automotive parts and books?
She ran into me, totalled my car. I had liability insurance, she had none. I have no car now, what can I do?
Car parked for 6 years, old fuel?
where can i find chrome center caps for my rims?
What is a clutch slave cylinder? Apparently mine has gone. Is it expensive to repair?
Best website to buy Honda Accord OEM parts?
Ford Expedition 1997 no power. Solution:?
how to replace winder stem?
92 olds cutlass cierra water pump bolt torque settings 3.3L eng v6?
how to clean your car which has pepper sprayed in it?
how to replace turn signal assembly for 2001 Silverado truck?
I have a Buick lesber an it ilde high can u tell me why?
(emergency) how to break into a car (rav4) its mine?
Is it possible to put new sway bar bushings on 98 grand cherokee without disconnecting end links.?
If my fuel pump just died, would my car even start?
how to remove old dmv tags?
when your car is in idle, should the rpm be at 0?
Ran out of transmission fluid?
If your dipstick reads half how many quarts of motor oil is that?
what can i use to paint the vinyl interior of my auto?
oil change every 5000 miles or 3 months?
my 1993 z71 truck calls for 265/75/16 tires but will 235/70/16 hurt?
Coolant Mixing With Oil Engine?
Why does my 323i BMW have the air bag light and the brake pad light on?
Does leaving the headlights on waste gas?
Can you use a test light instead of anoid light to test a fuel injector?
I have a Dodge minivan with loose gears...?
Can a turbo on a 6.9 chevy diesel leak oil into the air intake?
I have an autometer tachometer and am trying to hook it up. What do the different colored wires go to?
98 toyota door won't open?
Is it bad for the tires to store a car on a dirt floor?
Is the butterfly on a cars throttle body suppose to move smoothly? or is it hard to move?
Got a'95 Suburban and after my tune-up changing 02 sensors, plugs, etc. My engine code still reads misfire?
garage in torbay to service ford car?
I have a 93 Z28 my brakes work fine but once in gear & moving the low trac light comes on then brake, abs inop
How difficult to revert '91 Dodge 4x4 from propane back to gas,what all is involved ?
How often do you usually fill your gas tank up?
HELP! I got scr*wed at the Jiffy Lube 8 months ago and now my engine blew?
smell of petrol in car?
1985 ford and a eight four head help!!!?
1999 buick regal door locks won't work. I can hear the "lock" noise but it will not activate on any doors.?
i cleaned my throttle body on my 92 5.2 dakota an now i have a high idle an i dont have a vacum leak?
What are the most common reasons for a car not to start?
Does anybody know of any auto detail shops that repair paint chips and scratches?
I want to up the HorsePower on my 2001 Ford Mustang. Ideas?
i own a nissan 300zx and it is losing alot of comprestion what could be causeing it?
da light wont switch off!?
Is it expensive to own/maintain an V12?
If your not a mechanic how did you learn to work on cars?
New car problem?
are you allowed to dump a car battery in your wheelie bin?
Quit job because of bald tires on dump truck?
i asked a question about my transmission?
How can cellutape be removed from car window?
new account?
what do you call this tool?
a tyre cross sectional symbole with two arrows pointing in opposite directions in it is lights up in my toyota
what does it mean when the traction control & ABS lights come on? BUT...?
How can i fix the instrument panel light in a 1998 honda civic ex?
2001 nissan maxima issues maybe TRANSMISSION ?
Did I Ruined Car Battery by Opening Cover?
RE: Mechanic Mistake?
Need help with determining bolt size?
Car Battery Dropping Charge?
Where can I buy John Deere Blitz Black Paint?
what do you think of a girl fixing cars?
What happens when the pitman arm breaks?
whats this pulsating noise coming from my tires?
Where are the timing marks on my 1985 nissan king cab truck? Have a book, but not too clear. Thanks Tina?
My car wont idle?how do i get it to run the correct way?
Changing Rear Brake Pads 1999 Solara?
What do all the ratings on auto tires mean?
What are some things to check or replace when a car or truck is getting bad mpg?
Car heater core problems?
Where can I watch or Download all the powerblock tv shows?
Put Gas in car now it wont start?
Why is my power steering erratic?
how do you break into a car?
What is the best oil and fuel additive for a Mercedes?
are scion xb rear brakes self adjusting?
Can you drive a car with out a stock air intake or any air intake taken off?
My car battery won't hold a charge...why?
why do my brake pedal go to the floor?
Could battery terminals cause a car not to start right away?
What is wrong with my car :(?
What could be the cause of high-idle with my 1992 chevy pickup? see details?
Is my machanic lying?
how do i drive acar without key?
i have a 1998 Lincoln Navigator, that I think needs a new Heater Core....!?!?!?1?
Chevy Alternator problem?
Smoke coming from under hood?
I have a intermittent voltage drop in my car, where might it be?
i have a 1998 cadillac deville and i pured some coolant with silicate will any thing happen to the car?
covering my truck that sits in the street?
i need information for torque head bolt 3.8 v6 95 foard winstar?
what cars are good for a teen to restore and cheap?
what could happen to a vehicle if it is not serviced regularly?
Are pneumatic tools better than hand tools for removing "stuck" nuts and bolts?
problems while shifting?
Jeep Grand Cherokee oil pressure?
my wipers only work when i hit a bump, any ideas?
I have a flat bed trailer with hydraulic lift stuck in up position. how do I release the pressure.?
Can anyone tell me how to replace the valve cover gaskets on a 1995 Isuzu Trooper, 3.2 liter SOHC V-6?
Car starts shaking when I push down on gas pedal?
I've checked motor mounts, spark plugs what else should i chek??? HELP!!!?
Someone pissed in my friend's gas tank and now his car is messed up. HELP.?
How can I tell the health of my manual transmission?
anyone have any idea's on how to get a fuel filter off of a grand am. fuel filter tool wont work?
How do I turn my engine light off?
my car gear shift (automatic on steering colum) will not shift gears it only spins catching nothing , why ?
My friend is buying a used 93 Cavalier, but it needs a hood.?
Did anyone see where I put my car keys ?
Is 102,515 a good mileage for an used 2004 Buick LeSabre ?
how many recalls on 2004 transmissions for trail blazer suv?
repair ball joints Ford Explorer Sport trac 2001?
98 Grand Am hesitates when accelerating, just replaced a bunch of stuff, still hesitates..?
what type of doors are these, and how much would it cost to bye them and install them?
allot of water coming out of exhaust?
best way to polish aluminum diamond plate?
Is Driving in third gear going 70 mph bad?
gas prices?
Brake Fluid Won't Empty From Reservoir?
Car Died While Driving Without Warning?
I have 2001 Honda Accord LX. Anyone know what is the ideal brake fluid level in brake oil reservior?
can i put a turbo on my 1992 golf vr6 2.8?
How much would it cost to remove two large dents and a door handle on my car? 1996 volvo 850 sedan?
2008 Prius Where is the hosing that leads from the front windshield washing reservoir to the back window?
im interested in learning to work on cars,be a mechanic.i have no experience,am 15,please tell me where 2 look
replacing door jamb switch 1968 nova?
Replaced rotor and pads. Still hear a grinding. Could the caliper be frozen?
Can bad guide valve seal in a car engine cause shortage in engine oil in a car?
what is the ignition timing setting for a 2001 kia rio?
Camaro Computer Problems?
My car won't start, The battery lights shows up.?
How do I rotate seats in lucida the push butten is not working?
What can I use to glue plastic to metal?
who can help me with h.i.d.'s?
bad piston rings or no?
Camaro car help!!! white smoke?
How Can I pass the Emission test?
What's wrong with my car?
I got a brand new Honda Civic2006 Lx and next day I had to drive it ...?
Will it pass new york state inspection....?
I just repaired my rear axel on my 99 ford e 150 with new parts and it wines at 45mph.?
Starter motor making grinding noise 2000 Hilux 4x4?
my car starts when i press the accelerator, but stops when i let go. why?
how to check A/c in auto and fix it?
what all will i have to do to put a 302 in my ford ranger it has a 4 cylinder in it right now?
2000 honda civic rattling/electrical problems?
What makes a car smoke out the exhaust when you push on the gas?
How much does a typical single-wide manufactured home (with a two-car garage) weigh?
I need to repair something in my power steering system but don't know what it is or how?
Car will be in shop for 4 hours. How to pass the time?
My son's 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee's battery keeps loosing a charge.?
in my jeep the wipers just stopped working. First they only worked on high and now they dont work at all?
when gas is below quarter of a tank it runs like its out?
Where is 1997 Honda civic OBD port located?
My car battery drains after 2 days of no driving. Dead short somewhere. How do I find it?
Too much oil in a sitting car?
05 GTO LS2 knock sensor 1?
what brake fluid is recommended for a 1995 jetta III, DOT-3, or DOT-4?
Brake pads????
Pennsylvania Residents; what does it mean on the emission sticker when it says 'exempt'??
Lower Ball Joint for Toyota?
Why Can I NOT shift out of park on an incline in a Buick lacrosse 2006?
I left my roof light in my car for 8 hours. My car won't start. Is this a discharged battery?
Should I buy a car that may need a new transmission?
I was getting gas today?
What's wrong with my car?
1987 Oldsmobile, Stiff steering wheel when it's cold..?
my car shakes?
i had my car serviced last friday, and i was told my head gasket had gone..?
should i put a boost controller on my 2.4 turbo diesel 4x4?
Manual transmission or automatic transmission?
3000gt speedometer problem?
1995 mazda 626 spark problem?
Hunter Clemson,i already replaced alternator&battery 2 days ago.light just came on today while i was driving?
My 93 Grand Marquis wont start after sitting in the sun for a couple of hours.?
How much would it cost to straighten the frame of my at after hitting a deer?
How do i stop my windscreen wipers from squeeking?
What are the best plugs to use that will last in a hot rod engine that runs rich?
my friend needs a fuel rail-1999 vwb 2.0 motor?
If the timing is off do I need a new timing belt ?
How do you take off the 3M lettering from inside a newly tinted car?
How ofter should i change the cam belt?
Exhaust manifold bolts won't untighten?
time it takes to replace a wheel bareing on 2000 grand prix?
i want to buy a car and my budget is Rs 5-6lakh. ihave shortlistedi20,swift,fabia?
1993 Honda civic d16a9 automatic check engine light is on?
what the hell is wrong with my car?
What is it like being a mechanic, do you like it?
Thermostat cuts off while trying to cool. Says HP on the screen. What does that mean?
i have a Volvo 480 turbo it keeps losing water .all pipes ok. rad ok .head ok.can anyboudy tell me why ?
What is an Automotive Technician?
Can i charge 12v lead acid battery with...?
Are there any shops that upgrade cloth car seats into leather car seats?
So my ABS light came on today while driving .. Am I ok? What does this mean?
If you overfill a automatic transmission could it cause you to loose all gears except reverse?
Does running your a/c affect your vehicle's power?
my truck is missing,it did this once before about?
what little things can i do to help my gas mileage?
What could be the problem when the engine coolant leeks.?
The Toyota Website where One can download owner's handbook or workshop manual by paying $10.00 US for 24 hrs?
Where can I find the diagram for my car's relay?
What sound system should I get for my car?
i just bought a 95 6 cylinder mustang as a first car, what could i put into the engine to add some speed?
How many gallons does a 1988 f-150 with a reserve tank hold in total and in each?
How do I reset the computer on a 2007 VW Passat?
If I get a catback exhaust system do i need to get anything else?
n1 titanium muffler?
i hit a mailbox...someone help me!!!?
will ignition module fail cold and work good hot?
My radiator coolant is leaking. I want to do a Tune-Up to my car to Replace my tubes. Is that possible?
My car was running and turned off, and now it will turn over but not start, what does this mean?
Drift Kit Modifications?
Blower (supercharger) installation cost?
Car door wont open, help.?
how do i find a wiring diagram for a used car?
Reasons why my car turns over but won't start?
My car does not want to idle.?
The rear air conditioner on my 2001 Windstar blows hot air even when the front blows cold. What's wrong?
front brakes hang up.?
Hole in windshield wiper fluid tank, what can I use to seal it back up?
how much does it cost to replace drive belts for a saab 9-3? Is it hard to DIY? Are parts for these cars?
What do the numbers mean on the fuses?
where can i go online to visually see how my car would look before i purchased the parts?
How to fix remote key of my chevy malibu 2003? My remote has 4 buttons, 3 work. the lock button does not.?
What does it mean if your car's battery keeps dieing?
Why does my coolant boil?
How to get rid of scratches on a plastic bumper of car?
Req 2x elec door locks for 02 Merc CLK240 coupe 2 door. Second hand locks pref. Help Please?
what could be causing a pickup to die?
Is it the alternator?
help on mot advisory?
Why is my car dying? I already replaced the alternator and battery.?
I have a head gasket leak. Will stuff like Barr's sealant work?
Question about a rear bumper?
Car wont start after rethreading spark plug?
Scraping sound, reminiscent of flapping when a tire is flat?
How to stop a check engine light from coming on after repairs have been made?
How can i changet the MAF senssoer on a volvo s80?
muffler change = check engine light?
Diesel in regular gas tank, what to do?
I have a 97 Ford Ranger & temp. guage won't go up & I don't think the engine heats up properly. What's wrong?
wanna know whats wrong with my 88 oldsmobile delta88 it cut off on me on my way home and wouldnt start up?
Where is the door switch on a 1994 deville?
Pinging or other engine noise in my 2000 Toyota Avalon?
mycarshifts hard while running but not when off?
i tuned up my car n it seems worse now....?
what kind of oil does my 95 1.8 acura integra gsr use?
how do i get white paint off of a black plastic car bumper?
headlights come on without switch?
Transmissions that are replaceable for the GM 4L60E?
Tie rod has more thread on one side than the other?
My ponitiac sunfire 1998 battery light is coming on what could it be?
Is it unsafe to drive a car with the antilock light on? Brakes seem to work fine. Im confused.?
1995 cadillac fleetwood ac compressor not turning on?
What kind of fuel does a 1996 force 120 hp motor use?
huge dent in back door?
When I idle my car overheats, I changed the thermostat and fans are working , what could it be?
How to recharge a car battery (when it's not dead)?
toyota fuel injector playing up?
what is the spark plug gap set at for 1999 honda accord 4cyl. 2.3 engine?
Astra 2.2 sri oil change?
my audi a3 wont go over 100 miles a hour and doesnt accelerate as fast as it should any ideas?
What does it mean to double clutch a car?
where is the fuel pump located on a 1997 nissan sentra?
What other alternators can fit in a 1992 camry le 4Cyl?
why don't my brake lights work?
what is engine?
does anyone know of a problem with the interior lights staying on on a Chevy tahoe?
what is this and how can i fix it?
How do I reset the PCM on my 2002 Pontiac Sunfire?
When I put my 1997 expedition in park. It does not lock trans in place. How do I adjust the linkage?
New car batteries, how long can they last on average ?
I HAVE A 200/60/16 REAR TIRE ON MY 07 KAW VN2000, CAN I PUT A 240/50/16 ON IT?
My Mitsuibishi Galant A/C not getting cold. New Compressor and Drier. Any Help?
I have a 96 explorer, the battery is fine but the car doesnt want to start in the cold?
Brand new car dirty air filter?
What is a reliable place to buy used transmission parts for a 250 Trail Boss?
how much would it cost to restore a 67 mustang? or best estimate?
Trouble code is P0181-Fuel Tempature sensor circuit range/performance. How do I trouble shoot this. 2002 4.6?
Would an AC Compressor for a 2000 Saturn work in a 1996 Saturn? Both sedans.?
What's wrong with my car?
Does the heater in a car use gas?
2004 john deere l130 won't start?
When connecting trailer lights on your utility trailer is it really necessary to disconnect car battery?
My tire looks really crooked and it wobbles after I changed the brakes?
Is buying a car with a rebuilt transmission a bad idea?
How much would it cost to get this dent knocked out my plastic bumper.?
When I left my car, the lights were on and battery ran down. I got a jump. Time to charge my 1999 Hyundai ?
Is there anywhere in the country where gas is below $3.00 a gallon?
How do I add freon to my car after AC compressor replaced, do I still need o vacuum the lines? ?
Compare the 2006 Toyota Rav4 and the 2006 Honda CRV?
My Ford '05 Escape won't take gas?
Any Mechanics? Problem with my 1998 Mark 4 VW Golf?
What are the practical differences between a timing chain and a timing belt?
what is the thickness of a chevy 2.8 V-6 manuel flywheel?
What is a head gasket?
ok my mom came back from the store and she put the car in park and the key wont come out?
Proper routing for brakes on 1995 pont grandprix? ie. Which line goes to which hole at proportioning valve?ty?
How come when you drive a hot sports car even older ones people have to drive crazy around it?
I put in the 180 degree Thermostat, with the Spring towards the Block, so how will my car now act?
what little things can i do to help my gas mileage?
mercury tracer fan won't stop?
my atv tires in the front go flat after sitting over night. I think it is leaking where the air goes into the?
Paint Job............?
Is it bad for a car to sit for too long?
Can I make my work pay for damage to my car?
can you run a 1/2 inch impact with a black max 5 gallion air compressor?
Do I need to condition new brake pads?
How do I install a new starter on a 89 Volvo 740?
will the transmission from a lumina fit a 97 monte carlo?
what do i do if i cant find the cap that closes the oil valve in my car?
Can you put premium gas in a car that takes regular? Will it damage the engine or enhance it?
2004 Impala LS Transmission HELP ?
Should i try to find my own transmission?
I want to paint a custom emblem on my gas tank with paint brushes.?
replacing spark plugs on 1997 yamaha yzf600r?
where are the spark plugs located in a Jaguar XK8 4.0 Conv?
Car trouble. Sell, fix and sell, or just fix and keep.?
Is the transmission ECM same as the Engine Computer ?
How much would it cost (labor) to replace a radiator in a 68' Pontiac Catalina?
vin nummber ,where was car assembled?
Why arent their more women working in auto repair?
when i start my engine on my 91 mustang it revs high for a few seconds??? how do i fix this?
What is the function of a spark plug in a vehicle?
i bought a car from a buy here pay here and the engine is knoocking,not a month yet.what are my rights?
Do you have to remove the transmission to change the clutch slave cylinder on an 87 Bronco2?
how to fix tunsiganals on a jeep cherokee siganls not working but the lights are?
When do you use Overdrive off for your car?
How do you adjust the clutch on a 97 S-10 4x4?
My Cars brake now seem to be harder?
Squealing noise when turning the steering wheel after start the car?
what could be possibly wrong if the car is very hard to start! any idea for this problem?
what type of portable car battery jump starter to start 1800cc desiel engine any sugestions of a good product?
how many cans of spray paint would i need for 4 16" wheels?
How much does it cost (ballpark) to replace all 4 brake pads and 1 ball bearings?
How to remove an alternator on a 2000 honda oddyssy?
Things to know about driving stick shift?
2000 Toyota Corolla how to bleed the clutch slave cylinder?
How do you drop the transmission pan on a 2004 Silverado ext. cab LS 5.3L V8?
where can i get a land rover discovery suspension 1 inch lift kit from?
Can i take my driving test with check engine light on?
How often should I have my oil changed?
Can I sell a damaged car on eBAY? How?
Could a faulty fuel pump cause intermittant stalling?
what is spot ignition system and how it works??????
2002 grand am gt has shut off a couple of times on me. seems to want to shut off when its on lower RPM's?
Help! Antifreeze leak near passenger side of car?
How much is the battery core charge in Ontario?
Nail in car tyre?!?
why does my 2006 dodge diesel have an engine miss?
Car rims are Peeling!!!?
Why do the inside of my car windows steam up when I turn on the defroster?
oil in car ?
Where can I find a cheap forklift repair company in Orange County California?
why do tires wear on the inside?
Timing belts. Do they often wear out/break? Buying an 8 year old car that had one replaced last year.?
95 ford taurus- floods?
Is dealer maintenance service better than others?
For african countries,with high temp,which engine oil is preferable 20w50 or 5w20?
what can i do to the person that spray painted my car?
A warning light on my VW Jetta is on, a circle with three lines on each side. What does it mean?
how to make a go kart motor go faster?
can I convert toyota 4runner engine into diesel ?
When you do maintenance on a car what are the main things you do you check & how often do you perform them?
i have gas in my oil and it's making the car act weird?
Rusty Gas Tank ! What can I do to fix it?
My car starts good when I have a full tank of gas but when it's low it doesn't start good?
i keep having to get my car jumped off...?
does anyone know where i can get a used door for my 1991 olds cutlass supreme in saint louis missouri?
Are mechanics offended when you buy parts yourself then go to them to do the work?
What do I do? He's put Petrol in a diesel car?
Questions about installing different size tires on front/rear: 02 Pathfinder 4x4?
My car was rear ended, the mechanic said it could be replaced with rear end of another car?
what his 10% of 84?
Electrical problem? or maybe something less complicated?
I need a Rear Bumper Cover for a 99 Grand AM?
I have a flat tire and I need to get to work tomorrow. What can i do?
whether overheating of a car is a manufacturing defect of a car?
What kind of engine did they put in a 1978 ford f600?
performace chip location for 1999 mitsubishi eclipse?
what is the distributor firing order in a 1997 honda accord? where is number one located?
ran out of gas in gmc 2003 yukon, put gas in, and still won't start, any help?
Transmission Trouble, need expert advice?
FORD parts? Where can I find everything? Small project?
Do u think its smarter to buy tires online?
Differntial fluid leakage in the front?
what are those "plastic"/rubber covers that go over a truck bed called?
How long does it take to put a new engine into a car? If the engine is at the garage and ready to go?
Do you think oil additives such as Slick 50 are any good for reducing friction .?
99 volkswagen passat miss fire and other problems?
Should the U-Joint turn when vehicle is in two wheel drive?
The starter motor of a car engine draws a current of 190 A from the battery. The copper wire to the motor is 4?
Can anyone tell me how to remove 1987 Tempo steering wheel, need to replace switch?
how to change licence plate bulb on chevy slverado 2001?
03 Hyundai Sonata sunroof question?
if a cambelt is to tight can it damage the alternator?
how to replace headlamp bulb on 1996 saturn sc2?
Not the battery/cables/starter/solenoid. Car is making a click noise.?
What is the BEST material to dry your black car with do avoid scratches?
New car involved in accident, need you opinions?
Should I take my car to the shop after overheated?
why does the fan keep coming on on my rover 75?
how do mechanic shops or body shops straighten out or lift up bent/pushed down rear bumpers?
Why shouldn't I just repair my car?
what could cause wearing on the inside wall of tires?
My car shut off yesterday, is it getting too hot?
1990 f250 brake problem Questions.?
why is my parking break light on?
Will not having a fuse drain a battery?
do you think a person who knows basically nothing about car could rebuild the engine?
What is the best way to drain the gas tank of a 2004 Chevy Silverado ?
Is the engine of a '95 Toyota Corona 2.0 EX Saloon an interference or non-interference type of engine?
Loose fitting spark plug wires?
When I release my parking brake, the brake doesn't release. This happens only when its really cold. Any ideas?
2000 Ford Taurus SE Wagon, Problem is I have no heat comin out my vent?
I have fitted a 3.9 Range Rover engine (injected fuel) in my Land Rover 90?
Car HVAC suddenly won't work?
how to disconnect car alarm?
How much does it cost for an engine swap?
why is my car over heating?
If I leave my car window open a will that make the car any less hot when sitting in the sun?
What does VSC OFF and VSC Trac mean? Those 2 lights lit up on my 2001 Toyota 4Runner's Dashboard.?
When should I change my Honda Civic 1996 timing belt?
what are some good ball joint brands?
On a carborated vehicle if there is no air filter in the air intake will it make the vehicle idle higher?
Truck runs pig rich, and runs bad for the first few minutes it's on?
need car help what hose is this?
How hard is it to change a supercharger pulley on a 1998 grand prix?
i took my car to a mechanic to change the water pump an timing belt but none were change what can i do?
is it just me or do oil dipsticks not work?
I am looking for information for a ford f-150 my wipers,windows and inter lites don't work but my fuse good
i have a chevrolet s10 2000 the battery light its on i changed the battery but it till on i unploged the cable
Car went over bump hard?
how many hours it takes for changing a vehicle motor?
2001 X5 check engine light?
what happens to a car when its parked by an ocean for a long time?
I was wondering who invented oxygen sensors?
What is an estimate of a windshield replacement?
Mondeo TDCI 2002 problems?
Fix older car or not? or put money in upgrades on newer car?
I need a job that doesnt do a backround cheack?
1951 Chevy Window Replacement?
Where and how to wax a car?
Can static electricity damage components in my car?
i have a toyota previa?
How much trouble is it to replace the hinge pins and bushings in a car door?
I have a 2003 kia optima 6 cyl. I am replacing the timing belt and head. I need to know what the timing marks?
Used ac compressor? please help!?
front driver side wheel squeaks?
Car issues, my car is running but going nowhere I need help.?
car will not shift gears?
How do you adjust the back up light switch on a mazda b4000 pickup?
i need a cheap web site to buy used mack truck doors for a 1984 rd model mack where can i find them?
Where is the pick up coil located in the distributor?
Is it a waste to buy a used Chevy Impala with 90,000 miles on it?
my battery is keep going dead and my car will start but after i cut it off i will need a jump all overe agin?
How do you clean car spark plugs?
Has anyone ever heard of an automotive lift called "TRUE LIFT"?
how much do collision repair technicians make per year?
A weird noise in the back of my car?
how do you know if your air conditioner works in your car?
why does my chinese manufactured four wheeler idle all the way then turn off?
What antifreeze should I use for my car?
Ive changed everything starting with startter and battery and plugs and spark plug wiress yet something still?
Where can can i learn about the different parts of my engine?
On a 93 cadillac sedan deville can the front and rear air ride shocks be replaced by regular shocks?
rusting car problem ?
Long term storage - 1991 Chevy S10?
briefly state the possible cooling system faults if the engine fails to reach normal operating temperature?
small leak on 2001 Saturn SL2 coolant stem on intake manifold.?
Why am I getting such bad gas mileage?
Hard kick when going up a hill.?
Part 2 700R4 Electrical?
Does my Integra have a blown Head Gasket?
My car gear box is playing up please help ?
How do you change a fuel filter?
Where can I find used tires in or around Daly City?
Why doesn't my 2007 nissan quest give the scanner a code?
i drive a used car and and need help?
How to take out a Honda Dio zx 50 cc spark plug.?
can you use transmission fluid to refill the power steering unit.?
paint damage on a lexus?
Will exhaust manifold still leak if missing 1 bolt out of 6?
how do you sell a brand new truck, when you realize you're over your head?
I need to file a mechanics lien in misouri. Can you help?
How do you kill rust?
Hair developer spilled onto my passenger seat & with the heat turned an ugly brown color. Can I fix this?
Why is my car acting up after a used engine was put in?
Where can I buy a new gas cap immediately? Does Sears auto have them?
Should I switch my car back to synthetic oil?
why do you replace all 4 tires on a 4 wheel drive when only one tire is blown?
does this mean a new cluch?
85 Toyota 22r Engine.?
How to drive a five speed.?
How much 4 a used 2004 dodge3500 transmission?
my speaker has separated from the rubber can it be fixed?
Could someone please tell me the name of this tool and what it's purpose is?
Why (most likely) won't a car start after it was jumped by retard with the cables inverted (wrong poles)?
Problem With Charging System on 99 Silverado?
Why do my electronics nearly shut off when I step on the brakes?
My chrome bumper for a mercury comet has stuff on it idk what it is or how to treat it all i know is its not?
Ford P100 1.8td specifications?
where can i go and get a air copressor electric fot flat tires(80 pound)?
If you windshields is frozen in the morning, do you run the risk of ing it if you pour hat water on it?
What is the loudest and powerful muffler i can get?
Why is the engine light permanently "on" in my 1999 Miata?
My Cadillac theft system keeps disabling the starting system. How can I bypass it?
how do i change a flat tire?
when driving my car it pulls to the left and when going over 60mph the steering wheel shakes?
Car not starting - no noise?
transmission flash = transmission oil change?
how to push the Brake Caliper piston back in?
Headlights wont turn off?
what would cause my 99 dodge durango 360 to have no oils pressure but new oil pump? rebuilt engine?
How many mile could I expect a ldv to do in a life time?
What tires are best for Toyota 4runner?
how good is a rebuilt starter verses a new one?
How to turn off the ding dong noise at 100km/h in a corona?
Need quotes for engine repair?
are there other ways of keeping wheels on a vehicle besides lugnuts?
People are using veg oil in their cars? I'm confused, a Lil bit.?
What is mean ngr panel in alternator?
Car shuts off while driving and while waiting for the red light? Cruse (control) light shows up!?
does anyone know where i can find motor mounts for a ford maverick?????? anybody????
My heater fan stopped working today on my car on the way to work. What could be wrong with it?
Is it against the law to pump gas with the engine running?
I need an inspection on my Chevy S-10, but they say I need a new elder arm. What is it and what's the cost?
vacuum lines on 98 ford ranger2.5l?
torque spec and patterns for head bolts on 1990 integra gs?
Engine cut out when I slowed down?
Can I flush my system without removing the thermostat?
Will my body shop install an aftermarket hood?
Car won't start could it be the starter?
Squeaking and rattling noise 2002 Honda accord coupe?
I down shifted to pass some one and the light started blinking and then stayed on?
1988 chevy truck k1500 it has a 350 engine and it doesn't have spark or the fuel injector are not work?
are there any tell tale signs that a cam belt needs changing before it breaks.?
how to make a snowmobile run more lean?
how to know if oil is full or empty?
does a manual transmission save more gas than and automatic?
Is my torque converter out?
A shopping cart rant into my front right fender of my car and caused 3 little nicks.?
Why does my car battery keep dying on me.?
Question on car stalling (shift car)?
Do i need another car battery?
Does anyone know what the air pressure for a 13 inch wheel on a ford fiesta should be?
what exhaust should i get for v6?
Too much oil in my car. Plz Help?
whats the best way to warm up my engine?
just hit another car, advice needed?
Do I need to change my transmission fluid?
what is wheelabrate finish?
need web site to order mercedes benz navigation cd?
Oxi clean on car paint?
97 Deville 4.6L Programming Key FOB?
On disk brakes what's the name of the part that the pads come in contact with to stop the car?
How to fix paint, when you've scuffed too far, with sand paper?
Would simply changing the oil possibly stop a ticking in the engine, or is it way more serious?
Where in Los Angeles can i get a cheap paint job for a car?
How to clean fabric car cushion, that spilled with coca-cola?
Are there places i can take my car to get it tricked out?
one headlight wont go on?
problem with electronic brake server ?
I have a honda accord and after I get a car wash the indicator seems like its on but its not actually on.?
How to install an electric cooling fan in a 1997 chevy blazer?
What makes my car shake not only in the steering wheel but also the brake pedal and the entire car?
i had a new intake gasket and thermostat put in my 98 chrysler and now i dont have any heat and my car smokes?
blue smoke coming out of exhaust?
does a intake manifold for a 2000 galant fit the 1999 model car.?
Oil leaking but resivoir is full?
What solenoid is for the EVAP emission control system control valve?
nissan 2003 too much white smoke in starting ?
Can somebody help me with car error codes?
How can i reduce gas on my z71?
still dont know if i should do this for the rest of my life ? help ?
Possible damages when I backed up over curb with front of my car?
I can't fully pull the trigger!!!?
1989 chevy cavalier turn signal stays on blinks?
were or who can i call to find engine prom for my computer?
where can i find the diagram for zafira 2.0dti engine?
can you use 97-99 year headlights on a 96 mitsubishi eclispe?
smell of petrol in car?
Has the head gaskett gone?
locked keys in my truck!!!?
my borthers mustang won't start how can i fix it?
Front wheel drive '03 Camry. Can I replace two tires only with a different brand?
Should you pay for repairs that you didn't ask a mechanic to do?
Gutless 1986 Jeep Cherokee V6?
Can a deasel tuning chip be fitted to and 80 series landcruiser?
2000 Honda Civic overheating question?
Car Audo not working?
97 MERCURY MOUNTAINEER horn location?
Why is my car acting up?
How to fix a bad fuse box on a crown victoria?
How does wrong answer get chosen best answer?
I am having a problem with my car it shuts off when the heater is turned on.?
What all will a new fuel pump do?
cleen engine bay?
A few weeks ago a friend had her car vandalized. What would cause her engine to malfunction?
Sometimes when I'm driving, I smell gas coming thru the AC vents , why is this?
petrol merc 280 1994 keeps hunting cold has a computer?
I have no spark, need suggestions?
can a keyless remote be repaired?
What do wipers and heater have in common?
engine revolution down when air-con is on?
What is synthetic oil made out of?
How to silence a muffler?
Why is small motor shorting out.?
Is it bad to run a 86 diesel suburban with a leaky heater core? Or is it a rain leak?
What could be used to remove decals off of vehicles?
Help with removing fuel pressure regulator?
i have a nissan serena 2.3 diesel and have problems starting it when it gets hot. what could the problem be?
Why does my car do this?
What do I need to do to take off a smog pump on a 88 Ford F150 with a 300 strait 6 ?
How to turn off inside lights in a car?
How do you find a Ignition Live on a Vauxhall Corsa. And what color wire is it?
150,000 mile tune up cost on a 1995 Mitsubishi Monetero should cost what?
2005 Nissan Frontier Transmission Issue?
how to remove 1947 raliegh fork lock.?
washer fluid tank for chevy impala?
99 sebring check engine light - ERG OR EGR VALVE?
What are fender molding holes?
Car engine oil and performance ?
how to configure new CAN electronic box on dynapac paver?
Let my car run out of fuel. Cannot get it to restart. fuel injection hyundai . old model?
How do you check the transmission fluid on a 1992 nissan pickup?
Why does my girlfriends mazda3 vibrate when it idles.?
Need Manual and any service info on a 85' Volvo740GLE Turbo Diesel???
can you run a inboard merc on the trailer?
Is it possible to replace a bad cell on a battery? Someone did this for me, but I cannot find any info.?
Can you sell your car for full price after works conversion in need for speed shift 2 unleashed?
Do I need to buy new tires for new rims?
How much would it cost to fix this car.?
OBD2 CODE READER? What doe's catalyst sys effic below threshold (bank1)mean?
Calling all mechanics!!?
2003 Nissan Altima not continuing to blow heat?
how do i tighten the power steering pump/ air conditioner belt on a 2003 eclipse?
My car is making this sound?
How to fix heat exchanger hole?
What's the quickest way to tell if your car's battery or alternator is bad?
is gas or oil for a snow blower blue?
my oil light stays on?
Best muffler for a 1990 dakota 3.9l?
camaro engine issues?
why do flies sit on one side of my car despite washing with soap n water several times?
HELP - the garage have blown up my car engine - where do I stand?
how to reprogram my expeditions garage door opener?
Is my wiring messed up?
how can i use my car booster battery pack thing to hook up a lamp?
why won't my moped start?
My back door on my Suzuki won't open all the way now. How can I fix this???
Can diesel go off?
What does it mean when my car looses power?
whats the approproate time intervals between oil changes?
My car keeps brakeing down ive repaired the transmission 3 times and its still not running?
Which rod has a spun bearing?
my kid hit a car with a baseball who decides what garage the dent gets fixed at?
What might cause an engine misfire start up on a Ford Taurus?
any ideas on what to do with faulty car batteries.?
Do you turn a little steering wheel more than a big one?
Im a Diesel Mechanic looking for a job offshore anywhere in the usa, preferably around california.?
i broke a fluresent light bulb last night am i going to die
Can anyone tell me the wiring diagram for a autogauge monster tach?
Clean Detail car stuff?
Which Tools Are The Best And Most Reliable...?
1997 Expedition: What should i fix first?
What is wrong with my car?
who has good prices for a fan motor for a 2000 mitsubishi eclipse?
where is the radiator for the 2002 chevy malibu please show pictures?
Tire experts, I need your help!?
I have a 95 chevy monte carlo with 3.1L engine. just replaced fuel pump,fuel filter,and strainer.?
what does it mean if your car is doing 30 but sounds like it's doing 100?
can you drive a vehicle without a thermostat.?
what happened to my car?
Problem with 2005 Grand Am headlights?
is it illegal to have neon lights on under your car while you are driving?
How to get bad smell out of vehicle.?
What is the point of my neighbor always revving their car everytime they pull into their driveway?
i have a 92 pontiac grand prix that is overloading it,s self with gas would like to know why?
Is there an easy INEXPENSIVE way to trace down a short for a 1986 300zx?
Can i have my catalytic converter replaced for free?
Do i need a water pump? mechanic says that water was in my oil. Does that mean a ed casket?
need to know what code 116 is for a ford escort 1995 thanks?
what grade(s) of oil does a 1993 Honda Accord EX take?
Do you remove a volkswagen beetle 2.0 engine from the front, top, or bottom of the car?
why the drops liquid spill from the scilencer of a car during morning starts?
frozen diesel what can be done?
Is the oil pump on my car going out?
What is my 83 trans am gonna need when I put in a 454 from a 305?
where can i find a template for measuring trailer hubs?
Changed coil and keeps burning fuse?
Why is does my car rev on its own and is SUPER loud when it starts?
I bought a 2002 pt cruiser about 1 month ago and it is making a loud growling noise in the front end.?
2002 chevy cavailiar?
My car is making a grinding noise when I use my brakes. What should I do?
Need help on auto problem?
Do I need wheel alignment when buying tyres?
can bleach hurt your engine?
Why do mechanics have such a bad reputation?
I was quoted $1200.00 for a reconstructed transmission for 2002 Chevy Trailblazer & 1yr warranty?
How much would cost to have a water pump replaced?
how do you fix a deadbolt that the bolt has been pulled out (the key hole part)?
Can I put Bar's stop leak in my 2004 745i BMW when it is leaking from the weeping hole?
How can I be a ccv counselor?
What happens when a battery goes down a drain?
Temperature Gauge on Truck keeps going up.?
Would an after market air cleaner and pipes affect the fuel mileage, ...should carb nidles be changed ?
What can you put on a car for rust?
Reasonable price for remote starter and/or installation?
also i think one of the motor mounts is broken cuz the engine started shakin pretty bad?
How do I tune and adjust fuel / air flow for my new edelbrock carb?
Whats the difference between v6 engines and v8 engines?
Whats a cheap and good powerful car with a need for speed????
oil change for my car. do i need to use engine flush?
how can i prevent my car windows steaming up in the morning?
how do i change the break pads on a 1992 cadillac sts?
engine noise honda accord?
7 Days in the body shop!?
What does it mean when you have a nice size slit or rip in the...?
Brakes wore out(rotors+pads)at 31k miles on my 2004 F150 supercrew,will the dealer replace the rotors for free
Is my transmission going or my clutch?
Why does body work cost so much????
Car battery keeps draining?
this morning my car made a weird noise?
What spark plug to use ?
whats the differance between synthetic motor oil and petrolium based oil?
I have a 1998 Dodge Durango.It look like a vacuum line broke.I can't find were to connect it to.Can you help?
i have a 1963 olds vin 632M75520 what size engin do i have?
I'm trying to soundproof my Jeep. Does anyone know how well a Ziebart Undercoating would work?
How do you get better gas mileage?
How to Change Flat BMW Tires?
1998 Buick Regal not turning on?
How often should i buy fuel injector cleaners?
how can i recycle old car tyres?
How do I remove white paint stuck on my green car?
Has anyone had problems with chrysler tranmissions?
should i sue my mechanic?
Would it be worth it to replace an engine on a 1991 Jeep Cherokee, excellent body, than to junk it?
Car is over cooling? 95 lumina?
At what intervals do you need to change the coolant, fuel filter, oil filter, and spark plugs, on a 1976..?
I have a quick release tire and it doesnt fit onto the frame?
Brake fluid leaking from ABS Unit..?
Locked My Keys In My Car?
Ford galaxy auto 02 plate can't change gear?
Why won't my tranny downshift to passing gear?
What is the cheapest way to fix a car dent?
how much to repair crankshaft pulley seal and balancer?
What could be wrong with my car?
Lower Intake Gasket Symptoms?
Can anyone help me find the bolt pattern for my water pump on my 97 Jeep Wrangler 2.5 liter.?
Can you safely drive a car if 1 spark plug wire is bad on a 4 cylinder that has 8 plugs?
oil leak from old corsa 98?
1998 Nissan Frontier Exhaust manifold 2.4L?
Which of These Five Maintenece Problems Should I Fix First?
Where/how much is a new car battery?
why does the "theft" indicator won't start and the vehicle either on a 2003 explorer sport trac?
plans for a BOSCH GST 85 PBE jig saw parts?
What should I do if my car wont start and just discovered its only running on 3 cylinders?
A toyota service center did not put the plug in the oil pan in correctly wrecked engine, options?
where dose the 7 pin wire harness connect to F350?
could it be the thermostat?
when i start my car it acts like it dosent want to keep running what causes that?
My car feels like its hoping when i turn at speed?
does anyone know the size in mm of a 2001 Ford Mustang GT throttle body?
My radiator has a hole or maybe even a and there is a leak what should i do?
How much are you charged for picking up scrap tires from an auto shop?
My car will not go into reverse but will go into every other gear whats wrong? :(?
im thinking about chagen my car color from blue to red at macco. I wanna know do they paint the door jams?
power widow, air bag,power lock problem on a 1997 ford taurus?
Car jerks when it goes into reverse?
how do you take off seat belt cover to untangle seat belt ford taurus 2001?
i have changed the fuel lines,filter and pump did tune up & new dist. still won't start?
Grinding going into 2nd gear help?
Check Engine Light is one, what should I do?
Can I fit a seies 3 alternator to a series II landrover?
how to make 2 data aquisition systems communicate via canbus?
50cc Chinese scooter can't start?
Why is my car overheating?
Bad transmission or something else?
how do you turn on the defroster for a 92 integra?
1996 Impala SS help!!!?
I have a 1991 buick lesabre. Rear window pin broke. How do I replace it and where do i get the pin?
how can i start a research paper about how to fix a tire?
How much would i cost to get all the electrical in your car fixed?
How do I open the memory hatch on k53ta, the small hatch wont seem to budge when i try to open it?
how to bleed hydralic on clutch plate for 5 speed on 2004 chevy cavalier?
why do my brake pads wear-out so quickly?
How can I remove cigarette smoke from the vinyl seats in my truck?
Bad Shocks Suspension System In Cars?
What is the best buy for a 4" lift for jeep TJ that includes everything in the kit?
Do you need all 4 tires to be the same size and brand on AWD's?
Car didnt start first round?
how do i install fog lights for my 2005 honda civic?
will 205 70 r 15s fit on a rim that has 215 60 r 15s on it now ?
i have a dodge caravan and it stalls when i come to a stop i have to brake and gas runs ok in park ?
What is wrong with my car?
where dose the 7 pin wire harness connect to F350?
My horn is dead, it's not the fuse.?
where can i buy road hugger gt tires?
what is a safe compression ratio for boosting? is 9.1:1 safe for 7-12 psi?
How much does it cost to fill up a 98 cadillac deville with $3.10 gas prices?
can i change my oil with the engine still running?
Are there sources for Automotive Owner's Manuals for Mitsubishi Monteros online? How about online manuals?
i need a head gasket for a 1974 toyota pick up, model hi lux?
pcv valve location on 99 buick lesabre?
S10 will turn over and rumble like it's about to start but won't?
does anyone know where i can buy material for the soft top of my 1929 desoto antique?
Car wont start even with push starting?
why does my fourth gear jump out of gear when a accelerate?
Can i use 6volt motor on 12volt battery?
Is it ok to spray paint my yellow Haro flat black without removing the yellow paint?
My 1996 Ford Ranger is smoking into the cab from the A/C. What should I do?
instructions on how to fit a cam belt on a Nissan micra.1990.?
F-350 Diesel Block Heater / Oil Heater?
What is the difference between Oven baked paint for car and normal paint?
what can it be when your obd2 monitoring signals o2 sensor and catalytic but no codes or check engine light?
How many pounds of force do you need to pull the clutch cable in a car ?
white lumps in my oil?
My handbrake doesnt hold on steep hills. I have just had the handbrake cable replaced. Any ideas?
how long can car oil be stored before it losses its viscosity?
Ok I understand that, heres my delima. I hit a rock and smashed a baseball size hole in the oil pan. And ?
Ways to customize my bicycle?
Help i cant get a stuck bolt off my slave cylinder?
If i purchase a K20A2 engine, will i also need to purchase a transmission?
I have 3 batteries sitting in my garage. How do I dispose of them?
best in dash hd radio build in cd player?
Use motor oil full synthetic for my truck?
how do i check the governor to see if it is broken and how do i replace it?
1972 Mustang, when i come to a stop the car shuts off, why would this be? only been happening about a week.?
1979 Ford Thunderbird won't start?
Man truck TGA 19.400 gear shift air bleed system?
vapour charging and a/c ???
If I cut my springs will the tires continue to rub my fenders?
how can i make a biodiesel plant?
My PT Cruisor bucks and jerks sometimes on take off. Would it be a sensor for fuel air mixture?Where is it loc
Will my car key still start my car if the key's battery is dead?
My maruti 800/2000 model gives mileage of 10.5 km/l. how can i increase mileage?
What would cause a transmission to fail, and how much would it cost to get it fixed?
what is the manuafacturers recomendation for spark plugs?
what all parts are interchangeable between a 92 f150 and a 87 f150 body, engine, tranny etc.?
Is buying, owning, and maintaining an old MG car too expensive and impractical?
how much is it to fix ac and heat in a truck?
If you do a oil change and for get to put oil back in it how many miles will the motor run before it blows up?
why wont my transmission **** to 3rd when its cold?
When I start my car and try to go, it struggles. When i give it gas its like it not getting the gas. any ideas
changing valve stem seals on 1984 Crown Vic, what do I need?
windshield wiper?
No spark from armature is it bad dose it need replaced?
What is a good pick up truck to buy for $1000-$2000 ??? Also good on gas?
my 750 hp porsche will do 225 mph and costs less 50,000 miles daily driver try that with yours?
2006 cobalt running hot.?
Dirtbike does not get constant spark?
why does the fan belt keep coming off dodge dakota 2002 .am on second belt and have replaced tensioner.?
How do you remove rust ?
does a honda si 03 have a emergenct shut off switch?
whats wrong with my car?
Did I get over charged for having a coil pack replaced ?? How can i fight back ?
Why do the back wheels lock up when trying to roll jumpstart 1954 Willys CJ3B?
My car does not start sometimes?
What is the firing order on a 350 chevy?Need disturbator pics.?
Whats the world fastes 4 cylinder car? is it still the eclipse gsx?
What exactly does a MSD 2-step do?
My car wont start, i think its a fuel to the enine problem what should i do ?
Estimate for Replace a wiper arm?
Anyone know what a whistling sound in 94 Ford Taurus could be?
How do I fix a dent on my car?
why my a/c smell like engine coolant?
'93 Ford Escort 1.9 ltr--- Sticky Throttle?
Heater in car fan doesn't work?
i am getting a serpentine belt put on my 94 buick, i am getting charged 250 dollars for this including labor,?
New brakes & rotors last week and already deep grooves in left front rotor, help please.?
I used to be able to drive my car about 500km per tank but now it's gone down to 350km. 2007 Chevy Aveo?
Do I really need an Extended Warranty for my Nissan?
97 chevy tahoe bad idle arm?
where are the fuses for the bulbs in vw passat 2003?
what kind of battery does a 92 oldsmobile cutless supreme take?
New exhaust on 370z makes rattle sound. help!?
Coolant temp too low in 2000 Hyundai accent.?
Could I put a 5 lug wheel hub for 2000 Accord V6 on 4 cylinder 2000 Accord with 4 lug wheel hub?
anyone knoe a place to buy a body kit for a 95 eclipse gsx in san francisco??
anybody know where i can buy a universal motor mount for a 1979 buick regal?
Automotive Computer Systems?
How does a junkyard tell if a rim is not bent before they sell it?
How can I get the smell of smoke out of my used car I just bought?
transmission problem 2000 mazda 626?
how do you undowe the nut that hold the water pump bolts that rusted up?
why my speedometer,gas meter and temperature meter stopped working all of a sudden while driving my car?
Repairing a car without registration and insurance?
Is the smart car a proper car or just a covered go-kart?
How do i get air out of the cooling system?
automatic transmission?
will changing my spark plugs increase my car's performance?
How to drive a mannual transmission car?
1986 Toyota Pickup 22R EFI Automatic Transmission?
my car is heating up, i changed my thermostat but it still heats up what can it be?
Is it hard to change your own brakes on your car?
car shakes when accelerating from stop.?
Whats thermostat?? i was told my car need that?
Would pure ethanol ruin the motor in a 95 Yukon?
Oil question 5: can you use old oil in engine?
how to install valve seals in a twin overhead cam saturn 1995?
Workshop manual for 2002 Mazda Astina sp20?
why would truck idle high when seafoaming vacuum line?
How to unlock my halo 4 emblem?
Why wont my car go into 1st gear?
How much would it cost to put shocks and struts on a 99 Cougar?
Why is oil draining out of my car but there is no leak?
Where can I find the factory service manual for a 2003 Ford Taurus?
How do i fix a key scratch on my car?
whats causing this idle issue?
My 2006 Ford Explorer EXT takes forever to pump gas into it?
What national chain would you take your car to for an alignment?
can someone help me?i have a 1984 buick electra.would my distributor cause my module to go out?
How does a rear view mirror work?
Where is the battery on a BMW 525 located?
how much is a power control module?
How much would it cost to fix a scratch in my car hood?
What is the noise I am hearing?
Why does my front end squeal when I turn?
About my car!!!?
Why are there bubbles in my power steering reservoir?
how to switch out a car battery?
How often should I replace my sparkplugs?
Is it necessary to remove a throttle body to clean it?
Suborn spark plugs! I have a 1986 Mercedes 420 sel and i cant seem to loosen the spark plugs. Any tricks?
99 pontiac sunfire starting problems?
My car has loose ball joints- how serious is this problem?
2002 Tahoe problems, it will not start, and makes a clicking noise when the ignition is engaged.?
How to change coolant on your car ? Please help me?
What is the best way to get out blood stains from the trunk of my car?
best shocks suv?
milky resdue on dipstick?
1ton= how many kilos?
Mechanic won't give me my car back after failed V8 engine conversion.?
my motor scooter starts, but the throttle doesn't rev the engine. How do I fix?
can someone tell me what theheck a passing gear rod is on a automatic transmission?
do they sell convertible conversion kits for a chevy caprice?
My car wont start. Do I need a new battery?
My car is running hot. Any Suggestions?
What is an Automotive Technician?
My 2000 cavalier needs a new flex pipe, catalytic converter, muffler & labor. Is $480 a fair price for this?
i have a 96 breeze?
My battery died in my truck earlier the auto store gave me a 550 and my truck had a 650 in it?
what is ethenol and other alternate fuel products?and why aren't we relying on them more than foriegn fuels.
my tires are bald on the outer side,what causes this,if it has to deal with tie rods which?
My dash lights went out on my car and my headlights and radio won't work. Could this be an electrical problem?
I personally installed a new starter and new battery on my F-1-50 and t he starter just 'clicks'?
does any one know what are the vehicle assembly plants in New Jersey and New york?
Left my car out in the cold for 3 months. Is it safe it drive it now?
13 year old oxygen sensors don't want to come out?
1999 GMC Sonoma 2 Wheel drive.5speed?
how i can blow a car in to small pieces?
Question about installing a car battery?
what is the name of the motor in my 1997 nissan pickup its a 2.4 leter 12 valve 4 cylinder? brake lights will no turn off when the car is tuned off?
What am I missing, why are gas prices going up AGAIN!!?
how do I find a short in my car?
Too much oil in a sitting car?
what is a cam shaft in a vehicle? and what it does?
How would a lambo cost?
What happens if I don't fix my serpentine belt?
Where can I get an owners manual for the MVP hydraulic jack Model F-788, 2 1/4 ton speedy lift?
I need a cheap paint job for my vw in tulsa?
What is this part called?
how do you change a 1995 differential in a camaro?
how do i fix rust on a honda
Can you mount a license plate upside down?
2005 Dodge Caravan 3.3L V6 Engine Knock?
i have a 98 ford expedition and has no heat, i've changed the themostat, heater core replaced less than 1 yr.?
Trouble starting the car...?
why wont my truck start?
Can I stop a cold before it stops me?
How do u get the smell of gasoline out of ur car after u spilled it?
1997 Ford Expedition 5.4 4x4 with fluid coming out of front differential overflow?
Does it is dangerous to raise over the mark of the maximum level of oil in the car. What can happen?
can i still drive my car?
What Will Be The End Result...?
I have 1993 Toyota Camry, the car sputters when in gear any gear, when you press on the gas.?
Does somebody know how to clean a car that has been egged?!?
How do I make my car faster?
how do you body drop a 88-98 chevy silverado shortbed?
How do I change the headlamp bulb in my Rover 75 (nearside - outboard lamp)? The air intake is in the way!!?
how long does a rust filler on a car last?
1997 Ford T-Bird Diagnostic codes - what do they mean and can I fix myself? P1443, etc.?
Our car was rear ended today is it possible that it has frame damage?
Why are my new Bridgestone tires draining my fuel economy?
Replaced CV axle still having shaking problems in 5th gear why?
how do you locate the #6 spark plug on a 98 ford crown victoria w/a 4.6 police engine?
whats the price of self start motor for bullet?