Real Estate

what documents/paperwork is need to rent a house?
How can we buy a home?
i lost my house contract, how can i get a copy?
Can tenant be held legally responsible for replacing a 10 year old appliance?
I have 15K burning a hole in my wallet. What do I do with it?
How much are the fees to refinance a mortgage?
what is a home equity loan?
we have been running a shop in a rented property for past 60 years.Now the roof of the building got damaged.?
looking for a gauranteed loan?
Can anyone help me find information on this building?
Can you get evicted for attempting to let air out of someone's tires in apt.?
Would it be wise to have 5 people in a 3 bedroom, 1 bath apartment?
If you had 1 million dollars, would you buy a house,or settle with a condo?
I want to find out how much a house was sold for. How do I go about getting that information?
I'm disable i get ssi how can i get free money to buy a house for my family i got two daughters ages 4 and 2?
Where can i find warehouses for rent in Riverside,CA?
can I claim bankruptsy without losing my property and vehicle?
Am I liable to pay re-letting fees if no repairs were done and my apartment was unsafe?
If a person owns a piece of land do they own it all the way down to the core of the earth?
Breaking a lease in NJ?
Can you get out of a lease you signed if you immediately saw things that made it uncomfortable to live there?
Whose responiable when a tree falls against the back side of your apartment? Renter or Landlord?
Wat doea a American citizen need to reside in St. Lucia?
Do you have any advice for someone investing in real estate for a supplemental income?
Why is my apartment so strict?
Should this work? Or is it a crazy idea?
How to rent a trailer home?
Should i sell or rent my flat?
Are there any mortage broker program in the state of ga.?
bank owned home in delaware state?
Who used to live in this house I want to buy?
How do I break my lease with three months remaining?
what happens if I want to abandon a mortgage to buy another home?
Do anyone know of any family shelters in SAN DIEGO,CA.?
Better to buy residential property and rezone or commercial property?
I'm looking to buy my first property, early 2008,with a 100% mortgage, is this a mistake or not. HELP?
how can someone get a council house?
does anyone know of any apartments or houses that come furnished already?
how to post the condo for rent in ?
Shouldnt I be notifyed when the house I rent, I going to be sold?
how much house can we afford?
what are the consequences of lying on a bank application?
do i have to give 30 days notice in a month to month renting situation if there is no lease?
can my landlord leave me with no heating?
I am a tenant,am I responsible for this?
where is the cheapest place in the UK to live?
What does a Mortgage Broker do....?
what major would a land developer fall into?
I am renting a room in a house, do I have to sign a rent agreement?
Is there a cost difference?
how do u obtain a property lein?
How can I find businesses listed by address?
I'm not a US citizen, how can I buy a house in USA? Do non-citizens have the right to own property in US?
How do you take over a mortgage?
Have you bought a home that was vacant for many years?
Are Adjustable Rate Mortgages a bad idea for me?
how do I find out if my name is on the house deed. The financing is but my husband already owned it?
What steps do I take to sell my house without a real estate agent?
Can a Landlord withhold a deposit without a signed lease?
I am looking for private owned homes, or apartments for rent, in the Washington DC metro area, or Maryland.?
Does 60 day notice to move include weekends?
Renting in the same complex as a registered sex offender?
I'm buying a flat that is under vacant possession. What does that mean?
can my land lord make me pay the rent even though i gave him one moths notice and i have moved out?
Real state question? cancellation of contract?
I own a rental house, I rented the house for 5 years without a lease being signed?
What countries allow foreigners to own property (land, house, condo, etc.)?
What should I look for in a rental property?
If I get proceeds from the sale of inherited property will my husband's name have to be on check?
where can i pay my rent in rm3?
In nj my rental recived structural damage is my lease void now?
Title/deed search,public records Winter Haven Florida?
is flipping houses a safe investment ( generally)?
My tenant requested getting a small pug or yorkie dog what limit in weight and extra deposit should I charge?
Any opinions on Hickory Tree Apartments in Lubbock, TX? These are good for a family or not? pls tell me.?
Help My house is on foreclosure.?
Is it true that if you have so many acres that you can have your own like town and zip code.?
i need some help on what to do with my landlord please?
Why would we recieve earnest money back before closing?
If you are renting a room in CA and you think the house is in foreclosure can you stop paying rent?
who is reasonable for paying council tax, me the tenant or the landlord who bought and owns the house?
How much time is allowed to live in apartment if rent is not paid?
does anyone know the average rate on cleaning when it comes to commercial properties??
Evaluate this rental property?
how much would it cost to build a house?
Apartments/Housing in Houston?
How to find a landlord that would accept DSS, and provide internet?
Subletter having a house guest live there with her?
How do you think the home sales look for the rest of this year in Ct.?
Complex capital gains question concerning real estate sale?
i'm leasing property withan old abandonded mobile home. i have no idea who owned it how do i get legal possion?
How much rent should I ask for?
Does real/nonsubdivision property mean there are no building codes?
where you make more money selling homes, making loans or refinancing.?
can australian own units in phillipines?
How long does it take to buy a house once an offer has been accepted.?
Official moving date/new address date?
Co-signing home loans?
how to get apartments on my private land?
deposits for houses.?
Regarding the California Real Estate License Application RE202, What do I check for Working Status Question?
Like to know a about getting a first time home buyers grant?
is real estate agent the way to go??
References when renting a room?
Any ideas how I can find an old mortgage loan number online? The home was sold about 4 years ago.?
first time home buyer needing help///?
Down payment on an apartment...?
Why isn't rent declining along with declining housing prices and people not being able to pay their mortgages?
Can you sign a lease to an apt in Bolingbrook, IL when ur under 18?
What is the average rent for a 2 family house in Montclair, NJ?
Where can I publish FOR FREE properties I offer for sale in NYC?
CORGI plumber, how much?
Real Estate Agents: Can I buy and sell my own home?
we made a sale agreement with a person now we dont want to deal with him, we are the sellar, any body tell me?
Rather BUY a nicer home in bad area or bad home in nice area?
what is the new online webite for finding the property value of a home?
Buying a retirement home with or without a mortgage?
Security Deposit Refund?
what is the validity of the Rent agreement, how to made, what is the proceedure etc.?
is Vigneshwara Developers is going to invest Rs 1,600 cr in Gurgaon?
Where to lodge a complain about a housing Agent in london?
How to get a deed on a house?
Where can i get a mortgage home with bad credit?
Property law in MA - Can I sell my condo?
Apartments going into forclosure - What does this mean?
What counts as an 'insured risk'?
New owner wants me to leave and pay him?
Who is responsible for the United States housing bubble?
What kind of fees am I looking at to put a granny unit on property?
Complex estate question..looking for estimate?
What is the minimum amount one has to invest to participate in REIT's (Real estate investment trust's)?
What are the rights of a person not on a lease in the state of Florida?
Do any apartments in fort wayne have second chance rental programs?
can you be reimbursed from the landlord if you erect a garage on their property?
If i refinance on my home, isnt that like staring your loan payments all over again?
Urgent question about the best way to claim back rent + deposit (UK procedures)?
have a question about monthly mortgage payment...?
Will there be increase in 10% of property price?
Easy way to estimate how much to spend on a house?
Are "lease with an option to buy" traps?
Should I sign onto an existing lease?
i have a payment judgment for a moble home the person has a part time job and un inployment and a nice ne?
Need help… with buying a macraw !!!?
how much would it cost to build a house in houston forget the land value just labor and materials on average?
who is the coolest person?
When can a new homebuyer refinance?
break a rental tenancy?
First Time Buyer - How much can I expect to pay for utility bills?
How much should one pay to live in a house after a break up?
Can ownership ona house be transferred legally without exchanging money?
Breaking my half of the lease early?
What to do first when buying a home?
How can i ever get a loan to buy a house with bad credit? ?
What groundwork should be done before buying Council House?
Does anyone know any two to three bedroom apartments or townhouses that have a garage in the orlando area?
Does anyone know a website that I can search for foreclosed houses?
how much does lord and Taylor pay fitting room attendant NY?
Can going to school full time and paying for your own apartment, car, food etc.. be done?!?
What is a waiting list for an apartment?
whats a good chachy name for selling?
My landlord asked me to switch apartments?
Why are houses so cheap to buy in america?
how much can i afford for a house ?
Does anyone have experience with one of those places that says they will buy your home, in any condition?
Can anyone help me ?
what should i do with this situation?
can anyone help me on how i can make a complaint against a landlord.Your help would be much appreciated.Thanks
Loan request consumer verification letter?
About apartment eviction?
What happens if I leave stuff at my old house in utah?
what does remaining economic life mean?
Can you move out you're house at 16 in the uk ?
Why is Rory Emerald selling his opulent penthouse on Nob Hill in San Francisco for pennies on the dollar?
Are my parents charging me too much for rent?
help! Landlord problems?
What is the right thing to do in this situation:?
what is the rent for a business property.?
Passionate about real estate- where could I fit in this economy!?
is a property lien only for specific property.?
Any help??
what happens when home is not sold in foreclosure auction?
Does anyone know where to get a loan to buy a house with bad credit?
Why rent instead of own?
HI. my name happens to be leon l. white i'm trying to contact MARVIN ZINLER?
What are good questions to ask when you are about to rent a place?
if my mom and i have a housing voucher for apartment....?
How to get out an loan without an bank account?
Buying My First Apartment Building.?
How can Gordon Brown help first-time buyers in the UK housing market?
Putting locks on apartment room doors makes it a boarding house?
How much should I offer on a home that costs $179,900?
Where can I find a loan to help with my mortgage payments?
How do I get rid of a rogue estate agent?
Switching to a different appt?
Can you get a real estate license with a felony on your record?
What town are the prices likely to appreciate the most in the GTA area?
Real state scam????A friend of mine who's realstate agent is offering me to buy a home with my credit and th
Should I cosign on an apartment for my 19 year old son?
living in my father foreclosed home with my sister tring to make us pay her rent or get out of the house?
Is 400 to 530 dollars alot for a first apartment?
if i buy a house and my girlfriend lives with me & pays half the mort.if we split is she entitled to anything?
Does anyone know where I can find a cheap but nice aparment/house in S.E Connecticut or southern Mass 4 rent?
Payment to Principal at START of mortgage loan...?
where would i look for investors and developers for golf course and residential opportunity?
Do you know of a good online timeline for moving?? One that goes month to month and not week to week??
Can you go barefoot to property inspections?
Does anybody know about law?
Can U get your property or equity back after foreclosure auction?
i want to start buying homes in my area and fixing them up and resell them.?
if i take over lease do i put down deposit?
Can my father-in-law kick me out of my house?
How long on average does it take to sell a house?
Is there any solution to this conflict?
What are second homes and what is the benefit of it?
How much is a down payment on a apartment?
What happens if your building is going Condo? What if you don't want to buy?
Why am I getting evicted?
Bought a home with no backyard. Now im concerned about time to resale. Help!?
I'm trying to find out the name of an aparment complex?
is rajarhat in calcutta a good place to invest in property ?
i need some advice pls. i sold a piece of land to a close friend of mine. she has no enough cash to pay the?
I have a live in girlfriend who I want out of my house. I am currently renting. How can I evict her legally?
wich loan type is the best?
Renting a room in an apartment?
can you rent out a place you are owner financing?
How can I get a loan ??PLEASE HELP !!!!!?
Moving out and making it on my own...?
Does anyone know the name of a realtor stock that starts with a "b" and ends with an "e"?
Who do you hire to find an apartment for you?
College kid renting an apartment.. Help!?
Has anyone lived or know anyone who's lived in college grove apts on schafer in detroit if so how are they?
Is it legal for my landlord to charge me $150 for late payment?
im 19 i have a car no note to pay and i make a 1000 or more a month will i be okay to move out ?
i have renter who thinks my property is in forecloser which it is not and renter refuses to move out?
how do i advertise serviced office suites near leeds city centre in west yorkshire?
What are the best training sources for a new Real Estate agent in SoCal?
Why is it considered "second class" to be living in a flat rather than a house??
This has to do with realestate..?
What is probate sale?
what is the best way to get home buyer leads?
What's the going price should be to rent out a chair? Is it per week or per month?
Squatters in the house next door!?
Condo conversions... where are the savings?
In central bank.. what are the basis of making money?
What is the minim montly rent for a 1BHK in UK?
Moving in new place - didn't know someone keeps a cat...?
What is the average cost of living in Tampa Florida?
I have an interest only mortgage. My lender has said if I can afford it I can pay 10% off the capital each yr?
Should my name be on title or just let it go?
My landlord's trying to keep my deposit, help!
deposit for flat to rent?
8,000 dollar tax credit?? Looking to buy a house?
How does Jaymie L know the answer about someone living in a home without a lease, and getting them out?
Differences in prices dorming at Columbia University in NYC vs. having my own apt. in S.I., B'klyn, or NYC?
What would you say is a 'good' age to leave home?
If some one is living in your motor home with you and you move the vehicle off of the land i am renting can ?
Can I ask my tenant to leave?
Does buying a house allow you to break a lease with an apartment complex?
Approximately what is the highest priced house my husband and I can afford?
How can I become a self employed real estate letting agent in Uk?
Help with a difficult landlord.?
Am I eligible for a mortgage ?
real estate - What is the definition of a estate lot?
can i get my own apartment through nycha ??? please read for the details?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of an interest only home loan?
What is the approx. per square feet rate for HVAC in a commercial building in Mumbai/ India?
what is the average electric bill for a 1 bedroom apartment in raleigh nc for one person 811 sq ft?
what realtors (websites) will rent a house to a group of girls age 19-20 for two months at ocean city NJ?
do an housing officers has a right to take a picture of your guest in public without the persons concent in UK?
Is my landlord ripping me off? I pay more for the same apartment?
question about buying a florida condo with cash?
Is it possible to obtain a home mortgage loan after you retire, what are the requiremtns?
In what US cities are there a high cap rates in commercial real estate?
I am a first-time home buyer, have a signed offer contract is there any way the seller can back out now?
How much to pay for a weeks rent in advance?
Can I get a mortgage of $230,000? With what I got?
what papers are important in buying land in Delhi NCR?
I accidentally put my wrong social security number on my application for an apartment.?
Will I be eligble for housing due to these circumstances (READ)?
How can we trust on real estate, how can we find good ( reliable ) real estate in NJ (Jersey City) ?
Would a Trustee auction sale in CA clear off most (or all) secondary leins such as "abtract of judgements"?
Can someone tell me briefly what is a studio (in terms of housing)?
Rent to own homes- details?
how much commission does a loan officer make? is it negotiable?
Is it bad to buy a house on land that you don't own?
Why is my website not showing up when I type in keywords in a search?
What is the cheapest part of Birmingham to rent a flat/house?
Is it legal for an apt/townhome/duplex complex to chg a monthly rental fee for dog/cat in addition to deposit?
if you put a no contact order on a roommate?
Do you have anything if your're renting and behind in your rent plus your're working?
I called police for help and my apartments stuck a lease violation notice on my door for "disturbance"?
Saving up for a house?
How to become a property manager ?
when we dont pay rent do they kick us out or lock us out?
House rent/lease issue.?
Where would you live in the U.S.?
why is it so hard to find an apartment to rent for a foreigner bachelors in sainikpuri,hyderabad?
Is it okay for my landlord to frequently visit my house to spot check?
When i close on a house and sign everything. How long does the seller have to be out of the house?
Will i end up having to pay for this door?
is it a buyers or sellers market right now/ Loudoun County VA?
Can you rent when your income does not come from a job?
how do I get the name of the owner on a property deed?
I am trying to get a house for 189000.. can i combine mortgage loans like my mom got approved for 135000 .can ?
Is becoming a real estate agent or mortgager broker a good way to have extra income?
how much would it cost to move to italy?
I am a buyer and would like to switch my agent on a property purchase?
House with mold rented.?
Does putting pictures of the inside of your house on the MLS help it sell?
If I sell my house does anything left in it?
What happens if my Landlords flat is repossessed?
Is my credit score high enough?
Can I get a home loan?
What is a bridge-loan?
if i go bankrupt,can my landlord end my tenancy,if i am up to date with my rent?
How much are real estate taxes in Sacramento, CA?
Landlord controls sprinkler system, I pay water, is this right?
What do I do about my landlord?
Can we afford this house?
Is there a way to assign a "percentage" of ownership/liability if 2 names are on a mortgage?
Does anyone know how to make money selling mortgage notes?
what branch of finance gives you the lowest home loan. i have good credit and looking at 8.5% on 110000 loan?
What is the going price for homes in the Ft Myers area?
Is it possible to buy a house in UK without having to pay for mortgage?
What are some good sites for selling something that are free and for a "local area"?
If I build a house in the countryside, how much would it cost to install electricity?
Can I suit my landlord for lead found in my 3yrs.old daughter?
Does deed in lieu of foreclosure have tax ramifications?
did the housing market fall from 2009 to now or has it just improved?
need a loan with no credit?
Is it legal for a landlord to give a bad reference when you try to buy a house?
Want to know Purva Swanlake Project Details?
public housing?
Finding homes in America?
I STAY IN NEW ORLEANS LOUISIANA and i desperately need help with my rent i am a?
There is new (?) site that you can find any home and what it is worth just by typing in the address....?
Short Sale Home Bought Going into Auction ( Need Immediate Help)?
Can someone break this down for me please ( renting apartments)?
What percentage of my monthly income should I put towards a house payment?
Who pays legal fees for Order of Sale on house?
Room for Rent: Etiquette Selecting Tenants?
what date was my house built post code pe4 7xw?
Why do realtors take such a huge chunk just to sell a house?
When new housing estates are built where does the money come from to pay the Posties?
If I get an FHA loan,can I still get the $8000 tax credit.?
The Bank loans officer lied about the interest rate & the locked in lower repayments on my home loan !?
i paid off a company what i owed them in 2004. Now, Aug. 2012 they say i still owe them £30. Do i have to pay?
How can I accumulate teeth legally?
I need an attorneys helpwith plumbing problems in new apartment...?
What can I do with these houses?
What would you do?
Should Any of These Waived Rights and Other Stipulations Be Red Flags On My Renter's Lease?
NEED HELP ASAP How long can you postpone an eviction notice in california need info?
How long does it take for a FHA loan?
should i pay my rent up for 6 months is that a good thing to do ?
could i get a good deal when buying a house because im a full time student?
Can my landlord sue me after I move out?
Can i rent an apartment?
How much should we spend on a house?
What is the best way to be able to buy a house with terrible credit 5 years ago?
I messed up so badly, totally screwed and tied to two housing contracts?
How do I find government owned property to lease near Coeur d'Alene, Idaho?
A loan officer locked me into a bad rate just before the Fed made the QE3 announcement?
i want 2 know my horoscope.?
What do you do when your landlord doesnt return your security deposit?
when renting a property what does DSS mean?
Paying two weeks in advance for rental property...?
We have a cabin 3 miles from our house. How can we get internet out there?
How common is it that a listing agent will want a buyer without a buyers agent?
Ohio State University Apartments?
thinking of studying real estate. is it worth it?
How long are landlords given to return deposits to their tenants after they move out in Rutherford County, TN?
I looking for like a free contract to be able to download for buying a house?
HOA says pets have to go but lease says I can have pets?
anyone can recommend a title company to work for real property transfer of title in quezon city? @ Lndlrdlisa?
Is there a way to find floor plan info on a house without actually going there?
Any good Apartment in Cutler Bay, Miami..?
if the city boarded up a building can one still take controle of that property?
Selling a house a few questions? the man has the money but is waiting for his Mortgage advisor?
Re: Real Estate,Can anyone share any info on "Rent to Own" homes as opposed to just renting only?
Suicide is looking pretty good if things don't pick up in the job market. I have no job, no money,?
Is it safe to rent a condo with a boiler in the bedroom?
Facing problems in a new city!!?
How should i save to buy a million dollar house?
Is the landlord responsible if you have a electrical fire and you have no rental insurance in Illinois?
Can i get help with housing?
Is my landlord breaking my lease?
bank is paying closing cost will i get money if there is any left over?
Is it dangerous to send financial information to a buyer without signing a confidentality agreement?
Is it a good time to buy real estate in the bay area? If so, which city would one buy in?
Would HUD help with any major repairs that are basic living necessities?
Moving while unemployed.?
who is responsible for the lien now?
If a tenant refuses to leave after the lease ends how do I get them out?
How do I fire my Realtor (I am buying not selling)?
do I need to notify my tenant about my intention to sale my condo? How many days prior to put on the markeT?
During a recession do house prices go up or down? (ASAP)?
can i pay lump sums to escrow within 2 months to help lower my mortgage note?
Tennant rights when property is sold?
How do I get started in real estate? I am very interested in becoming a mortgage broker and an agent.?
Housing question................?
If someone owned let's say, 5 acres. Could they sell off 1 acre or do they have to sell the whole land?
is there anyway i can find out the value of my house on the internet?
Need help with renting or buying a house!?
We are moving to W. Haven Ct. area from NC. need reasonably priced rental within 1/2 hr. of suggestions?
Who are the defaulters in the home mortgage crises? First time homebuyers or flippers?
Mortgage underwriting advice please?
How would you respond to this threatening email from a former deadbeat renter?
Will I get my deposit back???
My friend's mom bought a house so I moved in but rent is $100 more than he said it would be. What should I do?
How do I oppose planning permission to a housing development taking place on my doorstep in Northern Ireland?
I signed a 1 yr lease to rent an apartment 6 yrs ago. If I do not give notice to leave what can they do to me?
How much does utility bills cost in a one bedroom apartment?
I am looking for some Rental Property sites Online.?
What's a fun 15-20 minute game to play in a real estate office?
is our ex landlord breaking the law?
do you know of anyone looking for a restaurant partner in ma./r.i.?
i want to move to the gold coast when i turn 18?
Can you break your lease if you don't feel safe where you live?
if someone runs your credit do they have to send you a copy?
Renter insurance and home was flooded help!!!?
Realtors in Raleigh?
Taking out a mortgage loan?
When will it be a good time to purchase a home in Orange County California?
What is a good website to find a home/apartment to rent in San Diego?
Renting after bankruptcy?
Would I be able to find an apartment working only $7.25 an hour?
What are some good modular home companies in the northeast U.S. that will deliver to maine?
What and where do I find Craig's List? I have seen this mentioned a couple of times.?
Who's tired of hearing everyone talk about the housing market and home prices?
Can we avoid creditors taking property after my father passes?
i want to know if there is any sexoffenders in the town i just moved to?
Free links to finding public information on real estate which has been purchased.?
does my landlord have a right to keep my security deposit?
How to get an apartment when my husband has a felony?
Is it weird for a teenager to be excited about having their own home?
What will you call someone who specializes in building houses or estates and renting and selling them?
Mortgage and cash loan MESS! Please help...?
I'm looking for any available housing?
What if builder gives roof rights to more one owner?
How long does it take for my credit score to increase; paying my debt on time.?
Moving out of apartment before lease is up.?
Is it legal to lie on non income verification loans to buy a house?
Any unique interesting course Like real estate ...?
How can I find my next landlord being unemployed?
Apartment complex made a mistake?
home loan help please?
Can I withhold monies from my rent?
Capital Gains Question: Sold my Florida Home. Purchased the home for $225,000.?
My sister-n-law died a few years ago and left her house to my husband and I. we have a quick deed. We never g?
Where can I go to found out sold home days on the market?
Can my landlord keep my deposit to clean carpets?
pay rent or quit in california?
Real Estate prices?
What is the zip code of Engelhard, N. C.?
Who has the lowest prices on self storage facilities in San Diego North County?
if my name is on the title of a home but not the loan am i eligible for first time home buyers credits?
could we rent a flat?
Wichita, KS: Apartment hunting questions?
What is a Grde-Deed for Real Estate in CA?
"what is a rent to own home purchase"?
anyone renting an apartment or house?
Where is good to invest?
no free listings man need more help here?
I live in a two bedroom apartment and have a dog. The landlord wants to charge a $20.00 monthly fee.?
Does anyone know of a cheap place to rent for the whole summer in Ocean City, Maryland?
How much to convert to medical or office space?
what is the difference between a PPR property and a REO property?
How can I get an apt with no money??? ?
What is the most efficient way to become a real estate developer?
Can you get out of lease for rental property, if you got married?
Does anybody know how to write Deed of conveyance?
Im currently renting a home & we were suppose to sign another lease for the next year. The current lease end w?
can i take my sub-letter to court?
cheapest rent in uk domestic?
subprime lenders on the net?
How to choose a closing attorney and or titile company?
What are the steps to expect when not paying a home loan?
what primary and secondary data souces used in housing market research?
a legal question about real estate?
Will I get a $300,000 mortgage with no money down in south florida?
Would it be possible to rent a storage unit and have a home away from home?
Bought a first house in 2004, but cannot afford it anymore, what can i do?
If your house is paid for, do you have any equity in it?
Is it better to buy a condo or a house in Las Vegas?
can I be held liable for not renting to the first qualified applicant that wants to rent my house?
can a buyer mortgage a property subject of a contract to sell?
Anyway for me to get this condo under FHA?
Small Affordable place to live?
if i rent my house out ,im a eligible for the council tax ??
Changing house on housing benefit what documents council need?
Roommate/Lease issue!!?
I am scheduled to close on a house on 11/30/09. Am I eligible for any tax credit? If so how much?
We paid someone to paint our home and now two months later they're demanding more money and want to put a lien
what type of goverment grants are there for buying a house. i am a single black male.?
Can my fiancé take my son from me if we split up?
How to negotiate cheap land?
Planning on buying our first home, will it affect our financial aid?
Would it be a bad Idea to purchase a house right now?
How old were you when you bought your first house? How much money did you have saved up?
how can i sell my alovera crop in indian market? can i get any buyer in advance.?
What if I don't pay my rent for next month with Your Move Agency.?
Can a landlord raise your rent during a lease period?
Do you have to be employed for a specific amount of time in order to be pre-approved for a home loan?
I want to by a house. Where do I start?
Can anyone recommend a site or company for background checks for rental applicants?
where can i go to see us state and local real estate auctions for free without paying any money what so ever?
What costs do I need to consider when moving out for the first time?
can I break my lease in VA if I loose my job? Please help!?
how to find who own a house?
what job ........................................…
The owner of the house !! HELP !!?
Can I do a 1031 Starker Exchange when I sell my home and buy a new one?
Can I get a loan for a house?
The price of double rooms for rent in london are per person or total?
Can a (California) landlord enter your dwelling to turn off the alarm clock..because it sounded loud?
due to my job lost i stop paying rent for 6 month then i left my appartment to live with freind it`s in astori?
signing name on the real estate?
I just want to ask if Nadia Firhaniz nosli is the manager of construction issuer I'n government I'n Malaysia ?
Do both landlord and tenant have to agree to renew the lease agrement?
buy back candles in tamilnadu?
Bangalore Vs Pune? which one is Better to live and Invest in Properties?
Is there anywhere I can find low income housing for the city of St. louis?
How many square ft are apartment buildings?
Can I file charges against my former landlord even if she gave us time in writing to come get out stuff?
Has anyone sold their timeshare through Jared Ryan Properties or GMAC?
Are house prices going to continue to drop this year 2009?
Would posting a want ad for a roommate be a good idea?
Will redundancy affect mortgage renewal (UK)?
house contract got signed? HELP.?
advise as a first time homebuyer with a less than perfect credit score.which i have improved in the last year?
the legal term for fenced property that has been uncontested for several years and now belongs to the fencer?
Can my landlord evict me if the house is schduled to sell at public auction in 3 weeks?
If rent is due today on the 1st and I pay online... can I pay at anytime before midnight?
Are mortgage rates going up this week?
I'm 54 dont drink have a job of 20 years same company ,Home - here in Florida why cant i find a good women ?
what is the property value for clearview ave. lancaster pa 17601?
If i am co-applicant in one housing loan, can i apply for another housing loan?
What are some good neighborhoods for living near San Diego State University?
What will happen to the US Real Estate? And US dollar? What is the best investment?
Can my boyfriend kick me out of his house when he signed a lease renting it to me for 36 months?
What is the best website to research houses for rent in the Bay Area?
In this market, is a house worth it if there's eerie voices in it and the walls occaisionally drip blood?
Is it legal to have a landlord not show you a rental unit until you submit a rental application and deposit?
Is Upper Marlboro, MD a good place to buy a house and raise a family?
What do I need to know about moving out?
craigslist house rentals legitimate?
Checking credit score, wanting to buy a house?
We have been looking for a house but I havea few questions?
can we rent a property while being bankrupt?
What's the process for getting preapproved for a home loan?
What are the disadvantages and advantages of taking out a loan to purchase something?
can your landlord call personal references and....?
What are my chances of buying this house cheap?
cani be sued if the boiler broke down?
Can I ask Lender for a better rate AFTER escrow close?
No early termination clause in rental agreement?
Building a house on a steep slope.?
Evicting tenants on a written month to month lease.?
Tenancy paperwork and the postal rule?
without using a mortgage calc. but with a regular calc. how do u calc arm rates?
If I have unpayed cell phone bills will I get denied for a apartment?
How to know that a forex broker has no dealing desk as he claims?
Want to find sample rental houses inspection form - checklist.?
can you tell me how long i have to pay property taxes be for the county can sell it for back taxes?
How can I get the lowest mortgage payment with a 30 yr fixed?
Is it expensive to rent in North Carolina?
How much notice does apartment landlord have to give you?
Tribeca, NY condo's on Chamber Street?
will mortgage rates ever go back down?
Legal to enter personal rented room without written notice or a call requesting permission?
how many days does it take to evict my tenant who didnt pay this months rent?
Please help im goin homless?
I turned in my 30 days noticed Monday to the housing authority!!!! HELP ASAP?
which is the best month of the year to sell a home in florida?
Is there any way to speed up the process of a short sale in New Jersey?
First Time Buyer Mortgage?
I want to buy a condo listed for $395,000, my realtor thinks it's worth $385,000, how much should I bid?
What is the CURRENT minimum Beacon 5.0 score for FHA loan?
I'm living with my parents and they want to charge rent..?
Landlord appears to be concreting the whole driveway?
Can I buy a shop In Utter Pradesh India On Installment basis. Pls help?
Should I have to pay the rest of my lease after being evicted?
Muliti state Reseidency: We owned a home in NC. My family and I lived in there. I lived there until I got ...?
does a landlord who doesn't live on the rental property have the right to put up political signs?
where can i find apartment listing for mississauga?
I want guideline value of land in chennai city area wise?
how can I find the street address for the community pool at windham park community in overland park ks?
My landlord has moved new renters in while I still have term left on my lease?
Can a habitat for humanity home be rented out?
What if my rent check bounces?
ray bought a condo for $375,000. He got a 10 year loan for 3.6%. What are his monthly payments?
Average cost for utilities for a 1 bedroom apt with1 adult and a child in Dallas, Tx?
RENTING HOUSES in Sugar Land????
What is some advice on bargaining for a new home (new construction)?
How long does it take to get an appraisal when selling ur home?
mortgages/loans house buying?
how to sell my house, what is it worth, what can i get for it, what do i get?
what short sale mean on morgage, i loan 330k down 55k, now the how value is 260k in the market IL state?
Is it unwise to be implicated in someone's apartment lease when I'm just renting a room?
What is new about Jaypee Greens Sports City?
Are there investors who will finance in real estate or foreclosures in exchange for overseeing?
What happens if you don't sign a rate lock agreement with your loan officer?
Jobseeker,anyone can Help?
Why do landlords want you to have a guarantoror home owner?
what is the advantage of an intrest only mortgage loan, and are they easier to qualify for?
how long can you wait to file a quick claim deed?
How do you get things fixed that are under warrenty on a new home?
Rent to Own and Lease to Own List?
how much required down for second time home buyers?
where to find a good mortgage for a first time buyer?
Closing costs?
How much would it cost to furnish a studio apartment from zero with IKEA?
Giving 50 days (of 60) notice for termination of lease?
Is there a way that I can give my property to my mortgage company?
what is an assistance residential property manager duties?
How can i buy tax lien property on line?
We have 3 acres of land & want returns from it..pls suggest?
Is buying real estate in India a good idea from an investment standpoint?
Can we reclaim grandfathers home after wife takes off?
when buying a house & selling, what's the best way of going about it? do you use 1 realter or 2?
what is the average costs of electric, gas, water, and rent for a one bedroom apartment in honey grove, tx?
if you owned your own private island what would you put on it?
Need to sell my property quick and cheaply? has anyone ever used
what is the charges government will take from propoties?
Can you recomend a good mortgage company for FHA streamline?
my hubby jus turned 60,he may be made redundant,i have apregnant daughterat home,is she liable for the rent?
How to become a Kansas Real Estate agent?
HUD Sec 8 Housing Inspection Question?
After my lease is up, I want to move, but my landlord will want me to sign another lease, what would you do?
anyone know how to get approved for an apartment rental without a cosigner?
Can you answer on house construction?
Does anyone have a sample of a contract for selling an apartment (in a complex)?
Quit-claim proptery (house in Massachusetts) over to a co-owner?
Can I get my Deposit back if my roommates don't want to move out?
How old were you when you first started paying for your own residence?
Can I get a loan to legally own a double or duplex?
What is everything i need to rent a house?
can a landlord complain about sex to me verbally ?
how long is gone take my process?
can some one tell me the site for private lisciencing for landlords and their lets.thanks danny?
Moving out of home problems, please help.?
Will a bank give a mortgage on an as is house?
How far it is safe? Now a days all luxury apartments have glass doors from living to terrace?
does anyone know anything about reassignment on Avalon Resort units in Myrtle Beach SC?
How much to heat MN house?
what is the best way to get out of a year lease?
How to evict a room mate NOT on the lease OHIO?
Moving out, should I get a roommate?
Should we buy a run down 10 bedroom ex hospital in South Australia ?
house or apartment ?
How many people can legally occupy a one bedroom apt.?
Should I buy a new house with black mold?
How can I serve my clients better.?
Should I sell my house with my furniture in it and decorated nicely, or move-in ready?
I'm currently going through a foreclosure. Am I aloud to sell while in foreclosure? how would I do that?
what are all the things I need to know when moving to a new city?
how to find a real estate broker?
Who gets the house if one of the co-owner dies?
what does a landlord have to do when there mold in your home?
what is an office zoning land in front of a high school is good for?
What are some good books or websites that will serve as a good primer to understanding real estate?
I hear a mortgage requires 2 years of tax returns but only worked 1 year. Can I still get the mortgage?
what documents/paperwork is need to rent a house?
I am a single mum being forced to leave my home!!?
When you're renting......?
Landlord peeping through windows?
Do you think a condo for 149,000$ is expensive?
If a landlord sends a text telling a tent to vacate can that be considered a legal notice? ?
in connecticut is a best place to live like Windsor Lock and Broad Brook, do they have apartments etc.?
Help-U-Sell vs. Traditional Realtor -- thoughts, pros/cons, experiences to share?
My landlord says i cannot have my dog,?
is there any way to protect your house when you own a busness ???
I want to get out of my mortgage but I don't want to go Foreclosure. What is the best way?
best place for me to move to in the U.S?
what is the advantage of an intrest only mortgage loan, and are they easier to qualify for?
How do I purchase homes from banks who own them?
How can I get a apartment complex to get rid of roaches that have been here before we moved in 3 months ago?
In short sale, can you counter offer the bank's approval?
I keep seeing dead people in this house is there any way of finding out if there were murders in this house?
who replaces carpet when you rent a home?
I live in reno nv how many people can live in a one bedroom apartment?
Is it a bad idea to buy a mobile home?
"acquiesce" in real estate?
Can my boyfriend and I easily claim my grandma's house as our own once she passes?
Would it be wise to have 5 people in a 3 bedroom, 1 bath apartment?
If my name isn't on title or deed in Mass, can a lien be placed?
When using a realtor how fast should you expect them to be available to show a house?
I have money to buy a house for cash, but I would prefer to keep some of my cash for my future.?
if i pay a week before i move in a months rent do i pay my last month rent ?
Pre construction pricing and mortgage question!?
x + (y+3)=x+(3+y) is wat property?
Can I be changed a non-refundable carpet replacement fee on top of a deposit before moving into an apartment?
can my aunt sell me her house for peanuts or does it have to be market value. I am in the u.k. England?
In the nj area? How much do u get paid?
Is it easier to get a home loan to purchase a duplex since you will be making income from renting our half?
Question about rent?
in wich state should i buy my new home?
is subletting illegal ?
how would you live your life as a 75 year old?
Affordable apartments ?
my landlord won't give my bond back - what do i do?
In Texas, can an apartment be leased to a new occupant before the original occupant moves out?
I am purchasing property in Gurgon/Delhi/NCR; how much should a lawyer charge to provide legal assistance?
can you be reimbursed from the landlord if you erect a garage on their property?
Which is better, a townhouse or a house?
Can i get a mortgage in my name only as my partner has bad credit?
Architectural Drafting for real estate companies?
Who on here lives or lived on a council estate?
Waht's the percentage rate for illinois' capital gains taxes?
i am about to buy my first home what should be looking for and what should i avoid?
is there a best time to close on a house? Beg, middle or end of month?
Code Enforcement for a broken AC?
Buyer Agency Agreement AND Financial Data?
Planning to buy beazer homes.. Any idea about how the homes are ?
What do you do if your upstairs neighbors won't be quite?
Can landlords make a person vacate a property in 2 weeks for no reason after being tenants for 14 months?
If I foreclose on my house, am I liable for negative equity?
Tax on a condo?
do loan officers also refinance?
House buying valuation/survey?
Is it normal to have to wait to get keys to your newly purchased house after closing? The closing that I just-
I have a friend who lives in apartment in which the landlord told her she won't be resigning the lease?
Got locked out of my apartment had to pay 350$ to locksmith...?
Will the house price go down if...?
What can my elderly friends do with tenants from hell in Southwest Missouri?
If a person owns a piece of land do they own it all the way down to the core of the earth?
where can I get information on housing in Denver, CO?
In what area is the best real-estate market to buy?
Where can I find out how much the seller actually paid for a home??
which is the best real estate investment option in Delhi NCR?
How can the housing market be improving, if hundreads of thousands of job are still being lost each month?
what is the best state to relocate in the US?
what county to live in?
[Insurance ques]~ regarding insurance on a condo ~(Please RE:)?
Dealing with rent houses?
My Home is going into forfiture, what does this mean for me?
what can i do if my downstair neighbour doesn't maintain his garden?
My roommate is not on the lease ?
what is the going rate 4 painting. sq.ft price?
Getting out of an apt lease?
I want to refinacne my mortgage in CA, are you a loan officer?
I need a rented house(2 BHK:12k-15k rent) near to worli (30 mins drive). Suggest area.?
How does the Mortgage process really work what can I do and options do i have?
what are the pros and cons of a 1% home loan.?
Can the sellers cause the earnest money to not be returned?
Moving in an apartment w/ someone...gotta question & need help...?
is there a website that can show the value of my home.?
Is an apartment or a dorm cheaper?
who do i contact to file a complaint againest a manufactured home dealer ?
Iredell County rental homes?
Ive lived in my apartment for over ten years . I put down a deposit for 900 dollars?
Should I move home?
wanted 1-2 bedroom(s) accomodations on rent for service-bachelor in south chennai?
Just bought a new house. i need a title for my project HELP?
If you had 30k just gave to you what would u do with it?
If I make an extra payment on my house, does it reduce my payment from then on or just the length of the loan?
dose any private land lords that takes people on housing benefits in york area?
its nearly july and i have my central heating on?
how fast can a broker see if Ive improved my debt?
housing? please help!?
Should I threaten to pull out?
How do you become a realtor?
Are there hud home improvement grants for investors?
In santa barbara, CA where can I find the website for tax records listing home owners and sale information?
What do you think about low income housing? What about mixed income?
Mortgage and wages question?
where would i find out where the official right of way is through my boundries to adjoining properties?
Who is at fault tenant or Landlord?
today matenience came to my apt when i wasnt home and they locked my cat in the bathroom!?
5 Day rent demand notice?
can my landlord take on rent arrears from the previous landlord and chase me for them?
What kind of attorney will sue a California Property Manager or is it even worthwile to pursue?
Legal query - Rented property - agency and house problem!?
When buying a home before the sales contract is signed do I get time to review the contract?
Will the nursing home take my mom's bank account?
I keep getting bills from Eon electricity for an apartment that i own but is unocupied, with the power off! ?
Stop Payment?
Is there a difference in getting a home loan through a local agent or online?
How long do some one have to move after house becomes foreclosed?
How do you evict someone who you simply allowed to rent a room from you?
Does any one know whether or not you can take out a recreational vehicle loan for a mobile home which would be
what questions should i ask when applying for a home loan?
My apartment manager was doing something sneaky?
Can my landlord tell me I can't have a doorbell?
if you have cockroaches,can you move and not give notice or anything?
If your apartment complex has a no pet policy, can having a pet be cause for eviction?
Should I get married before buying a house?
How long does it take to be evicted?
refinance review?
Pros and Cons......?
How can I rent an apt with bad credit?
How can I get a list of know con or scam artists with in the United States?
Can a landlord shut your electricity for late rent?
MLS are you obligated to stay with the first agent that you spoke to on the telephone?
house repossession getting services reconnected?
As a first time homebuyer am I allowed to get assistance with my down payment in a rent to own position?
this question is for those who are getting assistance for apartments?
I am purchasing property in Gurgon/Delhi/NCR; how much should a lawyer charge to provide legal assistance?
ok i'm looking for an nice little apartment for next year with rent for $200 a month for when i turn 17?
Anyone move from South Carolina to New York. Need a reputable moving company?
I am looking for a townhouse or a house with 3 bedrooms for renting in East bay Ca?
Is it possible to convince a landlord to give you a chance even if you have bad credit?
How much of a house can one afford with a 40k/year salary?
How long did you live in your first home?
Does the seller have to lower his asking price?
Do you have an example of the real estate crisis?
will i still be classed for child benefit?
Cosigning. will he be able to get an apt if he is a cosigner on my apt?
Who has the lowest intrest rate on a new home mortgage?
How do I receive money owed to me from a landlord?
awful job of negotiating home price...?
Mortgage rate changed 24hrs before closing?
If I plan to sell my house within a year but I need money to pay bills, should I refinance now or sell now?
How to calculate total cost per square foot.?
We have $360,000, (live in San Diego) not enough to buy a house don't want a condo. Advise.?
Apt. manager says we need to do walk-thru on last day. Is this legal?
Do I Have To Pay My Rent?
How do I locate delinquit tax information on a property?
Trying to buy a house. What expectaions should I have from my Agent? What % does she make?
What does SALE / MOVING - @ Garage Sale?
how much is a monthly rent for a house in bermuda?
Can I add a co signer to a change in loan modification?
how much would it cost to build a 3000 square foot building?
What's the difference between a call for sinking fund purposes and a refunding call?
looking for homes that are for sale with royal la page Realtor in terrace bay ontario?
I'm thinking of selling my house on eBay as a raffle £100 a ticket is it a good idea.?
what's the median price for the single family home in Vancouver,British Columbia?
Is there an easy way to get out of my apartment lease?
In response to my previous question then, if a corporation can sell real estate without shareholders approval?
Legally- what time is it okay in apartments to make normal level noises in the morning???
corporate office for AT&T for leaseing local housing for company Exctives in Texas?
How to break my lease?
is my landlord crazy? please help!!!!!!!!?
i'm thinking about moving to to dothan ala..i'm from ny any advice on that idea..?
what to do about my home?
If a person owns a piece of land, do they own it all the way down to the center of the earth?
I plan on going to community college in the fall and wanted to also rent an apartment???!?
Can landlords do this?
Direct Rural Housing Loan Program?
how do i set up a job in another state to move there?
Help Please.. I'm 22 years old.. I'm considering an apartment or house? Please Help..?
What's the best way or technique to find low priced apartments in any city, state you want?
apartment that accept sexual offenders in dayton ohio?
Is it normal to be charged a "Realty Fee" for using a realtor associated with one of the large firms?
If you owned a house with a sea view why would you sell it?
Boyfriends Parents are our Landlords help????
If someone owns a piece of land, do they own it all the way to the center of the earth?
Can she have her deposit back for the room or too late?
Does a shed count as real estate?
I was wondering if anyone has done real estate investing with the "no money down approach?" How does it work?
i will like to find a free real estate practice test online?
Explain second mortgage?
Market Value of Townhomes in Anaheim Hills, CA 92808?
My landlord(s) are driving me crazy! Help?
will new york real estate prices go down? how? when ? and by how much?
how much would an half of an acre of land cost?
Will I be able to live comfortably?
Cash sale of home in AZ?
I'm interested in purchasing a condo for 1200012000 but my credit is bad where can I go for financing?
I'm looking for a home buyer checklist of things they need to do after they find their home before closing
Home investment profit split help?
Fed sues BoA for 1 b , why?
Buying a house? Anyone please help!?
can a complex take money from your deposit for "stains" on carpet, but the carpet was not new at move in?
Provide Details for Home Foreclosure Process?
How can someone who doesn't live in your home or anything evict you from your home?
Working Experience vs. Mortgage Approval?
does anyone know where there is a 5+ bedroom HOUSE for rent NOT directly in the City of Harrisburg,Pa?
if i was to put myself on the housing register?
Writing first residential lease agreement need help?
can owner of house im renting use surveilence inside?
I need credit to ring my mum because she live in new York ?
Can I get a mortgage of $230,000? With what I got?
what's the best way to invest in real estate?
Has anyone else had a problem getting a 1098 form from Litton Loan Servicing for 2011?
Where can I find office space rentals by realtors statistics?
As a real estate agent under a broker, is it possible to change brokerages while in escrow on a deal?
What are average utilities payment for a one bedroom apt. for a couple?
are there bonds in texas for first time homebuyers? or any bonds that will help with closing costs? landlord has just put my rent up?
have you learned not to "loan" money to friends?
About how much does it cost to rent a building?
When did they stop using lead paint in indiana.?
When you buy a house, how much do you pay as a down payment?
Can the managers at my apartment evict me for this?
If there are multiple tax liens holders on a property for different years, who has the priority?
Transfering money to anyones the bank will give u a slip i.e receipt.?
Who can help if i want to buy a home with poor credit?
How do apartments make sure your 18?
Where can you rent an apartment or home when you have bad credit?
what rights has my landlord got in regards to entering my room without permission?
Location and space, vs. Luxury complex and Amenities for 1 year rent?
Looking for someplace cheap for a recent high school grad to stay?
senior put in nursing home and on medicaide, bank wants to foreclose on property?
My landlord will not fix leak can I break my lease?
"I want to be an agent for a year and then try to qualify for brokerage" ?
When is a good time to buy a house ?
Our realtor wants to meet with us AFTER we have already bought a house. what could it be about?
How much money will I need down if I plan on renting my current home out and buying something bigger?
Do buyers or sellers pay commissions to real estate brokers?
I have a lease for property in Va in 1750 complete with stamps. How could I sell something like that?
How long for a mortgage offer?
description of a mortgage processing clerk?
Paying a $40 application fee for an apartment with bad credit, is it worth it?
can i get 100% financing for a home mortgage?
Are there good reasons to NOT pay cash for a house or condo?
Opinion needed, what are the advantages and disadvantages of living in a condominium vs living in a house?
If the apartment complex's management has property in foreclosure are you responsible for paying rent?
Are there any american style homes for sale in the uk?
realtor/lender lied about price of house, sold for 155,000 its worth 68000?
does a washer and dryer typically stay with the home when you buy a house?
How do I get a cell phone tower on my property? What site can I go to for more information?
What is a good company to refinance my home with?
If I am disabled and have an assistance dog, can I be charged a pet deposit?
Our house won't sell and we NEED to move...?
How old do you have to be to rent an apartment in northern California?
How to cancel a contract with a realtor after just signing .?
i need a free residential lease form?
what does the bank do after a foreclosure on a house?
anyone know of cheap apartments in tinley park il?
Renter payment not pay?
What interest rate are you paying on your real estate loan?
My landlady evicted me and gave me three months to move out, do I have to keep paying rent till I move out?
would i be able to clam housing benefits?
If a Home Owners Association (HOA) has less than 51% owner occupancy, can you get a mortgage?
Can a landlord prohibit a tenant from moving in a friend?
What is the retail cost of a 60kw deisel Generator?
What to do with the mails for previous occupants/ residents?
Mortgage with no down payment ?
Should I buy a house in AZ?
Q-Logic's kick panels are they sold in a pair or not and were would be the cheapest plce to buy them?
i would like to find a site that would tell me the value of commercial property in lancaster pa 17601?
Can one charge a late fee, from a landlord?
food costs a month?
what is vernal land ?
Could me and my husband afford a $200,000 house if we make $100,000 together?
Fallbrook, San Diego, CA 1 bedroom apartments under $600/month?
If you are renting a room in CA and you think the house is in foreclosure can you stop paying rent?
Am I being scammed on Craigslist?
how to deal with loud renters?
broke apartment lease new people living in the apartment?
Please help I'm a homeowner and been going my my gf for 14 months , she has moved in?
If I have a house paid off worth 125k would it be easy to get equity loan for 4k?
should i become a real estate agent in las vegas?
USDA home loan question?
if a home was fore-closed upon and was auctioned over and above the owed price where does the money go?
Where online I may find a year build on a building by typing it's address? Example: 2307 W. 6th St LA CA 90057
does ans independent loan agent share commission with anybody else?
Who pays the appraiser if a refi loan falls through?
Where can I find information on mortgage restructuring due to job loss?
Moving to Vegas, and I need an apartment?
How do I go about filing a complaint on the management of my apartment?
What if I skip a mortgage payment?
Need to find an apartment in the next 10 DAYS?
How do I find the owner of woodlands?
I'm moving out of my apartment. The window was damaged due to hail. When this happened I told the manager.?
At what age are people aloud to move out of there homes and go live alone? ?
Can my mothers landlord charge her a pet fee?
can a seller back out the day of closing on his real estate sales contract?
What happens when you are moving and cannot get a hold of your landlord.?
oes any body know a cheap condo at around Thonglor in Bangkok?
Lot size calculation of a five-sided property?
I'll be mega impressed if anyone can answer this question!?
where do i get a studio flat near wagholi area for rent.?
What are the best communities to buy a home in the Denver Area?
our tenents are paying 300 pound a month is this bad or good?
Real Estate Law Question?
what can i do out of the house when it's raining for less than $30.00 (including gas)?
Can a seller refuse an inspection on a house ?
Loan Calculator for loan arrears?
Cleaning Carpets Prior to Moving out of a House for Rent?
Do vacation club memberships have hidden charges? Are they a rip off?
Am I responsible for utilities after I vacant an apartment?
Needed immediately, doe anyone know of a cheap apartment near Fort Sill, Oklahoma that is for rent?
My Fiance & I are looking for a nice, safe place, near civilization to live with good jobs in the USA?
I rent a two/ three bedroom house. What is the difference between having a roommate and renting a room out?
If your house is paid for, do you have any equity in it?
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