How good is the new Beetle 2.5L inline motor?
Power consumption in motor.?
When your connection rod goes bad in your engine can it be fixed or is your engine toast?
Does new motor oil ever go bad?
1996 Chrysler Sebring Won't start. Any Ideas?
I scratched a car how much would it cost to pay for damages?
help my car was flooded?
Oil light Flickering?
My brake pads are down to 10% and that means they won't replace pads unless installing new rotors, too.A lie?
Can I take the catalytic converter off my truck?
Whining noise from front of car, in gear?
Help! My steering wheel is upside down when my car goes straight?
Auto Repair Correct ?
Is high mile oil a scam?
Is it true that the slightest bit of white smoke from a tail pipe means a ed engine block?
Can I force my engine to give me an error code?
i need a motor for a mitsubishi, where is the best place to find one?
Aluminum or Cast Iron Heads?
will a second generation neon(96 & up) radiator relay fit into a first generation neon (95 model)?
My tread is wearing off the centre of my front driver's side tire much faster than the rest of the tires- why?
Would it be dumb to buy a 2001 oldsmobile aurora for 1500$ that has a replaced motor with 50,000 on it?
I have a 2000 cadilac devile and found oil in coolant. I flushed coolant and refiled with antifreeze.?
My gas mileage has been cut in half.?
Just curious but how much would "17" aluminum alloys with the wheels cost?
In need of a new starter for my car, any help?
i want to own a franshice... can u suggest me any product... like classmate dealerships..motor oils.....etc?
4 wheel drive can someone help?
What can this code be P1361 & P1362?
Air compressor tank - stainless or brass bushing?
why do i get oil in the air filter in a 3.8 6cyl. pvc ok?
white smoke from exausht but goes away after a few mintues and happeneds periodic?
Can I put coil spacers on an already lifted truck?
would studded tires help me with a rear wheeled suv? it is not a 4 wheel drive?
1997Silverado steering problems?
When a junked car is crushed into a compact cube, does its mass change?
where can i find a aftermarket fuel accumulator for a 1983 saab 900 turbo?
Dead Battery?
blue smoke coming from exhaust?
what is the best oil additive when your engine is tapping?
My car has a check engine light on? showing a P1440?
95 f250 sensor problem!!!!!!!?
Anyone get a low tire get it fixed and have any damage afterwards?
Car over heated I think I blew the hose is it safe to drive?
where do i sell my catalytic converter?
If I get a new engine and new tires on my dad's truck...?
i change my car front pad break but still making noise so i have to change disks do i have to buy break pad ?"?
How to break into a car usig a spring-loaded center punch on the door lock?
How many volts in a car battery?
what are the best high performance tires for 2005 mini cooper s?
How do you remove the door panels off of a 2005 F-150 STX?
How do you level up as a auto mechanic?
Things to know when driving stick-shift?
I bought a new Okey-kokey 2000 and the sprocket wurzel seems faulty.How can I Fix its Photon Emission? Thanx?
My car is fluttering when I let off the gas? MY check engine light comes on.?
79 ford f150, with 351m, starter occasionally stays engaged?
how much will it cost to keep up a 1993 lexus?
I have a 2000 mustang with cloudy headlights. How do I protect my new replacement headlights from clouding.?
Does having low fuel hurt the fuel pump?
1995 Audi 90 transmission problem.?
Why is my exhaust leaking water?
Can I replace a 4.2 v6 transmission out of a '98 F150 truck with a 4.6 v8 transmission?
What hit my car - no paint transfer?
My car has some problems.?
My timing belt tore could this be why my car wont stay on for long?
Help! 2002 Chevy Cavalier Won't Start?
Lucas Oil treatment in a little motor?
will I drain my battery or cause other problems by leaving my key in the ignition in the off position?
Why are my new Bridgestone tires draining my fuel economy?
Can a magnet affect a digital clock?
Car problems, I need advice from people who know about cars?
My car leaves a trail of gasoline every time i drive. What could be the problem?
what type of oil does a 5.3l v8 take?
Chevrolet express with 105k, makes whining noise when you accelerate above 50mph. Sound comes from rear.?
Transmission question....?
I have tail light and blinker on the right side but no brake light or hazzard light. How do I fix it?
Will sandpaper work to clean car headlights ?
Why does my car smell like burning rubber?
Does anyone know why there's nine tenths of a cent added to the price of a gallon of gas?
Car Oil Change, how do we know that they actually changed it?
I'm dumb! I decided to wash my engine?
my 1992 cadillac deville smokes while on the road! what can that be?
Can you still get a Dyno tune without using the OBD2 scanner port?
Turn signal lights up but does not blink?
MOT question?
Old 25cc weedwhacker engine lying around?
2001 kia sportage wont start fuel pump wont turn on?
Accidentally put 2 gallons of low Sulfur diesel in tank with about 16 gallons of gas. Is it safe to drive it?
Why do I have to remove the negative cable on my battery before replacing?
Best way to remove orange "iron spots" from my car's exterior?
where is the thermostat inside of a vehicle?
Is it bad if fuel touches wire cable of my O2 sensor?
DrivIng lights go out after about 20 hrs when they last for 50,000 hrs?
Does cold weather affect car batteries...?
my truck shakes a lot when I'm going 40 but when I get to 50 it's good other then that there's nothing?
Should I remove brake fluid before remove the brake caliper to allow for expansion or not?
car wobbles at low speed?
Sound coming from wheel well of car when turning left.?
No interior lights, power locks, driver info or radio repsonse WHY?
How do I contact the TV show that kidnaps peoples cars and overhauls them?
Old piece of crape car needs breaks?
Gas Cap does not click anymore, does it need to be replaced?
does tornado fuel saver work?
Why does my 89 s-10 idle high in park neutral and drive?
my car will turn on but won't start?
how do you remove ink from a cardboard box from my leather interior of my car?
where can i find a reasonable price engine for my car?
How to fix a 1999 jaguar sk8 convertable top?
my heats not working in my 94 biuck century?
how do you set the timing on 1997 kia sephia with a 1.8 dohc?
I added distilled water to another K-mart battery that is a year old, its 2 Amp slow charging, how long until?
what color rims should i get?
weird thing. my ignition/headlight reminder beeps when i hit the brakes in park?
does anybody know where the petrol pump relay is on a rover 216(hondor engine)?
Why is my engine running cold/only producing warm heat? bad thermostat or coolant temp. sensor?
Do you have a 1990 toyota truck, manual transmission?
Car problems please help?
how do i re-apply a rear view mirror?
Dealer Parts VS Original?
why doesnt my truck go into gear? the clutch is super loose!?
Do I need to buy a new car battery after a jump start?
Is it better to use regular Oil or synthetic Oil?
how can i get the oil fiter off my car?
what can I use to clean car parts? Book calls for neutral mineral spirits, what is equal to this?
how do I know if my car needs an alignment?
Does ASE certification trump state Certification?
What happens if you drive a car without getting the oil changed?
right side back breaks lock up on my windstar van 2002?
Is my 97 Cadillac worth fixing?
We are changing the heads on our 2002 Dodge Caravan. We did not remove an exhaust manifold gasket.?
I just bought a car and it is a piece of crap what ahould i do?
Do I need to replace my flat tire on my lease car with an exact match.?
I need a link etc. to replace an ignition barrel in an '89 Toyota Camry.?
you can have any car between the price of £2k to 5k what would it be?
What is the best place to jack the front of a car up?
will my car pass smog?
How easy is it for someone to cut ur handbreak cable?
Is it my Transmission or what?
Front tire gone flat for the third time! What to do?
1990 buick lesabre noise HELP?
Could a bad battery or alternator be the reason my car looses power now and again ?
Water in my oil pan a lot of water?
I want to change my car engine oil?
Where Is The Best Place To Go In Los Angeles To Get Window Tint On Car?
At MOT on Monday they replaced brake pads and disks.?
rochester quadrajet carbs.?
Cavalier 1999 turns on, but turns off if i dont accelerate it!?
What is the correct wheel size for my tire? It is a 31X10.5R15?
I just slept in and now im late for my shift at work, what should i do?
My 1992 Ford F150 idles very very high.?
How do i contact the Hyundai company to place a complaint?
dodge 8.0 and a 5.9 gas engine swap?
battery warning light is on while driving also rev counter not working at all alt new 1.7 td 97 astra anyclues
looking for a manual on line or paperback for a 1976 chevrolet nova 6 cylinder engine?
Colorado Import (VW) Shop?
Electric Window goes down but not up?
how to flush a engine after water got in the oil?
my 2005 ford focus keeps stalling out. I got and oil change n a tune up but it didn't work. what should I do?
Do I need a smog certificate to get my car checked by a mechanic?
Car directionals blink rapidly?
What car part do I ask for ?
I need transmission some question's answers. thank you for your help?
why wont my 1992 ford escort 1.9l manual not use the starter, when trying to fire up?
Problem with flooded car.?
Questions about headlights?
What's the difference between four-wheel drive and all-wheel drive?
How do I install a flasher into a 1995 Buick LeSabre?
car right city light and tail light not workikng?
Is there any reason to not START a car, w/ no coolant?
What should my tire pressure be?
where can I purchase Polaris snowmobile handlebars?
The latch is broken on the glove compartment of my 92 Honda Civic. Any ideas how to get it open?
My car blows air it's just not cold?
My car started getting 'HOT' within 20 min. today, what does that mean?
engine warning light?
How much does it cost to put a full body kit okn a car?
2000 dodge neon question about FPR and fuel filter.?
why does a fuel pump go bad?
What is an activator and sealer in automotive painting?
cost of side panels on suzuki grand vitara?
dashborad showing battery light?
Rattle canning/spraypainting my car, what primer to use? how many cnas primer and top coat?
which type of wax can i add with liquid soap to wash car?
My car's transmission is messed up and I have to get a new one.?
trying agine, I have a 99saab 93 2.0 manual, the motor is coming from a 2000 93 with auto trans will it fit?
What is the oil capacity for a 1968 400 CI Pontiac v8?
How do I find out what size gear I need?
can any one tell me if a 2.8 td mitishbusi shogun runs acambelt or cam chain?
what does it mean when a car has 175k mileage?
Do you use blinkers in reverse 90 degree parking?
what is a good site to sup-up my ride??? its a cprice???
my car squeaks when I turn my wheel?
How many automotive repair shops are there in the US?
H6054 headlamp installation?
TCC lock up TCI 700R-4?
Need help finding repair estimates for '92 Buick LeSabre Left Front Bumper and Fender?
who knows problems and solutions for the skoda octavia 5 tiptronic auto gear?
Will a hole in a side back window of a car compromise a state safety inspection?
BMW 318d timing chain broke?
what is the stock boost on a 5.9 cummins?
what is the starting tread life for a tire?
will a fiesta zetec 1.25 year 2000 have a magnetic sump plug?.?
2003 mazda 6 2.3 sensor location?
what octane gas should i use?
i have a quinny zapp and the press stud has broke off the hood, where can i get a replacement?
How to tell what year and what car my Holley carburator came out of.?
I got a Kia and it disappointed me?
what is louder if either steelpak or glasspak?
how to disarm the seat belt alarm in a 2005 Ford crown vic?
My car has difficulty starting please help...?
Cleaning alloy wheels?
Engine won't turn over?
my car shuts off while driving 30 min it would start up?
What causes a "bulge" in a tire..?
Car Weatherstripping Replacement?
Will 93 octane fuel deliver better MPG over 87 Octane?
power stroke fuel sucking air?
02 cougar is not getting fuel to fuel filter?
is it illegal to remove the outer shell of a car?
Filling up windshield washer in my car; washer fluid or bottled water?
how to build a chevy 350 motor?
Metal Heater Hoses, Is it an adapter?
Do I have to change my oil filter...?
automotive paint- what is the difference between regular metallic and firemist metallic paints?
Diesel engine running while fueling causing a leak?
Car won't start if left off for 20 minutes?
How to repairs nicks on the front bumper from rocks or salt.?
Suzuki Experts?? Engine changes.?
how can I replace the coolant pump on a 2004 2.0 petrol Ford Mondeo?
what temperature should a 4.6 north star engine run at?
Why has my gas millage in my car suddenly gone down?
Help changing out coolant elbow on bonneville?
fuel guage stays on full all time, replaced fuel pump assembly, no fuses blown?
5.0 v8 engine is 350 yes or no?
i bought this used car and got a flat tire but they said they cant get my wheel off because it has a lock?
boosting acceleration?
Removing Air Intake Hoses from Throttle Body?
what is this under my hood(pics included)?
accidentally scruffed up this car a little bit....what should i do?
Steerin wheel goes stiff, and the car goes off. brake light n battery light up?
The 4x4 on my chevy messed up how can I get it fixed?
I was told the air condition in your car does great damage to the engine. Is this true?
where is the ecm located for ford bronco 1996 351 4x4?
are iridium spark plugs worth it?
How do you wire a 289 distributer to coil?
Bought injector cleaner, arrived today with can of ptfe lube?
is there a trunk release inside the cab of the 2011 buick lacrosse?
1990 Honda accord?
Question about leaking fluid by passenger wheel.?
If somebody tries to push start an automatic, what are the "bad" effects of this?
is it illegal to have neon lights on under your car while you are driving?
How do I keep a Squirrel out of my car engine?
Is it possible to put twin turbo or single turbo on a 5.7L Vortec 350 engine?
What is the work for 2/5(4+4x4)?
How can i remove skid marks from my...?
Ford Escord lock down!?
Why did my Honda Civic randomly start running hot?
1997 Buick LeSaber Hood?
can I use vegetable oil in my crankcase?
2000 ford only getting nuke warm air its not hot....i had the coolant and heater core flushed..?
what are some advantages and disadvantages for hydro boost power brakes?
Told tune-up isn't necessary for car?
camshaft broke in half?
Hard brake pedal car came to a stop won't move the line its ok it moved can somebody tell us what wrong?
Coolant Mixing With Oil Engine?
has anyone ever dropped anything into the heating vent of their car?
k&n air filters are safe to engines?
How many gallons do i pump to a 4 cylinder?
where I can get a Key wheel for my ryms?
Can I pinch off my bad break line?
how can I the heat deflector on my Mercedise to let the heat into the car?
i have a 93 chevy lumina when your driving down the road it will shut off and you can start it back up after 5
What tools do i need to change a tire myself.?
How do I disable seat belt alarm?
why does my car sometimes have trouble starting?
How can I prevent my car doors from freezing shut?
A4ld transmission service manual?
Where can I buy a gear selector cable for a Automatic 1995 Nissan Micra?
I want to be an Auto Mechanic, my Parents say it's a 'losers' job. What should I say to them?
how to install a headliner in a 63 nova?
I have had my brakes changed in my tires balanced my car still shakes at 60mph?
how to add horsepower to my 2004 dodge ram 1500?
where is the modulator valve located on a 1994 ford aerostar (3.0 L)?
how do I fix a scratch on a aluminum-alloy forged rim?
Van overheating while driving, goes down while at idle?
fuel filter replacement?
My engine keeps misfiring?
how much can i expect to make comming out of auto mechanic trade school(uti)?
why don't people take care of vehicles????!!!!!!?
Car repeatedly failing NCT/MOT on low lambda, High CO and HC?
I'm getting a new carburetor, which ones best?
I have a 1995 Ford Bronco with old gas in it?
Can throwing hot water on a windshield that's frosted over the windshield?
Someone smart plz answer this for me :)?
My radiator fan is not turning on?
what was your first car?
Can you apply another base coat after one coat has dried for a couple of days?
Does different tread depth matter when it comes to front tires?
renault laguna rxe 2ltr automatic gearbox switch off when engage in drive and dont pick up reverse?
Engine Not Turning over?
My 1996 Honda Accord Brake Paddle goens down all the way when i press the brake.?
is it bad for car to change gas stations?
Is my mechanic being truthful?
Help I serviced my engine put the light won't go off.?
a wheel fell off van 24 hours after 100 miles of driving whos to blame?
What do i need to put a sparco r100 seat into my 1995 bmw 5 series?
is it my fuel filter?
ford running lean?
How to fix a rear view mirror with compass and temp?
Car burning oil and oil in spark plug well?
Will 275-65-18 tires fit on my rim that currently has 265-70-16 tires on them?
Car Stalls At a LOW IDLE and AFTER getting Fuel!!?
I've a 1995 honda civic with 166000 miles on it. Should I replace the blown head gasket or replace the engine?
lost keys for my p reg seat corboda?
what is turbo charge what is super charge what is the adv and dis adv what does singel turbo mean?
Car Oil Low...How bad is it for engine?
Is $500 a reasonable price for a new car alternator with labor?
What does the cruise control light tell me, altima 1998?
Bent ford 150 truck frame?
Where can i get a 1991 daihatsu mira l200s service/workshop manual?
where can i get a benz high pressure hose for ABC suspension?
Bar's leaks automatic transmission repair?
I have an 87 trans am 5.0 FI and when i push the gas it doesnt want to go?
help with spark plugs for a 1990 toyota corrolla?
learning to drive, cant get on with the gears any advise please would be helpful. Thanx in advance?
how to had more power to my grand cherokee 2004?
Could someone help me pinpoint my clutch problem?
I have a 91 celica and I need to get head work done on it how much am I looking at parts and labor wise?
Boosting a car question.?
What's your best car wax?
what is the safest speed to save on fuel?
Ford Ka burning smell?
can u break the pulley on a truck if you haul too heavy of a trailer?
My windshield spray motor sounds like it's fine but there's no fluid spraying out ?
Is it bad to accelerate fast with an automatic transmisson?
Anyone know where i can get the Male connector for an HID kit?
My truck won't start? Battery Problem?
steam coming from the oil in the engine?
How can I remove gasoline odors from my hands?
How much does it cost to change an automatic to standard?
2007 nissan versa speaker problem?
why a car overheat?
2006 Honda Civic Si, 2000-2002 Pontiac Trans Am, or Pontiac GTO?
How to remove a front counsel on a 91 Acura Legend?
About how much should it cost to replace an O2 sensor on a 1995 Ford Windstar or a 2002 Mitsubishi Diamante?
gauges on a 1996 ford f-150 4x4 5.0 engine !?
Cars leaking oil but I dont know from where?
2oo8 honda accord turn on the head lights the brake light and 3rd brake light come on i replaced the brake?
changed thermostat,changed intake gaskets,changed radiator put a water pump on water still not flowing right?
what is the part number for a soloniid resistor for a 1986 celica?
what causes my car to idle high????
How do I replace Ford Fiesta keys/how much will it cost?
What is a servo tube inside a transmission?
my mechanic says the muffler bearing in my car needs to be replaced at 50000 this true?
What would make my Windshield Wiper Fluid stop?
Brake light wont work. on only one side?
My car is register in Missouri, but my car computer is reading California information. What can I do?
is $100 to replace rear brake pads on an 87' toyota supra sound reasonable or too expensive?
What company regulates the activities of automotive shops in the state of California?
How long for a engine replacement?
Radiator System fans are not kicking on when the car is hot? What could it be?
I have a 97 dodge avenger and i want to know how do u time the timing belt and distribitor.?
New Motoryclist Problem w/stalling?
i have a 1984 gmc s15 jimmy with a v6 engine. it starts after about a min it dies and it wont start at all.?
stumped..replaced starter, battery, the starter is not turning or engaging the flywheel...03 saturn l200.?
How often should brake fluild be replaced on a 2004 Suzuki Vitara 2.5 liter V-6?
My timing belt broke, and now the engine won't turn over?
Can I change my 1992 ford f-150's drum brakes to Disc brakes?
is it bad for your car to let the gas tank get below half on a regular basis?
If I only have a little bit of gas in my car...?
How to correctly change valve cover on 98 eclipse gst turbo engine?
Rear passenger floorboard wet and puddled in my 1998 Monte Carlo, what could it be?
Transmission problem. My car won't move on drive, but it will start and stay on and it will rev up.?
2005 Toyota Highlander Maintenance Required light is on?
Car idles rough. sputters. dies?
I need a hood, driver side front fender,and front light. Where can I purchase these?
Check Engine Light on?
Warm up engine necessary?
A problem with my car... Any Help?
can 225/60/16 be used in place of 235/60/16?
How to clean corrosion off of car battery?
how do i replace the brake pads on my 1992 oldsmobile 98?
I replaced thermostat twice cleaned radiator and flushed my truck still overheats why?
how to replace rear brake shoes on 1999 kia sephia?
Can my car get automatic windows?
How hard is it to instal Halo Kit in Dodge Charger 2008?
wil not go in 4wd when hot?
why does my engine fuse in my 1981 BJ42 toyota landcruiser 3B engine keep blowing?
87 chevy s10 blazer 2.8 v6 - randomly dies problem?
93 Chevy truck will not crank after engine is warm. It starts and runs fine after it has sat for about 30 min?
91 acura integra power steering leak?
My car won't start. What's wrong with it?
how to remove passenger air bag in 2001 f150 pickup?
98 jimmy AC will not change the climate controle?
Bananna in exhaust ?
Do I need a water pump or is it something else wrong with my car?
Replaced Front Struts and Mounts on 1996 Saturn - Need input regarding wheel alignment?
I have had my brakes changed in my tires balanced my car still shakes at 60mph?
I have a Bella straightner that usually lights red when plugged in. Now it turns green and won't heat up?
if car is driving really smooth can the timing chain be bad?
If a tire has a slow leak,does the heat make the air come out faster?
Is a car's alternator always "on" if the car is running? Is it working when car is idle?
A tricky question about my truck on how it's running?
Does using a big pulley connected by belt to a smaller pulley cause a decrease in power (PLEASE READ DETAILS).?
My truck keeps over heating why?
how much is a puncture repair?
My car tyres are wearing down on the outside what causes this?
Anyone have any idea how to change the back three spark plugs on a 98 Dodge Stratus 2.5 6cyl?
Engine oil questions synthetic or regular ?
Why do i have excessive white smoke from my exhaust?
stock hei distributor on performance engine?
P1519 code on 2002 Honda s2000?
i have a ford fiesta m reg having probs going up hills can anyone help plse im a lady driver?
the a/c on a 1997 explorer?
How much would this setup cost?
Why are more and more people filling their car with the wrong fuel?
I have a jeep grand cherokee 6 cylinder that only overheats when sitting. What is it?
what should I do if my car is leaking radiator fluid?
if a car has a new engine does it add to the value at part ex?
My engine is knocking?
I have a strange whining noise coming from what sounds like the rear of my car when driving.?
How do I fix the brake lights on my 99 Honda Civic?
Fluid won't flow into radiator from over flow tank, over heating engine?
How many miles can an automobile go before changing oil if sythetic oil is used?
My 92 Chevy Astro Van has an idle prob,need help, repaced all sensors and egr valve, what else could it be?
Are there baffles in the gas tank of 95 Chrysler Cirrus which prevent gas tank from being drained?
is my starter solenoid bad?
Cleaning pistons and spark plugs. Can i do this?
2004 chevrolet Malibu classic?
Any ideas what the problem with my Toyota Camry is? The engine light came on but its not a transmission issue.?
Can window unit air conditioners be worked on to work better?
Does anyone know where i can get a fuse chart for a 2002 mustang?
where can I find a micro computer tunner for a '93 ford explorer 4.0L auto trans.?
i need a fuse box diagram for a 96 dodge dakota.?
my cars electricall seems to work fully only when i ride high speeds what can cause this?
is a wankel rotary engine fast?
I have a 1993 jeep grand cherokee and I just got home and It's leaking really bad it's a red color what is it?
were can i find a website that tells step by step instructions on auto repair?
How can i cover up a big scratch on my dads white truck ? :( HELP !!!! :( :( :(?
can you install a bigger engine than a 2.8 fuel injected in a 1987 S-10 blazer??
what dose the temp run on 2000 tran,s am 5.7 sfi 8 cyl?
What do I do if its more expensive to fix my car than I owe on my loan?
What is the normal rpm range at 65 mph for the 6 cylinder engine on a 2001 Nissan Xterra?
Do 91 Seville's have a problem throwing rods?
Clutch Question?
where can i buy a spark plug that burns oil?
Wheres my car keys????????????
My car will not reverse and when it is neutral it drives and in drive it drives like regular please help?
what causes the odb2 code p0174 on a 2000 ford expedition/ ford focus?
How long can you go with synthetic oil before change?
Cold Air Intake question?
where is the cheapest gas located?
condensation in BMW 5 series car headlights. What are the easy ways of getting rid of it?
1981 firebird trans am light blinker windshield wiper problems?
where can i buy a speed sensor for a 92 toyota camry?
My truck speed does not match the sound of the RPS motor i have a new tranny so what else could it be?
Which is a better Car?
Is it worth getting my head gasket fixed on a Rover 100?
My car has engine issues?
are spec d cold air intakes good for my integra gs?
1997 FORD ESCOURT shakes when i slow down?
what could cause my brakes to go out?
how can i change the sound of my car?
car maintainence?
what is a tie pan rod?
I am getting some lights for my car but dont have a clue !?
averagre cost of wheel alignment?
auto repairs?
Does anyone know the advantage of fuel injection over a carburetor???
Should I get my fuel injectors cleaned?
A good beginners project!?
My 96 mazda is running to lean on bank one,what is the fix to this?
whats the best tyre size?
Who is the best diesel engine manufacturer?
Car shaking pretty bad while moving...what's wrong?
What could be causing my van to use a lot more of gasoline than before?
Chugging sound when I brake?
"the inside of my glass where the speedometer is fogging up how do i fix this?"?
Just got a new peugeot 307 station wagon. We have been told by a few people the engines go on them?
ABS dashboard lights?
Help me fix my 2002 mitsubish oz rally please?
I need to know if my car has brake pads or brake shoes on the rear.?
my steering become really heavy, practically impossible when i was doing a 3 point turn earlier?
How do i properly "fix-up" a 97 golf 2.0?
How do I learn to modify my car?
How often should i change my tyres on a corolla seca.. is there a legal tread height?
Why wont my car start?
how many seconds will it take before the car in front of you moves when the light turns green?
Which is not a part of the ignition system?
truck tire pressure question?
what's this rattle?
How much do wear rods usually cost?
I have a 95 hyundai sonota. Its an atomatic and supposedly has a blown headgasket. How much will it be tofix
If i get my car serviced at kwick fit type garage say..will the price include them changing the oil, coolant,?
alternator replaced battery charged just clicks?
What's wrong with my 1997 Honda Civic LX?
1996 f350 7.3 turbo diesel sputters then stalls out after about 10min of drivetime?
I've a 1995 honda civic with 166000 miles on it. Should I replace the blown head gasket or replace the engine?
mcquay chiller evaporator maintenance alarm how reset?
how can I get a bolt off that is so tight that when you try to loosen it ,it just rounds off?
How can you make your muffler even louder?
I just replaced my engine mounts a year ago and they need to be replaced again. Is there a reason for this?
transmission fluid levels for a plymouth neon?
Prep wheels to paint? Stock Evo X GSR Wheels?
i NEED to learn about cars?
where can i find a spark plug cable for a 2000 banshee?
how can I save gas?.?
speedometer shakes and tach does nothing?
my car wont start,help?
Should I Change My Car Oil?
What does a squeaking car mean?
Anything obvious with auto gearbox clunking?
how do you sell a brand new truck, when you realize you're over your head?
RE my mitsubishi running out of diesel?
Got a answer???
Car Clunking loud when braking?
My handbrake doesnt hold on steep hills. I have just had the handbrake cable replaced. Any ideas?
What motor oil best for 150cc mopad?
dodge viper gts v10 engine noise, mopar?
Can we convert petrol engine into diesel engine ?
Can Anyone Help Me With My Car Please :-(?
What happens if you put petrol in a diesel engine and vice versa?
What is the function of a throttle position sensor?
Looking to change 1996 Chevrolet C3500 from 5.7 gas to 6.2 diesel?
How to change my oil?
M/c solenoid questions?
why does our car make a loud sound when it get started up. Mechanics please answer?
If a vehicle is in shop for minor mechanical problem and a major problem occurs, who is reponsable?
My VCS Trac, Trac off and Check Engine lights all came on?
dent on car, how much do you think to fix it?
my car is 99 Chevrolet, Lumina.the "security"light is on.running good,what's wrong? help?
Bad eggs smell from my Ford Focus when I put it away in garage each evening. Never experienced it so bad befor
1997 malibu oil leak bad?
I bought a mustang?
best place to purchase re-manufactured toyota transmission?
My 93' BMW 318i has a loud ticking noise when the engine is running. How can I get rid of it?
How it's controlled the compressor clutch?
Does my car have a bad starter?
What will happen if I go from 5w regular oil to 10w 40 synthetic oil?
About how much should it cost to have a water pump replaced in a 1986 Mercedes 500 SL?
How do I get the yellow film off of my headlights?
How much does it cost to get your car alarmed?
Does my 1992 Grand am havea Pulse igition?
I bought a seat cover at autozone?
change tensioner pulley in a ford expedition?
Can warm air hurt an engine with a cool air intake?
Does the engine oil also lube the trans. 75 Honda XL 250 K2?
Where can I find old bronco's, wranglers and FJ40's in good shape close to Illinois.?
I put 4 bottles of stop leak in my radiator, do you think that could clog it up and reduce flow?
Does my Ford Galaxy need a passenger wing mirror to pass the mot?
i have a 1990 silverado,with a 5.7 tbi motor..what should my oil pressure be?
Is a brake pad warranty transferable to a new owner of the vehicle?
What oil should I put in my 2007 dodge caliber r/t?
Quote on my car maintenance good or bad?
Where is my coolant going?
Is it possible for automatic transmission fluid to enter the engine and cause heavy dense smoke on startup?
What do you call these things that are under the hood? (check out pic)?
how hard is it to change a Nissan head gasket?
I have a stsvens model 94 m 12gauge i want to know how old it is?
93 buick roadmaster steering wonder?
Replacing 4 tires, brand&cost? Mazdaspeed3?
How do i unlock my car?
Can the frame of a car be fixed?
I have a 96 Lumina. Grease monkey tech's state that I have a blown head gasket.?
What is a CAT-BACK exhaust system ??????????????????
Where can I download free car manuals?
What's wrong with my car?
Braking in a car tips?
I have a 2000 Dodge GCaravan that is hard to start. replaced fuel pump and injector. same problem. suggestion?
where can i find second hand spare part & coilover for my 2003 toyota corolla G9 at singapore.?
What is the best solution to fix a broken plastic autopart?
Car battery requires frequent jump?
what does Transmission Neutral Safety Switch Open Circuit mean on a 1998 pontiac firebird?
where is the fuel shut off switch located at on a ford f-series truck.?
How do I tell which side my wheel bearing is bad on?
Can I change the oil filter after I've filled it with new oil?
How do I unprogram my silverado truck key fob?
what is the sex position 89?
2002 Dodge Durango SLT high setting on air conditioner/heater fan doesnt work?
some days my 1999 ford expedition wont start ,the check engine light is on so i had a diagnostic test done and?
My radiator fluide is a thick dark red?
mechanics question........?
what is the cost to refill NO2 tires?
what to do if power stering fluid is in the wrong place.?
What is the best way to get bumper stickers off?
How do i change a flat tyre?
how to know when to change tires?
i have a fiat ducato motorhome 1994?
Water in my oil pan a lot of water?
how to test a transmission modulating valve,94 bonneville.trans shifts gears good,makes noise when slowing?
how to reduce engine vibration in my car?
Dose it damage my transmission to skip gears i.e. 1st 3rd 5th?
Head gasket and spark plug seals?
How can cars 50 or more years old still run?
what type of spark plugs are the best for a 96 hyundai elentra?
my car stopped running...can you give me some idea?
what is the difference between brake horse power and horse power if any?
How to power a light bulb with an alternator and a bicycle?
how do i tune 2 drop c?
where can i find a diagram for a 1993 gmc 5.7 motor on the internet? for a refrence guide?
What's so dangerous about changing your own oil?
2", 3" 6" or 12" lift kit on my 98 dodge ram 1500?
I need a bonnet for my Citrion Saxo - Colour Red Year 1999. Any ideas where I can get one from, Cheap?
700R-4 transmission do not have reverse?
i have a flat tire on my ford focus, we have an subaru outback we are not using, if the tires are the same?
2000 Accent Accelerator problem?
I have oil dripping out of intake manifold on VW.?
looking for a Service repair manual for 1993 Lexus LS 400?
does any one know the timeing specs for a 1992 toyota pickup 2.4?
car won't move - feels like the handbrake is on?
where is the termastat in a car?
What is the difference between Intermittent and continuous torque???
need instructions on how to replace intake gasket on 93 nissan sentra 1.6?
They have a new Rain-X that you put right in your windsheild washer resevior. Will the overspray ruin my paint
replace ball joints on 2002 durango?
What's the price of gas where you're at?
Is a 2000 Toyota Land Cruiser a truck or an SUV?
Why dont my dash lights work?
I just had my brake pads changed and now my car is pulling hard to one side and my brake light is on. Why?
How much oil goes in 05 mazda6?
73 VW Super Beetle won't idle?
where can i find 5 lug rotors for a vega?
94 Camry won't start! HELP?
On a 1970 postal jeep, DJ5B,replace the front brake shoes - which shoe is primary and which shoe is secondary?
What could cause a drive shaft to slide back and forth between the transmission and differential.?
How do I replace the ingnition lock cylinder if the key will not turn to the on position?
where is the fuel filter on a vauxhall vectra 1.8 1996?
my car was in a flood yesterday.It sat up over night at home and still would not start this morning. (Help)?
Is my thermostat sensor broken in my car?
hook up a tachometer?
Need car painting tips!?
Do you think this is funny?
what does it mean when somebody says "they keyed my car"?
Is buying this 1995 integra gsr for 2500 with an oil leak a good idea?
where are my car keys?
97 chev silverado 1500 350 vortec. the motor just started knocking really loud..what's wrong?
The air filter on my car is broken, could I use my lacy bra instead?
Im thinking about buying a car but the airbag light is on?
why do my feet get really hot in my 82 Porsche 911,no matter where i set the heater, my feet just burn up ?
Have you done any auto body work?
How expensive is a Lincoln lock change?I believe someone stole my main car key when I left them in my apt door
Why wont my truck start?
saturn car?
what size wheels will fit under a ranger?
Cheap parts to improve jeep performance?
how much should be the labor cost on a brake booster be on a 1996 gmc jimmy?
Why the LRT window panes sometimes become white and not transparent?
I am having problem with my car getting over heating since 2 month.?
Car jerks as if something is sticking?
Does it break rods and valves when the timing chain breaks on a 1999 3.0 Chevy Malibu?
How many days a week does an intern at an auto shop normally work?
Why do car tyres need more air in them in winter than summer?
How do I burn out in with an automatic car?
what kind of antifreeze and oil do i put into a 1996 chevy cavalier?
i just got my car painted should i wait before washing and wax ing it?
Why are Japanese cars known for their reliability,like Hondas & Toyotas?
What is causing my car to whine?
what to use to clean my cars windows inside?
Broken wire in car seat 3 door VW?
my air comp. is getting to hot and startimg to smell. do i need oil? if so where do i put it in and what kind?
Is research going on for restoring "what one spoke at particular place at particular time"?
92 Buick Regal knocking/clicking while turning?
How to start a cold car when it is frozen?
connecting positive and negative terminals on car battery?
How can you tell if your car battery is frozen?
Craftsman Tools worth the extra cash?
Vehicle overheating, stuttering, stalling out when hot and making clicking noises even when off from radiator?
How can i increase my horsepower?
Can anyone tell me how to replace the valve cover gaskets on a 1995 Isuzu Trooper, 3.2 liter SOHC V-6?
Usually proud single mom needs help, as do her kids?
My car smells like oil sometimes, does it mean it may need oil or leaking oil? ?
2000 chevy venture mini van 3.4L engine check engine light came on,runs like crap and the light flicker?
if your car was wrecked in an accident and you put parts from another car like the hood, fender, and bumper?
spark plug symptoms running rich?
easiest way to remove shocks on 96 dodge ram?
engine wont warm up, why?
For the men mechanics, what could be causing my car to be running hot constantly while setting still?
My car won't start after fiddling with the battery?
Hiow can i turn the mileage forward on a car?
OBD2Repair Key Transponder Chips is cheap?
my car has a bent wheel and I drive it to work. How long will my tires last?
how long will a Lincoln navigator run when the transmission is going out ?
how to take off car emblems?
i want to rebuild and restore a vw Volkswagen bus. BIG QUESTION! is it possible to...?
What is strut in a car?
Why is my car battery draining?
what do people get on their cars to get the loud muffler noise the one that goes really loud when you accelera
how do i compute for my pick up truck's fuel consumption per kilometer?
What is the procedure on marine diesel engine oil change?
service vehicle soon. trac off. abs light on. is it serious? going out of town in a week and driving.?
how to change low beam headlight on 2002 buick lesabre?
What causes excessively fast idle(1500 rpm) on a 1994 Ford Explorer?
Any ideas on what can be wrong with my car?
Why is my car dying? I already replaced the alternator and battery.?
Question for any car mechanics re battery/alternator?
will the mag wheel cabo 719 fit a nissan '96 pathfinder 4x2?
how do i remove an audi a6 headrest?
chrysler sebring 2004 starter fuse #8 keeps blowing?
89' caddy ac comes with car off, dashboard appears, disappears when car is on, tech said replace computer???
Why is my car rumbling and vibrating when accelerating at low rpms?
1994 8000b leeboy paving machine how to fix chain on conveyor motor?
I drive a '97 ford explorer and my brake light won't go off and the pedal is soft?
can anyone tell me step by step on how to rebuild my 1969 350 chevy engine?
Is a automobile repair shop responsible for the actions of its mechanics?
2010 Ford Fusion Gas leaking when pouring ,it goes straight to the Floor.?
I have a 2001 Ford Ranger XLT pickup truck, when I apply the brakes to stop there is a vibration, cause?
car problem, what's causing this?
need to know if my truck has been wrecked how do i find out?
will replacing diesel injectors in my van increase fuel consumption and increase engine power?
Color Masters, Inc. in Anderson, California?
My car has a broken mount that leaks antifreeze: how can I fix the problem?
what happens mixing petrol with diesel?
what is the wheel torque setting for a 1995 toyota camry?
Engine detonation and ignition delay. How it works?
My truck keeps over heating why?
what is the warranty on a 2005 colorado truck?
My cousin had his car parked outside his building on Rockaway beach. Sandy 's flood water filled inside.?
1999 toyota corolla with a 2010 corolla's battery?
How fast will a 10 hp tecumseh engine go on a go kart?
Why do I hear a ticking sound coming from my motor after shutting the engine off?
Whats the worst that can happen for not using a catalytic converter on the street?
like i have no idea what kind of electrical problems that fuel injection engine has.?
Where can I get automobile ECU repairing simulator?
my steering wheel will not go back to place after a turn and jerks while straightening?
Flat Battery?
what kind of antifreeze and oil do i put into a 1996 chevy cavalier?
locked keys in car?
How often do I need to change engine oil for my car?
Worth it to replace Civic timing belt?
Odometer/mileage questions?
who rebuilds engines for model a fords?
12000k or 25000k HIDS?
where is the temp sensor located on a 1996 gmc jimmy.?
how to fix small scratches on my bumpers?
how do you install a passenger side view mirror on a 1999 pontiac bonneville ?
how do i hook my air fuel ratio gauge to my 2003 yukon xl with 5.3?
bat. still not charging.?
i have a 94 buick lasabre when i drive my car will jus turn off but will start right back up does any one know?
1972 Chevy 4 WD-K20 Custom Deluxe 350 4 Barrel Rochester running very rough?
Neutral Safety Switch?
If i put a 268 cam in a '69 chevy one ton dually, what kind of gas mileage would i get?
Problem with reverse lights on pick up?
why are synthetic oils commonly used for engine lubrication these days ?
My car got towed today for the first time, it is a 1984 Mercedes 300D, and I'm worried about damages?
Where is low washer fluid?
Big hole in muffler how dangerous?
Recently got into a car accident?
Blown Head Gasket!!!!!?
Where is the ignition coil in the 2002 ford explorer located?
Why did the A/C in my car start blowing hot?
is there something i can use to repel condensation on my windshield?
How do I make a honda pull start motor to an electric start motor?
Could car tire deflate without a cap on it,or it does not matter?
I have a 2002 mazda tribute that won't start.?
I need help finding an Auto and Truck Technition in Houston?
Anybody have a step bumper for a 98 Tacoma-NOT chrome.?
How much does it cost to turbo a car?
does a American automatic transmission/transaxle with overdrive got 4 gears or 3? my cousin says most have 3?
my car started slipping and now it feel like it want go in no gear?
central locking problems?
My car is making a squeaking sound while I'm driving. The sound gets much louder when I hit the brakes?
Car running with a broken rod?
good way to break down my car over time?
1990 honda civic check engine light comes on. car wont start. sometimes light clicks off and car starts. help?
where is fuel filter on 1983 Buick LeSabre?
what do you drive?
Temperature Gauge on Truck keeps going up.?
Replaceing the master cylinder on a 84 vette and have to replace the fluid resivor, how do i do it?
I have a 1991 chevy c-1500 and the air conditioning compressor will not run and my a/c logo on my dash is blin
1996 Volvo 960 station wagon?
What is wrong with my truck?
What does it mean when the security light comes on in a '94 Camaro?
1969 camaro with engine troubles?
how many days does it take for my check engine light to come one once its cleared.?
How long does it take to drive twenty four miles?
2008 V star 250 (virago 250)?
is there a conversion chart available to determine years of engines that can be swapped?
how do i tighten up a fan pulley on a 1979 ford 100 truck?
I have a 09 fiesta, the rear tyre's are wearing on the outside? Do I need a wheel alignment?
what is the difference between 4.3 v6 engine and 4.3 vortec v6 engine?
How do you replace a radiator fan male/female plug?
Can parking company clamp you for not having car tax in my communal parking while repairing the car?
Will Wal mart install tires on my car if the brake light or check engine light is on?
If i run my engine whilst using a kettle that plugs into my cigarette lighter, will my battery die?
Manifold question?
Where to find Jeep Grand Cherokee EVIC light bulbs?
I drive a 98 montero sport. Put new tires on but still have road noise? How do I get rid of it? Bearings?
1969 camaro with engine troubles?
Conventional Oil may damage your engine?
Problems starting 89 Cadilac Deville v8?
i have a 2000 Chevy silverado why does it hit first gear hard and no problems shifting to the other gears?
how do i make a rubber band car?
turn signals? Does Anyone Know where to get a 6 volt flasher and how to wire it up?
Are Riken Raptor Tires made by BF Goodrich?
Why is tire maintence so high for my sister?
how to take out a motor out ona van?
I own a Hyundai Elantra '99. It uses a motor oil 20W-50. Should I use the same to fill it?
OBD cables for laptop?
Engine vacuum may be used to operate the ______.?
How would you take the valve cover gasket off of a 91 toyota celica gt?
my brake lights not coming on at all when stepping on pedal,what could it be?
engine mounts compatible?
My car wont start any ideas?
I have a strange whining noise coming from what sounds like the rear of my car when driving.?
ZR1 vette wheels on 1994 chevy 1500 truck?
what's the difference between a rim and a hubcap?
is 61,000 alot of mileage of a car for 16 grand?
car problem??
How do u change out master cylinder on ur car?
What do you do when your lightbulb burns out?
how do you replace a brake booster on a 1996 dodge intrepid?
What does an oil pressure light mean?
What is the Viable alternative to Oil when it runs out.?
Will an Ignition coil and Module prevent your car from starting?
what would make oil light come on when enigine is idling.?
What's the difference between a moonroof and a sunroof?
Why is coolant leaking out of my heater in my 92' Blazer?
How do you properly replace the rear wiper on a Ford Windstar?
how to remove shear bolt on ecu?
Scraping/rubbing sound from tire?
Car VIbrating when I get up to 50mph.?
Should I convert from a carb to EFI?
car leaking, what is it?
Does running your AC use more gas?
Anyone know if New York State is reimbursing tire damage by the current construction on the Tappan Zee Bridge?
Suspension problems or something else?
Can a car's electrical system fail but keep running?
Estimated life of a Dana Spicer 17060S Axle?
How many transmission bolts are on a 1999 v8 Ford e150 conversion van?
Why won't my car start with a good battery unless I jumpstart it.?
I have a 1998 Ford Contour. How much would it cost to get new shocks and a new muffler, with labor?
how do you rebuild a carberator step by step?
Installing a bench seat in a 2004 Crown Victoria P71?
what does the letter tek mean when used with a screw? ex. 1/4" tek screw?
I just noticed that my lop-top blower runs intermittently. Is this normal?
How to free a seized piston? (two stroke engine)?
My car wont start at all?
I have a 99 cougar. This morning when I tried to start it it was making a tic, tic sound would not start?
When my car is stationary it shudders intermittently and also happens when driving?
Should i disable my DRL's if i have HIDs?
anyone know where i can find a online work manual for a piaggio scoter?
in jumpstarting a car, where does one put the black cable on the dead car. Not the battery post but where?
Does anyone know where I can get model correct performance shocks for a 2005 base Chevy Impala? A website?
Will I ever get caught stealing gas?
what does it has a bad rod, and with an even louder knock on a car mean?
how doesthe belt go on?
What will happine to me on my fourth driveing under suspension?
Where can i get a lock/ unlock remote for my car?
Is the drive belt too tight or too loose?
Car won't start after oil change?
What is wrong with my brakes?
how does a vinyl L-plate stick to a car window?
What capacity nos cylinder should I have in my car of 1000cc? How much it will cost?
reversed battery cables,?
How do I change the heater core on a 1989 Buick Park Avenue?
when do i down shift? shift to neutral+break? and get to 5th?
My car's heater core blew. replaced it, now me heat doesn't work. just blows cold air.?
has any one herd of a synthetic oil that will last a year?
does any one know what causes a car to make a loud sound like a muffler and how do you fix it (94 camry)?
Temp Sending Unit........?
soon i will start restoring my 70 pontiac gto judge any help to what to start with?
Box behind bumper on driverside of toyota rav4?
replacing motorbike front break pads, how?
I took my truck in a dealership shop repairs are about 350$ I currently have?
How do I get rid of "check engine" light on my '98 Mazda Millenia. I've tried everything!?
how do I change "drive belt" on my car?
how do you turn off or reset a engine check light on a 2003 dodge durango?
What are the pros and cons of ethanol?
1984 chevy camero will not start, turns over but wont start, changed distributor and checked coil. still Nothi?
what is happening to my car when my speedometer is always at zero?
Why is my 2005 Honda Civic's check engine light coming on?
What if I put a new thermostat,radiator, and water pump on my car and it still leaks and over heats?
how does a stick shift work?
how long should you drive on a spare tire?
If you've got the A/C and heater on in a car, does the air flow through the A/C unit first, or the heater?
Bad Battery Confused With Locked Engine?
can motor boat engine be fitted in a car?
Professional car paint shops?
what would make a brake caliper get tighter against the rotor when bleeding them?
how long does it take for an 02 sesnor to reset?
My stunt scooter's clamp bolt head has gone rounded and I can't get it off how do I get it of?
how do you fix the running light in a toyota avalon?
how do i find online help with replacing a starter in my car?
Chevy silverado - flooded engine?
How would you deal with that situation?
changing car automatic transmission fluid?
Why is my car blinker not making a clicking sound when it is on?
does brake consume more petrol or accelerator?in a scooty?
Car Trouble ! Help! My brakes wont stop!!?
what things can go wrong by running out of gas?
What causes a heavy idle?
how long to i need to charge my car battery with a charger? and for how long to I need to drive it afterwards?
I can get my 327 to idle but when reving it pops back through the carb then when you release it backfires?
audi a6 car, battery has gone flat and i cannot open it, need help?
white smoke coming from exhaust when I start car...why?
keyless entry problems?
93 camaro won't crank why?
WHat is gear oil used for?
should i be mad if wife and her mom try to sell my 1962 running pickup?
my 1992 mercury cougar dashlights and taillights are out; fuses seem ok; how do I fix this?
Cost to replace car hood lock mechanism?
Because I refused to get my engine flushed, I stretched by timing chain and voided my warranty. Is this true?
Is mobil 1 0w-40 fine to use in the summer?
Oil-Filled Radiator- Duracraft, where to put the oil?
what is the rocker arm clearence for a 6hp lister motor?
5.7L 1993 GMC Missfire and will not pickup speed unless at WOT.?
what is the 1992 nissan 240sx fastback coolant/water volume? like how much water and coolant do i have to put?
when i turn the wheel to the left or right i get a "thunk" sound. what is that?
not timing belt, replaced 6 months ago?
i have put £10 worth of petrol in my diesel focus!...will it be ok to drive if i fill it with diesel?
My 98 jeep cherokees heat is not BLOWING. It sounds like it is working but nothing is blowing out.?
air bags ,does the cover fly at you?
what is the best diesel engine to put in a fiero?
How do I replace the automatic shifter console light on my 2004 Toyota Corolla?
i have a 1999 buick regal, and i want to put 22 inch rims on it, will i need spacers or will they fit?
How do I take the backseats out..?
Can you install a wideband O2 sensor on a non turbo car? ?
I just put a brand new radiator into my 01 honda civic but my car is leaking now. do you think its the?
How much roughly would these repairs cost? (I am trying to figure out how much I saved)?
1988 750il engine belts?
what does it mean if my car is leaking engine coolant?
what is the best kind of motor oil to use?
Need some help with car maintenance ?
2000 silverado ac problem?
Strange noise coming from the right.?
Whats the best way to clean the alloy wheels on my car?
have a 2003 1500 hd with a 6.0 im getting reduced engine power and check engine light on?
What can t do to fix my heat in my vehicle? ?
If I rev my engine in park for like 10 seconds to help it warm up will is hurt my engine or transmission?
Gas stations without lines?
My car ('95 Buick Regal) didn't turn over in the parking. Then did hours later. What gives?
Once your truck starts rusting underneath & around engine?
Are the Old and New Nissan 300zx Transmissions the same?
driving car without tire?
GUYS...What's a fuse in a fuel pump?
Can I replace the stock 235/65R16 tires on my Honda Odyssey Minivan with 215/60R16?
can any auto shops bend a rim back into shape?
sometimes my saturn sl1 starts sometimes it doesnt?
Does AWD mean power to all 4 tires all of the time?
can you install a vtec engine on a regular 4cylinder accord 95?
SRS Light On - 2001 Honda Civic LX?
service engine soon light that went away?
What's a lube? I always see "Oil, lube, filter" ads. I know what two of those items are!?
unable to pull start cord on my 49cc mini dirtbike,wheels siezed too,has no gears or clutch help?
testing a bad idle control valve?
1970 Chevelle Battery Problem?
the gas gage in my van is broke how do i tell how much gas is in my van?please help?
96 jeep has no power. Battery, cables, ground OK. What next? No owners manual. CAN YOU PLEASE HELP ME ?
I have a 92 GMC Yukon that after it warms up, it blows out 1-2 qts of oil from the filler cap. And then smokes
truck problem please help?
Will aftermarket California-compliant highflow catalytic converter pass smog test in California?
Does my truck have points or electronic ignition?
What Auto Car Code Reader CHEAP is good for Chrysler Concorde 1993 ?
Does anyone know what the air pressure for a 13 inch wheel on a ford fiesta should be?
Can you clean and reuse oxygen sensors?
A question about my muffler on my truck?
How does a car work with gas.?
Why is my car rattling?
what all is tested in no start diagnostics of a vehicle?
How often should my mom drive my soon-to-be-unused truck?
how do you fix a ac clutch in a 95 ford exploer?
4 wheel drive not working?
my phone is damage with water how can i fix it ?
If my O2 sensor has failed will I pass emissions?
what would a cool name for a company that sells forklift- lift truck parts be?
removing decal off car window?
What is the cause of head light not turning off?
why does the front shudder when I apply the brakes to my 05 Escape?
How to replace timing belt 93 trooper?
2006 sonata fuel pump does not run after air bag deploy?
can u bust a oil pan gasket by putting a oil filter on too tight?
why does my 302 cleveland have spark when key turned off instead of when cranking?
Where would i find cheap go kart engines and parts?
My car makes a squeaking noise when I accelerate?
How do you install a billet grill on a 2000 Silverado?
5. “Vacuum brake booster components consist of two subassemblies combined into a single assembly.?
why does a car start to vibrate anoyingly at a higher than ususal spee?
The lighs on my speedometer car only turn on when i press break anyone idea of what it may be wrong?
Whats better a powerhead or an airpump when attaching to a sponge filter?
How to shut off the Check engine light?
Does a car need to be reprogrammed if left dead for over a year?
can i just replace the tread on my truck tires or do i have to buy the rim?
What do I need to convert r-12 to r-134a?
So.. what happens when rain gets into your engine?
White smoke coming from exhaust?
Do you have to raise the engine on an '02 Windstar 3.8L to change the water pump?
How much for new paint?
How can you tell if something was put into your gas tank?
How to remove stale smell from car interior?
what gas lasts the longest: premium or regular?
where is the fuel pump on a 1981 buick skylark?
Why is my car engine shaking?
How much does an installation of a hydrogen system on a freighliner truck cost?
if someone knocked on your door...?
I have a Mazda 3 (2006) and was wondering where I can find snow chains for it. They require special chains.?