TTR-230 trouble?
How long to replace oxygen sensor is car?
why does my blinker blink really fast when I turn on just the left signal?
i have 2002 s-10 zr2. at exactly 36-37 mph a high pitch grinding sound comes from under my truck.?
how often should you change your coolant fluids?
Can you gain horsepower from honing your cylinder walls?
Does drawing on a dirty car damage the paint?
Bleeding Master Cylinder with ABS. Help?
Why Does My Car Overheat? It has a new radiator, good hoses, new thermostat.?
whats involved in changing the clutch in a 1954 john deere 60 standard?
Does a car battery affect when a car shutters? Attention mechanics!?
why is 1998 dodge intrepid poping out of gear in drive?
How do I get better gas mileage?
How do I know it's my battery or starter or what?
I have a 00 tahoe & am putting an e-fan how can i go about bypassing it to start when i turn the key?
What is Buick 455 engine problems in 1975?
My car is making a clicking sound.?
riding mower won't start?
how do you compress the brake caliper on a Honda?
How far can you safely over bore an engine without having to resleeve the pistons?
Do you need an Exhaust Pipe?
Is this a good price for all these repairs?
Why does my 2001 Ford Ranger 2wd 4cyl 2.5 stay at high rpms?
Why is my car idling roughly?
how much would it cost to get this problem with my transmission serviced!?
What do you think is the problem when your truck drags for 1st gear then makes a loud noise when it shifts.?
What's the best way to clean dust out of my car?
My car has a ed head, should i fix it or get rid of it?
Changing sound for keyless entry Lock or Unlock?
My car doors arent locking correctly...?
what is wrong with my car?
Is my alternator or alternator pulley going bad?
How to replace rear center seat belt assembly 1998 Audi A6.?
Problems with my car! HELP?
Cleaning air condition coil car?
How do you remove mold and mildew smell from inside a car?
I am trying to find online diagrams of the distributor for a 1985 oldsmobile cutlass supreme 307 engines.?
Does this mean my car battery is dead?
gas smell in car when i turn on the heat?
What Clutch size should i use?
What can I use to get my gas pedal from not sticking?
is changing a timeing belt alot of labor?
how do you fix a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee speedometer?
what is the spark plug gap setting for the 2002 kia sportage?
Mercedes A140 Elegance Service Reset?
is it bad if my car leaks water when the ac is turned on?
What to do about rust spots over the wheels of my 1990 Toyota Camry?
should i sand down my alloys before spray painting them?
gasket making for hydrolic pump , what paper can i use ?
Why oh why doesnt someone.....?
The oil is always maintenance. Converters are in the storage shed. Flex plate?
why does my car battery keep dying when the battery test says it a good battery?
How do i know when an handbrake is not working well&is it possible for a car to still move after brake is up?
I just changed the alternator on m y 99' jetta and now the low battery light is on until i touch my gas pedal?
Whats the best way to get the orange rust out of my exhaust pipe?
Car/Electrical system problem?
were is the iat sensor plug located on a 2005 colarodo truck?
i need a diagramon fuel system for 92 pontiac grand prix 3.1 v.6?
Would they have been able to tell me this at an oil change ?
What do I do to fix transmission fluid from leaking out of my truck?
Should a classic car be repainted in it's original colors ?
is it possible to buy a second hand engine for my car?
Can a ed passenger side mirror on a car cause it to fail an mot?
Is premium gas really that different than regular?
Having trouble starting...?
How do you adjust the valves on a 2004 Honda TRX500FA/FGA ATV?
car is running hot?
My Volkswagen Jetta 2005 trunk is not working? (key, ignition, emergency latch)?
Does window tint law apply to quarter panel windows on a coupe?
What happens if you put petrol in a diesel engine and vice versa?
Half of my dashboard lights are too dim to even see?
can you put keyless entry into a car?
Windshield wipers only work on high?
Help!!!! How can i remove stain & smell of diesel out of car carpet?
About how much is it going to cost me with labor to get my front passenger axel fixed?
oil filter leakin what could be the problem?
What's wrong with my car?
How much pressure in ft/lb is a typical strut under when it is compressed?
My oil pressure light came on, my car overheated and now wont start. What's wrong with it?
Has anyone bought the Uniroyal Long Touring tire from walmart?
how do you test a fuel injector to find out if it is leaking or who can bench test them?
what supplies air to air shock system on a 2001 Buick lesabre Custom?
How much horsepower can a H22a block handle?
Trying to figure out what the squeeking noise is in the front end of my '05 Saturn Vue. Just did the brakes.?
what is the name of the books that junkyards use, to find out what cars use the same parts?
Can you stall an automatic car (how) ???
if i am driving at 65 mph and my car starts to vibrate, what causes that?
Buying a supercharger for my 2007 Mustang GT. What type should I buy?
Steering Wheel shaking when the car is being driven at 50-60mph?
Did you know?
where is the fuel pump fuse at located in my car?!?
Can I put a 4t45e transmission in my 3.1l 2000 grand prix?
Blown Head Gasket Question?
how do I remove the door handle on a 72 blazer?
Can I use different ing AMP instead of my old one?
I have a 2002 Mercury Cougar, want a performence muffiler?
Added too much oil in car?
Why does my engine heat up so fast?
i have a 1995 Tahoe 4x4?
Where is the blower motor located on a 1965 chevrolet belair?
I work the afternoon shift why are you not at work?
How do you determine which starter to replace?
Truck runs pig rich, and runs bad for the first few minutes it's on?
service schedule for ford escort mark 5 1.4 1992?
my car's fan is not working help?
Hi, My '93 Honda Accord revs up, then down,up, down when it's cold... and after it's warmed up..what's wrong?
2009 Honda Civic battery drained in 3 hours?
what is the gas price in your neigborhood and do you think it will go up?
engine compression in one cylinder went from 60 to 190 with oil added. its been about 16 hours and the....?
how do you change the combination on a 4 number master lock?
77 Caprice losing power Help???????????????
is it all FLOOD NON REPAIR/KILLS VIN titled cars that always have engine fault?what are the likely problem?
my brake lights wont go out?
Can i drive my car with a broken brake line?
Daewoo thats "timed out"?
I have a 1991 BMW, a light that says SRS comes on sometime and i ahve no clue?
1996 gmc yukon 4x4 suspension?
how much HP should i gain if my car have an CFM of 460 stock and i up it to 618 CFM?
What's the famous 'jelly' that engineers use to remove the oil and grease from their hands?
Car won't start, have checked fuel, spark plugs, battery? Help.....?
How often should break pads wear out?
What kind of seats will fit in an 87 celica?
hydrostatic dr. on a wacker RD12 roller shift doesn go into forward drive?
Are the 1997-2004 buick regals pretty good cars?
Why do my car keep cutting off?
what years or interchangeable on a chevy cavalier 2003?
how do i chat with an un known friend?
What does a Slipping Transmission feel like?
Car events around my area?
Why is it that new cars have to take emissions tests but commercial trucks don't?
car battery question?
98 Neon speedometer doesn't work correctly?
I ended up stepping in motor gas after i was pumping gas and the smell is really strong in my car. Please help?
My Car will not start what could it be? (Details Inside)?
2004 chevy silverado no power?
RPM's drop when i press gas peddle.?
Man truck TGA 19.400 gear shift air bleed system?
my Seat post stuck in the frame??
why did my car stop accelerating then die?
Fuel Pressure Question?
What web site can I go to in order find out the history of a used automobile I just purchased?
Why does antifreeze get into spark plug well on a 2000 mustang gt 4.6?
why wont my car start?
Who sells Red Diesel where in London can I get Red Diesel?
Why is my car jerking?
I bought a 2002 pt cruiser about 1 month ago and it is making a loud growling noise in the front end.?
Custom dual exhaust on 3.5 v6 and muffler removed, will it hurt engine?
acura integra turbo help?
had camshaft syncronizer sensor on my 2003 taurus replaced a month ago now car is bucking while driving?
Citeron C2Just had car serviced but they have not reset the service button. How do you reset it?
How to turbo my car? ?
Why wont the passenger door open, even though it is unlocked?
Exhaust for 2004 Mach 1...which one?
Would I have damaged the bosch alternator?
Can you be a mechanic even if youre good at spelling?
Please help me - have I got ripped off? What is right /wrong?
sometimes engine won't turn over on eddie bauer ford bronco?
How to get 500 ft lbs of torque out of a sbc 350?
how do I convert my Range Rover TDI engine to run on biodiesel?
Is my Cold air intake causing all these problems 97 Dodge Ram 1500 V8 Magnum 5.2?
I got a 92 firebird an put a new starter on it an not a thing happens when i hit the key?
Sweet smelling whit smoke and car overheating?
2 cycle engine dies while idling?
where can i find a 301 engine for my car?
honda part of console broken?
1998 gmc sle 1500 service engine soon light stays on.what is cause?
How to open a rear tailgate window on 01 Jimmy with a broken actuator?
can any one tell me what a 86 4wd 4spd transmission with transfer case is worth?
how much evap cost to repair?
is the catalytic converter part of the exhaust system?
My car will crank, but as soon as you put it in drive it will cut off, why??
if you changed the breaks to your car and hear grind what else could that be?
car troubles :/ help?
does anyting else besides a muffler cause a loud sound on your car? sounds like its under hood?
CNG kit for my new CAR?
How many miles can you drive after that little low fuel indicator light comes on?
How do you reset service light indicator Audi A4?
where i can find the manual for Ford Fiesta 2001?
With custom dual exhaust 3.5l, should I use a higher grade (premium) gas?
holden rodeo with over heating problems?
My car just clicks when I try and start it, what is wrong with it?
How do I remove flecks of white paint from a black car. Happened some weeks ago while having house painted?
Every year I need a tuneup?
OEM Number location on a quadrajet?
My car suddenly is making a noise, what could it be?
landrover discovery 1 v8 help uk?
i have a 1990 cadillac sedan deville and need a fuse box diagram online?
What is wrong with my car?
What domestic product (eg washing up liquid/bleach)can I use to clean oil leaks off my drive ?
what has happened when your handbrake has came up higher than normal permanantly?
Is it better to buy a new car battery or charge the old one?
what is the right wire on a 2002 avalache IATr?
Do Newer end 2006-2007 have high risk of being stolen?
Do you lock your doors at night?
new car oil burning Engine question?
this morning i was running late to work so i had to skip warming up my engine.?
Will my car die on me sometime soon?
How do you know if your car battery is going bad??
How much money do I need?
my rear view mirror will not stay on?
Is it okay to squeegee the outside of a car (not just the windows)?
why should we leave the car on to check the transmission level?
my wheels are worn on the inside?
2002 altima 02 sensors check engine light?
Loose fitting spark plug wires?
antifreeze leak out of head gasket..Is it water pupm?
Do I need a Smoke Test on my Nissan to turn off the check engine light? How do I fix this issue?
Is possible to make submarine out of car?
preformance chips work?
Transmission Fluid Check For 1965 Ford?
My car wont stop locking itself and honking while locking. As if the lock on the remote is being pressed.?
Where can I get a front and rear air bag suspension for my 1990 Cadillac Fleetwood?
I just got a call from a customer asking if our car parts shop sells harmonica balancers?
What entails replacing the brake light switch that's located under my 1970 VW Bus?
Our car was rear ended today is it possible that it has frame damage?
Rear air suspension sinks. Options?
hi i have a problem with a vauxhall astra 1.8 2007 automatic i have replaced the gear box when you drive it th?
have a manual 2005 ford focus and the gas pedal gets stuck?
Cars left turning indicator stuck on?
What options do I have when my heater in my car goes out?
2000 Honda Civic, EX; 4 banger VTEC?
Which is the best auto shop in Ames, IA?
Can cars run on air?
replacing a 1995 chevy blazer water pump?
how to improve acceleration in a 318i Beemer?
Can warped brake rotors cause a high speed steering wheel shimmy?
How do you open doors that aren't locked?
i changed two tires at Goodyear they said my car needs wheel alignment cost another $69. Do i need it?
Hail damage to Subaru Legacy I want to buy.?
How do I fix the guages in my 1999 Plymouth voy's dashboard?
18 and 1/2 inch rims?
What causes a timing belt to break or go bad?
What could cause my car to do this?
Reasonable price for remote starter and/or installation?
I egged a car and he wants compensation, what should I do?
Whats the size of a socket for toyota corolla 2001 axle hub nut?
how to troubleshoot car alarm malfunction?
What kind of engine can i use on a go-kart?
Car engine fan does not start?
can ford dealerships fix volvos?
2002 Pontiac Aztek interior lights 'blinking' when doors are closed?
dodge durango key fob?
Do I HAVE to have my service/maintenance done at a dealer?
new battery and glow plugs but still have to turn over about ten times to start?
how does a car radiator work?
what gets motor oil off a garage floor????
how to install drivebelt 1996 cadillac deville?
how do you fix cv axles on a 1997 Nissan Sentra?
On a slope my car doesn't seem to have a lot of power in reverse unless i press heavily on the gas what's wron
does anyone know a web site for a 1997 mustang cobra. T45 transmission schematics.?
what color should i paint my 56 belair?
I have purchased 88 Mazda B2200 It wouldnt pass emmisions in St peters Mo. Is there anyway to get around this?
What throttle body to get?
can anyone tell me where the fuel line runs under a 2002 3500 dodge?
What is the tank called in a car where you put the coolant.?
My Flat Tire light came on in my car but my tires look fine...what could this be?
How much air should I put in my car tires?
Magnetic Fuel Savers do Work?
Problem with Air in brake system?
Car stalls out when I slow down?
My bro was pumping gas and the nozzle wouldnt go into the tank so he kept pumping now my car wont start. help?
Why does my car only run forward but not backwards?
How can I get the car key out of the driver's door?
standard rear end gears?
I've closed my car door with the key in the ignition and the car has locked itself?
I am replacing a vehicle speed sensor for '05 Altima. It wont come out easy. Any suggestions????
03 Maxima screeching brakes?
I just had my disc breaks replaced and they are now squealing. Is this normal?
Did I get ripped off?
I heard putting car in neutral(coasting) wastes gas?(Stick Shift)?
Why will my car not start?
Why won't my transmission shift, but after i restart my car it will?
Recent manual transmission change on 95 Sunfire, difficult shifts?
Potato in gas exhaust?
Is this truck worth fixing?...estimate on how much it would cost?
how can i tell if my fuel pump is bad?
Will a rear end from a E150 fit in a f150?
I have a Fiesta Flame and the engine light on the dash is on. Any ideas?
iv just brought a car with a q plate and now im bein told all sorts,is a q plate bad,what is it?
check engine light comes up?
x girlfriend damaged my car and the detective not doing his job his suprvisor do nt call back what i should do
Detergent For Washing Cars?
i have to top my car up with oil, every 4-5 months, is this normal?
Forever Black Bumper & Trim Dye Kit?
How to glow start an Internation Farmall 384 tractor?
my car is not blowing cold air but is full of freon?
99' pontiac not running right?
picking up rims, need advice?
My sister's Mustang will at times not start at the turn of the ignition until a second
My car is suddenly gotten very slow response when coming off idle?
What tells the light under the hood of 95 chevy 15004x4 to come on?
Do I need to condition new brake pads?
Why does my car shake?
On a carborated vehicle if there is no air filter in the air intake will it make the vehicle idle higher?
What is a good fuel injector cleaner to buy for a truck?
01' Dodge Durango shuts off after 3 seconds...any ideas?
need some answers on the motorcycle lemon laws in kansas, tried, & it didn't come up?
coasting in neutral or in gear to save gas,?
Car trouble. Yesterday I tried to start my car, well it wouldn't turn over.. it just kept clicking..?
My Car Acts Like It Wants to Die?
put diesel in my motorbike and drove. I can see where to drain the tank but how do I flush the engine HELP?
How to get of sticks in the inside of your car window?
can a 2009 tahoe jump start another vehicle?
Why do men kick a tire?
is my engine leaking oil?
URGENT- Key Stuck in Ignition and Can't turn car off!!?
My car will crank, but as soon as you put it in drive it will cut off, why??
What are the best brand of tools?
Transmission overfilled expert opinion?
i put sum blue lights n my car and they don't look blue y is that?
What is the average resistance on a set of plug wires for a 4 cylinder?
Question about my 1994 Toyota Camry not starting?
Accidentally topped off my Toyota with wrong coolant, safe to drive?
question about clear coat on a car?
Where is the Craft Position Sensor on my 00 Suzuki Grand Vitara?
How improve gas mileage on 99 Nissan Quest?new OEM plugs,injectors flushed using TERRA clean,new front O2?
how can i make my 94 ford ranger louder without buying anything?
while i am driving at night my headlights go dim and then back to normal. what is the mostly cause?
Anybody who knows about car engine rpms please help!?
Cam position sensor circuit.?
Could my radiator cap cause both rad hoses to collapse after car cools down? The car is not overheating at all?
How can cars 50 or more years old still run?
My BMW is running fine water and oil ok, but stalls sometimes when I?
I took my 2001 ford taurus to a local mechanic here in Harlingen, Texas because of the transmission?
how to compare volts to horsepower?
connecting positive and negative terminals on car battery?
How to start a car with a flooded engine?
Removing sticker from window?
Why does my dad check the oil and water in my moms car for her once a month when she drives and pays for it?
Where is the low side ac port on a 2009 silverado 2500hd?
i need a truck bed for my 1985 dodge shortbed?
I have a Leer Fiberglass Campershell on my truck. The roof is starting to sag.?
Car overheats, air doesn't blow cold, car stops, makes a rumbling noise.?
Car wont start occasionally?
I am losing oil in my toyota truck.It dont smoke or leak!Its really strange.?Its a 87/22R?
why wont my car star on after I jump it?
cant get nut to screw on the bolt?
car want start question?
I dont know anything about cars but why does it leak water EVERYTIME I use AC? Its a brand new car (2007)?
i need to the schmatics for a 1991 mazda mx6 automatic transmission?
car mechanics....i have a 98 buick regal, the button to my shifter popped off, i need the whole new piece,?
technical name for an automatic transmission for a 1958 corvette?
where can I find aftermarket rims? For a Mazdaspeed6?
what battery do i use for a 5mm and 3mm led?
What does a 1998 S-10 have for a transmission?
I need to find a manuel and instructions on how to change a fuel pump in a 1989 GMC Jimmy?
90 jeep wrangler runs rough and idles poorly?
How do you remove a torque converter, when it's connected to the back of the engine?
my check engine lite came on after i had some work done, should i take it back or wait to see if it goes off?
New car drove with low rpm and then worn out clutch?
Brakes on a 2005 Dodge Caravan?
will it be ok to put 90% alcohol in my car for bad gas and to clean my fuel system?
I think the auto parts store screwed me over?
I need to know where I can find a diagram for a motorcraft 2150 2v carburetor used in a 1982 mustang 5.0 GT?
Why can't my car steer?
The cruise control on my 2002 Ford Escape has stopped working. Could this be a fuse problem?
My car tires have gone flat. I tried blowing in to them, but they won't inflate. What am I doing wrong?
new account?
what cause a 1987 chevy caprice classic to jerk while on the gas?
What is burning up egintion coil on my 2003 Alero?
i suspect my head gasket has gone on my p reg corsa?
i rear ended someone at school the car its been four days and his asking for my info now do i have to give it?
I'm dumb! I decided to wash my engine?
Where is the best place to get info on my car/truck?
what size adapter would i need for 2 1/4 to 2 1/4 piping?
Whats the biggest and most powerful engine I can put in a 1996 Chevrolet SS-350 Truck and how much would it be?
why is my older car sluggish?
how much oil do i put in a 1994 camry?
How much would it cost to replace a timing belt on a 2000 Honda EX Coupe?
Moved my car this morning. 6 hours later tried to drive it. Nothing! Any ideas what's wrong with it?
How much will it cost to fix my sagging muffler?
What is a water pump on a car?
What is the average cost to paint a small truck?
1977 Chevy Nova, sputters and dies at 45 mph?
what are the symptems of a focus fuel pump going?
Is it my alternator or battery?
Where can I find info on changing a heater core on 95 ford ranger?
What do you think?
why is my abs and brake light still on?
how can i better saves gas?
I have a 2000 mustang gt. what should I do the engine it has is no good.?
Why do cars and trucks need tune ups after a certain amount of mileage? And what involves a tune up?
where are tthe raelays ina saturn sl1 99 my door locks are making a fluttering sound and will not work!
How can I tell if my alternator has a free-wheeling pulley or not?
please help! car wont start!?
White gunk on oil dipstick in rx8?
How to get rid of new car smell?
99 blaZr2 front diff wont pull?
im having a prob with my 97 jeep 4.0L. i keep geting a code for B1S2 high volts.sensor is new.what do ido next
Car stops moving, can it be battery?
I have a 88 ford f150 and the anti-lock brake light came on and now have hardly any brakes. How can I fix?
I just bought a used car battery that was fairly new. Now my car keeps shutting off on me?
Tint covering High Mounted Brake light?
Engine rotates but won't start in 96 Saturn SL2?
How do I remove this bolt on my throttle body (pic)?
0 compression in one cylindar after head gasket replacement (96' Buick Centrury Custum)?
learning to drive, cant get on with the gears any advise please would be helpful. Thanx in advance?
What do you is wrong with your car when the check engine light comes on? And its making a clickin noise.?
Who's telling the truth, dealership or mechanic?
Has anyone else found the Jiffy Lube people to be awful? I'm going to Quick Lube instead and they cost less.?
can i replace my car's engine by a new/used engine and get endoursed in the RC book?
how can I tell if I have a ed head on my 94 gmc truck?
Why is this car dying?
2005 toyota corolla ? ?
2003 Envoy - air conditioning nor heat blows out the front vents! WHy?
how much would it cost to make an oversized go-kart frame?
How far will these wheels stick out?
what parts do i need to make a gran torino drivable?
does late model restoration supply price match?
The 2001 4.7 v8 dakota 4x4 says to use 75w-140 for towing and 75w-90 for regular use my question is?
Sudden Oil Change...?
generally how much is a 1972 cadillac calais worth?
I need for info about why the motor may need to be replace?
How to replace starter?
Fitting a new radiator to my car. Will any radiator fit?
I have no interior lights in my 1998 deville, but the fuse is good. Any ideas on what could be wrong?
Why does my 2002 Camry blow white smoke when I start it? It just started today.?
recommended mileage or year before changing of lubricant for transmission(automatic) and final drive axle?
2003 ford focus 2.0L rough idle. shuts off when you put it in gear. hearing air escaping between engine & wal?
how do i install rear brakes on my 2000 ford mustang?
what is a flex plate on a automatic truck?
how do i replace a thermostat in a 1980 lincoln town car?
Crank Sensor on a 91 Chevy lumina?
what is the problem with your car if the "low pressure" oil light comes on?
why does a v8 engine idle and run alot slower than a v6?
where is the fuse for the heated front seats?
after how much kms should i replace my maruti zen's(petrol)engine oil? earlier i replaced at 27000kms.?
Help!!I have p014 obd 2 code how do I get rid of it.?
I replace the front shocks for 99 F-150 Ext. Cab. I know feel every bump, what can cause that.?
About how much do you think it would cost to get an ignition lock cylinder installed?
where can i find a site to by a car door?
Digital Thermostat For A Car...?
Hi, my 2000 spec mercedes 320 clk, when cold starts but then stalls or miss fires until it gets warm.?
Can it ever be possible for a speedometer on a car to be slightly inaccurate?
Why would a 220 induction motor switch rotation from one use to the next?
Looking to change 1996 Chevrolet C3500 from 5.7 gas to 6.2 diesel?
Alternator belt too loose?
Why wont my car start?
how to replace ht leads?
do i have posi or any type of traction in my rear end? i have my car jacked up in the back with both tires...?
Any have the phone number for G.T. Body Werks in Virginia Beach?
2003 ford e350 tranny problem?
Where can I buy cheap airbags 4 peugeot 406?
I need aengine diagram of a 1.5L from a 1992 toyoat paseo.?
AC in olds alero not working, freon full, compressor turns on fine?
How do you take off the rear door panel of a 2000 bonneville?
Help! Am I being charged too much to fix my 2000 Ford Tauras?
1999 Audi a6 vs. 1999 Volvo s80?
how do you change a license plate light on a 98 chev malibu?
Do any other Jeep owners have a very loud exhuast system ?
I have a 2003 Ford Taurus - I went to shift it into gear and I had none?
Do i need a amp to run one kicker substation ks80 in my truck?...or will it not work?
1990 Chevrolet Lumina problem?
how can I remove adhedsive from my cars paint without hurting it?
How can I tell if a garage is ripping me off?
whats the best way to keep alloy wheels clean?
fix it your self web site for automobiles that shows parts?
How tight should car battery lug nuts be?
If I cut off my catalytic converter will i still pass emissions??yota?
i have a b16a1 head. would a b18c1 block fit it with out any modifications.and if it does are they simple modi?
Chrome/Mirror car paint in New Zealand?
why is my truck running hot?
jump starter question?
How do you repaint a car once it's been painted w/ housepaint?
why dont my breaklights and turn signals work in 95 dodge neon?
Starting my car that has been sitting?
Can i use a Smaller 650 CCA battery where it calls for Group 78 and 700 or 770 CCAs?
my proheat deep cleaner will not spray , worked fine when last used but has been setting idle for awhile?
Do you have to change your rotors every time you change your break pads?
What is the name of this part?
how do you take rust off of chrome?
I've let my JCB 401.4 mini digger run out of fuel, how do I prime it to get it going again?
What are the procedures to unlock the Tranny on my Dodge Dakota?
car wont start makes a clicking noise has a new battery and starter?
will crank sensor cause car to cut out?
What is a belt barrel driven washer?
i want to run a 28x10.5 r15 slick on a 87 monte carlo ss?
Can a screw or nail pop a tire?
my car star but its shoting down quickly? what its the problem? Jorge (
Car Doesn't Start after Computer was inserted?
NOOB QUESTION: How do you do a burnout with a manual tranny car staying in just one spot?
Gettin a 79 cutlass to start?
royal purple oil, does it really improve gas mileage by 5%???
why my car bounce up and down when i pulling off from a stand still?
Can lower octane gas hurt a twin turbo engine?
How do you put on a belt on a 1989 JEEP 4.0?
Car key stuck in lock?
whats wrong with my clutch?
how do i fix a radiator leak?
am trying to find an exploded view of a car engine ford mondeo 2000 tddi?
where is the battery for 98 vt750 honda ace shadow?
what do i need to do to make my 2000 dodge neon es faster?
My car tires prints show 52 psi maximum, but I am unable to fill air beyond 36 psi. Can someone explain?
where is the clutch/starter lockout switch located on my 1993 ford ranger & how can i check it?
Is my car worth fixing?
Paint repair for cars? Any tips?
My power window keeps sliding down (car)?
Car horn and cigarette lighter not working?
How do u know your clutch disk is bad?
how can you tell if your engine is getting old and worn out?
will the removal of the catalyst converter have any effect on the performance or fuel consumption ?
1998 volvo V70; exact location on car for water temperature switch, please!!! thanks?
Alternator bearing on 96 cobra probably going, any way to grease it to buy a little time?
i have a 1.4 16v and want to put a 2.0 8v in it but what about the drive shaft would i have 2 change it?
what is the replacement bulb for a 1998 toyota 4-runner turn signal?
parts for maytag gas range 1997 model?
what is the best oil to put in a 2004 f150 with the triton 5.4?
removing automotive window tint?
why do my brake lights stay on when my car is turned off it is a 2001 volkswagon golf 1.8t any help??
My car won't start but it has a brand new battery?
Insurance for a 17 year old on a ninja 250?
How long should you let a car warm up (when it's not cold)?
front car doors cannot open from outside, but from inside (are the electric locks frozen?)?
What is the refrence voltage for a engine coolant temperature sensor 90 GMC suburban 2500?
is it not safe to pour warm water to get windscreen defrosted?
Left car running in parking lot for 7 hours, will this hurt anything?
Does car wax come off when you wash your car?
my car is making a kind of high pitched whining sound when i am driving it down the road. what is it?
Whats wrong with my car?
does anyone know what kind of freon to put in a car by the year being a 97 chevy cavalier?
fiat punto steering wheel nut?
My spark plug wires keep slipping off my spark plugs. I have an 03 focus 2.0 SOHC.?
How many miles is it ok to go with a pastdue oil change?
how do you remove a screw if the screwhead is not attached to the screw?
2001 chevy silverado tune up and checkup suggestions.?
Should I get Tinted Windows or Car Stereo?
how do you get the harmonizer balancer off a 92 Buick 3300 engine?
I have a 1996 Toyota Avalon xls need to change the spark plugs and can only locate me there should be?
What causes oil in my coolant?
85 ford f150 Starts runs and idles, when put in drive stalls out after about 20 ft?
Power door lock not working from inside car?
chrysler 2000 2.5L engine sebring convertable where is the crank shaft position sensor and how do you get to?
When parking a truck with a manual transmission?
Car battery starting?
Air conditioning not blowing out cold air?
My 1986 Honda Accord idles @ 5k at times when first starting.?
this morning my car made a weird noise?
How do you remove a window decal on your car?
Does the engine like to be floored?
what would be the proper gap for the spark plugs on a 1989 olds 88?
anyone know where i can find a manuel online on how to change out a tranny on a 96 z71?
What's the best, cheapest way to replace the engine in my 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse?
1992 bmw 525i battery location?
My engine blew in my project car, Now what?
Does a 2002 Ford Windstar only have breaks on the front two tires?
whats the function of the "hold" button on an automatic gear?
Does drawing on a dirty car damage the paint?
Can I put 18 in rims on my car?
when i come into a stop my motorcycle stays at high revs and it wont go down.?
Removing valve cover for a period of time?
Any reasons a car battery goes dead if car isn't started in a week-10 days?
Where is the ERG valve?
Why is my rebuilt 2003 honda atv engine still blowing white smoke?
Does anyone know what the 2013 Fiesta Zetec S looks like?
horsepower gain from adding cold air intake?
hi, does anyone know how to remove stickers/transfers from car bodywork?
who do i call if i lock my keys out of my car?
How can i make a car rust trought the paint really fast?
I've got a Mercedes Sprinter 313 when the engine gets hot she wont rev can anybody help me please? thanks?
Can you swap from regular SAE grade motor oil to Synthetic motor oil in your car's engine without problems?
Suspension raise needed if I put 20" rims on a cutlass ciera brougham?
online repair manual for 1997 grand prix power window?
if the shifter level bolt broke off how can i fix it?
i'm a girl in auto-tech? PLEASE don't disregard this question!?
Why does my car sound like Chewbacca when it starts in the cold?
Hello im trying to find a website witch is free that can give me info on a problem with my car mazda rx7?
I need some advice on a dodge stratus 2002.How do I keep it together?
Brakes wore out(rotors+pads)at 31k miles on my 2004 F150 supercrew,will the dealer replace the rotors for free
03 Ford Explorer New Thermostat and still geting P0128 Code...Why?
Why Is My Car Is Vibrating?
Glasspack V muffler straight pipe?
Anyone know how to fix a soft 1 2 shift on an 89 Chevy?
1990 Pontiac Firebird engine cutting out?
my car air conditioner makes a noise when it first comes on why is that?
can you take rear end of a 1976 chevy truck and put it on a 1964 chevy truck?
can i tune the stock ECU on my civic?
where is the oil from the oil spill located?
Whats the best way to clean the alloy wheels on my car?
hi! Where can i find supplier for new and use BMW parts from 1988 to 2008 with quality and competitive price?
Car window won't work?
if a garage accepts your car as part exchange without inspecting it first are there any comebacks?
Engine oil lamp indicator !?
1936 ford v8 6 volt electronic ignition?
whats wrong with my car?!?
chevy engine casting numbers help please?
89 mustang 2.3 emissions failure due to high hydrocarbon levels idk where to start or what it could be. ideas?
Where can I get my RV roof replaced in Illinois?
install a distributor on a 1971 383 chrysler?
They have a new Rain-X that you put right in your windsheild washer resevior. Will the overspray ruin my paint
I need the cylinder head torque settings for my fiesta 1300 "w"reg.?
New car problem?
i want to know if changing head gasket is easy and putting the timing belt back is easy also?
Testing for parasitic battery drain 12V auto configuration?
where on my jeep vin nuber does it tell me the paint code and or color?
My car has put on a lot of weight since being sprayed, is this normal?
can you remove the red dye out of red diesel. if so will it still work?
Why won't my 1997 Saturn start? See details...?
What do i need in a engine swap?
Would you do this if the customer was awfully rude ?
painting problem how do i?
where is the p0420 bank1 sensor on a renault scenic 1.4?
What's wrong with my vehicle?
2001 LexusRX300 drivers inside doorhandel won't suddenly won't open. Have to roll down window,open from outsid
Please, I need to know how to restore shine on wheels damaged with a degreaser? ASAP?
Can i use a different compressor in my car?
are all ford 390 engines interchangeable?
how to fix nitro car tornado s30 speed?
Would you please explain this whole pimp my ride thing to me?
I haven't started my car in a week. Tried to start engine today but won start. Just clicking sound. Why?
how much miles on a car is too much? over 180,000 miles?
would studded tires help me with a rear wheeled suv? it is not a 4 wheel drive?
I recently got a p404 code and I know it is a EGR valve code, BUT is it the sensor or carbon build up?
What is the firing order of 8-cylinder engine v- type for mercedes truck?
Is it necessary to go to a dealer in order to install an airbag?
95 for ranger wont start??? help!!!!?
Brake pedal goes to the floor?
What could be the causes for engine , cluth fluid and other sorts of overheating ?
Head gasket replacement...?
Does oil level drop after engine run?
1998 Buick Riviera- My power seat is stuck,?
Does the foglights for a Lancer 2006 Ralliart fit my Lancer 2006 ES ?
how air condition works in car?
My car blows out blue smoke from the muffler! It wasen't like that before. Why does it happen?
How to Replace Brake Pads?
Burnt oil smell after oil change? WTF?
Where can I get financial assistance to get my car repaired?
the difference in motoroil brands?
Can you siphon gas out of a 88' Hyndai Excel with a shop vac or would you explode?
i drive an mgf. my oil has white/brown in it. is my head gasket about to blow?
Car battery requires frequent jump?
Owners of vintage and old classic cars?
What type of fluid do I use for my '89 Toyota convertible pump motor?
bmw 2001 325ci a/c, thermostat sensor, or fan clutch?
Can you get a ticket for a ed windshield?
turn signal not working?
How to protect cut convertible tops from rain temporarily?
2004 Gmc Envoy Front Differential replaced but caused more problems?
Should I replace the head gasket or try to sell it as is?
My car isn't shifting right?(details)?
replacing a radiator hose - 1988 bmw 528e - where is the book for this old car?
White Smoke Coming From The Exhaust Of My 1997 Kia Sephia After Two New Head Gaskets?
**10 points for first helpful answer**..Is there any way to change the milage on a CHevrolet Lumina?
Is it worth repairing if there's a chip in my windscreen?
Jumped car on wrong terminals. now won't start?
what kind of fuel does a M998 HMMWV use?
Did I get ripped off for service work at the Mazda Dealership???
does anyone know how i can change the pick up tube on the sending unit of the gas tank from 3/8" to 1/2"tube
My car is losing gas mileage. It has new plugs, a recent oil change and the air filter is clean. Ideas?
Car alarm randomly goes off only at
does anyone make performance headers and/or cams for a 4.7L jeep WJ?
I was wondering if someone could give me info on car batteries.?
Put 3 gallons of old lawnmower gas in brand new car and now its not working.?
2000 duel over head cam 2.0 ford focus temp guage?
Whats wrong with my truck?
If check engine light goes off on its own, does it mean it's not serious?
My 85 dodge pickup shuts off after it gets warm while driving. It will run fine for about 15 mins cold.?
my car says it needs high octane gas....can I use 87? or would it be bad ofr the car?
changed spark plugs and leads and still using alot of petrol and oil on a ford fiesta 1.3 finnese?
how to tell if its starter or solenoid?
My car is making weird noises??? PLEASE HELP!?
refilling a dead orbital battery?
when you unplug something electrical in your car should u disconnect the battery first?
20 point inspection in motor vehicle?
why did the mechanic said my car produce carbon monoxide and how to solve the problem?
Fuel injection cleaning @ EZLube?
what should it cost to have the piston rings replaced on one cylinder in a 1999 Ford Taurus?
where do i go to check compatibality for transmissions between vechicles??
how to unlock rims without key?
Can you swap from regular SAE grade motor oil to Synthetic motor oil in your car's engine without problems?
Once driving through a rough part of town, i heard a lot of commotion around my vehicle.?
how much should i pay to repaint my bran new car?
How do I clean the exterior of the engine on my 2002 Jetta GLS Turbo?
2004 f150 gas pedal doesn't work?
i have a muffler problem on my ranger?
I am dropping an LT1 with a t56 6 speed into a 66 nova. any rear end gear suggestions. 3.73 or 4.11?
Where should i look for the leak in my car?
when having a schedule for changing the oil in your car, the sticker they put in your window has the date .?
Can anyone recommend an auto repair shop in Jackson, MS?
missing engine splash shield after service?
Just put my car in for an mot and they're charging me £575 ?
Are older cars more damage resistant than newer cars? older such as late 1990's.?
i had a small fire in my truck cab, will they replace everything to get the smell out or total it?
Can interior dome lights left on in car ruin a car's battery after 8 hours of no engine running?
how do take out a 2000 accent front doors ?
I have a bubble on my wall of my tire. The tires are only 8 months old is that covered under the tire warranty
How often do you need to change your car tires?
should my heater fan be off or on when I start my car in the cold?
how do you remove a power steering pump from a 1993 ford taurus?
I need to locate a part for my engine,and need a detailed engine breakdown where can I find this on-line?
After i replace my alternator, do I also need to replace the battery?
I have stored my Interstate car battery for 2 years. Can it still be used? Battery is 3 yrs old.?
When I start my 1995 Volvo 960 the service engine lite comes on for around 2 min and then shuts off..?
Can rims be bent after towing car?
Why is there oil getting on my number one plug and fouling out?
Does anyone know what tranmissions are compatiable with the 93 mercury grand marquis?
Thanks for the reply to the Santro ECM question. Can you tell me - what causes it to fail?
Ford explore turns off after 20 mins of driving it?
Benz 2000 E320 antenna part replacement?
Manual transmission hits 2000 rpms then sounds like metal scraping and the rpms rise but the speed doesnt?
Is it bad if fuel touches wire cable of my O2 sensor?
battery in car will not charge why is this?
need fuel system repair on 1998 dodge cummings deisel 24 vavle?
i have 1990 nissan micra. headlight not workin.Bulb is working tho if jigged from behind casing.?
Is it true that you shouldn't change the transmission fluid on high mileage vehicles?
bought a car a few months ago... i was recently i advised i should change the oil... lol is this a joke? wut?
how can I get my truck fix when they don't want to fix it?
How do I check the water level on my car?
How much should it cost to have a new ignition cole parts and labor?
Is it okay to use 10w30 engine oil on my 86' el camino ?
since my vehicle has high miles, I was told to change my oil?
Does the steering on your car go if you run out of gas?
Ford 351C V8 piston removal downward past crankshaft?
download a lexus sc430 owners manual?
what is pules width?
what engine oil for ford focus 2003?
When I reach about 70 mph, my steering wheel starts to vibrate and shake. What could be causing this?
Painting alloy wheels, what's the best paint?
how do i get the scratches out of my polished aluminum wheels?
A Legal Catalytic Converter ?
I just relized my car doesnt have a grill!is that bad?
turn signals dont work?
is $100 to replace rear brake pads on an 87' toyota supra sound reasonable or too expensive?
I have a 2000 tacoma that sputters when I accelerate slowly but fine when I floor it... what could cause this?
How do I convert an automatic transition to standard?
What's wrong with my car?
electric turbo cheap idea, or downright dumb?
How do i replace the clock light bulb on my 98 Pontiac Grand Prix?
Does a slammed car affect the ride quality, gas mileage or any other things?
What grade of engine oil do I need for a Toyota Forklift (1998 model 62-6FDF25)?
how do i reset my speedometer?
why does the windshield wipers go to the up position and stay up when i turn them off. its a 1995 chevy cavili
Polo 1.6 mk4. is it a worn clutch?
I want to power wash my car engine.?
I got a ERF EC10 with a Cummins LT10 325hp. All of a sudden the truck lost power and had a slight misfire and?
Urgent please help!! My car won't start after being left off for a week, what should i do?
Will stock Muffler from a 2005 Mustang Gt fit my 2005 Ford Mustang V6?
are we being ripped off by garages?
how to pass smog if i failed No (ppm) just by a little bit?
What makes the 2005 Ford Ranger V6 Engine so noisy?
a tyre cross sectional symbole with two arrows pointing in opposite directions in it is lights up in my toyota
My 5.0 wont run, has plenty of fuel pressure, has spark, no fuel to body, anyone know why?
mazda rx8 code p0115?
toyota engine replacement?
Buying tires,I've typed in my reg number on 3 different web sites and they all tell me the tyres I need are ?
can this welding damage my eyes?
I Have a Problem with my Car, and Need a Second Opinion (Please)?
Oil levels in trucks?
Fitting rear electric windows on a MK5 golf. Universal or original?
where can i find a power passenger door mirror for a 99 mazda miata?
Car problems! Enabling the beep when I lock my car?
My car won't start please help...?
i just bought a 95 6 cylinder mustang as a first car, what could i put into the engine to add some speed?
is the catalytic converter warrantied?
Can you push start a Automatic Car?
my 2003 ford lightning jerks/hesisitates at 40 mph when giving it gas while boosting up?
why is my cruise control not working?
How do you fix the windshield wiper sprayer on a Honda Civic?
Why is my oil light on?
1999 MAZDA PROTEGE!!!! Please help?
What type of metal was used in the 1960's drum brakes and 2010 disc brakes ?
cross over between transmission?
can i put a 86 wagoneer rearend under a 93 z-71?
Frost forming on the inside of the car windshield.?
why would someone weld over this? please help?
1976 F100 truck-turn headlights on brake lights will not come on and dash lights flicker?
Just changed the brake pads on my expedition and they squeal terribly. What can I do to fix with brake job?
2003 buick century temp gauge?
How can i increase the mpg in my car?
what is the gas price in your area?? here in indiana its 2.88 for reg unleaded.?
Craftsman garage door gear?
car making weird sound?
2002 power distribution box how to change it?
Why is the right front brake on my 1978 Chevy c10 sticking?
How can you remove transmission fluid from concrete?
My car stutters from 1st gear as it takes off :(?
Fuel Problem with 2000 Chevy Impala?
What is the purpose of the EVAP system y?
can i clean out fuel injectors in F150 2000 by putting 2gallons of diesel and filling my tank with Regular Gas
A warning light on my VW Jetta is on, a circle with three lines on each side. What does it mean?
is there a way to remove oxidation froma black car?
Do I Really Need an Oil Change Right Now?
How can i go about an make my won LED exaust tip?
What temperature does the last foot of a car's tailpipe reach during driving?
95 dodge caravan! Transmition problem that I dont think is that hard/costly of a fix! HELP ME!?
99 Elantra idle going crazy?
ford mondeo 2001?
why don't we get a shock when we grip the terminals of a car battery with our hands?
91 buick riviera factory alternator?
What do I put on my CV?
crank sensor malfunction?
what should i do to a car that hasn't been started in a year and a half. Besides jumping it.?
1995 shocks suggestion?
I need to know if anyone knows how to fix this!!!?
please help! New engine?
my wife put the battery cabble wrong on her car, now wont start, is the car toast or is way to fix it?
I need some advice on a dodge stratus 2002.How do I keep it together?
Where can I fix my car real CHEAP? in or near hawthorne california?
i just connected the radiator fan to the battery which way should the air flow?
Insurance for a 17 year old on a ninja 250?
I have a chip in my windshield how do i know if it will spread?
Testing the throttle position sensor in a 03 expidition.?
New brake pads and rotors installed have a question?
i have no air pressure in my breaks?
i would like the email address for the ford motor company of canada complaints dep.?
MOT notes about coolant pipes?
brake lights out on a ford 2000 ranger?
my 2002 nissan altima battery and emergency brake light both came on an d my car lost power? fuel pump maybe?
my 2001 firebird move off slow in first gear?
I have a 2006 Ford Focus zx4 se. I need to replace the passenger side front tie rod. How do i do this?
my 2nd gear makes a weird noise in my standard car?
Why is my car windows so condensated on the inside?
what is wrong with my car?
whats ur guess on whats wrong with my car?
When chaning the oil in my car should do it while the oil is warm or cold?
i need some help on this car.?
How can I find out who ownes the Closed up Wolfe Auto Sales on Cleve. Ave. In north canton green area?
Best carb to go with the olds 307?
How to get ungrounded fast?
How do you take oxidation off of headlight lenses ?
Weak/going bad Map sensor question No check engine light?
if u bought a carburetor for 10 bucks and found out it sells for 400 brand new what would u do with it?
Mom put power steering fluid in the brake fluid reservoir?
I have recently bought a golf and it is leaving white cloudy smoke help?
I'm having electrical problems with a Mazda 626 4 Cyl.?
psi for fuel injector for 96 civic?
How do I locate the fuel filter on my 1999 F350 powerstroke?
my car heater doesnt work very good?
is it ok not to use silicone when i change a thermostat gasket?
is it ok to put the automatic transmission on N position while driving?
how can diagnosis truble code to my car?
mk4 20v1.8t golf 2002 sounds like exhaust blow when start from cold but on intake side stops after 30 seconds.
how to clear lexus ls400 trac & check engine lights caused by open/short throttle position sensor circuit.?
2000 Suzuki esteem... is the solenoid in the starter?
how do I know if my tires need replacing? Any easy ways to determine?
Cannot get starter out!?
how to change a headlight ona 2004 Kia Sedona?
Any tips on keeping my battery charged during the harsh winter?
Can I use 2 16 Gage wires to make up for 1 12 Gage wire?
How much does it approx. cost to repair a taillight on a 1998 Dodge Neon?
how do i add more horsepower to my truck(2005 mountaineer v8 4.6) with out spending alot of money?
why do '88 honda civic cars burn out the ignition coil?
how much is nitrous express 20 lb bottle?
How can I make my car interior less noisy?
How much would repairing iPhone 4S speakers cost? I live in sf any suggestions on where to go to to repair?
Can I swap these transmissions?
what do i do about tire flat spots?
Why is the check engine light on?
Why are both tires on passenger side wearing faster?
my peugeot 206 cuts out when driving?
car pops back through throttle body?
Got a battery test for my car. How soon do I need a new battery?
where is the fuel pressure regulator on a 2000 Chevrolet Blazer 4.3 liter V6 with CPFI?
How can I repair this?
What is wrong with my dang car? It won't start, idiot lights come on, rapid clicking sound...more inside...
I am getting ready to leave (20 minutes) for a 4 hour road trip. I just checked my oil and everything was ...?
How long can i go with out an oil change...?
should i increase my tires psi?
car troubles in more than one way?
I have a 1981 El Camino with a V6 229 want to put in a newer v8 350 and tranny will it work and what engine a
What need to be taken out a 98 malibu to put a tensioner shoe in?
Why is my service engine light blinking?
headlight removal for 1996 jeep grand cherokee?
how do i bypas thepasskey system in a 1991 cadiliac?
Atfer charging my car battery ,for thirty plus hours,my car radio doesnt work and is asking for a CODE .Help !
where can i find a performance chip for a dodge magnum?
How much would it cost in labor to replace the back window on my Silverado?
how can I save gas?.?
can someone help me with my alternator problems?
Are they talking about engine oil or transmission oil when you typically go into get an oil change?
Why won't my car shift into 4th gear?
where can i download a wiring diagram of a 1991 isizu rodeo 3.1l?
Trailblazer engine is louder than usual (can it be it needs oil change)?
my car revs high but does not move fast?
Why is my 1990 honda civic having an idle problem?
Coolant loss, overheating, small amount of white smoke after driven awhile. ?
What do I do if my engine coolant temperature is running high? The indicator light is flashing......?
1985 impala belt routing?
Is the automotive program at this school look solid?
What causes my vehicle to pull to one direction only when I throttle at high speed?
2005 ford escape battery/alternator question?
once i start my tahoe i have to give a little gas to keep it at idle if i let off it dies?
i need a window for my chevy truck?
I have a see through fuel filter, and it's half way full. Is this bad?
Can you actually put the "wrong" battery in a car?
Iveco eurostar 430 horse power shows fault codes 16,44,74,77,93.Can i get an explenation of what they mean?
What is wrong with the transmission when it shifts hard after the engine warms up?
how do i fix my scooter?
What's the quickest way to tell if your car's battery or alternator is bad?
Which Motor Oil do you Prefer?
Do i need catalytic converter?
1972 Cutlass 442 wiring help?
If i buy high output alternator?
What's the quickest way to tell if your car's battery or alternator is bad?
Car Tire Pressure Help (1996 Nissan Maxima)?
Car parked for 3 weeks while at work in gear, no handbrake, how do i stop brakes seizing up?
How would I find a fuel leak in my car?
Why will my truck not hold voltage when it is in idle?
How much does a auto service tech make?
On a car or lawn mower battery, is the black or red the ground wire?
How would you know if your head gaskets are ed, how would the car sound, etc.?
Battery on my car keeps going flat. I charge it up and next day it's flat again. How do I check if it 's the
How much oil does a 2004 carolla take?
can you tell me what is wrong with my car please?
anyone know anything about cars?
What is the role of torque in four stroke engine?
which car voltage stabiliser is the best?
Intake air pressure problem?
my car stopped running...can you give me some idea?
Broke down no engine power?
what adaptor charger do you need for a draper 40133 power pack?
why do customers distrust dealerships for repairs?
Why does my heat and AC make my car engine rev?
Any know whats wrong with my car...?
1987 ford 4x4 troubleshoot?
I am repairing the brake lines on my truck?
re-calibrate battery?
I need imformation regading a head gasket repair on a 1986 toyota supra?
did i kill my transmission?
What color should I paint my 1953 Chevrolet Bel Air?
Car Leaking Odorless, Colorless Fluid?
My '93 Honda Accord's Emergency Brake light is on...don't know why?
my car is leaking water ,and driver and passenger side sound proofing is wet?
When should i get my first oil Change?
How do I get better gas milage from a small car?
what do i need for my car?
What is the metric equivalent to CFM?
What is the Impedance (Ohms) of a Delco 6x9 Speaker Part #15732642??
Ok i should have put it like this, Why don't some of you women check the oil in your own car?
Can your altenator go because you gave someone a jump start?
I have a 95 isuzu rodeo with no tail lights(new bulbs), no dash lights, no front markers?
Which Motor Oil do you Prefer?
how do i reprogram the entry code(unlock doors) on a nissan maxima?
I need to find out what I have, 3161-GM50LG?
1986 ford f150 4x4 ran out of gas and now is fluding and filling the oil pain with gas?
Why don't my car go more than.20 mpg?
chose between a highly tuned rx-7 or a Carrera GT which one would you chose?Why?Leave your country's name next
the plastic part underneath the front of my car is dragging?
can i get some opinions of the 1987 ford taurus station wagon.?
I need to know what kind of adhesive to use in order to glue a piece of weather stripping to my car window?
Car battery - reverse charged?
Engine knocking noise/oil light on but oil is full.?
why would my tail lights work but not my brake lights?
In Automotive Terms , can you lose power from putting in a Wai? (Warm Air intake)?
WhAt performance parts increase gas milage or how to increase it?
Car engine belt question?
How can I adjust my skunk2 coilovers with out the adjustment key?
why does my car only start heating up on the highway?
Is the ABS in my Ford ranger causing it to smell?
Rear Wheel Bearing HELP!!!?
What motor will be best for my 02 eclipse gt?
is the BMW e36 m3 ecu the same as the m3 3.2 evo one?
Get oil change before car inspection?
Truck has been sitting for about three weeks?
does a 92 grand marquis headlights automatically come on at night even if they are turned off?
i need help with my van?
how do i tell if my frame is bent?
Is this the battery or silionoid or starter on my 2003 Ford Ranger?
Will moist baking soda remove my overspray?
What could be causing too much fuel consumption.?
why does my car overheat when it's not moving?
1997 Mitsubishi Mirage...i have one and was wondering...?
Is there any way to repair a metal gas tank without welding?
Why is my car sluggish?
Can i replace gearbox mount's rubber bushing as a temporary solution until I save enough to get a new one?
I missed my cars MOT, what should I do?
Places to buy a Michellin tire online with a TireRack promo?
I can do this myself?
What does the tools supplier Snap-On mean to you?
what would make my buick turn off?
right turn makes 1985 blazer die????
What is cheapest way to gain clearance/ lift my 93 Toyota 4runner?
My car battery light in the dashboard is on?
1998 Chevy Venture chokes when pressing on the gas?
Can a bad ball joint cause you to loose control of your car and go in the ditch?
How long does a car battery last?
Why are semi-trucks so loud when coming to a stop?
Heater doesn't work. Not blowing any air at all!? '94 F150?
If my high beams are on but my lights are off does it drain my battery?
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