Is my engine in my car going?
My car won't start, even if it's being jumped.?
How much does it cost to fix an alternator in your car?
sunroof connection?
can a faulty cv axle cause my 4wd to pull to the right all of a sudden while driving it just pulls then stops?
"i have a 1998 mercedes slk230 what start?
How do i stop a sqeeky fan belt?
how to change a heater core on a 1995 plymouth voyager?
why is my cruise control not working?
cost of repairing turbo gaskets on a zafira?
Why does my steering feels loose?
Car will not start. Battery has been tested and is good.?
why does my crown vic 93 shacking at speeds 35-45?
what is causing that sulfur smell in the air over moreno valley?
How can I power a nightlight with a car battery?
What does a Mechanic need to know about car Timing Belts?
where is the speed sensor located in a Mistubishi lancer glix?
Truck Repair/Front disk brakes?
Battery drains when car off?
What could be causing car to fail Ohio echeck?
Why did my car brakes do this?
Does a 1985 Jaguar 4 point 2 Liter Inline Six need more ZDDP than a usual engine?
I have. A question about my check engine light..can anyone help?
Is this a car motor problem?
Is there any reason to not START a car, w/ no coolant?
What does it mean when a car lets out white smoke? I have a 98 BMW Z3 1.9 L?
where is the fuel cut off switch on a 2001 ford mondeo?
My auto transmission went out can somebody help?
My car is leaking antifreeze and I will like to know what may be the problem with my car because its overheat?
How much does it cost to fill up a 15 passenger van?
what is the wiring on a 98 vortex 350?
serpintine belt routing for 87 cadillac sedan deville 4.1?
Things that cause a 1994 Ford Explorer to fast idle?
Iwas running my cr 85 sixth gear pinned and it just shut off and then white smoke was coming out of my exsaust?
Is it safe to drive 200 miles while oil is leaking?
What are some of the reasons a car won't start in cold weather.?
What performance upgrades can I afford with $1000?
Nissan Z20 Motor alternative motor? im looking for more power?
if my car wont pass emissions test what can i do? put something in tank?
Sometimes my car won't start...What might be wrong?
Changed Battery And Alternator But Now.....?
Which gives better gas mileage: Ford Diesel truck or Chevy Suburban (non-diesel)?
i need help changing my 200 caliver trunk lock?
will cops pull me over for a ed winshield?
Can any car be fitted with a snorkel?
what role do a distributor cap play in an auto? does it help in performance?
Where is the DRL relay fuse on a Toyota Corolla?
vacuum line diagram for 95 cadillac deville?
Easy Points for anyone with a 1999 Ford F250 Superduty Lariat with an overhead trip computer?
I just bought a car and want to remove the ugly dealership sticker off the back. What's the best way?
Help! My car overheats! Any advice?
Mechanics, can I have your thoughts on this?
does a 1987 grand prix v8 have a voltage regulator? If it does where is it located?
How often should I change the timing belt on a Toyota Corolla?
Can I disengage abs on a 1998 ford explorer permanently? If so, how?
what is the clutch in a car?
How important is it to fix a bad heater core?
Automatic 1997 Honda C-RV problems!?
I have to hit my starter motor with a wrench in order to start the car, what could be wrong in the starter???
fuel filter question on the bolt with the holes can not get it to line up with the hose?
My engine is OBD2 and my car is OBD1, and i have a OBD2 ecu, would a jumper fix the problem?
How do you take off the White quick connect fittings on the automobile fuel pump lines?
can the red wire be for the light switch and which wire do i connect it to?
My '97 Audi A4 (91K Miles) manual trans. periodically stalls out?
What does it mean when your breaks squeek when you hit the breaks?
Does premium gas give you more milage and is it really better for your car? Also, what is the best oil?
I have a 1984 Caprice classic 4bbl carb 305. I was wondering if anyone could help me with some carb question?
Car key stuck in lock?
Would a bad thermostat on a car prevent the AC from working?
How many qts.of oil does a 1991 4.3L 4x4 S-10 hold?
what is the correct tyre pressure for my ford escort 1997 14inch wheels i have lost the manual?
I need to find a clutch fork for an 88 isuzu trooper 2.6 4cyl?
Where is the starter located on a 1992 Isuzu Amigo?
I have to pump my brakes for them to work. What's wrong with them?
where is the alternator on a mazda 929?
how many certified technicians that are ase or dealership trained on here answering questions?
1997 gmc safari why is it going through so much gas?
When your engine is knocking whats wrong?
Scratches on interior of courtesy car. HELP!?
thousands millions of cars tyres wear out where doe's all the rubber go?
Where is the coolant fan temperature sensor located?
Windshield Repair Kit?
Vehicle A/C question?
where can i find a egr solinoid for an 89 ford ranger?
How do I reset the check engine light on a 2001 Dodge Ram pick up?
Why do people work on their Cars?
Why is my car overheating and stalling?
my mercedes s420 makes a loud clicking noise behind the passenger airbag?
clutch troubles in my 92 falcon?
How can u tell if my dodge neon is a SOHC or a DOHC??
how to get bettr gas milage?
Why has my engine developed a knock after a long journey?
Would 'white lithium grease' work for so called 'personal lubricant'?
Question about Blue Xenon headlights for '00 Jetta?
1993 Subaru impeza rear brake drum assembly?
turn signals dont work?
what is A/C Receiver-Drier?
what would cause my 2007 dodge charger to shut off when the air conditioner is turned on?
How to keep fog off windshield?
My steering wheel is loose when I turn it it move 1 inch while I'm driving straight?
Aftermarket exhaust, low rpms?
Is my car battery low?
lining up timing belt on a mercury marquis?
I was driving on and all of a sudden my car just started slowing down and losing power. What's wrong with it?
Do you have to take your car to the main dealer for a service to keep the warranty up to date?
93 Ford Tempo - Battery or alternator problem?
How important is increasing the mileage on your car?
How much will it cost to replace calipers, rotors, and pads on a 1995nHonda Accord?
While I was driving, my windshield wipers stopped working in mid-wipe. I changed the fuse but still nothing.?
Car overheated, leaked antifreeze, fan never turned on and now it won't drive.?
can i still drive my car even if i have failed the inspection?
2002 Pt Cruiser making a loud humming sound as I drive, but the humming stops whenever I turn to the right.?
when will the maintenance be finished?
Why is my car's touch-up paint darker than the rest of the paint?
Car wont start occasionally?
What could be wrong with my car it seems like when your pressing a little hard on the gas to pass a car on the
does my car have a blown head gasket? it will smoke(white) on start up,then it disapears.?
3000gt radio is locked "OFF" after 3 attempts to unlock it. Anyone know how to reset it back to except codes?
our church van shakes,wobbles from side to side.we rotated the tires,what are the other causes of this?
how much oil does a 1995 s10 take?
if my vehicle was hit while parked do i have to pay my insurance deductible?
My car is smoking?
2001 Ford Taurus, check engine light and no heat?
Little question about ignition system on a fourwheeler motorbike?
how can i open bajaj m-80 scooter engine?
Why does my steering wheel drive to the left and feel like the right wheel is more planted?
Where is a safe and dry location for my ballast for an HID kit. 2001 Mercedes e430?
What's wrong with my car?
What can I use to get dead bugs off the front of my car?
why does my landrover car have trouble turning on after i have used it and let it sit for a while?
Muffler or 3 inch full cat back exahust?
Found water on dipstick....?
No heat in my 1996 Saturn SL 2?
Will this do any damage to the cars?
Car won't start & clicking noise?
How to repair or replace a?
My car keeps running hot help!?
2003 chevy trailblazer display not working?
What is a mechanical bush?
My Car needs new engine mounts...What will happen if i don't replace them?
is there a diffrence between manual and automatic transmisson fluid?
Does wiping your car with your hand REALLY scratch the paint?
how to remove/install shift light on au ghia?
I Have an 1995 elantra and It has a rotton egg smell what is that and how can I fix it???
need fuel system repair on 1998 dodge cummings deisel 24 vavle?
What is leaking out of the front of my car? Reddish brown substance?
What are the best seat covers for a 1995 camaro?
Car wont start and secuirty light is on?
how do you replace a tailight bulb on a 2002 hyundai elantra?
I want to by a nissan s-cargo does anyone know anything about them or what the insurance cost is?
i have a 2000 Audi A6 2.7T i need to repair the transmission?
Car got keyed????? What to do to fix?
i just put a electric fan on my chevy s10 truck an im confussed on which way the fan should be blowing..?
Is my transmission broken?
How many miles you check your car oil?
Why wont my car start?
What kind of soap can you use to wash your car?
Is there another transmission that will fit in a 2001 Pontiac Aztec besides the 4T65E?
96 contour engine clacking?
What tool do I need ? removing a clutch housing on a jl50qt-4?
Why would a Mercury Mystique continue to have the check engine light on even after it's been 'fixed'?
if my honda accord has 10w-30 oil but is low is it ok to put sae-30 non-detergent in it?
Why don't they use a regular syphon pump to pump gas after the Sandy Storm?
What are indications that the fuel pump is going out on a car?
New brakes & rotors last week and already deep grooves in left front rotor, help please.?
Anyone have a guess as to why my car was overheating?
How do you clean your fuel injectors in a toyato camry? i failed my emission test at inspection?
What do I need to know to build an off-road vehicle.?
What is the weight of a Caterpillar G120 Road Grader?
DT 175 yamaha its like choke is back to front?
How to fix an exhaust leak?
My car is making a squealing noise what could it possibly be?
Older cars cheaper to repair?
How I Can Get A Wiring Diagram For An 85 Camaro????
How do I remove my car stereo from my 2002 Toyota Tacoma?
Fuel pressure regulator?
What is the reliability history of Dodge Ram trucks from 2000-2005 and how does it compare with Toyota Tundra?
whats the best Curb Chain?
Toyota Camry bad starter?
2008 Honda Civic Aftermarket Front Bumper?
Why won't my tranny downshift to passing gear?
equivalent products for suzuki 1207b liquid gasket?
My Car smells like anti-freeze?
i have a set of 20 inch rims that are discontinue and one is bent my insurance wont replace them?
When can they shut my gas off in ohio?
Ford f150 wont start?
What could be causing my gas to "leave the tank" so quickly.?
i have overinflated tyres?
Christmas present for my dad -- but can't think of the name of the tool?
where to buy foam seals for sealing rv to cab?
Got a 93 z71 trans doesnt wanna go in reverse until you rev it up. new filter sometimes works fine ?
What's the "best" motor oil for my car?
How do I disasemble a tilt steeringcollum chevy Astro van need 2 R&R piece the shiftselector goes into?
Spray painting car? Direct or sanding involved?
Having a car problem with a my '96 Toyota Avalon, can you tell me what's wrong?
I replaced my exhaust 2 years ago, at that time they said my muffler was bad... how do I know?
What's in your tool box?
go cart circuit diagram?
can the YCCS Electric Shift System be used on any motorcyle?
Transmission fluid leak into radiator and Coolant leak into Tranny.?
Just curious but how much would "17" aluminum alloys with the wheels cost?
is a vf18 and vf19 a good upgrade for a vf13 and vf14 for Subaru legacy twin turbo 94 station wagon?
can you increase your car's mpg? how?
What going on with my car?
How to deal with the strong smell from car AC?
how much would it cost for racket pinion for a 1988 oldsmobile?
My car is leaking clear orderless fluid?
89 Civic Lx automatic check engine light comes on and wont go into 4th gear?
I have 2002 Acura 3.2 TL 4 Dr and my left low beam burnt out. Can I buy a replacement bulb cheap anywhere?
is it ok to oil my bearings with cooking oil mozola or something?
1997 ford ranger firing order?
Weird knocking sound on rear right ( easy 10 )?
How does oil move up into the engine? My car sounds like it does when it needs oil but it has oil.?
how do i get into my dads car?
I have an 87 GMC that fails smog?
How do I take a rack n pinion off from toyoya camry le 05 without dropping the suspension?
where is the location of the oil sending unit on a 99 ford expedition?
ignition coil should i replace it anyway?
How much will a new engine cost?
My car failed its MOT, can anybody tell me how this lot should cost please?
Why is my A/C compressor smoking?
Is it possible to restore a car engine?
Whats keeping my Mitsubishi Eclipse transmission from shifting?
Do modifications increase or decrease value (Audio/Video, Rims&Tires, ect.)?
I would like to know where to find an ashtray for a 2002 Dodge Stratus.?
What is the easiest way to replace the high beam bulb on a 2004 Mazda 6 sedan?
Is my this car worth everything that needs to be fixed?
locked keys in my truck!!!?
Is a 2001 Volvo V70 considered reliable?
only one person in Boden road b28 9dl did'nt go too work today.Who was it?
Does my car have an electricity leak or is the battery bad?
Can anyone help me find out why my car is overheating?
does anyone know where i can get a rover 214 front wiper motor from???
There is this weird rattle or knock that comes from the cat or alternator?
what is efuncion of sart/run valve solenoid in a rotary air compressor. give me answer?
How do you remove a rear seat in a 1965 Ford Mustang?
How do you bend stainless steel tubing 180 degrees?
how do i tork head bolts on a 1989 mercedes benz?
How do you lube a four wheel drive vehicle properly?
How do u unlock/ remove key lock cylinder on ford f150(2004) without key?
My steering wheel shakes and rocks back and forth while the car is in motion. What's wrong with it?
1992 Nissan Maxima Wheel Bearing: wont come out with 12 ton shop press. Help?
Ford ranger question?
Where the hell did I put my keys?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!????!!!???
vw sharan automatic 1996 will not go in gear?
Shocks making a squeaking sound are they still good?
what does it mean when the brake and abs light comes on?
HOw do i stop my radiator leak?
Are there any easy ways to remove a bumper sticker from my car without damaging paint?
Landrover TD5 engine Chip?
Car Boot Door doesn't stay up, what could it be?
I am looking around at lambo doors and notice many seem to sway alot. Would Attatching two sets of hinges work?
Which sounds tougher?
How should I go about fixing this car?
speedometer pcb repair?
in your opinion, did i make mistake in makin a restored '62 galaxie a daily driver?
by any chance is there a plug on a gas tank of a 99 chevy blazer to drain old fuel out been sitting for a min?
where can i get an ignition switch for a mazda?
are there benefits to fuel economy by adding dual exhaust to a vehicle?
does anyone know about head gaskets mines just gone and the garage have quoted me £643.00 is that about right?
How do I make my car take off faster?
I can't shut my car off.?
what is a reasonable price to pay for a 2000 dodge stratus transmission,rebuilt or new?
2002 Honda Civic Coupe headlight beam is too high?
Help with a tyre pressure question ?
names of used car warranty companies?
want to know what could cause a lincoln marque 7 1985 to start fine and then stall?
is there any auto info on 1997 ford just stops then after 10 min it starts runs good for a time?
Car jolts when stopping and shakes while stopped?
I have an 88 buick century custom ,what a/c compressor does it have ? Also?
is it better not to let your car worm up before you drive it or does it really matter?
i need to know how to fix a Mazda pick up that isn't getting any fire to the plugs...thanks?
How do you know if a transmission mount is bad or if its the engine mount?
The interior lights i n my eddie bauer 1999 ford expedition interior lights stay on long after the car is off
Need to find a nicer looking signial changer and auto shifter handle/nob 1997 Honda accord EX?
My car smells like its burning when the heater is on. What's wrong?
where i can found technical information for engine tuneup for AUDI A4 OR VW golf?
Is there a job for people who do a 3d model on computer for custom auto shops?
how can i stop my radiator leaking,only just started,will radwell work?
why is transmission oil creamy white in 2t?
Car dies but alternator and battery work perfectly fine?
Once I mix base coat and reducer, do I have to discard the unused base or can I put it back into the can?
Is it really bad news if my car is burning a half quart of oil a month? It smells too!?
what are the wages for a brake specialist?
does a cars distributor affect a cars speed and gas milleage?
08 Impala leaking water?
Small drops of oil under my car?
if i replaced the oxygen sensors and reset the service engine light, what could cause the light to come back?
White smoke coming from exhaust?
where can i find a 2003 hyundai tiburon gt repair manual?
Where exactly is the Flasher Relay on a 1989 Pontiac Bonneville?
How many quarts of oil do I need to complete an oil change for a 1989 full size bronco with a 5.0 engine?
Pleasr help ordered a radio have till tomarrow to cancel?
Why does my car loose power when I turn on my a/c?
1996 eclipse gst MT - no spark to cyl #2 and #3?
Cause of this Tire wearing?
we changed the brake disks on our vauxhall zafira 2ltr dti & the brakes wouldnt work properly?
I have a 96 explorer, the battery is fine but the car doesnt want to start in the cold?
Is it safe to drive 200 miles while oil is leaking?
is a coupe or sedan bigger?
Why are my headlights flickering?
Whats wrong with my speedometer?
Where in the engine compartment do you find the dipstick to check the transmission fluid on a 1995 Ford Escor
door panel removal for F350?
My brakes squeak when i do not brake and stop squeaking when i break ,why.?
When starting car, I get only a click. Changed battery a few weeks ago. What could be my problem?
where the spark ignition occurs in hydraulic camless engine?
how to replace turn signal assembly for 2001 Silverado truck?
can i interview someone over the internet?
Is it possible to make a really nice tuner car from salvaged parts?
Do the fuel pump and a fuel injection have anything to do with each other?
When I turn the wheel in my car, it makes a loud noise like something is about to come apart.?
I changed my ignition switch on my car, now the ignition cylinder is locked up?
My Ford Taurus shakes when I drive over 50mph. The steering wheel is one big shake-a-rama. What's up?
car accident pay out of pocket or report to insurance?
Why did my break lights stop working?
I replaced my brake lines and now I can't build pressure back up in my brake pedal?
i have gas in my oil. what do i check 1st?
Does anyone know if mopar performance Magnum R/T heads #5007140 are for fuel injection or a carb?
Actually i want full cooling on rear seats in my car. suggest me can i attach another blower or any other?
2006 Ford Freestar turns off while driving and then wont start. What is the problem?
long shaft hit the gearbox case and caused fractures? Has this damaged the inside gearbox ? oil all leaked out?
How to smoke Tail Lights on your car?
'03 Buick Rendevous CX-May be a speed sensor problem I'm Told?
What items(car parts) do car mechanics check & change during a standard service?
Where would the air bag module be located at in a '03 malibu?
how to change brake pads on 2000 chevy venture?
Where is the starter located on a 1993 Infiniti J30?
Do I have a problem with 2002 Chevy Blazer's fuel pump?
Is it true that using 2nd gear instead of 1st to start a manual shift wears out the clutch faster?
how to replace a wheel hub bearing on a buick lasbre?
Why do cars make a loud noise when shifting into reverse on an incline; particularly if your going from parked
I have a rust spot on my car. Anything I can do to stop progression?
Vibration above 60 mph?
How can I fix my detent cable on my Sentra?
what does it mean when there is oil in my coolant?
Are all break pads the same?
I hired a female mechanic and my business is suffering from lack of work. Although she is a very good mechani?
Jumping a car, bad idea?
I was driving on a motorway when my car engine suddenly stopped?
I have a 2002 nissan frontier when i turn on the headlights my cruise control goes off any ideas?
On my 1993 Ford Taurus when I turn the steering wheel back and forth it makes an awful sound?
what is most likely the problem if the gas gauge in a 1996 ford ranger isnt responding at all?
Can I download a workshop manual for a 1986 Nissan Patrol for free from the internet?
how to put in fuel pump-1997 geo tracker?
could a bad spark plug cause me not to get any spark?im not gettin any spark at all..and dont you need spark f?
Fuel Filter vs. Fuel Pump?
P0101 and P0335 OBD-II codes?
My mate told me to take the Cam belt off of my car to make it go faster. Now it wont start :/?
Bad Crankshaft Pulley?
Creaking from steering or brakes..?
My radio, dash lights, and windshield wipers won't work.?
Oil leak - can it wait?
My engine is stalling out... could it be the oil?
I have a 2006 impala police but when I lock the car it doesnt chirp?
Is a AWD tranny more costly or more complicated to repair than a 4x4 tranny in a 97Ford Explorer?
Mitsubishi Eclipse sqeaking problem?
The heater in my 1990 ford ranger does not work, help?
How should i drive my car after a ECU reset? Should i drive it hard or in a smooth way?
where is the fill hole for a mercedes ml320 automatic transmission?
spark plugs on my 8n ford tractor have to be cleaned quite often?
I am looking for pre 1970 buses to buy is there a web site?
I just bought a 2003 Nissan Murano. What's checklist of items (fluids, wires, etc) I need to be handy?
My car ran hot and it became hard to steer. Why and whats wrong?
how to remove tint from windows?
i have a ford crown victoria 1995 i wanted to know can i use 2003 headlight or higher on it?
how i change the ignition switch on a chevrolet lumina?
I wrecked my boyfriends car is it still worth anything?
None of my pulleys/belts are spinning whats wrong?
I am choosing between a 2004 Acura TSX or a BMW 325. Is the BMW much more expensive to maintain?
Trying to my fix car but dont know where to start?
Why is there blue smoke coming out of tail pipe?
VW Passat warning? Brake Fluid - STOP - Service Manual?
Why does my car alarm go off by itself?
do i need a license to remove and install car engines and transmissions in michigan?
how to break in a new transmission?
my car was broken into?
What would be the expense for car A/C gas top up and for the new clutch plates?
Where can I find a clutch fork?
lowering professional out there?
Can a bad car battery cause a running car to die even if the alternator is good?
we have dodge pick up and it doesnt whant to go forward we changed the filter on it it didnt smell like the tr
How can i get Rust out of my car trunk?
The oil in my car was changed 5 months ago but I am just now hitting 3K miles. When should I of changed it?
What can else can used to clean a battery besides coke?
my breaker is trippin should i change it to a bigger one?
Upgrading performance?
When I am idle, my heat goes away. What can I do?
how do i keep my headers from leaking will silicone around the exuast port or will lock tight on the bolts do?
the correct demision for a driveshaft in a 68 camaro with 700r trans?
Am I ruining my car?...?
How do I replace the dash bulbs in my 1988 Jeep Cherokee?
where to find a after market main dash insert for mazda 929 1990?
can i mess anything up on my car by leaving it running?
My Car won't start.................?
is it necessary to undercoat a brand new car in the philippines?
How do I tell if I need my brakes done?
where can i find spare parts for a 1974 american cars on the internet?
Any ideas on what can be wrong with my car?
How do you feel about the technique of running Transmisison Fluid along with the oil in your Engine to Cleanit?
1997 voyager 3.3 front wheel drive wont start?
how much should a new set of installed breaks on a jeep cost?
Do mechanics find it at all helpful when women mimic the noises the car is making?
a question about truck tires ?
1974 Chevy Impala 2 door small block 2 barrel 6.6L?
What is the BEST material to dry your black car with do avoid scratches?
transmission shifting
Will these hubcaps fit my car?
Why won't my car shift into 4th gear?
can we use superchargers and turbochargers in diesel engine as we use in petrol engine?
My mechanic changed my oil to much thicker should I be concerned? Galant 2006?
speedometer sensor location for 1999 ford tarus 3.0 V6?
Why won't my car start?
How much tolerance is allowed on warped rotors on a 2005 Lincoln Town Car?
Mercedes vito starting problem.?
car paint. just trying to find out?
is it a bad idea?
Severe electrical problem in my 98 Chevy Cavalier?
can 1971 429 motor mounts be used in a 1969 chasis for a 460 engine?
I need help with selecting my first car..?
Car ignition? turning it on and nothing but a clicking sound?
ignition coil problems?
what could happen if gasoline touch your body?
engine noise honda accord?
What could be causing car to fail Ohio echeck?
Is my car considered "good on gas"?
Can't fix my junk care?
Is the "transfer case" considered part of an automotive transmission? Why or why not?
Can you drive a stick shift?
random vibration under can hear it knocking pretty loudly?
Car jolts when stopping and shakes while stopped?
Why does my idle change when i press on the brake pedal?
frozen car, how do I get it running again ASAP?
Are my piston rings bad?
Water leaking by gas pedel, just rain or?
How much is it going to cost me to get my car repaired?!?
Do I need a new starter?
where can i find a dash wire harness for a 1994 caprice?
toyota tacoma exhaust manifold leak?
I own a 2008 Toyota Tacoma and I am looking to put new rims on it, but unsure of what size (ie.16,17,18, 20?
Car Radiator Potential Problems?
Where can I find the Co. that makes the camoflauge decals that cover the entire truck that makes the truck cam
if the mileage on a car is high,how do you replace fix/replace/change it?
Is it just the radiator?
Oil change help please!?
Any ideas on what can be wrong with my car?
Why does my 1994 Chevy Cavalier shake?
how to change rear wheel bearing on a 2004 nissan sentra?
What is wrong with my lawn mower?
1985 pontiac grand prix engine swap?
89 FORD AOD transmission will go forward but not reverse?
Car trouble. Please Help!?
BMW. How is the maintenance on the 3series?
Battery is dieing in my car, but the battery is brand new, any help?
The engine warning light has come on on my Impreza. Can this be due to missing oil cap?
What's a custom need head job?
whats wrong with my 2002 nissan maxima?
How to fix 02 Impreza Electric Window?
Truck dies when I turn the headlights on, now it won't start at all. Any suggestions?
What do you call a car wheel's bolts that lug nuts screw onto?
Could the 4x4 mechanism not engaging properly (only when it felt like it) cause a transmission to blow?
i have just bought a ford escort, the air bag light is flashing orange. is this serious and will it cost me al
will a 1999 prizm engine work in a 2001 prizm?
whats the purpose of gasket sealing?
If I was a light switch, would you turn me on?
i am looking for a wiring diagram for a 95 jeep grand Cherokee?
my deep cycle battery charging to 13.5 volts?
Oil or transmission leak?
How can i fix my bike? description included.?
Car Grinding noise when putting into drive or reverse?
i have a 49cc moped and its light are dim and when i take off it cuts out and dies.what is wrong?
why do all my car windows mist up when it rains?
ive got oil in my water but no water in my oil is this the head gasket?
Can you take a 1999- 2001 Lexus RX 300 to a regular place to get it fixed? i.e. Jiffy Lube?
why does my eagle talon idle up and down in park?
how do reset the brake pad warning light on a 2007 land rover discovery 3 ?
Ford Taurus Check engine light?
How do i set the timing on a 2000 ford focus without a timing light?
my turn signal don't work-the bulbs are lit, but they don't flash-whats wrong?
Does it ever get old to drive a manual transmision?
Car Radiator Potential Problems?
how do I remove lower ball joints from 1993 Plymouth Acclaim?
What is the small part on 99 LandRover Disco2 throttle body?
" ECM-B " or " ECMB " fuse is NOT listed on any three sets of fuse diagrams i have.?
where is the best place to go for a lube or a tune up, price?
How do i find what is draining the battery in my car?
how do you fix the heads on a 1995 ford crown victoria?
what is the minimum compression needed to start a lawnmower?
1989 240 Volvo help!?
Are low glows (lights underneath the car) illegal in California?
Skyjet 125cc F5 Sport - help?
Do I need to reset the ignition timing after replacing the distributor?
How do i free a seized brake drum on my caravan?
need help, 96 town&country that is handicap for daughter's Thanks CarolG.
How much would it cost to repair my my 2002 mustang?! PICS OF DAMAGE!?
Reverse light fuse for 1993 Buick Regal?
I found a line broken and air sucking from it. But I can't find were it connect to.?
at what point do car engine oil start to go bad?
i have a 95 honda passport that's over heating i have changed the t-stat and clutch fan flushed the system?
Can i find a rebuild manual for a 390 online that i can maybe download?
Toyota Camry Transmission.....?
my bronco two won't start?
Battery died while driving my car.?
I have an 04 cadillac cts an the power steering pulley is squeaking... can i just change the bearings? And how?
I'm Looking For The GeoHomepage, can anyone help me?
Looking for powder coating setup cheap and info on how to plastic coat small metal pieces and tubing?
I am looking for some electrical relay switches for a 1994 ford explorer?
how do you convert a gas vehicle to run on natural gas?
i put new engine in a 1996 nissan maxima and it wont start i checked starter and battery are both fine?
What would cause a car to over heat frequently?
Check engine light problem.?
Need help for battery, which is <1 yr old.?
vw1973 super bug vacuum not work on half the motor?
Water in my oil pan a lot of water?
My car turned off while driving and then overheated?
what is the approx. cost for brake replacement for 1996 accord>?
Are Brake Pads on a new car covered by warranty?
mitsubishi pajero suspension?
can you convert an automatic ecu into a manual one for a 1994 honda civic?
HVAC won't change vent flow?
free labor time guide?
Can I claim a vehicle title if the owner is wanted for desertion?
i hit a tree with my trucks tail gate its a pretty big dent!! HOW TO I REMOVE THE DENT???????
Fuel Filter vs. Fuel Pump?
Hosed my exhuast out, now wont run?
What is wrong with my car?
can a/c condenser be relocated?
how much is a ton????
Do hydrochargers cause rust in exhaust systems?
What is your opinion on a carbon belt drive?
1998 Lincoln Continental 4.6.........?
Is it bad to overinflate tires by only 1 psi?
I have a question about my car. After shutting it off it sounded like it was still running.?
How do you get to the air filter of a 2000 grand voyager?
Air tool oil substitute?
Brakes, tires or alignment first?
Car over heating help !!!?
what is a drive belt associated with a 2001 nissan sentra?
what type of brakes do i need?
My headlights are very high even if i turn it to low beam.?
what's the easiest /cheapest way to increase the BHP?
is honda civic lx 1995 has b series motor?
Where use compressors?
do you lose more gas driving fast or driving slow? for example....?
what does a engine control unit controls on your car?
Car diagnostic service/teaching?
replacing wiper switch?
my fan belts are kinda loose..what can i do for a quick fix?
Why does my cruise control not maintain speed?
How do you take oxidation off of headlight lenses ?
location of air bag sensor chevrolet truck?
how do i fix rusted quarter panles?
Where can i buy a Toyota corolla LE 2003 repair book? Are they even out yet?
how to drive a 1953 chevy bel air transmission?
I didn't have money to change my oil the other day so I used %100 vegetable oil?
I have a 94 dodge truck. It is getting crapy gas milage. How can I inprove it.?
I want to buy a car, but it has an "engine knock"?
I have a 96 S-10 pickup&it won't start. It's getting spark &you can hear the fuel pump run but it won't start
Leisure batteries and caravan batteries?
How do I remove a dent from my garage door?
The rmps on my truck moves up and down but my foot never moves on the gas peddle ?
i just bought a 93 intrepid (3,3L) what basic tune ups should I do? (plugs/wires/filter) etc...?
Problem with 2005 Grand Am headlights?
PLEASE HELP!? need a lot of advice?
Why does my car accelerate on its own when I turn my A/C on?
What would you do if you had a 2001 toyota corolla?
my tranmission fluid is fomay on my car?
How close should my car disc brakes be touching the rotor?
how do i figure out what the oem part number is on my 94 jeep grand cherokee laredo?
How tho change spark plug seals of a nissan sentra 2001?
Endless beep comes from a small speaker under the dashboard - 94 BMW 525i?
if a car will only run after a jump start, is the problem with the battery, or the alternator?
popup camper cable problem?
does anyone know what would prevent a 97 merc. cougar from starting?
Cleaning the AC Drain?
squeaky breaks?
how to convert auto transmission to manual in Honda civic?
Whats wrong with my car?
1992 Acura Legend, smoking... why ?
How do I clean my seprtine belt it is making noise ?
Can cloxixillin be replaced with diclocicillin?
how do i work out my mpg on car?
Is my car shifting hard?
Can I mix synthetic and regular motor oil?
1997 F150 electrical problem?
What can I do about the "under bumper"?
I stalled my truck in my driveway...?
car window ice up , has anyone a tip on how to prevent them freezing up or a good way to de-ice... ?
My 97 Jeep cherokee is haveing a hard time starting in bad weather. It also does not like to idle. Help!?
Why do my back wheels rub when anything is in the trunk or backseat of my 97 Jetta?
Seat covers for 2000 Ford Focus LX?
What can I hook up a 09 lancer to go fast?
why would my oil look rusty and very black and the filter looks like molasses?
My 2001 truck has had nothing but synthetic oil. It accidentally has had regular oil put in it at recnet oil o?
Head gasket or oil cooler?
my 1993 z71 truck calls for 265/75/16 tires but will 235/70/16 hurt?
How to remove front drivers side door on jeep cherokee.?
What's involved in removing the running boards from my Toyota Sequoia? Is it difficult to do myself? Thanks!
If I pee on my friends car will it damage it?
I put 4 bottles of stop leak in my radiator, do you think that could clog it up and reduce flow?
want an hid conversion kit but will the wiring harness be compatable for my truck?
Is there a way to start a car who's starter has gone out?
My car is making sounds when I turn and when I brake after i got my oil change.?
Hep w/ Viper Car Alarm?
Question on my 1998 Chevrolet Cavalier?
What does it mean when you have a nice size slit or rip in the...?
Why is my car not starting?
where can i find a diagram on engine top end?
How to fix 4x4 on ford ranger.?
My car keeps overheating. White smoke is coming out the exhaust also. My oil is a caramel color. What's wrong?
to paint and repair 1998 lexus LS 400?
Is a used Japanese engine better than a rebuilt engine?
Does a strut spring compressor require air power tools?
Car won't start.?
gas gauage on my 2000 chevy impala messed up HELP PLZZ?
Car won't turn over, it just clicks?
how do i stall my web cam?
97 Dodge Intrepid - Drivers Power Lock Not Working?
what could casue my breaks to sqeak when using them?
Squealing noise from front-left wheel area, goes away when braking?
what can possibly be wrong with my truck? i changed the fuel pump1998 Chevy p/u, 5.0?
Jacked the car on Wrong spot?
A few questions about the Product Seal-All?
What is lifetime warranty on car brakes?
what system is better for a Golf mk1 1800 carb induction kit or performance flat panel filter?
blue smoke coming out of exhaust?
Check Engine Light?
my car wont start, and the lights wont even go on...?
What to do if I put unleaded unleaded fuel in a diesel engine and ran it until it stalled?
what are some ways to check if my engine is overheating with no temp gauge broken?
Can a tbi motor be converted to carburated?
Where can I find a transmission for an 89 ford tempo in western michigan?
what is the purpose of a fusible link?
Does anyone now the fireorder for a 1976 ford 302 and a 1968 ford fire order ?
Why is my exaust so loud and how do i fix it?
How much do you think it would cost to repair a 2004 Honda Accord?
What's the difference between Test Only and Test and Repair Smog Certification?
Toyota 1986 ST160 engine warning light is on also the catalitic converter light?
My break light came on unexpected on 99 Altima?
tie rod ends torque specs?
how do I convert my gas civic car into a natural gas or hydrogen?
what would cause brakes to go down to floor before stopping?
Are the 1997-2004 buick regals pretty good cars?
What type of car classification drives the best?
how often am I supposed to check/change the oil in my car?
In case of road-side emergencies, what item should you always have in your car?
What is a block bc in a Engine?
My car sometimes does not start first time...?
bypass ac control module on car for ace to work?
how do i get my car not to get out that ugly black misty smoke out from the exhaust ?
what do you mean 20w-40 in diesel engine oil?
check engine light came one on my 01 denali and the guages no longer work?any idea y this happened? thanx?
Is it ok to disassemble a traffic light if it seldom gets used?
Good Pickup Lines??????????????????????????????????
CATALYTIC CONVERTER help PLZ??????????????????
how do you pull the air bags out of a suzuki grand vitara?
one of my car doors does not lock with the car key lock?
Is it true that when you first buy a car, you have to "break" the engine in?
What is that rubber strip on the outside of almost all car doors called?
How much to replace the metal passenger side brake line on 94 Lesabre?
What is this tool called?
Check engine light question?
"service engine soon" light came on my 02 v6 mustang?
Aproximately how long should it take a cerfified mechanic to change a camshaft positioning sensor?
Whats a good aftermarket intake for a Civic si ?
Will a H4 100/90W bulb work for a H4 65/55W bulb...and safely?
I have replaced spark plugs, spark plug wires, ignition coil and electronic module. ?
tein flex coilovers? y/n??
How do i change the fuel filter in a 98 buick regal?
removing brake pads?
Car wont start, battery has been professionally checked?
Why replace both head gaskets if only one needs it?
anyone know why my neighbours vauxhall vectra car keeps revving up on its own and also wont idle at junctions?
Need a second opinion?
Can anybody tell me the order code for a wiring harness for a 1.8 astra convertible? Cheers?
How much air pressure does it requires for the carburetor to release the exact amount of fuel?
Can you put more than 1 horse power chip in a car? Is it bad to put 1 of these chips in a car? Does it really?
if synthetic oil is man made,why do the prices go up and down when crude oil does?
Want Rear disc brake for yamaha fzs.?
my ford explorer wont start it doesnt spark when trying to start?
how can i make my car faster with out putting too much money into it?
rusted 1999 ford taurus frame?
I personally installed a new starter and new battery on my F-1-50 and t he starter just 'clicks'?
How much would a new paint job cost on a 2001 Volkswagen Jetta?
Car service intervals, by what magic have they tripled in the last 5 years?
Should I trade in my truck before or after i fix it?
Are bosch the best or better replacement part? I got a couple 0 2 sensors that are still bad.?
can i get in trouble for seafoaming my car?
On my MOT it failed because it said my windscreen wipers were not covering enough of the windscreen.?
my ford fiest keeps overrevving in low gears?
96 Dodge Neon won't start. Cam shaft turns. Fuel injector, fuel pump, spark plugs are okay. Please help!?
Car won't shift into reverse gear?
what is the limitation for the shock absorber of a car?
do i need to wait till a cars engine is cold to check the oil levels accurately?
If my honda 400 ex only roll starts, does that mean my start is bad?
Car won't start, what is the problem? 11 points for best answer.?
saurer truck?
Clunking noise at the rear of car 2.?
why is my truck running so rough?
dent on car, how much do you think to fix it?
Ran out of transmission fluid?
my steering become really heavy, practically impossible when i was doing a 3 point turn earlier?
power windows dont roll down on either side just bought car, need help trouble shooting (84 monte carlo)?
Car is making a chime noise?
what part of guitar vibrates? Best one going to get 10 point?
plug inside gas tank burnt?
What is wrong with my car? Popping sound?
How to immobilize a car, so it can't be started, even with a key?
how many hours is 245 miles?
My clutch is sticking and not going into gear, what is wrong?
Club Car 48 volts, need a wiring diagram for lights.?
how much gear oil is in a manual transmission on a 1987 nissan pulsar?
What is the fastest street legal motorcycle?
My car stalls... why?
do the pistons still move when you are not applying the gas pedal?
I have no pressure in my upper radiator hose to the water pump, car overheats. 89 Merkur XR4Ti. any solutions?
Car trouble?!! Help!?
Is battery water good for radiator?
What is the first upgrade i should do to my 98' mustang?
Why does my car sometimes not start & why does it sound like its losing power when accelerating?
unleaded & diesel ?? help?
hurricane sandy vs my car.?
2002 chevy blazer overheating problem?
my alternator is dead will i make the 30 min drive?
were can i find a reasonable price for a remote starter?
How do I replace the EGR valve on a Dodge Grand Caravan 3.8 litre?
my 2001 ford taurus keeps throwing a code for cylinder 1, just did a plug change a month ago....?
Why don't they use a regular syphon pump to pump gas after the Sandy Storm?
My car refuses to start even after replacing the battery.what should i do?
i have a 2000 chevy malibu with the codes p0113 and p1404 what parts do i need to buy?
What is billet aluminum?
How do I change the AC/Heat temperature display from C to F in my 1996 BMW 318 ic?
how to change thermostat in a 1994 cougar 4.3?
is it possible to change my car's hubcaps and put rims instead?
where could I find wiring diagrams for a 1984 Nizzan 300zx turbo?
98 Eclipse gs won't start..?
I need help fiding a device to stop theives from stealing gas from my vans. Locking gas caps don't work.?
Will this wheel fit my car?
Car from overheating?
99 Saab 9-3 problems?
Is it better to leave a disel engine running or shut it off in a stop and go situation?
Car detail ended in deep scratches?
Why is my trucks idle going up and down?
Why does my steering wheel wobble when I pass 60mph?
can anybody tell me how to short out my fuel gauge to make to go to max?
cornwell tool question?
what should i expect to pay for a used engine?
how much would it cost to repair a power window on a 1990 lincoln towncar?
my 91 pontiac trans sport interior lights dont work,?
where are the spark plugs on a mazda protege 2000 dx?
I recently got a car that reeks of cigarettes. Any suggestions on how can I get rid of this smell?
how does a longitudinal engine get power to its front wheels?
changing the light is no problem but why does it blow headlight every 3 to 4 weeks?
Why dose my car shake when i drive from5-20mph when it goes above it, it stop shaking.?
Is it bad to pump gas from different stations?
What is a transmission?
my car has been previously filled with plain water in screenwash tank.?
can i jump a lawnmower battery with a car?
is anyone else really p****d off with the price of petrol?
my car is overheating and when i stop there is a bubbling noise coming fro the reservoir?
Whats a good car to buy, used? That wont be a lot in maintenance parts? ?
How do I replace a idle air control valve on a 97 eagle vision tsi?
My 1989 toyota corolla with carb engine idles high when started cold? What is the problem?
BMW problem?
If my car battery hand seems to be leaning a little to the low side (not to much) what should i do.?
Is this at all damaging to a car?
Is doubling your mileage possible with this thingy?
Is it alright to run water though trucks heater core?
i need smart peolpe on this?plz?
1974 Chevy Impala 2 door small block 2 barrel 6.6L?
my coolent fan isn't coming on?
Car Engine not turning over during cold start or first start?
what motor should i get for my 84 trans am?
my ignition switch just turns over like there is no battery. it makes no noises. battery is good though.?
How to determine size of rim?
What is the plastic strip between the two windows called on the outside of the car? Mine has fallen off :(?
What wrong with my tranny in my 2001 Dodge Dakota?
Why is my car heater not working?
How can i get my back driver side tire unstuck?
Does anyone know what is wrong with my drivers side window? It has stopped working and it isn't the fuse!?
how do i get a job like that?
My car is only starting after several tries and it hesitates. Plus the idle is low. Why?
Why does my steering wheel feel lighter than usual?
Check engine light keeps coming on?
why wont my 92 polaris trail boss 250 go into reverse?
what should I do?
how can i decode a re-manufactured dodge engine(Y84904)?
Automotive Air Conditioner problem?
96 saturn good conditions?
What dose "Engine Service Soon" mean?
How do I go about finding a good window tinting shop?
what transmission can fit a GMC 305 big block V6?
What is the particle size of the additives in motor oil?
Rattling noise in '07 Cobalt LS?
check engine light is on but no problems?
What is involved in changing a head gasket in my truck?
how many tire chains do i need?
what would be the gap on the coil for the 135212?
Why won't my car start?
Coolant leak 98 Civic no hot air blowing out either?
Vibration after flat tire repair?
How much does it cost to fix a radiator fan?
Car making a scraping noise when coming to stop?
Should I take my car back to the mechanic?
89 plymouth sundance stalling?
engine stops when no load..?
Help! I left my headlights on for an hr 45 minutes this morning at class! I'm worried this will affect my car?
Is there anywhere in the country where gas is below $3.00 a gallon?
can a cylinder head gasket be repaired instead of replaced ?
LT1 fuel injection to carburetor ?
My mpg just went to zero miles to empty how far will I make it?
Opinions on straight pipe exaust.?
i want to know about cars....???
i have a fiesta zetec s and i went to change plugs and as pulled the leads out the wells were full of oil whas?
Water in oil. today I went to check the fluid levels in my car and saw a milky substance on the dipstick?
Steering wheel started shaking yesterday, and today brakes started grinding!?
wat are the loudest performance muffler without much drone?
Car won't start in the morning?
If someone's REAR tire blows out while driving 60 MPH, is that person likely to crash?
how many quarts of oil do i use on my transmission on my chevy truck?
i was grinding welding beads and the sparks stuck metal to my car glass what do i do?
1 year car storage bad for tires?
About how much would it cost to fix my car window?
I think my car might need a big brake job, and my lease ends in less than a month. Should I forgo it?
if my fan on 07ptcrusier goes out will battery go dead?
1996 grand cherokee help!!?
Replaced the old oxygen sensor in my volvo s80 but still I have the engine sign ligting up?
Do you have to get gas immediately when the gas light comes on?
What happens if you add automatic transmission fluid to the transmission when the car is off?
Can you get air conditioning installed in a car?
Has my thrust bearing on my clutch gone?
what could be the problem?
does anybody know where i can get a transmission for a 1997 polaris xplorer 500cc?
What is a good name for a speed shop?
windows keep getting steamed up?
squirrels eating my engine?!?
i have a 2002 Kia Sportage and my gas tank spits gas back out when i pump?
When I turn on my left turn signal it just stays on and doesnt blink, unless I manually move it up and down?
I have a 1999 Deville with 60,000. A tech. told me that it's idleing high, needs maint. What maint do I need?
I need info on a cam positioning sensor on 1999 Hyundai Accent?
Sound like a Voltage regulator?
Does anybody know where I can get tires in San Diego?
My left front wheel is making a high pitched scraping sound when I drive. What could it be?
How is it possible to import an engine from America at half the price than in South Africa?
How much HP will a BBK cold air intake give?
should I perform idle every morning for my car?
How much is it to fix a blown head gasket on a 87 Honda Prelude?
i just put on a new thermostat on my 95 intrepid and still getting cold air.?
I'm having multiple problems with my car?
In need of info for my 87 surburban repairs!?!?!?
is it bad to downshift 4th gear to 2 gear while moving car in 40 mph?
2003 altima burning oil and?
car clicks when i try to start it.?
Car Help?????????????????
Having huge problems installing a ball joint with a press?
How, or What would you use to clean up some slightly pitted chrome and sheet metal?
this morning i was running late to work so i had to skip warming up my engine.?
Should I take apart my navigator for the engine or fix and sell it?
was the LS5 a four bolt main or two bolt?
About electronic car keys?
turning right on a green light?
what's the difference of a turbo charger and a turbo kit?
Driving a car with no airbag? is it dangerous?
how to change the cabin air filter 2011 kia soul?
were can i see a picture or print out an ase certified diploma?
How do you do a clean install of a tachometer into a 98 ford escort wagon using the fuse block?
Jeep Cherokee power windows do not work?
my 91 toyota tercel idles rough when cold or not started for awhile.What is causing this to happen?
Oil Leak, Engine won't start.?
can water cause a car to break down?
1999 ford explorer hard gas pedal?
headache racks for ford f-150?
Transmission fluid?
Check engine light is on and ECO signal no longer comes up?
Need help with making my car fast !?
Battery light came on when I was driving on the highway.?
My car is smoking?
i need to replace cvc joint in 97 explorer where would i find instruction to do it myself?
In your experience, what are some tips for changing tyres easily?
Why does my car accelerate when entering 2nd gear?
What kind of air goes in tires?
what is the cost to fix a front end?
What is wrong when the tires wear out faster on the inside of the tire, rather evenly?
How to nurse back a '39 ford?
I s it ok to put just water in the coolant bit in my ford ka?
Why does my brake pedal press in before hitting a hard stopping point?
Is there a cheaper way to fix a ed radiator?
i own a 89 ford escort its an automatic and the tranny shifts hard what dose this mean cvan it be fixed thanks
BMW 1998 Z3 2.8 Auto doing 15.75 MPG URBAN in UK?
what is difference between Twin-Turbo and mhawk 140? and which is better ?
If you have to much oil in your engine will it make the hydralic lifters noisy?
Heat wont work in my truck?
what would make your car go dead when you turn a corner?
Help my car is locked?
Why wont my car window go up, all the other ones are working.?
how to stop gas leaks from internal bowl vents on a motocraft carb?
If you have to much oil in your engine will it make the hydralic lifters noisy?
can i change the seats in my 99 vw polo to something more comfortable?
Fuel pump making du du dut noise and car idles rough?
What went wrong with my Power steering?
So why is it that the "Big 3" US auto makers...?
Coolant leak 98 Civic no hot air blowing out either?
When I use the electric start on my moped, the fuse breaks?
What would cause the mileage to drop on a 95 Yukon?
how do i replace the knock sensor in my 2003 kia sorento?
the history of diesel engines?
I'm looking for an air intake filter for a 1991 Crown Schoolbus somewhere in the bay area, Ca?
need tune up help?
Car-Coolant over flow cap boiled over help?
how do you fix a dent in the front right wing of your car?
need help with a carburetor?
High engine temp on traffic?
How many times can you use fix a flat?
I recently got a p404 code and I know it is a EGR valve code, BUT is it the sensor or carbon build up?
my check engin light is staying on. do that mean my car is going to need some major repair, around how much?
Can i change my original car battery for one with more amps?
my car makes a roaring sound when started and accelerated?
Renault Scenic 1.6 kangaroos in low gears. Tried leads plugs changed boxes nothing shows on Scan.?
How do you drive a stick shift?
Can a different exhaust system give you better gas mileage?
Can I convert my Automatic to a Manual?
How do you find an honest car mechanic?
super charger vacuum locations?
How do I complete a drive cycle on a 1996 Ford Bronco?
1992 chevy beretta transmission?
presser measurements in-cylinder of internal combustion engines?
‎97 crown vic set for a couple of years with bad intake ,changed intake yesterday, will start but wont run?
My check engine light came on.?
Why do people only do oil changes but don't change any other fluid?
The gas gauge on my car isnt working ?
i only have 1st and 2nd gear y wont it shift to 3rd and 4th?
I need a hammer/breaker for my Cat320 excavator,Which one is suitable?
Why wont my cars A/c work when im idoling?
Why Am I having diffuculties with my car starting after I changed My Spark Plugs?
it is a 305 vin letter e?
I own a caveler{?} it runs rough and emits white smoke, what is wrong with it?
identify a 5.7 lt1 in my caprice?
My car makes a buzzing noise and tugs?
Can any one tell me what can i doo to my car?
can worn tires cause a check engine light to come on?
auto paint: I need to do a touch up paint job on my car. I have two questions. 1) what is the name of the?
noise in car????
If my car goes over a bump and the tires start shaking like crazy what does that mean?
will this engine swap work?
loud sound from bottom of car when moving shifter?
2002 Ford Mustang wont start all of a sudden?
why does gas prices goes up and down? why cant the price stay still??
i need to know howe to fix a holly carberator for a for f250 truck please help me.?
RDA Brakes On VY Commodore?
how to replace o ring and gaskets in the oil filter hosing camry 1993?
where is my oil filter located on my car?
need to know what is wrong with my car?
help i think im getting ripped off?
How hard is it to change a Serpentine belt on a 1992 Dodge Caravan V-6 3.3L - do you loosen the alternator?
how can i get my 2004 nissan altima 4 cylinder to go faster?
What solvent can I use remove silicone sealant from an aluminium surface?
Do higher RPMs always use more gas?
1996 Chevy Lumina Help?
why do car's run gasoline?
ford explorer problem?
Is there a device i can put inside of a rim to make it stick out more? Help?
Diesel in a petrol car?
What does it mean when a car turns over but doesn't start in the cold?
Putting Oil in Car. Please Help!?
While attempting to change my oil, I began removing the filter to replace it, it was stuck very badly, I...?
Car Mechanics Please Answer!?
Whirring sound on 1992 Honda civic when speeding up.?
I changed the battery in my car the car runs for a while and then the battery dies what's wrong?
Why doesn't my car start?
Check Engine light on my car?
HI anyone know how to remove dog hair from CAR?
how do i get my gages to light back up?
my tach dont work at all and speedo works sometimes i replaced it with a used cluster it still does the same?
dose ne one have true american mucle?
ok... so i have a freeze plug out on back of block but need help?
How to remove skunk smell from a car?
Totally forgot to get my car oil changed, been around 10k miles! HELP?
wheels wont turn?
Window type a/c cooling power is weak?
how much does it cost to repair a head gasket?
my car blows blue smoke in morning?
How do I indentify what heads I have on my 350 small block.Where should I look. The motor is from the 70's.
where do i find the Mazda 626 fuse location for the dome light fuse?
My truck is dying... Help?
How much does it cost to replace a timing belt on a 1995 Plymouth Acclaim.?
Why does my battery keep dying?
Fuse 15 keeps blowing Honda accord ex 1998?
have 91 ford explorer won't start has new battery and alternator replaced fuel pump still won't start?
Any ideas on my 91Ford Probe transmission problem?
Is hot wax better than cold wax??