Real Estate

is it possible for me to get mortgage?
Where are the best areas to buy property in Florida/Tampa?
What are the most important things to remember in a Rent A Car Bussiness?
My landlord did not know I was here.?
What is the average price of land per acre in Jackson Township PA?
How much time should you allow yourself when purchasing a home?
What happens when landlord breaks lease?
When converting a rental property to personal use, what happens to accumulated capital gains and depreciation?
Home loan underwriting question......?
Can a tentant or landlord explaine paid 'four weekly' and paid 'monthly?
When you apply to rent an apartment what is the process?
How can I buy a house with out having any credit at all?
What do i do if i'm evicted by landlord?
My friend has been subletting a room.?
How much less can be offered for a brand new house?
Issues with turning over keys to rental and time period to return security deposit?
How does one go about paying the taxes on a home of someone who hasn't been paying, to aquire it?
I need to know what to do.?
We want to move out of California it is to expensive here.......?
Question about real Estate speculation?
Selling a house "As Is"?
best site for searching homes for sale in washington ?
Where may I locate small business grants that are available.?
Do you really think its a bad time to buy a home?
Landlord charges. How do I check?
Is Wisconsin a nice place to live?
What is mortgage (US)?
Apartment leases for animals?
what are the requirements if moving a mobile home onto land in naches,washington(yakima county)??
i live in a duplex and my landlord is selling the property and did not even tell us. is that legal?
how much does it cost to build a new house in los angeles, california?
Hello, I'm living in an appartment and I'm leaving in a month, I'm not moving yet but the landlord is coming i?
What is the minimum credit score needed in order to obtain a loan for the purchase of a first home?
Which Texas law says unlawful tenants get a notice to vacate prior the renter's eviction notice?
The House I'm renting is being foreclosed. What are my rights?
Anybody have a sample coal mining contract? We have been approached by mining co but have no experience.?
how can I get a purchase of aggrement and stipulation pertaining to a commercial building I want to buy?
What is the diffrence between a 'Flat' and an 'Appartment'?
can funds placed in escrow (in a real estate deal) set as securities for a loan?
If boyfriend in the navy and we move in together are we intitled to housing benafit?
What is a place in US where housing costs are cheap... I'd like to rent an appartment?
can i take possesion of my rental if tenant has abandoned the property more than 7 days in New Mexico?
How much money do i need to make to live in Mansfield Connecticut?
If you qualify for a $150,000 home loan but the house is only $130,000, Do you get to keep the remaing?
how much does a council house cost a week? What about if you get a mortgage after 5 years?
I need some house hunting help?
Are property letting agencies able to access Council Tax payment records from local councils? (I am a tenant)?
Where is the Allison Hotel in San Francisco??
If you use a mortgage to buy a house do you have to have a down payment?
Sell our house or rent it out?
Room mate question: Is this fair?
Why am I paying for appraisal when seller agreed to pay closing costs?
how do i buy a house withe a bad credit score?
how do I sell 1 of my 2 lots?
Should we continue to rent or try to buy?
how can a disabled single female with no credit history to speak of get a morgage loan to buy a home?
How much does it cost to move a mobile home?
I am moving to Charleston ,West Virginia soon and looking for the decent furnished apartments,any advice?
Renting, they will not give me back my deposit.?
Help please help?
where can i print free ledgers or templates?
leaving a DANGEROUS private rented property!!?
I want to take a small loan out for about $4,000. Where is the best place to go? Tips?
cab a good credit score get me a mortgage?
My house is worth way less, now what?
These are extracts from actual letters sent to various councils and Housing associations.?
Can i carry the balace of an unpaid energy bill over to a new apartment?
what type of home can you buy in your area for $100,000?
which president arranged for the louisiana purchase?
Apartments in downtown Norfolk, Virginia?
Is there any homes for rent in Stigler, Ok. Need to know as soon as possible. Thanks?
What should I look for during a second walkthrough/showing of a house that I'm considering purchasing?
How do I start an escrow account if my land lord is not fixing anything?
Landlord not met his obligations, what can I do?
where can i find out the value of our house?
Just got my real estate license, how do i begin networking and getting listings?
Does home presentation make the difference in most sales?
How would you handle this neighbor?
if a tenant moves out and leaves an unpaid phone bill, is it the landlord responsible for paying it?
quick claim deed on home property?
What about property guardians?
landlord smoking in house....need some help?
what is a person who sells houses called? i cant find it on the internet anywhere!?
how do i evict a tenant in jail?
Bi-Weekly Mortgage Payments!?
What is the biggest mistake you have made in a real estate transaction?
Two Open Listing Agreements. Seller 1 found buyer, but Seller 2 signed. Who gets the commission?
Is it possible to rent an apartment with just one month down. No security deposit?
Should the accounting treatment be the same as that for underwriting and other share issue cost ? ?
Can i break my lease?
can i get information on hud in Texas please answer quick.?
can you help me with owner financing?
Does disability housing let you have dogs?
How can you get an apartment in Chicago with bad credit?
Can some one help me? I have applied for a loan and the loan was approved.?
What do you do if your landlord refuses to repair his property ?
Can my landlord show my apartment to people if I haven't given 30 days notice to move?
I need a free title Search done for Carrizozo New mexico lots?
Is this loft possible?
We want to have a single story house built where an attic can be converted into a spare room, recommendations
Tips on flipping houses in BC Canada?
should I invest in stocks, which I know nothing about, or keep buying rental real estate for future wealth?
Secured apartments in Santa Barbara?
Has anyone had a problem with their Mortgage company 'reassessing their escrow schedule' for property taxes?
When will the house prices go down in California?
My Realtor just told me that banks are intentionally holding on to foreclosures to rais prices in certain area?
where can i find a really cheap place to live?
What percentage of homeowners in a typical neighborhood have kids who attend public school?
Help me explain difference between breaking lease and eviction?
Home Pricing (please help)?
Why are the apartment blocks in NY so gross outside but really posh inside?
What is a good reference for field inspectors to find businesses needing their services?
Who has the best real estate?
what site is the best for rental deals? Any more sites like craigslist?
I have a 30-year 5% mortgage. Should I re-fi or just accelerate the payments?
Typically, what percentage of the home cost should you have available for a down payment?
Should my renter's boyfriend have the code to the alarm?
my renter is not evacutaing my property . gave one month notice , now not paying rent?
My renter had my mailed stopped being delivered to my mail box.....?
How long does a lessor have to tell you they plan to bill you for something after you move out?
if i pay my owed rent will that stop eviction proceedings? I live in Alabama.?
Are there any jobs that a real estate agency might let me do on a volunteer (non-paid) basis?
add for renting apartment to adult only in N.J>?
When should my roommate begin paying rent?
Can a apt complex operate without having a drop box available for tenants who have to pay rent after hours?
is ti possible to payoff mortgage in 5 years?
What is a land trust?
I have no lease, the landlord refuses 2 make repairs but wants 2 get paid. What r my rights? I'm from NYC?
Can a landlord do this?
What do i do in my situation? I feel lost and scared and do not know what to exspect?
Is it legal in 2011-12 to give a mortgage for a house with 2 secondary suites?
need House/Apartments for rent?
How do I go about buying property to build my nightclub. Where would I search for available areas.?
how can i come up with $200 within 2 weeks?
what is the best way to find a house 4 rent?
Are people able to buy houses right now?
what is the square foot of 4' X 8"?
Know of any good rent to own websites?
I need to know some thing about chapter 13 bankruptcy.if you have a dead for 45000$ how much is your payment?
Can i buy a house in another country?
My wife and I make $98K combined. Our mortgage is $153K ($1400/mo) and have 1 vehicle payment of $420.?
looking to rent my apartment?
What is the diffrence between a 'Flat' and an 'Appartment'?
What is the lowest credit score you can have to get an FHA mortgage .?
Why don't for sale signs have the property price on them?
Should I rent a $950/month apartment making $2,000/month?
where can we get a pre approvel for a home loan in ohio?with no down payment.?
I was awarded house in divorce. I am not on the loan, but am on the title. The house will not sale, and I dont?
Is it illegal for people to destroy the home that is going to be foreclosed?
Is there any law for tenant to repair the rented building if the lanlord is not going to repair the building?
At risk of loosing loan because lawyer ordered title at last minute?
What is the best place to view real estate in Saudi Arabia online?
Claiming DSS with boyfriend?
My comp i s tranfering me to Miami from Cape Coral and my lease ends in June, what can i do to end it w/o Plty?
Is it bad to live at home at 29?
Rental Property?
Can ownership ona house be transferred legally without exchanging money?
I would like to know if anyone knows of a house for rent in the Turlock ,Ca. area?
My Landlord wont fix the wild kingdom odors in my apartment?
middleboro ma housing?
how long does it take to get a mortgage?
how do I get the credit report for someone who wants to rent my apartment?
Can I buy a house, then turn around and rent it out to someone as a rent to own?
Should I call the landlord on the weekend?
Whats the price of a two bedroom apartment in Sydney?
Buying a fixer uper house.... legal issues?
Can a landlord enter my house at whenhe likes if it says so in the contract?
is there a really rich kind person out there who would like to buy me a house?
where should I buy a house in the phoenix area?
Finding a roomate, then finding a place to rent?
What is involved with employment verification on an FHA loan?
After a seller on a house is given an offer that has a time limit, what's the next step?
How or where can i find a two bedroom apartment in Los Angeles?
IF the owner of a home is deceased and you are willed the property, is the property automatically paid for?
my roomate is trying to break our lease in the middle of the year,do i have rights?
What are key words for seeking best tenants for a house rental?
My landlord is making me leave because of my dog. Do I have to pay a penalty?
USPS not updating tracking info?
Is it normal for 5 college students into a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment?
Will appartments rent to someone on unemployment? or is this just a waste of time going around asking?
Neighbors parking in front of garages and mailbox?
What's a black rental list and how do I know if I'm on it?
When should I begin looking for apartments to rent if I want t move in May 2013?
what is a personal easement in real estate and can it be transfered?
is it still possible to buy a house for 40,000?
Home buyers report needed or not?
find out how much a house is worth.?
My tenancy haste expired and landlord want to increase rent?
Rent issue.. advice please.?
Are there any implications of buying a repossessed house?
The benefits of a real estate license in Arizona?
I want to rent out my only home privately to students, whilst renting another for myself, do i have to pay tax?
Anyone have any luck getting rid of a tenant who doesnt pay rent by paying them to get out?
renters insurance-y add the landlord?
Where do I put court filing fees and attorney fees on evitcion docs?
i live in an apartment and people upstairs are making a lot of noises?
Is it illegal for a landlord to refuse to put in heaters?
terrible credit,great rent history(7yrs) great job,want to buy house milw. county . land contract?
Quit Claim or Hard Money Loan?
What is the minimum credit score required to buy a manufactured home or a real house?
Do all people who rent do this?
If my home was foreclosed do I have to wait a certain # of years before I can purchase another?
what is a fair offer on a house purchase?
My next door neighbor has foreclosed, and I would like to purchase the foreclosed property.?
Im moving out of home. i need help!!!!!!! please!!!!? EASY POINTS!!!?
is fl studio have problem?
How cheap is a 1 bedroom apartment in oklahoma?
Help with bad landlord/apartment in Texas?
Can a landlord charge interest on late rent if you are not living there?
what to do with 150k?
How do I get rental assistance for Bensalem PA?
If a HOA is started in my area, do I have to join?
Is there a legal way to remove a tax lien against a home?
I have Halifax mortgage with my ex name on it but i am paying person.?
Must a landlord hold personal property you leave behind?
Info about westchase park apartments in Atlanta ga?
how do you tell when it is profitable to rent your house? if the rent you collect covers the mortgage, etc?
Is my former landlord lying to me?
I cant find rental homes in sonoma county, ca.?
where can i find it?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
After a studio apartment near Wilshire and Western in Los Angeles California would the next step if i am?
Buying a condo for first time couple question!!?
How do i buy property if i am not a resident and have no green card?
Maine building permits?
i whant another web site like loopnet?
how can i find goverment tax sale listing?
How much does it cost to buy a school building?
My apartments complex is filing bankruptcy. What does that mean for me?
If I inherited a house free and clear that is too big for my needs, shoud I sell it in this down market?
in pa. what happens after sheriffs sale as far as borrower is concerned?
How much can I afford on a New House/Condo? (first time buyer)?
What would you do in this rent to own mess?
i dont have good credit how am gonna buy a house?
Does tenant have to pay rent when there is no heat and no electricity?
In Nevada, why can't conventional lenders fund a condohotel when the seller documents it as a straight condo?
Do you think that real estate market is on the way to plummet?
prospective tenant has bad credit but wants to pay 1st months rent and double deposit, would u do it?
Is there a database for foreclosed homes from Wells Fargo?
Apartment application denied - Does this make sense? Please help?
Why are some houses on ! Estate listed EXTREMLY low (about 1000 dollars) for New York?
NH- Personal Property after eviction and SB0483?
how can i raise money for my real estate project?
should real estate 'house flipping' be outlawed?
council house tenants?
down payment help city of lodi ca offers down payment help to low income for the purchase of new house i need?
what should I do about renewing my mortgage?
Tenant refused to sign rental agreement.....?
I rent in a 2 fam house w/ owner. Who is responsible for shoveling ?
How can i find out if the house i own with another person has been refinanced without me knowing?
Selling Property, Can I make my own agreement?
Roommate wont sign deposit refund check?
First time home buyer with excellent credit needs advice on Loan?
Can people live without electricity?
I signed a quit claim deed to an investor 4 a fl condo 1 year ago.If they don't pay the hoa fees what happens?
I alwayas search indian bike price. 75k what does K mean?
where to rent a house in florida?
How much must I have in the bank to be approved?
how do i look and see who owns a property in detroit?
How much money should i save up before moving out of my parents house?
Are there any new programs given by the Government to aid home owners with falling homes value?
SERIOUS ANSWERS ONLY: How do I get my Garland, TX multifamily apartment complex condemned?
Does this sound unethical for a realtor?
I'll be moving out on my own soon and Im wondering what kind of stuff I'll need for my own home.?
Home property values?
What is the process if you want to sale your house, but it isn't paid off yet?
Student loans and down payments?
Buying a home but my name is only on the title not the loan. out agent asked us to consult a lawyer. why?
Should I get a mortgage on a property? Can't commit to the area?
Can landlord make you pay rent for a month the renter didn't live on property? ?
Do you have to be a certain age to rent out a hotel room?
Terrible Townhome Association?
tips on reducing bills such as electricity/gas/water/TV/council tax,?
Bought a house with boyfriend,we broke up.Can I get my 43,0000 down payment back?
I'm interested in a property in Bergen County NJ. How do I find out who owns it and how much they paid?
Would a bank rather take a lower cash offer or a higher loan offer?
how do i check on the status of real property i inherited?
Financing for a Home...?
Refinance Mortgage or wait until later?
Landlord moved into home my daughter is renting. Is this even legal without notice?
Any real estate agents? Is it possible start out being a part time agent while working another job? Plz help!?
how can i buy a house without using a realtor?
Should my name be on title or just let it go?
If I am leaving my apartment mid-month, is it reasonable to pay for only half a month?
If I pay extra 1,000.00 U.S a month for my home loan of 185,000.00. How quick I can pay off my mortgage???
Does anyone know of a place where I can compare home prices by state?
Should I make an offer on a downstairs condo that has yellow stains on the ceiling in the bathroom?
Can someone please supply me with a list of low-income apartments in Show Low, AZ? Thanks.?
im moving out of a rental house the day before i turn the keys its broken into?
is my credit good enough to buy my first home?
Is there significant decline in prices of vacation homes in the Cape?
A friend doesn't say anything about the place I bought?
I am in love with a house should I rent it?
Is it right time to buy a house in portland now?
Can those real estate program TV shows really make people millionaire?
Can a joint owned house be sold even though the other party refuses to sell?What is the way to sell my share?
How do I get my security deposit back from my landlord?
Advice about letting my property?
Who is in the right or the landlord?
Is it too much to ask the owners of our house to install a security system?
Let a friend stay in our spare room, now she is refusing to get stuff out?
what is status of rajeevswagruha houses in visakhapatnam. iapplied for a house in this scheme.?
How much would it cost to move from fl to nj?
Is it difficult to get mortgage for timber framed house?
Should we get a mortgage thru a broker, bank or credit union and will get approval - read more pls?
My realtor wants me to show my house!!?
Can an alarm be set temporarily in a vacant rental?
How much does it cost to buy an apt. in a decent area of NYC? and what would the taxes be? see details below
What is a must if i want to buy a home with a friend?
do I stay home longer and save for a home on my own, or get out now and rent an apartment?
Do you think "ForSaleBuyOwner" is a good way to sell a home?
Do I have to pay rent if repairs are not done?
Sale of property?
how much my property worth now?
selling my home on the internet, a company charges $6,500 what is the link?
Should I buy a fixer upper house even thought the market sucks?
I want to buy land. What is the cheapest state to buy land in?
Can a For-profit pay rent to a Genl partnership, created by the same officers, then charge rent to fed grant?
Is there a place on the Internet that can do side-by-side comparison between the FHA mortgage and the ?
Am I eligible for rent assistance from Centerlink?
Would I be wrong to ask my landlord to visit the property?
london apartment prices?
Renting council place,?
What benefits do a lease option hold for the buyer?
If some one is living in your motor home with you and you move the vehicle off of the land i am renting can ?
If i can no longer afford to pay my mortgage what should i do?
My landlord is kicking me out october 15th?
How do list 136 acres for sale in Ennis, Texas?
FHA appraisal fail vs. pass - minor issues vs. major?
How do I NOT pay estate agents fees in uk?
How can I afford a home in the Washington/Baltimore area?
where to look for rental houses online?
What are signs someones been in your house?
Should I tell my landlord that my nieghbors next door almost burnt the place down?
Can I add a family friend on title at closing even if they are not on the mortgage loan or purchase contract?
do houses get blacklisted?
Where did the equity in my foreclosed home go?
Is their a time for rescission on condominium lease agreements?
Paying Cash for Investment/Vacation Property in PR?
What's a good area to invest in the Washington DC area?
what percent of millionaires made their money in real estate?
deed rules when someone dies?
how old to get a real estate license? ?
What can I do if builders have stolen from my house?
My a/c isnt working and I have a baby in the house 108 with heat index..?
would it be GOOD or BAD to have a Short Sale?
When you buy mobile home, do they follow you to your house or do you have to wait like week after to get it?
Is it ethical for a landlord to come into your leased home without telling you?
Financing a car with or without a mortgage?
What are the limitations of a verbal contract with your landlord?
How would i find out if a lien has been place on a house i want to buy?
How do i know it's safe to give my personal info to a landlord when trying to rent a house? ?
How does the Mortgage process really work what can I do and options do i have?
which city is cheapest to live in?
My mother-in-law has broken a 1 year lease with us. Can I sue? TX?
Motercycle was damaged by lawn care company at my apartment complex who is responsible for damages?
Are you allowed to live in a park model home year round?
What would happen if i moved out of my apartment and i owe about $3000 rent?
Can I kick out my roommate's guest?
is a degree required to sell real estate?
How can I rent again after an unlawful detainer?
Is San Antonio, Tx A good place to move?
Can you be evicted if your 60 day notice isnt up?
Our landlord is putting our house up for sale, and we have a lease with option to purchase?
hey folks, im living in Greece at the mo?
With $100K down, making 60k year gross,how much could I qualify for 1st home purchase?
ok i'm looking for an nice little apartment for next year with rent for $200 a month for when i turn 17?
How would it affect me if i have an uncle that wants to buy a house under my name?
Second mortgage - is it allowed?
How do I evict a tenant from my house in another country that i dont live in?
where can I find out, online, how much the home next to me just sold for?
I want to break my rental agreement, do you think it will hurt my cosigners credit?
will I ever be able rent again??
Should i have to pay Mortgage fee's again?
I want to build a new house, how much money do I need to save to do so? I have no block of land either!?
I was renting a foreclosed house?
private renting/credit rating?
Should I sell my home through HomeVestors?
Seller signed contract for purchase, but is entertaining other offers?
Should I take a job that just provides housing?
Tell me about NACA.....?
Anybody live in Harlem, NYC?
can you go on the internet and find the owner of a house?
Any recourse to get money that was promised to us by our real estate agent?
Can an agreement that gives someone an equitable interest due to a future lease be rescinded?
What are some good websites to find a rental home on?
Tenant is doing childcare out of house, shouldn't she have gotten permission?
It's so important to have Good Neighbors, How would you rate your neighbors, great, good, nosy, loud?
First time home buyers! Advice is appreciated!!?
Can the home owers association(HOA)take one's home?
Help me look for apartments in Newtown PA and their prices?
how is inhertance done on joint property indiana?
Which type of lease is this?
how do I get out of pay loan trap?
If my selling price is 30,000 and my down payment is 10,000, how do i find the loan amount?
What is the rental occupance rate in San Francisco? What is an average studio renting for?
How much a year would you have to make to be able to afford to pay mortgage for a 2.3 mil $ house?
What tenants rights when landlord has city officials as?
What's the average time it takes to sale a house?
what do you do if you are a real estate agent?
Can you let out a council flat for 1 night?
house swap???
my tenants wont move out.?
I am renting a house to someone who wont pay rent but they wont move out. How do I get them out?
How much of monthly income should go to housing?
where to find decent listings to rent office space in the DC/NVA/MD area?
What is the most likely scenario of the following housing situation?
Renters NOT Cleaning up?
what is a landlord's next step after a unlawful detainer?
Can I ever rent again with a judgement on my record?
I want to buy an investment property, Is it better to use the equity in my current home as down payment or not
What can I do to protect a 10k down payment on a rental house?
What will I lose if I can't make my mortgage payment? Beside the house Can they go after my personal belonging
Can a landlord come into your appartment when you are not there?
if the mortgage payer dies then is the home always repossessed?
what actions can be taken against against a mortgage broker who fails tp disclose all terms of the loan after
Do i qualify for a home loan?
what are the chaces of aquiring this property?
Could my wife changing jobs affect closing?
Is AC an emergency under AZ tenant landlord act?
is there a method to figure out realty trends/cycles?
Is there a way to report someone for breaking their mortgage agrrement?
If i have a credit from overpayment on the previous monts rent can i still recieve a 3 60 notice this month?
anybody know who to call to get a loan to refinance your home with a poor credit score?
What is a 'Studio Flat'?
Lease Agreement-Trying to Break it?
Do you think it is right for landlords to have a no pet clause?
i quick deed my house to a investment company?
Recently purchased home. Home apprasial.?
I'm trying to find a rental house...?
Why do homes in subdivisions and HOAs have to be a certain number of square feet?
Is there a website where I can find out if a person owns or rents their home?
Once you own your own home?
where do i go to find out if a house is in foreclosure?
what are the cheapiest cities to live in?
if you were going to sell your house would you have a male or female relitor?why?
should we marry before buying a house or after?
How does a home equity line of credit work?
Am I responsible for the mortgage on my husbands' name( he passed away)?
how do I check on the quality of a resort company?
is there a site to search neighborhood information base on crime rate?
Harris County Texas Home Appraisal Question?
if your up to date with your rent,but behind on council tax can they evict you from your home?????
What is a good route to start investing in real estate as a private citizen?
how much is a 1985 Oakwood Mobile Home worth?
Landlady won't leave us alone and spies on us, what can i do?
question about low income housing?
Friends, I am looking for a room to Live in NY.?
i am looking for modular apts in ga.I am working with the usrda.?
where is the best area to live in nashvile,tn for someone starting their first career ??
Are tenants entitled to know if their landlords are near foreclosure on the properties they are renting?
Is their ANY benefits in renting over buying?
Can Your Landlord do this?
Students on budgets with NY apartments: how do you get one?
What is home equity, how do you get more equity, what does it mean?
Who to contact if Apartment won't fix AC?
A written contract enforceable? Not notarized, but written by a notary public.?
can i request the seller to reduce the price of the house after home inspection?
I don't know who to believe...?
How do I kick a roommate out that's not on our lease?(We live in California)?
what will be the rental rate for I BHK furnished house in Denver Colorado?
My paypal account got limited..i cannot verify the address because i live in a rented room..there is no way i ?
this is about purchasing property in Brazil and elsewhere?
My landlord has withheld information about our electric bill, will I still have to pay?
I am 22 and want to start getting onto the property ladder. I have no deposit and want to buy alone.?
Is there a good website for house grants? Or help for first time buyers?
What jobs is a licensed home inspector qualified for besides inspecting homes?
I have a 5 year 5% ARM mortgage that is good until Sept. 2008.?
Letter to the Landlord - Vacating the Premise?
Can My ex landlord sue me?
Is a landlord allowed to come in ur apartment to check on how u live? even with a notice?
perfect house but its in a bad location what would you do?
landlord is trying to get the police to remove me after an agreement was made at the courts what now?
Can you have a roommate in a house?
What happens if the BUYER rejects the SELLERS Counteroffer?
Does anyone have any prospecting tips for mortgages?
Is Hammondville a nice place to live?
How much should I spend on housing?
if you own two homes,one is vacation or summer home and you sell one do you have to pay tax on the sell?
Do I have the right to break my lease?
after inspection date for a new home, how long until i can move in?
how do you become a house flipper?
I have a landlord who is constantly in my home so I changed out the deadbolt that had no key with another lock
What is the name of the paper that states ownership of land right, or land. plzzz help?
is £65 rent money a week high?
How much privacy do studio apartments have?
Should I have to split rent equally if I don't get a bedroom?
Signing a blank contract help, took out a mortgage without knowledge!!!?
my roommate didnt sign the lease and we want her out how can we legally kick her out?
will i get approved for this appartment?
Where are there good websites for home/apt/condo rentals? NOT the monster websites like "ForRent".com!
when renting a house off of someone do u pay them the bills?
How do I find out if a mortgage broker was licensed in utah in may of last year?
A car broke down in front of our house, it's been a month now. How do I find out who the owner is?
Should I stay or should I go?
if i have a credit score above 750 will i qualify for a home loan with no down payment?
is there a reliable website where I can research on home values?
What exactly is a 99-year lease??
if i need to repo it how do i contact for that?
is my landlord doing something illegal?
Should I use a real estate agent when looking for a home?
How do I apply for a first time home buyers loan?
What's YOUR realistic opinion on the percentage of income to spend on your home purchase?
what does W/D available, W/W carpeting, sec. required, and avail 9/1 mean in apartment listings?
is this legal? it shouldnt be!?
Who has the lowest prices on self storage facilities in San Diego North County?
Do you prefer to have neighbors with more or less money and income than you?
Is this possible? Mortgage advice, first time buyer...?
Does anyone have experience with modular logs cabins?
Found a house I love? Can I rent to own?
How early do you pay your mortgage or rent if due by the first?
I'm going to be late on rent and don't know what to do...?
Wanted : Advice on buying a house with bad credit.?
If I I accept an offer on my house that is less than what I owe, what happens?
what is the value of 12826 Emiline St Omaha, NE 68138?
Feds cutting 3/4 of a point, what does that mean for home refi?
My landlord says he has to move us to a different apartment?
Im a UK resident & have a house on my name which my dad does not know about.can I stop him from finding out?
Having problems selling my house, any ideas???
What should I do first to buy a house for the fisrt time?
How are you supposed to live alone in London on £25k?
What if I get a summons to appear in small claims court but I have moved out of the country?
Rent a Book Information Needed?
I am buying my first house; should I get a buyer's agent? What do they do other than getting a commission?
Typed or Handwritten 30 day notice to pay or quit?
Are there ant good rural areas to buy a house in the Bay area?
How can I prove my income for rent purposes when I won't be working full time until school year starts?
I want a tenant.?
Looking into buying wilderness land?
i need help wit housing?
Is it better to stay in your first home, or is it better to upgrade to a better home?
how to see streetview of my house?
How much will I get for a home loan when i make 3000 a month? credit score is 700?
Can your land lord kick you out?
Which account is not classified as a selling expense?
What are the best things to remodel in a house?
How do you evict someone on your land with their own trailer?
How do you sell your part of Heir Property, when others don't want to sale their share?
does anyone know where there is a 5+ bedroom HOUSE for rent NOT directly in the City of Harrisburg,Pa?
Is it worth the investment to add granite countertops to a townhome in the kitchen?
What is a good gift for a client from a realtor?
Why are there so many houses for sale?
What is the process when you purchase a FSBO? Details Please?
When you bought your home, did you feel pressured to buy the most expensive you could afford?
Can my landlord tell me I can't have a doorbell?
Can I terminate my Buyer Agency contract because of this?
How can i report a crapy homeuilder?
In 2006 got a divorce and signed a Quick Claim Deed. this year the ex died. found out that he did not refiance?
Is there any kind of loan(stafford or other) I can take our for appraisel courses online?
How should i save to buy a million dollar house?
Another house buying question??? ugh!?
can a real estate agent legally change from selling a property to auctioning it?
We want to sell our house... so I need some suggestions about how to fix it up. Help?
I never received a loan committment letter, on a house we are closing on supposably in 2 days.?
Can someone buy real state with no down payment?
How much bank charges for closing account?
San Diego Legal Evictions ?
Can I be kicked out of the house.....?
Should I pay for an inspection? (Please read details)?
Moving to Fort Worth.?
What should I buy with $700?
I'm 20 years old is it weird that I think like this in regards to money and paying rent vs mortgage?
How can I split the rent fairly?
when you have a property, and then apply for financial aid for a school load, does that affect you????
Whats the best way to get rent lowered for a month because of problems in apartment?
How much money can I make by short-term letting durng a major sport event ? ....?
how to i challenge the information that an apartment complex fowared to the collection agency for collections?
I'm going to court tomorrow because my tenants won't move out?
MA: I am breaking the lease on my apt. and the landlord is raising the rent. Does this get me off the hook?
How does paying down a huge amount on my mortgage affect my payments?
I have a tenant that is in section 8 and neighbors are telling me she lives with a guy that works doing cocket?
oil prize,it'sproblem for world business,everywhereusing oil,what can we use instand oilshoud looking for some
can you make a direct deposit from a credit card?
Can tax sheltered annuities be used for home purchase?
I am about two weeks late on rent. Getting harassing calls. What can I do?
October deadlines for Section8 and Low-Income?
lowest priced homes in California?
why cant a felon rent a apartment?
Looking for house sitting job in South Carolina?
what does "net lease rate" and "occupancy cost" mean when leasing a building?
How do I take my landlord/agent to a small claims court over a deposit?
where can I get a 125% equity loan with poor credit?
can i trade True Crime New York city for MlB 2006?
Is it possible to buy a $600,000 home on a $75,000 salary?
How much would utilities cost an apartment if the rent is about 650?
is it smart to purchase a condo with no condo association.? the house is a 3 family. any tips on what to look?
My landlady's real estate agent has an extra key to the place I'm renting?
What is a condom? Do you own the property or are you just a tenant?
Does a house inspector need to check every single room in the house?
Rent payments - How can my tenant pay rent to me electronically?
How much to reside my house?
which american cities have the lowest property taxes?
Should we sell or rent our second home?
Are manufactured homes more cheaper than Built homes?
WHERE'S mY RENT?????????????
Ruined Property in my Apartment *Please Help*?
The new sub prime home loans?
how do I buy a home with very bad credit and no money down?
Someone help me! What estate agents in Milton Keynes take DSS? It's proving difficult to find! :(?
I won $3000 on the pick 4. Does anybody know how much their going to take out for taxes?
I am moving into a flat at university, how can I protect it from burglary?
short term lease apartments san francisco?
Who are the best home builders on the market today? What about mortgage lenders and banks?
Please suggest some places in New Jersey for buying home which has good commute to NYC?
real estate question on bird dogging in NY?
Can I obtain a certificate of occupancy for one apartment of a two apartment home?
What do the terms No Addendums, and/or No Disclosures mean when describing real estate.?
apartments in boston?
Where can I find Michigan real estate forms online?
i think my house is haunted?
How to buy a land? And built house?
Found roof issues after 6 months after closing?
Can my landlord charge me to recarpet a whole apartment when the damge was only in two rooms?
Vietnam household statistics?
why are real estate agents paid so much that list and sell million dollar homes?
Should I use part of my 401K to buy out my son's portion of a home we own together?
how a variable rate in a loan is calculated by adding the margin to the new index value?
Should I disclose details about my pre-qualification for a home loan to my realtor??
What is the cheapest city in Uk to rent a Flat or House and nice to live and work?
when you rent an apartment in new jersey.....?
Should we sell our condo and buy a house?
Is it possible to live on your own?
Why do people keep breaking into my house and destroying property?
how do you get levels in your house?
How long does it take to get a building permit in Florida?
Is it legal for a developer to devalue property?
How do white real estate agents handle black customers who wish to live in a white area?
i need agriculture land near tiruttani.please let me know...?
How do i apply for an apartment?
Am i ever going to be able to buy a house?
Real estate deal results in an undeserving law suit and judgment... Any advice?
My agent promised me cash after closing and then afterwards decided not to pay. Can I do anything?
Cheapest place in the UK to buy a house?
to move out or not to move out?
Asheville residents: Am thinking of buying a home for investment in West Asheville, any pros or cons of area?
Purchase home near park? -your opinions please?
I am thinking about getting into real estate?
Which property website do you recommend?
what should i do about my house mate?
Apartment for rent in Centereach!!!!?
can my upstairs neighbour hear me tossing round in my bed?
what are some good websites to search for foreclosure homes for sale with pics?
My boyfriend lives with me but is not on the lease, can my landlord enter without my permission to investigate?
I have 2 houses, and 2 mortgages, I can't affoed to pay the mortgage on the second house anymore. What can?
Does anyone how a person can get a free grant of any kind? We would likd to get a housing grant for no money?
who can i call to report conditions at my apartment?
Is it legal to rent a room in Nassau county?
Signed lease for Nov 1 now landlord cancels due to previous tenant?
What are the essential legal checks before buying an apartment under construction?
are you a tennent?
how to estimate living expenses in a city?
What is the going rate for Surveyors in Ga?
Rental application process? (please read)?
My neighbor's smoke is coming into my apartment, any suggestions?
What exactly is escrow? How does it work?
what is the job of a loan officer? What does he/she do?
california mortgage reinstatement program qulification?
Phoenix, AZ - Small Apartment Bldg - Fire Extinguisher's Required?
Help relocating to the Phoenix area.?
how do i get personal property back from my own house?
Who owns Valley Ridge Apartments in New Albany Indiana?
can you rent out a house your financing?
Do I have any ownership of this property?
does any one know of any landcontract homes in allen park mi?
With a 635 credit score, would I be eligible for a home loan?
Question about my landlord...?
Can one really buy a home with NO MONEY DOWN and poor credit?
Generally, if i were to develop an 18-hole golf coure, how much per square foot in U.S. $?
To landlords and legal advisors please. Tenant not paying the rent, has recently had a police raid which?
If I have a severe raw sewage leak at my home what do i do if my landlord wont fix it?
what are my options? is my landlord responsible?
Can my Landlord come into my house unannounced and go into my bedrooms without permission?
Hi I live in lancaster,ca and my landlord is saying that she going to evict me but I dont have a lease?
Fire safety labels in student accomodation?
Where are the houses in durham for section 8?
what is the average costs of electric, gas, water, and rent for a one bedroom apartment in honey grove, tx?
Why are there so many cheap houses in Arizona?
i hve no job at present what i do ?
Neighbours shed is obstructing our view?
How can I find out who the mortgage company is for a house in my neighborhood.?
Help...trying to buy a house?
Is it possible to afford a house for £450000 on a salary of £30k-£40K?
Anyone know a good real estate agent in Tampa?
how do you apply for a loan to buy a house??
I found an apartment I am extremely interested in.?
I am sick and tired of hearing people down people who are in a foreclosure situation!?
Im looking for a job in cleaning houses?
Cost of living DC area?
House is in Forclosure. What do I do now?
Does anybody have the experience of buying wow account in farmer100?
Home Loan officer is not cooperating,why hes doing it?Worried also of my deposit.?
Can I use my security deposit as last months rent?
How do you add 2 grantees on a quitclaim deed?
Are house prices going to continue to drop this year 2009?
which is worth more, a double or a single family home?
What are typical utilities paid for when renting an apartment?
What is the building code for kitchen and bathroom area for a building of 9000 sq ft?
how much would the payments, including interest, principal, insurance & taxes that run $800 a year be on $55M?
what should i sell my home for?
Question about nyc real estate agents in apt. rentals?
How can I get out of lease??????????
can a landlord change the rent based oh who he rents to?
signed lease feb.27 to move in march 15. boyfriend and i broke up march 3. cant afford on my own.?
I rent and have bad credit and would love to buy a home is there a way?
Does anyone know where I can find a sample real estate exam for phase 1, Ontario?
Should I retain a real estate lawyer just to do an assignment?
How to get out of my letting contract when my room is unlivable?
What are my rights a renter?
How do I sell my time-share?
what is an upset property sale?
is there a record of who has lived in a particular house?
what is the best way to locate a rental home in my area?
How old do you have to be to live in your own house on your own in Australia?
are town homes a good investment?
Is anyone familiar with renter's laws in Georgia (USA)?
Are there sites to advertise free classifieds (we have a home for sale) besides Craigslist? Any other ideas?
I'm in foreclosure. What are my options to keep my home? Can this turn out okay?
Who is responsible for bed bugs in florida the renter or landlord?
Where on the internet can I take a First Time Home Buyers course?
our landlord wants us out to get more money we pay on time every month can she evict us?
Can I get approved with a co-borrower who has late mortgage payments?
Penalty for false (unintentionally) declaration of income in Housing Benefit form?
Is it legal for an HOA to charge $10 for a credit card payment of association fees?
My renter moved out and didn't pay rent for three months, is there anyway that I can take to court demand pay?
How can I get 12 - 24 month private financing on a home loan with 45% LTV?
Who has responsibility for the land between our houses?
REO offer with another bid?
Would you rent an apartment (or house) in Argentina for a vacation?
where can i ask a free legal question/ recieve free legal advice about landlord/tenant laws?
Can a landlord charge tenant to paint room?
landlord is crazy, can i get out of my lease?
How far in advance should you start the home buying process compared to when you'd actually move in?
Where do I find free information on how to buy tax leins in Washington State?
Can you find out if a property has an outstanding loan or lien against it?
How do I locate delinquit tax information on a property?
Does anybody know what are causes to be evicted from a home?
how to secure mypremises?
i can swap council property 3 bed for 2 bed?
How do I find public records on a house I want to buy ?
How to find property taxes on house?
Do you think it's a good idea that the Australian Government extended the first home owner grant?
apartment rentals?
i need email address for ulf hansen at playland properties in perrysound?
How long do I have to move out if I never had to pay rent?
Renting apartments (age issue)?
Moving out on my own with no job?
I need cosigner for an apartment, if i pay on time will it improve my 525 credit score?
No lease on my rent, gave 1 week notice?
Is older house dangerous to live in due to asbestos paint & stuff like that?
can a realtor recieve any additional bonus from the seller?
what is the big scams and risks of buy/sell houses?
Does a holding fee prevent landlord from renting to someone else? Is the fee non-refundable?
how can I find out if mylandlord claimed bankruptcy and is losing the property I live in.?
Whats the differance between Freddy Mac, & Fannie Mae?
Can you break a lease if someone breaks into your apartment?
Is the price of houses going to go down any time soon?
house in middle of mortgage remodification and is being served papers to be condemned.?
how much beyond the regular exemption would a 65 year old single family residential owner/occupant be entitled
In debt, but can I afford a home right now?
Would you pay your rent if?
What can't I purchase Anything?!?
How do people afford todays housing prices?
Do I need a down payment for a subsidized apartment in New York City?
Help with buying a property as a temporary resident?
Roofer Did Not Put Felt Paper Under Shingles?
I need price ranges for a flat in New York.?
What does Gross SQ FT price mean?
I am going to buy a T Point House, is this inauspicious, Can I buy this or not, kindly tell me?
What happens next after calling 311 on landlord?
Is it ok for my parents to purchase a home and put it under my name?
How low can a down payment be when buying a home?
What is rate of service tax on purchase agreement of flat on 20/6/2012?
how much do utilities cost for a two bedroom near/within the Montgomery County/Bucks County?
How much are house utilities?
Lease agreement/ battered women?
What things should I look for when looking for a new apartment?
do you think investment in dubai is wisdome?
any decent homes for sale in the orlando area around 100,000?
How should I counter a lowball offer on my house?
Distuributive property please help!!!?
How much notice does landlord have to give to increase rent $250 if you are going mo. to mo. at end of lease?
which best describes a realestate's agent liabilities concerning environmental hazards?
colorado springs vacation RE market?
The 7500.00 tax credit for buying a new home......?
Should we buy a house when we have student debt?
Can we move with a bad credit rating?
What's the fastest way to get a Real Estate License?
how do i find hud forms and instructions?
If a person owns a piece of land, do they own it all the way down to the center of the earth?
whats the difference between refinancing and a 2nd mortgage?
i need to find a rent house in the fort worth texas area?
find the fixed point!?
when will I get my 1st check if my coworkers get paid on the 21st of this month?
Where can I find a nice house?
Best way to get Mom to buy me a house?
Working with more than one real estate agent?
what are the best frist steps to sucess in overseas real estate investing?
Anyone seen the news today about the FED bailing out Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac?
What is the average rent for an apt in NYC?
Have you bought a home with not-so-great credit?
Bought home for $124k, am selling for $210k; will I owe capital gains due to the garage apt. I rented out???
Help! Own home in Florida, live in California.House in Fla. has roof issues, can't sell now. Want out.?
Can my landlord.......? (Please answer)?
how can i get rid of county court judgements?
what are the eviction laws in the state of tennessee?
How much should I spend to own a house in Canada?
Can my Landlord file an Unlawful Detainer against me?
Does a landlord have to replace my appliance with an equal appliance?
USDA home loan question?
Anyone ever used an interest-only loan?
apartment or house rental in gulf shores or orange beach, al?
In the state of Ohio, does the landlord have to fix the air conditioning unit. I have read that the landlord?
VERY IMPORTANT! My brother's landlord wants to kick him out!?
Land rates and Rentals in India?
What is the eviction process in NYC?
Why do people think they are home owners when they never even get close to actually owning their home?
Can I break my lease without getting into a lawsuit?
May I evict my husband's girlfriend from my house?
buying a house in michigan.?
when renewing my apartment lease can ask for the promotional rate they offer for new residents?
selling my house questions?
Why do people think you have to be a couple to stay in a 1 bedroom apartment in nj?
What forms would be required to buy out a second owner of a residential property.?
What will move your boweles?
Guidelines? FHA to Conventional refinance - purchased 3/2010?
cases on property rates (owner verses occupier)?
How much would be the rent for a studio, loft or 1 bedroom apartment Between E23th and E57th street?
are there any landlords that accept section 8 program?
Tips for someone who thinks about becoming an landlord.?
Do we need PG&E and SMUD together or one or the other?
Do I need to keep paying the homeowners association for my condo even when they refuse to do their job?
Is there anything I can do about loud neighbors?
How much does it cost to keep a slaughter house clean?
Which apartment should I get?
Has anyone taken the Pre-Lincensure Realestate Exam?
are there any advantages to living in an apartment by yourself?
Where can you buy a decent detached house under £250,000 and still live max 1 hour away from London?
Who needs professional home or office cleaning in Montgomery, AL.?
If a person owns a piece of land, do they own it all the way down to the center of the earth?
My landlord broke my lease before I moved In, What are my rights?
Landlord kept money from our deposit for cleaning, but we cleaned!?
Who would this property go to in this scenario?
Why is the rent so damn high?
how to say 6,900,000?
Can I Afford To Move Out?!?
we lease a home, can the owner enter the house after giving notice even if we are not home?
My landlord has been showing my apartment without any notice. Is this legal?
Why isn't my house selling?
Will I be able to afford this?
Would a new 2000 squarefoot manufactured home near Minneapolis for $90,000.00 be a good deal?
Where can I get a first time home loan with very bad credit and little to no money down?
Is it legal for my ex-landlord to do this?
Evicted from HUD housing OHIO?
I need to find a manufacturer of billboards, and how much one from the factory costs.?
Where do I find out about foreclosures or foreclosed properties in my area?
Can I sue my previous landlord for $650?
What is causing so many foreclosures in todays real estate industry?
Can I Get Out Of My Lease? Apt. Is Falling Apart!!!?
Can I take equity out of an investment property to purchase another property?
Is it okay i'm annoyed with my landlord for waiting until the end of the month to cash my rent check?
how much notice does a landlord have to give a tenant before raising the rent?
Can he do this?
Point Mugu Nawc, CA. Where should I rent a house/apartment?
How many weeks are there in a year?
Best way to go about this?
what happens if i drop out of my house?
House is $170,000.00 down payment is $18,000.00 how much is monthly after?
I am helping a friend pay her mortgage. My name is not on the deed. Will I have ownership of the home as well?
Pay final rent or just move out?
What are possible pitfalls of using a REAL ESTATE INVESTOR to sell your home?
What is the perfect career for me based on my personality?
Is it legal for a landlord to tell me I can't have a baby gate on my stairs?
Two loans or mortgage insurance? Which is better?
shipping container house?
Is possible to refinance a home to take advantage of lower rates if you have less than 20% equity in the home?
I am renting a place carpet REAKs of Cat Urine. I want OUT. Can I break my lease?
Should I pass on this house?
Moving to california soon?
Is there an index of the most recommendable areas to buy a property in the UK?
Calculating NNN charges on a commercial lease?
Im having open house soon.. whats the best way to advertise my home for possible buyers to see??
Can a 15 about to be 16 teenager rent an apartment?
what type of things should i know when buying my first home?
Friend wants me to pay $100 rent for 15 days? Should I have them draft a contract.?
A real estate listing says the house is 1 1/2 levels... what does that mean?
What would you change about this house?
My escrow payment increased much more than my taxes increased...why is that?
I live in Richmond Heights, Ohio, where can I file a complaint against my property management company?
I need to find a rental house in Steamboat Springs for the Triple Crown Nationals?
First Time Buyer?
What is a smarter option for a first time home buy for a family of three?
Bad Tenants!!!!?
How much do you pay for rent?
Does anyone think it's worthy to buy a house in San Francisco?
Is there nice apartments in Bismarck,ND that allows dogs?
Can our landlord do that?
Living in Illegal apartment and getting 2 months to move out with toddler?? Can we get more time to move?
My property managers do not want to help fix my A/C unit.What can I do?
Do I have to allow my landlord to enter?
Can I qualify for a home loan?
long term tenant wants to paint apartment in BROWN?
what actions can I take against my formal apartment manager for calling me a whore?
where can i find information about buying forclosure homes?
Do I have to give 60 days notice eventhough my lease is up?
give me realestate listing in Mysore,India,dating from 1staugust todate for both buying and rentals in good lo
rights as a landlord.?
Is there hope for breaking a lease on a house if I was layed off from my job?
Do somebody know how long it would take to sell a home about $ 500,000.00 in San Diego CA. ? The looks ok!?
what to do about my landlord?
What are New Mexico eviction laws?
How can I find people who want to sell their house via contract for deed?
what should i charge my parents if i'm their real estate agent?
Does my uncle have the right to ask for half of the house when my mom sells it?
Help....i moved into an apartment building and my landlord moved her daughter into the one next to me...?
Should I bay a house on North Virginia now or wait until summer?
is there a conflict of interest even with a buyers agent?
What is a good place to look for an apartment in the Madison, Wisconsin area?
I live in fl and my landlords are wanting me to vacate n 10days because I filed a injunction against their dau?
Please help!! beginning of signing the second year lease contract, walk through inspection was done?
When you own property, do you have to pay anything yearly/monthly?
Is maintenance allowed to just come into my apartment?
Can you possibly pay less than a hundred dollars for rent in an apartment?
Capital gains in california? How does it work here?
Stop Foreclosure Help? Can I prevent foreclosure with Lease Buyback Program?
Which newspaper should I advertise the sale of my apartment in the city of Melbourne?
where can i get the answers for the CA Real Estate exam?
i would like to find cheap bank owned foreclosures,,, could you help.?
What would you like to ask?worked for a residential care home,been there 5 months. reported 2 members of staff?
if we make 75,000 a year is 2,000 a month for mortgage smart?
how long after new home purchase can you refi or take out a loan on that property?
Is Becoming a Realtor Enough?
My landlord charge me for new appliances replacement because they cannot restore it to original condition.?
How Can I Find A Real website That'll Give Me Real Houses For Rent And There real Price?
How long do I have to move out if I never had to pay rent?
Is $12.78 enough to live somewhere that is $1,055 a month?
tenant rights with no lease agreement?
What state has the lowest cost of living without any rednecks, drug addicts, or drunks living there?
What is the fastest way I can get my roomate out of my home, legally. Please help. Atlanta,GA?
How much does it cost to buy a four bedroom apartment in St. Lucia??
Can i put a home under contract at 17 years old?
first time home buyer needs advice :-)?
I am looking to rent a room?
can buy property having power of attorney?
Husband will not pay rent am I responsible?
i am trying to do a business plan but not sure if its a servive or product. (buy fix and rent houses)?
How small a commission will a full-service realtor charge in Chicago?
Relocating my salon? I am renting a salon and my lease is coming up soon. I don't have a great landlord. ?
I want to move to mexico and sell real estate, would it be hard to do that?
How can we find a country house to rent?
When to buy a home ....?
Someone called in today on a talk radio station and said that Lionel Richie owns Rodeo Drive. Is this true?
How do I find the unit rate?
questions about moving out?
Are first time buyers exempt from paying stamp duty?
1 year post bankruptcy mid score is 595 what type of mortgage can i get I have no lates and 3 pos tradelines?
How much would renting out a club cost?
Sale on Craigslist question.. I sold something on Craigslist and the guy wsays he doesn't want it anymore and?
Where can i rent food?
How do you buy a house while renting an apartment,when there is no money left after bills each month?
Are Bridge Loans a good idea?
What is the best plan and bank to refinance a home?
Plz help!! Getting married in 3 months, fiance and I have bad credit, need to buy a home with no money down.?
What does a credit repair business actually mean?
Wichita, KS: Apartment hunting questions?
I'm trying to find a condo in New Orleans that has a liberal pet policy?
I bonced my rent check, what will happen?
Approximately how much does it cost to buy a mobile home??
Would you guys help?? We are going to be renting a house soon, and there are propane issues popping up..?
pros and cons of this house?
Any new townhomes developments in the South Bay to purchase under $600,000 that you recommend?
How much do I pay my landlord for 2nd month? I moved in 7/7/2012 and paid 1st month full ($1275/month)?
I want to know if I can open a real estate office in my home?
should not the housing authorities be somewhat responsible when renters wreck my home?
I have bought an off plan apartment in cyprus, which is due to complete in 2012.?
Interested in forclosure home?
Is it better to pay with money order or check?
Why would the DMV ask for a copy of my drivers license to get a history report on a mobile home?
how do i find the perfect house?
is it true or just bs??? a house for 15k?!!?
Any real estate agents with experience?
Home Closing?
What is good about a NEW building compared to OLD buildings?
Does an addition make a house a two unit house?
Can I break my lease if my landlord is risking my life through unsafe practices?
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