Transmission pan bolts will not tighten onto the pan?
Car heater only heats when moving, when stopped only blows cold, why?
What is wrong with my car?
How do u bleed a clutch for a 1985 ford f150 pick up truck?
My brakes are touching the floor?
When I get my oil changed - they put a sticker w/miles listed for next oil change (odometer + 3k) &/or 3months?
at what point do car engine oil start to go bad?
What Does This Sound Like? How much should it cost to fix?
instructions on how to fix honda civic lx head gasket?
Can you apply your 2, 3, 4th coat of paint (car) when the 1st coat drys after maybe 16 hours?
I have a ford explorer 5.0 1996. I cranks over but won't start, already checks fuel cutoff switch?
What do I do? He's put Petrol in a diesel car?
How to open a golf rear door that is locked to change the lock.Its electric?
Can a bad valve cover gasket cause my 1998 GTP to overheat?
How do I re-do the interior of a truck?
where is a 97cadillac catera fuel pump relay?
Can a MAF problem cause these problems? Please help.?
how much dose a 1982 toyota corolla drivers side door cost brand new?
which motor mount causes popping?
vauxhall vectra transponder reader removal? HELP!?
mercury grand marquise has difficulty staying in park. Linkage or transmission?
This is an edit to the above ? about my tire compressor?
I need help with a dead 2002 Chevy Cavalier?
Is replacing a clutch something an avrage person can do?
Do I need air shocks AND springs for a wheelchair carrier for a Chevy Venture?
On my 93 mustang conv. and the glue holding the rear window is coming loose, what type of glue should I use.?
how can your sparkplugs become lose someone changed mine and my 98 explorer was riding rough after about a?
Have been trying to get track rod end off my mondeo all afternoon but the locking nut won't budge?
Can starting a diesel vehicle in the winter damage the engine? How cold is too cold?
car seems as if something is holding it back when driving?
toyota paseo with turbo???
how much it cost for labor to replace an ignition switch on a 1999 buick lesabre?
What motor oil is good for a 2010 V6 LS Camaro?
How to check the thermostat?
Will bad spark plugs or spark plug wires cause a car engine to rev up on it own?
Whats the hose called that connects the turbo to the intake?
I have a 2001 Ford Ranger XLT pickup truck, when I apply the brakes to stop there is a vibration, cause?
zx6r cam chain tensioner - Problems?
2000 dodge neon front end clip wanted?
leaking celiling?
my Oldsmobile Alero won't start after rain storm, we get nothing when we turn the key.?
would putting a 10w40 motor oil in an 07 chevy pickup with a 4.8 liter damage the engine?
can you have your front wheel well liner replaced.?
How much to get a new muffler?
Why is my car using so much oil?
My 2002 Honda Crv will start but wont stay running...?
How important is it to torque bolts?
Would I die of I got put in an oven for fifteen minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit?
Alarm systems for your car. how much?
Is it safe to paint your car battery to match your car!?
my 97 grand am is leaking antifreeze and i cant find out from were can someone please help i checked around?
i was just told the trans will bolt right up and now you say no ?
how to remove broken taps?
What do I need for my car?
where can i find a wiring diagram for a ford transit?
I own a caveler{?} it runs rough and emits white smoke, what is wrong with it?
Engine oil in coolant overflow?
is it safe to get my cooling fans to come on direct as i turn on my car (2000 pontiac grand am)?
Knocking/Rubbing coming from underneath passenger side?
How do I know when my tires need to be changed on my car?
need advice on swapping motors in a 90 chevy cavalier?
How do I convert to CNG?
94 Accord guzzling coolant?
On a 4 cylinder petrol engine if the camshaft is timed up 180 degrees out,will it run?
1995 mazda 626 lx 2.0 l idle problems?
i have a RC buggy 1/10 and what will happen if i put gasoline in it 87 or 97 gas.?
How can I Get a step by step instructions on how to repair a 92 Mercury Grand Marquise?
parts i need to lift my 1988 chevy caprice - to put on 24'' wheel?
My dad told me to turn the overdrive off once i reach 40 miles. Is he correct?
2004 jeep liberty's red oil light came on and steering wheel locked when driving?
I ran out of oil in my Montero. I noticed a light clanking sound. Can I put more oil in?
is it better to go to the dealership to get ur oil changed, or are places like wal mart and etc r fine?
My car shakes at 80MPH and higher? ?
I have a 1994 ford ranger the problem is once i gets hot it turns off on me. i was thinking it could be the?
How long and how far can I drive with a thrown rod?
xterra lift very confused?
how to replace the front parking light bulb of toyota corolla?
Which of These Five Maintenece Problems Should I Fix First?
My car constantly over heats causing it to stall out. Spits out the radiator. Any ideas?
F-350 Diesel Block Heater / Oil Heater?
I need to know what type of spark plug I need for my Manco Hornet 4-stroke moped its a 2003?
how many miles are you overdue for an oil change?
My car will not start?
my windshield wipers smear the water, how to fix?
Car won't star in the cold. What's wrong with it?
how do you program keyless entry in a 1991 newyorker?
my car is overheating and i've changed the water pump, radiator and thermostat and it's still overheating
seat belts vs m.o.t fail or not? ?
what is a through-shaft?
different heads on a sbc?
Car wont start what to do?
Is there a shortage in one of my wires?
Is cheap petrol bad for your car?
What is the largest tires i can fit on a 98 s-10 zr2 without haveing to do any hacking or lifting?
My Radiator is leaking from the top left it`s not the hose but it`s on the black peace what do i do?
I am restoring a classic car. How can I soften the weather stripping?
does it cost more to maintain a hyrbid vehicle versus regular gas vehicle?
Where can I find info on changing a heater core on 95 ford ranger?
No more Spare Tire needed?
how to change the transmission fluid and filter in a 2004 chevy silverado 3500 with a allison transmission?
How to reset oil service light Chevrolet Trucks Avalanche ?
When should i get my breaks replaced?
I have a 97 Ford Ranger & temp. guage won't go up & I don't think the engine heats up properly. What's wrong?
Are parts for a 2005 Cadillac CTS usually really expensive?
anyone know what clear liquid tire dressing is called?
I heard when its really cold you have to let your car warm off before you drive it. Is that true?
my steering wheel shakes when I apply the breaks. What causes that?
What are part worn tyres?
How do I find out my vehicle information on my VIN # on the internet?
Do most " light kits" for utility trailers come with "Cable ties" or "Zip ties"?
Changing rear gears dor biger tires?
Is it illegal to drive with a hole in your exhaust pipe?
How many ohm's does an ignition coil need? I think mine is shot but I want to test it to find out.?
Do you have to mess with the battery of a car to change a new radio deck?
I need to find headlights in new jersey for a 1997 2.5 TL where can I go?
How many of you use an oil change service?
Why am I burning so much gas?
Why Am I having diffuculties with my car starting after I changed My Spark Plugs?
What will cause my blinkers to flash fast?
what happens when you run a car with no oil?
Why do mechanics take so long to fix cars?
Will a standard start without brake fluid?
is it okay to put transmission fluid into my power steering pump.?
HELP repair tips for ford power stroke lost brakes & power?
is there a recall for pont. gran prix's with a 3800 engine for intake gasket replacement?
Vauxhall Corsa Back Brake bleed nipplle?
I am having occasional brake fade; the fluid stays up but stopping power is nill; the vacume booster?
I just drove off in my whip from the dealership recently...?
When i drive my 1984 ford mustand 4cyl. 2.3L, the alternator won't charge my battery.?
My car engine makes a rattling noise when i accelerate hard or when im going slightly uphill. any ideas?
Running in a new car - would anyone follow this advice?
can anybody tell if this car has rust on it?
WAS IN ACCIDENT! need car repair estimate or quote see picture?
Why is my transmission fluid is burning?
help needed someone threatning to put sugar in gas tank!?
Where can I get my dashboard lights replaced?
Is it mechanically OK to wait until your petrol tank runs out while driving before filling up?
my cars 2yrs old do i have to have it serviced with the car dealer?
What is this called?
92 Rodeo 4x4 R Turn signal wont work?
Car overheating quick after i start to drive. My water pump, thermostat, cooling sensor are all changed?
which of these cars is the best deal for the money?
My Corolla, 1998, 95000miles. is burning "the" oil. Is there a safe addetive to avoid costly repairs?
oil in water on astra?
will cops pull me over for a ed winshield?
What is an inexpansive way to remove scratches off of car window?
where can I find a cruise control wire for 1997 chevy silverado 4x4?
My car is messed up???
my 1991 park ave wont start?
what do i need to replace in my car if the back tires are facing inwards and quickly balding the tires?
My seat controls and my cigarett lighter have both stopped working on my Discovery . any ideas?
Car heater core problems?
Heard about the possibility of a cellphone jumpstarting a car?
how to hook up boost gauge?
what causes a car to sputter at idle?
i got a new car last mon. and it was fine until thurs. when it started overheating. what might be the cause?
Finding a saab 9000 electrical diagram?
Where is the freeze plug on a 93 caprice ??
code P0122-TDS sensor, where is it located and can I replace it?
can you please tell or show me what the right firring order is for a 1999 astro mini van?
how do i re move axils from a fwd car?
How to remove the ignition cylinder from a 91 cavalier?
Does auto gasoline have chemical additives to dissipate water?
why will my car only start with a jump start?
custom wheels to fit bedford rascal van?
Car wont start after rethreading spark plug?
What Fog light installation do I need for my 2000 Camaro?
Oh shucks! My windshield's been hit by another tiny stone again? HELP.?
how to make a go kart motor go faster?
Why do i have to spray starting fluid in my breather on my cummings diesel engine to get it to start?
my 1986 bmw 318i rear tires keep squeeling on the tarmac and wear away from the inside within 2 weeks?
where is the pcv valve in a 7mgte engine?
what does 'jack knife' mean in an auto accident?
how can i interview someone over the internet, is there a service technician i can talk to around here?
I would like someone to let me know what the spark plug gap is for a 1993 geo metro conv. thanks?
Replace one ball joint or two?
How to replace instrument cluster lights?
Where are the fuses located in a 1973 Honda CL350 Scrambler?
where can i find 2.5 inch exhaust piping for a 99-00 honda civic Si?
I want to rent to own new tires for my car?
Jeep Wrangler question...?
where can I get a free oil check and fill ? in Las Vegas NV?
pleazz help me..?
Where would the ebrake generally be in an automatic car?
Can you have 1 different tire on your car from the rest?
Where did the brake fluid go?
how much should a tune up cost for a 2000 cavilier, and what all gets replaced?
Car parked for 3 weeks while at work in gear, no handbrake, how do i stop brakes seizing up?
ac compressor clutch?
Why am I getting a loud clicking noise in the dashboard of my car?
Looking for a fix on squeaky 350 turbo transmission. Ran low on fluid and now shifts about 3200 rpm. Trash?
K&N cold air intake system for my car?
Timing belt on Saturn VUE 2006?
Why does my car jerk when i redline?
2003 Honda Civic LX A/C not working, is it the resistor or the blower help?
My car is making a squeaking sound while I'm driving. The sound gets much louder when I hit the brakes?
Car engine trouble, engine dying, why?
Is normal for power steering fluid to get lower over time?
Question about my car Only serious answers please?
My 1996 ranger will not start off the key. Only will start when sol is crossed over.?
I brakes squeak. Will Silicone Lubricant Spray help the squeaking to go away, or lubricant spray with Teflon?
if u had your fuel pump replaced and now your check engine light is on..what happened?
Self Service Autoshop in Wisconsin?
My check engine light came on after I had drove through some high waters...?
My car is leaking oil and coolant?
where on a 1996 regal is the fuel pump pressure switch located on the engine?
My gears are getting extremely stiff and difficult to put in (especially 1st). Reverse makes a grinding noise.
oil leak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
a price for stk 392-010 convergence chips?
What Should I Name My Truck?
what could happen if the car is missing the radiator coolant reserve tank?
What causes a car battery terminals to corrode over?
My engine siezed b/c of no oil. I put 4 qts in, it does crank up but has knocking sound. Am I in big trouble?
Why would my oil pressure drops when the engine has been run and driven for 20+ miles?
1997 Isuzu Trooper Over Heating 3.2 V6?
06 cobalt SS timing chain replacement?
i have a 1997 oldsmobile cuttless and i have a bad shake in the front end going down the highway what is it?
2009 Dodge Charger Overheating?
how to remove a heater core from a 1981 chevy impala?
My car smell like melting plastic/wax?
why does my generator only work with both phases when I tap it with a hammer?
O2 sensor Ranger?
my car is 1999 toyota 4runner limited and I lost my all keys and the car is in Africa The Gambia?
What should you do if you put petrol in a diesal car?
i heard shifting from 5th gear (@ 80 mph) to first will clean ur engine shud i do it?
Where can find this part for my 2005 Toyota Corolla?
what engine will replace a V555, or were can I get aftermarket parts for it?
Broke Shift Gear while driving my Infiniti g35?
What does the wrench light with the oil can mean? ?
Is it okay to install a door on a car with bondo on it over winter?
my holden astra turns on then 3 seconds later turns off?
My Honda Civic 1998 DX just got a new radiator, the overflow still bubbles after driving in heat.?
what kind of turbo would be the best for a 2000 grand am 3400... and can the car be twin turbo.?
What should i do if my car has transmission problem when the car is parked in my house?
Outer edges of front tires are smooth or bald?
whats the differnce between a flowmaster and headers?
Cold air intake bypass valve work?
How do u bleed brakes?
is it necessary to change oil every 6 months if i drive my car only 2-4 times per year?
how much money does a collision repair technician make?
How to fix a car battery?
i am 65 miles over my extended warranty and my transmission is going,?
How to fix a flat tire if there is no rim key?
how long will tires last in storage?
Chevy Astro AWD 1994 Fuse help!!!?
help(serious): site mane or ... of a itaian gear maker : benevelli?
how do you bleed the clutch on a 1988 ford F150?
Brakes, tires or alignment first?
how can the accelerator stop screw on a 1990 gm throttle body be adjusted?
how do you set timing for 93 mitsubishi eclipse?
How do you reinstall a quick disconnect fitting on the side of the transmission?
i have a 99 chevy 4x4 and every great once in awhile it shift extremely hard tranny fluid isfine what is wrong
My Car A/C does not cool?
Car battery dead,only 1 year old?
OBD2Repair Key Transponder Chips is cheap?
My car is leaking clear orderless fluid?
How to operate a dump truck bed?
Where can i find/get a good "Go Kart Engine"?
Is there such a thing as the GM parts department, how can I contact them?
How can I obtain higher MPGs by diverting radiator heat in my Honda Insight?
Dubs on a 95 Towncar?
will sugar damage a car engine?
1997 cavalier spark and gas yet the car wont start?
How to Make My Truck Louder?
Why is my car overheating?
Is water based spray on wipe off Turtle Wax ok to use on a 2004 car?
1991 honda crx cranking but not firering why?
Why don't the tail lights and brake lights on my Police Interceptor work?
my car keeps overheating. .?
Revs drop and wont go over 1200rpm?
My battery goes dead easily in wintertime?
what can cause shaking in the steering wheel when I apply the break?
My 2010 Nissan Sentra makes a knocking sound coming from the engine when I accelerate. Sounds like the pistons?
What kind of gas does my car use?
how can I be sure an auto mechanic won't rip me off?
Can we apply grease to battery terminals after you have connected and tightened the battery cable to pre corr?
How do I get my E 200 Razor Electric scooter to go faster?
Good Affordable Fuel Injection ECU?
I have a 1999 Honda Accord which is having transmission/ torqconverter problems-What is best way to resolve?
is tube choke buy back business is safe?
Would my catalytic convertor not get hot because...?
swapping out brake rotors?
I spilled gas in the back of my suv and I cant get the smell out.?
What is the harm in having a mis-alignment on your car?
how to do brake repair for ford 1992 f150?
Rear Tire Alignment Problem?
GM built a 2.5L motor?
Does weather have an affect on a cars breaks?
My car cosumes lot of engine oil, if it is used in the city, but not on long trips (say 500 KMs) Help me here?
have a problem with allison transmission it takes a long time to change from 2 gear to 3 gear lots of rpm 2200
Anybody know where I can get a rebuildable automatic transmission for a V6 engine car?
my car roof is there any way to correct this?
no ciggie lighter in car?
Install LS376/480 HP 6.2L Crate Engine in 2007 Silverado?
what car do you drive?
How do you take the dash pad off my 2001 chev silverado to get to the remote keyless entry receiver.?
what type of flow master will fit a 79 malibu?
I have an '89 buick century that stalls while driving and takes hours to start back up what could that be?
which fuse controls the heater in a 1979 chevrolet truck?
What is wrong with my 2003 ford focus zx3?
Audi a4. the check engine ligh came on and I was told that it is the catalytic converter needs to be replaced?
Why might my car be leaking what appears to be water?
i had a courtesy car but rental company say ive scratched the bumper but i never!?
Toyota Camry 99 won't start?
i have a 97 eclipse that leaks antifreeze?
Petrol question?
are brake hoses easy to fit ?
what is a V6 engine and what good it does when you want to buy a SUV?
How to give a sunfire balls?
need wiring diagram for 1994 cadillac concours?
what will make your check engine light come on car running fine?
What place can make a copy of a broken key?
Oil leak on 97 Camaro RS?
What's broken on my car? (I think its the starter from what people are telling me.)?
What is an average price for replacing a transmission in a 94 ford taurus?
Replaced battery, alternator&starter are good. Car starts. Drives then turn off and does not turn back on?
What can you do about a tire valve that isn't air tight?
how do u change a hub rotor?
1994 Honda Accord nuts and bolts?
what does a tune up consist of with my car?
Can I change my clutch cable to a slave cylinder? If so is it a difficult task to do yourself?
Xtrail diesel.Losing power as if starved of fuel then cuts out or fires back up?r=1245109225?
Power Steering Fluid Question?
plugs ,wipers,engine cleaner?
what is the white smoke coming out off my truck?
My car smells like oil sometimes, does it mean it may need oil or leaking oil? ?
How can I straight wire a cooling fan to a switch to make the fan cut off and on with the car?
Why does my car misfire?
My steering wheel shakes when I go over 55mph. I just had my car balanced and rotors changed?
Prepping my car for a quick paint job?
Would you call the cops on your life long friend?
how do you change an alternator?
What do you call the metal shift plates on lamborghinis?
Manual Transmission. Accidentally shifted into 2nd instead of 4rth. Seems to be okay, should I worry?
why would my car battery die?
I have a 74 honda and gas wont go to the plug.?
Im havin Tranny problems?
how hard can it be to reupholster the interior of one of my cars myself?
Fuel tank sending unit problem? (Gas meter)?
How do I get a belt to quit squealing?
What is the average flat rate at a dealership?
what would cause a vehiechle to run and then sound as if it is about to die then it catches itself.?
Brake Pedal Goes Almost all the Way to the Floor?
My tail light stopped working, but the bulb isn't burned out. I bought a new socket and it still doesn't work?
Why is my car so loud?
My car is making a clicking noise and won't start.?
best stop leak for water pump?
How much would it cost for me to put butterfly doors on my car?
replacing driver side (steering wheel) airbag & module in 1999 Ford Ranger pick up?
What is 60% of $2000?
1998 ram 1500 cruise and horn dont work-cruise light wont even come on-are they related-fuses good- have idea?
i just supercharged my 2000 expedition 5.4 should i replace the injectors to high flow ones?
how do i overhaul a gasoline engine?
I want to install some neon lights on my car?
How do I set the clock on my stock radio for Accord?
Why does the fuel gauge say it's empty when it's a full tank?
truck won't start?
Can I use a "add a fuse" to install a horn?
I just hit my door in another ladys car and made a chip how much do you think this will cost me ?
At about 70 mph my car starts shaking violently. If I drop back to 65 it is fine. What might be wrong?
Cant figure out the problem to my car.?
Synthetic oil change cost at lube pros?
New rimsss on a carrr?
is it bad for a car to burn oil?
What could be the cause of the whining noise coming from my car?
My car has a misfire, how much is it gonna cost to take into a mechanic?
I have a 1992 Taurus Wagon with a transmission problem. When you put it in gear it will not move.?
SUV in Storage for 3-6 years I need some advice on what should I do to it before we leave?
Car problem?????????????
dashboard bubbling problem?
when looking at a carburator what side is rich and what side is lean?
What are cheap ways to increase horsepower?
My 1995 Pontiac Grand Prix won't switch gears. What could be the cause of this?
My car won't start. It just clicks and won't turn over?
My moped broke and I need to figure out how to fix it?
hear something like its pouring out my car but there's no leak or signs that something coming out?
How low on fuel can i drive my car before it stops running? Will it run with less than a fourth gallon?
were is the fuel safety switch on a 1999 mazda b2500 pickup?
Would a ill fitted spark plug blow head gasket?
where is the cheapest place to buy tires?
I need to test the durability of my rear end?
Have 2007 Eclipse, where is the oil filter?
What is the phone number for american racing wheels?
Supagard! Any good. Also can I use any wax to polish.?
How do I centre my steering wheel?
How much would a transmission cost?
How to change the wheel studs on 2000 civic?
New Discs & Brakes Only four months ago what's wrong?
My truck wont start???
2000 Seville SLS driver door wont open from inside or out, and sometimes the car wont start with pk3 key?
anyone own a 1941Dodge pickup truck...I have a question?
my car stopped while i was driving down the road and will not restart?
What is the general rule for oil changes?
electronic message display for automobile dealers?
How do I remove snow from my car?
HELP repair tips for ford power stroke lost brakes & power?
insufficient dwell angle in a distributor is caused by?
Is switching from 91 to 89 octane gas ok for my 2002 acura?
oil pump on a 1984 buick lesabre and how to change it?
What are a good set of performance spark plugs for a daily driven 1996 GMC Sierra?
how would i go about doing a tune up on my car my own?
how to change wheel hub on jeep wrangler?
My derbi senda just stalls when put in first gear..... anyone know what it could be....?
Chrysler cirrus randomly shuts off no one can figure out what's wrong please help!?
F150 A/C pulley making noise?
Need help with determining bolt size?
2000 ford focus IAC sensor what does it look like and located?
How much to buy a rebuilt 302??? For an '86 Ford Thunderbird.?
My car has too many problems?
my 2002 nissan altima battery and emergency brake light both came on an d my car lost power? fuel pump maybe?
where can i find an auto body estimating course online?
What's wrong with my car? 02 ford zx2?
Overfilled engine oil?
Can i put 80 insteed of 75 gearbox oil in my gear box?
car wont start and i just put a new battery in it?
Smog and a check engine light.?
My car was flooded but survived! Should i be worried ?
I have a volkswagen polo match year 2000 with electrical faults?
I just purchased a manual car, what does the term "riding the clutch " mean?
what happens if my car fails it's MOT but i don't hav time to get it fixed?
The rubber gasket on my car door sticks in damp or wet weather. Any ideas of what to prevent it?
what transmissions will fit in a 1995 chevy blazer?
I have a 91 chrysler imperial and the right blinker isnt flashing, what can i do to fix it?
Is it okay to drive a 3000 mile roadtrip with a coolant leak?
how do you bypass an immobilizier on a fiesta mk3 (M) 1995 model as i have lost the keys and changed the locks
where is the fuel filter located on a 1985 toyota 2*4 pickup?
chevy 4.3 s10 headbolt specs?
my passenger side front brakes keep getting hard i replaced the caliper but its still doing it?
How do you measure an engine's size?
i need to find parts for a 74 chevy caprice (fuel sending unit)?
what is wrong with my car?
how much does 24" tires cost?
1993 blazer service engine lights on oil is good. what else could it be.?
What does RPM stand for?
How much will it cost to replace a left side front fender on an 03 honda cr-v?
Engine cleaning?
Can you super glue a in the radiator or is that a bad idea?
Y cant a car touch the max of speedometer even on full accl? After gaining a certain speed, it maintains it..?
My car starts up and then turns off in like 4 seconds?
The mechanic who worked on my car smoked while he was working on it. Is there any way to get the stench out?
Am I getting ripped off?
Spark plug wires in wrong positions and now car won't start?
no coolant mixing with oil check that but the coolant be low a little?
My brake pedle goes all the way to the floor ,I just replaced my drums, pades, and main wheel cylnder ,and 1fr?
How i run car with water?
why does my rear tires look smaller than my front tires?
Sports Cat For 95-98 Rover 100 111 1.1 & Exhausts?
What is the down side to minus sizing tires -1 for my car to save big bucks on the tires.?
my car gets hot ONLY when i stuck on traffic.. what can be the problem?
which is the best tires for my 2004 chevy impala?
Is there a test or equipment for testing car gas tanks for suspected gas leaks?
what would cause rough idle on 88 berretta?
how to replace rear suspension of toyota corolla 1982 model?
I have a 2000 Silverado 4WD. When I am driving there is a metallic chattering when I have my foot on the gas?
Why does my car fan stay on ?
looking for 1966 chevy corvette elec diadram?
why does my car jump when i shift into gear?
Does the 2006 Saab 9-3 linear have a timing belt or timing chain? What parts need to be changed at 80k miles?
Can I use this Techron gasoline additive in my car?
Car makes a 'moaning' sound when i turn?
How do i remove a universal joint from a Dodge Ram 1500 drive shaft?
Should I have my brakes inspected?
Will stop leak work on plastic leaks?
Could a bad battery or alternator be the reason my car looses power now and again ?
what type of oil does a 5.3l v8 take?
should i repair my leaky radiator or just install a brand new one?
do a 1987 volvo have a camshaft sensor?
1999 sebring runnig bad have i changed the o2?
Right turns on red lights?
What will happen if my alternator goes out while I'm driving?
Acedently put gas in oil tank?
what should i check for when my vechile reads on the hot side and when going down hills it goes back in the no
Chainsaw bar lube question?
Buick Regal Custom Brake Lights troubleshoot?
My car won't start and makes fast clicking noises when I turn the key. What would cause this to happen?
Changed brake pads, now pedal goes to the floor?
I need to replace the fuel injector on my 1998 Chevy Suburban?
Binding when turning in 4wd, even on snow....?
Set Timing 99 Passat 1.8T?
i have a 95 honda accord and when i sit for long periods of time it begins to run hot.what can i do?
Oil inside cylinder, spark plugs soaked in oil. Head gasket or piston rings?
what to do when you take ur car to a local garage to get it fix & car come back difrent?
does any1 knows the name of th plastic that goes around the windshield of a car?
what is the correct tire pressure for 9.5x30 tires on an f150?
How much would it cost total to replace all brake pads and rotors?
95 corolla headlights on 95 prizm?
Car jerks while driving and shakes while braking/idle?
Does anyone know where I can get 1 small round running light for a 1996 Pontiac Bonneville SE ?
Why is my car dripping water from the tail pipe.. And the check engine lights on?
where can i do my engine overhaul and how much does it cost,i have a 1980 oldsmobile delta88 royal?
can i do oil change at walmart?
After repairs from flood damage i hear a squeaky sound at times from my Honda CRV.?
what is the trouble codes 15 and 55 for a 1995 dodge spirit 3.0?
what tools do i need to repair alloy car rims?
Oil or transmission leak?
What is an EGR valve and it's funtion?
Why is my idle so high?
How do I add Transmission fluid to a Daewoo? It does'nt have a dipstick, and it is not a manual transmission.
how long does it take to put a transmittion in a 1995 ford taurus?
Do you have to reset the mileage percent indicator if you don't change the filter?
My car wont start but all the lights &bells come on?
Gas tank is spilling out through fill have?
Seat Alhambra Rear suspension bushes?
does anyone know how much does 99%methanol cost per gallon and drum?
where i can get electrical wiring book freely?
will an ungrounded speaker wire in your car speakers drain your battery when your car is off?
Is my alternator bad again??? Read below..........?
i have an 79 Chevy van the sliding door sticks and will not close completely any suggestions?
Is it worth buying new tyres for my car?
How much will it cost to paint my Nissan Altima?
I have an invention and want to patent it. where do i start and who would be best to speak to?
why is water collecting in the floorboard of 05 chevrolet venture?
what colour should i paint my calipers??
My car won't start & it says to "Check Advance Trac" ? ?
my 1997 honda passport heater is broken, and when i put in a fuse, it breaks?
I am looking for some electrical relay switches for a 1994 ford explorer?
how much should a valve body replacement for a 2001 pontiac grand prix cost?
I want to put a 1984 full size GMC jimmy body on my 1978 chevy blazer frame, are the body mounts in the same p
My car's air conditioning won't get cold, why?
battery on my car is flat?
Does anyone know where I can find dimensions/pictures of a parking brake cable for a 1973 Cushman Truckster?
retaining bolt for kimel ap9?
Will a 1.6l mazda miata flywheel work on a 1.6l mazda protege?
I have a 94 Honda Accord EX when I drive fast or break the car shakes what can it be?
Ticking coming from engine?
Did I get ripped off for paying $45 for a intake manifold?
ok when you press go pedal it sounds like it is running and acts like it wants to take off, however doesn't go?
Knocking sound when cold?
2005 2.0L 5 cylinder jetta tune up parts?
when inspect timing chain on car?
I just over hauled my 351 Ford engine, now I have no oil pressure. I put in a new oil pump.?
Does anyone have a tail lens for a 2 door 1992 Ford Tempo for sale? .?
back in the day when there were no cars but only horses how did?
about how much does an 85 C10 long bed weigh?
Whats wrong with my car?
Can a bad head-gasket lead to missfire and knockng?
Surge of weakness, recovers, then engine light comes on?
Changing My Tacoma timing belt this weekend.?
How do you jump start a car on a hill? Is there something strange u have 2 do with the pedals and ingition?
How to remove the Alt 80A fuse from a 1993 toyota t-100 truck?
how can i tell if my fuel pump is bad?
explain,why a loaded truck is more difficult to decelerate than an epmty truck?
looking for foriegn auto repair place called jergans in houston tx maybe spelled gergans ... it sounds like?
how do I change the valve cover gaskets on my 2000 olds alero?
What are the sing of a bad Transmission Mount?
How do i change a head gsket on a Chevrolet 2500 pickup?
how much for a exhaust for a Peugeot 306 1.4LX v reg plate?
Problems with my 2007 Saturn Vue...?
How much is regular gas near u?
My vehicle Indicates a red light mentioning 'BRAKE'. Why is that?
As I was driving to school, my car died...?
can a radiator just get pushed back without any damage?
Is it my alternator or battery?
Why does my fusebox keep tripping?
98 mazda b3000 how do i check wiper motor before replacing it?
When chaning the oil in my car should do it while the oil is warm or cold?
brakes feel spongy after bleeding?
do you have to get a new iphone if the battery goes out?
I just got my shocks and struts replaced, do I need an alignment?
Where is my car radiator water thing?
what's the best way to get the carmax sticker off?
my clutch have no resistance in it?! :(?
just want to veiw a copy of a chiltons on a '93 Nissan Altima?
Im trying to get it to pass smog but the catalytic converter and the evaporation sytem not signaling!?
i have a 94 firebird with a 3.4L in it i was wondering what website i could go to to get performance parts?
have a john deere 4045 that surges up and down in rpms. When i plug the return line it runs great.?
what type of antifreeze does a 2003 chevy cavalier use?
Where is the best car dealership?
my car dosent work what is the problem?
My jet ski makes a clicking noise when i try to start it. Anyone know whats broken?
can i use tubeless tyres in discover 125 st whether it will affect the mileage?
Can someone help please.......?
When is the best time to fill up my tank?
have a 91 ford taurus starts when let of the gas it will quit?
My Car Alarm won't work anymore?
Stinky car heater?
still can't shift gear out of park?
Does the sway bar link have anything to do with my car pulling when I stop and go?
What's this noise coming from underneath the hood of my car?
Car Air conditioner Problem?
wheels wont turn?
How do i tighten flex plate/ torque converter bolts on 1998 jeep grand cherokee?
My car lights aren't working, what could be wrong?
What will happen to a car seat if it's soaked with pee and not cleaned for a week?
I ran over a curb today in my FWD sentra, & it seems ok, but is there anything I should watch out for?
What does this sound mean for my car?
1970 torino shift linkage problem?
are sportscars good on gas?
can i smoke in a works van if i work on my own?
i have a 1994 mustang shifts perfect while driving very hard to get back in gear from a dead stop? any ideas?
When to replace the tires on a new Honda Accord?
How important is an oil change on your vehicle?
I need to know where the vacuum lines and coil go on a 351 engine?
I bought toyota corolla 2010, which wax should i put on the paint to shine ? i bought it about 1 week ago .?
when i brake in my car it pulls to 1 side sometimes what could this be?
Failure to change o2 sensor can result in Catalytic Converters to fail?
What can I use to cover up a scratch on my black car?
Just replaced alternator, now car wont fire.?
What is the best way to clean an engine?
Can you use a High Speed Orbital Sander with finish pads (3-10000) to take scratches out of plastic windows?
i need help 2006 honda accord v-6?
Can anyone tell me about oil leaks?
8 plugs in 4 cylinder are 4 of them special plugs?
Are front caster rods bushes split unroadworthy?
My Dodge Durango 2000 dosen't have any heat what could be my problem?
my top radiator hose swells like a balloon and the car overheats.?
Stuttering problem with Honda Civic manual transmission?
What is the best brand for car batteries?
whats wrong with my clutch?
Can a Mechanic really do this? ?
2000 Honda Odyssey transmission is irregular and D4 light switches on and off.?
if you hit that gas while your emergency brake is on...what could possible happen?
1997 Buick Skylark, wont start?
looking for help on 1979 corvette heater a/c controls repair?
I am doing a cylinder head job, should I take the heads to the machine shop to get then checked flat serface?
What does horsepower mean for a car?
What will make a 1988 honda accord dx transmission bust on top ?
How long does it take to replace the passenger seat belt buckle?
The steering makes a loud groaning noise when you turn it all the way to the right or left.?
how to remove dual fuel tanks?
88 Ford Bronco II rattling sound?
1995 Mazda 626 idle sputter problem?
What does 16v or 18v mean with car engines?
2001 camry lug nuts put on wrong way. All 5 I had to break off to get flat tire off. Need to two rotor off?
I have a weird smell coming out of my vents in my car. How can I get it out? It might be from the air conditio
If i buy a 66' mustang can i use the parts from the newer mustangs?
i have a 99 sunfire and it shuts off when it gets up to temp?
$10 in gas gone after 15 miles, is this a fuel line leak?
i was in a car accident with my brother and the air bags didnt work?
will wd40 stop car brakes squeaking?
i bought a car from a used car dealers eight week ago and the head gaskett has gone they say it is not covered
1992 Pontiac Grand Am wont change gears, leakin tranny fluid?
My car is rumbling what could it be ?
if your car was wrecked in an accident and you put parts from another car like the hood, fender, and bumper?
What could cause water leakage from airconditioner on the driver's side of my car?
Has anyone else had heater trouble out of a gmc canyon / chevy colorado?
Whats wrong with my car?
Are car traders liable for excessive repairs even if the car was sold without a warranty?
Trying to locate picture of a waterpump for a Buick Century 1999. Location on engine?
I was parking my 83 RAm and it just died, I tried to start it back up and it didn't for 20 minutes?
For a 2006 LX 470, I accidentally closed the hood, how can I open the doors?
If my brake line is broken during an oil change, who is responsible?
help with the fender deluxe?
2000 Chevy Silverado Problem?
should i put a rubber seal on the hood and fender of my jeep to water seal it?
tar removal from car?
Lead Acid Car Battery discharge problem?
how exactly step-by-step do u tune up a 88 cavalier?
How can i remove butter from my car windows and hood?
Ford Fusion or Nissan Altima?
i want to learn more about my cars engine?
how much does it cost to rent a "Bobcat" type device for 1 day?
Help...I have a 1985 Dodge Ram PU, 318 engine, that won't stay running.?
Mechanics says his equipment was stolen out of my car?
How do you replace the rear brake pads on a GM W-body car?
Peugeot 206 two front tyres need replacing - how much should it cost?
I'm looking for a 1992 Ford F-150 wire harness. I think its for a transmission.?
i changed the transmission filter and gasket..?
Replacing the motor in a Jeep Liberty?
How long for a engine replacement?
Is the alarm chirp not working related to the mirror not adjusting for objects?
2001 Daewoo Lanos shutting off about 2500 RPM?
My back wheel can be moved around when its jacked up?
How to remove Car odour?
Does a Parasitic Draw from the battery happen to such a level it takes several days not running engine to kill?
banch test golf starter?
Do high performance fuel pumps save gas?
First time I ever saw smoke coming out of hood of my car, please help!?
ok i just blew a head gasket so i pull the head off my car to find a little rust in the cylinders.?
can i put water on a alternator?
whats wroung with my car?
Car is having Issues and Won't Start?
1986 Mercedes 300E Engine wont Fire?
Thermostats and Fuel filters?
What is the best way to remove a bumper sticker?
Seafoam treatment & p0420?
what is a reasonable price to pay for a 2000 dodge stratus transmission,rebuilt or new?
how do i fix a fuel gauge on a freightliner?
How do i replace the dashboard lights on a 94 Ford Ranger?
can a gasoline engine be modified to run on liquid hydrogen?
How will buildup on a cylinder sleeve affect the engine?
If the right headlight on my 1993 went out does it matter if I get a left side motor for it???
How do you change the brake discs on the front of a 1998 Fiesta?
Painting large scratch on car DIY?
How do I not pay the oil filter disposal fee?
have a 1995 jeep cherokee v6 4.0 4 wheel just my transmission was getting hot and not shifting a guy changed?
Whats wrong with my truck?
I had my starter rebuilt put it back in and it still will not start, just making a whirling sound .?
2002 GMC 3500 Sierra gas gage quit working?
Why does the brake light flash?
what year is generalmotors engine block # 3970010 350 CHEVY?
Do racing stripes on a car have a purpose?
Does my car need coolant?
Will putting a FWD car in reverse while going 20mph break it?
why some car air cond will blow heat air if car in standby for a long moment?
Whats the most unreliable car made 1980 and up?
how do i change the sparkplugs in a diesel?
Oil change?
Too much transmission fluid question.?
What's the purpose of rotating your car's tires? How often should it be done?
Truck Lift : Frame Lift ,Suspension Lift , Leveling?
I fixed my gear linkage on corsa but never marked bolt so now needs adjusting ?
What will happen if I don't have an oxygen sensor?
Gift basket w/ car wash products?
My car ran out of gas what should I do?
does anybody own a lincoln mark8 its a 93?
can some 1 tell me how to tint my car windows myself?
How to clean black rubber strips around the window of my car?
What are the DRAWBACKS to ceramic automobile brakes vs. metallic. I know the benefits, but what negatives?
Can I put 24 inch rims on skinny tires on a 70 chevelle without getting a lift kit?
I have a 97 Dodge Caravan,it recently overheats,how much water to put in radiator?
how do you program a spare key for an acura 2002 rl?
I am new driver, what tools I need to have in car?
Car Battery Has Gone Completely Flat- Jump Starting Won't Work- Help Please!?
Who should I go if I think my car wrongly passed it's M.O.T?
Adding read breaks to my 2002 Lancer?
technical servise manaual for 1996 dodge caravan online?
Car leaking green liquid?
2003 GMC Envoy steering wheel upgrade?
is the fastest engine compaltible with a 1994 ford escort?
is there a way i can fix the a/c in my car myself?
where do i find a diagram of a 1992 3206 cat engine?
Running AC does consume more fuel? Explain clearly.?
Where to replace a Honda Freed antenna?
is there anything that says gasoline will come down anytime son?
can you use wd40 on electrical wires?
How hard is it to replace a master cylinder? Would you ride with me afterwards or would it be too scary?
Would it be ok to use Royal Purple Automatic Transmission fluid in a 2007 Chevrolet Aveo?
where can i find a diagram for the steering line (hose) placement for a buick le saber 1989?
Why are diesel engines better?
Is it worth buying a K&N air filter to replace my OEM one?
Is it possible to stall a car with automatic transmission?
What's a good project car for beginner mechanic?
Improved fuel efficiency with hydrogen fuel cells?
what is the head torque sequence and how many lbs of torque should there be on a SLK230 head? please help me?
1990 ford mustang wont go into gear?
Diagnose my manual transmission?
Does anyone know what the air pressure for a 13 inch wheel on a ford fiesta should be?
Just noticed minor slipping in my clutch. Can I avoid buying a clutch kit with minor parts?
How do i safely get glue off my car's bodywork without ruining the paint?
Hi when I start the car it shows up in the panel Battery Volts low . I drive a 1992 cadillac. Thank you?
I need a cheap paint job for my vw in tulsa?
could it be the thermostat?
I have a '94 GMC Seirra that won't start when it gets hot....?
how much horsepower do i have in my 355?
what does the A.c on spark plugs stand for?
wich window tent do I buy and is it gunna look as good as if it where done professionally?
What kind of tire lock is this ???
Why is my car not starting on occasion?
What brand diesel motor is in a 1982 Long 460 Tractor?
How hard is it to change the turn/headlight switch in a 1997 chevy cavalier.?
Will I need to reset the timing on my car?
after installing arb lock differential what kind of differential oil i shoud fill it?
my town and country has 80,000 on it and its a 05. Im disabled and keep it very clean in and out and sometimes?
Replacing a Subaru Head?
Why doesn’t the air pressure in a tire change when you add weight to the vehicle?
How do I fix low oil pressure on my Cub Cadet Big Country 4x2?
Vapor lock or something anyone have advice?
93 subaru impreza has engine light on?
Is it possible to punch a '78 chevy 350 90 over?
01 2.0 gas GLS jetta overheating!!!?
Can I bring someone else's car into the dealership for an oil change?
Is there any way of knowing if a mechanic is ripping you off?
difference between manual gearbox and floppy pad? in terms of performace and reliability, which one is better?
My 2000 Saab 9-5 aero wagon stopped going in reverse. The car still goes forward though. What could it be?
my 2009 nissan maxima has lights and everything, but the car will not start whn i push the button theres no ot?
Easyest way to get rid of fine scratches on my car?
please solve overheating problem (honda civic)?
Do I need all these extra upsell repairs from my dealership ?!?
How to remove bumper sticker gunk?
How do i tell if my car has a new engine?
what if my transmission oil is kinda brownish?
torsion bar keys.....need to know more.?
Is it environmentally better to replace my car's steering pump (put it in a landfill) or to keep adding fluid?
Can I switch from ordinary motor oil to syntactic motor oil?
My car broke down. The engine starts and runs for a couple seconds, then it dies. What could be the problem.
One of my lifters is knocking in my 1995 Isuzu Rodeo LS,any remedies to fix this,or how do you replace it ?
87 gas to an 89 gas.. what should i expect ?
93 Cavalier, How to bleed the brakes?
can a bent car chassis be repaired?
Dodge OBD1 trouble code?
What causes a car's heat to go out?
how long does it take for new tires to burn off the burning rubber smell?
Replaced alternator and charged battery, but car WON'T start! HELP 10 POINTS!!?
What's wrong with my car?
Surpintine belt is making a weird noise?
Is transmission flushing good or bad?
Why is my car using so much oil?
how fast must car be travelling before airbag activates in an accident?
is it sacreligious to modernize a classic muscle car?
why would it be out of balance?
Is premium gasoline necessary for the new car?
i need some car help?
how much would these parts cost?
I have a'93ford festiva with228k miles needs head,&a'88 ford escort with 47k miles, over heats Which do i fix?
Can anyone diagnose this?
truck wont start , Zero Power - Help!?
what will take a sticker off?
When should I change my Honda Civic 1996 timing belt?
Is it bad for your car to accelerate quickly?
where in my area can i get my window tint in manassas va 20110?
Car hesitates when I put on the gas..?
Car battery keeps dying?
Where can I find the factory service manual for a 2003 Ford Taurus?
I have a 98 cadillac and the abs light is on and also the traction control light what do i need to check?
how can i get the exact colour of my car so i can buy the paint i need?
1990 Buick lesabre duct work problem?
Can Mercedes 300e parts fit in a mercedes 290e???
how often does a rover 420 diesel cam belt need changing?
2004 Infiniti G35- The AC stays running full blast and the radio won't funtion except from the steering wheel.?
How is it possible to import an engine from America at half the price than in South Africa?
Free Honda servicing at dealerships?
My heater/Defrost/AIR Conditioner Doesnt work?
brake fluid leaking from 94 bonneville (rear passenger tire)?
What's the best engine oil?
free downlod auto tech?
car has tiny leak bottom of radiator leaks only when it cools down and it not over heating?
do i have blown head gasket or not?
My wagon R car fitted with bridgestone redial tyre of size 155/65R13 six years old done 30k km should changed?
I have a 96 Z28 with a random cylinder misfire i replaced spark plugs and still have the problem?
Anyone know how I can rid of gasoline smell in my vehicle?
Best advice to pump up car tyres please?
I was told that my front crankshaft was leaking oil. How do I repair this?
i lost my keys to my car?
Smog Inspection failure: P1145 (Infiniti Qx4)?
Where is the turn signal flasher located on a 1996 Ford F-150?
Increase exhaust velocity?
to replace generator for 1999 grand am?
Does my Ford Galaxy need a passenger wing mirror to pass the mot?
Vp commodore cant switch fan direction vents only heads to one outlet?
Can I put an 85 f150 302 and od transmission in a 79 ranchero? will there need a lot of modifications?
Can someone help me find a 12/1989 Geo Metro Hardtop left door interior panel trim? Thanks?
Tahoe 4X4 only works sometimes?
have a 72 pontiac gto,replacing motor with 73 impala 400 motor, motor mounts won't work, help!!?
How can I change the color of my dashboard, door panels etc...the interior of my truck?
what is the problem with your car if the "low pressure" oil light comes on?
do i put anti freeze where i would usually put my water in the car?
car detailing is this any good?
I need to weld my exhaust pipe, would an arc stick welder work?
Speedometer not working on a 1993 prelude vtec? Is this an easy fix?
Did the Auto Repair Garage Rip Me Off?
Bad Ford Ignition Module Symptoms?
Is it ok to hold down clutch pedal in neutral?
is a turbo starter motor the same as a normal one?
2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse car trouble?
What could cause a very rough idle?
Cold outside my car cranked fine then when I put it in drive it died...?
Diesel fuel additives..?
If you had a 1985 Jaguar, would you add extra ZDDP, say, 1 Quart out of the 8 to the Motor Oil?
why doesnt my crown victoria 2001 start?
can i change my tires size?
There's too much oil in my car. Is there harm if the engine isn't running?
Things to know when driving stick-shift?
looking for 78 king cobra rear bumper?
Does the banana in the tail pipe of a car really work?
i have a 350 bore 40 with 400 crank 6 inch rods 11:1 pistons can i still use my 300 shot of nos? what heads?
whats a forge blow off valve ?
do i need brake fluid?
Can you tell me a good 6 cylinder American car?
2 different size tires?
why is my car wasting more gas than usual?
What would cause my truck to turn off when I stop?
I own an 87 Bronco 2 and it wont shift gears at all....... Please Help my vacation depends on an Answer?
i am looking for a diagram to show the location of egr on a 89 chevy caprice?
90 Ford F-250 Problems?
Where I must mount headlights lamp to 1986 Chevrolet Caprice?
R134a Can "tapper"/adapter?
FORD Windstar Wheel wobbles?
Does it matter what spark plug wires I get?
What is wrong if my ford's heat indication needle doesn't move after driving 5 miles?
i have an 02 jeep liberty fog light wiring harness distroyed need diagram to repair it please?
Truck squeals at full turn at low rpm's and dies?
Mechanic won't give me my car back after failed V8 engine conversion.?
what is wrong with my 89 accord?
Mugs, faucets/jets are cumbersome to use and results in wet and dirty toilets are the true?
What hold a manuel transmission gear in place, the hub, syncro or the detents?
Jeep Oil Pressure, 4.0 I6 - Help?
Holts wonder weld Directions ? , they have fallen of the bottle .?
Is $320 a lot to fix a gasket valve cover?
95 Nissan Altima V6, sputters and stalls?
how to improve acceleration in a 318i Beemer?
1967 Bel Air engine help?
Should i replace my heater core?
What is the best way to get an oil spot off a driveway?
Drove Honda Accord about three miles with no it okay now?
why do all of europe use summer and winter tyres, and britain keeps the same tyres on all year. Whos right?
Why is my car squealing?
What could be wrong with my car?
how to replace an oxygen sensor on a 99 mitsubishi galant?
does anybody know where to find 1998 mitsubishi diamante window electric shematic on line?
Sign of a failed vacuum sensor?
OK people i nead the link to a hose layout web page for a fiat 128/ x19 please and thank you -Big X?
whats the best synthetic oil for mazda protege 2001?
do all old cars go through alot of antifreeze?
How can I have a 5 inch scratch removed from the outside of my rear glass windshield?
2007 Ford Fusion low oil level?
why does my oil filter adpter gasket keep blowing on my chevy 350?
the inside of my car smells like gas need help!?
How do i make the lights in my cars brighter andtrating, especialy when driving in the rain or travell?
Nissan Frontier - Only 1 windshield wiper is working. How do I fix?
My Moped's Brake Doesn't Work!!?
My cars speed don't go above 30 mph even foot down on accelerator but rev meter goes near the red line?
How can i find a Gas Station that sells Ethanol-Free Gas?
how to change a fuel pump on a 1992 oldsmobile 88 royale?
Signs of a bad alternator?
Are auto transmissions waterproof?
What kind of engine can i use on a go-kart?
Will magnets on my fuel line increase the MPG of my car?
My car swerves to the right when I hit the brakes.?
drove through a puddle in my tahoe now it wont start?
How to check the thermostat?
car will crank but not start?
Whole car shakes help?
What is the Firing order for a 1986 plymouth caravelle?
I just replaced my engine mounts a year ago and they need to be replaced again. Is there a reason for this?
how do you remove the rear skirts from a 1993 Cadillac Fleetwood rear wheel drive?
my Oldsmobile Alero won't start after rain storm, we get nothing when we turn the key.?
What is meant by "truck tires" if they come in a regular tire size?
where to buy a scan tool that reads b and c codes?
can i replace non heated mirrors with heated ones on my car?
Can Subura WRX STi Suspension fit on a 2002 WRX?
How can you get a hood to open on a 1989 Cadillac if the cable is broken?
What settings do i use on my battery charger ti charge 83 oldsnobile the charger is schumacher 10/40 amp?
Is it true that regular, super and premium gas is all stored in the same tank at the gas station?
If your not a mechanic how did you learn to work on cars?
My car is having some electrical difficulties!!!?
Toyota camry 1999 running on Mobil1 10w30 oil... is it bad?
can i use a car with a check engine light for the road test in Connecticut and still pass?
I'm fixing to prime my tailgate. What will be better to drysand or wetsand? and how do you do it?
am i getting fd over by a&b muffler.....................?
Where to get a tire rim repaired?
can an diesel engine still run if the battery and the alternator is removed?
Brake pedal dropping slowly away toward the floor when the pedal is being held with light to moderate.......?
How to become a car expert?
what GM vauxhall code is my exhaust?
MAF or throttle position sensor problem?
How often should I change my brake pads?
90 f150 loses rpms randomly?
What does it mean to double clutch a car?
How do I set the clock on my stock radio for Accord?
The synchro between gears 5 and 6 is out on my 2000 Audi TT (51k miles). Repair cost?
What is this hose on my motor? (New photo)?
What else can i try if my brakes are still not grapping after replacing the pads.?
Anyone know of any Good/Honest Honda mechanics in Sunnyvale?
where can I find some one to aswer questions about small engine repair advice? Like what would cause a starter
i have a q about my car. my car won't start?
Is it possible to flood a fuel injected car by pumping the gas pedal before or while cranking motor?
steering wheel vibrations?
anyone know why my neighbours vauxhall vectra car keeps revving up on its own and also wont idle at junctions?
Does a Cat-Back Exhaust system really add more horsepower compared to just replacing the muffler?
where is the horn fuse on a 1991 ninety eight oldsmobile? and what does ecm data link problem mean?
how to I change my oil on my buggatti Veyron?
can you mix dot 3 and dot 4 brake fluid?
How do i fix my tire that has a bubble in it its a brand new tire?
Is it O.K. to drive my car when the tank is almost empty?
my 1997 chevrolet 1500 silverado 4x4 wont engauge in 4 wheel drive?
how hard is it supposed to be to change an oil pan gasket on a 1988 ford f150 5.0 engine?
what is a loud muffler please help?
performance chip for car. good or bad?
How much to replace a transmission mount?
Why is my car acting like this?
Can you take the keys out of the ignition while driving?
where can i get online instructions for autobady repair for free?
My car shakes violently from 62-71 mph?
Do most " light kits" for utility trailers come with "Cable ties" or "Zip ties"?
can i use block sealer for my 2000 grand am?
Cleaning the Gas tank on my car?
How much should I pay for parts and labor to get a new ( used) motor installed in my '98 Honda Accord?
Who makes a good car cover?
how to stop gas leaks from internal bowl vents on a motocraft carb?
low on oil?
Is it hard to change rear main oil seal in 87 mazda standerd tran?p/u?
What can I hook up a 09 lancer to go fast?
Why does my steering wheel drive to the left and feel like the right wheel is more planted?
Timing belt screeches when AC is on?
what is the best used car from 1989 to 1998?
How can I smoke so no one can smell it?
How do I connect a custom fiberglass console or dash to the car?
hearing a squealing noive when driving?
Where can I get molded carpets for my '02 Jetta?
Front bumper fiberglass repair cost?
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