Real Estate

can a parent rent out their house to their children?
How much would it cost to buy and/or rent a 1br, 1 bathroom, small (used) caravan or mobile home?
Apartments in Maryland Baltimore?
if you lived in a house and moved can you go back and ask the people that live their for you to see inside?
First time homebuying?
Does anyone know a reputable way to obtain the names/numbers of companies who are selling foreclosures?
i live in pa and i need to no where to call about my landlord?
Can My Landlord Throw Away My Items?
Real Estate Ontario I'll be new and I'm a little nervous, advice?
someone kicked in my front door. Am i responsible for damages?
Will i get approved for a home loan? ?
I inherited my parents home in Texas 7 years ago. Since that time, the house has been vandalized several times?
I am approved for a home loan but only with a down payment.At this time we don't have any money to put down.
getting out of lease? apartment does not meet expectation?
How to buy a property in west london? What is the best payment option. Going through agent is good or not?
How many house payments do you have to miss, before they take away your house?
Can someone explain to me what would be the organizational environment of a real estate agency please?
HUD Housing-Who Qualifies?
hi .... i have 50 cent land in rural area. wht kind of business can be done there?
housing prices?
Difficult ex housemate moving back in? Help/advice please?
Can yu have a garage sale at your appartment complex?
Do you know any numbers on where i can call to complain on a landlord ?
If I have a lien on my home, can I still refinance it or would I have to pay the lien off first?
What is a mortgage??
what is the minimum time to be given for vacating by house owner to his renter if he lives more than 55 years?
What can I do about my landlord?!?
I'm a college student, tired of the dorms! I need an apartment!?
Landlords please answer only?
want to give land on lease for communication tower?
Could you, in good conscience, evict a very elderly couple with no where to go? How would you go about it?
name spelt different on tenancy agreement?
Guarantor Mortgages for Bad Credit, Advice please....?
how can a homeowner fight a lien filed by a sub-contractor who claims the builder did not pay them?
Is there a website that shows which broker?
How do I persuade this seller to use Escrow?
planning permission to change paddock into equestrian land , difficult ?
I'm in the process of a 'deed-in-leiu' - am I responsible for any out-of-pocket expenses along the way?
Free house appraisal in Canada?
Should I pay this?
Which place in Europe offers the most romantic winter wonderland, for someone looking to buy a small house?
Where can I find info about an inhabitable house I saw in PG County, MD?
Back up offer on a short sale house?
How can i get a handi-accessible apartment without a credit check?
Follow-up again to quit claim?
this question is for realtors?
How can I get financing for a used singlewide?
Can U.S citizens purchase property in Venezsula?
I know a lawyer.I need to find his phone number in Worcester County Massachusetts.?
Buying my first home.?
I wish to find a company that can offer me a guaranteed rent for my 2 studios in Bansko, Bulgaria.?
Is real estate investing over?
First-time home buyer?
If your council tenancy predates the 1985 Housing Act do the changes in the act apply?
How do I ensure that I get my deposit money back when I leave a room that gets rented to another person?
Does your landlord have the right to enter your house anytime they like to? Also do u have to give them a key?
fha loans for forclosed homes?
Who do you blame for the sub-prime mortgage crisis?
$8000.00 tax credit-Who has received it? Please help?
Is there an area in Mississippi with good population growth?
Can an apartment complex find out if youv'e been evicted from another apartment complex?
real estate broker?
What are some good books on real estate that I can read?
To do a short sale on a home how much will the bank lower the price?
Where can I go to check out a real estate agent that I believe to be untrustworthy?
Leasing in NYC - is a text message written notice?
Our landlord is forcing us to sign a month by month lease. what can we do?
is a landlord allowed to go in your house when your not home?
can a prefferntial rent on a rent stablized apartment lease in NY be tax write off?
I live in a home owned by my dad for the past 18 years. I have no rent or rental agreement. can he evict me?
i need a 40.000mortgage?
I don't have a credit card and I don't intend to. But I want to buy my own house ?
apartment rent question?
Should I start charging my squirrel in the loft rent?
What happens if you move with something you rented from Colortyme or Rent A Center?
My landlord refuses to repair my apt. what are my rights?
Any opinions on Grandview Gardens Apartments in Florissant, MO?
Mortgages for young people?
Burned Out and Miserable?
finding who owns a property?
what type of home loan do i need or can i get one?
What city does area code 865 belong to?
How do I get started in Estate Agency and what should I study?
Do realtors give a tour the house?
Could I still get a house through the VA home loan while I'm in the national guard?
Can I afford a $250 mortgage?
Who can lend me money to purchase a manufactured/mobile Home?
What's the process of buying a gov't foreclosure?
What is the approximate price of land in chennai?
If I plant trees will that raise property value?
what happens when a co tenant leaves the share house?
what is the name of the web site that is very similar to Google Earth, that lists last sale price of homes?
my husband and I are looking for a place to move away from Ohio, which state and city would you suggest?
Can a landlord ask for multiple months up front?
How do I buy out a mortgage?
department store new york bankrupt korvet?
What happened to the rent for equity company Mongle?
Looking for a Lender?
Do landlords have a legal obligation to cash your rent check, a certain amount of days after they receive?
Issue with buying minecraft?
how to evict when you can not find the original lease?
Is San Jose, CA zip code 95131 near Oakland Rd and Montague Expy a good/safe place to live?
I signed a 1 yr lease to rent an apartment 6 yrs ago. If I do not give notice to leave what can they do to me?
Paying landlord but landlord is mean.?
can someone please define a Realty Trust?
What's your take on this?
How does a free man of the land make money?
Equity value and appraised value?
To who can I speak about my apartment situation?
Need Help Please House vs Apartment?
Does rental property complicate buying a home?
Where can I find listings - free on the web- of how much real estate local to me has sold for - northern NJ?
paying for sod as a renter?
I am trying to sell a mobile home on a land contract.Where do I find free land contract forms? And answers ?
I am looking for a new city and state to live what city on the u.s. offers great living, including work & play
Can I obtain a mortgage with a 677 median credit score?
Bank Owned Home Question?
Do I have to notify buyers the reason why I am selling the house is because someone died?
how does foreclosure work in Scotland?
Is it legal for a landlord have a key to a tenants property.?
cheapest rates at Chennai to buy the civil material?
Salary Question about southern california. Please help!?
where do I find lottsburg virginia tax assessments?
Land Ownership Discrepancy?
My landlord hasn't paid the mortgage am i gonna be on the street?
I have an extra room in my apartment and i want to rent it out. Would i have to add them on the lease?
Tax question on Rental Property (mortgage payments)?
we have been foreclosed on. My husband wants a bankruptcy filing. How will that effect me.?
How long is a single person in NY state allowed to remain on temporary assistance?
Parents: Is renting the only way for me to move?
Please advice:::::things to consider/careful before buying a 6yr old house..?
I need a good, reliable website that lists Homes for RENT?
Do i still have enough time to reinstate my mortgage?
I am looking for real estate agents that specialize in retail locations at airports, resorts, cruiselines?
can a landlord charge six months rent in texas?
what are the pros/cons of being a landlord?
What do you call unclaimed land?
How much does it cost for a small unfurnished flat in a reasonable area?
Wanting to buy my own home, information please?
Is negative cash flow for investment property always bad?
We bought a condo unit in an "owner occupied" building?
How do I start a beach resort business?
Im a Realtor and I just moved. Referral question?
My ex girlfriend left lease early and now is doing a walkthrough?
Can my landlord charge a pet fee half way through the lease?
How To Find Property Ownership?
Can I ask my tenant to leave?
How do I find out if my soon to be ex-landlord is giving me a bad reference?
In California, can a landlord serve a 3 day notice to pay or quit on total bal. due or only on current rent?
Can I afford a 300k house with 40k net income - no debts and a 60k downpayment?
is it normal for the house to be still on the market when our offer has been accepted?
How much should they pay to keep there horse on our land?
How can I apply for a low income (type) apartment for a city I'm planning on moving to?
Where would it be a nice place to live? I'm in the medical field and planning on relocating.?
What are the steps to finding and getting an apartment?
I am trying to find the last owner of 865 w. Leafland Decatur, Illinois-How should I start? City has no Idea.
Can my landlord do this?
Can a landlord go against the lease?
I gave 30 day notice on May 19, do I pay rent on the first of June..?
what are my rights if i'm not on the lease fl?
interest only loan for 5 years, then paying for 30 years mortgage? It makes sense?
What forms would be required to buy out a second owner of a residential property.?
land rates of d.karisalkulam of manamadurai?
How can I afford a home in San Diego?
Company's that buy Mobile Homes in Wisconsin.?
How much more value will my house get?
What do landlords expect while showing you an apartment?
Can I be notified of my husbands every move by cell phone?
Can my landlord charge me for repair amounts never approved by me?
Tenants Rights in Virginia?
Landlord refuses to replace bad windows, Do i have any rights?
Fannie Mae HomePath offers?
South Carolina withheld deposit?
Can I contact my landlord directly?
How can I tell if a co-op building is in good financial shape?
travel by owner property in Orlando FL?
My landlord refuses to accept my rent payment- she wants to evict us and has decided this is the way to do it-
How to write a 60 day notice to vacate my apartment?
I rent my place. How do I legally throw someone out?
Should I ask for a receipt for rent?
if a buy a home of greater value than my own do I get taxed on the capital gain of my current home?
Requisites to be a real state agent in Canada?
I have a mortgage with 6.125% interest rate. I have a second mortgage interest rate of 6.25%.?
Gift deed vs. Quitclaim deed for transferring land?
Would you rather live under a bridge or in a park if for some reason you learned it would become your home?
How much is a house in Delhi?
Has anyone used Locators, Inc to find them an apartment?
What is a 20% equity in a vehicle loan?
commerical apprasier for my bldg. in yuma Az.?
first time home buyer credit.. available online?
Is Melbourne really that much cheaper to live than Sydney?
How much will my payments be ?
Kerr County Texas Realtors?
can i try to get my house back?
when you are not able to continue paying for property , is there a way to give it back to the mortgage co???
Legally Breaking A Lease...?
how can i evict a tennant (uk)?
Are my parents charging me too much for rent?
House question!?
How do I find history on the property my house is built on?
How much rent should be paid?
my house is 5,000 ft is that small or big?
Section 8 housing status..?
Since United is buying Continental would it be good to buy Continental (cal) or United (uaua) ?
Anyone Know a Handyman Who'll Work West of Danville, IN?
How do I get ready to move out (real estate question)?
I saw a house for sale that i want , But it's a short sale . What does that mean for me ?
Can I terminate a lease agreement before the lease period begins?
is it possible that there are 2 owners in just one building (not apartment) in the philippines?
give certain magazines and prices, how much do you get paid for a short story with the given requirements?
How can I make $500,000 in a year with only $5,000 to start?
Is the housing bubble ever going to pop or am I stuck buying an overvalued home?
Do you think paying $1,150 is expensive for an apartment?
can landlord enter my house if I don't want him to?
can anybody tell me how to figure out interest in a house mortgage?
In a joint tenancy, the other tenant owes me bills and could take half the deposit that he contributed nothing?
Realtors, how could I increase the success of purchasing a home, preferably without getting a new realtor?
An escrow account is used to collect ____________ from one's monthly mortgage payment.?
eviction without written formal notice to vacate?
What are the qualification differences for a improved land loan?
when buying a bank owned home, is it legal for seller to change counter after accepted?
Can I contact my landlord directly?
Looking for a 2bedroom apartment...?
landlord walks in without you knowing. what to do?
Can you move into a bigger apartment in the middle of lease?
Help with Foreclosed Houses?
How do you check if you qualify for low income housing in utah?
Should I rent or buy a home in California?
Financing for a Home...?
What is the final cost of a mobile home?
How can we avoid losing the house?
what do you do when you find out some one sold you a bad house?
Best option for a a mortgage with my circumstances?
What is a conventional fixed mortgage?
Can you back date a quit claim?
Do criminals hide ownership of property behind land trusts?
I signed a lease with an apartment 3 months ago.Is the lease agreement is already on my credit & will it effec?
We're buying a home in California - Is it considered "shady" or "sneaky" to work with two different agents?
Does a landlord have the right to walk into your home?..whether you are home or not.?
If the USA were put up for sale, how much you think it'd be worth?
Can you bug someone else's home in Arizona ?
If a person owns a piece of land do they own it all the way down to the core of the earth?
What is a subdivision?
How much rent do you pay?
What can I expect to pay for utilities in Ventura County, Southern California.?
Why do I need to provide last year's W2's?
I want to buy my mother's house, how does Medicaid determine fair market value?
$8000 for first time home buyers?
Is this good pricing when looking for a roommate?
what are the cheapiest cities to live in?
Job in property market?
In England, house/room renting and housing benefit? ?
How Much Will We Be Pre-Approved For?
Is it a GOOD sign if a couple wants to view my home for the 2nd time in 2 days?
has house prices fallen in India ?
Help on legal rights as a tenant please?
Getting a deed to property with no original deed?
Smarter idea, renting apartment or buying a house?
How can find where my recently inherited land is at without hiring a land surveyer?
Help with rent on low income?
Apt mgr served an eviction notice but after resolving issues I was not forced to move. Is this on my record?
How much should I charge for farm rent on 35 acres in southeastern Virginia.?
What are all the cost associated with buying a land?
Yes or No Florida is not an affordable place to live now at this time?
Where is the best place for relocating around Lexington NC Area?
how do you find out who owns a property?
Apartment after chapter 7 bankruptcy?
in purchasing a home,how do i know if im getting red-lined?
How to deal with Loud neighbors renting a house next door?
Hunting Camps in PA...?
\If I got a CalSTR 80/17 loan and I purchased a house for $250,000 what will my monthly payments be after 5?
How do I get out of my lease if the house is uninhabitable?
How can i get my deposit back before my lease is up evn tho i just moved in a month ago?
What percent of Tax Lien Certificates end up with certificate lienholder getting the property free and clear?
Any opinions on Fink, Mark - Mark Fink Real Estate Dev in Bala Cynwyd, PA?
how do i figure out a monthly payment on a mortgage?
Do the apartments have to repair this?
Hello im looking for a condo for rent in cebu city?
can i sell my house when i have not seen the other title holder for 20 years, she was a spanish national?
Tenants want a cat???
how do I buy a house if I am low income in shasta county california?
Need help finding an Apartment in Lincoln, NE?
where can i get a decent map with visible townships for belmont and harrison counties in ohio?
Question about mortgages?
Am I responsible for my new husband's mortgage even if my name is not on the loan or title?
Housing Discrimination?
help looking for place to stay in canada?
In bankruptcy, who could I sale my house to for profit?
Rent situation help plz?
Where can I find a truck with a lift gate to rent in Sacramento?
how do i put together a commercial real estate presentation?
Where can I obtain a form to file in South Dakota to maintain my mineral interest?
I want to break my lease early?
Are 100% mortgages widely available in the UK?
Neighbor flooded my apartment. Who is responsible for prorated compensation?
Did you know it cost about $2,500 a month for a three bedroom in New York in front of Central Park?
i want to buy a house but?
Will putting a single wide home on a permanent foundation extend the loan term?
Can my dad hand 30,000 dollars in cash upon closing on a house. Does it have to be considered a gift?
chances of getting a mortgage?
What is the notification requirement if a builder moves the unit transfer date/closing date of a condo up?
can you take out a loan for a house when you have one out for a car?
how do i find someone if i only have their name and rough area they live in?
If one received the $8000 First-Time Home Buyer's Tax Credit, how long must he wait to sell the house?
How di i find a house or apartment with no job and a baby on the way.?
Apartment Prices Based on Income??? INDIANA?
I want to move out 3 months before i turn 18. help!?
Letting Agents laws?
what is a land contract?My daughter wants to buy my house?
Looking for the best and current forclosesure listings in San Diego, Where?
If a house is selling for $38,000 dollars what does the Assessed Valuation $6000 dollars mean?
I just registered a domain for my mortgage website. You guys like?
I have a question about buying real estate.?
How to search for an apartment from 4 hours away?
could some one tell me if they know any thing about john beck real estate program?
I owe more than my house is worth how can I get out from it?
Does anyone know of a website like where you can post your opinion real estate agents?
where are the best source of distressed & foreclosure properties in Florida?
Does a landlord have right to enter your property?
Are US housing mortgage interest rates expected to fall in the 4th quarter?
What to do if a co-signer refuses to get out of the loan?
if you are not a US citizen,can you purchase a home in the US?
Im 15 days late on my CREDIT CARD payments. Is it best if I pay them off? Or pay over, and then on time n/mo?
Where is the best real estate at?
Lease renewal question?
real estate company named calheart?
Can you put in applications on apartments before you're almost 18?
How can I get a specific list of customers?
How will his bankruptcy affect my great credit when we get married, especially for home-buying?
How can I buy a house eventhough I filed bankruptcy over 18 months ago? Are there any programs out there?
Question about validity of my lease?
Are there any 2 bedroom houses or apartments for rent in Anacortes that allow cats?
If someone moves out of their house, does the new owner of the house get stuck with their power bill?
Do I have any rights to claim a percentage of my ex-partners house sale?
I just looked at a house for sale by owner/investors rto 4000.00 down 850.00 a mo 50.00 towards equity monthly
If a person has 2 homes and one is foreclosed on, how does that affect the other home?
What does "Tenants by Entireties" mean?
Can you damp proof the cellar of a house built on a spring?
Craigslist scams, how to tell?
how much would my payment be on a condo on a beach?
Tenant In Breach Of Contract?
my window in my office is leaking from the rain can my property managment get in trouble for that?
Is £800 a month enough to live cambridge (After Rent!)?
Where da hood at?
Need advices about my apartments?
how can you make sure a temporary sublet roommate leaves by the 1st?
What are essentials in Building Condition Survey ?Can you show how to put up a format on the inspection works?
Will the title of a home help my credit or just give me ownership to the house?
Where can I find true investors for properties? Ranging from 200k to 25m?
how can I get a realtor to release me from a sales contract that has been termininated to deal with new agent.
Which house would you rather live in?
what is a good credit score to get a good mortage?
What does it mean to buy a house on mortgage?
Is there any compensation to be claimed?
Is it better to pay more points on a mortgage to lower the interest rate?
Will the short sale tax break still exist in 2013?
Do we have to move out on the first of the month or can it be at the middle of the month? Is this legal?
rent to own contracts?
What is a "Gsr Mtg Ln Trust 2007-oa1" and is there a phone number and address I can talk to someone about this?
housing market in Raleigh-Durham Area in North Carolina?
As a mortgage cosigner, will the bank look into the barrowers background as well? or just the cosigner?
what does good credit score, but low credit mean?
How do I close my account with Gun Broker?
Best place(s) to live in Washington County Texas?
I am renting a home and for the past 3 months we have been getting foreclosure notices?
can a lettings agent refuse you a viewing because...?
Does anyone know the standard dimensions of a yard sign?
which is the best realestate site of india?
How can i get the things my husband and i own out of my mother-in-law's name and make me the payee?
Is a down payment always required for a mortgage?
Can our landlord make us move out of a handicapped apartment if a handicapped person needs to move in?
Trying to find apartment.?
My estate agency won't give me back my deposit?
Problems with some tenants, husband wants name in the lease?
What can I do about a low home sale price in my neighborhood affecting my appraisal?
How does having a roommate work out money-wise?
why are house prices so high?
How low can a down payment be when buying a home?
Buy a house now or wait?
How do I break my lease legally?
Find the monthly payment that will yeild the future value of $95,000?
How much does it cost to get a house appraised?
I bought a house from a developer which has faults, they're refusing to put them right, what can i do?
Can you take out a reasonable mortgage and still be a student in college?
I live in des moines Iowa, is it legal for my landlord to require my dog to wear a bark collar?
What all do u need in order to move out the house at 16 and get an apartment?
In res. unit sale,what do abriv. CAP RATE, GSI, GROSS MULTIPLIER MEAN...THANK YOU1?
what can be done if the person you signed a lease with and are paying let the house go into forclosure?
making home affordable qualify with a land contract?
Should I move back to my old house?
Is it a good time to become a mortgage broker?
to buy a house with only 5 or 10% down you have to pay PMI.?
Who pays for sanitation ticket - tenant or landlord?
how do i look and see who owns a property in detroit?
I own some rental properties and I am trying to get them on do I do that?
Landlord wants to sell our house?
How to buy the flats in Newyork?
how can i start investing i got 10k no much but how could i build on top of that?
can my rent be terminated in 3 days for nonpayment of rent?
I have a residential vacant plot of 200 sq yds. I wish to give this place on lease to mobile tower company.?
Does this mean that a mobile home can become a permanent structure?
Tenants not giving one month notice?
have a contract for deed can they take the interst out first payoff dont add up to me?
i live in utah, and my company doesn't offer paid maternity leave, or short term disability...?
does this lean on the border of fraud?
How to buy a house at 18?
where is 10 labelle dr.springfield,ma.01129 show me?
I have found a home and want to get out my apartment lease. How can I get out?
any one buy into west gates resorts?
Is it possible to rent your flat out and use the money to buy another property? Two mortgages at the same time
My roommate and I have signed a lease agreement but our co signers have not, are we still bond to it?
Im thinking of moving to seatle with a friend to a aparment how much would it cost.?
I'am an Indian and I want to buy a land in Spain, please read the details?
Get out of a lease if they lied about the move in date?
Can I have a house someday?
Does cosigning on a mortgage work the same way as cosigning on a car loan?
What can we take from our pre-foreclosed home?
How low can a down payment be when buying a home?
Looking for a bad credit mortgage with no down payment?
Lease, rent questions.?
compound interest benefits for real estate morgages?
Do real estate agents have a legal responsibility to disclose if a house is in a flood zone?
Is there a number to call if a landlord is allowing babies to live in a room with their moms?
How Do I Find the Name of the Mortgage Servicer?
me and my husband owe 18,000 on house and they are kicking us out of our house in 2 months?
when i ask my landlord for repairs to be fix it is taking them months if not years to do them wat can i do ?
My husband and are in our 40s. Looking for somewhere affordable to live, but more exciting than FL. Can u help
Should I inform my tenant I have started the eviction process?
How do people move to a new house if their current one doesn't sell enough to pay the mortgage off?
Do you think Mortgage interest rates will continue to drop for at least the next year?
is it possible to find a low priced house in the market right now?
What is the web site for free real estate evaluation?
Service included in rent terminated by landlord, but rent not lowered. Service not stated in lease. Legal?
when is the best time to put your house on the market in egland?
Regarding real estate investment property, why would a seller report such a high replacement reserve?
I'm closing my business. What should the sign say on the front door?
What is Owner Occupant?
Do you need to know alot of math to be a real estate agent?
How long can an eviction(unpaid)judgement be held against you and affect your mortgage loan applications in IL
buying a trailer for low income?
My landlord sold the apartment and the new guy is raising rent. How much notice does he have to give first?
Child support in mortgage underwriting?
Is a verbal statement binding from a past landlord?
Anyone is able to share with me their experience with Worldwide Property Solutions? Their quality of service?
What is the best source for locating property without using a realestate agent.?
How do you a correct a deed?
Should I fight my former landlord in court?
bylaws for landlords and or rights for tenants concerning supplying heat?
what is a agent, and what dose he/she do. how dose it help the economy?
How old do I have to be to move away from home?
threat to evict due to overnight guest?
What is better to buy,an older home that is better built or a new home?
Tax on rental paying mortgage on new home - UK?
I need to find the main apartments number to the Golden Helmets Apartments?
Government LIFT scheme for 1st time buyers?
i'm trying to move to turlock,ca.anyway can u help. its from dayton,oh?
security deposit on my rental, lawyer's input appreciated?
can I marry my section 8 landlord?
What is a reasonable CAP rate?
How much do I need to make per hour to own an average apartment/needs and go to school?
How can I open a property management company WITHOUT a managing broker's license.?
Would I qualify for a loan modification if I already have a fixed rate?
Has Any One Bought Any Tax Sale Properties??
landlord setlement money?
Where I can get free information about the price of my Brisbane house ?
Is there anyway i can get out of my lease, free and clear?
Major money worries, rent and bills due soon!?
I am buying a house and the seller has agreed to pay the closing costs. Does this include the down payment?
Real Estate in Manhattan?
I just inherited a home, but the mortgage company won't let me switch the loan to my name?
how long does a landlord have, to pay my damage bond back on a holiday let?
Why is there public housing? Is it really for the needy?
Okay to charge tenants for late rent?
Should a retiree move to Austin,Texas?
Who can lend me money to purchase a manufactured/mobile Home?
Can Landlord refund rent for eviction?
I'll stop when YOU pay up or get out of my house?
anyone know a good site i can find rent to own homes in my area?
is there a law about paying rent late?
We are in the process of moving and are trying to locate a place to rent.?
Anyone know the correct formula (using ceiling tiles or your steps) to measure square footage in a room?
is Tips on how to be richer than others articles available to buy in the internet?
Any top notch Loan agents?
Can a lanlord withold electricity cards if rent is in arrears?
Is it good to move to Florida,( after retired) , from the east coast?Selling for $400.000 here and buy in Fl.
first time home buyer and really confused!?
What is the quickest way to sell a house?
Can I use my security deposit as last months rent?
What can I say to my lodger without offending him.?
where can i get $4Mil for a new 420 home development in Ensenada Mexico?
Got any tips for a college student?
How do I contact police after landlord rape?!?
Has anyone ever rent or purchase any property for vacation or otherwise found on craiglist?
In Tennessee, does a quit claim deed release all dollar claims to the property if filed with a warrenty deed?
Can we afford this house?
My agent promised me cash after closing and then afterwards decided not to pay. Can I do anything?
A vehicle has been left on my property over 30 can I junk it?
How would you describe the different atmosphere that Manhattan has vs. a Queens or a Brooklyn?
Looking for New House ? Any Best Real Agent at Vancouver.?
what would it cost to sell a piece of land on EBAY ?
Where & how to apply 4 mortgage?
Planning to buy home 350k. Will I qualify for a mortgage loan? If so, with which bank?
Any loan experts out there?
my fiance and i live together, my names not on mortgage, if he dies what happens to house?
what is a good accomodation place near to the Unitech Business Park, Sector-40, South City-I, Gurgaon ?
How will I get back my money from my landlord?
Can I not pay the last months rent and just have it deducted from the security deposit?
Residence hall house names?
Is it worth it to pay a realtor's commission when you sell a home?
How do you find the top producing agent in a given area?
Is property value going up in Maysville, KY if so which areas?
Looking for someone to split an apartment in Atlantic City.?
is my landlord doing something illegal?
WHere do I go to find out who owns an abandoned home?
Does a landlord of a furnished property have to replace broken items 'like-for-like'?
how can i find goverment tax sale listing?
Ex Roommate's Property?
What percentage of your take home pay would/do you spend on your mortgage?
I am looking for appts. for rent or motels for rent in calvert or st marys counties in maryland?
housing benifit question?
can any one suggest me for taking home loan which bank or financial institute will b good option in all aspect?
As a lodger, am I entitled to have my girlfriend stay with me sometimes.?
Do people move house on Saturdays in the UK?
How do you change light bulbs on a garage roof top in pole lights?
How much should my landlord pay to do chores?
It's so important to have Good Neighbors, How would you rate your neighbors, great, good, nosy, loud?
how can I collect back rents from a tenant she skip 4 months rent and moved out without giving me her new addr?
Can i get out of my tenancy agreement ?
Can you put credit card debt into a new mortgage loan to consolidate into one payment. First time home buyers?
if i am on a month to month lease and my landlord does not renew it, how long do i have to move?
My wife and I bought our house in 2005 for $650k. The house is now worth around $450k.?
How do I go about buying property to build my nightclub. Where would I search for available areas.?
Texas or Florida - Where would you rather live?
what happens to the house after my dad dies?
What are the main things that you look at when you are viewing a house that you might buy?
If you had 30k just gave to you what would u do with it?
First time buyer questions (alot of questions)?
Find a short term apartment in Maryland?
can a bank really do that?
I would like to post apartments for rent, how can I can about doing so?
I need help to avoid homelessness who do I call?
Can I transfer my section 8 voucher prior to the 12 months requirement due to stalking/domestic violence?
I have a roomate thats crazy...?
If you move house and leave something valuable in the loft is it true that you can not go back to claim it?
How to find free rent to own listings?
Who will be in charge to inspect our apartment when we move out?
Do I have to register my property?
How much in materials does it cost to build a house?
I live in VA, Can I break my lease if I move out of the state?
Is this an odd request from a renter?
Rent privately?? Estate agent ?
What does income restriction stand for in California home rentals?
What is the rack price of fuel from Hess?
where is the best place to rent in australia?
Can a perspective Landlord, deny housing application due to criminal history?
How much to pay a house sitter?
If a person owns a piece of land do they own it all the way down to the?
How does the internal return rate works out and what is the best period to allocate.?
Irma Garcia resident of state of virginia?
what actions can be taken against against a mortgage broker who fails tp disclose all terms of the loan after
its nearly july and i have my central heating on?
dont have a contract with my landlord, landlord evicts me, will it show up on my credit report?
I dont know what to do about my landlord. please help.?
Does anybody knows a good way to do the "house swap"?
do you have to have this pmi?
Foreclosures and death?
i live in texas and do not have a lease for property and want to move?
Why not let to someone with housing benefit?
Can you make good money being a land-lord?
Should I surrender my property?
I renewed my lease in advance but I got evicted before the new lease took effect. What can I do?
is ther a such thing as a lemon law for houses u buy ?
How much is it to rent out a small room in someone house?
What kind of house would $40,000 U.S. currency buy in Batam? Would it be nice or considered very modest?
How much should I spend on a house if I make around 36k/year? No kids just two small dogs?
Where can I find a small house to rent in North Central San Antonio for less than $600?
rental certification letter?
How do I become a real estate sales agent?
Doctors note to be able to raise chickens for medical reasons?
As a first time home buyer with land property. Do you need to paid taxes land only or both house & land?
Im buying a home, do i give my realtor a closing gift?? ?
If you currently own a home, can you purchase another home and walk away from the other?
Question about holding deposit agreement?
can I be release from a 6 month real estate listing. I signed the agreement on 03/30 and no showings yet?
can i sue my landlord if i cash the partial deposit she paid me back?
were can i find list of 55 and over communities.?
two friends and I bought a time share, we haven't pd for 5yrs , but it affecting my credit for the whole amt?
How long will it take to close on a USDA loan?
In the state of ohio how many people are legally allowed to live in a 2 bedroom apartment?
How do you get out of a 12 month lease?
Who's responsible my landlord or me (tenant)?
Can I sell or transfer my house into my sons name?
Do you have to have home owners insurance to own a house?
I want to file small claims only against the wife . Because she was the one who did breach of contract.?
Can you make good money being a land-lord?
moving to Australia for two years - should I sell or rent out my home in Doncaster, UK?
Is it illegal to not disclose to a new apartment that you just broke your current lease?
Is selling your house without an agent worth the monetary savings?
Real Estate is way too expensive in New York. Is there any chance that it will go down 50%?
Is this a good time to buy a house? 10 points for the best advise. Thank you?
Ontario landlords...?
How much did my real estate agent make?
Additional cleaning charges not in lease, can I be charged?
If my landlord violated our lease agreement am I liable for payment on my remaining lease?
When do the showings for my house stop? After P&S? When is that?
Property Investments In Bulgaria or in Spain ?
i gave two people a 30 day notice to remove their fathers belongings in my house and garage.?
What happens if you rent out your home during the 1 year after a refi?
My apartment in greenpoint brooklyn's being turned into condos. Is it wise to buy and try and flip it?
Can I reduce the offer made on a house once the original offer has been accepted?
What is the cheatest city to live in?
Ted Turner owns what % of New Mexico?
Can I sell my mobile home even if I am late on rent in CA?
My landlord died last night?
what is the purpose of escrow in real estate sales?
What is the average monthly rent for apartments in Downtown Los Angeles?
Is owning a home better than renting an apartment?
Who do you call to report an illegal apartment built in someone's house?
How Do I But A (Tax Lien Foreclosure House)?
If I break a lease, Do I get instant bad credit or do they have to take me to court first?
why is texas real estate so cheap?
Which of these three Home Counties is considered posher, Berkshire, Surrey, or Buckinghamshire?
Is it cheaper to buy a mansion in Canada or the US?
Former landlord is trying to cheat me out of deposit..what can I do?
Whats the difference between a forclosed home and a bankruptcy home?
How much rent should I ask for?
Does anyone know about Nouveau Riche and the Real Estate Investing Education they sell?
What would be a good name for a new apartment complex?
Any suggestions on a good preforeclosure website for Georgia?
what is the average income needed for renting a 1 bed rm apartment in maryland for $800 per month?
@@@@is it true interest rates are coming down to avoid a housing crash@@@@@?
Where's the best place to live to get away from roaches?
I want to form an LLC to purchase rehab homes. There are great buys here. How do I find honest investors?
in the state of wisconsin is a landlord required to supply a washer and dryer in a apt complex ?
Can an employee of a landlord collect rent arrears without any bailiff certification?
Has anyone lived at WDC-1 Apartments or know someone who has?
what site would i go to, to buy a good share I really need one.?
I want to buy a home in W OREGON AVE 3700 block in , Phoenix. Is this a good area?
Would like the name or phone number of the person to call..?
How do I get a home loan w/ temporary employment status?
Does anyone know the best and fastest way to sell a time share?
Is being a landlord as much of a pain in the butt as people say?
What does it mean when a home for sale says "active option contract" next to the listing?
Would this be insulting to the neighbors?
Where can I find a legal newspaper that lists foreclosures, divorces, and probates?
Fannie mae say they didnt recive my offer and i have confirmation it has been submited?/?
Pipes busted twice, pay fee to break lease?
What does foreclosure mean when renting an apartment room? it any skin off by back?
When is the best time to sell?
How can you find flat/apartment house in Bahrain?
What are some good websites i can BUY a house off of, or at least look at it and the details?
REnting OUt MY HOuse if it is in 4Clozure?
California Real estate As is addendum?
north carolina housing laws?
Do I have to be a member of the Association of Realtors?
Me and my partner have just moved into a house...?
Capital gains from sale of house? read details plz?
I have opted to buy a cell phone?
What's the usual cost for renting a townhouse that has 3 bedrms, 2 baths, a basement, and a washer and dryer?
Does anyone know if you can have 2 realestate lic.' in 2 different states. In particular Nv. and Tx.?
i think my apartment is haunted?
my ARM just went up i need help?
How would you handle this neighbor?
can you cancel a renting contract.?
What kind of mortgage should I get?
does anyone know where to get free foreclosure listings on the net?
How can I keep my windows open and stay safe in my apt. when I'm on the first level?
What do I need to qualify for renting an apartment?
Who is the "Donal Trump" of Malaysia?
Looking for advice on living in Tennessee?
how much is utilities if rent cost $800 a month?
Slab flooring? What does it mean when a real estate agent states this is the type of flooring?
I own a condo. Now renting it . Do I still have to pay the HOA fee? Even after HOA wants $deposit. & trans fee?
Can someone simply explain the mortgage crisis. I just told someone that I read millions are in trouble but..?
How do you make republicans LOVE the housing slump?
I live in WV and renting. I would like to know what are the landlord resposibilities and how to get things?
I purchased a timeshare and tried to opt out of it within 10 days of purchase. What are my legal rights?
what is homestead exemption?
can you get renters insurance if you don't live there?
Home Buying- Is it legal to charge courier fees in the state of Florida?
Help! my apartment is haunted!?
tomorrow i am to go and look at homes to possably buy and rent out...?
I am relocating to the LA area in september so I am looking for one bedroom apts for $750 a month.?
What has been the most effective advertising for any realtors?
can i get a mortgage?
what can I do if a landlord evicts me without notice?
Where can I get free property management software?
I can't find a roommate and I've already advertised on cragislist and church?
Can I get a home loan for more then what the selling price of the house is to buy things needed for the house?
Have you heard of a law that makes it illegal for a sister to sell her home to her brother.?
if i need to repo it how do i contact for that?
house prices do you think they will slow down?
Currently renting house about to be sold (not given in writing) Should I still pay rent? Do I have any rights?
There is a web site where you can virtually see your house and neighbors. Can you tell me what it is?
Anyone know how to find out about foreclosures in Canada?
Can you get a mortgage, live there, then rent it out later...? (UK only please!)?
Is Wisconsin a nice place to live?
joint mortgage with ex girlfriend?
Any landlords out there, I would appreciate you views on this...?
how many people can live in a 2 bedroom apt? ?
I am looking at getting a mortgage, can I claim my baby sitting as an income? ?
Is this legal?
Approved for a home loan with conditions...?
Mortgages with balloon payments?
How much do I need to earn to rent a flat?
Is San Antonio, Tx A good place to move?
We all know London estate agents are crooks, but to how much of a degree are they crooks?
Are real estate agents required to say if a house has had a murder or suicide committed in it?
What are your opinoins of signing a roommate agreement?
how can i find a phone number for a website buissness buissness name is rent .com?
Can anyone give me feedback on personal experiences with American Interbanc Mortgage?
if i'm a renter, is it my responsibility to insulate the house?
When you put in an application to rent a house do you have to provide proof of income?
What is a reasonable monthly electric bill for an efficiency apartment in Houston?
Contract was sign to sell our house. Photos were taken. After 1 week, it is not in the market. Please advice.?
I am moving to Charleston ,West Virginia soon and looking for the decent furnished apartments,any advice?
house prices...full asking price?
mutaion fees in jharkhand?
has anyone died in my house?
is it required that a soon to be tenant to pay a deposit to the landlord?
how much should our home cost if we make 82K a year?
Do you want to live in Conyers, GA?
how does a phone work?
Property and mortgage?
Can I kick my roommate out on a month to month lease?
What are a few ways that a person can profit from Real Estate?
Would you ever buy your childhood home?
mortgage co discusses personal info with co-workers,calling them deadbeats and my"shackjob"?
Do most home buyers prefer to look only at houses that are vacant?
Can I afford this apartment?
building a house.. soil and well inspection?
Can my landlord have my boyfriend removed from my trailer just because she doesn't like him?
i want to know the history of my house?
I am a tenant,am I responsible for this?
is there a site where i can find foreclosures in florida?
Does anyone know any good and honest estate agents?
Can I knock on a stranger's door ask to buy their house?
Hi, I'm trying to buy a small house in mexico, but I'm not sure how to do it.?
Can apartment maintenance walk in without any notice?
Where can I get a quick loan against my commercial real estsate?
Can realtors be held liable for knowing whether or not a builder has financial problems in the state of NC?
Renting homes? ThNk you for reading?
What are the names of the apartment complexes in galveston that were built after year 2000?
where is the cheapest place to buy a house (near the sea) in britain?
Help with getting out of cockroach-infested apartment?
is now a good time to buy my first house ?
How to buy our first home
want to buy a house and vendors want to see our survey?
Is it normal for two people to live in a one bedroom apartment?
Canadians please answer! whats a cheap and safe place to rent a studio apartment?
Have you purchased a time-share? If so, what was involved?
How long is it usually before the bank forecloses on your home?
i wnted to buy a house, suggest me pls?
What are two pros and two cons for living in a rural area?
Were can I get a 200 dollar loan online?
leaving home.........?
house prices.Will they continue to rise in price for the next 10 years.?
Real estate in Southern California?
How early should i notify the landlord?
temporary council housing?
mobile home vs. apartment?
how can I find real estate for sale on land contrac in michigan on the internet?
is it hard to buy a house that is a short sale?
How can i find out if a land is buildable or if it has all the necessary Amenities for a small home?
Does Anybody Know A Good Website To Look For Houses To Rent On. ?
Pet deposits in apartments switching management?
Can a mortgage company (in CA.) that holds the second (20%) on your home, foreclose on the entire home?
can i move out at 17 based on my situation?
Can anybody recommend a good investment idea?
Does 60 day notice to move include weekends?
Can I sue my homeowners association over violating my privacy?
Can't you really take money out of your 401K/403b whenever you want?
Should I move or should I not move?
What is a reasonable time frame to give my landlord and tell him I'm moving?
Is it illegal to refuse to keep up on maintenance on a rented home if you are late on your rent?
Where should I move out?
please help? can they really do this?
i inherited a mobile home,what are my rights?
How much money would I need to move to the US?
Has anyone ever gone through the Deed in leiu of foreclosure process?
The websites to look for a castle for sale?
i just bought a house in allegheny county and want to know how to appeal the assessed value?
how can i sell a £1,800,000 property in cyprus?
I know the house I want (and how much i want to pay), so do I really need a Realtor?
the reserve apartments in mississippi what is the number?
How does one usually pay the deposit to a landlord?
is gazumping legal?
What is a good yearly wage for living in Central London with a husband and 3 children?
mobile homes for rent in or near belmont nc?
Others using your wheelie bin?
my landlord wont give me what I'm owed. What can I do?
if i have been renting a home sence 1992 from the same man do i get equity in it?
why is it better to own your home than rent?
does anyone know of any 4 bed houses for rent anywhere in scotland that will accept housing benefit?
How to get a house built for you?
When a house go's into foreclosure do they send u notice of it?
I had a best answer to a question from Mr. Trend_Vampire on this section. I was disgusted by the content of?
will my electricity bill cost high if i use my iphone4 when it is on the process of charging?
Property rental questions- 4 tenets?
Disputing security deposit refund amount?
Just wondering if any of you have every purchased a modular home?
In relation to housing benefit what are the thresholds fpr low income?
what does for sale under contract mean?
any other landlords buying reo properties for rentals??
What should I do regarding rent?
I'm closing on a condo next Wednesday! Will a new credit card hit my credit report before I close?
Contractors, Home Builders, Help!?
If you live in an apartment, is a toilet seat included in what the property managers are responsible for?
is it a good idea to buy syock in a company that might be for sale?
Can I get out of my illegal sublet?
Someone broke into my apartment and the deadbolt is broken, can I break my lease?
rent for an apartment?
What is the maximum occupancy for 1,2, and 3 bedroom apartments?
Is it such a bad thing that i'm 22 and not sure if i want to move out of parent's home yet?
What do you think about Legal Armor for Foreclosure Help?
if i buy a piece of land what can i do with it with regards to building a barn on it?
can you rent out a flat you have just bought?
Know of any good rent to own websites?
Water shut off notice in apartment...?
Need advice for buying first home or just rent?
If you take out a home equity loan or credit line question? VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION?
im trying to locate someone that skipped out on an apartment they rented from me any free ways to find them?
I am 19, on 15,000 a year can i get a mortgage for a house?
What is the minimum credit score needed in order to obtain a loan for the purchase of a first home?
How find hard many lender for real esaste?
When someone has a rental unit and they refer to it as a duplex, what exactly is a "duplex"?
Is Property developing Worth it ?
How hard is it to buy a house within a reasonable price range without someone trying to give you a crapshoot?
how much a trailor is worth?
What does 'lease to own' or 'rent to own' mean?
Is there a reverse mortgage available for people less than 62 years old?
Is there anything I can do about my neighbor? (I think she's a drug dealer/prostitute)?
Real Estate (leinholder refuses to sign release of lien and accept her money)?
What should I do now, regarding security deposit for vacation rental not received?
If you were a landlord, would you make an addition to a house if the tenants asked you to?
Where could I get a mortgage loan?
Can I drop the offer I've made on a property?
10% of annual income for rent; is it too much?
I have a Real Estate Business, Web Site, Established Phone # Good I-net exposure?
Pre construction pricing and mortgage question!?
Does the bank have to respond to a formal offer with a formal response?
in uk, what is the charge for extending an underlease?
How much should anyone pay for their apartment per month in sanata monica?
if a person file for bankrrupcy /how long they have to wait to request a credit from a bank to buy a house?
"to high to clear the market"?
Buying a house in orlando florida good or bad investment?
I'm a single parent of 3 beautiful child we're look to move?
What are a real estate agents duties?
can i keep the power in my house from going out?
After preparing a Will with a Computer Program and have it Notorized what is the next Logital Step for me to d?
Mortgage question?
I own a timeshare can someone please tell me when week 30 is?
Poll: How many bedrooms are there in your house?
What are some ways a single mother on an average income purchase a house?
credit and house loans and rates?
What is the monthly fee at Courtney Springs retirement home a month, in Merritt Island, Fl.?
How does someone become a real estate agent?
Lien waiver protection?
When buying land in California can you get a loan or must you buy land in cash if not a home owner?
is the landlord allowed to charge the tenant a fee for moving the rent from one account to another account?
How long does it take to know if the person has accepted the offer?
Should i rent or buy?
Is this house a good buy?
Renters Rights having problems with landlord?
First step before moving out into apartment?
How strict are Fha appraisals on roofs?
Should i move back to my home state?
should i pay for it ???
Can a landlord hold your deposit for an apartment you never signed a laser for our received keys?
Does foreclosure stop the city from citing you for code violations?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of owning a mobile home as opposed to a house?
Pls help!!! Does the landlord or the landlady check for damages once the tenet moves out,,I never dealt with?
Is it a good time to buy house in Boston?
Lease option Question?
Let a friend stay in our spare room, now she is refusing to get stuff out?
i'm renting a room from this guy and he is threatening to put my stuff on the curb in 1 hour if i dont gogetit?
I bought a house from a relative years ago. He signed a Quit Claim deed and i didn't recorded it until ......
What does it mean if my property goes into negative equity?
are home prices ridiculous?
where do I find recent real estate transactions in Madison County, Illinois?
How to tell if a bank has filed a deficiency judgment?
My landlord won't fix anything. Can I break the lease?
Is Parking at Surrey at Central City Mall in Surrey free and up to what time can you park?
If my friend pays $1000 a month to live in his apartment, and I start living with him, will I?
I'm 21 and got kicked out of my house, do I have to go home if they ask me to?
Do Apartments have to Disclose Criminal Activity about the Complex before you move in If you asked them?
My landlord is in jail. Should I still pay my rent?
Where to look to find houses for rent?
is it illegal in nys to live in a studio apt w my 5 month old?
What's the best attitude when buying a house?
Is it okay to rent a private property to someone who is unemployed but is cash-rich?
Anyone know which state in the US has the cheapest rent per month?
I want to buy a 3 BHK flat in Gurgoan.?
How do I get out of a lease legally?
Why does our apartment place ask for our bank acct... We pay check every month; they do not do a transfer.?
To all landlords should and how much would my rent be prorated if am moving in on the 19 and rent is due on 1?
searching for sedgwick county tax sale auctions? thanks...?
Why does an MLS # for a house on a web site not show up when I put the number in for an MLS search?
what is a quickclaim deed used for?
help with my landlord not carrying out repairs?
the best home loans issuing bank in india?
1st time home buyers whats the smartest/best way to do things?
Adding taxes & Insurance into a home loan - Smart or Stupid?
were can i find a site were i can buy houses for same as rent?
I am purchasing land by paying the owners back taxes. What are the steps to ensure I am deeded land properly
Can approval decisions be changed when restrictive convenant guidelines were followed?
Should I move or should I not move?
what is mortgage... for instance how would it work?!?!?! check description?
Rent problem....?
How does an American buy Canadian real estate? Is it almost the same procedure as in the U.S.? Down payment?
Can our landlord chuck us out when our tenancy agreement comes to an end?
Know of any good home mortgage programs for people who work as office temps. I have 3 mos. w/same company.?
Is housing cheaper in the south?
Any preference as to which floor you like living on in an apartment?
What does the law say in regard to our rights as rental property owners in AZ?
can my husband sell our property which is under my name here in philippines?
Do people ever advertise rooms that don't require a deposit?
My rommates mom kicked my out of my apartment!?
Do I need a license to sell in brooklyn?! PLEASE HELP!?
What is the process to get into commercial real estate in california ?
Im the sole name on the mortgage, if I add someone to the title, can I remove them without his/her permission?
Need HELP searching for a first apartment!?
I am interested in who the architect was for Woolworths Department Stores designed in the mid 1960's.?
Can a tennant give a 30 day notice and assume the security deposit will be used?
I am helping a friend pay her mortgage. My name is not on the deed. Will I have ownership of the home as well?
From the time that banks take homes back after an auction, how long does it take for REO to showup on market?
question about what to do while viewing open houses, first time?
Landlord Question!!! My tenants ruined the carpet, shouldn't I use the deposit to replace the entire carpet?
What to do if my apartment gets flooded?
neighbours want us to remove fencing on our boundary so they can get access- Do we have to do so?
Who's the best company to Purchase headstones in Alabama from?
If my friend is having trouble paying his mortgage, is it possible to acquire his property?
How do I buy property and sell acreage from it simultaneously?
is is illinois state law tha a landlord clean a place before they rent?
Is there Free land Available in the USA?
Is my credit too poor to rent an apartment?
looking for office space to rent in Livingston, NJ. How can I find it?
Can we ask for the rent to be lowered?
looking for property bought by a relative living in orange county California in the late 60's?
NEVADA Eviction, need real help ASAP!!!?
how to sell a house, not in my name but I have paid all the taxes since 2001. in deceased parent name.?
Home surrendered in bankruptcy but have not heard from bank. How long does it take?
Is smoking considered damage to a rental property?
I stored property with x of 7yrs. i call to get and he says he got rid of most. 3000$ almost. how i get money?
steps to open a cart or kiosk in a mall?
How do I find out a answer to survey a property?
How to find a roommate?
What are the circumstances where a bank may be agreeable to the use of equitable mortgages?
What Happens Once Your Water Bill Debt Is Passed On To A Debt Collection Agency?
I'm looking for a tenants notice form to move out. Where can I find this and print it off?
I recently bought a condo with central air main area very cool bedrooms warm?
Can i claim head of the house hold and i live with my mother paying rent?
how to take money from an apartment sale back to the U.S.?
I own 1/5 of my mother's house and my sister has moved in and changed the locks on the doors.?
I have a fiance that lives in the UK and i live in the US i want to open a joint account at a bank so she has?
Does anybody live in the Country Villa Apartments in Long Beach California?
Moving Tips and Advice?
I am going to buy a T Point House, is this inauspicious, Can I buy this or not, kindly tell me?
Does anyone know who needs to be contacted for a landlords lack to fix appliances?
Can I qualify for a home loan with average credit?
My tenant owes me five months of rent. What are the avenues available for recovery of the money?
does mineral rights stay with the state (texas).?
Im looking to get a morgatge in ireland for 270,000euro.?
my daughter and i paid a man to move into his home he was renting out...we decided to not take the place for?
has any one tried the Carlton Sheets no money down?
What should we do in order to rent a house next august?
Who thinks this is funny?
My agent said the house he's going to show me needs minor TLC. What does TLC stand for?
is there a way to find out who the owner is of a house being rented? (if renters owe you money)?
what can be done about a tenant that wont pay the rent he owes?
2nd mortage rates IL?
Hi I want to demolish my old house and build new one...The question is?
Can we get a 125% 2nd mortgage in Arkansas? If so, what bank or mortgage business?
what county do you sue for not paying rent (michigan)?
What happens if we don't pay HOA fine?
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ok all the people who were nasty answering my questions you do not know the situations?
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