I need to know about the back brakes on a ford probe and if there is a special tool i need to change them?
What weight oil does Chevrolet recomend for deep east Texas?
Do I have an alignment issue?
I have to change my Cars brakes?
Is rear crossmember bushing top and bottom the same as Subframe bushing?
2005 Chevy Aveo Getting horrible gas mileage?
what protective clothing do you need when handling diesel?
Why is the yellow light on in my car . Is that my engine , or my catalytic converter . It keeps telling me to?
What could cause my 2002 grand am to overheat???? Please any help?
How to care for new headlight lenses?
How to reconect anti freeze hose?
Who would be the responsible party for my flat tire?
what was the price of gas price 1978?
Is it worth repairing my car? Advice needed.?
2002 mustang gt question?
Where can I get the plastic for the rear window of a convertible top.?
why does my vw golf 1.4 keep stalling at roundabouts?
Can anyone help me with a heater problem in a 90 Toyota,Corolla?
Is "3M Hook-it" disc the same as Hook & loop disc ? (AKA velcro)?
for some reason. after my car warms up i go to give it gas and it hesitates n takes a while to take off.?
Why doesn't my car always start?
How much would it cost to fix a head gasket on a 1994 Honda Civix DX?
dome override switch on a 2003 s10?
2005 Kia Spectra Door Lock?
Horn beeps quickly then cuts out.?
hi does any one know if it is ok to toe a range rover sport 2.7 auto ?
are rebuilt motors good?
95 toyota corrolla brakes keeps locking up after driving for a while, let car sit they work but does it again?
'88 Subaru Wagon GL 4WD -- Overheating problems. Any Suggestions?
I heard a ticking sound comin from my 1988 toyota camry and i saw white smoke comin from th tail
Do modifications increase or decrease value (Audio/Video, Rims&Tires, ect.)?
Any idea why car wouldnt want to go into 1st or 2nd gear?
what dose black spark plugs mean??
Where can I find a replacement bedside for my 1972 chevy truck longbed?
Why would anyone buy anything other than a Toyota or Honda?
where in birmingham can i get cheap tyres?
how to get seized a/c compressor pulley freed up on 97 chevy lumina 3.1?
M-reg Ford Fiesta 1.8 diesel smoke problem!?
how do you wire an elecric 12volt winch?
How long should a serpentine belt last on a 2003 Toyota corolla?
what Maintenance jobs are available in Arizona for a 23 year military man that is retiring in May 2006?
What is the meaning of suprang mass and unsuprang mass.?
what's the best way to clear a scratch from a car? (made by a key)?
how I re-glue the rear defogger?
Where is the camshaft sensor on a Nissan Almera Tino?
When my 99 expedition 4.6 sits overnight or for a few hours hesitates to start?
I have a ed radiator and...?
Can u use any 700r4 transmission in a 1982 corvette?
getting rid of old tires, paint, car batteries?
Where can I find out more about Steam Engines?
Would this drain my car battery?
how do i get sellotape off my car doors?
My 1991 Mercedes 300 sl was running hot. I changed the thermostat, water pump, but the car is still heating up
my pinto is not working it has water in the oil is the head gasket needing to be replaced or trash the car?
grant steering wheel?
what is detailing a car?
What would cause water and white smoke from exhaust?
Is it Ok to drive a 2002 Hyundai Elantra after the power steering breaks?
Why does a car make a loud screeching sound when you start it up, or when it is wet outside??
Whats a good brand to Lower my 93 honda accord?
wich window tent do I buy and is it gunna look as good as if it where done professionally?
how do i know if my radiator fans are not turning fast enough?
Where is the PCV valve located on a 1999 Ford Ranger?
How to test a crank position sensor for a 1994, Pontiac,Grand Prix 3100 engine?
Should I get a 1989 Honda Accord lxi or 2002 Dodge Neon?
didnt put the oil cap on. I drove a week like that, oil everywhere! What do i do? WIll it catch on fire?
Can someone help me, I need some answer about whats wrong with my car?
How to replace air filter in the cabin of a Honda pilot 2003?
What will happen if I try to start my car with no motor oil?
is torque more important than horsepower?
1997 chevy 1500 truck autom. wont shift into gear?
My car wont start it's making a clicking sound and my lights and radio come on ?
1986 S10 Blazer 4x4 2.8 V6 How much oil do we need to put in (w/filter) when doing oil change?
will a dirty MAF sensor make a 1994 crown vic lop/sputter on a cold start?
Why do people answer questions that they obviously have no clue what the answer is?
Durango is starting to make a whine when going at low speeds.?
my ov2-1200 power acoustick amp protect light comes on then cuts off a few secs later. what does this mean.?
When I stop at stop signs/red lights my engine cuts off. It always starts right back up. Help?
Fuel Injector question...........?
I have a fly on my wall and it wont move even when I shoo it. What should I do?
Why is my car acting like this?
I have a feeling my gas in my car is bad.?
Cost to fix bumper (paint/plastic)?
If I am barrowing my brothers car for a few months and the brakes go out am I reasponsible?
1998 Plymouth Voyager A/C?
Eagle talon boosting problems?
somebody poured sugar into my friend's fuel tank. what damage will it do? how do we fix it?
Bosch or ImportDirect sparkplug wires?
tech help?Tires or brakes? after brake job?
what kind of fuel does a M998 HMMWV use?
Would a bad o2 sensor cause my truck to miss?
My car is fluttering when I let off the gas? MY check engine light comes on.?
Car making a noise...
can you put a 3 speed switch on a 12 volt fan motor?
free automotive wiring diagrams?
Experienced mechanics. Can you help?
P0171 maf sensor concern help needed please read and help live data info included?
Help! Why does my car lose power after an hour?
1998 Dodge Dakota Filler Neck And EGR Valve?
What is in a car's distributor core?
can you wetsand and buff out acrylic?
where are the fuel relays on a 91 toyota previa?
Replacing serpentine belt?
My car has a rotational noise, front left, problem?
302 fuel injection in a ranger?
Having Car Trouble. Help Me? :)?
i need chrome bumper trim for oldsmobile cutlass supreme?
Why won't my 1999 Ford Escort start?
How could I remove the Rear AC vent in a 2001 Lexus RX300?
Can anyone help I am having trouble with my vauxhall vectra?
how do I remove the passenger side airbag cover on a ford focus?
why woul a keyless entry for a car not lock but unlock and you here is a click?
How much to replace a sway bar?
What kind of stores do I need to go to to get automotive paint?
Q carb 20? anyone does it work?
96 Cavalier 2.2 wont turn over?
can you start a car without a timing cover?
engine management light on BMW316 problem?
help my car wont start?
Chevy Malibu LE 98 cylinder 1 misfire?
Should I get my wheels aligned when I get four new tires?
Car "bangs" at start?
Are coil spring adjusters a good way to lower your car?
What is wrong with my dodge?
Why does jump-starting a car work like this?
Is the 420a chrysler engine that was put in Mitsubishi eclipses, an interference engine?
is there a diagrami can see for a 1984 chevy s10 durango?????plz?
my car stays in parking what do i do?
my Check oil light is on when I got an oil change a week ago?
Does anyone know anything about ford transmission that can help me.?
my house was built in 1973 and it was rebuilt in 2006 does the value go up?
For tintend windows in Illinois, how dark can I go on the rear windshield?
Issue with electrics Seat Leon 1.4L 2001 Petrol?
What is this tool called?
Is it ok to have 3 tires tht are bridgestone/something else and the 4th tire to be somethin else?
My check transmission light is on...what could it mean?
how to remove fuel hoses from tank on a 1999 surburban?
are you allowed to dump a car battery in your wheelie bin?
What kind of air goes in tires?
My car has been standing for a year and now won't start. Why?
My car won't start, it cranks and tries to start...what could it be?
had leaking air sound when shutting car off.. now car is more difficult to steer?
what do i need to reduce a power source from 8watts to 3.2watts on my car.?
How do I remove and re-install an alternator in my 1993 honda accord ex?
oil,water and what else don't mix together?
Does the s10 blazer tensioner pulley bolt have a left hand thread?
how do i attach a grounding strap to my windshield wiper motor 86 k car ..i see a clip thingy?
What would make an air conditioner whistle on a minivan?
will petrol damage a diesel engine and what to do if you get petrol in the engine?
2000 dodge dakota bent push rod?
Still have trouble with my car? ?
I failed my emmissions test my NO level was about 1800 and the limit is 900 I just changed oxygen sensor?
How do you successfully remove a bumper sticker?
jet ski will not turn over Have a new batter and spake plugs?
my van burns oil how do I fix this?
Question about when a car idles?
What car has a bigger engine?
i just bought a toyota corolla about 3 months ago?
How much to fix minor scrapes on front bumper?
Anyone use ATP at 205 re-seal for transmission leaks?
Windshield washer pump help?
1997 ford explorer relay switch is buzzing?
Replace leaking toilet with one that does a quick, powerful flush?
does anyone know transmission on 95 nissan pathfinder 4 x 4?
where is the egr valve and vacuum hose that is attached to it located in a nissan 200sx 1987?
How do I stop blinking?
Why is my car acting like it wants to die?
need help with my car cd player to DC12v?
Am I correct???????????
when replacing timing chain gears on 99 dodge ram where do the line up dots go in the middle by each other?
How much oil does a 2004 carolla take?
Why wont my car make turns suddenly?
how do i reset the service light on a class mercadies 1998?
Clutch pedal sticking down on my Vauxhall Vectra (year 2002. Petrol.). Any ideas?
EZ Chill Stop & Leak Detector (air con)?
What causes brakes to seize in their carriers?
Am I being ripped off $985 repair for cylinder misfire?
Where does the red wire go on a motion sensor light?
How do I fix a car turn signal lever that doesn't pop back into its original position?
how do i adjust the shift cable on a 700 r4 transmission ?
I just bought an Acura TSX. Do I really have to use premium gasoline all the time?
Legal Question About Mechanic Work?
Where can i find the IAT(Intake Air Temperature) Sensor or ATS in my 2000 Chevy impala?
Help with Poor gas Mileage?
Car won't start loud clanking noise please read mechanics?
Do I need a new brake switch?
Hydraulic Clutch Engaging too soon 1 inch after releasing pedal?
I need a smoking engine fix?
2003 hyundia elantra 2.0liter.heat problems.?
How hard is it to learn to drive?
auto transmision?
What is the correct wheel size for my tire? It is a 31X10.5R15?
Why would a car have rusty brake lines?
Do I really need a Catalytic Converter?
what is the torque for lifters/rods in a 1991 chevy 4x4 1500 pickup throttlebody v8?
still dont know if i should do this for the rest of my life ? help ?
Does anyone know if oil leaking in your motor is something hard to get fixed?
my trunk lock is jammed what do i do?
Co-Worker borrowed it makes noise?
How long would paint thinner take to work on a car's paint?
how do i replace air filter 99 passat vw?
How to rig up heated seats w/ a generic toogle switch?
Its not a fuel or heating problem its like a security shutdown almost?
New Alternator, Loud Squeeling?
What is wrong with my truck?
what would cause my ranger to not get any spark?
my power steering fluid is brown is it time to change it?
L am looking for a clutch kit?
Stick shift car problem?
Two of my cars were broken into in one week.Coincidence or not?
What to do about my tranny?
my hubby's truck won't start. Its an old one but a good one, radio turns on and everything but when you try
how to replace lock cylinder if i cant turn key to acc. position?
I am trying to find the price of a Schauer 10 amp deep cycle battery charger. Where can I find one?
Seventeen year old tires with plenty of tread left, are they still safe?
Conversion kit for 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee With `Quadra-Trac?
How come people buy cars, drive them and know NOTHING about maintaining them?
installing a new light kit?
Why would my heater only blow out hot air?
i have an 1989 ford ranger that gets water on the pass.floor board where does it come from and its not anti?
I lost the key to the lock that came with my Rays extended lug nuts!?
would putting a car cover on my car draw unwanted attention?
ASE registration fee?
what other models and year cars are interchangable with a 97 infiniti I30?
Any one have planned maintenance for Mixers?
When I start my car, I hear a loud bang. What is it?
i have won £2000.00 what will i do with it?
synthetic engine oil vs regular engine oil?
mazda reviews?
Where is the thermostat on a 1994 Toyota Camry ?
What could be used to remove decals off of vehicles?
Does a 2002 Ford Windstar only have breaks on the front two tires?
where is the pcv vavle in a toyota highlander?
Wet-sanding: why wet?
What is wrong with the Bronco 2?
Brakes rubbing on 97 ram 1500 4x4?
where is the the computer plug in on a 89 chevy cavalier 2.0 4 cyl sedan?
How do I find out what size gear I need?
Do you think 70k miles is a lot for a 8 year old car?
Changing my 1990 BMW 525i clutch?
have a 91 ford taurus starts when let of the gas it will quit?
My V6 camry temp. guage goes toward red when im driving, but goes back to normal when i stop. Help?
Why is my truck battery dying?
can a 12V drill unscrew a lug nut?
i have a 2000 Chevy silverado why does it hit first gear hard and no problems shifting to the other gears?
Should I "warm up" my car in the morning?
Whistling sound when accelerating in some gears.?
1992 mercury marquis ign. wire routing and firing order please.?
Why does my car makes a growl sound when I accelerate?
Will gas line antifreeze (alcohol, I believe) remove water from my gas tank, and if yes, why?
headlights go off momentarily and unexpectedly for short periods?
How do I go about selling my rims on ebay?
have a peterbuilt thats having fuel problems..need some one who can help....?
dose any one know a good shop around ft worth or dallas to lower my car?
Truck won't start. Doesn't turn over and no noise?
How much would it cost to have a new frame installed on my 2003 chevy silverado?
can 94 tranny with electric shift be replaced with a 92 with a kick down cable plug ins are different?
my car only starts when i jump start it whats wrong with it?
My auto transmission does not power for take off. Very Slow and seems to run in secong gear.?
would you let a women fix your car?
how do i turn off the airbag light on a ford puma?
how can i tell the size of my 1991 chevy trucks tranny.?
Would this be rude to ask a car repair shop?
with types of oil, what is the type do you use in HOT climates? like FLORIDA!?
Does engine oil come with an expiration date?
Why do people use 'shell v-power' 98 octane fuel on an ordinary car?
Is my mileage on my dodge ram 1500 way too low or is it just me?
Can someone recommend a replacement car battery for my 98 Honda Accord V6? (550CCA, BCI# 24)?
What is the easiest car to work with?
why is my car discharging my battery ?
how to get rid of rust on my car?
Mercedes A140 engine light on after battery disconnect!?
is there a trunk release inside the cab of the 2011 buick lacrosse?
what's wrong with my car?
What ONE option would you like added to your car?
my temp gauge is like tweaking out it shoots back and forth and then stays all the way up?
How hard is it to replace a starter?
my car battery died, carn charger or new battery?
how do I reset the ECM on my 1990 taurus SHO?
i left my engine running on a 1984 monte carlo.hows my engine?
how long should it take to replace racket pinion stering in a ford contour 1996?
I accidentally locked my car key in the boot, and the boot open only by key..any idea on how to get it out?
If a car is parked and running, is the battery charging?
repair the power seat for 1996 ford explorer?
My 96 Jeep Cherokee won't start and I don't know why.?
Ford Taurus Engine Hiccups?
How to remove cologne smell from a car?
how do I take off a/c compressor and what do I replace it with? 93 chevy astro and rederict belt?
the window in my 1992 firebird wont' go down! help!?
Black smoke on tail pipe?
How do I mix paint to thinner for metal painting?
What's a catless exhaust?
how to program a GM security system with replacement remote?
Why does my car keep cutting out?
stone chipped windscreens - do repairs really work?
does anoyone know how to get rid of the smell of vomit from the car?
Are there other Ford models with 5.0 V8 engine?
my car wont go into gear. It will only go into park and neutral? any idea what it coulld be?
Can a diesel engine be test run in a warehouse with the return line plugged off ?
Blue smoke from my Audi A4 TDI... What does is mean?
Car paint and interior help!!!?
is 40,000 miles on a 1980 truck good?
car light deflectors?
Is this type of drive likely to damage my car in the long term?
when change gear oil?
how to install dual master cyl in 1964 tbird?
can you convert an automatic ecu into a manual one for a 1994 honda civic?
prius is it a big job to replace the battery pack or would my local auto service centre be able to do the job?
i have a 1990 holden rodeo 2600. what is the ignition timing angle btdc?
question about my car?
Just bought a new BMW 316i thermostat and it looks different?
the handbrake wire is making sounds whenever i pass over a bumpy road?
Why does my engine keep failing?
do i have to erase the codes to turn off the check engine light?
mpg for a 26 ft deisel penske truck?
DO YOU GUYS RECOMMENd manual oil change pumps for auto?
I have a 97(R) renault megane sport- 5 door & I have managed to shut the rear seat belt in the door. Help?
a friend drowned his 88 toyota longbed truck,and it needs a fuel filter.where is the filter located?
car trouble need help!?
My car battery light goes on and off?
Push button Switch question ?
How to add power on my 89 silverado 1500?
cheap car mods for 2004 hyundai elantra?
what is the most reliable year that volkswagen was produced?
MY 2000 CADILLAC DEVILLE wont start?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Help with my 99 Volvo...?
Where can I find Honda emblem for front hood of car?
Who does the best brake job for your money?
Not understanding salvaged title.?
My car has a Big over the windscreen will it pass MOT?
Do air conditioning sealants work on automobiles with Evap leak? Which one? 10 year old Town and Country.?
my car heater works but the air seems to only blow out of the vents into the car and not on feet or windscreen?
the car started before i replaced the head, then i installed the new head and the car will not start ?
i have a 93 ford mustang and i need pictures of cobra intake install for the vaccume lines?
Stuff out of exhaust pipe?
How to fault find on an alternator and battery?
gas gage stays on full?
Do I need a new starter or flywheel?
Why did my car stop running?
what kind of jack should i get for my 2001 dodge ram 1500?
Can you reset the check engine light on a 2000 pontiac sunfire after the gas cap has been replaced?
why do rear brakes lockup?
why does my oil pressure gauge in my 88 chevy s10 4.3 auto goes from 30 to 80 alot?
Radio malfunction in 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan.?
How do i fit a CAMSHAFT sensor on a 1996 Plymouth Voyager?
How often should you wash your car?
How much should fixing my car cost at a shop?
how to remove key cylinder ignition swicth from 1991 ford econoline e150?
i have a 1988 Toyota Camry it has a little over 176,000 can my car handle an extra 1,000 miles?
Break Discs / Break Cylinder / Water Leak?
Car Alarms and batteries?
How can I improve my cars 0-60 time?
does anyone know the mileage /gallon for a 1994 ranger- 6 cylinder 4.0 engine?
Why I can't shift to the reverse gear while the car is moving?
How much does an alternator cost?
when a/c is on and coasting, why does the transmission acts strange?
are "DC sports" exhaust systems loud?
What oil is best for an SUV?
My RPM gauge jumps from 1 to 2 when im parked. Could someone please help?
My car won't start during mornings..?
Broken down?
how to stop the fan belt on a 1995 Vauxhall Corsa from squealing (only when wet)?
I bought a used car and 6 days later problems occured that weren't on the inspection. what should i do?
can anyone tell me where water might be entering my car from under the dashboard?
vac um breaks of steam rail engine is same as that of hydraulics of amechaninn automobile?
1996 kawasaki bayou 300 problems. please help!!!!!!!!?
i have a 1975 nova 250ci,?
how to find torque pressure for lifters on 1983 chevy silverado?
carter thermoquad carburetor problem solving?
Anbody know about how much it would cost to replace two jaguar doors, it is atleast 3 years old.?
What is the easiest way to remove oil stains from my driveway?
How to run 2.5" exhaust pipe to stock cat?
tips on how to add more power to my truck?
I have a 95 cavalier that veers when i hit bumps and the rear end slides out in the rain. Anyone know why?
Car heater take too long to blow heat.?
is there a such job called Aviation, that fixes cars?
my dad has a 73 challenger that hasnt been started for 2 years. what would be the best way to start it?
1998 mercury mountaineer leaking engine oil badly?
How can i preserve a car for long term storage?
boiling over problem causing an overheating condition?
My car won't start - it has no power?
my astra diesel engine stopped when pulling off a junction?
how often should i drive my car?
can you put a car starter on a car dat is not an automatic but a shift?
Buffed paint off my car too much?
oil filter , Super Tech ST3980, does this fit 2001 chevy blazer?
Can transmission problems leave a car disabled?
2003 Chrysler Town & Country died while driving and now will not start.?
my car got egged about 10 days ago and my house twice should I just ignore it?
My uncle says I need an engine rebuild on my car?
about how much does it cost to replace an ignition coil?
how much is a slave cylinder?
What is a cruise control?
Why do I have oil in my radiator resevoir, mazda rf diesel van??
when i step at the brake at any speed it shakes,?
Changed the what?
Car's clutch stuck to the floor and now is very high with barely any bite, mechanic didn't do anything?
Gas Gage 88 Plymouth Voyager?
Winter car maintenance?
My car is smoking under the hood. what is this?
what is wrong with my car?
What the fireing order on a 1948 ford v8 9a?
Just got the radiator and head gasket fixed for $1600, is that a fair price?
what was the price of gas price 1978?
My check engine light turn on some times when i turn the key on?
Where can I buy fiberglass cloth and resin in the Philippines?
whats up with my car?
What parts need to be change on a Honda accord after 100,000 miles?
I am driving my daughter's 2000 Isuzu Rodeo and the interior lights do not come on when I open the door.?
Slight vibration and knocking.?
need to replace my side view mirror for my jeep near newport ri?
Where can you buy freon to charge your air conditioner?
I can't start my car, it will crank but won't turn over?
brake lights and park lights wont work on subaru legacy wagon 1995 no blown fuses or relays cant figure it out
Weird grinding noise when turning in my 99 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited?
help fitting piston rings without the right tool is there any way i can get away with fitting piston rings?
How do I change the miles back to original on my truck?
2002 Jaguar X-Type Check engine light and Cruise Not Available in the dash. What do i do ?
why would my power brakes/ steering go out at the same time?-and the belt is good.?
my car isn't running properly since I put new fuel in it, please help!?
What is a parasitic battery drain?
Formula for tire shine?
has my strimmer head gasket gone?
302 ford engine 1969,changed heads water pump, thermostat 2 different temps. nothing i do seams to make any d?
VW Polo cold start problems!?
What maintainance do I need for my car that has 56,000 miles?
Car making sounds after I shut it off...?
Why is my battery draining?
Will mudflaps stop the dust?
Why is my clutch smelling still?
Is $159.00 Installed a Good Price to Pay for a New Drivers Side CV Axle?
is this daylight robbery from my mechanic?
While driving yesterday,my heat went out. What could be the problem?
I have a 2004 toyota corolla and white smoke came out of the air vent and it smelled like smoke. HELP!! please?
Ahhhhh! Squeeling alternator belt. Any suggestions?
what happens when u put car oil in the transmission?
Car "skipping" after fill-up. What to do?
Where can I get cheap gas?
kia spectra horsepower?
Looking for a top dead center pointer that is long enough.?
Deep scratch on the underside of my front bumper, how much will it cost to fix?
Do I have a bad starter on my car?
bmw belt replacment for alternator and power steering?
Do AC burn gas when driving ?
When your wheel cylinder is leaking (rear) does it make a grinding sound when braking?
Car failing to go over 60 MPH help plz!?
Ford focus colour codes?
91 Honda Civic hatch 1.5 dx problems?
bosch classixx 6 1200 i have changed the bushings fault f21 still flashing?
My transmission just stoped working. Do I need a new transmission? I tryed puting transmission fluid in it.?
How long does Fix-a-Flat last? Is it only to get home with. or does it indeed fix the flat?
my bulb is not blown its a new one..and where would the short be at?
How difficult would it be to re-paint my own SUV?
how do i my clock reset in my audi tt ????????
Why won't my engine stay running?
at a stop sign or lights, when my foot is on the brake the car will idle up and go forward every ten seconds?
looking for rolling tongue air freshner for your car. where can i find this?
where can I get a rag top for my camero?
can I put gum out cleaner in a snowmoblie that mixes with oil and gas,?
My Scion Tc sounds like it has boost, but as far as I know...It's stock.?
How can I recycle my used antifreeze?
how can i lower the omission levels in the fiat punto?
What could be wrong with my a/c?
My car stop after a while...?
What is the difference between PCV and CCV? Are they the same?
Water pump for a 66 Corvaire.?
think i have a brake problem, need help before gtting it fixed?
why does my jeep squeak even though i had the belt replaced?
getting head milled for more compression?
I have an Eclipse that ONLY takes premium gas :(...wat happens if i put the cheap kind in?
P0420, new catalytic converter, whole assembly or just the cat?
What kinds of things will cause a car to fail a smog test?
Could this be a fuel pump problem?
What is the coolant capacity for a 2000 Chrysler 300m?
How do I find the hose that drains from the air conditioner in my car?
where is the thermostat in a 95 celica gt?
can your car tire get flat when you let it sit in one spot for a couple of days without moving the car?
what is a gear shift lever?
Engine will not turn over by hand?
Where can I find a Repair Manual for a 1975 Ts100 Suzuki?
whats a forge blow off valve ?
Water in my oil pan a lot of water?
What should I wear to an interview at Valvoline oil change.?
how can i make it in life.i want to be a successfully man?
96 gmc jimmy/ i have 2 spray starter fluid in carb, 2 get it started.? is my fuel pump, injecters,fuel filter,?
where can i find a loader bucket attachment for a 2000 cx90 case international loader ? i want to buy 1?
what parts on a car can you replace to make car faster?
What is the part of a car that makes it sound like a race car?
Is it bad to let a car idle?????
My car's "check engine" light is on, but my car's full of oil. What else could it be?
what is the wheel torque setting for a 1995 toyota camry?
How do you get Silly String off of leather car seats?
my car is chugging bad when its damp outside, or when it gets upto normal temp. whats wrong?
How do i remove primer stain off my car paint??
how do i find a leak in the vacuum hose in my car?
how much money would it cost to change the front break pads on my car at the deal & private business?
Why does a 96 Nisan Sentra crank but not start?
I have a 1996 T-Bird 4.6 liter engine. Very hard to start, but once it starts it run very fuel filter?
87 gas to an 89 gas.. what should i expect ?
How do you reinstall a steering wheel on a '65 mustang?
On a 94 buick Lasabre,what would be wrong if it starts sometimes and the next it dont? starter,alternator,good?
I am looking for a suspension lift for a 98' Isuzu trooper. Where can I order one?
Changed rear shoes, now brake pedal is soft.?
Does anyone know how to remove sap from a car?
Ouestion about oil?
the cheapest way to fix the clutch myself on a 91 chevy caviler standard?
there a access panel for the fuel pump on a 2003 venture?
Where would you recommend to buy a new car battery?
Can I travel out of state with a Massachusetts rejection sticker?
Why does the Diesel engine continue to run after I have turned it off?
2001 expedition stalls when i take foot off gas?
Ford Fiesta Mk6, change brake light switch?
How do I change a front wiper motor on a 2000 Seat Leon?
When a diesel engine is emission tested which pollutant is being measured?
When I press the brakes in my 92 accord, the brake pedal slowly goes to the floor? What is this?
omg please help?
Help! My keys are stuck in my ignition and car is running, how do I get keys out?
Can the Chrysler tech "Sprinkle" please answer this question or anybody that knows how the TCM functions
I've got a daewoo lanos 1.4 is. more than 2ookm. it is very heavy on fuel, what could be the reason?
What is the importance of having your oil changed?
Is it possible to replace the petrol engine in my freelander with a diesel engine?
i need to know howe to fix a holly carberator for a for f250 truck please help me.?
Two stroke carburator help?!?
Hey guys i hope someone can help me with this..i have a Racor Turbine 500 Series?
Do any cars/trucks have the same lock tumbler as a 1998 Ford Ranger?
Transmission in crown victoria doesnt shift recently on occassion?
I am looking for a heavy duty Battery Charger/Tester for Truck Batteries 0-45 V?
If you have platinum plugs should you only run premium gas?
what does it mean when you toyota hylander stays in the slipping control mode?
Too much bird poop in my car!!!?
I need to lease an automotive parts washer for a car dealership in Se Iowa.?
Blower motor in a 97 Chrysler town and country?
Would a ill fitted spark plug blow head gasket?
1994 pont/sunbird 2.0 cyl/head torque spec ?
If fuel pump is good, why won't car start?
Where is the best place to buy a rebuilt head?
My 95 Nissan Maxima, wont start with a hot engine?
How often should I change the spark plugs on my car?
I have a question about a flat tire....?
Custom exhaust?
The oil in my car was changed 5 months ago but I am just now hitting 3K miles. When should I of changed it?
1997 Cadillac seville sts?
How many miles can a SUV drive without/Very Very little oil ?
Wrong gas????
My '94 Benz C280 is consuming a lot more fuel than normal. what could be the problem?
Does anyone know where I can get body parts for 2003 Nisan Extera?
Fuel pump causing bad gas mileage?
88 Ford Bronco II rattling sound?
Why do my lights on my car work sometimes and not others?
oil light in car keeps coming on?
Can i wash my car with fairy liquid and water?
can u and buffy drag race a hotwheels car and a burning key car with a engine on it for pinkslips?
Is it true that the soda (coco-cola) can really eat rust off a car?
why won't my car move in drive?
My BRAKE light wont go off?
my car is making noise every time i place break pador i am not sure what its?
what is a headlight trim?
What are the effects of a bad ignition coil on a Jeep ?
How much for a new front grill....?
New Car Wiper Blade question?
Buying New Tires Question?
What causes my truck to backfire in the exhaust?
How to push down my Window tint on a Dot-matrix?? (at home way)?
Car blinker problems!? help 10 points!?
What is a good polishing compound for my '96 cavalier's slightly oxidized paint?
Any option for Recovery Van at Cambridgeshire?
I need to know wuts up with my car. plz read?
what will cause a chevy 350 engine to run for ten minutes and shut off?
Should I have my brakes inspected?
Driver's side automatic 4x4 hub tries to lock while I'm driving in 2wd but can't and just makes noise.?
what does mpg mean?
My car has broken down - can you help?
Why would a car battery drain from 12.7 to 10.5 overnite?
Sex. Lights on or off?
Mazda3 Vibrating and Shaking?
My car seems to have an overheating issue... help?
what type of freon does a 1992 TOYOTA CELICA USE: R-12 or not have manual?
Can I use household window cleaner instead of windshield washer fluid in my car?
Is baby oil a good thing to use to make your tires shine?
bought my car new from dealership and it has manual locks, but remote only opens driver door, can they fix it?
what to do if i jump started my car wrong and now it will not run?
Why does my car shake when i brake?
can Torque converter transfer from a 700R4 into a 350 Turbo transmission?
Transmission problems?
how much do brake booster normally cost?
Converting a steam boiler to run on wood?
What is the general rule for oil changes?
how hot does the heater core in a car get?
heating doesn't work in my car, it only blows cold air even when the engine is hot and i have it set on hot. ?
How much fluid does a transfer case hold for a GM truck?
i have an invacare electic wheelchair it needs a replacement free wheel hub - any ideas on where to purchase?
my temp guage fluctuates and the car just started over heatring and now i dont get heat?
how can I find some buyer who want refrigerant R-134a?
How much does it cost to fill your car with petrol/diesel?
Where can I get the pipes to dual out my exhaust on 99 Grand Marquis?
does anybody know how to fix a loose ball hinge on my Vectra's rear view mirror?
Trying to smog my car!?
How do you remove ink from leather?
I have a vaxhaul corsa. when I drive over 50 mile I feel I do not have control over the steering wheel.?
86 honda accord revs to 5k by itself, how can I fix it?
Is baby oil a good thing to use to make your tires shine?
What type of motor oil should I use for a 1966 AMC Ambassador?
Can I fix my tire, sidewall was slashed?
Please help! Which bright white headlights are best?
where is sensor for cooling fan on 1993 saturn?
accidentally poured 10mls brake fluid into fuel tank. Help?
car axel damage while changing a tire?
Heat doesn't work in car?
Are K & N Air filters good?
My car cuts out when driving slowly - hv taken it to a mechanic twice but cd not find fault?
2000 Saturn SL2 Service Engine Soon Light?
How to know if your car tires need to be changed?
I have to keep filling my water coolent in my car up at least once a week. any ideas wot is going worng?
What is the best air freshner to use inside a car?
What is best, a diesal or petrol car?
Any suggestions? I have a van that needs too much work on to save it. I have a car in my driveway that has bee?
is it a godd idea to put a chevy engine in a ford truck?
Is my throttle position sensor bad?
What is a "smoke puff limiter" on a diesel engine?
How much antifreeze should I buy when changing my hoses?
How much does it take to fill up a 2004 Ford Explorer Sport Trac?
Car problems?
where the hell did i put my car keys?????
I have renault kangoo van and for some reason recently the back interior lights are coming on?
Does a battery (wet cell)discharge if left on a concrete floor?
dodge stealth and 3000gt?
How much is it going to cost to replace a timing belt for a 2002 chrysler PT cruiser?
How do you change a horn on a 1991 Buick Park Avenue?
Any estimates on cost to fix a '98 Tahoe broken AC.?
Motorcycle has been sitting for 2 years now how do i fix?
If your diesel car runs out does it kill the engine- do you need a garage to fix it?
I need to change a serpentine belt on a 2000 Ls v-6 can someone send a diagram?
Astra g van passenger floor wet?
How can i turn off the ABS system in a Ford Ranger/Mazda BT50?
car not getting any gas?
how do you ruin an engine??
i have ford taurus 93 it runs good, except when i drive uphill it has no power any one can give me answer?
Toyota Tacoma Lift Kit?
car has loud clicking noise in the front tire when I make a slight turn any ideal what it may be?
A weird noise in the back of my car?
How do I test an electric oil pump gauge?
My truck engine turns off when I go over a big dip or bump?
Why dose my car shake when i drive from5-20mph when it goes above it, it stop shaking.?
I have lock nuts on my wheels. One on each of course. i lost the key, can you tell me where to get a replacme?
Difference in the 9005 and 9006 Xentec HID ballast kit.?
I have some fuel cans in my garage and don't know whether they contain diesel or petrol - how can I tell?
My Citroen c3 suddenly do not want to start although the engine is turning over. What can cause this?
what is better, a fifth wheel or a tag along trailor?
What happened to Rust Eater spray. Autozone no longer carries.?
Why does my car make load grinding noise when 70+ or when it rains?
Can you help me figure out what year car my engine came from?
can a 1979 carberater go on a 1980 carberator?
I need help on wheel balance?
Is this a bad fuel pump?
The shorter the glass pack the louder it will be,correct?
89 chevy transmission?
golf 1.4 cl m reg?
What tire size to choose?
My gas guage broke, how do I know when I'm low on fuel ?
how much should cv joints cost on a geo metro 99?
What's wrong with my husband's 2000 Chevy S10?
How do you replace the ignition switch on a 1991 ford bronco xlt 4x4?
Why does my car shut off after I run my A/C for a while?
What if i put medium gas to a car used to premium?? Help?
I cannot hear my fuel pump turn on before I start my car, is the fuel pump bad?
As a fuel in automobile (car) which is good CNG or LPG?
can a standard 120 volt out-let power ten 23watt cfls light bulbs?
1988 CHEVY CAPRICE CLASSIC SMOKES AT THE Negative Cable& at the ground wire at firewall when trying to start?
where do you connect the postive battery cable on the starter relay selenoid on a 1984 ford mustang v8?
How much should it cost to replace a caliper?
How can i get better mpg for my 83 bronco with a 400 engine?
injector nozzle design?
do i need new engine?
Why do people only do oil changes but don't change any other fluid?
where can i get a transmission for a 1990 ford probe lx 3.0 v-6 automatic?
How often do you change your oil?
the 4wd light is located within the tach and doesn't have the (!).?
Could the Eaton M45 307960 fit other engines ?
Is there anyway to stop a in the windshield?
what is the education level of aan auto mechanic?
Does anyone know the proper tire pressure?
my car keeps shutting off when im at a stop, and even sometimes as im driving.?
I want to paint the front lip because of scraps what do I have to do to paint it?
how many gallons of paint to pant my car?
what are the torque specs for a 1997 chevy astro van lower intake manifold?
My car is leaking water?
Why is my belt squealing only before the engine is warmed up?
What can I do to make my car heat up more and faster?
car has to be revved up to get heat?
does anyone have a wiring diagrm for a 1973 chevolet c10?
(Please help!)Changed the battery in my car and now the air bag light stays on?
my exhaust pops when my revs fall in netural?
good alternator wont charge the battery?
How to reset security H3 after jumping dead battery?
I have a 94 Honda Accord EX when I drive fast or break the car shakes what can it be?
What causes a car to squeal when you start your engine?
Overfilled engine oil?
How do I disarm the alarm on a 1996 Dodge Stratus? (I have a spare key...and can't find the keyless remote)
i need help finding my car's fuse chart. :(?
How do I change the sparkplugs in my car?
where can i find a schamatic to change a 2005 ford mustang's brake pads?
What happens if someone puts too much transmission fluid in a car?
why has the slave cylinder on my 2008 ford focus broken three times in 2 years?
what is the difference between TPS and MAP sensors though both sensors control air flow?
My Car Keeps Blowing a fuse!!!!!!!! Whats causing this?
Cheapest places to fix car dents in Los Angeles?
Why can't American car manufacturers make an entry level vehicle as dependable and long lasting as a Toyota
My mom just hit my car and left the scene?
can i harm my engine if i do this?
Dirtbike question about oil change?
new 350 trans in nova wont come out of first gear when i drive away?
Is it possible to replace a bad cell on a battery? Someone did this for me, but I cannot find any info.?
engine gets real hot, today the coolant was boiling?
Oil/White Smoke shooting from engine any idea?
How can I open my car door when it's frozen shut?
where can i get a service manual for my 2003 mitsubisi lancer oz?
'98 Toyota Camry when coming to a stop or just idle it stalls and wont start for a few mins?
I need a new bed side for a 2004 Ford F-150. Red in color. Can you find it.?
can you install a vtec engine on a regular 4cylinder accord 95?
Trans problem with a 1996 96 Automatic Honda Civic?
i need a GM forum/blog that has a d.i.y. or "how to" on a buick rendevouse interoir drivers door panel removal
How long should i hold a torch to the pivot bolt on a 93 Thunderbird Alternator housing to loosen it?
My son as a 99 v astra 1.7 td diesel,and it seems to take a good 10-15 seconds on the key before it starts.?
how do i fix a hole in radiator for my car without replacing it?
My honda 2001 model car makes noise at engine even i do regular maintainace what may be the problem?
ford tauras can this be fixed?
how tight should the oilpan bolts be on my dodge van?
The "Check Engine" light came on in my '96 Explorer on Christmas Day. Can I wait two weeks to get it checked?
can you go longer on changing your oil if you use mobile 1. I heard 6500 miles. Does that sound right?
Why is my 1991 caprice spilling oil out of the dipstick?
Can I put duct tape on a leaking tire as a temporary fix?
What is the problem with my power steering?
Bad vehicle alternator or starter?
how much does a car wash make?
How do I get my car overhauled by Chip Foose?
my brake lights sometimes work and sometimes don't what could be the problem?
How do i charge my 2007 Altima's remote key?
Engine oil question?
Car sputtering? Rough idle? Rough when driving?
Is there is a car that runs on water?
Multi Grade 4 stroke motor oil 10W-30, SE,SF,SG,SH = Brand name, equivalents ?
Replacing spark plug leads (ignition cables)?
Is rocker cover back pressure conclusive evidence of a failed cylinder head gasket?
Would rebuilding the car's engine be a good solution? ?
i just bought a 2003 honda element , what are some simple modifications i can meke to increae horspower?b?
how much does a / pressure test on a engine cost?
could a short in a wire harness damage a transmission?
How can I get my 12 year old car not to rattle so much? Everything is ok, apart from the rattling.?
Snap-On Tools, which ones are best?
what type of radiator fluid (coolant or anti-freeze) do I use for an 1996 Infiniti G20?
Which car should I get?
how do i get the spare tire off of my '88 mazda p/u. its hanging in a wire under the bed?
on the news people are selling things to get more gas money,,if you needed to what would you sell first?
my mercedes 450sl has a problem....?
About cooling system on 1999 Pontiac Grand AM 4 cylinder?
Where can I take my car to get it fix up for a good price?
Question about my car after accident.?
how do you restore leather covered seats-mine are ivory colored and need redoing?
Is it safe to drive with one cylinder out?
Likelihood of bent valves if?
Car wont start PLEASE HELP!?
how do you remove a snaped nut?
The car (Suzuki) engine threw a rod . How much does it cost to fix it?
i changed the thermostat on my 350, it wont suck any thing out of the radiator?
Car battery dead,only 1 year old?
does marvel mystery oil help stabilize the fuel for a little while for storage?
How come my day time running lights are not working?
can some 1 tell me how to tint my car windows myself?
What if any is the standard ohm to temp graph/equation for an automible temp sensor?
UK> will my car fail MOT w a noisy bearing?
do you think women can be good mechanics?
I crossed a red light. What is the small box on the top?
My car stutters from 1st gear as it takes off :(?
My car doesn't idle or stay on?
Do we really have to change our oil every 3000 miles?
why doesnt my dome light work in my 92 honda civic and my fuse is not blown?
Any ideas please......?
is it possible to change an manual transmission to an automatic one? if so how much would it cost?
2006 ford mustang gt trouble code P0153, 02 (ho2s-21) ckt slow response (b2,s1)?
why is my car making this sound?
Why is my car shaking, chugging, and sputtering?
My car died again...?
why do i have this problem?
hi my problem is with the 67 mustang alternator wiring, i have to diagrams with differant wiring, help anyone.
What makes a car shut off when you put it in reverse?
Is it my water pump or fan clutch?
car wont start all it does is click under the hood?
What precautions should be taken when refueling a gas/propane lift?
Im looking to put a lift and tires on my truck?
How much should a mobile tire change cost on a medium duty truck?
Is the carrier for a Pontac Aztek transferable?
Car buffs -- best junkyard in Washington state for 80s - early 90s foreign cars?
What is the size of the gas tank on a 1993 pontiac transport?
Car Issue. The battery or the Starter?
flywheel bolts for nissan truck?
if i bought a muffler?
Alternator replaced and now dashboard lights don't work?
Ford Motor Mounts Replacement problems?
Why does my Chevy Camaro's battery drain as I'm driving?
What's the recommended brand of motor oil to use in the cadillac escalade?
What fuel pump is compatible with a Toyota MR2?
i have a 1984 toyota camary,stalled coming out of driveway.cranks good, will not firer.have spark at plug and?
I need to know wuts up with my car. plz read?
Why my car engine check light is on?
whats the firing order for a 1988 honda civic dx 1.5 liter engine?
Our car doesn't want to start?
How can I tell what is wrong with my car? It clicks, but won't crank?
Clutch problems on my 95 BMW e36 M3!!!?
Squealing noise when turning the steering wheel after start the car?
my car has had paint poured over it (White Gloss) what can i use to get it off?
can dealerships really say you need something done but dont?
What is the signifigance of the following series of numbers: 1-5-3-6-2-4 ?
Did Midas break my car?
1936 ford v8 6 volt electronic ignition?
Where do you put the transmission fluid in a 01 Izuzu Rodeo?
Why wont the check engine light turn on when i turn the ignition on my 2001 Chevy Silverado 1500?
Can my car be overheating due to a rusty reservoir?
How much will it cost me to get a mirror on my car replaced.?
Can you swap out a 82-85 dash and place it into a 88-90 caprice?
How do I tell which side my wheel bearing is bad on?
Added coolant instead engine oil by mistake.?
My car overheated, no idea why! help?
What is LSD? read it looking up mazda miatas.?
Using a multimeter to find parasitic battery drain in my car.?
what are the torque settings for the cylender head?
Anyone know about Acura Integra Transmission Problems?
Where to you put the jack under you car?
audi a4 clutch issue?
How can I keep my doors on my car from freezing shut?
How do you reset the check engine light on a 2002 Chevy Malibu?
does any body know if i can install a turbo in a nissan sentra 2.0 sl 2007, i am here in new york thanks 4 u h?
If the back right tire has less tread then the back left tire, what effect will that have?
best careers?
My car makes a noise,Please help!?
Does using on Genuine parts to repair a Vehicle affect it Value?
If I have 16x7 rims what's the widest tire I can use?
Issues with windows and gas gage- 99 Volkwagen Jetta?
my grand am is getting hot hits 220 while parked?
yellow slime in engine oil can any one help?
What double din car stereo for impala?
Why does my engine quit running when I come to a stop sign?
Do I really have to use premium gasoline in my 1997 Acura 3.5RL?
150cc go cart cranks wont start.?
Oil Change Question?
how much it cost for labor to replace a neutral safety switch on a 1999 buick lesaber?
I'm looking for an auto parts/accessories shop, which i can buy a different kinds of HORN.?
2000 S-10 Will not start. Fuel pump will not pressurize.?
My Honda Civic 1998 DX just got a new radiator, the overflow still bubbles after driving in heat.?
Why does my car pop when I release the clutch?
My first car really need help im very happy but sad?
Zafira air con fan problem! Any ideas?
Bought a car with a few problems. Help with gauges, and A/C?
How much should I pay for a rack and pinion job on a 2000 Buick LeSabre?
Does anyone know how to clean a BBK Air Filter from a Cold Air Intake?
My car will not start and I think it may be electrical. please help diagnose?
where is the fuse box on bmw 528e 1985 for the window.?
What is the best source to compare the maintenance costs for all model of cars and trucks?
i have water coming from my car motor?
Car problems. What could be wrong? Flooded Engine?
2000 honda civic rattling/electrical problems?
Do they remove the wheels during MOT?
what happen when you drive a car with the emergency brake for about 20 milles?
chrome wheel cleaning?
What could be the cause of high-idle with my 1992 chevy pickup? see details?
how do i reset my computer memory in my 1995 volks after a battery change?
Why did the Maintenance Required light come on in my 2006 Scion TC? It only hs 5000 miles on it. changed oil.?
what would happen?
Help removing 17 year old heavy duty plastic vinyl sticker on back window?
Dodge Ramvan won't pass monitors!?
2002 mazda millenia motor knock?
What is a good temperature to keep my heater thermostat at?
Can a cigarette burn a hole in a leather car seat?
I needs some engine parts for the Komatsu PC200 excavator,where to buy?
Suburban...4x4 need to replace shocks...want smoother ride.....what brand do I get?
Can do different tire sizes other than the stock recommended size?
I've just changed my spark plugs and bullsed it up HELP?
What tires could fit my rim?
Can you drive a car with a "popped out" front axle?
How important is increasing the mileage on your car?
if i put a neon light bar under the back of my car,will i attract more women?
Can any one give me some advice in timing my 97 Dodge Avengers engine?
Ok so my car isn't running properly and I need help?
cannot start my 1993 ford ranger-have tried the clutch/interlock-it seems ok.?
My boyfriend continuously looks at pretty girls, says it is innocent. What do men really think when looking?
I bought a 97 Ford Taurus with 191k miles on it for 500 dollars. Good or no?
What grit sandpaper to use for sanding metal?
can o2 sensor cause high nox ?
can you put front lights from a 2002 nissan maxima into a 2001 nissan maxima?
My car stops on its own when ever the speed goes above 70mph..i need a opinion in what could be the defect?
getting a car detailed?
2003 S-10 no power to fuel pump code scan was P4052 (no fuel pressure)?
1994 toyota 4runner lacking power?
My 94 Firebird (5.7) is leaking coolant that is dripping down by the front passenger tire. Please help !!!?
How do I fix a trouble code 42 on my 1984 oldsmobile?
Solvent to put carburetor in?
A mechanic told me my "blinker fluid was low" and wanted to charge me for the diagnosis, is this a scam
how do you adjust or change the timing on a 95 plymoth neon?
how do i get tree sap off of my car without ruining the paintwork?
Viper security is cutting my fuel lines in my car?
Squealing sound from my car - except while I'm braking?
i asked about yukon denali 2007 pulsating when stopping everything has been checked except tires. i was told?
What is Marvel Mystery Oil?
hi all, please car is an economical right off?
Throttle Body 99 Passat?
car leaking coolant on the left side of right tire why?
turn signal light blink slow. bulb was burnt out replaced. fuses look good if it was the right one in book?
Car overheating?
What kind of stuff are legal or inlegal to put on cars?
Can your level of brake fluid affect your passing or failing of inspection?
My car won't start, The battery lights shows up.?
GUYS (no girls) ---> On a scale of 1-10, how ticklish are the soles of your barefeet?
is it ok to put 10 w 30 oil in recommended 5w20?
2004 chrysler sebring blower shuts off on 4 with no sound?
New a/c compressor and dryer and i add oil to the dryer and condensor?
Truck has been sitting for about three weeks?
Is it ok to use dish washer soap to wash my car?
What should i do if my car has transmission problem when the car is parked in my house?
Are the clutches wet or dry in an LS differential (clutch type)?
My BRAKE light wont go off?
my vauhall 2003 vectra center brake light is lighting all the time. vauxhall said that the control box?
will a g.m 350 engine bolt up in a 1983 cadillac eldorado?
The floor in my car is wet but I can't find where the water's coming from?
Best way to connect Wire to Fuse?
What is causing my car to overheat?
Problems with my car! HELP?
how to fix the timing belt o a 85 dodge aries?
Which Coupe car to buy?
wat materials can be used for making car bumpers?
How much is the cost of clutch primary and secondary master slave cylinder for honda civic 96?
How thick are my tires when there bald?
Terrible Engine Noise, Thrown rod?
Whats wrong with my car?
my 1999 saturn recently will not start , engine does not turn over , turn the key and nothing , after trying f?
1992 Cadillac Eldorado - Code E040?
Brakes making a groaning/rubbing noise!?
Bolt seized up and striped. cant take off?
Car doesn't idle until I put in first gear, then it "kicks"?
Does changing the Air Intake change the sound of Vtec?
I have a 97 Kia that needs a front axle. Is a CV axle a front axle ?
what GM vauxhall code is my exhaust?
How does lkq self service work exactly?
i have gasoline in my oil is somthing broken?
My 1999 Pontiac Montana is losing water and overheating.?
How can I program a Toyota pallet jack to have an increased top speed and a decreased top speed?
looking for the electrical loom for towbar,for a citrenzx?
how do i fix a radiator leak?
How do you run a car tyre pump from a mains supply?
what happens if I used 10w-40 instead of 5w-30!!!?
im having problems with my 2004 eplica?
how to know if oil is full or empty?
Where can I purchase a sheet of material to make a replacement diaphragm for a pressure carburetor?
does auto zone have the hookup for diagnostics for a 1995 ford mustang?
where on internet is a fuse box and relay diagrams 2000 ford ranger?
Is my Car cleaning routine correct?
How to improve gas mileage with 5.4?
Can I drive 1300 miles if my Auto Tran Fluid is not transparent?
Why sometimes my car will start and sometimes it just will not tick over?
How long after replacing a window can you tint it?
96 Cavalier front end making popping noise?
what causes shaking when stopped and in "drive"?
rotary engine rotors?
intermittent alternator problem?
my car is leaking oil from the top of the engine i just got a new intake manifold?
if i drove on first gear for long distance would i damage the car?
Car battery is dead after a few hours...what is going on?
I just replaced my engine air filter on my 2006 Toyota Sienna and the check engine light turned on. What now?
Weird noise coming from back wheels when I depress my brake pedal. What could it be?
what size belt do i need?
Which is a better auto parts store: NAPA or AutoZone?
what is the stock fuel injectors in a 1988 ford mustang 5.0?
What would cause poor engine performance at low temperatures?
where can i find a FREE online repair manual for an 1986 toyota mr2?
Need help with the installation of the trunk tortion bar in a '64 GTO.?
Which is better for your car brake rotors? cross drilled rotors or slotted rotors?
What is the cause of a car burning oil?
can a rear end collision cause brake problems to the person hit?
2004 cavalier 5th gear grind?
99 acura tl transmission?
I have a question about squeaky brakes?
How much PSI should i put in my tires?
What is wrong with your car when it won't start and needs a jump start?
Removing door panel on 97 Accent?
Kumho Solus KH 16 noise problem?
How hard is a 1999-2003 F-250 Diesel 4x4 truck to work on?
Gas gauge is innacurate, what's wrong?
What makes the rattling noise from the exhaust on a 98' bmw 540?
How i check oil pressure?
Does it matters what grade of gasoline used in automobiles?
Question about car battery life...?
Car won't start, only click noise. (intermittent)?
why would the metal ring on my turn signal switch have power on it?
How much does it cost to install air conditioning in my 1978 firebird?
how do i loosen a rusted bolt?
if your engine over heats, should you turn on your heater?
Why is my car dripping water from the tail pipe.. And the check engine lights on?