Hair developer spilled onto my passenger seat & with the heat turned an ugly brown color. Can I fix this?
Can u clean an EGR valve on a Passport and make it work?
where is the battery located in a 1997 dodge stratus? i cant seem to find it and i no longer have the manual?
I need a job that doesnt do a backround cheack?
petrol in diesel engines?
Getting bad MPG? What could it be?
1993 E class sliding roof problem.?
How often should my mom drive my soon-to-be-unused truck?
Mechanics? My 95 Nissan Altima just won't crank.the lights and radio come on,the power windows and door locks
my MGB GT starts first time when cold but when hot will back fire and if switched of then try to start will no
even when my washer is empty it is unbalanced?
my escalade doesnt start after i replaced the fuel pump..?
I have a 1997 Mercury Cougar XR7 30th Anniversary Edition. It idles rough and lacks performance. It ...?
New alternator and battery car getting no power?
2000 Saturn SL2 engine question? please help! single mom, low income.?
Is my transmission slipping?
my brakes stoped working today i just bought the car and just checked the fluid it is empty can i top it up?
what position should the exhaust cam and compression cam be set at on a 1995 ford contour 2.0 litre engine?
How much psi(boost) can a 88(s4) Rx7 boost with stock injectors and turbo?
What is a hood hinge and a hood latch?
Camshaft position sensor vs Crankshaft position sensor?
car service am i being ripped off?
How do you keep from sliding back and front tire wanting to go up under higher throttle on a bike?
How much would it cost to repaint my truck?
'93 Eagle Summit LX transmission?
why would truck idle high when seafoaming vacuum line?
Should i perform an engine flush sometime on my car? is it a good idea?
I have to get new spark plugs and wires about every 6months what could be cause my wires to burn so fast?
Where to tune up Audi TT in Bay Area?
How to save car battery?
Dodge intrepid curiosity?
1968 Oldsmobile front drum brakes?
what is cat convertor?
Where do I find a site to get a FREE carfax history report?
What's wrong with my car?
acura 1990 integra DA9?
what happens if you pour cologne on a car?
How do you work out power increase after reboreing a cylinder 2 stroke?
How do I connect my hoses on my 1989 Mitsubishi Mighty Max to the carbeurator?
for some reason my 1994 lincoln towncar will drop into neutral while drving on the highway............?
a question for everyone who drives?
my Oldsmobile Alero won't start after rain storm, we get nothing when we turn the key.?
whats wrong with my car?
I lost one receipt, and cannot get Tabs for my 2006 Malibu?
on the news people are selling things to get more gas money,,if you needed to what would you sell first?
I have a 1987 ford f250 and the oil filter is so close to the frame its rubbing a hole in the oil filter ?
I have a 95 aurora that has a brand new alternator and starter. the engine wont turn over at all.?
which engines blot straight into a ke70 corolla?
what would cause engine overheating in winter?
2005 pontiac pursuit gas milage.?
is this a bad compression in my cylinders?
What's better oil, Quaker State or Valvoline?
i have a 91 toyota celica st, i cant open the passanger door from the outside.what is wrong? how do i fix it?
If your car requires only unleaded regular gas is it okay to change to premium or plus once in a while?
Is it safe to remove a heat shield from a 94 chrysler new yorker?
how often you should change the oil on a 2008 3 series?
would a 66cc engine on a go cart be powerful enough to carry a 75 kg person over 30kph?
What is the best oil I can use in a 93 Ford T-Bird with 150,000 miles on it. V8, 5.0HO?
cost for new transmission. boyfriend says 15 grand, trying to prove him wrong?
In a truck, What is the difference between A 5.2 L, 5.9L, etc... What is a Liter in a Truck?
2004 grand cherokee...right side window stopped working?
What is the Locking wheel nut keyway?
my car's brake is screeching and I need help on how to fix it?
What is the transmisson fluid capacity on a 1999 hyundai sonata. V6 with air conditoning?
Oil Changes and proper Car maintenance?
What is a 4th position used for on a 5 speed transmission?
HELP!! Car Leaking Oil!?
what can u do to ensure clear coat on a car dosent peel off??
should i buy a 1992 acura legend with 167000 miles on it?
How much does it cost to get your brakes done (1994 isuzu rodeo 6 cycl. 5 spd 4wd 3.2L)?
what would possibly cause a car to burn fuel too fast?
1994 Honda Accord nuts and bolts?
my breaker is trippin should i change it to a bigger one?
Where can I find a radiator support crossmember for a 1973 ford thunderbird?
Do you need to have an oil cap on your car?
Has anyone worked with the Xtreme Sytems selling Enviromax?
What is the name of the piece that connects the hose to the heating coil on the firewall?
Hey my steering feels heavy, and doesn`t pick speed up as it did a month ago..?
i stuck a battery in my butt and now its leaking acid?
Cars engines are called V6 or V8 , what does the V mean ?
Will a 96 automatic PCM work on a 95 standard Eclipse GS?
My brake lights will not go off and my blinkers will not work.?
What is broken if I have to jump start my car everyday?
Battery Charging Hours?
Hi, I was wondering when I would need an oil change for my truck....can someone let me know plz?
Purpose of a return spring in the car?
Fiesta Mk6 front and tail lights?!?!?
01' Dodge Durango shuts off after 3 seconds...any ideas?
Speedometer doesn't work?
Do I need to put premium gas if on the car it says premium only?
Can you replace the oil cap on a car with...?
why does my car vibrate (chatter) slightly when i brake?
What does a yellow light "EIC" means on my VW car pannel?
my cars lights are dim and my windows gown up and down slow is this the battery?
I have a 1995 Chevy K1500. I was wondering if the front and rear gear ratios are the same.?
my breaker is trippin should i change it to a bigger one?
Is it the starter or the ignition cylinder?
Car starts and idles can rev in idle to 7k RPM. In drive past 2-3k RPM car stalls and dies?
wheel spacers good or bad?
1985 pontiac grand prix engine swap?
Is it normal to get crappy gas mileage in a 300C before getting up to speed?
what is the part called that covers the engine and all on a 2001 chevy prizm?
I recently brought a cr250r 2007 model and am wondering how much oil should I mix with my petrol?
i have a corse 1.0 iv changed the cam sencor and iv lost was on a dionostic and my anger manager li?
How to program GM Remote to my 00' buick century?
i have daewoo loans 2 door ,my problem is fan and ac motor allways working engine cold or hot why?
do I need to do anything to my car to store it in a garage for 3 to 4months while I work abroad?
Car horn and cigarette lighter not working?
2001 Toyota Camry Coolant reservoir always empty?
What type of oil for a 2003 250ex?
my clutch bites really high at the top is this right?
Will JB Weld fix a in my radiator?
All the lights came on but car would not turn over. Is this my battery or alternator?
Can you start a car battery by connecting red terminal to red terminal and black terminal to black terminal?
where can a get wiring diagram for a gas powered 1985 ez-go golf cart?
can using the a/c on max all the time in my car cause any damage?
How to get dried duct tape off a car?
repost 91 lumina euro wont start unless ice cold or just shut off have spark and gas pressure 40 ?
I replaced an ABS sensor on my car, do I need to reset the computer or will it reset itself?
lost my wheel key for my car, what to do ?
My 2005 Chevrolet Aveo keeps shutting off when it's put in drive. Why?
How much will a transaxel overhaul cost?
Why does my battery die if I leave my car sitting for a few days?
Problem changing to 3 gear ?
Car starting problems! I have all electrical power but it has a clicking sound when I turn key?
My brothers car broke down, we got a new battery, the Alternator is spotless?
Bad transmission or something else?
i have been hearing a high pitch whining sound and the instrument panel lights flickered.?
My Car Acts Like It Wants to Die?
why is it when i put water in the radiator of my honda accord it drains right out?
What will happen if I stop payment on a check for repairs on vechicle?
my floor board on the passenger side is wet near the door. Gets real wet when it rains. what is causing this?
my engine idles at aroun 25 psi of vacuum, is this too low?
I have a BMW 318ise 2001 E46 and want to change the engine oils but not sure which is the best value for money
I have a 84 bronco 2 and we changed the alternator and charged the battery we drove it 13 miles and it was die?
what was the average gas mileage for a 1975 Chrysler New Yorker?
modern trends in lunbricants, study material?
My clutch has begun making noises when I press it?
vauxhall easymatic?
How tdo you repair a vinal top on a Mercury with seams opening on it?
which truck services center are available in north america?
how do you change a oil pump on a 1989 dodge dynasty ?
1993 Jeep Cherokee wont start and if it does it shuts down after a few minutes?
EMERGENCY ROAD HELP for a chevy caprice?
Lifters STILL noisy! Help.?
why is only half of the brake master cylinder working?
Whats the best tranny to put in a 1990 chevy silverado?
foot brake is not working and battery light is on?
1979 chevy 305 torque converter bolts?
what can be the cause of my 2002 ford excurison 5.4 triton v8 cut off when i have it in park and i puch on gas?
What is a FICD in a CAR?
AC or Heat will only come out top by windshield, but weak?
i have a 1992 oldsmobile runs decent, but once i get to 50 mph, it starts to shake and jerk. Why?
why does my fourth gear jump out of gear when a accelerate?
What is overdrive for? Does it get better gas mileage with overdrive or something?
Burping coolant overflows from radiator and doesn't go to reservoir?
Is my car possessed?
oil change cause a car not to start?
how to swap my leaf springs from the top of my axle to the bottom of my axle?
LQQKN for a 60-40 seat for a ford ranger edge 2001 gray?
Can someone help identify a car part?
Is $280 a rip off to JUST look at my car breaks?
If i spray my car with paint will i get paint on my clothes?
CAR PEOPLE???????last night i crashed into a kerb and...?
Why did my car lose power after driving it, like the battery was taken out?
Should I replace my alternator with one from a salvage yard?
My transmission seems to be slipping, and transmission fluid is shooting out the top of the dipstick.?
Does paintless dent removal work?
what car model or name of a car starts with a C and ends with a E.............i really need to know so i can f
Is this most likely just a loose belt?
A Wheel bearing on my car is starting to whine (noticeable when going around corners) My question is?
what do the numbers on the windshield of automobiles mean?
MAGNAFLOW® - Street Series Exhaust System?
Is £75 reasonable ?
why does my interior lights of my 92 Grand Marquis stays on all the time, with the car on or off?
Are duralast gold brakes better then my oem ?
Plymouth Acclaim Parts?
my car vibrates while accelerating between 30-50 mph?
Car electronics flickering.. alternator problem? other possibilites?
Do I replace both front&rear brake pads?
why does the bumper on my 2003 Chevy Silverado look like it if about to fall off?
Full Flex for MitsubishiSpace Star 1300.....,?
If my " service engine soon " light comes on . .does that mean something is wrong?
where can i buy auto parts for an 86 ford ranger pickup truck?
Does using your car air con, use up your petrol quicker?
How much would it take to fix a car door?
my 98 toyota camry does not start , belt moves sounds like it is not getting spark?
What im looking for is a machine that the transmission shops use to push the cars that there working on.?
car right city light and tail light not workikng?
If someone's REAR tire blows out while driving 60 MPH, is that person likely to crash?
Sloppy paint/body job. What should I do?
Car's puttering and seems like alignment is off...can I fix it myself and how also leaking water whats this?
I want to try and save money by tuning up my van myself. Any advice so I don't screw it up? Thank you.?
Why will my car not start?
I need someone with serious car knowlage!!!!?
Who is the best diesel engine manufacturer?
Is this the turbo engine?
How do I change the thermal flasher for my turn signal in my '91 Honda Accord?
Why when I step on the gas does the air stop blowing out of the vent and go to defrost?
What could be wrong if my car has spilled oil?
How do you dry out a headlight?
Failed smog test, no air inj system, what is that?
1988 mercedes washer nozzles.?
What is the best way to clean my engine?
What's wrong with my car?
Why does my car starts to stutter and eventually turns off when I'm idling?
My car thumps when I accelerate?
my electric scooter will not charge nd the whole time it tried to charge the charger said it was 100% done.?
Question about transmission in Silverado?
what is D.I.S. ignition on a car?
Security Light Stays On Why?
Chevy Astro AWD 1994 Fuse help!!!?
94 Cougar Heater Core?
My car makes a loud THUNK when going from reverse to drive....?
I need to know about my truck!!!!!!!??
Replacing windshield wiper blades?
Whats wrong with my truck?
My 02 Chevrolet Tahoe kills once its been heated for a while?
Replacing bed floor in truck?
what does it mean when my steering wheel shakes?
A/C- heating and Cruise Control not working on 92 Olds Achieve.?
I have to put my car in neutral to get my key out?
do mechanics get paid enough?
i plan on a Heartthrob Deep Tone Cat Back Dual Exhaust Kit for my 78 Cadillac with the 425?
Is lexus sc400 a good car, and what problems should I expect?
my jeep overheat no water leakage at all, no water circulating in the engine. Could it be the water pump?
when i press down my clutch pedal to change gears, it takes approximately 5 minutes to release to its normal?
How long does it take to drive 200 miles?
i think i need a new car but sadly i cant afford one?
how can i save gas on my 1970 chevelle 350?
Oil pressure goes to about 5psi at idle.?
Braking in a car tips?
is there aweb site for car repair ?
I just bought a Cadallic Deville, 1997. And was instructed to buy only the best premium gas, is this true?
Leak under the car, driver side. Not under bonnet but more directly below dashboard.?
95' Acura Integra too bouncy?
where can I buy a hail car cover?
i need some info on the 2001 corolla X as it to relates to when should i change oil, bearings, timing belt?
are the cool blue headlights bulbs brighter than the regular halogens?
How much do you think it would cost to fix this damage in this saab?
Why operate "clutch" for shifting gears?
87 300zx circuit problems can you help?
Is Jeep safe to drive to shop with oil light on?
Get answers from millions of real people.?
Will an alignment take care of my problem?
Is a 1995 BMW 318i stickshift reliable? Would it be expensive to repair? I am in college.?
Crack in my windsheild?
What would cause my truck to turn off when I stop?
whats the best auto diesel college?
on average in toronto how much does car detailing cost?
AC would stop working after 10 mins or so?
What is wrong with my car!!!???
where can i get my car fitted to run on LPG? (in chicago)?
What's the scrap value of a car, these days?
My 1985 Chevy C10 keeps failing on NOx emissions, what could it be?
when i get a puncture in my tyre,why is it only flat at the bottom?
Do I need to Instal an alarm as well (2004 Honda accord)?
Need a muffler for a 72 smart car?
1994 acura vigor?
Why will my car not start when facing uphill?
loud noise from my car when driving?
hole in my exhaust pipe?
Car Wont Stop After brake pedal is on the floor for a second...CERTIFIED MECHANICS PLEASE!!!?
Will i be ok putting Plus gas into my car? (Civic)?
where is a good place to get my car painted in danville,VA?
Can you actually put the "wrong" battery in a car?
How can my car die because of cold weather with a new battery?? PLEASE HELP!!?
how to prepare your car for car for a long ride?
I locked the keys to my impala in the trunk nd im tryn to figure out how els to get the keys out of the car?
instrument panel 1997 Pontiac Grand Am repair instructions?
Cost of Replacement Tires?
hi, my car is stalling, I cleaned the carburator and changed the air filter, but it still cuts out on idle, Wh
How do you program keyless entry remote on 2000 Dodge Intrepid?
how do u get a stripped allen head bolt out.?
What should you do if your right wheels drift off the roadway and drop down several inches to the shoulder?
front differential for 94 grand cherokee ltd ed cheap?
samurai timing belt...which direction arrows face?
I can't start my car, it will crank but won't turn over?
my interior windows in my car fog up really easy. Why? Is there something i can put on it to make it stop?
bad ignition coil or bad plug wires?
Just changed the brake pads on my expedition and they squeal terribly. What can I do to fix with brake job?
Does anyone know where I can find a 1977 triumph tr7 cylinder head? Carburetor version.?
Need help please, I need to know what type of Blowoff valve makes a compressor surge sound answer if u know it?
What does the maintenance required light mean on a 2005 Toyota Camry LE when it lights up?
how do I replace heater core ford contour 1999 with 2.5L?
fuel pump switch and or relay switch?
LJ10 Motor replacment?1979?
My serpetine belt came off. I replaced it and now my car wont crank?
fix door lock on 1996 ford explorer?
What causes clicking noises in cars that don't want to start?
Rust on rear rotors in three days?
i have a2001 nissan maxima engine is surging and idles at 1800 rpm replaced mas tps and aias also no vac leaks
what is the best spark plug to use in my 1997 Japanese honda accord,SiR vtec,DOHC,2.2L,?
My engine stall when i stop at lights?
Cant start the engine of my car anymore..dont know what to do ?
what happens when the ignition switch goes out on your camaro?
Power-Lock problem on 2002 Mazda Protege?
Where is the rear main engine seal and what fluid comes outta there when it leaks?
are ford ranger parts universal?
why 350 will run but will not idle?
Where do I find a car label?
can i put a hummer engine in a 1949 ford truck?
Grinding noise like a chain dragging on metal, Very Hot front left rotor, and clicking noise when...?
How should rear brake shoes be adjusted?
hard steering on a jaguar xj6 92... little help please...!?
what are spiral grooved sock absorbers used for?
there is problem in the car alero 2000 , when try to start the security light blipping & does n't start??
My brake caliper bolts are too tight to undo? The allen-key tool is like bending as I try?
What do you use for bolts in a tight spot that wont break loose?
if u bend the frame on ur car, is the car supposed too be totalled?
my 2009 nissan maxima has lights and everything, but the car will not start whn i push the button theres no ot?
What is a transmission gauge for?
What is the number one face cleaner?
How to repair the light of my Mercury Grandmarquis LS 2002?
Best option when your engine dies?
best heating & cooling companys?
Anyone Know how to replace the upper and lower ball joints on an 2003 F-250 PU.?
i need a online PDF. file with a how to for ford V-8 engine rebuilding and torque specs...?
Tilt column on 86" Olds Delta 88 is broken. Wheel wobbles in all directions anyone know what's wrong?
Which engine oil is best between castrol activ 4T and castrol power1 4T for pulsar 180?
How much does it cost to get a locked car opened?
1999 chevy malibu..vacuum hose leak?
will R-134A refrigerent work in my r-12 system?
car made hissing when shutting off. recently started dying on me while driving?
How do you get stickers off a car without damaging the paintwork ?
How much for Jeep body repair?
High pitch squeeling when first starting my car?
Car Engine temperature guage going beyond halfway?
what do i need to install in car. wipers?
Best exhaust setup for a 305 trans am?
what would cause my car to not start and make a clicking sound?
What is the Cost for replacing both ball joints in 1999 ford taurus, labor & parts?
Clutch or slave cylinder?
I have fluid in the reservoir tank, but it keeps on overheating. What could the problem be?
My battery life is poorer than before?
Why do I have condensation in my car and how do I get rid of it???..?
I have a 1996 Chevy Cavalier that needs a control arm, is it hard to change?
Lexus RX450h - How to remove interior lower trim panel on lift gate?
ford focus diesel rattling when switching off?
How many liters is my 1986 Nissan Z24 4-Cyliner 5-Speed truck have?
broken muffler can i put duck tape on it for the mean time?
Old truck DIVES right when braking!?
how do i change brake pads on a mustang and is it nec. to bleed the brakes?
How to make chinese 50cc moped faster?
wipers don't work anymore?
why won't the speedometer on my 1999 dodge ram diesel work?
No pressure out of exhaust + White smoke?
How do you remove a door panel off a 1998 Ford Expedition?
I accidentally pumped petrol into my diesel tank. How much will it cost to fix?
Where is the best place to put a bubble mirror on a existing car mirror?
what does it mean to cross spark plug wires?
my belts squeak when wet?
How do I tell which side my wheel bearing is bad on?
Used Car Smells Like Smoke, Help!!!?
Would like some advice- Walmart did my oil change and left the drain plug loose?
Body shop will not realease my car?
I need to know the right tyre air pressure for my car.?
craftman rider won/t move after tire repair?
how can I save gas?.?
Can I bi-pass my smog control pump this way?
How do you put your car in any gear from neutral?
fan is not working engine is hot?
How do i remove stickers off of a vehicle?
what is the purpose of the front wheel bearings on a car?
Brake pad rating. What does it mean?
Idle issues on my 94 PROBE 2.0?
Changing the locks on my car?
spark plugs gap on a 1988 mercury grand marquis?
Do you have to remove the transmission to change the clutch slave cylinder on an 87 Bronco2?
I had my subaru around 6k rpms in third for a minute on the highway is this bad?
Why does my car shake when i start the engine? (Some times when i break lightly too)?
How do you get car stickers off the bumper without leaving a mark?
Does anyone know how good of a motor the Oldsmobile 394 is? I have factory specs?
Oil light went on?
i need yo find out where the flasher relay is?
windshield question?
Why does my car direction feel very unstable all of the sudden?
Brake lights not flashing...02 F250 superduty?
Vauxhall Dealership won't offer me a courtesy car for faults to car.?
engine swap with same transmission?
What is an expected cost for replacing shock absorbers?
Transfer case gasket replacement?
how can I diagnosse/fix my #3 valve??
Ford Focus Air Con Problem?!?
How do you take the steering wheel off of a 1988 Ford Ranger truck?
Auto Question For a 96 Jeep Cherokee?
Who is the Distributor for L&T Messer Oxy-fuel Products?
Is it really imperative to change the timing belt at 60,000 miles?
My truck is already lifted and I was wondering if you can put bigger shocks or do you have to get a new lift?
Does Rim Width matter when buying new rims?
i put some anti seize compound on my spark plugs...?
It seems like my gas usage is getting worse, what should I do?
Where can I get a passenger side tail light for a 95 pontiac firebird???
What do I need for vtec head swap?
what is the firing order of a 1989 acura integra car?
whating to know what is the best way to weld on body panels?
What type of transmission does my truck have?
my 91 saturn makes the battery go dead in 2 days even though i make sure nothing is on?
How do I check a air valve?
Is there anything i can put into my transmission to stop the main seal from leaking?
how do i remove clutch fan on a 2000 Z71 sierra?
I lost my brakes on a red light! D:?
How hard is it to install fog lights on 02 civic?
RV Generators, 4.0 onan bfa genset, how does fuel pump operate? How much gas does fuel tank need?
what are trunk and wheel liners?
will my criminal background hurt my chances of getting a job?
If the fan is put "ON" fast will the electric bill raises?
whats mising from this car?.?
what does it mean when your tires are chopped?
Where do I put Coolant/Water in my Astra?
Where can I find Car Owner's Manuals?
What color should I paint my interior of my carr?
Really bad Power steering leak in 90 dodge van?
Shop fixed one wheel bearing and now says its the other?
Car engine belt question?
My cars always dirty after it rains.?
I have no feed to the stop solenoid?
why does "BRAKE" light come on when brakes are applied?
i need help with my exhaust set up?
Need help removing a flat tire. Lug nuts came off with no problem but I can't get the damn thing off.?
Tinting my tail lights?
is it possible to convert a semi auto clutch with a 5 speed into a full manual if so how would i?
Can the way I drive cause the transmission to go out?
Alternator failing? Could it be something else?
A/C Fan too loud and annoying?
Are you surprised my cavalier kept side by side with this car like I am?
1995 Volvo 850 simple repair questions (horn, lights, cd player) NEED HELP!?
Will parking my 2009 Acura tsx outside get damaged by the weather?
Here are all the combined symptoms, what's wrong with my car??!?!?"!!?
my car radio keeps changing its own station (sporadically)... any ideas why?
Car appears not to be getting gas when started. Only happens once in a while.?
98 escort vacuum hose leak?
Rattle coming from alternator?
does fuel injectors waste more gas?
How do you remove a paint scrape from a car bumper?
Car leaks oil, is this bad?
Do I have to change my oil filter...?
How do you remove the air vents from a 2000 ford focus?
2003 Cheveloet Blazer. I can't remove my key from the ignition switch.?
why did I loose my oil pressure?
Can u modify the exhaust manifold to get a turbo sound?
Is it ok to use unleaded gas in my Coleman Stove?
I'm lost, can somebody please help me with my car problem?
Can somebody help me with car error codes?
If there's debris on the freeway and it damages your car, does the government pay for the damages?
My car broke down and a part popped off - What happened?
How to connect a car battery to a bicycle for charging?
new transmission or just a hole somewhere?
how much is it to get cylinder heads resurfaced?
I have a 2000 honda odyssey, and my battery was 50% drained, so i was getting a jump start. and the kid?
How to remove big paint scratch off of a car bumper?
light bulb burned out and my cousin is freaking out?
i have a 95 dodge ram 1500 and i put in a tranny and now it will not start and i was just wonder if youy could?
1991 300SE: Premium or regular gas?
how do i get my parking brake to release manually because my release lever is gone/broken?
why is so hard to beable to file a complaint to a copamy?
Which Air Intake for My Car?
A.I.R Pump on a 2004 Chevy Trailblazer?
I have a 1998 Toyota Camry, I parked it in front of my house for 3 months, and now it cannot start?
How do I fix ignition problem? When I turn the key, the starter turns on, but it keeps sparking the starter.?
why is my car using more petrol all of a sudden?
Why does my engine heat up so fast?
New car 205 mls no oil, dealer said it had under 1 litre of oil left, is the engine ruined?
how much fuel does a 3.9L diesel engine normally consume?
How do I find out how to replace the impeller on a 1975 (5.5 hp) out board motor?
idle,pittman arm,ball joint bad?
i have 1998 dodge ram no heat put new thermostat in it and flushed the hole system...still no heat?
I,m looking for a catalog on monte carlo 1970/1972?
I bought a car 9mths ago and the head gasket has blown.?
car loud at startup now?
Right tailight out... ?
What is ''Coleman fuel''?
what does it mean when the gauge goes to HOT and I have no heat in my van?
so is it my relay for my blinker or is it the blinker switch?
I need to find out where the fuel filter is on my Mazda B2600I exended pick up. any help you can provide me wi
What are the essential machinery to start an auto body building work shop?
What do Americans call jumper cables?
Car wont start when I turn the key, but lights are still working and radio etc. It just makes a click sound..?
is there any leak problems on 2003 impale ls manifolds there all plastic now like to know?
Best carb to go with the olds 307?
If i was choosing a camshaft and wanted a rough idle should i choose 1 with alot of duration?
If a barrel of oil is at $70? How many gallons are there in a Barrel?
I have a 1972 MONTE CARLO ...the heads were done and i can't see any leaks in the rad or hoses but the rad...?
I can't get my car alarm to go off?
Junkyard Door Matching Color?
Bottom Timing belt is off the track? How can I put it back?
Does my car have an electricity leak or is the battery bad?
i am looking for a website that has instructions for rebuilding brakes for my 1988 chevy s10 4x4 pickup truck
is it illegal to drive without the winscreen washers working (not wipers)?
how does worn tyres affect braking distance?
My four wheeler is having a problem?
does it hurt the car to drive the car with low power steering fluid (other than being difficult) ?
Clutch makes a grinding noise when NOT pressed?
What is the most miles you have had on a vehicle?
is it possible to repair small (1/2 inch)hail dents on my car's hood with dry ice?
engine question?
My 2001 VW golf 2.0 keeps losing acceleration and randomly shuts off?
Is super unleaded petrol yet another motoring con.?
chose between a highly tuned rx-7 or a Carrera GT which one would you chose?Why?Leave your country's name next
Can i change out my 99 tahoe246 transfer case with a 99 tahoe 236 t-case?
lexus ls400 power steering leak?
Find exact match for volvo 2002 XC70 Beige leather seat. Only need a patch to fix tear.?
My Radiator is leaking from the top left it`s not the hose but it`s on the black peace what do i do?
How do you make a weed wacker bike that still uses gears and can go off-road?
Car won't start - any suggestions as to why?
What other gm model auto parts can I use to put rear shocks and struts on my 1997 olds cutlass supreme?
My car is 10 yrs old and coolant is!!!!!?
has anybody crashed today? i did :-(?
What is wrong with my car if it's smoking from the complete front of the car? (2002 Ford Taurus)?
How much does it cost to replace crankshaft position sensor?
Is it bad to be in neutral and hit the gas and quickly shift to drive?
Is this a decent website to get HIDs?
car trouble need help!?
2001 GMC Jimmy Tranny problems?
when i drive my car for 10 minutes it gets hot and smokes.. does anybody know whats wrong?
The jack shaft sprocket on my engine?
How do you remove a inground car lift?
Unscrewing a jammed Hyundai Tiburon antenna?
how do i keep my windows from fogging up?
whats wrong with my 1991 toyota mr2 (cooling fan)?
I just bought a used car and there is white smoke coming from the tail pipe and water, what could be the cause?
i was in a car accident with my brother and the air bags didnt work?
i have a 2002 F-150 and the engine light came on....?
what is project management and how it is useful in manufacturing industry to begin career? role of engineer in
I Just bought a 2002 grand prix and the fuel guage doesnt work. is it fixable?
My car door keeps shocking me when i get out!!!!?
turn light and highlights work at ignition position 2 but do nor work after start?
How much to restore this 1972 Gran Torino?
wHATS wrong with my car?
'O7 Ford Freestar van..............where is my radio Antanea located?
How to repair a punctured "plastic" fuel (gasoline) tank?
What could I put in my car to supe it up?
Can I use my steam cleaner to clean my car seats using carpet shampoo with out damaging the seats?
truck tire pressure question?
fuel pump or carburetor?
Car dies right away unless gas pressed?
Toyota Carina Engine and radiator heating problems?
Where is the electric killswitch on a 99 pontiac grand prix gt?
Is there a correct number of miles that dictates when a car must have its CAMSHAFT replaced.?
1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse Help!!?
Is cheap petrol bad for your car?
how does mini manage max torque at such low revs?
where does a transmission fluid located?
Looking for 2004 Mini Cooper S?
Ford fiesta "eac failure",What causes it, and can this fault be repaired?
the brakes on my car are squeaking a horrible high pitch noise. do i need to replace brake pads or disks?
My A/C only blows cold air for a few minutes then it goes hot...What could the problem be?
How do you change a oxygen sensor in a 99 chevy tahoe?
Cleaning paint off tyres?
Where is the starter in my 1993 v-6 3.0 engine Taurus?
defrosters don't work on 95 eagle talon?
Car Turbo Problem?
I am trying to find the Distributor Cap on a GMC Sierra 99?
LPG converter cap?
How strong is a 5SFE engine?
1995 Renault Espace RN Helios 2.1TD Front Foglight Relay?
why my car shack when i break?
Is there a way to get a gasoline stain off the paint on a white car?
One of my spark plugs on my car is sparking when I have the car on. It only does it every once in awhile.?
chrome rims scratched?
can anyone tell me how to replace the aluminium door trim on a c class 06?
How can I quiet down my new apex N1 cat back exhaust?
what are the symptoms of a bad timing belt?
Is there any ways to fix a ed windshield?
whats a good cold air intake for a 2002 dodge durango sxt?
I cant get my 1993 indy 500 efi working?
Looking for the cheapest possible autobody shop that paints cars in New York (Queens, Brooklyn, Long Island)?
how do i depressurize the fuel system on a 2000 hyundai sonata?
Car paint is rough to the touch and dull now. How can I get it shiny and smooth again?
Screechy noise from engine?(with video) Please Help!!?
What should I do to my new used camaro iroc?
How high will gas get? $3, $3.50, $4, $4.50?
Power steering Hose repaired and still makes noise?
Getting a motor running thats been sitting?
need some answers on the motorcycle lemon laws in kansas, tried, & it didn't come up?
How do you replace the horn on a '98 Ford Expedition? Thanks.?
GMC 350 bad cylinder or no?
How do I change the stop light switch on a 95 Camaro?
why would my car shut off and won't start?
Auto Body repair paint question?
88 jeep cherokee killed a new battery the moment i turned the key to crank the engine?
Which is more important for an oil change, 3 months or 3000 miles?
Infiniti q45t ran out of gas?
Bosch gas range spark ignitors all spark at the same time. Please assist.?
My car will not start up but all electrical components are running?
How do i tell if my car has a new engine?
Is it common for cars to lose it's MPG as it ages? My Honda, over 10 years old, gets 1/2 the milage it used to
why can you shift a standard without the clutch?
my saturn transmission is not shifting the way it should. is this the valve body. where can i get one?
How much would it cost to install and paint a body kit and spoiler?
Popping noise when hitting gas?
Steering wheel tightens, car turns off..?
my gage light was on and i ignored it but when i arrived to my destiny my car was so hot and it was smoke?
Will a 98 Z71 1/2 Ton 4l60E work in a 93 Z71 1/2 Ton?
i need a fuse map!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Just curious, is it bad to be driving down the road, switch from drive to neutral and reeve up the engine?
whats wrong with my car? it died.?
What does Overdrive do on a Jeep( or any vehicle)?
what is a safe valve clearance for solid lifters on a small blk chev early 60s rod?
Van broke down, opinions needed.?
Ford Focus emissions/service light still on?
2009 Honda Civic battery drained in 3 hours?
How do I get a free radio code for my 1997 Passat.?
I would like some help figuring out what's wrong with my car?
i need too know the firing order for ht leads for peugeot 306 merdian?
shaking steering wheel @ highway speeds?
my turn signal is not working, where do i buy turn signal fluid?
can i use speaker wire to replace the wires from my bedroom light in the ceiling?
Is it rare for two control arms to be bad at once? On 6 yr old vehicle?
what year engines will interchange with 1990 Jeep Cherokee?
Where can I find a new gas tank for a 1992 Isuzu Trooper?
what are the best things to do in order to pass car emissions test for older vehicles?
2002 dodge caravan brake problem?
If two of my car tires are already bad but the other two are fine, can i buy only two tires?
how do i unlock a car door?
My car has just overheated a bit and is bubbling, what is the problem with the car?
will 31X10.5 R15 tires fit on a rim with a 25/65/R15 tire on it?
troubleshooting p0491&p0492 audi a6 2002 allroad?
How much does it cost to get the front end of my car resprayed and clear bra it?
How do I fix a airbag cover?
Can Alternator Cause Battery Drain?
cost of rotors and break pads?
1990 chevy truck with a tranny problem?
Engine light on in "on" position?
If your car use's more revs, is more petrol used?
spark plug firing order for a 1981 cadillac deville 368 v8 5.9l?
my car wont start unless its pushed or with jump leads?
how can i clean my pcv valve in my mistsubshi canter?
If i clog the muffler of my car will it run ? ?
The oil & water in my car have mixed and it wont start. How can this be remedied? Apart from engine change?
where is the starter located on a '93 chevy Corsica?
Can anyone help with replacing clutch slave cylinder?
What would a fully built 92 hatch honda run in the 1/4?
During vehicle braking, weight transfer requires that:“?
Can i use red diesel in my car?
Hi' the ABS light on my dash stays constantly on. does anyone know of any reason why? many thanks?
Torque Setting for Rear drum nut on renault clio 1999?
how can I remove adhedsive from my cars paint without hurting it?
Question about a car over heating. ( need some one who knows what they are talking about)?
My car doesn't have brakes. Is that safe?
is my mechanic lying?
I just replaced my engine mounts a year ago and they need to be replaced again. Is there a reason for this?
I am replacing my axle oil on my 1986 chevy winnebago motor home which gear oil weight should I use?
how to replace the frame bracket on a oldsmobile cutlass?
What is a really good prank i can pull on my friends car without doing any permanent damage?
On a 00 Mazda millenia how are the spark plug wires setup on the distributor cap?
Is it normal for new needle bearing rollers not to turn?
My first car??? HELP ME!!!?
How much would it cost to fix or can it stay like that?
how do i lower a 1963 vw beetle?
brake of honda accord?
when I'm travelling in my car doing over 30mph every time i make a left turn the car makes a grinding noise...
How do I get a belt to quit squealing?
7.5 ton pre-mot cost?
97 Chevy Tahoe idler and Pitman arm?
do i need new wheel lugs?
Should I pay for the service?
Why wont my car start even after jump-starting car?
What is wrong with my car?
Whats wrong my car?
Can prestone one of the other antifreezes be mixed with the GM antifreeze?
On my 97 Acura cl. The ABS doesn't come on, what area can i check to see if there is a problem?
will these alloys fit on fiesta mk6 help?
Why does my 2004 Toyota Camry keeps giving Timing advance trouble code?
where is it at under the hood the clutch?
Is this killing my car battery?
my antifreeze had too much water and now its frozen in my rat. what do i do!!!!?
Will I have to drop my oil pan to clean all the water out of my oil?
is there a trick to removing fog lights on 2005 4runner or is it just rusty.?
Car Kits... Are they an investment, a love affair (money pit), worth it, do-able?!?
Car feels like it's got no power?
where do i find the wiring diagram for the sub fuel tank on a 2002 rv prado turbo dsl?
what brick & mortar store(s) can I buy internal spur gear?
What other common organic solvents can be substituted with gasoline?
can you drive a car with a broken strut?
What is the best way of cleaning the inside windows of a car?
Do you need to change the oil filter when you an an oil change?
2000 Impala 3.8 radiator cooling fan problem?
Is this incompetence for a car garage to allow this to happen ?
How can I get the strut pushed up enough to get it reattached after replacing the CV axle.?
When I turn on my left turn signal it just stays on and doesnt blink, unless I manually move it up and down?
What do you think of a girl taking auto mechanics in high school?
To settle and argument...related to my car?
parts i need to lift my 1988 chevy caprice - to put on 24'' wheel?
1999 toyota corolla with a 2010 corolla's battery?
What would make your steering wheel vibrate at higher speeds?
Car Battery Question?
What can cause check engine light to come on? Replaced gas cap already.?
do all old cars go through alot of antifreeze?
what must i do!?when i drive my car,i feel kinda something is bumpy on the rear.what must change?tires?struts?
Wrong motor oil in car?
How do I connect the shaved door solenoids to the stock door latch on a 1957 Chevrolet 150 sedan?
2007 Accord says I should "CHECK FUEL CAP"?
Has anyone thought of swapping the cobalt s.s engine for a scion tc engine? I want to push 700whp out of my co?
My brakes are grinding and the car is shaking when I brake what is the problem and how soon should i fix it?
When I try to start my car, I hear rapid clicking sounds, but the radio works?
Can you drive a 97 mitsubishi eclipse without a timing belt cover?
How much does it cost for a car battery + installation for a 97 Toyota Camry.?
My transmission starting leaking but it's letting me change the gears the car just don't want to move?
is the intake supercharger turbonator worth it ?
find rs-setbutton for fuelpump nissan quest?
how can i find a specific wheel?grand caravan?
Where can i find window louver hardware or clips for my 1989 firebird?
Will sandpaper work to clean car headlights ?
tire size help please?
I recently bought a used car, it is starting to make a grinding squeaking sound does it need steering fluid?
is oil in water and milky oil cap defo suggest blown head gasket?
I got an E-amil about not buying gas today May 15, 2007. Is any not going to buy gas today?
Car problem! Help Please!?
What does a throttle screw on a mikuni carb actually do?
why isnt my starter switch wire not getting any voltage?
what dose 2.0D means in toyota corrala 2.0D?
My Bmw Is not staring up..(Engine) BMW 1995 540i 8 Cylinder Engine 4.0?
Should I take my car to the shop after overheated?
How do I get a lug nut off that is stripping?
How many miles can a SUV drive without/Very Very little oil ?
Car Lift Leaking Fluid...?
looking for the best way to remove the battery from 1965 corvette?
Can mixed gas wreck four stroke engine ?
Whats wrong with my car?
i have a 2002 ford f-150 5.4lt with 39700 miles on it and it uses one qt of oil to 800 miles is it a lemon?
how do i find my 1998 eclipse computer pin number?
What would cause a motor mount to ?
Where is the belt tensioner on a 1999 Chevrolet sliverado extended cab truck?
oil change??
how can we completely transfer gas such as methane chlorine e.t.c from one cylinder to another without piston?
I want to work for myself driving a pickup making delivres anyway i can get started?
New car 205 mls no oil, dealer said it had under 1 litre of oil left, is the engine ruined?
Why dont almost all manual transmission cars have gear position indicator lights?
My car will not go in reverse but will drive forward. What could be wrong with it?
my car won't move when i try to drive it?
Will replacing an engine cause future problems?
5.7 TPI started and ran long enough to back out of garage and won't start again?
i got a mitsubishi eclipse 1994 i got a problem whit at first it was turning on but the engine felt out of pow?
Why are my rear tires nearly bald but front tires have lots of tread left?
OBX vs. Poweraid TBS?
Basic gas pump or fuel injection?
what would be a reasonable price for a servo change on a pug 106?
how do i test an oil pressure sending unit on a ford 2.3?
my car want stay crunked after i jump start it?
My car was damaged while being towed. Should the towing service be responsible for the repairs?
do u think my fuel filter can make my car not run right?
if my brake pads are worn will my abs light come on?
What can go wrong when getting a fuel injection cleaner in your car?
i cant get the back wheels off my car even with the lugs off?
What do I torque these bolts to?
Does a Polaris Indy 440 1997 have a magneto or a battery?
how do i install a starter on my car?
What causes oil pressure gauge to go down besides low oil?
Will using the clutch when the engine is off wear on the clutch?
What's this awful squeaky noise?
Why is my car vibrating?
what metal is best??
Keys locked inside car what do i do, no more extra keys.?
Should a cv joint clunk when pulled at?
When do I change my timing belt?
Where can I find Wiring scematics for a huricane deck boat?
Can I exchange the tires from a Hyundai Sonata to a Nissan Sentra?
electric fan in 97 silverado?
Shifting in an automatic?
how do i fix the pull string on a lawnmower?!?!?! besides putting my son up for adoption!?
My car has a carbureted engine, and it has a major stalling problem.?
About how much would a shop charge to replace a timing belt on a 89 ranger 2.3l?
What type of metal was used in the 1960's drum brakes and 2010 disc brakes ?
1997 Pontiac Grand Prix GT w/ the 3800 won't start now. Any suggestions?
photo on chevy pick up s10 1994 auto choke 4cyl.?
rong place but looking for an answer?
How does one start a diesel engine when it is COLD outside?
Why is my steering wheel vibrating?
How can you tell if you need a new alternator?
Repair cost for front Engine Seals?
I jacked my car up and i was able to shake my wheel left to right but not up to down could it be the balljoint?
im a auto & diesel mechanic in south carolina whats a good name for a shop.?
1998 GMC Jimmy Overheating?
What is the recommended maintenance for a 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT Manual Transmission with 170,000 miles?
What's the best way to fix a cigarette burn in a car's upholstery?
How to remove a stuck spark plug non fouler?
1999 Ski-doo MXZ electrical problem?
My car wont go into gear when turned on but when I turn it off I can go into any Gear. I have a Manual 5 speed
Can & How do you flood a fuel injected car?
my 95 eclipse gs's fan won't spin and the under the hood is hot?
Why does the cigarrette lighter in cars pop out when is hot?
My door is stuck & its impossible to open what do i do!?
How do you remove shear-head bolts in the steering column support bracket in a Volvo 240?
I have a 94 plymouth voyager van door ajar chime and lite keep coming on. Why and how to stop or fix.. Thanx.?
I need some good guidance on everything I need to do for a full tune up for a 2003 Chevrolet Suburban.?
Ho do i remove tree sap from the roof of my car?
How do you do a tune up on a car?
Very light dent and scratch on mini 2009?
Should i wait for my car to warm up before i drive off?
vapor lock: what causes this to happen and what happens?
2005 Nissan Altima: Catalytic and cylinder 4 misfire question?
How do I get the smell of cigarette smoke out of a car, FAST?
Where can I find a 2000 e46 328i bmw engine without breaking my pockets???
TH700-R4 isn't shifting?
Trans problem with a 1996 96 Automatic Honda Civic?
Do you need to use hi-octane fuel if you car comes with a stock turbo?
My sister has to replace a guard rail she hit with her car. how much is it going to cost?
My lifters seem to be making a ticking noise...?
why are there white squares painted on our roads?
what the best way to make my tires shine?
Will an alignment take care of my problem?
Why is my washer wobbling severely?
I have a coolant leak?
Aproximately how long should it take a cerfified mechanic to change a camshaft positioning sensor?
What can be wrong with my 98 Audi A4 1.8T AWD???
how do i install gt groung effects on my 1990 mustang gt?
A low tension motor has rpm 1485.its pimp has power 200HP.what will be the reason for tripping of this pump?
I need advice from a VERY good mechanic.?
What will make a 1988 honda accord dx transmission bust on top ?
overheating firebird?
how can i prevent my car from overheating?
What can "Check Engine" light signify in my 94 plymoth voyager?
i have a 98 saturn recently it idols high sometimes sometimes it dont ive replacrd the timing chain recently?
96 chryler LHS my obd not reading?
I found a line broken and air sucking from it. But I can't find were it connect to.?
How can I improve performance on my truck?
removing pinion seal?
What's Wrong With My Car?
Is this a good engine compression?
How do I stop my truck from burning oil?
how to remove the ignition switch or it may be called key cylinder switch on a 1991 geo storm.My key broke off
Catalytic Converter Problem?
What is firing order in petrol engine?
Will a battery cause hesitation when accelerating?
My truck keeps dyeing?
Anyone knows the order of brake lines when do a brake bleed for a Nissan Altima 2004 (non ABS).?
what would be a cooler sparkplug?
i need help with my van?
what is coolant for?
Why wont my car start?
No pressure out of exhaust + White smoke?
when checking the power stearing fluid is the engine running or off?
need a diagram of the front headlight assembly for a 94 ford f150?
How much does it usually cost to weld on a muffler in California?
I found a dead cat when I opened the hood of my car?
Saturn Astra 08, says 'InSP 0,' is it really do for oil change?
jeep wagon, blown head gasket. to repair do you just remove head and replace gasket?
Is idling bad for a car?
2008 dodge ram clutch squeak?
Slow Pug 206??
What rims would be best?
what could cause my car to overheat?
i have a 99 mercury sable and my battery light came on?
What auto paint shop could i trust to get my 84' Monte Carlo SS back to its factory look?
Where to find cheap Integra Front End Conversions (NON-HID)?
Can synthetic engine oil mix with normal engine oil and pour in the engine car?
Wheel Vibrations Only Highway?
What is the purpose of an oil filter?
is there often a relationship between bad piston rings and engine overheating?
why does a battery lose charge?
broken transfer case bolt?
How can i put the radiator direct to the battery?
What is wrong with my clutch?
Paint repair for cars? Any tips?
What is wrong with your car if you turn the key and it doesnt start for about 20 seconds.?
my 2003 saturn L200 is making a screeching sound when i drive it. What is wrong with my car?
Car won't start, and engine wet. Please help?
How do I check the hydraulic fluid in a Massey Ferguson 271xe?
I added freon to my car, and now i wonder if its leaking?
Is there any Buffing Attachment for a car simply using a regular home electric drill?
New Brakes are squeaking?
What promotion would your local auto repair shop have to be running for you to get your car fixed this week?
How do I find out which 350 engine to put in my 83 gmc?
where can I find a wire harness for 1974 f250?
01 Nissan xterra makes a loud screeching sound when I'm at a full stop?
Transaxle ASE question for manual transmissions?
HELP I don't know whats happened to my car!?
Car body shop repairs in Birmingham? (UK)?
why is my window buzzing?
mitsubishi 4d31 main bearing and big end tensions?
Dollar for dollar, what are the top repairs that will maximize value on my 1967 mercury cougar?
I have 08 expedition and its been making a knocking noise...?
How much for smog test?
96 grand cherokee stalling. possible its my battery?
8.8 to 9.375 rear end?
why wont my 99 yukon start?
If my Alternator only gives out about 12 volts while driving should i get a new one?
1980 chevy 350 4bbl proper vacume hose diagram?
I have a 1980 Ford Bronco. Im not getting any spark. Ihave replaced many parts without any resolts Please help
my truck is making a clicking noise?
Can a faulty engine coolant temperature sensor affect how hot your car heater inside reaches?
96 yukon 4x4 5.7 L. just want a little more zip...........?
oil is coming out of the exhaust pipe on start up?
Would a Toyota celica gt4 st205 speedo cluster fit in a Toyota celica gt4 st185?
How much to fix a starter switch?
Alarm or electrical problem with 1999 Saturn?
I have a 5/32" x 9/16" woodruff keyway slot, what size key do i put in it to allow it to stick up high enough?
cn we make an engine which can run both on petrol n diesel?????
What are common electrical problems in European cars? Are these hard to DIY? How is the part availability?
Whats the difference between these two water pumps?
Ok I understand that, heres my delima. I hit a rock and smashed a baseball size hole in the oil pan. And ?
how do you check transmission fluid on ford focus running or not ?
how do I replace blown bulbs in a dashboard cluster on a 1996 mercedes benz e-240?
do i need a new engine?
How do i remove Armor all from my glass windows?
When working on a car, what is a more useful tool-A widgit or a doohickey?
How can I wire the cargo lite on a "98 Dodge Ram to come on when you open the door?
Does anybody know about Lexinton tires?
how do i change my brakes and rotors on a 325i bmw 1993 im dooing every thng myself i put valve cover & muff?
AC went out in my Honda CRV 2002...
how do I reset the service\check engine light on a 98 ford escort lx\le?
Lights wont shut off!?
Will my car stop faster if I have my driver shift into reverse at 80 miles an hour?
Why does my volvo 850 almost have no compression on the fourth cylinder?
Are there any mechanics or anyone ever attend uti (universal technical school)?
How do you clean your car engine?
How to repair Integra 1/4 panel rust?
Why did the dealer quote me so much for a new stock rim?
can you put transmition oil in the gas tank?
I'd like to flush the radiator on my car, it seems pretty ez, is ths something is just better left to the shop
My clutch failed, what are my rights?
96 Saturn SC1 w/Sealed Beam headlights & low beam will not work on passenger side.?
Car pulls to the right, and shakes when going over 65?
Where can I purchase cerium oxide paste ?
how do you stop a car battery from freezing overnight?
Minivan won't start?
My Car wont Start, radio doesnt turn on, its not the battery.?
is it true that certain car engines have 2 spark plugs per cyllinder?
Why does my car go vroooooom?
how do I adjust the throttle body on a 1990 mercedez benz 190E 2.6?
what is a steering column and what all is a part of it?
converting manual to automatic?
Calling all mechanics!!?
steam under the hood after spill?
engine turns over but will not start?
*****Please Help My car starts but it Wont Stay on????
My 1994 Toyota Camry needs a new battery. How many cold cranking amps should it have?
How do I remove a small door ding?
I switched to synthetic brake fluid now my brakes are locking up?
Where is low washer fluid?
something is draining my car batery?
Replaced alternator car is running hot?!?
Can I use "petroeum plus ethanol" gas in my non-ethanol configured car?
how much should it cost to get brake drums turned?
I lost my rim lock key. How can I get a replacement or get my lug nuts out without it?
Dent repair in New Orleans la?
what are the capacities for the ford 1990 f-350 7.3?
what does it generally mean if a vehicle is burning alot of oil? (no leaks)?
Need help fixing a 1998 Mazda MPV driver side door handle.. anyone?
when my car goes above 70 mph i get a slight rumble/shake on the steering wheel?
What is a block? (Jeep Grand Cherokee)?
I need to find a place that can make my regular cab pickup into a extended cab pickup?
firing order on a 1992 oldsmobile bravada smart-trak with a 4.6 liter 6 cylinder motor?
What is the name of this car part and can it be replaced?
2006 vw jetta tdi- when should timing belt be changed and should water pump also be changed?
Transmission damage? ?
car pops back through throttle body?
How long do I run my car to recharge the battery?
where is the diagnostic test box on my 93 t-bird?
Need your help for car parts assistance?
I want to know what size motor is good for?
Car paint color location?
looking for the location of1991 nissan maxima se right sub switch that control the locks?
I accidentally pumped petrol into my diesel tank. How much will it cost to fix?
Rough Idle In Colder Weather?
Locked keys in car?
What are the best Head Gaskets to put on a '94 Mustang 3.8l?
Paint code for my car?
My car stalls sometimes when I start it, no warning lights, no other problems. Advice?
Where can i find some blinker fluid?
Is it really necessary to change your cars oil every 3000 miles?
How much would it cost to repaint a truck?
cost of installing a jet kit, Piston Kit , and Cams Camshaft?
How do you tell if you have a macpherson suspension?
could i fit a throttle body from 2.4L K24 on to the 2.5L Iron duke?
Hi, why diesel fuel is used for heavy trucks instead of gasoline?
Car Disk Brakes Grinding?
Where does all of the rubber go from our tyres?
I just bought a Ford Fusion and the owner gave me a MyKey only, how can I remove the settings?
is something wrong with my transmission?
Body kit for car?????
do it take 5.5 mins to drive 6.4 miles?
Where does the blinker fluid go on a 2004 Neon?
Why is my Honda Civic accelerating by its self after an engine swap. (when parked)?
Can i get help with fixing a lemon car?
Do you use gas when you brake a car?
What is the diffrence between a standard catalitic convertor and one with uprated metal monolith?
How much does it cost to fix a broken timing belt on a 96 Eagle Talon?
how to make a hole in a gas tank in a car?
How do you remove rust?
I dont feel any problem when I drive, but the auto shop says I need to change all 4 brakes, shoes bla bla bla.
Has the head gasket gone?
95 acura legend loud screaching when started?
Are there tire places that would take a trade (a new tire) and $ for two used or new?
I ordered some new number plates for my car and it has no holes in it?
replacing a '92 acura's front springs - how much?
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