What kind of transmission fluid do I need for my 1989 Buick Regal Limited v6 cyl?
where can i find a cheap transmission for my car?
what is the best car battery to purchase?
Battery died after 30 mins?
car , stopped on me , don't know what's wrong?
hou many miles should i do valve ajustment in my the same for both.if i race alot that make a diferen
coolant question please help?
I just took my 2006 Lexus is 250 to the dealership, and they wanted $1500 for 4 new breaks/rotors?
Can battery under back seat of 2005 Buick Lesabre leak hydrochloric gas into passenger compartment ?
Question bout a alternative fix?
what would cause the spidomiter not to work?
How much for a solid car paint job?
How to reset oil service light Chevrolet Impala ?
Can a mechanic/dealer charge for labor seperately on jobs performed simulataneously?
When I brake my truck begins to shake.....what is wrong with my pickup?
How much would a tyre cost for a 1996 fiesta?
My car is going by itself?
are these head lights and tail lights a good brand and do they work well!?
New brake pads and rotors installed have a question?
Small motor efficiency older Briggs or Tecumseh L-head vrs new overhead valve?
1989 Camaro RS?
is there any "how to fix your car" in 3d?
2000 Saturn SL2 Problem?
what kind of engine oil do i use for a car with 175,000 miles?
How many years will a car's A/C system, run before needing recharged?
what happens when you put windshield washing fluid in the radiator instead of coolant?
anyone try diamond gloss wax?? suppose to last a long time??
why do kids bother?
where can i find the radiator fan switch of my honda civic dx 1.5 (1993) send me some picture so that i can do
How much does a Buick front bumper cost?
2004 impala overheats but when i keep driving its cools down what causes this?
What about replacing a water pump on a '98 Chev Malibu? See details.....?
Car vibrate when idle?
Does it really matter what kind of oil filter you use?
Is the throttle positioning sensor in the fuel pump?
What to do if door handle gets loose?
what is "torque" (automotive, car engine.)?
How could a auto parts store tell if a battery has been installed?
Can I drive my car without a thermostat?
05 Silverado Performance Camshaft?
what could cause engine ligt to come on?
My 94 nissan sentra is overheating constantly.?
whats wrong with my 4 wheel drive ?
Can i jump start my truck with the interlock machine in it?
how do i make auto mechanic do his job correctly?
how do u change a distributor in chevy V8 engine?
Knocking/Rubbing coming from underneath passenger side?
where can i find imformation on changing a starter on a mazda mpv mini van?
Is my battery about to go dead? when i turn the ignition my car clicks before it catches and starts up.?
How often should I check the oil levels of my Toyota Corolla?
O2 check engine light, replace,clue less help?
Any ideas what the problem with my Toyota Camry is? The engine light came on but its not a transmission issue.?
Dodge Magnum rattles in the back. What is it?
What's the easiest car to work on?
im buying a dodge charger from a police theres a hole in the roof where the light used to be how do i patch it?
2004 freestar stalls at idle?
hey i have a 87 acura legand and it has a coolant leak and its on the back of the engine?
How can i temporarily and easily make my car not start?
Quick Question: Is this Motor on Ebay the entire motor or just a part of it?
Why are my breaks squealling?
car trouble clipped kerb in the snow?
What is the best engine to put into a car?
I have a quick question about rims?
I flipped my Ford truck 12 times, it caught on fire, leaked some gas, and backfires like crazy....?
i have a chevy lumnia replaced the wire that runs from the starter to ignition now my security light flashes?
coolant leak from underneath the passenger side of my 1992 toyota corolla. where could it be coming from?
Car shakes at stop light?
does adding aspirin to gas tank increase mileage?
Car making sounds after I shut it off...?
where to buy parts for a 1976 Ford Elite?
Why do I have to keep changing my car headlights?
Transmission problem on 98 S-10 pickup?
should i warm up my car for 5minutes every morning??? the car is 3 years old??is it nessary?
Engine oil? Would this damage the engine.?
Why is VW dealer charging over $1300 just to replace coolant reservoir and brake pads?
Weiand 144 blower on mild 350?
Is JEEP an American Car?
With manual transmission,?
what was your first car?
transmission vibration?
I drive a kenworth t600 and has locked sideboxes and i broke the key off inside how do i remove it?
rough idle on exploder?
Small engine rebuild Tecumseh 12hp.?
How do you remove excessive moisure from a car that has been in a flood & constant condensation while driving?
What is the function of the equalizer beams on a leaf spring suspension system?
My brakes squelch ( watery squeal/screech) when braking on an incline or decline - more below?
what kind of primer can be use for a car, will epoxy primer do or zinc chromate primer?
My car cooling system is not holding water?
My car is shaking real bad. The higher the speed, the worse it shakes. Any idea what the problem is?
how much does a nice looking paint job cost for my 2002 tacoma?
I just bought a Spitfire 1500 that hasn't been ran in 20 years...?
I just had several brake lines repaired on my Nissan Pathfinder (1999) The brakes almost go to the floor befor?
how do i know if my car needs an oil change?
Charged Battery and Car wont start?
Replaced the stock muffler for a Flowmaster Super 44 and even added a catalytic adapter for more performance..?
Help! My van broke down.?
Resetting the check engine light?
Engine coolant/windshield washer fluid?
Car key rusted in ignition?
1998 ford taurus fuel pump wireing what does each color mean?
why does my 02 land rover discovery make a grinding noise?
What's wrong with my car? Overheating and losing power.?
Low Idle with A/C on my truck?
good way to break down my car over time?
what parts could make my 1983 el camino faster?
Will this part fit on my truck?
is there a fuse for the 2004 Cherokee master window controls if there is what is it ?
How do I file a complaint with the beuro of automotive repair?
My exhaust has blown where it joins onto the back box, what is the best way to fix this?
How much does it cost to repair a school bus seat?
peugeot 806 dump valve - diesel dump valve?
89 Chevy celebrity dies at stoplight when AC on high?
What is your experience at Wal Mart for oil changes?
Which of the following safety warnings must be followed when handling asbestos dust?
are wheel spacers legal in Ontario Canada?
Where is the low-side service port to refill AC on a 2001 Dodge Ram?
Why do my car's brakes squeal loudly only when I am not using them? The brakes are relatively new.?
What is the best (and quickest) way to remove ice from my car windows?
How to get vomit off of a car window?
How do I remove wax from the seat of my car?
How do I change an oxygen sensor on a 2000 Mountineer?
Vibration when i take off or turn corners?
I need to the how to repair an altanator on a 1989 BMW 325is?
Turn signal indicator lights have random inconsistent voltage?
Cooling system seems full of air/overheating?
is it better to put a 383 or 454 in buick regal for street racing ?
What causes an engine to get the timing off?
car will not start!!!!!!?
How much would it cost to have my car painted?
Where is the fusebox in a 1963 Ford Ranchero?
Check engine light codes?
Why is my car doing this?
f-250 6.0 diesel fuel injection problems?
how to save gas on a low tank?
How come gas prices keeps on going up?
What can be causing my car to over heat and the cap?
Where to change oil on yerf dog go cart?
Service engine soon light?
How do you install a new windshield wiper motor in a 1998 Mercury Villager?
job search in the Ft Stewart GA area ,i'm retried ssg 92nd of engineering ,worked on tanks, m-1's ,armor,
is there a car alarm for a convertable?
What kind of glue works good for body work on a car...I have a piece I need to get to stick in place. Thanks.?
how can i fix my radiator is wasting too much anti freezing?
what makes cylinders go bad?
Can you use Green Slime on a tire with tubes?
How can i get a copy of a key to my car?
Why is my car terrible on gas?
Are Craftsman tools still made in the USA?
who do i contact to find out how often to do an overhead on a freightliner columbia with a detroit engine?
What is the best maintenance schedule for a diesel pick up?
Why are we still Building Internal Combustion Engine Cars?
Black smoke on tail pipe?
grand am exhaust leak check catalytic converter?
what's wrong with my clutch?
New engine or new car? 2006 chevy cobalt?
Heater doesn't work. Not blowing any air at all!? '94 F150?
how do i get my parking brake to release manually because my release lever is gone/broken?
What do I need to do with the gas tank if it's been sitting for five years?
what the best way to make my tires shine?
Where i can find good quality Roadside products.?
ford transit wont do over 20 mph?
04'Chevy Colorado Manual?
vauxhall astra auto health check?
Is there a way to make my normal car alternator into a high output alternator?
Can i interchange a 70 R tire with a 75 R tire?
At how many RPM does a transmission change gears?
My car just clicks when I try to start it is it my alternator?
I lost my car key?
I have a 2002 Grand Cherokee Limited I bought used half a year ago. It's been running fine up until earlier to?
What are some possible reasons an engine is smoking?
Will the people at the petrol pumps help me check the tyre pressure of my car?
Why won't my car start?
why does my 55 plate zafira only blow heated air through the dash vents and no where else ie on the screen or?
Anyone know about Acura Integra Transmission Problems?
Where is the AC compressor located in my 2006 nissan sentra?
my car started shaking then it died?
Truck Repair/2001 Dodge 5.9 L V8 Truck won't idle / hard to start?
i have 1992 toyota camry and it is idling high how do i adjust the idle lower?
How can one keep mice, etc. from making a nest under the hood of a vehicle?
How do I find the correct Motor Oil for a 1993 Chevy Blazer ?
is this a good way to determine how fast a car is?
Nitrous oxide (nos)???
can you put a tire from a 17" rim on a 16" rim?
Kawasaki Engine smokes out of valves and smells like burning.?
should i paint my monte carlo?
Does using smaller than required tire size increase fuel consumption?
whats the best solvent to remove factory coating from new brake discs prior to fitting to car?
Vehicle is hesitating on acceleration?
How can you restore a California Black Plate?
I have a 97 GMC C-1500 with a tranny problem and need help.?
reset oil change light 2003 alero?
how tight should the oilpan bolts be on my dodge van?
What is causing my battery not to charge?
Is it difficult to repair a blown head?
How do you find an honest car mechanic?
How do I replace the WINDSHEILD WASHER FLUID RESERVOIR on a 2000 Chevy Cavalier?
How much would it cost to convert my car to run on vegetable oil/bio Diesel?
My 89 jeep cherokee has troubles, it will crank for like 5 full seconds untill it starts?
why is Petrol (Gas) $2 a gallon in USA while rest of world pay $6.50?
New rotors on my car?
why wont my car go over 2000 rpms?
how do you take the oil pan off the motor of 1996 olds aurora?
86 chevy k10 transmission is not doing anythin when in drive or reverse?
how many catalytic conerters does an 04 jeep liberty have?
does anyone have a 2007 chevy HHR with a shimmer?
why is it harder to pump the back side of my ripstik?
Who do I complain to about a auto repair company?
What in mean by open loop & close loop?
Can you flood a fuel injected vehicle?
do i NEED a new gasket?
If I upgrade to better spark plugs do I need different coils too?
How long does it take to get an alternator replaced with a new one at some auto service - Pepboys or Midas?
how to connect wire to 1966 corvette starter?
Toyota Tacoma Lift Kit?
What do you think is wrong with my car?
How do I tell if my brake discs are worn?
Need the name of a car part, in ignition cylinder?
91accord dx 5spd.has no power.makes popping sound in carburator when gas is pressed. help b4 goes to machanic?
What is my gear shifter saying I'm in the wrong gear?
Car wont turn over on very cold mornings, why?
i need a mechanics help?
mazdamx6 ls is going into gear stalls on me goin into 3rd unless i hit the gas can i f?
How much does it cost to remove a broken key from the ignition? (1991 toyota celica)?
Why won't my car start?
How much does it cost to repair a dent in a 2006 Monte Carlo door?
Alternator for a 1995 Saturn?
why does my 95 ford escort makes a high pitched noise whenever i start the car?
Changed radiator, unplugged battery, car won't start after reconnection, possibly the car alarm?
How much would it cost to switch to a manual transmission for a 2004 or 2005 Honda Civic EX coupe?
On average, how much does it cost to paint a car?
susuki forenza 2005 if I remove AC?
where can I buy a maintence manual for a class b trail-lite rv. 2004 chev.?
does anybody own a lincoln mark8 its a 93?
What is the rubber inflatable thing inside a tire called?
at how many miles should i change my camshaft?
Why does a dodge Durango do when it needs a water pump?
What does 1.375 equal to?
Is my car still ok to drive with bad rear struts?
How do I adjust the clutch pedal on an '88 Jeep Wrangler?
Would it be wise to remove the deflector underneath my car?
does anyone know how to work on a 89 grande prix?
My car will start but as soon as I start moving it dies, what is wrong?
I am trying to find a car repairmen that can fix the tranmission on my '94" Honda Accord LX for under $600.00
Why arent my wipers working??
2000 automatic jetta wont start!!!?
How can I improve my gas mileage?
how car deferential works?
Why won't my speedometer move while I'm driving?
Loud exhaust. Rusted out exhaust connection. What should i do?
chevy small block spark plug wires and distributor?
Is there a grace period for doing scheduled maintenance on your car?
where does the crankcase breather hose go?
Need to know the proper way to fill and check transmission fluid?
How should I replace the side mirror on my 97 accord?
i have a corsa 1.2 could any 1 tell me how to change the head gasket thanks?
how do prepare an aluminum diamond treadplate toolbox to paint it gloss black?
1968 chevelle engine?
If you plug a tire?
Has the mechanic ripped me off?
boiling sound in engine?
I have a 2002 impala. My research show that the Body Control Module is going bad? Does anyone have any input
Why wont my car start? Starter not engaging (1988 Chevy Beretta 2.0L automatic)?
remote starter does not work?
What is the transmisson fluid capacity on a 1999 hyundai sonata. V6 with air conditoning?
Just had my radiator replaced, water pump needs to be replaced now. Is this common, or a mechanical mistake?
How can I remove a really tight bolt?
is my explorer still safe to drive even though my intermediate band is snapped?
car won't crank over?
tune up on cars?
How long should I keep my m/c battery charging during initializing?
Help me diagnose my car problem?
Does flooring the gas pedal harm your car?
How To Tell If A Liquid Is Petrol?
Did the 1986 Nissan 720 Datsun make a Z24 model?
My gf drove into a kerb (40mph)? No obvious damage?
Brakes replaced today, but not working right. What do I do?
Brass knuckle shifter????!!!!!?
need a name for battery brand we are going to manufacture?
where do i put transmission fluid in a 96 jetta engine?
wat happens if the RPM was raised passing the red line but thats only for seconds?does that damage the engine?
97 Corolla - No Start Issue?
how do I change a fuse on 2004 vw jetta?
HELP: Will my Body Filler Crack, Burn or Crumble? Engine Bay?
When does a cambelt need changing?
how to change the exhaust electric system in audi Q7?
i accidently hooked the battery up backwards what could i have damage and where should i start with?
What happens when my car runs out of engine coolant?
hard to repair?
Can gasoline stored for two months be used in a car?
What type of abrasives to body shops use?
is a 3/4"x5"x12.5" external tranny cooler enough to bypass radiator?
Can shifting down harm my car?
Wheel Bearing- can i drive my car still?
how often should I get the cambelt changed on my mazda 3 petrol car?
car interior cleaning and repair?
how do i reset the brake light sensor on 2000 BMW 740iL after pad sensor replacement?
I took my truck to an oil change place and they recommended a power steering flush. Do I really need this?
what do Meguiar's products smell like?
I have just been quoted by a garage for £540 to replace my timing belt, is this O.T.T?
MPG of a 2000 Toyota Corolla CE?
How much does an ABS scan cost?
How often do I need my transmission fluid flushed and refilled, radiator flushed, and tune up?
I replaced the serpentine belt on my 1992 k2500 now the tensioner seems to tight?
steering wheel vibrations?
How do i tell if my wheel bearings are going out?
Should I drive my car like this?
will mustard in a gas tank hurt the car?
Why does the abs light come on when I pull out?
What size speakers does a 1996 nissan sentra gxe have?
How can i get more horsepower from a Jeep Wrangler 2.5L If I lift 4' of the ground?
How do i check if my manual transmition is with syncros or without?
Issue with electrics Seat Leon 1.4L 2001 Petrol?
Have a '91 Ford Ranger 2.3L when driving tach. falls to 0, it doesn't run right, what's wrong.?
How long will an oil change and tire rotation take at a dealership?
Does a bad o2 sensor cause bad gas milage?
How do I install a Cold Air intake for a 1996 3.8 V6 Mustang?
(Dodge Trucks) location of fuse for alternate power source in dash.?
wiring diagram 85 gmc pickup brake lights wont work?
any GM certified mechanics?
Honda or Toyota, for reliable engine?
How much does it cost for a mechanic to install 4 new tires?
what happens if your driving and a cam belt goes in a vauxhall vectra?
2001 Lexus IS-300- CD player jammed?
Should I junk it?
Good site for '90 Maxima transmission?
Everytime i stop my front brakes sqeak and i hear a ruff sound in the front of my car.what could that sound b?
my transit van wont start, help!!?
kia optima differential cost?
ABS light goes off only after 2nd start of ignition.?
I am about to start working on my first project car?
Are dodges really pieces of crap? 2000 Dodge Durango?
what would cause the carborater to spit gas back and how do i fix it?
What should i regularly check on my car?
To anybody thats been a car tuner or auto body painter?
Is high mileage oil better than conventional oil for a high mileage car?
How much for a 3 Inch body lift cost + installation on a Dodge Dakota?
My transmisson delays to go in to gear. I have taken it the dealer and amaco no Joy.?
MAF Sensor Problem --Please help----?
Can a cigarette burn a hole in a leather car seat?
i have milk in my gas tank?
hi, our pugeot 306 turbo diesel always starts on the second key turn when on a slope?
How do I remove the door panel on a 2000 honda civic 4 door vp?
What brakes would you recommend for a Mitsubishi Eclipse 2000?
what makes the front brakes pulsate when you step on them?
Am I loading this 6V battery wrong in my lantern? It won't work?
How can i reduce gas on my z71?
How to take the inside door panel off to reach window regulator on 1998 Honda Civic LX?
95 neon jerking and stallin problem?
I need to download a free diagram of my car's water pump so that I can replace it myself. Any suggestions?
how do i get car oil off my cement drive way?
Why does my 2005 Nissan Sentra hesitate?
01 Malibu 3.1L looses power and overheats why?
how much would it be for labor on changing an alternator?
How can I change the temperature in my VW Beetle from celsius to farenheit I haev no manual?
Can I charge my car's battery just by leaving the engine on for few minutes.What does "rev the engine"mean?
what 2stroke oil should i put in my yamaha blaster?
Where is the sensor bank 1 sensor 1 on a escape?
Would a 91 Hilux be able to power 1x 72w LED light bar and 2x 27w LED floods whilst driving?
what is it called?1?
how to make a hole in a gas tank in a car?
Can i sue my mechanic for selling my car with out permission?
where are the oxygen sensors located?
My remote wont turn my alarm on, why?
A question about my muffler on my truck?
How can I make my 2008 Nissan Altima 2.5 accelerate quicker?
i need a mirror bracket to mount my driverside mirror back on, cant find one anywhere, any suggestions?
How do i change my gear knob on my Alto?
Why wont my 98' ranger shift right?
car with starting issues?
i don't have a sticker inside my door so how to i find the proper psi for my tires?
i have a 2004 chrisler pacifica engine ligth is on help any one?
Is there anyone whose job is finding sounds that arent suppose to be in your car?
How do I unblock my toilet without a plunger?
if i remove car battery,will i have any problems?
why won't my car shift at all anymore.?
Can somebody decode casting number and identify engine?
Where could I find leather by the roll or yard? I am trying to customize my car's interior.?
What can you do if someone puts something in your fuel tank to ruin your engine?
need to get gas smell out of car?
Which diesel engine gets better fuel economy?
NP205 twin stick shifter?
What steps should I take in restoring my 1972 Plymouth Satellite?
Brake light was on while driving? Help?
what best 5thwheel or motorhome?
Carburator problem?
In a mad moment, I stuck stickers on my car. Now I want to get them off. Big question is, how???
i hooked up a battery wrong in my car and i replaced the main fuse under the hood and now the car wont stay?
a question for everyone who drives?
what are the id #s on the ford T18 transmissions bellhousing that tells if it is for the 157 tooth flywheel?
how do you find a distributor bypass on a 1995 GMC jimmy?
how to test alternator with motomaster battery charger 11-1586-4?
Screechy noise from engine?(with video) Please Help!!?
08, 150cc moped won't start/ has new carb?
Why won't my valet key start my 2004 Honda Civic?
i have white smoke comming out of my tail pipe?
Why wont my car start??????
Old car radio system to new system?
Impala 2001 spark plug wires numbering on engine.?
Why does my car shift like this?
How to store my F250 power stroke?
Why does my ford cd changer skip all the time?
Has anybody ever changed the timing belt on a 1998 LIncoln Continetal, 4.6 motor?
i had asked for plug gap 87 Nisan Pu Th dual plug system ,i am in the Caribbean , no books down here PS help?
best quiet muffler for a 1998 Toyota 4runner?
Why does my car need an oil refill after 4 mths of ownership? Its brand new..?
I hired a female mechanic and my business is suffering from lack of work. Although she is a very good mechani?
Is it illegal to have your truck tailgate down?
Why won't my car start?
My car is overheating, I thought it was my fan but my radiator was stone cold?
how do i dry out auto carpet in a flooded car?
I swallowed my car alarm remote. Do I have to punch myself in the stomach everytime I use it now??
can 255/30/22 inch tires fit on 9.5 inch wide rims?
Which one is the a/c fuse in a 2005 Ford f-150?
Car brakes are tight, not stuck, and car shimmies in front?
I just repaired my rear axel on my 99 ford e 150 with new parts and it wines at 45mph.?
got tboned..can my car be repaired?
will a 2001 sunfire trans. fit my 2000 calavier 2.2 motor?
How expensive are electric windows to fix on a 97 Firebird?
car problems?
It is possible to start a motor and stop using one push button, how?
can i replace non heated mirrors with heated ones on my car?
Too much transmission fluid question.?
most of my dashboard lights don't work?
I own a toyota camry 1987, in need of repair, my Q is would you spend £1400 to repair it?
what is wrong with my car if the steering wheel jiggles side to side slightly while I'm driving?
How do I fix little nix in my windshield?
Why won't my 2002 MR2 Spyder start?
my car idles less than 800rmp when cold?
Why won't my friend's car shift into gear?
Drove car over 1ft of standing water at night in the rain. Car still runs, but what should I do now?
To all who answer questions in cars and transportation?
were is the water termostat on misubishi galant motor3.ol?
where is the dome light fuse at on a 1992 acura vigor?
2003 Dodge Grand Caravan, at times it double shifts when starting off. Never does it dealer repair. HELP!!!!?
Is it possible to unloosen the clutch valve on a vehicle and have it drain all the clutch fluid out ?
What type of fluid do I need to use in the front and rear differential in a 2000 ford ranger?
How do i fix my brakes?
What size cover do i need for a 2012 3 door vaxhall corsa?
how to repair my 97 ford explorer foot brake?
Can I put a 1970's 413 into a 1980's Dodge truck?
Has anyone ever heard of "rail dust" regarding denial of a claim for damage to an auto?
Why can't I get my go kart to stay running?
where can i get an owners manual for a 110 cc "Cougar" four wheeler?
wiring diagram for 87 camaro carberated?
My car shakes violently?
if i run out of gas do i use my fuel cut off switch?
Fixing rear view mirror to car windscreen - what glue ?
what happens when ceramic steel knife sharpener breaks?
What would cause my car to kill after ten minutes of driving?
what is the best way to bypass in alarm on a 99 chevy blazer from the factory?
Car lovers... What's wrong with my car?
Is there any chemical available (Waterkiller)in market to neutralize moisture in refrigeration system?
Heat not working in my 2002 Jeep Liberty Sport?
1994 Jetta 2.0/Auto Oil Pressure Sensor and Stalling?
how to fix wire under seat of the honda accord 1997?
What vintage pickup gets the best MPG?
I am looking for a wiring diagram for a Viper Auto Alarm, I think I need the company home page?
Why isn't my MIG welder working?
how can i find out if my truck is leaking transmission or break fluid?
the roads are full with digs!!! does this effects on my car? what is this effect?
SOmebody please help me with using my wire harness for my reciever.?
95 for ranger wont start??? help!!!!?
What kind of air goes in tires?
My 99 Mercedes s320 wobbles at the rear when I accelerate any clue what it might be?
How do you know when your car needs brake fluid?
How to replace catalytic converter cheaper?
Car does not have a tension pulley how do i change the belt?
HURRICANE GENERATOR HELP! Va coast need help Now please : (?
i just got an oil change from jiffy lube on a 2002 Mazda Tribute, why was it $61?
what does it mean when u have alot of white smoke coming out of your muffler?
how do you remove a shift knob on a ford mustang 5.0 automatic 1992?
what causes the water to spill out from the ant-fr container(empty)?
how can i boost my horsepower in my car?
if the cam chain on an 01 cbr 600 f4i breaks do the valves get messed up? does your engine blow?
Motor oil all over my spark plugs is this normal or a bad thing?
What is a streeing boot rack for? How important is it? How much should one cost?
How do you know you have a posi traction rear end?
whats the best thing to get some spoked hub caps from a 1987 buick park ave cleanes and shining again and rust?
when to change car parts?
How do you remove an oil filter if you crushed it while taking it off with an oil filter wrench?
how would you know when your fuel filter goes bad?
On average how much does it cost to get brake lines replaced?
My car is smoking from over heating?
My Check engine light is on I just,bought the car?
Dodge Ram 1500, ABS/Brake light on, truck stalls out, spedo no worky?
why does my brake and my (abs) light come on sometimes when im driving 93 potiac grand am v6 3300?
I just failed my GA emissions test.What does diagnostic code P0172 on a VW Jetta mean?
the legalminimum depth for the car tyre are?
Removing scratches from car.?
Will my winter tires fits on my new car?
My car (2002 Mitsubishi Galant) is making a strange grating noise while driving and...?
OK, What is a post code for England? I don't care where its located I just want one.. Thanks?
i,m diesel mechanic and seeking ajob in usa can any body help me?
My ABS light on my '94 Geo Prizm stays on and slips sometimes under 20mph?
what is the best glue to use for hard plastics?
i was driving my car when suddenly there was a smell orotten eggs?
hi , Im in London ( wood green n22 ) I lost my keys to my car and i have to break into it somehow?
what is the ford motor company uk technical help line phone number?
Need exact location of coolant sensor and fan temperature sensor 1992 Toyota Corolla 4AFE engine?
rear transmission seal?
TH350 shifting problems?
where can I find a pic of a 2001 king quad carburetor?
I have a see through fuel filter, and it's half way full. Is this bad?
How much would it cost to trucking a single wide 12x60 mobile home already on wheels 150miles and drop off ?
¿What happens if a car with an automatic transmission is pulled by another car?
Whats wrong with my car?
Does a head gasket have to be replaced if you take it off after installing it?
Remote for my truck doors?
My mom smoked in my car, how do i get the smell out, and how do i get her to stop?
Hi How do I find the fuel hose or tube connections to the EVAP system components on a Plymouth neon 2001?
are u sure the engine block out of a 2000 cherokee will work in a 1998 grand cherokee?
My car will not start?
Is it the battery or the alternator???
How do i remove the streaks from my windshield?
what happens when a motor mount is not repaired?
How do you re-align a bumper on a 99-02 c-1500 pick up?
My MUFFLER FELL OFF! Beyond noise problems, will the lack of a muffler damage my Honda Civic?!?
why do the brakes on my car squeek and squeel since I had the pads changed?
Is the dealership responsible for this damage?
power mirrors dont work, is it a fuse problem?
i need a back panel to cover the back of a 1955 crown victoria seat?
Please help!! I need to take out the car battery (I dont know anything about cars)!!?
I had the head gaskett replaced a few days ago?
How to convert Dual rear wheels to single rear wheels on Chevy K3500?
What is an ECM on Chevy Trailblazer?
When I try to start my car, I hear rapid clicking sounds, but the radio works?
Low-lying Supercharger intake manifolds exist?
How did checking the oil for a woman in her car become a mans job?
Why does the fan on my ford focus deisel stay on after the engine is switched off?
i have a 43cc pocket bike that wont run right?
what is the part called that hold your car door closed, it looks like a claw.?
what will happen when the oil runs out?
do i have to adjust my speedo if i put bigger rims and tyres on my car?
i was driving and my AIR CONDITONER suddenlly stop blowing cold air,what could it be?
Replace the Air Filter on a '92 Pontiac Sunbird?
Can transmission problems leave a car disabled?
im having a problem with no brake peddle?
Is cheap petrol bad for your car?
My explorer is leaking antifreeze and idk where from?
I'm getting a 2.5 daystar leveling kit for my 2002 2 wheel drive dodge ram, a few questions?
my temp gauge dosnt work in my 07 dodge tuck?
I have a 93 cavaliar that wont start with almost new battery, alternator and starter yet still not starting, w?
My brake lights don't work. Any suggestions?
why does my trunk lock 2 seconds after unlocking it?
Could it be a bad alternator?
how many ho would n.o.s octane boosters add?
My straighter won't get hot . How an ii fix it ?
car altenator test-simple driveway test?
Do you konow where the gas filter is located in a 1996 VW Golf III?
What is causing oil to leak onto my 2001 Impala 3800 exhaust manifold?
Does dual exhaust make your truck louder?
Do 94 Camry headlights fit the 96 model headlights?
Anyone know how to fix a 1995 Fiat CinqueCento parking brake? UK MOT Question?
why do guys dont think a girl can work on cars?
What is wrong with my vehicle?
What is wrong with my transmission?
My moms front right tire is bald and showing wire?
i use 91 octane gas for my honda civic 1995. what impact will be on engine if i start using 87 octane?
Strange electrical problem?
Which Motor Oil Is Best in Winter?
will it help to put rubbing alcohol in a transmission to keep it from slipping?
I bought a new Ferrari, but I can't drive it because somebody put garbage cans in front of and behind it...
Breaker bar vs cordless impact wrench?
Why does my Trac Off light and ABS light come on?
Jumping A car? My battery died and I have a battery charger..?
Info on training for auto collosion estimating?
Can anyone give me an estimate on repairing a 2003 Volkswagen Beetle?
where can I buy polyester or fiberglass resin in Canada? ?
MY 2000 CADILLAC DEVILLE wont start!!!?
My whole car quivers when I speed up. And does the same when I slow down. What is the problem.?
My car engine is starting to sound rough what could the cause of it?
does anyone know any tricks for passing air care in BC?
Driving with a bad carburetor?
Service light troubleshoot?
What do i do next after a friend puts tranny fluid where engine oil goes?
After going to a mechanic tomorrow, will i be all good?
How to put serpentine back 07 cadillac sts?
What springs and shocks should I get for 2000 SS Camaro?
why is it dangerous to leave a car engine running when the car is in a closed garage?
would a damaged wastegate stop a turbo working right.?
Car won't start, doesn't even click. Battery dead?
where do I find parts to the mechanism of the folding back seats of my 2001 Nissan Frontier?
What could happen if my fan belt breaks?
Which of the following is not a suspension component?
My car shakes when driving fast.. Whats wrong?
I have a squeaky belt. Can I replace this myself?
what is the difference between hp and bhp?
How do I remove spray paint from my car windshield?
why is the water linking from my radiator?
Turning on an engine in third gear?
Why is my car making a "popping" noise??
what is the fuse and relay diagram for 1988 silverado 1500?
Power steering help please??!!!!?
Purpose of a return spring in the car?
I need to replace the shrader valve core on the high side on my 1997 Chevy suburban. Where can I get tool ?
Could it be something other than a head gasket?
I accidentally my car, what do I do?
Shocks for Dodge Ram 3500 van?
Sudden Oil Change...?
Does replacing ball joints cause car to be misaligned?
Fuel cut out switch?position?
I'm trying to change the wheel on my car but the bolts are on really tight. has anybody got any tips?
how do you get auto body work fixed right when the shop is not willing to fix it right.they left dents in door
i reset my check engin light and it still comes on?
Head Gasket Problems?
Why does my car radio work, but the clock or station light doesnt. sometimes it will briefly.?
i cant get my corsa in first second gear and hard to get in reverse?
Why is my engine smoking with a liquid all over it?
Does a flywheel keep your car from starting?
Why do you press harder on a remote control when you know the battery is dead?
How much does it cost to install Power Windows?
How do you get nail polish stains removed from a car dash board?
A few weeks ago a friend had her car vandalized. What would cause her engine to malfunction?
2006 chevrolet equinox?
what to do about sticky brake calipers on plymoth voyager van?
I have a 82 sedan deville i just put a tune up on it n it wont stay running unless i keep my foot on the gas?
i have a holiday emergency, can anyone help?
Car engine not starting?
engine is getting no spark in a 1990 VW golf?
swift and opel coarsa car tyres?
Does anyone know if oil leaking in your motor is something hard to get fixed?
What should your Oil Pressure (PSI) be when Idling?
How much is the average cost to repaint a car with fair paint?
scraping noise under car?
Could a catalytic converter cause a 673 pt. over the max. of 250 hc (ppm) of a Ca. smog check?
MY mig welder doesn't even attempt to feed the wire yet all is properly wired and connected, why?
i need help adjusting the carburetor on my 1989 Kawasaki Bayou 300 4x4?
Clutch repairs - Should the clutch Cable be done at the same time?
Is it bad for the car engine to use cheap gas?
would oil in your spark plug hole keep it from starting?or shut the car off?
what do you drive?
What is the most likely solution to my problem?
does a person have to replace their entire engine if their belt breaks???
Painting Car Questions?
Need help lifting my car due to bad back pain Help?
Repainting a Corvette?
Is it really necessary to change your cars oil every 3000 miles?
How to correctly adjust pressure gauge on gun? Autobody?
I recently replaced my alternator and battery in my 99 grand am, but car still wont hold a charge.?
how do I remove a bumpersticker from a chrome bumper?
Cost of Volvo XC70 differential replacement/repair?
my bumper cover was damaged in an accident, but the mechanic i took it to says i need a whole new bumper which?
Why do my tire shake ?
my car heater does not work but the temp guage remains at normal, I am losing some water too.?
2002 Mitsubishi Lancer Won't Go In Gear?
why is there oil in my water container for the cooling system on my vauxhall astra 1.7dti w reg?
hid lights not working?
will a 6 bolt front pump in a turbo 400 transmission fir it the 8 bolt case?
Electrical problem with 2000 Buick LeSabre.?
What's causes an airbag light to stay on?
i have a 40 gallon tank of gas in my vehicle,my vehicle does 8 miles to the gallon how many miles can I go.?
What does "Traction Off" signal mean?
how do u check/add transmission fluid to a '96 bmw 318is?
How many gallon of gas does my car hold ?
i just bought a 94 toyota camry theres no smoke anywhere but my tail pipe drains antifreeze any ideas?
How i check oil pressure?
what is wrong with my car?
02 Mazda Protege5 problem?
What is the largest tire I can put on a 2004 Jeep Rubicon without modifications? It came with 245/75/16's.
Question about '02 Jeep Liberty automatic transmission issues?
where does a person dispose of old tires in waco area of texas leagelly?
Car Show At Evesham. 2011 UK ?
I have car problems pontiac?
speed camera flashed me in a 60mph zone doing 140kmh (in uk) what is fine for this?
plugged cat converter?
I have had my Auto AC evaporator, compresser, orifice tube and sensor replaced. The air is running cold.?
What is the best possible battery to use to power my car, optima, diehard, etc?
Where Can I Go To Get Car Performance Parts Installed?
Rear main seal?
Car question, help please?
How much is it to replace front and rear breaks on Oldsmobile Intrique 1999? Thanks so much?
2001 mercury sable drivers side door mirror?
How to clean a Throttle Body?
Van overheating while driving, goes down while at idle?
How do I remove old registration from windshield?
Why is my truck battery draining?
How to remove deep scratches from cars?
where can i find a template for measuring trailer hubs?
What is the brightest filament that can be put into an '01 Sebring's headlamps?
ford capri diff identification?
What MPG does the Volvo Model C70 Turbo convertible get?
Squeaking and rattling noise 2002 Honda accord coupe?
what can I do to my 06 4 runner right now so it wont start with the car key?
Which Car Is Better??????
where to buy xxr wheels online ?
Are the 1997-2004 buick regals pretty good cars?
I have water dripping under my glove compartment...Jeep Grand it safe to drive long distance?
Car shakes when idle and during acceleration?
My Steering Wheel is crooked?
i got a 2004 dodge stratus and when i try to turn it on it sounds like a machine gun?
Car-Coolant over flow cap boiled over help?
What is the estimated cost for a fuel injection cleaning for a 03 cadillac seville SLS?
how to do a brake job on a 85 chevy pick up?
Stupid Car Question?
whats wrong with my car if?
My car bogs down when i go to pull off?
how do i hook up a auto start arlam?
What could be wrong with my speedometer?
thank you all you've been a great help i'm a novice at this type of thing?
what happens to your car when you drive with the emergency brakes?
gmc truck passenger air filters location for 1999 GMC?
how do i replace the back drivers side control arm on a2002 dodge stratus?
please help. im female and have a problem with my car and no nothing about them?
How much should an average Wheel Alignment Cost?
what do you think?
Kia is denying that my transmission is faulty. How do I fight this?
I have a 2000 mazda protege the A/C fan only sometimes work. Any one know how I can fix this ?
Too much oil in my car?
how long will my troy built 5550 watt generator go on a full tank of gas?
vin nummber ,where was car assembled?
Brake light wont work. on only one side?
Vauxhall Astra 2.0 DTI 2002- engine cutting out?
car problem?
Cetripetal Clutches Loose On An Engine Normal?
how to tell if my rx-8 has been taken care of properly?
change out a th350 for a 700r4?
what the hell is wrong with my truck?!?!? im at a loss?
Need a deal on lots of tires? (like 20 or so)?
Gas going to carb hav spark at plug was loosing power now not starting?
is it worth it to get my car fixed at an official honda dealership? or do the ordinary car shops good enough?
What is a differential setting on a thermostat and what does it do?
what is the cheapest and easiest way to replace lost car keys for a 1996 jeep cherokee sport?
What ring and pinions sets are made in the U.S. and what lift kits are made in the U.S?
what size tires can I upgrade my 1969 Oldsmobile Cutlass to? It CUrrent has 21575r14?
Clutch work just done; pedal has little resistance?
What is the proper procedure for adjusting SB Chevy valves. 1981 C10 2WD 305 ci. 4bbl.?
Problem with Air in brake system?
Battery draining too fast?
Can you get tires in any other colors?
how many gallons of paint to pant my car?
What type of oil to use for my camaro?
If a store is open 24/7, why do they have locks on the doors?
Loud screeching noise when I accelerate in 1st, 2nd & 3rd gear, any ideas for a quick fix?
Oil Leak, Engine won't start.?
Car shut off while driving?
How to change from a f1c1 to a f4c4 transmission?
can a car dealer sell you a car with only 50% of the brakes left?
What is wrong with my brakes?
My car ONLY overheats when I use the A/C and stops as soon as I turn it off.. HELP!?
Why does a car engine miss?
Transmission problem on 98 S-10 pickup?
In a car, how do you fit a resistor into a blower motor? Solder it or does it plug in like a fuse?
my car wont start up?
Can my hyundia pass state inspection with the airbag light on?
If my car gets low mpg is there something wrong or under warranty?I have a 2010 mazda 3 and get 20 mpg?
Can I sue auto repair shop?
how do I retard (slow down) the idle on a 4cyl 89 suzuki sidekick?
my car gets hot ONLY when i stuck on traffic.. what can be the problem?
How much air should I put in my tires?
My husband's car battery is dead :(?
what do you think of a girl fixing cars?
Timing belt question on my jetta.?
No air from windscreen vents?
How do i pull up diagnostic trouble codes on a 2006 lincoln navigator?
What is wrong with my car?
F150 to F250 front suspension swap?
I need some answers on why my dad only checks the oil and coolant in my moms car for her and not my truck?
Where is the auto-transmission, 4WD, dip stick?
If you steer your car wheel when the car is too close to a curb does it damage anything?
If a car was being driven with only water in the cooling system, how long would it take to overheat?
car performance module electrical help. which wire is positive?
He Wont Give My Car Back!!?
wich one would win???
I have a V Reg (2000) Renault Clio - at 75mph the steering wheel vibrates badly. Why is this and is it fixable
Want to start my own autobody shop need a start up kit list?
Approximately how much will it cost me to get the driver's side door put back onto a 1993 Ford Mustang?
How to keep mice out of my vans engine?
1989 Ford Ranger quit on me as I was driving. Like gets no gas. Fuel pump works, fuel flter new. Whats wrong?
Turning rotors...again!?!?
my jeep is making a drill like sound when i start it what is wrong with it and how much will it cost?
Engine knock/tap/tick?
do black fords trucks have posi?
How do i remove dog hair in my car?
How will it cost to repair the muffler?
Is it worth repairing if there's a chip in my windscreen?
Which car out of these three looks best in your opinion?
How can I learn how to fix cars? I'm starting from square one. More willing to spend time than money...?
Locked keys in car. Suggestions?
How do I check fuses without a fuse panel or owners manual ?
what does a 21 point vehicle inspection consist of?
1997 Pontiac Sunfire door wont latch.?
battery light comes on when rpm's are high.?
when u hold a stearing wheel in a car do u hold it at 10 n 2 or 9 n 3 or wat?
Should I keep Driving my car?
how do I change a tire on a honda passport?
How can I pimp out my orange '75 Gremlin to make it more of a chick magnet?
what's wrong with my ford taurus?
Please help need to know how much and if there's a place that can do this?
I have a 1996 Chevy Silverado with a 179000 miles, my service engine light blinked about 5 times then on4good?
fuel guage stays on full all time, replaced fuel pump assembly, no fuses blown?
Same engine capacity, more horsepower?
how long can u work 4 contract labor in oklahoma?
parking brake went out not sure if it will affect the braking system?
how do i identify chrome wheel brand with no marking on wheel? I need center caps for them.?
Where do you have to go to get the batteries changed in your car's keyless entry remote?
Can I scrap an automotive condenser?
What would putting a K&N cold air intake on my truck do?
Homemade cold air intake?
lawnmower engine is smoking after it warms up, what causes this?
my car was tuned to a specific setting and i need help switching it back?
i think the starter solenoid is out on my car?
Can you spray your car engine with water?
if i take my cell battery out wen my cell got soaked will it work again wen it is dry?
How do you get puke off of a car seats? (The seat is not leather)?
Is it ok to wet a 24cc gas powered tanaka engine with a hose?
Why is it I fly through tires on my car?
How much does a mecahnic with his own shop make a year?
What is a Tune-up!??
I lost my car key?
Is there a carburetor in every car today?(2012)?
i have a 1998 1500 chevy silv it has trouble starting up?
When I step on my brakes suddenly, feels like the car is going to die. Why?
Car low on water but no leak found?
what is best cleaner for auto vinly top?
i triggered mt anti theft system on my 2002 ford f150 how do i get it to start without a remote?
i have a hyundai excel that at times the motor wont go over 2000 revs.?
what gasoline or additive must I use with my grandmothers 1964 Chriysler New Yorker...413/350 engine?
Shop replaced catylic converter and car wont stay running?
HOW much is a radiator for a nissan maxima 98?my car gets funny at20mphandthe tran.flu. is overful suddenly?
Why do I smell fuel when I turn on the heater in my car?
My 2001 celica stalls after I refuel but runs great every other time, why?!?
I have a 2002 jeep liberty that makes a banging noise when accelerating?
Car backlights(tail, brake....) sometimes dont work, then I restart, and they work, why?
I've broken my positive battery terminal any easy way to fix it?
2006 f250, where is the # 4 cylinder?
I need car help please.?
The engine light in my jeep is on..?
do I have a bad starter or battery?
What causes a car to tick real loud. we got a oil change and its still ticking real bad and loud. Thanks?
My windscreen wipers are not cleaning my windscreen?
I think my car might need a big brake job, and my lease ends in less than a month. Should I forgo it?
I drive a 1990 f-150 with a straight six in it, and I did the math yesterday and i'm getting 4.5 mpg, help?
What kills mold in a car's airconditioning system. I really don't want to take it apart.?
I was driving this morning for 30 minutes and my heater never ran warm.?
which tyre brand is best for on and offroading...?
How do I get chipmunk's out of my car engine?
Check Engine Light On and Car dying, but mechanic said OKAY?
where is the water pump on a 1994 honda civic 1.5L 16 valve engine.?
What's wrong with my car?!?
Is Castrol 10-30 oil good for a 2000 Saturn SL?
My Flat Tire light came on in my car but my tires look fine...what could this be?
When you get new tires put on wheels do all wheels need to have weights on them if balanced?
Car over heating help !!!?
Car won't start. I'll try to make it as brief as possible.?
Whats that noise?
Car trouble might be transmission.?
How much should I spend on a Clutch Replacement for a 1997 Toyota T100 Standard Transmission?
I have a 1991 honda accord it has about 187000 miles what type of oil should i use on the car?
Why does my 01 Ford Ranger accelerate slowly?
1984 cadillac?
Why does my car steer to the left when I take my hands off the wheel when moving?
Unscrew screwed up screws. Aiyyeee!?
buzzing from my plymouth neon 1996 when starting car and not turning over and cranking over?
Does refilling your gastank at the halfway point give you better gas mileage and better for your engine?
What's the best cold air intake for an 05 Scion tC? top choices are K&N or Injen?
Bad battery or alternator?
i need to change the ignition in my toyota camry and can't find any diagrams on how any ideas?
how do i fix a blinker that blinks really fast?
how do you get the smell of cigarets out of a car?
My 1976 ford f150 has started to lose power when accelerating from a dead stop and shakes until I speed up?
Why wont my car start?
Car Engine temperature guage going beyond halfway?
why is my samurai bogging when under load but can rev fine when in nutral or park ? i have changed egr valve a?
I have 98 Isuzu trooper v-6 3.5L. Limited slip differentral, what is the gear oil capacity & gear oil weight?
how much transmission fluid does a mazda 636 use?
I changed the brakes and now i have a slight grinding noise?
How do I disable the emergency release in the trunk of my car?
What's wrong with my car?
Putting petrol into diesil car and running for 3/4 mile?
car help please- something slowing down car?
how many parts are in an average car?
What could be draining my truck battery?
does 1991 ford probe have sixteen vavles?
I need to know how much i need a Muffler?
Diesel or Petrol Car?
is the head bolts stretch bolts on a 206 1.4 16v?
Supercharged on bottle?
Tvs suzuki samurai accelerator problem?
Change or add PS fluid?
What is causing my integra to idle roughly?
ignition key won't turn in 2003 range rover?
No back seat belt for my car, will i pass inspection?
My Transmission is leaking Because of a seal. I dont know what the seal is called.?
Where can I find 10amp 250 Volt 0.75long/20mm fuses in the DFW area.
What is happening to the engine when you rev the car into the red section?
Changing the head on my s10?
i need a digramatic instruction on how to install timing belt and time 199 2.2 litre toyota camcy?
Down pipe, flexi repair?
How do I give my 2004 Ford Explorer a tune-up?
painting problem how do i?
Can a vacuum leak cause an engine to lose power?
Which Tools Are The Best And Most Reliable...?
92 f250 shaking violently after hitting small bump?
97 cad.north star with all new brake pads new master cylinder I bleed master cylind and brake lines but brake?
how many axle pivot bushings are in a car?
My first car. Is this a good idea?
Installing head unit in 1996 honda integra?
My car need oil so I put some now it's smoking from the back and it never don't this before. What can this be?
What is the difference between break fluid and power steering fluid?
Haynes or Chilton manuals ?
Does penzoil fix-a-flat really work?
Whats the proper way to change antifreeze?
can a ford dealership make me a key?
i have to top my car up with oil, every 4-5 months, is this normal?
will bad spark plug wires cause your cylinder not run correctly.?
is this a stable modification for a 1987 monte carlo SS?
What is the best way to repair a small leak on a steel diesel tank on a motor home. Weld with the tank full?
my starter bench tests good but still won't start my truck?
Did I burn up the clutch?
Why is my car windows so condensated on the inside?
I accidentally put diesel fuel in my car. Help?
How often should I get an oil change, and why?
Engine oil wearing out fast?
looking for a lift kit for 1984 suburban?
how do i change the back plug wires on a 96 chevy monte carlo Z34?
air bag problems?
while idling, i notice my rpm is sways between sways between 500-900rpm. am i losing power?
what parts could you change on an old car to make it run as if it were new again?
need info on motors?
My car has started to jerk when i am accelerating and when I'm stopped.(feels like it is going to stall)?
What's wrong with my car?
When driving in the winter, is there any way to avoid the damage of salt on your car?
plz, dont yell at me, I am just asking, can I use windshield washer as antifreeze?
" check engine " light staying on?
Looking at the gauges in my car I noticed that I am low on heat. How do I refill? I can't find the heat tank.
what are some ways to check if my engine is overheating with no temp gauge broken?
Why wont my truck start after changing machanical fuel pump? 1986 small block chevy?
What is the best way to thaw the lug nuts on my car?
how do I know if the starter went out in my truck?
Ice warning light ford fiesta 2008?
What should i regularly check on my car?
I have a 2004 Dodge Neon SE. Something is wrong with the electrical system. Anybody have the same problem?
is it possible to convert a 4cylinder to a 6 cylinder?
Does the engine like to be floored?
Where is the best place to get low price blowers and fuel injection systems for SB Chevy 350?
ford tauras can this be fixed?
if im traveling at a rate of 100mph, specifically how well do my tires need to be inflated?
dropped car battery leaking water can i still use it?
Oil in my Coolant and i am loosing coolant every time?
Just drained my oil and the filter won't budge, any tips please?
What is wrong with my dad's car?
does anyone know how i can change the pick up tube on the sending unit of the gas tank from 3/8" to 1/2"tube
raxles sale?
how do you get a dent out of a side panel on a vehicle?
What could be causing my car to be leaking transmission fluid?
how to repair codes p0230&p0460?
Repairing a bad wiring harness?
Siren speaker front bumper? video inc?
can any one tell me whats the exact function of ignition coil sensor?!!?
anyone know where u can view/download free repair manuals for vehicles?
quirky 1999 chevy camaro 3800 engine seems to lope just started mabey tune up? 212 deg + and no rad,fan?WT?
basically me and my mates were very stupid and ripped a wing mirror off a car, the owner found out and told?
how to change water pump on 95 probe?
Can you remove a 1st row 3rd seat and install a console instead?
Is it okay to use Mid-Grade gasoline in my scooter?
98 Saab 900 vs 2000 Ford focus zx3?
Whats wrong with my car? It won't start!?
How do you dry out a headlight?
Oil Change Question...?
What does the O/D Off mean in a car?
What would cause a Vauxhall Corsa to leak water inside?
has any one had trouble with gauges acting radical in instrument cluster in 1992 buick road-master?
Oil in Spark Plug Chambers?
Why is my idle so high?
My car is making a funky noise..?
What could be wrong when "check engine" light comes on?
my 2004 expedition xlt (abs) light came on?
Is my mustang totaled?
Why can't I start my car?
Help rewiring my Honda accessory outlet, to use as cell phone charger. Two wires only to connect in casing?
can a cars computer be checked?
My car A/C is not cold, how can I fixed that?
what does it mean if my car is leaking engine coolant?
I have chevy 454 in class A motorhome. Blew left head gasket. Rig only has 57,000 miles. Worth fixing ?
Problems with my car?
how does automatic gear shifting works in cars & bikes?
Radio was dying then battery died. Battery, alternator or something else?
Why is my tachometer erratically all over the place ( like from two to seven at idle)?
how do i get blood out of my carpet and the trunk of my car?
Kia Soul wont start but keyless entry does work?
My boyfriend got a diesel transfer tank is that what is making his shocks squeak?
How much to charge to replace half shafts ?
where can i get a windscreen for a 1982 tabbert motorhome?
Are the drive and the timing belts the same ?
What are you damaging when you drive a manual at too low rpms?
ok i have a 1989 4 door cavalier any one know how to bleed the brakes?
Does anyone know the proper tire pressure?
Is it ok to use unleaded gas in my Coleman Stove?
Engine Replacement labor quote?
My car won't stay running, what could be wrong?
engine coolant leaking from somewhere it isnt the radiator?
What type of battery can I use to replace a 14A-A2 in my 4-wheeler?
will the heads on a izuzu trooper3.0 fit on a mits montero3.0?