Replacing the fuse for my car head unit?
what is the yellow spray that they use to clean rims at the barton street carwash in hamilton??
why does my steering wheel shake vigourously when i suddenly apply the brakes when im going about 70-80mph?
Can you run a car without the electric radiator fan?
Can a battery charger be used instead of trickle charger?
can we take loan from bank?
spark plug thread repair... need help soon?
Is there a cheaper way to fix a ed radiator?
when i turn key on my maverick the engine sounds like its going to start but it doesnt .it just wont start?
First oil change, should i go to the dealership or is it ok somewhere else? 10 points?
the fuel efficiency of old honda city of 2001?
How would I know what type of oil 10 40 or 10 30 to put in my vehicle?
Battery charger directly to motorcycle?
Greenish oil on the truck engine?
Can the hydraulic fan on a 2002 Jeep grand Cherokee be changed with an electric fan from the same year model?
what is the best way to remove the smoke smell from the inside of a car?
Is a '86 Chevy Blazer 2.8 transmission compatible with a '92 Chevy Camaro 5.0?
oil around the top of the spark plug,what can cause it ?
What part of this is on my car?
were is the fuel pump on a 2wd. 92 chv. sub. 3/4 ton with a 350 ci. engine?
I need new tyres and don't want to be ripped off !!?
Car engine keeps cutting out - peugot 106 zest 2 2000?
I got a engine flush?
When a car sways from side to side, what are the possible causes. Recently, had a tire changed.?
When do you replace car battery?
I have a 1980 Ford Bronco. Im not getting any spark. Ihave replaced many parts without any resolts Please help
what causes bulge or bubbles on new tires?
How do you install a pod filter on a carby engine?
car brakes soft and need too push right down to brake?
How do I set the clock on my stock radio for Accord?
where can i find instructions for rebuilding a 97 dodge ram auto tranny?
How can I get a MAF sensor into a tight filter adapter on a K&N cold air intake?
My 2004 Jeep Liberty died while driving, any thoughts? It will not start again? 4 cyl. Timing belt?
I cannot find my owners manual. Where is the air filter located in the 2003 saturn vue?
What comes first? An aligment or balancing on a car.?
2001 ford focus vibrating really bad and tune up did not fix problem please help?
i have a bmw 528i 1999 and i need an oil change?
Does tvs apache have a topspeed of 155+ kmph after airfilter change and servicing?
Help my 2001 Chrysler neon won't run?
how do you change the emblem on a saab?
Do you have to warm up a car for an extended period in cold weather?
Vectra 1997 R reg. 2.0L Car dies, then comes back alive?
what does ACC mean on the cruise control button?
does any body know the correct way to use plastica gauge for measureing clearinces between rods and crankshaft
2000 silverado abs comes on at low speeds does not want to stop?
how do i set the clock on my Gathers VXD-049C?
Turn on heat when car is still cold...bad or good?? or it doesn't matter?
My car seems like it is about to stall when its fan set on window/floor?
humming from the fuel pump when i start my 2006 trailblazer?
Car Trouble: I own a 1994 Toyota Celica GT 2.2, My Check engine light turns on when its warm outside.?
What tools might a beginner mechanic need?
Why does my car do this?
What kind of oil do I buy?
Sex. Lights on or off?
Can i use Water for the windshield washer reservior?
transmission makes a click when i hit the gas?
Help me find online repair info for a 93 isuzu rodeo.?
how do i remove starter on 94 grand am?
99 Grand am coolant leak?
I have a polaris scrambler 50 that doesn't crank over the battery is charged?
Why is my car squealing?
I need to know what is a buzz coil?
Which is the worse mistake when filling your fuel tank: a) diesel in a petrol tank b) petrol in a diesel tank?
Where can I find a Machine Shop in Tampa fl area to get my head gasket fixed on my 1995 honda civic?
i changed the brakes on my 94 cavalier and now my abs light is on. how can i reset it?
Car fuse with its own switch?
Mercury Sable V6 has a loud, constant siren noise coming from between the air intake and engine?
how much oil should i put in my car it's a 1998 ford taurus?
What is a valve re-grind?
does a 15' size alloy wheel & 195/60/15 tyre, has any effect on the fuel consumption of a 4g13 lancer's engin
is maaco good for a paint job? mk4?
Should I trade in my truck before or after i fix it?
transmission question?
why does my car keep stallin out?
What does this light bulb go to?
leaking coolant in 97 sentra, what to do?
Anyone know how much it costs to install a hitch w/wiring on a 04 Jeep Grand Cherokee?
Would you call the cops on your life long friend?
Car lovers... What's wrong with my car?
Can a cop pull me over for having a hole in my muffler?
Muffler or 3 inch full cat back exahust?
Why do people say the rotary engine is unreliable?
how much can I sell my car for?
Where can i find free automotive torque specifications?
What could be the cause of my steering wheel shaking violently when i exceed 50 mph?
car hood release cable is broken 91 toyota pick up, how do i get it open?
why wont my vans ac/heater work?
What would cause my front drivers side tire to be bald and the others to be fine.. it's NOT the alignment?
My 1999 Plymouth Breeze will not turn over. It does not crank or click but i have lights and radio?
How much will it cost for a nitrogen refill?
question about auto body shop repairing fees charging extra.?
If I buy a used car with a ed windshield will my insurance cover fixing it?
Ibought a 6.6 duramax engine and I want to know how much oil does it take in the crankcase?
Torque Setting for Rear drum nut on renault clio 1999?
how do you adjust the timing on a 99 suburban?
why is diesel more expensive than petrol compared to years ago?
What would it cost to replace a front windshield on a 93 Toyota Camry?
can i put a trans out of a 1999 two door explorer sport in to a 1995 explorer limited four door?
How to remove Ozone smell from car?
CAN I SUE FOR faulty workmanship?
My car starts but turns off after about 3 seconds?
Why do the blinkers work when they want? When work blink faster than normal. I have changed the bulbs.?
Adjust distributor 1999 4.3 v6 vortec?
White smoke coming from under hood?
how good the kumho ecsta ast 215/40/17" tiers are?
Engine swap labor costs?
The rear wiper on my Jeep is broken?
ford van has white smoke sometimes from rear tail pipe, water boiling in radiator and overflow tank.?
My car's A\C is cold but it makes a lot of noise when I use it. Like a clanking sound.?
is hydraulic fluid considered an alkali or acid or neither?
Pink Antifreeze?
can i fit a kenwood DPX308U double din in my 01 pontiac sunfire?
Viper security is cutting my fuel lines in my car?
transmission fluid residue?
Steering wheel shakes when I break?
I have a 97 ford probe gt with a hesitating problem during take off. Happens during low rpms?
is it okay to mix tyres on a car?
is it proper to use the teflon lubricant, SuperLube, on air conditioning hose connectors?
Dodgy MOT, anything i can do?
Is it ok to be missing a screw on the air filter cover for a stock intake?
What is oil pulling? Is it good for you?
Would driving with the check engine light on damage my car?
Water tank in car keeps emptying, why?
is a valley pan really important in 351 modified?
Dashboard Indicator lights not working?
Problem starting car?
Is it safe to drive an hour with a broken fan belt?
I need info about an 888 mercruiser outdrive. horsepower, reliabily, etc.?
Cooling problem with car?
Still Getting no spark?
need to align my front tires?
If your red OIL LIGHT comes on it means?
Faulty window motor install leading to window regulator problem?
Why do I have a "musty" smell when my truck air conditioner is turned on?
i need my electric guitar repainted its a jackson charvel it has some dings in it i want it painted the same?
99 jetta.......... GL auto. 119,000 miles whats going on with my car.?
How can i go about an make my won LED exaust tip?
How many quarts of oil does a 2000 model Volvo S80 take?
I have an older chevy 1 ton truck and it won't start unless i hold it to the floor?
When tinting a cars window in California does the owner of the car have to be present?
How do I get my foglights to turn on without the headlights?
We have on star service thru Gm and they send e-mail to us regarding status on our car. do we have a block ?
I have a bissell bagless turbo and I can not twist the dirt cup from the filter container. It is stuck.?
OOOPS. Just put my mobile through the washer. Will it work again????
Transmission from P -> D mercedes s430 2003 year?
Mazda 3 clicking noise?
Should I buy a K&N air filter for my car?
i have alot of vacuum hoses that's not connected and cap'ed off...?
Why does my starter keep burning out Vauxhall Combo Merit 1.7 diesel?
toyota tacoma oil change?
i have a 94 ford van with a straight 6 it runnig rich and i dont know why?
who controls the price of gas?
Does leaving the headlights on waste gas?
I have a 2003 nissan xterri 5 speed my parking brake dosent work the pedal goes down but wont hold car still?
I need to know how to install rockers on a 1977 chevy 454, And tork specs please?
what is the purpose of the front wheel bearings on a car?
hi, i plan on building a 4 cylinder racing engine....?
Is there any auto repair/maintenance shop in LA that caters to rust prevention or treatment for cars?
where do I find the spark plugs on a 1997 chev. cavalier. I can't see them anywhere?
I have a 1993/4 Estima, I cant stop the wipers going, is it a circuit breaker failure ?
Will an auto repair shop hire a lady?
why would two barrel mikuni carb empty float chamber into barrels when engine is off?
what is it called when you are in a car and you are moving without pushing down on the gas pedal?
My battery dies overnight only after i drive the car?
Is it ok to use a 100w headlight bulb when whats in there right now is a 80w?
How to test Honda Map Sensor?
Stop engine oil leak product?
i have a toyota previa?
car loud at startup now?
All the lights came on but car would not turn over. Is this my battery or alternator?
why would fuelinjection fuse blow when turning off ignition?
What causes antifreeze to come out of the over flow hose?
were can i find performance parts and stock parts for my 94 lexus es300?
Will a nearly dead car battery result in a loss of power steering? It seemed to steer fine once I charged the?
How to remove the starter clutch?
How do I stop my truck from burning oil?
Shift indicator bulb Toyota Camry?
Replacing a Front Engine mount with a car that has variable valve timing?
Would a Toyota dealer compensate me for lost money due to not being able to use my truck ?
what do you put in the battery cells when the level is low ?
91 Honda Civic Hatchback DX brake lights not working!?
do i have blown head gasket or not?
1990 Stanza bogs down and looses major power when i floor it and passes 45-55rpm?
How many kilometres should my car be at before I get a radiator flush?
Why is the serpentine belt on my Saturn loose? How can I tighten it?
Will my car battery be dead?
Alternator Test Equipment?
Does a 1992 Pontiac Firebird have a carburetor, or is it Fuel Injected?
I have a 1995 LAND ROVER DISCOVERY that has been ran in4 1/2 years.?
Will turning on the a/c make my car overheat?
When I turn on my car a light flashes 10 times, it says "Main't Require". What does it mean?
How can i start my 4-stroke engine on H2 gas i.e by HHO method ?
if the timing is off will it spit gas out of the carb?
if i want to turbocharge my manco mini bike?
why is the idle speed high and eratic when cold on my renault scenic 1.6 petrol?
How do I know if the starter or battery is bad?
Do diesel cars last longer than petrol?
How to detail an automotive engine?
i am being ripped off by a car dealership?
Can anyone give me an estimate for a brake hose & master cylinder on a 98 Chevy Blazer?
is the 327ci turbo fire a good strong engine?
drivers side lights will not work on my renault scenic ?
what is the torque spec for the connecting rods on a 1995 neon dohc?
£204 for front two brake pads and discs from kwik that a reasonable price?
i need a wiring diagram for air flow meter on a 94 toyota 4wd p/u?
92 honda prelude heeeellpppppp!!?
My 1998 camry will turn but not start Whats wrong?
Corsa Crank sensor?? Car keeps cutting out.?
Continuous rough idle while car is cold or hot.?
How long does it take surface rust to eat through a cars body?
What would be a good stand alone (no electronics) transmission to bolt to a 5.9 Cummins for heavy towing?
i am looking for info on sacin scooters?
How should rear brake shoes be adjusted?
What is liquid coolant refrigerant?
"adjustable wrench" is the red tool or the silver tool?
What is wrong with my car?
Why hasn't this auto-shop called me back? Please help - I know its a bit long?
how come the water won't circulate in my radiator?
what size speakers do a 1998 ford windstar have?
How can I adjust the clutch on a 1994 Rover 218 diesel?
check engine lights is on for transmission. need a smog check here in california. Is there a way it can pass?
Turbo charging a Ford?
93 honda accord wont start?
just fitted a towbar to my meriva how do i wiring it up what coulers go were?
Steering is loose in my car.?
Is the cheap Wal Mart brand oil ok?
ford mondeo 1997 fan and air con not working?
Mitsubishi outlander horn alarm sounding after replacing battery?
what percentage do you let your oil life get down to before you change it?
how does braking in a car waste fuel?
please help! New engine?
why after i change my power streeing does it leak on to my hood?
Is there a shut off switch if this car gets in an accident. I recently bought one, put a newfuel pump, tune up?
Anyone know better i use HID or change my neon for my car?
Wiring harness diagram for a Kia Mentor?
Range Rover 2003 problems! Wont go in Drive or Reverse? HELP!?
engine oil was empty. had one synthetic oil bottle in trunk. but we normally use regular oil. do i fill it syn?
Is it good to, do a Transmission Flush on a car?
What Do I Have To Do To My Drive Train If I Have Oversized Tires On My 4X4? I Burned My Transmission Out!?
2002 Buick Century Head Gasket Changed?
Whats wrong with my car?
Whats the best camshaft for a 1967 Pontiac GTO?? 6.6L/400 ho......?
I bought a can of gas but only it wasnt gas it was water i put it in my tank now what do i do?
I just recently had a new starter put in my car and my car still screams sometimes. What could be the problem?
My car wont start, could it be the starter?
my car has stopped moving and smells burning?
how do you know when bearings in wheels are going bad on car?
Help, my car is falling apart and I can't afford to get another one.?
what are transmission bearings and syncros?
will a 2.9 V-6 mount onto the same mounting blocks as a 2.3? (83' ford ranger)?
How can i hotwire a 91 Volkswagen?
Why won't my car start?
How much does it cost to change a stick shift to an automatic??
check engine light ???? question?
How often should you change wiper blades?
What is the fluid capacity of a 1998 Chevy lamina with a 3.1 liter v-6 engin?
can you take a piston out of a 454 without pulling the crankshaft?
How often should the power steering fluid in a 2002 Toyota Camrybe changed and about how much should it cost?
is it ok to have 100 percent antifreeze/coolant in a radiator?
i have a 82 chevy full size 4x4 the front drive shaft has the original design?
what adaptor charger do you need for a draper 40133 power pack?
what is the quickest way to change the oil pan gaskets in a 1995 cadillac sts?
HVAC won't change vent flow?
Transmission Slipping?
car burning oil?
Do you think I should let my boyfriend & his dad change the timing belt in my Honda Civic?
So I'm looking to buy a car, and found one that had the battery replaced at 7k miles. Is this a red flag?
i have a 1.6 margay sprint race chassis. I need to know the distance from the brake hub to the end of the axle
mecanic seized my engine?
can you change just one spark plug wire?
Car battery dead but don't know why?
My car wont start checked both starter and batterry Both good!?
My speedometer is stuck at 40 mph why?
Danger of air conditioning fluid?
CV knocking dangerous?
Where can i find custom parts for a 1990 toyota camry?
Internal Coolant Leak - 94 Honda?
i need to find a new transmission for a 1995 dodge caravan,can anyone help ?
I just bought a '97 chevy lumina, do I need a metric or standard tool set?
How do I do a radiator Flush on a 1999 Gran Prix?
Will a diet Coke still make the acid fizzle off a battery like regular coke does?
my atv tires in the front go flat after sitting over night. I think it is leaking where the air goes into the?
What is tne code 605and how do i fix it?
Why do you press harder on a remote control when you know the battery is dead?
How much and what kind of oil do I need to change the oil in my 1990 Nissan Pathfinder V6 SE?
My car won't even turn over. Turning the key and no sound, no nothing. I need help!?
Hey! Does holding down the clutch while breaking wear down the clutch.?
Dodge Ram starter problems?
Engine light comes on, car looses power for a second, idles high.. come to stop idle is low then stalls?
anyone know what trottle butterfly gaskets are. where can I get them in dublin?
Procedure to replace toyota camry car side view mirrors ?
Is it ok to drain the oil from my truck and then put it back in?
Need Help Diagnosing Car Overheating problem 1997 Chrysler Concorde?
Why is it my diesel car fan propelling evrytime?
Can you still drive when transmission is "slipping"?
where can I find fog lights for 07 chevy suburban z71?
Any tips or advice on changing an alternator in an 88 Deville?
p0300 and uxxx codes in NEW p.c.m. what next?
I have a Fiat punto Y reg that won't start?
What type of oil is the best for lubricating ball bearings wan you send me a link to the best for the job?
Where is the best place to buy a class II hitch for my Honda van? Installation not needed, I can do it.?
how do you know if it is battery or alternator problem?
Which is a better tire Toyo or Goodyear?
White smoke under the hood and burning smell?
What's wrong with my car?
What does it mean when car shakes at high speeds?
How to install an aftermarked speedometer that goes up to 200mph?
some one has put spray paint on my van , any one know how to get it off.?
Do i have to use proper torque specs on rotors?
whats the relation b/w the valves & the piston?If there are 4 valves in an engine then how many will be piston?
I wan to smoke a bluny in the car will it smell?
Is it true that having your car windshield replaced makes it unsafe?
Check engine light keeps coming on?
How do you know when you need freon in your car?
what causes oil in air duct and to soak the air filter on a 97 vw jetta 2.0l?
how much would a 98 saturn sl2 automatic transmission cost?
my car squeals but when i put on the ac it stops can any one help?
When diesel car gives off heavy black exhaust what might cause this engine problem?
Where is the OBDII diagnostic connector on a 96 Isuzu Rodeo?
Help me diagnose my car? Might be engine failure?
My car just started making a funny noise ive never heard before on the left front passnger side?
What can i use to seal a in my motor?
Automatic Truck.... whats wrong?
what is the spark plug order for 93 oldsmobile cutlass supreme?
Grinding Noise out of left driver side?
Seafoam Users: A question....?
what is the fireing order on chevy 3.1 v6?
How often should I get a tune up for my car?
My '96 pontiac sunfire is making a rattling sound coming from the fan belt, what could it be?
92 mercury grand marquis?
what happens to your car when the battery is hooked up backwards, and cranked?
What color should I paint my 1994 Oldsmobile Royal?
Can an dodge dakota be converted to a standard tranny from auto? what does one have to do to complete this?
Where could i get some seat belts for my EL Camino?
I want to work on car motor oil pollutants,can anybody help me to find information?about it?
I crashed my parents car?
Can you take a car battery to be charged or do I need to buy a new one?
Why is the accelerator pedal so much larger than the brake and clutch pedal?
auto repair in cathedral city,ca?
mould marks on my convertible roof?
Does transmission need replaced if axle on FWD car is bent?
can anyone who is a mechanic tell me how they like there job?
Can i spray carby cleaner into the intake to clean the turbo?
Will any 16" rim fit my tires?
Does anyone know if I blew a rod in my engine, would my car start and run?
About how much will its cost to tint the windows of my 09 reg cab f150?
what is a simple way to make my car not start???
Whats the best way to repair a nail hole in a Nissan Micra petrol tank?
The process of removing a decal?
How do I hook up another lever on my hydraulic system?
What can you put in your engine to cover up a blown piston long enough to trade it in?
Found water on dipstick....?
Power window wiring help.?
why do you have to change your oil every 3 months?
is it worth changing a head gasket on a x reg 2 ltr sri vectra or get anew engine.....thanks?
How do I get old tape off of car paint?
question about miles per gallon?
The positive clamp slipped off the positive terminal on my car battery. What's the safest way to reattach it?
why do you have to warm the car up in the winter?
my serpentine belt broke completely and it caused my car to overheat, how much damage have i caused?
Where can I get a good price on mobil 1 10W30 synthetic oil ?
How do I fit a Commodore utility TJM Canopy so the bit on the cab is waterproof? thanks?
2002 Ford Escape has trouble starting sometimes.?
where is the onboard computer located on a 1985 dodge colt?
1984 Toyota Celica GT-S Rear Differential?
Undone bolts.. but now how to lift away something which is sitting deep on the thread?
97 grand marquis engine in 97 thunderbird troublecodes?
Is my car a write off?
is the radiator support on a 94 civic welded or screwed on?
Which company sells the best unleaded gas for your car?
If I put a super 44 flowmaster on my truck what will it do?
since there is a misfire in # 2 tundra 2000..would this damage the tarnsmission?...?
How to fix my broken watch strap?
Rattling noise when hitting bumps, now kind of rumbling when turning left & right sometimes?
83 tercel clutch help?
Alternator or battery problem?
After changing the box for my turn signals on my '98 Toyota Camry the turn signals don't work?
mass airflow sensor question?
Car electrical problem, won't even turn over now...?
Car wont start, Y reg Fiat Punto?
how to remove/install shift light on au ghia?
failure to mantain control?
No oil in engine and I kept driving.?
How much longer will my car last with 117K miles on it?
Can cold weather fixes damaged vehicle?
is there any towing service that is free in the dallas area?
What is the best motor oil?
Car doors that don't open, and engine that doesn't start or tick over.?
soooo i gotta problem.....?
gas gauge on 84 chevy shortwide stuck just past full. would this indicate bad sending unit or float in tank?
what's this brown sludge in my coolant?
My car will not start when it rains, What could be the problem?
Low Idle with A/C on my truck?
Car engine very hot but, temperature gauge doesn't show any sign of overheating what is wrong?
will bad spark plugs cause car not to start?
i have a 2000 malibu why does it tend to sound lke a tractor when it runs?
so i took out my spark plugs...?
My Mercury Mountaineer keeps Reseting the Gages as I am Driving?
99 seville will not stay cool. took car to mechanic said water pump and radiator were shot. replaced both. ?
How do i change the rear seal on a 93 chv suburban transfercase?
Replaced Water Pump. Not, No A.C.?
Does using a big pulley connected by belt to a smaller pulley cause a decrease in power (PLEASE READ DETAILS).?
The transaxle light came on and then my car shut off and won't start, its a 2002 sable. What does that mean?
Dead car battery recharge time?
My 97 nissan sentra jerks from 1st to second gear and back, how should i fix this?
I smell burning smell in the living room?
When is the cost of Petrol going down ???
how do i chang rod/mainberings o a 1965 chevy truck C 10?
How do you wash a car?
how to change headlight bulb on 2005 cobalt?
Is $159.00 Installed a Good Price to Pay for a New Drivers Side CV Axle?
one headlight wont go on?
Smell of anitfreeze thru car interior vents, yet no leak detected, is it from the heater core?
Can I use a carburetor cleaning chemical on this?
My Ford Focus is leaking antifreeze what should i do i don't want to take it to the shop?
Can a bad valve cover gasket cause my 1998 GTP to overheat?
How do you know if you need to change your fuel pump?
Question on a mazda mx6?
Is it a more diffcult to change front brake pads on a car with abs brakes?
driving on a short distance my 91 honda civic 16 valve 1500 motor overheats. what could it be?
Whats the best way of finding an honest auto repair mechanic in the US, certain online site?
Car stalls when A/C is turned on.?
What should I modify on a Ford F-350?
what does error code 420, the catalyst seems inefficient mean?
i left the lights on overnight in my car. Now my car needs jumped everytime I turn it off. What is the problem
Where is the cabin air filter located on a 2002 Jaguar X-type?
oil is getting to hot 2000 Olds Bravada?
Can caliper bolts just come out without someone taking them out?
I was just rear ended!?
where's the brake fliud reservoir location on a580L bacehoe?
why a 454?
Is my mustang totaled?
what is the acceptable time for a car to be in garage for repairs?
if your car had no oil init, what damage can be caused?
should i be worried about my car battery?
Getting a free jeep wrangler. GEARHEADS please help.?
I have a 1992 Lincoln continental and practically everything has been replaced but the car spun a bearing?
1998 Chevy truck running rough?
what should I do??????????????????????
My sister woke up this mourning and her car is goin?
How much does it cost to replace a broken key?
Do I have a bad starter?
My Toyota Highlande will not start....disconnected battery, and hooked up a new one, and horn wont go off??
rebulding my 92 honda civic eg hatchback?
1994 Honda Accord has white smoke from tail pipe at start up,leaks oil, fumes in car.?
i need to know what the head bolt torque specs for a 1982 ford f100?
small on windshield?
Car Maintenance Questions?
Error Code on Cylinder 2?
What is the best way to get an oil spot off a driveway?
What is the average repair cost for a water pump?
If Ive put £9 of unleaded in my diesel car by mistake can i get away with it.?
i need tires wheel spacers and a lift kit?
can i put a transmission from a 1987 into a 1990?
Will putting the Wrong oil in my car hurt?
What wrong with my tranny in my 2001 Dodge Dakota?
How do motorized blinds work?
If you free wheel down hill in a diesel car(Peugeot 306 HDI) will it save fuel?
transmission wont shift 95 lebaron?
Why does my car shake when in drive?
Will 185/70/R14 tires fit 195/70/R14 wheels?
Questions about my RX-7 GTUs?
Why does my power steering only work when gas is applied?
No clutch resistance - 2000 Integra GSR?
how do i replace the clutch on a 94 mazda mx-3?
does anyone know where the headlight relays are on a 92 acura integra?
why would my car over heat?
my dad put a govenor (i think thats how you spell it) in my car and set it for 50 mph. how do i take it out?
is there any one who can guide me how to buy diagnostic tools for perkins engines ranging from 1300 up to 4012?
How come my day time running lights are not working?
Does repairing a BMW cost a lot more than a Honda?
white smoke coming from exhaust when I start car...why?
What happens to a car when it reaches its max speed?
How do u get headers on a 65 satilite with a 400 small block?
im looking for the web address for pick-n-pull auto parts in sparks,nv?
Can I change a 1996 Honda Accord front wheel drive into a rear wheel drive and what would the cost be?
I hoovered up my car cigarette lighter and the next day my battery was dead, are the two connected?
is it a bad idea if i sharpie the scratches on my black car?
How much does it cost to fix a radiator fan?
i need to know if its more expensive for maintenance and repairs for a 2000 prelude or a 99 altima anyone know
My car says "premium unleaded only" What harm could it do to use regular unleaded?
A loud whirring sound coming from my a/c vents? Occassionally happens. 05' Honda Civic?
Car makes loud humming/whistling noise from under the rear by fuel tank/pump then car kills?
major help needed. how do i..?
Have a 2003 Jeep Liberty making noise in the rear axle when making turns only.?
My car won't start please help...?
What is wrong with my car?
Got a'95 Suburban and after my tune-up changing 02 sensors, plugs, etc. My engine code still reads misfire?
Could bad fuel pump cause ONLY poor acceleration?
What do you think?
do they still sell aluminum spark plugs?
Do pushrod engines make more tourqe than DOHC engines?
Flat Battery?
How often should my car's tires be rotated?
LQQKN for a 60-40 seat for a ford ranger edge 2001 gray?
i have a 94 firebird with a 3.4L in it i was wondering what website i could go to to get performance parts?
Average lifespan of an automobile in the midwest?
What car can i get for $2500?
Is it bad to run a 98 v6 honda accord without the catalytic converter?
anyone know about mechanics of 89 mercedez benz/?
What is the best way to repair small scratches in your cars finish? Those that are too deep to buff out.?
What should I do? The Salvation Army will not take my car for donation.?
Why has it affected my steering?
how much does it cost to replace the cv joint on a 94 honda accord?
Stupid mistake?
how does AC, in a car, use gas when it runs off of electricity from the aldernater?
Car problems! Please help! My car won't start!?
Locked My Keys In My Car?
I have lost engine power, car smells like sulfur and can not go faster than 40 mph in inclines.?
I have 1972 Chevelle. Someone replaced the Starter, they go the two small wires mixed up.?
I have a 97 Chevy blazer, my wipers work sometimes & sometimes not. What could be causing it and how do I fix?
why is my 2000 dodge dakota usingso much fuel?
Is it really necessary to get your radiator flushed to clean it out ?
How musch would it cost to put in a tanny and motor for a 1971 buick skylark?
I have a tail light problem?
Can someone sue if you sold them a used vehicle?
i tried running my jaguar s type on old cooking oil?
the footfshifter on my honda recon 4wheeler broke off what else can i use to shift?
How much would it cost to get the boot fixed on the hog head of my truck?
what is easier to clean in a car. cloth or leather seats?
how do you change oil?
i can't get my powerglide transmission out of park-could my safety switch cause this?
how much does it cost to have a rubber boot fixed on a 93 ford aerostar 4wd (at a garage)?
is it safe to drive a vehicle that needs a hub assembly-wheel bearings?
2003 Windstar rear blower motor won't work with 12volts@connector? Does work direct to 12V battery. Any ideas?
can i plug a rear brake line and be safe with only 3 brakes (non abs-rear drum)?
i can't figure out whats wrong with my car! can anyone help me?
Does anyone know for sure where the ignition control module is for a 1994 Ford Taurus Station Wagon?
How hard is it to fix a timing belt?
I had the main electrical fuse blow on 91 capri- I put a new fuse in and it blew?
where is the water pump on a 1994 honda civic 1.5L 16 valve engine.?
recommended mileage or year before changing of lubricant for transmission(automatic) and final drive axle?
what is this noise my car is making?
98 Ford Windstar - hazards/turn signals/ interior turn arrow light things don't work. HELP PLEASE!!?
My truck will not turn over?
How much to fix a 94 Mercury Capri that turns over but sometimes doesn't start?
Can a normal DVD/Mp3 player can be used as an alternative to car stereo?Why a car stereo is so costly?
need information on LPG on Ford Falcon Station waggon 1997?
When I left my car, the lights were on and battery ran down. I got a jump. Time to charge my 1999 Hyundai ?
Best rattle can paint and clear coat for wheels?
I put engine coolant in my car and water but its still overheating do I need to put more water?
Wll using a 15 inch donut spare, when the car has 16 inch tires, harm anything?
behind oil filter leaking?
Removing decal residue?
What's the best upgrades to get better fuel economy on my truck?
What purpose does the "minimum throttle position" value serve for the fuel injection system on a OBD-1 vehicle?
auto paint, repainting clear coat?
what kind of turbo can i put in my car?
Can the inside of an engine rust?
A push pin was stuck in side of my tire, but repairman said get a new tire before I drive 2 hrs or more. True?
Why are British cars so crap?
what is the compression for a 1980 artic cat jag 440?
Can I put 205/75R15 on my 205/70R/15 car?
who to contact about a recall on paint when a dealer wont help?
Where does the red wire go on a motion sensor light?
Puttering, drops in power weakened idle?
What damage can happen to your car if you put in 10-30 oil instead of the manufactuer's recommended 5-20 oil
how do i find out what recalls have been fixed on my 1989 astro van?
Is my car running out of fuel?
How do I re-do the interior of a truck?
What should my psi for my tires be at?
2001 honda CR125R extremely high idle. what could be causing this?
What is the range of cost to have an engine ported?
car windows fogging up?
why does my car always geting egged?
Can adding a "additive" to my 99 Lexus transmission make it worse?
Why wont my window motor and regulator work? 2005 mercury mariner?
will a c6 transmission fit?
can you bump start a diesel car?
My car lights aren't working, what could be wrong?
Is it Ok to drive a 2002 Hyundai Elantra after the power steering breaks?
My breaks need bleeding, is it possible to do it myself with no help?
How do I fix my phone with a in it?! D':?
i change my car front pad break but still making noise so i have to change disks do i have to buy break pad ?"?
I added some 104+ racing octane booster, advanced the timing a little and got more than 20 hp raise explain ?
i have a 89 isuzu pickup 5 speed on cold morning i have to pump clutch to get starter to engage whats wrong
My car wont start after new muffler?
Car jerking while idling?
my gf has a 94 mazda 626 lx?
bentley sedan on my block, should i scratch it?
2004 Rav4 Drive by wire has hesitation at:accelleration .?
Can't change a light bulb ?
what is wrong when one of my hid bulbs are brighter than the other 1? one is white and 1 is kinda reddish?
I just bought a '97 chevy lumina, do I need a metric or standard tool set?
What settings do i use on my battery charger ti charge 83 oldsnobile the charger is schumacher 10/40 amp?
Can I fix a slashed tire with fix-a-flat?
i have the avital 5303 alarm and was wondering what happens each time i hit the lock button what does it mean?
Mechanic won't give me my car back after failed V8 engine conversion.?
Did I get ripped off?
i bought a car 6 months ago and the engine blew and i'm still paying it off for 2 more years. what can i do?
Can you change transmission fluid yourself or do you need to take it to a mechanic?
how to get into my car have lost key?
Chassis dyno question?
ants attack black car?
Does Trick My Truck have a Myspace Page? If so what is it?
why is my 1999 dodge stratus turns out while driving?
Oil psi queston??? chevy engine?
Is it possible to put different type light bulbs in a 1991 OEM civic?
Why will my 1993 Taurus 3.8L not start when hot?
ok im trying to take a bolt off on my car if i use a 19mm its a little lose it grabs but not like it should i?
map sensor location on chevvy hhr?
My Honda accord Oil is right on the low circle ?
spark! alternator not charing?
is a turbo diesel or petrol better for high mileage vehicles?
Auto repair estimate keeps going up?
Has anyone had this problem with there car?
what is happening to my car when my speedometer is always at zero?
accidently put 1 litre of diesel into my petrol car, is this a big deal?
My car sometimes feels like its running out of gas but its not.?
The heater in my car isn't working but the fan is blowing cold air.?
The workings of the insides of a car bonnet?
how do u tell if your car has a dead battery? No color on indicator, has headlight/stereo, can't start engine
does anyone know how to take the back seats off of a BMW e30 (aka 325i)?
2003 Mazda 6 (6 cylinder) 5 speed stick.?
Wheres a good place to find an old car rim to hold up my fire pit?
Why is it so difficult to turn my steering wheel?
backspace on my wheels and a 6" lift?
Brackets wrong with Ford Explorer, might have to do with the steering? See more in detail..?
1999 half year chevy truck how to adjust the valves?
Car made grinding sound while stuck on rocky slope. Please help find cause of noise, 10 points?
How buff my car head lights at home?
How do you replace the horn on a '98 Ford Expedition? Thanks.?
why wont my wiper jets work?
Will 10w40 oil hurt my car?
I'm Having Engine Problems?
ABS light goes off only after 2nd start of ignition.?
Fuel system cleaning?
my car makes a loud squeal when i try to start it.takes a few trys before it will start. is this a bad starter
Is there such thing as a good used car?
Bolt that holds fan assembly to radiator?
Is fix-a-flat dangerous to use on my car's flat tire ?
how many hours to dry car paint?
Engine trouble with my 2002 Dodge Dakota, help please.?
Car thermometer gage went up half way on short journey?
whats the name of a liquid product for my car to stop the heater leaking(called something like gunk/gloop)?
where does the transmission fluid go on a 1987 firebird trans am and where is transmision fluid filter located?
My engine loses power after starting?
Check engine light came on the code read it saind wrong oil this possible?
What can i use to remove the smell of gasoline from my cars carpet?
What do you do to help reduce the cost of running and maintaining your vehicle?
hi i need some specifics on how this works and alternator?
How expensive is it to fix a P0193 Engine Code?
Why won't my car Accelerate?
I have ariston micro genus and it can go all day then cuts off for up two 3 to 4 hours at a time?
My car willnot start?
93 ford temp 4 cyl runns good hard to start?
2002 Silverado burning alot of gas?
I bought a car from a private party. About 12 hours later the car will not go into "reverse". Recourse?
is it ok to mix 5w30 with 10w30?
Wastewater Maintenance?
Car revs up and down by itself then cuts itself off!!?
need web site to order mercedes benz navigation cd?
master cylinder or break booster leak?
How to replace dodge durango front brake pad?
need a cylinder head and online someone said is it a Vin k? what is Vin k?
oil warning light keeps coming on then off,checked oil level and thats fine.Any sugesstions. Oh the car is a v?
Ibought a 6.6 duramax engine and I want to know how much oil does it take in the crankcase?
Please help me....... My van is messing up and we cant figure it out.?
Will a coolant leak from a bad gasket the block or timing cover if I refuse to fix the problem?
Serious Car problems! Think heads ed or something else! Need help!?
mk4 20v 1.8t loud noise when starting from cold stops after 30seconds or so?
Car smokes from the hood?
how do I fix a tear in a leather seat in my car?
what engine can i use?
Toyota corolla, car wont start?
99 suburban idling rough?
Why does auto battery voltage fluctuate when not running?
What causes 2004 Kia Rio to cut off while driving? Dealer did diagnostic test and said it was knock sensor.?
86 honda civic?
Is it okay if one of my back wheels hit a curb going 7mph?
What type of wrench should be used to loosen or tighten brake lines or tubing fittings?
89 Nissan low miles- Well maintained alarm goes off,?
okay so I have honey mustard down the side of my car. How can I get it off without damaging the paint?
how do i replace tension pulley on a 98chevy cavalier?
Vacuum Gauge needle is stuck?
How much would a Mercedes benz motor cost?
rear door interiors ?
I work the afternoon shift why are you not at work?
Does any one know a good website to get the plastics and parts for a 1987 suzuki lt250r?
Does a 2001 s10 2.2L 4 cyl have a timing chain or belt?
Hello im trying to find a website witch is free that can give me info on a problem with my car mazda rx7?
Why idle rpm of my corolla does not change when i turn on the A/C?
Will a 1997 Hyundai hatchback front end fit a 2002 Hyundai 4 door?
what happens when my blinker fluid is low?
How would I find the right alternator for my 86 Buick Century. I understand that there are two different kinds
name of a good smog additive?
What are REAR BUMPER LIGHTS called?
What is the average cost for new tires?
I only have heat in my car when I am driving, but it goes cold when I am idle?
my 88 chev truck will not go in reverse.selecter will though.?
Random loud bang on my car?
what characteristics would a 3litre 4 cylinder engine 20valve head?
Why isnt my 1990 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera starting?
I crashed my car the other day?
How do i begin to make my automatic 1990 Honda Accord a manual?
Battery? Alternator? Something Else?
would it improve the performance of my car if I add a quart of jack Daniels to the tank?
When snow is on a car, and you write on it...?
Constant knocking noise from petrol tank while car is turned on?
What sit can I buy a new suzuki 160cc 1993 atv back right hub from?
my windshield keeps fogging up from the inside of my car. what can i do to prevent this?
2007 QX56 won't go in reverse...?
how much to install sunroof?
volkswagen polo central locking system has failed.. why?
I have a leak in my windscreen washer plastic bottle, is there anything I can use to seal same without taking
Whats wrong with my car's outside temperature gauge?
will a loose radiator cap cause my car to overheat?
what is the easiest way to add horsepower and torque to a 350 small block without spending money?
I bought a 97 Ford Taurus with 191k miles on it for 500 dollars. Good or no?
Car is misfiring in cylinder 3?
Power Windows?
How many CFM's does a stock fan on an 82 Chevrolet pull through the radiator?
Under the hood if a 2005 Chevy Aveo?
Coolant temp too low in 2000 Hyundai accent.?
how long does standard shipping take?
i am trying to replace an engine in my car.?
What will make your tachometer just stop?
Diesel soot remover around the house?
i have a ford focus 3dr and my electric window (drivers) goes up really slow any ideas?
could u let mw know i have change my car from left hand drive to right hand drive because i have to export?
Someone decided to scratch my car.!! How much would it cost to get fixed?
What is wrong with my car ?
would a engine that failed cause the power steering pump to go bad?
Is my mustang totaled?
conversion, catalatic converter to standard exhaust system?
Vacuum hose in mouth?
Taillights come on, but go off?
Question about work on Volkswagen?
How do you dry out a headlight?
we have 2001 bravada when we put in reverse nothing happens?
best product to stop/eliminate rust on your car?
How do I check my front disk and rear drum brakes on my'89 Pontiac to see if a brake job is needed?
Oil Changes and proper Car maintenance?
My 1998 C250 does not always open with key fob 1st time. It opens eventually just not 1st time. Any ideas why?
how to replace a 96 ford windshield?
Just got told its £400 to fix our car?
Por-15 or Herculiner to paint/rust-proof the bottom half of my car with?
ive got a bmw 318 tourer (p reg) and it wont turn over and start. ive got power to the dash light and thats it
How Can I turn off the check engine light in my '96 Taurus?
Problem with front end alignment on 2005 Chrysler 300 Limited?
I broke my parents windshield, what should i tell them?
Is this intake alright?
replace head gasket Nissan Altimea 2003?
Can i put automatic transmission fluid in my oil?
Car sounds like a lawn mower?
How to remove lime from car battery?
vw1 .6fsi touran losing pressure on clutch ok for a while when pump pedal any ideas please very grateful?
automobile how do i pull drive axle frm axle shaft not hub 96 plymouth neon?
2002 lancer idles high when turned on. Then when warm idles normally again. Can this be fixed?
i have a 1963 olds vin 632M75520 what size engin do i have?
What to do when my car won't start?
My car cooling system is not holding water?
99 gmc Sierra 1500, SES code: p0507?
all lights come on in car wont start just clicks?
what will give me more horsepower out an 400, stroking it or putting high performance part on it.?
How to restart the car after running out of fuel?
We rebuilt the engine in our truck and now it won't start.?
what would cause a car to have no oil pressure and make a bad clacking noise?
I need the formula to figure out what size PCV, vale on my 351/427ci engine?
why would a toyota w/ new head gasket have no compression ?
1999 oldsmobile intrigue electrical problems?
car owner manuals in pdf?
Where is the low pressure nozzle 2000 chevy malibu?
Whats wrong with my car?
What might cause my car to get worse gas mileage suddenly?
Safelite installed my windshield it has started to leak from top corners & water has soaked my side air bags..?
the ac in my truck doesnt work the compressor clicks but no air comes out what can it be?
whats wrong with my car? it died.?
what makes a ford diesel miss when cold?
I graeme james fleming?
Why is my Pontiac 2000 grand pre is overheating?
How long can I drive on 3 cylinders?
My car is making a loud sqeaking noise at times when i turn the wheel?
Leave car at car wash to be cleaned entirely, gets broken into, radio, tv stolen, who is responsible? ?
What are these new type of wheel skins called?
How long was it before you had to have the engine &/or transmission replaced in a Toyota Echo?
could my idle controle sensor in my 1996 acura integra be the reason why my car is hard to start in the mornin?
Got a new starter and battery, car electricity now haywire?
Is it safe to fill nitrogen air in tubeless tires of a bike?
I got a leaking gas tank any help?i don't want to change,is there any solution/compound that i can used?
Where is the oil sending unit located on a 1996 3/4T 4x4 360 CID Dodge Pickup Motor?
Can I put any engine oil in my car?
What type of freon does a 1987 Dodge 600 use?
why does my fan heater/ac motor only run on fast speed????
Would a semi-worn ball joint make this noise?
steering wheel vibration and pulling to the left?
97 Honda Civic Vibrating or Grinding type noise?
where would i go to find a used gas tank?
if transmission oil is leaking, will i have to het a new transmission?
Can I swap my automatic transmission for a manual?
im looking for an engine for a 1994 ford probe anyone know where i can get one?
Driving with the "check engine" light on?
Do ignition coils belong in certain cylinders?
Jaguar car a/c not working.?
How much oil is too much?
Please how do you check the tyre pressure on antera alloy wheels?
2002 Ford Taurus white smoke coming from hood, car is not overheating?
i get this vibration when i step on my gas pedal Mercedes s 500?
whats wrong with my '97 ford taurus?
CAR problems - anyone know how to empty a petrol tank manually?
Service engine light on my Suzuki Vitara?
How often do you get your car cleaned? once a week? twice a week? (on average).......?
how much it cost to change break pads if i already have the break pads?
Would 95 Buick Park Avenue parts work on a 1985 Buick Century?
i have 2002 renault megane turbo diesel lots of vibration from the engine new top engine mount 1 month ?
is it possible to bend the frame of your car by lifting up just one corner of it with a floor jack?
What's a propellor shaft?
hi guys , i want to know why steering system in cars are place at one corner???/?
Ford Fiesta Mk6, change brake light switch?
Why wont the car start?
Why is my brake light and abs light on?
anyone out there know anything about 1994 saturns transmission?
Commodore VK (1985) - where is the ignition module?
My coolant light is on what should i do a 200 buick century?
Grand Prix acting funny at stoplights and weird accel help?
How do you ensure your car's engine is always ready to perform at its best?
what is a O Bearing Scraper used for ?
dashborad showing battery light?
How do you free up a completely frozen floating pin on a brake caliper?
Head Gasket question?
What is the best syntechic to use in a Cummings desiel.?
what would cause the front end to shimmy when brake is applied?
hoe exactly step-by-step do u tune up a 88 cavalier?
Pontiac Firebird?
whats wrong with my car? '92 model kia pride (ford festiva)-?
What is causing a grinding noise from left side of my engine?
any suggestions on how to fix my car stereo?
any special tricks to quieten a noisey deisel engine?
What is a good engine to learn to rebuild?
Can power steering fluid leak out of the transmission line?
How do I make my car not run?
Is My Starter Going Out?
My Vauxhall cavalier left turn signals does not turn off and flashers does not work?
how can i add fog lights to my MKIV jetta?
I found my gas cap was loose, how long before the emission light goes off?
T reg 1.6 audi A3 , brake lines / hoses?
Can a car use radiator fluid without overheating or showing signs of a leak?
how to remove sticker from outside car windscreen?
Buying an engine for my truck please help?
88 jeep cherokee killed a new battery the moment i turned the key to crank the engine?
Sexual harassment or complement?
Engine oil in coolant overflow?
My 4x4 failed it's MOT!?
My oil light on my car comes on all the time !?
Car "bangs" at start?
Oil/White Smoke shooting from engine any idea?
Why my mazda RX-8 got a trouble to start, especially after long time never use? I did check the battery is ok?
resetting gt123 alarm?
I have a 2000 se saturn I replaced the ignition part because it was damaged it won't start now?
how to tell if its starter or solenoid?
car paint job people answer please!?
how do I get rid of rust on my car?
where is the bathroom?
How do you charge your AC in your car?
Dodge Ram 1500 5.7L TIPM?
Why are my brake lights not working?
Can some look up 2000 Ford Focus TSB#'s17298 Oct. '03,16939 July 1 '03, 16912June 1 '03 16861 Dec.1, '01
Is it okay if one of my back wheels hit a curb going 7mph?
Car a/c doesn't blow cold!!! Is it the compressor?
how do i change wires and plugs on a 1999 astro mini van?
my car battery keeps draining, its new, and the altenator is good, what can be making the battery drain?
Can I offer to pay for damage to a another car to avoid loosing no claims discount. Its a very small dent?
Serious problem with my car?
Just put on wax and now it's raining?
I have 4 lug nut rims on my car now if i get new ones do they have to be 4 lug nut?
Is my transmission going bad?
what causes the lights on my dash board to flash?
reason for vehicle hesitant to start up in the morning?
Use RV stand to support car during repairs?
Car wont start after being stood for a while?
manual transmission, full throttle low rpm?
My range rover is sluggish when you first start it, any ideas????
Location Keyless Entry Module 2003 Cadillac CTS?
Replacing AC compressor and clutch on a Saturn L 100?
What is the job title of the person who books a car in for repair in a garage.?
Brake lights wont turn on, and its not the brake light switch nor the fuses nor bulbs.?
where is the thermostat in a 95 celica gt?
how toy paint a truck tool box?
My 2007 honda needs a new engine and the honda dealership wants 9k for it.?
which school is the best for learning car repair?
Polishing chrome rims.?
How do I remove the windshield wipers in my 2002 Taurus?
Bleeding Brakes?
short out alternator ford truck 250 03?
Cold air intake bypass valve work?
Can anyone please tell me where the IAT sensor is on a 2004 Chevrolet Silverado?
can i add a multi displacement system to my truck?
My fuel guage lights are not going out why?
how to repair arc welder?
How much would a car-paint change cost?
Help! A broken seal has caused the transmission to leak on my car.?
just got new tires and an aliment and the front left tire is already bald. why is that?
my car struggles to start when it is cold what can it be?
my 1981 Firebird failed smog cuz of extremely high HC and CO. I have a rebuilt carb in. what can be wrong?
white smoke is coming out of my tailpipe. I have a 2000 dodge neon what's wrong with it??
Totaled car question?
My car cuts off whenever I take my foot off the gas?
Do V6 engines last longer than 4 cylinder engines?
I keep blowing a relay switch?
What is the work for 2/5(4+4x4)?
Why doesn't my speedometer/odometer work?
Leaking Coolant Through Manifold Gasket?
Instruction manual SAME Explorer II?
What happens to engine car if I use 20W/30 intead of 5W/30 ?
Why won't my car start?!?
How Can I Break In to My Own Car?
what wires need to be hook up to the engine for it to start?
Can my car fail a smog test because of a rough idle?
Are there other Ford models with 5.0 V8 engine?
Car repair estimate (photos later)?
My 2003 sable steering wheel vibrates while driving, the faster I go, the more it vibrates.?
Egg smell from exhaust...catalytic converter to blame?
How much would the cost be to fix this car?
the motor in my car started making a loud clanking noise, smoked and then broke down.?
Whats the best pair of truck mudding tires for a '92 blazer with 6" of lift? Full Size? size of tire as well?
Pls suugest a good merc garage around NW London in uk?
My rear wheel moves especially when in reverse?
Why wont my Pontiac Grand Prix wont shift when the car is first started?
how do i get a hold of service and repair coupons, to use at empire nissan dealer, in ontario, california?
can i replace my manual transmission with a automatic transmission?
What fuse controls license plate light on 2004 pontiac grand prix GT?
Why is my car jerking when I shift into any gear?
Cast iron dutch oven been painted, how to remove?
hi can anyone tell me if range rover sport alloys will fit my vwt5 van? the size is 275 45 20. thanks, Lee?
what could this loud,whiny, jet like noise be coming from my Jeep?
I have a problem with my car, lots of problems, Help please?
When your coolant level gets low in the radiator, what happens?
what is a coil pack?
my car squeals but when i put on the ac it stops can any one help?
I have older Maruti Suzuki 1300 CC of 1993, and it doesnt have the rpm meter ? Can i fix it externally ?
Can I convert a 91 fl50 from 2wd to 4wd using parts from an 86 f150 4wd?
how to adjust the alt. belt on 97 neon?
How do I fit a Commodore utility TJM Canopy so the bit on the cab is waterproof? thanks.?
Is $100 too much to pay for fixing (buffing) foot long scratches on car door?
Whats that noise called on car? Sounds like twin-turbo.?
My signal lights arent working properly?
car trouble the air conditioning?
I only see 4 spark plugs on my 4 cyl. Is that normal?
what is the best battery i can buy for my automobile?
Vibration above 60 mph?
any body know what petrol starvation means?
Please help?
If you can answer this you are a Car Correction genius (see details)?
help. have put petrol in diesal engine. is my car dead?
how do you sand down a car?
Washing your car at home--what's the best for the car's finish?
if we are moving at top speed in car & by mistake or sudden can we put reverse gear direclty ?
Diesel in a Petrol Engine - ARGH - Advice please?
having car trouble turn the key on and it clicks and dead as a door knob any one know what it might be?
Why is my car is using oil?
how to perform a transmission oil flush?
My Dilemma: Do I fix the exhaust on the car, or do I go fishing?
How do you tell a 2 stroke diesel engine from a 4 stroke diesel engine from a cut out picture of the engine?
can anyone tell me how much an exhaust systm for a 95 buick lesabre limited would be?
Was 2004 considered the early 2000's?
I drive a 2001 Mits. Eclipse GT and I have a problem with my steering wheel trembling when i brake.Help?
What is the manufacturers recommended PSI for the 98 Ford Ranger?
Yamaha RD 350 CDI convert and specification needed?
I'm looking at trading my bike for a 65 Bonneville with a 389. How hard is it finding parts to work on it?
I have a 1993 civic with no start but cranking over. I have changed fuel pump, main relay, ignitor chk good?
1979 chevy 305 torque converter bolts?
93 Chevy truck will not crank after engine is warm. It starts and runs fine after it has sat for about 30 min?
what is the diagram for belts on a 98 chevy cavilear?
How to connect a car battery to a bicycle for charging?
Blinkers, Horn, Signal lights, High Beams not working on 2007 Chrysler 300?
Is it best to put a car battery on a concrete floor?
Car issue- what could be the cause of this noise?
One of my glass is broken and also frame is damaged. Please guide?
My light is working?
Why might my headlights be dim on my car?
What could be wrong with my car?
I want to find a shop in So Cal that will install a four speed in my 65 mustang.?
How much is a timing belt replacement?
My car stalled while I was driving it?
Im intrested in cars. Is a car mechanic a good job?
which is the best spark plugs???
1997 Kia Sephia 5-Speed will not downshift into third?
why is transmission oil creamy white in 2t?
Any problems with front speakers not working in dodge van with after mkt. stereo?
Engine swap question?
help! 1975 INTERNATIONAL SCOUT II 304-V-8 engine starter/ elec. ignition module/ spark module/regulator?
how much would it be to put new wires in my car that go to the fan?
1995 ford explorer starting issue?
Chevy Cobalt check engine light...?
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