Spark plug wires on a hyndai accent?
How does wrong answer get chosen best answer?
Wy won't my car alarm won't set???
wher can I find collided cars for sale within houston tx?
Alfa Romeos destroyed by Top-Gear - anyone else offended?
Where is the PSOM located on a Ford F150 and how do you replace it?
How to fix an air conditioning vent?
While replacing airbags, does one need to replace the dashboard?
I have F150 4x4 truck shimmed so bad going down hill on curve felt like trck was going to turn over.?
Whats the proper way to apply jb weld?
Replacing the fuel line on a 50cc moped?
94 Jeep lost all forward gears,?
Truck Repair/2001 Dodge 5.9 L V8 Truck won't idle / hard to start?
Does putting Nitrogen in your car tires really?
Rebuilding/fixing my truck?
Do u think its smarter to buy tires online?
How do I charge my car battery?
whats wrong with my car?
What type of turbo system is this?
I have a 1986 camero and i changed the fuel pump and filter but it wont run completly?
Car thermostat fluctuates, what could be causing it?
Will a transmission flush cure my problems in my chrysler 300m?
can i install new belts on my car with the engine still running?
Has anyone bought the parts for a mechanic and just paid for labor?
when driving my brake go to the floor and don't stop until i pull up the emergency brake?
Californian Emmision Part Needed?
Card For Starting Cars?
how much should a car battery from a scrapyard be ?
I have power windows. Cannot tell if it's the switch or motor. Cannot find fuse?
how do you stop the beeper on a 1995 Mercury Tracer? my beeper goes all the time and drives me crazy.?
Why does my car make a soft squealing noise? Is it the belt?
What is better for a stock 1999 Civic EX: Aftermarket Short Ram Air Intake W/Heat Sheld OR Stock Intake System?
is the firing order diffrent on a H.O. moter in a mustang GT than in a crown vic with both having a 302,?
Should I paint my silver '04 Honda Accord 5-spoke rims black?
What do I need to lower my car ?
can anone suggest a good car bodyshop in london (fix rusty wheel arches)?
2006 Cadillac escalade esv brake light problem?
1993 Lexus LS400 Alternator Installation? How to install?
my dad put a govenor (i think thats how you spell it) in my car and set it for 50 mph. how do i take it out?
have fresh rebuilt 91 ski doo mach 1 617 motor do i run 87 or high octane fuel i it ?
Is it possible to trace a side mirror part number to a car?
I was racing and i think i hit fuel cut cause my eclipse gst 1997 stoped when i got to almost 7rpms?
1996 honda 300ex problem?
spongy brakes?
how can you put a rear main seal in a 69 ford truck with a 390 motor in it without moving the oil pan?
how do you adjust the shifter linkage on an 87 S-15 4x4?
How Long Does it Take To Put In A New Engine ?
how can your sparkplugs become lose someone changed mine and my 98 explorer was riding rough after about a?
how the new diesel swift perfom?any test result available?
Would driving with the check engine light on damage my car?
What is the best way to get sticky stuff off of a window?
Help! How can I become an auto mechanic fast in Ontario?
How can i take my door guards off?
How long should I warm up my car?
charging systems (particularly for vehicles)?
My little brother left my car running ALL night... any permanent damage?
what is the best way to clean my exhaust system without going to a mechanic?
Why is my car shutting off when I turn on the A/C or heat?
What is wrong if oil in car is going all mayo looking when i open oil cap,sort of cream pasty stuff?
Car shutting off as soon as it is started?
when a cell dies in a battery is there anyway to bring it back?
Why does the steering wheel stiffen up while coasting?
My car wobbles/shakes when I brake?
does anyone know where i can find step by step instructions to change a starter on a 1992 ford taurus?
Does a cam belt really need changing every four years??
how do I get the speed sensor off of a 91 dodge neon? I have undone the bolt. Now does it turn?
i am on ssdi and ssi and i need to get my car fixed.. but don't have any money to fix it ...i need help?
What kind and size of electrical motor should be used to power a car?
My check engine light is on in my car.?
Truck won't run. Could it be the fuel filter?
Car door has made a tiny dent in this guys van
learning to fixing cars?
Why doesn’t the air pressure in a tire change when you add weight to the vehicle?
stability system disabled and service 4wh drive message on dashboard?
Looking for a top dead center pointer that is long enough.?
98 isuzu trooper won't start?
how do u get the trarnsmission out of a 2002 IS 300?
I have a 02 Buick Centry and just put new o2 plugs in and my car is shutting off at every stop! help.?
do you think my fuel injection pump is faulty i have air returning from the injection pump to primer?
What can i use to seal a in my motor?
i have a mitsubishi eclipes gsx.with a 2.0 dhoc motor will a cylinder head from a 2.4L work on my 2.0L?
wife not talking let alone anything else?
what could be making my oil pressure go up?
87 Bronco 2 runs for 30 sec then idles down and dies,whats up?
What tools do i need for front brake job on 2010 Audi A4?
how do I get the black marks from someone's bumper off my paintwork?
Oil Treatment Additive?
My head light is out but the bulb isn't burnt out?
Once I mix base coat and reducer, do I have to discard the unused base or can I put it back into the can?
My oil light flashes when I have my foot on the brakes. The oil level in the car is okay? What should I do?
How do you successfully remove the tint film from the back window of a car without damaging the defrost lines?
How electric motor turn the ride?
2000 Dodge Stratus 2.4 Nightmare?
does turning the car airconditioner on affect gas consumption?
Car Engine shakes. Engine light flashing. What kind of problem is it?
Broken Trailing Arm...?
where can i customize a 2006 on line?
Is it expensive to maintain the turbo on a turbo car and is it worth having a turbo car?
please help how often should you check the oil in your car?
How do you remove the back seat cushion on a 93 geo prism?
Car Idles Above 1000rpms on 1st Start Up?
Are oil filters a universal fit?
Binding when turning in 4wd, even on snow....?
Is getting new spark plugs and getting a tune up the same thing?
How can I fix a head gasket for a 1991 Mazda 626 DX 2.2 L?
2007 Envoy high pitch whining noise?
Speed off by 5mpg after reaching speeds of about 50MPH...why?
Have a 2003 Jeep Liberty making noise in the rear axle when making turns only.?
1995 honda accord brake lights dont turn off?
Tell me information about all parts of Ac motor?
is the transmission in an 88 merc. cougar v6 interchangable with a 90 inline 6 F150?
How easy is it to install an alternator in my car? Should I do it myself?
Windshield trim cover ed -How do you repair/replace it?
What is the clicking noise just before my car start?
car temperature regulator problem?
can anyone who is a mechanic tell me how they like there job?
my friend sprayed a little bit of wd40 on my car batter to make it easier to unscrew a bolt?
How much will a carburetor cost?
whats the best way to get tree sap of my car?
Why do I have to remove the negative cable on my battery before replacing?
my car makes a hissing noise when I turn it on, everything else runs fine, what could that be?
how do u get rear drums off a 98 gmc isuzu w4?
Suddenly getting terrible gas mileage!?
More trouble with Trans Am project.?
how to replace my pcv valve on my 93 isuzu pickup/?
Auto mechanic. Where do i start?
What could be wrong with my a/c?
Idle Air Control included in Engine?
My car is making a squealing noise?
welding 89 suburban frame?
NO heat. 99 Malibu. what could it be?
Should I swap trucks...?
What exactly does a MSD ignition do?
What do i need to do when swaping from a d15b to a d15b7?
when do you change the oil on a refrigerator?
proper cleaning of rear window defrost?
tapping from engine, 2001 chev z71, 140000 miles, only when you start it up last for about 30 seconds?
Does anyone know where blinker fluid goes in a car?
What would cause the front end on a car to shake violently?
what is error code 50 on a digital tachograph had 1 the day had to swap trucks ?
How much does muffler man charge for a flow master?
It is silly washing a car in the rain?
Converting steering wheel from right to left?
Is there a free website i can find a step by step process replacing a head gasket?
How to build an engine from scratch help!!!!!!?
My car struggles to start on cold damp mornings.Changed leads, what should i try next.?
Why is my car NOT producing HOT AIR?
Is it common for cars to lose it's MPG as it ages? My Honda, over 10 years old, gets 1/2 the milage it used to
Will any transmission fit any car?
1998 Renault Megane Scenic RTE- Car revs & accelerates without pedals being touched!?
i just got this car and i starts rough but idles fine but when?
I changed the spark plugs on my moms 04 Kia, From what I say, Did I do it right?
Best brand of tonneau cover?
what is the role of a chief production officer in an oil industry?
how to tell if prom in ecm is bad?
What do you recomend, servicing my car at the dealer or at any other reputable service center?
Volvo S40 glove box broken HELP?
Has anybody used CARNAUBA WAX CAR POLISH and what to you think of it?
front brakes hanging up on 97 nissian altima?
is it hard to change a wheel bearing?
Pumped gas in my car. Then 2 mins after leaving gas station, car starts shaking really bad....?
Batteries and Alternators?
What is the pre-set gap for the Iridium IX BPR6EIX 6637 spark plug?
installed a new fuel pump 454 engine 86 Chevy silverado 3500. Not getting gas thru lines ? Any suggestions ?
What would cause this front end squeaky sound?
Weed whacker running a big sluggish?
2005 Envoy instrument cluster problem, how to repair?
Auto Tranny for a 1984 z28 Chevy Camaro.?
would to much oil not start your car?
Is it my fault and how can i fix it?
if my car haqs been serviced 1 week ago and then breaks down again the next week?
oil change?
Car battery keeps dying?
my wadshing machine is making a very loud noise when it spins?
where do i find diagram for 1994 toyota pickup left front door and lock assembley?
Will one cigarette make my car smell?
Is it true that an automatic car wash will damage your paint if it uses brushes to wash the vehicle?
Exhaust Back pressure?
What would cause me to lose water?
How do i find out how to line up my spark plugs and wires correctly?
What do men think of a woman who is mechanically inclined?
4 wheel drive not working?
how to replace heat shield on 03 civic?
Car doesn't unlock from inside or outside?
Do I need to get a new battery after i jump start my car?
Will a TRD short throw shifter in a 2GR- FE mkII mr2 work?
My car smells like gas and used up full tank within 30 miles. What is wrong?
I'm trying to replace a sunroof on a 1998 Saturn SC2. Any suggestions?
Car not starting-- alternator or battery connections-LONG QUESTION BUT PLEASE HELP!!!!?
Is this a car motor problem?
Does anyone drive the same car as me??
I need a new thermostat?
I have a nail in my tyre tread (not side) what do i do theyre new tyres!?
on a 86 s-10 one piece rubber oil pan gasket do you use sealer with it?
my oil is leaking from my car. does anyone know why and the cheapest way to go about this?
does a diesel car take the same oil as a petrol car?
where can i buy a kit car replica of morgan or alpha romeo?
Which power steering fluid do you think produces the smoothest turns on a steering wheel?
i have a 1980 oldsmobile delta88 and it doesnt read the speed im going what can be the problem?
Car Window Stuck All The Way Down?? HELP?
My truck is overheating?
How can I fix a "slipping" Mercury outboard engine's gearbox?
85 honda accord smell like gas?
why want my car start?
How do I get rust and transfer ink out of leather seats in car?
car not turning over at miles ain't even showing up?
Car in storage for 1 year, do I need to change the oil.?
When you get an alignment for your vehicle, do they take the wheels off?
How to remove the 2500 off the side of my dodge. ?
CV joint clamp on a Honda? Fixing it and what is it?
How much do you think it would cost to fix this truck up?
89 chevy transmission?
Is it normal for a repair shop to charge for shop supplies?
what makes the difference b\w diesel engine and a petrol engine ?
Do I have to warm up my car before starting?
FORD ESCORT Wagon 5speed, it smells like burning rubber loses power when going up a hill.?
How often should I change synthetic blend oil in my 2007 Ford Escape?
What would cause a header tank on a Dennis eagle dustcart to explode?
have 91 ford exploere starts up runs good but when i put it in gear it dies acts like transmission is bad?
Where could my truck be leaking coolant?
Do tire shops do wheel alignment? also buy camber kit for low car?
what is "torque" (automotive, car engine.)?
lebaron a/c - heat control?
Is all gasoline the same between distributors?
Would you use a car wash service that did it onsite where you work?
where is the power amplifier on the 2000 dodge durango?
Where do I go to find original colors for a 63 Ford Thunderbird? (engine block, valve covers etc.)?
will the torque converter from a 2.2l 4l60e fit on a 4.3l 4l60e?
how do i fix my rough idle?
What would be the average life of a 1987 250r motor?
How to tighten wheel lug nuts without torque wrench?
turn signal fuse blows?
Car wash damaged my car?
My '94 Taurus was squealing and then died , I started it?
gmc sierra turns, has spark,doesnt start. replaced lots >:(?
My cars handbrake light is coming on and going off, now my brake pedal isnt showning much resistance, any idea
What happened to the Ethyl gasoline that I remember from the late 60's? Is it still around?
I have a 73 Triumph Stag with 75 Buick v6 engine that need a new starter, but the exhaust pipe is on the way l?
'97 Taurus steering gets hard when turning the wheel backing up.?
Sometimes my car check engine light comes on when i start it and sometimes it doesnt why is that?
What kind of maintence is absolutely neccesary for my car?
While attempting to change my oil, I began removing the filter to replace it, it was stuck very badly, I...?
do i have a blown head gasket?
Where can I find FREE online manuals for E-Z Go Golf Carts?
My car is starting to vibrate and struggle. Do you think its the spark plug?
What is a good temperature to keep my heater thermostat at?
How long does it take to change a head gasket on a 4 cylinder saturn?
Help replacing valve cover gasket?
where can i get an owners manual for a 110 cc "Cougar" four wheeler?
how much does it comst to replace an automatic trnsmission?
Battery - To buy or not to buy??????
I replaced an ABS sensor on my car, do I need to reset the computer or will it reset itself?
Tips for cleaning alloy wheels..?
i got my front brakes down 5 months ago. it cost me $541.00 thats with labor. now the brakes are very bad agai?
how do i change my door knob with no screws?
Involved in an auto accident, other person at fault, insur co, wants to deam total lost how do you benefit?
How do you take the steering wheel off of a 1988 Ford Ranger truck?
describe the operation of a relay?
Car has no power, good alternator, battery?
My Car smells like anti-freeze?
How to program transponder key on Nissan Maxima?
Help!! My car key has snapped in half?
where can i find an motor vehicle inspection station in hudson county new jersey?
1988 chevy blazer v.6 starts but will not run is an S10 4.3 auto body help fix it?
tips on how to get better gas mileage?
what can cause a vibration in your car between 60 to 80 mph.?
can old oil cause engine knock?
Honda transmission problems? also Honda vs a jetta?
Who stands behind the lift time warrant your told you get when you buy a ACDELCO 1/4 inch ratchet that breaks?
what hp does a 305 v8 put out?
In my Bronco2, could air in the line make the clutch seem like the slave cylinder went out?
can you replace clutch without removing transmission?
how to reset the check engen light on a 1994 honda civic ex?
Does anyone know of good places to get accessories for a 98 Mustang. And/or a place to have it installed.?
what would cause brake light to come on in my car?
how old are the michelin tires i just bought ? "DOT B34V 4E6X?
Have no idea about cars.HELP? My car made a clicking sound, and doesn't turn on...?
Other than rotors, what could be the cause for my car to vibrate when slowing or stopping?
Looking for a cheap, Low RPM, High Torque, Electric Motor (Orlando, FL)?
Swapping a 305 to 350?
What makes a loud squeal when I start my car???
How much does it cost to get new ignition coils?
Car service price!?!?
2000 Ford Taurus not starting?
why is there water in my car?
Mx5 poor running after warm start?
i have a 1.4 16v and want to put a 2.0 8v in it but what about the drive shaft would i have 2 change it?
my 1987 cadillac wont start (el dorado)?
where can i hide something about 4 inches tall and 2 inches width and one inch height in my car?
need replacement front windshield for toyota camrey 1991! can anyone tell me where can I buy one online?
I drove away from the gas pump with it still attached and broke it. Will I get a bill in the mail?
2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse doesn't stay on?
Why does my car try to die when the air conditioner comes on?
97 cad.north star with all new brake pads new master cylinder I bleed master cylind and brake lines but brake?
I need a Mechanic's Recommendation PLEASE.. From Honolulu, HI?
what is the model number of the stock automatic transmission in a 1992 ford taurus?
Why dose my battery die so fast?
Spun main bearings...........?
No reverse in my backhoe?
What happens if you go a few hundred miles without getting a scheduled oil change?
how do you install a oil breather on a 1994 ford tempo?
How do I fix a squeaky fan belt ?
Throw out bearing Help?
What is a volt meter? and how do I use it to check and see why my central air is only blowing cold air?
My honda passport smoking. Why?
How does burning oil occur in a car?
How much does it cost to have my car looked at?
Is my clutch in need of replacing or is my clutch pedal just stiff/tight?
how much on average does it cost to have tires put on a car? only labor costs?
is it bad to over fill your oil for your car?
What to do with a car that has maximum long shift problems?
Can a car run ok with a defective turbocharger?
how to find centroid of a bent rod?
What dous TDC stand for in engines?
How often do you REALLY need to change your oil?
I have a 1970 vw bus and i was driving and my pedal went to the floor. had no movement. how can i fix it.?
my car does not accelerate when i press the throttle pedal?
Car frame alignment?
why does my tahoe shake when i reach speeds above 60 mph?
whats the cylinder head bolt sequence and torqe for 19998 jeep4.0?
How many thousend miles i can spend on cars oil castrol 5w-30?
what do i do if i locked my keys in my car?!?
what could cause rough idling immediately after starting a car?
If your check engine light comes on what should you do first?
if i use pvc pipe for a cold air intake will it melt?
I have a 1996 Toyota Avalon xls need to change the spark plugs and can only locate me there should be?
what are the paint colors for the 99 pontiac grand am's?
1990 Ford Ranger driveabilty issue and EVP problem?
what will happen if you don't tighten the tire rim on your car?
On a 1996 Jeep Grande Cheerokee, what would cause rear wiper to start then stop before completing cycle?
where is the starter located in 6 cylinder 1999 ford ranger?
If a tubro in a 6.5 liter goes bad would it trip sensors?
The best kind of motor to buy?
how do u change brakes on a 01 honda civic?
how do i know if my cars water pump is bad?
Old fords have 6 volt positive ground. Are batteries charged backward?
How can you tell if a car tire has a broken bead?
Engine moves when I turn steering wheel?
Can I recharge a car battery after it's been flat for 5 months? or do i need to replace it?
My car is 10 yrs old and coolant is!!!!!?
Efficient automotive alternator?
Is being an Auto Mechanic a good job for a female?
How hard is it to replace the TCC Solenoid?
what could happen if gasoline touch your body?
My husbands ford truck is having problems starting?
i have a ford f350 with a 460 in it and runs and starts fine but deads 2/3 miles down the road?
How serious is the ATTS light?
how do you clean car windows without streaks?
1998 Buick Regal not turning on?
need more suggestion 4 my citroen ax in malaysia.?
Will custom wheels be lighter on Scion xa?
If I have a car with rim and tire size 205/50zr17 then can I replace just one othe tires with a size ...?
My 1993 nissan altima won't start no lights go on it is completely dead ?
Antifreeze in oil and a whole bunch of bunch of problems?
2005 cobalt transmission help?
Do VW T25 2L(1980ish) campers tend to have a very noisy loud clunky engine?
What gear should I be in at 50mph?
help! have 93 ford exploder.wont go past 25 miles hr, wants to stall .new fuel filter, plugs,injectors cleaned
Does replacing ball joints cause car to be misaligned?
ISCO forklift/sweeper repair bottom of the barrell repair company low pay bad service?
Funny car noise!?
My radiator seems to be full of coolant, but my engine continues to overheat, what's the issue?
Two different sets of tires on a car?
My cars battery keeps dying.?
speedometer shakes and tach does nothing?
where can I get a gas cap for 1989 celebrity?
can having water in the oil cause white smoke to come out the tail pipe??
how do i change the driverside parking light on my 1993 cadillac deville?
Car (possible) battery problem??!!!?
where can i find a diagram of a 1985 ford f150 carb?
Car Problem. Acura Integra 95 Battery?
car polisher makita 9227c or porter cable 7424 which one is better and y? pls anybody can say
how does the IAC work?
Tahoe 4X4 only works sometimes?
Toyota Rav 4 Error codes?
Can my car explode randomly with leaks all over it?
Why won't my step dad's truck start?
Fuel consumption at idle engine speed with and without air-conditioning system?
The dash lights/back seat lights have gone out on my 1994 cutlass.What is the problem? Fuse? Where are they?
Windshield wipers not moving? and washer fluid not coming out?
What might be wrong with my car?
I have a 2004 malibu.My low fuel light is always on.My gas gauge always says empty,even when full.What is wr?
my son put deisel in our car instead of unleaded-it wont start. How do we fix the problem?
How can an A/C compressor go bad?
New exhaust on 370z makes rattle sound. help!?
Transmission Connection to Radiator Leak Problems-1997 Buick LeSabre?
What do call that belt in the car that goes around the alternator, power steering, and airconditioner?
what is Valucraft Oil Treatment?
the firing order on a 1988 ford ranger?
My diesel truck wont start in the cold?
FACT or MYTH? Battery-A/C situation...?
how can you tell when you absolutely need to purchase new tires for your car?
Cost to repair scratch on car?
Checking the oil level question.?
My car won't start unless someone jumps me. What's wrong?
why is only half of the brake master cylinder working?
I have to push my clutch completely to the floor to shift, i dont know if its going out or what.?
Where can I find a 429 big block engine for a 1969 mach 1 mustang?
98 daewoo leganza?? problem?
what would cause my front end shake while driving?
I hear a woo woo sound when I am driving and a I feel a bumping on the passenger front side of my car?
What holds an engine up in a car?
what are some good ball joint brands?
I recently changed a coil on my 02 Fiesta but the orange engine warning light remained do I get it off
Model steam engine oil substitutes?
Car won't start..clicking noise?
What oil should be used in a 1995 1.3 Rover mini spi?
can a bent chrome rim be fixed?
My 2006 Toyota Corolla has squeaking sounds?
Is my car revving higher than usual?
temperture meter inside the car ???
What should I do with my car?
leaking valve seal questions for a 1990gmc sierra?
dealer over filled engine oil>?
removing car seat?
Paint question?
were can i find hinges for a dodge dakota door?
could have i just permantly "F'd" my step-dads camaro?
how much would it cost to replace valve cover gaskets for a 2002 Cadillac Escalade?
What does the engine light mean when it goes on in your car?
how can you tell whether a van is front wheel drive or rear wheel drive? Tell me a way I can find out .?
having trouble removing radiator from 98 ford explorer 5.0 awd looking for diagram,help,commentsanything?
why is my samurai bogging when under load but can rev fine when in nutral or park ? i have changed egr valve a?
do you know how to change the disc and the pads brake of a jeep grand cherokee 93? step by step?
changing spark plugs ,do you need to gap the plug, or put in as they are? if so how do you gap them,?
Hello! I recently took my car to a shop to get it fixed (transmission).?
Will my car still work if the timing belt breaks?
can i drop a skyline engine into a nissan 300zx?
I changed my oil and couldn't get the filter off. Am I ok? what now. please read details?
Would a 1976 f-150 2 wheel drive trucks parts be interchangable with a 77 f-250 4x4? ?
renault i need a new battery?
i need a trunk and rear bumper for a 1966 dodge polara limited?
Do rotors on brakes wear down?
HOW to determine if the thermostat of the car is broken or not working? What is the visible sign?
Wiper blades are colliding?
is it possible for there to be minor rust spots on the outside of a 99 chevy metro (87K) but not underneath ?
My coolant is disappearing but theirs not one drop on the ground..?
also i think one of the motor mounts is broken cuz the engine started shakin pretty bad?
How much should I expect to pay for a car paint job?
what is the torque-down on a '91 oldsmobile cutlass ciera exhaust manifold?
whats the best type of soap to clean my car?
why does my car take forever to start?
Is it worth getting my head gasket fixed on a Rover 100?
How much does it cost to get my back brakes fix?
what's wrong with my carrrrrr?!:(?
Why did my power steering pulley break?
What's the best cleaning solution to wash a black car with so it doesn't spot?
is there a secondary fuse for the power windows on a 1999 olds aurora?
Mot failer. please help. front wheels brakes embalanced.?
can you turn back the odometer on a foreign car?
Car cut off at stop sign ?
What do people think of hybrid cars?
2001 nissan sentra horn is not working?
i just put a electric fan on my chevy s10 truck an im confussed on which way the fan should be blowing..?
how to remove manual transaxle transmission?
i have an '86 Ford Bronco II that keeps vapor locking.How do i fix it?
what is the best premix for my 2004 skidoo rev 440x?
Can anyone tell me what's wrong with my power windows?
What are the best Head Gaskets to put on a '94 Mustang 3.8l?
My friend has a transmission switch that he turns on that makes his rpm low .?
engine runs a little rough i can unhook any 1 spark wire from cap and it will run the same timing chain?
How do I change a headlight on a 2003 Pontiac Grand Am SE?
I need to replace u joints on a 98 Jimmy. When I drop the driveshaft will I lose tranny fluid?
Shaking Mercury Cougar 2000 V6 98k miles.?
how do you know what is wrong with your car?
What hit my car - no paint transfer?
i have 1990 nissan micra. headlight not workin.Bulb is working tho if jigged from behind casing.?
Whats wrong with my car?
I left my lights on, tried to jump with a battery out my other car?
Why is my Ford Explorer shaking?
Has Anyone used Frost Fighter Rear window Defroster kits? Did it work?
Cold outside my car cranked fine then when I put it in drive it died...?
Can you still drive a car with bad input shaft bearings?
car problem please help?
Rear tyre for w124 E230 is it possible for me to use rear 235/40/17 front 225/45/17?
how do you get the lug nuts off to put a tire rims back on? what kind of tool do i need?
Why is my oil light coming on?
my car has reached 50,000mi. dealer says its time to change all fluids in car $900. is that the right price?
Horn on Buick won't shut off?
Car Battery Question?
1998 Nissan Quest speedometer failure-head unit or sensor?
Whats the problem with my car? Chevrolet Malibu 2000?
Is it ok to use fuel injector cleaner on a new car?
my indicators in my 206 gti have died and now my windows ... my dash lights too can this be fuses?
Car is having Issues and Won't Start?
how do you use a flor jack ona u ibody car?
My car pulls to the right when I brake.?
where can i get tahoe headlights?
Why does my steering wheel feel lighter than usual?
My car would not turn over, all you would hear is a click when I try to start it but after a few times itstart
Why is my check engine light is on?
This question is for a car body parts person,What is the difference between O.E.M parts and aftermarket parts?
would a bad ecu cause a car to run rough?
problems w/ 89 BMW 525i- The radio cuts off, thw windows or sunroof will not open. The doors don't unlock/lock
why does the rear end of my ford focus rummble horribly?
I think it's close to time! Is it?
does anyone know if there is a websiter where you can get on to see if your car has been in a flood free?
Is is possible to bypass the power steering pump with only a serpentine belt?
My car is having trouble starting?
How can I start my drive way car wash?
how much does a a518 dodge truck transmission weigh ?
How many miles do "radial" mud tires last?
I bought a 97 Ford Taurus with 191k miles on it for 500 dollars. Good or no?
License key for beam reader?
what is it called?1?
Increasing Mpg with a mpg saving ecu?
VZ Calais Engine coolant?
Why clutch pedal engage's too high?
about how much will it cost me to get an inspection on my vehicle?
what does it mean to de smog ur car?
Will these fit (without modification) onmy truck!?
looking to rebuild a set of webber carbs in o.c. with a flow bench.?
need help with honda motor swap?
How can I find a goog deal on buying an engine for my car?
Chevy V8 350 Gasket Question?
What grade of Motor Oil does the 2009 Toyota Rav 4 use ?
Dodge Ignition coil failure, radio failure, slow fuel pump starts?
How to dry out my car?
What size fuel filter do i use?
how do i know if my waterpump is going out on my car?
why did my car brakes not work for a while?
Why do my breaks always squeak!?
How much does it cost to replace the bolts on the t-rod on a 1995 Chrysler Concorde?
I need details on changing the rear wheel bearings in a BMW 528i.?
Where can I find replacement parts for a Braun wheelchair lift?
what should i do if body shop takes over 1 year and 6 months to fix my car?
Can i just replace one break pad on my car?
How to fix your front car lights from foggy cover stuff on it?
How can I avoid 2006 pathfinder coolant leak into transmission?
What's wrong with my car?
How I get the compurer throuble codes of Astro van?
Pack rats in cars and potential damages.?
Should I replace my tires if there are s?
Flat Car Battery?
anyone fancy a good moan or two?
Checj engine light for Evaporative Emissions Control System Malfunction?
What should you set the gas to when welding MIG?
Is it bad to drive using both feet?
What is the firing order for nissan fd46 engine four cylinder and how du hw i set fuel injector timming?
how do i stop a in the windshield from spreading?
Does using fuel injection before pumping gasoline really save on trips to the gas station?
My car cooling system is not holding water?
Are they just trying to jerk me around here? Do I really need this repaired?
What mount do i use for a b16 swap with gsr tranny ?
is this correct? car problems.?
97 Chevy Tahoe idler and Pitman arm?
Help needed for gear trouble pleeeeeease.....??
my car battery drains?
93 ford tempo, 4cy. The 2 bolts on the top are very hard to get off. Does anyont have any suggestions on how?
Can a Volkswagon Van be converted to Diesel?
Where are the jack points on a ford mondeo ? I need to change the rear tyres and I can't see them anywhere.
what is the problem if my nissan 240 sx stalls when i come to a stop?
Why does my 2000 Chevy Tracker clunk?
Forgot to change oil for 7 months in my '04 Neon and it now surges while in idle. What does this mean?
Jeep Cherokee Laredo 1995 speakers?
1988 Jaguar XJS Where are the lube/grease pointslocated????
where can i find a schamatic to change a 2005 ford mustang's brake pads?
i build armored cars with heavy doors.i need someone who builds heavy duty hinges for car and truck doors?
How do i losen a tight battery bolt?
what is that 30W non detergent oil? can i find it in the market? is there any specific name for that oil?
why does my steering wobble when i am braking from speeds above 45mph?
Which is more dependable? A 2002 Honda Accord or a 2002 Volkswagon Jetta.?
what is the thunk noise on th front driver side tire when i turn my steering wheel?
Remove battery 97 monte carlo?
When jumpstarting a car, does it depleat the other cars battery?
How to stop a crooked mechanic...?
how do I repair a stuck horn on a chrysler sebring 1998?
what are some things that might be put in the car glove compartment?
My car accelerates when I start it up?
what is the name of this part?
Car problems, please help, a water leak, but from where?
In Automotive Terms , can you lose power from putting in a Wai? (Warm Air intake)?
Should I have my transmission rebuilt or sell my car?
is it ok to get high RPM when you accelerate fast on a chevy s10?
Can you put oil in your car without draining the old oil even though its really low?
how much does it usually cost to remove a dent from a car?
How many miles can an automobile go before changing oil if sythetic oil is used?
how do you replace the rear main seal on a 6 cylinder 66 ford pickup?
how do i install window regulators on a trans am?
are there any recalls on 2004 chryslers?
How much should a new exhaust cost on a Saturn?
The backseat of my car is soaking wet???
my car is backfiring what's wrong?
what causes the water to spill out from the ant-fr container(empty)?
what should i check for when my vechile reads on the hot side and when going down hills it goes back in the no
how big is a fuel tank on a 1993 plymouth Voyager?
How long can you drive your car if it won't shift out of first gear?
how to work air cooler?
when i turn my steering wheel both ways it makes a screeching sound like it needs wd40 what can that be?
how do i turn the speedo back .............?
What does pulling the Neg battery cable do?
Motorocycle slow drip only when on kickstand?
What type of motor (AC or DC, brand, ect...)?
1961 Volkswagen Beetle Fuel Pump?
How to remove lime from car battery?
i need wiring diagrams for a 98 ford mustang?
need 2 know where to locat the ignition control modual in a 99 ford contour 4 cy.
Can you take a head gasket off 1 car and put it on anotha?
timing belt information?
engine trouble code and radiator fans not coming on?
Can you suggest methods of removing dried latex paint from auto carpet?
08 Impala leaking water?
Car won't start and radio keeps resetting?
My car isn't getting enough voltage to start.?
Help I hit a CBU mailbox!?
Brake lights on when headlights switched on - Focus?
Honda CRV side door seal?
My car's mpg gets low each day by .1 :( what's the problem? What can i do?
I put a litre of too much oil in my car and naw it looses power and the exhaust pops?
what is the minimum labor charge to install a new gas cap on a car?
Nothing on my Car works!?
What tire sizes could I put on a 15x8 rim?
Poll: Whats a better small engine? Briggs or Kohler?
what does mpi stand for on the back of a skoda fabia car?
Lt1 water in intake system?
Grinding noise like a chain dragging on metal, Very Hot front left rotor, and clicking noise when...?
Transmission problem on 98 S-10 pickup?
Did Cadillac use the same tire pressure monitoring system in the Deville from 00-05?
Brake Pedal Pulsates when braking?
Whats leaking from my car?
what causes wires to show on the very top side of car tires?
i ran out of gas and then when i put gas back in it it it would turn over but wouldnt start?
Damn 2002 Jag.X-type question/ slight "fly-wheel singing""zinging"?
Im not a very mechanically inclined person, and need helpp!!?
where are my car keys?
Whats wrong with my car?
Performance parts for?
What maintenance work do I have to perform in order for my 60,000 mile car to run as smooth as the first day?
Transmission problems. Could it be new PCM throwing it off ?? Ran fine , overdrive flashing and P0500 code?
I just changed my breaks for the first time. Now my car squeals and pulls to one side. What's wrong?
My car is kinda rough at idle...and stumbles bad when I give it gas while driving?
where can i find a good d16y8 engine for cheap in philadelphia?
Weird feeling in my brakes?
What is a serpentine belt in a 95 aurora and what happens when it breaks?
I have an 05 focus with a 2.0 ... When I take the oil fill cap off and it running it blows air out ?
My truck has trouble starting when its cold outside it's cranking and has power. ?
Do I have to get a transmission flush if I haven't done it in 8 yrs?
Am I getting ripped off?
When painting a car are the door handles, door lock, trunk lock taken off and put back on?
Any opinions on Schlosser's Detail Service in Corpus Christi, TX?
what are the top reasons for a car to loose compression in a cylinder my car has once cylinder with zero compr?
Is the Michilin tire company an American co. or is it a Japanese co. ?
I have a 2000 Acura el with a blown motor. I can't find the proper engine.?
What is the screeching noise my car makes?
Car won't shift out of park?
How do i make my car sound like it has a turbo?
Supercharger/turbocharger/street racing car?
My '98 Dodge Neon won't start?
Is it safe to drive with a bad axle?
continous knocking noise from under the bonnet of my car.?
Whats causing the mustard look on my oil cap just bought the car 3 months ago?
I have a 1999 Honda Civic that acts funny in the rain. What's wrong with it?
Looking for a site that has the drawings of a fuel line for 2000 plymouth Neon?
How dou you use the car key to unlock the shift on 1999 Kia sportage?
difference in lt and ld silver ado truck 2010?
If my car transmission has appx 135,000 mi. on it should I have a full transmission fluid flush?
i bought an oil filter and its not the same size as the one im replacing does that matter?
how do i change the engine timing on my 1991 holden nova SL LE 1.4L?
My car a/c is not working?
ford rear end?
Today I scratched my father's sports car, but my brother has driven it since,and hasn't noticed....?
chevy cav cyclinder lock question..key won't turn now?
Can I use "petroeum plus ethanol" gas in my non-ethanol configured car?
Someone put a bag of chocolate chips in the opening of my gas tank, what can I do so they don't melt into it?
Need help with the installation of the trunk tortion bar in a '64 GTO.?
Vauxhall Astra 2.0 DTI 2002- engine cutting out?
So.. what happens when rain gets into your engine?
Where could I find a free online manual for a diagram of a motor for a 94 Toyota Corolla?
How do I change the brakes of 2003 ford mustang V6?
What is leaking from my car?
Reading engine bearing clearances?
What color is engine oil leak?
Broken tail light? How can I avoid getting a ticket?
Sea Breeze. Covections?
checked glows plugs live wire they are glowing the car wont still start?
About how much is an A-Frame for a 06' Chevy Cobalt LS?
How big of an engine will fit into a 1988 Chevy Camaro IROC-Z that came with a 350? Pref. w/out heavy mods.?
Rubbing Alcohol, mixed with windshield washer fluid, winter deicer ?
Transmission rebuild $2,400 Canadian?
Can you temporarily fix a drive chain with super glue?
my car car died on me and started back up by itself 3 times what is the cause?
Starting problem?
electric car coversion not hybred any experince ?
will it hurt my van to drive it 1100 miles if the transmission does not always go into reverse?
I want to get my car's smog check done?
When should I rotate my car tires?
Is it ok to use straight coolant on my Lancer 2004 in cold weather?
Could it be a bad alternator?
1999 f150 wont shift into gear or move at all?
Vibration underneath my car?
how to fix my ford focus clutch?
engine oils?
What is the part name of the part of the car that connect to the front bumper by the tire?
Is it ok to tap on the gas when trying to start a fuel injected car?
I need to reproduce a camera case finish - anyone know how?
car cigarette lighter doesn't work anymore?
how i install rack and pinion?
what kind of turbo would be the best for a 2000 grand am 3400... and can the car be twin turbo.?
What's the other auto shop next to Fizz in Arlington Height, Chicago suburbs?
Can i add coolant directly to coolant reservoir in my car?
Using a smaller threaded spark plug?
I am getting a Noise from underneath my car when it hits a bump?. what could be the problem. Hnda civic lx2003
Is it true cars use less gas if the tank is closer to full?
How can you tell if your car battery is frozen?
What other cars will tires from a Jaguar 16 Inch Alloy 6.5J X fit onto?
when heater is On in car - Is fuel incresases?
How do I get the smell out of rubber car mats.?
how often to change oil on a low mileage car?
Does My 1998 Nissan Maxima SE (5spd) have a locking or non-locking differential?
i have a 1994 honda accord lx and the headlamp is burned out how do you unlock the lock to get to the bulb?
what is A/C Receiver-Drier?
what can cause a p-ching-chung-chi-chi-roomp-roomp-roomp noise in my engine?
what is the estimated cost of a 1999 ford Expedition tune up?
how much would it cost to fix a radiator leak in a 1998 toyota avalon.?
Birds destroying my car!!?
Does it look like my car is completely totaled and can not fix?
Squeaking breaks....?
Is it necessary to change antifreeze in your car?
PLEASE HELP w/ my car problem!!!?
How do you stop a from spreading on a windshield ?
what are the best replacement plugs?
how do i know if my car needs an oil change?
when was the first portable car battery charger made?
Supercharger installation help?
Compression test vs combustion leak test (block test)?
is it possible to convert a 4cylinder to a 6 cylinder?
If too much engine oil is poured into your engine when you change it what can happen ?
New key made but anti theft is blinking?
Dodge Ram Van B250 6 cyl. 1994...Is it a common Problem or not?????
I have a 2004 civic with 193,000 miles. should i change timing belt again?
What gauge wiring kit do I need to install my system into my car?
I have a 79 sportster that started back-fireing and quit running.?
Clutch Pedal Sticks Half-way?
Why does my Chevy Camaro's battery drain as I'm driving?
I go to start my 69 Chevelle and nothing. Not a click, nothing. What could this be?
What should be included in 60,000 mile auto service?
Defrost fan 98 Mailbu is dead?
How do you get super glue off a new car's paint without destroying the finish?
Car won't start but battery is fine?
What happens if I drive with no oil in car?
check engine light came on?
I'm trying to remove a link from the drive chain on a honda 4-wheeler.What tools do I need?
can i use benz 380sel engine in benz w123?
How do I rethreather the spark plug wells in my 1997 Plymouth Neon?
Whining sound starting your car in the morning then quiets down 5 min. later, is it the steering pump ?
Will Lucas Transmission fix fix a leak with the pump seal?
Is there an online resource that will tell me how to change the head gasket on my sonota?
What is the connection between the starter and the pistons?
I have a 96 cadillac seville sls... how do i replace the rear O2 sensor which is behind the engine?
Tire Brand and Model Help?
Micra reverse lights and sensor not working.?
In your experience, how long does a car battery last for?
Got my car back from Meineke and it now is grinding when I accelerate and when I turn corners.?
Has anyone ever heard of this?
I have put about 5 litres of diesel in my petrol car what can i do??
What principle is used when applying brake in a 4-wheeler all the wheels stop at the same time?
Why does my car battery not hold its charge?
what should i name my truck a name that fits its description?
I need to find some replacement door panels.?
how to wire the ignition on a HPX 4x4 gator?
what does an uploader do on a single stage home air compressor?
how can i take scratches off my car?
Tire valve stem leakage?
changing the timing chain procedure?
How much would it cost to re paint my truck?
What is it that....?
Battery replacement 2005 Mazda 6?
What kind of mileage does a Cummings desiel 350 HP motorhome average (about)?
My cheavy impala 2005 makes a water slushing sound when i give it gas or acel?
Car won't start after driving for awhile.?
What is wrong with my car tire?
I own 2000 BMW Z3. The DSC light came on and will not go off. What's the problem?
how do i get my truck out of the mud it is up to the frame almost ? There is no good traction to just pull out
Is it possible to jumpstart a diesel with bad glowplugs? The battery is good, the starter is turning the engin?
when should the cam belt be changed on a rover 45 1.9 diesel?
Anyone know wherei can get some cheap coilovers?
why is it that fire performer get burned their face, are they using gasoline?
What kind on engine oil do I use for a 96' Oldsmobile eighty eight ?
whats the difference between a spec d cold air intake and an expensive brand cold air intake?
Why the "service engine soon" light turned on and turned off ?
have a ford, have replaced the starter a few times and will run fine for months with no problem. solutions?
fuel pump question about PSI?
How can a transmission mess up?
How reliable is an Audi TT?
Is the 5-speed tranny in my 89 T-Bird Supercoupe durable enough to withstand over 400HP?
What does 1.375 equal to?
car has loud clicking noise in the front tire when I make a slight turn any ideal what it may be?
Front brakes squeak after replacing pads and rotors?
Broken lug nut. Help please?
Four wheel drive switch on Chevy 2500 hd.?
My car wont start? Anyone help?
Can I blame the oil change place for my car overheating?
How do I install an electric fan motor into a chevy cavalier?
Car turns off when is on a stop?
How would I go about turning my 1993 Holden Barina/Suzuki Swift into a mean off road machine? (4wd)?
added O2 sensor causing problems?
Engine modification and warranty question! ?
Unable to shift gears please help?
Solenoid going out......?
What is the best sound camshaft for a 460 big block? What camshaft sounds the best on a big block engine?
Why would my valves be leaking oil?
i need help with my 01 ford focus se 2.0l dohc !!!!?
How Do You Clean Up A Liquid Fertilizer Spill Once It in Water! Urgent!!?
remove motor to replace head gasket & water pump?
my uni-frame is broken......?
Code 42 Geo Storm '93, EST failing?
Truck Shuts off when I stop?
Will putting a car battery on concrete really drain the charge out of it?
My car cranks, but won't turn over. Any suggestions?
Removing drive belt to fit new alternator?
If you know much about the mechanics of an 01 Silverado, your experience is needed.?
Wheel shakes when I break at high speed, the car trembles?
can anyone tell me how often my spark plugs should be changed? It's an older car!?
Why do cars and trucks need tune ups after a certain amount of mileage? And what involves a tune up?
Its 64 degrees farenheit too cold to spray paint my mountain bike?
The floor of my car is wet all the time. I have tried lots of things to get it to dry but it's got puddles!
What car can i get for $2500?
Is this car dealership screwing me? This is the 3rd week I'm bringing my car in!?
Carburetor not working.?
fuses on top of battery box on Volkswagen Lupo 2002 and 1.0 engine?
I need a full diagram of the fuse box on a 2000 Ford Contour. Help!?
4 cyl tarago 2010 timing belt or chain which?
why does my steering wheel shake when driving +65mph?? just so i know when i take it to the garage, cheers?
Why does my car jerk when i accelerate?
how do you replace a fuel filter on a 94 ford f150?
why is my engine light (knock sensor) on in my 1999 4 runner?
My 1996 grand caravan dash lights and running lights don't work. Checked fuses and relays.?
Should a classic car be repainted in it's original colors ?
Dodge Magnum rattles in the back. What is it?
i want battery operatd transporting vhicle for my Bricks industry?
My boyfriend continuously looks at pretty girls, says it is innocent. What do men really think when looking?
How much oil is too much?
Besides someone mixing green antifreeze (coolant) with the red/Orange one..what would make the coolant brown?
Are the rear control arms on a nissan sentra se r interchangable with any other nissan sentra?
cost to have a volkswagen Gulf s keys replaced?
Which sensor could it be if my vehicle is running rich? It's getting too much gas and I think it is a sensor.
car gods please help?
how to remove fungus growing on carpet?
help!!10 points?
I have a couple service questions about my 1986 Cadillac Deville.?
I have a 2005 Tahoe and the gas gauge doesn't read correctly?
My car in not overheating, but the coolant light is on. 1999 Chevy Malibu 2.4L.?
steam under the hood after spill?
Front tire gone flat for the third time! What to do?
getting head milled for more compression?
What to do when car dealer refuses to fix the damage they did to the car?
What type of Camshaft position sensor does a citroen c1 use?
where is the radiator for the 2002 chevy malibu please show pictures?
Is the only time your car gets washed is when it rains?
Is synthetic oil good for high mileage Saturn car?
so you put in antifreeze for the winter are you supposed to drain it and put in water for the summer?
how can I check for vacuum leaks on my bike (honda vtx)?
Can this car go up to 15 to 20 years?
Car problems Please Help!?
Why does my brand new car battery keep dying?
what does the orange light next to my check engine light mean in a 91 eagle talon (looks like a bird cage)?
my car is over heating and the heat gage comes on?
Please help me my car wont start any ideas?
How to stop squeaky breaks if you have steel wheels on? Can you just spray brake cleaner and let it dry?
Kwik Fit are they rip off merchants?
my husband insisted on using all water in the radiator and now the water in the truck is frozen.?
Is the noise I hear when trying to start the car because of a weak battery?
i have a set of 350 double hump heads; i would like to know where they were made;what type they are and year.?
Diesel spillage on Road?
new brakes squeeling why?
my buick park ave starts up then dies rite away whats choking my car?
where is the turn signal relay located on a 1976 mercedes 450 sl?
What happens when your VAT system goes out on a car?
During really cold weather car horn stopped working?
I have a 98 windstar, airbag light flashes on start and then stays on. Horn and speed control won't work. why?
2000 chevy silverado z71 what type caliper bolt heads?
Car VIbrating when I get up to 50mph.?
Truck broke down in yard with no antifreeze but bad water pump?
does other insurance pay for damage to car mods?
Car Troubles: How to fix a dead battery?
Car extreme overheating randomly?
mk1 ford focus clutch slave cylinder replacement help?
My 2003 black Ford pick-up keeps overheating,would pouring beer into the radiator keep it cool?
what is turbo charge what is super charge what is the adv and dis adv what does singel turbo mean?
18.5 briggs and strat engine 92 powr kraft mower. It runs good until I engauge blade then tries to stall?
what does a Proportioning Valve do on a 1989 Honda civic?
What is broken transmission mount? Can i change myself? or how much to fix...please help me !!!?
how often should a car battery be changed?
what are possible causes and fixes for rear drum brakes on 1974 volks bug where there stuck on rear driver.?
exaust system question?
possible blown head gasket?
Trouble with fuses on 93 ford Econoline?
has my catilitic converter gone?
ive put petrol in my diesel engine what do i do?
I have a toyota hilux surf 2Lte and its loosing power when going uphill and the pick up is low, what is proble?
Can not changing the oil in your car cause a leak?
Could it be something other than a head gasket?
Shaking steering wheel, not the alignment. What could it be?
engine diagram for 2003 mercury sable ls automobile especially the power steering area and rack & pinion area
1997 honda civic makes squeaky noise while idleing?
Hi, is there a specific order to use jump leads when jump starting a car?
Can anyone give Step-by-Step process of installing a after-market muffler myself?
Any recalls in last 10 years on '98 Chevy Silverado? Third owner wants to be sure all problems taken care of.?
My car shakes after 50mph, did replace front right tire?
I have a 1991 volvo 940. What kind of transmission fluid do I need?
My car Windscreen always steaming up ?
My oil drain plug on my car is froze and rounded ?
Recommended Tire Pressure?
1994 toyota celica no fire replace distibitor?
Does this sound like having a clogged gas/fuel filter?
How long can I drive with the "change oil" light on ?
I might have a hole in my gas tank?
Vibration felt through steering wheel?
how do you remove a 02 ford expedition grill insert?
Is it bad to overinflate tires by only 1 psi?
What does it mean when my car vibrates at high speeds and when turning? I have already replaced all 4 tires.?
check engine light is on but no problems?
what is the loud wining sound coming from the rearend of my truck?
1990 Camry won't start?
whats the best way 2 remove pigeon faeces from my new car without damaging paintwork?
In what order, should I give his gifts?
Does anyone know of any guidelines on flat tire repairs?
What happens to my engine when I put gas in my vehicle with the car on?
How do I repair scratched leather?
can transmission filter cause reverse not to work in a 97 dodge 1500?
ford focus 2008,overheating?
New alternator and battery, but car still will not start?
Can you siphon/salvage gasoline from a flooded car?
Help my corsa alarm has started going off after its been stood for a while (15-30 Min)? is it the cold ?
driving in 3rd (automatic) in the city, to help fuel economy?
Is 166xxx miles alot for a used car?
whats wrong with it? it keeps stalling....?
security light / no start 99 Blazer?
Chevy Corsica Cruise Control?
where can I find headlight fluid?
Is there any way to stop my integra from burning oil?
How many miles do brake pads normally last?
How do you get the cigerette smell out of a cars interior?
How many turns do my lug nuts need to be safe?
Coolant leaking into my passenger floor?
2011 Honda fit air conditioner stops working?
Black or red first when removing a battery?
can i find a repair manual to download online for a bmv 318is?
1973 Dodge Charger Engine Help?
How do I fix a non-blinking turn signal on a 1997 Buick Century?
Do you know whats wrong with my car?
What is wrong with my truck!?
edelbrock carb problems?
Is it bad to be in neutral and hit the gas and quickly shift to drive?
Is it ok to drive your car past 3000 miles before getting an oil change?
What are noises you would hear in an auto repair garage?
Is it good to convert your car petrol to gas?
Will this A/C system last if modded like this?
Why won't my car start?
how do i replace a thermostat in a 2001 mitsubishi galant?
1979 chevy 305 torque converter bolts?
My dad wont let mebuy a car?
Can you reset the check engine light on a 2000 pontiac sunfire after the gas cap has been replaced?
When I pump gas into my '04 grand prix, the pump keeps stopping like my tank is full when its not full. Help!?
what is the difference between a ballast and an ignitor?
My Car air conditioner is not working?
Why doesn't the remote control lock on my car work?
can the alarm system cause my 95 avalon not to turn over and how to check ?
Where can I find the diagram for my car's relay?
My car almost overheated sitting in the drive-thru?
How much money would these repairs cost to make to my car?
Can anybody tell how to remove/bypass speed limiter on 2003 Cadillac deville. Only does 110 MPH?
Does anyone know how to install or where I can find the info. to install a 93 Ford Taurus SHO 3.2li alterntor?
Antifreeze spewing underhood, overheating.?
Fz 16 mileage.... pros?
I'am trying to find GAP adhesive racing weights made in sweden?
is it safe to drive 4 hours on a hwy with a bad Wheel Bearing?
how do you run numbers on car parts?
What happens if the mechanic puts the wrong bulb in your headlight?
Sometimes hot air comes out of my heater for a few seconds but mostly cold air blows out. the fan works.?
hey chevy guys and gals?
engine reving during idle?
is there a recall for 2003 chevy tahoe instrument cluster?
Chevy overheating , oil lookin milky?
How hard is it to change a timing belt on a 2003 Hyundai Elantra?
does "seafoam" for your car harm your engine?
I want best quality bumper sticker for my car but cheap price?
differences between volkswagen passat and volkswagen golf?
I have an Eclipse that ONLY takes premium gas :(...wat happens if i put the cheap kind in?
Why is iron best for a core for a solenoid?
is a coupe or sedan bigger?
Is headlights not working likely to be a fuse ?
is anyone else having problems with the peugeot sum up? ?
350 Crate Motor ......want more horsepower?
transmission problem?
Why does my car keep using so much coolant on my 2000 Mustang V6. I just had the lower intake manifold fixed?
How to paint my car flat black/grey?
Did I bust my radiator hose?
how to install parkingbrakecables?
Can you put a domestic alcohol (beer, vodka, whiskey) into a gas tank?
a former friend of mine wants to know where she can buy blinker fluid?
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