EPC light is on and engine will turn over, but not start?
what weight of oil do I put in my four cycle b&s lawn mower engine?
2002 Ford Focus check engine light is on?
How much am I looking to Tow a car ~25 miles?
I have a 89 corolla all-trac wagon that has been sitting a few years.?
My citroen saxo over heats when idle but ok when driving.?
Car won't start (why does this need to be 20 characters long?)?
what damage can accur for running my car air condition all night whilst park (outdoor) for one month.?
Replacing 4 tires, brand&cost? Mazdaspeed3?
black shoe polish on car?
switching engines from V6 to V8?
seat upholstery for 1966 buick rivera?
Add freon to 1998 Kia Sephia?
Can I gain fuel economy by installing a high flow intake and dual 3" exhaust (no cats) on a van w/ a 351c?
what are the all the headlight bulbs used in a buick regal 2000?
Why don't the chimes no longer work after installing an after market stereo?
find engine sizes for a 1964 ford falcon?
Why does my van feel like its going stall out every morning when I start it?
what tyre siz would best fit on my daiahtsu yrv?
How do you remove wiper arms that are stuck?
Thermo fan wont turn off after car engine is switched off?
pt cruiser rear windshield wiper don't work, any suggestions?
Where is 89 suburban ox sensor?
how do you get water out of your engine area after rinsing it at a car wash?
Need ideas on changing my cars appearance?
Why will my car not start?
If I put my car in for service, with the idea that they are to find?
Whats better, Raptor or Street Fighter transmission?
What Transmission will last longer?
What would make the check engine light come on and make the engine misfire?( possible sputter not sure)?
I just rebuilt my top end on my 2004 honda cr125 2 stroke and spark plug keeps coming out wet and flooded? hel?
I have to pump the brake ahead of time to stop the car.What is the problem with the break system?
I have a 2001 tahoe. The daytime running lights keep burning out. How do i fix this problem?
Locked only set of keys in my trunk! help!?
resurfacing cross drilled and slotted rotor?
why does my car swerve excessively on roundabouts?
Where can I find a free diagram on how to replace a clutch and pressure plate for a 1982 Chevy S10 -V6?
Why is my tachometer erratically all over the place ( like from two to seven at idle)?
My car is smoking?
Changing oil to synthetic.Just drain and fill?
honda drive cycle and readiness?
auto repairs?
Why is my car heating up?
I want to take apart a 12 volt lead acid battery and look at its guts. Any tips on how to do that?
What do I need to change next?
Why does my dad check the oil and water in my moms car and hardly ever checks his truck?
How do you get light scratches out of a windshield on the outside?
Need to find Jeep Motor/Trans 1991-1995 for Wrangler?
Grinding sound coming from right front when making a sharp right turn.?
i want to know what is happening with my van when i drive it starts shaking and acts like if it was on nutral.?
how can i read test results from an automotive battey test?
why is my van blowing out blue smoke?
Where can I find a radiator fan shroud for an 80's GMC Jimmy?
what gauges are a must for a street hot rod?
If my thermostat is broken on my truck should I be able to get heat in the cab.?
Honda Civic hard to shift?
How much is a head gasket?
pls suugest a good merc garage?
where is the fuel cut off switch on a 2001 ford mondeo?
my keyless entry will not lock the doors? i locked the doors and it unlocked when i pushed button.?
Is there any need to change engine car oil regularly ? and how many miles?
head gasket has a small chip on it and i don't know what to do...?
My truck wont start after i re-charged the battery?
What does a Cam do in a car?
Do mechanics cheat women customers?
new engine or new car?
Why does my power steering pump pulley keep sliding out?
Is a 98 blazer ideal for me?
how to drain a rad in a 2002 ford taurus?
What happens after you lick a 9 volt battery?
Car overheated and now won't turn over.?
what if my carburator isnt connect to my head?
I'm going to replace my airbag on my Acura 3.2CL, was wondering if the SRS light will go out?
How to.remove cooking oil spots off painted wall?
Auto tire flat. Repair guy said "beading" separated and he fixed it. what to do?
can repo come to the door at 1:30 in the morning and ring the door bell?
2000 mercury sable manual transmission?
When will the oil prices go down?
need help to repair dodg neon no spark turns over wont start?
Catalytic for small motor 5hp gas?
How much should it cost to replace front and rear shock absorbers on a 2007 vauxhall vectra?
What can i use to seal a in my motor?
2002 ford explorer jumping on tolllway?
can I drive a vehicle with no AC compressor?
how much for a exhaust for a Peugeot 306 1.4LX v reg plate?
My 2007 mini 'one 'heater only blows cold air. Is it my thermostat ?
what is a capacity proxy sensor?
The threaded part that my lug-nut goes on is too short...?
Can a carburetor increase speed of vehichle?
where can I find a diagram for a 04 dodge durango fuse panel?
Where do i buy lighter fluid?
how do i: repair @ home larger tear in vehicle interior?
change 12 volt generator to 12 volt alternator instructions?
2000Durango,318,conplete rebuilt,1new head,new w/pump/stat,no heat/bad milage/cant get temp over 160 whatWrong
How to Fix a Small Oil leak on a Chevy?
96 mercury sable alternator replacement?
What does it mean when one windshield washer duct won't spray a steady spray?
When should you change your brakes on your car?
Sound difference b/t aftermarket muffler and catback?
how do you adjust sensitivity on auto alarms?
Suppose you lost a screw in your sparkplug hole what to do then?
My insurance, want to 'write my car off', But the Repairers cost is less than the insurance settlement figure.
My car has been left still for 7 weeks and now the battery is flat so?
What is your opinion on AIT Body Kits?
I need an exploded diagram of 1997 chevy S10 5-speed transmission?
97 camaro wipers stuck in middle of windshield?
I got a tune up about 3,000miles ago and now the engine is starting to shake?
There is not a switch on either the floor panel or the trunk.Were else could a fuel pump shut off switch be ?
Can using tiptronic/slapstick all the time damage the car?
No Oil Change = Low oil pressure?
how do i tighten up a fan pulley on a 1979 ford 100 truck?
what kinda springs do i need?
how much faster will my car go ?
What makes a turbo engine different from an ordinary four stroke engine?
I have a john deer 1978 108.Pto cuts out on it after a about a 1/2 hour.?
Chevy c10 engine swap?
My rear exhaust pipe is rusted out all the way around, do i need to replace it, is their any harm done?
Should I use R12 or r134a?
what is a good intake filter to put in a 240sx?
Not the problem of battery, starter or alternator...what else could it be?
car is revving up and down on idle speed?
how to increase hp in 98 crown vic?
What would happen to my engine if i tried to water down my gasoline to save money?
why is my cooling system under high compression?
2000 isuzu rodeo, OBD issue?
tell me what will i do with my car now that it is running again?
can i use a car with a check engine light for the road test in Connecticut and still pass?
please help! car wont start!?
how to program garage door opener in 2000 chrysler cirrus on drivers side sun visor?
Im leaking red or pink fluid from smaller hose connected to radiator.?
Do I need new parking brake cable?
Is horsepower or torque more important for diesel generators?
My model T drives well for a while then backfires from carby and stops how do I FIX IT?
How to change thermostat?
muffler inlet loose?
how to replace and install power brake booster for 2001 mercedes ml320?
hello i have a 1992 jeep 4x4 4.0 stright 6 eng?
Chevy s10 wont start?
Speed off by 5mpg after reaching speeds of about 50MPH...why?
Where can I find interior trim parts for a 1977 Dodge charger?
Do you think my new car is a lemon?
Will a Buick `66 -340Cu.In. Engine bolt up to my `74 regal 350 turbo trani?
My quad fuel cap has a tube coming out of the center. It int atached 2anything is this correct?
2002 F350 A/C not working?
can i fit 185/65/14 to steel rims on 206?
how muh does a ford rear differential cost?
my car blew up and i dont no y?
how long is everybody sleeping for?
how do i Chrome metal (steel) at home or make a dip?
how much is it for a locksmith to fix an ignition lock cylinder with a transponder key?
How much does it coast on average to replace breaks (not* break pads)?
My acura legend 92 vs mustang 00 gt?
Check Engine Light?
my ford explorer wont start it doesnt spark when trying to start?
Renault Megan wire under drivers seat?
What is causing this squealing noise when I first start my car and when I press on the gas?
where can i get info about auto repair questions for free online?
how much does it cost to get a paintjob on a 1969 mach 1 mustang?
Is it bad to have two different sets of tires on your car?
Car battery shows no charge when installed in vehicle but...?
I have 06 F250 will a lift kit and a banks system void my extended warrenty?
GUYS...What's a fuse in a fuel pump?
price sheet on cars?
Is it true u can paint a car with house paint??
Car window problem HELP PLZZZ?
Any one know of any good do it yourself auto repair web sites?
What car repairs should I look into?
Shift indicator bulb Toyota Camry?
how to fix damage paint on a car? image in link?
Duramax gloplug or battery problem?
as the mot changed as of the 1st april?
97 buick LeSabre fuel gauge stuck on full?
What happens when an MOT garage damages your car doing the MOT?
How much transmission oil is needed for 2002 NIssan Xterra A/T 2 wheel Drive?
Can I use 2 16 Gage wires to make up for 1 12 Gage wire?
Doors frozen shut on my car?
!991 Audi V8 Quattro Front End Vibration while under power?
99 Windstar revving badly?
how do i replace tension pulley on a 98chevy cavalier?
cost to completely re-do car interior?
Bolt broken off in engine block?
My car does not produce heat until the car is very hot and then the heat output is minimal.?
Oil drain plug stripped, how much for a fix?
how does wet gas compressor work?i mean it's lube oil,control oil,and seal oil?
What is a Tie Rod on a 94 Honda Civic?
What the hell is wrong with my camaro?
How often should my car's tires be rotated?
Taurus 2007 drivers, how does your car idle?
why my heat wont blow. comes on when it wantsto?
How can I clean my engine (externally)?
97 Cavalier misfiring on 3rd cylinder?
my car has a strong smell of petrol after use , any ideas ??????
How to change solenoid pack on 99 Plymouth Breeze A604 tranny. Code reader says it is bad. Thanks.?
Where i can buy graphite greese?
battery and handbreak light open?
car wont start with fully charged battery?
I have a 95 jeep grand cherokee lerado 6 cylder. can somebody tell me what the problem with it is?
what is a lifter and what dose it do?
What is the best tool for stealing locked alloy wheels.?
318 is doing something stupid?
Where do the springs go on Drum Brakes.Is there a diagram that I can print,so I can rebuild them?
My car will only go in reverse?
When do I get a oil change?
my engine wont turn over?
what is a good metal preserving oil?
Options for better MPG on older chevy?
where is the oil press xmtr located on a 95 ford v8eng trk?
my car wont start, goes click click, but if i boost it, it starts, then dies if i dont give it gas,?
I broke my bf's car and I am scared to tell him can I fix it?
Will an r22 engine replace a 20r engine??
Where do I go to repair windshield ?
Heat doesnt get very warm..either does the car?
1984 Chev Celebrity Stn Wgn. Door latch stuck & won't release so door can be closed. How can I fix it?
How much for the clip handle on the drivers seat of a 4 yr old Fiesta?
Should I use Synthetic or Conventional motor oil?
I have a 1995 toy taco the temp gauge reads all the way hot when i turn the ign on the truck will start?
Why does my car fan stay on ?
CUmmins engine have trouble starting when is hot ?
Burnt out Headlight Question #2?
1989 blazer, hard to start, 6 cyl, throttle body injection. smells like its flooding. any ideas?
Does anyone repair car headliners in springfield ma. ?
After driving your car on the highway for hours straight what should your heat gauge read?
Can't find Antifreeze Leak?
were is the jack point on a 2006 mitsubishi eclipse i need to change oil?
why is my car overheating?
How do you get ink off a leather car seat?
trickle charging, how to?
Is it true larger rims lower your gas mileage?
Where can I find parts for my 1970 oldsmobile delta 88 car?
How do I change the spark plugs on a 2000 Oldsmobile Alero?
Where can I find a clutch that will work for a power washer engine?
Want to put aftermarket cruise control kit on tacoma?
My car temperature guage goes up during warm up in the morning can this temperature affects my car engine?
how do you find who owns properties?
How do I know if I can trust my mechanic?
I need a new Camshaft ?
Will I damage my car's starter by always turning off the ignition at stop lights?
computer controled ac/heater not working in 99 chevy blazer. all fuses check out. any ideas?? Thanks!?
How would you find this person?
Do you know where to find a repair book for a 1988 mazda 323 gtx?
My transmission won't go into 3rd or 4th gear (90 Chevy 2500 4wd)?
tinted windows on a classic car?
Why won't my parking, dash, brake and dimmer light work?!?
does a garage need to prove they have the qualification to do a job?
Because its causing my car not to start?
a/c in ford expedition blowing warm after recharge?
should i keep my jettta?
Will 15 inch rims 4 bolt pattern fit any other vechiles beside the 02 Hyundia Elantra they came off?
Is it possible to flood a fuel injected car by pumping the gas pedal before or while cranking motor?
Brake light flashes & goes off; Rear ABS light stays on until I turn engine off and back on?
ave a 93 seadoo bombardier gtx and it only starts after you release the killswitch whats wrong?
How much does gasoline cost in your area?
am not kidding its broke?
Car reverse fine but when in drive it barely moves.?
How may I install factory cruise control on a 2006 Nissan Frontier?
Do you need to run-in the engine in a new car these days or not?
How much does it cost to pay autoshop to install them on my car? I think i have high performance tires.?
welding an a/c unit in a auto?
Is there a way to clean/recondition Hydraulic Tappets without taking them out from the car?
hi i have a 94 z28 runs poor cold but perfect hot?
what would be a good torque converter for my tranny?
Does Anybody Know How Much Air My Car Tyres Need?
What do you think may be the problem?
2005 ford explorer 4.6 starts to shake at 65 mph?
does any one know the paint colour code for uk police cars ,l know its white?
How severe is a differential fluid leak on a back axle?
Is it against the law to pump gas with the engine running?
the cheapest way to fix the clutch myself on a 91 chevy caviler standard?
How do I get the battery out of my 2006 Grand Prix?
What to do when someone purposely pours sand into engine oil?
is gas anestheisa bad for you ?
When a person is idle...What does it means?
can i replace rubber floor to carpert on 02 silverado?
Where can I find a 1999 ford taurus wiring diagram?
'Shifting' while driving an automatic?
after installing struts on my car will i need to get a front end alignment?
what should my temp gauge read when driving my car? the needle is almost midway between cold and hot.?
I poured some power steering fluid into brake resevoir?
Could I turbo my 05 G35?
How do I clean up battery acid?
How much would it cost to remove the passenger airbag and install an Easy Bake Oven in my 2006 Honda Civic EX?
a supercharger for a 1993 gmc sierra?
Can you trust a car mechanic?
Do you think the garage ripped us off?
How to shut off SRS light?
What can get oil off the street?
Can i sue my mechanic for doing this?
TCC lock up TCI 700R-4?
Is this size tire available as a plastic wheel?
does a nokya artic white light fit a 93 camery nok 7210?
Car wont start even with push starting?
do you think I can JB Weld a hole in an oil pan as a temp fix while i check on other things?
What is the purpose of track rod bushing?
98 chevy blazer!!!!!!?
Where can i buy a Mojave heater in Australia?
im looking for the cds?
c230 mercedes 1998, what Brand oil for transmission I should use? thank you?
How do I install these bulbs on my car?
How do I replace a taillight bulb on a 2003 mitsbishi eclipse?
how can i stick my rear view mirror on without it keep falling off!!!!!?
2003 oldsmobile alero starting problem?
To Replace 91 Honda Accord Ex Turn Signal Bumper Lights Do I Have To Remove The Bumper?
2001 infiniti i30 touring edition idling and stalling?
lsd on 240sx s13?
Why is there smoke coming from my engine?
how can i clean slug out of my engine without tearing it down?
bought a glass pack cherry bomb muffler. doesnt sound very loud?
How do you get a choke unstuck on a 1984 chevy pickup?
How do you get the carbon level on a vehicle down?
how much are these tires?
Where is the iat sensor on a 1993 camry?
price of gallon of gas in 1928?
I have a question about cars/engines?!?
Need help/opinions on my car?
My car wont turn over sometimes?
What would cause low fan speeds of 99 Ford Contour AC/Heat/Fan to fail while Hi fan speed setting works?
what happens to a car when its parked by an ocean for a long time?
My car don't want to start up and its not the battery?
I have noise coming from my under my hood of my 1996 camry is it my exhasut manifold?
My car is leaking oil and coolant?
My gas guage broke, how do I know when I'm low on fuel ?
Does it sound like they're hussling me about my car?
do you just keep putting the transmission fluid in until it starts to run back out?
how do i stop my taxi windows misting up?
if my freon is low in my car could this be why my a/c wont turn on????
Where can i find a driveshaft to fit a 1983 Chevrolet C10 custom deluxe pickup truck about 60 inches long?
where is the radiator fan relay on 1984 chevrolet celebrity?
Why won't my car start?
My car stalls constantly?
repair procedure to replace timing chain cover on ford f150 pickup truck. 4.2 liter, v6 engine?
How do you remove Armor All From Plastic Car interior?? I dont like the way it looks.. Please help!!?
replaced all front brakes still get slight rubbing noise?
how much should I charge someone to replace a belt and bearing?
replacing an oil pump?
Bad starter or battery?
Where is the best place to look, besides ebay, for parts to a 52 Chevy?
What could be wrong with my break light in '97 Saturn SL?
Why is my car bumpy.?
Is my car running too hot?
help my brakes are grinding very badly!! why?
how much stop leak would i need for a 2001 nissan xterra?
Can lug nuts loosen themselves?
If you have no jump leads and need a jump start can you use speaker wire instead?
pcv case study questions regarding module 2?
Is it a good/bad idea to rust proof my land cruiser?
98 mitsubishi eclipse short circult?
What causes the "engine" warning light on a 1994 Nissan truck to come on and go off ?
Who is an expert at breaking locks?
Starter on my 1990 4 cylinder 2.3 liter Ranger not turning. Ideas?
What if I waited (Way) too long to get my oil changed?
free training?
My wife lost the key to my 2005 Dodge truck. The dealer said $140 to replace! What other options do I have?
is it hard to change rear struts on my car?
where can i get online instructions for autobady repair for free?
where is starter motor vs commodore?
No indicating light for low windshield washer fluid?
factory bottle jack stuck in the up position?
why is my car going through oil?
How can I convert a 4 bulb headlight wiring harness to a 2?
Replacing Ball Joints on a 98 Blazer?
Can a gas cap be to air tight and cut off your engine?
Why does my car have a high pitch whine when i try to turn my steering wheel?
1988 Jaguar XJS Where are the lube/grease pointslocated????
my key is stuck in the ignition, how do i get it out?
what's the difference between a supercharger and a turbocharger?
I was told by my manager that WD-40 spray product was not a lubricant but a adhesive. is this true?
My coolant light comes on for a couple seconds when I start my car when my engines cold, should I be concerned?
How much would it cost to move a 16x25 shed 150 miles away?
Want Rear disc brake for yamaha fzs.?
How do you replace rear driver's side window lift motor on 2006 Nissan Pathfinder?
what is the best car battery?
help with my Jackaroo?
How can I make the ride smoother in my Mini Cooper?
How can I remove the door lock cylinder from 91 pontiac grand prix?
Car noise when it is started up?
what is the proper spark plug gap on a 99 trans am w/5.7l engine?
Wheel noise after car repair?
my plymounth acclaim motor jumps while idling what could be the problem?
why is my 5.9 surging?
how can i fix my motor if it has gas and water in my oil?
My abs aren't aligned, how can I fix it?
High oil pressure, and ticking noise in 2000 Chevy silverado?
how do I repair the abs sensor on a 02 saturn vue?
help me please!!!!!!?
how do you remove cooling fan on 207?
Annoying engine check light question?
Why is my engine smoking?
My 1999 Grand Cherokee slips gears - but Mr. Transmission says Transmission is fine.?
my car's generator is having sparks?
what equipment do you need to sand and primer a car?
Car makes loud humming/whistling noise from under the rear by fuel tank/pump then car kills?
If Im not satisfied with auto body warranty work should I take it back to the same dealer or find another?
Is $13 reasonable to have someone unlock my car for me?
I used powing steering fuild instead of oil in my car. What should I do? How bad is it?
How do I tell if it's a squeaky serpintine belt or water pump going bad?
can someone hotwire and steal my ion redline if I leave it unlocked?
how much well this truck part cost?
How do you adjust the carburetor on a 82 ford 4wd pu 460 motor with a holly carb?
my car started and warmed up for 10 minutes and then the engine ran weak and died out. now it wont start?
Are BMW's difficult to repair?
What's wrong with my car? It starting shaking and gargling at shift points, kinda like a misfire or something
uh oh! what happens if i accidentally put power steering fluid in my brake system ..?
What size of a wheel can I use for my car?
Ford P100 1.8td specifications?
what type of oil should i use in HOT florida with 1996 jeep grand cherokee?
2002 + Ford Ranger 2.3 DOHC engine issues?
Which shop is best?
K & N Air Filters, Bad for your car why?
am i getting ripped or is it a good deal by my mechanic?
What happens if a serpentine belt breaks?
How do I find a car door with the same colour as my car?
Why does my temperature goes up wen I stop and goes down when I go ? could it be the thermostat?
Does the 2008 pontiac and 2008 malibu share the same platform?
How much does it roughly cost to paint a car?
My car somtims will charge the batery and some times wont whats wrong ?
Does anyone have any idea what might be going on with my car?
If you know about alternators PLEASE HELP!?
OBD II- P0102 and P0340 Please help?
how do you adjust or change the timing on a 95 plymoth neon?
how much would it cost to change a manuel to a auto?
bedliner paint won't dry?
this is a question for someone with or knowlege of automotive?
Is it fine to keep the wheels of a car turned when its parked?
why do people on here answer questions when they have no clue what they are talking about?
i need to know how to tighten the tension in the steering box of a 1993 chevy suburban 4x4. thanks 4 the help!
I have an 1989 Toyota 4Runner and I need to fix the electric rear window. HELP!?
Whats the best thing to remove oxidation from your cars paint?
What is this car piece called?
Primer out of a spray can VS Primer from a spray gun?
Is there any way to quiet a noisy valve lifter in a 1995 Ford 2.3liter engine?
How much is a wheel alignment?
where is the fuel filter located in my 1982 chevy 3/4 ton truck?
Brake job did I get ripped off?
windshield washer light legal in nyc?
Cleaning polished alluminum rims?
I have a dodge stealth 5sp why isit starting to pop out of first gear at start ok if i hold it in gear?
My car will not start and I think it may be electrical. please help diagnose?
are there any recalls for the 2000 Ford Windstar?
Can you ruin your a/c unit in a car if it is ran with the windows down? If not, is there any diff.?
how do i get ice off of a car window?
In Ontario what grade oil should you use for your ATV 4x4. Just use it for regular use not racing.?
where is the fuse box in the inside?
Is it safe to drive 200 miles while oil is leaking?
What does the airbag warning light mean?
what is the torque sequence for a 2.3 liter isuzu engine and how much do i torque them?
Nitrogen in my tire what do you think?
How many times have you busted your knouckle while working on your car?
How do I cahange the serpentine belt in a '97 Ford Taurus?
could a broken cam belt have bent valves on a ford fiesta 1.8 diesel. n reg?
what does 40/20/40, or 60/40 Split Bench Seat mean?
How do i tell if a fuse in my car is bad?
How reliable is a Land Rover Freelander or Discovery?
Is it okay to melt tupperware and pour it on my windshield?
why is my 150cc dying after i just put fresh gas in it?
will bad spark plugs keep a car from starting?
Brake Squeakers on outer AND inner pads, or just outer?
How to make my back tires stop wobbling?
Are fuel injector cleaners effective/needed and safe for your car?
1992 toyota camry makes a strange reving noise when i accelerate.?
How to find out if my tire is leaking air?
What are the differences between time and distance and long life servicing for a gofl?
How do you unlock the radio on a 1989 Mercedes?
how do i protect the trunk of my car from being covered in blood?
1979 CJ7 Misfire help!?
Why does my 1976 454 missfire after replacing the coil, cap and rotor, and plugs and wires?
Jumping a car, bad idea?
What RPM level is "over revving?"?
i have a 82 trans am why does my rear end clunk when i turn????
Turn signal not working? Some times it does and some times it doesn't?
How hard is it to replace automotive carpet? How much is it?
my car won't start or even make a sound?
Can You Wash A Car With Tap Water?
What is liquid coolant refrigerant?
do i have to remove my sons vw golf gt tdi front bumper to fit a new side light bulb it is a 2000 w plate?
why do rear brakes lockup?
After warming up my car, the air blowing is still very cool. What is causing this? Any suggestions to fix this?
What is a good first project car?
my car wouldnt start?
how do i remove the fender from my tuck?
any one knows the perfect ignition timing for a nissan Z20 engine carburated type 2.0 4cylinder 4 sparkplugs.?
What's a zero tolerance engine and would a modern Lamborghini engine be considered this ?
Which Automotive store sells TRIPOD part ONLY w/out me having 2 buy the whole CV joint system 4 a Tercel 1990?
how to put a 95 grand prix gtp in timing 3.4 dohc,timing mark settings?
how do I add coolant to my 1998 chevy venture? We do not have the manual.?
How would a car react if the "fuel sending unit went bad"?
Can other belts make screeching noises such as the timing belt?
I own a 57 plate aston martin dbs, and someone has driven into it.?
My car stops on its own when ever the speed goes above 70mph..i need a opinion in what could be the defect?
Likelihood of bent valves if?
Will windex ruin the paint on a car?
Use lawnmower magneto kill switch for power?
my car is jerking wen it goes from 1st to 2nd gear whats wrong with it?
how to get dc power off a 6hp Tecumseh engine.?
How do I know if I have a bad transmission?
Fluid leaking from clutch pedal. Where can it be leaking from?
How to get rid of the rust? Will it work?
Where is the battery on a BMW 525 located?
Isuzu Trooper Piston Rings?
do lower ball joints on a chevy 3/4 ton truck have to be pressed in??
what is the loud ticking noise coming from an engine when it may be leaking oil?W?
what car model or name of a car starts with a C and ends with a E.............i really need to know so i can f
what is the advantage of a high pimion axle?
How long does it take to fix a car?
What parts do I need to replace in my crashed car?
I need ball joints for my vehicle?
My 2003 Murrano's alarm goes off around the same time every night... I just changed the battery...?
2001 Saturn SL Transmission help. Its leaking and I need help with fixing it.?
Vavle cover gasket how do you fix it?
How do I know what type of oil to put in my car?
what is the difference between tapered tap and a bottoming tap?
I have a motor, 400v motor, 25kg, 2,500rpm, 750Nm of torque @ 360Amps, what battery? needs to be light as poss?
91 Corvette Suspension?
2004 F250 transmission and timing belt?
I have an electric fan w/ 40amp relay and a adj temp control how do I wire it up?
Is a free estimate unrealistic?
Why does freon spray out, into the air, in my 2007 pt cruiser? Does it in bursts, and not all the time.?
1987 Yamaha Virago Battery Issues. Need help!?
Why is water coming out of my coolant over flow while its running?
what causes my ranger 2.3 liter to run good for 5-10 miles the stalls and wont start until cold again?
What do I do? He's put Petrol in a diesel car?
What is that popping noise?
can you buy secondhand LPG kit for a 1994 3.9 range rover classic?
Should i replace the sway bar? will the be any damage if i don't?
lost my car keys? no spare?! helpp?
Car remote won't work for just the front two doors?
Was I taken advantage of during my last repair?
can i use a vaccume guage for a boost guage?
same problem on car stereo?
dodge durango making a whining noise on turns?
Why do my 2204 Impala just stop while i am driven?
av got a ar50 but it leaks from the carb?
Is it dangerous to drive with a ed front bumper and a bent fender?
if a person needs a timing belt,?
windscreen misting up?
Is my battery about to go dead? when i turn the ignition my car clicks before it catches and starts up.?
Accidently used Diesel fuel instead of regular fuel for car, damages?
Passenger Car Floor Wet! ?
rough estimate to replace 2 temp gaskets on 07 caliber?
Am I completely liable for this accident?
2000 Kia Sephia.....?
is it true if i take the gasket out from my muffler assembly, that i can not put it in and id need a new one?
car problem??
what is the clunking noise from in the front end of my jeep?
67 chevelle won't start...need ideas?
Motor (auto) mechanic - thoughts?
My ashtray in my 1999 Jeep Cherokee won't shut. Does anyone know the fix?
Ford Certified pre-owned warranty question.?
Would a cam and headers off a sohc non vtec zc motor fit onto a vtec zc motor?
my car won't go straight will it pass smog?
my battery cables keep caroding about every 6 weeks. how can i stop this from happening?
Is car shop liable for damage to engine while in their care?
We rebuilt the engine in our truck and now it won't start.?
Seatbelt Recall?
am i being ripped off by my garage?
can a front-wheel drive car be converted into rear-wheel drive configuration? If yes, how can it be done?
What front/rear inflation pressures should I use for Michelin XH4 tires on a 1972 Mercedes 280 SE 4.5?
Changing my brake pads tommrow and have a few questions?
What's wrong with my car? ?
08-09 Accord EX-L or 08-09 Altima 2.5S-L?
where can I find a printable version of an owners and/or repair manual for a 1999 A4 Quatro 2.8?
How can I tell when my car needs new shock absorbers?
nics in water pump...?
On an old shocker, could I use a thicker hydraulic oil?
what's wrong with my car?
I have a 1997 Mercedes 500SL that has developed leaky soft top hydraulic cylinders. I am not rich enough to h?
How much would a small worm gear cost in bronze?
Constant knocking noise when i drive?
why won't my car start?
cold air intake and mass air flow sensor?
my airbag light stays on after turning the ignition on, ive checked the two connectors under seats... help?
Get answers from millions of real people.?
VDC OFF & SLIP light on driving on highway after getting alignment and wheels balance and rotated. how come?
Can Somebody That Built Their Own Go Cart Please Read?
i have a 2006 ford f750 truck anyone know where i can get a winter cover for it?
what would have to happen and how difficult would it be to put an LS1 5.7L V8 in a 2009 single cab silverado?
I have 4 lug nut rims on my car now if i get new ones do they have to be 4 lug nut?
how long should your car heat in winter?
Fuel Pressure Question?
How can I remove the white salt stains from my vehicles carpets?
I have a 2000 deville and when i run my heater the engine smokes but does not overheat.?
How to add tran oil to my 06 torrent with awd?
Why won't lowering the control rods completely into a reactor core keep the core cool?
2 Prob., must run car for at least 20 min.,when engine warms will not blow anything but hot air. AC works.?
how much does head gasket replacement cost for a 1997 toyota camry 4cylinders?
What does an ignition control module do?
When my car is in park, and I press down on the brake pedal, it's making a weird sound?
Will putting super unleaded gas in my Unleaded car harm it?
1993 Honda civic d16a9 automatic check engine light is on?
Where is a good website for help with my vehicle?
Wiring problems on a 1991 Nissan D21 Pickup, help?
How do I remove the radio from a 95 Honda Accord for replacement?
Manual Transmission. Accidentally shifted into 2nd instead of 4rth. Seems to be okay, should I worry?
1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee transmission code P1763? what does this mean and how serious is it? Can i still drive?
if i've been using premium unleaded in my car for the last 3 years, can i start using normal unleaded ?
where is a good website to get parts for a 91 honda accord ex?
how do you remove the fuel injectors from a 2001 pontiac sunfire 2.2l?
Car died. Jumped it. Now everything is cutting off and on while driving.?
Am I getting screwed by my local mechanic? Clutch issues.?
Will 215/70 R15 97S tires fit on my 1994 Mercury Cougar XR7?
what causes a black substance to come out of my tail pipe?
a question about disk brakes?
RV break controler indicats a short some where?
How much is gas where you live? Its $1.98 a gallon here?
How do i stop damp in my car?
Fluctuating oil gauge?
if a ford mechanic charges you $1,000 to fix a problem yet - the problem remains unfixed what should i do?
will acetone increase fuel mileage?
it this normal if a guy can even change a tire from a car?
How do I change the brakes on a 1986 Saab 900?
I have a BMW E36 328is that got recked a year back and I'm thinking hard about fixing it?
how much horsepower does a 8 horse briggs and stratton have?
Starter went out on car...just a few questions?
When I start my engine it revs very low?
Blinker Fluid? Is their really such a thing.?
Lound Humming from car or tires...?
i have a mitsubishi eclipes gsx.with a 2.0 dhoc motor will a cylinder head from a 2.4L work on my 2.0L?
why my truck wont start?
Increase exhaust velocity?
Engine clicks over but car won't start (NEED HELP ASAP)?
What happens if I do not change the oil on my car ?
Is it a myth or fact that 4 cylinder engine is not strong enough for everyday driving?
How can I make my truck Bigger, Better and Badder?!? 10 points for best answer!!?
What is the name of the plastic car part that covers the steering column under the wheel??
2005 honda crv pulls to right all the time on any road or speed?
Is my engine blown?
How much is regular gas near u?
2004 Ford F150 Fuse box diagram?
What's parts should I buy in order to improve my stock B18c1 gsr engine?
is it ok that i switch back to 10w40 engine oil during the winter?
Do you need a cold air intake to get a performance air filter?
I am looking for a Auto Supply Store or warehouse for classic auto parts called LMH.?
sorry about the last post. my 240sx shakes when it is idle?
security system on 1998 chevrolet silverado pickup. the truck sometimes will not crank security light is on?
what do i do with a Carburetor that is dieseling. when i turn the key off it still runs?
why does my engine knock at start up 1991 q45 ?
Air coming from oil cap, good or bad?
Porsche 944?
Aproximately how long should it take a cerfified mechanic to change a camshaft positioning sensor?
Craftsmen wrenches need organizers?
Can I bring my pickup truck through a car wash with the vinal cover on over the bed?
I flipped my Ford truck 12 times, it caught on fire, leaked some gas, and backfires like crazy....?
How much to replace the compressor in my 98 Cadillac?
Are fuel injectors supposed to click during deceleration?
where is the oil filter on 04 forenza?
Just got a new (old really) car that works fine, but could use a bit of a tune up...?
Jiffy Lube over filled my engine by 15 quarts should I drain some out?
Am i getting ripped off by my mechanic?
How much should I pay my boyfriend for labor for car repair?
after running the ac in my honda accord, i smell gas from the engine compartment, what could that be?
Does a car use a positive displacement pump?
1999 Chrysler Sebring LX sometimes will not start, and clock resets to 12;00?
Car repair shop repaired the wrong thing..can they charge?
Holland 5th wheel lock shaft adjustment?
I put regular fuel in my car that requires premium and now its having a hard time starting, what can i do?
HELP! this morning i went to start my car and it started doing weird stuff?
muffler turns bright red?
does a 50 cc engine need the side casing to run?
Is it ok to have 3 tires tht are bridgestone/something else and the 4th tire to be somethin else?
how do i replace a thermostat in a 2001 mitsubishi galant?
How Much Is A distributor coil For A 1997 Dodge Avenger?
why olds 350 knocking?
Dealer left my differential plug loose... What is my recourse?
my car won't start....?
If i were to tip an entire basket of undies onto an open car engine, could i risk damaging anything?
How long do the original tires last on a toyota sequoia?
How To Turn Wagon Into Power Charged?
my car temp gauge suggests the car gets too hot but also stays too hot long after its stopped running...?
Jaguar X-type Drivers Side Bulb Replacement?
My 1994 toyota corolla has some headlight issues. I need help!?
how to change front hub -ford 150 2005?
transmission problem?
will the front spindles from a 1984 pontiac Bonneville fit on a 1969 Chevy chevell?
how to turn on car headlight when not attached to car?
Small chip from a pebble on the windshield has now expanded, what is the harm in just leaving it.?
what is the education level of aan auto mechanic?
BMW door help?
2006 Impala SS starting problem?
What is the torque for a 1968 327 main and rod bearings ?
How do you change a hardtop into a convertable?
How do you know when your car needs brake fluid?
how do i remove the front exhaust on my 1997 toyota camry?
Where is the pcv valve located in a v6 01toyota highlander?
Is it easy repair a Renault clio dimo 2006 DCI 86?
Is the color shifting bat mobile by hot wheels rare?
Im leaking antifreeze from a metal line under my car, what line is this?
Is it posiible to put a more narrow tire on this wheel?
what is cat convertor?
My dad has put a long bolt behind my accelerator so I have hardly any power, what to do?
Auto Repair Question. Need Help!!?
how do i wire alternator to start with flash light battery and power inverter?
How can I remove the car model decals (the letters) from my car with minimal damage to the paint/panels?
I have lint build up in my dryer vent and maintenance does not appear to care, so what do I do?
how do I turn my car alarm off if the remote doesnt work???
I have a 1988 Buick le sabre custom. turns over but wont fire up.?
My Car is making a grinding noise in the front passenger-side tire, and both of my front tires are wearing?
Briggs and Stratton engine will not run?
Ok this is a weird one?
How much boost can a t3/t4 hybrid turbo produce?
Car trouble help?!?
my dodge 360 has a loud ticking noise after its warm . kinda sounds like a lifter but it might be the oil pump
MY radiator fan went out and how do i know what fuse to change?
i have a car ignition coil with three wires. a yellow, a red, and a black. which is my positive and negative?
Tips on putting petrol in?
Why is my oil light coming on?
I am looking for a shop manual for a 1978 Golden Falcon III RV by Skyline. Does anyone have a good source?
Why won't my car start easily?
Paint Problem on my car?
what octane gas should i use?
Why is there oil on the radiator overflow cap?
Why does the BRAKE light on my dash keep coming on while I'm driving?
how do i replace an instrument panel cluster on a 1996 pontiac grand am?
i need to also change the overhead light bulb and i can not get the cover off. how do i do it?
who has the cheapest motorfan for a 2000 mitsubishi eclipse?
Vehicle won't start, what's the problem?
My car will not reverse and when it is neutral it drives and in drive it drives like regular please help?
i like to turn on my nissan fx35 fog lights with turning on headlights?
How does your fuel injectors get 'dirty'?
Repairing plastic to plastic on auto grille , what is the best adhesive and any tricks bonding 2 pieces ?
where is the fuel filter on a 2004 chevorlet Tahoe?
1993 Chevy Lumina van.?
Why do inside auto windows get streaky if no one smokes and are rarely open? Any solutions to prevent this?
My headlights are stuck on highbeam?
2001 Trans am running rough maf or coilpacks?
I have a 99 F-250 on 35s.. what kind of gears and lockers should i get to make it pull GREAT and go fast?
When I asked about checking my oil, they told me about the dipstick. Who are they talking about??
New battery but no sign of kick start?
How do you install a Alternator on a 1990 pontiac sunbird?
how do you remove stud on rear disk?
Help! Anybody know anything about old Ford Tractors?
whats wrong with my car if?
Red Diesel?
I have a oil leak and how and where is it happening at?
Is the man on craisgslist lying to be about this car... or should I still go look at it?
I just rencetly bought a car and i wanted to know how can i keep this car well maintened so that it is last.?
Can I use a Lfront MOTOR MOUNT for LRearmount in1990 Ford Tempo? They look similar-kragen shows fronts only?
Check engine light?
Do you drive a foreign car? What's wrong with American Cars?
can you drive manual?
what is the purpose of anti-freeze/coolant and how do i know when and what my car needs?
Clutch pedal gets stiff only in one spot, about 3/4 of the way down?
Whats wrong with my 1997 Ford Explorer XLT?
Can someone tell me how I can by-pass my pressure switch on my a/c for a few seconds .?
Good place to fix my small dents/scratch in Houston (Northwest)?
i have a ford tourus the trany does not take first gear it runs after 2000 rpm wat my be the problom?
is there anything wrong with using my lights on high beam all the time?
Are 8000k lights illegal in California ?
red warning light corsa?
can you make a living as an auto mechanic and can your mom make you go to college?
When I drive my car when its cold out the steering is minorly rough.?
How to drive with smoking exhaust temporarily?
whats the chances of a 03 es 2.4 4cyl galant beating a 91 2.2 4cyl accord in a race galant goes 120mph accord?
03 Expedition, humming through the air intake?
Should I replace spark plugs OR plug wires FIRST?
Should I get a new battery for my car?
What cc do I need for a good moped?
I cannot hear my fuel pump turn on before I start my car, is the fuel pump bad?
Car problems! Enabling the beep when I lock my car?
Were can I get a longer dipstick for my car?
Remove valve stem completely.?
what is the work for selling a product for double the cost of making it?
what causes the compression in a car engine to reduce?
How likely will the timing belt snap?
My car won't start.?
Why isn't my car turning on?
98 mercedez benz c280 purge control valve?
where can i buy lettering for the trunk of my 2000 chysler concorde?
Do i have to take the engine apart or what?
Whats better for metal cutting a cold saw or band saw.?
Do you need an Exhaust Pipe?
noisy fan belt anyone know any quick easy and cheap solutions?
schematic diagram of gasoline engine electrical ciruit?
How do I replace a Ford 1954 NAA Tractor Steering Shaft?
My dome light in 2002 Prius didn't work, changed bulb, now dash, door locks etc. doesnt work. Fuses ok too
Where would i get a remote clicker for my 2007 Hunda Civic and how much would it be?
Are short ram intakes bad for the winter?
Lancia lambda torpedo 1927?
i need to find the starter on my truck.?
Car overheated, leaked antifreeze, fan never turned on and now it won't drive.?
wrought idle til it gets warmed up?
If you drive in reverse, does the odometer go backwards?
What kind of brake fluid do i use? Does it matter?
Starting capacitor on window motor for Camaro?
My car's constant velocity joint is making noise, but the boot is still intact. Does it need replacement?
Mechanics what do you know about cars? help me pick one!?
2000 eclipse gs won't start. Why?
i have 1993 Ford Probe.every time i'm driving it after the engine heats up, the car shuts
Anyone have any ideas?
Can I put a turbo on my car?
98 Acura CL 2.3 VTEC wont start with out starting fluid, what could it be?
how to take the steering wheel off of 1991 chevy truck?
Mechanic overcharged and me and..?
how do you remove cv joints from a car?
Head gasket problem, HELP?
Stick shift car problem?
What direction does a fel pro head gasket go? writing side up or down?
how to start amf moped?
My car is a van 1.8 litre diesel engine.It wont start.When I turn the key it just makes a click sound.?
how to tell if prom in ecm is bad?
Why won't my truck start?
have a 2k neon, just got po420 code and 1684 code , also personn before me hot wired the starter any i deas?
What is the best way to remove road film from a car windshield?
chevy camaro head gasket?
bad oil sending unit?
Would tires with camber wear on one side of the tire still usable?
How often should dpf on my 2008 diesel clean itself ?
I have a 93 ford escort that is just pluming white smoke.?
My car smells like gas and used up full tank within 30 miles. What is wrong?
How to verify that i have my car with bi-xenon lights?
I pulled out one of my spark plugs and in the bottom of the cylinder was a little antifreeze?
does anybody know any popular names for car re-paints, i got in an accident and need to know who can my paint?
Is my window motor bad or regulator?
my car has lost horse power dramatically, shakes badly when idling, idles very low rpms. Ive had a tune up don?
i got a 2004 rx8 shoud i put on turbo or a supercharger, or is it possible to do both?
i have a 01 gsxr 600 it recently stalled on me?
when (mileage / years)is the cam belt due to be changed on a 2000 ?rover 45 ?
my battery gauge jumps around and my lights dim?
how to connect a relay to the main suuply?
If my battery tests at 8 volts, is it dead?
How harmful is using a different grade of oil than what is in your engine?
when i try to get a shower, the light turns off sometimes. only when i am in there. what is going on?
What type of primer and paint is best to use on a 2 horse bumper pull trailer ?
why is my 2002 tj jeep revving so high in 1st gear?
When will this car die??how can I make it hurry up and die?haha?
nearly new car? New to me?
how do you change the front two sparkplugs on the left sideof the engine in a chevy g20 its awfully tight?
My tail lights work, but my dashboard lights don't.?
i need the spark plug firing order for a 1988 ford f150?
How feasible is it to swap a 6G72 engine in a '91 Montero with a completely different motor? Parts/money wise?
how to stop coolant leak?
What to buy, if i need new brakes?
answers on emissions control systems on 1997 chevysilerado4.3vortec?
What do I do? He's put Petrol in a diesel car?
Any tips on how to loosen a stuck bolt?
Where to find the flasher/blinker fuse on 1989 Econovan?
Interior rear view mirror fell off in my 2000 Honda CRV. How do I put it back on?
2003 mustang cobra bad battery or altenator?
Does a fridge and a car take the same coolant?
Is it illegal to use veggie oil in your diesel car?
what is chrysler autostick transmission?
when will petrol come down in price?
help me on this please?
Good car mechanic in Edinburgh?
Does paintless dent removal work?
Any ideas what the problem with my Toyota Camry is? The engine light came on but its not a transmission issue.?
where is the winshield wiper pump located on a 1985 chevy c10?
Can any of you small electronics guys help me out?
I'm selling my car and it was recently in an accident. How much do I sell it for now?
the up screw on my garage door motor fell in side the motor can i open it up and reset it?
What type of X-Pipe should I get ?
1991 acura integra lots of problems help please?
If you bought your car within the last 2 years, what kind of car is it and what have you had to repair so far?
Steering Wheel Shimmy/Vibration - HELP!?
How do you get the flywheel off the mower?
why wont my car let me pass 3-4000 rpm?
Why must you drive a new car under 60mph during it's first 500 or 1000 miles and is it really bad if you do?
how do i tell if my frame is bent?
How long does a full service oil change usually take?
what does it mean when the yellow light of my computer box in my car starts to blink?
My car is frozen!?
Fuel warning light on and I cant afford to fill it up?
if you drive around with the EMERGENCY BRAKE engaged?
Why doesn't the "check engine" light of my 05 Civic DX turn on at startup?
Is my alternator or battery shot?
I am looking for a free downloadable owners manual for 93 geo metro?
what is the fuel an air mixture on a ford 351 m set at on a 2 barrel motor craft carburetor?
i need to know how to change the timing belt on a 84 ford econovan?
My car won't start please help...?
should i flush or exchange the transmission fluid on my 1997 geo prizm 200,000?
do 1989 crx have back seats?
Good paint/body shop?
Why do oil changes for exotics cost so much?
Is it weird for a girl to want to be an auto mechanic?
How to check codes on a 1990 Honda Accord?
The backseat of my car is soaking wet???
Morris minor v8 axles?
i just but new rotors,pad drums,and shoes evrything looks fine put theirs a grinding noises andpulsating pedel?
my alto acclerates when i start it what is it?
what could be my hesitation problem with my 1997 Saturn SL1?
Is gas a gas?????????
what is wrong with my car? when im on the high way and step on the breaks the steering wheel shakes.?
What is the safest car wax to use often?
Is it bad for the car engine to use cheap gas?
i need a diagram of a fuse panel for a 1998 ford mustang under the hood and under the dash?
how can i add performance to my 350?
Is it true?
I'm buying this car off a guy from ebay. Will you look at the pics from under the hood?
Fuel gauge not working right... help please?!?!?!?
Where the hell did I put my keys?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!????!!!???
tree sap on car, how to get off without damaging paint?
87 gasoline or 91?? new car?
Where can I go to get my head light fixed? Will local auto repair places do it?
Bronco II 2.9 Fuel Injected (California Emissions)?
What is the difference between a 245 40ZR17 tire and a 245 40R17 tire?
I got new tires installed and then got an alignment,steering wheel shakes,should i get a rebalance?
2010 Silverado, overheating! It isn't the thermostat. Suggestions?
new 350 trans in nova wont come out of first gear when i drive away?
how do i stop my fan belt squeaking on vauxhall vectra 2.0 diesel 1997?
how do you test a fuel injector to find out if it is leaking or who can bench test them?
need a new car but a little low on cash?
where is the bathroom?
lug nuts question!!!!?
I have a chevy nova "87" i know it is an old car but i will not start no lights will come on what's the deal
How do I mount a car alarm.?
Dropping pictures between the dashboard on car?
Does over charging your phone really damage your battery?
i have a 1996 chevy 1500 with a 350 with 5speed and it has been running great but today it started idling high?
i have a ford Taurus that wont come out of park.i checked fuse but looks good?
No O-2 sensor on my 1991 Crown Victoria?
what can i put to increase my cars acceleration?
Driving on a bad timing chain guide?
My 2000 cadillac dhs is overheating. Ive changed the thermostat and the rediator and it still is overheating.?
i use 91 octane gas for my honda civic 1995. what impact will be on engine if i start using 87 octane?
How good are TEILE QUALITAT auto parts? Does anyone know who they are?
how long does a car detailing take?
Car maintenance steps (experts please)?
Will my car be a write off?
Does my truck have points or electronic ignition?
is it hard to change glow plugs on a 2001 f250 truck , i cant find them?
My '83 Mercury Grand Marquis is running rich with gas,How can I fix it?
how big a turbocharger can i put on an 1100 cc cheary engine?
exhaust emits heavy white smokes?
What will happine to me on my fourth driveing under suspension?
my passenger back tire is locked up how do i fix it?
does anyone know how to improve a oil system for a 1985 buick regal 231 v6 if so email
My car is reving up by itself?
how do I find the schematics for a kia sedona 03?
where can i download free car repair service manuals?
Why does car make low rumbling when turning tightly?
My truck is shaking for some reason?
Does it matter of one of my wheels on my car is lower than the others?
My car doesn't have brakes. Is that safe?
how to make my car sound like the fast and furious cars?
Broken tail light?! I need some help.?
where can i find rebuilt struts for a 95 dodge neon in the dallas,tx area?
Effective ways to Seafoam?
whats wrong with my brakes?
why would someone lower the front end suspension on a car?
Why doesn't my air conditioner blow out cold air?
I have a Yamaha 3 wheeler and want to put a new front sprocket on. How do you get the old one off?
Why do they say Ford cars suck?
Can I fit a V8 Engine into my car?
Where do I donate a car or auto in San Diego?
what is the strongest engine? gas or diesel?
I am looking for the head torque specifications for a 1996 Dodge Stratus, 2.4 lt.?
How hard is it to change the turn/headlight switch in a 1997 chevy cavalier.?
Did I meet requirements for safe vehicle.?
My car has a bear in the trunk....?
need help re programing a key for 1999 honda accord?
My moms front right tire is bald and showing wire?
what is photo block spray for liscence plates?
Why does the "check engine light" come on, and then go off, and then months later come on again?
whats the best product or method to use to clean the internal windows of a car so I dont leave it streaky?
How to convert steam to electricity?
how can i put a clutch in a lawm mower engine?
spanner light when cars slowing down?
Will a Schumacher or Battery Maintainer charge my dead battery?
If I only have a little bit of gas in my car...?
Question about my cars mass air flow sensor.?
What is the latch assembly for a 2000 Ford Ranger called?
The cruise control on my 2002 Ford Escape has stopped working. Could this be a fuse problem?
is 1100 dollars alot to put on a new timing chain and oil pump i have a 1986 oldsmobile 98?
is it possible to convert an avg. diesel engine into turbo diesel ?
checking the compression on a car, is that the same procedure as a boat?
how do i properly paint my car?
i have no reverse light on my vauxhall astra?
i put some anti seize compound on my spark plugs...?
My 1996 ranger will not start off the key. Only will start when sol is crossed over.?
any GM bulletins on 2003 S10 pick up 2.2litre for service engine light,code P0301,P0304,P0300?
can i convert regular halogenheadlamps to HID system on my Saturn Vue?
Car is leaking a lot of oil?
1968 chevy malibu car 307 egine 350 turbo automatic?
What is wrong with my 2000 ford ranger, my brake lights don't work?
Why can't my car steer?
Does anyone know how to fix car overheating?
Parking brake, Seat bealt, Doors Warning buzzer Problem?
Is my new car ruined?
Why do a 2003 Buick lesabre custom fan only comes on when air condition on?
what do i need to have manual control of my ride height on my 94 lincoln continental air ride suspension?
car wont start, what do i need to do?
Engine Slipping 2007 Kia Spectra EX?
How do I check if my brake pads are low?
Where is the mode selector linkage for ac/heat?
Can You Run A Nitro RC Motor Without A Muffler?
White smoke tail pipe (alot)?
Why is the "check engine" light on?
Van blowing black smoke?
What's the best way to detail my car?
how do i remove a sticker from the windshield of an automobile?
how to change turn signal lever on chevy truck?
1998 740il BMW "Transmission Fail Safe Program" comes on. Car does not move. What does this mean?
Should i perform an engine flush sometime on my car? is it a good idea?
brake lights dont work on 2000 malibu?
Where do I fill my transmission fluid on my 1999 F250 7.3 diesel?
Help my car is leaking alot of water and heating up very quickly?