Real Estate

do I have to have a reason to evict a tennant in my home- month to month lease?
I have 2 Chattel loans on contract I would like to sell off to a lender! What lenders buy loans?
will he qualify as first time home buyer and get $8000?
Lot owners rights in MT?
How can I get my neighbors to move?
Planning to buy A forclosure house in Florida , Do I need to hire a lawyer?
I need advice on how to get out of a lease that doesn't start til next month?
What / where is the most expensive property for sale in the world? and how much?
What is the real estate industry's definition of the term/phrase "Full Bath(room)" Follow --up question.
Who responsibility is it to make repairs to a pool filter, tenant or landlord, in nc?
How to deal with tenant who does not pay the rent?
What is the best way to find a rental or duplex home for the right price?
I need to refinance my house 75 % ltv 803, fico what is the lowest interest rate can I get,on a hybrid loan .?
Repairs in apartment not getting fixed?
How do you get a loan w/ bad credit?
What training and/or education are required to be a real estate agent?
Two serious questions?
What does "Value or Type of Collateral Insufficent" Mean?
I want to buy my neighbors house who passed away, how do i do this?
How many people live in a rural area on average?
How much does a lot cost?
what's the difference between home equity loan and a home equity line of credit? which is better? why?
Does anyone know who owns Woodside Leisure Park in Watford or how i can find out how the landlords are as i wa
I signed my change of parties mortgage, could i cancel?
Is buying a home at age 50 a good idea.?
for sale by owners, owners are sketchy lives/ haunted?
i have to walk away from my home, cant pay for it, what will happen short term and long term?
Can you rent an apartment again after you pay off what you owe them?
seller risk in dry closing?
Is it legal for a landlord in CA to hold abandoned property for nonpayment?
Where 2 get $2500 immediately for rent?
im trying to buy my first home , and i would like to know how do my husband and i go by with out paying down?
where can I find free plat maps? (specifically Mchenry Co. Illinois)?
how can i sue my landlord?
Phoenix, AZ - Small Apartment Bldg - Fire Extinguisher's Required?
whats better?
Does any one know of a Real Estate Attorney in Bakersfield, CA?
Is it a bad idea to look for a roomate on craigslist?
Are property prices in Southern California going to start falling?
Why is high density, multi story low income housing better than individual housing?
dda housing scheme 2006,when will be refund the amount rs.150000?
Trying to break/shorten lease?
I am on section 8 i live in a nice project apartment?
How to get a tennant out......HELP!!!?
i need a loan of 900 .i am going to be kick out of my house on monday, what should i do?
hownmdomi go about starting a forecloseur?
can you have more than 1 pre-approved loans with different banks?
Anyone had success selling a timeshare?
Moving out for the first time, any advice and personal stories? please please share! please?
Im looking to get a morgatge in ireland for 270,000euro.?
Thinking about buying a co-op on Long Island. What should I know?
what is 25% off £150000?
Who can I talk to on how to go about moving out of parents house on full time minimum wage?
Where can i go to get free money for closing costs assistance to buy a home?
What is the best way to look at commercial properties in the LA area?
What website can I go to, to find great mortgage leads for the d.c., maryland and virginia area, for cheap?
can easly prove that millions been misused or stolen no police help?
Requirements for a FHA Loan?
how can i calculate the closing cost of a mortgage of $300,000? Can you give me a rough estimate?
I am looking for an inexpensive but nice apartment in the Cincinnati area.I have bad credit.ideas?
do you have to live in a house 2yrs before selling?
Recently house prices have started to fall. Why?
Thinking of moving to California?
What kind of annual income do you need to for a house that is $500K?
How old do you have to be to rent an apartment ?
Which U.S. state is the most cost-effective state?
lender for Agricultural property?
Is 7.4% APR a fair rate for $80,000 home loan with no money down?
Tips for buying first home any advice?
Roomate Not Paying - Both on Lease?
Does Texas commercial real estate law require asbestos disclosure?
First time buyer offer accepted but estate agent won't take house off market!!!?
How much should I expect to pay in closing costs for a 100k co-op in Westchester County NY?
Ca. Foreclosure Trustee duty on property title or trust deed and where I can check on Trustee licence in Ca.?
Need attorney to help me sell the land i own in Cpae Coral Florida.?
Anyone know of Rent Control Attorney in NYC?
What is earnest money?
What can I do if my Landlord is harassing me?
should I get a 3 or 4 or 5 years locked mortgage?
Where would I look for finance of a farm for first time buyer?
When will the new conforming limits hit the market for mortgages? We're waiting!!?
what are my rights when it comes to complaining neighbours?
How do I minimize taxes when flipping properties?
where can i find and apartment for rent in lynwood, ca?
Older male roommate for younger girl?
what is a rental market?
what does "bluff lot" mean in real estate?
can i sue my girlfriend for deception for gain? used my income to help secure a re-fi loan. lots of equity?
what is a cottle mortgage?
when taking out equity line of credit do I have to change my current mortgage rate?
can a persons name be added to a home loan?
Is it better to build a duplex or buy one?
Can someone give me advice on what to do about the apartment I just rented?
When are monthly payments due?
how do i find information about the building i live in?
does a short sale stop us from getting a new mortgage?
would i be better off buying an old house rather than a new condo/townhouse?
My landlady is a bully and refuses to fix anything. But i have no proof?
Where can I find out how much my utility bills will be at my new house?
I Want to find a Apartment in Greensburg PA but.....?
i need to know a about real estate agent ?
Does anyone know of an apartment in Salem, Oregon that will rent to someone with an recent eviction?
Should I get a new realtor?
Advice on moving out, what do i need....?
Realtor doing her job?
Will my realtor negotiate with my interests in mind?
Commercial Property for lease at 3100 E. Rosedale, Fort Worth, 76105?
What options do i have for housing.?
What is an easy quick way to find a rental house by 7/1?
What are my rights if I (seller) overpaid property taxes at closing?
Co-sign a loan to buy a house?
How to change from a 30 yr mortgage to 15 year?
trying to find thevalue on a mobile home trailer?
do you think a condo for 149,000$ is expensive?
Where can I find glass to fix my windows?
If i made a partial payment on my mortgage and the mortgage compay put that in escrow.?
Ceiling damage due to leak, when should landlord fix it?
letting my home for rent in UK, what is the minimum insurance I need to take on the property i let out to rent
What is a good place to look for an apartment in the Madison, Wisconsin area?
I am a tenant and the house I am renting is going up for auction, where do I stand?
I've been robbed!?
Can my landlord push us around like this?
Where can I buy lots of cockroaches?
Can my landlord refuse to allow me a window air conditoner because he just installed new windows?
How does the ecrow service last?
Why do some real estate agents act so snooty?They are not all that?
Can my wife sign as a guarantor for a loan for her mother for both of us even if I refuse?
Which of the following hypothetical real estate loan companies would you be most inclined to use?
My apartment has no insulation in it.. is that illegal?
r there any holiday rental house or vaccation rental 1 bedroom house or flat avalable in chandigarh?
How much is your morgage? Is it more than £1000 a month?
Landlord doesn't have my deposit-What to do?
should i buy a home in the san francisco bay area?
Can my landlord force me out?
Easiest way to become a real estate agent in California?
In real estate talk what does FARB stand for?
What kind of value deficiencies (if any) do u see in the pp who leave their homes in broken & filthy condition?
What is meant by a real estate agent when he says there are 4 corners to a NSW contract first being 'Offer'?
Pot pipe and landlords random damage inspection with insurance person?
Renter's rights legal advice please?
Is it okay for a real estate agent to have a FLASH website?
How much can I buy in USA a studio apartment, also known as a studio flat? $20.000 or $25.000?
Tennant/roommate has been charged with a crime of theft&usage of my checks whats the best way to get him out?
home price dropped from $1mil to $635k, bank will not modify loan because payments on time, should walk away?
Im 15 days late on my CREDIT CARD payments. Is it best if I pay them off? Or pay over, and then on time n/mo?
Do americans realise they will never own a house,,,??
Gotta move breaking my lease?
What type of house is this?
should I invest in stocks, which I know nothing about, or keep buying rental real estate for future wealth?
Can I choose a custom home builder AND a lot?
Having a roommate not on the lease in Col. Ohio?
I smelled natural gas tonight and called 911. They didn't find anything, will they contact my landlord?
where is the best place to refinance 488,000 house loan?
Once you are served forclosure papers, can it be stoped?
Can I buy a home while I have debt?
What else do estate agents do?
would you buy a home right now or wait?
House price slump?
How can I buy a fleshlight without my parents finding out?
What are the specific permits needed for building a house in cypress, Tx?
I am looking for a sample of a rental contract between a private renter and rentee?
What is the most common way for married couples to own title to real estate (if they don't have a trust yet?)
were is a nice place to live in near the georgia?
Can you buy Royalties for environmentally friendly products like solar or wind rather than oil ?
Had my house repossessed in january 08, can I ask for it back, because still not sold and I can afford it now?
What are the FHA requirements for missing appliances in the kitchen?
what is the difference on leasing a home and selling a home?
i need to know what the advantages and disadvantages are of buying a home leasing a home or renting?
I have mold in my basement. Can my tenants and neighbor sue me (they have mold too). I am fixing it?
Has anyone out there used Wilshire Holding Group? Are they a scam?
Are there any furnished apartments in Texas City, Texas?
Buying a private island?
Would it be a good idea to get my own apartment first or a car?
How much does a 5rm EA cost in Toa Payoh?
Texas veteran land loan?
What right I have if living in my deceased fathers home if i been taking care of the maintance of the home?
Fax papers in bakersfield ca?
On average, how much does a condo in Santa Monica cost?
CA real estate broker exam question?
How and When can I afford a house?
Is it good to move with a girl in a apartment?
Where is a good place to get a great home loan...?
Am I required to pay penalties the day after I move in if I want to break contract?
Mr. Katial buys a house for Rs. 100000 and rents it.?
i'm tring to search for lots for sale in warren township to buid a home on it. How do i search for lots?
Does the tenant have to pay legal fees to their landlord?
How do I move out of my parents house?
what is mortgage underwriting?
I'm trying to buy a home, can someone help me?
Can you sell things on school property?
Can I put the utility bill in my roommates name to avoid disconnection?
Do most people in college who move out to an apartment?
I need to move out of my parents house in a couple months?
does anyone know how to get free money to buy my first home?
Is it possible to have a co-signer on a home mortgage?
solicitors fees for a buy to let property and a new purchase?
Can I take my property management to court for broken a.c.?
My realtor finally told us what the prob is with they buyer not being able to get a closing date on our home.!
Please help me find out how to fight a contractor lien against my house, the contractor was hired by the buyer
I REALLY REALLY want this House!!!?
PET FRIENDLY RENT, is it possible?
Is there any good courses online that I can take to get my real estate license?
In Tennessee, does a quit claim deed release all dollar claims to the property if filed with a warrenty deed?
How can I find "HOUSE" not an apartment for rent in my area?
My boyfriend and i want to move into an apartment? in like 7 months?
I really like this house that is incomplete and the seller only accepts cash only?
Salary of 700,000 in California?
Is there a tax penalty in Idaho if I sell a lot within a year of purchasing that lot?
Does anyone own a mobile home and how much am i expected to pay for rent...Blackpool area?
If I've already filed my personal taxes how do I go about getting my $8000 First Time Home Buyers Credit?
Can someone have me put out of my house by buying it if?
where to find churches for sale in michgian?
how can I find out how much a jersey city property sold for?
I'm trying to find houses for sale in the Enterprise Mississippi area?
I am in foreclosure> Is there anywhere i can get a loan to get out of this mess?
Landlord says hes not comfortable renting to me because its my family and my sister.?
What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of living in a major city?
can the vendors estate agents request your financial details when making an offer?
Preapproved for a house, change job?
can your landlord unlock door/come in no notice?
how long does it take to move houses?
How can I get around re-paying USDA rual development loan recapture? Thanks,Paul?
The Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) did a survey or report a few years ago that stated over th
How do I avoid from someone placing a lien on my property?
How can I kick someone out of my home if they refuse to move?
In a 1-2 page Microsoft Word document, discuss the following case study:When Alexander and Deborah married, Al?
Cost of apartments east of Toronto?
How long does it take for a FHA loan?
What do I need to know about buying my parents home, to avoid it from going to a nursing home?
2nd mortgage?
Paying bldg superintendent something extra when moving in?
Is inspections and appraisals required by law in detroit michigan?
am i entitled to full deposit back?
I want to know if someone is unemployed can they still apply for Section 8 Housing in Houston, Tx?
Do you think the recent flood damage will bring down real estate prices in Boston's North Shore?
Should I or can I flip this house?
I bought a above ground Pool from Neighbors. They sold the house and the new Owner wants the Pool back.?
Can anyone tell me if you can be classed as a first time buyer if you have divorced & starting again?
Help, I want to move back to a house that has leins?
What is my return of investment on installing a new heatpump in my house?
i ned Information Abbot FHA insured?
Will management companies usually let you transfer your lease to another of their properties?
Misleading information from real estate agent...I need your help guys?
who do i complain to about the building department, related to apportionment's ???
an increase in the interest rates will lead to increase in level of deposits?
Section 8 Voucher And A One Year Lease What Should I Do?
Apartments or homes for rent near leesport, Pa?
How Much Can cost apartments near Orlando,Atlanta,Boston?
how long until a tenant can get their damage deposit back?
im 17, i wanna move out of my parents house?
Does anyone know if private mortgage insurance (PMI) is deductible in for 2008?
Renting question pw, pppw and pcm?
What do I do next with the roaches in my apartment?
What other costs come with living in an apartment?
What happens when the bank forecloses on my home?
28 years old should I move out or stay home and save?
Can I sell my roommate's things?
Can i break my lease? Florida, roaches....?
Are lawyers in maryland a real estate broker and can they receive a refferal fee from an real estate salep?
I f a person owns a piece of land do they own it all the way down to the core of the earth?
Is it possible to take someone's name off a lease without their consent?
what type of home can you buy in your area for $100,000?
Whats a good age to move out of home?
I am about to sign an independent real estate contract with a broker in Illinois..?
squatters rights washington state?
Any body who does real state in Malibu, Beverly Hills ? Selling million dollar house?
What can my landlord do if i break my lease?
What are a real estate agents duties?
First time home buyer grant info for El Paso, TX?
Can landlord terminate a lease by saying there is a mistake in the lease?
is there a home owner equity protection act?
Issues with rental deposit?
Where is the best East Coast Coastal town to buy a condo for 175K or Under?
Are my hopes way too high?
What is the best way to find foreclosure investors?
whats a good rent to pay per month in south wales,austrailia?
council house mutual exchange (home swap)?
what is the web site for free house appraisal, homeowner history. Like travelocity for your house?
Can my landlord throw my stuff away?
how has the use of ICT changed over time in estate agents?
Help- trying to break lease, but landlord says we will owe money?
IS HOMEGAIN.COM ACCURATE in giving the value of your home ?
All my exes live in Texas but I can't move to Tennessee. Hellllllllp!!!?
What was the best deal you got via Woolies closing, i heard of one of the check out girls who?
Opinion on renting a flat above an adult store?
Cam my lanlord kick me out of his condo apt just because i am 3 weeks late with rent every month?
Do I HAVE to let just anyone replace my roomate?
I own student loans & in the near future we would like to own a house will I be able to?
Whats the average salary for a real estate agent?
Apartment after chapter 7 bankruptcy?
Can I keep my flat (housing association) whilst I go to uni?
How can I complain against apartment complex?
i am 17 and i want to to get an apartment?
Is there a real estate bubble?
can a mobile home park shut off water or not turn it on just because they dont want you to live ther?
My daughter need to refi her arm mortgage by oct. but her home value is less how should she proceed to refi .?
How to deal with stomping upstairs neighbors?
Can my landlord tell me who I can have in my apartment???
Can my landlord evict me for having a cat if I got rid of the cat?
Can a apt complex operate without having a drop box available for tenants who have to pay rent after hours?
Am a German but would like to buy a house in the US and live there but will not work in the US. Please advise.?
What can we doas tenants to get reed of slum land lords ?
Do I have to notify the renter in my house that I stopped paying the mortgage ?
Should I move out or keep living at mom's house?
can a servient proper try owner park on an exclusive easement that is recorded with the county?
Home closing delay due to hurricane.?
how can i locate the landlord or owner of a property(Real EsTate) for proposal to rent or purchase?
My husband, 2 kids, and I need to move out of our in laws apt by October, can we file for section 8?
Renting vs Buying a Home?
Is now a good time to sell a home? What are the possible pros and cons?
My landlord has charged me for professional cleaning and gardening!?
can a repo company find your new address if you moved?
I am looking for all homes sold in Summit County Ohio?
Where can I find apartments in the simi valley,ca area?
How much should I save for an apartment?
when you are looking for apartments and they say Section 8 welcome?
where can i get a piece of land in suffolk to live in a caravan on for a couple of years to save for a deposit?
getting a mortgage as self employed 23 year old?
can board members campain for other board members that are up for relection, condo association?
Getting a second mortgage loan while the fist mortgage loan is new?
Help me name my real estate company?
Do I have a legal obligation to give my old letting agency my new address?
What pets are easier to rent with? Could I find an apartment with these pets?
How much would this house cost?
Do you like staying in the house or getting out?
My neighbor's smoking is killing me!!!! Manager do nothing!!!?
how much would it cost to live in new york city. that includes electric, gas, you know all the bills?
Do you wont to buy condominium in Niksic,Montenegro? 60 miles from Adriatic sea?
My lease had incorrect information and now the apartments want us to sign a corrected lease.?
My landlord won't deposit my rent checks in a timely fashion. Is there legal action I can pursue?
The owner of my apt doesn't give us heat is so freezing outside 40° degrees?
I am planning on moving to a new apartment, how should I go about planning?
A house that appraised for 175, then 170 at refinance--which value is considered when dropping PMI?
what is a commercial home?
Can an over-21 renter be evicted because of having alcohol?
My fiance' and I are currently going through the process of purchasing our first home. It is a foreclosure....?
can i ask to change the amount of rent after i had signed the contract?
trying to find owner of property?
I bought a condo recently and I want to spruce it up.?
My name is on the deeds to a house that is worth 280000 pounds i can have the whole house for 80000 i have ?
i need help looking for cheap apartments in irving tx.!?
Any preference as to which floor you like living on in an apartment?
When will home values start going up?
what are the current intrest rates? for mortgage?
Can I live in one of the unit after doing 1031 exchange?
how can i run my own market stand?
What would help my house sell ? Ive droped the price,Its now the lowest on the street.?
how do you homestead your house and where do you get the forms?
Can I be evicted from a 7 day rental of a vacation house?
If you had half the money for a down payment on a loan for a house, what reasons couldn't you get a loan?
Is now a good time to buy a house in Northwest Arkansas?
Has anyone been able to visit
What do I do if I don't get my deposit back?
When a new tenant moves in whose responsibility is it to change the locks? The new tenant or the landlord?
Can i get the New home owner tax credit now?If so how. Thanks?
How can i get a home loan if.............?
is thaire any one who can work with me learning investment Realistate .?
How do I open a PO Box in Holland?
What legal recourse do I have against my landlord for what he has done to us?
I am looking for a list of all the Main offices for all Title Company's in California.?
Can anyone reccomend a good moving company?
Judgemenet against my husband that we never knew about.?
What can we do if we feel that our real estate agent treated us wrong?
Do you think our landlord will make us get rid of her?
Temperature in house to avoid pipes from freezing?
if i give my 30 day notice now...........?
When did E*Trade stop issuing mortgages?
signed a 1 yr. lease on comm. building. never took possession. owner kept deposit & 1st mo. rent, is it leagal
How much are eviction fees in St. Charles County in Missouri?
Is it legal for a renter of a property to have it appraised without the owner knowing?
Help! My lease was supposed to start September 1st, but I haven't received my keys!?
I'm an 18 yr old college freshmen w/ no credit & fed aid, can I apply 4 a house loan, w/o affecting my aid?
Brokers or Sales License for Commercial Real Estate?
WHAT is a salesperson commission on a $400 sale if the commission rate is 4%?
can you buy a home for less than 80,000 with a low credit score?
We were just informed that the house we are renting is being put up for sale?
what is obsolescence in estate management?
what is the difference between an apartment and a condo?
roommate situation / questions?
can some one take over a mortgage payment on a house im trying t sell?
Can my daughter make a joint claim with me for housing benefit?
My mother and I are both on the deed for the house, here she got a personal loan out and used the house as col?
What are some good real estate web sites in the UK?
What would be the average monthly cost of owning a 3700 square feet house?
When a lease is up do you have to move out?
Can my roomate kick me out with one week's notice?
Anyone know any Pit-Bull friendly apts/condos/ the Seattle area?
buying a home at 20 yrs old and plan for the next 10 years.?
Real Estate Property Managers?
Why do Realtors show you houses above your budget?
Should housing benefit be stopped being paid to tenants of corporations and councils.?
Tenant fell down stairs - am I as a landlord responsible?
What is going on with real estate prices in SF bay area?
In Texas, if my lease was up yesterday, how long do I have to get my things out of the duplex?
Benefits of buying raw land?
i Don't want to move:(?
can a realtor see the apartment im currently on lease with on my credit or rental history?
Anybody know where I can find a small apartment?
I have deposit 50000 in lic's market plus table no 181. I want to know my current status. ?
How old do you have to be to rent an apartment ?
My landlord was served with foreclosure papers yesterday. What does this mean for me?
I plan on going to community college in the fall and wanted to also rent an apartment???!?
Loan officer asking for reason for late payments. What should I say?
When renting a property, is the landlord or tennant responsible for supplying and changing new light bulbs?
I dont qualify to buy a home, I am wondering...can I buy a foreclosure? ie: pay the back payments, lease2own?
Who owns the house if the owner took out a reverse mnmortgage then a short time later, dies?
house was sold in short sale we were giving 17 days to get out but our lease says 30 days?
Would it be wise to use some of my home's equity to try to become a professional landlord? Replacewife'sincome
if i dont give my landlord a months notice and just leave what action can he take?
How much does 1 acre cost in New Hampshire?
If file chapter 7, how does it effect my landlord?
Whats the average price a young person would pay for a apartment in Germany?
where can my friend find an apt with an eviction on her record?
Can business tenants be charged late fees on a 3day notice to pay?
Do you need to disclose you are an inactive real estate licensee when selling or buying home in Texas?
Will I get my earnest money back?
William h brown estate agents in the Leeds area?
Has anyone had a short sale refused by the mortgage lender.?
If I have $185K remaining on my mortgage, and I'm inheriting $200K, do I pay off the mortgage ?
my daughter lives in florida. should she rent,build or purchase a home thats for sale?
How much does an average apartment cost in different areas of London? (per month)?
can you own a house and not anything?
Just curious, how much is your rent?
please help after bankruptcy?
I paid for rent twice by accident?
For those who live alone in apartments, how much do you spend on your monthly rent?
Can I afford an apartment in NY?
I just want to ask if Nadia Firhaniz nosli is the manager of construction issuer I'n government I'n Malaysia ?
I am selling my apt in Manhattan, is the 6% broker fee negotiable?
I'm looking for an apartment that is safe and affordable in San Antonio, TX, help!?
where to find a home loan with credit score of approx 550?
Are there any homeowners associations in Nebraska?
Real estate question- after house sale, are buyers obligated to leave manuals?
I am not working, I can't make my house payment, what can I do?
My Home is going into forfiture, what does this mean for me?
What would be the closing cost on a $630,000 loan to buy a house if the interest rate is 6%? Also, is it?
Do you have to pay closing costs twice if buying land then later building a house on it?
Buying a house at age 17 :)?
Do I have to pay full month rent when moving out?
can we break a lease if we werent told the place is for sale? Its not in the lease.?
how much is your mortgage per month?
Paying rent in exchange for credit?
How do I build just a lot, no house, anything. Jus a lot so I can put a business on it?
How are electricity bills for apartments with central air calculated?
I Need Loan And Foreclosure Help?
Moving out into rented flat... I just wondered how to go about laundry?
I put my 30 day notice in; do I HAVE to let my landlord intrude & show my apartment to people?
Can you sign a lease to an apt in Bolingbrook, IL when ur under 18?
Can anyone help me on a mortgage topic???
How can I increase income on rental application?
Will this type of income information be enough to convince a roommate to accept me?
Mortgage with no down payment ?
I have bad credit. Is buying a home out of the question?
What is a good website to look for housing?
My landlord refuses to repair my apt. what are my rights?
california realtors fast way to get licensed?
Why do all mobile homes in cities have to be in parks?
How do I know when to refinance if ever?
Which of the following hypothetical real estate loan companies would you be most inclined to use?
What should I expect to pay for rent in San Diego?
The best and most complete course on air conditioning and refrig.?
How should I approach my potential landlord if I want to ask him to let me pay for the deposit later?
Anybody have any warning for me on buying house?
Mortgage: Cannot get pre-approved with good credit, but no history?
Realtor won't give me the key. Is this legal?
Can I let a property to my sister?
I am looking for a bad credit mortgage in Canada.?
How do I best protect my assets when renting one property?
How to remove deeded utility easements?
Why is my house taxed $30000 more than I bought it for? I have protest and been to the ARB to no avail. HELP!
Do you know Anything About Real Estate In Canada..Let me know.?
Where's the best place to live in California?
How does the FED makes it money?
has anyone ever gotten a home loan with low credit scores and only in business less than two years?
What are the minimum requirements one must have to buy their first home?
What would be fair compensation for major plumbing issue?
I am mortgage shopping and its overwhelming. Any advice on?
i live in an apartment and people upstairs are making a lot of noises?
need a apartment.?
Questions about first time home buyers loan?? **s**?
what are the consequences of backing out of the sell of my home 3 days before closing?
Please explain this sentence?
Handle a fussy tenant with complaints?
should I buy a home in Florida, Ca., or the Carolinas?
Can't afford the house mortgage, can the house be given back to the bank?
Used mobile homes?
is section 8 a degrading thing?
What is a realtor allowed not to disclose when selling a house?
First time home buyer financing question?
How do you feel about having foreign worker townships in your estate?
Does anyone knows Ophra's email address. I have a serious issue that I want to address to her.?
Can a first time homebuyer by a house under a business name for the purpose of starting in real estate invest?
Should I fight this??????
Buying one house while trying to sell another - does it hurt your credit?
Chap.7 Bankruptcy 4yrs ago. Wanting a lender that works w/ VA loan (husbands getting med. discharged) homes NC?
Section 21 Notice Requiring Possession?
my tenant uses her central air all day all night since april is there such thing as over using the unit?
does any one know of a sight to see how much is owed on a house befor buying it.?
Landlord says we must keep door unlocked?
next step after foreclosure from bank of america?
HELP! please =] I need a house for senior week in Ocean City Maryland! Any ideas?
if you have had a forecloser and are looking to rent, can you have a co-signer to make the process go smoother
john terry gone to man city on years loan to try make freinds with bridge your thoughts?
Does an old tenant have the right to come back to grab their leftover stuff after they've left?
signature being forged by ex husband?
How easy is it to sublease an appartment?
Where can I find nice rental homes in Odessa, TX?
Is the extended/expanded home buyer credit the Senate passed retroactive to houses purchased earlier this yr?
Who do I issue a security deposit to when the renter is on welfare?
Can a contractor in Michigan put a lein on my property because he is trying to price gouge me?
Should I not have recieved a land transfer notice?
If bailiffs come to evict you from your house, and you barricade yourself in, can they use force?
Help! Change in ownership. See details below.?
should I pay extra on my mortgage?
Real Estate for sale on ebay?
can you rent a flat at 16 ?
What should we do? Is this housing discrimination?
Which out of these home improvements do you think will give us the most "Bang for our Buck"?
When do you pay Capital Gains tax on a house?
can i get a home loan if i owe 4,000 in federal taxes?
What to do...sell, stay or wait it out?
Is there a requirement in Florida for how many vistor parking spaces a condo development must have?
My neighbor's smoking is killing me!!!! Manager do nothing!!!?
Have you ever worked with a real estate agent who actually lowered their commission to get you into a home?
How much commission should a real estate agent get for selling 3 to 10 houses for a small-time builder?
If I find an apartment with a 7 month lease and it costs 1250, is that 1250 for each month or all seven months?
What types of home loans can I get to buy a home in California?
My real estate listing went into withdrawn status, can I sell the house myself given the conract's status?
If a property sale is $224,000, and is appraised at $230,000, what does that mean for the buyer?
Do I have to pay for damage to rental property that was an accident?
how hard is it to live on you own at 18?
Why wont private landlords except housing benefits?
information on single parent programs for home ownership with bad credit?
what can i do about a rental company lying to me?
does anyone know about holiday chalet leases?
I Need to Pay My Rent by the 5th, I don't get paid till July 15th, I'm thinking about getting a title loan.
I signed my lease yesterday and asked for my money back the next day. can I get my money back. I live in NC?
Can i shut of a samsong glaxy where it wont worknin my house?
We won a judgement on a tenant, when can I change the lock?
Helping pay for my sisters rent, but i don't want to be a garantor?
Im the executor of my dads will, it says I'm in tilted to his house what if there's a different name on deeds ?
What type of house can I afford? I make $52,000 wife graduates in December and will make around $40,000.?
would i be likley to fail at flipping houses for a living if?
When you own land do u own it all the way to the core?
does anybody know about tax lien sales on mobile homes and how does this work???
Is my landlord right about this?
mortgage rate: I locked in 6.25 but now it much lower, my closing is Jan 27, 06, will I be able to request for
When can I get free information on houses being foreclosed on that I can buy?
Im 22 can i get financial help to move out of parents house?
How much is this condo worth?
am i required to put a lock on my roommates door if she rents from me.?
Can bank after foreign assets due to foreclosure?
I recently moved into an apartment complex. Before signing my lease, I asked what cable/internet provider she?
How long is the process of a Home Affordable Modification Program with a bank last.?
What website would you recommend to find an appartment in London?
How do I know if I have a legit claim against a mortgage lender for a foreclosure?
Does a shed count as real estate?
how can you remove grandmother's name off the quit deed when you pay the mortgage?
how do i apply for section 8 housing in alabama?
Steps in buying a home?
How much should I save for apt?
What happens if my property deeds (documents) are lost?
How to get approved for a condo?
For BUYERS only: have you used a flat fee realtor??
How to get a property deed?
Can somone explain the basics of a mortgage (I do mean basics)?
I need some aerial photos of my house. How do we go about finding this site?
Not paying your mortgage and now the mortage or title is now with a trustee? what is going to happen?
Why is buying a house often a better investment than renting one?
can you get a apartment witha housing application?
Am i liable if there is no mention of my name in my lease?
are there any sources out there who will check my mortgage contract for junk fees before i go to closing? who?
Can i break my lease?
how much total income do you need to buy a home.?
Can you tell me a nice affordable apartment complex near Jackson Memorial Hospital? I´ll live there for 6 mths?
Will the Nicor gas co. allow me to put my bill under my neighbor's name?
how can we buy something if we don't have money?
Mortgage and cash loan MESS! Please help...?
My neighbor is moving, I asked him why. He said the bank bought his house. What does that mean?
Hypothetical: Married couple buys house. They divorce. He gives her a quit claim deed. Who owns the house?
What do the status code for Louisiana MLS listings mean?
Why won't my house sell (asked before but with more info this time)?
I want to add a 550 square foot room to my house w/a large bath and closet, how much a sq. ft. to build in CA?
60 day notice moving question?
Is this legal?
I just left the housing projects to live in a motel?
Will the real estate market recover in 2008, or keep falling? Why?
Cost of carpet damages due to dogs?
Does anybody else think that "rich dad, poor dad" book is worthless?
how are you suppose to buy a house with no money down?
Is it better to pay off house with funds or invest for retirement?
what is the best way to find a real estate client?
Ok so I want to move into an apartment in a wealthy area so that my child can get the best education ever?
What exactly is needed to get an average house loan/mortgage?
when someone pays earnest money, then back out of the deal, do they lose their payment?
New rules for an apartment building....PLEASE HELP!?
I have not received my security deposits from my past landlord and it has been over 3 months, can I sue?
Do I owe money on my second mortgage if I foreclosed on the house two years ago? ?
What is the best way to flip a property?
looking for a 3 bedroom home that takes section 8 can anyone help me?
I am renting out a house and my lease is up in Dec. So Im moving out on 30th Nov. do I still pay rent for Dec?
Home Appraisal Question. Appraisal Higher than asking price?
What are landlord's responsibilities regarding section 8 voucher?
Why does title search take so long?
How much will a £79,999 mortgage cost me per month?
Can I buy a house for cash and put the deed in my spouse's name only?
I need the location of a real estate school in the district of columbia.?
What are some good resources on buying your first home?
I heard you can break an apartment lease if you are moving states for a job and not have to pay for it.?
would you describe your "dream house" and where it would be located?
"Help" landlord locked me out of my place! I live in california and have a month to month agreement
Why do people blame Wall Street for the current "Forclosure Crisis"?
will an apartment complex let you upgrade to another floor apartment in same complex before lease is up?
how long is the secretary for the HUD in position?
do i have to pay two month rent even if i signed the lease two months later?
Can i use my newborn sons credit to move into a apartment?
how much would it cost to rent a large space for a business?
Does an email count as written notice?
st.petersburgtimes,condo for sale how do I get to the info on web ID#52047?
Any good housing available?
just started a real estate business out of the house. Anyone know how to get buyers without much money on ads?
how Many Acres should i get O.o?
what requirements must be met to manage rental real estate in colorado?
what is a double dipper concerning Landlords?
my landlord came and told me i have 5 days to get out. help!!!!?
What is post-occupancy of a condo?
my landlords bank want her to give me a lease cause i'm late on my rent i stayed her for over a year?
Can I reapply for home refinance?
How does 30 day notice work for apartments?
can i switch my power to my house from my apartment if i payed for my last months rent if i dont live there?
Am I capable to live at this apt for 1000 per month?
What to do about unpaid rent of a condo from a police officer?
how can i go about buying a co-op in co-op city. looking to move there but not sure whare to start.?
I need to find an apartment ASAP?
Two story home with business on the bottom?
How old do I have to be to rent a hotel room?
How do I go about changing the address on my land deeds?
I am a tenant living in Indiana, does the property owner have do the upkeep of the lawn?
Renting my first apartment?
How much notice does a tenant have to leave?
What to do with my tennants.?
how do you sub-let your place?
Being sued for property damage.?
are property landlords supposed to put smoke alarms in propertys?
Abstract Addresses...PLEASE HELP?
who can execute a power of attorney?
If I did not get a copy of my condo lease back with the landlords signature, am I still bound to it?
can a parent rent out their house to their children?
I have rental property,can i deduct the note i owe and claim what little i make ff of it? or do i just claim t
homes mortgages under water will double next 6 months...yes or no?
I would like to see a sample set of CC&Rs for a timeshare and Condo Hotel? How can I find a sample?
Phone Service, Cable, Electricity?
Buying a house total cost ??? help?
what are the arguments for defining market rent as"the most probable rent in a transaction with a new tenant"?
property management software?
Does Carleton Sheets' real estate course really work?
Can a person see this is a background check?
Does any one rent out one of their homes??? Like if you a few houses?
Give me the 411 on buying a house.?
do I have the right as a tenant to receive info on the owners of the property I rent?
What would you do if you had 86,000 dollars?
costs for renting privately?
who are the board of directors unitech limited in india?
What can possibly happen if i was in a lease with someone and I moved out?
Where can I find out information about the house I live in?
Can I report a garage sale that is put out every Saturday and even Sundays in my city?
Can anyone help me who knows all about the hell of renting?
How does the Feds rate cute effect the mta rate on adjustable rate mortgages?
We have a home in Emerald Isle NC that we would like to sell ourselves. Need For Sale by Owner advice.?
Is it bad that I never want to become a homeowner?
are there any sites based in new york city that let you find other people that share common interests?
How am I supposed to afford paying the rent in NYC?
Cheap rents outside L.A. and where.?
short sale Question Very confusing.?
Does anyone know anything about McDonough, Ga?
what should i do about my roommate situation?
Is it legal to not give a tenant a copy of the lease agreement?
Neighbor is making a shed close to our house (Legal Questions)?
how do i rent a room in chandigarh? help me!!?
How can I serve my clients better.?
Where can I find a company named Tittle concept plus?
Is this a good price for this house? Please answer?
name spelt different on tenancy agreement?
How can I make trailer park owner fix large car sized holes in the driveway? I own half the road she owns half?
How would you raise the rent on long term tenants?
i need to know if there is any kind of way that i can pull the equity out of my home for 9yrs with a 522 score
it's been over 21 days and I have not gotten my security deposit. What do I do?
How long did it take those of you who own a home to buy one?
Who writes my landlord reference if it's my first time leaving home?
Section 8 houses in california?
Can I legally have my name removed from my mortgage that I share with my husband.?
Can you find this house for me? It looks like this..?
can you tell me when a house was sold and for what price?
Is there anything I can do to shut my neighbors dog up besides antifreeze???
How can we add a name to a property deed/title?
how much $ have you made on a forclosure or rehab?, is this site for real?
should I move to miami?
generally speaking, what is the cheapest form of housing?
hi all are there any legal people out there who can answer a question???
Should I buy a single-family or a duplex as my first home?
Any real estate agents/brokers out there?
where to look to find someone to remove a mobilehome?
Should I get my security deposit back?
Can I use my lease to get state id?
How do I get business for myself?
which ratio best shown a company's ablity to pay it's short term financial obligations?
How can I evict a person, they own their doublewide, but they rent a space on my property?
Is a landlord allowed to?
real estate appraisal web page with maps?
can my husband make a claim to live in my council rented house after we separated?
Split rent, one pays 100 more then the other?
$8000.00 tax credit-Who has received it? Please help?
landlord is trying to evict but i dont think hes doing so legally, need some advice?
water bill issues?
I an a note holder how can i sell on my own?
I would like to ask the commercial property owners across the nation why they can't start conserving water and?
how hard is it to rebuy back your house after you lost it in a foreclosure?
What happens during a title search?
How can I start trustee sale ( the house from my grandmom's living trust), what is the procedure?
do you have to change your address if you are renting a house?
I'm moving to Sacramento California and will be working in the capital! I'm excited, but where should I live?
We are renting our bar. Need examples of lease agreement for rental?
My wife and me are trying to buy this house and am not sure if its the right choice?
simple living expenses question?
Please Help..Forclosure pending?
are there any first time home buyer programs that help buyers?
What profession deals with the following property maintenance requirement?
can anybody tell me how to figure out interest in a house mortgage?
I just purchased a home in Arizona. The seller stole the furnace from the place, is the Realtor responsible?
can my landlord do this?
Does any one know of any houses for rent in Adair county, Oklahoma?
Which site is largely used to buy properties?
Wherr can i rent a car without a deposit?
Can I get my lazy landlord to do something?
Would you ever rent to a family member?
need info on rental question?
Where can I find real estate in washington for less than market value?
Columbus Ohio-Oakrun/Windrush Apts.?
How do I do a credit check on renters?
What are banks looking for in your statements?
Can I terminate my renters lease?
How hot does an average one bedroom apartment get at night in the summer?
Estate agents that take DSS?
Looking for a warehouse?
Can I use cash to stay at a KOA or do I need to use a credit/debit card?
international real estate?
who pays for realtor?
can i break my lease and move back to my husbands home of record?
My name is on title and not the mortgage, if I move out what happens?
How do you add a name to a house deed?
when you are preapproved for a home loan, is that a good sign?
Does Anybody buy a home from Coldwell banker or , or a floreclosure home or short sale home?
Can you be evicted out of your home for not paying one month's rent?
Does anyone know resources for first time homebuyer discounts/programs/deals?
I co-signed for my cousin on a house and she has not paid it it almost two years what can I do?
I am renting out an apartment and need to check references. What are some questions to ask the references?
Equity loan on a home thats paid for to pay for repair/remodel?
How long can we move our closing date ?
I pay for rent 1,200 and everybody else pays 1,000 in the 6 pts i stay at, so is even legal??los angeles area.?
If my realtor told me that the apartment he found me is pet friendly but it isn't, what can I do?
Does anyone know about tenant abandonment?
Do I need to get title insurance on a piece of land I just purchased?
My Roomate is moving out in the middle of the month?
Can i live in a 2 unit home as a single family home?
Can you still owe the mortgage company if you default on an fha loan?
When buying a house, should I hire a realtor? How much does this cost? Who pays realtor fees-seller or buyer?
Escrow /Title Officer?
Can an individual take your property without having any legal claim to your property?
How do I do repairs on my buildings if I'm not always in town? (for tenants)?
Is it difficult to sell your home by yourself without a realtor?
Can you refinance your mortgage after living in a condo for only two years?
Can I deny entry to my landlord?
i have an eviction on my credit, will anyone rent to me?
Which would be the better return on my investment: selling a house needing repair as is or making repairs 1st?
Mortgage contracts with shared ownership?
With a credit score 579 will I be allowed to purchase a home?
What are discount fees in a refinance mortgage? and can they be removed or neogiated?
if a guy wants to start dating after only a few weeks ...should i do it..or is that rushing things?
our landlord has sex too loudly, what can we do?
with my daughter being molested did I have a legal right to break my lease with the family still there?
How long do I have to wait to buy another house after a short sale on previous house?
Can I build a house with solar panels in Northern Kentucky / it be economically worth it?
How much notice does a landlord have to give before evicting tenants?
Moving out of apartment and have no damages, is it legal to hold the keys until I get my security deposit?
can you make two different offers for two different houses?
What is the best area in Manhattan, NY to live in? What is the difference between Midtown, Financial District?
Does closing usually happen on time? Who attends?
If u refinance your house, do u lose equity?
Which city is the best city to live?
Real Estate Agents...HELP!! How do you do a short sale?
My agent keeps encouraging me to look at houses greater?
About paying apartment rent?
Ex filed BK on marital debt?
As a landlord do I have the right to enter the rental with a phone call 24 hours in advance?
what company has the cheapest mortgage rate as of today's date?
Inherited property, Have a buyer but nobody can get a hold of one the sellers?
Property management trying to charge us for repairs on things we'd notified them of previously....?
Any one know of any month to month apartments for rent in Austin?
landlord's absurd billing method of late fees, is it legal?
trailer parks?
does each apartment unit have to have their own electric box in california?
I am a uk citizen interested in buying property in czech republic what are the best agencys available?
Can i get my security deposit back on an apartment i did not move into?
To buy, or to rent??
Been living in apartment for 5 months and never signed a lease. Now we want to move out next month. Can we?
apartmaent for rent in december for three weeks?
what is the average income of a real estate agent in md?
we are thinking of buying a house, questions.......?
The Real Estate Show?
real estate questions?
Rental property please help?
If a developer offers a contractfordeed at 8% over 2 years and to pay for each lot as sold is this a good deal
if your trying to rent a house, do they usually check your credit?
Having problems selling my house, any ideas???
What are the Indiana laws on grace periods for paying rent?
How much should we have saved up before we move to Portland, OR?
Home-buying options if I want to purchase a new home while I am waiting for my current home to sell?
My neighbors told me the property manager may bring a video camera to do my apartment inspection. Can I?
infomation on buying a house for the first time and where?
is it a good idea to pay rent in advance?
Under the landlord and tenant act, should the landlord be providing air conditioning.?
Is it normal to have an inspection of your apartment every year?
Kick tenant out for stealing without 30 day notice?
trying to get into real estate where would i start live in georgia?
What can I do to keep the apt.tenants next door from parking in front of my house?
How long can a landlord leave a tennant without hot water?
Where can I find a lowwww cost APT. in brooklyn?
I need the names and contact info on companies that buy houses asap?
Getting out of a lease in Minnesota?
Is a landlord obligated to put in new carpet after 14 years?
the in's and out's for landlords who rent to people on housing benefit?
what house price can i afford.?
I am looking at buying a detached home in Waltham, Massachusetts. What are the bad (ghetto) areas in waltham?
if in process of eviction if the rent is payed can it be stop?
Is 375 square ft. for commercial space too small? How small are we talking?
Can a landlord show property while occupied to be sold not rented before our lease is over?
how close to my house and balcony can a developer put up a wall and another building including balconies?
Can I be evicted for 3months late rent (3days only) and oil on the driveway?
Can my landlord charge me for new carpeting in my old apartment if it wasn't new when I moved in? ?
Landlord is selling our home can we refuse to sign the papers?
I gave a 30 day notice. I would like to move out in 15 days. Please read the full question.?
Will several late rent payments impact our chances of renting again?
howmany British people will move to spain by 2012?
Can a real estate agent put a sign in my yard?
When purchasing a home - what is your recourse if the seller's tennants refuse to leave prior to settlement?
Vacate Notification on Leased Commercial Space?
Any "lenders" out there?
My landlord entered my apartment without proper notice, what can I do?
Ex roomate refuses to pay his share of electricity?
Is It Rude to Refuse to Answer the Door When I'm...Taking a Bath, a Breathing Treatment, Lng Distance Phone?
How can you get a government loan to buy/rent a HUD house if you have bad credit and are on disability?
What is a home purchase disclosure?
I'm on IS and I'm entering into Joint-tenancy with my brother who gets DLA. How will it affect ND charge?
Any creative ways out of this mess? Our neighbors, 50ish, own a home worth 275k-300k,?
what would a p&c agent make a year if averages 300000 in new bussiness a month?
details on donald trump's deal about leasing out 40 wall street before buying it?
Zero Down payment Mortgages in CANADA.....?
if my ex boyfriend left our rental that I am not on the lease for. Can the landlord kick me out in a day.?
need advocate international?
My rent checked bounced and I am now being held responsible for the landlords fee's from his bank? $470 WORTH
When should I move out of my parents' house?
Security deposit charged for cleaning the mini blinds?
Are Utility Bills public information?
Why do seaside apartments never sell?
Planning on moving out of parents house for first time?
Can a landlord enter your house without permission?
What is a townhome and compare it to a condo please, both in legal and practical terms (missouri). Thank you?
Finished a 203K loan ..but?
I need an explanation of pros and cons about fixed and variable home loan rates.?
Is there a 2/3 bedroom flat available for purchase in Del/NCR for 15-20 lacs(on finance option only).pls advis
Having Refinancing Trouble?
why loan rates are much higher in the US compare to france?
If i have two properties and short sale/foreclose one property, will the other property be affected?
what is the rent for a business property.?
How should we split the rent between two people living in an one-bedroom apartment?
ok i'm tryin to get on the property ladder. who is makin up these house prices cause they r too expensive.
Can landlord accept more security deposit than what is stated in civil code 1950.5 in California?
I have recently bought a house,when i moved in the bath had a hole in it.?
How do I refinance a rental property?
what website will show satellite images of houses and prices for them?
Can I buy a house without credit, if I have a cosigner and a 25% down payment?
is it possible to lease an apartment with poor credit?
Is there a Property Bubble building up in India? Especially in the Little cities.?
Can I use the equity in my home as downpayment to buy a rental property?
I work for Coldwell Banker Real Estate & when they send me an emails it goes into Span.Can you please correct?
i need to find out all the people that ever owned land at 16108 s shep lane yucca, arizona?
Help- trying to break lease, but landlord says we will owe money?
I pay my rent weekly. I want to leave in a week's time. When can I move out?
Home loan options?????
Is it bad telling the truth or lien about it?
what can i do to not lose property that has been left behind per se?
Where in Columbus, Ohio should I look for an apartment?
can board members campain for other board members that are up for relection, condo association?
names of non-disclosure states?
In the state of NY can you finance land?
Buy house or rent for 120% higher price in shaky job market?
Building a house?
I am currently recieveing section 8 and have an extra room ... Can I rent out that extra room?
Does your bank keep increasing your monthly payment?
what is a contract for deed?
if i live in indiana can i write of my rent for 2011?
Timeshares, How do you know what is a good deal?
I, lost my job, i cant make my car payment, rent is due, utilities etc. Nobodies hiring! Any suggesting! Help?
can a person who rents an apartment legally lease a room in it on her own without the origional owner?
I renewed my lease in advance but I got evicted before the new lease took effect. What can I do?
my rental property was inspected for a tenant with section 8. i have a 3 bedroom unit,however the inspector is?
If I sell my home who pays the real estate agent?
In the state of CONECTICUT is it mandatory that the landlord pays the water of the apartment he's renting?
Does my landlord have this right...?
Why are renters required to submit to a credit check? Does it deduct points off your credit score?
What is a lease option and how does it work?
Money owed to me - mortgage company refusing to put charge on property?
If someone sells me?
I am currently renting a house in NSW Sydney Australia,?
can a landlord charge six months rent in texas?
What are the important steps to take when buying into an existing investment property as a partner?
Want to do a mortgage with 3 people, is there any benefit?
Should I Pay My Rent?
Can you get out of lease contract for losing your job?
Can my husband and I break a lease for our rental due to the fact that we bought a house. What are the rules?
Apartment Renter's or People living on there own!?
How high of a DTI will a lender go for me on a mortgage?
What does it mean when home repairs will be paid out of escrow?
hi, i would like to know the strengths and weaknesses of the real estate market?
New Agent, Help......?
how can i find out out if there is a judgement against a property i own but rent out?
Tenant claims I wont be able to evict them due to problems at the property?
I am about to move into my own house any tips of how to get a steady job and stuff?
what is the total cash needed for a home loan of $413,250 to close?
Are forign nationals allowed to own land in Kenya and what procedures must be undertaken before building?
Is my landlord breaking my lease?
Would you rent a place for a family member with bad credit and rental history?
Is Real Estate school Really necessary?
Can I refuse to pay a fee my apartment is charging me for? ?
What is the difference between HUD and a regular mortgage loan? Which is better?
Home equity loan or new mortgage?
can you trade in a Mobile home if is financed along with your land and still keep the land to build on?
Does adding a pool to you home raise the property value?
Can I get a mortgage and how?
Hello I need to know if there is a law in Florida that says a landlord cannot charge you for normal wear and t?
Will the real estate market pick up?
how do commercial real estate brokers who negotiate building leases calculate or earn their commission?
Is this an odd request from a renter?
Can a landlord make a profit on a security deposit?
Do you feel Realtors should be held accountable for foreclosures?
Repairs my landlord is required to make?
Anyone know?
Tenants left house a total disaster. How can people be so rude?
Is paying 350 per month for a room expensive?
"baltimore city" "quit claim" to sell property?
Can the condo association force me to pay for maintenance of my deck (common element)? see below. ?
can i rent a trailor?
Question about fees when you are selling your home?
Is there to much home and property programs on T V?
Moving into an apartment?
How much should i be looking at to rent a 3 bedroom house, with 3 other people?
Can you buy a House/Apartment in USA if you are not a citizen?
my future in finance my name rupali birth date 03 03 1986 can you tell me that what i can do about my family?
How can I purchase a second home when I am upside down on first?
what is the stature of limtation for a land lord too sue a tenant for breaknga lease?
What would my total house payment be?
What does the term "underpinning" mean in the context of property construction??
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