1998 fordranger black smoke?
Front end clicking/thunking just did repairs and inspection of everything.?
Supercharging my pontiac.?
Is a 2003 Mitsu Galant ES a single overhead cam?
why does my car idle speed fluctuate??
How do i install rear deck brake lights?
My car jerks forward when slowing to a stop?
what is the representation of each color wire of a stock radio for a 2003 silverado?
ford inline 6 motor question?
My range rover is sluggish when you first start it, any ideas????
what could cause my car to overheat?
what are relays and cancellers for HIDs?
Slowing down with a manual car?
Are your lights on or off?
Blown head gasket or Intake Manifold Gasket 97 Yukon?
Where can I buy that marker that mechanics put on oil drain plugs?
Easy engines to work on? (Gas/Engines Repair Class)?
1991 bmw 525i headlights passenger side dim not working?
How can I stop my oil pan plug from leaking by. I have tried different plugs,sealers, and gaskets.?
how to disable the locking and unlocking mechnism for the torque converter on a 1992 cavalier?
Where is the crankcase on a Buick park ave?
My 1996 Tacoma has 206 thousand miles. Its not running good. PO303 is on the handheld. what is the problem?
Is it ok to put regular gas into a car that "requires" premium gas?
how to repair frond fog lump kit for pilot 2007?
High performance spark plug wire recomendations? I have an air cooled 2276 vw sand rail; built. Any true?
noise on the back of my trunk?
How do I replace the EGR valve on a Dodge Grand Caravan 3.8 litre?
1990 k1500 ignitin module?
Is 'jumping' a moped battery as an initial charge sufficient?
why is that everytime i hit the brake of my car a little hard, the emergency brake light blinks?
Is it worth it in the long run to replace a ed head on a 1994 Cavalalier?
I have a 1995 olds aurora and Theres gas in the engine and gas comming out the exuast any ideas?
After clanking noise when accelerating or de-accelerating I have decided to jack the car Audi A2 and inspect?
89 Toyota camry Break lights not working?
If your brake lights work when applied why doesnt the running lights work? Is it possible that itis a fuse?
Using a smaller threaded spark plug?
how hard is window tinting REALLY?
Why are my brakes braking on their own?
Door Panels - 1984 Nissan 200sx?
what does it mean when the clutch pedal goes straight to the floor in a 1991 bmw 320i?
What im looking for is a machine that the transmission shops use to push the cars that there working on.?
ABS BREAK light sign on dashboard, cheapest way to get rid of?
really annoying electrical problem with my car please help?
replace timing belt on suzsuki car?
engine management light failing to go off, despite extensive tests and repairs to find out the problem?
My car makes a rattling noise while in park. Whats wrong?
how long after you swich off your engine can you check your oil level and get a accurate reading?
How much air should your tires have?
my exhaust gets cherry red ive had a new exhaust system put on it and it runs good it uses alot of gas?
What size Front Bumper?
Converting fabric seats to leather???
Why my Honda Civic DX Hatchback won't Start?
Why does my car hesitate at acceleration?
why wont my car lock by remote anymore?
my car won't start?
Key'd car? Whats the best/cheapest way to get it done?
My car is making a grinding noise when I use my brakes. What should I do?
Oil Change?
Can I replace Automatic Climate Control in 93 Concore with a manual climate control?
To restore or not to restore old car?
Where can i find a picture of a person painting in a paint booth/?
Can i buy an air conditioner for my car?
I need two replacement poles for my 2-man dome tent? Can I make them?
How much should i expect to pay for a water pump and thermostat to be replaced on a 98 chevy blazer?
how do I fix my car once and for all ?
Should my auto mechanic be able to tell if the problem is a blown head gasket after taking apart the engine?
How do I replace the spare tire cable on a Chevy Venture?
If you put a new Muffler on a car do you need a new exhaust tip too?
Ran my truck out of gas, Now it starts bad?
Blew up/replaced battery on 91 miata, now headlights work but nothing else...what to do?
where are the hoses that conect to the heater core on a 1987 pontiac firebird trans am?
Why is everyone not using these amazing tablets for thier cars vans and trucks. I do!!!?
What car battery should i buy for my GMC Vandura 2500?
my car shaking after i replace engine mounts?
i put a replacement eng. in my 1995 chevy fuel economy is less than before..will it get better?
Stick shift feels loose on 98 Saturn SL2?
What is 60% of $2000?
Engine Mount Replacement Cost?
when getting brakes done how do you no if you need the rotors cut as well?
Nitro car wheels lock up after rotostart fitted?
Why doesn't my oil light come on until after the oil is so low it doesn't even reach the dipstick?
What else should I get with my header for my civic si?
what is the timeing for a 1964 impala biscayne (an old school car)?
Can car tires be put onto an suv?
Car radiator upgrade question?
what is Interior air temperature sensor fault on a 2005 Vauxhall Astra SXI?
blower motor working but wont switch to defrost?
What could cause my 93 turbo diesel pajero to be smoking under the bonnet?
How much does it cost to have a carburetor rebuilt?
Is mazda good reliable vehicle that can last more than 10 years without any repair?
Hi, why diesel fuel is used for heavy trucks instead of gasoline?
Question about a car..?
Is it ok to let my gas tank get ALL the way down to almost nothing before I fill up again?
Can gasoline go out of date?
Car converter?
i lost fire on the 1990 ford tempo. can you tell me why?
What damage is done if you accidently hook up the wrong poles of a battery when trying to jump start your car?
Unable to shift gears please help?
Where is the turn signal flasher located on a 1996 Ford F-150?
why would the exhaust fee l like it is sucking in on my 97 jimmy?
Do I need a chip for my cold air intake system?
Urgent advice needed............?
Why is my car NOT producing HOT AIR?
When should I change the air in my tires from summer air to winter air?
i need help, i have a rim that got ed or kinda vended on a hole.?
What questions will a o'Riley checkers auto parts ask during an interview?
Gettin a 79 cutlass to start?
I got 1998 silverado and when I go over any bump it will make a jingling noise in the back, what could it be?
what lasts longer, the engine or the truck itself?
Does air flow helps in cooling off engine coolant or the flow?
does shell nitrogen enriched gasoline actually clean ur engine?
I accidently shifted gears in my car when it was in park (thinking i was pulling my emergency break) and I?
Advice needed... i have filled my diesel car with petrol?
how do i know if i blow a head gasket?
how can a car handle near instant gear change?
Removing Heads On Car?
The "check engine" light is on in a 2003 Maxima GLE. What could it be?
My car has trouble staring in the mornings only, why?
How much does the A service on a S500 cost?
what is a cylinder 12 injector control circuit?
what are the symtoms of a blown catalitic converter? my car has developed a rotton egg smell is this the prob?
Repair Car Tyre Puncture using superglue?
where is the thermostat on a 96 nissan sentra?
Is it illegal for a dealership to disconnect the check engine light?
How to find coolant leak in my 2002 buick century custom 3.1l v6?
How can I get rid of the musty smell coming out of my cars AC.?
My 95 Altima leaks oil but from where ? ?
How to tell terminal numbers on a 1992 buick cruse control module plug?
1986 Chevy k-10 smoking?
Popping noise while braking?
Answer me this? Is a Ford Fairlane a full bodied car?
Could plugged PCV filter cause exhaust to smell like rotten eggs?
does warranty cover oil changes?
i am looking for somewhere in nj that refurbishes alluminum wheels?
can auto zone or advanced auto parts check to see where my coolant leak is leaking?
Is there a way to start a car that has a bad starter?
Can someone who knows nothing about cars teach themselves well enough to recondition an engine?
My car shakes around 40mph?
my car shut off while driving and now wont start?
I'm looking for the glass window for the back of a removeable hard top for a 1999 Suzuki Vitara 2 door.?
Which oil should I use for my 1984 Chevy van with 5.0 Liter V8?
Why does my "check gauges" light keep flashing on in my '96 Chevy Cavalier?
why do my brakes squeak when i come to a stop its not a bad squeak do i need new brake pads?
Ford Focus 1.8 2001 fan question and steering fluid question?
Does anyone know where I can find auto repair financing?
I have a 1999 T reg Ford Transit, it turns over but will not start.?
How much air should I put in my car tires?
My battery died and I lost my AM radio stations. How do I get them back? '08 Suzuki SX4?
reno laguna dci comes up with diesiel fault on comp goes into limp mode but is ok when restart it fir a while?
Are there any websites that show on how my car door is functioing?
where can i buy a valve cover?
why is it that my transmission stops changing gears when i drive even though i changed the screen?
How do I disconnect the car battery?
labor and parts costs to replace water pump on mazda b4000?
It is possible to broke the car hood hinge by walking on the hood?
Website for cheap OEM driveshaft for 2002 Mazda Protege' 5?
hi was wondering if anybody know's what sort of wing mirrors a peugeot speed fight 2 50cc from 2006 needs?
how do i find out what is wrong with my truck using the internet?
Oil Change?
how to replace windshield wipers of a 2005 dodge caravan?
prius is it a big job to replace the battery pack or would my local auto service centre be able to do the job?
how much would it be to get brakes and rotors done?
Why has diesel stopped going to my engine while i was driving?
We have a 1983 Jaco camper and the clearance & tail lights will not work. the brake & signal lights work fine.?
can i fix a leaking wheel cylinder temporarily?
What is the best way to get window stickers off my car?
how many O2 sensors are there in a 97 ford t-bird (V8, 4.6)?
What Is Causing White Smoke Pluming From Exhaust?
Why is the rust in radiator?
what happens to a car when it goes over 100,000 miles?
Does anyone know how to make a carbon fiber hood look new again?
what's the best way to touch up a small paint chip on my car?
is my alternator bad?
Is it true that 4 cylinder car engines should use special motor oil and not the regular type motor oils that?
Is torque good in forza?
Can i put hid on these headlights?
Where can i find a place that repairs rims in south east wi?
have a 88 Chevy pickup?
Can u harm your car washing it too much?
Battery light came on when I was driving on the highway.?
I need to install a device to a 12v Ignition Live point in my car. Can different voltage fuses be 12 volts?
if a cambelt is to tight can it damage the alternator?
how often do you mess up a gear change?
How do I get rid of the dent on my car?
1990 Ford Bronco has an engine knock?
Why does my engine light come off and on randomly?
Why are some people scared of working on cars with lots of computer chips in them?
Will coolant leak affect a smog check?
What can cause a dry cam on a car?
Can semi trucks have Color running and marker lights on truck?
Whens the best time to do an oil check in your car?
My car won't accelerate first begin to drive. I push the gas it doesn't move then suddenly jerks and goes.?
I have a 1997 nissan maxima.I rear ended a car and the airbags were deployed. Can it be fixed?
Which Motor Oil Is Best in Winter?
where can i get a turbocharger for my malibu?
advice on replaceing a engine?
scan tool all data pins question?
engine has a slight clicking?
2002 NISSAN SENTRA SE-R/SPEC V What do you think?
I need to replace a front signal light on a 2000 Caravan. ?
Wondering how much damage this did to my car?
How to replace thermostat?
My car is slipping around corners and my rear-end feels uncontrollable after a pot-hole? Is it my axle?
Paint Shop?
how many miles should sae 5w 30 oil be changed?
why is my steering hard?
After powerwashing my Cummins engine, my oil pressure indicator is not registering, and now engine shuts down.
My car has 4 cylinders. It is now running on three. Is that Bad? Will i get better milage?
CV joint possibly going bad?
which do you prefer oldsmobile 350 small block or chevy 350 sm block?
My50cc scooter Starts once worksfine but only once and then it need to be left for hours allmost a night?
Is it good for your car to run cool during cold weather?
why won't my car shift from park to reverse?
My front car tire isn't round on the bottom like the others?
Why is there water on the floor of my grand am? The window isn't open and the heater core is still fine. Help!?
Is it ok to use normal sockets with cordless impact driver and wrench?
can I use 50/1 2stroke mixture in a 4 stroke petrol engine. there is no catalist. engine ok for un&leaded fuel
My antifreeze is leaking into my head gasket and mechanic told me i needed to replace my head gasket for $789.?
do mustangs have back door's?
What is causing my 1999 Oldsmobile Alero to overheat and leak coolant from the overflow tank?
do I have a governer on my car?
any advice on washing a black car?
Is there anything to do about a frozen fuel line besides wait?
How can my brake pads from Autozone have a life time warranty?
My 1998 Mustang is having trouble starting after sitting for a while?
why does my car crank for a while b4 starting?
how do I check & fill a 1994 BMW 325td automatic gearbox with oil?
Do all loose belts on cars squeel?
I only have heat in my car when I am driving, but it goes cold when I am idle?
what color should i paint my 56 belair?
2002 pontiac grand am won't start?
how do i remove a huge scratch from my car's alloy wheel?
will putting the wrong fluids in a car ruin it? such as putting water in the oil pan?
Do dealershiP shops ever try to lie and add things to the problem to get as much money as they can from u?
How much gas in a gallon?
grease retaining problem in trunion bearing of Variable Speed Ball Mill, sph. roller 239/850K.MBC3?
how can i find out where someone works?
car won't drive or reverse?
What's wrong here? Any help would be extremely appreciated!!?
How are the Yokohama YK520's?
Speed difference between a LT235/75R15 and a 31-10.5-R15?
My boyfriend changed the air filter in my Lexus RX300 and now the car will not go into reverse?
Can I replace 215 65 R15 tires with 235 75 R15 tires?
My car is frozen!?
I would really like to know?
Please Confirm What Needs to be Replaced. I believe it is the Tie Rod?
Temperature gauge not working properly on my 2003 Chevy Monte Carlo?
How much would a new fender cost for a 95' Mustang in Canada?
How can u tell if my dodge neon is a SOHC or a DOHC??
how do you reset the check engine light?
Is smelling gas bad.........??
When To Ask And And When To Take It To A Reputable Repair Service?
fiat punto how to fill power steering oil?
my setp dad just bought a 78 elcamino to restore, what should i get him for christmas?
What is the difference between HP and Torque in an engine? Are these always in proportion?
where can i download a munaul for a 1989 Pontiac firebird?
how can i stop or disconnectt car alarm on a merc c250 car?
painting bumper?
why is my car slowing down by itself while going 1-20 mph when i take my foot off the accelerator?
what is the main thing people look for first when they want to custom/modify their car?
How much is an front end alignment now?
!999 Dodge Stratus fuel system problems?
why does my whole car shake once i get up to 55-60 mph? could it just be the tires need balanced?
My ABS light is on after my FL tire blew on the interstate? What is wrong?
when racing with a automatic car is it bad to?
How much does the average passenger car paint job cost?
What could be the cause of my steering wheel shaking violently when i exceed 50 mph?
Is stanley tools a good brand?
Car Won't Go Into Neutral?
the blue lights on your car do they look real blue or what r they suppose to look like?
what is the best way to remove gunk build up on the stearing wheel and gear shift in my car?
mechanic says pistons need honing?
Who makes a reasonably priced, quality, torque wrench ?
can you replace a starter relay with 2 wires and a fuse?
1993 DODGE SPIRIT turnsover no spark or power to coil?
How much is a paint job for a 2001 Toyota Celica?
what is making my car shake when i push the brake?
Why does my car sound like Chewbacca when it starts in the cold?
If a dog walked against my car Could it damage my paintwork?
Will a car with a bad alternator start with a new battery?
Can I fix my blown engine by jsut replaicning tha seals?
What is the part of a car that makes it sound like a race car?
2004 dodge startus locked in park?
ford mondeo 2001?
Can Anyone Help Me With My Car Please :-(?
how do you remove the caliper on rear disc brakes on a 2001 Oldsmobile Aurora?
how i can open auto cad 2008 file in auto cad 2000 program?
I'm dumb! I decided to wash my engine?
1982 Toyota Supra with a funky engine problem!?
what controls fuel injector power on ford 3.0l?
Looking for a mechanic in the South Boston Ma looking for a few ez bucks?
I'm scared I don't want to mess up my car?
Car problems...?
does shifting down in a 5 speed when slowing down waste or save gas?
Can you trust a car mechanic?
Any idea where I could purchase and how much sensors would be for airbags, sensors are in front bumper?
Replaced front brake pads about 3000 miles ago. Now getting new rotors.?
is there anything wrong with using my lights on high beam all the time?
Gurgling sound from engine 2000 Ford Winstar?
How can I get pet hair off my car seats?
my rear fenders are rusting away, how do i fix it?
Does my car have remote central locking?
Does a 79' c10 with a 350 have to have a catalytic converter?
mondeo v6 service manual?
can you get your windshield replaced even if its not broken?
How do you change the water pump on a '94 jeep cherokee?
how much to replace accelerator in 2000 Hyundai Elantra?
why does my car randomly stall when i have under a quarter tank of gas?
2000 vette oil gage pegged at 80 when engine running, why?
why does my 97 Buick lesabre not start sometimes?
what are the main componets on a four cylinder engine?
my car is overheating so i replaced the thermostat and it still overheating no leaks are coming from anywhere?
Do you need an Exhaust Pipe?
Had a new water pump put on an old lincoln town car. Now the freeze plug is gone.?
Can I use the new E85 Ethanol gas in my 2004 Mitsubishi Galant?
Can a spare tire fit any car?
what would cause my stihl hedger to die in the middle of using it and to now have no spark?
Whats wrong with my car?
one more question about my 88 taurus?
Can any ordinary gassoline car be converted into a hybrid vehicle?
Where is tho oil drain plug on a 1992 lumina?
I wanted a truck and my mom gave me her van. Need a little help?
Please help .s first good answer! Can 245-70-16 tires be substituted for 245-75-16 tires?
If you put a new Muffler on a car do you need a new exhaust tip too?
My tranny was leaking for a short while and then stopped?
Why would there be transmission fluid mixing into my oil?
1.1L Picanto for long distance travelling?
Ford focus drifting?
my 1996 saturn wont start?
whats the worst smelling car air freshner?
how do you get into a 1988 jeep cherokee with all the doors locked and your keys locked inside is there away?
do you tip the auto parts delivery driver?
Why does case back ok go in reverse and sometimes it doesn't?
I am looking for a way to help gst my car repaired. I am a widow and am in desperate need of help with traspe?
95 civic, just changed struts and springs, ride is pretty stiff, why?
What is the connection between the starter and the pistons?
What happens if my head gasket goes?
i had a new intake gasket and thermostat put in my 98 chrysler and now i dont have any heat and my car smokes?
how do i fix my timeing on my truck?
Oil coming out of my dipstick?
car service am i being ripped off?
trouble shooting windows , found wire comming from door with a male connector cant find other connector?
03 Chevy Silverado Losing Power?
I am going to buy a motor home with a desiel engine. Does anyone know how to change it over to cooking oil.?
Engine Not Turning over?
If somebody loans you a car for a couple of days with the following instructions:?
dodge avenger,eclipse ,talon transmission......?
My windshield wipers stopped working?
How long on average does an alignment take on a car?
What happens when I put water in my petrol tank?
could i use JB Weld or Seals All to fix a leaking gas line on my car?
What is the average cost for replacing ed head on a car?
what is a 'stock bumper?'?
Installing a cat back exhaust?
Camry vibrates hard in idle?
car heater blower not working in cold weather?
Can I use cod liver oil in my car?
towing a 2001 gm pu 4x4?
what is the price range for changing a timing belt on a honda accord?
Why are my windows and radio not working after i got this new alternator?
help! im a bird with a car problem!?
what are the top reasons for a car to loose compression in a cylinder my car has once cylinder with zero compr?
How long can a manual transmission run with a bad throwout bearing?
What is the price and features of Autocop XS 2000 car security systems?
"safe" carb cleaner to clean trottle body and IAC valve?
why is my abs and brake light still on?
i think my timing is off on my 95 z28?
Should I remove my car battery if gone for 3 months?
How hard is it to replace doors and wheel arch panels on a 2000 VW Polo?
How much is it to replace a rear temp sensor on a Subaru Impreza?
Where could i sell used auto batteries ?
Orange headlight bulb on car not working?
water is dripping down on my belts from the water pump is ther a stop leak for this.. is it expensive to repla?
how many of you rev your car engine while its cold?
Knocking sound in my 96 cobra?
Any ideas on my 91Ford Probe transmission problem?
Can someone help me find a good discusson board to help me fix my 1979 Ford Granada Please?
I want a 4 cylinder, easy to fix, 4 door. what should i go with?
Got a 1994 Saturn SL 1 Low Miles. How do I improve it?
No heat in my 98 Plymouth Grand Voyager?
Whic mechanic do I believe or should I just get a new car???
What does the arrow light on the dashboard of a Saturn mean?
I m looking for a fuel saver gadgets from Magsaver co.But i couldn't find the website.?
Can anyone help with my Cadillac Deville Ragtop?
what is the timing tensioner on a 1997 Honda Accord Vtec 2.2 4cyl ? Is it spring loaded or Fixed ?
what do i do if my speedometer is 5mph faster than im really going?
How much will it cost in diesel to travel 300 miles?
Why isnt my blinker working?
Is it expensive to have your engine change or repair?
How do you remove shear-head bolts in the steering column support bracket in a Volvo 240?
best heating & cooling companys?
it seems too soon to be getting new tires?
Can I put a muffler on my car with a cannon tip?
Can I fix my tire, sidewall was slashed?
I need a battery for a 12 hp Craftsman Lawn Tractor?
how to bleed radiator in mitsubishi gallant 2002?
Power window squeak really loud. Can I fix them?
How often do truck drivers change their underwear?
When wiring an old 3 prong clothes dryer with a new 4 prong cord,where does the green wire go?
is one brand of cold air intakes better then another?
Car doesn't start easily?
does anyone know the size in mm of a 2001 Ford Mustang GT throttle body?
the blue lights on your car do they look real blue or what r they suppose to look like?
How to reset my fuel pump/security breach 1995 Buick Lesabre?
alternator on a 94 grand caravan, only works when you tap lightly on black box on rear of alternator. ideas?
is it my fuel filter?
cost for an air bagged truck?
how many inches is 3mm?
the legalminimum depth for the car tyre are?
I put antifreeze in my car 3 weeks ago and its still full. What is wrong with my car?
Master cylinder or power brake booster?
Transmission Fluid Check For 1965 Ford?
How much motor oil does a 4.3L Chevrolet V6 engine hold?
my battery drained for a second time and doesnt want to start?
We tried to give my cousins car a jump and the cable started smoking...?
What can I do to my car to make it fast and fuel efficient?
where can i find a diagram for a fuse box on a 95 eclipse?
My car does not have enough air in the tires to drive. How can I get air in the tires w/o moving it?
When the Overdrive light is ON on the dashboard, what does that mean?
Why my car doesn't run well when engine is not warm?
Which is a better tire Toyo or Goodyear?
can i convert my stock rear end into a posi?
What do you have to do to fix a shift on a 2000 Saturn ls?
How much air do I put in my tires. Tire says 44psi max. Door panel says 30psi cold.?
I have a Taurus. One of my rear wheels stopped turning (locked maybe?). Anyone know what the problem is?
Can I replace/bypass a saab oil cooler?
if i take the wheels off my car, can i put them back on with out worrying about alignment?
Why do people pimp their rides, when they can just buy a new/better one for the same amount of money??????
Car from used dealership had severe engine failure six weeks after I have to pay to fix it?
Is putting a light up deer in the back end of my car and turning it on while driving on city streets illegal?
what is a mazda map sensor?
How good are DDM Hid kits?
My car would not turn over, all you would hear is a click when I try to start it but after a few times itstart
new engine or new car?
why 350 will run but will not idle?
where does a transmission fluid located?
i need 1993 bmw radio codes?
Do places that do oil changes have the right to give you a ticket if you have an old inspection sticker?
why is my car juddering/jumping when i pull off or when i go slow?
cant take off the engine light is it normal for a swap please help?
I cant get my tire off!?
what type of gasoline was used before unleaded gas??
What do you do if you put too much oil in the car. VW Passat 2003.?
What is this liquid thats coming out of my car, is this a bad sign?
Cause of this Tire wearing?
Car stating Problem. Click Noise?
my temp gauge doest move in winter. heat barely works on cold days.?
i want to remove the carpet from my truck and add a rubber floor where can i buy one?
What's wrong with my car?
What happens if you put diesel in a car that needs unleaded?
i got water in intake and stalled.i change plugs,oil n carb started but makes a knockin noise?
how do you change a oil pump on a 1989 dodge dynasty ?
How to build a 350 engine ?
How can I fix my trailer lights?
How to start a standard car?
MY mig welder doesn't even attempt to feed the wire yet all is properly wired and connected, why?
Don't know how the engine in my V4 1998 Camry went bad. Please help with an answer.?
My car stalls at red lights... what should i do?
Car wont start...PLEASE HELP!!!?
Will an auto repair shop do the labor if I buy the parts elsewhere?
How much would it cost to convert my truck into a 4WD?
how do i tell which type of brake fluid is in my car?
Would adding a cold air intake hurt my engine?
how much does a 85 buick regal engine cost..?
Is my car a Lemon? (California)?
How do you remove a stuck socket from a spark plug?
my check engine light is on my 04 chevy cavalier. i just got a oil it safe to drive?
Can a Mechanic really do this? ?
How can I tell if a tire is good?
do those throtle body spacers actually do anything?
what price gas/petrol in your area?
how do i remove the panel and stereo in my 1991 plymouth sundance?
what's the torque on the pinion nut.?
What does it mean when gas meter on my car says Empty even though I filled the gas tank full?
Seat ibiza mk 5 fuse box?
How do I jump my 2002 pontiac montana?
Dashboard lights wont work? any soloutions?
My motorbike won't start please help?
what little things can i do to help my gas mileage?
Should I fix it?
1992 mazda b2200 truck?
Checking oil?
Where is the fuel pump resistor in a 1998 Buick Regal?
fuel filter location on 92 toyota ext cab pickup?
car not turning over at miles ain't even showing up?
How much would 1.3 ratio rockers help in a lifan 6.5 hp (clone motor) improve on power?
What psi would you recommend?
what to do to pass the smog test?
Do you leave the car in gear or neautral in a manual trans?
my truck has a inline six and need to know if i could change it to 351 without changing tranmisson?
The check engine light came on at 80,000 miles. Is this normal for a 2000 Toyota Corolla?
How wide can a tire be on a 16x7 rim?
Can anyone help me with this problem? (Vehicle hiccups before shifiting)?
Problem with VW Jetta Brakes and Suspension after Hauling?
why would all 4 power windows stop working at the same time ?
how bad did it hurt my engine by accidently revving my car in 'park'?
What is the best way to get rid of those oil/tar spots on car paintwork?
is it possible to convert a semi auto clutch with a 5 speed into a full manual if so how would i?
how do i know if i blow a head gasket?
can any1 tell my what a car will do if i ned a 4 wheel alignment?
Are six year-old tires with low mileage still safe?
Water stuck in my car door? ?
Just wondering?
99 corolla has timing chain or belt?
what is an od ring was told the car i am looking at needs one?
What is the cost to repaint front bumper Mercedes ?
extended warranty deductible change?
i have a toyota corolla gti and the engine is modified a little bit.....recently a heat problem?
which of the three oxygen sencors do i replace if my gas is runnin to rich.?
How do I change the transmission fluid on my 97 Toyota Camry LE? Is there a website that can walk me through?
Where can i find Corolla '05 supercharger ?
Can an Auto Repair shop charge me Storage Fee's without my knowing.?
Im looking for free online engines specs for a 69 ford f250, can anyone help?
Can a broken radiator cap be the cause of the car overheating..?
head gasket replacement cost for clio?
Can we convert petrol engine into diesel engine ?
why is the fuel pump on 95 neon pump after the car is turned over but not when I turn on my car power?
how can i put a clutch in a lawm mower engine?
Could you change a tire by yourself?
my car battery drains after a weeks time everything lights up but dosent turn on whats wrong with it?
i broke my timing belt on 1996 honda prelude machanic said it's not bad ?
Where were recaro seats (for old trans ams) manufactured?
whats the difference between 5w30 and 10w30 as far as motor oils?
I haven't started my car in a week. Tried to start engine today but won start. Just clicking sound. Why?
how far can be travelled with one full tank by a Honda super four?
If the glow plugs on my turbo diesel are faulty, will this affect the overall performance of my vehicle.?
how do i do a home wheel balance on my truck tires?
whats wroung with my car?
Noisy belt...?
Car starts smelling bad?!?
When buying a lift support for my hatch, why does it matter whether or not it has a wiper?
How do you get better gas mileage?
Why is it important that pistons face the front of the engine?
My Car Is Overheat?
where can I get a fan to help my car air conditioning?
Consumption gas compared to diesel on the highway?
What is the same tire size in metric for a tire size 7.00 16 LT?
how can i cover scratches on my car? my car is black in color?
Why won't my car start in the morning when it's cold?
Dropping pictures between the dashboard on car?
98 chev 1500 , 5.0 liter. 2 wheel drive. while I am driving with feet on gas my truck enginer spurer.?
Why is my car rattling?
Can I put my license plate on my dash?
i'm trying to buy filter cloth for consumer use?
why is mt automatic trans stuck in drive?
What Oil Do I Use For My Vauxhall Corsa 1.2 Life 57 Plate & Where Can I Get It?
What is the best way to remove a deep scratch from a car?
Change the car setup from RWD to AWD?
How much oil does a 2000 buick century need?
i have a back tire with a slow leak...i know i need to get a new tire...?
how can i get tree pitch off my windshield?
my Quad is making a loud unusual clicking when the engine is on any ideas?
What is the range of a Fiat 124 Spider 2000 fuel injection?
where is mass air flow cencor loated on a 2004 kia optima?
can a 1986 ford thunderbird transmission be put into a 1988 thunderbird?
Why does my engine quit running when I come to a stop sign?
Piston rings temporary fix?
Fz 16 mileage.... pros?
When is the best time to get an oil change?
Whats wrong if an automatic car will drive but not change gear or will only reverse?
does anyone make GLASS headights for a 94-98 mustang cobra?
i rolled my 2.8 deisel hilux wat steps should i take to get it mechanically sound again?
how much is the catalytic converter for a 93 acura legend?
Websites to order Ford Taurus Transmission?
can you replace the engine block of a car with one from a different make and model?
can some one please ansswer this leak Q for me?
Where is the Mass AIr Flow sensor in a 1998 Ford Windstar? THANKS!?
Does stop and shop gas stations supply Shell gasoline?
small chips on windscreen?
01 eclipse spyder transmission jerks when put in R. And very little power in D. Gear lights on dash went out?
What is the Transmission fluid oil capacity of 1997 Nissan Micra Auto?
Plastic Mini Cooper wheel arch trim?
How long will an 18v drill battery last if powering 12v car horns?
How much should it cost to replace an engine on an old car, and how difficult is it?
whats the battery life of a hybird r they exspenive to keep up?
How to save car battery?
My rear right wheel is locked up and when I try to drive it a loud screeching noise is heard?
car battery does and doesnt work?
My tire was flat this morning????!?!?!?!?!?
What exactly is the pipe in the front/bottom of my car? How much would it cost to fix it if it's leaking?
Minivan won't start?
rpm doesnt change when a/c is turned on.?
What's the real deal with my car?
stopping without pressing clutch?
My dad has put a long bolt behind my accelerator so I have hardly any power, what to do?
Which is the best door sensor for sliding door?
1995-2004 nissan sentra/200sx owners with a GA 16DE engine did you have problems with a noisy timing chain?
If you bought a turbo car can you detune the engine to suit license?? by taking off turbo and have no problem?
diagram of chevy cavalier 2003 2.2 ecotec with cooling system and fan locations?
How would I fix a puncture in a car seat?
how can i read test results from an automotive battey test?
I'm so upset & gutted....?
Why do I only get heat from my 2003 Buick Century when I turn left?
Why do mechanics try to rip off women?
How much should a comprehensive brake repair job (new pads, rotors, etc., & labor) cost on a '99 Infiniti QX4?
1996 Ford Explorer XLT 4WD Problem. "4WD" & "4WD LOW" lights flashing.?
13b 87 mazda b2000 driving surged went a bit like 3 mins then died No ignition?????
Why is there blue smoke coming out of tail pipe?
I am having problems with my car. Any auto mechanics able to help me?
how much horsepower does my 350 have?
Driving a car with no airbag? is it dangerous?
Estimated life of a Dana Spicer 17060S Axle?
OK! What size battery does the ford taurus gl take?
does petrol have a use by date?
My transmission is shifting hard and wont go in reverse. Can it be fixed? and what is wrong with it?
Is a free estimate unrealistic?
Car randomly runs rough?
pros and cons of navigation systems?
Blower motor in 93 Buick lesabre not blowing it's getting 12 volts until I turn on fan from controls?
do i HAVE to go to the dealer for an oil change?
what is involed in changing the exhaust donut on a 93 cutlass ciera?
How fast can a car go in reverse?
What would cause a fuel pump fail after a month?
There is a thumping sound and a Vibration coming from what feels like left rear tire?
2004 Chevy Aveo LS power windows help?
Antilock break light on.. What does this mean?
Is it bad to drive my car for 4 miles with a blown head gasket?
what software do wreck yards/ junk yards use?
What are seat rails/seat brackets?
firing for a 6 cylinder chevy engine?
my trunk lock is jammed what do i do?
Quietening noisy belt pulley in car?
97 mitsubishi mirage fuel filter?
Pumped gas in my car. Then 2 mins after leaving gas station, car starts shaking really bad....?
If you hit the brakes, and it kinda pulsates, is that the pads or the cylinder/rotor?
Wires getting in the way of the brake and gas pedals?
How much is it to repair a range rover window?
how do I open the fuse pannel where the cigar fuse is (ford esscort zx2 '01?
where is the cheapest place in corpus christi texas to get a tune-up for my car?
white exhaust question?
The way I drive my parents car's, could it damage them by 2 much wear & tear? Or am I just worrying 2 much?
We just replaced head gasket in 2005 Murnao and now car will not start, cranks over but no start, thinking mig?
Bronco II 2.9 Fuel Injected (California Emissions)?
How would a camper affect the bass milage of my truck?
How is it possible to import an engine from America at half the price than in South Africa?
Why does my car have white smoke coming out of pipe?
What does it mean when my anti-lock light comes on?
Where is a camshaft position sensor located on a 2001 Daweoo Lanos?
Can lower octane gas hurt a twin turbo engine?
I got a 2K Acura 3.2TL with 129K miles. Although I've maintained the car well...?
mk6 fiesta engine swap?
What gear should I do push starts in (when needed)?
why can't we have prescription windshield windows in our cars instead of wearing eyeglasses?
Why do you have to drive your car 70 miles after resetting the computer?
Brake Line car Problems?
What car can i get for $2500?
what are the torque ratio on a 1995 v6 3.8 ford thunderbird heads?
About how much is it going to cost me with labor to get my front passenger axel fixed?
Question about my honda 400ex?
Alternator is new remaned 130 amp but still has low volts?
rim fitment question?
how do i remove starter on 94 grand am?
Can a car leak coolant without a leak?
do the multiple timing chains need replacing on a 1998 4.0 sohc engine and does it affect the idle of the eng.
what it mean when the oil change sticker says " date service - blank space, or 158658 miles?"?
My Toyota Corolla is pulling to the left, I have to keep the steering wheel right to keep the car straight.?
New battery but could it be the alternator?
91 camaro rs radiator fan isnt running which is causing the antifreeze to boil over what could the problem be?
where can i find a fuse diagrams for a 1994 jeep Cherokees Laredo?
What can i do to make my new rear shocks not squeak anymore.?
What damage can happen to your car if you put in 10-30 oil instead of the manufactuer's recommended 5-20 oil
What tires should I put on my old jeep?
Alternator is new remaned 130 amp but still has low volts?
Working principle of tranmission in vehicle?
what's a good brand of oil?
How do I change the transmission fluid on my 97 Toyota Camry LE? Is there a website that can walk me through?
Does running a car's air conditioner affect gas mileage?
How do I remove a Pen Mark from a leather car seat?
Owner's manual for cars, where can you get them or download them?
why would temperature go up when idling?
2007 hd softtail 96 cu in need a battery how many cranking amps should i need?
Problem with EGR Valve?
Are there websites for job seekers for Australia without working visa?
car troubles :/ help?
i backed into a 97 toyota camry, the headlight and fender had to be replaced, does 1800$ sound right????
Does anyone out there know or have instructions on how to install a convertible top ?
If you do a oil change and for get to put oil back in it how many miles will the motor run before it blows up?
How come my car says it can go up to 140 but I can only go up to 80?
why does my 1998 mazda 626 1.8 petrol car have white smoke when started from cold?
Why would my Isuzu (stock) radio time start running slow after I replaced both front window regulators? Will..
check engine light on 03 beetle?
Why would a car suddenly lose power and just die?
Does anyone know what a steering column control module is?
why the gas is not reaching the carburetor in my 1993 chevy caprice ?
Dish soap on my car left it messed up!?
Advice on a 2007 Corolla?
Whats the fibreglass coming out of my exhaust?
Rover 25 TD 2.0 year 2003 (Engine Managment Fault Light on) Please help?
Removing Brake Drums From Neon/SX 2004?
How would you mate up a motorcycles transmission to work in a small mid-engine, RWD car?
what is the easiest way to remove window tint?
My car air conditioner is making a squealing noise, is it still safe to drive as long as I don't run the AC?
92 4 door Integra exhaust.?
2001 gmc jimmy white smoke comes out of vents and hot steam comes out of heater vents?
Can power steering fluid leak out of the transmission line?
HELP I don't know whats happened to my car!?
where is the best place to buy custom tires and rims for trucks?
reasons for a car to overheat?
install an air compressor but?
Update: Why wont my car start?
Can superglue be used on plastic to plastic?
If I was a light switch, would you turn me on?
Heavy-metal contamination of sludge....?
my car started smoking?
I replaced my parking lights with LED?
How to install a voltmeter on your car..?
how much would it cost...?
PLEASE HELP!!! My car is growling at me!!!!?
If you mix horse blood in with your gas will it give you more horsepower?
My 1989 Dodge Dakota Stalls When In Reverse?
Brown smoke under hard acceleration?
What size wrench takes off 98 ford escort front calipers.?
For custom paint, can you offer your car to a college and get it free?
Car won't start.?
why do all my service lights turn on and off randomly?
Whining noise in the rear of my 1998 Ford Windstar. What can cause this noise to occur?
need site that lists the p.s. reservoir return hose for k3500 truck also exhaust manifold boltswon'tstay tight
Car Color Queston, Please help me diside.?
how to change pass.side cv joint 96 honda civic ex 2dr?
how do i remove and replace cummings diesel in 1997 ford tri axel dump truck?
what is the button called that the clutch pushes to start the car?
Is it bad to change gears in a car when the clutch is not down and the car is not moving?
Burning smell inside car?
How do I fix a squeaky fan belt ?
Honda civic?
How do you get a mechanic to listen to a girl's car problems seriously?
My astra mk4 is making a knocking sound when i turn the wheel. what could be causing this?
If freon has leaked out of our AC unit into the ground underneath it, is this dangerous or...?
how do you time a engine?
How do you work on lowering the suspension of a Previa?
How much would it cost to paint my car?
How much does it cost to fix a ed cylinder head?
fuel filter location?
What kind of oil does a 1988 mercedes benz 3000e take?
Is it hard to fix the timer on a 318 dodge engine?
is lucas motor oil that good? easy 10 points?
Water pump?
I have a 2008 kia optima. Do I have a problem with my thermostat?
On a car, what makes it sound loud?
at how many miles should i change my camshaft?
i have the horizon rst5.6 treadmill and it says lube belt?
My 2007 cadillac cts won't start, any ideas?!?
my 92 ford f-150 dies when i put it in gear?
can you run a 1/2 inch impact with a black max 5 gallion air compressor?
how do you replace a brake rotor?
changed brakes on 06 durango.?
My tyre on my car is looking quite flat and.....?
Im lookin for someone to install an auto-repair shop Hydraulic car lift...any ideas??
what type of flow master will fit a 79 malibu?
How much should be the recommended car tyre pressure before i undertake a long drive of 150-200 kms?
What can I give as a thank you to a guy who fixed my car for free?
How to know whether to replace wheel bearing alone or wheel hub/bearing assembly?
I'm looking for serviceable rails for the track on one side of a 72 Case 1150 dozer. Any suggestions?
What's wrong with my car?!!?
I have a tiny nail in my tire should I even bother to repair it?
I accidentally put an oil and gas mixture into my gas tank for my kawaski dirtbike. What do I do?
1993 Chevy Blazer Tailgate dimensions?
do you think this is a fair price?
I own a 1997 Chevy Blazer and the turn signal lights are not working. I have replaced all bulbs. Please help.?
name 3 ways of shrinking a panel that has been stretched in a collision?
do diesel engines need mufflers in pennsylvania?
how do i permanently fix a squeaky belt?
my truck shakes violently at speeds between 30 and 40 mph?
where is the oil plug on a escort?
I'm thinking of painting my 2002 Suzuki GSX-R a matte/flat black color, how do I take care of it.?
Hi I have a 1994 Acura Vigor gs and I am having a problem with my battery, when I hook it up there is no spark?
if you are missing a lugnut will it affect the car's performance?
Broken down in a parking lot need machanic help?
I replaced wires,plugs,distributor and coil truck starts still get misfire code 0307 have 1998 GMC 5.0 1/2 ton?
Can you switch a manual transmission to automatic?
how do i change my brakes on my jaguar s type 2002???
Abs light on in escape now it wont work?
Do you wash your car or let the car wash do it? what make have you?
rear windscreen washer not working would car fail mot?
Question about exhaust systems?
my car disappeared, when the local garage closed down.?
older car, should i use thicker car(my car is burning oil, smoke is coming out from my exhaust)?
how to remove upper and lower ball joints from a 1993 mercury grand marquis??
What is cheapest way to gain clearance/ lift my 93 Toyota 4runner?
Smoke Coming Out Of The Exhaust Pipe?
A few problems with my car help? May all be cause by one problem.?
what is this car bulb called?
im looking for the diagram of the parts of mercedes se280 automatic?
What's the difference between Test Only and Test and Repair Smog Certification?
my wife put cheep gas in my car and now it is jolting as if there is some one pumping my brakes?
Does anyone know where the fusebox for a 1995 mazda miata is located - cant find it!!!?
Are a 78 caprice compatible with a 79 caprice. auto body?
How long does it take to put a new engine into a car? If the engine is at the garage and ready to go?
guide on changing thermostat on a 82 Oldsmobile cutlass supreme?
Rough cost on replacing the sills on a ford?
Im thinking about buying a car but the airbag light is on?
Can I stop dry rot on a tire?
is lucas motor oil that good? easy 10 points?
Windshield washers liquid does not comes out with enough pressure ? how to fix ?
honda accord stn wgn, '95, has rust under driver's seat from leak. Is this hard to repair?
What brand of oil should I use?
Noisy belt...?
Why do my brakes squeak?.?
Did I get ripped off??? I went to go get my car fixed....?
Lincoln belt noisy with AC on.?
2002 2500HD Chevy Silverado Hydroboost brake booster question.?
i just bought a new car where could i got to get a decent paint that will last for cheap???
I had my brake cylinder replaced - now parking break fails, break light is always on, found a leak?
2004 cts-hard to fill tank and fuel guage is innaccurate?
How do i clean my rusty engine?
How do you change a oxygen sensor in a 99 chevy tahoe?
RPM goes up and stays up?
Any tips/advice on replacing a passenger car headliner?
how do i get to and replace the front axle seal "passenger transfer case side" on a 2005 4wd ford ranger?
how many horsepower did the 1969 chrysler new yorker have with the 440 engine?
How often should I change the oil to a honda foreman? It's an ATV purchased from
4 wheel drive can someone help?
Where would I find a 2001 Daewoo Nubira rim?
How do you level up as a auto mechanic?
Where can I find a complete diagram of a central multi port fuel injection system for a 94 chevy 4.3 motor?
finding the right muffler?
I own a 1993 z24 cavalier, and i am trying to diagnose where the leak is coming from?
Car shakes violently when putting into drive or reverse?
terrible tire wear, help!?
When I asked about checking my oil, they told me about the dipstick. Who are they talking about??
Do I need new brakes?
how do i fix my maunal passenger window?
Transmission problems ?
plastic cover behind the car door panel?
What can I do with old motor oil?
What could be wrong with the brakes on my Ford Fiesta?
what does it mean when i start my car and about min later it dies?
what would happen if i use the wrong anti-freeze. PLEASE HELP.?
Think I should take the auto shop to court and sue?
my 2000 ford taurus passenger seat belt is frozen how do I fix it?
If an engine is described as having an EFI fuel sytem, what does the abbrevation EFI mean?
I have a 2000 Saturn LS2 V6, there is pink liquid leak on the inside passanger side front. What can it be?
What is the name of a really good mariner's glue?
removing pinion seal?
bad valve seals or rings?
how much transmission fluid does a 2001 chryslyer concorde hold?
Can I install a 1967 c10 steering column into a 1964 c10?
Where can i buy a 1950 chevy gauges or any parts?
Stripped screws on parking light?
help! how do i get this mount off my dashboard in my car?
350 four bolt main from 85 gmc truck. can it fit in my 87 monte carlo ls?
Problems on my 88 kx250 help asap trying to sell?
How many volts in a car battery?
can a non turbo 3000gt engine 10 to 1 ratio replace a bad vr4 engine? just the motor not the rest.?
Why is there a little bit of smoke coming out of my exhaust?
Thumping noise coming from under the front of my car.. what is it?
We're changing the back breaks on our truck and...?
Can I put duct tape on a leaking tire as a temporary fix?
I have a 1976 Honda cb750k. I'm putting on new rear brake shoes, but i was told the drum is bad too. Does the?
Changing the headlights on my Imported 4 wheeler motorbike...?
I need the electrical circuit drawing for the PEUGEOT 309 (1997). Scanned or hard copy ok.?
Car Audo not working?
How much does it normally cost to change the coolant temp sensor?
What is the correct way to prepare fiberglass bumper fillers for painting?
Why does my car *sometimes* make a grinding noise when I try to turn it on.?
will this paint hold up on my heat shield for my headers?
How much are gas prices where you live? Just curious. Paying up to 2.99 a gallon in Detroit.?
Why wont gas go into my '07 Silverado right and why is it shifting into second gear hard?
Why is my coolant milky?
M/c solenoid questions?
May 2005 YZF600R will not up when I turn the key to the run?
is it bad my car uses little to no oil?
What's better Synthetic or Petroleum based motor oil ?
How to install a voltmeter on your car..?
My four wheeler tire.?
belt tensioner housing 1991 silverado?
my car was low on engine oil and now it's making a clicking noise?
I need to know where the drain valve is on an isuzu trooper (2001) radiator.?
How much would it cost for a paint job?
my car doesnt start when i turn the ignition and still doesnt when i use jumpers?
Ideas for mods and maitnance for 2000 Mits. Eclipse GT?
How can i fix a loose column shifter for ford Sport Trac?
Can i get hond cb unicorn dazzler's owners manual online?
why do some cars have no rear wipers? is this not dangerous?
1991 chevy caprice classic?
fuel line return fitting for goped?
buzzing from my plymouth neon 1996 when starting car and not turning over and cranking over?
HELP! What could cause my car to suddenly smoke at random times but not all the time?
Fuel Pressure Question?
Code needed for ford fiesta CD player?
what happens if i down shift gears when im going too fast?
The nozzle in my Bellows is loose & keeps falling out, is there a device which secures it in place?
Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 98, 4WD- ABS light on.?
my 1994 cadillac seville sls battery continues to drain when car sets up more than three days?
K & N air filter cleaning?
Are Dollar Tree window wipes safe for automotive window/windshield use?
i have a 73 malibu and the generator light stays on and my battery drains after a month of no use?
Should my wife and i get a Mustang or a Camaro?
What are some 1995 Saturn SC2 Performance parts?
how do i work out my mpg on car?
How do you wash your car so the windows don't have blobs and steaks on them?
My cars rotors are rusty how can I clean them?
to put a 4x4 in to 4x4 mode do you need to switch the car off first?
Any idea why car wouldnt want to go into 1st or 2nd gear?
Where can I paint my car myself in California?Can I do it in the parking lot? is there a paint booth on rent?
Did I get ripped off?
I sold my car for gas money?
oil leak xsara picasso,changed oil pump,still same?
anybody know the name of the p/s hose that runs around under the car where the driver seat is?
My 1999 ford expedition interior and running booard lights stay on as we drive and long after I shut it off?
Can a bad water pump cause trouble with your starter?
replaceing ball joints 94 ford ranger, both sides?
Engine sputtering horrible gas mileage?
No experience I'm trying for the first time to get a job on the oil rig?
What is a block? (Jeep Grand Cherokee)?
What to buy, if i need new brakes?
I need a service and repair manual for a 1985 Ford F-150 I also need the wiring diagrams. Where can AI find th
Wheres the best place to buy muscle car parts?
1991 Jeep Cherokee Laredo parts list?
Automatic Car gives strong jerks on shifting gears?
Car parked for 6 years, old fuel?
Is it dumb for a 24 year old to purchase a used 2004 Range Rover?
if someone has a high body temperature should you turn the fan on them?
Car trouble...need help?
Today I had my O2 sensor replaced, and failed smog...why?
How much for a new front grill....?
how often should i change my oil?
Which colour is best in honda activa?
My 89 Bonneville's blower motor runs on high all the time, even when the is off, looking for advice?
why cant you get better than a quickfit fitter?
Electric Supercharger is it good. Will it help a 4cylinder?
what does it mean when the engine light in your car comes on?
When I step on my accelerator it just ticks,and won't move.When I put the charger on it won't accept the charg
How do you increase gas milage?
is there any way i can reset the the trouble code in my car w/o paying some ****** w/a scanner 75 bucks?
can I use some lubriplate engine assymbly lube on the head bolts?
my car makes a roaring sound when started and accelerated?
Explain hot gas bypass ?
what dose 2.0D means in toyota corrala 2.0D?
Will a battery cause hesitation when accelerating?
what is the best way to get a car door dent fixed?
My 98 Pontiac Sunfire Starts fine then idles ROUGH! stalls out when gass is pressed.?
How much would it cost to get get keyless entries and a alarm on a 1992 Mazda mx3?
I need to find a place that can make my regular cab pickup into a extended cab pickup?
which rear leaf spring do i remove to level a 1991 gmc pickup?
I have mistakenly put a pint of windscreen wash in the water coolant tank. What probs would this cause?
my 95 honda civic is idle up and down. how can i fix that?
Need help! Pontiac Firebird?
What is the best motor oil?
Looks like oil driping from my air box?
how do you change the head light bulb in a 2001 S10 pickup?
Would a bad ignition coil cause spark plug wires to arc?
I have an oldsmobile intrigue. the gear keeps jamming in from park to drive position. whats the problem?
What's a fused jumper wire?
Need wheel alignment specs2005 scion?
where to install new A/C in Chevy Aveo in bay area?
car wont start at all no power lights etc?
Do you think oil additives such as Slick 50 are any good for reducing friction .?
How can I fix a broken tailgate latch on a '92 F150?
ENGINE BUILDERS ONLY!Don't Answer unless you build engines. Do Pennzoil & Quakerstate still sludge up engines?
Where is the oil filter in my 1993 Suzuki 160cc atv?
car won't hold rpm unless warm?
1995 Chrysler New Yorker Computer?
What upgrades can i do to my yamaha breeze 125?
what would make my car smoke?
In you professional opinion which is the better power plant for a car a hybrid gas-electric?
How do I fix my manual lock on my car door?
does any one have any good tip for changing the valve cover gasket on a 95 ford probe doc v 6?
plugged cat converter?
Why do piston rings need to be changed?
the 'low antifreeze' light is on, can i still drive car? for a short distance,like 15-20miles?
Ford Taurus Engine Hiccups?
how do i hook up an antenna on a geo metro?
My license plate bulb won't work, even when replaced?
Does a Parasitic Draw from the battery happen to such a level it takes several days not running engine to kill?
Can I replace one of my tires with a used one of same type?
What is the difference in pink colored and green colored antifreeze/coolant used in automobiles?
diesel tools to buy.............?
How do I do a radiator Flush on a 1999 Gran Prix?
What's the difference between turbo lag and boost threshold?
how do i know where the timing should be on a 06 blaster is their any markings to line up?
My front left mirror tore off, how much is a replacement?
Back 2 spark plugs on passenger side have oil on the firing tip?
how much will a broken neck on a 95 rodeo going to water pump be?
my VW beetle won't start has power?
How can I clean my engine (externally)?
How to stop dashboard glare?
does a 2004 mazda rx8 come with a way (switch or somthing) that will let the engine turn over but not start?
what does it mean if my car will start but it wont move?
replacing muffler without welding?
Why do my brakes squeal after I recently replaced them?
What tire size to choose?
i need too know the motor specs. on a 2000 s10?
What does it mean when windings are "thrown" (as in windings in a starter)?
I have a 06 scion xb. How do I take off the rear windshield wiper?
How to defog the inside of the front windshield when it rains?
Problems with my car!!!?
My car is ruined - any ideas??
starting problem on 2001 ford ranger 4.0?
How do I tell if my antifreeze is 50/50?
my car won't start I need help..?
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