A neighbor was flushing my radiator with Dishwashing detergent and water, would that hurt my engine if it was?
why is my check engine light on my 2003 ford taurus?
What Does It Mean When A Car Is 0.6L?
Is it better for me to leave the blade up or down when my plow truck is parked ????
Professional car paint shops?
Jumping A car? My battery died and I have a battery charger..?
i accidently hooked the battery up backwards what could i have damage and where should i start with?
How do I know if my old snow tires will fit on my new car?
my van is going for its MOT?
Does a bad oxygen sensor create electrical problems?
How can i get a bumper sticker off a car?
Brake Pads or Rotars?
where do i find a rear suspension diagram for a 2001 nissan pathfinder 4x4 online.?
my corsa has 15 inch steel wheels. What size alloys will fit without changing tyres?
My trucks check engine light keeps coming on says misfiring on 3rd and 5th cylinder what could it be?
Woud gearing dows at 60mph from 5th gear into 2nd gear damage the clutch? becasue my wife did this in her?
1994 pont/sunbird 2.0 cyl/head torque spec ?
i have bought a 1999 daewoo lanos that wont start. I bought the car knowing that there was a problem?
Auto Repair Help Needed!!?
Does Wal Mart sell car batteries?
My car battery is flat after 2 hours every time. I charge it and it goes flat. The battery is fine.?
after installing arb lock differential what kind of differential oil i shoud fill it?
fuses blowing after installing new radio?
What is the average repair cost for a water pump?
How do I get the pully of a compressor on a truck, 92 ford 150?
Yellow-Green liquid leaking from truck?
Why is diesel fuel more expensive than regular gas, when it is a byproduct of the regular fuel process?
Transmission Flush needed at 15,000 miles?
Should I swap trucks...?
What would be leaking oil in the front of my 1994 toyota pick-up?
can the ground clearance of maruti 800 be raised?
Looking for companies who can do a full conversion from left hand drive to right hand drive for 2005 Mustang?
i flushed a metal button?
My car ran out of gas..?
Brake shoes vs brake pads?
Need advice/instructions on doing tune up on a '05 Dodge Caravan 6cyl.?
How do I clean oil stains on a cement drivway?
94 Thunderbird LX 4.6 loses RPM after driving on highway and slowing down...why?
Car wont start question.?
All five lugs on my Volvo wheel have seized. How do I change my tire?
Piston Rod Knock?
what is discharging my battery?
How often do you get your car serviced?
Is it worth it to repaint your car?
I have no power on my 87 ranger with a 2.3 gas motor?
help fitting piston rings without the right tool is there any way i can get away with fitting piston rings?
Is there any Charitys that help you fix or pay to get your truck's transmission fixed aound DFW, TX?
Price for Camaro headers/dual straight pipe setup?
Can take out key of ignition while running?
What is wrong with my truck brakes?
Accidentally drove without the gas cap on?
How much should a rewiring job on a car cost? Bumper to Bumper?
Will 4.7l v8 engine From 02 ram 1500 fit 2000 jeep grand cherokee limited?
How do you remove oil from small metal parts other than scrubbing?
What's the best Rev/min to drive at for fuel economy?
Key broken in fiesta in ignition?
I'm going to replace my airbag on my Acura 3.2CL, was wondering if the SRS light will go out?
I just put 1/4 of fully synthetic motor oil in my transmisson fluid of my 2004 BMW 325i. What should I do?
where are the fuel relays on a 91 toyota previa?
I bought Nike free and the sensor is gray and it is not syncing to my iphone4s?
how to purge air from your cooling system in a firebird trans am ws6?
where is the fuse for the radio in a 1998 suzuki esteem?
directions on replacing an ingine belt on a 1993 buik park avenue?
Auto Window tint customise?
Can't find Antifreeze Leak?
is there a website that lets you download a manual for a popup campers?
What are the bars that go from the motor mounts to the flexplate cover?
How does an Automatic transmission Work compared to a Manual? 10points!?
what lasts longer, the engine or the truck itself?
Car engine struggles to turn over?
Help with my crappy old car!?
Timing belt on Saturn VUE 2006?
how can i add power streeing to my 64 impala. It has a 92 motor.?
Can I use johnson's baby shampoo for a car wash?
What's the best AWD ratio or "power split"?
Where is my fuse for turn signals in 2000 ford e-150?
How serious is this exhaust issue?
My car streering doesnt come back to the centre?
Car overheating/wont start need some advice?
improve gas mileage?
How can I stop my Ford Focus from trying to kill me???? HELP!!!?
what does it mean to have water in ur car oil?
What's wrong with my car?
My garage has recommended 'Go Faster stripes' for my rather old car. Do they really work?
What are the reccomended service intervals on a 1987 crown victoria transmission?
i NEED to learn about cars?
'93 Honda Accord LX window won't go up!?
1987 Chevy silverado Fuel injectors not spraying?
Can you lift a 2003 Saturn View?
Buying New Parts For Car?
corsa missfire?
Would doing a month of pizza delivery cause a lot of damage to my car? And how much do they tip?
02 chevy monte carlo passenger floor flooding?
Can a mechanic charge $100 to diagnose my car if he can't figure out the problem?
my car starts and i can select all gears even without using the clutch unfortunately the car wont move????
Starter passes Autozone's test, but still doesn't start my jeep?
i want to contact bmw auto makers in germany.Need e-mail address?
I want to know how many gallons of paint I would need to paint a pontiac bonneville 4 dr sedan?
Car making sounds after I shut it off...?
how do i remove clutch fan on a 2000 Z71 sierra?
For you, Who makes the best cars???
What causes a deep airplane-like noise in a 1997 Riviera SC?
what is a throttle body spacer?
why don't bright headlights work on dodge truck?
car windshield problem?
About how much does the Wi1 Fit cost? Is it fun to work out with?
Car won't crank. Clicking Noise.?
If a car is badly dented, does that affect its speed?
What is the best oil and filter to use on a 2006 Civic LX coupe manual.?
i need to know if a 91 transmission will bolt up to a 94 motor on a caviler?
I have a 1996 chrysler sebring convertible jx 4 cylinder?
what does it mean when my car shakes at about 35 mph it stops once i reach a higher speed?
why wont my buick start?
can I use body filler on top of glazing putty?
Facted or fiction once you change your oil to full synthetic oil can you go back to regular oil again?
what's wrong with my steering wheel!!?
door fell open too far and left a small smudge on coworkers, her estimate outrageous *pics*?
I have a lug nut that is not coming off?
how to change brake pads on a 2004 dodge ram 1500?
Car detailing?
2005 Nissan Sentra died while driving, any help?
Car engine runs very rough on cold nights but smooth during daytime?
What terminal on the battery does the in line fuse go on for a car stereo?
what kinda springs do i need?
my mondeo is making a clunking sound on the front left side when i turn it feels like the car is jumping?
car will not crank?
how to put on brake calibers?
I have a Ford Windstar 2001 and the emission system light is on all the times. What this mean?
How do you feel about the technique of running Transmisison Fluid along with the oil in your Engine to Cleanit?
What can be used as windscreen whiper fluid?
Is there a "critical" lateral drive shaft angle?
spark pugs? ignition switch, or starter?
can you tell me what my freeze frame data means?
How does leaking transmission cooler lines affect the performance of the car?
Why does my moped have no spark?
I need a 3 speed shifter that will not overshift. ?
How do u test an alternator?
Cost of Toyota celica repair?
can a brand new battery go bad in a 1991 Lincoln town car?
96 accord spark plug seals went bad again?
How do you unlock a door without a key ?
For what reasons would my "check engine light" come on? It seems to be running fine, and the oil was changed?
cant jump start my car help?
so What shall i do if he check engine light turns on when i hit 7000 rpms on the highway?
If I switch from manual to power windows, would I have to replace the door panels?
Is the battery of your car under the bonnet or in the boot?
Which Cars are the best for -Reliability, Gas-Mileage, and overall a good brand that all mechanics know?
Stalling while stopping/taking off?
should i start my car early to "warm it up" on cold days?
Why operate "clutch" for shifting gears?
just had some muffler work and now it seems the gears wont shift, what's wrong?
1996 Chevy Blazer. Light for 4x4 works and trans case shifts but no front locking. What do I need to replace?
Is it bad to drive on a flat tire?
Can I bi-pass my smog control pump this way?
1989 ford f250 wont restart after running for a while until the engine cools off?
do i need to upgrade my brakes on a 2004 sport trac if i'm putting some 20"s on it?
tinted windows on a classic car?
'97 Lexus ES300: Now using oil?
2007 toyota matrix transmission problems?
Car won't start (no noise at all, no click)?
What all is included in engine tuning(building, not modifiying)?
Please help with my car question?
!991 Ranger 2.3l code 48?
where can i find performence parts for my 1987 z24?
where can I find a pic of a 2001 king quad carburetor?
Car help please! This guy has been working on my car since it wont start he comes to my house?
Any idea what's wrong with my car?
i have a 91 toyota celica st, i cant open the passanger door from the outside.what is wrong? how do i fix it?
My car is overheating within a mile. And my engine is revving from 0 to 1 only when in park or neutral?
Car's AC blows hot air. Help!?
Check engine light problem.?
Does anyone know how to make a carbon fiber hood look new again?
Can you bleed the air out of radiator and cooling system with antifreeze in it?
Advice on a 150cc moped.?
Why would I need to push so hard on the brake pedal to stop after having new pads put on all four wheels?
Squeak From Wheel well of 96 K1500 Lifted?
engine idles fine but backfiring under load?
have a volvo vnl 64t tractor question power steering?
my new ranger pick-up truck dog tracks how do i get this fixed and how much and or can i do it my self?
problems with dash needles 2004 Honda Civic?
Is an overall gear ratio of 13.8:1 fairly low (1st gear) for a gasoline SUV?
prius is it a big job to replace the battery pack or would my local auto service centre be able to do the job?
My Check engine light is on I just,bought the car?
Do I have a blown head gasket or a bad water pump?
Do you think Pirelli best compared to Goodyear, Michelin...etc....?
My power window is stuck open on drivers side. The car is a 1997 Mercury Sable-can panel be removed somehow?
Should a thermostat and housing cost $168?
the reversing lights on my rover 25 will not work have changed bulbs and fuse but no joy is it the switch?
How much do you think it would cost to repair my 2005 Grand Jeep Cherokee?
where do I get the setup program to read AllData disks?
exhaust leak at manifold?
How can i strip the paint off my plastic scooter/moped covers/fairings?
help b-4 it blows up.....?
Car wont start when cold out?
the sensor in the fuel tank?
My car start if its too cold outside why?
Timing belt snapped. Now fixed... safe?
why dosen't my cd player in my car want to work? and why dose my cd keep spining when the car is off?
i need help troubleshooting my chevy s10?
Mechanic overcharged and me and..?
can they make a car that runs on water?
where does a water pump go on a 1999 nissan altima?
Accelerator jammed on Ford Focus - what to do?
i want to replace my six lugnuts on my wheels to five lugnuts any suggestion ?
turbo installation / dyno tuning?
Would you accept this?
I keep getting a flat wheel what can i do???
My reservoir is filled to the max with power steering fluid, why is my steering wheel so hard to turn now?
ford ranger rocker arm?
how does a jacobs engine brake (as in semis) work without burning up the pistons?
I recieved an answer a while ago about my car keys being lost can somebody tell me what is V.I.N.?
Is there an easy way to bypass or disable the remote start on a 1996 Dodge Ram 1500?
where do you add transmission fluid in a diesel truck?
What's the worst auto fix fail you've had? I wanna know!?
Are there any online repair manuals for a 1999 4runner?
Power Seats & Power Windows DEAD?! (ALL stopped working at the same time!!!)?
Does EGR valve malfunction in 98 Honda Accord compromise the engine performance in any way?
Front end damage on cars. $ ?
my honda Odyssey 2000 is stuck, try to put it in reverse or drive it won't move what is the problem?
Do anybody have a idea how much it cost to install a rack pinion on a 00 Durango if i take to a repair shop?
horse power on 1988 chrysler 318 engine?
does any one know the timeing specs for a 1992 toyota pickup 2.4?
best place to get repair manuals online?
I was painting with primer and the primer stuck to the inside of the spray guns cup and made chunks. Why?
How do you fix a car window when its stuck?
Where can i find window louver hardware or clips for my 1989 firebird?
I got my engine rebuilt and is fixing timing belt part of that?
Chevy S10 clutch problems. Possible air bubble?
my atv tires in the front go flat after sitting over night. I think it is leaking where the air goes into the?
Where is the cheapest place to buy a 2 or 3 inch lift kit for a truck?
how to put a bolt throgh back plate and sector gear on a ford windstar door for power window?
Does your headlight/daylight turns on when you start your engine?
do you have a diagram for a 1992 gmc sierra 1500 rear brake assembly?
what are the affects without a thermostat?
Does gasoline still smell after it dries? is it still flammable?
i get this vibration when i step on my gas pedal Mercedes s 500?
Ford Focus 2000- car will not start, then it starts? This is first time it's ever happened.?
what is the proper torque for spakplugs in a 1999 ford f-150 4.6 liter engine?
Ticking coming from passenger side of engine?
Would wrong size tires or misalignment cause inside of tires to wear out quicker and ruin the tires?
1994 polaris xlt indy gas leak, where do i look for this?
My 1985 Honda Prelude is shuddering/jerking at speed, help me!?
"if i disconnected my car battery for a week would it still work when i reconnected it?
Car thermostat fluctuates, what could be causing it?
How do I strip and sell the parts of my car?
Best place to buy a new car battery?
Where can I find the body(shell) for a 1996 checy blazer?
Why do shops like Midas say you need new rotors when getting new brakes and pades?
How do people normally call that metal emblem sticking up at the very front of your car?
why isn't my engine temperature not showing up in my cobalt?
Where on the internet can I get a free diagram showing where the check balls go in a 4L60E transmission?
I hit a guy in my car?
Can i bring my Acura in a honda dealership for service, and will it be cheaper?
Stop engine oil leak product?
My fan belt is squealing ?
What is the best website to buy Nissan parts?
will a vehicle speed sensor on a car cause it to shut off while driving if it is defective?
My car`s muffler is leaking with water, what could be the problem? And what`s the worst condition for it?
My Zippo Lighter wont spark?
1996 chevy cavalier will not fire. anyone know what can cause this?
Question about a car kill switch?
cost of a dule exhaust for a caprice?
Have a 1999 toyota camry le. Wipers will not recess . Switch is good. No shorts.?
Car battery is dead after a few hours...what is going on?
Accidently Reversed Polarity on a Honda Accord 94?
Is installing a camshaft difficult? Would it be risky to try to do it to my daily driver myself?
my car is heating up and white smoke thru exhaust?
12 v battery is that enough volts?
where can i find a egr solinoid for an 89 ford ranger?
Which type of air filter is more suitable for MR-S?
is there a way i can fix the a/c in my car myself?
Why do my brakes squeal after I recently replaced them?
a manufacturer uses electrical fuses in an electronic system ,the fuses are purchased in large lots and tested?
where can i get a inner tube 200x50 8x2 razor skooter goped?
Something stuck in my gas tank..Not the tank but the neck part...Where u insert da gas pump..Can i get it out?
i want bigger tires for a hayabusa. any suggestions? it is a 2009 model found at last week?
Is my car suspension okay?
Engine on my car wont stop, why?
how to replace corner bulbs on 2000 bmw 323?
Oil changing questions?
question about cars?
how long to charge 75ah leisure battery from flat?
I need to know the firing order of the spark plugs on 1991Ford Explorer?
I need an electrical schematic for a 1991 saturn SC1, I am having a problem with the power door locks and the?
do you check oil with the engine running or shut off?
Will my car get better MPG?
what are the consequences?
does anyone know the color abbreviations on this electrical wiring diagram for Toyota Tundra?
Why is my car spitting antifreez all over my engine when I rev it while its in park?
What the best way to disconnect the alternator from the electrical system to see if it's causing battery drain?
I didn't start a car for 4 weeks and now it won't start. What's the problem and is there an easy fix?
How to unlock my halo 4 emblem?
Check engine light on!?

my 86 fiero has a tube that comes off the air cleaner ?
what would happen if you drove without an exhaust?
What would cause a car to suddenly lose power?
Does the car heater waste fuel?
Do I need shocks to lower my car?
why won't my car start?
Catalytic for 3.5hp Tecumseh vertical drive motor with exhaust heat exchanger?
I think my air compressor ran out on my car, there for no A/C...need some honest opinions..?
what does mivec stand for?
i have a 98 ford mustang with a v6 3.8l 5 speed?
Is a stick shift car a good first car?
56(786x678)-7(765+9-65)x2343(98-89) what is answer?
1979 350 small block?
Car trouble!!?
Where can i get a cheap front window for a car?
Why does my car run hot only when the A/C is on?
oil filter for a 91 geo metro?
remove malibu maxx 2006 rear door panels?
My 2002 Dodge Dakota 3.9l v6 cuts-out at highway speeds when the truck downshifts, (up a hill or passing)60mph
I have just purchased a 2000 Alero and the Trac off light, anti-brake light, and service vehicle soon lights?
A mechanic worked on my car and broke a metal in tha spark plug?
Any suggestions about my car over-heating?
what is the firing order from my distributor cap to my cylinders for my 1997 Honda Civic EX?
What are these auto mechanic tools?
in reference to motor oil-what does say 10w-30 mean?
The new alarm I put in my recently purchased used Camaro does not unlock the door !! Anyone have any ideas why
a car and a truck leave at the same time when the are 350 miles apart the car has gone 70 miles farther.?
Are Sylvania Silver Star headlights worth all the money and hype?
Does it break rods and valves when the timing chain breaks on a 1999 3.0 Chevy Malibu?
I have a 1961 Corvette 283 leaky rear main seal. Can it be repaired with out pulling the engine?
Where can I find a rear left quarter panel for a 97 Ford Ranger XLT?
Mercedes C180k 2006 Engine runs at 40 c heater only warm- will rise on idle fan kicks in can anyone assist ple?
Keyless entry door help plz? ?
When do I get a oil change?
Check engine light with custom air intake?
I Removed my Wheels and put them back on do they need to be realigned or balanced?
1997 Chevy Tahoe A/C system?
What oil should i use to top up a 57 plate citroen berlingo van?
How do I know when my cluch is going out? I have a 96 civic?
how to lift and level my truck at the same time?
How would you get a small hatchback car out of this situation?
where is the EGR valve on a 2002 saturn SL1?
question about becomming an auto mechanic?
to find out how to wire up a light switch in the house.?
automatic transmission problem?
Nitrogen Filled Tires?
will a 93 nissan 4cyld. match up with a 89 mazda 4cyld engine?
What it is a sticking Throttle linkage ? My car has too excesive high idle speed. Some help please.?
can you clean out the carbon of the muffler to make it louder?
how can you disconnet the brake interlock when using pioneer's acic-d3 unit?
Can a ed passenger side mirror on a car cause it to fail an mot?
Are there Honda car repair shops around London which are not too expensive?
Car wont turn over - full battery, non-responsive - any ideas?
I want to install an air horn in my 2007 GMC Sierra?
I would like to replace my hard top 1970 mustang coupe with a convertible top. Is that possible? Where at?
Do turbo intercoolers need air blown at them?
1997 Saturn SL2 1.9 Twincam keeps overheating?
does the engine light come on if you need a tune up?
How much will the repair cost?
when getting brakes done how do you no if you need the rotors cut as well?
What does the carborator do, in a car?
where do I get wiper blades for a mazda bongo friendee?
Is it worth it in the long run to replace a ed head on a 1994 Cavalalier?
Have I blown my car/head gasket?
2000 Saturn SL2 headlight problem?
why don't my blinkers flash on my 69 ford f100?
Whats wrong with my cooling system?
How to Choose Quality Brake pads?
Car battery died - what to do.?
How can I find the newest Comcast Xfinity commercial with Rusty Joiner on a motor cycle?
starter replacement for 87 s10 blazer?
what was the average gas mileage for a 1975 Chrysler New Yorker?
My 2002 Toyota Highlander 4wd says to Re-torque drive shaft bolt every 5,000 miles. Where is it?
Has anyone ever heard of an automotive lift called "TRUE LIFT"?
Is it bad to not have a tire valve?
What is wrong with my car?! Help!?
How long do catalytic converters last??????????????
My steering wheel shakes at high speeds, is it normal?
How can I find out what type of car I have?
How to paint the s on my IPhone?
Nissan micra automatic knocking when turning left?
Can harm be done to an engine by having to much oil in the pan ?
How much horse power will I get from adding headers with a cold air intake?
Dirty Carburetor. Help?
buidling b18b engine block?
I need sparkplug firing order for 88 gmc 305 engine?
can any1 tell my what a car will do if i ned a 4 wheel alignment?
4x4 Low High and Auto Question?
Does the car have to run for CarMD?
How do I get my car window back on its track?
antifreeze leak out of head gasket..Is it water pupm?
my dad has a 08 chevy impala. can someone tell me how to swichout the headlights on this model? thanks!?
Why is motor oil used as a lubricate?
Who should I go if I think my car wrongly passed it's M.O.T?
Time (months) between oil changes?
Will an F20C fit a 99 honda accord?does anyone know?
1998 blazer misfire!!!?
what gear oil weight do i need for a 2004 hyundai tiburon straight 4 version?
How can I take a broken key out of the ignition? Does a Key really need the code or can it work without one.?
does a xl185s cc 1982 dirtbike need a batery for head lights?
My Jeep Cherokee always want to die!!!?
How do you make a riding lawnmower go fast (or "soup it up")so I can use it as a summer vehicle?
I put rims on my car and the back hits how could I fix it?
does any one know how to fix or reset the passlock on a 2001 grand am help?
Cost to paint bumper?
I have a 98 HondaCRV when it rains it leaks in the passenger side floorboard,why?I know it's not a/c for sure.
What can i do when my car came out of the shop worse than it went in?
Why does it sound like im pumping air when i press on the brake?
2002 325XI Windshield wiper size?
passenger side brake light wont work?
where can i get a land rover discovery suspension 1 inch lift kit from?
what do i need to repair a damaged fibre glass door on a car?
how many miles on new car before installing cold air intake ?
Low-side port A/C Service line to charge system Cadillac Sedan Seville SLS Northstar engine 4.6 L automatic?
Ford Mondeo 2001, wont start!!?
why does the headlight on my 4 wheeler flash at idle and get dimmer at higher RPMs?
89 yota switch or heater motor went out v6 3.0?
Tire Rotation Cost?
I,m looking for a catalog on monte carlo 1970/1972?
What is the mechanic book labor to replace the A/C compressor on my 1999 Mitsubishi Galant ES 4-cylinder.?
Why is my oil pressure so low?
97 taurus G - Car Cranks but wont turn over (plenty of power, and overdue for an oil change)?
Is it possible to change a car from Front wheel drive to rear wheel drive?
Car engine won't start what do the warning lights mean ( a bit long)?
Any body know about "super choke" chokes?
Possible bad carburetor?
Are there any virtual engine programs?
Are you falimiar with turbocharger?Is it the key part of engine?
What do i do with this dent in my rear bumper?
Does the Mitsubishi Galant have an Interference or Non-Interference engine? Where can i find it?
I was wondering if someone could give me info on car batteries.?
are the lens in projector head lights , just like magnifying lens?
Can someone please help: steering wheel is hard to turn?!?
A question about car Rpm?
Is there anything I can do to get spray paint off my car?
why is our car using so much water?
How do you change your license plate?
What would make a break pedal stiff?
Installing head unit in 1996 honda integra?
help with tyre pressure amount for my clio HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
how to make a new car smell?
I've recently had my heat shield removed is this safe?
if we are moving at top speed in car & by mistake or sudden can we put reverse gear direclty ?
Where do the spark plug wires (ht leads) plug in to on a 50cc quad bike?
i need a digramatic instruction on how to install timing belt and time 199 2.2 litre toyota camcy?
would a pinion seal be covered under drivretrain warranty?
re-installing pickup covers?
Is you alternator supposed to start and stop?
how do i find job listings for auto technicians in foreign countries?
how do i know which turbochargers are compatible with my car?
best car wax to use?
My oil light flashes when I have my foot on the brakes. The oil level in the car is okay? What should I do?
How do I change a headlight in my 2000 Nissan Maxima?
will a LS6 fit In a 2001 trans-am, if not what motifacations do you need to do?
is alternator available in car junkyard in Wilmington?
how do you troubleshoot a 1996 sable that will not start?
I have a 2005, when i hit the gas 1/2 the time it slows down and seems to lose power or something whats up?
What is a good temperature to keep my heater thermostat at?
Notorcycle idles high, only when clutch is pulled.?
I have a 1989 chevy truck with a 305 v8 engine with TBI. why does it run badly only when it rains?
WhY me! why?
were would i find the fan relay in my 93 lincoln cont?
why does a car have 4 weels?
how do you change the timing belt of a 1999 honda civic?
is it ok to shift into nuetral while driving down hill to save gas and coast down?
can u drive a car if the clutch is broken
How can I get diesel fuel out of clothes?
engine diagram of DTSi?
How do I fix a knick in my windshield?
1992 Ford Thunderbird LX 3.8L V6?
what should i do to a car that hasn't been started in a year and a half. Besides jumping it.?
transmission trouble?
I have a Zoom 49cc mini motorcycle, looking for replacement parts to repair it?
What melted my headlight lens?
how do you preserve rubber automobile parts for about 4 years?
is the new i20's plenum made of plastic and if yes where is it available?
My friend had my dirtbike and wrecked(knoked the trottle off) wont start any more can u help me?
How do I access the driver side headlight?
How can i make my car faster with out spending alot of money?
Are K&N oil filters as good as wix or purolator?
I have an 05 focus with a 2.0 ... When I take the oil fill cap off and it running it blows air out ?
I'm about to get a license and I've been offered a free truck but their is a problem with the brakes?
What is a good/cheap brand for a cold air intake?
Car fuse map, of a vauxhall corsa.?
How to set a timer chain on a '99 Ford Contour?
what does "fuse" blinking near mileage in 2000 dodge neon mean?
my car is making a funny noise, my husband says its the wheel bearing, but he won't fix it, is it dangerous to?
I had a sealer put on my drive way 3 months ago now it leaves tire marks. What should i do?
Can i remove a stock turbo without messing up the car?
how do I drain some oil if I have too much in my car?
what's wrong with my carrrrrr?!:(?
what transmission can i use in my car?
Can pouring sand or sugar into gas tank actually damage your engine?
diagnostic codes po745,po34, 2000 elantra?
What part of the camshaft makes the rough idle?
battery and handbreak light open?
Small Engine Problem?
Why is my car revving so high when I press the accelerator? Please help.?
Does this sound like my car needs a new battery?
what happens if my car gets wrecked, toed and I never pick it up from the lot?
My cars belts aren't turning?
Why don't you connect the negative live battery to the negative dead battery when jumpstarting a car?
Is it truly safe to lean on a car's windshield?
Do you think I should let my boyfriend & his dad change the timing belt in my Honda Civic?
Car tuner shop near pittsburgh?
Diagnosis of noises on my Peugeot 206cc ?
Why does my alternator make noise when i turn the car on and gets loader whenever i turn at low speeds?
Power Seats & Power Windows DEAD?! (ALL stopped working at the same time!!!)?
window buttons on 2002 merc sable drooped or sunk in?
How to remove a Chevy 305?
I have just changed the head gasket on my Citroen C4 and now it runs at 1600rpm on idle?
my 1995 mazda 626 isnt getting the normal acceleration it used to from first gear all the way to fourth?
Car idling high and going by itself?
How much should be the recommended car tyre pressure before i undertake a long drive of 150-200 kms?
Will a 1.6l mazda miata flywheel work on a 1.6l mazda protege?
I suspect the head gasket is going in my Astra (51 plate) 40,000 miles?
I have a EVAP EMISSIONS CODE triggering my check engine light on. what could it be?PURGE SOLONOID or what?
Chevy s10 wont start?
how do i connect my ski boat to water hose?
My Car Is Overheat?
Can a weak battery mess up a second gear shift?
Having a/c troubles with my honda accord?
What is the downside of synthetic motor oil...?
this should stump any car mechanic or auto expert?
My tire seems to be leaking air and I have to put air in it?
MY car wont start, fuse box help?
How can I stop my Ford Focus from trying to kill me???? HELP!!!?
what should i do if body shop takes over 1 year and 6 months to fix my car?
At the petrol pump do you feel the need to fill up and round the price off?
i have condensation coming out of the engine breather pipe & a creamy gunk coming out as well, what is causing?
ABS Light on a 2003 GMC Envoy, serious issue?
should i get new tires for my wife's car?
Will f250 parts fit f150?
Is it really better to change your own oil?
What wrong with my 1995 chevy tahoe truck?
What are the brake drum specs for a 1949 Ford 8N Tractor?
can any one tell me if a 2.8 td mitishbusi shogun runs acambelt or cam chain?
Steering Wheel hard to turn?
my 700r4 wount shift out of first gear?
HOw often should the timing belt/chain be changed on a 1998 Lincoln 4.6 motor?
Why does my car not start occasionally?
Is it ok to use normal sockets with cordless impact driver and wrench?
why is my mechanic telling me to replace my thermostat gasket and water pump? MIL Code says engine lean?
How much would it cost to repair my my 2002 mustang?! PICS OF DAMAGE!?
what colour should the interior of my car be if it has a white paintjob?
What causes tyre blow outs?
car troubles... help!:)?
What happens if you drive a car without getting the oil changed?
How can you tell if you need new shocks or struts?
Why won't my car Accelerate?
PLease help me losen this bolt?
My dad told me to turn the overdrive off once i reach 40 miles. Is he correct?
if the two front rotors are starting to make a sound and you don't get them resurfaced right away...?
Do pushrod engines make more tourqe than DOHC engines?
I have bought a new apache what speed should i go in the 1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th gear.i have a problem with?
If I only have a little bit of gas in my car...?
what is 60% of 350?
Help removing 17 year old heavy duty plastic vinyl sticker on back window?
Burning smell AFTER transmission flush?
Can i just replace one break pad on my car?
Can you shift into neutral while car is still in motion in automatic vehicles?
how can I diagnosse/fix my #3 valve??
automatic start and car alarm stopped working.?
Do I have to do anything special to change my oil from conventional to synthetic?
where is the starter motor situated in a toyota cressida grande 1992...I know it is under the bonnet :-)?
Drive belt squealing in 98 Dodge Grand Caravan...need help!!!?
first some lady hits my bumper and denies it, then i rear end sum1 and 2day i ruin my tire.whats next?
licence plate light!?
My car battery tests out fine at autozone where I bought it 1 yr ago.?
I have had my brakes changed in my tires balanced my car still shakes at 60mph?
Is it a good idea to start your car in the winter every few days to keep the battery charged?
MY 2000 CADILLAC DEVILLE wont start?!?!?!?!?!?!?
1986 Toyota tercel 1.5l engine want to buy one that comes from japan with 30k?
Is this a good price for brakes?
where could i buy a new battery for my black and decker dust buster 9.5v,?
best way to get stickers off car glass and paint.?
My car wont start. it'll turn over but it wont start.?
Problem with maruti Esteem?
Small dent on the wing of my vw 2001 golf.How much to fix? Any good panel beating companys?im from Nottingham?
Any way to improve your gas milage?
audi a6 car, battery has gone flat and i cannot open it, need help?
When i drive my car it doesnt gain speed?
What happens if one fuel injector is bad?
Who sells the most powerful (single unit) turbochager or supercharger for a 05 mustang?
Hyundai Accent Fan not working?
how long will it take to fix my car?
i have a 2002 Kia Sportage and my gas tank spits gas back out when i pump?
engine stalled after i turned on defroster?
What happens if water gets into the brake/clutch fluid?
Is it true that Ford stops making parts such as "brake lines" a couple years after the model came out?
How do I get into a car!?
Check engine light flashing?!?
What place can make a copy of a broken key?
my hillbilly neighbors are always revving their car engines and standing around their cars, why?
Is it worth replacing my exhaust?
my car battery is dead?
plans for a BOSCH GST 85 PBE jig saw parts?
Why is my car idling up if not past 2rpms?
how would i know if i had an oil leak in my car?
how do you hot wire a car?
spounge clutch pedal?
What does it indicate when the "VSC Trak" "VSC Off" & "Check Engine" lights come on on a 2001 toyota 4-runner?
Good lift kit height and tire size for a pickup truck?
how do i get the motor off of the frame of my honda spree?
what kind of oil does a 2000 kia use?
can i drain some transmission fluid from the transfer case; or any other way? its over filled...?
can u use regular gas in a car that says premium recomended?
is it ok to use motor oil of a random WD type?
1999 Chevy Tracker has no heat. Cool air comes out of vents. Heat worked fine one day and the next it was out.?
Does anyone know where I can buy center caps for 17" Akita AK1 Rims?
I need so help with figuring out my sbc 350!! please help!! ?
How much would I get I get If I gutted out a pop up camper for scrap?
when a cars sterring wheel starts to kind of shake what does that mean???? or what could it be?
Where can I find a repair shop that does brakes on a Sunday in Laurelton, NY?
how much is a ton????
What is the firing order on a 350 chevy?Need disturbator pics.?
Is Valvoline Full Synthetic good oil?
Any idea why car wouldnt want to go into 1st or 2nd gear?
Is it safe to buy a used car, that claims to be in great condition, but has been struck by lightning?
How important is it to fix a bad heater core?
my 1997 nissan altima won't shift into third gear, what could the problem be?
What is the open circuit voltage on a constant current welding machine?
Mini clubman 1275 specs?
What is the best dent remover for cars that you can buy online?
If your car requires only unleaded regular gas is it okay to change to premium or plus once in a while?
Will 225/70/r14 tires fit on a 205/70/r14 rim?
How can you remove the front brake rotors off a 2001 Ford F-150 1/2 ton?
Rodents in my engine compartment are eating my wiring?
How to diagnose this problem 94 Oldsmobile 88 A/C ?
how much would it cost to replace a starter in a 1994 ford taurus?
My car wont start, what should I do?
How hard is it to change out a transmission in a chevy z71 96 model?
PLEASE HELP! Will rubbing alcohol remove touch-up paint on my car?
What's wrong with my car?
where can I find or buy a Idle Tracking Switch?
Is the cars' engine oil has date limit i mean not only KM like change after 6 months?
what web site can i find low profile rims for a 4wd 96 Geo Tracker?
hummer Water Outlet Thermostat Cover Flange.?
Car overheating? What is the problem?
Car wont go past 15, running rough?
How much would it be to tint your front and rear lights?
How long does it take to get to Bodie?
why don't i have power going to my 87 chevy k-10 TBI blazer?
Should I run synthetic or regular oil in my car?
the chip performance does work?
Front Right wheel squeaking?
Why is my car making revving noises WHEN IT'S TURNED OFF?
What do i torque my valve cover bolts to?
where to find a free vehicle repair manual?
why do my tires go flat i dont understand ?????
corsa b 1.2 thermastat housing?
Would new spark plugs cause my car to shift smoother?
How can I keep my oil line from popping off?
how often do you change your fuel fiter?
Where can i buy a dual capacitor for my ac unit?
96 tahoe replaced fuel pump,fuel filter,battery still wont start easy?
How far is the sunroof on a 1997 Saturn SC2 open?
I had my headgasket,inlet manifold gasket,thermostat all replaced and still white smoke coming from exhaust?
why in the 1970's was gas prices 75 cents per gallon and now the price is 275 cents per gallon?
4 cylander upgrades? What can be done to make it faster?
do you know any circuit diagram of an airbag system?
when they tune your car what do they actually do?
engine overheating, but there's no steam?
what ford vehicle has the biggest rollercam?
I've just tried driving my car under water. Everytime the water gets up to the bonnet the engine cuts out.
How can I get 50 more horses out of my 200 mustang - 6 cylinder?
Why do people go to Walmart for tires and oil changes?
03 Expedition, humming through the air intake?
What or where can i find the list of free mods for my stock 4g63 1991 Turbo Laser?
Where would you find parts for a 1956 pontiac station wagon?
Ford Fiesta, temperature light on?
How to stop a heater core leak?
how do i check manual trans fluid in 92 nissan sentra?
Alternator is new remaned 130 amp but still has low volts?
my transmission will shift into drive but won't shift out of first gear what can cause this and how much 2 fix
Yes i am a 1995 toyota avalon everytime i drive it temputure rauge goes up and smokes and wont drive?
parking brake went out not sure if it will affect the braking system?
how do i fix a coolant leak in a 3.1 v6?
No spark or fuel, please help my 93 Plymouth Sundance.?
my car idles less than 800rmp when cold?
do you need to know how to fix cars to run an auto shop?
Someone decided to scratch my car.!! How much would it cost to get fixed?
My car battery keep draining and dieing?
My 94 civic doesnt start after it rains, whats wrong with it? it will start later?
do i need some u-joints or a rear end? please help?
99 tahoe front wheel abs sensors where are they located, where can i find pictures of same?
how many quarts of oil does a 1994 nissan pathfinder hold?
Electric Ride on Car Wiring Repair?
My headlights on my 96 avalon wont go off even with the headlights switch off and the ignition off.?
94 oldsmobile silhouette it looks like the BATTERY is dieing, even jumping it wouldn't give it a charge?
what with my honda accord the seat belt that go across the shoulder dont work it's in the pitision?
How do you change the fuel filter on an 81 chevy malibu?
"Crows feet" s on car hood and front bumper - Caused by buffing?
Loud squeal from wheel as I drive?
Should I have to pay for new tire?
my 2009 altima wouldnt accelerate when i pressed on the gas. turned it off and it started idling whats wrong?
what is the part called that hold your car door closed, it looks like a claw.?
My car got towed today for the first time, it is a 1984 Mercedes 300D, and I'm worried about damages?
Where can I buy/download the manufacturers guide for a Ford Fiesta Flight 2001?
ABS Light comes on and off. Breaks sometimes feel weird.?
Where do you go to tune your car?, (increasing ponys and torque)?
Why is my brake pedal hitting the floor?
What happens when a car runs out of break fluid or is low on it?
how do these components in a diesel engine work?!?
Spraying your engine and under carriage with degreaser-hurts it?
Does Red Deisel mess the engine on new cars e.g TDCI mondeo?
can i turbo my stealth es?
if your red oil light comes on it means?
Big problem with my car. PLEASE HELP.?
if you are missing a lugnut will it affect the car's performance?
How to fix radiator support?
My son hit a curb and broke the front axel of my 2004 Mitsuibishi. Any estimates on how much this will cost to
Smell and smoke coming from the car?
What are the parts of the car's engine that needs oil?
how do you preserve rubber automobile parts for about 4 years?
How a mechanical speedometer works?
I'm having electrical problems with a Mazda 626 4 Cyl.?
Does 2012 Focus Hatchback have oil life indicator?
Whats a good color for racing stripes on a black car?
what do shocks do?
Will this water harm my engine?
How do I add this to my and easily access it when I need to?
how do I get engine oil out of a white lace bra?
What is a reasonable amount of money to have a Single Barrel Carburetor rebuilt by a mechanic?
Oil leak on top of passenger side valve cover?
Petrol cuts out when filling up?
How to fix my broken life?
What is wrong with my lawn mower?
My 2002 Saturn L200 just Quit on the way home?
1993 Ford Ranger temperature gauge/fuel gauge not working?
Calling all Mechanics!!!!?
whats the best temp to spray a car in a spray boot?
My '94 Benz C280 is consuming a lot more fuel than normal. what could be the problem?
What should I do for my car once a year to keep it running great?
i have a 95 z71 silverado 5.7 4x4 but it seems like it doesnt have much a$$? any ideas why?
why does'nt my 1989 Jeep start?
Are the Radiator Fan and the water pump one in the same?
My f250 runs rough and wont go into forward drive gears.?
Do you know how to remove stubborn windshield deposits?
Can i drive without my power steering belt?
How do I get a snake out of my car?
What's an easy way to figure out the gas mileage for your car?
my crown victoria pushes its self to the right when i drive. whats the cause ?
Manifold question?
Why does the steering wheel of my car shake at 40 mph?
2001 Avalon won't idle.?
Should i go with mileage or date for getting an oil change?
Will a local, non-corporate muffler shop do a straight pipe?
why does the oil gauge on my xj6 stay full over in the freeze?
Does the heater in a car use gas?
Who is responsible for paying for the broken windshield?
Does my car tach too high?
what is the car transmission responsible for?
Fuel pump problems on my 2002 SC-2 Saturn.?
car trouble not starting?
Admiral Washer question?
Clutch/transmission problems?
I just bought a new battery for my car but its still dying overnight. It WILL start if its jumped & restart?
new account?
my car won't stop overheating!?
How long does a car muffler last before it wears out?
my two doors are crushed and my frame is bent how much would it cost to repair?
can a acetylene/oxygen torch be used for mapp/oxygen?
Do I need shocks to lower my car?
How do you know if a custom intake is too small or too big?
Help with a 1998 Dodge Neon blinker.?
how do brake servos work on hybrid cars and electric cars?
What tires could fit my rim?
my gauges went out when i changed the battery in my 94 seville, cadillac.?
should I replace whole truck rear end or replace gears ?
Booking an M.O.T?
Is it ok to be missing a screw on the air filter cover for a stock intake?
how do i change the timing belt on a 1998 subaru legacy outback 2.5 engine?
why do people allways have to judge ever body?
how can I disconnect the seatbelt warning buzzer on a 2003 ford explorer?
Where is the offroad fitting centre in Southeast, is there any in Medway at all?
Why won't my car move?
Why do punctured tyres only go flat at the bottom?
When starting the car sometimes, it doesnt turn on rather it sounds like the engine chokes then dies?
where can i find a link or site that shows how to change the rear brakes on a dodge neon?
I need to Replace my el camino frame?
If I forget to change my oil in my car, will I blow a head gasket?
Head Gasket leak repair cost on a 1988 Honda Accord?
89 ford taurus, grinding starter. new flywheel, new starter, new soleniod.?
how much should a tune-up cost?
Will Canbus LED bulbs work?
what is the asr warning lite on a 1994 e 320 mercedes wagon 124 series.?
ever change a pitman arm seal?
96 mustang gt fuel pump?
What's wrong with my car?
Mustang exhaust questions?
Nissan Altima 03 Oil/Transmission?
What is an easy/ inexpensive way to remove dents form my car caused by hail?
how can i stop my windscreen wipers from squeaking?
When connecting camper lights to my F250 diesel, they won't work but electric jack works fine?
Which gear oil for transmission?
vauxhall corsa temp gauge not working how do i fix?
i need a replacement part for toyota 4 runner?
Gran marquie wipers working only at high speed?
Our mechanic said we needed a new head gasket.?
Why Would Someone Key My Car, I Don't Get People Sometimes . . .?
Did My Mechanic Rip Me Off?
Did I break the gear box on my car?
Why is my rear indicator lights flashing really fast when I put them on?
Gasoline Going To The Car Engine?
Can't remove my car's starter?
My car died while going down the highway and would not start back up. I need to know what could be the problem
my 92 camry speedometer start of 20 mph over?
can the 3 pc one man brake bleeders flush brake system as well as bleed?
How do I remove spray paint from my car windshield?
The best place to paint a car?
Whats the best method to clean fuel injectors? Can i soake them in seafoam or should i have it done at walmart?
Is my Oil Pump out or Blown motor?
Mazda 626 '94 bogs & hesitates in the morning & this ends once engine warms up after 5km. Carburator?
GMC K1500)) Fuel Pump?
will my garage door opener light go off automatically after a few minutes or something ?
How do I disarm the alarm on a 1996 Dodge Stratus? (I have a spare key...and can't find the keyless remote)
Two stupid questions?
An auto repair shop damaged my car while performing a tuneup are they responsible for the damage done?
To change the valve cover gasket on an automobile do you have to drain the oil?
White liquid on alloy after tyre change?
Information on hyundai Sonata 2006?
How do you charge disc brakes on a dodge?
Which spark plug cable goes where?
Why wont my truck start after changing machanical fuel pump? 1986 small block chevy?
i want to put a 1962 ford 390 out of a galexy into my 1976 f-250 that currently has a 390 and a c-6 tranny?
Why does my motor seem weak and my toyota pickup shakes?
Why does my easytronic corsa keep slipping out of gear?
how to repair bad ground circuit on automobil ?
ford focus,radio on mw really bad reception,seems to react to the engine...why? how to solve this ?
i think my car is running on 3 cylinders?
speedometer stuck at zero?
i need a wiring diagram for air flow meter on a 94 toyota 4wd p/u?
Car won't start. Runs perfectly when jumped. Won't start once turned off.?
bad fuel injectors symptoms?
can the ground clearance of maruti 800 be raised?
Do you need to change the air in your tyres for fresh air each year in the spring?
can i put a newer tranny on my 1989 sporster to make it a five speed will they bolt up?
how do i fix rust on a honda
If I replace the resonator on on my car with straight pipe, and put a performance axle back on the back end...
Should a car battery be charged periodically, even if the voltage(s) are within acceptable ranges?
I have a 1997 Buick Regal.replaced the alternator and the tach stopped working.?
Is it normal for air to release when I take off my petrol cover?
Do i need a water pump? mechanic says that water was in my oil. Does that mean a ed casket?
Is there a way to by-pass the a/c on a 1993 ford taurus?
What is crankcase cleaning and is it safe and necessary?
POLL: When did you last take your car to a garage for repairs ???
What all would cause a tire to leak air besides a nail?
I havent changed my oil yet and it's 400 miles over, can it wait until tommorow?
my car has no power. i push on the gas; rpm's go way up ;accelerates very slow, especially going uphill. help?
Will I get a refund for having my catalytic converter fixed on my 2001 Buick Regal?
Should I get a car with power steering?
How much should this cost me?
what reason does an car engine smokes?
trouble with starting suv when cold. It starts and then smokes after that no more problems for the day?
how to fix lexus es300 rear view mirror?
did anybody have a power cut just about a few mins ago?
how to determine the type of transmission i have?
How do you break into a car with a wire coat hanger?
Why does my 1998 honda civic ac compressor clutch spin when ac is on off?
My car hasn't got air condition . Is it possible to install air con into a car that does not have it .?
Does is matter which octane you use for your car, and can it hurt the car if you use the improper oct. level?
How to fix very very minor scratch on alloy wheel?
Oil change by miles or date?
A car accident with the bumper! Need advice?
My car's rear wheel bearing keeps getting bad every 6-8 months. This will be the 3rd time. Why?
Why is coolant leaking inside my car?
i have a 1982 chevy. 305 stock. want to put a 3/4 cam in it. any prob. with valvs and pistons clashing?
On my car i get right front wheel vibration from 35 to 55 mph what could be the reason is it a strut?
How do I reset my Honda Civic so that it won't say Maintenance Required?
1999 Chevy. Silverado SL where is the cabin air filter located?
my car overheats in the city, but cools down on the highway, will a new air filter help?
Website with vehicle diagrams with every part numbered?
My toolbox is not short a wrench, but my taco is missing a bell?
Smoke coming from front wheel?
How much would it cost to replace a camshaft?
?Why would a car not stop after driving with the parking brake on?
Freelander - what does it mean when a yellow light the shape of an engine comes on on the dash. (head gasket)?
What are the electrical wires that go into a plug at the air intake hose for a car? What do they monitor?
what are the losses of ac motor?
looking for body parts for 70-72 pontiac lemans converable?
How much would it cost to fix this car.?
i have white smoke comming out of my tail pipe?
how do i adjust the speed of the turn signal of a 99 honda accord?
How much would it cost to strip paint off of a car?
can a rear wheel drive car loose controll with traction controll?
i need oversize head bolts for a 1997 caddy sevvelle. the size i need is m12+1.75 were can i get these. live i
is it illegal to remove mudflaps off a small pickup truck?
can you convert a vulcan kero heater to gas?
90 f150 loses rpms randomly?
possible deadly car problem. Engine shuts off on its own.?
How many miles does a car usually have until it croaks?
anyone know a "quick fix" for a 302 ford with blow-by?
Should you pay for repairs that you didn't ask a mechanic to do?
Brake Caliper Bolt Help !?
How to fix and engine on a car?
i need to find instructions with pics on how to put together a 307 motor 4 a 82 Rivera?
How do I keep snow off of my HID lights?
1996 Chevy Lumina Help?
I heard putting car in neutral(coasting) wastes gas?(Stick Shift)?
HELP! my car wont start?
$275 to replace my starter. Did I get ripped off?
Why are we still Building Internal Combustion Engine Cars?
Why does my 1994 Honda Accord shake when I come to a complete stop? RPM dips at about 500. Can anyone help?
Which car engine is better?
if the serpintine belt is too tight on 1990 cougar will it do any damage?
What size is the "donut" spare tire on a 1999 Saturn SL2?
how do you bleed the clutch on a 1988 ford F150?
car shaking?
How long does a car alarm sound for?
how do you clean car battery connection terminals?
I dinged a door, right on the edge, but not on the paint, just the outer layer. How much will it cost to fix?
Why is my car burning oil?
How to change brake light on 2004 Rodeo?
my breaks dont work help!!!!?
Oil changing questions?
I am buying headers for my 92 mustang GT. Should I get unequal, equal or long tube headers?
Should I use the dishwasher?
Prices for a starter for a 2000 buick century?
where can i find cool blue light bulbs for my car and whatz the best ones?
My car is losing coolant?
any ideas?....?
engine code p0320? please help ty?
if my drop links were changed a month ago, would it affect my brakes now if not done properly?
what should I do??????????????????????
can I use this compressor to paint my car?
Dodge Ram Dual Fuel System Question...?
what is the torque spec for 99 Blazer 4x4 front hub axle nut?
How can I remove the tar from my car?
Question about tyre replacement and the need for tracking/alignment?
How do you change the cerpentine belt in a saturn vue?
Can I use a 15 gallon heater for 5 gallon?
Can I put a 1990 v6 engine into a 1994 v6 toyota pickup?
94 cavalier RS. Turn signals don't work. Brake lights don't work?
why does the first half of a petrol tank empty quicker than the second?
car running funny after replacing valve cover gaskets and spark plugs.?
Why won't my automatic car move when in 'D'?
Stroking an Engine.......?
my car is moaning i may have found the problem?
spark plug isssue? please help!?
My car says "premium unleaded only" What harm could it do to use regular unleaded?
I just happen to walk out side just now and notice my car was on fire,what should i do?
what are transmission bearings and syncros?
My car doesn't start moving in D gear, but in L gear.?
Does more horsepower equal more gas usage?
If the speedometer driven gear in my car is off by 10Mph, Do I get a driven gear with less teeth or more.?
I am looking for the rubber felt window gasket. Does anyone know what the part is or officially called?
My car requires 5w-20 oil, I used 5w-30, will this have much of an impact?
Changing tires in pairs?
Converting steering wheel from right to left?
i got my front brakes down 5 months ago. it cost me $541.00 thats with labor. now the brakes are very bad agai?
hoe to remove my engin?
i left my car on drive and turned off the car and after 2hr i went back and try to start it the power is dead?
What is the SHIFTLOCK button for?
always adding coolant,with no visible leaks?
What could be causing my car to overheat while idling?
This new car Tax, do all 4x4s have to pay £240?
how do they time/calibrate the valves in the engine?
I had my car battery replaced by shop now dealer won't work on it.?
How long should a car battery last for?
where is the oil filter on a 97 ford expedition located?
toyota corrolla s a/c problem?
When the airbags have deployed, does that mean the car is done?
Any one ever had to replace a crank shift sensor on thier car?
what is this warning light on my car???
Anyone have a 2005 Chevy Silverado that has been broken into? Mine was broken into like it was a joke.?
Window washer not pumping out?
Is it ok to run your car without coolant?
what damage can accur for running my car air condition all night whilst park (outdoor) for one month.?
Trying to identify the purpose this car piece? Car mechanic question?
if i run out of gas in a fiat punto, can i just put some more with a milk bottle or there is a trap?
my ac compressor works but my fan wont kick on?
How much would that cost me?
How do you put a sepentine router belt on a 1994 Dodge Shadow?
Mondeo Flat battery but the fan constatly on?
I'm trying to find a diagram for taking apart the steering column (tilt) for an 84 the knukle?
Is 170,000k too many miles on shocks?
where on the web can i get info for Corolla Toyota 1994 info: type of oil , spark plugs type, belts ect ect?
I have a '94 GMC Seirra that won't start when it gets hot....?
Would a Cold Air Intake be worth it?
can i damage a V6 engine if i rev it till red line at idle speed?
What maintenance work do I have to perform in order for my 60,000 mile car to run as smooth as the first day?
What can I do to have a smoother ride?
I have loads of white smoke coming from my exhaust?
How to measure power steering fluid?
2005 expedition help?
What is the importance of changing the spark plugs on your 2000 Honda Accord at 100k miles?
how do you remove safely, bumperstickers from your car?
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