yamaha phazer piston sizing?
I have a 1977 corvette that has been sitting 2 years. I can't get it stated.?
Will putting a FWD car in reverse while going 20mph break it?
if the timing belt goes will the engine need to be replaced?
How do i know My motor blew?
oil weight for a 68 charger w/ a 440?
How much would it cost to get a blown head gasket repaired for a 2001 ford focus ?
Do auto repair shops fix slashed sidewalls on tires.?
Why won't my tranny downshift to passing gear?
Could there be other problems than the ignition lock cylinder?
What does the carborator do, in a car?
how to flush a engine after water got in the oil?
1994 Chev Lamina Van Electronics problem?
What could maintenance required mean? I've already done a tune up, changed oil and filters? For '92 dakota.
Silverado 2500, Vortec 6000 V8 MPG ? Need info from owners?
what does it mean when the ac of a car needs to be charged?
My Truck won't turn off?
If my car can hit 0-60 mph at 12 seconds, what is my horsepower?
can letting the air out of a tire, set off a car alarm?
i want get a machine that ll enable me write on my truck tires to avoid theft?
The brakes on my car are not even a year old. They seem to squeak almost every time i hit them. why is that?
what position should the exhaust cam and compression cam be set at on a 1995 ford contour 2.0 litre engine?
4-point harness mounting?
what would help get tar spots & marks off the alloys of my car - is there an everyday item around the house?
How to peel off my car decal?
Is undercoating a good decision as sound deadener for 2006 Honda Civic?
Y does my car shake when not acelerating in park.?
My right turn signal is not working... :(?
Car Smells?
how do you use a car cigarette lighter to light a cigarette?
what oil filter for a 95 honda shadow VLX Deluxe 600?
Ford Ranger blender door?
Help me fix my 2002 mitsubish oz rally please?
Cadillac Deville right blinker is driving me crazy PLEASE help?
I have a 2001 Lincoln Navigator and every morning my battery is dead.?
91 Celica 2.2 liter, is this an interference engine?
What's wrong with the gas gauge when it goes down when the car is off?
Can you tell me how to put a tether anchor on my 99 Nissan Sentra? Or where I can find a diagram??
Can I put regular or super unleaded into my 1995 3000 GT SL Which says it requires Premium?
Do I need to upgrade the suspension on a '94 Camaro when swapping from 6-cyl to 8-cyl?
Metal scraping noise coming from brakes!?
Why does my car not go when its in drive and I step on the gas?
clutch repair. I took my clutch cable loose to replace it but now the clutch won't engage.?
How much would it cost to get reverse fixed on a 1994 ranger, automatic?
how do i set my two wheel drive truck up for mud bogging?
My 94 Firebird (5.7) is leaking coolant that is dripping down by the front passenger tire. Please help !!!?
have 92 jeep cherokee...?
how do i take off the doors on a vn commodore i need to replace the drivers side front and back door?
how to change power steering fuel?
are old cars like '70s or 60s.. worth it?
Rear Wheel Bearing HELP!!!?
How long do I have until I REALLY need to change my oil?
When you get an alignment for your vehicle, do they take the wheels off?
Ok I have a 94 acura Ls and when I go fast smoke comes out by the headers under the cover & I hav a lil oil le?
what does it mean when a mark vii gto-700 goes in from home on the drying cycle then back and forward?
What is causing my car to vibrate?
How can I convert a 4 bulb headlight wiring harness to a 2?
Where is the VSS on a 2002 Navigator?
i have a grand espace 2.2dci the race,since i put a new battery on the car my radio and speedo doesnt work,can?
how do i change the headlight on a 2005 pont. grand prix?
Any way to improve your gas milage?
What does it mean when the ABS light comes on?
How to replace the shifter nob on a 04 saturn ion?
How much compression should a d15b in a 2000 civic have?
Can i put air bags under my truck?
i've got the gutts to be in the army and i want to do mechanic i love working on cars?
My car is having trouble stopping, my brakes are new what could be the problem?
Instruction manual SAME Explorer II?
Why does my car need a muffler?
my 2002 Escape won't idle sometimes?
My 1993 Chevy K1500 turns over but does not start.?
HELP? is it possible to open the car bonnet when it closed?
how many degrees of freedom are there in a suspension system?
What Are The Best Ways To Save on Gas? (Car) 10 Points?
how much notice do you have to give before a mechanic can sell a vehicle that had work done on it?
Does torque just help your cars quickness and horsepower helps its speed?
Why doesn't my fuel tank shrink?
what is causing my 1983 range rover v8 starter motor not to energize when the engine is hot?
My car battery is flat after 2 hours every time. I charge it and it goes flat. The battery is fine.?
How to fix this on my car?
i want to hook up a 3 pronge toggle switch can i hook the acc pronge to a fuse in the fusebox?
how can i get a simple list of shops in oc that will paint my car for cheap?
Will a car with a ed windscreen pass a M.O.T ?
Just had front wheel alignment, now tires are very loud? Help?
will my garage door opener light go off automatically after a few minutes or something ?
i have a 99 honda civic, looking to paint the interior of my car. does any1 know a good shop?
Suspension is very Bouncy, 1981 Benz 300TD.?
How do I remove the rear seat backrest in a 1973 VW Beetle?
Is it bad to change gears in a car when the clutch is not down and the car is not moving?
what color is power steering fluid?
will a 1986 oldsmobile car motor work in a 1989 oldsmobile car?
I just put a new clutch in and it is moving when i try to start it?
my car is overheating and i can see water that drips above my transmission.?
how to change struts 1997 toyota rav4?
FRONT STRUTS ( 1998 Cadillac 125,000 miles)?
I have a wheel horse mower and its getting juice but not running. It started at first and then it back fired.?
what type of oil do you use for a Lincoln 2000 LS?
how do you change an oil pump on a 98 toyota camry v6 3.0?
1999 mitsubishi eclipse overflow tank overflows?
Air Conditioner Repair?
Can a really long pipe act as a muffler?
what wong with my cars transmission?
honda civic exhaust acting weird?
Why is m gas mileage slightly worse?
Serious problem with my car?
why is my 1989 s10 2.8 blazer bucking/loss of power?
what are possible causes and fixes of rubbing and squeaky bed noises from the front end of a 66 chevy?
I need a little advice with my pug 106 car heater?
car problem??
Does the sway bar link have anything to do with my car pulling when I stop and go?
i have a 91 buick regal custom,whats the name of the rearend part that resembles a single leafspring.?
Can anyone give Step-by-Step process of installing a after-market muffler myself?
2003 chevy avalanche transmission?
My car won't start. When I turn the key, all I hear is a clicking noise. Any ideas what could be wrong?
Why does water accumulate in the back seat (drivers side) of my 2004 Honda Accord?
I have VW golf from 2002 and for the past few days I found a lot of water on the driver's side of the car ,
2002 mazda millenia motor knock?
Urgent:Can anyone help me figure out what the problem is with my Chevrolet? Even dealership didn't know?
how can i divert the hot air from my car exhaust in to the car for extra heat?
does anyone know how to get a fusty smell out of the car it has been valeted but smell still there.?
How do I remove an alternator from a 1997 Dodge Ram?
1982 buick regal battery keeps draining?
How do you turn off the seat belt reminder system in a 2004 ford mondeo?
I have a 1986 Chevy Monte Carlo that has low fuel pressure. What could be causing it?
What exhaust would sound best?
what is torque exactly how does is effct horse power?
What are the Long term ill effects of not changing the engine oil in a car frequently ?
i have a 93 subaru with a 2.2, just changed the timing belt, fuel pump and still will not start,?
300DT 1983 Mercedes Deisel (fuel injection)?
How would I fix a stuck tensioner for the alternator belt?
Is my car gonna blow up?
help. have put petrol in diesal engine. is my car dead?
Is it the Kia Sephia 95 exactly the same as the Toyota Corolla 95 or what the differences are?
where can i find a fuse layout for a 1999 honda civic si.?
How difficult is it to install A/C system in car purchased w/o A/C?
Car door pinching fender?
how do mechanic shops or body shops straighten out or lift up bent/pushed down rear bumpers?
Sears service - internal engine cleaning and fuel system cleaning?
Will a missing thermostat build pressure and blow ur radiator?
What colour is my car (officially)?
Clutch repairs - Should the clutch Cable be done at the same time?
estimate on how much it will cost to repair my car?
Car idles rough and shuts off in Park?
Is it possible to install a different engine into a car?
Website of Oil & Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA)in Pakistan?
i need to fing out how to set the timeing on my 1981 datsun 510 wagon?
Mercedes A140 engine light on after battery disconnect!?
Should I use brake fluid in a hydroboost system master cylinder?
I left the oil cap off, how many days can i go without having it cleaned?
What type of chemical does one use to clean up car battery acid ?
What is the clicking noise just before my car start?
Ideal rpm for an Automotive alternator to spin at for maximum efficiency?
My car Horn stops goes dead on its own while driving & resumes beeping after some time .What can be reason.?
2006 explorer, rear windshield washer fluid showing up in head liner not on rear window. any advice?
is it possible to buy a car that can tell you when your tyres need air?
my 87 ford f150. gas gauge stays past full even when empty whats wrong..?
Engin engine gets extremely an and shut dow wohile whil idli?
How can i stop my ford focus fan belt squealing?
How can I take a broken key out of the ignition? Does a Key really need the code or can it work without one.?
Hyundai, 03, Sonata, 4 cyl; stutter & hesitation?
Is a Muffler needed for a safety?
Driving without radiator fluid...?
does putting PEPPER really seal a coolant system leak?
how do i tighten tierods?
Problems with my car! HELP?
My car doesn't start but when I turn the key it clicks once then nothing but the radio works whats wrong?
What is the function of the choke? Locate the intake and the exhaust valves. Which one is which?
Car wont start makes clicking noise?
symptoms of bad o2 sensor?
i am looking for info on sacin scooters?
I have a 1998 Jeep Cherokee Sport. It's key remote needs a new battery. Which one does it need?
how to program a 1999 ford windstar key?
my car is making a loud rattling noise in engine near were oil goes oil in-any ideas what is it?
How Can I Check My Car For Sludge Build-Up?
is changing the whole house brake will eliminate the sound like touching together old brake pad?
Whats wrong with my truck?
my battery keeps on dieing?
Reason Car Starts idles then Dies?
my cars keeps over heating its drinking water like its out of fashion and i think theres oil in the radiator?
What can i do to get more horsepower out of my truck?
Car indicator needles acting wacky?
Alternator belt too loose?
Can I clean, restore, or renew my car's catalytic converter?
What does it look like when the head gasket leaks antifreeze?
How often to change oil in a SUV?
Did I do any damage to my truck?
ford running lean?
Anybody know where I can find a temp. sensor gauge part #TS475 for my truck?
what would cause pcv valve on a mustang to blow oil out?
Are my piston rings bad? or valve seals?
1990 Acura Legend, gas in oil, power steering fluid running out and water reservoir running out. WHY?
How can you stop rumbling wheel bearings?
do ALL cars have front and back breaks???
Can someone sue if you sold them a used vehicle?
Someone keeps stealing my gas?
How much does it cost for a mechanic to fix automatic locks that aren't working properly?
what is csl?
What air compressor size should i go for?
if an alternator runs at a set speed will it run an inverter?
how much to install a oil pressure gauge?
I have a Pioneer radio/cd player in my truck and cant set the!!!!!?
What is the rattling noise underneath my car when it's in drive with the brake on?
Rebuilt Transmission Cost And Services?
I have a tick sound near the top of my engine?
How much should a tune up for a ford be? I feel like I'm paying alot for plugs, wires and distributitor cap.
Why did I blow a fuse when putting new taillights on my Scion Xb?
I replaced the serpentine belt on my 1992 k2500 now the tensioner seems to tight?
What would happen if you shut your car off while driving and shift into park while still moving?
Is it bad to drive in 4wdH at 70mph?
Husqvarna tc 250 2006 blowing blue smoke and oil coming out of the exhaust what does this mean?
what is automotive scan code p1299 mean for 2001 ford f350?
Car will not start, full battery, just clicks when trying to start it, help!?
Ignition is making clicking noise what could it be?
Whats a stroker engine and where can i buy one?
The bracket that the hand brake bolts onto is let go on the right side. the spot welds have broke.?
I have a 92 GMC Yukon that after it warms up, it blows out 1-2 qts of oil from the filler cap. And then smokes
What can i do to fix my car?
does anyone know a reputable company that offers extended warrenties on cars?
Can I hold The fire department responsible for scratching the door of my car whilst getting my keys?
Car just got a new alternator, but now it's bad again.?
1989 Toyoda pick-up on the alternater how many wires go to the positive post?
Where is the fuel pumpshut off switch located on a 1990 lincoln towncar?
Wheel shakes when I break at high speed, the car trembles?
Turn signals dont work: 92 Oldsmobile 88?
I just replaced a clutch in a 96 ford F150 and the engine wont start.?
how good are my tires?
Once your truck starts rusting underneath & around engine?
the origin of SAE, the year. The one quart per 1000 miles standard and the engine used to determine this?
Do I need the splash shield behind the brake rotor?
can water cause a car to break down?
Why does my battery keep dying on my 95 Ford Contour?
renault clio electrical problems ?
When painting a car are the door handles, door lock, trunk lock taken off and put back on?
How much should replacing a bumper cover on a 2001 toyota highlander be?
air bag light stays on 2002 buick rendezvous?
2003 Ford Focus idling is rough, then car shuts off?? PLEASE HELP!?
I noticed my 2004 Cadillac Cts is leaking oil. Is that serious?
Need an O/2 sensor for my ford Aspire?
Car losing oil, no smoke no leaks, and engine randomly dying?
Air blows, but still no heat or AC??????
heater blowing cold air?
my car blows bluey-white smoke and smells like burning oil. what is the problem?
a ford focus estate handbrake cable?
Honda HS928TA Snowthrower electrical question?
Mazda3 Vibrating and Shaking?
Why does my engine burn a quart a week but not have blue smoke comming from tail pipe, also no leaks?
I was hit & run'd... what can I do? (*see details)?
where is the knock sensor located on a 2005 dodge neon sxt special addition?
why does my landrover car have trouble turning on after i have used it and let it sit for a while?
How much would tires be for these wheels, they're 15" x 6.5 w/ a 38mm offset (link inside)?
6.5 turbo diesel trouble?
Will 10w40 oil hurt my car?
i need a 1990 nissan 300 zx headlight can you help ?
where is the sidewall on a tire located?
diagram for installation of a honda accord ignitor?
Im rebuilding aq 1991 buick regal and I need a schematic of the brake lines under the car?
how do I reset the stereo on a 1997 Volkswagen beetle after I change the battery?
How do i know when an handbrake is not working well&is it possible for a car to still move after brake is up?
any one please send me information on getting wiring diagram for honda elite?
What makes a better fist project car, vw karmann ghia or datsun 240z?
1995 Olds Silhouette wiper pulse board?
tried to remove coolant cap, top of cap became separated from screw part, and rest stuck. How do I get it out?
What's in your tool box?
Car Tuning Company, unfair bill and ridiculous time frame.?
How do I replace my leaf spring shackle bushings?
how do i install a exhaust?
i had my car serviced last friday, and i was told my head gasket had gone..?
i gave a jump start to a lexus but i dont know why my check engine light came on?
why does my automatic car switch to neutral when i stop abruptly?
Transmission Fluid question?
Car shuts off while being jumped...?
recharge a/c on 1989 300e mercedes benz?
What is the knocking noise from front wheel when turning both left & right?
need owners manual for 1983 ford jamboree?
do i have to drain the radiator if i want to top up coolant in a 2005 uk ford focus?
where is the fuel vapor canister on a 1997 grand prix gt?
when a car is supposed to use coolant is it bad to use water for a few days til my service?
Does Cruise Control burn more gas than if it weren't on Cruise?
should i buy an american or foreign car?
I have a 2002 buick century. My gas pedal is hard and my engine sound like is lagging like is being forced?
What is the biggest engine that will fit into an 1989 Dodge Ram 50 with little or no modifications?
car battery connection?
i tore the cable to the battery terminal on my car, can i just?
why my car does not start after rain with high humidity?
Brake Line car Problems?
Does any one knows how to fix fuel tank meter?
how often do you change a transmission filter?
blowed head gasket on a 1999 chevy venture mini van?
Why does my mechanic tell me to not make the switch to synthetic motor oil?
Improve gas mileage on classic car?
how does braking in a car waste fuel?
what discount will i get of a toolchest at hallfords with my trade card?
can i put 5x114 on a 5x115?
One light on my garage sensor is green and the other is an orange color. Is that right?
diagrams kubota tractors?
Why wont the car start?
what is the most likely cause of a po131 and p0172 OBD II codes?
How does remote start work for ac/heater?
Is there a difference in front and rear wheel bearings?
whats the price of self start motor for bullet?
What does a velocity stack do in a car?
On my 1998 Olds Silhouette, my rear signal lights are very weak, you can hardly see them. What is wrong?
Should Craftsman tools change their name to 'Snap It'?
Do you get better gas milage by keeping your gas tank full or is my gas gauge just broken?
how does relays work?
How to store my F250 power stroke?
opinions on putting turbo into a tiptronic car ?
How many miles can you travel before needing new brakes?
how do i change a lock on a snap on toolbox?
What is the worst thing that could happen if...(Auto Mechanics)?
Car saftey concerns...why does this happen?
BMW problem?
response for smog check...somebody help me pls!!!?
Strange steering wheel vibration on 06 honda civic?
where can i get a diagram to replace a serpentine belt in a 2001 mazda tribute?
Front right clunk, worse after just changing a rotor?
How come?!?
how much it would cost 2 have a chevy dealer change a oxgen sensor on a 1996 chevy blazer?
What would make the check engine light come on and make the engine misfire?( possible sputter not sure)?
1999 Merc. Mountaineer thermostat location?
Does this sound like a battery or alternator?
Why does my car have bad gas mileage?
factory warranty covers?
Tinted Windows in California?
I need info on parts for 1929 chevrolet coupe sedan?
Does anyone have a Mazda RX8 and having trouble with it not starting?
my car won't start does this mean i have a burned clutch?
Would you prefer to add Marvel Mystery Oil or SeaFoam to Gas, if not Oil?
The clutch does not engage in my ford windstar?
Does anyone know any good books or sites where you can learn about cars?
my car just stopped on my way to work?
My alarm goes off for no reason even when it's not locked!?
where can i find parts for a 1958 plyomoth custom suburban?
10 points...What s the daily maintainence of maruti swift diesel...?
Why are FRAM oil filters bad?
Is my solenoid bad or is there a short in my truck?
Do I need to change antifreeze if car hasnt been driven?
would adding a cold air intake and exaust system make my car faster?
how do u confuse a woman put a windscreen in front of her?
10 passenger limo for 10 people....?
How do i pop the clutch on my quad?
Where to get a flux capacitor for my De Lorean?
location of thermostat 97 saturn?
what is the most miles you have ever seen on an automobile?
What is a good name for a speed shop?
I bought 2 new altenators in this week, they get going out within 24 hour after I get them. Why? (84 caprice)?
Car wouldn't start. 10 points to person who diagnoses the solution correctly.?
How do you clean your fuel injectors in a toyato camry? i failed my emission test at inspection?
how do I get into my 1992 buick without the keys?
where can i get a reconditioned engine from for a vauxhall frontera? preferably round and about the midlands?
Volvo 940 Estate Auto. Overdrive, 4th gear will not engage.?
Run engine without coolant to move it?
How can you destroy a car in 5 minutes?
What is a push pin tool?
programs for check engine and for car parts?
Where is the kia Sephia Idle Air Control Valve? ?
sluggish when starting. have to apply gas?
best quiet muffler for a 1998 Toyota 4runner?
How do body shops get rid of small dents and dings out that a dent puller is too big to get out??
Oil pressure drops at stop light?
DIY Mechanic need advice.?
My acura integra wont work all that well?
How do I replace the horn switches on a 1993 Buick Lesabre? They seem to be held in by the air bag bracket.?
I have just been in a strange car accident. Help?
what do i need to replace in my car if the back tires are facing inwards and quickly balding the tires?
f450 running light problem?
Can I take my car back to the car lot that I bought it from and have them fix the check engine light?
how do u change a auto transmission for a 1997 dodge stratus es?
How to fix th400? transmisioun?
How do I completely remove decal/film from windshield?
How much for exhaust work on 1996 Ford Crown Victoria?
Why is my 92 Maxima's passenger side front wheel making a weird crunching noise?
How dose a Turbo engine works. In what way it is superior to normal engines?
Car trouble. Yesterday I tried to start my car, well it wouldn't turn over.. it just kept clicking..?
when you buy a new car should all the wheels including th spare be identical?
My car is overheating why.?
My 98 Camry's MPG only 20. What could be the problem?
does bad spark plug cables cause low revs?
can an automatic motor be installed in a manual transmission car??
Can i remove and put on new heater hoses for a 300zx?
I recenlty had my oil changed & they said air filter too, but I seem to get worse gas milage now??????
On the back window of most cars, there are these lines that run across the glass. What is it for?
2 stroke fuel ratio calculations sound right?
Is the maintenance of a mazda miata expensive?
how do I get chewing gum out of Car upholstery?? any ideas?
Cleaning alloy wheels?
How much is a gallon of regular unleaded gas in Alaska?
Is it ok to use normal sockets with cordless impact driver and wrench?
what is the lug nut torque for a 1996 33ft Jayco 5th wheel Trailer?
How do u replace starter on 2002 Oldsmobile silhouette ? And where is it?
where can i customize a 2006 on line?
how would lpg leak from tank in car?
citroen piccaso 2.0 hdi 2002 problem , power fading then comes back?? plz help?
My 1980 chevy truck is leaking gas?
Volkswagen polo engine management light?
plzzz help car.. my speedometer and all guage does not work i was dinkning around with the cars clock and..?
what is maintenance?
Car probelms?
When changing engine belt on a 2002 ford explorer direction should you push on the tensioner to losen the belt
Walmart Oil change, now my car is leaking and overheating?
Where can i get a 1991 daihatsu mira l200s service/workshop manual?
where can i get replacement car seats for my 1994 silverado?
where is the cooling fan temp. sencer swithc on the engin on a v6 3.1 litter?on a 1997 grand am?
Gas Cap does not click anymore, does it need to be replaced?
How often should I change the shocks on my car?
My car wont start is it because my secrity system 1994 ford expoler?
Front end of 2001 chevrolet impala shaking when brakes are applied?
What could be the problem when the engine coolant leeks.?
what type of cold air intake system can go on a 2004 Chrysler Crossfire?
how do i fix my heater switch?
what is best gas to buy for 1999 saab 9.3 se and what grade should I buy?
How much would it cost to change alternator at tuffy or firestone?
How can I remove a sticker from my car window without leaving scratches?
mercades oil pressure loss?
What's wrong with my oil pressure?
I'm looking for a caravan repair shop in Bordeaux France, can you help?
answering questions?
Where can I find inexpensive chrome rims online for my 2002 Chevy Impala?
Why does my van squeak when I turn?
how do I replace the oil filter housing on my GMC 1991 pickup?
Where is the OBD2 location on a 2007 Honda Element?
i need to know what 1 of the idiot lights meen on dash of my saturn 2002 sl1?
Car will not start! help?
240sx engine wont start after rebuild, am i missing something?
97 acura integra with b20 swap misfire?
What would cause my rotors to overheat so bad to melt the rim to the rotor.?
Interior detail? or Home remedies?
87 olds sierra, was running fine, changed oil, plugs now spits and uses more gas. check engine came on?
my 4 wheeler has blueish smoke comming out of it whats wrong with it?
Transmission problem. My car won't move on drive, but it will start and stay on and it will rev up.?
Can I legally transplant a 4.3 liter motor from a late model Chevy pick-up truck into a 1984 Chevy El Camino?
How do you change a thermostat on a 94 nissan pathfiner?
I have a chrysler neon 2000 automatic. Any tip to save gas? Is it ok to change from D to 1 or 2 while driving?
ideal operating temperature for a pontiac grand am 4 cy. engine?
Dirt Bike Problem Kick Start HELP!!!!?
will heavier oil hurt my car?
Spare ACC wire in fog light kit?
how do you improve mini truck ride quality?
If a leak develops in either the primary or secondary brake system, which valve illuminates the BRAKE warning?
starter replacement for 87 s10 blazer?
my car heater blows out cold air,but the engine temp is normal?
12 volt ground system how does it work.?
If you don't like the colour of the car, can you have it repainted?
2000 Chevy S10 Pick-up 2.2L concern?
heres your chance for customers, whats your labor rates at your shop?
car wont start.........?
Want to replace side view mirror myself?
how big can i go with rims on a 1996 astro van?
Do you need all 4 tires to be the same size and brand on AWD's?
one windshield wiper working on a golf 95?
Will gas prices ever get back down to $2.00 a gallon?
How do I replace the front hub assembly on my 1999 Ford Ranger 4X4 A.B.S 4.0 V6.?
HOW CAN I MAKE MY CAR FASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10 POINTS BEST ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Procedure to set up a compressed natural gas refilling station?
Does over charging your phone really damage your battery?
Octane Number?
Why is my car over heating?
Why does my car's temperature guage keep saying my car's overheating?
When I put my car into park from reverse it makes a kind of grinding noise.?
Geo Metro after car is swich off something is causeing battery to go dead?
What do u guys think of these HID's?
Why do my new breaks squeak when i start running my car?
01 neon tries to start but only back fires?
1997 chevy 1/2 ton 4X4 " Won't start "?
My 2003 dodge ram has a rapid vibration in the front right tire. I've replaced the rotor, and nothing seems to?
toyota camry 2001 solenoid e malfunction, HELP PLEASE?
What's with the misconception about lowered cars?
i have a 97 ford t-bird Lx and idk if its the struts or the shocks ( Tires & Speak Plugs)?
How often should I change my oil?
The cloth that lines the left door panel is falling off of my 2000 VW Beetle. How do I replace it?
What would make my Windshield Wiper Fluid stop?
Leveling a HID headlight - how do you do it?
Have a lamp which runs off small 12v 17amp battery.Battery has a glass 15amp fuse which keeps blowing. Ideas?
93 nissan sentra tranny?
How much would a complete restoration for a 1976 Camaro cost?
where is the oil filter on 04 forenza?
Can you tell me what the 710 does in my motor?
Pushing a car one block?
Does pressing the "doors closed" button prevent the elevator from stopping on unwanted floors and go directly?
is the jeep liberty flat towable?
why does my car suddenly stops?
What could be the problem when the engine coolant leeks.?
What could be causing this?
I want to install some neon lights on my car?
Why does my car shake when going 60 miles per hour?
how do i know if i blew a gasket or ed my block?
Why is my 92 Maxima's passenger side front wheel making a weird crunching noise?
does anyone make a pocket device to convert meteric measure to us measure ?
Steam comes out from hood when I stop the car?
Service engine light came on, turned off, and now off again?
Who makes a reasonably priced, quality, torque wrench ?
where can i find a diagram of a fuse box and relay switches for a 91 volkswagen passat?
how will a car act if it is low on standard transmishion fluid?
I just got my shocks and struts replaced, do I need an alignment?
New Car, Dipstick Wrong Length?
1994 Mazda MX6 having trouble with check engine light coming on and the hold button flashes.?
How to install an electric cooling fan in a 1997 chevy blazer?
which is a better conventional motor oil Castrol GTX or Mobile Super 5000?
Car keeps accelerating.?
where could a oil leak be coming from if the oil on the ground is beneath the bottom of my 95 plymoth neon?
I Have a 2000 Ford F350 7.3 it turns over longer than normal before starting but runs fine after starting?
My car was idling for 3 hours! Will this hurt my car?
Where is the PCV value located on the 1995 Nissan Pathfinder?
Shell Rotella T6 full synthetic 5w-40 or Mobil 1 0w-40 in my 06 infiniti m35x?
How much can I expect to pay for BMW tire?
My car makes a screeching noise when it starts up and then when the AC/heat is turned on. What is it?
Is Dodge truly 1 of the best minivans on the road?
Do I really need to "run in" a new car? And if so, how?
what is the button called that the clutch pushes to start the car?
Does this damage my manual transmission?
1995 Chevy Lumina APV Radiator Valve?
need to know how to hook up van hose on a 95 GMC jimmy?
what does it mean to exhaust the fuel and oil from the carburetor?
Is there or is there not major problems with the 2006 Ford 6.0 diesel motor and torque shift transmission?
What could be the cause of low brake pressure on my car?
Auto Battery Problems! My battery has been being a point where it cant be recharged...?
If my brake pedal does not go all the way to the floor but i still have no brakes, whats wrong with my van?
Briggs And Stratton Engine?
i want buy a rim what color i put black?
Is there a society to complain about mechanics?
where is the vacuum modulator on a chevy 305?
If I wanted to learn everything about cars...?
directions for fixing a truck that I put reg fuel and it is diesel?
is it possible to convert a non-vtec engine to vtec?
how long should it take to change an driveshaft and u joint in on my car ?
which spoiler should i get? (links included)?
2003 Ford Explorer Engine Shaking?
Explain operational principles of air brake system on trucks/busses?
I need some information on brakesand rotors.?
What is the cam timing marks on a 1987 Acrua Intergra with a DOHC?
Do i need a wheel alignment?
my car wont start ad i dnt know why i drive a 1991 dodge dynasty?
how much of an increase will adding bigger fuel injectors on a 97 firebird 3.8l.?
2002 Honda Civic Coupe headlight beam is too high?
where can i get a free on line repair manual for a 2000 Dodge Intrepid 6cil?
Antifreeze spewing underhood, overheating.?
my 86camaro has no power and backfires when you put any stress on the engine need all the help i can get pleas?
I'm looking for a weighted small plastic trash can for the car.?
How do I clean out a gas tank with 10 yr old gas in it?
how can i get 500hp out of a 2005 civic?
how do I get a piece of broken bolt out ?
1998 Chevy Venture chokes when pressing on the gas?
How to recharge a car battery (when it's not dead)?
How do we fit a European rear-light cluster from TYC: we need to fit extra indicator and break cables,but how?
Can i replace tire size 225/60r/17 with 235/65r/17 tires?
I have a 1983 750F Interceptor, starter button is no longer in it. I need a quick replacement.?
why am I getting luke warm heat in my car. there is no smell or film on windshield?
How much would a new door be for a 2002 Pontiac Sunfire?
question a bad harmonic balancer can be loud in the morning when the engine is at idle?
How do I remove old registration from windshield?
What could be causing my car to stall when I try to come to a stop?
1986 mercury sable help please?
Everytime i stop my front brakes sqeak and i hear a ruff sound in the front of my car.what could that sound b?
what causes you vehicle to shake?
97 acura integra with b20 swap misfire?
What need to be taken out a 98 malibu to put a tensioner shoe in?
loud mufflers on 98 gtp?
If you install a new battery inside of a car and the car does not start, what does that mean?
How do you wash a car properly on the outside?
My Car Stopped Running?
I wonder what kind of liquid (detergent) manufactures are using to clean cylinder heads?
question about used BFgoodrich all terrain KO tires?
How to get wall paint off my car?
Question about my truck?
How can I rule out engine failure as opposed to another issue with my car?
How keeping a vehicle indoors over winter is a good idea or not if parking it over the winter?
what kind of oil does my 95 1.8 acura integra gsr use?
Is it bad to switch from neutral to drive in automatic?
could any one help i got a 06 vectra and when you just keep revs at 2000 revs it starts jerking?
dodge durango key fob?
my car don't start because of corroded wire?
what stereo is compatible with a 2001 Nissan Pathfinder and also utilizes the steering wheel controls?
Just got new brakepads, where did the material from the old ones go?
I need to change my front brakes on my 2001 malibu chevy but I need to know how to take off the caliper bolts.
name a typical application where a circuit breaker may be used?
what are causes of losing revers gear in automatic transmission?
My car just failed the emissions test badly at 1 garage but passed at another?
Can missing an oil change make the car run hot?
Weiand intake manifold?
Where is the crankcase on a Buick park ave?
is there any switch to stop fuel delivery to the engine from keeping it from starting?
Car wont,click,click?
Where is the ground wire from the engine located on the firewall on a 92 RS 305?
Repeat Question. 97 Honda civic will not start when car is at operating temp.?
car has tiny leak bottom of radiator leaks only when it cools down and it not over heating?
How much trouble will it be to get this car running?
02 caravan no heat some heat at idle.?
How do you get stickers off a car without damaging the paintwork ?
what does the term "knurl" mean when talking about lug studs?
Where can i buy Head gasket set?
toyota corolla verso automatic, what maintenance does it need oils etc.?
help with car please!! 99 pontiac grand am GT blown gasket or spark plugs?
Why do car mechanics always add on more components to fix in my car?
85 BMW 325e won't start w/new battery & full tank?
Someone pissed in my friend's gas tank and now his car is messed up. HELP.?
The engine light is on but nothing is wrong?
what is a MAP sensor on a 1996 Buick LaSabre, 3.8 litre engine, how much, and how hard to install.?
new tyres installed and brake pads but why was my bonnet up?
How can i Modify a 1979 trans am?
Engine knocking 302 motor?
Replacing Dashboard lights?
How do I change a cylinder head gasket on my Peugeot Expert turbo diesel van ?
Can i turn on my car without any transmission or driveshaft?
Do gas stations have to offer free air to those who ask?
how to rid of Mitsubishi lancer engine knocking sound?
How difficult is it to replace a bike rim?
Help! Can they shut my gas off?
why wont my cavalier start,?
valve adjustments for 1994 toyota picup truck?
Can I be put on a full year probation in north Dakota for intentionaly damaging a part that I painted?
Hi to all, my car will move barkwards when its in D gear, what could the problem, its getting scarery especial?
What makes the rattling noise from the exhaust on a 98' bmw 540?
anyone buying used parts for a bmw?
My car wont start :/?
Electric Supercharger is it good. Will it help a 4cylinder?
can a new owner break a union shop in ohio auto dealership?
What is that click-in noise whenever i make a left or right turn?any ideals??
How do I find a car door with the same colour as my car?
how to swap my leaf springs from the top of my axle to the bottom of my axle?
Is it worth buying a K&N air filter to replace my OEM one?
I need help with my car! Mechanic advice?
Why doesnt my truck turn off properly?
Why isn't my MIG welder working?
should i do repairs on my car or scrap it?
Why is my AB light on in my car?
Jeep Cherokee Limited 1995 Won't Start (security issue?)?
would there be any reason not to have a cars automatic transmission fluid changed?
will a 32/36 DVG 5A weber carburetor work on a 1989 mazda b2200?
Is it possible to jumpstart a diesel with bad glowplugs? The battery is good, the starter is turning the engin?
where can I find a coil spring for a 1999 crown victoria police interceptor for a real cheap price?
volvo s70 power steering fluid?
can someone please help me. i need to figure out how to hook up the radiator fan motor & where to hook it up.?
how to read the yaris car panel?
How much is it to fix a broken axel on an 02 honda civic ex coupe?
MOT Failure - think I've been had?
Why does my 97 jeep with 5.7 motor continuously shift when I barely touch the accelerator, about 200 rpm?
what kind of engine brand is in a holden rodeo 1998 model 2.8 turbo diesel?
I got a91 ford f150 i change the water pump the thermostat fix head gasket set the timing bak?
My car engine sounds hollow, tinny, and weak. And starts slow. How to improve?
there is a strong smell coming in vents inside my astra car no leaks and no spillages anywhere what is causing?
if a car bought has had a problem from day 1 and warranty has run out,are garage still liable?
87 gas to an 89 gas.. what should i expect ?
can a ford capri 3.os run on un-leaded fuel?
check engine light is on but i have a decoder and it is a egr mal so will that effect my emmision test?
Tire size and weight?
tinted back window and back defroster came off?
i cannot get fourth gear in my car but can select all other gears?
Where can i buy a 1/2 or 1/3 fully functional scale v8 engine?
Will a stick broken off in my gas tank hurt it?
Keep tire sizes the same or go with the owner's manual?
Why is there blue smoke coming out of tail pipe?
I changed the oil in my car (for the first time) and when I check the dipstick it doesn't show all the way up?
What does it mean when you have white smoke coming out of your exhaust on your vehicle?
can your car tire get flat when you let it sit in one spot for a couple of days without moving the car?
1994 BMW e32 750il leaking by speed sensor?
I have a 1994 Grand Am, can not find the location for the turn signal flasher unit, signals don't work?
Why wont my Pontiac Grand Prix wont shift when the car is first started?
Differential fluid and squeaking?
I am looking for a new door for the gas tank on my car and i cant find one online or where i live.?
My truck keeps turning off, but when I put it in neutral it cuts back on?
I locked myself in my car what do I do?
diagram of timing chain tensioner on 4.0 ford motor to put it together?
How long does it typically take to replace quarter panels?
parts i need to lift my 1988 chevy caprice - to put on 24'' wheel?
Power steering used in racing car on circuit? ?
is my alternador messed up?
i have a dent in my passenger door the paint is fine how can i safely remove it?
Can both of my fuel injectors be clogged/go bad at the same time?
instrument panel on ford mondeo estate tdi doesnt illuminate what fuse is required?
Do BMW e36 coil overs fit Nissan 200sx s13?
What motor oil should I use in 97 Taurus?
Can a ed windshield really be repaired?
spark plug location on 1999 lincoln towncar?
When should I change my oil?
Can a faulty radiator cause compression to be low on 1 cylinder?
How hard is it to repair a paint chip in a car?
other than the car dealer, what is the best place to go for major abs brake service?
i have a 1978 650 yamaha it dosnt grt spark cranking but gets spark when you stop cranking?
What is the timing belt of a car? How do i know if its good enough, if I'm buying a used car.?
Air conditioning in 2003 Camry not working. The light blinks on the knob.?
Is it really better to take your car back to the dealership for repairs or is a regular mecahnic just fine?
What could be wrong with my 2004 Ford Escape?
Pumped gas in my car. Then 2 mins after leaving gas station, car starts shaking really bad....?
HID KELVIN SCALE! what is the best?
what percentage do you let your oil life get down to before you change it?
Coolant Gauge Not Working On 1997 Honda Del Sol Si?
Can I use 205 70 16 tires on my car?
Why does my car shut down when I stop or when its in Idle?
1998 Dodge Stratus Cold Start?
Constant knocking noise when i drive?
why is that everytime i hit the brake of my car a little hard, the emergency brake light blinks?
Losing coolant. Could really use some help?
Car Trouble: I own a 1994 Toyota Celica GT 2.2, My Check engine light turns on when its warm outside.?
How can i increase the HP of my Camaro 94?
Putting Air In Tires At Gas Stations?
is it really necesary to follow the brake-in recomendations for a new car and why?
How to fix a leaking/ed radiator?
mitsubishi eclipse vs honda accord?
Battery doesn't seem to want to charge?
What kind of primer do I use on aluminum?
What's going on with my car?
Lost my car keys, dont have a spare?
were can i find a 1995 dodge caravan serpentine belt picture diagram i can print?
Can I put a 1970's 413 into a 1980's Dodge truck?
Did Ford have a problem with dual wheels falling off their F350 trucks?
This may seem like a very stupid but could a vibrating load on the roof hurt the engine?
Spark plug wire help!?!?
is there any "how to fix your car" in 3d?
How do you adjust a idle stop solenoid on an 87 ranger?
Rubbing rubber noises happen when I turn my wheels in my car what is it?
pontiac grand prix light saver icon on/ gas cap light?
Does anyone know how to the change the cabin air filter on a 2004 Ford Expedition?
how much will it cost for a zx6r paint job?
help with my Jackaroo?
time goes on?
05 Mazda 3 a/c delayed start time?
instrctions on how to replace a cam sensor in a 94 intrepid?
how diesel engine works?
Diagnosing a drive/start issue with my 2000 4.3V6Chevy Blazer?
Whats a transmission on a car?
how do you change the turning bulbs on a 2001 honda accord?
How to perform a Throttle body alignment/adaptation of a 2008 Toyota Yaris 2NZ FE with DBW?
My car wont start this morning?
Oil pump went bad. What to do?
assimbaly of a 97 ford thunderbird?
How bad is it stalling out a stick shift?
How do I know when it time to change brake rotors?
Why is my car smoking?
my engine locked up becuase a lack of oil what can I do?
why is my car slowing down by itself while going 1-20 mph when i take my foot off the accelerator?
what do i have to do to burn veg oil in my dsl truck?
A 1995 Isuzu Trooper. Should I put a new engine in it ... or put it to rest? (183,000 miles)?
Tossup, Chevy Caprice opinions vs Crown victoria?
Small motor efficiency older Briggs or Tecumseh L-head vrs new overhead valve?
Why does my power steering only work when gas is applied?
HELP 78 chevy van tranny(auto) is dragging after I was told to put Tranzex in to clean it out?
what are o2 sensors? and can it cause damage to my vehicle?
Where can I buy a battery for my car alarm keychain thing?
Car having problems starting?
spock plug wire layout for 1996 s10 pickup 2.2 motor?
my 1997 neon's back right tire is locked up,I even cut the emergency brake but it is still not turning?
2006 Honda Civic Si, 2000-2002 Pontiac Trans Am, or Pontiac GTO?
engine oil capacity in a dodge dakota.?
i have a 1988 chevy caprice classic 305, and it was running parked it and now wont start. any advise?
Information needed fast about a 1984 Oldsmobile98?
bought a car but have found the locking wheel nut is damaged any ideas on how to remove?
1992 mercury marquis ign. wire routing and firing order please.?
Is it the battery or the alternator???
does pepper REALLY stop leaks in vehicle radiators?
Car died, is it battery or alternator?
My car is making a slight humming noise.?
Starter Clicking But will not start?
remove vinyl on my monte or no?
97' Grand Cherokee Transfer Case Question?
Why does my Ford Five Hundred engire rev when I turn on the AC?
How to change oil on my honda wave 100?
There are some acid spots form battery in trunk in my car and are dried. How do I remove acid spots?
Small engine rebuild Tecumseh 12hp.?
I just had a reman. tranny put in my 2000 Venture. It still shifts hard once it warms up. Causes?
How can I install new interior door handles on my 1994 toyota corolla? Also, my lock sticks?
My Car won't start?
How Do you install the pedals in an old (68) Volkswagen Beetle?
How do I keep my car electrics live whilst I change the battery without losing my radio code?
When an adjustable brake pedal position is changed the position of the accelerator pedal changes as well?
what brand of tire is a Z800?
witch ones a better muffler?
car wont pass smoke because of battery?
do audi manual transmissions need transmission fluid?
P0734 Incorrect 4th Gear Ratio. What can i do to fix that?
How many miles should a well cared for petrol engine last?
Car door scratched by pillar in parking?
how much should rear breaks cost for a 2010 Honda Accord?
will an auto tranny from a 94 s10 with a 4.3, fit in a 94 s10 with a 2.2 with auto?
is it a bad idea if i sharpie the scratches on my black car?
A windshield wiper question, for my Northern friends?
My 2004 mondeo has developed a problem.the engine warning light is staying on,glow plug light is flashing?
Surge of weakness, recovers, then engine light comes on?
I'm careful to frequently oil my brake shoes, yet my brakes always seem to barely work. What am I doing wrong?
What size torx is the timing chain guide bolts?
While pouring octane booster into tank do I need to keep the fuel tank full or it can be poured at any point.?
will my car be damaged after putting petrol in a deisel engine?
When to replace the tires on a new Honda Accord?
i have a 92 pontiac grand prix that is overloading it,s self with gas would like to know why?
What car originals that are not wise to change?
i hit a mailbox...someone help me!!!?
Is it possible to connect two electric scooter motors into one scooter?
I'm not a mechanic but I want to replace ball joints on my 1996 GMC. How?
Brake Line "Shut off", how do I do it.?
My temperature Gauge goes all the way hot then bounces back to normal.?
my tranny was making a clunky sound now when I put my car in park it rolls.?
My 1993 f150 keeps stalling?
What is the difference between a 351 Cleveland and a 351 Windsor?
Why does my alternator make noise when i turn the car on and gets loader whenever i turn at low speeds?
Why Is My Engine Overheating?
My Toyota most like has a blown head gasket and I was told that with best case scenario it will cost $2000.?
Can you tell me what the 710 does in my motor?
can you use a marine battery in a car?
How much would this cost ?
so i dropped something in my engine...?
where is the fuse and actuation device located on a Saturn?
What if car is leaking fluid ?
1996 Nissan Pathfinder broken windshield linkage bushing?
Is it a filter really necessary when doing oil change?
How to do i set my engine to tdc?
What is the name of the part by the exhaust manifold?
why wont my truck start?
how can i afford gas guzzler for my first car?
how can you start a car if the starter is shot?
Would my rims look better with center caps or with no caps?
Why is there oil in my radiator?
sometimes my car shocks me?
205/40r17 tires with good mileage?
was that k-fuh?!?!?
What makes a better fist project car, vw karmann ghia or datsun 240z?
What is wrong with my car?
How do i tell if my transmission is going on my car?? I just bought a 97 pontiac grand prix, V6 3.8 engine.?
what can I talk abut public relation department in transmission repair car? I need Answer in scrpit?
2002 Toyota echo question?
I have a question about 2004 Mach 1 and its upgrades...NEED HELP!?
How do you put a serpentine belt on a 1994 dodge spirit?
why does my car shoot out white smoke through the exhaust?
oil pressure sensor working principle?
car is overheating and fan is starting late?
PLEASE!! anyone who can help?
How long would it take a 6 amp battery charger to charge a very low 12 volt battery?
transmission sliping on third?
BMW back right turn signal is not working.Have replaced the bulb. If i move the holder it works & stops again?
Can you clean and reuse oxygen sensors?
my dodge still idle funny?
what is the valve clearance for a Honad civic 1500cc 16 valve?
What happens if you don't replace the tires on your car that are starting to weather ?
My passenger door is grinding against the front fender when I open it. Is there an easy way to fix this?
'92 civic door hinge bolt replacement?
what is the recommended tyre inflation pressure for a suzuki vitara 2 door, 1994 model?
i have 99 mustang 3.8 and they say my heads r how can i tell if they r,someone else say its a gasket?
how much does it cost to convert a car to RHD?
What AC Components should be replaced?
Will a auto repair shop hire a lady?
Should I fix it?
whats wrong with my car?
Is it bad mixing oil such as 10W-30 with 5W-30 or mixing brand name?
How can I remove a recessed cartridge bearing that has lost it's inner race and ball bearings?
I have a muffler/exhaust problem with my car.?
why did the mechanic said my car produce carbon monoxide and how to solve the problem?
Car pressure washers:how do they work and is it worth me buying one?
I lost my keys to my 2004 cavalier. How do I bypass to start it?
Which car lasts longer: 4 or 6 cylinder?
on a cross flow radiator which way does the transmission oil flow? through the top then return from the bottom
have a 1998 mazda 626 the O/D Off signal is lit up on the dash panel and have been unable tofind why in a manu
My key is stuck in the ignition of my 2006 Chevy Aveo?
My Central Locking on my 1996 Omega Elite has stopped working, even with the key. Can anyone help?
massey ferguson tractor 1959 what fuel?
Why does my car run hot only when the A/C is on?
How often am I suppose to change my oil ?
p0300 and uxxx codes in NEW p.c.m. what next?
is my engine leaking oil?
Is my car covered under warranty?
Moisture on passenger floor?
How do I get waterstains off of my car windows and windshield?
How do I replace just the chrome trim on the lower right sliding door on my 2002 Ford Windstar SE ??
Hello anybody know the engine code?
will taking the cadillac converter off my car make it faster and louder?
how to tint car windows?
How do I make my car not run?
how will the new ethanol additive in gasoline affect cars?
I have a '94 GMC Seirra that won't start when it gets hot....?
Best oil for my car??
My car won't start. When I turn the key, all I hear is a clicking noise. Any ideas what could be wrong?
Cold air intake installation?
Average cost of true dual custom exhaust?
Horsepower vs high end torque vs low end torque?
When did the Silverado body style change?
Can I pump air into my car tire with a bicycle tire pump? ?
Why does my car use so much gas?
Other than rotors, what could be the cause for my car to vibrate when slowing or stopping?
Central locking not working?
What would you do if you had a 2001 toyota corolla?
Lemon laws in Canada ?
car accelerates on its own?
Under what conditions does AA reimburse you for towing expenses if you called the towing company yourself?
how can i fix my radiator is wasting too much anti freezing?
How to get liquid wax off of car windshield???
Can you take a car battery to be charged or do I need to buy a new one?
What does the cruise control light tell me, altima 1998?
9005 HB3 bulb blows of all the my Park Ave?
How do you remove sticker clue off auto paint.?
Where could i possibly get a four wheel steering diagram?
How can i fix a fried phone?
The engine on my 1988 chevy caprice won't go off when i turn the key off it continues and its bucking.?
If a car's wheels are replaced with wheels of greater diameter, will the reading of the speedometer change? Ex?
Should an automatic transmission be shifted to N during long stop at red lights to keep it from overheating?
Why won't my car start it is like the steering wheel is loked the key will go in but wont turn?
Does anyone know where i can get good, used parts for dodge avenger? cheap or reas. price?
My car window will not roll up?
If i run my engine whilst using a kettle that plugs into my cigarette lighter, will my battery die?
How do you take off the White quick connect fittings on the automobile fuel pump lines?
Wife`s put petrol in my saab deisel turbo?
Where is the PVC valve on on 1993 nissan 2 wheel drive, 4 cyl pickup?
trying to get numbers off the headers on a 1990 chev p/u they said to go to but i could not find an
99 cadillac deville rear subframe rotted?
Help with repairing car fan dial?
No more Spare Tire needed?
what is the easiest thing to fix on a car?
Having problems turning.?
how to push the Brake Caliper piston back in?
How long can/should I drive on a spare tire?
my door jar is stuck and the door light stays on, ford taurus 96?
vinyl (bumper) stickers on cars?
My truck refuses to run properly?
Should I change the oil in my car myself, or have someone do it for me?
Lost the Key thing to get my lug nuts off? any advice appreciated?
How NOS N2O gas short engine life?
What would cause my truck to turn off when I stop?
Is fueling your car with regular unleaded gas bad for your car in the long run?
should my heater fan be off or on when I start my car in the cold?
i need to know the lengths of the transmission yokes of a 200r4,350,th400?
The engine management light has came on , on my focus 03, and ive lost all power and its chugging as it moves.
is it better to buy tires on line & have someone put them on or buy from local tireshop?
Can you replace a resonator with a glasspack?
How can I get better gas mileage out my 350?
Farmall 400 Tractor Pistons?
how to gain more horse powers for my car?
90 camaro backfiring problems?
Transmission wont go into gear and grinds when put in park?
how many degrees of freedom are there in a suspension system?
Please tell me what the hell is wrong with my car, I'm going nuts?
My car broke down on the highway and all I heard was a loud sound. What's wrong?
the breaks on my rover 25 squeal when cold and wet?
i have a 1997 chevy Z24 manual trans buzzing sound from rear?
can i fuse relay stop my fans from working? and air conditioner?
what metal is best??
What does it mean by bleeding a diesel engine?
Which car manufacturers use PCM in their OBDII?
How do you get the sticky residue from duct tape off of your car without removing the paint in the process?
when i come to a stop in my jeep cherokee sport,it seems like it has play in the drive?
should i start my car early to "warm it up" on cold days?
How do I replace 2002 cadillac battery?
1999 dodge v10 ram 2500 4x4 gas does not get any spark but does get fuel and turns over fine she just quit run
my ford ran on natural gas and now knocks and pings it has the 460 what happened?
What could cause my 2002 grand am to overheat???? Please any help?
What's the best HID headlight kit site?
can you convert a stick shift thats on the colum to floor of a ford pick up. standard transmission?
Vauxhall Dealership won't offer me a courtesy car for faults to car.?
My handbrake doesnt hold on steep hills. I have just had the handbrake cable replaced. Any ideas?
check engine?
Vauxhall Astra Oil On Spark Plugs & White/Cream Build Up In A Pipe Help!?
Need help finding repair estimates for '92 Buick LeSabre Left Front Bumper and Fender?
volt meter wasn't working then the truck wouldn't start.?
I'm having electrical problems with a Mazda 626 4 Cyl.?
Can I use 10W-30 motor oil?
I can't get my car into park?
Does a car run better if the tank is full of gas?
I have a 95 honda accord w/ a 152000 miles in good condition, how many miles will it go and what things have?
how long does permaplate last on a new car?
Should you actually see coolant when you open the radiator?
"Click" noise when starting 1996 Plymouth Voyager minivan. The vehicle will start after several attempts. Why?
i have installed a renanufactored 22re with efi for a 1990 toyota pickup runs good but lacking power why?
where can i find a program that will let me find out what car parts interchange with each other?
Which brake fluid for vauxhall astra mk4 g?
What are signs of a bad fuel filter?
Car problem.... Heater not working?
how much money would it cost to change the front break pads on my car at the deal & private business?
Okay, so I drove through a puddle and the warning light came on!?
My driver side window will not go up or can i fix this?
auto arc 4000 wire welder?
HELP PLEASE! Car trouble!?
How to adjust the valves on a 2005 mazda 3 2.3 liter?
Is there anyway to get at least 200 or more horsepower out of a slant 6 engine in a 1980 Plyouth Volare?
2000 malibu service manual?
How much does a mopped battery cost?
1995 Contour 2.5 l engine miss?
Do pushrod engines make more tourqe than DOHC engines?
1969 camaro with engine troubles?
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