true or false, Diesel engines are naturally oily, therefore leaks are to be expected.?
yamaha xt 400 or 550 wiring diagram wanted 1993 model?
how do i get more torque?
What is A wheel kit and how much does it cost if its for a cobalt 2006 model 1AL69?
How do I replenish horn petrol on halo 4?
can a radiator flush stop my windows from getting foggy?
I have a Kia safea that the#3 cylinder does not fire. I unplug plug to that injector and its no change to idle?
Are you supposed to weld a welder to a flat bed?
Why is the right front brake on my 1978 Chevy c10 sticking?
Will a car insurance claim cover prior damage?
why does my car steering wheel shake like crazy when i go over the speed of 50? but doesn't under that speed.
What is the normal operating temp of a 1994 pontiac grand prix?
My windshield is slowing sliding downwards?
coil pack has no fire on intake side after guy so called tested erg valve?
Is it normal for ABS brakes to pulsate with even the lightest touch of the brake?
why do brake pads still sqeal when they are fairly new?
is it a bad idea to store Diesel fuel in a can that formerly held gasoline?
Went over on my oil change?
Pulled two wrong fuses by accident, chwck engine light came on with powertrain a/T?
Can I replace my car's rotors with new, but thinner, rotors?
I have a 2000 Jeep and the heater switch only works on high is the problem a relay and if so where is it.?
Why is everyoen worring about me not being a TC?
Does a 79' c10 with a 350 have to have a catalytic converter?
My car is stuttering when stopped and accelerating. What could it be?
New battery and my car will sometimes randomly not start?
why does it take so long for my jeep to heat up?
How can I remove motor oil stains from my driveway? My car used to leak motor oil and it looks ugly now.?
why does this scum like substance form on the yellow breather cap on my car engine where u pour the oil in?
Car drives fine, until I come to a complete stop, then the idle goes erradic?
does anyone know how to hot wire a car?
what does it mean when my temperture hand float up and down?
Why won't my car idle?
I no this is kind of a Dumb question?
What is the fluid capacity for a John Deere L120 transmission?
Someone wants to sale me a 97 toyota Avalon and the timing belt was fixed on it,should I be concerned?
Gearbox needed urgently, any suggestions?
Ok, I still can't solve my brake lights problem!!!?
Why isn't my A/C working after recharge?
Does shake shifting cause to worn my clutch?
How do I get my car to pass emissions?
how to remove a broken key from a car ignition?
What is wrong with this darn car?
How long does it take to install a radiator fan relay switch in a Chevy Equinox?
anyone know anything about timing chain tensioners for a 97 taurus sho 3.4l?
i believe i have a spider family living in my car, how do i get them out?
Is there a way to get a gasoline stain off the paint on a white car?
Can you drive with a coolant leak?
Fixing some rust on my car?
How do I loosen a rusted screw/nut?
what metal is 89-98 chevey truck door handle made of?
I have a question about rim fitting?
need a diagram for a 2006 ford focus fuse box?
i hit a curb and my back right tire went crooked..anyone know what is wrong?
My car shut off when I was driving it and now it wont start. It just clicks.?
98 Olds aurora and the gages and heat don’t work what’s wrong?
how to shift gears in manual transmission when the volume of the cassette is high?
Do Pod Filters give your engine a better sound/noise?
Why is there a grinding sound when I brake?
what is the timing order for a 1977 ford 460 motor?
The brake lights, hazard lights and turn signals aren't working?
do i have to use premium gas in my Lincoln navigator?
Disabling the SIR system?
Why do I have no compression after changing head gasket?
Is a bypassed heater core a MOT fail?
Anyone use Ding King to remove a dent in their car door? Did it work?
Would hydroplaning cause steering problems in a 00' Firebird?
Bad head-gasket/ bad block/ bad cylinder head?
Can you use a car charger when the car is off..?
John Deere 4020 diesel fuel injector system bleed?
What car has the safest cash test ratings?
Need diagram of 1996 mazda milleiam s type serpintine belt,trying to install..HELP!!!?
Ford Focus Battery light problem?
My check engine light keeps coming on but my engine is still there; what's up with that?
i need a down load of a complete chilton repair manual for a 1994 plymouth voyager?
my car sucks at getting up to speed whats wrong?
what is the best way to make your car fresh smelling?
My dad's mad at me!?
i would to have copy of dequeen ar. telephone directory.thank you?
Wheel Bushings.?
where to find auto wiring diagram?
Can I get a 2005 Honda Civic for less than 8000?
My car over heats i need help?
What is the cause of the brakes making a grinding noise? Every time I brake the front passenger side?
Volvo S40 regular maintained light is coming on sooner than expected?
Can you leave your car in the garage when it's over 100 degrees?
Can I drive my car without a thermostat?
Ex put water in my gas tank.....?
Is it dangerous to drive without a gas cap?
my car makes a scraping noise but stop when i step on the brakes?
Stud-Like Battery Terminal Bolts for Accessories?
How do I know if my old snow tires will fit on my new car?
My car is overheating coolant is burning? help?
Diesel or Petrol Car?
HID light help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What is the best way to flush the transmission on my '88 Toyota pickup 2wd?
How to safely get corrosion off car batteries?
how to re allign a torque converter and driveplate to a automatic transaxle on a 93'' honda civic?
How do I change the miles back to original on my truck?
Can we just blow into my brothers interlock device for fun? Or will this lock up his car?
Oil Capacity for a Mitsi canter?
Should I buy a new engine for $3000 on car with 300,000 miles on it?
Valve Blow Out Possible? HELP!?
How can I find out whats draining my car battery when I turn off my car?
why does my bmw 528 keep stalling on me?
why does my automatic car stall when I come to a stop, I need to put it in neutral so it doesn't die?
Car won't crank. Clicking Noise.?
why do you replace all 4 tires on a 4 wheel drive when only one tire is blown?
Does the ford fiests petrol 1995 take unleaded?
Where can I find projector headlights already assembled for my Kia Soul?
when wiring driving lamps on my landrover do i need to fit relays?
Gear Shift keeps getting stuck?
what should i do with a vehicle that has sat for 5 years?
How do I remove the front rotors on a 97 Mercury Grand Marquis?
Does my coolant still need to be flushed?
What is wrong with my A/C in my car?
94 chevy lumina can't get the pwr steering hose connected. How can I make more room so I can thread it?
How do you remove spray paint from a car?
Are cold air intakes universal?
How do you get sperm of a car seat?
Where can I rent a Car Battery in the USA ?
Can a 48 volt dc motor run on 24 volt?
Where can I get a longer dipstick for my car?
installing a tachometer?
how hard to change tranmission w/4.o liter motor?
My car is starting to squeel when I turn the wheel. ?
where on a 92 is the ecm?
were can i find a clutch for a bombardier mpv-20 tractor?
How quickly do you need to replace bad wheel bearing?
why does my truck die?
Does AWD mean power to all 4 tires all of the time?
Ford Taurus Code P1744 and trans fluid leak?
Drivers side power window will not work even with new motor new regulator and new master control switch. wino.?
How do you clean car spark plugs?
1978 PE250 not getting full power?
What wires go to a key switch for a 1999 yamaha 350 warrior?
my wife put the battery cabble wrong on her car, now wont start, is the car toast or is way to fix it?
How much for Jeep body repair?
Bondo over Fiberglass?
on a ford pickup F-150 what is a 5.4 l engine considered. i.e. 460, 302, 351 what is it?
if you have a stick shift car will coasting down hill in neutral harm the transmission?
How can I increase the hp on my 2006 Mitsubishi eclipse gs w/o taking things like panels and seats out?
Is it safe on a engine to give it a 6inch lift on 4.3L engine?
Problem with Air in brake system?
Why is my check engine light coming on?
How to replace cabin filter for Honda Civic LX 2006 model? Just want to know the procedures?
My oil light flashes when I have my foot on the brakes. The oil level in the car is okay? What should I do?
Why is my car overheating?
replace transmission sensor for 95 tahoo?
vegetable oil engine?
Engine Queston's about to rebuild?
when i start my car, theres drops of water, why?
fuel pressure switch?
Can I boil Gasoline to purify it so it runs clean and lean in my engine? therefore improving MPG.?
what is the average price of a oil change?
How reliable are vauxhall, ford and Renault cars?
"Check engine light", what if mechanic tells me nothing is wrong and just resets the light?
The check engine light on my car if it stays on what do I do?
I work the afternoon shift why are you not at work?
My car's thermometer suddenly goes way up, then goes back down?
How can you tell where a electrial short is when its intermitted and the systen now works?
Rubbing rubber noises happen when I turn my wheels in my car what is it?
Replacing an engine in a 2000 Chrysler Concored?
How do u unlock/ remove key lock cylinder on ford f150(2004) without key?
is there anyway to cover up scratches and dents on wood floor without buying a specialist product?
Low oil pressure? on explorer?
I have a problem with my car, lots of problems, Help please?
I cant get my car to start..
Charging a car battery...?
i was in a car accident with my brother and the air bags didnt work?
What does a hazy headlight mean?
Im having problem with camshaft sensor...?
does your check engine light come on when the oil filter is clogged?
Where can I find cheap parts for my 2003 Jeep Liberty online?
wiring diagram for star delta starter?
Will this work to fix my hail damage?
I have an '89 buick century that stalls while driving and takes hours to start back up what could that be?
What Causes A Car To Stall Then Backfire?
What would you do to get more power out of your stock 1982 chevy 305?
Toyota Camery 1995 , i turned on my car right now and when i was steering the wheel?
lift kit for my blazer?
my stearing wheel has gone squint.?
Carpet on car dashboard. HOW DO I GET IT OFF?
Car clicks several times and then starts?
Fixing rear veiw Mirror?
Faint grinding noise when my brakes are cold?
what is the conversion of 300kmph to mph?
What is this Crown Victoria part called?
Is there a reliable tool that will check the check engine light and determine what is wrong exactly?
My catalytic converter on my 96 4.6T-Bird failed Ca. smog. There are 4. Where can I get new ones on the cheap?
Don't you hate Recommended questions?
When you wreck a vehicle what rights do you have in the repair process?
how to remove starter on 2002 taurus 3.0 D.O.C eng?
car temperature guage cold but goes up very slowly and never reaches midpoint no matter how long I drive.?
1995 dodge neon two door?
i need a pro to help me with a question on engine swaping for a honda?
how to jump power to secondary air pump?
my stearing wheel has gone squint.?
Why won't my car won't start?
whats the best way 2 remove pigeon faeces from my new car without damaging paintwork?
The brake pedal goes to the floor while applying the brakes?
Does anyone know where the fill hole on a transmission for a 1991 Ford Bronco XLT 4X4 is?
how to unscrew two metals?
Does the 2006 Toyota Camry LE have a timing belt or chain?
cylinder head 94 2.3 liter pontiac grand am?
None of my automatic windows roll down?
Why did my car's electricity go out while driving?
Removing wax from windows/windshield?
i want to buy a mut II sacaner for mitsubishi?
why do i have smoke coming from my alternator and......?
Brake pads help, QUICK!?
I have a head gasket leak. Will stuff like Barr's sealant work?
Which car wont give me a headache?
what must I do to change the injectors on my 1997 Camaro. It seems simple enough but I just want to be certain
How do you clean your car engine?
Can I sue auto repair shop?
Where can I find info on how to disassemble a gear shift?
Why do I smell burning rubber?
Help! The Oil Pressure/ Engine Coolant Light Came On. I Just Bought This Car, What's Wrong?
Mo-ped not starting please help?
Can I get my Honda's oil changed somewhere other than the dealer?
Check Charging System?
truck overheated, power steering went out, and battery light came on, what could have caused th?
Raptor 660 shocks?
how do i get blood out of my carpet and the trunk of my car?
Harmonic balancer or crankshaft pulley?
how to install iroc horn pad?
2005, F250, Diesel, Automatic Transmission, not shifting out of park?
1990 toyota 4x4 check engine code says knock sensor bad no power, missing bad 10mpg 3.0v6 can that be it.?
Does Cruise Control burn more gas than if it weren't on Cruise?
Why does my car slowly accelarate?
Where can I find the specs for installing a cylinder head?
If I drink gasoline, will I get gas?
do u know how many horses u can get if u put a turbo?
what's wrong with my car?
Is it true, if you change the oil in your Chevy truck every 3000 mi. it will run forever?
where is the crankshaft aprocket timing mark located on a 1993 eagle summitt with a 1.8 liter engine?
How do I get oil and transmission fluid stains off my driveway? They are NOT fresh, but older?
My car is messed up???
bmw e46 warning light?
Is the scanner enough to detect an auto transmission problem?
I am trying to replace a 1991 toyota camry heater?
Why did my dad check the oil, water and transmission fluid in my moms car yesterday before he went to work?
My car is 2005. I think its due its NCT this year. Do i just go and get it done or will i be notified?
Why does a Nissan Altima burn excessive oil after a head gasket replacement?
how to replace rear passenger window in 1999 Malibu?
I just got charged $883 to get my back brakes fixed w/ replaced callipers. Is that too much?
What software can I use to print my own decals for my car?
When I ride my lawn mowrer my american pit bull bites holes in the tires How can I stop this ?
car has no interior light or radio how can i fix this i already checked fuses?
Car ran out of petrol, how i do restart it?
PLZ Answer this Q ASAP!! regarding engine oil?
how long does Brembo brake pads last on an evolution x 09?
Where can I find a free diagram on how to replace a clutch and pressure plate for a 1982 Chevy S10 -V6?
steering on 06 grand prix?
need to remove or modify a flettner vent from my van roof?
87 gasoline or 91?? new car?
What is the fuel pump wired to?
Why is my Check Engine light on?
How do you find a 1000 dollar saturn that runs decent?
1992 Pontiac Transport ABS Braking System?
does a nick in tire side wall always indicate replacement?
how much would it cost to get one car window tinted?
Car window won't work?
Son's car won't start.?
How do I locate the oil filter on a 1955 2nd series chevy pick- up ? did they have one?
Car says it's overheating?
a/c car question for car experts!!!?
Will Sharpie stay on a Car?
Car was running rough and wouldn't start, so we changed battery and alternator and my... Please read?
How to best maintain pollished aluminum rims
What exhaust should I put on my truckcar?
i have baked bug on my car - how do i get it off?
Chevy Lumina 2000 transmission question.....?
should I get an oil change?
02 impala blower moter doesnt work?
idk what to do about the wire harness when i do my engine swap?
How easy is it to install an alternator in my car? Should I do it myself?
84 Camaro z28 problems?
what turbocharger system would fit my 1979 camaro?
what do the numbers on the windshield of automobiles mean?
is it safe to get a paint job on a vehicle from MAACO or AAMCO? do they do good jobs?
I neeed a diagnoises laptop computer that can detect faulty on cars.?
wrought idle til it gets warmed up?
I have a 1999 mitsubishi galant with about 128,000 miles on it. I spent $3200 last year to fix it. This year I?
engine stops when no load..?
how to fix a heater cord in a 1993 Ford Aerostar?
Why wont my car start when its cold in the morning?
Problem with car starting in the morning?
How do i get my vauxhall vectra 2.0 sri (X reg) to start?
Dodge Dakota HELP!!!?
Do you think $3700 is too much to pay to install a motor in a 94 Ford Taurus LX?
Steering pulling left?
Firestone Killed my car. Need your opinion.?
Car Oil Low...How bad is it for engine?
'02 Tundra 60k Service Can I do it myself?
Arctic Freeze AC Recharge?
2001 gmc jimmy white smoke comes out of vents and hot steam comes out of heater vents?
How can I fiberglass and paint my car dashboard?
Where can I find information for restoring a 1970 Styleside Ford pick-up bed?
I on accident crossed wires while jumping my car now my car wont start even though i replaced the battery?
Help with my 96 mercury villager?!?!?
can you put a turbo charger on a older engine?
What is this shaking and rubbing sound coming from my car?
I have a 2002 buick century 3.1L, this morning I noticed fluid in my driveway and I went to the care care cent?
Knocking noise coming from engine?
what year is generalmotors engine block # 3970010 350 CHEVY?
Am asking for the late personal advisor to the late head of state of ivory coast?
If I put a new battery in my car why won't it start?
98 Ford Contour transmission?
Smoke from my car hood, what could it be?
Should I follow my car's manual and do an oil change every 5000 miles?
can a ford capri 3.os run on un-leaded fuel?
car starter sounds like a quick scrape?
Putting sugar in a gas tank...?
How much will it cost to lift my truck?
tree sap on car, how to get off without damaging paint?
Can I uses a steel hose splicer in an automotive air conditioner system?
at what rpm should a Chevy tracker shift from 1st to 2nd?
can seats from a 1990 mercedes benz 300se fit in a 1989?
Why wont my car go from park to anyother gear?
How do you get to the air filter of a 2000 grand voyager?
my car stop due to floods on the roads 5 days ago,now its working what was wrong what do i do next?
What to do if I tapped to big of a hole in my intake manifold?
2004 mini cooper oil change?
Side view mirrors for a 2nd generation Ford F-1?
fixing my truck. need help?
Why does my car's brakes squeak so bad when I back up. It is so embarassing!?
im having electrical problems with a 75 dodge truck. when i turn the key nothing happens. battery is good.?
what does it mean if my car will start but it wont move?
armorall streaks my vinyl dash. what is best non-streaking protectant?
Are all break pads the same?
Car wont start, Will this idea help?
My son borrowed his cousins car and he lent it to his friend who drove into a tree. How much should son pay?
HID xenon conversion service Scotland / Edinburgh?
Why is my a/c in my car not that cold?
Can you damage your car by leaving hand-break on?
What is the proper way to relace rocker arms on a 87 Dodge Dakota?
I was doing a little maintenance on my hoveround and the manual said, "Screw Tightly. Add lubricant if needed"?
The wiper on my 1995 Nissan Sentra does not work on the intermittent speed although it works on the others?
where is the heater blower located on a 85 camero?
Whats wrong with my car?
oil leaks in 2003 merc sable any recalls or quiet campaigns?
were can i find a wiring diagram for a 2002 pontiac sunfire?
chevey s10 1983 4 wheel drive durangeo 2 vaccuam hose r loose from the transmission where do they go, also wh?
Problem when changing timing belt. Help?!?
2008 Pontiac G6 remote start button sets car alarm off and it doesn't work.?
If I key a car will it set off the alarm ?
Mot failer. please help. front wheels brakes embalanced.?
My car doesn't have brakes. Is that safe?
Question about check engine light and p0420 code ?
stroked 350 chev motor running on 7 cylinders?
location for the turn signal relay for a 1984 dodge b 250 van?
Car heater doesnt bow "Hot" ..?
What year & model Lincolns have Air Suspension >?
what is the shock absorber and what does it contain inside?
where to buy plastic tube !1/16 od for spray cans?
I used paint remover for my tail lights, now they look whiteish n scrappy! how can i fix it?
My infiniti fx just started shaking when pulling into garage, just fueled up and had A/c?
I need a cheap but effective high performance exhaust system for my truck.?
Can I replace Automatic Climate Control in 93 Concore with a manual climate control?
1997 merceds benz c280?
how do i change the starter in my 1994 gm car whith a 2.3litter engine?
Our car floor boards heat up after we drive for about ten minutes.why does it do that?????????????????????????
what makes your car squeel and then when you turn on your ac it quits?
Can I put a 454 Chevy in a Geo Metro?
My 1987 camero died the other day whats wrong?
The wrong antifreeze was put in my car?
Why does my car sound weird? sounds like water or something.?
Can it ever be possible for a speedometer on a car to be slightly inaccurate?
ive had my car lpg converted and now have problems and the garage is really messing me around?
do i have to buy the tire at walmart to have it mounted?
my car has reached 50,000mi. dealer says its time to change all fluids in car $900. is that the right price?
Information on a Case bulldozer, D-500 Teratrac made by the American Tractor Co.?
Why does my fan on my car heating only work on one setting?
How much for an Flow master exhaust system?
How do I not sound stupid at the mechanic's?
does pepper REALLY stop leaks in vehicle radiators?
where can i get a wiring diagram for vmac vr70 compressor?
my car heater only blows out cold on every setting can anyone help?
My 1998 Izuzu Rodeo makes a grunting noise when I reverse it?
do cars in north carolina that are over 25 years old need a vehicle saftey inspection?
my car is blowing out blue smoke?
Ive never had heatt in the first place but ive used my fan, the other day the fan just stoped working, help?!?
Rear Windshield shattered/exploded ?!?!?
Passenger side front tire acting up?
Please suggest me about these coatings on my new car?
will straight pipes do anything bad to your car?
is emissions checked just by the car idle or do they also hit the gas pedal?
ford taurus i need some advice?
how do i tell if my frame is bent?
milky resdue on dipstick?
Why does my 1992 Ford Taurus will run rough and then stall and sometimes the battery acts dead but is not.?
what goes up when the rain comes down?
My front windshield of my car is ed?
Which one absorbs shock the best? Rubber, sponge, or foam?
MK2 Escort keeps stalling. Please Help!?
my hp laptop does not start. when i push the power button it starts for 3 seconds and then it turns off again.?
¿Somebody knows how eliminate static indoor of a car?
Left brake light out on car. Simple fix as new bulb?
were is the TRAC button on my 2000 Buick centry custom?
How can I get more horse power and torque out of my motor?
91 Corvette Suspension?
How do i build a go kart? engine?
Help my car is making a noise when the heat is on?
Whistling sound when accelerating in some gears.?
If I could turn my head quicker than the speed of light, could I see my own ears without a mirror?
Car spark plugs when to replace?
How much horse power will I get from adding headers with a cold air intake?
is gas good after 3 years?
what parts could make my 1983 el camino faster?
how do I reset the stereo on a 1997 Volkswagen beetle after I change the battery?
what colors were painted on chevy trucks in 1988?
in a 1999 ford exploxer, if i feel every single bump going down the road, whats the problem?
well they told me i burn the clutch and that maybe i can still drive it. what do u think ?
Man truck TGA 19.400 gear shift air bleed system?
What is wrong with my car?
Is there a certain power steering fluid that I have to use for a Jeep grand cherokee?
Size number etc of bolts for instaling 91' 4Runner engine?
My check engine light came on (yellow). Where is a good dependable place to get it checked out.?
Help on car shaking problem?
My car won't start. There is a click (or tac, tac, tac) noise . What could it be?
Just recently bought a Rover 75 2001 model and it is overheating and losing coolant very quickly?
Car idles rough. sputters. dies?
96 buick won't go in reverse?
Changed rear shoes, now brake pedal is soft.?
How can I get my Mercedes started?
the breaks on my rover 25 squeal when cold and wet?
I have a jeep rubicon and the back center brake light does not work. Ichecked the bulb and it's fine?
Does anyone know why i keep losing coolant on my Chevy 2000 Suburban?
93f150 wont start , any ideas how to fix?
Has anyone ever tried that POP-A-DENT to get dings out of cars?
my car dosent work what is the problem?
Oil coming out of my dipstick?
how do you tell if you blew a head gasket?
How To? on a 2002 mustang?
where is the tire jack located on a 2010 ford edge?
Why is my car burning so much fuel?
How hard is is to take out wood trim?
2005 Mazda 6 jerking when stopped, not in park?
Does rainex product really work for the windsheild?
what is wrong with my lawn mower it won't start?
do i need a Strut Spring Compressor to take of the front suspension?
how can i use my car booster battery pack thing to hook up a lamp?
How to check power steering levels in Seat Ibiza (02)?
What exaust do i have?
How do I easily remove the wiper blades (not just refills) on my 2004 acura tl?
What is the worst thing that could happen if...(Auto Mechanics)?
What type of chemical does one use to clean up car battery acid ?
I need my truck repaired and need to know the cost.?
Can u clean an EGR valve on a Passport and make it work?
If you have to bleed your brakes does it meen you have to get completely new brakes?
k, i made a mistake, filled gas tank soy milk? car is making funny noises...?
How often are you supposed to change the oil in your car?
how can I make my car louder?? Please help!?
Do u waste more gas driving too fast or too slow?
How to install a knock sensor?
why does ICE form on my car's windshield on cold nights and how do I prevent it from happening?
Question about rev matching on a downshift?
Where , in the liquid freon line , is the orifice tube on a 2002 Buick Century ?
Why does my car do this?
what should i do to get a broken key out of my ignition?
I have a see through fuel filter, and it's half way full. Is this bad?
Why doesn't the my autos section display the info I have for my cars?
Why is everyone surprised that a girl can be a good mechanic?
Whats wrong with my car?!?
Where can I buy cheap auto parts?
my audi a3 wont go over 100 miles a hour and doesnt accelerate as fast as it should any ideas?
What all can I check to see why my car won't start? It is a 1993 Toyota Camry LE 4 cyl.?
Likelihood of bent valves if?
is popping the clutch bad for the clutch?
Are V8 engines bad on gas? What type of engines are bad on gas?
how to touch up/paint peeling vinyl interior in car?
My car is making a loud clicking noise. Please help!?
Can I swap my 2000 Mustang gas engine for a diesel one??
How do I get the smell of cigarette smoke out of a car, FAST?
when i turn key on my maverick the engine sounds like its going to start but it doesnt .it just wont start?
Where can i find a schematic for the fuel system for a 1982 Kawasaki 440 ltd?
What could be the problem, if you are experiencing these problems with your brakes?
where can i get new brake pads put on my car?
Where do you do you put the freon in the 2001 Ford Focus?
My friend is having a problem with his Acura TL 2002?
Erratic Idle, shifting problems?
Lost tension in '91 FZR600 clutch?
how do i tighten tierods?
how do adjust the steering box to compensate for steering wheel play on ford truck?
Doors frozen shut on my car?
how do i know if there is water in engine oil
where can we get led tubes or neon tubes used for bikes and cars?
getting a runs rich code at 1/8 tank of gas, runs great until then. just changed plugs?
why does my 2006 Ford Focus 1600 TDCi smoke?
97 Nissan 200sx car has no spark please help meeeeeeeeeeeee?
How do I remove the alternator for a Ford Focus 2005 ZX4 2.3?
my car starts up just fine. but when i put it in gear it doesnt move.?
Could someone advise what product to use to remove oil from a driveway.?
Can you tell me what the 710 does in my motor?
no spark on my 88 acura ledgend whats wrong it is not the plugs,coil,distributer, or timing what is going on!
I put my oil in where my dipstick goes instead of the oil reservoir - how bad is this?
What could it be??
how much should i charge to put a roof on a one car garage 12' x 20'?
does anyone know a reputable company that offers extended warrenties on cars?
can I convert a 66 ford f100 from a 6 to an 8 without changing the transmission?
How much does buying and installing a car thermostat cost?
What is the Oil Capacity of my 1985 Jaguar XJ6 4.2L I6?
why does my car sometimes not start whens theirs 87 octane gas?
my car is not firing up.........?
How do you convert tires from...?
this morning i was running late to work so i had to skip warming up my engine.?
my mechanic got grease on my tan cloth convertible top. How can i clean it ?
My sister cleaned up a broken light spilled out mercury. What should I do?
Automatic Geo Metro car, have to shift gears for it?
Auto carpeting? any suggestions?
I have a 2002 Camaro and the floor boards behind the driver seat are soaked and some under the drivers seat.?
Sudden loss of acceleration and weird engine noise.?
coil pack bad or something else?
how do i wire a aloternator for an 93 ford thunderbird with a 3.8 to and 87 thunderbird with a 3.8?
Is it bad if I put 1 gear then shift up to get to D4 in a drag race(automatic transmission)?
How do i avoid rust on my bicycle?
my 1997 nissan altima won't shift into third gear, what could the problem be?
how to open a car with a broken key inside?
What is wrong with my truck?
What is an Idler Pulley?
My Car wont Start, radio doesnt turn on, its not the battery.?
2001 Chevy Tahoe Intermittent No Reverse Issues?
Whats the cheapest I can get a radiator (the part) for a 2002 impala?
My rear right wheel is locked up and when I try to drive it a loud screeching noise is heard?
pls tell me it very urgent..only for indians?
what do you do if your clutch fails whilst driving?
Where can I find a hood for my 00 silver Mitsubishi Eclipse in or around College Station Texas?
how do i get change oil light to go out after oil change?
so can i change the thermostat my self or do i need to ask a mechanic?
Is it possible to get spray paint off a car without repainting it? If so with what and how?
My car does not start sometimes?
looking for a 1990 Chevy 5.7 350 for a Suburban?
HOW much motor OIL DOES A 1984 FORD V-8 (302) motor hold when changing out the oil ?
IMA &Check Engine light on 2004 Honda Civic Hybrid?
my odometer quit working?
How do I check if the alternator is the problem!?
Do fuel saver gizmos that you put on your gas line really work. They claim to add 10- 20% more mpg?
Repair or sell the truck?
I have an exhaust leak at my donut and I would like to take it apart and fix it.where do I start?
Please help! My car died while I was driving!?
Why won't my car move?
does anyone know what would prevent a 97 merc. cougar from starting?
how do i make a home made cold air intake for a 350 small block?
alternator replaced battery charged just clicks?
Pre-purchase my car was inspected, the shop said 'great car' After I find the engine is junk, are they liable?
how to diagnose a clutch problem: when i engage the clutch, it sounds like it grinding. when disengage squeal?
how do i remove lock nuts from alloy wheels without key?
Snow/Ice at end of driveway - car bottomed out?
My car makes a high pitched squeal?
Acura Headlight problem?
What is the rubber inflatable thing inside a tire called?
A website that shows you how to fix your Car?
where can i find an online maual for a 1984 f 150?
My car failed its MOT!?
Is a flex additive necessary?
Vehicle VIN Numbers.?
Tvs suzuki samurai accelerator problem?
Hooligan Superbike Shocks Not working.?
What other cars door glass is interchangable with a 79 2dr malibu?
how much should it cost to replace a used rear axle on a jeep grand cherokee 98?
What is the purpose of the MAP sensor.?
Pass smog if motor mounts are broken?
My Car MOT?
I pulled out one of my spark plugs and in the bottom of the cylinder was a little antifreeze?
Why does my dad pop the hood of my moms car when he goes to check the oil and water in her car once a month?
Has any one ever attended UTI or MMI Mechanics training schools?! If so...FEEDBACK PLEASE????
What do I use to adjust fuel pressure on a high flow mechanical fuel pump?
can a 1979 carberater go on a 1980 carberator?
where is the oil filter on my 98 nissan pathfinder located?
Whats is the difference between synthetic oil and regular oil?
I am thinking of buying a horse trailer that needs it's bearings replaced, where do I go to get the job done?
My car just stalled when I hit the gas?
I think my vehicle has a vacuum leak?
My car is broken down again?
what is it when your car bottoms out and you smell a rotton egg smell until you step on the gas half way down?
I have an 1985 k5 with a two wire, two prong alternator. one wire goes to starter and the other goes tobattery?
best way to stop auto engine from smoking due to bad rings till i can get it fixed?
how can we sit back and watch gas prices go up?
Does any body know where I could find a 440 big block engine to rebuild to replace my 318?
my car consums more oil, what i the reason?
How to test a MAF sensor when the car doesn't run. 85 300zx n/a?
what would possibly cause a car to burn fuel too fast?
How does leaking transmission cooler lines affect the performance of the car?
I have a 1970 vw bus and i was driving and my pedal went to the floor. had no movement. how can i fix it.?
12 valve cummins cold air intake?
How can I break my car?
why is my service vehicle light, anti lock light, and trac off light on in my 1998 buick regal?
is there a 350 6 cylinder motor?
car problem??
how do i stop my brakes squeeling when i brake?
Can anyone give me an estimate on repairing a 2003 Volkswagen Beetle?
i need an eclipse expert?
landrover engine?
is my caliper causing my tire to lock up?
Can I use a house light switch in my car?
petrol ... :@?
UK> will my car fail MOT w a noisy bearing?
'82 Chevy C10 (Started as a trans leak)?
What is the main cause for a check engine light? Oil, trans, radiator are all fine.?
Car wont start - even with new battery?
will 2.8 ford motor bolt to a 2.3 ford 5 speed tranny?
Had a small car accident yesterday, woman came to my house asking for a new bumper?
the belt on my car squeaks when i turn on the AC?
Why am I losing water?
Should I use 10w-30 or 5w-30 oil for my 1995 Honda Civic LX?
What spark plug should I use?
I need your help PLEASE!!! about my car?
how do u install a radiator on a 99 cougar?
What is the difference between a MAJOR tune up and a MINOR tune up?
can an internally broken catalytic converter cause idling problems?
can i use mechanical roller lifters on a hydraulic roller cam?
Can I put 24 inch rims on skinny tires on a 70 chevelle without getting a lift kit?
Can u move on after a brake up?
information on turbo engine?
where is the blower motor resister found in a 1999 plymouth voyager van?
Does car uses more fuel when you have your heater or AC running?
Is it bad to rest your foot on the clutch pedal while driving?
What is " P0755 Shift Solenoid B Malfunction"?
how can you rust metal?
does anyone know how do to a rear brake conversion on a Toyota Camry from drum to disc?
i put the wrong kind of oil in my car! now what?
Bought a 95 saturn that has no oil in it?
Does jetwash ruin the cars paintwork?for .s?
Why oh why doesnt someone.....?
My car won't start at all (no dashboard lights, nothing). Help?
Car service?
How can I remove my rear view mirror from cleat?
04 Dodge Stratus Engine "free running or interference" engine?
My break lights turn off when I hit my breaks.?
Can you powder coat bike shocks?
oil filter fell off 10 miles after an oil change?
looking for the location of1991 nissan maxima se right sub switch that control the locks?
will the 4l60e from a 2004 GTO fit into a 98-02 camaro LS1?
Where can I get automobile ECU repairing simulator?
How much would it cost to repaint a 2005 Mazda3?
1994 town and country wont start! (after two weeks of wouldnt cutting off!)?
how do i know if my ignation is bad?
how do i know which tire and rims are best for my truck (00 f150 4.2)?
Getting 2 new tires on front wheel drive car?
What tires are best for Toyota 4runner?
2001 mitsubishi eclipse clutch replacement?
Trans cooler lines leaking?
Convertible top on my nissan 350z wont go down all the way?
What do you think about the chevy 350?
Sometimes car won't start, battery works but nothing from engine?
continous knocking noise from under the bonnet of my car.?
Rear wheel drive 93 240sx makes a clicking sound up front when i turn the wheel. Any ideas?
gs 125 battery / alternator?
i had an small car accident driving my friends car, am i responsible for the damage?
Anyone know a good short ram intake?
can i put a hummer engine in a 1949 ford truck?
Why are semi-trucks so loud when coming to a stop?
Problem with Moped... Not working...?
Ran out of transmission fluid?
87 gas to an 89 gas.. what should i expect ?
I lost my van keys. what is the cheapest solution?
best way to get stickers off car glass and paint.?
Question on the Compression of my 4 cylinder pickup truck?
Honda FL350 Odyssey ATV bad solenoid or battery?
What's wrong with my brakes???
Why will my 1997 Cadillac STS Seville not start?
I have a 2002 Saturn SL1 and when I turn on the A/C, the air will not always come out of the vents....?
1987 GMC pick up fuel regulator?
where can i find the recall list for audi?
Brakes making a slight grinding noise?
Should I "warm up" my car b4 driving first thing in the morning?
How much is a gallon of petrol in the UK now?
Will check engine light go out ?
what parts do i need to buy to have someone do my front brakes and rotors?
why is the blue light on my dash like a thermostat on in the car?
I've got a 1994 chevy Astro van. Squeak in the left front wheel.?
getting a web site?
what do i do with old anti freeze when i drain it out of my car?
Primer out of a spray can VS Primer from a spray gun?
I need some advice in how to fix this situation, does anyone have a few minutes to spare?
what is the best paint and primer for painting a fiero pontiac. how should it be sanded? brake lights will no turn off when the car is tuned off?
my 99 contour started and ran great then just died 7 blocks away @ a stop sign?
Does steam cleaning a car engine damage it?
My brother syas my car smells like it dangerous to drive this car? What may it be?
Poll: Whats a better small engine? Briggs or Kohler?
What's wrong with my car?
What is the tank in the rear of an 1987 Arctic Cat el Tigre 5000?
pictures of fuel pump relay for 92 chevy caprice classic?
What is the largest tires i can fit on a 98 s-10 zr2 without haveing to do any hacking or lifting?
Engine Clicking Noise?
if i have 12.5micro farad capacitor then in which h.p motor this capacitor will be used?
Is it possible to flood a car with electronic fuel injection?
i have a corse 1.0 iv changed the cam sencor and iv lost was on a dionostic and my anger manager li?
Around how much will it cost to fix the paint on my car?
can the check engine light be reset on my trailblazer by just disconnecting the battery cables?
i cant get my spark plug to fire on my suzuki rm 80 i can figer out what wrong plz help thanks?
93 tunder bird SC?
What happens to the gasoline already in the tank?
My car leaks brown liquid and steams.?
Put the R134A crap in the S-10 and still no cold air, HELP?
What could be the cause of high-idle with my 1992 chevy pickup?
Why will my truck not hold voltage when it is in idle?
Where is the idle air control valve located on a 97 eagle vision tsi?
my car has about 20,500 miles on it. it always gets its 5,000 or 3,000 or whatever services.?
How do you set the timing on a Corsa 3 cylinder 1.0L?
97 Chrysler cirrus lx problem?
I drive a 1993 grand prix , it has a hard start, i've had a tune up and fuel injector cleaned.?
Change oil light came on a few days ago should I still drive my car?
i have a Honda CR-V 2001 and there is a leak in my radiator cap..?
How do you repaint a car once it's been painted w/ housepaint?
car wont turn over at times and at other times it will?
Does anyone know where blinker fluid goes in a car?
BMW Brake Fluid Light is on?
Will a 1.4 engine pull a 1 ton trailer?
Where can I get a good price on mobil 1 10W30 synthetic oil ?
how much can i expect to pay to replace a starter or alternator on a 96 ford explorer?
Hole in the radiator?
Why do my car keep cutting off?
what kind of fuel injection does the 1984 chevy suburban 4x4 have and what kind of mpg do they get?
My check engine light came on.?
what is wrong with my car?
Cost for new bakes on a 2003 Nissan Altima?
My car shakes when I apply the brakes, I had new pads and rotors put on last year, could I need new pads?
why would the check engine light be on in a 1996 Volkswagen Jetta?
Where is the location of 2004 escape thermostat housing?
I have a 90 Olds Cutlass with a GM 3.1 V6 it runs great but everytime i come to a compleat stop it dies help?
How often should the transmission fuild be changed on a 2001 Sebring 3.0L?
I want to keep track of my MPG. How do I find a chart to keep track of this?
how do i get more power out of my 2001 VW Gti?
Do all cars make that squealing braking sound when they need to be replaced?
Is it ok to put two types of gasoline into a car?
If you bought a turbo car can you detune the engine to suit license?? by taking off turbo and have no problem?
Getting the Smoke Smell out of Car?
Optimum RPM for small motor fuel efficiency?
Car squeaking when driving, stops when I brake?
Why was my NO emissions so high on my 2002 Mazda Protege smog test?
How do you fit a fuel filter on a car?
How do I reset "check engine" light on my 1996 Jeep Cherokee?
will the inside light of car, left on overnight , drain the battery significantly?
how long is 3000 miles?
1953 willys jeep cj3b from 6 volt to 12 volt?
dodge ram spacer kit question?
What happens when you "blow a head gasket?"?
car battery dies overnight!! please help :)?
can you powder coat a cylinder head?
is this a car myth....?
Driving without radiator fluid...?
My steering wheel vibrates 60-75mph and their is a clicking sound from steering wheel.?
Whats wrong with my car?
Has anyone used magnets which fix onto the fuel lines and do they work?
where can i find instructions on how to change a timing belt for 1999 kia sportage?
Where to get NGK splug wires?
Should I go the "Natural" route as far as car maintenance is concerned?
Diesel Engine coolant / Antifreeze in Gas Engine?
is it possible to change a 1992 ford explorer eddie buarer 4x4 from a auto to standard if so what do i need?
What is the intermediate band adjustment on a C4 transmission?
what happens if you drive with a blown head gasket?
Does header wrap(tape) actually work, and is it worth the money?
When you should you get gasoline for your car?
How can i get my boyfriend to polish my headlights?
My car vibrates hard when it's idle.... Any idea what's wrong?
Pulsar 135ls maintenance?
TCM-long term memory error?
how do you use a lamp tester when wiring a trailer?
HELP!! Car Leaking Oil!?
What could be the cause of my steering wheel shaking violently when i exceed 50 mph?
what should i use to clean my chrome wheels?
I just bought a 2000 Cadillac Escalade and the service engine light just came on?
step bt step instructions on how to replace brake pads and shoes chevrolet truck?
My Transmission is leaking Because of a seal. I dont know what the seal is called.?
How can I fix my fogged up lamps on my Mustang?
How can I fix my brake line with out the trouble of flaring and bending my self?
What type of oil do I need for an older car?
If you have two cars with the same horsepower and one has a bigger engine, will the one with the bigger engine?
Why do you press harder on a remote control when you know the battery is dead?
What Happens to your car engine if you pee in the gas tank?
Why won't my car start?
Should you check your car oil level when your engine is cold or warm?
how can i get my fan belt on my car to stop squealing?
What is a big block, and a small block?
Why won't my tranny downshift to passing gear?
How to drive my alto k10 to get good mileage and how to maintain it..?
1985 Cadillac Deville. When I give it gas, it will not increase RPM. New Cap & R., Coil, MAT & MAT Sensors.?
My car accelerates when I start it up?
Where is the computer (or VCM) for a 98 GMC Safari?
Remove paint from a car bumper?
Steering wheel makes a "tight streching" sound?
Do Magnaflow Tips Sound good on Diesel Trucks?
What Do Spark Plugs do?
What would make the inside of my car tires bald after only 18,000 miles?
I am a L.A. Galaxy fan but I don't even live in California is that bad?
I have a problem with a check engine light coming on after I fill me car up with gas?
What is a correct fuel economy on 1989 Buick Century (engine 3.3 v6)?
wirring for parking light, breaklight,and turn sigal for a 1988 ford enconiline van. having lights failure.?
is it possible to buy a car that can tell you when your tyres need air?
what can cause the front brake rotors to warp?
what is the conversion of 300kmph to mph?
Where is the coolant fan temperature sensor located?
if a car bought has had a problem from day 1 and warranty has run out,are garage still liable?
How to adjust the length on a front CV drive shaft on a 97 grand Cherokee tsi?
If a car airbag deploys can you stuff it back or is it finished?
question about 97 saturn sc2?
what do u need to add to a diesel car to run on vegetable oil?
how to change the brakes on my plymouth reliant k 1986?
when you hear the horn clicking but not sounding what could it be?
Know any good car window tinting places on the Peninsula (Bay Area, CA)?
best products for cleaning auto carpets?
Has the head gasket gone?
What is a clutch slave cylinder? Apparently mine has gone. Is it expensive to repair?
what do i need to reed the codes on my 89 ford ranger 2.3l?
Whats best to use when filling pot holes in a lane?
Radiator fan? Weird problem.?
2011 Hyundai Accent getting VERY poor gas mileage?
what does low air in your tires have to do with burning allot of gas?
Tonight I wasn't paying attention and inadvertently put around a gallon of diesel fuel in my car?
where can i go to get my brakes replaced? A place i can trust?
1988 F150, New starter, new solenoid and new battery but it still wont start. Any ideas?
Why does my car smell like feet?
What could cause water to drip into my Kangoo?
is a good idea taking out the air filter when drag racing?
i took my car to a mechanic to change the water pump an timing belt but none were change what can i do?
I need a car expert...can you help me?
concerning my automatic vehicle?
Its illegal to use red diesel in cars but does it have any adverse effect on newer turbo diesel engined cars?
If someone pours a smoothie down your gas tank, what's going to happen? ?
Is it safe to drive my car when one of the spark plug misfired?
I dont know anything about cars but why does it leak water EVERYTIME I use AC? Its a brand new car (2007)?
my windscreen wiper smear the windscreen? do they need replacing?
Would a hole in catalytic converter cause bad gas mileage?
leather seats?
2002 honda accord has slow leak n now the gears stick when i change over n the maintaince light flash when i ?
Air intake question: Fram?
Is a weld on subframe street legal? (indiana)?
Can a car tyre be put on the wrong way?
i just wrecked my moms car and she will not be home for a week?
does anyone know where the headlight relays are on a 92 acura integra?
whats the difference between 5w30 and 10w30 as far as motor oils?
Manual or Automatic??
where do i put the jumper wire?
location and how to remove driver airbag computer for 96 kia sephia?
I have an old 1985 Nissan Maxima, and I need a window for the rear passinger side. Where can I get One cheap?
Where can I buy quality car mats online for my 2001 VW Passat?
how many fuel injectors in a 2.4 twin cam olds alero,?
Are all Jiffy Lube places this bad?
Car wheels won't spin?
A long tail on the top of car's trunk.what is that called?
torque settings on 6.5liter deisel torque converter and flywheel?
Realistically, how often do I need to get an oil change on a 2006 car?
I think there is an engine misfire, but there is no check engine light?
I had a starter put on my car a brand new one and three days later it didn't work was it put on wrong?
Where is the best place to find the U-joints for my mazda truck?
what is a strut brace? How does it improve the performance of a car?
What makes my car overheat?
If a car is turning over & over, but not starting, could that be the fuel pump?
What do you call these things that are under the hood? (check out pic)?
I had front brake pads and discs replaced,but later they didnt stop me when i braked coming to a roundbout!?
Solvent to put carburetor in?
My 1985 camaro wont start. no clicks or nothing, i get all electric. ive replaced starter and ignition swith??
My windshield wipers stopped working?
Where is the fuel pump and fuel filter on a 1993 Chevy Lumina Van?
why would temperature go up when idling?
What is a serpentine belt?
where is the fuel filter located on a 1999 ford escort se?
Car issues..does anyone now what could be wrong?
Can a carburetor increase speed of vehichle?
yerf dog go-cart leaking gas fromair filter?
Where can I buy Turn Signal Fluid?
where can i get my car inspected for free in NJ?
what pressure to charge a/c in 1991 chevy subr. with front and rear a/c?
wich window tent do I buy and is it gunna look as good as if it where done professionally?
who makes the best all weather auto tire?
how much mileage should a Ford (International) 7.3 engine last before rebuilding?
vacuum line arrangement for 1988 chevy 350?
Whenever I get out of my car, I get an electric shock from my car door! How do I stop the madness?
what fluids do i need to put in my car to help keep it running?
When will gas prices go down?
Someones scratched my car?
My 06 Mercedes CLK manual says that I can do 13k between oil changes; should I wait that long?
Where can I get replacement body panels for an enclosed cargo trailer?
how do you find top dead center on 4.3 liter v6 s10?
the fuse for the heater?
Volvo 940 Estate Auto. Overdrive, 4th gear will not engage.?
Why wont my Blazer start?
What are the essential things to do when maintaning a porshce 944?
does anyone know where to find a luggage cover for a mazda3 hatchback?
What's wrong with my car?
any places in riverside county that can weld radiators?
Is the 1995 bmw 318 or 325 a better bet to own?
Help! My mechanic says my front tires are on the back and my back tires are on the front?
where can i find high octane fuel in ohio @ a gas station near me?
Engine damage - fire or sun damage?
advice on replaceing a engine?
Honda CRV side door seal?
Car Engine oil change: Do NOT start while engine oil is draining. Reason for this?
Which auto shop can replace a Windshield Wiper on a '03 Jetta?
Are Mazda B2300 and Ford Ranger the same?
VDO Classic tacho not working?
will any other engine fit in a nissan terrano?
how can i get some oil out of my car without removeing sump plug as when i changed oil the plug was real hard?
What does it mean when a car is spitting fuel out the tailpipe only on start up?
Chevy 350 starter problem?
car over heating.... 99 cougar?
reset timing after distributor has been pulled?
is rich or poor(lean) mixture which will produce more power ?
Autozone wouldnt take my oil?
i have a water leak in my truck?
is there any default?
How do you add Transmission fluid to a Daewoo?
price to fit cruise control to a vauxhall cavalier?
I GOT AN oil change and now my car is leaking oil (I think) in my garage
are hid bulbs longer than halogen?
Driving safe with an oil leak. Help?
If I only have a little bit of gas in my car...?
I have a 86 mercedes 300 e 2.3 it doesnt start i dont know why?
how come my left nut is bigger than my right?
91 mercury capri headlight problem?
Has anyone used to get parts for a nissan automobile?
replace starter motor in my vn and battery will kick over with a jump start but when i try it without nthing?
how do i change the transmission fluid on my 2001 jeep wrangler?
Motor caught fire after running at 150 mph...?
oil pressure gauge goes up to max?
Cooling problem with car?
Why are my indicators on my corsa, ticking fast? The indicators are all working?
Muffler or muffler tip?
Is it the AC or the heater that defrosts a windshield?
What can you put on a car for rust?
Where is my coolant/antifreeze going?
engine starting problem?
why do i have to tap on my carberator with a hammer to make it crank up?
How can I get the smell of smoke out of my used car I just bought?
firing order front and back?
car sitting on flat tire?
Car alarm always goes off!?
What do you use to condition the rubber lining of your you use vegetable oil or proxide..or what ?
i need a lay out of my truck so i can fix it?
Could it be that I just need to buy a new serpentine belt?
Where can I find the ECU connector in the 2009 Subaru Forester?
Tires ?- I am getting 2 new tires for my mom's car.Is it better to put the 2 new tires in the front or in back?
will a 94 s104.3L 5 speed transmision bolt to a 350 chevy?
Can you tell me how to pry open a car trunk?
How much is regular gas where you are?
Where to buy custom car parts from?
need help starting 6.5 HP 4 Stroke?
Does the catalytic converter on my 2000 Subaru Legacy actually need replacing? If so, how much is the cost?
Automatic Car: Brake depressed while revving?
why is my 1994 integra ls burning more oil than usual?
My toyota is running rich?
What gets No toil oil out of a Air filter?
Where can I get lights for my car's kickboard?
What are some things i should buy to keep my car running good?
i drained my transmission fluid and now cannot undo the filler plug nut is it ok to drive to a workshop?
my 2004 toyota mtrix has sulpher smell when i turn heat on-anybody know why ?catlytic converter changed twice?
my 98 prelude blows out blue smoke in the morning but it goes away after its warm what could be causing this?
If I take a working thermostat out of a car that is overheating, will it run cooler?
Is timing belt the same as serpentine belt?
Does 2012 Focus Hatchback have oil life indicator?
Volkswagon engine oil sludge...1.8 Turbo engines...Anyone else having problems? I am!!!?
kwik exhause are they cheap?
headlight bulbs and high/ low headlamp what is it
How do I get small shards, like dust, of glass out of my car's fabric seat.?
i have a 2006 ford f750 truck anyone know where i can get a winter cover for it?
Why does my car heating not work?
Does anyone know what the timing marks are on the cam gears and where to set them on a 1994 Mazda 626 2.0 DOHC
Car won't start, have checked fuel, spark plugs, battery? Help.....?
i have a 2000 alero oldsmobile. i had an oil change about 3 months ago. i am just wondering how i keep up?
Could i use a toothbrush, soap & water to scrape off paint on a car window?
What does code 11 mean on a 95 jeep Grand Cherokee?
Problems with my car!!!?
how to change a rack and pinion on a 2005 chrystler t&c?
whats the function of the "hold" button on an automatic gear?
HID conversion kit information please?
how so I change a light bulb on a 2002 acura rsx?
what does FUBAR mean?
alternator replaced battery charged just clicks?
i am looking for salvage yards for snowmobiles near michigan.?
Sears service - internal engine cleaning and fuel system cleaning?
My brake lights wont turn off...?
my 2004 gmc yukon service stability light came on what does that mean?
is it normal for brakes to screech?
Does this car look good? like engine and everything?
my car pull's to left very slightly?
Why is it unlawful to tint car window glasses?
I Have a 1989 GMC S15 JIMMY that wont start or turnover but the battery has a full charge??? can anyone help??
my temp on my 350 motor?
How do I get the dust off car's dashboard?
taking charge from the engine to charge a battery in the back but not drain engine battery?
Is it ok to not change my oil filter when I change my oil?
Why is my Steering Wheel hard to turn?
is there somewhere i can go to see a diagram of the exhaust of a 2000 f150?
I have a 94 chevy p-30 chassis/454. My speedometer is picking up tachometer signals at higher rpms.?
can you tint headlight and tail light in NYC by the law?