Should Craftsman tools change their name to 'Snap It'?
P1519 code on 2002 Honda s2000?
Car won't start unless jumper cables are connected.?
how do i scan a 1996 isuzu npr truck?
Having Starter Problems?
If your car squeaks in the front what could it be?
Where to find 1988 Mustang parts?
Has anyone used magnets which fix onto the fuel lines and do they work?
were can i find brake shoes for a 1941 international pickup?
How to improve gas mileage with 5.4?
what is proper hot idle RPM for a 1965 Galaxie 500 with a 240 6cyl and a manual transmission?
Are we breeding a nation of idiots?
whats wrong with my car?
I cross-threaded a bolt on the lower ball joint flange on a 2000 Toyota Sienna. Help!?
EGR malfunction leads to what?
i have a 1995 toyota and it wont crank at all?
How do I program my keyless entry remote for my car?
Shock/Strut question?
Need help for me engine swap please. And thanks.?
automatic car wash in my area?
What is the answer for this input output table first one to answer this and gets it right will get best answer?
engine turns over but it doesn't want to start.?
Does anyone know why my ford Explorer coughs and splutters for about 2 minutes when starting in the morning?
Is my car leaking freon through the vents?
I just bought an old police car and I am trying to find the best product to use to finish removing the decals?
should I get an oil change?
problem starting a 94 buick regal custom?
does pvc leather and real leather look alike ?
does anybody know the order of the spark plug cables on a 93 ford explorer suv? thanks.?
My nieces car has been diagnosed with a rusted out transmission?
Why does my 98 Camry sound funny when i barely press on the gas?
Sugar in gas tank?
How do I add freon to my car after AC compressor replaced, do I still need o vacuum the lines? ?
car immobiliser problem?
how to paint comoflage?
Would comic character appearances in a non fiction automotive mechanic ebook look childish?
the step that forms at the top of a cylinder in the area where the piston rings don't travel is called a?
where can i get excellent quality hid lights dual for an 08 cobalt lt sedan?
looking for website of manufacturer of Alutec strut bar?
am getting frustrated trying to find a 5speed manual transmission for a ford 460, around 1988, help!!!?
Mom put power steering fluid in the brake fluid reservoir?
Is there a tool available for easier dump trailer hoist cylinder removal?
I turn off my car and heard some bubbling noise in the engine. I been told I need a cat, is that the problem?
When i get off my car i feel an electric shock as soon as i touch the car's body. what should i do.?
when you pay someone to have your windshield replaced....?
i need to know how to fix the rear end of a 1992 dodge caravan?
My Flat Tire light came on in my car but my tires look fine...what could this be?
Is this right??? Car maintenance question. ?
I am looking for a size 302 engine for a 1986 f-150 4x4 pickup. can you help.?
Is it bad for a car to be on cruise control for 4 hours?
Donut Tire and Transmission...?
down to my last straw!!!!!?
how much would it be to put a motor and transmission in a 1969 Convertible Cougar Xr-7?
Is gas a gas?????????
my car is overheating nothing is leaking can you tell me what the problem is?
How can you find a honest car mechanic?
How do I tell if a new spark plug is "hot" I think that's what I need?
how to clear lexus ls400 trac & check engine lights caused by open/short throttle position sensor circuit.?
My 2008 ford edge windshield washer sprayer suddenly stop working Help!?
My windscreen wipers are not cleaning my windscreen?
Whats wrong with my truck?
Detergent For Washing Cars?
Can i return a new fuel pump with receipt?
does anyone knows how to tune diesel engine (sorry cuz of bad english)?
I have a SUV that has been sitting for 4 months...?
instructions on shock replacement for 1999 kia sportage?
At fault-car accident...however?
while mechanics are working on a car, will they purposely damage it so you have to bring it back?
Are we justified in being upset?
Is it possible to jumpstart a diesel with bad glowplugs? The battery is good, the starter is turning the engin?
eww that smell!! some kids threw "rotton eggs" at my new truck?
How do you take oxidation off of headlight lenses ?
How do I stop getting dings in my car doors?
how to open up ratchet.. Its not clicking and seems to be locked up.. Any ideas how to open it up to see guts?
what type of cold air intake system can go on a 2004 Chrysler Crossfire?
How much to fix a radiator?
Collision damage... Can I fix it myself?
After car fully warms up oil light will turn on or flash when braking.?
i have a 95 camry i was wondering...once the orange gas light comes on how many more miles can i go?
how much does it usually cost?
how do i fix scratched window tint?
What part do i need to repair my clutch?
Which is Accurate - Fuel Gauge or Fuel Tank?
I fixed the head gasket problem on my vehicle but my radiator level is low every morning when I check it. why?
what is the best engine in your opinion?
if a car fails all emission tests in a test smog what more than likely would need to be fixed on car?
where to get a motor?
The best place to paint a car?
92 4 door Integra exhaust.?
02 Saab 9-3, goes clickclickclickclick but won't start?
Why don't farmers plant oil rich crop which can be used as an alternative to gasoline.?
the engine oil is black?
vauxhall astra problem?
Is it possible to get a metal splinter from an electric wire?
Why is my air compressor on my 1996 GMC Sonoma's clutch engaging and then immediately shutting off.?
instructions for changing engine for 1990 toyotaya pick up?
'90 Honda Civic wagon. Is it going to be a big deal for a gal to replace her own fuel pump? Cost?
How to get dried duct tape off a car?
I have a 1991 jeep cherokee limited 4x4, It is turning over quiet a bit before it starts any jeep experts(4.0)
Mouldy wood floor because long time leak pipe, shall I really change it or has some methods?
Cold air intake or Supercharger for '06 Chevy Cobalt?
What should I do when I'm being cheated by a car mechanic?
My car wont star there is gas and spark?
How do you remove the map lights from a 2006 Ford Freestar?
Pros and cons about being a mechanic or running your own shop?
trying to find fuel line on 89 acura... help?
Why my Chevy truck won't start? Seems like its not getting fuel.?
I have a 1997 Lincoln town car with a leaking brake line rear does anyone know what size the line is THANKS?
I need to know exactly where the low side a/c port is located on a 98 buick park ave?
2 different size tires?
Why does my car loose power when I turn on my a/c?
I just got into a small accident didn't call the Police because it was minor accident?
Does the overflow tank have to be above the radiator?
Can i use 33801 4x500 as replacement with 33801 4x800 fuel injector of my kia carnival 2008 crdi?
Today when i tried starting my car it would turn over REAL slow but wouldent start i have a new batt?
What happens when your timing belt brakes in a car?
The mechanic told me my car doesn't have a gas filter? true or false?
What is the avgerage cost to have a car done in Dupont color changing paint?
use turkey baster to get engine oil out?
Oil change question???
what is it when u dont get a spark?
why does my car vibrates while accelerating between 30-50 mph?
how much does it cost to put hydraulics?
Can you get pulled over for a blown Tail light?
Water in spark plug holes of Toyota Supra MK3. Will it dry out?
2004 Scion XA car trouble!?
i broke my timing belt on 1996 honda prelude machanic said it's not bad ?
How can i remove glue left on my van when i removed the graphics?
i have overinflated tyres?
I have an HID kit installed as my lowbeams, do i have to do my foglamps the same?
fix cost for rust problems?
Cost effective horsepower boost?
Website for mini alternators?
GUYS ONLY ---> How ticklish are the soles of your barefeet?
my snow blower is not working - it starts and runs, but the blades do not rotate?
Car engine dies when changing gear?
my car was running great one day it just lost power like a car does when it over heats?
I have a flat bed trailer with hydraulic lift stuck in up position. how do I release the pressure.?
how fast do vespas go?
why is the engine running hot and smell bad when i just had the radiator and head gaskets replaced?
location for ignition CONTROL MODULE 1997 CHEVROLET?
I have to dilute car oil so it can penatrate a stone better. What is the best product to use. Is it a solvent?
How can I find out the size of my car's gas tank?
93 camaro won't crank why?
how many hoses are there in a car?
Transmission has no 2nd gear?
How to immobilize a car, so it can't be started, even with a key?
How hard is it to install a new starter?
Car has trouble starting and stalling?
Misfire on bank 1? 95 mustang?
white gunk in oil cap doesnt use water or smoke?
warning signs appeared on my bmw dashboard like horseshoe with exclamation in the middle?
Triton 6.8L V10 vs Magnum 8.0L V10 which is the better work engine?
Windshield wipers not moving?
My car's radiator is leaking, would rad-seal help it?
car wont start makes a clicking noise has a new battery and starter?
When you book your car in for a service in the UK do they ever repair dents or vacuum the inside?
how much does it cost to fix a 2 feet scratch on car door?
When I get 2 new tires installed, should they replace the front tires or the back ones with the new tires?
Does anyone know how to import car parts from Japan or where to look. Any info is helpfull.Thanks?
how do you remove the sunroof on a 1998 isuzu amigo?
About How Much Would It Cost to Reprogram This Vehicle?
the head gasket in my car blew would that cause it not to start?
is it worth fixing a torque converter on a 04 saturn vue if the trans was just replaced last year and has less?
I my can't get my generator in my RV started, any advise?
How do I replace the front hub assembly on my 1999 Ford Ranger 4X4 A.B.S 4.0 V6.?
my cavaliers abs was faulty so pulled out the fuse to disable - warning light on. will it affect M.O.T?
why is my front right parking light staying on in my 2006 mustang?
concerning my automatic vehicle?
Why didn't engines in cars have overhead cams in widespread use until the 80s or 90s?
can over filling transmission fluid cause over heating of tranny and pressure for blowing off trans dip stick?
My car keeps losing antifreeze, whats wrong?
how easy is it to change glow plugs on a 2005 laguna?
My engine is knocking and shaking....please help...?
im looking for a rear end for a 1997 chevy thao 343 gear ratio postive trac 4 wheel drv?
Exhaust Pipe fitting!?
My tires are fairly new. I may need to replace 1 due to road damage. Is it necessary to change more than 1?
vacum line locations 2001 jeep grand cherokee?
do renault meganes suffer badly from iginition coil failures?
my corsa has oil leaking out from the wheel arches of both front wheels.?
What are the costs to repair/replace head gasket on corsa 01?
Is there someone with automotive body repair experience that will look at this picture?
what are common signs of catalytic converter problem?
License key for beam reader?
Trying this again on push down locks?
Why is it bad for a diesel engine to spray quick start spray into the carb? The machanic says is bad, but?
why do my brakes squeak when i brake?
engine light on will get scan but how can i check to see if its my gas cap it looks good visual?
where can I find a plastic clutch fan blade?
Rear end drive shaft?
i have a lexus 95 es300 why does the check engine light come on?
Rebuilding a LT1 350 (firebird formula)?
Does the 1991 Toyota MR2 Need a Thrust Alignment?
Can I get the serpentine belt wet?
Is it worth customizing my 2005 Toyota Matrix?
I need to take a harmonic balancer pulley off a 88 LeSabre 3800.?
1970 Chevy with air, Has anyone had any electial problems on the wirring that runs to the high beam?
how do i re programme the central locking remote for my 1997 honda civic?
Why is my 1997 blazer not getting gas to the carburetor?
will a 1985 chrysler transmission fit 1990 dodge truck with same size engine's?
454 cylinder head removal?
does a car waste more gas with ac running?
when i filled the oil up on my car i had a black gooey mess under the filler cap.?
will an electric turbo work on a small displacement fuel injected engine?
steering wheel vibrations?
How much do 16" chrome wheels cost?
Is it time for an oil change?
i need an illustration of what a 1999 chevy pickup power steering pump looks like taken apart?
how do I use the eco button?
I have a V Reg (2000) Renault Clio - at 75mph the steering wheel vibrates badly. Why is this and is it fixable
Theres oil leaking on the gas pedal(car).How much does that cost to fix? or can I do it at home?
my 2003 chevy malibu shut off while driving?
What could cause an air pump to seize? How difficult is it to replace?
why are gas prices so high?
where are the tramision mounts located?
What is wrong with my 1990 Ford Ranger?
What can i do when my car came out of the shop worse than it went in?
Why Does Oil Still Get In My Coolent Reservoir?
How do i program my dodge intrepids remote?
Sunroof not closing & making sounds?
Recently replaced fuel pump....?
Is there any reason to not START a car, w/ no coolant?
Should I have my transmission flushed?
toyota corolla verso automatic, what maintenance does it need oils etc.?
Does anyone know the name of a device that you can attach to your car that economises on fuel.?
wire mixed up and I put my car battery backwards?
vectra 2.0 ls dti, oily charge pipe into block?
Where can i find free software for cars?
Question for mechanic about battery voltage?
how much should i expect to pay for a cat-back dual exhaust system for a dodge dakota?
pricing on lift kits?
Do you have to use the free oil changes at jd buyrider or can you take it to another garage such as jiffy lube?
I have 2 punctures 1 inch apart on a tubeless car tyre. Apparently a new tyre is required. Is this right?
When you take used motor oil to your local Autozone, what does the used oil turn into most of the time?
I have a `99 Dodge durango V8,5.2. Does anyone know where the oxygen sensor is located at?
What could be causing my vents in my car not to work?
i have trouble with my car i it starts but when i put it in gear it dies out it has 4.3 fuelinjected 1987 mont
What kind of shorty headers should i buy?
2000 ford explorer throttle body was cleaned out and now the vhicle runs sluggish when put in gear?
Rattling Coming From the Front?
I lost the only key to my Mazda that I bought and promptly had the transmission fail. How do I get a new key?
What went wrong with my Power steering?
master cylinder pushing break fluid out the countainer that holds the break fluid?
Why are so many idiots answering questions?
hey i have a astra 1.6 petrol engine, ive never put oil in my car ever can i have some tips..?
I need a new engine for my '97 Chevy Malibu (V6, 3.1L, "M").?
transmission problem?
when i checked my spark plugs they were foul with oil, what's wrong with the engine?
My car won't start. Is it the battery or the alternator?
My interior light fuse blew on my 2001 pontiac bonneville and blows instantly when I replace it...?
rear end for dodge ram 4x4 1500 series?
How do I take off front door panel on a 85 crown vic ltd to replace window?
h23 n b18 honda prelude?
Why does white smoke come out of my car?
looking for a price on a glass top for a 1992 chevrolet corvette?
my friends 96 Mazda protege wont shift and is stuck in 3rd A couple days ago it wouldn't shift to 3rd?
out of these 2 people movers which would be better?
where can i find strip molding for a 1994 audi 100 s without paying a katrillion dollars for all eight pieces
I removed the bolts, but I can't get the Turbo off to replace it, on my 2001 GTI?
What would be a good tire pressure?
My tyre on my car is looking quite flat and.....?
carburetor is loading up,why ?
Why are auto mechanics such big liars.?
What is wrong with my 1986 Dodge Mini Ram?
What is the best fabric spray paint?
Can i add coolant directly to coolant reservoir in my car?
can the gas and electric turn off the heat with in the house?
what could cause a coolant leak to stop, then come back?
how do i get white paint off of a black plastic car bumper?
My new Polaris Sportsman 500 X2 ATV has dry sump lubrication. Is this as good,or superior,to wet sump?
how can i remove chewing gum from the paint on my new truck?
4 cylinder making noise?
My Cadillac theft system keeps disabling the starting system. How can I bypass it?
what is vehicle security in the auto repair business?
How can I increase my cigarette lighters plug power?
There are few dents on my new honda accord (bcos of small accident that I did). How do I get rid of these?
how do you replace valve stems in tires?
Rover 75 diesel starting problem-engine turns over but won,t fire eventually starts any ideas?
Have to try multiple times to get my car to start?
how do you know if the iac is bad?
Dodge grand caravan obd light, and code?
does any one make a electric shifter for a turbo 400 street rod?
What is the cause of a car burning oil?
Danger of air conditioning fluid?
NEED HELP!!! i own an 2001 mitsubishi eclipse 2.4L. Transmission help needed ASAP!!!?
I made a mistake and put diesel in my gas car what can i do?
What can cause a catalytic converter to fail so early?
Oil light went on?
how 2 reset my abs light on my 97 grandprix gt?
Is the dealer lieing to me?
Will the check enging light go off once the car problem has been fixed?
Is my SATURN-RPM -Normal?
what is happening when the lockup is happening on one side?
What do you think is wore out on my suzuki atv?
How do I change the oil on my 2009 kx250f?
what does it mean to de smog ur car?
is it possible to repair small (1/2 inch)hail dents on my car's hood with dry ice?
Question about a burnout and breaks?
i have 1992 pontiac grand prix le will not stay running for the life of me plz help?
how do i get bad gas out of my car?
how do i fix a low idle speed on a 1997 nissan maxima?
why does my 95 ford escort makes a high pitched noise whenever i start the car?
I'm looking for Diagrams containg the layout of Synchronised Engines/Motors cabling, and how it works /looks?
how long does it take to rechrome??
if you put the center strut mount bolt on to tight can it damage the bearing plate ?
Does anyone know what could be wrong with my son's power steering?
Maintenance Required light in my car?
Is it necessary to warm up your car for a couple of minutes when the display panel shows "cold"?
what is the advantage or disadvantage to inflating your tires to the maximum pressure on the sidewall of tire?
How much would it cost to fix a front bumper dent?
How many quarts of oil do I need to complete an oil change for a 1989 full size bronco with a 5.0 engine?
Anyway to reset the coolant light on a 1999 ford taurus?
How much would it cost to repair a wheel well with salt damage?
head gaskett?
2000 Chevrolet Express Van - battery draining?
Where can i learn car body building? are there books for sale relating this trade?
what is the most reliable year that volkswagen was produced?
my 94 plymouth voyager Oxygen sensor will not come out ,I bought a special socket and it rounded out flats on?
In So Cal, what is the recommended front and rear tire pressure for a 2003 mustang cobra coupe with Eagle F1s?
When turning in a rear disk brake caliper piston, is it supposed to feel smooth?
1994 marquis windows?
My car ( a 1996 Grand Cherokee with 93000miles) isnt consistent.?
In order to make a change from smoking,what can I replace it with.?
Why does my 1997 Ford powerstoke get diesel in the antifreeze?
my 92 accord battery voltage with car off is about 13v and on a lil over 14v. my battery light flickers?
Can a car work without a compressor ?
2.3l engine getting hung up in 4th cyl...?
Is it bad to put your car's transmission in neutral on downhills?
Will my 2002 f350 8 lug rims fit on my 1993 f350 diesel?
2 cycle engine runs great then bogs down in rpm's. Flooded or too lean?
how do you use a tailpipe expander?
Questions on BRAKES.?
If there is little or no coolant in a car engine, will the block ?
When I start my car i have to prime the carburator first before it fires?
I have a 98 saturn sl stick and the shifter won't shift?
Who is to blame for these high gas prices? explain?
What the possible reason for it?
Anyone know the estimate to repair a head gasket?
For a 1997 camaro, is there anyway to convert the headlights from the set of 4, to like the 98-02 camaros?
How do you repair ripped seams on a convertable top?
Does this sound like a con?
98 expedition best lift recommendation?
looking to rebuild a set of webber carbs in o.c. with a flow bench.?
What did i do wrong with my brakes?
What is wrong with my brakes?
My Truck will not start?
How do I remove a dent from my garage door?
Tempurature/Navigation System doesn't work....?
Is it bad to pump gas from different stations?
New driver. questions about car batteries...?
What is causing my car's voltage to drop at high RPM?
photo on chevy pick up s10 1994 auto choke 4cyl.?
SRS alerts on the newer cars?
What'll happen if we don't fix a coolant leak coming from a freeze plug on the back of the engine ('97 Taurus)
How can i get more power outta my 95 4.9 deville?
Oil And Fuel Filter In Cars?
Can u move on after a brake up?
Help my honda accord is not starting?
What fuse is the "under the hood" light connected to on a 1998 Chevy Silverado?
mechanic overcharging but I have no other option?
is there a such job called Aviation, that fixes cars?
Should I paint a bumper before I put it on or after I put it on? and...?
is this a sign of a bad clutch or transmition ?
When should i get my first oil Change?
How can I remove a dent from the side of my car?
What do I need to patch a small rust whole on my vehicle?
if i am driving at 65 mph and my car starts to vibrate, what causes that?
Rattling noise in my cat converter?
Oil in my Radiator......Some say ed head others say it's not a ed head?
i put my car into drive and my rear passenger tire locked up would not drive when i put it reverse it drove?
my escort estate is making a knocking noise what can it be?
What are the standards incurance companies use to total out wrecked vehicles?
Turn clockwise or counter clockwise?
Replacing 2 tires on a front wheel drive car?
why does my 1998 mazda 626 1.8 petrol car have white smoke when started from cold?
How to change leaking radiator hose line?
Car starter and solenoid problems?
what will happen if i buy a salvage car?
whats the best temp to spray a car in a spray boot?
How do I get another car key made? I think I've lost the key in the trash! Who do I call? The dealer?
do a 1997 ford expedition have to have cadillac converter on it?
My truck won't start? Battery Problem?
what kind of engine does abuick lesabre limited 1995 engine have and is this car good or bad on gas?
Is it possible to burn a new clutch out by driving only 10 miles?
Humming sound from inside?
What would cause gas to come through the vent line on a gas tank? ?
Help, whats wrong with our car?!?
can i use castrol magnetec fully synthetic 5W30 n a 1996 polo?
My car won't start? Grand Am..?
Procedure to replace toyota camry car side view mirrors ?
why wont my 1992 ford escort 1.9l manual not use the starter, when trying to fire up?
Torque converter clutch circuit is stuck on, what's the problem with the transmission and how expensive is thi?
in the old Fords did the 223 motor come with a 3 speed manual or automatic transmission, or both?
Why Would Someone Key My Car, I Don't Get People Sometimes . . .?
had leaking air sound when shutting car off.. now car is more difficult to steer?
our corsica has all of a sudden stopped disengaging from park, what could cause this problem?
"Check Coolant" is on in 95 ford escort? What's up with that?
where can i find a aftermarket fuel accumulator for a 1983 saab 900 turbo?
make money with car restoration shop?
For the people who know ALOT ABOUT CARS!!?
How can I change the setting on my BlackBerry Curve 8900 to where the light on it, goes off all the!?
What could be wrong with my 89 Crown Victoria ?
speedometer stopped working.?
Why is the ignition key on my Ford Taurus hard to turn sometimes?
How do I tune and adjust fuel / air flow for my new edelbrock carb?
Drove through water car stalled?
how do i change the transmission fluid on my 2001 jeep wrangler?
what is better for your car, auto car wash or hand washing?
How to remove rear bumper from 2003 Camery?
cheaper to just buy a transmisson or rebuild it?
What happens if to much motor oil is put in the car?
my cars battery died again, the car was just left alone?
which of the three oxygen sencors do i replace if my gas is runnin to rich.?
How much would a normal mechanic shop charge for a head job?
Do most vehicles 2002+ support enhanced OBD?
Cost to paint bumper?
Do I have to change my oil filter...?
i replaced my smog pump in my camaro today and now its producing excessive smog. is this normal?
What's a list of things I can do to add horsepower to my car (Prelude)?
How do you change the passenger side win mirror on a '98 reg Ford Fiesta?
i need smart peolpe on this?plz?
Broken tail light? How can I avoid getting a ticket?
What could the Check engine light mean?
Why does my spark plug keep popping out of place on my '92 Toyota Celica?
On a vauxhall combo engine ,,part of the kit,and water pump are the weak points,not the belt.Is this correct?
Take car key out when its in drive?
Can a bad transmission cause a car to randomly stall?
car electronics? is there any live feed on a car which increases in voltage with engine revolutions?
How often do I really have to get an oil change?
How do I know it's my battery or starter or what?
2001 V7 JDM GG2 impreza rear shocks???
Why does my '94 Mustang overheat?
Does a voltage stabilization performence module actually work?
Is there an easy INEXPENSIVE way to trace down a short for a 1986 300zx?
Just bought a new car.. alarm question kind of..?
which is better oil? 10w30 or 5w30?
Where can I find a Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor on an 02 Ford Explorer?
For auto techs, besides professional automotive repair, what house-hold uses have you found for threadlocker?
98 dodge ram 1500,the front vibrates when speed hits 70k/hr?
is this a good buy? What are your thoughts and concerns?
how to check A/c in auto and fix it?
how do i get tar off my truck?
My radiator coolant is leaking. I want to do a Tune-Up to my car to Replace my tubes. Is that possible?
My car is making this sound?
does this sound like a dirty fuel filter?
Is it ok to keep the car running while filling up the gas tank?
AT&T making me pay for wiring of building?
Where can I find technical info about camry 1992 Headlight Assembly?
What causes a vehicle to emmit exhaust?
Gas Millage on Envoy 2004?
When I turn the heater on in my 93 Ford Ranger I get a strong smell of anti-freeze inside the truck.?
i have a 97 chevy lumina i bought 22 inch rims for it they fit the car but hit the struts what can i do?
96 bronco wont restart after short 2 mile trip i have to press gas, starts up perfect first time and drives?
what is a cam phaser?
when does a micra 1.4 petrol need the timing belt changed is it a belt or chain?
Neon flasher,where is it???
Compressor whines during acceleration?
When getting an oil change?
Why is my car shaking?
Fresh discs and pads, now squealing?
what is the difference between a cam shaft and a crank shaft?
i have a 91 buick century. If i unplug the computer will the car run on default or not run at all.?
is it okay to change your oil without changing your oil filter?
Who here loves Chevy Trucks?!?!?
How do I lower the throttle of my engine?
Do you know of any car maintenance loan companies that could lend for one year so I could get a rebuilt engine?
WTF is wrong with my car or me ?
How does a two-cycle engine work?
Will a aftermarket muffler increase the horsepower in my car?
Engines RPM's running low?
Engine damage - fire or sun damage?
why do people who have know idea guess?and do you agree that if you dont know you should not answer?
Humming sound from inside?
Briggs and Stratton vs Honda!!Which is a better and more reliable small engine?
Where is the neutral safety switch located on a 2005 lincoln navigator?
engine compression in one cylinder went from 60 to 190 with oil added. its been about 16 hours and the....?
What are these black rubber things called? and where can I get them? picture?
is the radiator support on a 94 civic welded or screwed on?
Coolant Boiling/Steam From Hose To Coolant Reservoir - 95 Eagle Talon?
how do i stop my windows from fogging up on the inside?
Recently got into a car accident?
I want to know what the code 1401 mwans on my scaner for my 02 f150?
Malfunction indicator light staying illuminated (Vauxhall Corsa )?
how to do a brake job on a 85 chevy pick up?
what would cause your trucks temp gauge to rise to 250 besides not having antifreeze?
Did I break my speedometer or did it break on it own?
Why is my car using so much oil?
Anyone have intake manifold gasket problems on the GM 3.8L V-6 engine?
what does breaks squaking on my car mean?
Problems with my radio, please help?
Would there be a problem if I change my OE tire of 215/70R16 to 225/70R16?
My breaks are making a grinding sound...what does it mean?
Just imported a Man truck from UK to Kenya and the type of fuel is HEAVY OIL15/40 fully synthetic oil?
Where can I find a rear left quarter panel for a 97 Ford Ranger XLT?
does anyone know where to get a good used engine?
Do you think it's a stupid idea that Toyota Camry's timing belt also drives the water pump?
what is the pattern and ft lbs for a chevy motor 350 5.7 years 87-92?
My honda cr250r is losing antifreeze like crazy out of the overflow when it idles?
After market muffler installation?
Location of vents on a lead-acid battery?
how to hook up a thermostat to a 240 ac convetion base heater?
My car electric window on the drivers side won't work but the rest do work.?
1990 Cadillac Seville sometimes it starts sometimes it doesent?
Putting a body of one car on another?
my windshield wipers go to far? how do i fix it?
how to replace alternator on 1997 cadillac deville?
Do you need to run-in the engine in a new car these days or not?
Why do we move to right when. Turning left in a car?
why is my truck making a loud bang?
What brand of tools do you suggest?
Were can I get a longer dipstick for my car?
Why does my car move so much?
I accidentally super glued my fingers together, how do i remove it?
i have a mk 5 escort xr3i and the battery light comes on when under acceleration why is this?
two different size tires on one axle?
Car battery question?
Should I be concerned about my car?
how do air brakes work?
if an odemeter reads 37302,how many miles has the car truelly done?
why my car does not start after rain with high humidity?
What was your first car?
Is there something wrong with my transmission or is it the fuel injector?
Bike restoration,anyone?
94 FORD EXPLORER - has 6 relays in the control box in the engine compartment - they were removed-how do I?
I Re-sprayed a flaw on my car and the painted patches are darker than the rest of the car?
has anyone ever installed their own power window?
How do I change front and rear brakes on a 2001 chevy cavalier 4dr sdn?
i can get a ticket for my car being too low?
97 Ford Taurus.Check engine light has came on.Had car checked on a reader and code P0340 came up.?
The headlights in my car do NOT come on when I turn the switch.?
I just bought a car that hasn't been run for 10 years. How do I clean out the fuel and fuel system?
2000 CLK 320 - adjusting the period of time before the headlights go off after shut down?
I'm remodeling a 1996 Thunderbird LX, what engine should I use?
If my radiotor is ed -- can i still drive my car if i keep it full of water?
when i must chang gaer ?my car is peugeot206 and i dont know what the rpm i must chang the gear?can you help ?
Sportsman speedometer problem?
Any honest reason for nearly 800 extra miles after rear bumper repair at the collision shop?
'95 Infiniti G20 with over 200K redlining while doing about 45 mph!?
do i really need new rotors?
how do you clean a throttle body on a 1995 ford f 150 4.9 Lt in line 6?
Anybody know where I can get a conversion kit to put 5.0L ford v-8 in my 85 volvo 240?
I remember a colored car wax to hide scratches. Any ideas where i can buy it. Jeff Phoenix AZ?
Mechanic or someone who knows anything about a 1985 Lincoln Continental Suspentions in Jacksonville Florida?
changing car automatic transmission fluid?
I have a '93 Thunderbird. When I try to start it, it clicks multiple times, but does not start.?
My car takes a long time to start. I think it may be the battery, but not sure? destroy my alternator?
I need to find some information about a Gradall excavator, i need the specs about transmission, engine?
Auto Repair Problem (misfire) 1999 Ford Expedition?
Trans am lt1 missing issue?
steering wheel shakes and vibrates help please?
Is it a myth that we must change the oil in a vehicle every 3 months or 3000 miles? or can we go longer?
how to take a stuck locking gas cap off when only one side lets loose.?
my friend said that one of his enemies were going to put sugar in his gas tank. will that harm it?
A car is driving at 20m/s and then accelerates up to 40m/s in 8s. What is the acceleration of this car?
Is anti-freeze and coolant the same thing?
Car battery dead,only 1 year old?
The AC in my 91 sanoma pickup will blow out of every vent except were its supose to.won,t blow out the dash?
How to do a Tune-up for 1967 mustang?
What causes your car to vibrate at certain speeds?
Is it important to change your oil before 6 months?
how do I change the battery in my 206 equinox keyless remote?
should i put paint/underseal on my new car exhaust before i fit it?
2002 Ford Explorer, Eddie Bauer Edition TIRE SIZE?
do u know how much these were cost if they were used and the cost if they were rebuilt?
can not shift reverse on standard transmition?
Does it take a lot for aftermarket rims to dent?
What is the role of torque in four stroke engine?
my fuel filter is is old and probably bad?
what would be the cause of a vehicle stalling when you shift into 'Drive'?
My car wont start.. Help!! :)?
What are the best exact speeds to shift gears at in a manual car?
what would cause my car to suck up gas?
My car stalls everytime I stop or slow down.?
Problem with Car Chugging?
Is it ok to refill your gas tank when it is a half full?
possible exhaust problem.?
Does neutral count as a gear?
Does a truck HAVE to be 4x4 to lift?
What are some parts for automatic?
I have a 2003 Volvo S60 that sometimes will die while making turns/driving - does anyone know whats wrong?
How can i take out a cd player from Scion tc?
My 1996 Tacoma has 206 thousand miles. Its not running good. PO303 is on the handheld. what is the problem?
want a nice muffler?
how do i find a schematic for a 2001 dodge truck starter?
Check engine lamp on after oil change?
My car broke down! Please help?
Where can I buy Turn Signal Fluid?
Can I drive a short distance without power steering fluid?
2006 Hyundai Tiburon - Replaced Rear Wheel Hub, Still in and out play?
If you can answer this you are a Car Correction genius (see details)?
Can a transmission just go bad in 7 months?
How can I avoid 2006 pathfinder coolant leak into transmission?
my gas tank doesn't have a hole in it but i smell gas & have seen a few drops on the ground where do i start?
1999 camry quit running.replaced fuel pump but still wont start.?
What is causing the loud whining near the alternator of my 2002 impala?
Where can I sell a airbag & seatbelt?
1994 Buick LeSabre 3.8L pcm/ecm does not communicate with Scanner ?
Problem with the ABS & TCS on a 2006 Pajero can anyone help me?
Can anyone help me troubleshoot my car's brake light problem?
electrical 1993 acura vigor?
Why is my 2003 Chevy Malibu eating coolant/anti-freeze?
How do I go about fitting brake pads on a 1992 Toyota Corolla? Anything unusual I should know?
where can I buy STP TUFF STUFF for car upholstery?
I have 0 brake fluid what is stopping my car? How long will it stop?
Where can i go to get my fuel gauge fixed?
1996 Impala SS help!!!?
how tight do you tighten the rocker arms on a 350 chevy,do they need to be movable by hand?
what does it mean when they say "The carb needs some adjusting,"?
Do I have an exhaust leak or something else? Help!?
does any one know where i could find a 2.2 motor for my 96 sonoma gmc pickup .i broke down lol?
does a 97 toyota tercel have a heater hose?
Engine question?
Can this car go up to 15 to 20 years?
Pennsylvania Residents; what does it mean on the emission sticker when it says 'exempt'??
how many times does a cam shaft turn ,to one full rev of the crankshaft?
How to tell if my blower motor is bad or is it the switch?
1995 Eclipse: What is a TCU?
Whaty are we gonna do if all these gas prices keep going up?
What is a transmission gauge for?
Cracked windshield, what can / should i do?
what coventional coolant that has been used for over 50 years called?
How often do you get your car cleaned? once a week? twice a week? (on average).......?
My car has just overheated a bit and is bubbling, what is the problem with the car?
mini cooling fan?
How do I find a vacuum hose specs diagram for my 1988 Dodge Dakota truck?
Bulb good, brake light works when lights on, but doesn't when braking?
trying to clean the inside of headlights on car?
Where is the fuel pump reset switch on a 1996 Mazda MX-6 M Edition?
Transmission Mounting?
My car won't start. When I turn the key, all I hear is a clicking noise. Any ideas what could be wrong?
It's 90% certain my car-battery's done, but how can I check that it's the battery without paying for a new one?
my car has reached 50,000mi. dealer says its time to change all fluids in car $900. is that the right price?
What do I do? Shady mechanic?
Central locking problem, Kia pregio van? My Kia van central locking is not working, when?
What can I do to protect my car from the sand and desert ?
What happened to my car here?
how do i tin a soldering iron tip?
i need information on parts for a duo therm# 600315.421?
How much is it to replace the oil pan gasket on accord? Help?
Car wouldn't start then RPM spikes?
horse power chip?...?
my landrover dicovery 3.9 engine overheats occasionally with water coming out of the radiater header tank?
Why are my new Brakes Squeaking?
Can a car run on orange juice?
Does having wider tyres and lowering improve the 0-60 time?
Every day I have to put coolant and water in my car?
i need the spark plug gap for a 3.4L 2002 olds alaro?
Problem is with the turbo on a '91 Audi 200 quatro. I've heard one possibility is the electronic controls?
What is the best thing to use to reattatch a rear view mirror?
94 bmw e36. cant find coolant leak. would k&w block seal work?
can not remove transmission from ford ranger 4x4 3.0 engine why. remove all bots will not pull out of engine?
Does a 1ltr engine have a much higher pitch than a 1.6?
I just got this new car and the maintenance is REALLY expensive, so can anyone give me any advice on how to?
My front tires on my car keep wearing on the outside. Why?
Car making loud screeching noise when starting?
whenever it rains my car starts squeling and making noise from under the hood?
where can i find a link or site that shows how to change the rear brakes on a dodge neon?
I smell antifreeze inside my car?
How do I fix a car turn signal lever that doesn't pop back into its original position?
how do a correct a fairly faded paintwork on a car?
My car keeps running hot, I've already replaced the radiator what else could it be?
If one tire on your car has a flat (unrepairable), why should you buy two?
I bought a car and it needs sideview mirrors. can i get them at napa? does it have to make/model specific?
Manuel transmission Questions?
looking for body parts for 70-72 pontiac lemans converable?
why does a v8 engine idle and run alot slower than a v6?
What type of sandpaper should I use to sand my 15 inch rims that I already spray painted before?
Should I be able to go off roading in my truck?
I recieved an answer a while ago about my car keys being lost can somebody tell me what is V.I.N.?
brought a car few weeks ago and it wouldn't start today,need help?
Body repair on 2000 Honda Civic?
how do i set cam timing on a 2001 model xr100r honda dirt bike, during a big bore kit install. timing marks?
I cant bleed the cooling system in my 03 BMW 325i and overheating.?
Is the mechanic charging me too much?
Oil change on 93 Jeep Grand Cherokee used 5W30 instead of 10W30.?
brake fluid boiling?
Is my transmission going bad?
Manual Transmission Problem...?
New brake pads and rotors installed have a question?
where exactly is the low side port freon refill on a 1995 jeep grand cherokke?
Clicking when accelerating?
how do i tint my car windows?
00-05 eclipse front bumper fitment?
where to buy car interior fabric in ireland?
I open my radiator cap while it was hot (while car was off) poured water into and water flew out of it,?
where is my coolant temp sencer on a 2000 for ecpedition 4.6?
what is the plug just above and to the right of the oil plug in a 2001 chevy blazer for?
Can someone tell me what they know about glyptal?
2010 white Focus has small rust colored dots.?
light bulb burned out and my cousin is freaking out?
Why does my car shudder when i go fast or break?
Who is the better auto maker, Chevy, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, Toyota or Buick?
1979 AMC rebuilding?
What metal should i use to weld my truck frame?
97 Chevy Blazer engine cuts off when the radio is turned on?
Should I replace a slightly damaged piston?
How do you get the "check engine" light on a 1998 Honda Civic DX to shut off?
My 99 s10 is running hot?
how can I make my car louder?? Please help!?
How do I know what needs to be replaced when the airbags in my 2003 Mazda Protege go off?
If the a/c in my car have low pressure ok but high pressure jumps from 250 to 350,is there anything wrong???
how do you replace sturt bushing on a ford taruis?
Question about Flat Tyre?
my gas tank is acting like its full but its not what do I do?
How do I clean the inside ceiling of my convertable.?
What is wrong with my car?
My car brake feels very light?
how come my temperature dial in my car doesn't work?
1988 Honda Civic overheating?
How can you tell if your car has covers or rims?
Has anyone ever replaced a front wheel bearing assembly on a 2001 Chevy Venture?
how much would it cost to change a manuel to a auto?
my piaggio typhoon has a weak spark and wont start when it is cold?
My 1999 automatic Mazda 626 transmission won't shift. Do I need a new transmission?
Knocking noise from my car?
Switching from Regular to Premium?
location of air bag sensor chevrolet truck?
Why won't my car start?
What happens if you don't change your oil in your car?
1962 Oldsmobile Cutlass tranny?
where do I find the thermastat on a 1995 chevy tahoe??
Can i change out my 99 tahoe246 transfer case with a 99 tahoe 236 t-case?
how can i get my engine light to go off on my 2005 scion xb?
Driving 80 mph and car stalls out, won't restart?
Removal of Upper intake manifold 2004 Nissan Quest?
My car broke down! Please help?
What is the refrigerant capacity of the ac on a 96 Chevy K1500 4.3 eng?
replace release bearing on 2003 dodge 3500 4x4?
Help! Starter on my 1990 4 cylinder 2.3 liter Ranger not turning over. Ideas?
How much should I expect to pay for a VW Beetle clutch replacement (year 2000)?
What is Turtle Wax?
Recommend a good motor oil for my new Civic?
What is rpm?
Should my Clutch be fixed for free?(covered by warranty?)?
what makes shifter karts so fast?
How high do you think the price per gallon of gas will go?
Where are the fuel filters on a diesel Ford Ranger engine 2.9 liters [ mazda]?
How do you level up as a auto mechanic?
I'm trying to figure out how to french license plates and shave door handles please help?
i am looking to get into auto repair.but the engine is changeing..should i still make this career change.?????
leaky hose in honda accord. where to get replaced and how much?
My step-father says, keep tires 10-20lbs under-inflated?
When a diesel engine is emission tested which pollutant is being measured?
can a remote starter be added to my existing car alarm?
how do you change the axle of a 1992 honda accord manuel transmission?
what type of engine oil do i use for my car?
car keeps giving out and shakin?
Car makes hissing noise? Fuel Pump?
whats wrong with my truck?
my centrel locking is not working from the drivers door when i put my key in it wont turn but works fine from?
My car is doing this weird thing - just before Xmas - what could it be?
When your engine is knocking whats wrong?
What is a good way to clean the inside of a copper radiator?
When washing car is it best to use plain water or water and fairy liquid?
please help, my vehicle does not want to start up.?
my car is squeaking at around 40mph?
How would you handle this situation?
syntek fuel treatment anyone seen or used it?
My 99 Chevy Cavalier takes a long time to start when it's over 80 degrees outside - can I fix this?
car mechanic did not put oil in my car?
How do I disconnect the anti theft system on my 97 chevy malibu?
How do you replace rear driver's side window lift motor on 2006 Nissan Pathfinder?
I hit a car in a parking lot...?
I'm careful to frequently oil my brake shoes, yet my brakes always seem to barely work. What am I doing wrong?
For quality and least costly repairs down the road, what should I buy, an Audi A6 or Infiniti M45?
How hard is it to replace a water pump on a 1980 Saab car?
Can I use water instead of engine coolant during the summer?
starter wont work 2000 ford ranger 2wd 2.5l?
I have a friend and and when she drives her car for a while and then turns it off it smells like something is?
What the heck is it??
Rust on the bottom of my car is causing a piece to fall off?
what is the average cost to fix leaking oil?
car mechanics only!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Truck juttering? what could it be?
1991 suzuki swift lights wont not turn on plus the handled just spins help!!!!?
Car Leather Kits?
Check engine light problem.?
Can someone tell me whats going on with my jeep?
where is the pwr steering fluid container in 98 buick lesabre?
my boat trailer lights do not work,please help?
I blew a tire in driver's ed, do I have to pay for it?
Buying a car battery from Faslube, good idea or not?
my gio 200cc atv won't start it gets no spark help me ?
Where do you go to tune your car?, (increasing ponys and torque)?
what could cause wearing on the inside wall of tires?
My check engine light is always on, is it my truck or just a bad light?
1997 Ford Explorer XLT?
I have changed my fuel filter, and my fuel pump recently.?
after putting my transmission pan back the gasket is in the way of 2 bolt holes?
Coil Spring compressor - safest way to use them?
can someone hotwire and steal my ion redline if I leave it unlocked?
How much gas left when "low fuel" light goes on....?
What causes a wheel bearing to go out twice?
When it comes to cars, what is the difference between a suspension and shock? What do they both do?
Best muffler to produce a deep, aggressive tone?
How much do you think it would cost to get a corner panel replaced on a 1980 chevy malibu?
Daughter put petrol in Diesel tank?
retractable head lights stay open, on 1983 Honda Prelude?
i'm looking for a website for a company called sun equipment that was bought out by Snap-On tools?
chevy 700r4 transmission?
heel and toe downshift : )?
will cops pull me over for a ed winshield?
Can you check to see where your radiator is leaking from after you remove it from the car?
How bad is it to drive 90 miles per hour with your parking brake on?
Atuo to manual transmision converstion 92 camaro?
Where can I purchase new lug nuts for my car?
I have filled coolent in engine instead of rediator. What damage to engine will happen?
Car VIbrating when I get up to 50mph.?
How to change leaking radiator hose line?
Steering wheel vibrates when exceed 55 mph (100 kms). Why?
what is wrong when both power ports quit working. 2004 Camry?
How much gas is left in the tank after my gas light comes on?
My headlight is a little dim, where do I fill it up with fluid?
I need help on figuring out the squeak/squeal on my car!?
how to install a water pump on 1992 sunbird?
What color would look best on my 2000 Trans am ?
need help with my shake in my car?
what would cause brakes to go down to floor before stopping?
Does anyone know the model # for the stock carburator on a Ford 302?
1995 4 runner no spark?
Spark Plug won't budge; how to remove?
Seat Alhambra Rear suspension bushes?
will my 1989 olds ninety eight set an engine fault code if i gut out my catalytic con.?
MECHANICS! Which one should I keep?
How much is gasoline per gallon where you are?..just wondering.....?
Ok what could this be? 10 points.?
'04 RAM 1500 SLT QUAD CAB 4X4 (gas) Electronic Transfer Case problem ... Please Help!?
dealership over filled engine it bad...need help!!!!?
Totaled car question?
Whats wrong with my breaks?
How do replace a saturn wiper motor and where is it located?
how can you tell if a clutch is going bad?
car trouble please help?
i got a 92 chevy s10 the alternator get real hot?
What does the Variable Valve Timing system do?
the rod bearings on my car?
2002 cadillac dts starts up then cut off on me unless i can keep giving it gas?
HELP!!!!!!!! I accidently drove my car with no oil!?
What is the connection between the starter and the pistons?
Why does car shake so much idle?
How much could you junk an Isuzu pickup for?
My car is making a slight humming noise.?
my car pulls to the left when i brake suddenly.what does this mean?
where is the motor oil drain plug located on a Ford Focus zx4 2006?
how do you put a rearview mirror back on?
Needing help with putting a tool box in my truck?
I drove an SUV in 4 wheel drive low accidentally on freeway. I could not disengage it. Will this damage car?
i need a diagram on how to set a timing belt and marks on a 1995 mitsubishi galant?
Do I have a bad battery or bad alternator?
How can you tell if a car dealership is scamming you?
Can u remove the fog lights?
Gasket making flutter noise?
why would the dash board go on and off on my 1993 oldsmobile cutlass?
Hi, I am looking for information on automotive brake air compressors. Volume pumped per sec, etc? Thanks?
car not getting a spark?
Can you install a 20 r crank in a 22r block and run 22r parts?
timing on a 3.8 ford 93?
Can a clogged muffler cause my catalytic convetor to go out?
Why does my car sound like a 2-stroke dirt bike?
Where can I find a clothes hook for an interior roof grab handle of my Kia Sephia.?
How do you increase the engine idle (rpm) of a 2002 Chevrolet Tahoe truck w/ Vortec V-8, 5.3L motor?
Slight clicking in car air vent?
nearest M.O.T. Testing station to take a 3 wheeled vw trike. to TS12 3ED.?
My 2001 truck has had nothing but synthetic oil. It accidentally has had regular oil put in it at recnet oil o?
My L reg Clio is making squealing noises when pulling away, any advise??
What would make a Kia Rio shake and shudder and engine light come on?
How to replace fog light on 2002 Hyundai Santa Fe?
What does it mean when someone says "stage 3 turbo" or "stage 2 clutch" when talking about car parts?
Heavy Vibration When Braking At High Speed?
Why is my Pontiac 2000 grand pre is overheating?
Whats the best way to clean the inside of my car windscreen?
i have a 97 chevy corisica do you know what wires go to the solenoid?
Question about my new car?
My car broke down. The engine starts and runs for a couple seconds, then it dies. What could be the problem.
How do you adjust the ride height?...?
where can i go to ask people on the net a mechanical question about my car?
My car won't start please help...?
my car temp gauge suggests the car gets too hot but also stays too hot long after its stopped running...?
how to change price on coin operated washer?
Tail light wont work on Chevy Silverado?
oil leak cant find on 2.3 non-turbo ford. ive asked before but ive been in hospital?
How good is an engine that is 115hp@5500rpm?
this is for a 1993-94 mercury villager?
Got liquid inside compass. VERY URGENT!!?
where is the exact location of the crank sensor on a 99 pontiac grandam gt?
What is bad about a vtech engine?
broken air compressor.?
What does it mean when white smoke comes out of the tail pipe?
What is the easiest way to get a vinyl sticker off of a windshield?
Chevy k1500 oil leak?
How can I remove a really tight bolt?
my car won't start can anyone help?
Where is the starter on a 1993 Saturn SL?
Wheir is the fill/drain hole for gear box oil to go?
Shop fixed one wheel bearing and now says its the other?
Someone answer this!!?
Head Gasket blown???????????
how to install electic choke on edelbrook carb?
My Mustang ABS and Traction light keep flickering, and the radio keeps turning on and off...?
I have an important but very simple question about my Metro air conditioner system. Can't find info.?
2001 Nissan Xterra RPM range?
CV knocking dangerous?
how many bolts do i remove from the heater core from a 94 mercury grand marquis?
will Lucas oil stabilizer help a 1994 ford 4.6L oil burner/smoker?
what is the best thing to stop corrosion on car battery's?
To do list after buying used car?
Can rotors have surface rust after three days?
I have a 1997 chevy cavalier LS with a ed cylinder head gasket. Can it be repaired and what is the cost?
94 f150 shuts off after 10 min running after 5 min will run for 10 shuts off replaced fuel filter and computer?
Where can I find online parts for a Honda Zook?
Mode of transmission of kwashirkoh?
How can i lenghten a input shaft on golf cart axle?
how do I remove melted crayon from car seat velour?
How do I get engine grease off my hands?
How long should a car battery last?
I think i have finally lost the only key to my car. How much roughly to get new keys etc?
why would the check engine light in my 1989 Toyaota Celica come on?
cannot start my 1993 ford ranger-have tried the clutch/interlock-it seems ok.?
What is the particle size of the additives in motor oil?
What should I buy to to raise my car's suspension to a normal height?
Felt like a flat tire.. but wan't?
My instrument and head lights have stopped workin...?
12 Volt Portable A/C?
What is wrong with my car - it revs when the ac is on?
Help with a ticking lifter?
Which gear shift is easier to use?
What is a front to rear triangular Brake split?
how are scratches and abrasions on aluminum wheels repaired?
How can I raise $$ to fix a friend's van. He is paraplegic and needs a wheelchair lift among other things.
Patch or Replace the hood on my car?? Auto body question?
Should I replace my engine or get a new car?
where can I find free online automotive wiring diagrams?
what could i do to add more power to my vehicle?
How expensive is it to lower a truck?
how do you clean the headliner in your car, especially if previous owner was a amoker?
Alternator or belt whistle?
free car history reports on the web everyone i went to was costly?
Coollant Flushing "Restriction" :S?
where is the fuel vapor canister on a 1997 grand prix gt?
How do you set the timing chain on a 1994 suzuki quadrunner 4wd?
I jumped my car and now even with a new battery it won't crank?
I want to fix my car, but it would cost double what its worth... advice please?
What is an MPFI Engine and why should we not apply throttle while starting the engine?
Is an older Honda worth buying?
My chek engine light went on in my 2004 toyota corolla ce...theres about 13,700 miles on it...what is the prob
Car rattles when in drive and brake pressed?
Does the Gasoline Pill really work?
will an engine and transmission out of a 99 hyundai elantra fit in a 96 hyundai accent?
how do you replace the front end lower control arm on a 1998 infiniti i30?
How much would it cost to restore a 1988 GMC Sierra2500?
1988 chevy silverado 3500 transmission jump?
what happens if your driving and a cam belt goes in a vauxhall vectra?
my car is making noises?
max tire size on an 86 ford ranger 4-wheel drive?
Flux core wire welder not welding?
wiring harness for a v8 s10?
Are auto mechanics required by law to check front and back breaks?
Cars That Do Not Have Spares?
2001 toyota sienna feels like it looses power after 55 mph?
Hi Can any one tell me where the temperature sending unit is on a 1986 Jackaroo (petrol)?
Squeeky Breaks?
how far can u drive without a alternator belt?
Will ethonol gas hurt the fuel system of a 1975 350cu Gm engine?
why is my steering hard?
how hard is it to change a rear wheel bearing?
I think I have a bad fuel pump on my motorcycle how can I Do a diagnostic check to make sure?
I have a 1997 nissain maxima?
How to install a 700r transmission in a 70 chevrolet truck?
i have a 89 honda accord se-i?
My car engine is cutting out when I slow down, like stalling, but I have an automatic, why is this hapening?
Saturn issues?
Can a wheel fall off a car..............?
I've checked fuel pump and changed fuel filter. It's turning over but won't start. What could it be?
Are Ball Joints universal?
Can I syphon the petrol out of my car?
what wheels interchange with 1988 isuzu pick up?
Car problems. Is it the ignition?
Fixing rear view mirror to car windscreen - what glue ?
Service Engine Soon light in 91 Corvette?
where to get after market parts for 1991isuzu pick up truck?
where can i find a 301 engine for my car?
which one is better honda 1.8 sohc vtech or toyota altis 1.8 vvti, in Pakistan ?
Is there someone with automotive body repair experience that will look at this picture?
My car won't go in drive or reverse?
Whats wrong with my car? It won't start!?
How much would it cost to repair a 1990 integra gs transmission?
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