why dont my brakes work?
About how much would it cost to replace the oxygen sensor on a 2003 Hyundai Tiburon?
i have 1982 ford ltd crown victoria.every now and then i will need a boost to start the car.?
what do u need to add to a diesel car to run on vegetable oil?
is my colon swollen ?
Why won't my 1998 ford expedition hold a charge? The battery, is good I hve a starter, transmission is good...?
i would like to start car accessory shop at my place tanjore dist if any one intrest to supply the stock at wh?
How do I get rid of the smell?
Is it worth replacing my exhaust?
How much would it cost to install a lift kit?
How often should i change the engine oil and oil filter of my car?
Why do I keep having to change my car batter every 3-4 months?
My air breather cover was off I drove it for a month before realizing.Now the engine runs bad.What should I do?
can i use 4 cycle oil instead of 10w30 car oil for my Geo Metro 1996?
Is it safe to drive a car after $10000 damage is repaired?
another torsion adjustment bolt question. does any one know the length of a 91 b2200 bolt?
what is the best octane rating for a 1999 nissan altima engine?
How do you replace all of the front exterior lights on a 2009 Jetta?
Chevy Astro Towing Package?
What kind of oil do you put in your car for the winter time?
why does my car idle too high?
I've lost my car key, have no spare, but have to move my car by 8 tomorrow morning. Any ideas?
Where i can find good quality Roadside products.?
can mixing red and greeen antifreeze damage my engine?
Would a blown head gasket make your car hard to start?
When you accidentally put Diesel in a Petrol engine car?
fuel tank questions................?
old transmissions?
how much should a tune-up for a lexus should be?
How hot should air coming through the vents be?
Where could I buy the original 2004 Grand Vitara spare tire cover?
My car surges and stalls?
Found Possible Car Damage that I didn't know about.?
my toyota car got hot and they do not accept contract?
Should a CNG converted car use the same HEAT RANGE specified Spark Plugs when it was produced only for Petrol/?
how long is 3000 miles?
What kind of tools/materials I need for body shop?
93 Bonneville SSEi . I don't get any heat , replaced battery not that long ago and the thermostat now what ?
My car just clicks when I try to start it is it my alternator?
Timing belt snapped. Now fixed... safe?
Who fixes car seats...mechanics, body shops, or both?
Engine coolant chain?? Dealer told me my Ram 1500 has some chain going out leaking out my antifreeze or someth?
can you go from 4th gear to 3rd?
one headlight wont go on?
types of electrolytes used in car batteries?
How do you flush a 1998 Grand Marquis Cooling system?
The fuel will not go to the engine of my Nissan 1993 pickup.?
what kind of modifications IF ANY if i put in a 351w in a 79 ford f150?
Car is clicking but not turning over.?
how do i know if i got the timing right on my car its a 95 ford contour?
how to take a stuck locking gas cap off when only one side lets loose.?
Ford Ranger Door Problem?
Which one should I get?
I need a lift kit for my car?
What would it be if your radiator keeps busting open? ?
I own an 1994 Oldsmobile Ceira. I have been trying to replace the lug studs.?
how would i determine if my timing chain has streched without looking at it?I don't hear any noise?
What causes oil to be in spark plugs when we changed the plugs there was oil on 2 of them?
how to remove crank shaft pully on 1992 acura integra 1.8 b18a1?
Dead battery again?
How long can I leave this car on in this closed garage before the battery dies.?
95 Plymouth Voyager Fuel Pump Replacement.?
help getting ford ac fitting apart?
I just got shocked by my HID ballast from my car? Will I be okay?
What are the best modifications i could make to my R125?
1998 ram 1500 cruise and horn dont work-cruise light wont even come on-are they related-fuses good- have idea?
I have an electrical problem with my 03 Chevy Cavalier. Any Suggestions?
Just curious, is it bad to be driving down the road, switch from drive to neutral and reeve up the engine?
Exhaust manifold is drilled & tapped for AIR check valve?
How much is it to fix a radiator?
I need a $2,000.00 loan to get my truck from the shop?
I need to replace u joints on a 98 Jimmy. When I drop the driveshaft will I lose tranny fluid?
does a bar of soap stop fuel leaks?
my car ac blows out cold air?
diagnose my car problems? weird noises?
Can using gasoline that's one level higher in octane level help a car that has low compression?
Where can I buy Tires?
How do i no if it is my clutch master cylinder or slave cylinder that went bad?
Why does the sound system in my car short out when turning left?
why would all 4 power windows stop working at the same time ?
I spilt battery acid in my eyes what do I do?
Replace headlight 2002chevy trailblazer?
WhAt performance parts increase gas milage or how to increase it?
Should I use a purified water when changing my radiator fluid?
SOS! Is it safe to drive???
how to locate the oil sending unit on a 1991 chevy pickup?
Is it mechanically OK to wait until your petrol tank runs out while driving before filling up?
i m gonna desludge my engine with heavy solvent like seafoam. i should pour it into spak plugs holes?
Annoying Ford Focus Audio Problem?
How much is the labor of water pump on 94' bronco?
Is it safe to drive for two hours on a spare tire?
On the average, how long do tires last on a car if properly maintained?
94 chevy s10 blazer 4.3 vortec engine, runs good until it gets warm then it is sluggish?
What is mean ngr panel in alternator?
I am trying to get some costs on getting a transmission rebuilt. Dont' want to get ripped off.?
engine light coming on ?
VTEC Installation in a 1994 Civic?
Does the Fix-A-Flat product really work? Does it do any damage?
How often am i supposed to add oil to my van?
Why does my moped tire move when I'm not on it ' but when I'm on it , it dosn't move ?
My motor oil is really low? Could that cause my "reverse" gear to go out? :(?
My car is broke!!!!!?
what goes to the spade connector marked D+ on an alternator?
Why won't my car start? ?
The rear wheel on my 1998 Buick LeSabre is not spinning.?
04 acura tl center console and steering wheel controls. no light. it sucks. all fuses good. i o i o i o i o?
Reverse tire tread causes imbalance?
Do you have to get gas immediately when the gas light comes on?
How to defog the inside of the front windshield when it rains?
how do you tell if you have a cooling system leak on a 2004 VW Passat?
my car bounces when i slow down.....?
1994 Thunderbird with a trouble code of P1407?
Manual stick shift problem, will not go into any gear?
car jerks when I pass cars(stomping on gas)?
Tires, Define proper inflation?
car not getting gas that i put in it?
Temperature gauge staying on highest point even when car is turned off.?
Oil on the air con temp sensors? puegot 206?
How to fix sun damage on cars?
Rattling sound when I turn on my car in the cold?
How can I turn of a light?
What's a tail light indicator?
How do I diassemble a window air conditioner for separate component installation in a camper conversion van?
Grinding Noise from Brakes only at low speeds?
Greenish oil on the truck engine?
how to set the timing on 95 chevrolet monte carlo z34?
Power window wiring help.?
Do i need to get engine oil changed on every service for my Hero Honda Pleasure?
A few questions about my 99 chevy malibu?
Pontiac Firebird 97,Can you cut off exahust,and use straght pipes?
Need to find Jeep Motor/Trans 1991-1995 for Wrangler?
hi can any one tell me the keycode for 6000 cd seril no m150830?
What or how did the vac start??
Ford E150 1997 5.4 Idle trouble?
is this a ed head gasket?
Aluminum or Cast Iron Heads?
i have brought a car its rubbish still have warantee on it can i have my money back ?
if i were to check your engine oil dipstick right now?
how do i use a slim jim?
Diesel fuel in unleaded tank?
30yr old looking for a night course in nvq level 2 mechanics in oxford?
Does a cam belt really need changing every four years??
Where to find 1997 eagle talon idle pulley adjuster?
Why is my car engine overheating?
Can a mechanic replace my catalytic converter for me if I buy the part myself?
my pajero's exhaust has snapped a foot from the end do i need a new one or is there a cheaper way?
How much energy does my cooling fan use?
which is the best tires for my 2004 chevy impala?
Is it illegal to drive with no window wash?
hi i have a renault clio d rt 1998 1.9 and the oil is in the water tank?
I just bought a used car and the speedometer doesn't work just wondering how do i fix it?
where can i get a chrome header panel done?
will it hurt my van to drive it 1100 miles if the transmission does not always go into reverse?
Im a female about to do a car mechanic course...?
Does it make a difference on what type of gas I put in my car as far as cheap vs. expensive?
MY 1999 Volvo I just had the motor rebuild & its misfiring?
I am trying to get a drum rotor off. The dang thing is more stubborn than a pregnant woman. Any tips to remove?
Autotransmission of my Ford Taurus 1996 slips in second gear. Is it a matter of concern?
massey ferguson tractor 1959 what fuel?
Will a 2005 Saturn Ion driver side mirror fit a 2003 Saturn Ion?
what's wrong with our car?
I have a 94 saturn oil comes up in my spark plugs which are located in the middle of my headers and when i shi
i have 92 ford explorer 4wd Turing to change the fuel filter it has pressure fittings is there a tool for this
how much will it cost to pull a d dent out of a 89 civic thats 1 foot wide over the rear wheel?
I have a 1999 Honda Accord that at times will start & shut off. It only does it sum times, not all the time.?
Cabin air filter 2001 Toyota Camry?
Safe to use dryer hose for truck exhaust?
How to adjust the idle on a 1983 honda 200 xl?
Why does my car die at high speeds and randomly when slowing down?
i have a 1984 xr250r moter it has 2 carbs i wont to put the head on a 2000 xr250r it has 1 carb thats the?
How much would it cost to put in a fuel injector and an alternator in a '91 Dodge van?
My 2000 Ford 150 is blowing out so much smoke from the tail pipe?
what is the biggest engine you can put in a 97 V6 toyota tacoma body?
the best and CHEAPEST place to go for brakes?
My car door wont stay open it just closes on me?
How fast can you go on a donut tire?
Is it true that a 1.8l diesel engine has the same fuel consumtion as a 1.4l petrol engine?
how do you change an electric throttle pedal on a vauxhall astra?
Can disc brake pads be resurfaced if they still have alot of life left.?
Brake pedal going too far down when applying brakes?
dexter axle broke.. is it a solid or peiced axle?
I have a 99 Cavalier Z24 with a bad hydraulic clutch . I 've got an estimate of 900.00 . is this average?
My oil needs changed and i have no money at the moment and i dont know how to change it myself...?
Free Honda servicing at dealerships?
what size wiper blades would a renault clio require?
how much can i expect to make comming out of auto mechanic trade school(uti)?
where can I find a cruise control wire for 1997 chevy silverado 4x4?
my mazda 626 wont start... i turn the ignition and it just wont turn over and stay running. what do i do?
Is it better to let your gas tank go to almost empty before you fill up or fill up at 1/4 of a tank?
i have the avital 5303 alarm and was wondering what happens each time i hit the lock button what does it mean?
need info on motors?
My car is dying but only when I start it and the wheel is turned to the side?
This question is for a car body parts person,What is the difference between O.E.M parts and aftermarket parts?
What is the RPM limit when using A/C?
if i got my battery chargerd but a day later my car wont start is it still the batterry?
recommended fluid for rear differential on a 1995 Chevrolet Silverado?
Automatic transmission car not automatic shift gear changes gear when I accelerate.?
Air condition problems question?
How to do i set my engine to tdc?
front end makes a thump noise 96 dodge avangar .. only when i'm going under 30 mph .. no bump needed 2 make
2003 Ferrari 360 check engine light is on, and gear 1 not getting enough power?
How to make your car louder?
Why is my car wobbling?
What does the H and C mean on my cars dash?
98 Jeep Grand Cherokee automatic transmission problem
Cracked windshield, what can / should i do?
Car Scratching/grinding when brakes applied???????????
water pump help please? i don't want to drive my car like this?
Has anyone used magnets which fix onto the fuel lines and do they work?
Why do people who drive complain about the price of petrol or diesel?
What are the causes of power loss on a car?
Should I have to pay for new tire?
I was wondering were do you find the fuel pump relay switch on a chevy caprice classic?
ways to get more power out of a 6hp engine?
what is a fast 4 cyl car that i can twin turbo/turbo?
Toyota corolla RPM drops at 'D' only when AC is ON?
What does it mean if the SAI and Included angle on one side of the vehicle is lower than the other?
Sound or looks?
90 camaro backfiring problems?
will my new alternator die again?
where can i get a land rover discovery suspension 1 inch lift kit from?
1995 Jeep Cherokee Airbag light issue?
How to hook a 2nd battery to car?
should i paint my car purple?
Where can I buy a cylinder head gasket in Australia for an imported Corona with a 4AFE engine.?
I need to get my car fixed. Its a Hona accord 2002. I need the whole body done , where do I go for this or sho
The headlights and directionals and inside lights all stopped working in my 1983 toyota nissan?
Uinformation on a 2003 chev. Tracker?
Who decides what garage to use for repairs after an accident that wasn't my fault???
My battery goes dead easily in wintertime?
Why won't my windows roll up in my '02 Dodge Durango?
Why is my Check Engine light on?
How expensive is it to fix auto a/c coil leak?
Where can i get window visors for my baleno?
1968 chevelle wont start?
best way to polish aluminum diamond plate?
how to test a transmission modulating valve,94 bonneville.trans shifts gears good,makes noise when slowing?
what kind of transmission fluid does....?
Possible damages when I backed up over curb with front of my car?
ford excursion turbo has gone out twice?
How much is a mile on the odometer worth?
How can i reduce gas on my z71?
Snow/Ice at end of driveway - car bottomed out?
How do I get my car to pass emissions?
Is my car worth fixing?
having problems getting a newly in stalled 390 running in a 65 galixy help?
why do 24 hour shops have locks on the doors?
Do you feel awkward while repairing your own vehicle?
Why is my Chevy Cobalt over heating!!!?
why wouldnt my car stay started just got a fuel pump?
Engine knocking when I start car?
car won't start battery charged but no ignition lights?
I have a 95 S-10 that will not go in reverse, i was told that the tow or torque converter is bad, is this true?
cold air intake and mass air flow sensor?
What rims and tires will fit on my 2007 F-150?
How to get bad smell out of vehicle.?
Truck ran out of gas, now it won't start?
My steering locked up while driving.?
really need help.. someone tried to steel my moms van. can this be fixed?
Some one broke my car's head light.Any idea where to look for a replacement one, may be second hand?
Car making buzzing noises when l turn headlights on?
How do freighters communicate with each other and with authorites on land?
Would you buy a car/suv which is black or which is white in color if you are living in the tropics?
vauxhall cavalier N reg, slight leak where the hose goes into the radiator?
What is a crank pulley in a car?
could it be the thermostat?
Is my dip stick reading right? i dont understand?? please help!?!?
2006 vw jetta tdi- when should timing belt be changed and should water pump also be changed?
what's the best way to clear a scratch from a car? (made by a key)?
How to fix a Chinese 50cc dirt bike?
how do I get a GU4 MR11 light bulb out?
Why is my gasoline being spent so fast?
Can my truck back firing through the intake and losing horse power be a cam shaft problem?
When should I change my oil?
How effective is ether in starting an engine that's been sitting for 3 years?
anyone with mechanic exp please answer?
How do I check fuses without a fuse panel or owners manual ?
Renault Clio's rear and brake lights?
02 impala blower moter doesnt work?
would the front inner fender from a 96 roadmaster or caprice fit a 96 cadillac fleetwood?
87 gas to an 89 gas.. what should i expect ?
What's causing my 97 clavier bounce and shake when in idle ?
What is this part of a car called?
i left the lights on in my car and it wouldn't start. after a jump tho, it was fine. do i replace the battery?
Do you think automotive school should work like this?
Any manufacturers of battery operated wheel chairs in India for physically challenged persons?
Free download service manual for 2006 Cadillac XLR?
how to replace a waterpump on a 94 Buick skylark witha 3100 V-6?
Do I really, really, really Have to go?
Should I get an alignment with new tires?
Cetripetal Clutches Loose On An Engine Normal?
is it ok to mix 5w30 with 10w30?
After failing a smog check in California, will I need to provide proof of repairs for the care or?
WHere do I get my car door fixed?
Correct pressure for these tyres?
can you replace the rear pannel (fender) on a honda civic? mine is a 2005?
Which is a good idea buying a new car, rebuild the engine in the current truck or put in a new engine?
does anyone know any links for online vechicle repair manuals?
When my Ford Focus idles at a stop light, it starts to "sputter, and act irractically" what is wrong with it?
Does anyone know if you can fit 33" BFG All-Terrain tires on a stock '98 Dodge Dakota Sport?
i have a 99 mits galant the reverse just went but it still drives do i need a new trans or can i fix??? help !?
Where is the fuel filter located on a 1993 ford F150 lightning pick up?
what does it mean when the traction control & ABS lights come on? BUT...?
I got a ERF EC10 with a Cummins LT10 325hp. All of a sudden the truck lost power and had a slight misfire and?
What things to consider when going from 16' wheels to 18' wheels?
how can i put a clutch master cylinder in my supra?
i have hot water leaking into the passenger side floor of my 2003 durango. what can cause this?
the best and CHEAPEST place to go for brakes?
Car problems. What could be wrong? Flooded Engine?
Will a 4L60 V8 tranny work on a V6? Will the wiring all match?
i have a 1.6 margay sprint race chassis. I need to know the distance from the brake hub to the end of the axle
2002 speedfight 2 oil help.?
why does a diesel engine make more noise?
What should a paint job for a Chevy Malibu cost?
Broken Glass in Car Wash - Who Should Pay!?
what size socket do i need to remove front hub nut on a ford focus mk1 t plate thanks?
Can i expect any real perfprmance and mileage increases by converting to a perfomance two muffler system?
An engine flush good or bad?
Whats the difference between Semi/Part Synthetic oil?
Is it ok to use straight coolant on my Lancer 2004 in cold weather?
Cylinders in car?
adjustable coilovers feel bumpy like cut springs?
if you bought 2 brand-new tires ?...where on the car would you put it ?
What Do I Have To Do To My Drive Train If I Have Oversized Tires On My 4X4? I Burned My Transmission Out!?
how to remove decals of a car ?
how do i change a water pump on a 1999 dodge caravan?
How to increase the oxygen density in the air intake using an oxygen cylinder in SI ENGINE?
help my brakes are grinding very badly!! why?
loud popping noise coming from right tire PLEASE HELP?
98 ford windstar overheating?
Engine not getting gas?
name 3 ways of shrinking a panel that has been stretched in a collision?
This might seem crazy but can I put a supercharger and cold air intake on a 08 chevy aveo etec2 motor?
93 ford probeGT with aftermarket exhaust,why does my check engine lite go on and off now???
what do i need for a suspension lift?
Floor Bored under body question?
How do you install a muffler?
is it possible to convert an avg. diesel engine into turbo diesel ?
Depending on how I drive, will a short ram intake increase my miles per gallon?
Startup problem on 89 New Yorker.?
If the oil in my engine was low then the oil light will come on ?
What could be the cause of my steering wheel shaking violently when i exceed 50 mph?
need seals for floorjack for cars and trucks?
toyota oil fluid capacity for 2.4L highlander?
who makes the anodized triangler air breathers for hot rods?
What is an electronic dual stage shock for a car alarm?
My gas light stopped working on my 1998 Honda Accord. Is this this because of a fuse?
How do i fix this on my car ? **picture**?
Is it okay to find water dripping underneath the car while the aircondition is on?
Why is my 1989 Chevy g20 day van still over heating?
Am I getting screwed by my local mechanic? Clutch issues.?
how much would it cost to go1,595 miles at 3.50 a gallon with 7 miles to the gallon?
olds alero misfiring code po300?
how to find centroid of a bent rod?
what is a 350HP off road tune and a 567RWHP Fuel?
what is a throttle body spacer?
why my car burns more gas just after replacing fuel pump?
what will happen if you touch the positive & negative at the same time on a car battery?
Why do people replace thier car if their alternator goes out?
Does wheel balancing really work or is it a gimmick ?
whats better, cold air intake or short ram intake?
Important Brake question??????
If someone put something in your gas tank, what would happen to the engine?
need help wtih mazda mpv technical problem with catalytic efficiency below limits?
this sounds silly but....where do i fill up my window washer in my car????
How do you get bugs off a car when you wash it?
Starter motor not turning.......give it a couple of taps and it works?
Supercharge 02 Lexus Es300? Auto Trans. Possible?
compressor abnormal noise?
My steering wheel shakes while I'm driving.?
Car oil changes ?
where on the net do i get lessons on minor car repairs i can do myself without going 2 d mechanic.?
How do i reset the OIL LIFE display on my 2007 Suzuki XL7?
Manual or Automatic for this car ...?
Best way to vandalize my ex boyfriends car?
I have a 1996 dodge dakota. The brakes just dont work like they should. Everything is new on it.?
Whats the best treatment to add to your oil?
2006 Cadillac escalade esv brake light problem?
Speedometer needle not working?
What is causing my battery not to charge?
how do you repair a convertible top?
need info on a geo tracker engine?
My mom's car, on the right side, the floor is wet every single day. Would this be a leak or something else?
Will fiberglass hold up to gas?
Can I use this kind of battery as a replacement for my original car battery?
An engine oil level question?
How do you change the motor mounts on a 1994 GMC Pickup?
Chyrsler Sebring LXI when changing spark plugs whats the cover called u remove to get to some?
Does anyone know how get rid of scratches on a car?
i left my engine running on a 1984 monte carlo.hows my engine?
Car heater blows cold air when idling at a stop sign or traffic light. Blows warm but not hot when moving.?
My vehicle does not overheat, my coolant level is fine. But coolant rushes out of overflow tank when I stop?
why do usa make such rubbish cars and why cant they speak english?
my gas tank is acting like its full but its not what do I do?
I want to run headlights/taillights on a golf cart off a 12V, 26 amp this battery stong enough?
What does it mean when the slip and VDC off light comes on?
How To Turn Wagon Into Power Charged?
I am looking for some snaps with plastic sliders for a curtain in my 18 wheeler?
my renault clio 1999 has died and wont start, it made a clunking noise then could smell burning?
I think my idler arms on my van are failing. how can I check?
engine light in jeep is on?
just had wheels rotated and balanced and now steering wheel vibrates when braking...?
Will I get into an accident if my motor mounts go bad while driving?
Getting car dent fixed?
Honda Civic LX 98 Check Engin Light P0135 code?
What do i need for the Python 1090 Car Alarm Security and Remote Start System to Fully Work?
Where is fuel pump located on 1997 jetta?
what type of motor did a 67 chevy malibu have?
Is it my alternator or battery?
What would it cost to rebuild and bore my engine?
Is it ok to put two types of gasoline into a car?
Is it true that 99% of Americans lose their virginity to a light bulb?
head gasket blown and i can't drive the blazer just got out of the shop?
How much would it cost to fix scratches off a car?
Running a car with no oil and now it knocks???
Can I use a replacement window motor that says rear/passenger for my driver side window?
Catalytic converter question?
i am looking for a rebuilt engine for a 1998 cheverolet cavalier?
why wont my 2003 honda accord idle?
i'm worried that fumes are coming into the cabin in my car?
What would cause a 1986 Ford Thunderbird to not run?
1998 zx2, timing belt slipped off, and How do I get it off, and what has to be removed?
Because of my job, I drive about 1500-2000 miles a month, how often should I be getting my oil changed?
hi,i need to replace the glass in driver side ,ford mondeo 1995?
What is a 4th position used for on a 5 speed transmission?
I have 96 Jeep cherokee. It dumps coolant after being parked. Looks like leak is coming from engine not hose.?
how do I replace a power window motor on a 1998 ford windstar drivers side door? Help!!?
Power stroke diesel's catalatic converter?
Can a ed rear trailimgarm brushing cause a vibration in the car?
how much would it cost to get the grills and the rims painted?
truck maintenance chevy s-10 1996?
is there anyway my accelerator cable can stretch in my car?
Where is the brake booster located on a 1997 Ford F-150?
Do all cars have a harmonic balancer?
91 Sonoma Pickup leaking Coolant?
i have a 1997 gmc suburban need help with the timing?
KARTING ADVICE! How do I go faster on straights in a four stroke Honda engine kart? And cornering techniques?
My light bulbs on my car dont last long, what can it be?
Need new brakes and routers...should I do it myself?
How much would it cost to replace an exhaust system on a Ford Explorer?
program a keyless remote?
Front axle shaft repair estimates?
my car started smoking?
Changed coil and keeps burning fuse?
4G63T motor help 6 bolt or 7 bolt?
what is needed to conv an 84 cutless 231 to a 90 chevy 350?
Do you think $3700 is too much to pay to install a motor in a 94 Ford Taurus LX?
HELP!!! Is 2 stroke and mixer oil the same?
97 thunderbird warning chime problem?
Is there a place i can go to get a hand with fixing my car.?
i have an 1989 ford ranger that gets water on the pass.floor board where does it come from and its not anti?
can a radiator just get pushed back without any damage?
why i would suddenly have no transmition?
2000 Chevy Ventura 3.4 motor has a sporadic cutout, any ideas?
how many ounces of sugar does it take to stall a car engine?
i have problem in my mitsubishi lancer 2004. engine is bubbling in IST gear. my car is Auto?
Wants to Stall on Startup?
What could be causing the RPM's to jump when driving down the road on bare roads?
whats kind of transmission does my 2000 jeep wrangler have?
Attention Mechanics or Knowledgeable Car folks!?
Question about a 2000 Ford Mustang?
What's wrong with my 2004 Chevy Impala?
Do all cars make that squealing braking sound when they need to be replaced?
need wiring digram for peterbilt truck?
Does anyone know where to get aftermarket taillights for a 97 Mazda Protege?
Headlight advice needed?
how to replace the accelerator cable on 1989 lotus esprit turbo?
losing power while turning?
looking for a Service repair manual for 1993 Lexus LS 400?
how long should it take to change an driveshaft and u joint in on my car ?
how to change wheel hub on jeep wrangler?
I drive a 98 F-150 sometimes my right blinker works and sometimes not,can you tell me what the problem is?
2000 malibu; loud grind noise, trans good and changed brakes and it where axles meet trans is bad?
My range rover is sluggish when you first start it, any ideas????
power mirrors dont work, is it a fuse problem?
When there is a fuel leaking but the car works fine, could it be the injector’s fault?
How often do you change your brake pads ?
would my car shake so dramatically? as soon i start it. The engine light even appeared.?
99 Malibu, what is the color of the high speed cooling fan?
Besides cost, what are the pros and cons of ceramic pad vs semi-mettalic?
my 1986 bmw 318i rear tires keep squeeling on the tarmac and wear away from the inside within 2 weeks?
99dodge diesel with holset turbo can u just replace the wastegate?
If I put the steering stabilizer shock in backwards, will it work backwards?
Does anyone know what it would cost to have air conditioning installed in a ford f150 that does not have it.?
I would like to rewire my dodge caravan taillights to euro taillights its seems like the us ver has less wires
How do traffic lights work?
fuel gauge mitsubishi?
Car won't start but don't think battery is dead. Lights & radio work.?
My car is leaking around 2-3 quarts of oil a day. The oil is coming from the top and running out the bottom?
Gutless 1986 Jeep Cherokee V6?
I ran over a screw and it is stuck in my tire... can I leave it alone?
How can I stop my Ford Focus from trying to kill me???? HELP!!!?
454 cylinder head removal?
My bf turned my truck off while it was in drive. Now it wont start.?
Got a battery test for my car. How soon do I need a new battery?
How hard is it to install a new starter?
Is there a way to get a gasoline stain off the paint on a white car?
Why would someone put a rag in a tailpipe of a car?
i have an 02 jeep liberty fog light wiring harness distroyed need diagram to repair it please?
If I get new tires, do I need to get alignment? Do most people get alignment for their tires?
Ok, so I replaced the spark plugs,wires and coil pack. still has no power and misfires under hard acceleration?
Car problem question?
What's the problem if my car suddenly has low gas milage?
How to do an Synthetic motor oil change?
Dead mouse -- how do I get to the fan in a 2005 kia spectra?
lost the spare key to my zaphira, how do i go about getting a replacement, and how much?
Last night my drivers side back wheel froze up, and won't move just slides..any ideas???
Over-heating issue, Bajaj Pulsar 150 2002.?
mistake by son put in deisel instead of unleaded.whats the out come Dont need the F**** reply?
Can't seem to find the ignition fuse for a 1996 Isuzu Oasis ( Same as 1996 Honda Oddyssey )?
how can I get more horespower out of my eagle vision?
I want to get my car tricked out, where in Dallas, Tx can i go?
Gas Fireplace expensive to run?
How do you get puke off of a car seats? (The seat is not leather)?
what can cause a vibration in your car between 60 to 80 mph.?
does anybody know how much it costs to fit a new water pump on your car?
03 chevy 1500 loses all power?
where is the a/c service port on a 2003 ford focus w/ zetec engin?
how to purge air from your cooling system in a firebird trans am ws6?
How do you fix the Heater in a 1997 Cadillac STS?
need to find the timing marks for a ford 5.4 engine?
Reversed my caravan up slope. Smoke came from clutch - burning smell. Will it be o.k. ?
where can i find a rear brake diagram for a 1965 ford galaxie online?
all the warning lights and gauges cut off and on when im driving ???
My Car Shakes and gets worse at 65 MPH?
Is it legal to cut airbags from a vehicle in which they deployed from a minor accident?
Why are my windows and radio not working after i got this new alternator?
Ran my truck out of gas, Now it starts bad?
Is it bad to change gears in a car when the clutch is not down and the car is not moving?
How much would it cost to make a automatic to a stick shift?
Can I plug a tire with a nail hole right where the tread meets the sidewall?
engine ticking sound?
I need help with a 1989 toyota camry that's acting really weird?
how do i replace the wind shield wipers on a 92 plymouth voyager?
Why do i have to spray starting fluid in my breather on my cummings diesel engine to get it to start?
Which are the 4 stroke in internal combustion engine ?
Car pulls to the right, and shakes when going over 65?
how long can i drive around when "service station soon" light is on?
Car Tire Wobbles - Whats Causing It?
Why is my car squealing?
how to remove the headlights from a 2000 dodge durango.?
How much does a clutch replacement in a Porsche 911 (911 Carrera cabriolet) cost?
Stop engine oil leak product?
Where can I get brake master cylinder for AWD Turbo Eagle Talon with a Dec. 1989 production date? Thank you.?
How to change oil pan gasket ?
1998 Volkswagen Jetta GL automatic transmission shifting noice.?
My battery cable has stretched bigger than the post. Is there a shim for posts?
what could happen to a vehicle if it is not serviced regularly?
Do wheel lug nuts rust? or are they suppose to?
Turn signal not working? Some times it does and some times it doesn't?
what damage can accur for running my car air condition all night whilst park (outdoor) for one month.?
How much would it cost to get a ground wire on a guitar fixed? just give me a rough estimate.?
painting a chrome front bumper?
Is it every 3,000 miles or 5,000 miles I need to change my oil from my car ?
Cobalt tail lights?
How much power and mpg's would a cold air intake add to my truck?
why does our car make a loud sound when it get started up. Mechanics please answer?
car wont start with fully charged battery?
get bumperstickers off my car?
coolant for 2001 honda accord v6?
How do you fix a broken off rear view mirror?
Camry vibrates hard in idle?
What books can teach me auto mechanics?
No O-2 sensor on my 1991 Crown Victoria?
Does header wrap(tape) actually work, and is it worth the money?
what is the best way to paint external auto plastics?
I cant adjust my foot on gas when driving?
vehicle wiring diagrams for electric winch?
Have plenty oil, car not making any noises, no oil leak I can see & changed oil sending unit., any suggestions?
How can i get better fuel efficiency from my Ford Crown Victoria V8?
Antifreeze mixing with oil in my car how bad is this problem?
discharged car battery wont charge using battery charger?
My car keeps a loud gurgling noise when I am driving what is it?
is it a bad idea?
What brake pads are better semi-metallic or ceramic?
Got a little of the erg valve gasket in my engine.?
If you put larger wheels on a car than its speedometer is configured for, what will it read?
Magnetic Fuel Savers do Work?
Where is the best car dealership?
where is the ecm located for ford bronco 1996 351 4x4?
How were car undersides worked on before hydraulic lifts came about?
Should i perform an engine flush sometime on my car? is it a good idea?
Vehicles that are not used often need to get a run once in a while?
Smart for 2 : how do i remove the air flow selector knob?
Patch or Replace the hood on my car?? Auto body question?
subrau outback no power to switch and no it`s not the battery alsowill not go in any gear but park?
What is wrong with my car?
Car trouble I really need your help! PLEASE!!!?
If your not a mechanic how did you learn to work on cars?
How should I make my 1994 integra gsr faster?
What happens in a car if it says to put premium gas only, but you just put regular unleaded. Does it harm?
what happen when your car just stop?
Why are the lights in my car dim?
how do i change my catalitic convertor on my 1992 dodge dakota?
Brake Pedal Goes All The Way To The Floor!!?
Where can you buy bilstein shocks in Austin, TX?
car jerks when I pass cars(stomping on gas)?
What are the torque specs for spindle nut on 1980 chevy c-10?
why does my 1990 oldsmobile cutalss ciera die out after going over 45 mph?
Removing sticker from window?
Ticking sound in engine?
Land Rover LR3 Problem?
why does a manual car make jerkin motion if you start it wrong?
If one ball joint in a vehicle is bad is it really necessary to replace all four? honestly, no salesman crap?
Head gasket change question?
why is my transmission fluid foamy?
2001 Nissan Sentra 2.0 Stalling?
car wreck what could be the issues?
which is better Royal Purple or Mobile 1?
Using epoxy glue to put chrome on a car?
Please give me 50 answers to this question so I can understand it clearly.?
Short Air Intake Question?
What would be a good stand alone (no electronics) transmission to bolt to a 5.9 Cummins for heavy towing?
i'm asking you guys what you feel is the average cost of your auto repair is approximately per year?
I have a 96 S-10 pickup&it won't start. It's getting spark &you can hear the fuel pump run but it won't start
how do i fix a jammed ignition lock?
what kind of fuel pump does a 1995 volvo 940 turbo wagon have?
mechanic didnt fix my car, should i have to pay?
What happens to your car if you do not get an oil change?
What does it mean when the security light comes on in a '94 Camaro?
were can I find a complete and simple diagram of 76 ford 302 engine?
I am going to buy a motor home with a desiel engine. Does anyone know how to change it over to cooking oil.?
can you unlock a car by cellphone?
Battery died while driving Acura Integra, what's going on?
How do I change the answerphone on the hub? When people ring, it goes straight to answerphone - lost instructi
Should a car use a different type of engine oil for summer and for winter?
When are they going to come out with 06 Honda civic parts?
Is it to late to unplug my programmer to save my warranty?
How much "Horse Power" does a typical snowmobile have?
My ac blows cold sometimes and not cold at others?
when jumping a car, are the batteries supposed to be negative to negative or negative to positive?
with what could a coolant boil?
what happens if you drive on a flat tire?
Who can identify the car on my avatar?
what is the cost for conversion of 5 seater EECO to 7 seater?
How to pump diesel out of a gas tank?
Solvent to put carburetor in?
what does the warning light on my Peugeot mean it's an orange light with what looks like an engine block on it
Car shaking when idling?
Hybrid/Electric Cars Having Alternators To Charge Battery?
When I brake in my 1995 Peugeot 106 the orange brake light on the dash lights up. It only happens when I brake
should i put 2 or 1.5 inch wheel spacer on my suv...HELp?
My 1997 Mercedes sun roof wont go back.?
Car fuse help someone help?
When you do maintenance on a car what are the main things you do you check & how often do you perform them?
how do you unclogged an radiator?
Alternator or battery problem cant figure out?
How do I go about buying a motor for my truck?
2003 gmc yukon denali, what is the recomended spark plug gap?
Lemon laws in Canada ?
can someone tell me whats wrong with this truck and how to fix it?
how do i remove starter on 94 grand am?
whats tire pressure P.S.I. for 1990 mazda miata?
Hi. I want to buy some mechanic tools for my husband. Can you tell me what he need to work on honda and dodge.?
How to increase wagon R acceleration and power??
Kia Soul wont start but keyless entry does work?
what grounds do i have to stand on regarding my MOT?
what is wrong with truck?
Any ideas for getting my car to start.?
car wont turn over at times and at other times it will?
Why does my car run rough when wet?
Auto transmission Pan Gasket?
how do you remove a shift knob on a ford mustang 5.0 automatic 1992?
Taking keys out of truck while its on?
this sounds silly but....where do i fill up my window washer in my car????
Brake fluid level got dropped below the minimum level in three months?
what is the value of my car?
Why my car wont start/makes rattling sound?
How much money would these repairs cost to make to my car?
How do you reapir a 98 cadillac catera freeze plug?
My car battery light goes on and off?
My transmission takes a long time to go when turning and it sometimes dorsnt shify speeds and makes this grind?
98 Grand Am hesitates when accelerating, just replaced a bunch of stuff, still hesitates..?
Will fiberglass hold up to gas?
Someone scratched a bad name in my car how can I repair this cheap but make it go away?
2002 dodge intrepid wont start?
over sized/high performance head gasket?
i need wheel well mouldings for a 1977 chevy nova concours?
what is the wiring on a 98 vortex 350?
Will a 305 cubic inch v8 engine fit in a Chevrolet S-10 pickup? If so where can I find instructions?
About how much does it cost to replace the main seal in a transmission?
Rims for car's?
Good cheap products to use when washing a car?
the power supply is normal when i used it w/out starting the engine, the only problem is when i start the?
Is a faulty fuel tank temperature sensor serious?
How do you take off heads for a 2000 f250 xlt with a 5.9l triton ?
Advice on needed Z24 Cavalier Parts?
Why does my car radio stay on when I turn my car off?
my 2000 blazer has rpm guage not working.?
something wrong with my car?
Is it ok to use Mansion wax polish(white) on cars....?
how do you put in a waterpump for a 95 carvan?
need to know how to depress caliper on a 1998 oldsmobile aurora?
My car wont start. it'll turn over but it wont start.?
Need help with my cars tailgate window?
Can anyone tell me why I get a strong petrol smell inside my 1995 Vauxhall Vectra?
How can i tell if my torque converter is going bad?
TPI module?
Any quick-fix ideas for my headlight?
I have a 94 Ford Explorer with a sunroof, where can I buy the sunroof cover?
Chrysler Sebring '99 is something wrong with my fuel pump?
where is the fuse box located on a 2004 chevy venture?
What is the difference between Throttle TP_R, TP_B, app_D, app_E, TAC_PCT and TP on an OBD scanner?
what do these warning light mean on my Kia Borrego 2009?
Why did my power windows stop working?
Can a bad head-gasket lead to missfire and knockng?
My turn signals on my 95 buick regal wont flash?
Why does my car heating not work?
how long does a car battery last?
New battery immediately drained?
My transmission starting leaking but it's letting me change the gears the car just don't want to move?
my VW beetle won't start has power?
How can I check my tire air compressor (which plugs into the cigarette lighter) to see if it's the comp. or ?
Can you buy brake fluid at halfords?
How much is actual cost of diesel?
I am trying to get some costs on getting a transmission rebuilt. Dont' want to get ripped off.?
What front/rear inflation pressures should I use for Michelin XH4 tires on a 1972 Mercedes 280 SE 4.5?
Any auto-painters have any advice?
My car wont start and sounds like a machine gun?
dodge eagle wont start what could be the problem?
What's a catless exhaust?
where is the best place to buy tyres in brisbane for 4wds price and quality?
Atuo to manual transmision converstion 92 camaro?
I recently changed the oil in my car and now the gears are not engaging? what could be wrong?
cymbal on ford five hundred dashboard what they mean?
can your car tire get flat when you let it sit in one spot for a couple of days without moving the car?
While pouring octane booster into tank do I need to keep the fuel tank full or it can be poured at any point.?
2000 dodge grand caravan se the engine light comes on rpm goes 3500 speed op 0-120 not shifting?
What do i have to replace for a front end only suspension lift?
What is the best aftermarket cat-back exhaust system for a 1993 Integra RS?
What size chain should I use for my pedal car?
how to adjust the reverse on a 2001 arctic cat 800zl so it dosent pop out of reverse when you put it into reve?
is the 2001 4.0 oldsmobile engine a interfernce engine?
why is Detroit called motor city, when cars have engines?
buick regal parts?
How to remove a haeter core from a 1998 ford tararus station wagon,please?
how to locate the oil sending unit on a 1991 chevy pickup?
How do you change a horn on a 1991 Buick Park Avenue?
What is the main substance used in gasoline additives that are suppose to improve the octane number?
Where can i get a lock/ unlock remote for my car?
our church van shakes,wobbles from side to side.we rotated the tires,what are the other causes of this?
how do i change the fuel pump on the 2004 Acura mdx?
TOD light in my isuzu trooper is on?
1979 350 small block?
Is it best to check engine oil level in your car cold, or to start and run few minutes shutoff & check3-5min.?
My car won't start -- no electric power to car?
what color should i paints my car red,blue are burnt-orange?
where is the cheapest place or website to get brakes for a 96 grand am SE?
How do you remove the gas tank on a 1970 monte carlo?
Why does my car just die?
Briggs 23 hp mud motor dies off and wont run over quarter throttle?
Is it bad to take off in your car without letting it warm up?
Will a standard transmission out of a chev 6.5 turbo diesel work with a gas engine?
Vehicle Maintenance Questions?
How to change a spark plug?
How much PSI should i put in my tires?
why won't my car start in the cold?
When you get a tune up on a car...What all comes with that?
92 olds cutlass cierra water pump bolt torque settings 3.3L eng v6?
can someone help me w/ my car?
Oil Light comes on, Then Engine seizes... what does this mean?
95' Chevy 1500 engine swap?
where can i get front fenders for a 1960 ford f100?
how can I disconnect the seatbelt warning buzzer on a 2003 ford explorer?
would a magnaflow or a flowmaster muffler make my car loud? (just the muffler not the whole exhaust system)?
What kinds on things should be in your car trunk? just in case?
how do i lower my 1970 volkswagen beetle?
Should I change both tires or is one ok?
Is it really necessary to change your cars oil every 3000 miles?
why i see water in the oil after repalce head gasket?
what is the difference between TPS and MAP sensors though both sensors control air flow?
How to install an electric cooling fan in a 1997 chevy blazer?
How to change itouch gen 2 battery?
I want to replace the gauges on my 1996 new yorker the speed odometer and such, how? What to buy?
were is a crankshaft sensor on a 1992 pontiac firebird located?
how do i replace the knock sensor in my 2003 kia sorento?
Putting some wheels on a '87 Monte Carlo?
transmission making clicking noise?
Question about when a car idles?
When doing a radiator pressure test on a car what indicates good pressure?
how do you use a flor jack ona u ibody car?
What are the essential things to do when maintaning a porshce 944?
how do u you if the alternator on a car is going out?
80 chevy tk, battery goes dead after 2 days. Alternator is good, wires off starter look ok. What could it be.?
What wrong with my 91 caprice?
what can i use to stick my rear view mirror back on my car?
our church van shakes,wobbles from side to side.we rotated the tires,what are the other causes of this?
How do run flat tyres work?
Car Problems, Please Help?
Car won't start.?
2004 F150 4.6L-the mini message center displayed a trans fault-how to fix without going to the shop?
I need to get rid of about 50 tires?
what can be wrong with my ford mustang it starts up fine but if you give it no gas it just stops running?
can someone help me?i have a 1984 buick electra.would my distributor cause my module to go out?
if a ford mechanic charges you $1,000 to fix a problem yet - the problem remains unfixed what should i do?
is it illegal to do mechanical work on a car other than a tire change or oil change.?
why should hold the clutch when we are trying to change the gares?
location of crankshaft position sensor on 2007 chrysler sebring 2.4L?
How hard is it to change a Timing Belt on a 2002KIA Spectra?
where the heck can i find headlight fluid?
Is It Really That Hard To Learn How To Drive A Stick Shift?
Whats wrong with my car?
what happens mixing petrol with diesel?
why is my car still smokin and shaking after replacing the timing belt and head gasket?
installing a dixie horn on a 1996 VS commodore?
What are the symptoms of a bad PCM?
If I add a quart of oil to my car every 2 weeks, do I still need an oil change?
cranks over but wont run on 94 ford bronco 5.0l?
A screw stuck in my tyre and slowly deflating, help?
How can i remove the glue from the car that is left from the sticker?
How to install a parking sensor in a chrysler grand voyager?
energy conversion in a rotary motion steam engine?
Where does the temperature sending unit go on a 1970 351 Cleveland? Fan side of the block? No water in intake.
Chevrolet express with 105k, makes whining noise when you accelerate above 50mph. Sound comes from rear.?
I need new struts on my car but... (see details)?
repalacing a heater coil on a 1990 grandprix?
santiago Railway Yard?
If I paint flames on my car will it go faster?
Anyone ever changed spark plugs on a 1998 Chevy Cavalier Z24? Do I just remove the top aluminum cover?
When is the best time to change my sparkplugs on a 05 camry?
The gear lever of my Sangyong Musso model 2002 does not engage in the Park position.?
What could make a '94 Mazda 626 die while driving?
what is the name of the substance used to pickle eggs?found in a drug store likely.?
Why is my Car battery dying? Disconnecting the stereo solved the problem, but I want a car stereo. Any ideas?
Buying a car and had a question about it?
My car steering wheel shakes when I drive faster than 60mph?
You geniuses might want to know that when you can't get a car into gear the brake light switch is bad, not the
how do i know if a torque converter has gon out in a 94 ford probe?
how to tell if the maf air flow sensor is gone?
My car overheated on the highway. What might be the problem?
I have a 94 pontiac grand am and the oil is a tan color again after changing it?
is there suppose to be a hose hanging from the coolant container in a 2000 Oldsmobile Alero?
hot rod shops in mo.?
My car is having trouble breaking/accelerating from 30-35mph?
whats wrong with my brakes?
Help with a 1975 Mercedes Benz 450 SL?
Having a car problem with a my '96 Toyota Avalon, can you tell me what's wrong?
will the removal of the catalyst converter have any effect on the performance or fuel consumption ?
will my car burn more gas if serpentine belt is too tight, or makes the engine harder to run?
my citron zx diesel ha load's of smoke & a strong burning smell, i managed to drive home 12 miles?
what would cause White smoke to come out of your exhaust?
How do you change a fuel filter?
2.0 TDCi Mondeo vs 1.6 HDi Picasso?
Working in 100 degree heat.?
F 150 Front tank reads empty. Runs fine on either tank. What's the problem?
When to replace a timing belt of a car?
how is a Lamborghini gallardo on gas?
how much would a mazda millenia transmission leak cost?
My front tires are unevenly treaded and have diff load ratings?
Car trouble with cylinder?
What kind of power steering fluid does a 1998 dodge dakota take?
What could be wrong with my 1999 Chevy Malibu?
Diagnosing ruff running engines?
how do you reset the trip meter in the rhd japanese made honda civic ferrio?
What Paper work would i need to get some scratches buffered out of my car?
What to do when someone purposely pours sand into engine oil?
what is a hub cap? i keep hearing people say that Liverpudlians steal hub caps?
Ford 98 st.wgn. windscreen washers front&rear, replaced 1;cannot find tube for second motor. Where to look pls
Car will only start when jumped?
how to nick dust caps of cars?
do auto mechanics get payed ?
07 CHARGER how do i check transmission fluid?
why is my car stalling gears?
is it easy to replace 2 crank shields and 2 oil pan shields on a 2000 suzuki grand vitara? How?
the clearcoat is starting to peal on my 92 bronco, how can i stop and repair this from happening?
if there is no coolant in the reservoir and its completely empty will the coolant sensor on the dash board?
When a car shifts and goes tssst is that because of s superharger?
what do you do if your clutch fails whilst driving?
Endless beep comes from a small speaker under the dashboard - 94 BMW 525i?
Totally forgot to change the oil in my car. It's 5 mos overdue.Can I cause damage to my car?
how do u pull a 94 lhs wheel bearing?
How do I make my 2009 pontiac G6 GXP Coupe faster?
don't you hate it when people tailgate?
Why wont my truck start?
why does my vehicle shake when i brake?
new transmission or just a hole somewhere?
Why doesn't my car start?
RPM goes up and stays up?
Is there anything wrong with my car?
Why is my car making this noise?
I've lost my car key, have no spare, but have to move my car by 8 tomorrow morning. Any ideas?
is it normal for your car's hood to be hot after you drive?
Cabin Air Filter in 97 Saturn SL2?
what kind of hydraulic fluid do i put in my tractor case 1194?
monroe ride leveler shock absorbers id part no 48321?
Would the fuel pump from a 1999 Oldsmobile Cutlass work on a 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix GT?
How much does it cost to fix scratches on a car? Get toach up paint done at a realiable place?
Is the VW Jetta a very unreliable car or is it just me?
Why isn't my A/C working after recharge?
Do 'service engine soon' lights really mean anything or just a trick?
How hard is it to replace an oxygen sensor on a 1992 Mitsubishi 3000gt SL? If so, how could i do it?
Question about my 1994 Toyota Camry not starting?
My car didn't want to start?
I am looking for a radiator for a 1953 chevy 6cyl 216. Anyone know where to find?
How do you improve a weak car battery?What do you add?
what kind of oil do you put in a air conpesser?
Deisel upgrades?
What is the name of this car part and can it be replaced?
Is the transmission changing procedure the same for every car?
do you just keep putting the transmission fluid in until it starts to run back out?
if my drop links were changed a month ago, would it affect my brakes now if not done properly?
My car is runing hot?
the rear defogger stopped working in my 2003 olero. I put in a new fuse but it's still not working. What next?
can you put a 911 porsche engine in a vw beetle?
Can you get pulled over for a blown Tail light?
My break light on dash of my suv is on. Does this mean that I need new breaks or that it needs fluid?
megane headlights keep blowing dealer says there is nothing wrong on my 5th bulb in 6 months help.?
I have a 90 Bronco stopped and will not start has a new fuel pump still won't start please help?
surging problem please help.....?
Why does the front end of my car vibrate when I hit the brakes?
Can a motor oil be used in a car jack instead of hydraulic oil ?
Newly Rebuilt Engine PROBLEMS?
Interior lighting problems on 91 Buick Park Avenue.?
Batteries and Alternators?
Are my breaks bad? Or do I need more fluid?
1992 toyota celica 1.6 4afe engine leaking oil when belts are tight?
looking for firing order of 292 engine in 1959 ford?
Car Wont Stop After brake pedal is on the floor for a second...CERTIFIED MECHANICS PLEASE!!!?
I think that someone put transmission fluid into where the oil fluid goes? What now? What can go wrong?
my timming belt broke what do i do?
My brakes are locked up?
my low coolant light is flashing on my car... we already put water and antifreeze in it but still blinking?
can o2 sensor cause high nox ?
chevy 350 - do you put the engien on tdc # 1 when lining up timing marks?
How do I fit a starter motor to a peugeuot 306 Diesel Turbo?
who does anti-smash and grab in South Africa?
A question about my car?
My left front brake (Acura 99 3.0 CL) is leaking brake fluid and the car isnt braking. Cost to fix? thanks?
How can i Make my 1999 crown victoria faster?
How hard to change a rack and pinion of a 2001 neon?
Where do i buy lighter fluid?
If an engine overheats to the point of melting the plug wires is it trashed or can it be rebuilt?
My van will not start we have replaced: starter, distributor cap, rotary button, and coil what could be wrong?
1974 duster 318 not starting carb backfires?
What to do with my transmission?
is there anyway my accelerator cable can stretch in my car?
I fixed my car's problem so why won't it start again? It needed oil so it shut off but now it won't restart!?
Where is the fuel pump relay located on a 1997 subaru lagacy ?
my brake lights not coming on at all when stepping on pedal,what could it be?
What's wrong with my car? it only starts sometimes?
I purchased a used truck a year ago, I found out the frame is damaged, what should I do?
In a 4 cylinder engine why would my 2nd and 4th spark plugs be black when the 1st and 3rd look brand new?
I HaveA1987DodgeDakota4x4With3.9Carb. Can i PutMy1993DodgeDakota2whdrive3.9Magnum in it?...What would i need?
If i did blow my head gasket does that mean that i need to replace the engine?
Question about octane boost?
Does pressing the "doors closed" button prevent the elevator from stopping on unwanted floors and go directly?
how often do brakes on vehicles need pads replaced?
Could something be wrong with my transmission?
The alternator noise of corolla?
Can I just replace the lens ONLY on my 05 Mustang Headlights?
is the suspension different in the 1999 5 door corsa then the 1999 3 door corsa?
question about a thermostat in a Ford PSD 2001?
Can anyone answer my muffler question?
What's causing the squeaky brake sound???Help!?
my car is making a squeaking/grinding noise when i drive. the faster i go the faster the sound is. what is it?
what is a gear shift lever?
Foot Long Slight Dent in back side panel?
what supplies air to air shock system on a 2001 Buick lesabre Custom?
what is the worse that can happen?
Is it bad to give your car gas when you start it if it is a fuel-injection car?
Is aluminum a good electrical ground?
'02 firebird basically plain, any suggestions on what i should add that wont cost a fortune?
how can i get information on putting on an oil scending unit on my '95 Saturn SL2?
I NEED SOME INFO: i just got a head gasket replaced( with a machined head) my car is blowing out smoke it sme?
which motor has more horse power stock a gsr or a b20?
Should I drive the truck until it can go to a mechanic or could that make it worse or be dangerous?
when i pump my car tyres up to there recomended?
Does my tires need to be replaced?
can anyone tell me if a bumper?
Can my hyundia pass state inspection with the airbag light on?
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