car completely dead , not battery , what could it be ?
how many claps and what kid and size do i need for a 12 foot straight pipe exhaust system?
What can I use to remove tree sap from my car?
Stalling around corners?
How much should it cost to change a Timing Belt on a 2004 Automatic VW Jetta?
Is there a way to remove air from an overinflated tire?
How do I get the best fuel economy with a manual transmission?
how to buld a carberator?
How long and how fast can I drive on a spare tire?
how do i install a automobile belt?
revving your car engine? can this damage car?
my first car accident?
What kind of engine coolant goes in a '97 Saturn?
can coffee stain white car paint?
Replacing car parts, questions?
my 1994 camaro is smoking i had a tune up and oil change what else could make it smoke from the tail pipe?
Why is my coolant temperature so high?
What is the best way to clean salt from a car's carpet?
I have a 1997 gxe nissan sentra. gone through 4 alternators in the last year. New battery. lights kills it?
How do I fix low engine compression?
what is the loud wining sound coming from the rearend of my truck?
How do you rebuild a power steering gear box?
Why does my car need a muffler?
removing a windscreen?
Will 87 octane gas increase sludge buildup inside car engine?
Lost piece for 84 Olds Hurst HELP!!! SO DESPERATE!!!?
how many miles should sae 5w 30 oil be changed?
is there any way i could make my car run on fewer cylinders?
Can the way I drive cause the transmission to go out?
Both Speed and RPMs are rising?
when I went to change the oil in a mariner 20hp outboard, when i took the 2 screws out no old oil came out?
where to find out stuf on 6.5 diesel moters?
1989 ford ranger mpg?
how many certified technicians that are ase or dealership trained on here answering questions?
where can I find some one to install shocks on my car that I bought?
Major difference between piston engine and jet engine? describe in detail plss..?
what car do you drive?
what are the inlet and outlet measurements for a generic muffler on a 2002 kia rio?
Are there any websites that show on how my car door is functioing?
The odometer on the 2002 pontiac sunfire won't work... what can be done to fix it?
Whats the best way of finding an honest auto repair mechanic in the US, certain online site?
I locked my keys in my car. What do I do?
Why is my car burning so much fuel?
Car shut off while driving?
would a bad airbag control module cause the check engine light to come on?
DOUG B. can I email you some how??
Car died while driving. Car won't start and will not jump start. Bad alternator or Dead Battery?
Where to connect turbo boost gauge?
Squealing noise when using the heat, a/c or defrost?
Why car makes water running noise while driving?
can anyone tell me where do i unbolt the back seat in my xf ford.??
Ok i should have put it like this, Why don't some of you women check the oil in your own car?
Front of Fan Clutch Full of Grease, Bad?
The front heat shield of my nissan almera tino has been removed due to rattling. is this safe?
why does my ford pick up truck blow black smoke from the exaust and still smell like gasoline ?
how to change struts 1997 toyota rav4?
I am rying to find a part for my car tis called a clock spring can you help me with this.?
My car won't start. It just clicks and won't turn over?
How to remove a starter for a Ford Taurus SE 2001?
Where can I find a 2000 VW Beetle fuse guide?
Car key is stuck in ignition, help!?
i had bought a car just over a month from secondhand dealer, now it's having engine problem. what do i do?
does a 89 honda acura engine fit a 88-91 honda prelude?
why did my car quit running when i washed under the hood?
Car question.. sqeaky sound?
Do those fuel injector cleaners that you buy in automotive stores really work?
what happens when ceramic steel knife sharpener breaks?
how do i replace my 2003 grand prix fog lights?
about how much will it cost me to get an inspection on my vehicle?
Is it ok to drive a car w/out a thermostat?
What is common electrical problem in Toyota Camry 1993?
I have a 2002 VW Jetta 2.0 5-speed. I have replaced the coil pack 3 times in the last year.?
How much does a clutch replacement in a Porsche 911 (911 Carrera cabriolet) cost?
where could I find a Yamah jetski 1200 engine?
my 2 stroke scooter keeps cutting out?
My car makes a screeching noise when i start it. What could it be?
Phone numbers to the nearest junk yards in Jasper, Ga 30143?
Can i sue this auto shop?
2002 Kia Rio - Check engine light is on and car is shaking?
is it true that a transmission on a ford truck goes bad after 100000 miles ?
Will a replacement outside driver side door handle for a '83-'88 for thunderbird work on a year 97 model?
my 2005 nissan altima "service engine soon" light came on this morning what does that mean?
were can I find a complete and simple diagram of 76 ford 302 engine?
Vehicle's Heater hose broken down 3 weeks after service?
Car wont turn on at all?
Is SMARTWAX really the best car wax and polish on the market?
The bottom of my car is icy?
1999 f150 wont shift into gear or move at all?
A toyota service center did not put the plug in the oil pan in correctly wrecked engine, options?
head gasket has a small chip on it and i don't know what to do...?
I recently got remote start on my SUV. Is there a way to turn the car off from the remote is i get occupied?
Why Steering control is so soft and effortless?
Please answer quickly... could I have caused this much damage?
97 Chrysler cirrus lx problem?
What does it really mean when motor is about to sling a rod through the block:?
Why is my car squealing?
Remove broken engine head bolts from block?
What is truly the better truck?
Bronco II 2.9 Fuel Injected (California Emissions)?
About how much will it cost to replace a catalytic converter on a '05 Nissan Xterra?
where is the clucth located on the 98 civic hx?
Boat motor will fully rev in reverse and in idle fine in nutural but will stall or bogs in drive?
Would a bad monitor in a car fan cause the car to cut off or idle badly..when temperture gauge goes up high. ?
how to remove a minor car dent?
2006 f150 batt. died and now engine light is on and wont go off?
Seafoam in pcv or brake booster?
my impala makes a squeaky noise when i go over rough road .?
Car making loud sound when I turn it on and press gas pedal, is it the exhaust?
Can anyone help me with this problem? (Vehicle hiccups before shifiting)?
Anyone Near Rockford Illinois that fixes pop-up campers?
Does repairing a BMW cost a lot more than a Honda?
Help. Leaving to NC, 1,129 miles. Had tune up and lots of things replaced. Head gasket blown. what chances?
Will putting super unleaded gas in my Unleaded car harm it?
How do you change the gas struts for the rear hatch of a 1997 z28. What tools are required?
does a new battery need a jump before it will start a car?
removing Catalytic converter?
Can you place a 4L65E transmission into a truck that originally had the 4L60E tranny?
My catalyst converter is going bad and i was told it would be about $1500 to fix it? is this true?
Help ! Oil on sparkplug?
My car keeps on showing oil and water light?
In a Buick Park Ave. where is the starter and altinator located?
my 97 tahoe will not shut off. HELP!!!!!?
Ticking tappet.?
What does paint look like that is chipping due to environmental factors such as bird droppings?
Anyone know what to do when you put petrol into a diesel car by mistake?
Stick shift, is it really that hard?
ok what can i do to my 1985 honda v65 sabre to get more horse power?
why is my cavalier still over heating?
I left my headlights on, now my car won't start. Once I get it jumped, will I have to buy a new battery?
how can i prepare myself for entering an automotive service technician course?
Cost for pro to change my gear ratio on '05 Durango 2WD?
have you installed a timing gear on the crankshaft before?
72 chevy c30 headlight switch removal?
how soon can you wash a new car??
what are the correct jet sizes for a 32/36 dfv weber for a 1600 gemini with extractors and mild cam?
hydrostatic dr. on a wacker RD12 roller shift doesn go into forward drive?
How often should you drop and wash the fuel tank?
Can I syphon the petrol out of my car?
gas leaks when Im filling up?
My 97 Nissan Pathfinder is a 5 speed 4x4. It is making a high "Werring" noise in all gears but the 4th gear.?
Can I used green antifreeze in my 01 mk4 tdi golf?
1990 Camry won't start?
When is it time to stop fixing little things on a car?
why is my car making this sound?
How do I replace the wheel bearing hub assembly on 2000 Buick Lesabre? Any special tools required?
is it ok to use trans fluid for power steering? 92 gmc jimmy?
consumer complaints about the chrysler 300 engine cutting off while driving?
Battery light came on when I was driving on the highway.?
Painting a Toyota Tercel in Arizona?
HELP! my car wont start?
how to you remove stickers from your windshield?
I need to know where my IAT sensor is in a 2002 Mustang?
Oil leak problem?
whats the difference in regular gas and super gas. also does it matter which one you use for your car?
Deep scratch on the underside of my front bumper, how much will it cost to fix?
i want more gas mielage for my van with 350 chevy?
Why is my car making revving noises WHEN IT'S TURNED OFF?
duct tape sucks?
i have a 1994 acura integra. my engine light comes on after driving for about 5 minutes. its engine code 12.?
Hi every one:( I put engine oil in my car more than full level.what should i do? that is effect car engine?
Does the 2002 4 runner have stability control that can prevent rollover?
Hammer blow when I shift from Park to Reverse?
Why won't my 94 Toyota Celica start?
anyone out there know how the change the belt on a honda insight?
98 explorer electric issues.what needs to be replaced and how much will it cost?
Holley 390 carb questions?
how to drain cooling system in rover25 2000-01 model?
If Im not satisfied with auto body warranty work should I take it back to the same dealer or find another?
how can you put a rear main seal in a 69 ford truck with a 390 motor in it without moving the oil pan?
A Legal Catalytic Converter ?
How many quarts of oil does a Chevy T7500 hold?
i have a toyota camry 93. what does the warning indictor the looks like a car with the back lights mean?
Yeah so Like how do I change my blinker fluid?
What is the first thing's you check when a car starts missing really bad on you?
I didn't start a car for 4 weeks and now it won't start. What's the problem and is there an easy fix?
How to remove a spare tire rack?
Do you know where I can locate a Mercedes Benz In-Line 6 cylinder Diesel Engine?
Help me with my dilemma?
My moms front right tire is bald and showing wire?
why does my cigarette lighter keep blowing the fuse in on my cell phone charger?
What does a Mechanic need to know about car Timing Belts?
How do you replace an oil pan on a 2001 honda civic? ?
i have a mitsubishi eclipes gsx.with a 2.0 dhoc motor will a cylinder head from a 2.4L work on my 2.0L?
engine shaking, loss of power, oil around spark plugs, and blinking engine light?
How much should I ask for a damaged car?
I lost the key to my car, it is a 1993 pontiac firebird. How much does it cost and how do I replace it? thanks
1961 Chevy Belair Generator to alternator conversion?
Would doing a month of pizza delivery cause a lot of damage to my car? And how much do they tip?
Is a 2001 chevolet cavilier a unibody?
What is your take on the latest Buick Regal in comparison to other cars in the same class?
My 95 Toyota Camry has smoke coming out and the coolant is boiling?
what is the problem when the brake pedal is so hard to push to stop the car?
Brake Lights and Indoor Light won't come on?
Mcpherson strut sping shoe by GP Tools #GP-2020 large shoe#A-42?
CCV on a 83 Benz TD. Hose is missing off the CCV and there is smoke coming of it. Where to connect it?
I have little oil stains on my driveway. there not coming out. Does any one have?
What's wrong with my car?
Restoring 73 nova, where should i began?
I need to replace a lightbulb in my front headlight of my car. 1997 honda civic lx please help! directions?
98 Nissan Terrano Diesel, dies at regular intervals but starts fine instantly?
PLEASE HELP!!! WHAT is wrong with my car?!?! Thanks!!?
switching engines from V6 to V8?
Do I have a bad starter on my car?
What does it mean when you need to put new oil in you car every few months?
Is it ok to drive your car past 3000 miles before getting an oil change?
Rear end on a 88 chevy s10.?
what is Ox pulled plow? and how it reduced the amount of labor?
How often do I need to change the oil in an 09 Honda Civic with 24K miles?
does anybody know where the petrol pump relay is on a rover 216(hondor engine)?
my car vauxhall failed the mot,Garage ask me to pay roughly £ repair,wat should i do,thanks for the ans
FLAT TYRE... undid nuts .. but wheel wont come off ... or budge at all ..?
I am getting a p01151code on the scanner ?
ford festiva, rear quarter glass price?
Carburetor/fuel pump ?
Does a modern/standard fuel injection motorcar engine use spark plugs?
If i take off the heat shield off the catalytic converter? Will I be fine?
Runs in painttttt how can I fix without resanding and painting?
what are the general problems a 1989 cadallaic coupe deville would have?
Will this exaust make my brother's TRX90x be louder?
The boot opens automaticaly from locked??
i smell gas in my house?
jeep cylinder head not firing right?
window tints?
inventory of non productive goods?
where can i find information about civics mecanics?
how do u you if the alternator on a car is going out?
What's the weight of an LT1 engine without accessories?
Why would someone put a rag in a tailpipe of a car?
should i buy this car?
my car is overheating in both the case whether the ac is on or off ......?
How do you start a car which has been parked for 4 years?
Would you pay $20 a month for a service that comes to you and washes/waxes your vehicle twice a month?
please help me , im in big trouble?
can a rear end collision cause brake problems to the person hit?
Cruise Control, 93 k1500 Surb. What is the most commom cause of "not working" cruise control?
What happens if one fuel injector is bad?
what dose it mean that the cool temprture for the head light is 8000K?
I you reverse a car at speed, why is it louder than when you drive forwards at the same speed?
91 Plymouth Voyager Gauges Inop?
Bogging down before Accelerating.?
Is it safe to store gasoline (in a container) in my car?
How much does it cost to replace the sunroof seal on a 2007 GMC sierra 2500?
I have a 94 dodge truck. It is getting crapy gas milage. How can I inprove it.?
My spark plugs are misfiring?
Whats wrong with my car?
Where is the airbag module located in a 03 Mustang GT?
Truck help....................................…
Best website replacement Interior parts and accessories for a car?
My 2002 Dodge trucks transmission started slipping and the check engine light came on. Code P0846?
mazda 3 oil filter specifications?
How do I get the seal off to replace the fuel pump on a 97 cadillac catera? Does it screw off or pry off?
Car washer at a dealership?
I have changed tensioner twice, all the pullys, and still the belt comes of the 98 Voyager?
lead is not often used in solder anymore. why not?
can a bad ac compressor cause blower motor failure?
My transmition is leaking!?
why my corolla's speedometer needle shakes only between 0-30mph?
My steering wheel is hard to turn, why?
Why is my car overheating on high rev. ie, on high acceleration or climbing steep hills?
is it possible to put a 5sp trans in 87 buck gnx?
i want very cold ac for my cadillac which is coldest r12 or r134a?
I own a Hyundai Elantra '99. It uses a motor oil 20W-50. Should I use the same to fill it?
which pedal is to right of the brake?
Is this auto repair time consuming?
my tach dont work at all and speedo works sometimes i replaced it with a used cluster it still does the same?
boiling over problem causing an overheating condition?
What wax should I use on my new car?? Mothers or Turtle?
Rover engine problem...?
How would I go about turning my 1993 Holden Barina/Suzuki Swift into a mean off road machine? (4wd)?
i have 1988 f350 with 460 efi has constant skipp cant find it?
Can you slow down paint failure?
how to paint fiberglass auto body parts?
So I'm having some car issues! Urgent!?
Is there any specific sequence for bleeding car brakes ?
why does my pit bike misfire?
my car keeps revving erratically when cold start....why is this?
How do I find size of my engine with an identification number?
my townandcountry minivan is running bad around 20 mph and then around 55 and it cut off but started back up?
Where do you go to get a spare car key made?
Head Gasket blown???????????
does car ac freon run out?
Semi-new clutch hard to shift?
is a sump plug the 1 u take out under the engine to drain the oil?
do they make forged iron cylinder sleeves/magnesium engine parts?
Need to find out if the 87% Octane at Arco is the same at every station with 87% Octane?
Where on a 1988 isuzu trooper is the thermostat?
Help! White smoke coming from exhaust periodically?
What would make a car die when stopping?
My 95 Toyota Camry has smoke coming out and the coolant is boiling?
How long does a Ford ZX2 Last?
Master Cylinder Help Needed!?
How to stop my tires from being ate up.?
2001 Ford Taurus, check engine light and no heat?
Autozone said the starter for my car failed, but my car starts normally. Why?
Should I take my car back to the mechanic?
Why would the fuel injectors in a tbi 350 not spray?
My Toyota most like has a blown head gasket and I was told that with best case scenario it will cost $2000.?
Car Shaking After 45MPH?
Which is cheaper, installing a new head gasket, or a new engine?
where can i find 1991 dodge dakota performance parts for 2.5?
Where do i buy lighter fluid?
how to know if oil is full or empty?
what should i do if i accidentally put premium unleaded gas in my regular unleaded gas tank?
what is the average amount of money a peson would spend on gas driving a chevy astro van with todays gas price
how do you replace left door hinges on95 mustang b4 son returns from IRAQ?
my car turned off while driving?
How to remove air bags?
Is it okay if one of my back wheels hit a curb going 7mph?
why won't my car shift at all anymore.?
what is the name of the books that junkyards use, to find out what cars use the same parts?
1994 town and country wont start! (after two weeks of wouldnt cutting off!)?
Anyone know any cheap auto paint shops in japan?
Will neighbors complain if I spray-paint my car out in the yard?
car aircon shop?
How can i teach myself mechanics?
what happens to make my brakes squeek loud?
Does anyone know where i can find a lift kit for a 2003 2500 dodge hemi 2wd?
I an looking for wood console parts for Mercedes Benz w-123?
My car door keeps shocking me when i get out!!!!?
My car indicator is working double time!?
Whats the difference between steelpak and glasspak?
Key broke and still suck in the door?
Why can't my car steer?
will my car pass smog?
my car wont start. could the fuel be frozen?
What might be another word for a rib nut?
my son has a 1990camaro rs 305 i want to put a high rise intake and carb on it what size carb do you suggest ?
rebuilt carb on go cart, and got a BIG pop?
Car clicks, but won't start. It's not the battery, solenoid or starter motor.?
Where is the ac/heater door actuator motor on a 1997 ford E350 van? (V10 6.8L)?
can bleach hurt your engine?
when new brakes need "embedding" should they make a squeeling noise?
why start car engine in winter time?
Which of the following are functions of the master cylinder?
Do I really need to start a car every few weeks if it will go unused for 2months?
Question about Shift Lock Release?
Are Pontiac 400's cheap to fix?
how do you remove the engine from a ford explorer petrol?
Why does my Chevy Camaro's battery drain as I'm driving?
over heating....?
Why might my car stall/cut back while I'm driving?
Clicking noise when i put dipped headlights on?
Why won't my car start when being jumped?
I have to replace the Head Gasket on my 94 Mustang...again. Anyone have any good advice?
How to get the best gas milage with my car?
What should idle RPM be in 1998 Corolla? Cold start and after warm up? Thanks in advance,motorheads...?
car problem?
For all you people that know a lot about cars...HELP ME!!!!?
94 Camaro Front to Rear Brake Line. Front discs/Rear Drums: Where do I find one with the right ends on it?
2008 Impala Bad Gas Mileage?
Right tailight out... ?
can a new engine lower mileage on a car?
Black smoke on tail pipe?
why is diesel more expensive than petrol now when it used to be a lot cheaper,that was one of the attractions?
Rust in my gas tank. how to remove it.?
I have a leak in my windscreen washer plastic bottle, is there anything I can use to seal same without taking
car trouble?
When I start my car it smells bad?
Can't turn the O/D Off light off, what can be causing this problem?
What is the point of my neighbor always revving their car everytime they pull into their driveway?
Cleaning windows how do I obtain a streak free shine?
IF trying to get ASE certification without hands on experience what is the advanteage of takining a college co
how do you know when it is time to change your alternator belt?
Is the dealership responsible for me having to change my breaks so soon?
What is the difference between a transmission overhaul and rebuild?
After-Market wheels and tires On Honda Accord Question?
What is causing my car to lose power?
how can i get some oil out of my car without removeing sump plug as when i changed oil the plug was real hard?
can you sandblast cast iron or thin steel?
Is replacing brake pads difficult?
2000 328Ci BMW mileage?
why would white smoke come out of your exaust?
my 92 ford explorer is having problems starting up?
where exactly is the coolant temp sensor on my truck?
2009 nissan altima bad gas mileage?
how can i repair a hole in car seat fabric cover the size of a dime?
I was told I had a 30 day warranty on my vehicle, there's a problem and they won't fix it.?
Car ignition and steering wheel locked up?
Has anyone had problems with Firestone?
what are the torque specs for a 1997 chevy astro van lower intake manifold?
I just bought a 2000 Cadillac Escalade and the service engine light just came on?
Carboretor is Clogged?
Can they still fix my car?
Has anyone heard of Delfin Motor Oil?
instructions on repair or replacemnts of Toyota Camry Struts or mounts.?
What should i do if bolts are missing from my craddle of my malibu car?
After removing sun cntrol film from my car window glsses, I have glue residue. How to glue residue on my car?
is it bad to over fill your oil for your car?
Saturn l300 bank 2 sensor 1?
Corsa B 1.2 16v SXI (1999) Oil in engine bay?
I'm looking for a parts inventory program for the trucking industy.?
Clutch problems on a skyhawk bike motor!!?
Does my car have a blown head gasket?
i want to no where the ignition module is in a 1991 Nissan sgs bluebird?
How can i upgrade my 95 LS 400 to get better gas milege?
I need explicit directions as how to fasten Velcro to the bottom of a Fleetwood?
i have a 73 malibu and the generator light stays on and my battery drains after a month of no use?
how do i clean a suspected blockage in the petrol pipe between the tank and the carb?
Disc brake squeaks when braking?
what is this part of my car called?
My dad has put a long bolt behind my accelerator so I have hardly any power, what to do?
ASE or backyard?
What is the air pressure level for 1997 Hyundai Excel's tyre?
My car swerves to the right when I hit the brakes.?
My wheel looks bent, 94 Saturn sl2?
How often should I change the air in my tires?
Outside temperature and compass issue?
i dented my 2013 v6 mustangs passenger side front fender where can i buy a new one that is the same exact one?
If someone's REAR tire blows out while driving 60 MPH, is that person likely to crash?
Where are the spark plugs located in a 1995 Toyota Avalon?
Do you think Car dealership garages deliberately damage cars so as to get more work?
How dangerous is it to drive with no rear brakes until it is fixed?
torqu specs for head bolts on 3.3 93 pontiac gran am?
If you want to prevent your car from rusting what should you do?
Why Is My Engine Overheating?
1970 e-type jaguar paint robin egg blue paint code?
I own a 1988 T-Bird with 42,000 Mi. on it. The service light is on.I have changed the oil & checked all levels
Speedometer and Gas Gauge Cost?
What is the best way of cleaning the inside windows of a car?
My Car Won't Start?
i bought a used 302 engine and need to know how to set timing i had to use old distrubitor?
Im trying to find information on how to fix a low fuel pressure problem in a caterpillar engine?
Best brake pedal for a 1947 Ford, when going to 4-wheel disc?
does anybody know how/where to install a JET performance chip on an 89 S10 4.3 TBI?
PLease help me losen this bolt?
how do you change car brakes?
How can I get a DeLorean time machine?
Brake Hose Pipes Peugeot 206?
What should I do with my rims?
Is a AWD tranny more costly or more complicated to repair than a 4x4 tranny in a 97Ford Explorer?
TC warning light comes on 2005 Tahoe?
turn signal not working?
I dont know whats wrong with my cars steering rack its leeking and i dont know what to do?
gas gauge on 84 chevy shortwide stuck just past full. would this indicate bad sending unit or float in tank?
vw running ruff when i turn heater fan on. 1993 cabriolet 1.8.Replaced voltage regulator,but still does it.?
What does it mean when your steering wheel starts to vibrate when you are driving?
Why is my car using so much oil?
ive got oil in my water but no water in my oil is this the head gasket?
How do I find out if ny car is a front wheel or back wheel drive?
I nedd help on 95 infiniti g20 AT tranmission I nedd advice or talk to a mechanic?
Any transmission guys here?
Can a lot of rain make my alternator go bad?(rain like a tropcal storm)?
My Explorer doesn't want to lock on the driver's side (neither manually or auto) - what can I do to repair it?
where can i find a fuse layout for a 1999 honda civic si.?
question about lights on my truck?
I have a '93 Thunderbird. When I try to start it, it clicks multiple times, but does not start.?
Cruise Control, 93 k1500 Surb. What is the most commom cause of "not working" cruise control?
Question About My New Car?
7.5 ton pre-mot cost?
Best gear ratio for mild 350?
Oil in my Radiator......Some say ed head others say it's not a ed head?
where can i find a microfiber cobra guzzler really cheap?
how to convert gpm in to psi?
Instead of paying to get brake rotors resurfaced......?
How to assure passing of smog check? scared it might not pass?
i have recently bought a vt commodore. its a v6 manual. i want to do some performance upgrades and have some i?
Do ignition coils belong in certain cylinders?
Is there a special tool to open the radiator drain cock on a 02 Saturn SL1?
Y does my truck jerk itself??
E40D transmission good in first put in drive motor dies ??touqe coverter locked??
whats the biggest alternator for a 2000 ford focus?
Dashboard "BATTERY" light is ON -- what ELSE could it be?
How do I take an old bumper sticker of my back windshield?
Can you cover up scratches like this?
99 mercury cougar electrical problem?
oil traces in air filter?
Does air pressure decrease in tires when it gets really cold outside?
check battery light comes on my car. It has been recharged then it comes on again. What is wrong with it?
how to jump a relay on a car?
Converting steering wheel from right to left?
car will not start, is battery dead?
Cigarette lighter wont work?
i keep changing the fuse on my car and it keeps blowing..?
How hard would it be for a novice DIY'er to put on front rotors on a 03 Cadillac Sevelle SLS?
Weird smell when we start the car?
can a be repaired in a engine or do I need a whole new engine?
At how many miles should a timing belt be changed on a Subaru Impreza?
Oil coming out of my overflow, WHY?
what causes engine temperature flucuation?
Where to go to change brake, power steering, transmission fluid and engine coolant?
What is the original color of a CJ3a engine?
We just purchased a 1983 Mustang Convertible. What is the best thing to use for sealing up the window drafts?
Valve work on a car? estimate price ?
Where to attach truck electrical wires?
Can I use whiteout to touch up my white car?
my belts squeak when wet?
My clutch goes to the floor even after bleeding the system?
how much does a gallon of gas cost where you live and where do you live?
89 chevy 350 TBI seems like its getting to much gas?
My car keeps cutting out on me?
Is this a Compressor or Air Suspension problem?
1990 GMC S15 4.3l temperature?
I turn the heater on the engine begins to stall. Whats wrong?
Is it bad to leave a phone car charger in the plug all the time?
Does turning on the heater in your car help if your car is overheating?
why won't my car shift at all anymore.?
i have a 1997 ford taurus and when i am sitting at a stop light or stopped anywhere the car shakes?
how can i get the exact colour of my car so i can buy the paint i need?
Does hitting a car with a car door cause a dent?
i need to find out about my mustang i dnt remember if i had two keys one for the ignition and one for door?
2001 VW Jetta clutch noise - what does it mean?
My car ( a 1996 Grand Cherokee with 93000miles) isnt consistent.?
Would a seatbelt for a Mazda 121 also fit a Mazda 323?
Is there a shortage in one of my wires?
Oil Indicator in 2001 Ford Lariet Supercrew Cab with 5.4 Liter Engine 4/4?
What is the highest miles you have seen on a Honda?
indiglo gauges when turned on cause my speakers to make a high pitched humming noise. what could be problem?
What does it mean to have a ed head on a car?
Common Faults With Electronic Power Steering on All Cars?
Spun main bearings...........?
2004 Mazda3 manual 5-speed. 3rd gear was "kicking" out, and now just grinds. Is this a bad shifter or tranny?
Do they make jumper cables that you can use to jump a six volt battery from a twelve volt battery?
what tire gives the smoothest ride on a cadillac cts?
Steering Rack Damage - Urgent!?
I took all the rocker arms out to replace my head gasket, which link is better to follow?
what kind of performance cam should I put on my 350hp motor to get my car to burnout?
my car starts but only will run for 15-20 minutes. then it has to sit for a few hours b4 it will start again?
Why won't my blimkers work on my 99 GMC Sanoma?
Is there a program I can use to record my vehicle's maintenance?
can someone give me an estimate for a font left quarter panel on a 2008 toyota camry hybrid?
My car overheats what to do?
Mobil A bergerak dengan kelajuan 36 km/jam setelah 20detik mobil B bergerak kelajuan 72km/jam kapan bertemu?
I have a JCB 3CX gray cab, trouble with a filter.?
will new plugs and wires help my car start better in the cold?
smoke from oil fill hole?
Why wont ATV shift into neutral?
Alternator or belt whistle?
what is a parts manual and a shop manual?
Helpp!!!! Easy 10points Cobalt paint chipping?
How often does a hybrid car need charging?
what is the advantage of a high pimion axle?
I bought a daewoo Nubira CDX Wagon. I love it-but why a bad rap? Is it REALLY that hard to fix? I was told GM?
I can't shut my car off.?
what happens if i have to much transmission fluid in my vehicle?
I have a 96 explorer and it's hard to turn the steering wheel it feels like it sticking.?
Steering Wheel Vibration?
my 91 saturn makes the battery go dead in 2 days even though i make sure nothing is on?
where can i hide something about 4 inches tall and 2 inches width and one inch height in my car?
Mini Cooper 52 plate central locking?
What does the CHECK ENGINE light indicate on a Chevy Cavalier?
My car shakes really bad!?
My car will not start if the driver door is open?
where is the signal flashers for a 1997 Ford Taurus?
Honda Accord Transmission?
I need Volvo help or maybe its just a basic problem? What else could be the problem or is he pulling my leg?
i need a vw camper repair garage in the or close to birmingham.?
Whats needed to start a towing compainy?
Can a loose belt tensioner make a cylinder misfire?
What is wrong with my car?
my car wont pass smog because?
Looking at buying a Cat C car - how to get back on the road?
I broke the lock for my trunk, The piece that goes up and down when you lock and unlock shoving a strollerin i
can tire polisher damage rim paint?
91 chevy lumina, 3.1 v6...will start, but only stays on 3 seconds and shuts off, need solution?
What are the essential things to do when maintaning a porshce 944?
Would a solenoid fix my electric start problem?
Are cars of the brand 'Brilliance' easy to service by independent garages?
What should i look after my car?
Can I take the oil filter off and not waste oil?
gas prices are killing us!?
How much does it cost to get a truck lowered in michigan?
Harmonic balancer or crankshaft pulley?
I took my car in for an oil change. They told me I need a new engine. Does this sound right?
I have a 1986 Pontiac Parisienne?
how can i reset my change oil soon light its been on for 9000 ml?
my car was broken into?
what is the best engine in your opinion?
is an cat c car safe to dive after it has been repaired.?
Funny smell coming from Volkswsgen Polo. help?
Spray Paint on Plastic?
It's raining in Mansfield tx. My truck needs a new coat of mud. Where can I find a good mud hole?
There is a rattling noise coming from underneith my hood?
KARTING ADVICE! How do I go faster on straights in a four stroke Honda engine kart? And cornering techniques?
How to fix convertible rear window that is coming unglued?
will gasoline work for cleaning out wheel bearings?
Just installed new clutch but why is my clutch very chattery in first gear when engaging ?
how do I adjust the headlamp alignment on my Subaru Outback? I can not see what screw(s) to adjust?
my lawn mower won't start?
Have there been any recalls concerning Chevy Blazer ignitions or ignition modules?
Car makes hissing noise? Fuel Pump?
How so I adjust the star wheel on the air fuel control?
question on a flowmaster?
What name and kind of muffler is cheap and would make a good b-day present?
Does my vehicle need a bypass unit for remote starter?
What was the first car to feature a door and key turned on chime?
If you change the engine of your car what happens to the mileage of the car?
need some advice for lowering my 1991 honda accord?
I'm about to buy Suzuki Aerio 2003. How good is that car?
i have a pontiac grand am and its a v6 i wanted to know how many bottles of oil i have to put in it?
Does a bad fuel pump relay causes low fuel pressure?
Where in Houston can I buy CRC Anti-squeal?
05 frtliner w/515 and auto trans,overheating.?
i just installed a new rack and pinion in my 85 vx cabriolet how do i readjust the steering so its strait?
What size cam do i get for my 350hand engine?
would a local auto body paint store know how to paint a carbon fiber bicycle?
why did my engine light come after i had it serviced from the dealer?
i need instruction on replacing a starter on a 1994 chev truck.1500.small v8?
What causes a car to squeal when you start your engine?
Why Wont My 95 Caprice 5.7 LT1 stay running?
Is it the end for my engine?
Car question. Bad fuel pump. Can I drive...?
What is the best way to get sticky stuff off of a window?
What automatic transmission fluid do I use?
1991 Toyota Corolla key replacement needed?
is synthtic oil compapatiable with regular oil in auto's?
1991 bmw 525i headlights passenger side dim not working?
I just painted some parts underneth my 01 chevy malibu, and now dont start?
Why does my steering wheel shake?
how are bridges constructed in the twentieth century and even in prehistoric period?
Need help! Pontiac Firebird?
how do i know if the altenator is bad on a 1978 caprice classic?
Things to Do When Leaving A Car Stationary for 6 Months?
what is the wiring for front rx8 lambda sensor plug?
how do i remove spraypaint or primer off a car to its original color?
what is the use of leak off line in centifugal pump?
my 1993ford thunderbird wont wont go over 40 45 miles ahour?
what is the ohm measurment on a 1988chevy pickup fuel guage sending unit?
My question is Can the bodyshops actualy remove hail dents from autos with out disturbing the painted finish.?
Car doesn't pick up when I press gas pedal?
The steering wheel of my car is locked and when I try to turn the car on, the key is unable to turn. Help?
strongest glue to hold plastic?
when a car hits 100,000 miles what should you do to it?
My car won't start?
Is there a carburetor in every car today?(2012)?
The belt came off my 1997 Buick lesabre.?
What kind of tires should I get since I'm now at 80k miles and about to purchase my 4th set?
What is causing my Saturn to vibrate at between 55-65 mph?
Brown gunky/fluffyish stuff in my radiator?
will a 80s -90s fuel injected engine work with a transmition from 76?
Is it worth it to replace the circuit board in my '95 Dodge Neon?
Water is in my resorvoir for antifreeze, why is this happerning?
Can i replace the number keypad in my 1989 ford thunderbird.?
has anyone ever used head gasket liquid to stop leak? does it work or is it a temp fix?
Improve gas mileage on classic car?
what vehicle engineering development do you think is the most significant for this new Millennium?
why does the brakes on my 92 Chevorlet Beretta lock up when its wet out?
How to reprogram chevy impala I put a switch on it now it want start?
Could I put a 5 lug wheel hub for 2000 Accord V6 on 4 cylinder 2000 Accord with 4 lug wheel hub?
why is my car's engine so hot?
my car will not turn over, no sound?
How long will my malibu last?
How much hp will my nissan 240sx make with a chevy 350 swap?
Ignition Problem, please help Quick ???? 10 points best answer?
Why is everyone surprised that a girl can be a good mechanic?
How to drop the front of my 1990 Ranger?
Can the grill on a 2002 volkswagon beetle be replaced?
My car won't start. Head or timing belt.?
2003 corolla radiator fan just stoped last week. Could it be the relay,the fan fuse, or Temperature sensor?
why do my indicator lights flash fast on one side?
Rear Windshield shattered/exploded ?!?!?
Is it best to check engine oil level in your car cold, or to start and run few minutes shutoff & check3-5min.?
Is it bad to overinflate tires by only 1 psi?
What can I pour in my windshield washer fluid to keep my spray nozzles from clogging?
how to turn off engin check light on 1989 suzuki sidekick--1.6 liter engin, auto transmission. 4wdr?
Can i convert a 1987 Camaro V6 to a Camaro 350 V8 Motor?
If you get a noise when releasing the clutch pedal in every gear does it mean its on the way out?
Car window tint?
Who is to blame for these high gas prices? explain?
93 dodge dakota truck i rebuilt the tranny 4spd auto reverse works 1 to but wont shift out of 1st gear please?
What fuel does a kerb stone cutter use in the UK?
my car has been previously filled with plain water in screenwash tank.?
i have a Volvo 480 turbo it keeps losing water .all pipes ok. rad ok .head ok.can anyboudy tell me why ?
What factors can contribute for a car to not start?
Why does my '98 Honda Accord shake when I brake?
Car jerks forward and idles fast while stopped, what could be causing this?
Whether a 4 cylinder (car) engine will be more efficient and good than a 3 cylinder engine?
I have a f-150 and it won't start but I have spark and fuel?
Is it really better to change your own oil?
Does replacing piston rings resolve excessive oill consumption in an 05 Subaru Outback?
Renault Clio 2002 Immobiliser Issue?
Car engine revs excessively when humid outside?
what is the name of the thing that pops up when you open your sunroof?
My car won't start when warm?
What the hell just happened to my car?
2003 isuzu npr hd 5.7 motor. cap/rotor same as 1998 vortec. truck pinging and both headers gettn red hot.?
What brands of car tires are good brands?
I just went to Avis Lube (oil change place) to get an oil change, and the mechanic recommends me to get 3?
Would this be bad for my 1997 ford taurus?
Should I listen to jiffy lube?
Why does my steering wheel shaking a little bit?
Accidentally added transmission fluid to my oil. What do I do? Will this damage my car?
why does my car engine shut off by itself and the check engine light still on?
how do u clean ur headlights when they get that yellow, cloudy film on them?
i have a 96 honda accord with a overheating problem i've replace a lot of parts and it still overheats anyidea
Car won't start. Battery and alternator are fine. Not an engine problem. Any ideas?
can i put water on a alternator?
What kind of crate engine do I need?
Where can I find a complete diagram of a central multi port fuel injection system for a 94 chevy 4.3 motor?
car leaks gas from the back of car?
if my transmission is shot can i still drive my car?
How much resistance should a crank sensor on a 00 grand am w/ a 3.4 have?
when (mileage / years)is the cam belt due to be changed on a 2000 ?rover 45 ?
i have a 95 blazer and the computer said i had a #4 miss fire changed all and plugwire it is still heistating?
What is the biggest tire I can fit on a 9 inch lift without scubbing?
Why is it difficult to turn the wheels while stationary?
UTI automotive school question?
1998 Pontiac GP, replaced the DIC(driver information center) the numbers don't work, they flash 0.0. any ideas
Any tips for removing sticky coins from cup holder?
how do you repair a seam leak in a plastic gas tank?
i was wondering if when removing a v8 engine is it okay to use a floor jack to lift it up on a steel oil pan?
How do you remove a PCV valve on a 2001 ZX2?
i just bought a 2003 honda element , what are some simple modifications i can meke to increae horspower?b?
Why is my car is using oil?
what's the difference between radiator in an automatic and a manual car?
how do you lower the co2 emissions easily on an old car (1984 escort) to below mot requirements?
looking for 1990 to 2000 diagromf2504wdpickup?
What would cause me to lose water?
Dodge Neon 2004,how to check catylic converter?
How long should you wait to check the oil level after driving?
Suspicious Break Light Question.. Please help?
How much should a mechanic charge to replace a fuel pump on a 2000 Chevy Prism?
If there is water in a car instead of anti-freeze, what happens if it freezes?
is it easy to install a ignition coil because iv been thinking of buying a high performance coil but i need to
what r some things i can do to my acura rsx 2002?
Whats the best replacement tire for the Acura TL, 2004?
i have brought a car its rubbish still have warantee on it can i have my money back ?
1992 Mustang running problems?
Peugot knocking when accelerating and decelerating hard?
My car got towed today for the first time, it is a 1984 Mercedes 300D, and I'm worried about damages?
How to stop my tires from being ate up.?
Does leaking power steering fluid mean the rack and pinion is shot?
lookin for lots of torque v speed?
How do I fix my transmission on my 97 dodge intrepid.?
If you do a oil change and for get to put oil back in it how many miles will the motor run before it blows up?
Should I get my wheels aligned when I get four new tires?
I've rounded a 13mm calipier bolt on my fiesta. anyone know a tool that wiil help me.?
How to make sure you have the right spark plug?
question on the BMW M3?
car will drive in reverse fine, in drive not at all?
What size lug nut will fit a 2004 Impala with steel wheels?
what causes a car to turn over fine and then just clunking?
What happened to my Cars Electrical?
Oil drain plug stripped, how much for a fix?
What are some good tips for having better gas mileage?
New Car "Break In"?
How can I tell if I have variable assist power steering or if I don't?
What is the best fixer-upper?
What is the normal operating temperature of the engine of my car?
Why does my car keep dying when i leave the car in the on position to listen to the radio?
91 lebaron 3.0 runs fine execpt when its idling it will try to stall and sometimes does what should i check?
Whats the worst that can happen for not using a catalytic converter on the street?
Please, I need to know how to restore shine on wheels damaged with a degreaser? ASAP?
I have a pulsar 200ns (in black) and i want it red . What will be cost of the paint job?
Keyless entry question.?
My car engine is leaking oil.?
how much to swap an m50 engine to an e30?
1997 acura cl, shaved door handles wont pop?
So My 2005 F150 Ford keeps turning off while its running... doesn't happen often what can be wrong with it?
starter motor shot again?
Lights wont shut off!?
how to install spider gears?
why are synthetic oils commonly used for engine lubrication these days ?
my 89 silverado 5.7 v8 randomly turns off on me any help why?
Why won't my car start?
Can I weld the air pump holes in the block?
What does the orange flashing engine light indicate? Safe to drive?
filling my car with fuel?
Car stopped while I was driving?
My battery life is poorer than before?
Which car is better? 2004 Dodge Neon or 2000 Honda Civic?
At what max temp will a diesel injector overheat?
Fresh smell of gasoline?
'02 firebird basically plain, any suggestions on what i should add that wont cost a fortune?
Why is only one side of my air conditioner working?
how do you drain coolant from 2001 dodge intrepid?
1991 Honda idle RPMs jumps from 1500 to 2000 and back in 1 second intervals on cold start?
My car's headlight was dim so i changed the bolt?
Driving with the "check engine" light on?
Is it bad to put an automatic car into neutral while driving to save gas?
Does this sound like a burnt clutch?
what makes hot wheels faster?
how much to replace toyota camry 1995 transmission?
Which is not a part of the ignition system?
Can I hook an alternator to the u joint bracket of a trailer made from an old truckbed?
i think this is to caterpillar engineers?
Headlight systems are often fitted with automatic resettig circuit breakers.?
Gas shooting out of the Throttle body?
My power side view mirror does not work how do you disassemble it to get to the wires?
My cars leaking oil--?
So i bought a eclipse gt 2000 and it shakes alot wheni step on it guy told me it was the motor mounts ?
how can i stop my wind screen wipers sqeeking?
a/c needs recharging what does it cost?
my mini cooper s is using oil and water. no loss of power or misfiring. Any ideas what the problem could be?
GUYS ---> If you had to get the soles of your barefeet tickled, what would you want them tickled with?
How long do i leave WD-40 on a rusted part for?
best hid kit colour temperature for my 2002 Mini Cooper?
89 ciera i will run but when it gets warm engine races then shut down can some1 help me?
how much would it cost me to make my front wheel drive car to rear wheel ?
What things can damage a cars engine or transmission?
how do you change a thermostat on a 2001 Toyota camry V6?
my volkswagen polo wont shift in reverse gear help?
Jeep 4x4 Over heating? s!?
I am getting ready to leave (20 minutes) for a 4 hour road trip. I just checked my oil and everything was ...?
timing chain specs for a 1996 honda passport?
Why is my truck accelerating by itself?
1992 Cadillac Eldorado - Code E040?
my radiator has a small leak?
Were can i get a Catholic Converter for my car ?
Jump starting a car, need help asap?
CR 85 weird sound when started?
how much should i charge to put a roof on a one car garage 12' x 20'?
Is 128,467 mileage a lot for a 1989 Honda Accord lxi?
Can I do this engine swap? Is it possible?
2002 Ford Taurus problem?
My car is 9 months old and Ive already put 17,000 miles on it -- should I be worried?
with a efficient cat. converter, and good post-cat 02, what should the post cat 02 waveform look like?
auto battery or starter?
14. The motor cooling system on a car.?
What fuses should i replace and with what # of fuse?
Why wont my 98' ranger shift right?
flashing engine light on 2005 chevy cobaldt?
My new key won't start my car?
what are some things that could cause my 93 ford escort to miss only when it is idoling ?
Whats wrong with my car?
Where is the MAP sensor on a 1990 ej22 legacy?
How much does it cost (ballpark) to replace all 4 brake pads and 1 ball bearings?
What does the "AT" light mean on dashboard?
When talking cars, what is a "tailpipe"?
Does anyone know were the fuel filter on a 1989 Mazda 323 goes?
Tempture/Direction System doesn't work...?
My radio in my car died after jumping the battery?
1985 Bronco 2 having problems turning over, Please HELP!?
i wonna clean my car engine can i spray it with water?
do you think this is a fair price?
Piston rings temporary fix?
honda accord lx 97 problem!!!!!?
Should i change my timing belt?
Where the hell did I put my keys?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!????!!!???
what size engine does a 1 litre car have?
can i use 9" polishing bonnets on 8" polisher?
I drifted into a curb 30 mph, and now it looks a if it has positive camber. what could be bent'?
How do I fix my old cars engine to its original HP?
automotive lexus ls400?
what causes low high-side pressure r134a?
What is the best thing to do with a vehicle that is knocking. Sounds like a valve stuck.?
should i straight pipe my car?
2007 dodge charger police ptim 47kohm resistor wattage?
who makes the anodized triangler air breathers for hot rods?
i am bulding a civic d16 engine to hold a turbo.just wanted to know the spec i should torque down the bolts?
95 silverado exhaust repair help!!?
light went off in van after i replaced the gas cap.?
Car squealing when turning right?
If i add oil to my car's oil tank will that delay my oil change?
Will 20x10u rims fit on my 03 silverado? will a body lift help clear the width?
A/c temperature adjuster doesn't work?
i am looking for a window regulator for a 1987 chevy corvette?
Roof scoop/spoiler/whale tail on top pickup truck?
Do you like the full size jack or the small ones?
Where can I get my engine checked? About how much does it cost?
How can I pump the gas out of the tank using the car's fuel pump?
i need to find something that actualy works getting oil off a drive way !!!!!?
i can push my clutch in but i can't put my car into gear. there feels like there isn't a clutch.?
Whats involved in swaping a 1uz into a cressida?
can welding damage my eyes?
How much is it to get headlight sockets replaced?
do you use a breaker bar for serpentine belt install?
What could cause water to drip into my Kangoo?
My car (2002 Mitsubishi Galant) is making a strange grating noise while driving and...?
Why is my paint gun splattering the primer when painting my car?
what kind of spark plugs do i need for a 92 buick century with a v6?
How do I fix my car? Read details?
Is a centimeter over the oil fill line too much oil?
My dashlights are out in my car and i've tried replacing the fuse several times and it just keeps blowing it?
What to do about a CV Joint problem?
How do you change the motor mounts on a 1994 GMC Pickup?
Vibration on 06 honda civic when idle?
What is the use of a Tachometer in cars?
Grinding noise in back tire?
Is it horribly bad to go 1000 miles over on an oil change? I have friends that go way more over than that!?
Hi when I start the car it shows up in the panel Battery Volts los . I drive a 1992 cadillac. Thank you?
What color should I paint my car?
Hydraulics for 1954 Ford Naa tractor?
How do I replace a idle air control valve on a 97 eagle vision tsi?
my car makes a poppin noise when i turn and its not my tie rods, or ball joints. what else could it be?
Is there any way to paint over trim stripping on a motor home that has small s so they don't show?
97 chevy slight hesitation?
have s-10 when it get hot it want start?
What do you you know whats going on with my 98 Saturn SL1 4 door car?
Can a blown head gasket leave dents on my hood?
Why is my car making a clunk sound? Safe to drive?
does a wb statesman deville sedan tail shaft fit wb ute?
Do I need a new Transmission?
1989 t bird 3.8 supercharge shut off when it got hot.i want to know why?
how do you get the harmonizer balancer off a 92 Buick 3300 engine?
Clutch problem: Help me Please!?
Weird noise coming from my car?
how do i remove the belt tensioner on a 2005 c230,does it require a puller?
what is the year model of my 4K 6747559?
Windshield wiper arm became unhooked?
How can I break my car?
why does my car go low on oil ?
i have a 2cycle engine and i put only gas in it nah it wont turn over wat do i need lik i say wat do i need?
Auto mechanic interview questions?
can i put a window A/C unit in a pick up truck ?
Head Gasket blown???????????
My cd player on my rsx type s is making weird noise how do i fix?
Is it better for me to leave the blade up or down when my plow truck is parked ????
1997 Ford Escort Automatic, engine problems.?
Can't find body stripe kit for my truck?
When do you flush out all your fluids for a 2007 toyota highlander?
Do cars usually come with a jack or is it something you buy separately?
is 61,000 alot of mileage of a car for 16 grand?
I need to find A length of nylon dowel 0.47244 inches in diameter approximately 5.5 feet long .?
What kind of motor oil should be used for a 2003 Hyundai Tiburon GT?
When driving your car why does air conditioning use more petrol?
What is this noise Im hearing around my tire?
i need to view the user guide for a fine finish paint sprayer can anyone tell me where on the web to find it?
Are there any websites that offers catalogues on how to assemle/reassemble? Which Site if yes.?
how do i get the spare tire off of my '88 mazda p/u. its hanging in a wire under the bed?
ive been driving my car all day it seems fine park it then get in again 5mins later and its dead?
Is It true that if a mechanic does some work on your car, by law they have to keep the old parts to show u??
Riding the Clutch (Manual Transmission)?
1988 chevy 305 standerd transmission 11 inch cluch bell housing bolt tork?
is the snow gonna ruin my car?
what is the chemical combination in powder form suitable of degreasing engine parts?
Pack rats in cars and potential damages.?
If my car's engine is dead, can I sell it for parts if I still owe money on it?
can old oil cause engine knock?
Can i fit a 2001 isuzu rodeo ls 3.2 engine in a 97 3.2 isuzu rodeo?
I have barely 500 dollars and no Job what would be a really cheap stick shift car open to anything?
How do I find a compatible tractor battery?
whats the meaning for "airmtic visit workshop" of my mercedes benz s320 in the instrument panel?
How do you remove the rotors from a 03 Kia Spectra ? Caliper, brkts and 2 set screws come off but not caliper
how do you pop the door on a 1993 nissan sentra when the keys are inside and all you have is a coathanger?
I need to know where the drain valve is on an isuzu trooper (2001) radiator.?
I have a 1999 Isuzu NPR diesel, where is the obd2 connector located at?
Getting my car worked on today? What to expect?
what fuses are for what, and what are the amps for a 1997 Jeep Wrangler SE. Just need a fuse diagram.?
1980 chevy 350 4bbl proper vacume hose diagram?
if i have a blown head gasket would my check engine light come on?
what 2stroke oil should i put in my yamaha blaster?
How to replace cabin filter for Honda Civic LX 2006 model? Just want to know the procedures?
For Indian Car Owners & Car Experts- CNG Kit modification- what is the impact on Engine?
My car is pinging going up hill?
Rear Tire Alignment Problem?
Brakes rubbing on 97 ram 1500 4x4?
What can i use to seal a in my motor?
Edinburgh Car ClinicEdinburgh, UK?
When Courtney left Overhaulin' and was replaced by A.J., was there a fallout of any sort?
I have a 1999 Plymouth. When is the best time to change a serpentine belt? Mine has a nice line of rust on it.
Where is the fuel pump resistor in a 1998 Buick Regal?
I replaced a rear main seal on a car and it still leaking is there a tricks to fix it cheap or do I replace it
How do I reset the SRS light on an 1996 Volvo 850?
What would it cost +/- to repaint a Dodge Grand Caravan?
Key stuck in ignition!?
How do I get my brakes to stop squeaking?
Why is there brown smoke coming from my exhaust?
Really need some help with my car problem...?
my engine locked up becuase a lack of oil what can I do?
Sexual harassment or complement?
Is brake fluid the same as trans. fluid for a 94 jeep wrangler(I think it is but want to make sure)?
I would like to know what to do when u lock your keys in your car without smashing a window?
I added about 10ml of Transmission Sealer to my gas tank by mistake, now what?
Why is this girl acting like this?
What can I do about the constant whine from passenger seat in my Chevy Truck?
cars and part lay out?
What Type Of Spray Paint I Should I Use For My Rubber Mask?
Can I start using synthetic oil in our cars any time or does it have to be done when they are new?
Why is the belt on my car still squeaking?
clumps in oil filter?
How do I find an honest mechanic to do a tune-up on my Volkwagen Bug automobile?
Trying to put a diesel engine in a 2011 power wagon?
Car stalled, steering wheel locked while driving!?
What happens if you do not service car?
how long will a car run with a bad alternator?
how do i get inside the dashboard of my toyota levin.?
Question about repairs on a Corolla...?
Looking for a ballpark cost of a front end suspension on a 2004 Ford taurus?
is it normal when I hit the brakes the steering wheel move?
most common electronic injectors open when..?
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