08 altima?
one of my cylinders arent working!?!?
What is the minimum age to be a mechanic?
1990 Corvette Headlights?
Is seafoam bad to use if there is nothing wrong?
Should we pay for a new clutch?
Engine smell in cab of car?
How much do you think it would cost to check out why my heated seat won't work, the other one does.?
questions about car batteries?
My truck will not turn over?
1995 s10 4cy 2.2 5spd?
Engine swapping using the same transmission.?
Question about fuel injectors...?
how to separate soot from the air?
A/C problems with the car?
My coolant light comes on for a couple seconds when I start my car when my engines cold, should I be concerned?
i just put new pads on a week ago, it still clicks when i apply brakes?
What does a Cam do in a car?
where does a transmission fluid located?
White stuff in car engine oil?
How come some blades on the alternator pulley are wider and others smaller?
does the computer in achevy cheyenne 1988 with a kick down cable effect the transmissions shifting////?????
I tried to start my car and it tries to turn over but just can't make it. What do I need to replace?
Differntial fluid leakage in the front?
Burnt valve?
any good beginners car websiteS?
Cheap horsepower?
What can you do if your trucka burning oil?
Aiming headlights on 1984 Dodge Aries?
I need a to know where the sump is on my car as I need to change the oil.?
What midsize sedan would fit these needs?
My car is losing coolant daily but I can't see it leaking out anywhere? ?
what does it mean to crank an engine??
What has wheels,steering wheel,fast,and loud?
how to fit a dog guard to freelander ( genuine) 3 door 1998 ?
How much do car keys cost to get replaced?
What parts do you need to install an aftermarket fuel injection intake manifold?
Can you repair ed heads on a 1998 Cadillac Deville, or do you absolutely have to replace them?
what species of wood was used in a 1936 ford panel truck?
whats the price to fix a mercury villager year 95 for heater hose?
electrical problems on my 99 dodge dakota v8?
will a transmission from a 79 power wagon 150 fit in a 91 wagoneer, transmission are both A727?
replacing my carburetor?
engine oil leak? nissan2.4 liter?
what is a temporary fix for air con hose leaking?
How can I remove the white salt stains from my vehicles carpets?
is there a conversion kit for a dna postitive/negitive rear end, to a positive end ?
Fixed my car today how do you clear the GM trouble codes?
I put regular fuel in my car that requires premium and now its having a hard time starting, what can i do?
Bad eggs smell from my Ford Focus when I put it away in garage each evening. Never experienced it so bad befor
How do I eliminate cigarrette smoke smell from my car's interior???
help with civic?
is it safe to get a paint job on a vehicle from MAACO or AAMCO? do they do good jobs?
What is the max test pressure on an auto radiator with a 15 psi cap?
1992 Acura Legend, smoking... why ?
Why does my truck smell like sulfur when I nail the gas hard?
Could this rock be the source of my car break's squeaking?
Where is the purge valve on a 2000 Ford Windstar?
my mercedes garage opener won't operate?
1997 Grand Am does not blow heat or a/c?
Is a engine fan and radiator the same?
1989 Escort GT passenger seat won't lock in position.?
1993 saturn key switch?
Transmission Problem?
My budbomb is stuck!!!?
what years of transmissions will work in my 1994 southern comfort conversion 5.7. GMC c1500. truck.?
How can I find a somone to remove a dent from my car without going to the body shop?
What is wrong with my car?
i need yo find out where the flasher relay is?
The red steering wheel light on my 2003 Fiat punto has come on- i have no handbook- what does this mean?
Given wrong information re MOT at Kwik Fit?
What precaution and spare parts to prepare prior to remove the intake manifold?
how to replace a 96 ford windshield?
I'm looking for a repair manual for a 2002 Hyundai, Accent. Can't find it. Anybody know where I can find it?
My son hit a curb and broke the front axel of my 2004 Mitsuibishi. Any estimates on how much this will cost to
BMW 1987 325i Four Door?
I would like to paint my car. does anyone know what kind of paint I could use and where to buy it?
1996 Jeep Cherokee Check Ingine Light?
how do i know which toyota motor i have?
Can I put 18 in rims on my car?
my car is not blowing cold air but is full of freon?
My car jumps when I press the gas?
For african countries,with high temp,which engine oil is preferable 20w50 or 5w20?
I added some 104+ racing octane booster, advanced the timing a little and got more than 20 hp raise explain ?
I have a 98 m3 and got a turbo kit of ebay need new head gasket too...any sugestions to do so?
what would cause enough pressure to push out your dipstick and spray oil out of a 2000 infiinity while driving?
What is a Tune-up!??
Do you guys trust mechanics?
Whats the problem when a 1997 malibu leaks antifreeze?
Is it true that, if you get your oil changed every 3500 miles, your car will last for a seriously LONG time?
Why won't my car start? ?
Buying a used cluster, effect the original mileage?
What ONE option would you like added to your car?
how do I fit a chevrolet v8engine inside an e32 BMW?
my saturn transmission is not shifting the way it should. is this the valve body. where can i get one?
1996 Honda Civic is leaking oil, why an how do I fix it?
What color is confederate gray?
How do I open the memory hatch on k53ta, the small hatch wont seem to budge when i try to open it?
what can i use to take off tree pitch off of a car, with out messing up the paint job>?
Do u have to rev the engine to see for bubbles while checking for a blown headgasket?
What's the name of silverado auto part?
98 ford windstar air stuck on defroster no rear air?
How can I stop the noise from my wheel bearing squealing?
where can i find 103 octane?
I drive a car with a manual transmission!?
In a 06 impreza 1.6L and the chk eng is on. When reading the codes it says high and low voltage problems.Sol?
Is my engine blown?
if shifting into neutral gives no power to the vehicles wheels.. what is neutral for?
How hard is it to pull the fuel tank on a 94 geo tracker to replace the fuel pump?
i need to the schmatics for a 1991 mazda mx6 automatic transmission?
Overheating car shut off switch?
Traction control and anti lock light comes on at 60 mph?
My car pulls to the right when I brake.?
would the map sensor make engine mis like this?
Need a NYC shop for automobile clear bra?
where is the fuses on lawnflite?
I have a 94 Mustang that jumps a bit from 1st into 2nd?
mk6 fiesta front bumper grill?
There is a clicking in my steering wheel when I turn my car to the right.?
98 buick regal supercharged engine "service engine light still on"!?
how TO take window motor out of 97 firebird driver side?
what happend to the episode of "Pimp My Ride" where they put it a system that made the car sound like any car
My car makes a strange noise when I turn?
i have a 96 for taurus, for some reason it stutters out of first gear (0-10 mph)but nothing else, what is this
How do I turn my air suspension on in my 2007 expedition?
How can I Get a step by step instructions on how to repair a 92 Mercury Grand Marquise?
what is the best vinyl protectant?
how to take out a dash on a 94 pontiac transport?
How much would it cost to...?
How do I know which wheels' sizes fit in my car if I want to change them. Actual size is 6Jx15H2 ET49.5?
rattling/clunking noise while accelerating?
If my check engine light turned on? Should I try to reset it to see if it was just a one time occurrence? Or..?
how much is a new steering column?
P0741 Torque Converter Clutch Circuit Performance or Stuck Off?
What do I do about my car problem?
I need to know the firing order of the spark plugs on 1991Ford Explorer?
Can an engine flush actually damage your engine causing leaks?
Is this the turbo engine?
what makes a tire bulge?
Triton 6.8L V10 vs Magnum 8.0L V10 which is the better work engine?
when i try to start my car?
Help with repairing car fan dial?
I have a 1989 Ford Capri Convertible, my dash lights don't work CAN ANYONE HELP?
Is it normal for a car battery to die without warning?
My radio, dash lights, and windshield wipers won't work.?
i have Honda civic 92 with d16z6 engine my mechanic told me to change piston rings so i want to know what to ?
Turn signals stopped blinking!!?
Why won't power door locks work on 2005 chysler mini van?
blown head gasket? confused.?
how to drain coolant on a 98 intrigue?
do cars need a head gasket?
how do i change the oil in my 91 cbr600 f2?
will a ed head cause to much compression in one cylinder?
Why are my car belts squeaking?
Transmission problem?
What is the correct wheel size for my tire? It is a 31X10.5R15?
My car is making a strange sound what is it?
Does anyone know how to remove and replace a Citroen C1 wiper blade?
How do I not pay the oil filter disposal fee?
Where do i get a rear spoiler for my car?
weather stripping issues?
What type of gas cap do I need?
2005 Kia Spectra Door Lock?
i have a toyota corolla gti and the engine is modified a little bit.....recently a heat problem?
Where in Austin, Tx can I go to have my air bags replaced? How much will it cost?
Blown head gasket or not?
Tyre Pressure...?
2006 Honda Civic Si, 2000-2002 Pontiac Trans Am, or Pontiac GTO?
How long does electronic power steering last?
Can you put 13 gallons of gas into a 12 gallon tank?
Tires for my Truck Question.?
How can I make my truck Bigger, Better and Badder?!? 10 points for best answer!!?
I sold a T reg Galaxy on Ebay for £1200, now wants money back?
has anybody installed a big block ford in a toyota land cruiser fj60?
Where can i get an overdrive conversion kit for a 1948 CJ-2A Jeep Willys?
Could a brand-new car's speedometer read 5-10 MPH below the actual speed?
2000 Chevy Tracker still hesitant to start?
78 La Palma motorhome?
my car wont start what are some possible problems it is a 1986 chevy celebrity?
did i kill my transmission?
Please settle a debate between my husband and I regarding letting the gas tank get to low?
How long do I need to warm up my 93HondaCivic before driving it?
Where can i find appropriate engine oil and oil filter for my hummer H2 in Nigeria?
i have brought a car its rubbish still have warantee on it can i have my money back ?
How to stop car windows freezing up overnight.?
i want to put a 1962 ford 390 out of a galexy into my 1976 f-250 that currently has a 390 and a c-6 tranny?
My car wont start, is this a battery problem?
how many miles should a 2008 Mercury Sable Premier Sedan have before it needs a engine?
Any advice on going to my first tractor pull?
Corroded Brake Disks?
I need help with my van!!?
my 2003 chevy malibu shut off while driving?
My van's heater stops putting any heat out every time I stop or go slow.?
Cheap Ignition repair in Las Vegas, Nevada?
what can damage a gear shift?
what causes a diesel to run rich?
Suspicious Break Light Question.. Please help?
I want to know where do they have shows that do diesel truck sled pulls?
where is it at under the hood the clutch?
my 1994 cadillac deville will not startin park or netual, no contact. battery is okay?
When I push my brakes in on my car?
How do i get rid of duct tape marks on my truck?
Whats causing my upper radiator hose to be hard but my car is at normal temp?
Vibration noise coming from exhaust?
One day when i was driving i honked my horn at someone and it honked then just went out.what's the problem?
I would like to know how could I make my dodge neon se go faster.
How much does it cost to get a speedometer fixed for a 1995 Toyota Celica?
I just change the head gadgets on my 2001 Oldsmobile silhouette and now I need help?
rpm doesnt change when a/c is turned on.?
Advantages and disadvantages of an anti lock braking system???
how do you attach the door panels to a 93 Ford Probe front door (inside)?
Help!!! whats wrong with my car!!!!?
where can i find a vacuum hose map for a 1999 jeep cherokee?
What can cause a car to stall and how can I fix it?
Where can I find whatr is needed at 60000 miles for service on a Toyota Camry?
My windshield washer sprayer doesn't work on my '06 Sonata. What to do besides taking to dealership?
what do use to clean the inside of your car?
back wheels on car seemed to be locked on?
How do you get rid of uneven paint on car?
Should I replace the cam sensor?
My car is starting to squeel when I turn the wheel. ?
what could be causing my impala to run hot?
auto part dearlership in hackensack new jersey?
car wont start, possible bad fuel pump?
how to wash boat canvas?
I inadvertently filled my car with diesel instead of unleaded!?
What part do I need (1986 Suzuki Samurai)? moped wont start?
2001 Lexus IS-300- CD player jammed?
Would a seized a/c pump disable the engine from turning over?
i have spilt milk in my car how do i get rid of the smell?
where can i find a site to by a car door?
where can I find a c channel in houston? It is made of steel used in sliding door of a car garage.?
How much will it cost to replace my tire?
Is it cheaper to get a transmission rebuilt or replaced?
When you flush the radiator is 1 gallon of coolant all you need to put in?
2002 trailblazer won't start it just makes clicking noises when i try to start engine?
Any tips on Removing pet hair?
I heard when its really cold you have to let your car warm off before you drive it. Is that true?
Bridgestone Dualer A/T D693 or Michelin LTX M/S?
Why doesn't my air conditioner blow out cold air?
Got a '87 Mazda extra-cab 4x4 I want to put in a new engine. what is the best & easiest engine to swap it with
I can not get spark to start my truck.Replaced distributor,module,plugs and still no spark(fire).please help.?
What do men think of a woman who is mechanically inclined?
From where i can buy auto parts for my car?
how to change brake pads on a 2004 dodge ram 1500?
what can i expect now that i added water immediately after my car engine overheated and was turned off?
where can I find the complete nose piece(front bumper) for 1993 Toyota mr2?
can some one explain how i can set my camber toe in on my bmw318i 86 model where is the toe located?
Car not running on fuel?
dealers of automobile van body modification works at chennai?
why does my brake and my (abs) light come on sometimes when im driving 93 potiac grand am v6 3300?
How do you replace an intake manifold?
Is it okay if I don't change my oil on time?
what is the spray to dry a distributer?
I cant find the vaccumm line that may be causing my 2000 ford fucus to miss, I have tried everything?
car died while driving, now wont start/?
Car wont turn over? Could it be the cold?
What does the light "check gages" nean?
my oil dip stick handle broke off?
Is this right? or am i being mugged off?
hey chevy guys and gals?
MY radiator fan went out and how do i know what fuse to change?
i have a saturn sc2 3 door and the security light has never came on and now it will not quit flashing and it i?
Best place to buy Portable Generac xg4000 generators Lowe's or home depot?
Spark plug spacing on Chrysler Voyager V6?
is it bad to wash a cars engine?
How do you know when you need freon in your car?
how do you change the water pump on a 93'Honda Civic EX?
What is the best way to improve gas mileage?
how do you recognize when a brake booster is going out?
What is the easiest way to replace front shock absorbers on a 2005 Mazda 3 ?
need help with my shake in my car?
Driver side back tire won't turns sometimes?
What does resume/accel and set/decel mean and how does one work it?
Body shop will not realease my car?
Diesel exhaust system?
A woman keyed my car!! Help!!?
My car stopped moving, engine ran fine... replaced the clutch, not the problem. What else could it be?
Adjusting throttle and choke cables?
I have a question as to what part of my car is broken...?
How much does it cost to fill your car with petrol/diesel?
where do i find used pick-up parts for a 1977 ford f-150?
what causes the compression in a car engine to reduce?
Does anyone need Windscreen advise , either removing or replacing , or door glass fitting ..?
where can I find a step by step on how to replace a cam sensor on a 97 Thunderfird?
I need new brakes on my durango. I don't know what to even ask for when calling shops! LOL. pads,discs,rotors?
My car is making a clicking noise when i try to start it what could this be?
Help? my blinker fluid is low.?
Bad brake problem please help?
Do you know your stuff? I had a bad....?
what is meant by the term leading brake shoe?
Do i need and a transmission or transfer case?
Good cheap products to use when washing a car?
I have a car maintenance question. Can you help me?
How much does it cost to get a starter replaced?
Do I need a new starter?
Are Westlake tires any good?
is there a trick to getting the back 3 sparkplugs off on a 96 beretta?
Would it be my car battery or is it another problem?
How much would it cost for me to put butterfly doors on my car?
What is the best for removing vehicle carpet and upholstery stains?
Have plenty oil, car not making any noises, no oil leak I can see & changed oil sending unit., any suggestions?
There is some oil near the oil cap and on top of the engine?
My car engine is leaking oil.?
No mechanic can diagnose?
Any tyre experts?
Car jumps when shifting from Park to D?
How do I unclog or clean catalytic converter in 1997 Ford Taurus?
what are the best mechanic tool for the money?
Jeep TJ w/ no reverse lights?
my car has a hard time getting up to speed?
How do I fix a hole in my transmission line on my 1979 coupe deville?
When I'm driving my 98 nissan sentra it is sputtering when I press the gas. What could be wrong?
Why does my steering wheel shake when I apply the brakes?
How to drive a manual transmission car?
Hand Grip? Letting the steering wheel slide?
How long will my Pontiac last?
What is the name of the wax you use to remove paint scrapes from your car?
ignition/gauge fuse blows often, what are some possible reasons why? it is driving me insane!?
does anyone know any good bmw sites that i can find a lot of high pro parts?
Car is clicking but not turning over.?
What happens if a high performance vehicle gets mid-grade instead of 93??
can anyone give me some feedback on buick le sabre's im thinking about buying a used one good or lemon?
we have a kumatsu track-hoe.can you stud the rubber tracks so it doesnt slide on the ice.?
Can I trust Jiffy Lube?
2002 kia spectra head torque and tightening sequence?
Where is the best place to have a car wash fundraiser?
Would you consider knowing how to change a car tire a safety issue?
Added coolant instead engine oil by mistake.?
what is the best way to drive uphill?
diagram of a 1990 Celebrity starter installation?
i change motor 267 to a 350 iam not geting no fire from ware what should i do?
Does hitting the curb while parallel parking damage your cars tires/wheels?
What kind of tool is used to remove a fuel filter?
Tires shedding, seeing the inner silver?
Why is it gunna cost me 500-600$ just to change my trany fluid and the filter? Is that a steep price?
I s it ok to put just water in the coolant bit in my ford ka?
What are wheel skins?
'99 Nissan Frontier front suspension lift?
if you use brake fluid on someone's paint job, will it do the job over night?
Why I can't shift to the reverse gear while the car is moving?
why are my Radiator fan's only coming on when a/c is on?
Why is my car overheating?
1995 pontiac grand prix won't start?
HOW TO LOCK MY DOOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 I REALLY NEED HELP!?
How do you set valve timing on a Briggs&Stratton 14HP OHV?
What would valve seat faulty will cause my h22a?
Can i add coolant directly to coolant reservoir in my car?
I need an exhaust system for a car that doesn't exist?
What drill and tap size do I use to put in a m8x1.25 Helicoil repair thread?
07' town and country headlights turn off while driving?
i switched spark plugs wiring ,if you know about firing order for rodio isuzo?
I need info on a 1992 Lincoln Continnental Air ride?
I have 3 batteries sitting in my garage. How do I dispose of them?
My front end is shaking?
HOW TO: Install a side view mirror on an 06 buick rendezvous.?
worcster oil boiler heatslave 15/19.lock out light comes on now and again,press reset button it works again.?
what all do you have to do to put a pontiac 400 in a chevy caprice?
What are copper seal header gaskets used for?
Whats wrong with my Puegeot 306?
How do I check the power steering fluid on my '06 Chevy Cobalt?Can't find it in the traditional location.?
2000 Ford Ranger 2.5L Won't Start?
Camry 2009 hid lights problem only one light turns on at first try?
Brakes go to floor. master cylinder problem?
Remote Car Starter?... please help?
when the key is turned its like the engine is starting but it doesnt.?
Trac off, ABS, and service vehicle soon lights on ?
1997 Jeep Cherokee sport running hot when not moving.?
Help with 1.8t cam chain tensioner and oil light coming on after replacement?
New battery still dying?
When checking trans fluid: leave car running, or turn it off?
What would make my car use up Anti-Freeze/Coolant really quick?
how to remove the front bumper of a 1997 mitsubishi eclipse?
UK: So, the rear view mirror falls off my car windscreen...What do I do?
Do u waste more gas driving too fast or too slow?
My car has been starting slowly... any thoughts?
if the cars on and everything dies out what could be the problem ?
Car won't start. It cranks, but won't turn over.?
how many lug nuts are on a range rover?
how do i remove the right rear axle from my 1993 jeep grand cherokee?
I just bought a brand new car my neighbor put a stratch/dent, how do i go about making her pay for the damages
Carburetor Problems Again?
i need an oil change but cant get one till next week.?
how do i turn ford immobilizer off?
96 Chevrolet S10 bed Replacement?
UK - What happens if I refuse to pay garage for auto repairs?
Why does my handbrake stick on?
How do I get rid of a bad smell in my car?
Speed difference between a LT235/75R15 and a 31-10.5-R15?
02 Expedition Tan leather turned purple??
Which car out of these three looks best in your opinion?
any ideas on how to convince a mechanic to take installment payments?
I have a 1996 Eagle Vision and it started with rough gear shifting, now it down shifts while I'm driving if I
i need the jet settings for the carb. on a john deere model 50 tractor?
Where can i download for free a repair manual for a 2000 chrysler sebring?
How do I clean corrosion from a car battery?
having trouble with my car?
does Royal Purple oil Really help increase horse power on your engine?
if my car has to much oil and i drive 50 miles will some oils burn off?
Are rusty rocker panels a serious problem?
Can someone tell me the best place to get my brakes done?
best motor oil in the world?
What do you call the piece of board that's right above the wheel of a car?
Can i drill into my exhaust? Make it louder?
Can someone tell me where to find the fan relay on a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0?
I have noticed a knocking coming from the back of my saab 9-3 convertible. Can anyone exlplain it?
what is wrong with my car?
I just went to Avis Lube (oil change place) to get an oil change, and the mechanic recommends me to get 3?
Does anyone know what type of wiring harness that will go on a 1994 Ford explorer 4 a trailer hook-up?
what is meant by the term crankshaft runout?
Why are my brakes braking on their own?
Problems starting 89 Cadilac Deville v8?
No four wheel drive!?
Where is the o2 censor on a 03 subara wrx?
my grandcaravan wont start i put a new battery?
Battery to Honda gas engine electric start - Black White - Positive/Negative?
Is it dangerous to drive with a bad break caliper?
My truck makes a grinding, dragging like noise when I am braking, NOT SQUEALING; do I need?
Would this be bad for my 1997 ford taurus?
electrical circuit of maruti alto?
Low idle, higher oil pressure & running like crap?
does driving a standard car at high speeds in a low gear damage the engine?
Is there a Mazda mechanic in the house (98 Protege)?
Where is a good place to get Auto Window Tinting in Akron?
Getting my car worked on today? What to expect?
my new set of wheels are rubbing against the frame of my car really bad even if i go straight what can i do?
Where do you take out a dent from a Bike's Tank completely or get a New Tank in Mumbai?
Hazard/Flasher Toggle Switch HELP!?!?
Do i need to clean/wash my car engine?
Different type of Chemicals and pollutants that come out of Exhaust?
How much mileage do you have on your car?
What type of tire do I need?
im having a prob with my 97 jeep 4.0L. i keep geting a code for B1S2 high volts.sensor is new.what do ido next
Help Identifying a Part?
Rattle in rear end of my 1999 Chrysler Concorde?
What's wrong with my 1996 Mazda 626??
What is causing my Saturn to vibrate at between 55-65 mph?
Why is my car overheating?
How can an alternator be overcharging a battery ?
Having a problem with my Stratus 2000?
Does the 2006 Toyota Camry LE have a timing belt or chain?
How many degrees in a steering wheel?
How much are tags for a 2000 for taures ses in Al?
I have an 88 Cadillac Deville. Transmission slips, fluid is dirty. Should I flush it?
What is the part on the front of the caliper piston (which contacts pad)?
Smog legal Carburetor for a 1984 gmc sierra?
Will a toyota five speed 4x4 transmission mount up in a '79 toyota pickup 4x4 with a 20R transmission?
can a flywheel be turned (resurfaced) as the same that a rotor can?
car paint dull help?
how do you hot wire a car?
Why does my son's merc van smell of sulphur (rotten eggs)?
where are the spark plugs and oxygen sensors located on a 2003 lancer?
Im putting a 350 chevy small block in a 1970 chevy c 10 pickup please help..?
How much for a gallon of gas where you are? (Tell me place please)?
Adding in heated seat in vehicle?
How to install a third brake light?
Car battery Died after oil change?
Need to find a tecumseh 5hp engine belt any help?
does a mop bucket need to be drained daily at an automotive repair facility?
Left turning light switch makes all my rear lights blink. Could there be a bad connection somewhere on the wir?
Bad to go below a quarter tank of gas?
What are the best tires for a 2003 Mercedes-Benz C240 rear wheel drive?
I think I broke my axle?
is the suspension different in the 1999 5 door corsa then the 1999 3 door corsa?
Where can I find a discontinued belt for my go cart?
how hard is it to repair a blown rod in a Diesel Engine?
Stepping on gas but car not accelerating ? ANSWERS PLEASE AND QUICK?
Can anyone help me with changing my power window and regulator on my 2000 pontiac grand prix?
Why is my 1999 Nissan Sentra's brake light is on in the dash board.?
I really want to fix my car but is it worth it?
What are the differences between a cross plane crank and flat plane crank v8?
Is there a place i can go to get a hand with fixing my car.?
Is having to kickstart your scooter EVERYDAY it is under 60 degrees out to get it to start normal?
my car shakes at all speeds when givin power.?
Does anyone know how much it would cost to replace an oil pan?
Air Conditioning ? Car help!?
Locked engine, and once started makes metal clinking noise?
how much would it cost to get a new a/c condenser on a crv?
Is no-clutch shifting bad on the transmission?
Windshield wiper problem?
The Oil Warninglight is always on (colour:orange) when I drive, although I've just changed the oil.?
Help my honda accord is not starting?
my car rolls backwards on a hill in drive. Is this normal? 05 chevy malibu?
What type of motor oil should i use for my car 10-40w or 5-30w? I have a V6 Buick?
How is SAE-30 motor oil different from 10W-30 motor oil?
Should i lower my car 1.6"?
Is my car a write off?
Worth it to replace Civic timing belt?
Can I used green antifreeze in my 01 mk4 tdi golf?
Car Window Stuck All The Way Down?? HELP?
jeep wrangler a/c problem?
removing car door panel?
What are these OBD-II codes? P0401 and P0420 and how can they be fixed? And what would be the price range?
how to adjust the rear shock on a 1998 Honda CBR900RR?
does a 4 cyl car run different that a 6 cyl?
Can you rebuild a V6 engine and make it into a V8?
Anyone help me with my truck?
why is my car burning oil and spitting out carbon?
Drove my car through a very flooded street (Car damage a possibility)?
what is a sway bar for a 1998 plymouth voyager?
My L reg Clio is making squealing noises when pulling away, any advise??
any mechanics know how to repair a ball joint?
I have a 2004 Pontiac grand am gt,at high speed ,when you apply the brakes,the front end starts to shake?
Putting gas while car engine still running?
Why my window wont roll up?
My check engine light came on in my 95 maxima?
My car is having trouble stopping, my brakes are new what could be the problem?
how to remove a stripped torx screw?
Do I need my lower control arm replaced?
What happens if you use different fuel in a car?
1998 ford taurus fuel pump wireing what does each color mean?
car leaking gasoline of exhaust pipe?
I just bought a Mercedes glk 350 and there is a knocking under my left foot when I slow down. What could this ?
What are my rights regarding purchacing a vehicle with no warranty except for a powertrain warranty?
1968 Oldsmobile front drum brakes?
husband locked himself out of his brothers jeep cherokee help?
Broke my car alarm remote? what to do?
I have a 94 grand am that's needs it's front struts replaced what's the best way to remove them myself ?
What's the difference between 4wd and awd?
99 pontiac sunfire starting problems?
my 2003 ford lightning jerks/hesisitates at 40 mph when giving it gas while boosting up?
metro 1275 mini will not fire plugs?
Does anyone know where i can find brake rotors?
Whats the orange red fluid leaking under my buick rendezvous?
how to build a lift kit for a 2000 chevy 4x4?
Why does my car jerk when i redline?
car starter wont catch?
what is your opion of the 1996 mercury cougar 3.8 litre 6 cylinder. and when do you have to get timing gear.?
Car wont start, battery has been professionally checked?
think you're smart with car repairs?
american or foreign???? which is really better?
do u have to disconnect the battery when changin a relay?
Do I need to buy BOTH tires AND wheels? Fitting, quality etc..?
Can I spray paint a car with cans of spray? And if so, where can I buy them?
How do I get a stripped lugbolt off?
Are six year-old tires with low mileage still safe?
my car won't start please help!?
how do i change transmission fluid on my 1999 nissan xterra mini van?
how do i fix this on my car?
Dodge Dakota fuel pressure lost - NOT THE FUEL PUMP 4 SURE?
where can i find a hard top for a 92 jeep wrangler .?
I found out probelm in my car. Since this week when i turn the fan on, my car gives a bump like i feel that ca?
If you turn a gar's gas cap too far will it break ?
I need to remove an old sticker from a back car window?
I recently purchased a sticker to apply to my vehicle but I don't know how. It's smooth on 1 side cardboard
My steering wheel shakes at high speeds, is it normal?
my "check engine" light is on my car.?
Leaking Coolant Through Manifold Gasket?
Seeking empl. as aircraft mechanic any part of the world, Certified and 15 yrs experience Can you help?
How do oil companies determine the price of gas at pump?
Fairlady 350z maintenance vs Mitsubishi Lancer maintenance?
I need a replacment key for my 2000 toyato coralla?
do i need a new alternator?
1997 Nissan Maxima Knock Sensor?
Help! The keys from the car don't work?! How is it fixed? GOTTA KNOW?
Is there a bulletin that talks about carbon deposits sounding like valve chattering?
when i turn my steering wheel both ways it makes a screeching sound like it needs wd40 what can that be?
Need help! Pontiac Firebird?
What are the ups and downs of a Turbo diesel engine?
I cant get my truck back out of 4 wheel drive?
my steering wheel shakes every time i drive above 60 mph. its a 04 quest. any ideas wat 2 do?
Automatic shifts harsh when cold, smooth shift when hot?
how much does it cost to get a car alarm deactivated?
Is my engine blown?
Car won't start and now the central locking won't lock the car?
How do I get the air out of the radiator system in a 2005 freestar ford van?
What is the worst thing that could happen if...(Auto Mechanics)?
how to fix and oil leak?
Car cannot be driven for awhile...?
top fuel/funny car engine parts?
Are there long-term negative effects from working in a metal shop with metal dust and welding fumes in the air?
What kind of car battery charger do you use to charge a battery whose terminal is on the side?
why does my steering wheel shake if i go over 30 mph and step on the brake?
my windshield has a little spot were a rock hit it and it broke there isnt a hole but i think it will keep?
CALLING ALL MECHANICS! Do I need a new clutch!?
Why didn't my spare tire come with a wheel mounted to it?
Oxygen sensor on my 02 hyundia keeps throwing codes.?
ok i have a 1994 ford mustang v6 3.8 liter motor and have changed my oil ans put 10w-30 in it owners manual?
where is the flasher located on a 1995 pontiac grand am se 4cyl.?
Adding hood louvers (vents) to TJ Wrangler?
Europcar Flat Tire Should I Replace Myself?
why would he offer $6,000, car isnt worth that much?
Do you wash your own car or use a car wash?
have you leased a car?
1995 ford explorer coolent question?
how do i unlock my 2001 pontiac aztek car stereo?
Will I get a refund for having my catalytic converter fixed on my 2001 Buick Regal?
'88 Ford conversion reliability?
My vehicle makes a strange sound while towing my boat, what could it be?
what would happen if we start a car and then remove both terminals + ve & -ve off the battery ? thanks?
service engine soon light went off on it's own?
my diesel 1.8 fiesta not starting with out a fight!?
Diesel truck question?
i refuse to replace it again!!!!!!!!!?
What could this be with my van?
The car battery?
What could be causing too much fuel consumption.?
how many ounces of sugar does it take to stall a car engine?
What was the highest mileage you have seen on a vehicle?
Difference between lighting loop diagram and lighting wiring diagram?
Does anyone know how much a 6 speed automatic gearbox for the new 2008 jetta cost abroad?
should i sell or repair my car?
my car has been having this one problem....i need mechanical help answers?
I need to know is it unsubstainable and immoral to raise your window to let in a cool breeze in the moning?
One half of the rear seat wont fold down on 2000 camry CE?
CNG Operated Car Engines?
What does it mean when there is white smoke coming from your engine, but it's not running hot or leaking?
has anyone ever had there oil changed at monroe and the drain plug fell out and the motor locked up.?
The front logo on a car thats says what kind of car it is what is that part called?
do you think i could use mighty putty to patch a small hole in my car tire?
my brand new car battery wont work?
92prelude engine swap f22a1 to 92 h23a1 same ecu,wiring?
How can i put coordinates into my Magellan 3045?
Do low quality spark plug wires effect performance?
how to reduce car milage odometer for computerized car by mannual or by computer software?
I have just been in a strange car accident. Help?
How do you get the "check engine" light on a 1998 Honda Civic DX to shut off?
what causes oil to get into the water tank of a volkswagen jetta 2000 2.0 engine?
Can you put a regular ballast with HID bulbs?
whats the best solvent to remove factory coating from new brake discs prior to fitting to car?
I have lock nuts on my wheels. One on each of course. i lost the key, can you tell me where to get a replacme?
What parts on a car besides the engine should I worry about getting to make a crappy car run like new again?
My front windshield of my car is ed?
my hubby's truck won't start. Its an old one but a good one, radio turns on and everything but when you try
what happens when u dont close the fule cap on a car and its started and dove?
How does lkq self service work exactly?
Whats a cheap part to increase gas mileage?
What is the motor mount replacement cost for a Daihatsu Applause 1992 Automatic car?
1979 Ford Thunderbird won't start?
why my car not starting?
Starting problems on diesel car?
is there a web site for auto manual?
Mazda 323 98' Imola 1.5 petrol. How much R134a should the Air con system take?
shoul i use 4+head bosh plantinum spark plugs for a 98 clk 320? or 1 head spark plugs.?
what are o2 sensors? and can it cause damage to my vehicle?
What is the purpose of an oil filter?
My vehicle jerks when I brake or slow down like at a stop light, I have no idea what it is?
Car door problems need help?
Melted battery terminal.And continuous current.?
ok i found out i need a fuel injector treatment.. where do i pour it?
Am I getting screwed by my local mechanic? Clutch issues.?
car starter wont catch?
i would to have copy of dequeen ar. telephone directory.thank you?
how can you tell when you absolutely need to purchase new tires for your car?
Is it OK to shift from R to D when vehicle is moving?
i took my car to a mechanic to change the water pump an timing belt but none were change what can i do?
Click/clunk in my steering wheel? 10 points!!!!?
will a 5.2 liter engine bolt up to a 2.5 liter transmission?
do mechanics get paid enough?
White smoke from under the hood, big leakage but ONLY once?
Is it illegal to sell a car with no spare tire?
How can i get a copy of a key to my car?
Car Problems - Need Input?
How much is a gallon of gas?
Would a bad fuel pump cause a van to not even turn over at all?
while mechanics are working on a car, will they purposely damage it so you have to bring it back?
How do I fix rotting quarter panels for a subaru legacy?
why is my fuel pump not coming on when I turn the key?
Will leaving my metal stuff in the car everyday accelerate the tarnish process?
How long can you crank a car engine for before it damages it?
When I turn the heat on in my car, is this run by the battery or do I use more petrol when it's on?
My check engine light came on after I had drove through some high waters...?
car lost power while driving, then won't restart......has power, fuel, new leads to engine and oils all done.?
1.8 rover 75 steam coming out of oil filler cap?
were is the fuel pump located on a 1992 nissan pathfinder xe 3.0l?
Why does my car "Click" when I turn?
how do you clean items with rubberized coatings?
got vibration between 50-65mph on 1996 cadillac-deville with 82,000 miles on it.?
How can I tell how much clutch life my clutch has left? Or what % of life is left?
Can I use LED bulbs for my low beams?
1992 bmw 525i battery location?
Good auto paint jobs for the lowest price possible in Burnaby/Vancouver, BC?
Everyone!! What is you opion...?
Should i put bucket seats into my car?
How is water getting into the fuel line of my vehicle?
Does anyone know where i can get the diagrams for all the vacuum hoses on a 1987 pontiac grand prix v8?
changing break pads and rotors?
My 1997 dodge grand caravan instrument panel died ( no gages ) and abs light came on. What is wrong?
2003 dodge neon po128 code?
what could cause a coolant leak to stop, then come back?
how to change a strap on the fuel tank on a 1990 buick lesabre?
Low power in reverse?
Front end of 2001 chevrolet impala shaking when brakes are applied?
where is the 83 Chevrolet Caprice Power Steering Pump located on the car?
I am buying a chevy blazer and have been told the reverse band is going I want to know how much this will cost
my 1990 190E mercedes is blowing black smoke and has no power?
My model T drives well for a while then backfires from carby and stops how do I FIX IT?
remove superglue?
is there such a thing as a turbine speed sensor on a 1997 toyota camry and if so where is it located?
Carb question truck etc?
what does it usually mean if my car vibrates when i'm driving fast?
I just bought 1995 eagle talon TSI Turbo,?
can a non turbo 3000gt engine 10 to 1 ratio replace a bad vr4 engine? just the motor not the rest.?
Can I use vegetable oil in my car's engine?
My back car window won't go up?
what is the rubber seal on car doors called... and where can I buy a new one?
How can I find out why my 96 Geo Metro won't start?
When can I put oil after installing a new engine oil pan?
how much would it be to get brakes and rotors done?
where can i get a chrome header panel done?
Timing belt screeches when AC is on?
Truck brakes will not stop?
mechanical help for 95 pontiac sunfire?
how to replace ignition wires from distributor to spark plug?
Why is my car shaking?
it might be the timing belt?
Jeep tie rod boot?????
ia have antifreeze in my sparkplugs why and what cani do?
how to fix small scratches on my bumpers?
Check engine light is on - transmission range sensor a circuit vs neutral safety switch. Do I need to repair?
Where Can I find free auto repair manuals online every site i go to it cost money. thanks?
will "Sea Foam" carb cleaner keep the carborator clean of "Ethanol" or dissolve the negative effects of it?
what does a warped rotor mean?
would my breaks fail if my alternator was broke?
car brakes. am i mad?
Where is the fuel filter located on 01neon?
Stick shift?
Can someone help me on performance Modifications for my 97 mitsubishi eclipse gs-turbo?
How do I disassemble a 97 mitsubishi diamante alternator, so it can be rebuilt?
do i need to change both the shocks and struts?
Why is my car squealing?
Where is low washer fluid?
why did my car overheat and then ok?
What is a reliable place to buy used transmission parts for a 250 Trail Boss?
Electrical problem with a 2000 kia sportage- Cost?
where can I rebuild my vw transmission?
car making weird sound?
What's wrong if my brakes go clear to the floor?
Restoring 73 nova, where should i began?
enamel spray paint dry times till wet-sand?
chevy diesels?
Truck will start but wont stay started. Replaced battery. not sure what it could be.?
Can a catalytic converter stop a car from running?
My husband has parked his car in my garage and lost his back wheels...what should we do?
What's the best Soldering Iron??
servicing a subaru?
I smacked my back rear tire on a curb after going into a dead spin on Ice?
Car Accident now my steering wheel turns all the way around? What did I do ?
A question about my car?
looking for the fireing order for a 1987 izuzu 4x4 4cylinder?
to find out what year my car is ?
looking for car repair /campbellsville,ky?
Do the more expensive MPG Chips really work?
1988 Sunbird Conversions?
Truck is making an odd noise - MECHANICALLY INCLINED ONLY!?
What is the difference between 5W-30 oil and 10W-30 oil?
I'm trying to remove a link from the drive chain on a honda 4-wheeler.What tools do I need?
Removable Bellhousing?
mazda 3 oil filter specifications?
How do you find out exact model number of a snowmobile clutch?
Was My Brake Hose Intentionally Punctured?
i want to learn more about my cars engine?
how do i do a front end alignment on my ford contour, without having to go to the shop and have it done?
my car sputters when going uphill on less than half a tank of gas?
car paint sealant.??????????????
Help with a 1998 Dodge Neon blinker.?
holden vt calais alternator handle my sound ststem?
the motor in my car started making a loud clanking noise, smoked and then broke down.?
Help to Identify 56' Carter carburetor?
What kind of oil do i put in a 1978 yamaha 80 cc indero?
Can I find the drive belt diagram of Mazda 626 V4(1996) online?
my car is overheating and when i stop there is a bubbling noise coming fro the reservoir?
What is the best way to improve gas mileage?
where do you find the oil filter on a 2004 chevy classic?
How Do I fix my truck!?
Car not starting after being jumped mins after?
Oil looks like caramel milk shake. should i try can of oil flush or just change oil + filter to drive to shop?
How does oil move up into the engine? My car sounds like it does when it needs oil but it has oil.?
I just replaced my brake pads and also bled the brakes and now the brake light on my dash turned on, why?
Any-ones personal experience with US Fidelis?
What is the usual problems that a car can have due to flood water damage?
I have a 2001 Ford Ranger XLT pickup truck, when I apply the brakes to stop there is a vibration, cause?
96 camaro cranks, drops cranking power, cranks back up and then starts? battery or worse? ?
My car won't shift into gear. Can it be the clutch or something else?
Headlamp and sidelight not working?
what are the benifets of useing jet engine oil in my 2001 freightliner century class semi if any?
two things take the front end off and buy a new/used one. may i Have advice please?
Transmission Fluid change?
I can smell antifreeze but no leaks?
I have a cylinder miss firing?
What can happen to a car that sits for 3-4 years without being started??
Motorized seat belt problem.....................?
How to repair cigarette burns in auto apholstry?
car makes loud noise after cv joint is out?
buick 350 oil pan gasket install?
i want to buy a car, but i want it checked whether it still owes money or it has been involved in an accident.
honda parts that will fit1998 acura cl 2.3 ?
Car heat doesn't work and now it's over heating?
where can i find a car junkyard at near detroit?
car battery question?
Voltage Of Car Alternator?
A tricky question about my truck?
Check engine light is on "O2 sensor"TOY Landcruiser.Will we get alot less if not repaired? problem to sell?
How to go from conventional to syntheic oil?
how do I get a piece of broken bolt out ?
e85 gas stations?
Overcharged for AC?
When pumpin gas in the car it clicks off constantly any suggestions how to fix this?
Ticking Noise?
when should i get an oil change?
86 Toyota Camry..what would make it stall?
how do i change the rear spark plugs on my V6 Toyota Solara?
When i drive my car it doesnt gain speed?
my van shakes when i reach about 65 or 70 whats wrong?
POLL How is Walmart for Car Repairs?