I am in need of troubleshooting for a 1998 Chevrolet engine.I am not getting fire.?
What is EFI maening in Auto mobil?
How can I install in-cabin microfilter on 2002 Nissan Sentra?
1997 Honda Accord LX Cruse Control problem!?
The asr light comes on. and my mersadez turn off what is it ?
Question about Overheating Car Answer please :)?
What do I have to worry about when changing wheels on a car?
How do i make my tires Squeal?
i just changed my engine oil and the oil filter fell off....should i keep driving it?
my car suddenly wouldn't start, what's possibly wrong?
How many hours change a Ford Expedition motor in 04?
What brand of smog legal Header exhaust system would be best for a 2002 chevy silverado with 4.8 V8?
Where can I get a engine wiring harness for a 1986 1/2 Toyota Supra?
What is the importance of having your oil changed?
Whats wrong with my car? Whenever i turn the stearing wheel hard right it grinds like metal on metal?
My RPM is getting as low as 200 Ripple/min?! please help. when car is idle.?
where can I get a manual for a ford ranger xl, 4 seater/2004?
my car won't start....?
Reverse DC motor for my project?
Do you think i was unreasonable in this argument?
why does the speedometer on my 2004 stop working after 25 min then work if I let the engine cool?
When I press down on my brake pedal my steering wheel shakes back and forth, why does it do this?
1999 jeep grand cherokee lorado leaking in the passenger side floor board?
why does it feel like i have too much air in my brake system?
2001 Toyota Corolla S 1.8L 175k miles and check engine light code: P0420?
Why does my car not go when its in drive and I step on the gas?
1987 Jeep Cherokee Oil Problems?
Orange pump just came on my durango's dash, what could this be?
My car sometimes Either the break or something up on the right side locks up and pulls?
How to install a passenger side mirror on 1999 Toyota 4runner?
how long after the low fuel indicator turns on will the fuel run out on an 08 Tundra crewmax?
what can I use to clean car parts? Book calls for neutral mineral spirits, what is equal to this?
what are the chances of damage to alloy wheels in mounting tires?
whats a good place to get aftermarket parts?
Ok, besides the dealership where can I buy a dashboard for a 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 Ext. Cab?
locked out of my car.. any ideas please??
i need to know what to do?
How much is a new paint job on my old pickup truck?
holden vt calais alternator handle my sound ststem?
my car makes a scraping noise but stop when i step on the brakes?
my 98 ford contour wont shift out of park?
how to remove the rev limiter off a 2005 e-ton scooter?
The oil pressure drops off to 40psi when I let off the accelerator on my 2004 duramax diesel silverado 6.6 v8?
what octane gas should i use?
why is my car idling weird?
What's better Synthetic or Petroleum based motor oil ?
95 Bonneville starter problem.?
I need a new blower/heater motor for my 1997 Jeep Wrangler. Where do I get one with out paying too much for it
Is it better to get you two best tyres at the front or the back?
where can i get a service manual or owners book for a suzuki every randy van 1.3 (2001) auto in english.?
Where is the cheapest place to get my fuel filter changed on my car? in KC, MO or KC, KS?
Can I get a decent car for $2000?
I have a question about cars/engines?!?
is my engine really seized or is it the starter?
Places to buy a Michellin tire online with a TireRack promo?
Bad hubs on my 05 Grand Prix?
Where can I get a 2005 Nissan Maxima Catalytic Converter in California for cheap?
How to tell if you have a macpherson suspension?
Get answers from millions of real people.?
if someone rear ends your bumper pretty likely did damage to the frame of vehicle?
Best color for my car?
Is a b18 LS in a 95' eg hatch coup fast?
will a small block trans bolt on a big block gm motor?
Why iPhone 4 shows red battery icons when it come down to 20 %?
will a 1993 f150 door and hood work on a 1987 f150?
please tell me how to stop my wind shield wipers from sqeaking?
Exhaust System Help!!!?
i'm trying to buy filter cloth for consumer use?
can I steam clean my car and the leather in it?
Will a transmission cooler increase my payload and towing capacities?
What turns you off?
Can anyone help with a 12 volt relay?
If you are a good enough mechanic will they hire you if you are still in high school?
My car ran out of gas lastnight so we filled it up and had to jump the battery now it sputters when driven?
Car jerks a bit from accelerating from stop (manual transmission)?
How do you measure valves on a set of 327 Chevy heads?
1991 Honda idle RPMs jumps from 1500 to 2000 and back in 1 second intervals on cold start?
what's the difference between a gas pedal and a throttle?
Why won't my quad start?
Engine Compression Restorer?
5 hp briggs and stratton carb?
Coolant leak and overflow?
what add ons are on this vehicle?
I got an instant flat tire from hitting a curb. How easily fixable is this?
Replacing car wheels?
i am the one who put diesel in for gas my concern is i drove it for about 5 or minutes before it stopped?
what are the signs of a bad u-joint?
When do you use Overdrive off for your car?
what is the best thing you can do to keep a car running trouble free?
i have a 1995 toyota and it wont crank at all?
my 95 gmc sonoma tailights wont work?
can a radiator flush stop my windows from getting foggy?
Where should I go to get my door lock repaired?
my car battery keeps going flat even with new one?
what's the difference of having two exhaust versus one?
Does anyone know how much it costs to fix deployed front and passenger airbags on a 96 infiniti g20?
What are transmission points? My mom just got at truck, she had it diagnosed,they say it has no points????
installing a new light kit?
how do i know if my phone is leaking battery acid?
Rear Drum Brakes... HELP ASAP!!?
where to find 2002 acura RL key fob programming info?
Is $500 a good price to replace a water pump and belt on a 2004 mercedes benz c240 4matic please help!!?
I have a 98 windstar, airbag light flashes on start and then stays on. Horn and speed control won't work. why?
What's wrong with my car and how do I fix it?
can i put a 2wd transmission in a 4wd truck if i change the transfer cause or output shaft or anything like it?
what model and make of car has a fuel pump that will interchange with a pontiac sunfire se 1996 model. 2.2?
why is my oil light coming on while idling?
im trying to get my hands on a o/s/f wheel hub for an alfa romeo 155 t-spark 97 can anyone help.?
how long do it take for corosion to build up after a cars sealed computerbox got wet?
question about lights on my truck?
should atheists be allowed to live in our society?
does pvc leather and real leather look alike ?
Welding in a car, need advice :)?
What will make your tachometer just stop?
Can you drive a car if 1 spark plug wire is bad?
what does your car do when you have bad vacuum line?
transmission leak problem?
what can i smell from the exhaust on my car?
1997 Buick Skylark, wont start?
I was told I have to replace the struts on my 2001 Ford Focus?
have any one heard of riad amanager at scrubbers car wash?!!?
how do i replace the window regulator in my 2003 chevy suburban?
Is there a way I can get a dent out of my trunk?
My 1996 ranger will not start off the key. Only will start when sol is crossed over.?
5th gear doesnt work after installing new clutch.....???
How can I fix the radio on my 1986 Mercedes 300E?
landrover engine?
how to improve my car's fuel consumption ?
How can I make my car shine like new again.?
Does anyone know how to pop a dent out of a license plate cover for a Grand AM?
How often am I suppose to change my oil ?
1953 willys jeep cj3b from 6 volt to 12 volt?
Gettin a 79 cutlass to start?
does it hurt or help an automatic transmission to put it in neutral to coast before a stop?
I've got a diesel and was wondering whats the best way to get maximum usage out of the fuel?
Car shakes (more info inside)?
my car sounds like the starter is always engaged?
what do you do if your clutch fails whilst driving?
Amateur car diagnosis please?
Got clutch installed 3 months ago. Throughout bearing out already?
what is the best car wax to use to get rid of swirl marks?
where is the fuel filter located on a 2000 dodge neon?
Is getting new spark plugs and getting a tune up the same thing?
What tires could fit my rim?
Buying a car for $300 but doesnt reverse... bad idea?
Can I put tape over gas cap?
Car not starting making clicking noise?
Were can i get this for my truck?
what is the difference between hp and bhp?
Will my car be ok after this jet wash of the engine?
how do I prevent rust from returning from bottom of car doorafter it has been sanded and painted?
Lincoln air shocks are affected by cold?
what is the name of the harmful gas in a catalytic converter before it is transformed into harmless gas?
Kwik Fit are they rip off merchants?
will a head job fix a seized cylinder?
i am looking to buy a D16A zc to put into my 1991 crx hf!?
Locked My Keys In My Car?
What could the Check engine light mean?
the brake pedal needs to be pushed to the floor, to make the car stiop? any clues?
Are 8000k lights illegal in California ?
Car problems, please help, a water leak, but from where?
Question about alternators?
How do you know if you water pump is out or blown head gasket?
1989 toyota mr2 dash trim kit?
Will my car be ok, unused for 2 months? Should I take the battery out? Thanks?
What is a transmission?
Is there a such thing as a 454 small block?
professional mechanic tools?
car is running really rough and engine light is flashing. whats the most possible reason?
What might be causing my car not to start?
How often do I need to change trasmition filter and fluid?
how to i remove a rear wheel that is stuck on the hub?
What might cause a ticking noise in a vehicle?
1990 4runner instrument lights not working.?
Car dies right away unless gas pressed?
Does it make a difference on what type of gas I put in my car as far as cheap vs. expensive?
Smog tubes?
can you convert a 1994 bonco w/efi to propane? if yes,then is it legal.?
I need a trunk and rear bumper for a 1966 dodge polara?
What does it mean when a starter is described as "binding internally"?
I just got a body lit for my 2002 honda civic how much do you think it will cost to paint and put on?
my car started 2 make a squeaky sound today that only squeals when i accelerate! its sounds like from 1 corner?
i have to take my car in for a check up and i know there is something wrong with her.?
What air compressors have 200 psi or more?
i cant help but feel pissed off... i mean he bought me a car!? (10 POINTS)?
replaced transmition in94 dodge dakota, now it wont crank?
What's wrong with my Ford Focus? It turns off at every stop! A mechanic checked his comp and said no errors.
Why is my factory alarm going off?
How cost a led light for mercedes ml 320 cdi 2007?
Koyo Bearings for Nippondenso Alternators?
2002 chevy venture won't start?
can some one please ansswer this leak Q for me?
the best and CHEAPEST place to go for brakes?
my turn signal & brake lights don't work?
what are the sensors by the spark plugs on a fuel injection engine?
should i buy a 1992 acura legend with 167000 miles on it?
87 jeep comanche with aisin wanrner 4 transmision what type of Transmission fluid do you use?
Problem with reverse lights on pick up?
Turns over wont fire?
Where do i put the oil in my car?
Car not starting after being jumped mins after?
Does the 2003 Oldsmobile Alero have cabin air filter(s)?
Is my mechanic screwing me over? What can I do?
how to identify a worn clutch?
should i put paint/underseal on my new car exhaust before i fit it?
Is it possible to change my front tire to a quick release?
How can cars 50 or more years old still run?
is there a common household cleanser that is good for shining chrome?
Are independent owners/mechanics typically cheaper than dealerships on repairs?
What's the best way to re-mount a side-view mirror on the car?
Better Auto Glass - Ford or PPG?
ok i have rounded my nut on my air compressor the things i try in take it off with doesnt work what do i do??
How do you get vegetable oil off a car?
How to correctly use a CVT transmission?
how many hours is 245 miles?
2000 Chevy Blazer engine light on?
how do i do the timing belt on my 1997 honda accord lx 4door 4cyl?
whether overheating of a car is a manufacturing defect of a car?
Is synthetic oil good for high mileage Saturn car?
Should I sell my 1990 Toyota Celica?
99 tahoe front wheel abs sensors where are they located, where can i find pictures of same?
Will a 98 chevy blazer ReTech Fuel pump fit a 97 s10 blazer?
Please??!! I need your help?
What are the best windshield replacement promotions in the Phoenix area?
Difference ?? Pneumatic and Electrical central lock ?
How to recharge a car battery (when it's not dead)?
Can you put both a cold air intake and an aftermarket air filter on your car?
What is the first step when removing an old battery?
How do i pick what kind of body kit i can use?
store a car for 1 year?
Auto repair shop trying to charge me $240 (3 hours) for a repair that required no parts?
What is the motor sound coming from behind the dash of my 97 megane rt?
my car asks for 5-20 - mechanic put 5-30 and runs horrible?
How do I make my car smell like crayons?
Any solution for my car that has antifreeze and oil mixed in the engine? TEMPORARY SOLUTIONS?
is it ok to use t-cut on a black car?
How can I put wider wheels/rims (to put wider tires) on my suzuki sidekick 89? I have seen some with 235/75/15
Why isn't my Jeep Laredo idling so low?
How do I loosen the tension on a 92 Honda Accord Ex fan belt, or alternator belt?
Does the steering on your car go if you run out of gas?
How Thin do your Brake Rotors have to be to replace them?
How can I find a publisher that send books directly to inmates in Georgia?
Car strain?
is this a fair price? i will be charged about $600 (including labor) to replace a water pump?
Which is the most reliablecar?
I took out a car fuse for my dome lights will my car still function properly?
best tire size for 97 civic ex sedan 14" rims?
I have an 05 GTO if i take my catalytic converts off would it be louder?
i have a 1988 nissan truck it has been sitting up for four years i trying to start it but cant get it to fire?
car trouble?
How do I fix a dent on my car?
What is your estimate cost for an oil change on a 2006 tahoe?
how can i patch a hole in my radiator. cant get to shop till thursday?
Do the colored lights that replace windshild washer fluid nozels, still spary the washer fulid?
Diagnosis of noises on my Peugeot 206cc ?
when will gas run out?
If my car Ac is blowing hot air when freon is full?
Does it damage your car engine to take the RPMs higher but not into red zone?
Changing oil and cannot remove filter!?
My cigarette lighter in my car doesn't work, what could be the problem?
My 2005 Dodge Neon sxt blows cold air when I turn on my heat?
how do you bleed the heater system on a ford fiesta?
how to work air cooler?
what can i use to make aluminum stick together strong?
What causes a car to squeal when you start your engine?
Car has alarm but no remote for it?
If you get the intake manifold gasket repaired...?
Is the speedometer on my car broken?
Can you reset the check engine light on a 2000 pontiac sunfire after the gas cap has been replaced?
leak under car, please help?
my car is on the side of the road, please help!?
i hear a shug shug sound when I do a big turn. it's fine with a regular turn. what could it be?
Will the alternator charge up a battery no problem as long as the battery is newer?
show how a three part job card set operates as used in automotive garages and draw the diagram?
CAn i hook an altenator up to a 1959 VW bug to use 2 batteries?
Facet- Purolator fuel pump problem?
what truck is better?
Is it possible to have my radiator, water pump, and thermostat all go out at once?
What is wrong with my car? (Seat shakes)?
So, what does one do when car doesn't start, regardless of what kind of car it is.?
it seems too soon to be getting new tires?
on my 98 durango I had the steering gear box replaced and now the airbag light is on.Help?
Farm-all "M" Hydraulics issue?
My car Windscreen always steaming up ?
How do i get rid of powdery buildup on my car battery terminal?
What things should i replace/clean for a car that sat around for 18 months?
The threaded part that my lug-nut goes on is too short...?
What does it mean when your brakes are continously squeeking?
What's the best inexpensive way to repair a chip in auto paint to prevent rust?
I have change stuck in the cigarette lighter in my car?
i need help with my exhaust set up?
I am a girl, did pressure check on radiator for impala and the pressure stayed good oil still went in overflow
i need wiring diagrams for a 98 ford mustang?
Help! My car overheats! Any advice?
1994 Cadillac Seville STS, help?
I am looking to buy a 1985 mercedes 380sl engine repair manual book?
My driver side window will not go up or can i fix this?
is there something wrong with my handbrake?
Can Anyone Explain A Car Alarm "Jumper"?
My car started making a strange sound.?
Can I get my car back without doing serious damage?
it this normal if a guy can even change a tire from a car?
Can spark plugs be a reason as to why there is hardly any power in the engine?
Can someone tell me what this Volkswagen Toureg part is called?
what would make my car stop running after driving about 20 minutes?
I need to know how to replace/install a 1986 Ford F150 steering box,please.....?
1995 Yamaha Warrior 350 2x4 carb and drive problem?
Whos fault is it?
Is it alright to mix different engine coolants?
Ever get water on the passenger rear floor on long trips?
My radiator fans does not work, what may be the problem?
How to prime engine parts for painting?
Why do shops like Midas say you need new rotors when getting new brakes and pades?
What happened to my leather seat?
Can i put a 2.0 aba vw motor in a honda crx?
I have a 1986 chevy caprice classic, i need a carburetor for it.?
renault i need a new battery?
what does airlock mean dealing with automobiles?
why does my car idle high when my car is in neutral?
Too much heat in my blazer.?
I've had tank for year or so, done 20% change water should I just keep doing small water changes?
Do my back tyres on my car have to be the same make?
Tiburon (00) Brand New Map Sensor Blowen. I Put It On Today Do Any one no what's Wrong?
Car leaking transmission fluid why?
Should I get a deep cycle battery or a capacitor?
Is it fair to give $100 to a guy for doing my brake pads, rotors and shocks?
Key broke and still suck in the door?
How much should I be paying to mechanic to do the blue devil head gasket repair job? And if they are working.?
is it the battery, the alternator, or something else??
too loud engine at speed above +100 KM/H?
1997 Mazda 626 problem?
Has my car passed its MOT?
Do you need a mount for a roller pedal for a VW?
Why won't my car start it is like the steering wheel is loked the key will go in but wont turn?
Which is easier/simplier to maintain engine wise? OHC or Pushrod (aka OHV)?
where is the fuel filter on a nissian frontier 2001?
How to make my un-air conditioned car more bearable?
Where can i download for free a repair manual for a 2000 chrysler sebring?
can I reset my maintenence light myself?
I installed a relay harness to my HID fog lights?
oil,water and what else don't mix together?
How do you stop an older car (2000 Daewoo Leganza) from Vibrating so much?
what does the yellow line with a dot at the bottom of line mean on my 09 325d?
what does a blow off valve do?
1999 chevy tahoe 5.7L 2wd automatic?
Where can I find information pertaining to a 1998 4 runner heater?
is it bad fuel injectors,gasket or something else?
conversion, catalatic converter to standard exhaust system?
I left my gas cap off for 20 hours while it rained. Will putting alcohol in dry it out? What should I do?
can anyone help me find information on my ford bronco?
How far to pull up a car handbrake?
can i jumpstart a motorcycle battery with a car?
How can i find that there's a car tracking system secretly installed in my car by someone else?
Running my car without a thermostat?
How to add disk brakes to unknown hotrod chassis?
where can i go online to visually see how my car would look before i purchased the parts?
Everyone!! What is you opion...?
I have a 2.4L 4Cyl 2000 Eclipse can i change the engine?
does 02 acura rsx have a o2r before and after the cat ???
what mods can i add to my Toyota Tercel EZ 89'?
Point me in the right direction. ?
My cousin had his car parked outside his building on Rockaway beach. Sandy 's flood water filled inside.?
What is the 1990 Buick Skylark mpg rating?
Check for complants on 1998 Ford Escort and problems with transmission?
gas prices?
Is wheel lubricant applied when a car is manufactured, or only afterwards as maintenance?
my 94 integra just a 95 motor put in, the headgasket was bad and water was leaking in the oil, but i used that?
Why my car doesn't switch the 3rd gear to the 4th?
Car wont start when engine is hot?
I have a 1997 Buick Lesabre and I have a slight gas leak that is coming from the bottom of the car.?
I have a 1998 Suzuki Esteem whose gas pedal has suddenly been hard to push down.?
95 saturn check engine codes?
1995 Chevy Corsica?
How to change thermostat?
service engine soon light went off on it's own?
petrol in diesel engines?
My car died I need help!!!?
keys stuck in 2006 cobalt?
how many quarts of oil have to be in the oil pan before engine damage occurs?
Brillo pad scratches on car?
Thermostat cuts off while trying to cool. Says HP on the screen. What does that mean?
What is the easiest way to remove oil stains from my driveway?
What should I do about corrosion on a car battery?
What do octane ratings mean?
wheels with universal pattern wont go on?
My car shakes at a complete stop?
parking brake went out not sure if it will affect the braking system?
if a tire gets a snall knot on it can it still be driven on?
how do i cut off a constant seatbelt alarm on yr 1900 chevy c1500 truck?
I can't find the Spec's for an all stock 1979 F250 w/351 W. Where can i find them online?
broken choke on lawnmower?
Why my radiator hoses swell so often?
What causes my front brakes on my 1999 Saturn SL2 to growl?
i have a 50 cc cpi oliver and when i start it up and as soon as you apply the throttle it cuts out?
My car is shutting down on Drive? Why?
The engine on my 1988 chevy caprice won't go off when i turn the key off it continues and its bucking.?
How do I know if I have a 12, 14, 18, or 20 circuit system?
I have to replace the cornering light on my 1994 honda accord and I need a bracket?
What spark plugs are right for my truck?
My Chevy battery won't hold charge--what's wrong?
The tires on my truck are 31X10/50 R-15. What is a High Floatation Tire. This is what Goodyear calls it.?
what's wrong with my 92 sentra se-r when it stumbles accel. and decel. not always just sometimes.?
If I scratch someone's car which was blocking part of my driveway am I liable?
Why does my oil gauge go up and down with RPM's?
Can I use johnson's baby shampoo for a car wash?
Car cranks but dies after it is runned for a while, is it the fuel pump?
what should i do i just bought a car?
I had a sealer put on my drive way 3 months ago now it leaves tire marks. What should i do?
today my kia sorrento cut out. car is fully serviced etc. it happened when i was pulling out of a junction?
both of my brake lights are out?
My car broke down and a part popped off - What happened?
Should I get my mazda mpv 1996 fix?
Car exhaust fell off, car behind me drove over it, their car is now making a noise. Is this an insurance claim?
About how much did the Millermatic 200 MIG welders sell for new?
2000 oldsmobile intrigue, help please!?
the rod bearings on my car?
Whats the best car engine oil?
What ONE option would you like added to your car?
Clutch has no resistence, but still works fine. Only have to press pedal about an inch.?
What would be a good turbo to put on a 1991 Acura Legend?
what does the emission control in my car consist of?
Will fill up a car gas tank at the half level save gas or avoid engine problem?
how do i check my transmission fluid levels?
Why is coolant bubbling in the reservoir?
how many gallons of paint to pant my car?
My 93 altima lost power and idled rough now won't start and no spark?
how do you change the emblem on a saab?
Car smells of Gasoline?
Can someone help me find a website that will tell me specifics on a 1951 GMC Pickup?
burning oil and sucking air throw dipstick?
Are auto mechanics required by law to check front and back breaks?
How much would it cost to replace all brakes and possibly rotors on a 2003 Pontiac sunfire?
I just bought 4 new tires for my Mazda 3. How much does it cost to pay autoshop to install them on my car?
How much (ball park) should it cost to replace the starter on a 1996 Lexus ES 300?
slow refill after flush,I have replaced the fill valve and feed line and it still remains slow.about 2.5 min.?
Just had my radiator replaced on Friday...Today I noticed a brown liquid leaking from under the pass side?
What shocks do I need?
Buying a car with floor pan rust?
how does automotive computer paint color matching work?
Can i remove the front drive shaft out of a 2000 GMC and still use it in two wheel drive?
How much can a car be modded in California ?
where are the vin numbers on a 1965 ford pick located?
What is meant by a double filament bulb?
97 Accord Transmission Can It Fit On a 86-89 Mechanics...get At Me i Heard U CAn Do It But iWant To Knoe.....?
I need help to fix my car please.?
Low Oil Pressure at Hot Idle?
My car wont start???????
1990 ford diesel purge valve location?
I get ripped off when I have maintenance done to my car...?
i just bought a used transmission at a junk yard. I just noticed that there a a in the front casing.?
can 305 heads work on a 400 engine?
How do you get sperm of a car seat?
For a Jaguar car, how much would this cost?
my 1994 plymouth voyager didnt start today,when i jump started it , it didnt stay started.?
what happen if i dont' change my car's engine oil for 10,000 km, affects the performance? best lapse plz.
wher is the petrol relay unit on my rover 25 imprection any photos?
how do I get the most power out of "02 v6 mustang?
Why is my car slightly overheating, but then, the temperature goes back to an acceptable value?
is it ok to add those commercial fuel injector cleaner liquid in gas tank?
will a 4.0 replace a 2.9?
Can I use 2 16 Gage wires to make up for 1 12 Gage wire?
My front nearside wing is loose, will my car pass the MOT?
Can a ed windshield pass a WV state inspection?
No O-2 sensor on my 1991 Crown Victoria?
My car engine managermant light keeps going on & off?
My car door key gets stuck in the car door lock.?
what can you do to a vehicle to almost ensures it gets pulled over?
What would make my car use up Anti-Freeze/Coolant really quick?
Why won't my geo metro go faster than 75?
Where in the world is a 2003 Saturn Ion transmission dipstick?
what does it mean when ur car is leaking transmission fluid?
I have 50,00 miles on my 2009 camry le, should i replace the engine air filter?
does having smaller tires dimension increase faster the mileage of the car as the wheel mkes faster rotation?
Whats a good suspension system to help give your car a very "smooth" anti-bounce car ride?
about running the car's airconditioning, Is it hard on the engine or is it designed for it?
Does anyone have experience with taking a repair shop to small claims court?
1996 ford ranger overheating?
My Volvo xc90 fuel door is Jammed and wont open,Any ideas on How to open it?
What is broken if I have to jump start my car everyday?
what common problems occur with ford taurus's?
Where do I find a site to get a FREE carfax history report?
need to know the size gas tank of a 88 Nissan 300ZX.?
does pepper REALLY stop leaks in vehicle radiators?
What tires should I get and from what store.?
where is the fuel filter located on a 1987 Jaguar vanden plas?
Do dealership techs need their own jack/jackstands?
how do i turn the door chime (ding ding ding...) off.?
i have a 91 nissan pick-up and when i have the radio and/or the headlights on the engine starts cutting out?
Steering Wheel Lock Up / Check Oil Light / Gas Pedal Doesn't Work 95 Dodge Grand Caravan?
what is the tallest diff i can put in a WB ute?
What is wrong with my car!!!???
How do I completely remove decal/film from windshield?
Why does my car a/c blow hot air?
why is there oil in my water container for the cooling system on my vauxhall astra 1.7dti w reg?
headgasket blown, car stopped working, shall I buy this car ? can I repair and use ?
can a car fail new jersey state inspection ....?
Can you fix a car that has no compression in one of its cylinders?
Why does my cars outside thermometer freeze light go out at 40 degree's?
How do you properly remove a bumper sticker from an automobile, without causing damage?
whats the best techo shop?
How do I burn out in with an automatic car?
Does this sound correct?
Passenger Car Floor Wet! ?
What's wrong with my car?
does anyone know where the relay is for power windows on a 99 gmc jimmy?
No coolant in the resevoir?
Are you supposed to upgrade on gas every 10 times you fill up your car?
What would be the effects of a bad fuel pressure sensor?
how to replace fuel level sending unit on 2001 chevrolet tahoe?
The police cant help?
If i want to spray my car a different colour, do i have to inform anyone?
wher can I find collided cars for sale within houston tx?
Is it ok to put food dye in the wind shiled fluid?
should i get a transmission flush soon?
Is there any way to age touch-up paint?
When getting an oil change?
i am looking for some after market rims for a 03' eurovan weekender?
my brakes have air in them how can i fix them?
How do run flat tyres work?
Steering wheel in full 'turn position' while driving straight after accident?
Gas tank is spilling out through fill have?
2002 Chevy Malibu Coolant overflowing?
I have a car in the shop getting custom work its been there 11/2 years what should i do about it?
What coolant should I use for a 2012 mitsubishi outlander sport?
what is wrong with my lawn mower it won't start?
how do i stop squeking wiper blades on my windscreen?
ford ka rocker cover?
Squeaking 2007 Corolla While Braking?
How to prevent mouse spoiling the cables/wires under the car?
how does tractor fuel system work?
Having bicylce problems?
What is better for brakes?
What is a good site to get general car maintenance info for free?
Does a 1992 Pontiac Firebird have a carburetor, or is it Fuel Injected?
How can I repair the transfer case on my 1999 Ford Explorer?
My 2000 Honda Accord won't start?
replacing window in my Grand Am but how do i get the knob off, to remove the panel?
how do i re-install the heads and intake manifold on a 1993 gmc 5.7 motor?
Whats the size of these tires in height and width?
are oil additives good for the car? will it improve performance?
I have a 1999 F250 SUPER Duty, V10, 4X4 and a brake rotor problem. How thick are the new rotors supposed to B?
How much for certain body parts lipoed?
my wipers won't shut off the keys aren't in it what do i do?
Once driving through a rough part of town, i heard a lot of commotion around my vehicle.?
I need some advice on starting a car wash business.?
Installing new exhaust system and cold air intake harm my car??
What would cause my engine to be hot in idle, but not while moving?
How to remove ignition switch on 1988 camaro?
Why doesnt my car in forza move while using my steering wheel?
What is wrong with 1995 Lincoln Towncar when airbag light comes on, then electronic dash goes dark?
Can I use my steam cleaner to clean my car seats using carpet shampoo with out damaging the seats?
electrical problems with 2002 Mitsubishi galant?
how can i stop my radiator leaking,only just started,will radwell work?
How can you fix noisy tappets on a BMW 318i?
do u wax a car before or after a car wash?
What should I do about the key for my car, besides just calling a locksmith?
i had a courtesy car but rental company say ive scratched the bumper but i never!?
I smell a little gas when i turn on the vent?
Can my car's spare wheel be fitted if the rim size is 14" whilst the other wheels are 15"?
what controls a fuel pump on a 92 astro van??
flat battery ?
Should I rebuild my engine?
oil change every 5000 miles or 3 months?
i get this vibration when i step on my gas pedal Mercedes s 500?
how can i get a dealer plate for a detailing shop?
Why is only one side of my air conditioner working?
How much would it cost to replace the exhaust for a 1994 Toyota Corolla?
I rented a car and incurred minor damage to the bumper.?
What good lift kit could I use to raise my 2000 new beetle 2 to 4 inches?
Does anybody have a Vacuum Hose Diagram for a 1983 Camaro 2.8L V6?
i have a 2001 silverado 4.3...i changed the fuel filter and fuel pump but it still won't stay running.....i?
what is the most reliable automobile in the united states ? I want to buy a really trouble free auto Im sick a
location of 87 mr2 clutch bleeder?
How much would it cost to get a new petrol tank fitted?
how to learn to pinstripe auto mobiles?
where is thermostat on porsche 944 ?
My ABS light is on In my 1999 Ford Expedition?
Overfilled engine oil?
car battery dies overnight!! please help :)?
What do you pay for a gallon of gas??
go faster car?
Having battery problems with 02 Trailblazer, new battery dies after setting for 24 hours, any ideas?
Camaro car help!!! white smoke?
Whats the problem with not using antifreeze?
im working on a 67 camaro and i cant see why i cant time it.?
i cant change gear out of 1st and 2nd and the gearstick is really stiff.i can get neutrel but no other gears?
I have a 95 BMW (525i) i Can't find where to put the transmission fluid. does any one know where it's located?
thanks that my 83 delta 88 sat over nite,it actually started and is running fine!!!?
Gas in oil and sludgy substance?
2005 grand cherokee oil consumption?
i have a 1990 honda acrrod and i changed the oil pan gasket and the car has no power and it is smoking now!?
I have a Dodge Durango and it dies while I'm driving it. Any ideas what could be wrong?
Help cranking go-kart first time this year?
My indicators stopped working?
How do traffic lights work?
1996 subaru legacy wagon will not shift out of park, what could be the problem?
When starting my ford taurus it just clicks. I have changed the battery what do you think it could be?
How to remove scratch from black car?
my atv tires in the front go flat after sitting over night. I think it is leaking where the air goes into the?
What engine & gearbox would fit into a 1978 reliant Scimitar
fuel tank questions................?
Why is my oil light coming on?
how much can I sell my car for?
(Please help!)Changed the battery in my car and now the air bag light stays on?
How much does it cost to re-spray your car?
Why do my tires squeal when I accelarate?
transmission problems?
my 2001 Navigator blows cold air when the heat is on?
which of this springs will make my car lower?
99 Malibue Cooling System Problem?
Hi, I am looking for information on automotive brake air compressors. Volume pumped per sec, etc? Thanks?
What is a volt meter? and how do I use it to check and see why my central air is only blowing cold air?
Do car battery terminals & connectors require any greese/lubrication?
Do I fill my car tires to the pressure listed on the car or the tire?
Car painting help?
Do i have to have a front number plate UK?
Car started just fine and then slowly died as I drove it. Why?
Help starting a car with a manual choke?
Help, my car's battery dies over night without fail. I've had it checked with mechanics. What should i do?
hi i have a nitro car it is a nitro traxxes4tec3.3 i think i have a problem?
What is optimal pressure in car's tires?
if i swap my 5.3 vortec to a 6.0 vortec will i have to swap and harness or ecu to make this work?
Oil all over the back of the engine?
I can't undo my seat belt!!!?
how do you get the lug nuts off to put a tire rims back on? what kind of tool do i need?
What is the difference between a vehicle speed sensor and an abs speed sensor?
Manual transmission question?
How do you know you have a posi traction rear end?
What is Stage 3 porting?
ford transmission pan bolt torque specifications? 1997 powerstroke?
A car question very easy 10 points?
what is this under my hood(pics included)?
Why Doesn't My Car Start? I Have To Use Jumper Cables To Start It Up!!!?
How can I get better gas mileage on my 2006 Suzuki Eiger 4x4?
HELP my car may need a new engine?
Removing sticky stuff from dash?
My Car Shakes and gets worse at 65 MPH?
How/where to repair a motor bicycle?
are there any master mechanics that know what test need to taken to become a master mechanic?
how do i add more horse-power and more acceleration to my 1992 honda accord?
will bad spark plug wires cause your cylinder not run correctly.?
Is there anything i can put into my transmission to stop the main seal from leaking?
How do I know if my alternator is the problem?
Whats wrong with my car?
If you are a good enough mechanic will they hire you if you are still in high school?
engine start custom button switch?
Need help!!!!!!!!! changed motor in my 05 grand caravan and cannot get it to start?
what is wrong with my car?
what do the mechanics do when they service your car?
what type of fluid for clutch cylinder for ford f150?
why does my chevy have no spark?
Samsung Q330 Plugged in but not charging what's the cause and how can I fix it?
will a 2.0L protege engine fit a 1.6L protege?
Can someone please tell me how to hook up halo lights?
Would my car fail an emissions test because of low oil/water?
Why does my car screech?
Can we use PJ-8 fuel for Diesel Engines or the Diesel for the PJ-8 fuel Engines?
Are turboxs products good? Particularly their wastegates?
satin finish acrylic enamel no topcoat on car?
How far can an exhaust pipe stick out?
how do you change car brakes?
what is the refrigerant charge,for a lite ace panel van that uses 134a refrigerant. answer in oz?
How do I change the dash bulbs in a 1995 Ford Explorer?
my car floor is soaking wet is it the seals on the door leak when it rains .?
do bad struts affect the rotors?
Need help with my truck. serious answers please.?
what is the rocker arm clearence for a 6hp lister motor?
What do you expect the cost to have my rear defroster fixed from the car dealer?
1 parts of of windshield washer and 10 parts of water ? how to do this?
Do you think I should let my boyfriend & his dad change the timing belt in my Honda Civic?
Can you tell me why my car might be leaking or has leaked oil on driveway?
I am dropping my Gas tank how do I get the gas out of it.?
what does it mean when my car is blowing tons of white smoke?
1994 acura legend thermostat change?
Are Toyota pickups worth the extra money?
car window rolls down but doesnt roll up,how can i fix that?
Can a mechanic/dealer charge for labor seperately on jobs performed simulataneously?
why does a manual car make jerkin motion if you start it wrong?
I am looking for a mounting kit for a grille guard for 2002 Chevrolet 2500 HD Can you help me find one?
Sealing exhaust from cylinder head help?
I'm loosing oil but no visible oil leak?
>>>>>>>>>>87 hilux<<<<<<<<<<?
what is something to put in gas to mess up your car?
registration code need for speed shift?
Is it bad to drive in winter the heat not on? Could this do damage to the car?
2001 chevy s10 truck 83,000 miles?
Need help Identifiying a transaxle mount question?
how to paint a car?
The check engine light came on at 80,000 miles. Is this normal for a 2000 Toyota Corolla?
locking lug nuts?
What is the difference between a check engine light and a maintenence required light?
Is there any chemical available (Waterkiller)in market to neutralize moisture in refrigeration system?
How often should I clay bar my car?
Just changed my disc brakes and the brake petal goes to floor?
How can you quieten a loud exhaust pipe temporarily, ie for the neighbours!?
what happens if you put washer fluid in brake fluid container?
Am I damaging my engine? Please help!?
How much is a new paint job on my old pickup truck?
1994 saturn sw2?
How many MPG's might I get from a 2000 Dodge 2500 5.9 auto 4X4?
How can I fix a ed leather seat on my own?
BMW REPAIR 1997 BMW 328i I have to replace the wiper switch.?
muffler turns bright red?
why is my car not changing gears properly?
Automatisch transmission suddenly won't change gears?
LUMINA APV CHARGING PROBLEM alternator charges intermittenly?
how to replace a waterpump on a 94 Buick skylark witha 3100 V-6?
should the pistons hit the bottom of the head in a motor when there is no gaskets?
what are the symptoms of a broken alternator belt?
Ford Escort Re-Mapping?
how do i remove a mangled up oil filter on a 1993 S10?
Fujita intake rattle, lancer 2009 Help!?
What's wrong? Funny idle.?
How to get around without a car?
The car is in drive but won't go forward for about 10 seconds, what's up with that?
Ford Fiesta Wont Fire up.?
94tercel making a knocking noise oil pressure good starts right up. more of a loud rattle. posibly the valves?
windshield wiper possessed?
1999 Ford Windstar will start, run, but will die if not revved.?
how much is a brake light bulb?
my car is a 94 hoda and it was parked for 11 mon. when I drive it cut off I got new belt battery what to do?
My cars running rough..could i need a tune up?
If an engine overheats to the point of melting the plug wires is it trashed or can it be rebuilt?
can anyone help me get a Suzuki Grand Vitara owners manual 2002 model 3 door GV1600 MODEL MANY THANKS?
How do I fix an eroded battery cable?
why won't my 99 chev malibu start?
how do you take a tire off a rim? it's a passenger car donut spare rim with a blowout tire...can't stretch it
Moisture on passenger floor?
I have engine number off my vw , how can i find what size & year it is ?
Should I put the engine in the other Trans AM?????
What is included in a vauxhall zafira clutch kit?
where can I find the fuse panel layout for a 2000 vw beetle?
automatic transmission problem?
How do the airbags come out of the steering wheel and dash board?
Why would a 98 Jeep Wrangler Sport hesitate upon acceleration, if spark plugs and fuel system r not the prob?
Car Thermostat Replaced, Still Problems?
question about miles per gallon?
My car is having problems starting and I'm not sure what is wrong. Any ideas?
Is my car safe to drive?
Will a dirty air filter cause a car to not want to start?
Do modern cars need to have the Air Conditioner replenished with Freon or other types of refrigerant?
My car shakes a lot when I got over 60 mph?
what are the exterior lights next to my side back windows called and how do i change the bulbs?
rim suggestions for my car?
i have a 2004 honda ex and a raptor 660 motor is it posable to put the motor on the frame?
Taking Car Out of Storage?
nissan almera runs good but stores and loses revs?
How do you wash a car?
what are the things inside the trunk of a 2006 toyota corolla that cover the taillight wires called?
Efficient automotive alternator?
1996 Dodge Caravan door locks?
what type of coolant does a 1998 saturn sc2 take?
i have a 2006 ford ranger when i back up there is this squeeking sound it just happens when i back up?
Can I offer to pay for damage to a another car to avoid loosing no claims discount. Its a very small dent?
smoke exhuast eliminator fans?
i just bought a car, and the breaks in the back grind a lot?
where are my car keys, I'm sure I put them in my jacket pocket last night?
1988 Honda Civic overheating?
trans mission quetions i need answer?
Would my ford taurus start even if it had the wrong size battery in it?
My car (98 Sable) has ICE COLD air, but no heat. What's wrong?
Are heated seats available on a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited?
Ethanol Cleaners?
How much should a 30K or 60K maintenance on my Saturn cost? How about a diagnostic?
is it rack & pinion or wheel hub?
Does my car need a repair?
fuel gage goes to full when you turn the key on!?
Help! How do I get the serpentine belt back on my 1992 Plymouth Voyager?
mgtf oil temp????????????
Why is it hard for my shifter to change gears?
how do u get old duck tape residue off of a car window? its really stuck ....?
What would happen if a small amount of transmission fluid is accidently put in the brake reservoir?
What size socket is the timing chain guides?
can someone tell me where the oil sending unit is located on a 1996 cavalier 2.2l engine 4 cylinders?
My boss just asked if he could put his car in my garage. Why is he so weird?
P0734 Incorrect 4th Gear Ratio. What can i do to fix that?
400kva iveco generator has no load but shows 48% enigne load?
what would cause my car to blow white smoke and run hard?
Grinding sound when I hit the breaks?
Are my piston rings bad?
Should you actually see coolant when you open the radiator?
i want to convert a suburban into a hummer where can i find a coversion kit?
Which empty fuse spaces can i use in my civic 2010 to connect neon lights?
Need to replace rotors on a 2002 Honda Civic?
why does the brakes on my 92 Chevorlet Beretta lock up when its wet out?
where do i locate the lifter bars on my car?
How do I get rid of my dead fly?
my car is dead how do i fix that?
does my 2000 ford ranger xlt off road have a rain gutter system?
engine/kerosene flush?
how to remove nail polish on car paint?
how to replace 03 expedition Fuel Injectors?
What will it do if you pump diesel gas into an unlead car?
How to keep mice out of car?
Van wont Turn Over Clicks Once Like Battery is Dead?
is mainland europe diesel different from uk diesel?
I know a car battery has about 12 Volts but what is the current?
my vehicle nissan mistral auto 1994 releases white smoke and does not change gears what could the problem?
87' Chevy pickup misfire?
How can I pimp out my orange '75 Gremlin to make it more of a chick magnet?
how do i become a custom auto fabricator?
2002 rsx type s clicking sound?
Car turns over and sounds like it is trying to start but doesn't?
how do i depressurize the fuel system on my 88 chevy beretta 6 cylinder?
Spray painting car with non-auto spray paint.?
Are Pontiac 400's cheap to fix?
What is the longest lasting car air freshener?
If my car is veering to the right when i drive do I need a tire balance?
I replaced my radiator hose but my car is still heating up.?
why does my car start then turn off after 5 seconds?
where is the cheapest place to buy a new engine control module for my 2001 dodge diesel?
rough idle after warm up on my 2000 nissan frontier?
I want to buy a car, but it has an "engine knock"?
is there an easy way of taking off sticky self adhesive L plates off my car?
2006 Grand Prix mass air or temp sensor?
my instrument panel light wont turn off. help??
What can cause my car not to turn on all the time?
Who thinks this is funny?
how do I replace a radiator in a 1995 Toyota Corolla?
How to get water stain out of car seat?
i change my car front pad break but still making noise so i have to change disks do i have to buy break pad ?"?
O-ring washer on oil drain plug leaks. Is it too loose or too tight?
how do i adjust the timing on a 1995 honda civic. i need to pass smog test in california?
Do you tip the guy who changes the oil in your car?
Can you use a used turbo kit on a car?
What is burning up egintion coil on my 2003 Alero?
Has anyone had problems with chrysler tranmissions?
Positive tail light wire touching the frame of the van, problem?
My car is having issues with starting up...?
My check engine light came on in my 95 maxima?
Is there a way to remove air from an overinflated tire?
electric shocks?
need the disassembly procedure for replacing the timing belt on a 2002 nissan xterra V6/ standard transmission
What causes your car to vibrate at certain speeds?
how do i remove an alternator from a mercedes 190e?
where can i buy a propane wallpaper steamer?
Touched jumper cables backwards for a second now car wont stay chrged! help?
i have a question about my car.?
how to remove a stripped torx screw?
What would be the optimum frequency to nebulize gasoline on a piezo element?
How do you remove the Cigarette lighter of a 99' F150?
Where is the coil pack located on a 98 sunfire GT 2.4L I can not seem to locate it
my car wont start when i got to turn the key the lights and radios ect will turn on but the car dont start?
How can i make my truck squat in the back?
Can you use car brakes cleaner to clean off exhaust tips? Or what to use?
how do I find out how much gas my vehicle's gas tank holds?
when my car is in park it idles fast and when in drive it pulls itself. what can this be?
can i get advise on repairing my 92 ford explorer?
my stearing wheel has gone squint.?
Why does my steering wheel shudder when i apply my brake?
My car`s muffler is leaking with water, what could be the problem? And what`s the worst condition for it?
Have you used the PocketScan™ OBD II Code Reader from Actron to diagnose a problem on a 2001 Tahoe?
what's the level of difficulty in changing head gasket on 99 jeep cherokee sport i-6 4.0l?
Is there anywhere on the car where it lists how large my engine is?
How to change a taillight in 1999 Ford Taurus?
my husband is changing the engine in a v reg diesel transit van. how can he get the new engine in the cavity?
cold air intake or air filter?
should they do something?
Do I need a new Radiator?
My 2002 Chrysler 300M won't go when I put it into drive, why?
2002 chrysler t&c transmission issues maybe?
How do I lower my HC levels in my car?
How much will a full service tune up for a Mazda 626 cost?
online repair manual for 1997 grand prix power window?
Can I do a timing belt myself?
nissan almera starting but does not idle?
Trying to figure out what brand my tonneau cover is...?
design of a disc break?
i have overinflated tyres?
How much to restore this 1972 Gran Torino?
car died while driving and now wont start?
2004 chevrolet tahoe v8 tune up cost?
What happens if you miss an oil change?
Do you know a good website to look up engine specs?
Just dun headgaskit on my 14 dtci fiesta now it won't rev past 3000 rpm and flashing up on dash eac?
is a front wheel bearing on a 1997 range rover hard to fix? and how much would it cost me?
how do i get tv reception in my car?
98 Dodge Intrepid Headlight Issues.... It's like they have a mind of there own.?
Can starting a diesel vehicle in the winter damage the engine? How cold is too cold?
1984 cadillac?
why does my 1995 volvo 960 stops running at stop lights?
how do i know if i have a bad manual transmission?
97 grand am a/c compressor not engaging?
Car engine fan does not start?
what does a engine sounds like when it locked up?
How do you know if you have a broken clutch?
Huge fuel filter leak?
Tail light is broken, can I still drive?
how do i remove the headlight switch in a 1964 1/2 ford mustang?
One tire different than the others?
i have a 2000 Audi A6 2.7T i need to repair the transmission?
how much oil do you need in an oil change on a 1992 honda accord?
Does dual exhaust make your truck louder?
Did I use the wrong petrol?
I've accidently dented my door ?!!!!?
What will happen if my alternator goes out while I'm driving?
is there any freezer plugs behind the pullies on the motor of a chevy camaro 1995 v6 engine 3.4?
Any ideas of how I can get Halo/Angel Eyes for my 2010 Dodge Avenger SXT?
lease sedan car are better or own car?
How do you adjust the emergecy breaks in Toyota Corolla 1996?
What is the name of this car part and can it be replaced?
how do u change tail lite on ford escort 2002?
car experts only... about my cutlass supreme?
i have a merc truck 1314 1995.the fuses are in the glove compartment.what is the 1st fuse on the top row ?
would a hole in catalytic converter have to be fixed?
My brakes wont bleed right. what am i missing.?
The alternator warning light warns that the _______ is being drained?
does tornado fuel saver work?
How can I fix my tail light?
is it illegal to remove my muffler in texas?
missing engine splash shield after service?
does a 4 cyl car run different that a 6 cyl?
How can I open the tailgate of my Hyundai Santa Fe from the inside?
Where can I find a 3" body-lift for a 1996 2WD 4dr Ford Explorer?
Where is the fuel filter on a '78 MGB, and how hard is it to change?
19.5hp kohler motor-It ran MT on oil & will not crank now when the starter engages. How do I manually rollit?
Just got some new rims put on my car. why does it vibrate everytime i go above 60mph?
where is a auto paint shop with pricing starting at $199 and up in area of birmingham and anniston area.?
how to put on brake calibers?
honda pilot ac recharge?
1993 Chevy Blazer Tailgate dimensions?
How do you open the Fuel Door for a Mercedes Benz 300CE?
Why won't car turn over even after replacing battery?
Replacing the motor in a Jeep Liberty?
Cheaper to buy a new car or keep our old one?
Is my sunfire done for?
need engine codes for 2001 jeep chrokee 4.0 and how to display them?
Ford Laser Horn troubles?
Wont start not the fuel pump or relay switch what could it be?
white spots on hood of my car?
Is mobile super red cap regular oil or synthetic oil?
how do you keep water out of a vented hood?
Hi, i lost control of my car the other night and it ended up in a roundabout?
Left turn signal not working after I just replaced it.?
How to do a Tune-up for 1967 mustang?
how do you remove a tailgate off of a 1995 gmc serria 1500?
My car heats up while I am driving fast and cools down instantly when i drive slow or idling. Problem?
Will Type F Automatic Transmission fluid damage a transmission intended for Mercon fluid?
Is a b18 LS in a 95' eg hatch coup fast?
Catalytic for 3.5hp Tecumseh vertical drive motor with exhaust heat exchanger?
The neighborhood mechanic says replace the engine but he didn't "test" if it was locked up. Is this right?
Car oversteers after installing 15mm front spacers?
Standard to auto swap?
I need to replace the oxegen sensor on my 2000 Dakota Sport 4.7 and cannot locate the old one. Where is it?
Am I getting screwed by my local mechanic? Clutch issues.?
How often do you wash your car mat?
1999 Manual Honda Accord Coupe Popping/Clunking Noise?
my car doesn't want to start i don't think the fuel pump is working, but i just put a new one a week ago?
How to make my truck louder.?
No staring problem??????
conversion, catalatic converter to standard exhaust system?
i just bought a protege5 03. it drives nicely.what does the belts sound like when they need changing?
What is connecting rod and what does it do?
How much does it cost to paint a car pink?
Stripped screw on engine that holds mechanical fuel pump!?
I have to change my throttle body into carburated because it is loading up on fuel?
How do I remove the overhead console from my Grand Caravan to get at the map lights? They are always out.?
Changing engine in 81 firebird?
i have a toyota car and a light keeps flashing on dash,looks loke a person sitting on seat with a red circle?
how come some auto repair shops try to stick women?
Why is my transmission leaking?
my 2004 jeep grand cherokee laredo keeps over heating even though i have replaced the thermostat. help?
1989 Chevy Corsica LTZ?
Is there is a car that runs on water?
How much tire pressure is too much?
chrysler convertible sebring 2006 oil light came on car stopped put oil in it now?
Shocks for Dodge Ram 3500 van?
i have overinflated tyres?
if a carburetor is to big for engine will it hurt it?
mwhizzermotorbikerunsgoodbut wont idle?
how do you set the timing on a 1995 chrysler lhs?
how could on cylender block affect engine operation?
Seized top nuts on suspension
Why is my break pedal sticking?
Having 4 wheel disc brakes are nice, but?
Is something wrong with my water pump?
Does anyone repair car headliners in springfield ma. ?
My car shakes when i brake?
Clutch repairs - Should the clutch Cable be done at the same time?
what does a car's alternator do?
I think my clutch is going?
Where is the oil drain plug on a '95 ford mustang v6, and what size socket do you need to remove it?
I have a 1998 Dodge Durango and it's not blowing air. I think it's the vacuum line or hose has broken.
What factors can contribute for a car to not start?
does a vibrating steering wheel come from bent front rims or all bent rims?
What is wrong with my car? What can I do to fix it? Bad exhaust and suspension spring?
Replacing brake calipers due to rusty bleeder screw?
tree sap attack!!!--help?
what does a stall converter do for a manual transmission?
Synthetic or regular oil?
dry clutches are familiar in cars -which car has oil clutches?
My 1999 Plymouth Breeze battery keeps dying?
What's the possible cost to fix all these?