Real Estate

can I rent a house in OKC with a federal tax lien on my credit report?
landlord rights re: selling property thats rented?
I want to put a race track at my house do you think the township will approve it?
Can my parents co-sign a lease even if they don't live in the same state as me?
What / where is the most expensive property for sale in the world? and how much?
How do I become a Mortgage Broker?vgna?
LEASE contract. Any advice will hep. Thank you.?
do you know charles hill real estate broker in oakland, california?
what does it mean to get "pre-qualified" for a home loan?
How can I buy property at an auction?
i want a listing of forclosed an bank owned homes in my area?
Move out? Or save money at parents house??
landlord gave me an eviction notice oct 16 asked me to leave oct 31st theres no lease how much time do I hav?
landlords responsibilites?
Why property in Delhi becoming costly, specially residential?
Any Landlords out there???????
how much should the rent be?
What's the commission percentage for a real estate agent in Tennessee?
Does a real estate agent have the right to break into a house that is for sale?
In UK if you have a landlord that doesn't accept DSS tenants, how does he know if the tenant claims housing?
where can you apply if you want to deliver newspapers in apartments,condominiums?
I want to purchase a residential plot in Haridwar. which place will be best for me.?
what happens if landlord dies?
Is it possible to find an apartment in a months time?
A few questions about buying a house...?
Landlord threatening to put my belongings on the street. He wont sign paper for social service shelter for me.?
Are the Real Estate prices going down in Toronto soon? If so when?
My mother-in-law has broken a 1 year lease with us. Can I sue? TX?
What will happen to mortgage when mom passes away?
Why is there a dog on campus?
Can I go to the trial myself instead of hiring an attorney when I try to get possession of an occupied house?
How do you calculate finance charges in a mortgage loan?
I was pre approved for a home loan 19 days ago, now the lender is saying that I can no longer get that loan.?
Is there a government program that will help me with a down payment on a house.?
We're eligible for a VA home loan. Is it really that good, or is there something better?
My new job is 63 miles away. Can I break the lease for this reason. I was told I could by some one that did.?
Why are real estate sales so SLOW now here in Miami?
thinking of moving somewhere in sherman oaks/studio city?
Am I considered my fiances spouse on an apartment application?
my home is paid for but i want to get a loan against it to do some remodeling what type of loan would that be?
I need a question answered about Apartment's and Utilities?
is there really a way i can get a forclosed home or any home for a low price 4 low income families? any info?
Home equity loan question?
what will happen if I rent out the house which I bought as principal residence one month ago?
Can I make an offer on a home that is listed as a short sale that is below the price listed for that home?
I want to buy a house with 6 1/2 acres. It is for sale by owner.?
when is it illegal to rent out your house?
We recently got evicted but were told to give a letter in writing to out by June 15.?
what type of home loan do i need or can i get one?
can you rent to own at music and arts?
Does renovating a house higher the price?
what services are available for those on disability for buying a home.?
Landlord/Estate Agent and Leaky Cellar?
where can i find a newspaper in va to place my condo in Arabic, Indian, & Hispanic classifieds?
first time home buyer needing help///?
Any opinions on United Mortgage Group in Clinton Twp, MI?
Can I start transfer title of a lot in the Philippines & finish execution even if I am not there?
Rent due and manager no where to be found?
why is residential property so expensive in Australia?
When renting an apt. or house why do you only need to pay one processing fee if married.? grandmother sold her mobile home...she transferred it over to someone?
my landlord is raising my rent. i need assitance. who do i contact?
What is the minimum score needed to get a first-time home-owners Mortgage.?
Help Please - My Landlord tell me yesterday to move out tomorrow! ?
How do I get wifi in an apartment?
In Oklahoma if u cosign an auto loan , if there should be an accident can u be sued?
Tenant refused to sign rental agreement.....?
Resale of a 2 bed 1 bath home?
What happens when you default on land contract in Colorado?
I need to find a cheap house appraisal?
indiana's trustee information?
I have heard that it is a bad idea to pay for a house or flat in cash, why?
what is the law concerning acquisition of land in himachal pradesh. Can a non-resident buy land ?
When one makes an offer on vacant commercial land in California, what C.A.R. form do they use?
How do you usually have to pay on capital gains tax in AZ?
moving out on my own in 5 weeks?
I just received another yearly rental increase. When will the rent stop increasing?
I am looking at condos. Some of the ones I like don't accept FHA or VA loans. Why is that?
Good names for an housing estate in USA?
I purchased a condo 3 years ago and only now I have taken occupancy...?
Is there a way to see when taxs were paid on a house that is not yours?
How is the Clairemont Mesa are of San Diego? Looking to move there. Thanks!?
Am I allowed to rent my apartment on a month to month basis. I was told that 7 months was the law.?
i want to buy sonyericssion idou but how?
I added a roommate to my apartment and the landlord increased the rent $100? Reasonable?
are the best decisions you make the ones that you have the most reservations about?
If you are on house arrest in INDIANA can you move to a different county?
Are we really responsible as tenants?
Where would i go to advertise that we have land for rent to car shows in golden colo?
Sharing a house with 3 roommates, good idea?
is the brentwood inn in tomah wisconsin for sale?
would like to get free website logo from the net?
Where do we go to get my name put on the deed to my new husband's house?
Can I aquire a land title in this situation?
Do you know of a website(s) where you can trade houses with other people or to browse double wides for sale?
landlord has me without hot water for 2 weeks?
Dose anyone know where i can find out about a certain place in maryland?
Squatters rights...or not?
Why are rental application fees so steep?
I have 3 years HVAC experience in Texas and would like to move to Florida. How do I obtain a Florida License.?
Does anyone know of any Large Green Screen Studio's for rental in the bay area?
My girlfriend and I entered into a rental lease agreement who should be able to keep the home due to a breakup
i want to rent a house with property surrounding melb, 4 bedrooms, i have animals, anyone help?
Foreclosed homes?
What are the best real estate investment courses in New York City?
How much should someone on this salary pay for rent? is not working Im trying to search properties?
How do I evict someone?
Can I break apartment lease without penalties if the apt makes me sick?
What does it means when somebody gets equity in the house? Is that like an ownership share?
Am I responsible for the mortgage on my husbands' name( he passed away)?
how much deposit should I save up?
renting a house....someone please help?
Realtor only wants to show me houses her company is selling?
is this a right time to buy house in mass or rather wait? and how long?
Can my landlord throw me out for "housekeeping issues"?
How Can I find real goverment auctions?
Short Sale - Mortgage?
Should I accept 2 Checks every month from a tenant instead of 1 check?
We are approved for a home loan with?
i asked for 3 days holiday, my manager put me down for 2 so i had to work another 3 days that week. Lawful?
I'm trying to sale my Time Share.?
How should I dress for an appointment with a potential landlord (apartment/studio)?
Whats going to happen in 3000?
If the cost of a home varies greatly across the country do the average incomes vary accordingly?
I want to add value to the property that I plan to sell. Its a two bedroom house on large lot. What would?
Is it possible to get a lease for a month or a few months...?
Do I need an Estate agent to sell my real estate to a family member?
7 months of asking for the lease I signed my landlord draws up a new one with diff conditions. what do i do?
i gave two people a 30 day notice to remove their fathers belongings in my house and garage.?
Can my apartment manager automatically renew my lease without me signing paperwork?
want to write a letter to society stating my house is on rent?
what is the jurisdiction/ limit of the dadar parsee youth association ? R non parsis allowed to stay ?
How can you tell if a land is on a marhsland or wetland?
what would happen if i dont pay my electric bill and move house?
what would you do with $3,000,000?
Rent student housing without a co-signer?
How do I get my name off the lease?
2nd Mortgage on a forclosed home in California?
Can he suing me for non payment on a verbal renters agreement?
If I am leasing an apartment, does that disqualify me from an FHA loan?
if a Warranty Deed is issued, it is legally binding even if not recorded with the state??
Does anyone know the name of the property manager for the Country Walk at Altamonte in Altamonte Springs, Fl?
In MN, is smoking allowed in apts. that have 'no smoking in hallway' signs posted?
In Florida does a Landlord have to give a three or five day grace period on rent?
Home Buying - first timers?
Rent Deposit - when should I get it back?
I am evicting a tenant for non payment of rent can I ask for the $$ I spent other than rent?
Landlords do you ever wish it was legal to ban children from your rentals?
Will court split assetts on house?
Repossessed home for sale - bank wants to maximise their profit - is this legal?
I am a unemployed pregnant 21 year old married to international student what help can i get? housing an fundin?
what is a hard money lender?
Should an estate agent represent both buyer and seller?
I want to break mt lease on my aparment. My job has moved and I am getting married. Do I have 2 pay the lease?
I recently rented a house from out of state thru a realtor. We arrived to find construction going on.?
Do I need good credit to be a Real Estate Agent? What do I really need to know about getting into Real Estate?
will i be able to get a mortgage again in the future if my home is repossessed?
Will sallie mae give you a school loan if you have a bankruptcy on your credit history?
Who pays for an appraisal on a home? Seller,buyer or lender?
credit check for estate agents?
Renting an apartment with bad credit question?
Foreclose - Should I walk a way from this home? Owe more than it is worth?
what can happen if I'm renting a home without a lease agreement?
I signed a lease renewal on my apartment and need to get out of it?
A resident exclusively owns all the property she lives in. This is an example of which type of estate?
Can the landlord ask me to leave when my lease is up because they have another lease signed? I have 2 kids!!?
Unemployed and home is currently under Approved Pre-foreclosure FHA agreement which will expire end of Feb '11?
a drug dealer lives in our apt complex, brings alot of foot traffic, landlord wont help, can't afford to move?
How do I get my landlord to fix up the house im renting from them?
The Bank Wants to Take My house?
Do I owe another month rent if I paid last month up front and I now want to go month to month?
What's the last name of this Carlton guy who provides CDs for training people in real estate?
we had to let our doublewide mortgage go due to financial problems,it was with we get a?
how can i find out what a home sold for a few years ago?
Are there exceptions to the age you can rent an apartment in alabama?
if you refinance a house, do you have to pay taxes on the equity the house built up?
Would i be good rnough to do commissions.?
will housing prices be the same by 2014 in las vegas ?
How much should I put into my home before selling....?
does anyone know any apartments in Miami that are currently excepting section 8 vouchers?
How long in Indiana does a deed-in-lieu take ?
What is the minimum credit score required to buy a manufactured home or a real house?
i am looking for a 3 or 4 bedroom house in essex but by a private landlord long let and must take dss?
Can you make real estate investing an actual career?
MWB serviced offices are a SCAM?
what is the highest interest rate a person can get with buying a house?
if u live in 1 house pay billsand have anothr house in the house u stay more how can u pay the other 1 if the?
I moved into my complex mid month and paid an a entire months rent. Does that mean I can move out mid month?
how do I find a list of local real estate agencies in Columbia and Venezuala?
Is a salary of CHF 5000 net/month in Switzerland sufficient for 1 person, regarding housing+additional costs?
I'm looking for a 3 bedroom house that accepts section 8 in Hilo, HI My Gross rent limit is $11000?
Apartment Living question, please, about Sewage pipes?
after listing your house with a realty agent, when can you sell it on your own without paying the agent?
Does anyone know of any local real estate investors in columbus, ohio who could use a assistant?
My Husband and I will be separating and he is gifting the house over to me, the house is only under his name?
Where can I go in Palm Bay, Florida to get assistance with deposit money for an apartment?
If a home seller hires a structural engineer as a result of a home inspection...?
Craigslist buyer wanting money back?
Do you think a family with an income of $95,000 could finance a mortgage for a house worth $2,400,000?
how can I look up a utility company based on an address?
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION TO: How do I know if I have put together a good retirement plan?
travel by owner property in Orlando FL?
Need help on better security for my apartment building?
Does anyone know the # to the HR department of Citimortgage?
I live in apt in state inspection ppl wants to remove flurocent light from the wall?why?
give some name of a real estate company which includes J and M?
what are 3 things you would tell someone who was about to become a landlord?
Loan for house, no credit, no down payment, steady job!!?
Will it be better to refinance after the pre-payment penalty?
Moving in to a council flat but worried about the neighbour?
Moving out, can roommates sue us?
I'm a first time buyer and I made a mistake. How can I correct it?
Can I really afford this?
Seller's real estate agent wrote in disclosures (above my signature) after I made offer?
How much do I need to earn to rent a flat?
is there houses for rent in flagstaff,az?
Can i say no to a council flat ?
How much would a studio or 1 bedroom apartment monthly rent be in Jackson Heights? What about Lower East Side?
does anyone know websites where i can check houses for disclosure? auctions..any tips?
What is the best way to find foreclosure investors?
Making an offer on a home...the counteroffer?
If a friend has become disabled and needs constant attention,can he move into my house as a lodger.?
need to find contact info for a company?
Planning to buy A for closure house in Florida , Do I need to hire a lawyer?
cheap apartments in baldwin county?
what does "option to buy the lot through a buyers consortium" mean?
How does a landlord choose a tenet?
Is it better to do a cashout loan on an existing mrtg. and pay off debt asap or pay off debt in 2yrs?
Do I have to pay PMI if I put 10% down?
i think my apartment is haunted?
What is an example of a raised flat area?
why is it better to own your home than rent?
i havent payed my rent in 18 days whats going to happen?
Does rent go up every year in all apartments?
why will my monthly payment be higher quoted from mortgage company than from mortgage calculators on internet.
Real Estate??
Anyone have anything for rent in the Bronzeville area in Chicago?
our house is in foreclosure and my husband recetely died his name was the only one on the loan what is going t?
Who do I call for info about foreclosure homes?
How do I get a lease assigned to me?
Is it legal in Nevada to place a home for sale that has already begun foreclosure proceedings to prevent loss?
how to sell my house, what is it worth, what can i get for it, what do i get?
How do i remove my sister's name from the deed of our parent's old house?
I need to move out of this town, I'm 17?
How much will seller have to pay for VA/NO,No buyer?
Is there any cheap apt in Atlanta ?
Does renting accommodation = constant moving?
Apartment and rental question?
I put off buying real-estate in Hawaii last year as it was very high, it came down. Good time to invest?
My land lord shut off the electricity without any notice?
I am wanting to purchase a home, i have already found one but i need help!!!!!?
Quick question about section 8 and change in family size?
What do you do if your upstairs neighbors won't be quite?
Help with a simple Real Estate homework?
late rent pease help?
We are buying a house?
How much does my roommate owe me? ?
apartment leasing experts opinion required?
I am being sued for rental fees on an apartment I previously occupied.?
do new yorkers pay 50 percent more on housing costs (utilities) when they live there?
Is it ethical for a realtor to reveal the offer amount to another client before a contract was signed?
Is it possible to obtain a mortage payment of $2000 or less per month, for a house from 500000 to 650000?
People who rent for most of their lives?
Where can I find rental listings for Richmond, CA.?
My landlord blocked my email? (Seattle)?
How do I become a real estate sales agent?
How many cats are you allowed to have in an apartment building down town?
In what area is the best real-estate market to buy?
Rental Property Rights?
Buy House in Biloxi, or in the Midwest United States (provincial town) for $ 3000-5000. This is the real price?
How do I apply for section 8 in California? 92029 area?
on a scale from 1 to 10 how many people own homes no mortgages?
Landlord is shady need help?
can you list out some apartment names within the coimbatore and their locations plz?
why is hawaii so expensive?
My tenant commit suicide in my apartment. By law do I have to tell the new tenant? ?
A question about housing benefit ?
Should I rent a $950/month apartment making $2,000/month?
i want to build and lease a strip mall , how do i start?
how do i sell a home i owe more on than i can sell it for?
We are buying a house in the Las Vegas Area...?
My daughter and her boy friend moved out of an apt into a house. The x landlord went to the new landlord and s?
My husband and I are looking for a new home.?
Can my land lord tell me what I can and can't put out on my balcony? I live in Monterey Park, CA.
I need some cool slogans for an apartment rental website.?
can someone tell me how much to charge a massage therapist to rent a room in my salon. its located in the san?
Can i use an equity loan to pay for the remaining mortgage on my home?
how do i find current real estate sales in michigan?
What are the advantages of VA-guaranteed loans?
I canceled my wedding, the hotel is keeping 85% of my $70k deposit as Liquid Damages - can they? Please help!?
Does anyone else have an a**hole for a landlord?
can i throw an unwanted guest out of my house?
should i rent or buy a home in california?
How much do I need to make to be able to get a mortgage for a $200,000 house?
Do I have to use an agent to buy a house in Ontario?
Are the pictures we took pre-tenant move in good for court?
I am trying to get out my apartment lease and can't find info. in my leasing agreement?
i want to make a complaint based upon my property in nepalfrom india?
What is meant by the term "loss to lease?"?
How do I know if my realtor’s cheating me? I can’t afford a lawyer.?
can a lien be put on a home if two people are on the deed and one owes money?
bought home in florida with a friend. if I move can I be held responsible for utilities if i make half of morg
Please help me find a website that offers land for sale in the Cleveland area. Small lot. Just land. - Thanks
Refurbish or buy a house?! ?
when taking over house payments, what questions should be asked?
can a bank continue to foreclosure on you when they have sold the mortgage to another company?
do you have to pay sales tax on real estate in florida?
what can i do about my apartment manager?
When will the Real Estate market crash and cause the next great depression?
If you will leave your (rental) house, do you have the obligation to inform the landlord a month earlier?
How much would it cost to furnish a studio apartment from zero with IKEA?
Can an American rent or sell Real Estate property in Canada?
Requirments to buy a house?
How does one start a second career in real estate in Ohio?
I am renting furniture and I've made a total of $1,360 in payments. Are the lamps and tables mine?
How much money should I save up to move to Myrtle Beach, SC? ?
My rental lease ends feb 1, do I still have to give a 30 day notice before I move.I want to move Jan.31?
How much does an apartemnt in Manhattan with the above mentioned featurs cost?
Is it possible to have a co-signer on a home mortgage?
Real Estate: Webmaster Forums?
How can I find someone to purchase our office building?
Bought a house, had disclosures, now found out that our building is on the sellers dad's land?
When you rent an apartment monthly that doesn't include bills, what does that mean?
Closing costs / Contracts... which way to go?
As a landlord, should you be responsible for any appliances in the house that were left?
Is Becoming a Realtor Enough?
Do I need a license to sell in brooklyn?! PLEASE HELP!?
Have a question about when a home goes up for auction?
Is there anything wrong with getting a 30 year mortgage when I expect to sell my place within 7 years?
I want out of my 6 month agreement please READ!!?
2nd home purchase (to live in)?
Does anyone know anyone who has a house or flat to rent,in the Bracknell area, that accepts DSS and no Garanto?
how to secure mypremises?
question about buying a house?
any I can do against Atty. for down writing $79,000.00 to $69,000.00 on contract.?
How do you get out of a home not yet paid off ?
Realtors. Would you pay a flat fee of $500 per month to your brokerage if that all you had to pay?
What are the risks in buying a free hold land in Ghaziabad, India, how can we counter those risks?
Has anyone ever had a non conventional home loan?
Is a landlord allowed to charge this fee?
heat included in rent?
how much is paid to property owners for pipeline right-of-ways?
should i buy a home in Austin, Tx?
Is the UK mortgage economy a ticking time-bomb? 52 year mortgages and 5 times your salary?
Is it legal for an agent to hold back rent from a landlord if the tenant has paid it?
how much money needed to fund a campaign?
Tenant won't leave unless we give him money.?
If a mortgage rate is currently at 6.2%, when is it appropriate to refinance for a lower interest rate?
How do i find Houses for rent in Fayetteville, North Carolina?
Does my son have to leave?
What's and ideal place to rent/live in for 4 of my friends and myself?
What is the website for century 21 mortgage?
can i walk away from chapter 13?
stolen from my apartment!!!!?
How much money would I need to have before moving house.?
Buying New York apartments?
my furniture is at my GF's house where I paid rent she says i cant take them, I have a key can I enter?
Will my credit report be re-pulled the day of closing?
i had to get out of my office lease. i now owe them $20,000.00. they had to get someone in there cheaper?
Estate agent admin fee and refunds?
My partner and I bought a house together?
Is the housing market getting better or is mortgage loans going to be difficult to get from now on?
tenant answered the summons,and moved out before 5 day notice up can Igo inthe room if its locked, he took key?
What is the minimum u should make to afford to buy a house in tampa,fl?
what counts as square feet in a house? specifically, what is required to turn an attic into countable sq. ft.?
Can you buy a home with no down payment?
Breaking my apartment lease?
who is responsible for fixing oven seal - landlord or tenant?
What's the Best Place to Buy a Home in the Tampa Bay Area?
things to consider in buying a property in melbourne australia?
Any LAWYERS I can ask a legal question reading this?
I'm thinking of buying some land in the Manchester area ....?
Help on rent - asked for rent before viewing property?
I would like to lease a 100 rooms plus hotel. Any leads. Thank you?
can my apartment managment get away with this?
I might sound like a idiot but........?
neighbor keeps slamming her car door into mine, what should i do?
I want to get into the real estate market, any advice?
cost of housing in the USA?
What is a good price for a 1 1/2 Story Home with Central Heat and window air and 3 Beds and 1 Bath?
How can I remove my partner from owning the house?
Mentaly sick tenants?
Can i sue my landlord for harassment?
Me and my boyfriend bought a house 1 yr ago. we are breaking up,how do i get my name off the loan?
can your lanlord make you move even though you always pay your rent on time and have had no complaints? just b
can a landlord begin cleaning before you move out?
How long can an heir keep from selling a house when the other siblings want it sold when he is the executor?
what should you do if your landlord doesn't pay the water bill and your water gets shut off?
what can I do if a landlord evicts me without notice?
heavy equiptment purchase to rent?
Who is at fault for the Subprime Mortgage Crisis?
5 of us kids are left with grandparent's property. No taxes have been pd for 6 yrs. How do I get rid of it.
Do you think it's fair that people who pay their mortgage on time are getting zilch help from the gov't?
Does anyone know of any good websites for finding rental houses?
HELP ! We have a for sale date on our home !?
when the lease on a flat is sold by a leaseholder, how much on average does the freeholder usually pay ?
How to move out on my own?
Is 45k a good salary for a 22/yo male living in Tucson?
I have a shared lease with a roomate?
Tenants Rights In Illinois?
is buying a condo next to a garbage chute a bad investment?
Are there negatives of buying a co-op in today's housing market? (NYC metro area)?
how do i get a list of property's in my area that are being repossesed.?
What are the IRS guidelines for setting home rental prices? I've heard one can't set rental too low.?
couple of questions about home buying-first time buyer?
Do you Become American if you buy a property there.?
If you had kids, would you buy this house? Best public schools in the country and EMF from power lines?
i want to sell my home, what should i do?
Apartment help and other stuff.?
Just cause for breaking lease?
Best place to move out to when just starting out?
How much does a house cost?
Landlord charging me for late rent payment?
what are the closing costs on a home purchase?
What should I charge for rent?
bronze on council housing list?
How fast can escrow close?
Ex Boyfriend says he knows his rights and he won't leave my home (Not on the Lease)?
Is it the company's responsibility to deal with mould in our student house?
How do I find real estate listings for Victorian or Heritage comes in Ontario?
How to become a real estate agent and what fees do you have to pay?
How do I ask a flatmate to move out who's only just moved in?
How can subtenants take control of a house.?
Safest place to live in Dallas????
Best place to buy a house for auto racing?
How to put a hard money lender in first lien position?
can i lower my payments?
I rented my house, tenants sublet the basement how can i legally evict the tenants from the basement?
where can i get a real estate quick claim deed for the year 1997?
Roommate question...?
I think my mortgage co is jerking me around. What do I do?
How do realtors get paid, as far as when trying to buy a house?
Can two mortgages be put into one?
Can i apply for Mortgage brokers' license or Loan officers' license if i am not in the USA?
im a new loan broker and need to build a website so i can advertise. any ideas?
Is Property management & Real Estate Development the same thing? Can a Company specialise in both?
How do you get a real estate license in Lubbock Texas?
What is the connection between Lord Drumcastle and Baltimore County?
Anyone know home renting sites that aren't through realtors?
Which is a wiser investment - especially in today's housing market?
How should I approach my potential landlord if I want to ask him to let me pay for the deposit later?
is my landord trying to con me?
What will happen if you get an attorney fee for not paying your rent?
explain why do u believe"if u make a habit of buying things u do not need,u will soon be selling things u do?
Where can I find the floor plan of a building?
which is better chicago or new jersey?
Do I have any rights to a breached tenancy agreement as a student?
Indiana Landlord Questions?
what would I need to do as a 16 year old to live in my own apartment.?
should a landlord clean carpets between tenants? Especially when dogs were in the home?
If you're ever selling your house?
what does a rual developement home loan consist of?
Heyy everyone! I live in The valley are there any good apartments that are month to month?
Many farmers were forced to leave their land due to defaults on mortgage payments and became _____workers.?
Can I buy a home after foreclosure?
Can a contract be broken by a home seller when it is 2 days from closeing because he decides not to sell?
How is the real estate market in california usa?
Roomate never signed lease, paid rent, but now is moving out?
How responsible am I for "damages" to roommate's sofa?
Is it normal for an apartment complex to come and check for "leaky faucets and pipes" once a month?
Do you have to make 3x rent for acceptance into an apartment?
does an unlawful detainer need to be served face to face?
Does anyone have experience selling 10+ unit apartment buildings?
Do I have to pay rent once my lease expires and my landlord doesnt follow thru with her responsibilites?
How old do you have to be to own a house?
If you loan a item for rent a center can u go to a pawnshop and get it back to return the item?
OUr landlord gave us a 30 day notice to quit?
what is an eviction notice and where can i get one?
I received a notice of a $50,000 lien against my property...?
Can a process server enter your backyard through a gate?
want to explore in developing new project in Asia?
If i want to be on my Nans Rent Book how do i go about it?
What is the average price for an appraisal in Louisiana?
what is a renter verification form and where can i get one?
Approximately how much do I need to buy a house in Miami in 2006?
Can I ask local residents not to park infront of my house?
My landlord wants cash only for rent, is this all right?
what does A/I mean in real estate?
How can I get my roommate evicted for smoking pot? It was in our lease not to have any drugs in our apt?
i have tenannt and landlord problem?
Who do i contact to be featured on an Office Makeover TV Show?
why are the united states houses so cheap?
what does a California Broker have to do to terminate a salesperson?
Do all Realtors Charge a 5% commision fee?
Sold House without a realtor?
What is a warranty deed with vendors lien?
My husband and I are buying a home and I have a question?
how much would it cost to rent an entire collage?
My landlord listed the house for rent while myself and kids still live here.?
Does the seller in a real estate transaction have the right to cancel after having a home inspection?
Where can you find the history of the house you own? Has to be free ?
Advice needed on my landlord?
How can I sell my house to my roommate? What is the cheapest route? What is the easiest?
what do you pay to live in an apt that already has chaird n etc.?
I signed a contract with my x-wife to help pay mortgage but the deal was we would sell the house and she wont?
I just purchased a home in Arizona. The seller stole the furnace from the place, is the Realtor responsible?
How can I evict my roommate if I'm not the landlord?
First time buyers needing mortgage advice?
what are the tenants rights about increase rent in UK?
Need help about getting a house?
opinion.....Which is the best Real Estate Company In North America?
I amm 20 years old and I would like to buy a house of my own within the next year. I make enough money for a?
Planning to buy A for closure house in Florida , Do I need to hire a lawyer?
What rate does a realtor get on the sale of a new home (new construction)?
What do 1 bedroom and studio apartments go for monthly rent in your neighborhood?
Where can I find apartments in the simi valley,ca area?
Can I sue someone who promised me a large amount of money and didn't pay?
Where can I find residential land for sale in and around Clarksdale, MS?
If I break a recent mortgage, will that damage my credit rating?
How many steps are in a story? If a building is 50 stories high, anyway of telling how many steps/stairs?
The Real Estate Show?
Manufactured home trade-in question?
Bad Credit, Great Income, No Money Down- How can I...?
how to bye land and find out about legal documents ov ownership and procces?
i want to sell my manufactured home in arizona to a private party. does anyone know of anyone that does this?
How can I find out how much my home is worth, free, online and fast?
Where can you get a mortgage from with bad credit?
In what area is the best real-estate market to buy?
What should a downpayment be on a $700,000 house?
Any tips on flipping homes? I am truly considering going into it....How's the market ?
the poeple who signed a purchase agrrement to buy our home have now decided not to purchase our home what are?
Ineed to opt out of a contract with TAN?
No AC in my apt for 4 days now. Who can I file a complaint with?
How much would a luxury Los Angeles apartment cost?
Can I use the equity in my home as downpayment to buy a rental property?
I bought a house that still has the seller from the previous closed short sale living in it?
I'm considering too become a real estate broker, so please help me out if it's profitable in this economy ?
Help me find this move...?
need deposit quick??????/?
any mortgage guys out there?
Ajnara Grand Heritage Noida -9582810000?
Can you really make money just by letting real estate agents use your credit score/?
How do I rent an apartment in NYC without a guarantor?
what steps to take in parceling off a piece of land in royal oak mi.?
need to find a furnished apartment for spring semester (13 weeks) near evansville indiana?
rental home advertised with washer/dryer, which are broken...landlord MUST fix them, right?
How long can you rent a hotel?
Am I doing the right thing? 10 points for honest answer. Thank you?
Which term is correct.."joint tenants with survivorship" or "joint tenants"?
what haapens if two people buys the same house?
How do I get advice for real estate investments for beginners?
How can we get our house ready to be up for sale?
How do you determine a home's selling price?
If your spouse has a judgment in her name will it effect what property you have together?
As a landlord what can i do here?
Do you hate having a landlord ?
how can I get out of paying for an apartment I am not even living in?
Can HUD Help Me To Buy A Mobile Home In California?
Everything else being same, are condos typically cheaper than townhomes ?
what is the legal way in alabama to get a tenant out if it is only on a week to week basis?
Has anyone filed a shortsale on their home?
Is anyone interested in buying house in resort town on the bank of the river in Ukraine?
Teen moving out, help?!?
Do I really have to move if my landlord gives me 2 months notice?
landlord terminating my lease because of this. advice?
I am on section 8 housing in San Antonio and I have a question?
Is there a way to buy homes cheaply by paying the taxes on deserted homes if so where do you send the payments
Backing out of a home purchase?
Can my landlord do this?
I found this condo listed for rent at 8520 US1 Hwy Summit Cove G4 Micco Florida on line last week. But now I?
what is a reasonable fee for a letting agent to charge a prospective tennant?
Can I break an apartment lease?
Does a landlords requirement to try and relet and apt allow for them to renovate it first?
I'm buying at 114k, appraisal came in at 145k, still need PMI? With 3.5% down?
When is the best time to apartment hunt?
Can I get out of lease before I even moved in to a rental?
impact on home values?
Can I move out of my apartment before my lease is up if I'm still paying for it?
Not sure where I should move?
How do I know if my realtor’s cheating me? I can’t afford a lawyer.?
What is your current living situation? WORTH 10 POINTS?
Are houses through real estate available through owner financing?
How soon is too soon to pull out the equity in a home?
Can a previous landlord legally give a new landlord a bad reference about you?
New RE Agent in Sarasota, Fl. Anyone know the commission splits with Prudential or Caldwell Banker?
My land contract states that I pay an extra 50.00 a month and it will be matched,?
my house is settling(slanting). Is that a problem when I sell?
When I moved in this apartment 2006 I could smoke now they say this is going to be smoke free quit or move?
How many estate agent rentals were there last year in the UK? compared to how many private rentals?
I had one bad financial time where I couldnt pay my rent.?
What kind of compensation can you get for a long, long extended closing date?
How can I get 20,000 for a house?
How do I get my grandaughter and her husbands name put on the deed to my house?
can any one answer a housing query?if my partner asks me to leave our council house?
where can i get a loan to pay my rent?
How much would it cost to rent the Massachusetts State House?
Can I get a 10K loan with only 800 a month income?
Landlords and tenants rights and responsibilities ?
My question is this : I recently moved into a house with 3other roomates ,1 which happens to be the landlord,?
How Do I Buy Land Without Getting Ripped Off?
Should I rent my house to a tenant claiming Housing Benefit in Surrey?
A good place to find a listing of foreclosed homes?
I am going to be paid S$5800 per month, how good is this salary to live comfortably?
Where is a nice cheap place to rent in Malibu?
how much house can I afford? 10 points, thanks. ?
How much would it cost 2 rent and buy a 4 bedroom house in Atl. Ga?
What are some good websites to look up apartment prices and reviews in the Bay Area?
Looking into renting out storage space...?
Can I somehow kick all my tenants out to remodel?
How do i go about charging for rent on my townhome? What to charge first and last month rent as the deposite?
help in buying a house?
what percent of one's monthly salary should be spent on rent?
would it be weird to have a roommate after moving out of your parents house?
Are their any type of programs for college who want to buy a condo in Atlanta?
Real Estate Closing Without A Lawyer?
Can I sue my neighbors below me or my apartment complex?
when staying at a motel, do they have stop charging tax after 1 month? and are you due the paid tax back?
what is homestead exemption in TX?
I have a joint mortgage with my boyfriend and now I want out of the relationship and the house.?
How to find house or apartments for rent?
signed lease feb.27 to move in march 15. boyfriend and i broke up march 3. cant afford on my own.?
How to get a clear title for a house?
Downpayment for pets?
I have condo in Las Vegas. Home association doesn't let me rent my condo (rental cup 25%) What should I do?
Can I sue my Landlord?
Why do people think you have to be a couple to stay in a 1 bedroom apartment in nj?
extension of house problems with water?
i wanna know where can i go to design how i want my home to be build?
How To Evict Tenant From Apartment?
how long do i have to save money to save up for an apartment when I work minimum wage?
Why does the electricity seem high with mobile home in park submetered?
question about renting apartments?
How to count per square feet in area 1900 sq feet and rental rate is $1.65 per square feet = 1unit?
Housing assistance in Washington state?
what are my options? is my landlord responsible?
What is short sale and foreclosure?
How to real estate agents respond to clients via text or cell phone email?
traditional real estate sale of home or auction?
Does having my name on the deed to a house effect my credit?
How long do you have to own a house before you can get a home equity loan?
what is a real estate?
Landlord issue living in a room in someone's house, fixing a stair, issue, etc.?
Reverse Mortgage - can a borrower be added to the contract after the papers have been signed?
Having trouble getting back my earnest money - what next?
What do you think of Section 8 housing? Is it fair?
What should my annual salary as a Real Estate Property Manager be?
Definition of technical officer?
How do I go about buying a home?
housing market crashing?
What is the price rang to rent a tux?
How do I rent an apartment in a city I don't have time to visit?
What is the best way to advertise your townhome for rent?
What is your opionion of the current housing market in South Florida?
Where can I find survey's on lots in the Forest trail subdivision in conroe tx. Forest trail lot 1&2?
How does deducting property tax for a home work?
How much would the Humphrey's Brooklyn loft in Gossip Girl cost in real life?
Would it be wise to Invest in real estate in Newark, NJ?
New RE Agent in Sarasota, Fl. Anyone know the commission splits with Prudential or Caldwell Banker?
Has anyone heard/lived in the Broadstone Montecito apts in Las Vegas?
I'm looking for 4 bedroom house possible rent to own not good credit Minnesota?
Does anybody know any apts. that are renting in the Fairfield/Vallejo area & dont care much about credit score
How can we buy a home?
Does the Obama Refinance Stimulus Package only apply to upsidedown mortgages?
tips for young woman living on her own in a not bad, but not the best neighborhood?
Are we wrong for wanting our landlord to do more for the home we're renting?
Am I able to get a loan on a house?
LEASE contract. Any advice will hep. Thank you.?
Should I buy a house that's on the same street as my parents?
In todays economy, is it better to buy or rent a home for single person, no family?
mortgage arrears can they reposses?
Low income housing or apartments?
can you apply for home loan when filing chapter 13 bankruptcy?
What documents should I provide my landlord (rental) with?
looking to rent apts in lancaster,pa?
Finding a reliable realtor.?
an increase in the interest rates will lead to increase in level of deposits?
How can I find it..its not on any search that I can find?
where in topeka, ks can i rent a safe, nice apt. between 400-500$?
Homeowners, Have you ever heard of doing this?
housing benefit enquiry?
Finder's Fee questions?
where can i capture a picture of a orange grove in florida?
do i need landlords permission to apply for Housing benefit?
Non-interference from a landlord in the legal rights of a tenant is described by the term:_________?
Can't get ahold of underwriter so what should I do?
How to tell our renter she is NOT GETTING new carpet (respectfully)?
I married my husband in 11-10 and his house just went into foreclosure. I just bought a separate home in my na?
looking for the average monthly electricity bill for seattle washington?
Tenant broke old refrigerator. I replaced with new unit and deducted full cost from security deposit. Legal?
Me- hardly any credit, Husband- bad low credit score. What kind of loan will we get to buy a house?
Search Results for "i pay my rent month to month what are my rights about my landlord coming in my apartment?
When is it ok to move into a house?
Where can i go to get free money for closing costs assistance to buy a home?
I'm looking to buy an area to bulid a danceclub/lounge, where do I begin looking??
Im a 19 yr old who is being kicked out of her mothers house.?
would you recommend being a real estate agent?
where can you look to buy single-person cabin/log homes?
Real estate Perk test question?
What is involved in a property valuation (of a leased flat in the UK)?
What are my obligations when managment loses an apartment lease?
How are electricity bills for apartments with central air calculated?
How do you find Rent to Own Tenants that actually have a good down payment?
Is this legal!!??
House mate moved out with unpaid rent?
Is the housing slump almost over?
Is there any way to find out the average electric bill in any certain city?
What can I do about a low home sale price in my neighborhood affecting my appraisal?
Can we get out of a contract with a realtor for "looking" at houses?
What does active-c mean in real estate?
About buying land to build on.....what if it is wooded? Will there be problems with the stumps?
I filed ch7 few months ago, DID NOT reaffirm on my house. How do I walk from this one and buy another?
Credit for buying a house?
Can I claim housing benefit if I live with my boyfriend?
Can I sell property for a friend and accept a commission if I'm not a licensed realtor?
How does a wrap-around mortgage work in Texas, avoiding a "due on sale" clause?
Renter pays landlord but landlord uses money for other purposes?
At what age did you own / buy your own home?
does my landlord need my SSN?
should I rent or buy a house in Kansas?
Is it OK to email a realtor and ask her if she's single?
Where can I find a for sale by owner form (we are the buyers) (sort of like a drafted offer form)?
What are the legal factors involving Escrow in Texas if I don't want to go through with buying of the house.
If I buy a UK property that has a declining leasehold, do I have a statutory right to have leasehold extended?
Is now a good time to refinance a mortgage?
Im trying to transfer my section 8 voucher to another state,portability question?
Late or missed mortgage payments? Will they lower my rate?
Closing on home will sellers accept offer on another?
Housing benefit?
Can an adult son move back with his parents into their council house, with his partner and jointly buy it?
Apartment vs. Loft... ?
Can my landlord evict me w/out providing a reason & giving me 60 days to vacate if i'm on a year lease? In CA?
I want to buy a castle?
I just found out my mortgage was included in bankruptcy. Can we walk away?
Where can I find out about letting out my house to companies?
Can my landlord raise my rent on a written month to month lease?
can i get evicted this month, i just got a notice but is it legal to do that?
How much would a two bedroom apartment cost to buy and rent....?
Property rental questions- 4 tenets?
myself & my mum & dad need to find a place to live we have been told we will get help(housing benefit).....?
can i sue my mortage company if they said they will call the police because they said my son was home alone?
How do you calcuate occupancy rates on office bldgs?
Can someone with a pervious, recent foreclousure and bankruptcy dismiss purchase a home for $50,000 w/ 0 down?
Subletting hellpppp!!?
Why havnt i recieved anything from secton 8 housing since interview ?
If you were selling your home would you upgrade your retro 50's yellow formica countertops to granite?
What is Japanese mortgage bond?
broken elevator and ada?
Soil and soil vapor sample for homes...who conducts them?
please help!!!!need to get out my lease!?
IS there web site which provides information on Properties in California? Such as Tax, last date of sale, map?
Can I purchase a home with no money down, mediocre credit and still have a low interest rate?
my apt complex made a mistake and set out my property then put all of my things back in while I was away?
Can my landlord refuse to allow me a window air conditoner because he just installed new windows?
Is it good idea to buy house sites , which are shown in TV Comercials , will it be a good Investment to buy?
where can i find apartments to rent in salem oregon?
I want to sell my house. What should I do first?
i had a fire in my apartment what can i do?
Can we evict my inlaws out of our house and can we have their green card revoked?
Is there a law stating that when you rent an apartment in ny that there should be a parking spot available??
How much is 40 acres of land worth in alabama?
My brother has been in prison for 18 years. How do I find out what court house, in california,?
my landlord wants to take a picture of the apartment am renting right now before i leave,?
just bought a home in 9-05 lost my job in 11-05 behind 3mo what now?
Is 3% a good interest rate on a home loan?
renewing rental agreement?
Can I pay part of my rent 1 week and the rest the following?
Buying a House, difference of Loan Amount..?
which lenders offer the most competitive zero down mortgages for physicians?
what do i do, any suggestions?
President of Homeowners association?
Would i be able to get any help with rent ?
does everyone move house on same day?
How much do you need to a buy a house?
month to month leases in canada?
what are some real estate web sites that have good search options?
budy died, we fixed trailer took $3,000/19000 - now mother wants to hold on it. found more $estate.can we sel?
If you were a landlord and a tennant needed to break a lease 6 months early, what would you do?
Are there any Real Estate Agents on this forum? What do you expect from the Loan Officer that you send biz to
Can I get a loan for a house?
Apartments or houses for rent in 29 palms?
where can my friend find an apt with an eviction on her record?
If foreclosed in FL can the property owner find a way to keep the home?
The business of real estate?
Has anybody bought mobile homes for cheap than resold for less than market value?
On completion day should we have our furniture etc in storage ,on the removal van or where ?
Home foreclosure Question- Please read!?
I am looking for research on real estate and home sellers? Do you know any market research on homesellers?
is the tenant able to sell the house under the option to buy?
loan that my inlaws took out for us which we are struggling to pay back help!!!?
If I build a house (cash) on my Grandma's property, will she own my house or will I?
Is it legal for an agent to hold back rent from a landlord if the tenant has paid it?
Joint House Mortgage Apply For A Council House?
REVISED - Where can I find a free online rental agreement sample?
Do I need to pay overdue rent if I receive a notice of eviction?
what mortgage lender really has low fha rates?
My roof broke cause it was super windy. Who pays to fix it me or my landlord?
I am having problems with my landlord?
eviction laws in michigan,what does it entail?
Tenants Laws - Apartment very cold, heat always running...?
What is the process a buyers agent would generally follow to buy a home for client?
moved in with a roomate i paid the entire security deposit. i want to move but my roomate does not can i get.?
How much rent is a reasonable amount for my parents to request?
Can the government prevent you from buying a house?
I can't get money on app trailer how can you help ?
can a landlord but you out if your check is late and say monday you have to get out?
What is better a condo or apartment?
i moved out but the person who showed my home left the lights on for a week straight!?
Advice for new soon-to-be home owners?
II'm thinking about selling my house ...?
Mortgage with Score of 647?
should I sell our house or fix it up and stay?
Is there any way to find out the average electric bill in any certain city?
Im a realtor and plan to send out prospect letters. If Im not certain of their names, how shud I address them?
I need to find out more about the U.N.?
would i be better legally to rent my property furnished or unfurnished and what rights would benefit both?
Is my home overpriced?
Do appraiser companies hire people to become appraisers that are not licensed?
what would you do if I gave you $50,000?
HELP! Massive problems with my LandLord?
Where in the US is land the least expensive?
My lease states that pets are not allowed. How can I convince my landlord to allow me to have a dog?
HUD Housing-Who Qualifies?
moving houses with children?
how do i find a good/honest real estate agent?
Reverse Mortgage for Mother-In-Law? Her mortgage is "Upside Down"?
When should my roommate begin paying rent?
How much *should* one spend on buying a house?
Tenant trouble........ what rights do I they have?
I have the keys but landlord says I have to wait until 1st?
haw to get loan in usa for noresident?
Where can I purchase a 70,000 dollar home?
I'm looking for a web-site that has historical data for monthly home foreclosures in the U.S. Any help?
VA Loan question?
How long did it take those of you who own a home to buy one?
is ti possible to payoff mortgage in 5 years?
Mortgages - how long do you need to be in full time employment to qualify for a mortgage.?
would you buy a house in staten island ny?
can i refinance my house in the terms of a short sale?
Tenant won't let me show my property...real estate professionals, please help!?
after john rawlings brought his apartment,he started receiving his own property tax bills.this indicates that?
When do I have to be out of an apartment that I have given notice to move out of?
where should I invest, rural land or rental property?
Foreclosure? My brother was served with foreclosure papers yesterday.. What options does he have?
I need a sample letter to end a lease, no issues with the renter, just moving into the house. Suggestions?
How do I get the seller to move out of my house?
Has housing become more of a profit then calling it Home Sweet Home?
tips for moving to Honolulu? my new job is in Honolulu but I am thinking of living 15-20mi away due to cost?
Vague Shared Driveway Easement Two Deeds Ago? NYC?
I'm 21 and got kicked out of my house, do I have to go home if they ask me to?
How are the abbreviations used in housing ads usually created?
Does an Assumpter qualifyfor the first time buyer 8k?
I am leasing an office space and one of the other tenants smokes pot and drinks out in the parking lot.?
which are the most popular overseas real estate magazines in the uk?
Can a HOA seek damages for NSF checks?
how would i go about finding places to buy to run a daycare? .s to best answer!!?
have a contract for deed can they take the interst out first payoff dont add up to me?
why is short sale so long?
please help. need advice about buying a house.?
Landlord kept security deposit and wants an additional $2300?
How to shift from a parents house to a rental apartment?
can my father give me the money for a down payment on a home?
Looking for an apt in the Hampton Roads area that is nice, not to expensive?
Can a landlord demand that I sign another 1 year lease after my first ends and not allow month-to-month?
Want to do a short sale on my condo. Is my mortgage company responsible for real estate agent's commission?
I'm 17 and living in the UK. When can I move out?
thank you gift for my realtor? read on...?
Looking to rent a trailer on a small bit of land north of Las vegas?
Rented out my flat but they not paying?
Why can't subprime borrowers refinance, and get another subprime loan to avoid foreclosure.?
How much should we charge for rent?
Has anyone used to purchase a property? What strategy did you use?
Endless Noise from 2nd Floor Neighbors?
my landlords are getting divorce. who would i pay rent to and not worry bout getting kicked out.?
Getting out of a renting contract?
Does anyone have their homeowners insurance with the same company you pay your mortgage to?
Paying more for short-sale than bank appraisal?
Housing assistance in Washington state?
How exactly DO you find an apartment?
Is a Management Company able to force tenants to stay/pay beyond end of lease?
How Do I Know if my House is haunted?
Bad Landlord, Horrible tenants.?
How do I kick roommate out for not paying any money?
does anyone know of farm house with land to rent in uk?
Real Estate - Short Sale Negotiation?
How can i get a credit line on against a residential investment property?
How to reduce a traffic noise in apartment?
How do we put my husband's house into both of our names?
What kind of references to ask for from prospective tenants?
I am trying to do some research on the pros and cons of selling my house without a Realtor.?
Is it okay to leave the apartment you are in without notice?
what' s REA? what abbreviation is for?
how do you sue a landlord for not making repairs?
I gave my tenants 30 days notice & they are still there. What is my next step?
how many days notice is the lender to give before filing a non judicial foreclosure in Texas?
First time home buyer?
1st time home buyer needs answers?
sales contract of land invalid?
can u just leave your real estate agent your working with if your not happy?
How big is 50 acres? How much land do I really want?
If bought a home for $650,000.00 then put $250,000.00 worth of renovations into the home then sell it for?
What's in the square footage of a house?
Does anyone know the best way to get rid of accumulated stuff?
What are your first thoughts when you think about Newark NJ?
How much would it cost to completely redo a house a house and property?
Can I get a home loan?
Can you get or contribute to a mortgage if you receive benefits?
What would you do?
real estate question?
What is most cheapest apartment in baltimore for renting?
What can i do if mother title of the land is lost?
what happens to the home owner when the bank forcloses?
Can you use a security deposit to pay the last month's rent?
is my landlord doing something illegal?
How do I rapidly raise my credit score in a little time to buy a house?
How do get a loan to purchase improved land?
what is the procedure of getting property registered?
can tenant come back?
wife lived in 2 fam home with children collecting rent, now wife moved, renting both units, can i get half?
When applying for an apartment, does the management contact you if they reject your app?
how can i get this people out my house?
Which ten US Metropolitan Statistical Areas have the highest gross number of Real-Estate Owned properties?
apartments in orange county california?
I live in a apartment on the second floor the people who live on top of us are very noisy?
i want to buy my first house in central point oregon i want to spend about no more then 160,000 how much woul?
Have you bought a home with not-so-great credit?
What is the total cost of a transportable home?
How much space to be left on all sides of a ten storey building in City limits in Kerala?
Is my credit good enough for a home?
How would we know if we had got a bargain?
help finding a house in georgia plz.!?
Landlord using bf stuff as selling point?
how much are closing costs on buying a house?
can a tenant in common be sold without consent of others?my child was left a tenant in common share of real es?
Do I still need to buy home insurance if I have HOA that covers common area.?
Can the home buyer perform their own home inspection in pennsylvania?
How do I set up my Condo water utilites?
My house has been in short sale for 8 months, what can I do?
What do I need to know about owning/buying a house?
help! im trying to move out into an apt but i have no credit! what do i do!?
My mother bought a house in 2006.?
How much would it cost to completely redo a house a house and property?
Law Questions Regarding Property! Help!?
if the landlord put the rent up and i cant pay the extra what can i do?
Is this my right as TENANT?
where will I find a lease agreement document for an apartment rental?
How can I get my property taxes independently audited?
I'm Planning To Get a Mortgage (United Kingdom)?
who's responsible for leaking water bill, the landlord or the tenant?
How can I legally kick my bf out of our apartment?
2 Family house? rent for 1 unit does not cover mortgage?
Neighbours shed is obstructing our view?
What happens to real property when grantor dies?
pay rent or quit in california?
For everyone out there that thinks rates are going to drop??!!?
College and apartments?
what is the best apartment place in riverside that is the price between $750- $825?
Is more regulation the answer?
how much deposit do you need to put down when buying a house?
Landlord issues please help?
Can a landlord charge me for a new subfloor in the kitchen when we only ripped the linoleum?
I was wonderig if you mind helping me about findig paraffin buyer?
Is it a bad idea to get CMHC mortgage insurance when buying a house?
Is a landlord obligated to put in new carpet after 14 years?
My rent is to high in my council house how can i get it reduced.?
If a mortgage is discharged by bankruptcy can that mortgage company put a lean on new property you purchase?
Should i do a conventional or fha mortgage loan (both fixed rates)?
My newly purchased House stinks! help!?
window screens in a rental?
Can my future landlord sell their rental property before I move in?
Looking to move soon (I just turned 19) & I want to move somewhere where it's not humid?
How do I ask renters for owed rent in a firm but polite fashion?
Buy through realtor or from owner?
haunted real estate in california?
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