Car was running rough and wouldn't start, so we changed battery and alternator and my... Please read?
Cheapest places to fix car dents in Los Angeles?
After-market alarm for 99 civic. Where do I plug the red wire to?
How bad do I have to drive a stick shift to destroy a transmission?
Are you supposed to tip the attendents who pump your gas?
Jump starting my car.....?
98 ranger crank position switch replacement .2.5liter?
Volvo S40 regular maintained light is coming on sooner than expected?
How much does 1 gallon of unleaded gas cost in your area?
Can I bi-pass my smog control pump this way?
My van keeps on wanting to cut off. Whats wrong?
wheel bearing question?
How much to replace front bumper 02 Kia Sedona?
Muffler leaking water when vehicles shut off?
What could possibly be the problem?
I constantly zone out and everything turns black/white...?
Buying tires,I've typed in my reg number on 3 different web sites and they all tell me the tyres I need are ?
Class A Motorhome Ford F-53 Cruise Control problems?
Is it possible to "break loose" a seized motor?
Threaded hole where tenioner pulley bolts on is stripped?
are 4.3 vortac moters reliable?
My 1994 Integra is burning oil, what are my options to fix the problem?
what is the best way to clean your windshield without using commercial windshield washing cleaner?
Where can i get a cheap performance chip for my car?
how to best remove permanent paint-color from your car?
Can I drive on this tie rod?
94 grand am cooling fan..?
Can anyone tell me where to find the MAP sensor on a 2004 F-150?
Car Makes Clicking Noise when I try and Start it.?
Estimated life of a Dana Spicer 17060S Axle?
Overcharging alternator?
Car FlameThrower Kit - will it burn/melt.......?
i replaced my edr part cant get the red light off and keep gettinmg told i have to keep driving until the comp?
My car stalls at red lights... what should i do?
How long does it take a qualified light vehicle mechanic to become a qualified heavy automotive mechanic?
When I get my oil changed - they put a sticker w/miles listed for next oil change (odometer + 3k) &/or 3months?
Are there any brake drums that actually look GOOD? And that won't rust?
Average cost/damage for a snapped cambelt in English Pounds?
how do you replace headlight bulb on 2000 GMC Jimmy?
Can't get golf cart to go. The motor starts but I can't get it to go forward or backwards. What's wrong!
i have 1992 pontiac grand prix le will not stay running for the life of me plz help?
crewcheef on a bell 406 helicopter ?
Car battery question...?
I am needing some information about using car alarm remotes! Can anyone help me?
I have a 1984 Cadillac Fleet-wood Hearse Would any one know where i can get?
What causes a vehicle to die as soon as you take your foot off the gas (at a red light, etc.)?
Help! What can be the cause of these car problems?
Honda canada - just purchased a vehicle that they now say needs servicing - HELP!?
my oil cap has a white supstance on it the dealer said its not the gasket and sold me the car after putting co
My ramcharger has sat for 11 years and the cars brakes went bad now it has a squishy pedal?
My car makes noises when i steer, especially when it is stopped or when car is not moving.?
I have a 2005 Nissan Maxima with Goodyear Eagle RS-A P245/45 R18 tires. What is the normal tire pressure?
What could be the problem, if you are experiencing these problems with your brakes?
Oil Leak, have I damaged engine?
My 95 Honda civic rear window won't go up?
Cobalt SS/SC ECU Upgrade??
lawnmower engine is smoking after it warms up, what causes this?
The fuel will not go to the engine of my Nissan 1993 pickup.?
Chevy Malibu problems! Why does it do this?
why is my car radio coming on when my car is switched off?
what is a po120/TPS?
Subaru follow-up question: I accidently put in 89 instead of 93, which my WRX has gotten all along.?
Got a Flat Tyre on my car what sholud i do>?
How may I install factory cruise control on a 2006 Nissan Frontier?
Do you think Mechanics should charge for estimates?
need help, 96 town&country that is handicap for daughter's Thanks CarolG.
Car idles rough than dies in drive!?
I need information on raising the front end of my 1998 gmc sierra truck.?
Just need auto advice.. Okay rebuilt the transmission on my car because it was burnt out, i paid 1100 for it?
Is it ok for me to switch to synthetic oil at 101600 miles?
is it bad to switch my car to gas (cng)?
What is a spoon engine? I heard about it in fast&furious 1?
Fluid won't flow into radiator from over flow tank, over heating engine?
Why do car battery terminals corrode?
If gasoline emissions give off poisonous carbon monoxide, what does diesel fuel emissions give off?
I drive a 2004 Tacoma. How long can I go without changing my oil?
How much would a brand new engine cost for a Vauxhall Tigra?
how to bypass vats in a 92 camaro 5.0 tbi.with out key.?
Does anybody know what this is? Wooden box, kind of looks like a battery.?
I am trying to find out the clearences for MOT workshop equipment in the UK?
How much would it be to replace a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee heater core/ difficulty of putting one in yourself?
How to fix check engine port?
how can you tell if the timing belt in your car engine needs replaced?
my car won't start I need help..?
My windscreen wipers are not cleaning my windscreen?
How can I have more compression in my ATV.It`s a LT250R Suzuki?
my oil is leaking from my car. does anyone know why and the cheapest way to go about this?
My car is taking too long to apply the brakes.?
if u bought a carburetor for 10 bucks and found out it sells for 400 brand new what would u do with it?
is it possible to change my car's hubcaps and put rims instead?
my mini cooper s is using oil and water. no loss of power or misfiring. Any ideas what the problem could be?
i have meguiars gold class wax and tech wax?
How often must I change the oil in my car?
how difficult is it to fit a new head gasket on a car engine.?
Would you buy a car/suv which is black or which is white in color if you are living in the tropics?
how do put transmission fluid in honda accord 1989?
Why does my transmission shift to reverse and drive hard?
Why doesnt my car in forza move while using my steering wheel?
how to convert Cold cranking amps to amp hours?
In what order, should I give his gifts?
find auto manual for ford taurus "1992" airconditioners?
which is best petrol hatch and which is best diesel hatch?
Is it possible to put any old radiator in a car?
2001 buick regal passenger windows wont go down ?
2004 chevy avalanche with windows that don't work?
how long should you drive on a spare tire?
how exactly step-by-step do u tune up a 88 cavalier?
Diesel fuel in unleaded tank?
How much would a "auto body" shop normally charge to replace the carpet in a car?
1999 Honda civic hx idle problem!?
My car brake feels very light?
how far should a 195 degree thermostat open when put in boiling water?
I want to put custom rims and tires on my 2005 Ranger?
cylinder order for a 1992 oldsmobile nintey -eight 3.8?
What is a custom stroker?
Car wheel shaking when I brake?
How do you re-align a bumper on a 99-02 c-1500 pick up?
rusting car problem ?
Spun connecting rod bearing repair/replacement?
Scraping/rubbing sound from tire?
Has anyone had multiple problems from their 2000 ford contour?
how to change gearbox oil on a160 mercedes benz?
Please help if u can?
What car parts are worth removing for scrap?
Whats the problem when a 1997 malibu leaks antifreeze?
Can Nippondenso 90 HS, ID No. 5234031-86 amp alternator be run without trouble either clockwise or?
Head gasket repair help!!?
Why is my car engine so loud?
we changed the brake disks on our vauxhall zafira 2ltr dti & the brakes wouldnt work properly?
where can i buy curtains for my caravan?
Swapping out a gas tank in an old car, any advice?
How does a junkyard tell if a rim is not bent before they sell it?
assessment of a oxygen sensor with reference to cost effectiveness and overall functionality of it?
my car has reached 50,000mi. dealer says its time to change all fluids in car $900. is that the right price?
Car shakes when going over 60?
How much is it going to cost me to get my car repaired?!?
How much should it cost to have the brakes done.?
How do you remove cherry stains from automotive finish?
I just bought a new battery, why won't my car start?
I want to get a full detail for my car?
One for the motorheads. Exactly how does lead ruin a cat converter?
i'm looking for a mechanic around brewster?
Can you remove a windshield with heat?
what is the spray to dry a distributer?
is it ok to put the automatic transmission on N position while driving?
my car heater doesnt work very good?
Is this where I recharge the AC in my mini-van?
need to get gas smell out of car?
BMW E46 318i or Mercedes Benz C180?
so if my odemeter reads 37302,then it's done 37 thousand,3hundred and 2 miles,is this correct?
Chevy Impala Brake Problems Car jingles when I turn & sometimes even when I'm driving?
Stuck caliper or bad brake hose?
Will my car fail it's MOT if the rear window wiper doesn't work?
I'm about to get a license and I've been offered a free truck but their is a problem with the brakes?
My car engine idle speed increases when I turn on the parking lights. Why? How do I fix this?
Would comic character appearances in a non fiction automotive mechanic ebook look childish?
best kind of household cloth to clean car with?
My 2006 Toyota Corolla has squeaking sounds?
What is the difference between gas grades, 87, 89, 91, and 92? And between 76, Chevron, Shell, and other co's?
need timing mark and valve adjusment info for '91 Dodge Colt 1.5 engine.?
how do you remove 1993 ford f150 fuel filter?
ford ranger break problems rattling?
Is there a quick way to see if your electrical wire receiver on back of your vehicle still works?
Why does my car veer to the left?
1999 kia sephia blower moter want blow air or defrost,where is the blower motor?
I changed my motor out of a 79 Regal ( 301 ) to a Chevy ( 350 ) out of a 86 Caprice i need wiring help?
Smoke/Steam coming out of dash and air vents?
Are there any were in Athens,Ga or in the Alt,Ga that fix on damage rims wheels?
Transmission oil spilled on the carpet of my car, how can i clean this slimy substance?
so you put in antifreeze for the winter are you supposed to drain it and put in water for the summer?
what should i do if my gears on my auto four wheeler grind?
Replacing serpentine belt?
Is it possible to "repair" an alternator?
Hail damage to Subaru Legacy I want to buy.?
where can I get a cheap oil change in San Diego?
Where do i get replacement parts for Blitz Compressor/Supercharger?
how much would it cost to get all the oils/fluids/filters in a car replaced?
Do you think my mom should sit in her car while my dad checks the oil in her car for her?
on a kubota D1105-E engine what is the torque on the head bolts, rod bolts, and rocker arms?
hey i have a quick question about my car the transmission best answer get's 10!?
my 2004 jeep grand cherokee laredo keeps over heating even though i have replaced the thermostat. help?
what do u do if you accidentally put oil in the radiator?
my car is an automatic never run backward when it is cold.what is the problem?
My car slid into the medium due to an icy overpass. The rear passenger tire hit the medium and air came out. A?
We have an 1984 Jeep Wogoneer tht needs repair but very limited funds-any way to get help?
where can you find the heat control valve on a 97 ford windstar?
My car is burning oil. What can I do about it?
diesel throttle service?
is there a relay for my car to I can use two projectors at once and have the hi and low beams to work?
2004 Lexus RX 330?
is my water pump causing my car to overheat everytime i stop and when i drive i doesnt overheat! plz help?
Where can I Find 04 Mitsubishi Endeavor Roof Rack Cap?
focus st170 oxygen sensor?
New car involved in accident, need you opinions?
How does an aluminum block work without sleeves?
Where can I get a new or used Gas tank and straps for a 1978 Ford LTD2- 2 door car ?
How hard is it to replace a master cylinder? Would you ride with me afterwards or would it be too scary?
Just put my car in for an mot and they're charging me £575 ?
my clutch has gone in my car-how much will it cost to replace?
how do you keep rear lugs tight on a 2000 kia sportage?
where are the oxygen sensors located on a 2003 gmc sierra?
my car started smelling like gas really strong, then started stalling out every time I put on the brake. Why?
Battery or alternator?
is $2300 resonable for a rebuild on a fwd transmission?
How do you change a fuel filter in a 1991 Buick Pard Aveune?
how i can blow a car in to small pieces?
If you have no vacuum lines hooked up on a motor how much mpg will you loose?
Drove my car through a very flooded street (Car damage a possibility)?
i bought a new used car for less than a month and it needs a engine replace already. will i win if file a case?
My brake pedal goes to the floor with new brake pads on.?
Where did the oil in my car go?
97 YZF 600R Problems?
need a boy (or girl) for some car advice?
How can you get a hood to open on a 1989 Cadillac if the cable is broken?
Maruti 800 breakdown?
At what mileage I should renew the break pad? I break very gently everytime.?
Is this possible? (READ MORE)?
What is the difference between all of the blow off valves?
Why would brake pads all of a sudden start wearing out?
My 1993 Buick Station Wagon Won't Start?
is WD 4o safe to use on car door hinges?
why do mechanics pick on women alone?
What is this next to transmission stick?
Transmission leaking into Transfer Case...can I just use the same fluid in both?
when i crank my car it smokes very bad the whole time it is running but when oil cap is off it almost stops?
what controls the ignition advance and retard on a 94 eagle talon 1.8l?
A friend and I are going on a 6 day road trip, is there anything that I need to get looked at before we leave?
how much is it to install new or used rotors on a 1995 dodge dakota sport?
How to trace the cooling fan wires to the pcm? 99 malibu?
i need help lifting my car up?
Grinding noise from front wheels/brakes area on 2003 Maxima?
Can I change my car's oil to another brand after using only one for three years?
My car battery light keeps flashing - what could be the problem?
I have a 2003 Chevy Impala with 77,000 miles on it. WHen I turn there is a single click and when I bring the?
Can you blow your engine from revving it in park?
how can i remove the speed limiter on a 2006 ford f150 5.4L ?
how to replace a waterpump on a 94 Buick skylark witha 3100 V-6?
How can i light my bowl with no lighter?
2005 G35 infinity rotors removal front?
I own a 1990 Mercedes 300SE with a cold start issue. Any ideas?
will different size tires on the front causes different handling?
My husband did something stupid, what will his repercussions be?
What car part do I ask for ?
Does a 2001 Celica GT have rear struts or rear shocks?
My tires are fairly new. I may need to replace 1 due to road damage. Is it necessary to change more than 1?
Which diesel engine gets better fuel economy?
I have a Diesel truck i put 2 gal of oil in 200-400mi?
My car's mpg gets low each day by .1 :( what's the problem? What can i do?
need help with my 1994 gmc sierra. please help?
I got into a car accident today when a car pulled out in front of me?
How do u install an air fuel ration gauge for the charger srt8?
How to find who sold a lifetime radiator on a used car?
My car makes a rattling noice and oil light is blinking?
I accidentally pour a cup of Coolant instead of engine oil. What would I do now?
1994 s10 idle too high runs good?
why is my car revving by itself?
My Oil light flashes on and off now and again while i'm driving...what does this mean???
Am i being lied to by the tire shop?
How do you fix a parasitic draw once you have found it?
My car tires have gone flat. I tried blowing in to them, but they won't inflate. What am I doing wrong?
i took my car to get it fixed and they said there is water in the gas tank. how does this happen?
How do I get the back seat out of a 1991 Infinity M30 convertible?
Where is the freeze plug on a 93 caprice ??
Can I put any engine oil in my car?
where is the hydraulic ram reservoir on a 1998 sebring convertible?
Transaxle on pontiac sunfire 2005?
What is wrong with my focus?
How to remove a rounded-off sump plug?
How should i clean my cylinder walls and pistons?
can i swap a 3800 engine for 3.1 in a 92 pontiac grand prix?
so im in a non deployable unit and i want to get out of this unit and go to a diff what to do?
how much does it cost to get my right rear viwe mirror fixex, and a dent fix?
What is wrong with my car?
guys how do you really feel about rejection?
my neighbor has no muffler on his car and wakes me up at all hours!!!?
my 1992 Honda civic failed an etest ( high nox ) my catalytic converter s new what else could it be ??
Engine runs rough in 94 Honda Accord after tune-up.?
replace release bearing on 2003 dodge 3500 4x4?
what is a tilt wheel; referring to a vehicle?
I need new struts on my car but... (see details)?
2002 northstar thermostat location?
Is it safe to put 225/75 R15 tires on a 1994 buick roadmaster?
My car locks have been frozen for three days, I've tried the de ice stuff and it didn't work. Any ideas?
My tools are rusty and dirty! (Screwdriver's, wrenches, etc. How can I get them to look new again?
where can I find a custom shop to rebuild my 1998 Ford Mustang close to Jacksonville fl?
Help! Am I being ripped off @ the Mechanic?
car back fires 1974 318 mopar?
Car maintanance question?
I have a 86 chevy pickup and I want to put a 96 chevy impala ss motor in it.?
charging meter shows charge wth ignition on but engine not running?
on a 1979 Ford F-150 4wd 300 6cyl,the timing is off; is it rare for a the cam gear to wear out and jump teeth?
Remote start for 97 Dodge Intrepid?
There is a leak in my oil tank? How much to fix this?
100 meter dash times?
I have a muffler/exhaust problem with my car.?
i'm looking for someone to rebuild my sts turbo in a firebird formula in my area. how do i find someone?
Can I leave the battery in the car to charge it ?
Where do I find the ignition output wire and the starter output wire for a Ford F-150 Truck?
Do I have to replace both front brake rotors at the same time?
can a flywheel be turned (resurfaced) as the same that a rotor can?
how do i turn the speedo back .............?
Will driving slower than what the gear engaged requires mess up your car's manual transmission?
AC Turns Off When Braking.?
What happens when you hook up a car battery backwords?
do high efficiency window unit air conditioner use less energy than a central air conditioner?
Are the Rain-X Fusion Wiper Blades available in both 24 and 17 inches?
I have a 1999 gmc tahoe, and the front differential wont engage when it is put in 4x4.?
I have an Oliver 1550 tractor that is having steering problems?
Why does my car jerk when i accelerate?
oil in my water coolent is it the head gasket?????
replace discs and pads at the same time?
heating does not work on my mazda 323f?
What is wrong with my car?
Why won't the overdrive work in my manual transmission?
How do i rebuild a KM177-8 transmission?
i have a small carwash business here in the philippines,how can i attract more customers ?
I recently assumed ownership of a 1992 Lincoln Mark VII. I need info on the problem areas I have to inspect.?
Intermittent car starting problem...HELP!!!?
Timing chain should last for the life of the car right ? unless there is a mechanical problem.?
where are the tramision mounts located?
Do you know why my car would make a squealing noise when turned on?
97 civic died on me while driving, cranks but will not start?
Steam coming from car wheels?
My car's brake pedal when you step on it and linger will go down to touch the floor. is it faulty?
How do you know if it's a problem with the battery or the alternator?
Water went into my fuel tank what should I do?
what are the cylinder head torque settings for peugeot 405 (XU7JP/L3)?
if a cylinder has some oil in it, would that make it fail the smog check or just make it smoke?
what to do when your raidiator leaks fluid?
my 5 year old mazda 6 needs a jump start every time i take it out the garage . do i need a new battery?
Is there a difference in front and rear wheel bearings?
empty petrol tank?
1998 Daewoo Lanos (Auto) wont start?
Diagnose my manual transmission?
I just bought my firsrt car..any tips on how to look after it properly?
brakes and cost to replace?
Cold air intake on 1992 maxima SE?
what does it mean when there are shoes on an electrical wire?
Why do people only do oil changes but don't change any other fluid?
Stupid question. But do you have to fill the up the radiator with coolant? (Read More)?
can a radiator just get pushed back without any damage?
Change my Car remote?
1996 GMC Jimmy 4.3L 4WD?
How to lube Carb diaphram?
Can you use bondo to fix a big dent?
5 speed mustang transmission grinding?
I need pics of a 96-98 mustang 3.8 engine assembled in the engine bay.?
How do I disassemble a bicycle chain?
Do I have to install a new a/t pickup tube seal?
My car smell like melting plastic/wax?
What is the best substance to use to remove the wax reside on a windscreen?
How to repair stoplight/brake assist system for Mercedes Benz ML 430?
How do you convert tires from...?
my 1990 honda accord will not shift gears and the sport shift light is stuck on?
Where is the fuel filter on a 1992 LeBaron 4 cylinder?
Can you help with my car please!!?? It's a 96 Mustang....?
What could be the reason for a car engine to die on the highway?
Still trying to get the harmonic balancer bolt out.tried imact gun,noluck.wonder if heat will ruin crank seal?
Car started just fine and then slowly died as I drove it. Why?
How fast is 635 horsepower?
Which is easier/simplier to maintain engine wise? OHC or Pushrod (aka OHV)?
Weird car problem? Antifreeze please help?
what are some possible problems?
95 ford mustang gt wont start?
Why is it so difficult to turn my steering wheel?
Has the mechanic ripped me off?
Mercedes ml320 blue xenon?
What is 98 mph in km?
Dodge ram 1500 will not start?
1984 Honda 200 trx no start.?
how often do you change your fuel fiter?
How long on average does an alignment take on a car?
where is camshaft sensor for 2000 tahoe 5.7 350?
Does anyone know how to fix a on a plastic radiator???
need help with a idle issues on 355 sbc?
I have a 1997 Malibu and I need to change the transmission oil how many quarts will it take? Thanks?
How is a manual transmission serviced?
I hit a friend's car...question about the paint?
how do you replace back brake shoes on a 1993 ford lightning F150 pick up?
i have a lot of smoke coming out of my car?
Car won't start on its own, only if I jump it first. Why? (See symptoms below.)?
timing chain specs for a 1996 honda passport?
How is the power output of an engine affected by manifold pressure?
shop manuals for 1991 pontiac 6000 le?
how do i switch to the first playthrough in borderlands2?
'05 Mercedes Benz diesel E320CDI tends to "buck" if held at approx 12-1500 RPMs at any speed, problem?
2004 Dodge Neon not starting?
Should i sell or fix my ford?
Should i buy this cold air intake ? ?
what does it mean when the yellow light of my computer box in my car starts to blink?
How much would it cost? Scratch on bumper?
Question about 97 Ranger water hose?
How do you get stickers off a car without damaging the paintwork ?
I have a Ford Windstar 2001 and the emission system light is on all the times. What this mean?
i borrowed a car and the h.gasket went should i pay for it?
How can I get ahold of dahlmer-chrysler to discuss my dodge ram pickup?
does the env2 or the voyager run out of battery life faster?
Car Oil Change, how do we know that they actually changed it?
New exhaust sounds stock past 4k rpm's?
1997 Expedition: What should i fix first?
Mechanics help! Is it the timing belt?
As a driver, how can you ensure you understand all the warning lights on your dashboard?
How much is the labor of water pump on 94' bronco?
1990 Buick lesabre duct work problem?
Do wheel lug nuts rust? or are they suppose to?
Car brake feels spongy the first time depressed but OK the second time?
Car hesitates real bad and stalls after hard acceleration ?
how do you replace a vehicles a/c condenser?
what's wrong with my steering wheel!!?
How do I easily remove the wiper blades (not just refills) on my 2004 acura tl?
What is this cause of engine white smoke?
Can Firestone or Jiffy Lube look up what maintenance they did on your car in the past?
Help with window motor?
need help diagnose a cummins 5.9 liter in a ford f-750 no start fuel issue?
If an automatic transmission loses reverse should I just replace it or is there something small to fix?
counterfit mechanic shops?
What would cause a vehicle to not want to go when hitting the gas after stopping at a stop sign or light but .?
Cylenoid vs. solenoid? 96' Ford ranger starting problems?
how to determend if your engine is gone?
New Battery, Car stalls when foot off the gas pedal. help?
What happens when the pitman arm breaks?
What would make my 1982 Mazda B2000 rough idle?
where is the cheapest gas located?
Is there a quick formula for converting liters per hundred kilometers to miles per imperial gallon?
were is the map sensor on 98 ford f150 4.0l?
Mechanic left air filter cap open. What's the damage?
i have a 1996 ply. breeze and the crankshaft pulley is hard to get off. what is the best way to remove it.?
Why does my clutch judder in 1st gear?
can you put two different tires on a car?
Smog Test- Cal vs Oregon?
93 Ford Tempo that won't start?
Why won't my blinkers work?
HOw do I check the transmission fluid on a 2002 Pontiac Sunfire?
Can low battery make ABS & battery light come on?
my oil light keeps blinking in my 1982 mazda b2000 pickup. what could it be? what is an oil pressure sensor?
my car doesn't start. There is no ignition, totally dead. The battery is fine. What could be the problem?
can anyone do the unlock code on a ford?
Is it ok to disassemble a traffic light if it seldom gets used?
how do i keep the charge in my battery?
piping size?
How do you replace a alternator on a 2002 Kia Sondona?
How much would the cheapest tires possible be for these rims (rough estimate)?
Can you help with my car please!!?? It's a 96 Mustang....?
where can I find a spark plug wiring diagram for an 92 Olds 88?
What is causing my 2002 Ford Explorer XLT to stall?
where in my engine do i spray damp start?
plz!! i want to make a car concept in fibreglass,plz tell which clay & plaster mold should i use?
who knows your car well?
Vt Commodore Horn Location?
Opinions on straight pipe exaust.?
What is CMP timing on a vehicle?
Where can I get my Check Engine Light Reset?
My 93 4cyl Toyota Pickup did not start. Just click click click sounds.?
Is a Rotor the same thing as a disc, in brakes?
what are they electronic rust prohibitors on cars called to prevent rusting??
ford taurus i need some advice?
I have a tapping noise in my 1999 63kmi. camry only when it is cold any help?
Why is my car engine shaking?
How much to fix a large car scratch?
What could be the cause of high-idle with my 1992 chevy pickup? see details?
how do I add coolant to my 1998 chevy venture? We do not have the manual.?
i have a 2002 ford ranger and i cant get my truck to stop squealing. what could it be?
How do you get the smell of cigaretts out of a car.?
Can anyone help me find a car windshield heatshield thing?
My car wont start it has a new battery?
Where is the camshaft sensor on a Nissan Almera Tino?
Temperature gauge on 94 Acura Integra fluctuates from mid-point to hot zone?
how do you put hydrolics on a model car?
do you have a brake system diagram for a 1993 ford aerostar awd 4.0?
I got scammed by
Car smoking after manifold replacement?
the brakes on my car are squeaking a horrible high pitch noise. do i need to replace brake pads or disks?
Where is the cheapest place to get my fuel filter changed on my car? in KC, MO or KC, KS?
Chevy rear differential BIG problem?
engaging the clutch. confused?
How do I replace the tail light cover on a 2002 Toyota Camry?
how do i change a diesel fuel pump on a peugeot partner van?
fues diagram for 07 kia spectra?
why do usa make such rubbish cars and why cant they speak english?
My Dilemma: Do I fix the exhaust on the car, or do I go fishing?
My 1999 Grand Cherokee slips gears - but Mr. Transmission says Transmission is fine.?
I NEED SOME INFO: i just got a head gasket replaced( with a machined head) my car is blowing out smoke it sme?
What do i need to fix or replace??
When I drive recently I smell burning rubber, and my car starts juddering when i change gear- what's wrong?
Do i need an airbag in my car?
on a 2000 kia sephia is there a orfice tube or expansion valve in the a/c system and where is it located?
She ran into me, totalled my car. I had liability insurance, she had none. I have no car now, what can I do?
93 Ford Tempo - Battery or alternator problem?
Why did my tire pop almost out of nowhere?
i have a ford tourus the trany does not take first gear it runs after 2000 rpm wat my be the problom?
Gurgling in dash when AC/heater on?
How do I pull the joint from the transmission of a 94 Mazda Protege? (Manual)?
What is the best way to teach someone to drive a manual transmission?
What was the first car to feature a door and key turned on chime?
My Expedition has emission error codes--what might be wrong?
What is a good way to remove minor rust on the exterior of a car?
Could my gas line be frozen????
Brake pads help, QUICK!?
truck not moving in drive?
Does using smaller than required tire size increase fuel consumption?
can i just put high lieage transmission fluid in my truck?
Question about car warranty?
i know you can do lpg conversions?
Different types of HT Leads?
Why wont my car window go up, all the other ones are working.?
O/D Light flashing, need help?
just rebuilt a 350 and their is no compression on none of my cylinders.what did i do wrong?
What's the difference between 4wd and awd?
car mechanical question?
why does the heat in my car not work?
My truck keeps turning off, but when I put it in neutral it cuts back on?
a tuning question dealing w/superchargers?
How can I tell if my directional tires are mounted correctly on my car?
Is transmission flush necessary for a car or waste of money?
where is the drain plug on the rad?
Fixing a tail light on a Mitshubishi Eclispse?
dose anyone know if you lower a vauxhaul corsa will the exhaust bet lowered aswell?
Stupid question - what do you do if you tire is too flat to drive to the gas station?
Clicking noise when i put dipped headlights on?
do i need catalytic converter for 2004 pas sat?
my car is acting odd?
Side view mirrors for a 2nd generation Ford F-1?
How do I mount a propeller to a motor?
need to find a place that will show me where on my 1995 galiant where my oil pressure sending unit is?
What's a good aftermarket spark plug for a 2000 Mercury Mountaineer?
Can timing be altered with modern electronic ignitions?
i NEED to learn about cars?
I ordered some new number plates for my car and it has no holes in it?
how can i make my 2005 chevy monte carlo faster?
my car starts but does not idle and dies. what could cause this other than electrical problems?
Catalytic for 3.5hp Tecumseh vertical drive motor with exhaust heat exchanger?
how to fix battery contacts broken on car remote?
alternator issue vs. starter issue?
what causes bulge or bubbles on new tires?
on my v reg nissan micra the outside vents blow hot but my central vents blow cold is there something blocked?
1992 Chrysler New York electric windows not working?
Do all cars have a harmonic balancer?
starting issues on 94 econoline?
blown gasket--->cost of repairing?
Whats wrong with my car?
Do you think my new car is a lemon?
Car starting problem: puzzling?
My car starts,but shut off immediately.There are no problems in Car,but how to solve the problem?
What is the cheapest way I can find an ignition switch with lock for a GEO METRO?
Air in the brake line?
2002 c230 compressor noise on start up?
CITROEN XANTIA passenger door mirror. vsx / exclusive has auto tilt function.?
Timing Belt Replacement?
Is a 6 cilinder better than a 8 in gas mileage?
Can you stop a mechanic's lien against a car and how do you do so.?
engine coolant leaking from somewhere it isnt the radiator?
how to remove rust from horseshoes?
I1996 Holiday Rambler with a 300 cummings diesel. Loses Power?
What is meant by a double filament bulb?
How big is this engine?
anyone know how to solve a light that stays on the dashboard all the time, its called engine auto diagnosis?
looking for the pressure regulator?
Biggest size tire I can put on my truck?
I have a 1998 buick lesabre, 56k miles. i think it may have a ed this worth fixing?
Mopar Antifreeze Bottle Exploded?
Japanese, German or American car engineering?
My coolant reservoir is empty after I just filled it up and I don't see a leak?
Can fiberglass structural body parts be repaired?
Should i replace suspension components, not needing repair.?
Car using too much fuel?
Squeaking/Chirping coming from engine?
Car brake pedal is really soft and the hand brake dash symbol stays on.?
What would happen if you shut your car off while driving and shift into park while still moving?
How can you make your muffler even louder?
My car heat/air con smells of radiator fluid.What is wrong with it?
How could I have damaged this much?
Why does the steering wheel on my 99 Ford Explorer shake slightly when making a right turn?
merc vito van wont rev over 3000?
How do you clean scrapes from cars?
How do you change the oxygen sensor in a 2000 Chevy Metro?
Can you trust a car (Nissan Altima) with a rebuilt engine?
I have a97 763 bobcat and couldnt see the oil drain plug any where any one have any advice?
picking up rims, need advice?
To werkingman..I got" brave" and got under my truck?
My Jetta SUCKS!?
my toyota previa 93 had a check-engine error reading?
how much should it cost to replace a handbrake cable on a Peugeot 206?
oil leak from behind bottom pulley?
Can you tell me where a fuel relay switch is located on a 2000 Pont. Grand am?
cortina mark 5 tempature gauge does not work.?
how to replace a heater core on a 2003 dodge stratus sxt?
how to fit new clutch to zx7r?
Car shutting off as soon as it is started?
Which is the best tyre for Maruti Zen?
My friend filled water in to the compartment where you are suppose to insert engine oil. What should i do?
97 eclipse power steering pulley slides out and hits water pump?
Where can I find a pin out of a headlight for a truck?
how do i remove my engin?
How to clean up the stuff that leaks out of my car onto my parking spot?
Need a radiator for 2005 toyota sienna.?
can some one tell me what could be wrong with my 1991 pontiac 6000le?
An oxygen sensor reading varying from 300mv to 800mv(at 1-2Hz) would indicate what?
Is "heat checking" on rotors the same thing as warping or glazing on rotors?
Is it possible to flood a car with electronic fuel injection?
Can you get air conditioning installed in a car?
Will the immobilizer shut off my car if the keyfob battery runs flat?
will front end damage to my car keep me getting it inspected in texas?
What destroys a cars paintwork? ?
will my car fail the mot?
what is better large gernal 327 crank or small?
i have a throttle position going bad and i need help badly?
what can drain my battery in my car?
my 90 toyota celica feels like its about to die when i accelerate?
The A/C on my 96 Dodge Caravan froze up today. (Belt Smokes) How do I drive car without fixing A/C?
What kind of brake pads should I get?
how do i replace a band in my 4r55e transmission for my 95 ford explorer?
My car is shaking when in idle please help?
how to remove fungus growing on carpet?
How to Recharge an Auto A/C System?
how do i make my car AC colder?
how to fix my car battery ?
my suzuki sidekick jx lacks power, i had trans rebuilt any sugestions?
how is the best way to change a water pump on a '98 caravan 3.3 liter engine?
How can i tell if someone has put sugar sand or water in my gas tank?
Car using too much fuel?
What does a hazy headlight mean?
I had a water pump put into my 1996 Buick Riviera and now I have other problems with it.?
How much would a shop charge for spring compression on uninstalled struts. The struts are not on the car.?
why is my car idling weird?
how to get tree sap off windshield?
a fire engine just went passed my house..?
what is the best way to clean my drive way of oil from my car?
what fittings do i need to install an automatic transmission oil cooler on a vx ss commodore?
Is the fuel pump ever inside the gas tank?
A windscreen wiper tip for you all.T-Cut your windscreen every six month for noiseless wipers.Try it.?
Car Help (turn signal out)?
Why do fuel pumps vary in price, is it all about the warranty?
What do it mean when your engine is ticking?
What kind of alignment package should I get?
How do I remove super-glue from my tyre valves?
Edelman intake a good carborator?
Is it possible to use store bought spray paint to give your car a paint job?
Car trouble. Sell, fix and sell, or just fix and keep.?
What does an oil pressure light mean?
does anybody no what kind of motor i can use on a charger i no all the engines but im trying to find a good 1?
What is the fuel capacity of pulsar 150cc when it come to reserve?
oil in cooling system?
Whats the best way to test the fuel pump.?
Why do Americans buy crappy cars?
can a pontiac fiero have 24 valve heads?
is a valley pan really important in 351 modified?
how do I get into my 1992 buick without the keys?
can 1971 429 motor mounts be used in a 1969 chasis for a 460 engine?
how many miles till a car needs it's first oil change?
How often are you supposed to get a tune-up?
What oil is the best for my car?
what happens if you drive on a flat tire?
cost of replacing solenoids?
What can I do with a ed car engine cylinder head?
I have a 202 ford escape the back hatch and window no longer open with the key or the remote how can you open?
How do I know if a spark plug is not working or is wrong, in a 4 cyl. 8 valv. engine?
i have a 95 dodge ram 1500 and i put in a tranny and now it will not start and i was just wonder if youy could?
Does my car battery need replaced?
my car says it needs high octane gas....can I use 87? or would it be bad ofr the car?
tao tao atv head lights do not work?
How to install a freeze plug?
Why does my 1998 Ford Escort drive "sloppy"?
would studded tires help me with a rear wheeled suv? it is not a 4 wheel drive?
What is a "smoke puff limiter" on a diesel engine?
How do I loosen a frozen bolt on the alternator of a 1993 Ford Thunderbird?
Can you install Cruise Control on a Pontiac G6 and who will do it?
Why won't my car start?
My polaris ranger keeps overheating why?
If my car key starts to break can i get a new one made?Even ir the key is a little ed?
1994 Honda Passport,idler pulley went and threw timing off. Has interference engine, valves bent? Cost 2 fix??
What are disk breaks?
I just changed my spark plugs, my engine light lit up and car shaking real bad. What could it be?
What fuse is used in a 93 Explorer limited for the cig. lighter?
On 2004 Toyota Highlander, what is the correct air pressure on tires?
vacume ciliniod for 2000 nissan altima?
Is the mileage on your car stored anywhere other than the odometer?
Why does my serpentine belt squeak all the time?
Can you drive a short distance without a coolant pump?
My 99 Pontiac Montana was sold to me w/o a transponder key. Should I worry about getting one?
What does the wrench light with the oil can mean? ?
I have a 2006 Ford full size van and I need to remove the seat. What is the tool called? Looks like a star.?
why does my front light come on when i break ???????
Rodents in my engine compartment are eating my wiring?
Which is better in performance C.N.G. or L.P.G.?
I have a yakima cargo basket with no brackets. Does anyone know where I can get brackets?
I have a 1977 F700 - 391cu in hd. I put a rebuilt carb. on this spring. This truck does not want to run smooth?
My 97 Eclipes Spyder overheated when the water pump broke. Not sure if the motor is done or just minor.?
Can giving a car a jump drain your battery?
i had to push on the brakes really hard....?
how do you remove a stripped bolt from a transmission bell housing?
Do autoparts stores diagnose a check engine light on for free?
Replacing a ignition switch for a 99 pontiac grand prix v6 3.8?
I just slept in and now im late for my shift at work, what should i do?
Whats better magnaflow vs. flowmaster vs. borla cat back exhaust system for 2001 eclispe spyder gt?
How to clean my windshield?
what do if i ran my 74 chevy with sugar in gas tank now engine is ceased up?
How do you remove the overhead control panel on a 2004Dodge Quad pick-up?
Help, my car is falling apart and I can't afford to get another one.?
Transmission leak after getting leak fixed?
My Engine ( 305 V8 ) shuts off when put in gear ive checked everything timing and so on?
I can't seem to get my reverse lights on my car back on.?
my brake lights wont go out?
regular oil verses synthetic oil?
Cleaning pistons and spark plugs. Can i do this?
Which DIY upgrades should I put on my 2005 Silverado?
Truck Repair/Front disk brakes?
Why is my heater blowing cold air, when I just changed heater core?
How expensive is it to fix a P0193 Engine Code?
Why does my car pull to the left?
Losing oil from car normally or excessive?
2001 chevy 4.3 v6 po300 mult misfire code cyl 1&2?
what is a vortec engine?
Why over torquing lug nuts is bad ?
my wheel fell off?
A stranger approached me and said he can fix my car. Can I trust him?
car has real bad brake problem?
What should I do? The Salvation Army will not take my car for donation.?
My coolant keeps dripping out of my car. Its coming from inside the engine.?
where can i find an ignition wiring diagram for mazda 626 lx??? FREE!!!?
What type of muffler would be best to put on my 2000 3.8 mustang? I want it to sound like a cobra v-8.?
is there a way to stop a small head gasket leak?
whats the best stock small SUV or truck for off roading?? and would easily be modded?
Defrosters blow cold air on 99 Taurus?
transmission is stuck in truck, all bolts removed?
my SUV wont start for some reason.?
Will leaving a car parked unused for three weeks drain the battery?
can you convert an 87 supra to straight axle?
how do you get an exhuast system out?
Where can I find a set of 95 Dakota engine frame mounts to fit a 5.2 v8?
how much to replace rear strut rod?
vss continued from about 20 minutes ago?
Engine boils up when i turn on the a/c? i hardly turn on the a/c for 5 mins and the car temp goes boiling hot!?
How hard would it be for a novice DIY'er to put on front rotors on a 03 Cadillac Sevelle SLS?
Have i been quoted too much for labour costs to repair my car?
What other size tires can I put?
I have fluid in the reservoir tank, but it keeps on overheating. What could the problem be?
Should i get new brake pads/rotors/calipers all at once?
What happens to your car if you do not get an oil change?
Dodge 2500 quad map sensor?
Electric Window goes down but not up?
what is the biggest engine I can put in my 1992 Nissan D21 King Cab?
Can I Install New Head Gaskets Myself?
where can i find a diagram of the underneath of my ml 350 2003?
I replaced my car battery yesterday but was accidentally misplaced the wires that adapt to the head of the bat?
would you say that it is cheaper to rebuild an engine or just buy a rebuilt one?
How do you know the alternator is not working on a car?
Does using a fuel additive really help?
what is the purpose of a fusible link?
2007 expedition v8 misfire problem?
Why is my truck battery non holding a charge?
how do I replace a radiator in a 1995 Toyota Corolla?
Looking for companies who can do a full conversion from left hand drive to right hand drive for 2005 Mustang?
Help me please ......?
2000 Ford Taurus SE Wagon, Problem is I have no heat comin out my vent?
What is the difference between Coil Overs and Lowering Springs?
is it posible to measure the otput voltage of an exhaust gas sensor (egt) on a 1985 nissan, while the engine ?
how much for a complete tune up on a 1998 pontiac firebird v6 3.8?
How to clean ignition switch for 2002 chevy mailbu?
what will cause my 1996 3.8l engine to lose oil pressure and knock?
I need help with my car please......?
Anyone ever tried to rebuild a 4t65e transmission?
Why does the car with the "good" battery need to be in idle for a jumpstart?
Blown head gasket, would it be cheaper to buy another engine?
How do you remove the map lights from a 2006 Ford Freestar?
I live in the Washington D.C. area, why do they use concrete on some roads when it is bad for snow and ice?
Just changed the brake pads on my expedition and they squeal terribly. What can I do to fix with brake job?
Ihave a Kenworth T2000 but most of the gauges are not working.I need help,please.?
When I changes Timing Belt ?
The fan stopped working on my 87 camero. why?
Hot air blowing out driver side and cold air out passenger side. PLEASE HELP?
how often should i chaneg the oil in my car?
97 VW Golf Trek wont start. WHY?!?
How much did a carburetor cost in the early 1900s?
Car problem,brake light stays on while driving.?
i just want to know if you can trade a 4 cylinder motor to a 6 cylinder motor on a 1996 ford ranger truck?
Car Battery Discharged Overnight?
My car's AC makes me sick, what could be the reason?
I accidentally left my emergency brake on. For some reason, this effects my regular brakes. They (continued)?
Is a brake pad warranty transferable to a new owner of the vehicle?
74 nova bolt pattern?...?
how do I purchase medium ball joint boot?
Car shakes when turning on?
Couldn't locate the Glow Plug Control Unit for KIA BONGO TRUCK 2 Ton?
Question about putting power locks in my car?
My car will start but it won't go into gear?
describe the relationship among the pressure,temperature and spesific volume of confine air?
I put diesel into my car £10 instead of petrol, will it do damage to my engine, need advice as to what to do..
How would I know whether the car battery is faulty or alternator?
will using premium gas in my car help it in any way?
What does it mean when a relay is "sticking" in a car fuse box?
2006 f250 issues runs rough when cold?
My suv is making a clunking noise when I make a left hand turn?
How do you remove the seats from a car?
What does a vehicle's ABS clip do?
how can i start it on the starter handle?
Car question...?
what are toque and specification of conrod and main bearing for toyota 1RZ ENGINE?
My car wont transform into a robot! what should I do?
why wont my 1989 pontiac grand prix 2.8 start?
Nissam Maxima Direct Fuel Injection?
Can I install a supercharger on my 3.4 Alero?
What happens if i use the wrong engine oil?
Problem with the power lock on my car.?
1992 toyota 4runner 350 swap?
i tuned up my car n it seems worse now....?
I have a flat tire and the wheel is "frozen" on the truck. The lug nuts are off, truck jacked. Any ideas?
car windows fogging up?
My check engine light has come on and the car is squealing ?
i have a question about blown head gasket?
Opened my radiator cap when engine was cold and it still spewed coolant?
My gas gauge went out...?
can a car runs without a battery?\?
Where can i find a manual that only specializes in 95 sts cadillac repairs?
how much do I need to budget for a timing belt change on my car?
spark gap for 1989 f150 5.0?
Car wheel shaking when I brake?
I have no spark, need suggestions?
Good Battery, New Alternator and Cables, Battery keeps going dead?
my car air condtion blow hot air?
will i pass or fail my MOT with a non working starter motor?
my windshield wipersstoped what happened?
Chevy truck vibrates like its going to turn off. Need help!?
Do new GM V8 engines with Active Fuel Management require/recommend a special type of oil?
my truck shakes violently at speeds between 30 and 40 mph?
What Sounds Wrong With My Car?
I need to test the durability of my rear end?
Ok Im away to wash my car before the rain comes on. What are you going to do?
Honda 70cc engine new head not running properly?
Question about oil change/tire rotation?
what does it mean when my temperture hand float up and down?
What type of flowmasters would fit a 1996 s-10 blazer perfectly?
My car doesn't start, doesn`t even make a sound or emit any light, DEAD......?
2006 Cobalt automatic transmission shifting hard? Please help.?
me truck is shaking while i drive?
vacuum line arrangement for 1988 chevy 350?
i have a range rover p38 and i am having oil light problems?
What would be a good extended warranty for a Porsche?
Mercedes CLK 500 lights remain on during daylight conditions when set to auto mode. Why is this happening?
Question about car battery life...?
where may I find trouble solutions for speedometer trble for GMC Jimmy?
1990 Honda Accord DX - sputters and close to backfiring and no power ONLY when it goes up a hill.?
What does the "emmisions workshop" alarm mean on my 2001 VW Passat?
How long should i hold a torch to the pivot bolt on a 93 Thunderbird Alternator housing to loosen it?
Removing wax from windows/windshield?
how can i fix my radiator is wasting too much anti freezing?
engine overheating AFTER I put coolant in, Please help!!?
i have a1987 dodge dakota. it will diesel when i go to shut it off. it is running rich in fuel, what is wrong.
leaking oil or transmission fluid?
how do i put coolant in my 93 honda accord?
where is the oil pressure switch on a 54 plate zafira?
Whta is and whats the purpose of main shaft and primary shaft?
How hard do corollas with a 20v engine go?
allison transmission transfer case on hd2500 chev.truck?
Is the "serpentine belt" the same as the "alternator belt"? Knowledgeable Mechanics only please...
Whats wrong with my car?
99 corolla has timing chain or belt?
how can you tell if a clutch is going bad?
where to get a rear end?
2.2 honda engine fine; then 1 of 4 cylinders maybe; new plugs; still engine bad miss; what nextintroubleshoot?
How much does it cost to replace a Truck Headliner?
1993 F150 trans slipping?
How much does it cost to put a new engine in my car?
Fire damage to car. How much money to fix?
pictures of how to put a starter on a eagle vision?
Help with 2000 Honda Accord?
My minivan has an moldy odour coming from the ventilation system. It is stronger after it rains. How do I Fix?
How much does an idleing car use?
egg in oil to fix leak?
Car battery died, when trying to jump, postive terminal sparks.?
Am I getting ripped off?
What is wrong with my car?
Ford Explorer Rear Window Defroster!?
2005 2500 TURBO diesel will not warranty rings worn put on pistons l?
How to program Keyless Entry at home - 2000 Buick lesabre?
I need help removing stripped nut on transmission stud.?
how to fix the drivers door Lexus ES300?
Hi I fell Down on the floor and scratched myself?
Help with my car please?
Where can i learn car body building? are there books for sale relating this trade?
i have a 94 buick labre have problem with keep it start i crank it and it turn over but drop dead?
s 10 tranny five speed?
My car keeps shutting off?
How do you do an oil change to a car?
Do I need a transmission flush?
how do i reset my computer memory in my 1995 volks after a battery change?
does any one know how to get glue from car stickers off paintwork with out damaging the car????
What is going on with my car?
has one one tried permatex form-a-seal 82096 for a oil leak?
Can going over a pavement mess up your car?
Why does my transmission shift to reverse and drive hard?
What can make a starter go bad in a car, after...?
Question regarding my Jetta's A/C blower motor?
can i swap a 3800 engine for 3.1 in a 92 pontiac grand prix?
why wont the search engine store Items it has found.?
just rebuilt a 350 and their is no compression on none of my cylinders.what did i do wrong?
Drove car over 1ft of standing water at night in the rain. Car still runs, but what should I do now?
i have an 1989 ford ranger that gets water on the pass.floor board where does it come from and its not anti?
Scratching noise when switching transmission gear from "R" to "D" and vice versa?
Why is my car using so much diesel?
Dupli Color Clear Coat?
What is a fuel cutoff switch? and what does it do?
cigarette and radio wont work in a 1986 chevy?
if i didn't fix my clutch would it cause any more damage etc?
Is the price of automotive parts increasing in Australia?
Will my car be totalled?
Newly installed used transmission in Ford Ranger acts like the one that went bad. Is this one bad too?
Can i replace tire size 225/60r/17 with 235/65r/17 tires?
why does my check engine light come on every time it gets cold?
i was told the 1966 ford F-100 came with a 300 or a 270. how do I know what is in my truck?
How much am I looking at to fix all this?
Steam comes out from hood when I stop the car?
how do I remove the passenger side airbag cover on a ford focus?
Lincoln Towncar Air Suspension Problem?
GUYS (not girls) ---> Are the soles of you feet more ticklish when you're barefoot or when you have socks on?
i orderd a part from and dident receive anything in almost two months?
Where is the boost compensator and what does it look like on a peugeot citroen 1.9TD engine with bosch pump?
Beretta motor mounts?
does a broken flywheel sound like a rod knocking?
how to fit tow bar electrics?
Ok...I took the thermostat Out and now I got coolant leaking From the engine on the block it seems..and can a?
Is it insurance fraud to replace OEM Car parts vs aftermarket parts?
suzuki sunroof wont close?
What type of refrigerant do i need for a 2004 sebring?
Why would my 1990 escort 1.9 Idle at 2000 to 2400 rpm,s warm or cold?
where do I buy a Ford 1997 E350 Shuttle Bus tail light?
How effective is ether in starting an engine that's been sitting for 3 years?
what dose the temp run on 2000 tran,s am 5.7 sfi 8 cyl?
What causes your cars rpm gage to be higher than normal? I was driving at 60 mph and it was at 3,000.?
Why does my bike use up so much petrol?
Wheel locks up on braking?
My car won't start. i think my alternator is broken?
New brake pads and rotors installed have a question?
Can air flow be figured for a car?
what size of screw fits a 2001 cbr 929 oil pan?
Where can i get cheap parts online or in a catalog for a 68 ford f100?
Is there a cheap and easy way to fix the floater in my gas tank?
Where can I dispose old motor oil?
My car's brakes has lost resistance?
I recently had a tune up ($379) on my 1978 Gremlin and the tech said it needs new blinker fluid.?
why is my 0-60mph time so slow?
Can I use Dexron III instead of Dexron II Transmission Fluid in a 1992 Geo Prizm?
I want to learn how to work on old cars (engines, body work, etc...) orange county, ca?
383 magnum?
Where can I find repair parts for a 1999 New Vision Ultra Fifth Wheel RV. I need both holding tanks.?
How to covert my 97 s10 blazer headlights?
Can a car run ok with a defective turbocharger?
Ford 351C V8 piston removal downward past crankshaft?
whats a serpentine belt?
1991 Acura Integra Help?
i can't find out where to go/get those louis vuitton graphics on my car when i get it painted.?
Engine oil question?
I don't have Antifreeze for my car. Can I put isopropyl alcohol in it? Or any Alcohol rubbing, Vodka 100 proof?
ford probe inline 4?
when the check engine light pops up dose that mean the sencores are bad on 95 plymoth neon?
which brand of car wax is the best in Australia?
How much would it cost to have my car painted?
is it bad if i havent had an oil change in over 5 months (even though car hasnt driven 3000 miles)?
Why is my chevy lumina car doing this?
Can you actually put the "wrong" battery in a car?
removing exhaust manifold from jeep wrangler?
Can I get error codes from off my car if the check engine light is not on?
Now my truck wont start. 1994 chevy c1500?
how to unlock my car radio?
what would make my car stop running after driving about 20 minutes?
1988 Ford Bronco II problem?
Paid for car part I did not need?
I spilled a gallon of milk in my car, how should I clean it?
1989 blazer, hard to start, 6 cyl, throttle body injection. smells like its flooding. any ideas?
Car question? Mass air flow sensor or O2 sensor?
New shocks on Toyota Echo. How much will it cost?
where are the fuel pumps located on 1993 Ford Explorer-Eddie Bauer series?
Why do i have to spray starting fluid in my breather on my cummings diesel engine to get it to start?
What is the firing order for a 1994 Chevy Astro 4.3 motor, automatic?
How much should it cost to have a new ignition cole parts and labor?
Why are gas price going up?
How do I replace the WINDSHEILD WASHER FLUID RESERVOIR on a 2000 Chevy Cavalier?
Can adding too much oil to your car cause it to smoke BIG time?
tg500 parts needed!!!?
Where can i get my gas gauge repaired?
I have a 1998 Jeep Cherokee Sport. It's key remote needs a new battery. Which one does it need?
how do i fix a fuel pup on a vw fastback?
Car Seat slide adjustment question?
Cheaper place to replace alternador belt?
Why do people answer questions that they obviously have no clue what the answer is?
When I change my car gas from higher octane to lower octane would that damage the car? or vice versa?
What is the best way to improve gas mileage?
how to check honda accord 1996 transmission oil?
why is it when i put water in the radiator of my honda accord it drains right out?
i'm a girl in auto-tech? PLEASE don't disregard this question!?
Why is my spark plug not working on my zoombicycles motor?
I changed the battery in my 2006 honda accord EX. How do I get the radio to work again?