1986 Toyota Pickup 22R EFI Automatic Transmission?
is it really necessary to warm up the engine when it's cold outside?
i cant change gear out of 1st and 2nd and the gearstick is really stiff.i can get neutrel but no other gears?
Why does a car's engine gets hot too quick??
the abs light on my mazda5 will not go off Why?
Car wont start, acting weird?! please help!!?
where can i find data trouble codes for my 2001 dodge ram cummins diesel?
My windshield washer sprayer doesn't work on my '06 Sonata. What to do besides taking to dealership?
Is an AOD transmission good for drag racing?
looking for disc brake conversion that will fit my 1966 oldsmobile dynamic 88?
How do you know if the water pump is bad on a 2003 chevy impala?
toyota truck been sitting 8 years runs when you spray starting fluid,won,t start on its own?
My HID Light turns on only when it wants to. ?
How do you start a car if the alarm is broken?
My engine is stalling out... could it be the oil?
Having issues with my drum brakes on my '00 Ford Windstar?
is there a machanic out there?
Primer out of a spray can VS Primer from a spray gun?
Faulty window motor install leading to window regulator problem?
Is my rack and pinion going bad?
What is burning up egintion coil on my 2003 Alero?
how do you keep rear lugs tight on a 2000 kia sportage?
what car should i get out of these?
How to stop dashboard glare?
New Ford Cars:oil change maintence that came with the car, are certified mechanics *required*?
1999 Dodge Caravan, how to determine if half axle or hub/bearing assembly is the?
Are electric water heater elements interchangeable?
I have a1994 pontiac sunbird 2.0 litre. it over heated.then ran fine,got hot,white smoke exhaust whats wrong?
Why would my car have a gas smell on the outside?
does any one have a wiring diagram for a ford van 1969?
I put petrol into a diesel engine!!?
brake lights out on a ford 2000 ranger?
Can a bad battery cause a starter to burn out?
Where is the interior light fuse on my 2003 dodge grand caravan?
My 1993 Ford F150 won't start. Ideas?
Why won't my Audi DPF regenerate?
brake lights stopped working im stumped! :(?
Where to repair my mags?
Car doesn't start / turn over, makes single click...then silence?
will a cloged fuel filter cause the fuel pump to burn up?
my wife drove her car till 5500 miles on one oil change?
what does it mean when the vehicle light up for service engine soon?
where are the jack stand points on my 99 nissan altima?
Car heating up, is there a thermostat?
why does antifreeze get on the windshield when i turn on the heater?
Whats wrong with my truck?
Changing the locks on my car?
Windshield Wiper Blades Stopped Working - 1999 Honda Civic Hatchback?
Pumping system tripping MCB hard to trace and fix the problem?
how would I go about getting an inspectors licence in the state of PA. on auto and emmisions?
my car engine is overheating and the coolant is boiling and letting off steam what is this problem????
how much is a brand new rad for a transport truck and i much i could get for the old one?
Car squealing after turning it on?
why did my engine light come after i had it serviced from the dealer?
Do autoparts stores diagnose a check engine light on for free?
which is the shift key, is it the one above the controlkey?
What size cover do i need for a 2012 3 door vaxhall corsa?
what happens if you get a hole in your cadeletic converter?
I need to know the belt pattern on a 2004 Ford Escort.?
Can i sue my mechanic for selling my car with out permission?
osolating rpm?
Van won't turn over and start, but battery is good?
Honda people, HELP with Cv Axle ?
cost to replace a cam belt for a honda rafaga?
Sweet smelling whit smoke and car overheating?
will a k&n filter on a car make the engine sound louder ???
Does my car have pressed in wheel bearings?
how to change a brake switch on a chevy malibu?
How do you change a fuel filter?
When modifying a car is it best to start on the exterior or the interior?
2005 Kia Spectra Door Lock?
Does the battery of a hybrid car have problems in cold weather such as colorado or boston?
My 1989 Toyota Camry whines when I turn the wheel, is it a power steering problem?
2000 Ford Explorer. Odd noise in 4wd?
I want to know about the invention and development of exhaust system for automobiles?
Could water contaminated fuel cause my fuel pressure regulator to malfunction?
'88 F-150 aftermarket modules gain power?
My car has blue smoke coming out of the tail pipe when I push the gas... what could this mean?
Getting gas to my four Wheeler 110cc?
Which car wax is shiniest?
Fill air into car's tire (using self-bought air compressor)?
If an engine makes a click click noise when trying to start, would that be the alternator or battery?
My car is making a slight humming noise.?
how do i change break pads on my 1989 chevy cavalier?
Antifreeze mixing with oil in my car how bad is this problem?
metal repair- i have a small split in a very small metal box on an instrument, how can i rejoin it?
whats wrong with my car?
Why do dealerships charge so much to replace a timing belt?
Oil light in 1999 Plymouth Neon flashing on/off?
how long would u expect disc brakes on a 3 year old car to last?
why does a car battery die if you stay idle for a long time but it won't die when you drive a long distance?
does anybody have any idea what carburetor would fit a commer karrier (bantom)?
Should I go to maaco for a paint job? ?
I hit my tire to the curb?
What should I do first when my engine is overheating?
How do you get ice off your car without breaking the window? Is it hot or cold water?
Is it a junkyard transmission or not?
how to set timming on a 1979 nova V6?
Do I actually need a ctalytic convertor?
were can i find auto repair manuals?
2002 Ford Explorer Heat/AC problem?
what would make your car go dead when you turn a corner?
What is the use of reverse direction in lathe?
Electrical wire wet wen can I plug it in?
if i'm looking at buying a mesh grille for my car,?
boosting acceleration?
burning rubber/plastic smell coming from the vents of my car?
Car overheating problems?
How do I get the ricer sounding exhaust?
What turns the crankshaft?
Need help with my car?
Starting up a diesel engine in colder weather -Is this harmful?
my washer fluid is leaking how hard is it to replace the tank or what every you call it?
car will not shift gears?
Is a 2000 Dodge Stratus 2.4 engine an interference engine or non interference engine?
Ok one more, How do I know what engine coolant or antifreeze or whatever its called I need?
1998 Grand Cherokee rear axle help?
how do you raise the idle in a 1999 Chrysler Sebring?
how do i tell if the gas in my vehicle is bad?
auto shop repair owner being dishonest continued?
I got a extended warranty on my car that i just bought i just want to know if it any good...?
How much for a gallon of gas where you are? (Tell me place please)?
My car was acting weird this morning?
free online auto repair manuals cadilak?
Toyota Avensis Economy Light not working?
How to recharge a car battery (when it's not dead)?
Would my husband have a personal injury claim from this??
my alernator light keeps burning all the time on my 1993 toyota corolla wagon with the 3 E engine 1500 cc i go?
how do you change the power steering belt on a 1994 pathfinder?
what would cause the starter to run but now engage the flywheel on my 2000 chevy astro?
Brake light - back window - replace?
1974 144 GL Volvo, 4 cyl., fuel injected, fuel line between injector and whatever.......?
Can cars run on beer instead of gas?
Why isn't my A/C working after recharge?
How do I get a sticker off of a car window (plastic part)? Nail polish remover seems risky?
Is my car running low on motor oil?
Cost to get a body kit put on and painted?
My check engine light came on then stayed on all of a sudden i pressed the gas and it felt like air then died?
how muchis a honda civic 1988 worth?
Should I use the dishwasher?
car suspension has worn bush?
How can I program a Toyota pallet jack to have an increased top speed and a decreased top speed?
Should I replace my engine or get a new car?
2000 nissan xterra 5 speed problems?
I have to change my throttle body into carburated because it is loading up on fuel?
My brake pedle goes all the way to the floor ,I just replaced my drums, pades, and main wheel cylnder ,and 1fr?
Oil light on a Ford Escort comes on and engine starts making a noise any ideas on how to solve the problem?
The boot on my 1999 Seat Alhambra is jammed shut and I can't get it open...?
Where to attach truck electrical wires?
Am I getting charged too much?
shoul i use 4+head bosh plantinum spark plugs for a 98 clk 320? or 1 head spark plugs.?
I have a 1993 Thunderbird. When Alternator is connected batt slow drains. But Alt still works. Is Alt bad?
im looking for instructions for a car alarm?
How can I get rid of a small rust spot, the paint has chipped off, without ruining my car's paint job?
01 2.0 gas GLS jetta overheating!!!?
The Mysterious Case of my Calibra's Electricity?
I have a lawn tractor its got a 12.5HP OHV 4 cycle air cooled engine.?
Car Radiator Potential Problems?
does anyone one know how many miles per gallon a toyota camry can make ???
Slow starts with my Blazer.?
brake pad replacement on ABS car?
Estimate on car damages?
I've a 1995 honda civic with 166000 miles on it. Should I replace the blown head gasket or replace the engine?
2000 Ford Fiesta 1.25 Zetec not working on all speed?
Is it bad to drive without a muffler?
does anyone know of a performance module for an 03 accord with a display on it?
Which OBD code reader do they use at autozone etc good mechanical shops...?
what are the 3 most important gas saving tune up fixes?
Where is the fuel pump shut off switch on a 94 Ford Explorer 4x4?
free owners manuel 1998 honda civic?
if my car wont pass emissions test what can i do? put something in tank?
has anynoe had the instrument cluster quit in a 2002 dodge ram 1500 truck and how did you fix it?
i have a 2cycle engine and i put only gas in it nah it wont turn over wat do i need lik i say wat do i need?
where can i get headlights....that dont have the orange **** on the side?
How much would it cost to have a new frame installed on my 2003 chevy silverado?
Why does my car sound wrong when it is idling?
how do i fix it horn on rover gsi?
how to time a 5.8 engine?
What is the firing order on a 350 chevy?Need disturbator pics.?
Does anyone know how to work on a 1994 BMW 740IL?
ford truck flu ding out in to oil pain?
Will exhaust manifold still leak if missing 1 bolt out of 6?
My check eng lite is on in my car,what could cause this?
Why do all 4 brakes stay on after the pedal is released in my truck?
My car is getting hot but not fully. it gets a little past the middle line while im driving than goes back dow?
What to do if I put unleaded unleaded fuel in a diesel engine and ran it until it stalled?
Have oil and sensor in front of motor is red hoy what could be making my motor knock?
how do you know when a fuel pump is going bad?
What does it mean to have a ed head on a car?
i recently came into ownership of a 78 corvette, and i needed some assistance on restoring it.?
Bad catylatic converter?
What months of the year is de icing windshield wiper fluid available?
1977 chevy spitting trans fluid out of the dipstick?
what does it mean when a car just shuts off?
Is all gasoline the same between distributors?
How can you test to see if spark is getting to the cylinder ,at the correct time?
what vehicles share 5.135 bolt pattern?
engine turns over very slowly but no start?
Will the sleave press out of the cylinder of my 03 TRX250EX?
The clutch does not engage in my ford windstar?
what is the best way to bleed?
turning off the car engine?
Car (possible) battery problem??!!!?
Both turn signals won't blink.?
Just did my smog and got the results back.?
Please help me....... My van is messing up and we cant figure it out.?
My radio, dash lights, and windshield wipers won't work.?
what causes my dodge dakoat to make a grinding sound when i activate the 4x4?
My Air Conditioner BLOWS?
How to test the alarm on my car?
Car front Sub Frame Bent?
Best color for my car?
Are rusty rocker panels a serious problem?
how do I change brake pads on a 1998 VW beetle coupe?
1997 Eclipse trunk keyhole wont turn to open trunk with key?
What would it cost to change the whole Santro car body (not the cover but the actual body)?
Why is my Ford Explorer shaking?
2002 GMC Envoy engine fan speed?
2004 Jaguar Xtype AWD, has BAD clicking noise at right front tire... Friend says it is a warning sound for...?
where n manassas can i get my sunroof fix?
My car is making a noise....?
synthetic lubricants?
Transmission Problems?
how to drain a rad in a 2002 ford taurus?
My 2001 lincoln navigator jerks slightly when I hit 10mph and 30mph?
I was behind a truck on the freeway that was carrying rocks and one hit my window and ed it.....????
Waxing fiberglass bumpers and side skirts?
having issues with car ignition.?
can you put front lights from a 2002 nissan maxima into a 2001 nissan maxima?
what is the gas price in your area?? here in indiana its 2.88 for reg unleaded.?
Check engine light came on??!?
My steering wheels shaking badly?
what tires are best quality?
Can I find a pdf file for a Chrysler LHS owner manual?
Where is the VSS on a 2002 Navigator?
How much should a Toyota Camry maintenance check cost?
Bilberry Wheel Cleaner Help?
Lancia lambda torpedo 1927?
Ford Explorer 02 Problems?
I am buying a 2004 jag x5 for $6,000 is this a good investment,and what about trans and engine?
I have a 1986 chevy winnebago motor home, the generator in it starts for 4 seconds then shuts off.?
Turn signals in my '87 Cherokee stopped working?
Misfiring randomly, sometimes works perfectly?
where can i get cheap tires?
Spring back drums where goes where a diagram?
Egg smell from exhaust...catalytic converter to blame?
2002 buick lesabre problems...?
How to change from HID to Standard Bulbs ?
How much will it cost to replace The struts and shucks.?
Light paint scratches on car?
how can i light up my cigarette without a lighter?
I left my headlights on, now my car won't start. Once I get it jumped, will I have to buy a new battery?
can I destroy my vehicle by taking my foot off the accelerate to maintain speed?
engine reving during idle?
would a fire back system in a wrx be cool?
My car has no pick up I changed mass air flow sensor but still has same problem can it be catalytic converte?
accidently bumped car at a red light?
how do you adjust headlights in a 2001 mazda millenia?
whats is the coefficient of friction of the disk brakes pads used in most of the cars ?
How much would it cost to get a wheel bearing fixed?
What are the main problems that a vauxhall corsa 2002 gets?
ice stop spray(stops ice forming on windscreens. What chemicals is it made up of?
if you cant answer the question with out any proffesional background then dont,the asking people need truth..?
Car Doesn't Start after Computer was inserted?
CALLING ALL MECHANICS! Car still won't start but everything seems to be correct! Anyone?
Average cost of a paint job (Small) Auto?
where to find auto wiring diagram?
I want to start my first car project in the uk?
Car still overheating after replacing head gasket?
Cutting off a Muffler - Pros and Cons.?
i need the vacuum diagram for my 1997 Pontiac Bonneville SE Vin K?
My car keeps getting flats?
Headlight keeps going out? what can I do? pls help...?
Steering wheel is SERIOUSLY locked 1993 Toyota corolla?
91 Ford Aerostar will not stay on starts for a second then shuts off?
car overheating?
Will a wheel balance tell me if I have a bent rim or do I have to specifically ask them to check?
My car battery light keeps coming on. Wtf?
My car would try to start but not turn over but now it's just making a clicking noise?
need air moter for my tire changer its for the turntable the tire changer is a corchi number a9419t1-ori?
why do gas stations have gas priced in the tenths ?
What is the easiest and cheapest way to make a 1997 honda civic faster?
Can you still drive when transmission is "slipping"?
what's wrong with my car?
ok, my daughter has lost the 1 key she had to her ford ka, so any advice on what to do apprec. car is unlocked?
Lights Flickering Car not starting?
My driver's side tire shakes really bad making the wheel jerk left when i decelerate to around 35mph? why?
99 chevy lumina overheats constantly, replaced many parts already any advice suggestions of causes?
Dome light, horn, and power lock dont work?
Are there any online car shops that will buy a brand new ECM?
how do i add more horse-power and more acceleration to my 1992 honda accord?
How to find out if my tire is leaking air?
im 13 years old and i just bought my moped it is a rocketa bahama 50cc how can i make it go faster for cheap?
How do you remove the radiator fan plug on a 1991 dodge stealth?
Attention Mechanics or Knowledgeable Car folks!?
does anyone have high miles on a lamborghini gallardo?
Can a catalytic converter stop a car from running?
Transmission Problem or What?
how do i find the gear ratio for a 1995 buick park avenue 4T60-E transmission?
Nissan Altima Steering Rack?
Why won't my car run off the alternator like its supposed to?
2006 Chevy 1500 i want a 1" lift in the front is there a simple solution to this?
Why have my brakes started slightly squeaking?
what could be wrong with my car? free high five and beer to each answer :)?
Why is my car smoking?
Les schwab sold me a used tire that was bigger than the other 3. Dude said it was ok. Now tranny is blown. Why?
What is connecting rod and what does it do?
I have a 97 used Grand Prix My dashboard lights on the right side are dark and my heat come on and go off!?
i need to find a new transmission for a 1995 dodge caravan,can anyone help ?
Mercury Brake Light Issue?
Auto Junkyard in Houston?
What is a good HID conversion kit for my car?
what is 185 converted into inches?
Why is the radio in my 1989 Ford F-250 7.5L not turning off?
how to change belts on john deere riding mowers?
Isuzu Rodeo OBDII code P0440: EVAP purge valve solenoid?
My Python car alarm system locks/unlocks but is silent?
a bug flew into my antifreeze. ok to to run the car?
Symptoms of a dead car battery?
What's the one thing that can improve the sound of my car audio system?
What website can I go on to buy door frame seals for a 2000 Chrysler 300m?
how to stop breaks from always makeing noise while moveing?
Is there any reason my car should still be going into limp mode after the transmission was rebuilt?
Im not sure witch Spring is witch for a Honda Civic VX 92 Model, 16 valve?
Why does my Trac Off light and ABS light come on?
will an engine out of a 94 dodge intrepid fit into a 99 intrepid? 2.7liter engine that is?
How to become an apprentice mechanic?
I have a car question?
How much would it be to replace 2 of the RUBBER parts on 2 motor mounts for my 1993 honda accord? ONLY Rubber?
What could be the reason for a car engine to die on the highway?
Can I switch from ordinary motor oil to syntactic motor oil?
would you fix up a car if it dont run good?
engine coolant leaking from somewhere it isnt the radiator?
Can easily "splice" a few inches on a few cable wires..if dont have a "Wire splicer"?
Where is the fuel filter on a 1997 Jeep grand chreekie 6 cylinder?
i had a courtesy car but rental company say ive scratched the bumper but i never!?
where can i find exhaust backpressure gauges?
LQQKN for a 60-40 seat for a ford ranger edge 2001 gray?
Important Brake question??????
How to remove fabric stains from the car seat?
what would be the most likely cause of a radiator to have a lot of rust in it?
Van broke down, opinions needed.?
why do my brakes squeak when i come to a stop its not a bad squeak do i need new brake pads?
Dent in car's trunk, not sure what to do?
My car is making a horrific sound?
why is my battery light on?
Should I use a fuel system cleaner?
Heat doesnt get very warm..either does the car?
How to calculate the refund for car costs (gas, tires, depreciation etc) to my employees?
trailer wiring - 7 pin or 6 pin?
I have filled coolent in engine instead of rediator. What damage to engine will happen?
Oil change: 3 months or 3000 miles?
1990 GMC S15 4.3l losing coolant.?
How do I disable the air conditioner in a 2006 Ford F150 truck without causing damage?
If I programmed my thermostat, would I be able to change the setting?
partsplusautoparts falcon chassis Parts?
Car mechanic sound fishy?
when shold i change the timing belt on a 2002 cavalier?
My Mini keeps Miss-firing!!!! Why?
What the hell is wrong with my camaro?
Blue sparks under my hood?
Kwik Fit are they rip off merchants?
What kind of Single Phase Motor suites to my requirements given below.?
Question about mufflers or exaust tips?
How do i fix my soft brake pedal?
where are the hoses that conect to the heater core on a 1987 pontiac firebird trans am?
how far is laurens,iowa from to mt zion,wis?
Civic shifter wont stay in place?
can you mix dot 4 brake fluids of different colour?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of alloy wheels?
How full should the brake fluid be in a 2003 nissan ultima?
My car stopped on me this morning and the day before yesterday. I turn it back on with no problems.?
Will an alignment take care of my problem?
Check Engine Oil Flashes?
Do you think this could be a head gasket issue?
Fuel consumption at idle engine speed with and without air-conditioning system?
1995 ford contour gl 2.0 4cyl 5 speed engine rpm redline?
What can I do with old motor oil?
Water on an Engine, will it hurt it?
It is cold outside and my car won't start.What can i do so it will start?
Dodge Man got a question for you?
What could cause power loss in a vehicle?
how to remove 97 cavalier hubcaps?
How to change a fuel filter, AND what's the cost of a tune up?
where would you find the fuse box on a dodge ram v6 engine?
where can i buy some chain lube QUICKLY?
i have a 2000 chevy malibu with the codes p0113 and p1404 what parts do i need to buy?
what percentage do you let your oil life get down to before you change it?
My truck makes a weird sound when I have the heater running. Like water flowing thru tubes in the dashboard.?
2002 F650 Cummins deisel service engine light comes on. Have changed oil,air & fuel filters ?
what happens to a car when its parked by an ocean for a long time?
where can i find a maintenance schedule for a 2005 gmc topkick 6500 with a cat c7 diesel, and an allison autom
What does an 2002 OLDSMOBILE 60000 mile check-up consist of ?
spark plug blew out and now i can not get one to go back in?
Dynomax Exhaust?
when to change brake rotor?
what is a good pickup line?
Will they come get my car after charge off?
I don't have Antifreeze for my car. Can I put isopropyl alcohol in it? Or any Alcohol rubbing, Vodka 100 proof?
How do you know when the drive belt and timing belts need to be replaced?
How would i go about swapping cars?
Head Gasket blown???????????
how involved is it to find and install a door harness in a 1995 ford f150?
What's wrong with my emergency brake?
My first car. Is this a good idea?
How can i improve the acceleration on my truck?
I would like to learn How To Rebuild a Car Battery?
I cannot get my car to shift out of "Park"! Please help! I need to leave the office!?
Where to go to buy a Catalytic Converter?
does bad spark plug cables cause low revs?
Can a 2 stroke run on pure gas without damage?
Spark plug - crossed thread?
What is best tubing to put electrical light wires through under a utility trailer & please explain?
My car has a rotational noise, front left, problem?
Torsion suspension, how did it work?
The "check engine" light is on in a 2003 Maxima GLE. What could it be?
Would a fiesta 1.6 zetec s throttle body on 1.25?
SBC Flywheel/Flexplate Questions?
Should I fix my 2000 Integra LS or part it out and get a nother car? My Tbelt snapped and have 2 bent valves.?
Can you help me with replacing the tail light cover on 2003 Grand Caravan minivan?
How do you remove alot of blood out of a car carpet?
What car takes 880 HID headlight bulbs?
why change car engine oil at 3000 miles ?
how do i remove a factory radio?
where is the a/c fuse on a kia sportage?
Why does my 1993 Camaro shake?
Can i use red diesel in my car?
What brakes would you recommend for a Mitsubishi Eclipse 2000?
My car turned off while driving and then overheated?
How much does it cost to put a full body kit okn a car?
speedometer cable in mustang?
jeep gladiator engine?
I want to try and save money by tuning up my van myself. Any advice so I don't screw it up? Thank you.?
02 Chevy Impala fueling problems?
will a 94 acura integra e brake cable work for a 94 del sol?
99 Buick Regal died.?
Help! How do I get the serpentine belt back on my 1992 Plymouth Voyager?
In a Hyundai Santro, what is ECM and how does it fail? What is the failure symptom and cost to replace??
Car randomly runs rough?
is anyone else really p****d off with the price of petrol?
Whats the difference between an obd1 harness and obd2 harness?
My 1989 suzuki sierra speedo and odometer have stopped...?
1984 trans am starter hookup not acting right.....?
Where can I buy that marker that mechanics put on oil drain plugs?
What are some parts for automatic?
Should I get my oil changed?
How often to change radiator?
I was doing a little maintenance on my hoveround and the manual said, "Screw Tightly. Add lubricant if needed"?
96 blazer starting problem?
Where can I find Mobil 1 Extended Performance Filter number M1-211?
My Air doesent work in my 1999 Ford expedition?
What are the best cars on compacted ice and snow?
Something just poured out from underneath my car.?
What product should i use to get the rust off the bottom of my car (Shocks, brakes, etc)?
the motor in my car started making a loud clanking noise, smoked and then broke down.?
Is it possible to replace a bad cell on a battery? Someone did this for me, but I cannot find any info.?
is there anything that will remove the ink from the pleather surface?
How much is a 2004 Saturns vue wheel hub?
why does my car have smoke leaving the tail pipe when the transmission shifts(automatic)?
Which is more dependable? A 2002 Honda Accord or a 2002 Volkswagon Jetta.?
I have a 97 Maxima and when i turn the key it wont start, it only clicks.?
I would like to know about how much i should pay for a rebuilt engine for my 1983 740 GLE? ?
Loose fitting spark plug wires?
Why are auto mechanics such big liars.?
My srs light came on after I was trying to fix stering wheel?
How to fix a ed car rim in this recession ?
Driving Car With No Oil?
When Timing belt breaks on Acura Integra does it always ruin the engine? What are possible probs & solutions?
What is a good Body kit for cars?
if you have a stick shift car will coasting down hill in neutral harm the transmission?
please solve overheating problem (honda civic)?
Whats wrong with my 1998 Saturn?
2002 Chev suburban. Rearview mirror temp shows OC. How do I fix this?
Ford oil change, 1995 Ford 350 truck. Which way do I turn the drain nut to drain the oil???
what pressure to charge a/c in 1991 chevy subr. with front and rear a/c?
if my car get maximum hp at 5.5k rpm is it best to shift at 5.5k rpm or near redline?
why is nissan trucks call hardbody?
My fuel pressure regulator went bad and leaked fuel into the MAP sensor. Will fuel in there make it bad?
What would cause a car to stall or die after slamming on breaks?
at what milage should a person change the spark plugs on a 2001 Grand Am GT? fuel filter? airl filter?
Why does my gears crunch when i put my car in reverse?
how do you test if the starter on the car is the problem or something else?
i have gas in my oil. what do i check 1st?
How do you check transmission fluid for 1989 mazda 323?
Does new motor oil ever go bad?
I have a 1983 kx750ltd and when I try to start it the starter has a growling noise if I pull the starter .?
why does a 1986 bronco die after disconecting the computer timing wire?
I have a 94 saturn oil comes up in my spark plugs which are located in the middle of my headers and when i shi
when i open my radiator cap it has this white stuff around the inside what is it?
Question about brakes? Experienced mechanics only. 2007 Chrysler PT Cruiser.?
Can I download a workshop manual for a 1986 Nissan Patrol for free from the internet?
Within days of giving a friend a jump I noticed yucking stuff on one of my battery posts and my brake light?
are parts from a toyota celica gts interchangable with a gt?
Toyota Camry dying while driving?
and whats the name of that thing that you use to unscrew the bolts of a tire when you change a flat tire?
my 95 cavalier is missing dont know whats wrong?
Want to get a better sounding exhaust. Complete car noob.?
My car only blows cold air on the front window when it's on heat. Is there any way I could change that?
my car was hit while parked, what to do now?
My heater in my car blows cold air in stead of hot, could it be the thermostat?
how much power can be lost through sensors, etc failing?
how hard is it to bypass the ABS system on my 1991 GMC Jimmy?
How much for a quality paint job?
does anyone know how to date a box of lincoln welding rods?
Can I use a steel wheel?
Can a stuck open thermostat really effect my mpg ALOT?
i want to rebuild and restore a vw Volkswagen bus. BIG QUESTION! is it possible to...?
What are the best seat covers for a 1995 camaro?
looking to find a brand new engine for my 1997 chevy suburban. 5.7 liter vortex?
on a 1993 olds 3.3 engine, does the harmonic balancer bolt have left handed threads?
I need a new bed side for a 2004 Ford F-150. Red in color. Can you find it.?
the water temp sender unit has broken off inside engine.The nut and the threaded piece have come out but the l
How to check fuel pressure 1985 Ford?
My car gas mileage has decreased drastically, and need some ideas on what the problem could be?
How do i find out the strenght of tint on my car windows.?
How do i tell if my wheel bearings are going out?
lead is not often used in solder anymore. why not?
I have Lawn mower problem?
my citroen c4 picasso electronic automatic transmission is stuck in reverse, so the car can't start.?
New oil added.. How much oil will leak if oil filter is removed?
Why does my check engine light keep coming on?
2004 Mazda 3 replace or rebuild?
Help With My Ford Focus Cutting Out Please?
My 1991 Toyota Celica won't go into gear?
After a car accident, should I get a quote from my preferred body shop before talking to the adjuster?
Men, can you advise me about head gaskit?
Do I have to replace my front brake pads if I need to replace my rotors?
my car keeps over heating what the problem????
Ford Focus MK1 Central Locking Help?
bad battery/alternator or ground?
where is thermostat on porsche 944 ?
How do I fix my windshield wiper motor on my '99 Merc Cougar.?
Due to shortage of gas and long lines, I just put in a half tank of regular gas. Will this effect my G35?
wrong gas put it, car engine knocking.. im confused..?
What kind of tires should I get since I'm now at 80k miles and about to purchase my 4th set?
im looking for the diagram of the parts of mercedes se280 automatic?
Should I replace my fuel filter again?
my car won't start in the rain?
Which of these brands of oil is best for my car?
I have a XF Falcon with a 351 Windsor I would like to put a 302 V8 as the Windsor has a ed piston ?
AA battery pop up and sqizzing noise after that. Anybody knows why?
how many miles can i still drive on my 07 honda civic when my gas light turns on?
What would happen if I took a frozen banana and shoved it into a car exhaust?
how can I turn off the check engine light in my 2000 mazda mpv ?
how do i drive acar without key?
Sweet smelling whit smoke and car overheating?
who will win in this race? grand prix or mustang?
Turbo for my Volkswagen?
why does my infiniti shut down when i adjust my steering wheel?
are sportscars good on gas?
how much it would cost 2 have a chevy dealer change a oxgen sensor on a 1996 chevy blazer?
a friend of mine mixed diesel and petrol together, in an empty tank she put £2 of unleaded + £10Diesel.?
5.0 Mustang Backfiring?
Need and expert mechanic's opinion?
My centeral unit wont turn on and there is no power to the thermosat?
What year of truck can I use to replace the drum brakes with disc on a 1964 C-10 pickup?
What all do I need to to, i mean EVERYTHING, to a 1991 Ford Mustang 5.0L LX?
What can I sell off a 350 vortec with spun main bearings?
Reason for Car to overheat?
What would make a car not want to back up?
Will a 15 inch TC Subwoofer fit into my 2002 honda accord? Will it fit in my grand prix "apr a 1993"
My car needs to go on a diet?
how do I know if the starter went out in my truck?
Fixing spark plug wires and other things, cost?
My mechanic had me fix something that didn't need to be fixed. Can I sue?
how to give a radiator flush?
does any one know the paint colour code for uk police cars ,l know its white?
Can you put apoxy on the rotor housing of the rotary engine?
I have an antifreeze smell coming out of the vents of my 2000 blazer, but theres no antifreeze leaking?
Is tuning my 97' Acura Integra worth it? (Automatic)?
how do you rebuild a 1986 yamaha phazer crankshaft?
front seat noise -- Nissan pathfinder?
1989 Ford Ranger quit on me as I was driving. Like gets no gas. Fuel pump works, fuel flter new. Whats wrong?
Why won't my car start? electrical problem.?
don't use the brake when switching from reverse to drive gear?
I have a knocking sound in my 1999 s-10 2.2l.?
Are Toyota pickups worth the extra money?
'07 Impala, front passenger tire making loud humming noise at higher speeds?
how do i bleed my brakes?
Possible bad piston rings.?
Where would I find out part #'s for a 1998 Chevy Blazer. I need to know the part # so I can order.?
Can a ed passenger side mirror on a car cause it to fail an mot?
is it bad to not use a car?
how do u get water out of a tail light?
if your charge light,on your car is on more than a few secons.whats the promble?
is there a viable way to start a car without jumper cables?
What are the pros and cons of buying auto parts not from the dealer?
why does a car battery die over night but you can drive for hours and it wont die?
how do you find who owns properties?
If I replace one struts on my car do I have to replace the other?
My transmission keeps slipping...any advice?
HELP! Why would the exhaust manifold of a 91 Chevy Blazer come off and not fit back on.?
car problems?
fuel pump windows power seats are not working something is not grounded?
Who builds custom driveshafts, for cars, in the Dallas, TX area?
i just bought a 04 srt4 neon and the check engine lite is it cause im pushin 20lb or what?let me know?
96 Chevrolet S10 bed Replacement?
Auto Transmission Issue - 2004 Honda Accord 4 Cylinder - s for best ansr?
where to find auto wiring diagram?
Is it bad to drive on a flat tire?
i have a 1999 nissan sentra my MIL engine on failed and MIL CMD statues for vehicle speed sensor malfunction w?
what causes my 95 trans-am to miss/vibrate at 2000 rpm?
Two stupid questions?
Can I use my OBD2 scanner to scan my OBD1 car?
Car service price!?!?
How can i remove the glue from the car that is left from the sticker?
HELP!!! Is 2 stroke and mixer oil the same?
where can i go online to visually see how my car would look before i purchased the parts?
Anyone else want to choose a day to NOT buy fuel?
I ordered some new number plates for my car and it has no holes in it?
Car vibrate when idle?
2002 bmw 325xi vibrating problem?
I own a 1996 ford escort why does my fog light come on, when i press the button to open the 'boot'?
I need to know the air bag sensor location in 96 ford contour?
Is there any easy and definately cheap improvements that i can do to my Car?
How come electronic engineers get payed more than welders, electricians, auto mechanics, cooks etc?
gasket making for hydrolic pump , what paper can i use ?
Is it Normal for a transmission to get Low on Fluid after sitting for a year?
why would the engine fan come on when driving my 2002 Kia Sedonna?
now that i have taken out a wheelchair lift holes are left in the floor of the van?
Where is a good place to buy an alternator for a 1979 triumph tr7?
i am considering buying a used car. which is considered more reliable a toyota corrolla or a honda civic?
Is it ok to put bigger wheels on the car or can it affect the car, if so what would u recommend to do?
Where can I find Wiring scematics for a huricane deck boat?
Does the Liters on an engine matter for a mass airflow sensor replacement?
Vehicle mileage question?
whats harder electrician or motor mechanics?
how do i adapt an air intake to a carburator?
Van idles fast when I first start it...?
what type of inspection do i need for a 1997 automobile?
What happens when we mix sugar with petrol and run the bike?
I need help covering up rust on my car?
what is a headliner on a car?
price range of u-joints?
Should I have my car checked if I drove it 12 blocks with my handbrake up? It's new with only about 1000mi.?
How to repair your exhaust?
Do you drive a foreign car? What's wrong with American Cars?
Are there local body shops that does body work on classic mustangs in san fernando valley or SoCAL?
How do I use a MityVac2 one man brake bleeder. I haven't used it in years and lost the intructions.?
how to replace transmission on jimmy 1998?
my accelerating pedal gets stiff when i stomp on the gas.?
If you use water beading then wouldn't it dry and streak on the car windows?
What happens if the car is overheating? What do I do and how much does it cost to repair? (I'm new to cars)
I need a Auto Diagnostic Tool that can diag the following auto Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mitsubish? also with th?
I have a ford engine and i was wonderin what a 6.6 Litre would stand for (Exmaple 400, 460)?
98 GMC Jimmy turns over but wont start air bag light is blinking HELP!?
How to take out the side/park light on a 93 Acura Legend?
Mercedes window help.?
How do you get sticky marks off a windscreen?
2007 Toyota Camry problems after oil change?
How bad do I have to drive a stick shift to destroy a transmission?
BMW 325 1986 repairs cost $520 is this reasonable? Could there be an underlying issue?
Car jumps when shifting from Park to D?
New car battery placed in..door not fully closed for 14 much damage did this do to the battery?
What happens when you continue to drive a car that's overheating?
how do timing marks line up on a 2.3 ford engine 1988 ranger?
ok i have an automatic car and on the gauges there is a D then after there that there is 321 whats there use 4?
Where does the air that comes into the ventilation system on my car come from? Does it come through the air fi
Does refilling your gastank at the halfway point give you better gas mileage and better for your engine?
What is involved from TBI to Carb?
Very bad condensation on the inside of my car?
my car wont start. could the fuel be frozen?
Vehicle not starting, need help finding issue.?
I have the special tool that you need. This sensor is located behind the CAT converter.?
How can I learn to replace my breaks?
Any ideas for getting my car to start.?
What is the procedure to change battery of an autocop-cobra system and re-sync it with the car?
1993 cavalier 2.5 ac 130.000 miles burning to much gas burning blue smoke! how do i fix problem ?
when should i change differential oil on my 2000 bmw 528i it has 127,000 miles already?
98 dodge grand caravan light problem?
Nissan 93 240 autotrans sticks in 2nd gear occasionaly, corrected by restarting.?
I have a 12 volt battery charger with no opition for maintenance free , can i still use it to charge a mainten
1985 sunstream elec (motor home) problems...?
who can fix my car for free?
my 2004 jeep grand cherokee laredo keeps over heating even though i have replaced the thermostat. help?
What would make my clutch pedal stick to the floor and have a grinding noise while idling.?
Left turn-signal ARROW LIGHT not working?
how much does it cost to repair power windows on a honda civic?
Will light stay on even I pulled out the fuse?
how to tell if its starter or solenoid?
Will something go faster with more wheels?
Signal light on the right flashes at a faster rate than the left!?
what are the chances of a brand new truck being totaled after a wreck?
Removing Tar from my car?
how do i change an idler pulley?
what headlight bulbs size is the 2006 Audi A3 using, low beam and high beam ??
what is a loud muffler please help?
Is there a free website i can find a step by step process replacing a head gasket?
My car wont stop!!!?
how to shift an automatic car into FWD?
what could make my eagle talon 2.0 not have any spark?
can i jump a lawnmower battery with a car?
HOw much would it cost to install a new clutch?
\temp gauge keeps shooting to the top even when temp is ok, car is a rover mg zr?
is there anything extra i can put on my head gasket to help the seal?
what is a po120/TPS?
Have a 2001 dodge durango and when i turn on the ac the inside of my car smells like anti freeze n e one no y?
Can you have a 5 point harness in a everyday car?
i would like to know what would happen if automatic while driving would do if put into reverse?
Can I be put on a full year probation in north Dakota for intentionaly damaging a part that I painted?
Carburetor purchase advice for a Chevy small block 350.?
how can i remove my alloy wheels on my astra with no lock nut key?
Rough Idle on my Truck.?
Would it be possible to fit a rocket motor to my car?
What is the Price for full tune-up including replacing spark plugs and 4 gaskets and cleaning engine?
car battery charging?
brakes feel spongy after bleeding?
how to fix check oil error in chevy lumina 2003?
how to time countershaft with crankshaft on subaru justy 1.2L engine?
my van door wont open?
Automatisch transmission suddenly won't change gears?
looking for a list of websites for job searching?
What is 305 hours in days,?
Left lights on all night, car battery isn't dead. Should I replace anyway or is it fine now?
Is HVLP paint sprayer suitable for automobile painting?
does a car waste more gas with ac running?
Battery problem with car.?
Where is the fuel pump relay located on a 93 Ford F-150 - 4.9?
Is this car dealership screwing me? This is the 3rd week I'm bringing my car in!?
New A/C compressor failing, all new parts again?
Whats wrong with my clutch?
How to take Marker binding plates off of the skis?
getting rid of old tires, paint, car batteries?
R17 tyres on VW polo?
Low cold cranking amps = undercharged but ok battery?
My Car is suck on drive .?
why scion tc losse power when puting on a cold air intake?
My 1994 Arctic Cat wildcat 700 EFI snowmobile will start and run but the track will not move.?
i spun out and hit the curb. my steering wheel feels jerky now. what does that mean?
Does anyone have the remote programming for a 2004 Toyota Sequoia? I bought a used remote online. thanks?
i have a 1992 jeep and i want too know what the oxygen sensor with make your car run like?
Yesterday my 2005 Chevrolet Impala started overheating when I was in line at the bank.?
I am looking for old tram wheels but cant find them anywhere, can anyone help me?
Do you save more gas in a higher gear or a lower gear?
where are the spark plugs located on my disiel truck?
how to give a radiator flush?
what engine can be fitted into jeep cherokee?
If my truck is in park and the drive axle still moves does that mean the transmission is shot?
What kind of gas should I put in a 1965 Buick Lesabre?
I poured cola on my battery to clean the terminals and now things are worse, what to do?
Why does my engine light come off and on randomly?
How does a car get air?
My car has no acceleration. I constantly have my foot to the floor and feels like I'm dragging a lorry.?
I lost my car keys. I drive a 1998 rover 400. what should i do?
my infiniti g35 do not want to start?
gas prices?
will a LS6 fit In a 2001 trans-am, if not what motifacations do you need to do?
Air tool oil substitute?
Why do we need oil changes instead of filling it back up?
has my head gasket gone ?
98 deville says service stability system?
driving with the emergency brakes on!?
I took my dad's car and it got dented should I pay for the damages ?
Does anyone know ow to free up a seized motor?
I have a 93 Buick regal and everytime I go on the highway the car surges and the rpm jumps then suddenly stall?
Please help, my car battery is flat...?
How do you work out power increase after reboreing a cylinder 2 stroke?
Black smoke on tail pipe?
peugeot 806 dump valve - diesel dump valve?
car bounces on take off when cold?
How do I boost my car battery from another car?
What causes vents not to blow air?
What is wrong with my car if the antifreeze comes out of the tank when you shut the car off?
white smoke when i start the engine......HELP!!!!!?
where can i find a master cylinder for a 1964 s600?
stone chipped windscreens - do repairs really work?
is there a website that will give me a step by step to replace a fuel pump?
How much is gas where you live? Its $1.98 a gallon here?
what does a low tire indicator light like on a hydauni accent,2010?
2002 chevy blazer overheating problem?
Why do you think my mom sit in her car while my dad checked the oil in her car for her?
Question about a car..?
What's Wrong with my 1995 Jeep Wrangler?
My ABS light is you make it turn off?
grease retaining problem in trunion bearing of Variable Speed Ball Mill, sph. roller 239/850K.MBC3?
I Need a manual for a Ford 1715 with 3cyl diesel?
I Turn My Car, and as Soon As I put It In Reverse, the Car Shut down on me?
1995 VW Jetta III running problems?
2000 f150 starting problems?
differences in V angle?
Why do piston rings need to be changed?
Where can I find out how to replace the interior &exterior door handles, on a 98 chevy tahoe? A diagram?
Replacing both inner tie rods for 99 Altima?
What happens if I try switching on car's engine when its already on?
What do the numbers mean on the fuses?
driving on a short distance my 91 honda civic 16 valve 1500 motor overheats. what could it be?
brakes failing on my 1979 ford?
anyone know how to get paint/scratches off of car?
What does a "fuel line freeze up" mean?
I have VW golf from 2002 and for the past few days I found a lot of water on the driver's side of the car ,
Why would a 2000 ford f150 water pump leak?
Rust in my gas tank. how do i remove it.?
Can anyone help with car problems(horn)?
do tyres deflate without dust caps?
What's wrong with my car?
5W-30 Synthetic vs 5W-30 Conventional in the winter?
Have 2002 Rendevouz and cooler fans are not working any solutions?
Unknown Transmission Leak?
will taking the cadillac converter off my car make it faster and louder?
Is their a difference between Magnaflow round or oval muffler?
Can someone help me fix my 1995 Chevrolet Camaro its killing me?
1989 Licoln Town Car?
What is a good first project car?
Where can I find a reuild kit for an 89 Volvo 740GL turbo?
My car got towed today for the first time, it is a 1984 Mercedes 300D, and I'm worried about damages?
what happens if you put regular on a car that's unleaded fuel only?
2000 ford escort zx2 horn stuck?
how many liters will i put on my engine car?
What else could be wrong with radio and cigarette lighter?
If you have a new alternator and a new battery---what would keep it from charging?
Can I replace 1 tire on my car?
I have a1989 chevy caprice my gas gauge dosen't work,what's wrong?
should i put headers on my truck or leave the manifolds?
car will not crank?
Reasons why my car turns over but won't start?
if i lift my 93 explorer about 2 inches, can i adjust the knuckles enough to fix the camber problem?
Added coolant instead engine oil by mistake.?
Subaru follow-up question: I accidently put in 89 instead of 93, which my WRX has gotten all along.?
How to turn off inside lights in a car?
How to remove and clean a throttle body on a 1996 Oldsmobile Ciera's 3.1L V6?
My Mustang ABS and Traction light keep flickering, and the radio keeps turning on and off...?
Any solutions please.?
Why does my ford Aerostar rev up and down? Sensor?
Using Different Oil Brands?
new alternator and battery still truck wont start?
What do you call the rubber wind stoppers on the side of the car door?
Just blught a 91 caddy deville. left front bearing is shot, can I fix it myself? what will it cost? desparate!
how do i unlock my disc brake?
I have change stuck in the cigarette lighter in my car?
Why won't my car start? I jumped it, power came, the ignition clicks, then it doesn't turn on.?
Car Trouble! My upper right tire makes this screeching sound whenever I add gas why?
For a 4 cylinder car, what is the best spark plug? 2 pole or the 4 pole spark plug.?
Clicking sound in dashboard when braking?!?!?
Could you please answer my previous question about a 95 chevy cavalier?
Dead Battery?
What is wrong with my car?
on my truck when you step on the gas real hard while idling the rpms go up but take a while to come back down?
Drove through water car stalled?
my car heater blows out cold air,but the engine temp is normal?
how many miles do you have on your vehicle and how often do you get the oil changed?
replacing fuel injectors on a chevy 3.4?
What's the famous 'jelly' that engineers use to remove the oil and grease from their hands?
What type of coolant/antifreeze should I use for my 1984 toyota pickup?
Which brand of tools do you use?
How to install a locker in a yota 89?
What will happen if i put oil in where the transmission fluid goes? What do i need to do to fix this?
Can I use 0w-20 synthetic motor oil?
cpi sm 50 barrel ignition online parts?
Please I need help with a headlight problem!!!?
Which is the better truck...S10 or Ranger?
Is it true that you can't drive a new car on the highway before it's first oil change?
My car will go in to 1st 3rd and 5th gear (stick forward) but not 2nd 4th or 6th (stick back). Diagnosis?
At what speed does lock up torque converter engage on a Tacoma?
2001 lesabre crusie wont work?
Front tires making awful noise, told it was the bearings. How do I change the bearings? Dodge pickup 1999 4x4?
What is the best possible battery to use to power my car, optima, diehard, etc?
I have a 2002 Saturn SC2 Coupe and the RPM rise in 1st and 2nd to over 2k-3k. I had a tuneup 2 days ago .?
what are the sign of a head blown gasket ?
Smell tire burning smell after oil change?
i have a 01 buick century how many 02r does it have?
Why is my car idling wierd?
Does anyone know how to fit a 7 pin towbar relay for a Mondeo hatchback?
is my car full?
How much does walmart or jiffi lube charge for a radiator flush and new antifreeze?
how to take out a motor out ona van?
i need to find the original dealer of my car?
Is it allowed in the States to wash your car at home?
what do i need to tune up my 1994 ford explorer?
my car doesn't have a lot of power...?
The mechanic repaired my windshield wipers, it cost me $285. Is that fair?
Car oil is getting too dirty too fast, OPTIONS? (see below)?
Question about how to learn mechanics?
How Do I reset My Service Reminder On My B Class Merc?
what do you think of a girl fixing cars?
Is it worth it to repair my car or should I trade it in for a new one??
How often should u change the oil in your car?
I have an Audi 100, 1991,when driving my windshield fogs with coolant vapor near the dashboard how to fix it?
where is the trunk release on a '91 cadillac sedan deville?
Are good shocks a basic necessity for a car?
Engine wont start on my Nissan Maxima 1997 :(?
How tough to install alternator on 92 sc400?
Please tell me which link is good to follow when I adjust my rocker arms on my chevy 283?
im looking for the chrome on the front of a 69 amx thanks?
What is wrong with my car?
My clutch is sticking and not going into gear, what is wrong?
Hi, Here's the latest on this car.?
Blown Head Gasket?
When I turn my car to all the way left it makes a loud clicking noise (2008 Honda Civic).?
I have a 1997 gxe nissan sentra. gone through 4 alternators in the last year. New battery. lights kills it?
Where can I download a wiring diagram for a 91 Chevy S10 pickup for free?
Bought a broken car, please help?
my car won't keep cool and there is no leaks?
help please, is my mechanic right or wrong ?
where is the alternator located on a 1990 nissan sentra?
Have you ever put rings in a car, I'm wondering what you think about this?
Can anyone who works, or once worked, as a car mechanic give me an honest answer?
our busines domain is How can we access to our acct if the employee no longer with us?
Does anyone have a problem with getting nails in car tires (often)?
Smell tire burning smell after oil change?
My Oil pressure light keeps coming on?
Car won't start unless its jumped, battery tested good?
why is my terios bad on petrol?
how do i remove the panel and stereo in my 1991 plymouth sundance?
I blow a fuse in my 98 ford expedition when I shift gears. What could be wrong?/?
how to install 22 inch tires without having to do body modifications?
ford escort zetec mk6 electric problem?
My Passenger car door is Stuck. I cant open it!!?
oil question????????????????????????
New rotors on my car?
How long does it take to replace a blown gasket?
why isnt my nissian murano shifting into gear when it gets hot?
86 fiero 2.8 reverse lights?
what is the torque spec for 99 Blazer 4x4 front hub axle nut?
Transmission Fluid change?
I have a '94 s-10 that is knocking at a fairly high speed 45-50 mph. Just wondering what might be causing this
How to Install an Alternator?
drive with a broken alternator?
Why did my car slow down by itself as i was driving on the motorway? Not good!!!?
How much will is cost to repaint my car?
Fixing up 1972 Honda 500CB Motorcycle?
VW Jetta ignition recall part. ?
TV show on buying inexpensive truck and fixing it up budget?
my car makes a really weird sound! help?
what difference is there between a gooseneck hitch and a 5th wheel?
What is wrong with my go cart. It cranks in choke and stays running but turns off in run. Can i fix it?
what is the good spark plug type & manufacturer for my Honda civic?
i have a 98 ford expedition and has no heat, i've changed the themostat, heater core replaced less than 1 yr.?
I have a warning light, exclamation mark inside a yellow circle on my 2003 BMW 325i. What does it mean?
What is the best solution to fix a broken plastic autopart?
my key broke off in the key hole and it wont come out how do i get it out?
can your car tire get flat when you let it sit in one spot for a couple of days without moving the car?
My 2003 Ford E-250 Van's fuel guage only goes to 1/8 of a tank when I turn ignition key. Any ideas of problem
I have a 2004 kia optima and when i drive 35 mph or more it feels like a bobble head. what could it be?
I have a 1994 Ford E350 box truck(gasoline 5.8 351) that is not charging battery.?
Where and how do I change the AC filter on a 1999 Honda Accord?
how do you tune up cng vehicle?
i have just checked oil on my 1997 vauxhall astra 1.6 8v to find cap covered in cream gunk,is this terminal???
305 v8 engine problems?
Help! My steering wheel is upside down when my car goes straight?
How expensive is it to convert a 4 lug setup to 5 lug? ?
Engine damage - fire or sun damage?
Car reverse fine but when in drive it barely moves.?
How can you remove/ prevent moisture from forming in the headlights of a 2001 Fiat Punto?
What kind of oil should I use in my 2000 Chevy Impala LS?
1995 Mercury Mystique?
chevy cavalier 1999 2.2 liter fuel pump humming consistantly and loud?
Why was the oxygen sensor in the diagnostic report but not the alternator?
Peugeot 406 'random' warning lights?
how much would it cost to get one car window tinted?
2000 Buick Lesabre Limited New Shocks-noise Answer?
Guys ( and girls) am I weird or what?
How much PSI should i put in my tires?
What does the Car Battery sticker mean?
Help Please!!! What part am I looking for?
How much will a rear ac parts replacement cost for a 2003 ford expedition eddie bauer?
mechanics answer as soon as possible?
can a broken radiator mount be fixed without buying a new radiator?
how do i replace a blower motor in my car?
why doesnt gas get to my carb on my tecumseh small engine?
Why is my car terrible on gas?
I have a 91 chrysler imperial and the right blinker isnt flashing, what can i do to fix it?
Vauxhall Corsa Timing Chain?
My brake rotors have a wavy surface appearance after checking out green at my last service.?
Sway Bar Question?
What are some good automotive paint guns?
What dose it mean by engine cheak for Haice?
oil filter is leaking after i changed my oil?
Where is the least expensive gas in the U.S.?
i think there is a short some where?
Can I use any coil over on tokico struts?
where is the starter relay on a 2000 chevy camaro?
I have a 99 pontiac grand am and bought it used, my change oil light is on and I changed my oil light still on
Help with sidekick lx!!!!!!!?
What brand of brakes did my car have?
Why does turning on the electrical items in a car use more petrol - surely this is rubbish ??
clutch pedal squeak after painting the caliper?
Where is the fuel pump on a 1986 Olds 88?
2002 dodge neon idles rough when cold starting?
neeed help with motor swap?
2002 lancer o2 sensor signal wire.?
I bought a used car and It smells like cologne?
Car Clunking loud when braking?
I have a small gas leak around the tank in a 2003 malibu?? could it be a gasket or some kind of fitting aro?
Pumped diesel into gasoline powered '07 V6 RAV4. Is it as bad as Toyota techs claim?
what does it mean when there is oil in my coolant?
get computer codes from 1991 cultass cierra?
Car shakes when I'm stopped! Engine kicks?!?
how bad are kwik fit?
My husband has a 1986 Ford F150 leaks gas from front tank by the frame, but only when it is below 40 degrees,?
How do i drain water from radiator in my car?
how often should you grease zerk fittings on a 2003 aztek where are thy.manual does not say?