How much to fix torque converter p0741?
How do I change the bulb in the tail light of a 2005 Volkswage GTI?
Buffed paint off my car too much?
honda recon vacuum hose?
Please help me remember whats wrong with my car!?
Disconnecting car batteries?
please help me with my truck???
What advantage do internally vented type rotors provide over solid rotors?
where is the radiator for the 2002 chevy malibu please show pictures?
When greasing a vehicle: what are those little "nipples" called? Is it in the dictionary?
99 seville will not stay cool. took car to mechanic said water pump and radiator were shot. replaced both. ?
96 Jeep Cherokee Has No Heat?
Why does my car a/c only blow warm or hot air?
I put gasoline in my diesel truck's fuel tank and ran it till the engine lost power. What do I do now?
why cant all cars use e85 fuel?
what do you call a damage on a rim due to hitting a curb?
I am needing some information about using car alarm remotes! Can anyone help me?
Chevy transmission slipping ?
Car engine not starting?
Better gas mileage for my 2007 Escalade,already installed a K/N Cold air intake system,with magnaflow exhaust?
where can I find videos to fix car transmissions? instead of manuals.?
Help me fix my lights!!!?
is it absolutely necessary to have an oil change for your car every 3000 miles?
Is there any reason my car should still be going into limp mode after the transmission was rebuilt?
need car help what hose is this?
why does my car screech when i turn the wheel, i checked the power steering fluid and it was full.?
where can i get parts for 1998 pontiac boneville sse?
Transmission is acting up.?
are there freeze plugs in my 5.7liter cylinder head?
Question about pontiac trans am?
The windsheild in my car won't un-fog no matter how warm the vehicle gets, what could it be?
Is 90lbs of oil pressure to high to drive a 4.7 liter 2000 Dodge Durango?
Recently my speedometer and odometer stopped working in my truck. Should I just get new spark plugs?
i have a 99 mercury sable and my battery light came on?
A New Paint Job For My Truck!!!?
Can solar car chargers work without having the key to the car turned to accessory?
i need a good site which can show me how to do engine timing for golf convertible EW engine code 1990 model?
What precaution and spare parts to prepare prior to remove the intake manifold?
MG Rover 400 registered 1998. why is steam coming from under the bonnet (right hand side near the windscreen).
Have a 1998 ford escort lxOnly half of my dash board is lit. and where i change gears wont light up at all.?
Turn signals dont work anymore?
Mondeo TDCI 2002 problems?
Thumping noise coming from under the front of my car.. what is it?
My fiesta runs irregular when idling Ive tried high grade fuel it didn't make a difference any ideas?
Car won't start. It cranks, but won't turn over.?
Car won't start what do i do?
if i fill my tank with half premium unleaded and half regular, will it cause any harm to my car?
What would it cost to Replace 2 Doorlocks on a 1986 Cadillac Sedan Deville?
What's wrong with my car steering?
in demoines IA,some 1 stole my purse, all my money is gone, my cell phone& car key how on earth do I drive???
How do I attach a License Plate to the front of my 2007 Eclipse?
Coolant leak 98 Civic no hot air blowing out either?
i have 94 Bonneville with no fuel pressure fuel pump computer and fuses work,no error codes found either,help
Do manual transmissions last longer than automatic ones?
what do the fuses go to in 99 cougar?
1997 Pontiac Sunfire won't start?
what basic and scan tool tests should be done to diagnose an issue with shifting?
what is the location and # of radio fuse in 1995 Dodge Dakota Sport pick truck?
Transmission damage? ?
why does my car die when i release the gas?
p 0455 code on 200 dodge neon?
will the inside light of car, left on overnight , drain the battery significantly?
how do i reset my service light on my mercedes vito?
Please help, I can't start my car, bad battery or?
new swift windsheild ?
Grinding sound when turning wheel to make turns?
I'm looking for a site that list cost of repairs on large trucks by job being done?
I have a1999 dodge caravan it runs great for 6-8 miles,then it seems like it will down shift for a split? seco?
does anyone make reproduction exterior trim moulding for 1967 plymouth satellite?
Alternator or serpentine belt?
why does the rear end of my ford focus rummble horribly?
How can I prevent rust from happening inside my huge 120 gallon air compressor tank?
Wheres the best place to buy muscle car parts?
Side/Center Wear?
Will a car start without any oil in the engine?
Did I snap my e brake cable?
Why does my break light fuse keep blowing everytime I put fuse in.?
I'm buying this car off a guy from ebay. Will you look at the pics from under the hood?
what is metallizing?
What happened to my car?
Is there a period after an mot failure that you can drive around without a pass if work is booked to be done?
Car is having Issues and Won't Start?
Is it ok for me to switch to synthetic oil at 101600 miles?
Is it bad to rest your foot on the clutch pedal while driving?
Rover 75 diesel starting problem-engine turns over but won,t fire eventually starts any ideas?
Is there bolt holes for a hitch in My Car?
Please help, I can't start my car, bad battery or?
How do i losen a tight battery bolt?
my car engin light came on and stayed,even thought there is nothing wrong,how do I get it off..?
How do you bleed hydraulic lines after you replace a cylinder for a plow truck?
Would tires with camber wear on one side of the tire still usable?
Describe in detail where and why a 'lobro' joint is used?
I've rounded a 13mm calipier bolt on my fiesta. anyone know a tool that wiil help me.?
1984 camaro revs down turns off?
i have rust on the bottom of the door how do i fix it?
can you give me a site that will have a front to back parts breakdown for a 97 jetta gl?
Big hole in muffler how dangerous?
Can anyone tell me what is going on? Please! Thank you...?
My friend has a transmission switch solenoid that he turns on that makes his rpm drop and launches forward?
How do I replace a serpentine belt that has slipped on a 98 Ford Escort Zx2?
Can u harm your car washing it too much?
How to adjust single barrel carburetor?
where doe one find the web page for a silicone spray called KEL 110 i need the MSDS sheet?
wel its been over heating alot and i was looking for the thermalstat and i cant find it lincoln mark8?
how to install ignition switch in 88 ford ranger?
what does it mean when my sterring wheel shakes it happens when I slow down then I hear creaking noises?
Any cost breakdown for tractor trailor driver run truck engine and sleep in the truck versus Hotel room cost?
How much does is cost for a F150 truck whip attenna?
In what ways does superunleaded petrol differ from unleaded?
Why is the gas price on the sign different than at the pump machine?
how do I check the coolant in the radiator of my car?
Can a bad valve cover gasket cause my 1998 GTP to overheat?
How much lift would I need to raise my car?
My wife has had yet another blonde moment.?
How do I add brake fluid to a hydraulic surge brake system?
is there a quick way to repair a blown head gasket on an engine?
I want to paint my car online. what software is available to me online.?
Small on front bumper?
Supercharger kits ? Question and answers?
Car parked for 3 weeks while at work in gear, no handbrake, how do i stop brakes seizing up?
Is there a good website I can go to to learn about my Mazda truck's engine? I have a B series extended cab.
Car has no power, nothing works!?
Why does my car have gray/white smoke coming from the engine after not being started for two months?
What parts of a car's engine begin to wear out first?
cutting off a catalytic converter?
What's wrong with my car?
Which engine oil is best between castrol activ 4T and castrol power1 4T for pulsar 180?
Why use 50/50 coolent?
1966 & 1965 Question?
why does my truck leak water from the condensor overflow while not running the a/c?
Doe's fel pro still make the permatorque head gasket non layered for a 1998 dodge neon?
Removing decal residue?
how do you adjust the cruise control on a 1997 chevy 1500 truck w/ 350 engine?
How do i reprogram my key remote (lock/unlock)?
Front Left Axle Shaft Badly Torn - Question?
Truck has a light skip in idle and when accelerating will bog down. Whats wrong?
Interchange Software?
F-150 front end rebuild?
My car does not start sometimes?
When mixing base coat how much reducer do you add to the base coat.?
what can i do to the person that spray painted my car?
my cadillic is running at 250 temp is that high?
how long does a car battery last?
Is there a way to get a gasoline stain off the paint on a white car?
I have a flat tire, can it be fixed?
Do today's modern automobile engines use a "two stroke" cycle?
I have a nail in my tyre tread (not side) what do i do theyre new tyres!?
Why does my steerting wheel vibrate when braking over 50 MPH?
What Windows program will work with my OBD2 connector to read DTC codes on my Nissan Sentra '10 and Quest '07?
i need some help on a brake job about how the back drum comes off?
blazer tire question?
when replacing battery cables where do the positive cable hook up to?
About to fill up my car for the first time - help!?
Could I put on new tires before I get an alignment?
My car has broken down :-( My car won't start, when i turn the key there is no noise at all. What is wrong?
why are bmc inductions kits so sore on petrol?
2003 Odyssey brake caliper bolts keep spinning. HELP!?
2003 Malibu, 50k+ miles, wouldn't start?
How do you make a riding lawnmower go fast (or "soup it up")so I can use it as a summer vehicle?
Where should I take my car for repair?
Water in spark plug holes of Toyota Supra MK3. Will it dry out?
I got scammed by
My car wont start..why/what do i do?!?
What should I do to my new used camaro iroc?
My car shakes when I brake.?
I recently changed my radiator fluid?
Car shut down while sitting @ the light?
car is throwing out white smoke?
what the connection between hydukic pump and car engine?
What are some tips for a young (13 year old) mechanic?
oil traces in air filter?
My car just died on me last night?
Why are my spark plugs coming out with oil on them ?
how much to repair head gasket for a vauxhall corsa?
After failing a smog check in California, will I need to provide proof of repairs for the care or?
After powerwashing my Cummins engine, my oil pressure indicator is not registering, and now engine shuts down.
How can a transmission mess up?
can i change a 1998 ford explorer seats out to another cars seat?
why my car shack when i break?
why is my 1989 s10 2.8 blazer bucking/loss of power?
should they do something?
when your vehicle is broke down do you fix it yourself or take it to a garage or personal mechanic ???
I was leaving school and the car was out of gas?
retractable head lights stay open, on 1983 Honda Prelude?
clicking sound get louder during acceleration?
where is the starter on a 2003 mitsubishi galant v6?
My car keeps stalling when I'm under a stop light or when the engine is idle too long?
what is PSI ?
Tail light wont work on Chevy Silverado?
Maximum horsepower out of 351 windsor?
About to fill up my car for the first time - help!?
If you install 2 tires on the back end of a car, with one tire being slightly taller then the other,will this
Wheel barring replacement for a 2000 Dodge Neon, help please!?
1997 Land Rover....can we get a partial refund?
why would white smoke come out of a car tail pipe?
do u need the greddy elbow to hook up to the throttle u can run piping from the intercooler?
What could be wrong with my 97 silverado?
How much does chipping/reprogramming your car change the performance and fuel economy?
Is this a good price for the car?
Noise after tore rotation and brake pedal may be vibrating.?
Car Petrol Engine: Can I neutralise Leaded Petrol Additive without draining the tank?
How do you replace the capacitors in the ECU of a 1993 Dodge Stealth RT. ECU# MD190662. ?
where is the negative(-) or the battery in the 1990 BMW 735i?
What is the best and safest product to use to increase a cars' performance?
How would I start a detroit diesel engine on a stand? meaning off and removed from the truck. thanks?
What happens when you "blow a head gasket?"?
what oil do u use for your car engine ?
Would this die out my car battery faster?
What can I use to remove liquid nail from my brand new bumper?
honda cbr 125r do i need to change the chain?(Video uncluded)?
Car overheats in the day why?
Jammed lock and defunct rear window defrosting?
How to working disc brakes?
Ford Explorer Grinding and Whistling Left Wheel?
is it possible to bump start a 2.5 ltre diesel engine?
How come our car alarms don't go off when our cars get broken into?
how can i get the factory air?
What can cause Spark Plugs to be Fouled with Carbon all over?
performance chip for car. good or bad?
Is it possible to convert a car with an automatic transmission to a manual transmission?
Greenish oil on the truck engine?
how do I remove melted crayon from car seat velour?
changing civic 2002 ex headlight?
how to extract water out of carpet in the car?
my alternator belt came off i replaced the belt now my car is running hot any ideas?
Why is my Steering Wheel hard to turn?
Oil coming out of my overflow, WHY?
Opinions on straight pipe exaust.?
Where is the gear oil drain screw on the Strada rx150i?
Will maaco do a good job painting my white car the same color?
What are the minor and major problems of a Second Generation Toyota MR2 Turbocharge?
Would my car fail an emissions test because of low oil/water?
Superchip products not made for my car, can a custom one be made?
Can an 8100 Vortex be converted to run on alterative flues?
Average cost to get your front axels aligned?
Are the small holes on my transmission housing suposed to be there?
what causes car to back fire due to changing timing belt?
why when i start my motorcycle it turns off right away?
Car turn signal sometimes stops working?
Petrol Indicator ???
truck bed sounds like its getting hit by a hammer on sharp bumps. are the bed mounts coming loose or what ?
i have a 1.4 16v and want to put a 2.0 8v in it but what about the drive shaft would i have 2 change it?
what type of oil goes into a 5.7 chevy suburban?
Does anyone have plans for building a bulldozer?
how much is the total cost of a body kit, new sound system, and paint job w/ installation?
Im having car issues...?
How do i remove deep scratches from varnished furniture?
what happens to a CAR that the timing belt or chain goes bad?
Dragging Noise From Rear of Car?
Coolant spurts out of radiator with cap off if I rev hard?
How often to change my oil?
oil change vs. state inspection...I need both, but only have enough for one?
How do I remove ClearCoat from a fiberglass body, when the ClearCoat is peeling?
where is the low idle screw on a 94 dodge ram 1500?
How do you get older tint (as in it is flaking) off car windows????
Why is my car starting but none of the electrical equipment works?
How do I change the transmission fluid on my 97 Toyota Camry LE? Is there a website that can walk me through?
What could cause rotors to wear out so quickly?
I have problem with my peugeot 206!?
Whats wrong with my breaks?
My Mazda Protege is cutting out when the engine gets hot?
I have a 95 BMW (525i) i Can't find where to put the transmission fluid. does any one know where it's located?
What is the recommended fuel octane for the Toyota Starlet Reflect X? 90 or 95?
How much electricity does it take to plug in a car????
can anyone suggest a water soluble lubricant to stop the waterpump on my car sceeching on startup?
Honda Civic 1999 A/C Pressure Buildup?
Can a bad fuel filter cause your car from starting?
1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GST wont start. Please help!!?
Anti freeze is leaking?
How do you know if it's a problem with the battery or the alternator?
What is wrong with my car?
Is recycled steel rail safe?
where can I buy the following parts for 1996 jeep cherokee laredo?
How do you replace a fuel filter in a 1999 ford mustang v6?
struggling to put car into first and reverse, what could be the cause? and is it something i can do myself?
auto exam help?
I'm looking for a serpentine belt routing diagram for a 2000 chevy tracker 2.0L with A/C?
What is the ballpark cost to replace the hood on a 2000 Dodge Stratus -labor and hood?
Loud exhaust. Rusted out exhaust connection. What should i do?
what is the difference between hunting and nonhunting gears???
I am still wanting one good answer. Why does my dad check the oil and coolant in my moms car for her?
do i need new wheel lugs?
how to change coolant?
The gas gauge on my car isnt working ?
What happens if you try to start a car with no battery?
How bad is it stalling out a stick shift?
Double clutch downshift vs simple throttle blip? ?
My husband did something stupid, what will his repercussions be?
people looking for prices?
how to put in in window motor?
How do i get my 1993 jeep cherokee sport transfer case off?
troubleshooting the 1994 Chevrolet Blazer?
Could i pump a full tank of gas before an oil change?
I have a 2005 Ford Tauris. How to fix ther.?
95 Oldsmobile Achieva S Fuel Pump?
Poor idle/ acceleration after washing car's engine, what could be wrong?
what is the best method for getting rid of oil stains in the drive way?
How to replace thermostat?
Remove seat for 1986 Chevy SportVan?
Car broke down ..what could problem be?
how does the IAC work?
Why do they say Ford cars suck?
what causes a gasoline engine to diesel when you shut it off?
New battery and alternator, but car still dead?
why sallon car have no wiper at the back window?
How to open a car without a key?
oil blowing out my air cleaner on my 1200 harley sportster. how can i avoid this happening?
I have Saturn 2000 SL1 sometimes start and engine not working?
what next i changed my fuel filter? its doing the same thing?
Check Engine Light Will Not Turn Off?
We have a 98 Dodge Caravan that has us baffled. It will not start. We have replaced the fuel pump & filter?
If you have fouled spark plugs and no money is it ok to burn the carbon fueling off with a propane torche?
husband locked himself out of his brothers jeep cherokee help?
does any one know how to clean corrosion from a car battery?
what is wrong with my car?
I want to know where I can buy parts for my limo?
what is the part called that hold your car door closed, it looks like a claw.?
1966 f250 camper special?
Why does my car stall while driving?
engine parts?!?
How to get tail light tint spray off paint on my car?
What else can a fast turn signal mean?
How do you reset the computer to a 92 buick park aveneue?
White Substance on Oil Cap in Car - Bad?
yes larribbe making oil is what some one said to me it diesel mixing with my oil what can be causing it?
I'm careful to frequently oil my brake shoes, yet my brakes always seem to barely work. What am I doing wrong?
garage ripped me off when replacing my wheel bearings. what should i do?
water pump impeller shredded?
how can i tell if a clutch is ready to go on a car???
2001 chevy 4.3 v6 po300 mult misfire code cyl 1&2?
how can you tell if your engine is getting old and worn out?
just paid £1.269 for a litre of diesel. how much longer can we put up with these price rises! i say revolt ac
MOT advice and information?
firing order for 92 dodge dakota 3.9?
Are sway bars and sway bar links necessary?
What should I do to increase fuel economy on a road trip.?
does my 1995 mitsubishi eclipse have an interference engine?
What's good to clean fuel injectors in an engine?
whats wrong with my car? it died.?
I popped the hood on my 2002 F150 supercrew and now I can't get the hood to close. How can I close it?
I want to know if a 3A Racing muffler would sound good?
how much to fix a "system is too rich" code Saturn Vue 2003?
Diesel fuel additives..?
please help!?
Any thing to make in auto shop. ANYTHING?
construction crews dirty my car everyday, can i sue?
Heat/AC not working in car, but blower seems to work?
Lights Flickering Car not starting?
where can i find restoration parts for 1966 pontiac catalina?
What grade oil does my 08 Sierra 5.3 take?
Compression test: 85 on 5 strokes / 130 on 10 strokes...good or bad?
Car engine turns but doesn't catch?
what kind of oil does a briggs and statton intek twin cylinder take'?
Minor in posetion in motor vehical. ?
Car coolant goes down .... overheated and knocking?
Can a ed windshield really be repaired?
Got an oil change and while driving home from work the car just stopped running.?
Car window tinting? Help?
my 5 year old mazda 6 needs a jump start every time i take it out the garage . do i need a new battery?
My car will not reverse after jerking to a stop and a making a loud bang. What happened? It?
car engine sputtering and stalling with white smoke from exhaust- started after refueling?
my car key is getting stuck in the ignition?
can I put a bull bar on my T2000?
What is the clicking noise just before my car start?
I have a 1989 Ford F250 3/4 ton, and i am going to install a 3" body lift kit. What's the biggest tire usable?
could you correct my English,please?
I am looking to repaint my 2003 black X-type jaguar in So. CA does anyone know of a paint shop?
Our car doesn't want to start?
My car won't start. Is it the battery or the alternator?
how fast can Cadillac one can run?
changing spark plugs ,do you need to gap the plug, or put in as they are? if so how do you gap them,?
can i use my battery from my jimmy for my grand caravan?
What fuse controls license plate light on 2004 pontiac grand prix GT?
performance chip for car. good or bad?
Making my headlight casing clear again?
Where can I find a complete diagram of a central multi port fuel injection system for a 94 chevy 4.3 motor?
what is the half life of alternator in nissan sentra cars?
How can I fix my trailer lights?
how often should you change your oil filter?
How much is a 4 cylander turbocharger?
how long can a ford 4.6L engine last without?
how do u turn off the running head lights on a 03 camaro Z28?
Is it okay to use lucas pure synthetic oil stabilizer in a manual gearbox which calls for atf?
My 1994 toyota corolla has some headlight issues. I need help!?
how do you remove front rotors from a 1990 F250 4x4?
have a 02 chevy blazer showing codes 0f p0172 and p0175 what would cause it to run rich?
what is the function of Intercooler in Engine?
Why are all my turn signals dead?
How do I replace rear wheel hub on 1988 Corvette?
Does air conditioning warm the air and cool it,or just cool the air?
i have a 2000 suburban that makes a ticking noise for a couple of minutes after start up?
When i brake in my corsa 1.3i 97 model utility bakkie the warning light comes on and now it stays on? Why?
so my car was broken into, now...?
What do you think about the rising gasoline prices, and shouldn't Bush put a stop to it?
Why erratic RPM fluctuation occur in Rover 75 car? Its going extremes sometimes and reduce when AC is on.?
why does my car idle speed fluctuate??
Will adding just a air filter to my corsa, will i have to tell my insurance company?
does pressing the gas pedal while the car is in park and of course on mess up the cars brakes at all?
if i use 4 wheel drive to drag to i need to change my shift points?
I've always shifted an auto transmission into neutral at stoplights. Now the trans needs to be rebuilt.?
77 camaro h or x pipe?
How do I disable the emergency release in the trunk of my car?
when replacing outer tie rod ends on a car, if your adjustment isn't right will it affect the camber of tire.
What would be the best way to go about changing my radiator fluid?
My Car won't start with good battery?
HELP!! Injectors not spraying into cylinders but they have power.?
Just replace my brake rotors and pads. So why are my brakes still squealing?
Does this mixture really fix windshield s?
My car is not mantaining constant rpm when idling?
How Much is a paint job for a carr???
Oil light comes on when car is stopped?
Car Engine not turning over during cold start or first start?
How can I turn down the sensor on a car alarm?
About how heavy is the average car engine?
I get shocked when i turn the key?
i'm using unleaded petrol for my car at the moment, will it damage my engine if i use super unleaded?
How are some ways to fix a small leak in a car radiator?
What is the best place to get wheel aliment done on a vehicle and what does it cost?
Where in Austin, Tx can I go to have my air bags replaced? How much will it cost?
Reason for gear shift to stick in automatic?
Transmission fluid flush and fill for a 1999 Acura CL 2.3?
does anyone know where i can buy a repair manual for my car?
What is this green stuff on my wheels?
1990 buick lesabre noise HELP?
If my brake pedal does not go all the way to the floor but i still have no brakes, whats wrong with my van?
About how much does it cost to paint a body kit for a 2006 mustang to match the stock black?
So my ABS light came on today while driving .. Am I ok? What does this mean?
how do you set the choke on a 1984 ford f-150 1 barrel 300hp 6 cyl.?
After an oil change from Midas i have a bad oil leak. How do I get midas to fix this?
why is my car making a squeeking noise?
what are the best tires?
..a deer hit my car! headlight broke!?
What do I need to do to take off a smog pump on a 88 Ford F150 with a 300 strait 6 ?
Mitsubishi Monterro Sport Engine?
what tire size is roughly the same as 27x8.50 R14?
is my kick start broken on moped?
my clutch have no resistance in it?! :(?
My car starts to shake when I hit 55MPH--what could be wrong?
2002 dodge ram 1500 engine problem?
what is the piece of metal holding the bumper of a car on called?
rewiring windshield wipers?
How to install a knock sensor?
I need to know how to bleed a Sears quick lift car jack, 15 yrs old But not used much?
How do i remove the doors from a 1990 pontiac grand prix?
What would cause a briggs and stratton opposed twin to not start when it is hot?
how much is a good small block 350 four bolt main bringin?
Is my new car ruined?
Whats the issue when the brake pedal sinks to the floor slowly, brake applied?
beat 275 stop resetting every time engine is turned off?
What can I use to remove motor oil stains off my concrete driveway?
What happens if you rev a automatic car in N (5-6000) and while reving you drop it in D?
I've got a car problem?
why does my car shake?
350 engine 1 piece vs 2 piece rear main seal????
Draining and cleaning out gas tank in GEO Storm 1991?
2000 Ford Taurus Help?
How good is an engine that is 115hp@5500rpm?
Can i turn a straight load trailer into a slant load triler? engine management light was flashing at me last nite :( wt do i do? also my clutch bitin point is hi?
I've a creamy substance forming around the oil cap. My warrenty company says this is ok, is it really?
Do I have a bad mechanic here?
Timing belt slip up?
how do i stop my taxi windows misting up?
86 f150 running rough changed plugs n wires rechecked plugs day later one side of the motor plugs are still cl?
battery in keyless entry remote ?
Why is windshield wipers smaller than the windshield?
Is a twin clutch sportronic transmission automatic?
hello to all does any 1 know how to install water pump for 89 cadillac sedan deville if so please email me?
How do i get the clips of my door frame from a weather shield?
2000 Pontiac Grand Am GT what is wrong with it?
Who is responsible for my car?
powder coating websites?
if you put lift springs on your ride do you have to get longer shocks?
what accounts for "new car smell" and how can you get it back in your car?
If you know about alternators PLEASE HELP!?
Transmission problem:?
What is wrong with my automatic locks?
Please can someone tell me how to stop my indicator relays in my car randomly firinng?
my jetta is overheating what could be wrong the top radiator hose has fluid and pressure but bottom dont?
Stupid Question about cars!!!?
Is baby oil a good thing to use to make your tires shine?
Why does my steering lock up when I turn? 1996 nissan sentra gxe?
*please help! 1999 mercury cougar* 10 points!!!!?
Where can I find parts (especially window regulator) for a 1995 Honda Passport?
Engine knock/tap/tick?
Jeep grand cherokee 1995, to dismantle?
How much should a Transmission Fluid change cost?
is a 4 cylinder engine usually automatic or manual transmission?
how do you repair a convertible top?
If I get new tires, do I need to get an alignment as well?
Brake Pedal Goes Almost all the Way to the Floor?
smoke from oil fill hole?
What color should I paint my truck??
Changed rear shoes, now brake pedal is soft.?
would i get any money for a used muffler?
How to Install Monroe Reflex Shocks 1999 GMC Suburban 2WD?
I dropped down a curb with my car and now when I turn right the right wheel axle area makes a weird sound?
When using a fuel stabilizer how long can gasoline be good for?
help wanted witrh car?
I just got an alignment for my car but my car still pulls left. What's wrong with it?
What is the best way to dispose of motor oil?
93 2.2L4 Cavalier Tach Install?
How do I change the HID head light on a 2004 Saab 93?
where is the gear linkage on an F150 1997 ,,,and?
what is X1R?
Where can I find sparkle vinyl interior upholstery for a 1950s car?
What are the steps to painting your car?
I was wondering if someone could give me info on car batteries.?
My clutch engagement point is now become higher in the past wk. How much, or percentage of clutch life left?
how much are you?
Hello, where can i purchase aquapel in india? Its going to start raining here, would like to purchase one.?
can i convert my stock rear end into a posi?
what is the best automechanic school?
how to remove the alternator from a 96 maxima?
01 F150 shaking bad!?
looking for firing order of 292 engine in 1959 ford?
What is window starter?
where can i find anything on 1992 dodge power ram 4x4 pick up anything from acess to body parts?
mechanics: do you like to torque things over with your wife?
91 chevy caprice problems!?
What is this hose on my motor? (New photo)?
Car Battery Dropping Charge?
will the differential out of a 6500 series g.m.c. truck fit the carriage of the same that has an eaton differ.
I need to remove pine rosin from my car.?
Why won't my electric car window go up?
Is it alright to use my car if the heater isn't working?
my car gear shift (automatic on steering colum) will not shift gears it only spins catching nothing , why ?
I have power windows. Cannot tell if it's the switch or motor. Cannot find fuse?
what does service vehicle soon mean??? anyone know how to reset this button any help greatly appreciated?
Why is my car not throwing any spark?
i am a member of the aa my clutch is burning out will they fit a new one?
Car clicks, but won't start. It's not the battery, solenoid or starter motor.?
hi.......ARE LAND ROVERS GOOD AND WHY????????????????????
Anyone have a deutz f3l repair manual?
Does a leak down test tell you everything that a compression test would?
How much does it cost to fix a car's rear license plate light?
During an Oil change question?
where is the thermostat on a 2003 chevy trailblazer?
how far do you have to drive the car to charge a flat battery?
does my Mitshubishi Galant 2002 have an "interference engine"??
Too much oil, noisy lifters after engine reaches temp?
grrrrr, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, grrrrrrrrrooooowww, grrrrggggrrrrooooowwwwww!!!!!!!!! I Love You.?
is putting air in a n2o filled tire not good?
Where are tje brake light fuses in the 2006 cts v?
How to put frezzon on a car?
how much would it cost for a deep auto scratch repair?
Vehicle's Heater hose broken down 3 weeks after service?
How to change coolant?
how to make my F350 ride smoother?
What happens if the gas station runs out of gas while you're filling your tank up?
How hard is it to do a trans swap?
my car pulled and then the check engine light turned on...whats wrong?
whats the best polish to use in older cars?
1999 Altima, Dashboard/Tail Light fuse blown twice in 2 days, whats the problem?
where do I get wiper blades for a mazda bongo friendee?
I have a 1993 audi 80 2.0 which is very hard to start in the morning but once heated up runs fine any ideas?
How much air should your tires have?
Does a mechanic have to send me a certified letter before he sends my car to the salvage yard????!!!!?
My front tires on my car keep wearing on the outside. Why?
How do I remove the steering column on 96 chevrolet corsica?
Car key rusted in ignition?
Where is the fuel filter on a 1998 Chevy Metro Located at?
How Do You Clean Up A Liquid Fertilizer Spill Once It in Water! Urgent!!?
Does a 1997 ford have a modulator valve on the transmission or not?
What K lights come stock in the mitsubishi lancer evolution IX se?
96 eclipse manual car slipping out of 3rd?
Knocking one out at work. Right or Wrong?
Knocking/Rubbing coming from underneath passenger side?
Does a head gasket have to be replaced if you take it off after installing it?
How were car undersides worked on before hydraulic lifts came about?
I got a91 ford f150 i change the water pump the thermostat fix head gasket set the timing bak?
10 points - I need to know the correct lug nut thread pitch for a 2003 Nissan Sentra GXE?
1968 Chevy Camaro with no seatbelts, racing seatbelts?
I have a 1994 chevy blazer 4.3L motor, speedometer does not read, connected a o2 sensor on exaust, prob starts
If i get adapters for my rims will i still have to get smaller tires? ?
Does anyone know how to remove the rear brake drums on a 1992 buick century?
Can i use restore engine treatment on a single cylinder engine?
My Car is Vibrating above 40 MPH?
Do you think the petrol prices will fall?
How much does this cost to get this done?
95 honda accord car won't come on?
Trade a six cylinder for a 8 cylinder?
Tuning a Car?
can you park in front of a dropped kerb with a driveway in use?
How to protect Crank Windows with Home Security System?
If check engine light goes off on its own, does it mean it's not serious?
parking break stuck down and release wont work how is this fixed?
94' GSR motor w/ 70,000 miles w/o ecu, distributor?
What is a bald tyre?
Car jolts when stopping and shakes while stopped?
Whats the best place to buy car care products?
Is Jiffy Lube liable for a botched oil change?
White Smoke out of my exhaust?
Is it a good idea to pour Hot Water on a frozen windshield/whole car?
I keep getting a flat wheel what can i do???
Undone bolts.. but now how to lift away something which is sitting deep on the thread?
how to make a 73 nova louder?
Which engine oil is best between castrol activ 4T and castrol power1 4T for pulsar 180?
How do you attach a rear view mirror on a windshield?
How do you replace the turn signal lever in a 94 firebird?
Car wont go above 90mph and slows down uphill?
How do I unprogram my silverado truck key fob?
Do bubbles in my '98 Subaru Forester's coolant mean that my head gasket is toast?
How to cool my trucks AC down?
My sister and new brother in law had birdseed and honey poured on their car.Will honey hurt the clear coat ?
Engine runs fine at low RPM but under load, loses power and check engine light flashes. Whats wrong?
If the coolant system was not bleed correctly after putting a thermostat is it too l;ate?
anyone know where u can view/download free repair manuals for vehicles?
can you convert a stick shift thats on the colum to floor of a ford pick up. standard transmission?
rear window wiper is jacked up!?
Cost of a blown head gasket?
Truck Repair/2001 Dodge 5.9 L V8 Truck won't idle / hard to start?
the nut on my oil sump is rounded off?
How long I should idle(warming) my car?
3 inch lift in front to a 5 inch? What do I need?
Why do i have to spray starting fluid in my breather on my cummings diesel engine to get it to start?
Please - any auto mechanics or people?
where can I purchase a rebuild transfer case N.v 246?
theres no available gasket for kia sportage brake master cylinder, what will I use? its leaking.?
what is sequential fuel injection?
MECHANICS! Which one should I keep?
fuse for alarm?
I have a tick sound near the top of my engine?
Where can I find air shock absorbers to lift front end of 06 GMC Sierra Crew? Stock front end sits very low.?
My car wont start HELP!!!?
About how much would it cost to get the interior done?
The A/C dosent work on my 89 Silverado. Where can i find a new Panel to fix this?
Why doesn't my moped run properly?
I've lost my car keys and only had that one set ?
best exhaust for sohc s13 240sx (ka24e)
I'm Having Problems With My 87' Ford F250.Cant Figure It Out.?
How do I remove spray paint from my car windshield?
how do you know when a fuel pump is going bad?
A question about my car?
Could a 20.5 gallon Jeep Liberty gas tank be put on a Chevy Blazer?
taking off your dirtbike seat?
i heard shifting from 5th gear (@ 80 mph) to first will clean ur engine shud i do it?
Will my car stop faster if I have my driver shift into reverse at 80 miles an hour?
when my car is in park it idles fast and when in drive it pulls itself. what can this be?
Have you ever bumped into a police car?
Pontiac Grand Prix accelerating issue?
is there any diffrence between jaguer xk8 1997 and xk81999 and which is better?
my truck all of a sudden just started running roughly on my way to work today? what's wrong with it?
I live in Nasik. I want to convert my car from manual transmission to automatic transmission.?
My husbands ford truck is having problems starting?
what dose susspension do to a car depending on high or low?
Is there a School for ATV Mechanics?
how far can my car go on a full tank of gas?
1994 s10 2.2l auto tranny went out, what other year s10 can i get an auto tranny form?
My 04 Chevy Silverado already needs new tires?
How far will 8 litres petrol get me?
Whats wrong with my impalas windshield wipers?
what does 'jack knife' mean in an auto accident?
my 1992 mercury cougar dashlights and taillights are out; fuses seem ok; how do I fix this?
Does anyone know which fuse controls the interior lights and the power mirrors for a Saturn L-Series Wagon?
Does more horsepower equal more gas usage?
Issues with an auto shop. I need advice quick!?
What causes the common power steering squeal people get?
Is my car in any trouble?
Should i sell or fix my ford?
My gears are getting extremely stiff and difficult to put in (especially 1st). Reverse makes a grinding noise.
how long should a car water pump last?
When you stop at a traffic light and your in 4th gear for example and slow to a stop, do you still downshift?
What is a Cat, and is it expensive?
car will not shift gears?
Do I just put the bumper back in place ..?
2000 VWGOLF Petrol, does anyone know how to put the service light out?
Why would breaks go out. there is black stuff caked on cylinder, what could it be?
Does it hurt your cars transmission to drive from low to 2nd to 3rd?
have a 91 ford taurus starts when let of the gas it will quit?
Please help me my car wont start any ideas?
car makes an awful screetching sound until it gets warm, what could this be?
can i use fabric material for my headliner?
Do air conditioning window units need to be recharged with freon?
02 Chevy Impala Loss of all gauge function?
what does it mean if my car almost overheats yet the coolant is full?
How to make my back tires stop wobbling?
SEAT Leon Cupra r Exhaust Back Box, Silencer Replacement?
How can I work out the weight of just a car's bodywork?
What type of oil for a chainsaw?
what are some really good pickup lines?
Back wheel of my car makes a scraping sound?
A little help from you car savvy males and females out there.?
My car is leaking fluid under the driver side of the engine and also inside on my brake...?
how to jump power to secondary air pump?
Why wont my car start?
My right turn signal will not stop blinking?
What is the best product to remove motor oil from concrete driveways?
how to wire up a torque converter lockup on a th350 transmission?
My car has a mild stutter/hesitation when accelerating from a full stop, what could be the problem?
I just asked a question about whether I can use regular oil in a diesel engine. I recieved two answers,?
what is the best battery to get for shoprider soverign 4 mobility scooter.?
I let my tank run down to almost empty now the car is hesitating and sputtering when I get to 60mph anyone?
Whats wrong with my cooling system?
my car's rear windows go down only half or 3quarter of the way down!?
how do I go about fixing my rev liminater prob?
SUV accident at 35 mph and ran over a curb- ing wheel and dismounting some tires- damage?
what transmissions can i use in place of?
Do i need catalytic converter?
91 Sonoma Pickup leaking Coolant?
Is the mitsubitshi,2.0 & 2.6 engines interchangeable?
Hi does anyone know how i can find out the paint name for my vauxhall astra,?
my mercedes-benz is running great on highway but when i drive slowly on the same time i remove my foot from?
Integra and good mpg fast cars?
Camaro Acceleration Problem...?
story goes i shut the car it won't clicking or turning over.can u help me.what is causing it?
What engine/transmission should I put in my ratrod?
my car is chugging bad when its damp outside, or when it gets upto normal temp. whats wrong?
1992 Jeep Cherokee Sport MAP Sensor?
am not kidding its broke?
How to install/replace rubber hangers on car?
can these tail lights pull me over?
2007 Chevrolet Aveo Problem with steering wheel shaking b/t 45-70mph?
My GMC jimmy wont hold anti-freeze in the radiator?
can you buy secondhand LPG kit for a 1994 3.9 range rover classic?
i am getiing a head gasket put in a 98 caddi deville but i dont know what the screws need to be torced to?
gmc truck passenger air filters location for 1999 GMC?
Why does the 4 wheel drive light flash on my Mitsubishi Montero Sport?
What fluid goes into a radiatior?
How long do I warm up my car in a cold weather?
Fixing a tail light on a Mitshubishi Eclispse?
help with waxing car and car cleaning (exterior).?
Do you need to flush power steering fluid because it is dirty I got an $80 quote?
Honda sportrax 250ex '03 new stater? Where can I order/pickup one?
Could my chrome timing cover cause me to have a oil leak?
i have a 95 honda passport that's over heating i have changed the t-stat and clutch fan flushed the system?
Awoke today to find that my left front tire is flat?
Fuel economy-is it true that I could save more money by using the more expensive gas by lasting longer?
What could be wrong with my car?
My car's idle problem (1988 civic)?
car problem?
I need to know if anyone has had any major problems out of the 2002 Ford Explorer?
do you reall have to resurface your discs every time you replace brake pads?
What's wrong with my car?
How hard is it to install a remote start?
hi,i'm trying to find old car fog light bulb. (G E 4012-A)?6-8Volt.Thanks in advance Rex.?
improve gas mileage?
I have water almost pouring into my car on the passenger side, right behind where the glove box is. What is it?
Check engine light question?
I have a Massey Ferguson Mod. 65 and I need a new seat. Can anyone tell me of a web site I can order one from?
Which fuse is a car's turn signal?
Tire questions?
2.0 TDCi Mondeo vs 1.6 HDi Picasso?
why does my 2003 grand am shake at 20 miles an hour?
I can go into reverse and every other gear but not drive. Does anyone know what could or is wrong with it.?
Why would anybody bother replacing a license plate bulb?
help with my exam?
How to top up a car radiator tank.?
I locked myself in my car what do I do?
My catalytic converter needs to be replaced on my car (for the engine light to go off)....?
Changed brake pads in front of my 1997 Ford taurus SHO and now the brake pedal goes all the way down?
Price for a Ford Bronco Paint Job?
Engine on my car wont stop, why?
a question about Car Radiator?
Do i need u bolts when changing my leaf springs?
where to get a low price car battery?
can i put water in my gas tank. 2008 vet..?
My 72 VW Beetle wont start! Help!?
hi.Whats the strongest washing powder/liquid on the market,suitable to wash mechanics overalls?Thanks Allan?
Can a mechanic a mechanic forsee a radiator hose blowing?
What is the best oil to use in a car your going to keep a long time?
Will a 2.2 engine from a 98 accord bolt right up to a 98 civic?
nissan4800vtc with immu?
left the key turned over in van & battery was dead. Jumping it didn't work, replaced battery.?
No black powder in exhaust pipe?
where can i find a schematic of a 1995 buick lesabre ecm connector?
Is it okay if I don't change my oil on time?
Do I need a chip for my cold air intake system?
Is there a way to adapt my personal cell phone on to my onstar system?
The dealership said i needed a Catalytic Converter because mine was bad. They said $800?
I have 2002 Acura 3.2 TL 4 Dr and my left low beam burnt out. Can I buy a replacement bulb cheap anywhere?
how do i get cig smoke outta my car, i dont have febreeze?
i have a bad habit of scratching good cars with my key if its close to my parked car...?
What is the purpose of an oil filter?
I need information on how to repair a floor below the slide out in a Thor travel trailer?
At what point do I need a new alternator for my car audio?
Where is the transmission control solenoid on a 2000 oldsmobile intrigue?
trying to find out where to locate the fan relay i have a 1990 chev cavalier i know its inside i just dont kno
What is the Impedance (Ohms) of a Delco 6x9 Speaker Part #15732642??
looking for repair information on a Chevrolet - Monte Carlo fuel level gauge problem. It shows no level.?
If you want to prevent your car from rusting what should you do?
2003 Grand Am, fan works but no AC or Heat comes through?
Thanks for the help but jusk in case any body else knows this is just what happened when i took the car out.?
need for speed shift cars?
Mercury Grand Marquis 2000 Power window on driver side works only. Other 3 will not work.Fuse OK?
My wife has had yet another blonde moment.?
does anyone know a good honest auto mechanic in virginia beach,va?. i'm on a fixed income.?
how do you fix cv axles on a 1997 Nissan Sentra?
7 Days in the body shop!?
I'm going to learn how to drive a stick shift, and he told me to find somewhere 'elevated'.?
how do i change a motor in a 99 honda passport?
Can you drive a vehicle with a front differential leak?
What do you call someone who changes tires and oil? In short someone who works in a car garage?
how much would it cost to exchange motors and transmissions?
My Dilemma: Do I fix the exhaust on the car, or do I go fishing?
weird acceleration thing?
My 2003 Pontiac Grand Am?
Car Died While Driving Without Warning?
what metal is 89-98 chevey truck door handle made of?
I have a squeaky belt in the mornings. how do i fix it?
can i use this Mongoose Volvo Dice OBD-II Diagnostic Interface with Volvo VIDA 2012A software?
what would cause two power windows on the same side of a car to quit working?
what happens if i replace me resonator with a glasspack?
Where can I buy a reconditioned engine in Ireland?
how do I fix a tear in a leather seat in my car?
what are common symptoms if your car has a ed or blown head gasket?
Defrosting car keyhole?
Why dont bicycles have rear mudguards as standard.When it rains a streak of muddy water goes up your back?
Can Diesel and Petrol together explode without a flame?
My car accelerates normally when in reverse but drives very slow in drive?
is it possible to change the origanal rover 25 (2004) wheels to bigger ones?
Loose car battery? I just put a new battery in a week ago.?
can we reverse the direction of wiper motor?
where can I find parts for a mercedes 1995 s320?
Does shifting to neutral save anymore gas compared to just taking your foot off the accelerator?
how do i change the break pads on a 1992 cadillac sts?
Dim headlights, dashlights and interior lights... night driving!?
How can i chrome plate on plastic?
I cannot get my car to shift out of "Park"! Please help! I need to leave the office!?
Does anybody know if there are any aftermarket knobs for cars with auto-stick?
How many miles can you drive after that little low fuel indicator light comes on?
Will I get into an accident if my motor mounts go bad while driving?
how can you tell if a power steering pump is bad?
How do you wash your car?
Check engine light came on the code read it saind wrong oil this possible?
Is it really necessary to change your cars oil every 3000 miles?
99 chevy blazer 4x4 problam?
I have a 94 chevy siverado and every time I go to brake, theres a clunking noise.?
lathe gearbox?
2001 Grand Cherokee climate control problem fix?
My car's low oil light has come on?
How do I change the water pump on a 98 isuzu Rodeo?
What terminal on the battery does the in line fuse go on for a car stereo?
I'm thinking about buying 95 Monte Carlo and the owner says it needs a heating Coil and Freon for the A/C unit?
How much (ball park) should it cost to replace the starter on a 1996 Lexus ES 300?
Dipstick reads too high or low when front of car is elevated - unlevel ground?
what can i take off my car to make it not run?
1996 chevrolet corsica car problem?
KYB GR-2 Shocks / Struts ?
tire wear insided and out?
Problem with my yr 2000 honda integra type R?
how can i get my car inspected if the check engine light s on?
What does it mean if a car loses power and splutters at certain revs and also splutters when idling?
vw stalling when it is going about 45 mph or after it gets warmed up. been told it was fuel pressure regulator
i put water in my radiator is that okay?
What would cause my engine to be hot in idle, but not while moving?
Can bad guide valve seal in a car engine cause shortage in engine oil in a car?
Will this work to fix my hail damage?
Paint question?
Ford Powerstroke 6.0's really that bad?
Do cars usually come with a jack or is it something you buy separately?
there's a loud squeaking noise when i go over bumps or dips 1996 town car?
Have to try multiple times to get my car to start?
can the brake booster valve on a tdi be replaced with a regular vacum line?
Semi truck question. Must the accelerator be pressed when you release the clutch on a Eaton-Fuller 10 speed?
How much for exhaust?
Can having the A/C in your car disconnected cause the check engine light to come on?
how to take out a dash on a 94 pontiac transport?
I have a 1996 dodge dakota. The brakes just dont work like they should. Everything is new on it.?
Suddenly getting terrible gas mileage!?
what is the spark plug order for a v4 camery?
Keys locked in my car and pouring rain with the convertible roof OPEN?
Where is wire located in ignition that controls dome light?
what does this hose in my car do?
what is the price range for changing a timing belt on a honda accord?
3.5:1 first gear 1.2:1 second gear what is the overall ratio?
my car is really slow, how can i make it faster?
How do you neutralize corroded battery terminals?
Why is my exhaust rattling?
Was I overcharged?
2000 dodge stratus a/c not working?
How do I find a car door with the same colour as my car?
How are the engine cables hooked up on a 2002 Taurus; 6-cyl.; 24 Valve; DOHC?
please help !!! I have a 1997 pontiac grand prix se , day befrore yesterday I drove it all day now wont start?
Exactly what does it mean to "throw a rod" and does that mean my car is totaled?
my car is making a clicking noise when i drive its a 2007 and i dont understand why it would do that.?
I ran out of gas on my 2002 saab 9-5. Now after adding 7 gallons the car want start. Any suggestions?
advice on a my corsa its 17 years old?
i have a 96 mecury mystique and i need to locate the idle air control valve?
what's wrong if the oil lights on your car keep kumn on and you've already changed the oil two weeks ago?
Can my car be overheating due to a rusty reservoir?
my car is running very rough and burning a lot of oil after i accidently put a coolant hose on the intake?
Can i put seafoam in my engin oil?
How often should i buy fuel injector cleaners?
How do I temporarily repair a leak in a aluminum diesel tank?
How to paint a truck fender...?
The brake pedal goes to the floor while applying the brakes?
How do oil companies determine the price of gas at pump?
how much would breaks and rotors be ?
1994 MERCURY COUGAR fuse box?
Why is battery dead in car?
Are you supposed to warm up your car if you have a manual transmission?
91 chevy s10 grill and hood help?
2000 Nissan Maxima Problems.?
how fast does a ZR 700 Arctic Cat snowmobile go?
hub and bearing conversion for late f250 ford 4 wheel drive made in calif to replace nonservicable factory hub
Why does my car keep running hot?
how do you get skunk smell out of your car?
2000 dodge intrepid and blue smoke?
why does my altanator belt squeal still it is a new belt and a new alt?
i was wondering what would be the best oil to run in my 81 silverado with a 305 in it?
How much would it cost to get this dent knocked out my plastic bumper.?
How much would it cost to fix a vacuum leak on my car?
How can I change the coil spring of my car's suspension?
windows keep getting steamed up?
What is wrong with my dodge?
Jerry gas can restoration?
What is wrong with my car, making a "put put put" sound?
Interchangeable Transmissions?
Is it safe to use soda on car battery corrosion?
Is it the battery or alternator or both?
renault megane coupe F7R engine 2.0 16v wiring diagram HELP?
Why oh why doesnt someone.....?
geo tracker transmission?
What is the power rating of a 12v deep cycle battery?
How much would it cost to get this body damage fixed?
I gotta 88 Grand marquis with some brake problems.?
If the speedometer stops operating properly, is the transmission getting ready to go out?
What can I do to make my car shiny again?
Shocks for Dodge Ram 3500 van?
Is a 1981 dodge ram pickup swappable with a 1989 dodge ram pickup?
1998 Ford Explorer parts magaine?
I have nowhere to dump the oil from my car when I change it, is it OK to park over a drain and let it empty?
My car has problem i cant afford to fix WHAT SHOULD I DO???
Can opening the hood of a vehicle during hot spells help to prevent problems with the alternator?
How do gasoline work?
can i use a bicycle repair kit to fix a hole in a radiator hose on a car?
how do i get oil out of the cylinder head on a 1996 neon?
how much should it cost to have my u-joints replaced on my 89 firebird?
UK - What happens if I refuse to pay garage for auto repairs?
can smell petrol from back of exhaust why could this be?
is there any way to reinforce a 1976 mg midget engine block. thanks.?
Does your headlight/daylight turns on when you start your engine?
My Car is overheating.?
mercury tracer fan won't stop?
How do you get gum off of the paint on a car?
what is spark blug gap?
pvc pipe for pod filter?
My car stared to heat up ?
What removes tape residue from a car without ruining the paint?
Boat/Anyone know why my tach jumps erratically and sometimes redlines?
i have a 1991 shogun where can i get a copy of a owners handbook the small white one?
Im thinking about buying a car but the airbag light is on?
my son put deisel in our car instead of unleaded-it wont start. How do we fix the problem?
Was I wrong for letting Mei-lin drive my car?
my scorpion immobiliser won,t go off so the car wont start but the green ligth flashes on the fob?
Do you have to drop the tank to get to the fuel pump in a 93 Honda accord ex?
WHat are the service intervals for a 89 ford ranger?
Is this incompetence for a car garage to allow this to happen ?
Nitrous oxide (nos)???
Will 5x120 wheels fit on a 1996 Toyota Camry?
where Can I Find Leopard Print Spots for Cars?
how do i fix my lisence plate lights?
DID I GET RIPPED OFF? 03 Buick LaSabre needed serpentine belt tensioner -- (no heat/overheating...) charged?
My brake light (the warning light) comes on when I step on the brakes??
Car engine can someone tell me a few things about it?
Does the car inner light take energy from the its battery?
Can I get a decent car for $2000?
please explain how trucks are catagorized as 1/2 ton, 3/4 ton or 1 ton - as in a Ford F-150, F-250 or F-350.?
My car was in motion and the clock, the radio, and check engine light came on.?
Does anybody know any free websites that can teach me about auto repair?
how much would it cost to raise my 94 ford ranger?
Found a nail in my car tyre, removed it and now the tyre keeps going flat?
$10 in gas gone after 15 miles, is this a fuel line leak?
Can anyone tell me what might be wrong with my car?
Why does a Head Gasket keep failing?
cost of new solenoid for renault scenic petrol?
Looking to buy a 95 3000gt SL, owner says it starts and dies right away, what are common causes for this?
I have a 2000 Acura el with a blown motor. I can't find the proper engine.?
Do the fuel pump and a fuel injection have anything to do with each other?
How do I stop my truck from burning oil?
My car won't start but it has a brand new battery?
Why does my car shake when going 60 miles per hour?
Greenish oil on the truck engine?
what's checked in a 21 point vehicle inspection?
does anyone know why the outside tread on the front tires of the pre-owned suv's i am looking at are bald?
weres the cheapest place to get my motorbike {honda cb600 hornet} serviced in the midlands.?
Timing belt job or something else?
My car engine is jammed?
Can someone help me name a vehicle part?
what is the most likely reason the heater in my car stopped working.?
rims: HRE P40 VS BBS CH-R?
how do I fix a scratch on a forged rim?
where can i find parts for a 1958 plyomoth custom suburban?
Why is my car hissing underneath the hood?
Wobbly crankshaft drivebelt pulley on a 93 Honda Civic?
My Truck wont start and I have never heard this before...?
what are 10 cars you'd collect and why?
Does anyone know how much it might cost to replace a battery cable (on my car)?
Replacing Ball Joints---help?
anyone know where i can find an option code list for a 1999 chevy 3500 pickup? i want to know what rear axel?
I got white paint on my black car. It doesn't look like it scratched the black underneath.?
car revs higher than usual when accellerating?
How do i clean my engine bay?