What size is the castle nut on a 2000 Toyota Sienna Lower Ball joint (OEM)?
Is the Mechanic charging too much for this work?!?
my 1997 Camry is stalling and is idling high?
Oil pressure goes to about 5psi at idle.?
I have a 2000 Saturn and my car wont start. Looking for a site with some answers?
Signs of batttery dying?
how does a diesel engine work?
i dented and scratched my mums car while she was away. i need a believable excuse. any ideas?
Hi, can anyone tell me if the alternator in a 98 Jeep Cherokee is 120 or 90 amps?
97 nissian p/u timing belt guide?
2002 Kia Rio - Check engine light is on and car is shaking?
Where can you go to find a free report on a car history ?
could diesel engine run with petrol?
how do you change a headlight on a 97pathfinder?
Car getting painted. Can I get just the clear coat re-done?
Is it necessary to warm up your car for a couple of minutes when the display panel shows "cold"?
true or false, Diesel engines are naturally oily, therefore leaks are to be expected.?
95 accord idle speed?
defenitions of productivity, efficiency and utilization?
My 1993 EFI Nissan Patrol is very difficult to srart first thing in the morning.?
Am i in trouble..oil with gas?
how many amps can go through a 14 gauge fusible link?
If I buy a used car with a ed windshield will my insurance cover fixing it?
Why does my 1996 jeep cherokee shake terribly when it picks up speed?
Full body Paint for a Firebird?
Driving Manual Transmission? Moving Slowly in 1st, need clutch?
1996 honda 300ex problem?
Which Tools Are The Best And Most Reliable...?
Why my 99 honda accord keeps shut off on the road?
All Wheel Drive, with a Flat Tire?
What is a reverse switch called?
does anybody knows where can i find description of scooter parts & their uses?
Problems with my radio, please help?
when I'm travelling in my car doing over 30mph every time i make a left turn the car makes a grinding noise...
Where the hell did I put my keys?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!????!!!???
i have a set of 350 double hump heads; i would like to know where they were made;what type they are and year.?
How to fix the heater in your car, and simplying figuring out whats wrong with it?
what do the oil go on a super pocket bike?
How do I reset the "change oil" light on a 2003 Lincoln Town Car?
What's wrong with my car? My brakes are making a horrible noise!?
My new Polaris Sportsman 500 X2 ATV has dry sump lubrication. Is this as good,or superior,to wet sump?
my mechanic says the muffler bearing in my car needs to be replaced at 50000 this true?
Car ran out of oil... yes I am a dumb girl. Help?
My van seems to be running hotter than it should. Should I worry?
1990 ford bronco II upholstery question?
My car lost all its oil and locked up?
I am considering putting a tornado in my dodge ram 1500 for better gas mileage. How well do they work?
how difficult is it to fit a new head gasket on a car engine.?
98 explor want to clean injectors-can't get throttle body and emissions assembly loose from exhaust tube from
I added about 10ml of Transmission Sealer to my gas tank by mistake, now what?
I put an additive and over filled the oil level,now all of a sudden I have extreme blowby !!?
How to keep fog off windshield?
My car has heavy shaking/vibration when I take it over 60mph..What causes that? Or how can i fix it?
my mercury mystique dies when i come to a stop or idle, if i apply a little gas it stays running any idea??
How do you remove paint splatter from a car?
Can one day of salt damage chrome?
Will 1972 Buick riviera 15" rims fit on a 1991 Buick riviera.?
My car is saying "Check engine"?
Weak/going bad Map sensor question No check engine light?
why is this happening?gas?
Where can I find a owner's manual for a 2003 Dodge Neon (unsure of package) ?
whats wrong with my car?
How much does it cost to replace an air filter in an Integra RS?
i have a 05 dodge durango with 142.000 miles, and i was told that i need a brake and transmission flush.?
what size socket do i need to remove front hub nut on a ford focus mk1 t plate thanks?
where can i get rid of an old car battery?
1995 f150 xlt, truck was in low impact accident air bag came out, turns over but dont start isthere somthin?
Why does my grandad kick the tyres of cars?
how to change the cabin air filter 2011 kia soul?
does anyone know a website that can show me how to install a fender on a 2001 mitsubishi eclipse?
how do you mix 8:8:1 paint for autos?
How do i change a light bulb?
How much does it cost to have a carburetor rebuilt?
Car dies when idling?
how much would it cost to re-paint a 2000 honda civic?
Do I need to bleed my brakes or not?
car windows fogging up?
I have a xr3i that has power to the coil but no spark at the plug the coil is not sparking?
ok, i messed up - oversized the tires on my 2004 silverado crew cab. gas mileage destroyed. why?
What solenoid is for the EVAP emission control system control valve?
Suspension raise needed if I put 20" rims on a cutlass ciera brougham?
What rims and tires will fit on my 2007 F-150?
Where is the bank 1 sensor 1 oxygen sensor in relation to the spark plugs?
car wont start, any ideas?
I need to know how long it take to pump up a dodge clutch master slave cylinder?
help fast i know am dead?
starter kill output(-) 250ma help please?
Does a car engine lose horsepower over time, and why?
i need a car bumper?? For a 1993 mazda protege... HELP?
Can I use different ing AMP instead of my old one?
Having problems with clutch, hydraulics or brakes?
Does a window cleaner have the right to use my drive to clean next doors windows?
Who has had trouble with transmission in a Durango?
how do i wire alternator to start with flash light battery and power inverter?
Will; this airhorn project work guys?
Am I damaging my engine? Please help!?
head bolt torque 2002 rover 25 1.4 petrol thanks?
My BRAKE light wont go off?
technical information about on road mobile servicing?
What would you like to ask?
mustang convertible rear window wont roll down?
question bout 1996 dodge neon?
Air Alert valve caps used by anyone?
What is wrong with my car, when my steering wheel does not turn easily for the first few turns?
How do you install an FMU on a Jeep Wrangler 1997?
How can i remove a stripped NUT (not the bolt)? Any suggestions?
What can this be? bad fuel injector? transmission?
I am leaking compression?
Best time to change oil?
Why are all auto mechanics slimeballs? why do they always try to rip people off?!?!?
How much will a engine cost for this car?
how do you fix a starter?
Engine dies when I disconnect battery.?
why does black smoke pour out of my exhaust when i accelerate in my Rover 25?
ow good and bad it is without an exhaust on your car?
What is a fair price for Dodge Neon 95 front brake pads?
why can't i find the e-mail of safety and transportation?
how much would it cost to get a spoiler for and put on a 1999 infiniti g20?
How close should my car disc brakes be touching the rotor?
Does my car need a muffler?
Any one have cold start problems with Nissan Altima 2.5S ('02-'05)?
how to get the gasoline smell out of your hands?
Whats a good color for racing stripes on a black car?
Transmission fluid change on High Milage vehicle?
how to clear out the a/c codes on 97 cadillac sedan deville??
Why is my gear shift stuck in 97 explore ?
Why is brake fluid dripping under the middle of our SUV?
How do you know when the drive belt and timing belts need to be replaced?
Vibration clanking 05 Tundra?
Does My Lighter Have A Leak?
Why does it start with the clutch pulled in?
my engine is making a clunking sound?
Isuzu Rodeo Transmission problem. Any ideas?
Looking for a good mechanic in central MA?
What causes nasty looking, brownish-orangish sludge in a radiator?
I hit someones bumper. Should I wait to hear the estimate or tell my parents immediately. No Insurance.?
Whats wrong with my Fiat Punto ??
can i start my car even tho the alternater needs replacing as its broken?
What would be causing brake pads to smoke?
what does it generally mean if a vehicle is burning alot of oil? (no leaks)?
How easy is it to install an alternator in my car? Should I do it myself?
where can i buy jaguar parts?
Is it bad to "quick key" a vehicle when you try to start it?
Why would a car battery drain from 12.7 to 10.5 overnite?
Is it expensive to maintain the turbo on a turbo car and is it worth having a turbo car?
Can anybody explain to me what this whole Diesel Euro 4 DPF thing is all about?
What kind of transmission fluid should I use on my car?
why doesnt my car start when i turn the key it only makes a clicking noise repeadetly but it trurns on when i?
How many hours change a Ford Expedition motor in 04?
How do I wire trailer lights on my 2009 Focus?
Should I body mod or engine mod first?
my car wont start and i dont know what could be wrong. its a 2001 pontiac sunfire. PLEASE HELP!!! :)?
I need to know if my car has brake pads or brake shoes on the rear.?
what color should i paint my 56 belair?
How can I add more speed/HP to my 1981 Kz 250?
Replacing the corner lights on a 1994 Ford Taurus.?
i bought the car for £1700 pound it is a T reg rover 214 8v I have only done 600 miles in it in last eight?
my car keeps cutting out when i pull up at low speed or stop at traffic lights.?
How to open the fuel tank cover of 1991 mercedes Benz 300e?
Does anyone know of a cheap but effective way to tell how much gas I have in my tank on a 1985 Jeep J10?
How do I remove the radio from a 95 Honda Accord for replacement?
Hi, I'm looking to make a really cool flamethrower. Using propane,butane,gasoline and anything else.?
professional mechanic tools?
Foot Long Slight Dent in back side panel?
how hard is it to replace floor pans on a datsun 240z?
"How expensive is it to replace a high pressure hose of an air conditioner in a 2005 Dodge Neon?
1998 Cadillac Catera leaks rain water into passenger side floorboard. Any experienced suggestions?
"any mechanics?piston and ring help",i have another question....?
where can i try rims on my 1977 delta 88royal car?
will the motor in my 97 Cadillac Sts fit in my 2000 Deville? Both 32 Valve V8 Northstars HELP!?
can automatic cars have loud exhaust like a standerd car?
I was wondering if anybody knew of any performance parts for a 3.4L 24valve twin DOHC Pontiac GTP?
My first Auto paint Job, Need some help with the paint thinning? is any brand ok and how much?
what are the best tools for sanding down metal chrome bumpers for paint?
HELP HELP HELP P0300 code?
i want to drop the front of my 2005 ford ranger 5 inches what would be the best way to do this?
How Do I Get My Car This Shiny?
where is a good spot to buy parts for an old threewheeler i bought?
painting problem how do i?
How do I stop my car windshield from fogging up so bad?
Any tips on how to loosen a stuck bolt?
Fixing my Suzuki but what are the best clutch plates?
Why would a car be running only off battery?
Michelin defenders vs Toyo extensa a/s?
Lockes out if my car?
Re-chrome a rim, how? $?
collision repair on 2002 dodge intrepid?
how much would it cost to fix the front end of a bmw m3?
Any ideas on how to fabricate a "Heads Up Display" for my car?
What is a whole intact car part?
Can I put a turbo on my car?
Whenever I accelerate the first time after starting my car, there is a hesitation, any ideas as to why?
2000buick century(steering issues)..when the cars at idle,steering wheel moves a lil while the wheels dont?
Lt1 throttle body water leak?
car wont start unless jumped?
96 honda accord v6 2.7L.?
How long can you play music in a car when the engine is turned off before the battery will die?
Ford windstar keyless entry problem can't set new remote followed instructions and locks never activate?
Why dose my car shake when i drive from5-20mph when it goes above it, it stop shaking.?
i've got a diesal vauxhall corsa which is slow 2 start in the morning! any suggestions?
Check engine lamp on after oil change?
squealing noise when i drive?
how do I fix my car horn?
Need help please!!! With bolt extraction?
after putting new rims on my honda the lug nuts are loosening and coming off after 50 miles how can i fix this?
do i have a blown head gasket?
97 Explorer 4x4 will any V6 transmission work and does it have to have o/d drum sensor?
I put 22 inch wheels on my 1991 chevy Silverado will it affect my horsepower?
I have a 1996 Toyota Avalon xls need to change the spark plugs and can only locate me there should be?
New alternator still not charging, high RPM 2000 Mazda Protege?
What is the life expectancy of 1997 mazda b2300 timing belt?
my washer fluid is leaking how hard is it to replace the tank or what every you call it?
i have a f150 a/c starts cold and asoon as i start driving it suddenly it comes hot air and then cold air bac?
How do you remove break marks on a fixed gear rims?
What would cause a Vauxhall Corsa to leak water inside?
Can water instead of antifreeze cause white exhaust?
Car won't start, clicking noise but good battery?
How much would it cost to have the front brake lines done of my s10?
function of a transmission control solenoid?
what could be the problem when my 95 Chevy. lumina is leaking oil?
New brake shoes makeing a runbbing noise?
Confused about max tire pressure vs car mfr placard?
1980 yamaha 850 special oil change?
Is this car dealership screwing me? This is the 3rd week I'm bringing my car in!?
How can I remove a broken key from a car's ignition?
Can you stall an automatic car (how) ???
mazda protege LX 2003 fender removal?
what is the purpose of the ion propelled engine?
I have a 99 oldsmobile intrigue and the coolant boils up and my radiator is cold on one side and hot on the ot?
Recommendations on painting my own car?
I am traveling between states for the next few months, how can i get better gas mileage on my santa fe?
2005 kia spectra has slight vibration in steering wheel?
Ford - Chevy 'war' question?
My 96 won't turn over at all when turned forward and the battery is'nt down and the starter just got changed?
has anyone used wheel adapters on a 2004 trailblazer?
chainsaw hellp?
Motorized seat belt problem.....................?
Would a blown clutch cause clutch pedal to fall to floor? Hope its my pressure plate and not master cylinder!?
Manual transmission on RWD suv feels like it is moving?
Should I buy a new or used starter for a 1993 Ford Escort?
fan belt slipping on car,how can i stop it just till i get time to fix it at the weekend? any ideas?
when was the last time you fixed a flat tire?
brake schematic for 66 air cooled vw?
Making a go kart?
where is the horn located on a 1996 kia sephia , mine stoped working and i can't find it .?
Honda Passport (Isuzu Rodeo) Problems?
where can i buy 2005 toyota corolla s headlights?
what are some good brands of pistons that will increase horsepower?
can i convert my truck this way?
find engine sizes for a 1964 ford falcon?
If you get a lift kit installed, do you need to get bigger rims/tires?
Can a (higher amp) battery overheat and destroy the alternator?
How can i get better gas mileage on my truck?
1990 bronco electric problem?
What causes a new car paint job to pit?
Had to jump start our other car, now our '05 accord won't start.?
Has any effort to harness the waste heat of an internal combustion engine been successful?
What is the cause of car vibration at 75mph~100mph (120kph~160kph)?
My car loses coolant but its not leaking?
My car steering wheel shaking, already replaced tires, balanced twice, 4 wheel alignment and still shaking?
Why is my oil light on?
Rattling sound when I push my brakes lightly and coast downhill?
How hot should air coming through the vents be?
Could my car be burning oil ?
My 06 Mercedes CLK manual says that I can do 13k between oil changes; should I wait that long?
Squeaking noise from belt?
does a vehicle emissions test cause damage to the vehicles engine at all?
My van will not start we have replaced: starter, distributor cap, rotary button, and coil what could be wrong?
How many months before change synethic oil in car (regardless of miles used)?
Should i go with mileage or date for getting an oil change?
my 1997 Chrysler T&C has a noise but dont know if it is the transmission?
how much force would it take for a ford 350 bumping a van also a 350 for the sliding door that is open to shut?
Why doesn't my car start?!?
How do you pump motor oil out of the big oil drums 55gal and 16gal drums?
Is there a way to change the biting point of a clutch?
I just replaced my engine mounts a year ago and they need to be replaced again. Is there a reason for this?
1996 Ford F150 with rust on fenders?
Where is the bonnet switch on the Smart 2001 Pure?
My 2005 Saturn Relay will not move......Any clues?
what doe it mean when the service engine soon light comes on but the car is running fine?
I have to run 220 from my box to my hydrolic lift, what size breaker should I use?
check engine light came on?
Beeping Rover 400 (N reg)?
how to get more than 3000rpm on a mitsubishi v6 4x4 engine?
Did i just f*ck up my cyinder head?
fixed vacuum tubes now rpm at 2000?
1988 f250 pickup looses power?
air intake filters?
Good Battery, New Alternator and Cables, Battery keeps going dead?
I was driving to fast in a car now smoking underneath.?
How can I tell if I have a flat tire?
What the heck is it??
the cruise control of my 98 honda accord is not working.please help?
Buick Regal GS labor time to remove transmission?
Rustoleum paint mixing question?? ?
i am getting no spark to my cylinders, bad crank angle sensor? (90 nissan 240sx)?
Hunter Clemson,i already replaced alternator&battery 2 days ago.light just came on today while i was driving?
What is the best way to clean my spade?
What web site can i go to for a good cheap truck?
im having a prob with my 97 jeep 4.0L. i keep geting a code for B1S2 high volts.sensor is new.what do ido next
where can i go to ask people on the net a mechanical question about my car?
where can i by a tank?
2 new tires; front or back?
My car won't start please help?
why cant all cars use e85 fuel?
Are single cylinder engines still in use?
where can i find the fue pump in a 2004 crown victoria?
Our car battery kept dying due to an electrical draw. Did they overload other systems during testing?....?
1996 ford taurus?
Kobalt Air Compressor 1.3hp 22 gal. tank?
will my car burn more gas if serpentine belt is too tight, or makes the engine harder to run?
changing the interior bulb?
I want to fit CNGKit in SX4 maruti. Plz advise(who hv technical knowledge) would it affect engine life.?
roof damage done to car while out of town.?
help me find an answer about my car?
Pug 306 Snapped Driveshaft or Clutch Problem?
What is the best place to take my 65 mustang GT Conv for paintwork (in Colorado preferably)?
Why doesn't the heat work in my van?
i need help for my car!?
Does it sound like my car maybe overheated based on what happened?
what gas lasts the longest: premium or regular?
Does anyone know a cheap good place or website to get cool air intakes?
I got an oil change and the report told me that there is water in my oil what should I do?
Will my car fail it's MOT if the rear window wiper doesn't work?
After performing a spring brake chamber replacement how should the defective spring brake chamber be disposed?
what would cause a car to have no oil pressure and make a bad clacking noise?
Problem with my cars brakes?
how much oil do i put in a 2005 dodge caravan 3.3L v6?
can I use Nissan CVT-NS2 fluid to replace Matic-s or Matic-J?
I just cleaned my iac and now my car barely starts....?
oil light is on the whole time im driving, i topped up oil already.?
MUST I use the more expensive 89 gas instead of cheaper 87?
Driving downhill, would I save gas/petrol if I put the gears in neutral as opposed to a higher gear?
how do you change a bulb in the fog lights on a seat toledo 2001?
what is the average price for a piant job on a car?
where do i locate the lifter bars on my car?
How can I remove sweat stains from my beige BMW leather car seat? Please do not recommend any brand products!?
how do i fix the dome light on a 90 chevy silverado?
My car sometimes feels like its running out of gas but its not.?
How to replace Ford aerostar rear window?
Can I use the new 85 octane ethinal now offered at some Sunoco stations for a 2000 Impala?
How much does buying and installing a car thermostat cost?
I have no spark in my 93 del sol. what could it be?
how long should it take to put a engine and transmission into a car?
My 1996 Honda Accord Brake Paddle goens down all the way when i press the brake.?
how to do a glass break or creak on car?
Dear All, I need pin configuration of LF43 (Engine Control Unit) whcih is used in MAZDA 6.?
If it rod how do I know or who would be best to take it too find out? I live in Logansport,In. No dealers here?
Car acting up after changing spark plugs?
I have had brown stains on the windows that come off very stubbornly when washing, what could this be?
when the check engine light pops up dose that mean the sencores are bad on 95 plymoth neon?
how to change an accord radiator (96)?
Where can I find parts (especially window regulator) for a 1995 Honda Passport?
Hard starting. My 1996 maxima goes off when the car is either running slow or i?
What are camber kits for?
370z speedometer question?
my civic transmission or clutch might be going out help plz!!!?
where is the knock sensor located on 1993 pontiac grand prix 3.4 liter?
Car turns on then off?
How can I repair this?
How difficult is it to repalce a starter?
95 GMC 5.7 crank shaft?
How to get under the hood of my 94 caravan.?
Just replaced pads and rotors, brakes still making noise when not applied?
Legal Question About Mechanic Work?
How much for rotors and pads?
will a b18a1 fit into a 1988 prelude?
engine swap?
If I use a 3/4" wrench on hydraulic lines, what size are they? And which fittings? (see inset)?
My car is acting really funny-- need a car expert.?
What color should i paint my truck?
My Hood On My 1988 Buicl Park Avenue won't Come Up and the string is broke is there anything else i can do.
What is the octane rating of nitromethane?
1995 nissan maxima it starts to stall evertime it teaches 2000 rpm it does it in park and in all gears?
how much does it cost to replace an oil pump in a 1998 ford wind-star with a 3.8 liter engine?
How do I tune and adjust fuel / air flow for my new edelbrock carb?
When do studded tires need to come off?
I put a p. steering pump on my 98 ranger (stick) and it blows the return line off when started. whats wrong?
Steering wheel started shaking yesterday, and today brakes started grinding!?
Has anyone tried DuPont's new Teflon car care products?
I have a stsvens model 94 m 12gauge i want to know how old it is?
Engine Replace or Rebuild?
Does gas price @ the pump swings with oil futures too?
my car starts but than makes a grinding noise while running?
Please help me with my 1988 t-bird. It has 69,000 KM. and has had a complete tune up?
Will putting a car battery on concrete really drain the charge out of it?
where can i find hot rod kit cars ?
I have a 1970 vw bus and i was driving and my pedal went to the floor. had no movement. how can i fix it.?
how do i cure sticking rings on a diesel engine?
Do you need to take the spring off the door to change the hinge pins and bushings on a 97 GMC truck? How?
i have a car that wont start?
should I buy a 1995 mercedes c220 with a bad engine wiring harness?
On a carborated vehicle if there is no air filter in the air intake will it make the vehicle idle higher?
Is my car dead 90 in 3rd lots of smoke?
how do i change headlight in 98 ford ranger?
Lifetime powertrain warranty for cars?
I have a '99 Mazda 626 that the sunroof wont close, plus it makes a "Ern" noise when trying to close, Help?
Why are the o/s mirrors either falling off or secured by tape on african american owned vehicles in detroit,mi
How much does it cost to fix or replace a fuel pump for a 1992 Chrysler LeBaron?
I need to remove the rear rotors on a 1998 Maxima. The front ones were easy. The rear ones wont Budge.?
Help with 2000 hyundai tiburon manual trans rebuild?
why does my exhaust pop when i rev engine?
where do i find the Mazda 626 fuse location for the dome light fuse?
Oil Leak, Engine won't start.?
How much would it be to replace a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee heater core/ difficulty of putting one in yourself?
how can i get rid of water in the back of my car?
i have 49.7cc scotter,it runs good the fist take off butwhen it gets it gets up to 6 rpms it heasitats real?
how to reset oil change light on 04 impala?
what things can go wrong by running out of gas?
What could be causing my smoking transmission?
Help my Car won't turnover?
Very little power and O/D Off light blinking?
Put that super leak seal in my cars a/c now its blowing refrigerant and not getting cold.?
New to me car problems?
I need a transmission flush. How long can I wait?
90 toyota 3.0 v6 is there a way to cheat oxygen sensor long enough to see if it is defective?
I have a 1998 Dodge Durango and it's not blowing air. I think it's the vacuum line or hose has broken.
i want an rb 25 in a 95 240sx?
1997 Pontiac Trans-am LT-1. Can't get the number one fan to operate. The fan motor is good. What do I check?
Astra SXi 16v 1.6 Petrol EGR Valve?
everytime i turn the car on or turn it on after it stall inflateable restraint light flasses what does it mean?
YZ 125 knocking and wont get over 10 mph. What you think is wrong?
So inspection is coming up and cant seem to figure out why my break tail light wont go off?? Any suggestions?
Is it cheaper to buy a new engine or get one fixed?
how much has petrol increased in price?
can you put any engine into a car?
Kit car on a S-10 frame?
Am I gonna have to get a brand new transmission??!!!?
2003 f150 wipers, horn, and a/c all stopped working at same time. any ideas?
car hyundai wont go into gear?
where can I get a factory wiring harness for a pontiac firebird?
does sloshing sound in petrol tank cause problems?
Car's a/c only blows weak air?
What is the problem when there is a indicator light for the back lights displayed in a 1997 Toyota Camry?
What is the max wheel offset for 1982 F-100?
Wheel jerks suddenly left/right, about every 5 minutes or so when i'm driving...?
P0455 on car not sure the problem!?
My car smells like oil sometimes, does it mean it may need oil or leaking oil? ?
my 94 plymouth voyager Oxygen sensor will not come out ,I bought a special socket and it rounded out flats on?
what has happened when your handbrake has came up higher than normal permanantly?
Does anyone know where I can find a 1977 triumph tr7 cylinder head? Carburetor version.?
My car is making a noise....?
i,m looking for an independant car assesor after haveing very poor work done on my vw beetle can anyone help?
i have a 96 honda accord with a overheating problem i've replace a lot of parts and it still overheats anyidea
How do you install a water pump for a 1988 chevy camaro step by step?
where can i get a how to guide on swapping a rb25det into my nissan 1995 240sx?
where can i find instructions on how to replace the rubber piece of my windshield wiper blade?
How many volts should an alternator put out?
Are my tires still good?
Car problems. Is it the ignition?
Who is the better auto maker, Chevy, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, Toyota or Buick?
my 91 toyota wants to stall but does'nt untill i make a sudden stop or just sitting at a light.?
Why does my car use so much gas?
How much PSI should i put in my tires?
Is there a company in America that makes this type of engine?
My car didn't want to start?
what is making the gas go up in price?
Can I buy just one new tire?
where can i get a chopped chevy rear end?
How do I know if my jeep grand cherokee has a CV or U joint for the drive shaft?
Replacing head require to re-time the motor?
Manual Transmission Problem Acura Integra!!!!?
2007 Malibu How to drain the engine coolant?
Wheres my antifreeze leak coming from?
How much is it to powder coat wheels? And brake calipers?
My mechanic changed my oil to much thicker should I be concerned? Galant 2006?
Is arco gas ok to run in your car?
When your connection rod goes bad in your engine can it be fixed or is your engine toast?
Clutch pedal is stiff, will driving more soften it?
i wonna clean my car engine can i spray it with water?
Why does my car burn oil?
I had to replace the chrome tail light piece on my honda vtx. Are the screw holes pre-tapped?
Is a b18 LS in a 95' eg hatch coup fast?
My car smokes but it doesnt overheat?
motorcycle2005kawasiki ninja 250 can i get some heads up info$2000..5000..miles on it?
My brakes started squeaking today, should I get them fixed or just torch the car and start over?
when I come to a stop, my cars rpms will drop and die, what could be the problem?
I can't seem to get my remote radio controls on the steering wheel to work on my Stratus.. any suggestions?
why is my car discharging my battery ?
where is the fuel pump located on a 1997 saturn sc2?
Car Problem. Acura Integra 95 Battery?
is it illegal to drive without a drivers wing mirror?
My front balance shaft locked up in my 92 turbo talon?
Where can I find a clutch fork?
power lock will only lock when driver door is closed?
can certified welder visually inpect welds?
Rear brakes worn out before front?
what is the best brand of tires to get for a 1999 gmc jimmy 4x4 and where to buy them?
Is my transmission going or?
Do I need to replace my car battery?
could i have blown my head gasket?
WD40 What can it be used for?
car radio works at random times, plus other things, electrical problems?
roaring under hood of 98 buick century?
Vibration on the brake peddle?
Corsa B 2nd hand key and barrel?
what is wrong with my car if it wont upshift for a couple days and then goes away?
Mazda6 2003 sport, when i let go off the wheel the car turns to the right ?
I need bmw 325 m quarter panels replaced, but can't get them anywhere else but the dealer. Ideas?
My 2000 chevy silverado headlights stay on 24/7 even in daylight?
Experienced mechanics. Can you help?
Is transmission flush necessary for a car or waste of money?
What causes bearings to loosen and bolt?
Why does my car shake when my ac is on and in parked or stopped.?
Is it possible to add lugs to lugless rims?
1993 ranger will not start-only one click then nothing?
How hard is it to change oil lines on a blazer?
Car Question?
Has anyone painted a 57 Chevy?
why do some people like to gun the gas pedal right after starting their car?
What is wrong with my car?
Do you keep service intervals strictly when maintaining your car?
i have a 93 infiniti j30,when i am driving under 30mph the car feels like it just jumps to nuetral,what is it?
Does 2003 celica gts need an HID kit( ballast and the things that comes with it) or just the HID bulb? Thanks.
Coolant Light on Jetta 02?
How much would it cost to replace a broken headlight (bulb and glass) on a 2007 impala?
whats the range of cost of a fuel filter for a 98 saturn?
97 Buick lasabre. diagnostic code P1870. What does it mean?
my gf has a 94 mazda 626 lx?
How do I remove the radio from a 95 Honda Accord for replacement?
hooked up battery and starter just started turning engine ..with key off?
Cure my car? Symptoms below.?
fly wheel on minibike wont turn?
do a 1997 ford expedition have to have cadillac converter on it?
Should I swap trucks...?
Can i put a roll bar with a full tool box on a 1985 Toyota Pickup in the back or wouldn't it fix?
Can I bring someone else's car into the dealership for an oil change?
what can i do to make my car faster?
Does $1,300 sound reasonable to fix a rear bumper dent from a slow moving rear end collison?
Why does auto battery voltage fluctuate when not running?
What is mechanically the most simple car?
Normal for car to high idle on first gear after start up?
rotten egg smell at work.. gas leak?
Check Engine Light Coming On?
my daughters car will not start. It's a 1986 honda, manual, She truns the key and nothing. the lights o.k.
whats happends If I put premiun gas on an unleaded only gas car?
what basic and scan tool tests should be done to diagnose an issue with shifting?
Put 3 gallons of old lawnmower gas in brand new car and now its not working.?
I have a 98 Honda Civic. Just yesterday I was leaving from work and my clitch hit the floor with no problem.?
car want start question?
My WIFE had been driving with no engine oil or coolant now the car makes rattling noises and cuts off?
How much do tires cost?
What else can i try if my brakes are still not grapping after replacing the pads.?
Is it pointless to have a remote start for a manual transmission vehicle?
my ford fiesta blows cold air any idea's?
I need advice on what steps to take to get the better results.?
Next Good Mod For My 2003 Mustang GT?
Should I get a warranty on this 2005 Lexus ES?
how is cold weld performed?
If you had your engine rebuilt and didn't change your oil at 1,000 miles, would it blow the head gaskets?
what can i do to my 6.0hp gokart motor to make it have better performenc and speed with out spending to much $?
I bought a car that doesnt run it did when i drove off the lot. it broke down in 24hrs. can i get my money bac?
Car Alarm No Light Flashing?
What's wrong with my car?
acceleration on A Car?
I have a 86 mercedes 300 e 2.3 it doesnt start i dont know why?
Which is better foresster or trail blazer?
black friday deals for aftermarket car parts?
does anyone know how much it would be to replace a strut on a 99 ford taurus?
Can you mess up a vehicle by using it to jumpstart another?
How can i tell if my car is f*cked?
92 camaro 305 tbi 5 speed speed sensor?
Is there a way to change the biting point of a clutch?
Why is there smoke coming from my engine?
My heater is not working, just blows cold air. And my temp keeps going hot.?
Yes i let my engine warm up?
How can attach garden hoses to insides of utility trailer if have electrical wires running through for lights?
semi synthetic motor oil in diesel landrover?
My auto transmission works fine in reverse, but no drive in frwd gears at all.?
how much is fuel system service at Pep Boys?
Diesel engines - increase performance?
my 1990 chevy is overheating. Dark brown fluid came out under passenger side dash into the floor?
Got a new starter and battery, car electricity now haywire?
How do you measure the stoke of a crankshaft?
what is the easiest way to change belt on my 99 eclipse GS? do i have to lift up the engine at all?
How to wire single radiator fan?
How do I convert an automatic transition to standard?
My car will not turn on without jumper cables, when i disconnect them it dies, whats wrong?
car shakes violently, and pulls to the right.....just a had break jobe done.....related?
how do I reset the service\check engine light on a 98 ford escort lx\le?
Need help getting my car started.?
Check engine light problem?
2001 higlander no ac, rear defrost, will not lightup,resoldered heater wires which we broken-fuse? advice?
Please help! Fuel/Oil Questions for Toyota Camry.?
My car will not start?
what could i do So My 24'' rims Dont hit?
whats better hydraulic or roller lifters?
where can i find out how to put a chain sprocket on my cobra motor scotter?
over heating....?
i have a 90 Honda accord. when i park or shift into reverse there's a thud. It...?
'99 Nissan Frontier front suspension lift?
My hand break light keeps coming on!!?
How often does a hybrid car need charging?
Vauxhall Dealership won't offer me a courtesy car for faults to car.?
is 350 dollars a fair price to replace a intake manifold?
Check Engine Light is one, what should I do?
my wife put cheep gas in my car and now it is jolting as if there is some one pumping my brakes?
Is it legal for a mechanic to charge me extra money when I just asked for an oil change.?
Where is the turn signal flasher relay located on a 79 Toyota p.u.?
How do I change the oil in a Ford Expedition 2001 EB Edition 4WD?
How to adjust the revs on your car?
i have three tiny rusted spots on the hood of my car. i have very little to no money since my accident. how?
should i do repairs on my car or scrap it?
what is the cost to refill NO2 tires?
1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GST wont start. Please help!!?
Shocks for Dodge Ram 3500 van?
2001 vw new beetle transmission problem .....wont shift
Can anyone tell me where the fuel pressure regulator is in a 04 Nissan sentra?
Dodge Dakota Transmision Specs for 2000?
About how much within $100 would it cost to replace a radiator on a 10 year old car?
what does deck mean on a new 2006 chrysler sebring 4 door sedan? came up where milage was located? light wont?
Noise underside of car. Need help!?
effects of a bypass valve on a car?
I have a Kia safea that the#3 cylinder does not fire. I unplug plug to that injector and its no change to idle?
Hi, My '93 Honda Accord revs up, then down,up, down when it's cold... and after it's warmed up..what's wrong?
How to drive a manual car??? tips???
I have a 1998 ford contour it starts but once u take d gas pedal off it turns off?
How to get a bad smell out of my car?
Is the fuel pump ever inside the gas tank?
How often should we change the oil in cars that get only 3500 miles per year, mostly short trips in the city?
I have a 1998 ford taurus , and the head lights won't go off. even though the switch says off?
replace speaker in 1991 buick regal?
how do I change the brakes on a mercury tracer?
I smell gas when driving what could it be?
What kind of oil does my 95 1.8 acura integra gsr use?
All five lugs on my Volvo wheel have seized. How do I change my tire?
My Bmw Is not staring up..(Engine) BMW 1995 540i 8 Cylinder Engine 4.0?
how to remove 97 cavalier hubcaps?
Should I service my renault clio or not and what is recommend from manufacturer to service?
I have a 9.7 ford Thunderbird w/a 4.6 l engine. it turns over but will not start. i havee had the coils tested?
Will corvette rims fit on a 1989 trans am gta ?
I noticed a puddle of water underneath my car yesterday...?
can you add power steering to a 1967 vw bus ?
How do I remove my car stereo from my 2002 Toyota Tacoma?
My car is eating through too much oil?
i have gas in my oil. what do i check 1st?
which fuse controls the heater in a 1979 chevrolet truck?
antifreeze in your car?
Why is it difficult to turn the wheels while stationary?
1995 ford escort won't start-just a clicking noise-Help!?
looking for: leftside winshield wiper arm for 1970 Chevy El Camino.?
How safe is it to drive for a while with an oil leak from your valve cover?
List of Daimler-Chrysler Factories.?
Why is my Vehicle Overheating?
Was my 1997 Ford Taurus already having Transmission issues?
will these tires fit these rims?
Lost my car's key what do I do?
Fix it or get a new car?
car code reader, best?
what causes the back end of car to sway side to side?
Age or Miles? Should I replace my timing belt because my car is 8 years old, despite the low mileage?
what is the proper drive belt routing for 1995 dodge caravan?
Hawk remote locking system?
how much would a brake fluid change cost?
Are 265/70R15 and 245/70R16 tires interchangeable?
Is it possible to buy only the passenger side window deflectors / visor for a truck?
How do I stop my 2002 Ford Taurus from having a smell from the heater?
are there any auto shocks made in usa. if yes what brand?
can i still drive my car even if i have failed the inspection?
Does motor oil go "bad"?
Just a tad confused about HID light description?
Mercedes C180k 2006 Engine runs at 40 c heater only warm- will rise on idle fan kicks in can anyone assist ple?
knocking, engine noise?
In an internal combustion engine, if I have 90 psi compression without spark and fuel, what...?
What's Wrong With My Truck?
How do I disarm the alarm on a 1996 Dodge Stratus? (I have a spare key...and can't find the keyless remote)
I have 87 camero v6 fuel injection it was runing till the next day didnt want to only gives crank?
Which Car is best in mileage?
transmission not goin in gear?
Is it possible for a person with little mechanical car knowlege to replace a head gasket on a 1998 peugeot 106
where is my factory keyless code? 02 explorer?
Why does my car gives off a squeeking noise when I use it in the morning?
What is a camshaft dephaser circuit/cost?
How do you change the AC compressor on a 95 GMC Vandura with a 5.7 Liter engine?
What is the best transmission oil / Gearbox oil for my Honda Civic?
i have a toyota prado 2004 everything is working properly new battery and a full tank but still it doesnt fi?
Car problem, electrical maybe.?
How do I fix engine knock caused by running out of oil - Valve stem knock?
03 F150 5.4L 143k miles. Something went pop from the motor No smoke, steam, leaks, smell and little power loss?
can you replace this engine with a honda engine?
What is the worst thing that could happen if...(Auto Mechanics)?
pontiac grand prix. changed the tires used the emerg. brake, now one tire locked?
How do I reset my Honda Civic so that it won't say Maintenance Required?
How do I take out the front passenger seat of my Jeep Wrangler?
Does k&n short intake have to connect to the air box?
why would a toyota w/ new head gasket have no compression ?
How do i clean my engine bay?
what can i smell from the exhaust on my car?
95 ford escort manuel transmission problem.?
why does my front light come on when i break ???????
Engine runs cold especially in cold weather?
will a 12 volt charger charge a car battery?
1988 Chevy Cavalier Z24 problems with IDLING while WET.?
My car shakes alot when iam waiting for the red light ?
Do I really, really, really Have to go?
How do you drain and refill the radiator?
Accidently put a cap full of Transmission Fluid where the Brake Fluid Goes. Should I be worried?
will the interior from a 2000 dodge ram 1500 fit in a 1996 dodge ram 1500?
How do I loose in my chain on my 110cc atv? Please!!!!?
I have a 2008 Nissan Versa I get a humming buzzing sound around 50-55 mph?
service engine light on 2000 nissan maxima?
Can anyone tell how much a tyre for Ford Ikon costs?
Does this mean my Alternator is bad, or something else?
Car pulls to the right, and shakes when going over 65?
what is the best pressure for the tires on my toyota carolla 99'?
Why would both my front brakes enage while driving and not release?
what's wrong with my engine?
1996 Mazda 626 , 2.5 vacuum?
I put too much Oil in my car, please help!!?
A patient is to be given 350 ml of plasma over 3 hours. The set has a drop factor of 20 drops/ml. What is the ?
The radio and heater/ac lights go out when i put my headlights on.?
My car will not start and I have replaced the entire starting system in my 1978 ford ranchero. whats wrong?
I purchased a 99 expedition 2 days ago, and it wont start, can i take it back??
Mixed Peak 50/50 Antifreeze and and Shell CONCENTRATE Anti-freeze?
correct and best possible transmission fluid?
How do I get out the oil that has leaked onto the garage floor?
Cleaning heavily soiled leather seats on a '00 Ford Explorer?
What is the difference in needle jets on carburetors,?
My car heats up very fast when it is idling what can be wrong with the engine?
car making a noise and will not go over 20mph?
attention old school mechanics need your help?
1995 pontiac sunfire tourqe specs manifold head bolts?
mitsubishi eclipse 95 manual transmission problem?
Which oil is better for summertime driving 10W40 OR 20W50?
Does this mean my Alternator is bad, or something else?
Bought a new car with "remote start" can't get it work?
Is this possible? (READ MORE)?
transmission service?
Chrysler cirrus rpm increasing while putting into park?
is the gm 3.8 v6 engine a hemi cyl head design?
Dead battery and Key stuck in ignition?
does anyone know where i can buy a repair manual for my car?
What makes a car fast?? 10 Points!!?
where do I find parts to the mechanism of the folding back seats of my 2001 Nissan Frontier?
what does 2 step revving mean?
My brakes are making a scary, high-pitched squeal/squeak. What is this??
How do you get car window shine off your windscreen?
toyota pickup idle problems?
how to increasing power generated by alternator?
Brakes on a 1972 Corvette?
How do I make my car faster?
Do I really, really, really Have to go?
What's something funny GT can stand for?
how do i install leveling kit keyways on a 08 h3?
where to send complaints to ganley dodge?
how to gain more horse powers for my car?
Converting Crx to....?
How can I turn my car into a time machine?
how does he belt go back on a gx75 (transmission drive belt)?
How do you change a flat tire?
location of fuel filter on 02 seabring gtc?
how does an auto body shop repaint your car?
why do brake pads still sqeal when they are fairly new?
My civic is burning oil fast what does that mean?
Car starting problems after rain?
r/c nitro truck wont start?
How can I tell if I damaged my car by riding a flat?
Anyone ever tried to rebuild a 4t65e transmission?
1976 dodge globestar sportsman?
my mercury tracer is acting like it dont wanna run?
Headlight lens are dull?
whats wrong with my 1996 mazda?? please help?
what happens to a CAR that the timing belt or chain goes bad?
1995 Honda Accord. Thumping noise when accelerating through a turn. Left and Right.?
Goped GSR40 Killswitch?
Are foreign cars more expensive to repair than American cars?
car keeps stalling out?
If you pay $115 for a car battery and you are told it is an exclusive AAA Member Discounted price.True or not?
What causes the suction which draws the gaseous mixture of petrol and air into the cylinder?
Can i fit 37" tires on my truck? someone please help me!?
how do you change the head light bulb in a 2001 S10 pickup?
can anyone who is a mechanic tell me how they like there job?
does it matter if you use 87 octane or 90 octane gas in a lincoln towncar?
How do you get a small light scratch off a car so it's not visible?
Why does my '89Jeep die often after it has been sitting in the direct sun or if I turn the AC on?
Am I getting ripped off for this car repair?
Why is it that new cars have to take emissions tests but commercial trucks don't?
removing rust from disk brakes from car not driven much.?
How to repair the leaks of a/c compressor on toyota sienna?
polaris sportsman 90 wiring?
2002 Ford Focus SVT gushing antifreeze out the resevoir......why?
2000 Toyota Camry LE 4-Cyl Check Engine Light?
is it true that certain car engines have 2 spark plugs per cyllinder?
my car is making weird noise by the tire?
what is the best air conditioning model ?
If a vehicle is in shop for minor mechanical problem and a major problem occurs, who is reponsable?
On a '93 Ford truck are there pre-drilled holes for seats so I can pull out buckets and attach a bench seat?
Plunger in a car. How it works?
Wanted: '86 Mallard Sprinter RB022 Owner's Manual.?
How can i tell what size engine my car is?
Why do my hi beam headlamps work but not my low beams?
How do i find out how to line up my spark plugs and wires correctly?
When turning the rotors for a 2002 Honda Odyssey, are the bearings involved, or can I do it easily myself?
How much does a new gas cap usually cost?Is it over priced like 30 to 50 bucks?Or can I hope for just 15$ :-D?
what is a generic in-dash framazoid?
The smell in my new car makes my daughter feel sick?
has anyone ever had there oil changed at monroe and the drain plug fell out and the motor locked up.?
94 S-10 dies when warms up?
about honda cvt?
Why does my car turn on and then immediately die?
There is a thumping sound and a Vibration coming from what feels like left rear tire?
A/C Fan too loud and annoying?
Is this frame damage repairable?
Tiburon GT Engine Swap?
car overheating.... too much pressure in cooling system ... Thermostat ?? water pump or dreaded head gasket?
A Junkyard With Rear Leaflet Springs and Four Shock Absorbers For A 1992 Isuzu Rodeo In Southeastern Michigan?
what can i do if my brakes on my car squeek every time i press the breaks?? i just changed them my self!!!?
Why is the container that contains extra Coolant overheating?
can i put synthetic oil in a diesel pickup engine with 32000 miles on it?
my 2 door 82 caprice has a blown head gasket. can I still drive it if I keep water in it?
Can a dirty air filter cause a coolant temperature sensor and cooling fan sensor to go out?
Does it damage engines to leave them out in below freezing point temperatures?
Where can I fix my car real CHEAP? in or near hawthorne california?
I have a 2002 BMW X5. When I tried unlock my drivers side door with the key, it felt like something in the?
my speedometer quit on my 1200 goldwing 1985.where is the problem?
you remove the front brake calipers on a 95 astro van?
1996 Nissan Infiniti J30: EGR valve malfunction?
1984 Ford F-150 with 86K original miles shifts hard (automatic trans) Why& can this be repaired inexpensively?
can i add octane booster to my ford explorer what will it do?
Why does ford use 5w-20 still and not just go 0w-20?
Replaced alternator, squealing, grinding noise?
need help with fiberglass?
My car wont start sometimes....?
I have an 05 focus with a 2.0 ... When I take the oil fill cap off and it running it blows air out ?
How do I disassemble a bicycle chain?
Changing your oil at 3,000 Scam or necessity?
replace skateboard truck bolts with 2 bars on each truck?
how long will my troy built 5550 watt generator go on a full tank of gas?
I'm taking my car to a garage tomorrow.....there is oil in the antifreeze . How did that happen??
what does it mean when my sterring wheel shakes it happens when I slow down then I hear creaking noises?
will my car start with outa fan belt if not why?
I ran out of gas in my 2000 Alero. I put $10 in the tank, but it still won't start. PLEASE HELP!!?
Are 8000k lights illegal in California ?
price of ignition interlock device?
Can superglue be used on plastic to plastic?
Is there any chance of a car engine being alright after sitting for about nine years?
How do you change out the spark plugs on a 91 lincoln continental?
Will my car be considerd totaled?
Serpentine belt wants to "walk" off a/c pulley ,how can I fix?
what is the normal speed in rpm of washer basket during the spin cycle?
Pros and cons of welding a truck bed to its frame?
Can not changing the oil in your car cause a leak?
Car drives well for 15 minutes, but then 'breaks down' every 5 minutes?
i need to disconnect my car battery is this safe for me to do?
garage in torbay to service ford car?
What is the most powerful vtec engine?
How can bolts be stripped when only used once?
I am having problems with my car. Any auto mechanics able to help me?
Iveco eurostar 430 hp fault code shows 1 long blinks and 6 short blinks.Can i get a point out on what it means?
What's are the 10 fastest STREET LEGAL car in the world?
ive swallowed some diesel by accident how will this affect me?
Belt keeps falling off my pully?
is it bad to have different size tires on your car?
I need imformation regading a head gasket repair on a 1986 toyota supra?
Do I have to take my 2003 Saturn Quad Coupe to the dealer for them to drain and fill the transmission fluid?
5w20 oil was used instead of usual 5w30?
Firepower Fuel Saving Pills?
Abnormal engine vibration...?
My car keeps getting flats?
Where can i buy a Toyota corolla LE 2003 repair book? Are they even out yet?
I've just brought 4 new tyres for my car but now if you let go of the wheel, it drifts to the left, why?
Should I body mod or engine mod first?
Which of These Five Maintenece Problems Should I Fix First?
my temp gauge dosnt work in my 07 dodge tuck?
Help! My mechanic says my front tires are on the back and my back tires are on the front?
mechanical help for 95 pontiac sunfire?
help with my jaguar 2003 car please?
Blower Motor Resistor on 2000 Grand Prix.?
Does the 'Check Engine Light' in your GM vehicle ever come on for no apparent reason? Why does this happen?
How do i reprogram my key remote (lock/unlock)?
steering wheel locked?
What is good for rusty carborators?
Red Diesel?
where can i find a free copy of step by step do it yourself job on chageing a water pump 96 mitsubishi galant?
I wan't to start modifying my car, where should I start?
How soon should I get my car's broken airconditioning repaired to avoid damage to the engine.?
Nissan Xterra Alternator Replacement - Is it a hard job?
my temp guage fluctuates and the car just started over heatring and now i dont get heat?
When I turn on my car a light flashes 10 times, it says "Main't Require". What does it mean?
How often should I change the spark plugs on my car?
How easy is it to paint my own car (specifically, a primed replacement body part and matched paint)?
Why are diesel engines better?
why is the car making noise when started?
cornered about jacking up my car because it has a 6 in clearance (stock not lowered)?
Can I get a key for this door lock?
98 Buick Regal Idle Problem?
s2000 brakes?
Why does my battery keep dying?
How do you shift on a dirtbike?
What color would look best on my 2000 Trans am ?
how do I replace the timing belt on a 1986 chevy nova?
How to check if a wheel bearing is bad?
i've got a diesal vauxhall corsa which is slow 2 start in the morning! any suggestions?
why is my antifreeze pink?
Why is my car stalling?
My car battery recently boiled. I am wondering how much Hydrogen Sulfide would have been produced by it ?
Can not pass smog check!! help!!!?
How do I clean the posts on my car battery?
Does the evo x take premium gas? and what are some ways too improve its fuel economy?
at what mileage do i need to replace my timing belt for mitsubishi mirage 99?
red battery light suddenly appearing on ford escort 1994 dashboard?
Which Type Of Maintanance Free Battery Should I Get?
On a manual transmission, can you shift gears without using the clutch?
The red warning light comes on when I drive the car for about 3 miles.Have checked the old and its OK.?
how do i hook my air fuel ratio gauge to my 2003 yukon xl with 5.3?
Does anyone know how much money to have a shop replace an oil pump on a '92 Subaru Loyale?
Does anyone know what the average life of a 1987 Chrysler New Yorker is? Is 127,000 miles a lot for this car?
why is a car radiator matt black?
what could make the check engine light come on a 2000 sephia?
how to convert an internal combustion engine to run on pure alcohol?
Is there temporary lugnuts that they will be able to put on my rims? i have to get the rim off becauseofa flat
How long can you drive on a bad wheel bearing?
Does anyone know how to override or disengage the no start theft protection on a 2000 grand prix?
Can you pour gas into a throttle body to see if the car will start?
Help with the engine code?
what is the purpose of a tire rotation?
Is the starter on my car bad?
How much would a complete restoration for a 1976 Camaro cost?
car over heating what is it?
oil capacity for 1987 jeep cherokee?
I Have a 250 honda odyssey, gets fuel and spark but no ignition, internal baffel may be the problem?
is there a trick to start a Saturn when it won't turn over?
Is it dangerous if tank leaks a little only when filled?
My friends fuel pump in his cadillac keeps breaking he got it changed about nine times what is causing this?
1990 Ford Crown Victoria part name question?
Is it really better to take your car back to the dealership for repairs or is a regular mecahnic just fine?
how to replace right front door on 1984 olds regency 98?
Which tire should I buy?
What are the main car service garages in Australia?
Will my car blow up if i dn't change the oil ?
How can I find these performance parts for a 1967 ford Galaxie.?
i spent a grand on new rims and im lowering my car friday and rly wanna put my rims on when i lower it.?
I have lost the keys to my car ?
My 2005 Chevy Impala SS needs help.?
what does a os2 sensor on a nissan sentra do?
why hond civic 1989 honda civic maybe electrical?
car battery does and doesnt work?
Carbon Fiber?
My car keeps losing antifreeze, whats wrong?
Why is my engine missing?
Can bald front tires cause hydro planing on dry surfaces at 75-80 mph?
Does a turbo kit for a 3g eclipse 2.4 fit a 3.0 v6?
For an automatic car, is transmission fluid the same thing as coolant?
Why does car shake when it hits 60-80 mph?
How long should you let a car warm up (when it's not cold)?
why won't my car start in the cold?
I need help with my heating system for my mazda 1986 rx7. It blows but doesn't heat,how do I find out why?
Why my truck won't start?
Noisy new brakes.?
What do I do if my car is leaking gas?
what fluid and where do I get fluid for sae j1171?
i own a kia spectra and plan to upgrade the air filter. which should i use? hks mushroom or k&n cone shape?
Whats the best generic scan tool?
I haven't had an oil change in 60,000 miles. What damage will this do to my truck?
I have a question about my 1988 mustangs wiring harness?
transmission won't disengage when cold?
Does this damage my manual transmission?
What makes a car fast?? 10 Points!!?
overheat problems on 2001 nissan xterra 2w drive v6 3.3 lt motor i have 107.777 miles?
My car stays in high rpm when on the freeway... any help?
what do you think the most important part of a small engines?
how do i get my truck out of the mud it is up to the frame almost ? There is no good traction to just pull out
Need help please!!! With bolt extraction?
If a car is real low on oil...?
Hi, when i turn my wheel full lock my car makes a horrible groaning sound, like a big spring stretching. thx!?
What is the best cleaner for Chrome Wheels?
Where can you get swabs that show how dirty a surface is?
where is the starter located at in a 1996 hynda accent?
can anybody tell if this car has rust on it?
Where are my Airbag crash sensors located on my 2000 Mustang GT?
1993 Chevy Lumina van.?
what does an automotive oil ascending unit do?
why does water come out fo my exhaust?
Car overheating? What is the problem?
1999 Intrigue?
Am I possible getting screwed by Mechnic?
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