Real Estate

Help! Landlord has given me and my roommates a 30 day we have to move?
what is the description of a commercial real estate broker?
The amount that a joint is able to move is known as?
Are there any 100% mortgages?
21/m. No College Credits and living at home ready for a change. Ready to move out & go to College. I have ?'s?
Can I buy my dad's house for $1?
Why do apartments require you have electricity when you sign the lease?
Getting a home loan on low income?
Family friendly state to move to?!?
Can landlord hold a tenant responsible for any charges after they have moved out and the desposit is returned?
Selling a large house?
How do I raise my credit score 100 pts in 6 months LEGALLY?
im doing property management, how could i pick up more buildings & buiss.??
The tenent moved out and some people are still in the house?
tenants decide not to pay rent?
Will housing prices in the south bay (San Jose, Cupertino, Sunnyvale) be corrected downward in the next year?
I am not happy with my (HOA) Home association. Can I create one to replace the existing one?
Is it possible to get a First Time Home Buyers loan with bad credit?
short sale single family house?
Received 8000 tax credit on first home but wants to purchase a rental home?
what is the validity of the Rent agreement, how to made, what is the proceedure etc.?
In order to refinance rental property?
Realtor Commission 101? Who pays for them (buyer or seller)?
My apartment now leasing for lower than I am paying?
I need help with finding my own place?
why do rent take so long to get to a person?
Landlord wants to sell our house?
How does eviction from an apartment work?
I'm getting my first apartment I need Help?
Why are some homes listed for selling "As is"?
Need some information on refinancing my home ?
Landlord has been sent to prison!!!?
while transfer home loan from one bank to other, it was rejected bcoz of Floor space index? can anyone explain
What type of improvements will help me sell my one bedroom one bathroom condo? I live in an urban location.?
Are you worried about real estate crashing causing a great depression?
150 goes on sale for 1/3?
Would it be better to rent a condo or an apartment?
What is the Current FHA re-finance rate?
Who the heck is going to buy all of these new houses in Southern California?
What county or state has the fastest turnover for public housing or section 8?
do i really need to tell estate agents that i'm on benefits? none are accepting dss, help!?
Loan qualification for residential/commercial property?
how long can a landlord hold a deposit?
What's the proper real estate name for movable houses?
Is bank of america a mortgage lender with Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac?
can you tell me?
What is the interest rate for buying a new home?
If 5 people are renting a 3 bedroom apartment that costs $2400 how much should the single bedroom person pay?
At what age can you rent a motel room? ?
NRI/Resident Home Loan?
I have a very bad credit and need to buy a house?
Can some one help me make a list of what bills a 3 bedroom 2 bath trailer will have?
About how much does a flat rental cost in London?
why is short sale so long?
Where is the best to set up a gite complexe (income wise) in Italy or France when we retire (Fr & It fluent)?
how do i break in to my own house?
Can you get an apartment if you have vey bad credit?
Please help my rental issues!?
Should I buy the house I've been renting for 4 years?
landlord sent me a water bill dating from the time I moved in 10/05 to 12/06 that he wants me to pay?
How to write & send 60 day notice to move?
Selling decseased fathers home.?
california assistance for low income apartments for 18 year olds trying to get out of bad household?
How can you prove that a property owner is stealing your rent money for other things other than rent?
I'm looking for an apartment in Brighton, MI any you know of?
Can I notarize something for my parents?
if there are termites in a house would the seller or the buyer pay for the repair?
how to find a company by a real estate broker number?
Land lord wont do anything about cockroach infestation?
A question about mortgage and foreclosure?
Rental Business Dilemma: Coin Laundry OR Card Operating Laundry OR Just use Existing Machines $25/Month Extra?
On benefits but want to move in with my partner who works 16hours help?
What occupation is better? Real Estate Agent or Insurance Broker?
Do you think Strategic Default will harm or help the housing market? This sounds like it has consequences...?
can seller contribute to buyers downpayment for fha loan?
How would I get a copy of my paid off lien on my house. Paid off in 1987?
what rights do landlords have to envict deadbeat renters?
How much rent should I pay?
What contact details have a tenant got a right to have?
Which is better, refinance @ 5.25% with no closing cost or 4.8% with $2,000 closing cost?
Do you have to have a real estate broker or salesperson license to manage a real estate office in California?
how much intrest do you get on a 750 dollar last months rent when you move out after 4 years?
My parents want to sign over their home to my brother and I. What do we need to do and will there be problems
How do I get setup to report rent payments to the credit beareaus?
where to find blueprint designs on apartment buildings for retiries?
what is a "straw" in the real estate investment field?
how do you get out of a lease for an apartment and can you pay only half of the damage when you leave?
What's the cost of living in Denver Colorado?
What does an escrow company do when a business is sold?
How often do you pay taxes for your house?
Can an apartment complex manager or owner ask a potential renter to make 3X the amount of the rent?
How much rent can I afford?
Would you rent an apartment studio that...?
if you lived in a house and moved can you go back and ask the people that live their for you to see inside?
Why does landlord wanna do an inspection.?
has anyone ever gotten a home loan with low credit scores and only in business less than two years?
How can I get an eviction notice for being behind with rent for one month, If I have a land contract?
Is it right if landlord notices to enter apartment in five days including holidays for dirty inspection.?
How can I prevent problems due to the buyer of our property having 100% mortgage and therefore no deposit?
Where is the most economical place to move and buy land in the south, put a trailer, about 10 acres.?
I received a letter in the mail from someone who wants to buy my house. It's not for sale. ????????
Does a mortgage entitle the bank to property/assets outside of the property mortgaged?
Moved out of apartment and off lease now my ex boyfriend wont let me get my things.?
Studying to become licensed real estate BROKER in Florida(not sales associate)?
How much real estate can one person own?
Am i obligated to pay rent on my apartment even after I move out? Please read.?
What is a mortgage/renters rating?
Tenant eviction process- There is no formal lease,?
Getting a loan to buy a house?
how old is the data from
Whats the difference between month by month leasing and just regular leasing for an apartment?
i would like to know what kind of heart "Landlord" has?
About how much money would you need to save up to buy a 2 bedroom apartment with your best friend?
how do i find what a house sold for in 1997in san jose,ca.??
My lease will expire soon, today I got a letter saying that the offer to renew has been rescinded.?
Im looking for a first time home loan. Can anyone tell me a good place for this?
My house caught on fire the landlord never got the house inspected?
Is it wise to buy a home without a lawyer?
what is a good website to find affordable housing in glendale, ca...kind of like a craigslist...?
When can landlord enter a tenants apartment?
Where 2 get $2500 immediately for rent?
Selling my house vs. having someone taking over my house payments?
Am I going to be sued??
Has anyone used an internet mortgage lender?
Already paid the application fee on an apartment & not sure if I want to live there?
Should my landlord reinburse me for lost wages?
once your house goes into foreclosure how much time do you have to move out?
Electrical limit in free apartment?
Just bought a house (5wks ago). There is a leak in 2nd flr bath that the home inspector did not catch.?
Are Real Estate Sites Confidential?
Can my landlord evict me for non payment on rent when we didn't pay b/c of poor maintenance?
If I own a house with my ex girlfriend can she legally not allow my new girlfriend in the house.?
Self storage auctions. ?
I have 2 homes and one is about to get foreclosed?
i was searching your website for a website that ended in /landnlots/ i lost the whole website name /landnlots
Can anyone give me marketing tips as a new REALTOR in a small town?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of buying a foreclosed home?
A Tree fell on my house from vacant home lot that the developer never sold?
Landlord is demanding i move from property...?
Best website to search for homes for sale?
home inspection?
Can someone who owns a piece of land that a home has been on for 10 years, have it removed?
a question about housing benefit?
quit claim deed forms for CA?
Do you think this a scam?
how can I bacome a real astate builder/owner?
Can a landlord showcase your place to possible renters while you still live there?
Is a finished basement counted in a home's total square footage?
Where can I buy tax lien certificates?
landords rights???? please help ASAP?
What's the average total for utilities for a one bedroom apartment in Akron, ohio ?
Closing Costs, Etc.?
how old do you think is a suitable age is for moving out to rent a house/flat/bungalw ect?
Where can I find summer work far from home that will give a place to live and work?
I want to buy a large land in California, on 1/5 of which there is a house.?
So does this basically mean that i am going to be kicked out of the apartment today?
What state is better? Arizona or Texas?
Wrote a postdated check for $400 deposit to move into an apartment, check was cashed a week before, can I sue?
I own a commercial the last month 2 real estate people have called me to tell me my tenant wants?
What % rate for owner financing?
Has anyone ever lived at Cross Timbers Apts. In Lawton, OK?
Do I need release of liability waiver if tenant works for me?
Las Vegas and Dubai in my mind were hot cities to purchase real estate. Wht is th next upcoming city/country?
why is it on houses that have been sold the estate agent puts up a sold sign?
2nd mortage rates IL?
what is the fast way to learn about foreclosures?
is good idea buy house on irving,texas?
Looking for townhouses or condo's in Lycoming county Pennsylvania?
do i have to re-paint my apartment once i move out?
What are concequences for not having given an inventory list to your landlord after you moved in?
I am currently 56 days past due how long do you think I have left before it goes into forclosure? I live in SC
i live in hoddesdon am on maternity leave and am looking to rent a property that takes dss?
please evaluate timeshare rental companies?
People in Canada or Ontario, please help me, please read?
Can my HOA tell me no?
Fixed or discounted tracker mortgage? (Interest rates: up or down?)?
Is GeoVera The Best Company To Get Earthquake Insurance For A House?
in pennsylvania can a person hold personal belongings for money owed to them ?
will i get money from the sale of my house?
rite im new to the whole morgage thing so can some one help?
I just finished passing the MD Real Estate exam! Whats the next step?
If someone owns a piece of land do they own it all the way to the center of the earth?
I rent a deplex in N.Hollywood and the landlord does not want to fix my sink that is rotting. What do i do?
Do you think this guy is trying to rip me off since I'm doing owner financing through an attorney?
if someone is dreaming to be like mr. trump,what will be the best way to be like him?
Should I move to Charlotte NC or no?
Unexplainably high electrical bill?
Where can I find information on property transfers in Riverside County?
Estate agent breaching contract, not wanting to refund us?
i'm looking 4 a residential static caravan site in north yorkshire & struggling big time.?
Is there anything I can do about my neighbor? (I think she's a drug dealer/prostitute)?
Where do you live and how would you rate it?
Landlord acting weird, what should I do?
Why are houses so expensive at some states?
How does a real estate agent sell their own house? Isn't there a conflict of interest since it's their house?
for mortgage purposes what is the difference in rural and suburban?
Rain is leaking into my basement, what options do I have? [ rented property ]?
Can I sue my apartment complex for bedbugs?
how do i learn more about section 8 housing program?
When my rent is due is it my job to contact landlord or should they call or come for it?
What does "Houses Need TLC" mean?
who do we contact if we have not recevied your w-2?
We have a couple interested in our house. They are looking at another house today before they place an offer.
When's B. Hussain O going to pay my mortgage?
I'm 26 years old, living with parents, unemployed - am I a loser?
Were can i buy nice clothe for a good price ?
Since 2009 to present, I have been constantly subjected to my landlord making repairs because Code Enforcement?
I am 32, single and want to buy a house in London.?
could l take a loan out to buy a house?
Can coop living be profitable in a small, yet growing community 100 west of D.C.?
1 buyer wants to lease back to me 1yr, 2nd wants me to move out in 1 month. What to do?
Can Someone explain "Owner will carry" financing for home purchases in laymen's terms for me? Thnx!
How do I attract good tenants?
Can I take my tenant to court if they have told me they will not move out.?
Is the housing bubble going to burst? Some are saying its time..?
i live in a house share.i signed a contract to pay £450 a month.4 months into my 6month contract a new company?
can an apartment compnay approve you and take your rent and security deposit and then deny you.?
To do a deed of gift does the mortgage have to be paid off?
How to take over house/land after a parent's death?
How do I get saved ?/?
Can I legally kick my roommate out who is on the lease? PA residence?
Looking into doing a rent to own, can you tell me what kind of Q's I should ask the owner?
What salary do I have to make in NYC before I can move out of my parents house?
Can a seller back out after signing a contract?
I need your opinion. I'm leaving my boyfriend, should I buy a house or rent?
If your mortgage is not owned by freddie mac or fannie mae?
If my girlfriend puts a restrain order against can get me kickout the lease my name only?
What do I have to do to transfer my brother house to me, under my name?
The listing agent wants to split the earnest money...?
I just got my real estate license and don't know how to start researching companies?
How can I buy real estate without much cash?
The Stimulus for First Time Home Buyers?
what is a good site to look for home rentals in Sacramento Ca?
if you had $75,000 to buy a rental property, should you pay 75k cash, or...?
Buying a house, sellers aren't updating us! Help!?
anyone know where to get motel vouchers or money to get a room for rent?
Should a 20 yr old move out the house?
What's the maximum price of rent that I should allow if I make $30,000 a year?
rent to buy?
Real estate values - worth changing stove to gas?
im retiring to Michigan at age 62; Would it be better to buy something, or just rent; I plan to stay there?
real estate math question?
How would i go about getting into real estate at such a young age?
what do you think about th newport apartments in clinton twp, mi?
What is a built up roof? ...and is it reliable?
What zip codes are covered by Marietta Housing Authority?
Landlords: What strategies do you use to ensure damages at a rental property by a tenant is kept to a minimum?
How do I buy a house with no job?
How would I find foreclosures in St. Louis, MO?
Purchasing Foreclosed Home-Work on the home?
Explain how the composition of the principal and interest components of a fixed-rate mortgage change over the?
how to find property for rent in saint Louis Missouri when you have bad credit?
Can I be sued for leasing a house about to be foreclosed???
how can I make changes to a deed of trust for property located in Alabama, i am in calif?
renter broke lease..moved some of stuff..but still has some things..cant get them to get ..what can i do?
If I buy a house, what taxes will i have to pay monthly/yearly?
How do you get an apartment complex to live up to their obligations?
My landlord wants to kick me out.. Help?
can the buyer contact the underwriter?
I've been waiting 6 weeks for an FHA Appraisal?
What do you think of the new Freedom Tower they are building in NYC to replace the World Trade Center?
Can you help me with things to sell at a garage sale?
where to find a good mortgage for a first time buyer?
What main aspects should i focus on as a loan officer?
If i gave you £1,000 to spend tomorrow, what would you buy?
why do people insist that paying rent is "throwing money away"? it actually is providing a roof over my head!
I paid a deposit and first months rent to my landlord. The house was inhabitual.The landlord avoiding repaymen?
Do i owe my landlady money if...?
What types of jobs can I do with my real estate license?
How can I use student loans to buy foreclosed homes?
Does anyone happen to know where I can find a house like this?
is it easy to form an LLC online, or should I go through a lawyer or accountant?
bought land from city 2 yr filed 1 yr they gave wrong deed now they have right deed can we keep land on wrong?
Why wouldn't the apartment management tell me what things on a credit report would keep me from being accepted?
WHAT is A MORTGAGE...............?
Toilet in my apartments uses WAY too much water?
what are my rights as a tenant in a commercial building, ive been evicted for no reason.?
What is the going interest rate for a HARP 2 refi?
if my landlord wants to raise the rent and i cant afford it what do i do during the tme that i search for a?
How much does it cost to buy a small island?
Do people trust realtors, and if not why?
Does my landlord have the right to enter our gated yard at any time, unannounced, in the state of California?
Do I have a case against my landlord?
is council housing safe to live in? is there a lot of crime on the estates?
Buyinf a rehab with a pool.?
Landlord or rental agency questions?
What should I do? I'm supposed to sign my lease tomorrow!?
how much should i ask for in a private loan?
Can I get house mortage without social security ID?
Is there anything I can do about loud neighbors?
Cheap places to live outside New York City?
What is a typical lawyer fee for a condo purchase in NJ? Do they charge additonal settlement closing fee?
Do you enjoy rehabbing houses and is it profitable?
I want to get out of my mortgage but I don't want to go Foreclosure. What is the best way?
Does an 80/20 (i.e. zero down) mortgage or piggyback still require PMI?
If I get a new home appraisal to eliminate my PMI, will this in any way affect my property taxes?
is $10,000 a good down payment on a home....?
today matenience came to my apt when i wasnt home and they locked my cat in the bathroom!?
Does anybody know what how many units an apartment complex can have before?
First time homebuyer downpayment?
Is renting really that bad?
How can I found a rented apt. or home in Savannah,Georgia?
Seller left the house dirty?
If I purchase a home am I required to pay the tenant's relocation fees?
apartments evictions?
Was this a mistake in my appraisal on my home?
Is there going to be a house price crash in england? what do you think?
how can I get Oprah to buy my sister a house and put money in her account?
What are the main characteristics you should look for when choosing a realtor?
how can i remodify my house without paying a cent....?
In your opinion, are double-wide mobile homes as good as, better than or worse than houses?
what agency do I contact if my landlord is not providing adequate living space? it is unhealthy.?
How to turn a empty lot into farm land in state of New jeresy?
Mortgage rate locked without a call from LO?
How to deal with problem landlord?
what is the best option for a first time home buyer ..........fha loan or first time home buyers programs?
How does a soft economy affect the holding period for commercial real estate purchases?
Why is my landlord taking forever to refund my deposit?
First Time Buyer Mortgage?
Is my land lord required to provide a reliable location to deliver or mail rent payments?
I need serious advice!!!?
I didn't sign my lease and I need to move out. Can my landlord come after me?
how can i see if i have been put in soeones will?
Is it time to move out? What can I afford?
What is escrow?
How does having our lot already paid for play into the equation for a home mortgage loan for building a house?
How do I go about finding an apartment with bad rental history or bad landlord refferal?
As a Realtor do I have to disclose that I'm a licensee in Craigslist or Newpaper ads?
can someone tell me please?
In order to purchase a home, a family borrows $ 267,000 at 10.8% for 15 yr. What is their monthly payment?
can we afford a house or do we have to rent?
With rising Property Market Value - Have RENTS increased noticeably?
When given a 30 day noticed do you have to pay rent for the last month?
Are apartments a good place to put a bulk candy machine?
Can i buy a house YET?
Will my rent cost more using an apartment hunter person?
i would like to buy landin pennsylvania?
Is it considered breaking apt lease if i downgrade to a 1 bedroom apt? What fees apply bsides break lease fee?
I am thinking of relocating to Glendale, anyone have any info on this area or Phoenix?
Is there any way to get out of this lease?
can I get any personal loan from any bank without mortgage anything?
what name could i call a residential home?
Considering putting in a bid on a house.. When do code enforcement people step in?
is kurry kleismit ON the bad tenant list?
What are the benefits of buying versus building your own home?
How much harder is the California Real Estate BROKER exam than the salesperson exam?
What would you do if you had to move to Africa in two days with $100 dollars?(and a rainbow poodle that)?
what is the law concerning acquisition of land in himachal pradesh. Can a non-resident buy land ?
How to accept new tenant deposit?
Are there anyone who have missed 1 or more consecutive mortgage payments?
i'm a property manager of senior housing. do i have to take harassment from the tenants continually.?
I work 16 hrs a week due to a disability, could i get help buying a home?
Are there any forms similar to a pre-nup that would protect either myself or my boyfriend in the event?
I was ordered to be out of my forclosed house on Jan 8,2013.Any ideas on how i can stay here longer?
am i legally obligated to give my landlord 30 day notice of moving if i do not have a lease?
Auto repossession as part of loan agreement?
Question on H.O.A. forclosure in Florida?
can I trade my mortgage in for a smaller one?
sample letter to landlord to move out in three days?
Is the 100 Down Program still available?
We got served an eviction summons today. Will the judge understand we had no income?
I sent my landlord a 30 day notice with my last month's rent and they claim to have never received it.?
First time homebuyer researching financing...?
Landlord is trying to make me pay a water bill?
what exactly is transitional housing?
Looking to move to Toledo Ohio but.......?
can i evict some one with out notice?
Does anyone know of house in Long Beach,CA area that accept Section 8?
How can I get my soon to be ex wife out of the house I own?
is it illegal to not provide a refigerator in a townhouse?
Trying to learn about mortgages...?
Rent an apartment for a student?
paying down dept to purchase a house...?
will i get my security deposit back without a signed lease?
Our son purchased a home and he wants to add our (mom & dad) names to the county record. How do we do this?
my wife any I make 80k a year before taxes, what is price range of home that I should b lookin for.No debt.?
Putting rent in escrow?
First apartment bills?
is it true that if i have a house i cannot sell it to a family member way below its value?
In Tennessee, does a quit claim deed release all dollar claims to the property if filed with a warrenty deed?
I want to buy a condo or apt 50,000 or less. First time buyer help!?
looking for a room in fremont, ca?
Short on rent can anyone help me?
Can i ask my property manager or landlord when i move out "what i need to do to get my deposit back"?
french property finance - raising some french property finance to purchase my second home?
Do you only need to take law of agency, principals of real estate, law of contracts to obtain a license?
i need a free residential lease form?
Returning Deposit to Tenant?
Council threatening to possess my home?
Squatter's Rights?
we are buying our 1st home,closing is due on or before 12/04/09..will we still qualify for the $8,000 home buy?
Is contract valid that was signed in my name by someone else but with my knowledge?
What can I do if my tenant does not pay the rent for two month?
I moved out of recently, and i'm being sent to collection for 1600 dollars i own them?
Advise on selling a home to an investor?
What are the nice areas of Sarasota (fla) for buying a house?
Is it possible to buy a house without my name appearing on the loan and deed? If yes, how?
difference between surgical tech and Cardiovascular Tech.?
how is a cost of living in South VietNam in the year 2006?
I want to move out of NY to IDAHO any advice?
Why is my internet slow in My apartment!?
How soon should I get my security deposit?
What would the mortgage likely be on a country home?
Can i put my name on my partners tenancy agreement?
i want to buy a house?
How bad is a 4 year Reverse mortgage?
what is the difference between license deed and leave & license agreement?
If in the apt. lease there was nothing said about pets is my landlord allowed to evict me for having a dog?
Is it hard to buy a house with poor credit and with out a down payment?
How do I find out about Gov/fed grants.?
should I Buy or Rent a house?
I'm moving out of my apartment. The window was damaged due to hail. When this happened I told the manager.?
Lease breaking and new Tenant question?
Do Flat Price decrease as it becomes old.?
Do you think paying $1,150 is expensive for an apartment?
Need Legal Advise(opinion), Real Estate Related(Canada,Ontario)?
Staging tips/ideas to sell my house?
Apartment leases for animals?
What are good things to ask a realtor when they are showing you a property?
What's the most ethical way to split the profits?
Does anyone knows someone in real state in Monterrey, Mexico?
get out of lease legally?
Want to buy a house but don't have down-payment money. Is it be possible to get a small personal loan for it?
Does anyone know of any real estate investment clubs in the SF Bay Area?
Is a landlord required to install phone jack?
has the stimulus for new home buyers expired?
maximum mortgage?
How long does it take for a Short Sale to be assigned to a negotiator?
refinance mobile home?
How can I find out how many offers were made on a HUD home auction.?
Looking for Room, Roomates, and/ or Apartment to Rent in NY? I'm looking for accounting or financial roomates?
whats a good website to study real estate in Nevada?
Oakland, CA neighborhoods?
Real Estate Listing Agent Asking For 6% of Purchase Price As Deposit To Buy A Short Sale?
what are the interest rate for buying a home right now in california?
What's the difference between a seller financed mortgage and a family/friend mortgage?
I broke a six month lease on apartment and am paying however apartment is now rented is this lawful?
Can't get rent deposit back!?
PLEASE HELP housing issues!!!!?
How do you check your own rental history?
How long does it take to set a home closing date?
Good name for a neighborhood?
Can I sign my house over to a family member despite having a loan against it?
gift letter and real estate?
no money down?
Any opinions Manufactured Homes Incorporated in West Columbia, SC?
Help! I'm trying to find an apartment in another city. Do I qualify?
Can landlord give me two week notice to vacate?
How much do utilities cost on a monthly basis for 2 people?
My daughter came home from work and found herself locked out of her house the landlord changed the locks.?
my landlord is lying about what is stated in my lease what can i do?
How Old Was You When You Moved Out??
My first car payment is almost due and I still don't know who the lien holder is. What should I do?
credit score enough to get a house?
Can my landlord demand this of me?
Real estate purchase with a tenant?
i want to pay my landlord money i owe but i cannot get a hold of him?
first time home-buyer tax credit ($8000), and we have to return the money if we sell the house within 3yrs ?
Can my mom sign my dads signature for him.?
3 Day Evicton Notice?
How Long Does a Title Search on a home take?
Can my landlord ask for 5 months rent to break my lease?
can the owner hold me to the lease if i want to terminate it early?
What's a good company to refinance my mortgage with in Boston/MA?
How to put condo for rent ?
if i complain about lazy maintenance issues in my apt and my apt is falling apart can they lower my rent?
My neighbors below me are excessively loud....can i get them kicked out?
Are you responsible for a lease if someone else moves in right after you move out?
Should we allow the person selling us her house to move out after the closing?
Do you think this studio apartment is worth $975?
how long is gone take my process?
is it agood time to buy now or is it better to wait?
Will someone tell me how I can get churches to help me get into a place?
can the landlord make us pay $1550 for deposit and then first months rent? (which is $775)?
When commercial buildings are not being used do agencies still have to pay fees like tax and etc?
Is my ex landlord responsible for replacing the carpets at his expense?
@@@@is it true interest rates are coming down to avoid a housing crash@@@@@?
I need a good format to write a business contract between 2 persons.?
what is the income requirment for a mortgage?
what is a loan tie-in fee?
Has anyone ever had experience with a builder who goes out of business before finishing your home?
how can i buy a home with a 570 credit score and a VA home loan in Texas?
how much does it cost to rent a loft in downtown La?
Are real estate investment groups worth it ? We want passive income from real estate investments - as a group
Is it legal to rent an apartment, when you are 17?
Can i afford to buy a house..?
Do apartments contact creditors on credit report?
Can i kick out my roommate who has no rental agreement wirhout 30 day notice, we live in san lorenzo 94580 ca?
if i want to refinance my home do i need to see a broker or straight to the bank?
Why are so many people trying to buy or sell Real Estate without the help of professionals?
Should I rent or buy in California?
my father pass away and left the house to my brother and me but he doesn't want to sell and i do?
A female roommate wants to move in, but the landlord said no?
How much minimum would you reasonably pay to buy an acre to build your dream home on?
Breaking a Lease in NJ?
What is that road in Watford, where there is big houses over the whole road??
Is smoking considered damage to a rental property?
where do you get a leasing license?
Is there a way i can the entire history of a house? And how?
Is it wise to try to pay off a home loan quickly in order to save on interest ?
How Should I Dress For My Housing Assistance Interview?
Do u think il manage a 16 living in a room with a best friendxxx?
I have a Real Estate Business, Web Site, Established Phone # Good I-net exposure?
Who should I sue, Landord or Contractor, for Contractor negligence?
Where the best place to secure a NoDoc/NINA mortgage with a resonable interest rate?
Why would someone sell their house for 114k when they paid 159k four years ago?
Do you need a license to become a real estate investor in NJ?
Does anyone know a website that you can look like a satellite view of homes that are listed in the area?
how much notice must a lodger with no tenancy agreement give to quit the property?
Any ideas on how to write a lease agreement for a rental property that I own?
is it legal for alaskan residents to buy and own property in belize?
what programs are out there for a person getting ssi where do i find these programs I got money to put down on?
Home Warantee for 5-year-old Condo--should I insist on it?
My ex-husband and I leased a house together. Now he has run out on me. Can I sue him for this?
how do i know if an apartment is dog friendly do i just ask the landlord?
How much should a person save up to move out on their own?
Where in New Jersey has apartments with rent under 700 a month? Good area and near transportation?
Is it rude to ask the seller for early access to the home you are buying?
How do I sell my mothers house when she is deceased and their are other siblings involved?
Do people live in trailer parks,in America?
Do rental applications want gross or net income?
how much does the broker pay a real estate agent at first (50%, 60%?)?
If a Trailer park has 32 residents, how many teeth(real) are there in a Trailer park ?
Pulling out of renting a house?
What penalties could I face?
How often do you pay taxes for your house?
Im little worried because Im having someone pick up an item im selling on craigslist at my house. bad idea?
Ok well my brother lost my dads house and he filed chapter 7 and is to b auctioned nov.7, 2012. How long do we?
Real estate agent not repairing after 2 months notice?
where can i get forms to file a foreclosure in los angeles county?
Where can i find people that wants to retire in panama?
HELP-Someone came into my apartment-univited!!!?
Someone please help! :)?
Can I terminate a contract with a realtor?
Is it me, or is realtors are just plain liars?
Is now the time to buy a new home in Central California?
Family owned house Any advice?
Can I own a real estate franchise without having a real estate license?
should i build a house?
If you bring in $3000/month after taxes, how much should you save a month?
Will banks be closed Tuesday January 2nd 2007?
what is the value of my home?
where would i get studio apartment in san antonio, tx cheap?
Can I legally rent out a room in California?
My property has been put on lien, Should I continue to pay mortgage?
Is it possible to get a 30 year fixed home loan for 50,000 when I don't make much?
Does rahu in the 12 house aspect the 5 house?
Why did housing prices stop rising?
How much extra does a house cost if the seller uses a realtor?
HELP! I'm not on the lease and my roommates moved out without telling me, and now I'm by myself in an apt.?
Who believes the MORTGAGE MELTDOWN is because of the MEDIA?
I own a condo. Now renting it . Do I still have to pay the HOA fee? Even after HOA wants $deposit. & trans fee?
buying first home, lease to own is it a good idea?
I was denied security deposit for my apartment after I surrendered the apartment. What can I do to get the dep?
I am considering utilizing a lease-purchase option to help sell my house. What are the tax implications?
What makes people more likely to pay their rent?
Where is the best USA location?
Should I fib on my rental application? I really need this apartment?
is this my responsibility or the landlords?
Considering a move... Can anyone give me any information about North Carolina ( S or SW of Raleigh)?
Legal advice on commercial lease question!?
what are the taxes on a home in the los Angele's area that is priced one and half million dollars?
Mortgage company asking for copy of 401-K statement?
How much would 40 acres of land be worth today?
Can I sue property developer for loss of view?
Selling a house in Austin, Texas?
Is this sufficient reason to get out of/ammend my lease?
Mortgage lender crossing the line?
Best way to trash a house in foreclosure?
wondering about how they figure out move-in cost?
how can i get a loan for a home (60k) i do not have 2 years working i am 19 and i can put 10% down maybe 20%?
My landlord giving 1 month to vacate but we need another few months,he threatened to shut off the water,can he?
can i get a flat at 17?
Having only $1500 a month how do I keep all of my bills paid and current when they are more than $2000.00 a mo
Looking for statistical data on REALTOR demographics - age, gender, specifics for states or the nation. Thkx?
My husband changed the locks on our house and went to the landlord and changed the lease without my consent.?
Landlord problem. How would you resolve this?
What can I do if the place that im renting is not safe.?
LANDLORD PROBLEM- legal issues?
i want to move to CA help!?
18 and looking for a home?
newspaper classified postings?
Living alone? What's it like?
buying a house...foreclosed at the last minute?
Tenant Drilled Holes For Cables Into Brand New Hardi Plank Siding?
i want to rent in blue ridge Georgia?
I have a tenant I am not happy with. Do I have to offer them a new lease, when the current lease expires?
How can I refinance my mortgage when the existing loan in greater than 90% of the value?
Can I shut off utilities if my tenant does not pay?
Landlord kept more of deposit than agreed upon.?
Black mold in a rental house?
free rental website for housing?
can chexsystems affect me getting apartment?
I'd like more information about housing in Williamsburg, Va - 1-2 bedroom apartments for rent.?
Information for low income aid needed, please help.?
what do you think the prices of renting well be in two years from now?
Is it better to put real income properties in question of ownership rights in receivership?
Is this seller responsible?
whats's the best way to host a home buyer seminar?
what all is included in making central budget?
If you want to buy a flat For £50 000 how much would you need for a loan?
What is a jumbo mortgage (as opposed to a traditional mortgage)?
where can i find real estate courses that i can do from home but not online?
What are the pro and cons of buying a house that needs repairs?
Section 32?
is there a database I can access or buy to do my own research on the tenants I interview? I am a Landlord.?
First time renting / leasing a Vacation house, is this normal?
Can my former landlord keep my last's month rent?
should I buy or rent a home if I am only going to be in it for the next 18-24 months and then will move again?
after a one year lease as a landlord do i have the right to not have the tenant on my premises anymore?
can a lien be placed on a house (because the contractor didn't pay a sub) after the house closing &clear title
leasing question? adding roommates?
Does a landlord have the right to enter your home at any time?
i am indian citizen can a owner of a mining lease sub let the lease to his seperate firm?
Should we split rent three ways or two?
what does it mean when property is unclaimed?
Who can represent a seller to sign the closing documents?
"Help" landlord locked me out of my place! I live in california and have a month to month agreement
Can you get a mortgage, live there, then rent it out later...? (UK only please!)?
what would you think is the average price per month on a decent apartment?
Do you think that mortgage lenders will try to cheat first time home buyers?
How expensive a house could you buy with this money?
Security deposit and leasing a house?
can a landlord make me move because she wants her place back within 2 weeks?
How can I get info on HOUSE VALUE trends?
information on illinois real estate financing?
What would I need to do to qualify for a home loan?
Anyone know of any new Condo developments in Montgomery County MD? Not built yet but construction pending?
low income housing in Jackson County MO?
I need a web site to locate excess property being sold by AT&T.?
how many years of college does it take to get your bachelors degree in business managment?
Thinking about transferring to Sac City?
My landlord said I have to move cause the new buyer wants to live here but I have 11 months left on my lease?
What does L1 & NLY 10 FT of 2 B 7 Subject to Ease mean? We are having property line issues with our neighbor?
Is it cheaper to buy a mansion in Canada or the US?
Apartment fire and now we are going to be kicked out ?
Refinancing home? ideas?
Can I try to sell my house without a realtor before my house goes into foreclosure?
what is the 80/20 rule for housing in a community where the age limit is 55 or older according to the Fla Dept?
Are mortgage loans non-recourse in California?
Im off work on short term disability and expected to return in about a month or 2. Can i still purchase a home?
could somebody suggest a good name for an apartment in bangalore?
Any legal issues with former roommate going back to get stuff after moving out on lease?
What does "Houses Need TLC" mean?
Which newspaper should I advertise the sale of my apartment in the city of Melbourne?
Buying a Condo in LA, California and required to pay 0.5 point for loan. Is this true?
In New York State, can two people be on the deed if only one is on the mortgage?
cash for keys for renters?
Trasitional Housing: What kind of Transitional House should I open?
When signing a lease for an apartment, is first months rent usually due right than? Thanks Much!?
Our tenant abandoned our property and left it in bad condition. What can we do?
Im paying a car but the loan is on my friend name in I wonder if I can just transfer the loan over to my name?
My dad wants to sign over his house that he owns into my name. What consequences will I potentially face?
How do I fire my Real Estate agent gently?
Should I accept a unemployed tenant if they offer to pay my landlord arrears insurance for the year?
Your account is currently on-hold for non-payment. Your listing and bidding privileges have been restricted. Y?
Landlord making me get rid of cat?
Why is rent and the cost of living so high these days?
I need $500 to pay rent by Friday !! Have nothing a value to pawn. What do I do? ?
what power over a property does a cosigner have?
tenant is videotaping my property and my two teenaged girls?
Where can we get a 35k mortgage?
Excess escrow question?
I want to buy a HUD home in Alexandra, Virginia. How do I get started?
are fees for paying your mortgage payment(by debit card,internet, etc,) allowed to be charged in Indiana.?
Whats the most I can get out of a loan with an income of 700 a month?
Can a bank reject a payment?
can some one give me a name of a land company in western north carolina where i can lease land.?
in a contract of sale, what does specific agreement mean in terms of liability if breached? this is a house sa
my landlord is out of town and my central air is not working right. it is 90.what can i do?
Is it possible to sell my property to my brother?
Could we get a home loan for at least $90K...?
Do realtors hire people as paid interns?
people who own more than one house create homelessness! why can't they use hotels?discuss..........?
How to request a name correction in Land Recoord?
Can I apply for a "first-time homebuyer"/primary residence mortgage in GA if I am in NY and live in a coop?
What do you do about a bad landlord?
What is a "side-agreement" in real estate?
details of housing loans?
Having an appartment, and paying for college on my own?
I got kick out of my Apartment. Help?
Minimum age to rent a house,apt,villa, etc. and minimum drinking age?
as tenants in common of 4 can 1 of them live in the house?
PG&E in Northern California?
What form do I use to transfer the title of my house to my sister?
Renting a property in the uk?
Can my roommate legally require me to pay a security deposit now that I'm moving out?
This is a serious question. Does anyone want to give me a house in England?
my wife & i filed bankruptcy a year ago .I am on disability & she work fulltime.We have been renting the same
What is the diffrence between a 'Flat' and an 'Appartment'?
Apartment Renter's or People living on there own!?
what can i do i got 60 day notice but i do not want to move?
please find mobile homes for sale in parks in okla city,okla. or preowned mobiles in parks?
how can i get a lein removed frommy property?
Can my landlord keep my deposit? in SC?
apartments evictions?
Where in Queens can I find a house with its own yard?
Fleas in apartment and breaking my lease?
Rent - Is it legal to charge me 1 months rent to move out, if someone else is moving in?
I'm looking for contract for deed homes in Peoria,Il.?
can you sell real estate to a nonprofit for free and write off the appraised amount on your taxes?
Can a landlord turn the AC off in az?
Tennancy and rent arrears options?
Is it possible to buy a duplex with some friends and then have it legally split?
How do you become a property manger?
Phoenix Real estate $ are going down (correcting for a 40% increase last year). Do I but now or rent?
What's the average cost to expand a home by about 1000 sq. ft. in AZ ?
How do I find the selling price of a commercial property?
We have a teneant that smokes. We have asked many times for them to stop.?
I want to my buy my parents lake house but dont want to use my own name can i use a false one.?
I can't find someone to sublet my apartment.. questions?
Can I please ask some advice on my rented house
What are the average utility costs for a 1bed/1ba apartment in Orlando, FL? Which is cheaper: Gas or electric?
What can I do if my landlord doesn't fix my maintenance issue?
when renting a house do we rent land it sets on as well?
Mold growth in tennants apartment.?
Do I have to return my keys even if I'm paid to stay until the 19th?
paying the bank back interest?
What is the square footage of 810 Laurel Ave, San Carlos, Ca?
what references do i need to rent a house?
how much housing benefits am i entitled to?
Can my landlord go into the property alone?
Is there a way to buy homes cheaply by paying the taxes on deserted homes if so where do you send the payments
question: deed and note question?
my landlord came and told me i have 5 days to get out. help!!!!?
tenants rights in Charlotte. NC?
Question about buying a house?
Do you think an interior design degree will help with real estate?
What Website do you use to look at Real Estate in your city ?
Is landlord supposed to pay back deposit if no contact was made?
how can i get started on buying a house with low income family ..?
Can you tell me where all the properties are in GTA vicecity?
I'm moving house but am in debt with E.on. Do i have to settle up before we go?
Does anyone know how bad my credit will get ruined by foreclosure on my condo?
what does "bluff lot" mean in real estate?
Can I break my lease because of crappy landlord?
Does the value of a residential property area deppreaciate if it's next to a shopping mall ?
Pulling out of renting a house?
What is the web site for South Dakota Housing Association?
Is this apartment matter legal?
How do I make an offer on a house?
Can i get into an apartment with no job but i have a cosigner who is helping me pay the rent?
hello,will a bad credit history prevent me being able to rent?
Landlord wanting to change deposit amount.?
Can you break your property lease if?
Can I sue my landlord for this?
Do you think Im eligible for section 8?
Selling my house how many days.?
banking for small business?
(UK Help Needed) Once you receive an eviction date, but you haven't found somewhere new, ?
How much does it cost to build flats?
looking for hk holdings they would buy houses fix them and rent them out it in ft smith or van buren ar.?
How much does a little house cost in Pittsburgh?
Forged tenancy agreement?
HELP I need mortgage advice?
why is it that adults know how to buy their own house and cars etc...?
long term tenant wants to paint apartment in BROWN?
How can I get my in laws to rescind my lease with them since I'm leaving their son and it's their house?
what is the conditions of the apartments in Panorama city? is it really that gang infested?
Will I sell my mobile home very soon?
need help with a NYCHA question!!!?
What is the best way of buying my first house?
my home inspection revealed lots of damage and now I am told I need to send a letter to my realtor?
what is an assignable purchase contract when it comes to buying and selling and flipping homes?
does a sales person in real estate entitle to commisstions if a client has a section 8 voucher?
Do you pay the real estate agent on an apartment?
Could i live off of $1200 a month?
a mortgage company that underwrites it,s own loans?
Can a listing agent refuse to show a house?
how do I find an interactive online map that shows real estate value for an address or street name?
Can I loose my home....?
Interior paint lifespan, illinois law?
Can a Brit get a US Mortgage?
who chooses the title and closing companies when purchasing a house in Florida: the seller or the buyer?
Question about Section 8 and moving states?
Is it a good idea to fill a H.U.D.A application for a plot in Pataudi... Near Gurgaon?
property doubted questions?
Have my rights been violated ?
I'm moving into an apartment August 2013 for college, when should I buy my stuff?
Can a landlord do this?
is it legal for property management to take a check for 6 months rent upfront?
Real Estate, Manteca, ca?
how can I collect back rents from a tenant she skip 4 months rent and moved out without giving me her new addr?
Why can't a property owner kick out a tenant?
Am buying a house for $165,000 the house was appraised for $230,000 which is the equity is more than 20%?
Are there any landlords who have their A.R.M. credentials?
what can we legally do if the apartment owes the tenant?
How much to spend on rent each month?
i need to put my flat on rent in zirakpur?
What is the interest rate for first time homebuyers with horrific credit?
Can you be evicted instantly from University Housing ?
Does you have to have amazing grades to make it in real estate?
If a house is in foreclosure and says "sale as is" in the listing, will the bank that owns it make any repairs?
Who can support me with 5000 dollars to help me pay for my college fee as my dad has cancer and thus that dise?
valuation of leased commercial property?
Do People Ever Benefit From Lower Property Values?
how do you figure the APR for this loan? I can not find any online calculators to plug in these numbers.?
what is zip code for flordia?
reasons to leagally break a lease?
I need help to move to a better house! PLEASE HELP!?
I am considering strategically going into foreclosure - Questions?
will I ever be able rent again??
How much would it cost for a...?
what is alameda county property tax rate?
is my landlord allowed to do this?
renting house out as first time homebuyer?
I am looking to buy a property in Southern Crete, does any one know a company that can offer me anything?
How to answer real estate question?
Do you rent or own your place?
Is having 1000 leftover from paying bills and rent a month good?
how much would an apartment in beverly hills cost monthly in general?
what is the big scams and risks of buy/sell houses?
Harassment by property manager?
Will our co-signer work?
How can I avoid the following room mate drama AND get out of my lease?
i was denied a job for being black?
How would I word a notice to repair to my landlord?
Do realtors show houses on Sundays normally?
How do i get my foot in the door of real estate?
I need to know the boundaries for a fence. Where can I find a drawing of my plot of land?
What can you do when someone you bought a house from did not make a significant disclosure?
components and uses of DSS?
what's better to rent a house or a town house for same price value?
If I have an offer on my house that I'm negotiating (but no contract), can other potential buyers still look?
I am having problems with the maintains of the ground around my condo. What can I do?
how much does it cost to install a permanent bridge over a creek, following the California water laws?
Are ther any broker ,who have owen mony from brokerage?
we have put offer in on a house in scotland but changed mind can we pull out.?
Visiting a derelict house?
in a 100% financing loan, does that include closing costs and lending fees usually?
How do u buid a sky scrapper, the foundation like?
land banking...How profitable could buying a forest land and developing it to a agricultural be?
I need help for writing a letter to my boos…. In English use grammar.?
can you get a normal mortgage and then rent the property out?
im am trying to locate 2 pieces of property my grandfather owned in the 1960's but have no parcel numbers.
i have lived in my husbands home for 10 years and married for 7 years. do i have anny equity?
Do you think Strategic Default will harm or help the housing market? This sounds like it has consequences...?
If a bank forcloses on a home, then sells that home at auction for more than the owed loan amount...?
how do I set up a real estate agency in the philippines? What are things and budget to consider?
Lease quetion about move in?
Looking to move to florida..we need to find a toddler safe, nice quite afforable town in florida?
Contract Expiration Date & Walk-thru Inspection?
My apartment lease was supposed to be from June 2010 until July 2011, however i just noticed today that they?
New house/ need advice on the poor construction please!?
landlord problems he wants to kick me out because he sold his house.?
Tenants rights against slum landlord?
Can my landlord let people visit the apartment i am currently renting without my permission.what can i do?
Home Loan vs Home Equity Loan?
New in commercial real estate..?
How can I get an agent?
rural house is being built right next to my privacy fence, my homestead. what is the law?
advice needed on buying this property at auction?
can i refuse to let my landlord inspect flat?
I want to get out of my apartment lease because of a death in my family?
Should I pay rent to unknown company?
Ok..Kind of a silly question..?
Apartment redecoration fee?
whats better renting out or buying fixing then sellig?
I want to buy the house i am renting, how do i approach the owners?
name of the owner from the nextn addres1615 terrace st visalia ca?
how much does a apartment cost monthly?
How do you get out of a mobile home loan, without forclosure?
Is it weird to be worried that we'll buy a haunted house?
what is the name of the Cadillac MI paper?
why am i always getting mail for lower mortgage rates on house? are these scams or just gimmicks to get you?
Housemate is refusing to pay the rent, landlord wants us to pay, help!?
can my landlord successfully hold my money for this?
My boyfriend and i are looking for an apartment around the 91205 zip code around 600 dollars rent.Suggestions?
What is the going rate for a realtor who is selling my home in San Antonio, Texas?
Selling home in Georgia? Does anyone have a copy of 2006 GAR (Georgia Assoc. of Realtors) Forms I can use?
colorado springs colorado houses for rent?
What are the best neighborhoods with the very best looking houses?
What does (sorry no M.O.) means in renting add?
does anyone encountered any problem after renting single family home?
are there a list of homes in md that has been reported to have lead in them?
I have two houses on one peace of land i want to subdivied down the road..but right now i need money to finish
Malden or Braintree is safer and better to live in? (Greater boston area)?
Is 576 Sq Feet considered a lot for a family of four?
Another house buying question??? ugh!?
Brighton: Prices, Vibe & Location?
I bought a house from a developer which has faults, they're refusing to put them right, what can i do?
my apartment management/maintenance suck,idk what to do anymore?
is it still possible to buy a house for 40,000?
What is the best place in Atlanta, Georgia for a young single black woman to live?
im late in paying my rent, is my landlord allowed to take my house keys?
Can anyone answer my questions on landlords and private renting?
Is it crazy to ask the bank to give me money for a downpayment of a house?
if a woman have a problem an her aks a man for hope an the man do not hope the woman waht is the naxt thing to
what is needed to rent an apartment?
Being E~victed ? Rental House...........?
What happens in the market for New homes when mortgage rates increase ?
do i pay state sales tax on the purchase of a new home?
is my landlord doing something illegal?
Hello I might move to Oregon whats it like ?
What happens when the bank forecloses on my home?
What percentage of the mortgage does an owner have to meet to get a mortgage for a three flat or two flat?
will she likely not even get as far as a court room or will she try to sue me?
Apartment Marketing Ideas?
What are the guidelines on returning a security deposit? ?
Is a 3000 square foot house considered a big house?
Eviction of tenant?
My landlord is using self help to evict me, who can help me??
Is this contract breached?
How does UHaul work.. Can I pick up & drop off @ a differ location?
Househunting today...what would be the typical house payment for a house in the 100,000 to 175,000 range?
Would a 70 year old retiree be approved for a mortgage?
Where can I find luxury model homes to walk through in the Orlando area?
How many residential mortgages can I have? And how can I work around this from an rental property standpoint?
if you buy a house with your spouse and both sign for it and one of the spouse dies what happens to the house?
Should I refinance my home?
what would you do if I gave you $50,000?
how do i sell an unlivable house?
I saw a house selling for a $1.00, is that correct?
how do I look up properties that have sold in Va.?
How much income would i need to afford a 600k home?
REAL ESTATE - bought house in 9/00,lots of problems, now have toxic mold from flooding,is prev. owner liable?
Buying a house. Is $2000 really going to make a difference?
My landlord has moved into my home for two weeks with six family members.?
Are there investors who will finance in real estate or foreclosures in exchange for overseeing?
how to contest a lien on your property california?
Need help for hardship letter for short sale?
What's Master Lease?
What is the average monthly rent for apartments in Downtown Los Angeles?
when estate agent describes a house as a charachter property, what does this mean?
how do you create a entity?
I was charged loss of use fees by Thrifty w/o proof (fleet utilization log). Is this legal?
Real Estate Math Questions- Need Help!!!?
Section 8 California?
I was scammed into renting a home that is a bank foreclosure. Do I hvae any rights?
Were can I get a coach from hull to flamingo land and how much will it be for a family of 3?
Who pays relocation benefits in an eviction?
How can I find out who is in charge of an abandoned house?
Condo neighbors are rabid smokers?
Would you feel safe and what would you do?
Neighbors recently sold a house by owner?
30 notice for my apartment?
If my heat is not working do i have to pay my rent if no more attempts are made that month.?
yes or no,have you ever missed a mortgage payment,at least one?
I just purchased a home in Arizona. The seller stole the furnace from the place, is the Realtor responsible?
I have 10 aunts and uncles sharing 2 lots of land (it was left in my grandpa's will)...?
How do I sell the house I'm in and use the money to buy another house?
Is there any banks that would give me a home loan higher than the cost so i can pay off debt at the same time?
Would anyone be interested in purchasing a Villa in The Villages, Florida?
how much is a lot in uncorperated mchenry county?
Am i ever going to be able to buy a house?
my ex landlord has opened my mail, and also got rid of alot of my things wot can i do?
how do you calculate Mortgage Insurance?
hoiw does the equity in a home work, when you sell it and the home has been paid for 17 yrs?
can you get out of a contractors agreement. if they only have one of two home owners signatures.?
Can my landlord still charge me rent?
My father died on 4-15-2000 but his condo was transferd the same day. How is that possiwble?
I want to ask a question about investing in a home?
How do I buy leads from a search engine detailing people looking to move to a specific area of the country?
I was interested in taking a realestate appraisal course can somebody direct me to any classes in chicago?
How can i keep my apartment not my boyfriend.?
Forcloser - Commercial Loan?
what rent amount do i pay if my lease is up and the owner wants to sell?
What does income restriction stand for in California home rentals?
Do you think they will let me keep my apartment?
Where can I find a list of cheap homes for sale in my area like foreclosures, govt. auctions and so on?
Old lease expired 11/30/10. I was paying $1000 Monthly. Landlord wants me to sign new lease on 12/02/10 and pa?
properties in ireland under 100k in euros?
I lost my 20.00 hr job in January, is there any way to save my home (especialy gov help)?
people with experience, where is the best place to buy a house?
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