Real Estate

Can I get out of an annual lease if I am being disturbed by a barking dog next door?
Closing Costs for house reduced to 185k in the last couple of days...?
If I can't find a business in BBB should I do business with this company?
where can i find out how to set a price for my house i am going to rent? i want to make a lil money at this?
should i withdraw/lower my offer for a house in light of new info?
How does the payment work on 'Holmes on Homes'?
house i'm renting is going back to the bank, what can i do?
looking for reverse fax number in Edmonton 17804434442?
Can a landlord do anything to me?
Is 1,530 square ft decent for an apartment?
What happens if I add a room in my garage, no permits, then sell my place?
i need information on leases?
Can you sign a lease to an apt in Bolingbrook, IL when ur under 18?
What monthly costs are involved in buying a house/flat. Mortgage repayment will be £500/month but what on top?
looking for a 2 bhk flat on rent in Dwarka?
I have 2 houses, and 2 mortgages, I can't affoed to pay the mortgage on the second house anymore. What can?
Where can I find information on available retail space for lease in South Florida (Broward County)?
wpowder in visualagent nt to know how make deter?
Am I responsible for utilities on a house I don't live in?
What does pppn mean when staying at a hotel?
I have just made an offer on a home and they accepted. So I go sign the contract tomorrow.?
What are the general responsibilites of the landlord and tenant to mitigate damages in the event of a breach?
How much would the cost of rent would be living in a 1 bedroom & bath apartment in fl in a gated community?
Tenant/Landlord issues? Do I have a valid complaint?
first time home buyer?
HOA won't give us approval to have a pest control company remove pigeons nesting on our eaves..?
is my landlord trying to do me?
I wanted to know if ther is any way to romove an eviction of your credit after you have paid the owed amount?
What to do? My landlord claims that I did not pay my April rent, but I did?
Should I get a new realtor?
Does any know of a way to get out of paying a prepay penalty on house loan?
Need some advice on a mortgage plan?
Tenants rights about not properly working AC?
How Long Does a Title Search on a home take?
What exactly does "as is" mean on realty purchases? Who owns buildings that are on skids? Thanks.?
property taxes on my mortgage payment?
When people are married, is home ownership 50/50?
Do they still have to pay rent?
Eviction Notice please i need some advice...?
Is this combined income enough to get a decent two story house?
how many people can live in a 2 bedroom apartment in California?
refusal of security deposit refund?
How do i hide my chimpanzee in my apartment? landlord is getting suspicious?
Broken lease 1 year ago - options?
Where can I obtain a free zip code map of Raleigh, NC (online)?
in the long run do the prices of houses go up or down?
What house can I afford with my salary?
Mortgage and Homeowners Insurance Question!!?
can breaking a rental lease effect my credit?
california realtors license requirements?
if you were a billionaire how much would you spend on your house ?
I signed a renters' lease on an apartment Haven't moved in. Do I have to move in? Can I get my $ back.
My room mate is going underway. How much rent should he pay?
Should I use a title company that is owned by a developer that is going to purchase our land?
Fannie Mae homepath loan down payment?
I'm looking for local Property Land Developers in the Hattiesburg, MS area?
Safe places close to sac state to live?
I have no lease and I get charge a late fee if I am one day late?
If our family income is $565,000 a year in DC, and my dad says we're upper middle class, is he correct?
I would like to know about the first home owners grant in Queensland, Australia..?
Is it fraud, illegal or something to sell land that is mortgaged with the bank?
Is a verbal agreement binding in the state of Colorado regarding property?
can i buy a home with bad credit?
moving out? help please!!?
is there any official body in Singapore which I can complain to about my property agent?
i am buying my ex wife out on our house can her name stay on the deed?
How should a CA broker handle Trust Funds?
Do the council have to rehome us if we are evicted from our privately rent home ?
i have to walk away from my home, cant pay for it, what will happen short term and long term?
who refinances double wides with property in louisiana?
can you make money off buying and selling homes?
What is the best source for locating property without using a realestate agent.?
Highest bidder @ 24K HELP PLEASE!?
Is this a good sign that my house is going to be refinanced?
Are there any beach condos in Delaware that will rent to 18 year olds?
Can I take my property management to court for broken a.c.?
When is your offer on a house "Set in stone"?
Does any one know about anu first time home buyers programs in atlanta or louisiana?
Can ex seize my home?
Whats the law for breaking a lease for rental apartment in connecticut?
Which is the best site to do international transaction of properties?
How do I deal with this MEAN RUDE neighbor ?
At what point is a real estate agent being a bully and at what point are they helpfully guiding?
Can you recommend a residential real estate appraisal firm around Kansas?
Original price of a 2001 3 bd. 2ba. Gold West mobile home?
Is a real estate agent entitled to a fee even though the house did not close?
Do I have to pay right away once I sign the apartment lease?
how do we know if he ownership is a joint ownership or a common ownership?how do we find it out?
If you know zac efrons email then tell me?
flood damaged homes - should i buy one?
Do Real Estate companies offer a list of retal homes that you could get?
My old landlord is requesting more money on top of our diposit after final inspection. Help!?
Should I buy a house or continue to rent?
buy house in irvine?
Dam House in S.A.?
Is it better to buy or rent in san diego?
Two college students need help with finding an apartment!?
How long does it take till closing when buying a house?
Do buyers have to pay their realtor a commission or only the seller?
If This a Good 30 year fixed Loan ?
Can My ex landlord sue me?
west avenue apartments in columbia s.c. .... can ne1 tell me nething about them??
how come larger apartments are cheaper?
Can't longer keep paying my mortgage, what should I do?
Is there a utility estimator for Akron, Ohio?
How can i break the lease due to military orders?
do real estate "programs" on tv work?
Do I keep the stuff I buy when I leave an apartment?
just started a real estate business out of the house. Anyone know how to get buyers without much money on ads?
Is it safe to live in an apartment for a month with severe amounts of mold in the walls?
If i have debt from college, should I be renting or paying a mortgage?
We want to sell our house... so I need some suggestions about how to fix it up. Help?
I'm a first time Landlord. Help!?
Can I do anything about the $500 in bills my landlord racked up?
What happened to the rent for equity company Mongle?
Can landlord do anything if i just pack up and leave?
If i get emacipated at 16 could I move out and sign for an apartment?
Tenancy agreement in UK? HELP ME...?
should I move to miami?
Would you buy or rent a house with the #13?
I am only 17, I want to rent a condo or home in the panhandle region of florida for my friends and I. Can I?
Do I have to find a realtor to sell my old house or can I just turn everthing over to the other person?
Has anyone used ERA Realty's Seller Security Plan where they buy your home if not sold @180 days?
The landlord sold the flat we live in so we have to move out (UK)?
How/Where to buy small amounts of land? (And I mean small)?
when did Home Owners Associations become a big thing and why?
Help- Landlord cut off the ceiling lights to save electricity (utilities included in rent)?
I have a home & rental in AZ. The rental is being foreclosed on. Can the bank come after my primary home?
can i sell my house after living there only 5 months.?
New York apartment question?
Where to complain about estate agent?
Does state issue mobile garbage bin?
can some one make money by letting the government put energy wind mills on your property. i have 22ace rs?
Are we going to have to move? (please help)?
How do I get back to UK listings from UNITED STATES listing?
Moving in together can someone advise?
Someone who is able to give a definite answer: Do we owe them for the "plans"?
if my ex boyfriend left our rental that I am not on the lease for. Can the landlord kick me out in a day.?
Would you consider a person a criminal if they didn't pay their rent that had the means to?
PLEASE HELP ASAP Can I afford $500 rent on $2000 salary?
Investing help please?
once approval is made?
will bank come after my 2nd house if i short sale or foreclose the first house?
Does anyone around Houston TX know anything about condos at Conroe?
Will I get an apartment with my low salary ?
Question about a rent deposit?
I read that house to income ratio is 28%, debt to income is 36%, why it's so low, what is the other 64% for?
Housing renting what to do?
How can I find a place to live?
what does turnkey mean in buying a condo?
My old landlord wants money?
can my upstairs neighbour hear me tossing round in my bed?
I need to known what to do in a foreclosure ?
what happens if you revoke an offer to buy a house in wisconsin?
what does reimbursement of escrow funds mean?
Where do I go to change over a deed for a house?
How can I sell my house to someone who wants to buy it but has no credit? I have a mortgage and he pays?
Real Estate legal document?
I want to know where I can find the laws covering a buyer of a home in PA.?
How can I get out of my apartment lease?
Avg mortgage rate I may qualify for with credit score just shy of 700 and debt-to-income ratio of 0.8?
There were 5 adults living in the house and one bailed?
Any loan officers out there from Colorado? I want to work with your turndowns. Pay High referalls!?
Are there real estate agents in CA who aren't lazy, greedy creeps?
Bankers or Banks for mortgage?
what should i offer in a new home, details given?
Cost of heating oil?
Guarantor Mortgages for Bad Credit, Advice please....?
One month late and rec'd notice to accelerate?
My realtor's contract expires on 7/31. We have had on for 6 months and still have not sold our home...?
I have applied for an Renting an apartment and its approved now i dont want to move what shall i do?
Renting for the 1st time?
I desperatly need to sell my home. What can I do to move it fast? Cheaper homes are all around me.?
Are Landlords and Moneylenders Parasites?
Is it fair for an apartment complex to charge you late fee's, etc if you have already given notice & moved out
what's really short sale or let your house be forclosed?
Can two home owners submit a 1031 property exchange if the properties are geographically separated?
What can be done about removing my name from a mortgage?
i am looking 4 a site to find houses 4 rent in Front Royal,VA?
Help please? My house burned down and I have 2 mortgages and a lien on it.?
Does anyone know of apartments that work with college kids in Grand Rapids MI ?
Our builder did not build the house according to plan, do we still have to buy it?
How many acres of land does a typical ranch have?
Are gated communities significantly more expensive than non gated?
will seller accept my offer?
When applying for a mortgage, how much are lenders looking for as a "reserve"?
Are mortgage rates going to fall again?
how to check if someone died in my house?
My builder promise me to give flat in 33 months but it will take time to complete the buiding.?
do i have to pay to get a loan pre-approval?
i was evicted from an apt 2 yrs ago and need an apartment and cant get one is there any way around this?
Should we sell or rent our second home?
how hard is it to live on you own at 18?
What do I need to buy a house with....?
Help with a little situation in housing.?
i need advice on morgage lenders!!!? first time home buyer?
Is this house gorgeous?
How do people move to a new house if their current one doesn't sell enough to pay the mortgage off?
how much do utilities cost for a two bedroom near/within the Montgomery County/Bucks County?
how can i convince my parents to move to an apartment?
How di i find a house or apartment with no job and a baby on the way.?
I Live in NYC but i have property in mexico. Does anyone know how I can sell it without having to go there?
Do we have to pay our landlord?
Why would someone offer to buy my house if it's not for sale?
how much to charge for installing french doors to the outside of house?
would it be GOOD or BAD to have a Short Sale?
What should I do when the tenancy contract has expired, and the tenant will not leave?!?
i want to cancel my real estate for $9.95. they charge me twice. i would like my refund back into my account?
What is requiered legally for people who do not have social security number & want to move into an apartment?
Pet (dog) injured on broken fence, is the landlord liable?
How old do you have to be to get a real estate license in PA?
i'm looking 2 buy a house... IN FL, NV, GA AND CA.... >>?
Can we shut off the power and water to this tenant?
If a mortgage rate is currently at 6.2%, when is it appropriate to refinance for a lower interest rate?
can I sue my brother for unpaid rent? (both signed the lease, no sub-lease or contract between us)?
Should I buy or rent a home in nevada?
Need a Real Estate Management tool?
I currently live at home but want to move out do I qualify for rent assistance?
looking to rent retail space in indianapolis/indiana?
Lien Help! I need some help from expierienced people.?
why are house in the south so cheap to buy.?
Chase wants me to refinance into a 4% fixed with no closing costs?
Can I rent out VA home if I plan to move into the house in 1 1/2 years?
why should somebody buy a home?
do i have to pay rent if im unable to live in my house?
Please help? I am selling my home and my buyer wants to move in before the closing day.?
Does the State of WV own Circle Drive in Cross Lanes?
Should I buy a home now or wait to see if prices will decrease further?
Can we buy this house?
I need to know my tenant rights regarding renting an RV that is parked in front of the owner's house.?
I have rent in arrears and won't pay as I'm gonna leave the UK permanently?
Experiences with selling home through relocation service?
my landlord did not tell me about foreclosure?
Eviction notice was recieved on the 30th and we paid the rent on the 31st, and we recieve the notice in the?
I notified out apartment we were having twins and they are telling us we have to move?
Landlord lease issue please help?
When people are married, is home ownership 50/50?
how much to oakwood or equity apartments cost?
Does any one know if there is a California law that requires a landlord to fix a leaky faucet?
what does an appraiser do? how hard is it to go to school for?
What is a contractor supposed to do with personal property?
Would removing the lost-rent tax-deduction from commercial property help the economy?
westcreek townhomes rent.?
Who has the most competitive interest rates?
How much to offer for a duplex?
We filed for chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Chose to keep making our house payments and are now being priced out.?
japanese knotweed 2 doors down: Mortgage problems?
whatt is your favorite drink?
how can i find a haunted house to buy?
Planning to buy A for closure house in Florida , Do I need to hire a lawyer?
how can i afford to buy a house?
Can a landlord refuse payment by mail for rent owed. I am out of the apt now.?
how long can money sit in an escrow account , unused for it's purpose of fixing a a septic system after closin
What is my mobile home worth?
Whats the difference between open-end mortgage & closed-end mortgage BONDS?
HomeOwners: How old were you when you bought your 1st home- and how many do you own now?
is it possible to live in a house for two years or more and have nothing ever?
How much gas do people use? (House)?
Transfering upstairs more quiet?
Apply for a home loan, questions they ask?
is it legal for a landlord to make up a contract based on her feels from her computer?
Getting around a realtor?
I paid the rent and the month's bills......I can stay,right?
How much will it cost to set up a modular home on a permanent foundation (basement) in Saskatoon?
How do I get an apartment without having a job?
where can I go online to find apartments in the tampa area?
Would it hurt resale if you put a door going outside in the bathroom?
Could someone please suggest a catchy name/title for a property magazine?
Im interested in buying and then renting out homes/apartment, how do I get started? And find information?
What are the best free sites for finding rental homes.?
Are there any apartments in the Madison WI area that allow bunnies?
First house loan person?
need some REAL help PLEASE!?
Anyone have advice before i used my VA home loan?
Is tenant or landlord responsible for paying the bill for a water pump if apartments runs on a water supply?
Where do I go to get a listing of foreclosed property in Chicago?
after notice to vacate rent house 12/05/09 (no lease) can a landlord burn my stuff on 12/25/09?
What are a real estate agents duties?
Agriculture land buyer?
i went to mississippi to find a home with my longtime boyfriend. we found one went into contract?
if you had £1million what would you buy?
Can I get a loan to buy a home?
How do i buy a home with such a low income?
Can we buy a HUD house under a tax lien?
i bought a house with my mum because she's getting old.?
Does my house gain value even though sales are slumping?
Can my infant daughter purchase real estate. She will be paying cash?
Is this a fair charge for a renter?
The bank is bulldozing my uncles house including personal items is it legal?
how to describe a really hot/cute emo?
I live in chicago, does anyone near have a casement airconditioner for sale ? willing to pay $100 - $125?
Can I trade 22 acres in Westminster,Vt for a new manufactured home to be placed on another piece of property?
I Dont want my fathers asset?
Is owning a home better than renting an apartment?
I want to break my lease in texas duue to safety concerns I am sure I can do this I just want to know the?
Does anybody know where I can find houses for rent in Manteca area in CA?
My friend's bank won't accept less than what is owed on the loan in short sale?
Whose the "Licensed Realtor" in SC crybaby...?
Cabin rentals how would I recieve rental listings and info?
Can my landlord enter my flat without my permission?
Signed 1 yr renting contact. Stayed 2 yrs No longer in a lease How long do I have to give my landlord notice?
My fiance and I reside in Dayton Ohio. dont live together at the moment but plan to leave the city next year?
which best describes a realestate's agent liabilities concerning environmental hazards?
Can anyone get a home loan?
Can apartment maintenance walk in without any notice?
Made listing price offer on house, can i withdraw?
Is landlord liable if burgled?
Will my cousin have to pay delinquent taxes after I transferred my house to him?
Why are we letting "developers" rape our state(CA)so they can build more houses, and Malls? No more room!
House water drains into creek...?
what if you are trying to get a loan, but you don't have none of your old income tax returns?
What are some of the unexpected costs in buying your first home?
does congress allow $20000 for energy efficient home improvements?
which would you choose, if you had a certain amount of money to spend on a house or apartment?
What are the various components that are a part of Common Area Maintenance in a Shopping Centre?
as tenants in common of 4 can 1 of them live in the house?
Is it right to ask your rich inlaws for help when buying a house?
Is this a good time to buy a home, if not, when?
Do you want to purchase a flat/apartment in China and why?
Where in the world can you live on $12,000 a year?
Something smells fishy with this.(GA Real Estate Title Question)?
Kettler Property in Largo MD?
Should I buy a condo?
renting with no tenancy agreement, do I have to pay?
Advantages to frontage road?
can my landlord go through my personal things while i'm not at home?
First time renting and I am completely confused I have a few simple questions?
how can I get more people to my web-site ?
can we trade our home for another, for a 12 to 24 month period?
How do I get my deposit back?! PLEASE HELP?
Why is everyone obssessed with home ownership given that since we are all mortal we are all really just?
Does Seller pay HOA transfer fees in South Carolina ?
if i buy a condo can i rent it out without having certifications or schooling?
Agreement in Pagdi system?
Do i still have to pay if rental company voids their end of the lease contract?
How can people in Hollywood afford $2000 lofts/apts?
how long does it take to sell and buy a houses,its been 3 weeks i have not heard a thing?
Are childrens savings counted for housing benefit?
What kind of house do you live in?
Do my boyfriend and I have to pay rent,help!?
Question about "floorplan" in America?
Can you get the keys to a new house before you actually complete - to move things in if the house is empty?
My apartment complex is in neglect - how can I get the landlord to do his job??
Repairs in apartment not getting fixed?
what can i do while i save up for real estate?
when signing a purchase contract for a home.....?
Can I get a new realtor if he helped me get the loan ?
Why do apartments charge application fees?
Bad Credit, Great Income, No Money Down- How can I...?
Replacement Cost Renters Insurance? Help Me!?
will new zealands reinz qualification be recognised in Australia?
Is the Vikhroli - Ghansoli sea link being built soon ?
what is the best option for a first time home buyer ..........fha loan or first time home buyers programs?
I found a home loan with a teaser rate of 1% locked in for 5 years. Is there something I should be wary of?
Could i rent a room in the UK at 19?
Am i elligable for Housing Benefit?
there is a new church being built in my area, is there anyway I could find out when they open?
what is the difference between a condominium vs. a cooperative?
Can a real estate agent get paid for his client referrals even if his license expires?
Central air in condo upper units..?
how can i start a mobile home park little by little?
If I want to sell my rental property, can I put an exception the rental lease?
Can i legally evict my roomate after his lease is up?
what is the zbu?
How can I find affordable housing based on income without good credit but willing to rebuild?
Should I be a real estate agent?
Cost of Home, Who's winning?
Does anyone know if century 21 drug test seasonal employees?
what is a loan guarantor? (on a home loan)?
Saw a web site that showed the ariel view of any address and then showed current worth. I think it had a word?
Do i have to acknowledge my last landlord when looking for an apartment?
My next door neighbour has put his house up for sale my question is ?
How do I advertise a flat to rent on the internet?
Rental Business: How and when to let go a handyman who is a potential property manager?
Texas Apartment Association rental application -- binding?
A leaky toilet caused my water bill to 3x. Should my landlord pay for the difference?
Is it legal to rent out a house without homeowners insurance on it?
When purchasing a house, does the lender check to see how you filed your taxes the previous year?
What is the landlord responsible for and what do I have to do?
my house is settling(slanting). Is that a problem when I sell?
What's the difference between leasing and renting?
Is it weird to buy a house with a friend?
My tenant is disappeared?
Hi, I would like to sell my house by myself but doesn't have any exprience in that area. What to do?
Im looking for the Santa Anita Court house Address in Monrovia California?
how to get rid of a crazy tendant?
Can a real estate broker also be an agent and a real estate appraiser?
Recommed the number one real-estate work with in southeast Florida if your from N.Y. Relocating soon.
is the homeowner responsible for ice on sidewalk?
do i need planning permission for a static caravan on my land?
moving to NYC can anyone tell me the names of some good moderatley priced neighborhoods(1000-2000$ amonth}?
Who would win? Land dispute!?
when selling a home, do you add the relators commisson on top of your total sale of a home?
Does an old tenant have the right to come back to grab their leftover stuff after they've left?
Where should I advertise a home for rent if I want to attract winter visitors?
We have 1 acre land in ATL...want to build townhomes...have no $$$. How do we get a developer to build/invest?
What do I need to do to get this problem taken care with my apartment manager?
What is the most likely scenario of the following housing situation?
does anyone know apartments that are for rent in Cincinnati, OH?
could I get a mortgage for £18,000 to buy a property in bulgaria?
where is the best place to refinance 488,000 house loan?
is there a good webpage with lot's of houses/condo's etc. for rent?
Where in Utah can I get more for the money when buying a home?
Can a Landlord evict you without notice prior to your "intent to vacate" and then claim damages?
how much is 0.1 of a mile?
Why cant I get pre-approved for an FHA loan for less than $50,000?
We rented a house that is trashed ?? Never seen property... feel taken advantage of?
Will my credit report affected or show that i was evacuated from my apartment for non paying rent ?
Why is it called house "hunting"?
Anyone know of any realtor sites (with photos) for condos/homes in Stamford, CT and Greenwich, CT?
Pls helpI showed my landlord some black marks and dents on the walls back in June..and he said he didn't?
What can I do about a scam artist that stole $52,000.00 from me other than sueing?
Are there any foreclosure sites that list details w/o paying for it?
Found an apartment, house is on the market?
what does applicable amount mean from the housing benefit?
Breaking a lease in unsafe apartment complex?
Can you put in applications on apartments before you're almost 18?
My condo will be on Trustee Sale in 10 days, but I have 2 tenants there. If things went wrong and tenants?
What's the lowest price for a house?
How much does a 3 bedroom apartment cost in Dallas, Texas?
What would you say/write differently is this letter?
has anyone in san diego heard of dion tippett? property manager?
Do all real estate agents need to find their own listings?
What's the best way to find a great appartment at a low monthly rent in San Francisco?
How does Rent to Own Work?
About how much would it cost to construct and furnish a police station?
Is it possible to buy a house in UK without having to pay for mortgage?
Do you think this hotel should provide shelter to homeless persons?
Which ten US Metropolitan Statistical Areas have the highest gross number of Real-Estate Owned properties?
Apartment Company ruining city? Help? What can I do?
How to get some money back from the landlord?
Does remodling a house increase its value?
how does escrow work ? I have no clue about realestate terms.?
Are there any 2 bedroom houses or apartments for rent in Anacortes that allow cats?
How much does it usually cost for a real estate agent to help you look for a home?
Help!! How does a loan officer order a Title search?
what is a good way to generate mortgage leads?
How much does it cost to rent a small one bedroom apartment in Orange County?
Do mortgage companies provide a copy of the mortgage note at closing?
How much of a mortgage could someone netting $25K a year afford?
Can landlord charge me for carpet cleaning during move out if it's not stated in the lease?
How much is it to own a 3 bedroom house? :)?
Anyone tried those real estate marketing programs?? Are they legitamate?
signing leases, security deposit, information i should know about my private landlord before signing a lease?
What are the initial and ongoing expenses of buying a house?
How can I break a lease?
How much money should I save before I move out of my parents' house?
Can a 16 year old move into a flat/apartment with parents permission?
What to charge for cleaning foreclosed properties?
How much as your FHA premium?
how does a cemetery make money after all the grave sites are sold?
Dear. I am from India and planning to move to sao paulo. Pl let me know the rent for 1BHK flat (furnished).?
Is now a good time to sell and purchase a home?
Landlord doesn't return security deposit?
Given: Selling price of $100,000; 20% down payment; 12% for 25 years. Calculate:?
About 7 months ago I rented a house , and now need to get out of lease .?
grandfather clause on tenant leases?
How do I move to a different state?
How much should I offer for this house?? Please Help!?
Should I renew my lease for a year or month to month terms while looking for a property?
Is it cheaper to buy or build a house and what would it depend on?
Tenant Skipped! 2 Questions?
how does tax auction in texas work?
how much would a 1 bedroom apt. cost in sacramento, calif. in a safe neighborhood?
Can I be evicted after I leave?
My husband and I recently put an offer on a short sale home.?
looking for a place to rent?
i do not know what the HOA restrictions are in my hoa. where can i get a copy for my use?
i want to add a name to my house who do i inform?
Are there any good housing assistants programs for single mothers?
Can a company that rents me a storage unit search it?
can I pay off points on an existing loan?
Rent To Own. What are the downfalls?
do I have to pay a real estate agent to show me houses if I don't buy?
My spouse has died and my name is on the deed to our house, but not on the mortgage. How do I keep the home?
I own a house with 130,000 equity in it. Best way to buy an investment property without selling this one???
What is down payment?
Find the value of x if the ...?
Villas of Geneva Apartments, Geneva, OHIO, USA?
i got a 3 day notice to pay or quit from my landlord whats this mean/??
Should I left the deposit as payment to my landlord?
Earnest money, employment verification, etc.?
Pets in apartment building question?
What are the most luxurious condo buildings in downtown Chicago?
What are the best things to remodel in a house?
do you have to live in a house 2yrs before selling?
A ? about my lease and the staff at the apartment complex?
How can I get a free copy of John T. Reed real estate book's?
In mls listings what does "area D" or "area C" mean listed under property features?
Cost to rent a rowhome/ townhouse a month?
Is it a good idea to buy a foreclosed home if it will be my first home?
Broke up. how to get off my lease!!!?
Where can I find the best deals on investment real estate?
Non-refundable pet deposit?
Can ex seize my home?
what should i do about my house mate?
is chennai a best place for real estate investment? If so tell me why?
In a new rent agreement and housing and want to go ??!? Please help?
live in a 55+community now to become all ages is this a reason to get out of my lease?
First time home buyer....Confused?
What things can I do to get a high-end home?
I want to build a house. Where do I start?
Paying more than required mortgage payment?
Will. the council rehouse my family?
If my dad's name is on the lease of my apartment, does it belong to him even if he doesn't live there?
To lock in or not to lock in?
in the state of california,do you need a licence to broker a seller finaced real estate note?
Northern Rock want to reppossess my late mothers house for a Equity Release loan totaling 9k?
Condo Association?
if it costs three-thousand to rent a luxury apartment per month how much should i save?
Sell our home to have smaller mortgage (23% more than average!) and contribute more $ to retirement?
Whether an individual who have purchased a residence for self occupation in the name of spouse who has no inco?
my landlord does not give me a rent receipt...plz read?
Where is a good place to put $150k that can earn money and I can have easy access to it?
My home has been on the market for 5-6 months, without any showings?
Is it possible for me to not have my husband name on my property paper?
what is 6% of 206000?
Are there any apartments in Garland, TX near 1240 W. Avenue D Garland, TX 75040?
How do you find out how much houses have been selling for in a neighborhood?
i live in an apartment complex, and in my apartment it is cocroach infested.?
We are buying our first house, what should we look out for?
Are there any lenders offering 95% ltv conventional loan on a purchase? Non- USDA, Non- VA and Non-FHA.?
Government grants for home closing costs?
Quick question about renting an apartment! please help?
Surveyor for mortgage company re-evaluated the house twice?
can a 70 year old get a mortgage?
How can I purchase a home, as a first time buyer with poor credit?
how to move out of the house at 16?
mortgage co discusses personal info with co-workers,calling them deadbeats and my"shackjob"?
do i need to pay my utility bills if my lease is over before they are due?
My private landlord has refused to allow me to have a free water meter fitted, is there any action I can take.?
My home is in foreclosure&Bankruptsy & my insurance was cancelled & now there is damage to the home, will....?
Why should I pay rent when I havent been living in the property?
when you move into a new condo is there already furniture in the condo?
Can I rent an apartment at the age of 17?
What do you think?
I gave my landlord 30days notice and paid the rent for the 30 days but do I need occupy it or can i move out?
Mission West apartments Tallahassee?
I am a Realtor in New York. Where can I find virtual volunteers?
My Tenant has not paid the rent for two months and the keep the house so dirty what should i do?
can i sue my mortage company if they said they will call the police because they said my son was home alone?
Is this broken tile completely my fault?
Can my roommate legally require me to pay a security deposit now that I'm moving out?
Are mortgage payments the same during all period of mortgage?
Does an old tenant have the right to come back to grab their leftover stuff after they've left?
signed purchase agreement/earnest money; appraisal came back far below purchase agreement?
if a tenant injures themselves in a rented property then who is liable?
My house in in Foreclosure for a few years.Can I get a refund on the PMI that I paid on my mortgage for years?
how to manege problems in apartments?
Is there a real estate bubble?
Agent Has A Buyer For My Duplex?
Do I have to pay rent once my lease expires and my landlord doesnt follow thru with her responsibilites?
What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of living in a major city?
Would you rather live in an old house or a brand new home?
What should I do about my apartment?
House overrun by ants, landlord won't do anything?
how can I find info on Los Cabos time share villas in Bunito/Sunset beach area?
Can my landlord evict me?
Gift of equity question?
my landlord wont give me what I'm owed. What can I do?
Landlord is selling our home can we refuse to sign the papers?
Can we buy this house?
when is the property at 281 montauk ave brooklyn ny 11208 going up for sale?
What do i look for if buying a P.C> To like record guitar in it?
I am buying a house of what things should be alert?
What happens if home owners fail to pay their property taxes?
Where is the best place to get a mortgage in Milwaukee?
what is the best real estate site for north carlina?
Can I put an electric and Gas bill in my name at age 17?
properties coming up next to the laburnum,gurgaon?
Has anyone ever had experience with a builder who goes out of business before finishing your home?
Can my agent suggest what to offer on my house when showing it to another party? well below listed price, btw?
Who on here lives or lived on a council estate?
Should I share my split with my broker if I sell portfolio loan in a preconstruction?
Looking for an apartment in Albuquerque?
I am a 21 year old small business owner; will it be impossible to get a loan with 20% ready to pay upfront?
Is it really bad to take the kids along when looking inside homes to buy?
is it risky to buy house in US now?
buying a house?
what are some of the refinance scams out there when closing the deal?
i have a 2 stored residential building in calcutta,we want to sell it if any one intarested..?
My city needs commerce and tenants: commerce is waiting 4 tenants- tenants waiting 4 commerce. How do you fix?
Planning to get my first college apartment... tips?
Is this legal? Is it considered prostitution?
my real estate agent is not doing his job,after signing contract, now what?
Is there a website were i can find apartments for rent? Its just my boyfriend my two dogs and me?
Where can I find a website for Japan Real Estate?
What is the law regarding tennant bonds in NSW?
im looking at buying a ipad apartment in adelaide but to rent out after a year would this be a good investment?
If i have no water and i cant get in contact with my landlord can i call a plumber and pass the bill over?
Can I refinance my new construction condo if we haven't incorporated? 2 part question...?
Can a a person under the age be a cosigner for a loan?
I own a townhome being affected by ground settlement. What options exist to protect it from further damage?
Should a new real estate disclosure be entered after you are already under contract to purchase a home?
ex girfreind wants money for leaving my home??
if the landlord excepted half the rent can he give u a pay or vacate notice after?
Is my current residence in my rental history?
Questioning my security deposit in Chestnut Ridge, NY?
which bank accept 10% deposit on purchasing a new flat?
Am I considered my fiances spouse on an apartment application?
if your trying to rent a house, do they usually check your credit?
does landlord have to pay for heat after april 1st?
Hello I'm asking for a friend,How to put there house of the internet for sale?
Texas - next real estate boom?
How do I become a mortgage broker?
How much should a buyer offer to buy a house for? Should asking price already reflect the seller paying closi
Am I being ripped off?
loan modification, better to hire a lawyer?
how can i turn $3500 into $6000 in a month, legally?
Does anyone know the North Strand Road in Dublin and how safe is it?
what is an apartment with a backyard called?
Any ideas about how to sell cemetary plots?
What is the average cost of Gas, Electric and Water bills for a 700 sq ft condo in NJ?
Should I buy a home right now?
Landlord Problems (UK ONLY)?
What do you do if a neighbor sabotages the sale your house?
Am I being overcharged for move out fees?
i need to find an apartment that depends on income...?
Should I pay off my car before applying for a loan for house?
is 20 year old far too young for moving into own flat?
are there any advantages to living in an apartment by yourself?
What is the landlord looking for in a credit check?
how hard is it to live on you own at 18?
If someone owned let's say, 5 acres. Could they sell off 1 acre or do they have to sell the whole land?
do i have to pay for redecorating a rental property left in good condition?
Where can I find foreclosures besides the internet?
how do i sell my house if my mortgage is more than my house?
Rental Scam or Real, I am kinda confused?
How much profit does a homebuilder expect/need to make from a (example) $100,000 home being built.?
Selling a house "By owner"... is it hard?
Our House Built Onto Neighbor's Property?
shipping boxes from Seattle to LA?
Good Neighborhoods in Twin Cities?
What counts as "reserves" when getting qualified for a mortgage?
Will I be able to get a Mortgage / Home Loan?
how can I find the price a home sold for in my neighborhood?
do i need a seller permit in national park?
advice needed from someone who knows about section 8 rules and regulations?
how can i get a home loan with no money down and a credit score of 520?
Question from Mumbai. I have a 1240 sq.feet flat in fountain heights.?
I keep seeing dead people in this house is there any way of finding out if there were murders in this house?
I'm 17 years of age and i've decided that...?
i can't afford my apartment anymore and have to leave, help?
Can a landlord evict a tenant even if the landlord hasn't kept his responsibilities?
I need to buy a house, my rent is more than a mortgage..i really need credit is okay but not perfect..
What are the unsafe places in Philadelphia?
My landlord didn't give me a key to the front door b/c he lost them?
Can we move whenever we want to?
Eviction notice was recieved on the 30th and we paid the rent on the 31st, and we recieve the notice in the?
How does Hard Money Loans work? When do you pay them back?
What does everyone think about B of A reducing principal payments on homes heading toward foreclosure?
private party investor loan for real estate?
Real estate: How to get a multiple listing # without a realtor.?
when was my house first built?
I'm 20 and want to start flipping properties should I start now or later?
Where can I buy a hard back copy of Facebook?
Landlord will not return my short-hold tenancy deposit?
when looking for a realtor what are some things i should ask and make note of?
How can I find a list of the most exspensive sold or bought houses in Worsley, Salford?
Need Help Please House vs Apartment?
Looking to move.......................?
Water or landlord problem?
does preapproved mean you have the loan and are just waiting to see if the house you select is worth it?
Closed on my house June 1 and the A\C went out today! Is there anything I can do?
How do you start working with Real Estate Investors as a Property Locator?
in Legal terms is a HOUSEHOLD 1 appartment or the WHOLE buliding?
I co signed for an apartment for my daughter how can I take my name off the lease?
Rebate Unearned Rent Charge?
Does my landlord need to provide a replacement copy of my lease?
What is fair amount to ask if landlord wants to break lease?
my mortgage is $3100 I charge $1995 as what market conditions allow. Can I write off the difference as a loss?
Wanting to move to New York from Oklahoma?
Looking for a bad credit mortgage with no down payment?
Charging housemate for 2 weeks of her not living I in the right?
How to Find Section 8 Apartment in Brooklyn?
Best foreign country (caribbean or other) to invest in real estate.?
Is it better to pay $650 rent, or $750 all inclusive?
When paying rent, do you pay for the month before of the next month?
What happens when the owner sells his house?
Does anyone know a good town that has an up and coming ski resort?
I lent some money (6 thousand dollar) to a so called friend.?
Where can I find New York City real estate inflation data, from the 60's to the present?
I got an American Stafford, 55 lb. San Diego or Ft. Lauderdale, do u think is easier to find housing?
Any tips on buying furniture after getting a house?
Do you think it's fair that people who pay their mortgage on time are getting zilch help from the gov't?
Can a landlord evict someone for damaging carpet?
I am trying to get out my apartment lease and can't find info. in my leasing agreement?
Help Me Please?
when housing market will crash?
Can I afford to rent a flat?
Being sued for property damage.?
Can I ask my tenant to leave?
What is the proper documentation I would use if I am "buying" a home that is for sale buy owner?
Creating a floor plan?
Can a landlord enter an apartment twice a year for inspections?
Is $750 a month expensive for a 2 br 1 bath cottage house by the lake?
I believe my realtor stole our buyer to sell her own house. What can I do about this, if anything?
What are your suggestions for putting in central A/C in an apartment bldg if separate furnaces already exist?
Hi!How much deposit would I need to buy a house ...?
Is rent to own a good deal?
I have bad credit and I really need furniture. Please do not tell me rent a center.?
if i was to live in Los Angeles, California is there any website that i can search for houses to rent?
Will I still be able to rent at the same apartment complex?
Bought in the USA from MRI? Were you promised that rental would cover mortgage and other costs?
American buying property in Italy?
Planning Permission??
Can a counter offer be made to two people that both put in an offer? Or does the seller have to choose one?
My fiance and I aren't financially ready to buy a home but are sick of wasting money on rent....Condo?
ive been paying my brothers property tax for years now. is the property at all mine?
Need answers to practice test to prepare for real estate exam?
Pet deposits on emotional support animals?
When you are co-owners of real estate property and ?
what percentage does a realtor receive from a seller?
How does a Realtor get to list new home inventory from Home Builders?
Is it legal, for either party, to buy "fixtures" from homeowners whos homes are going to be forclosed on?
Can my landlord take my deposit?
Does the utility company have the legal right to break into a property?
If you're ever selling your house?
Cost of Living for Two people in an Apartment?
Can I sue mortgage broker for cost of appraisal and home repairs?
my wife and are planning on buying a house are there any tips any one can give us and things to look out for?
If i put 4 wardrobes next to each other and cut out the back of 1 making a door isit legally considered a wall?
WEBSITE LISTING HOUSE VALUES IN CA w/o requiring personal info?
When should lender have % rate locked & loan docs done? What if hes still looking for low% w/12 days lft esc?
how was the economy in california in the mid 70's up to the mid 80's?
were do i apply for section 8?
How do you add something to someone's rental history?
we have been here 15years and ive put thousands into this house i dont have any problem paying mortgage?
How much does it cost to rent a one-bedroom apartment in Staten Island, New York?
Why is it when I call for an apartment on Craigslist from another state they never call back?
I live in north Florida, andy real estate agents with some advice?
Should I relisted a with another realtor after 6 months!?
Is caulking my job, or the landlords job?
Real Estate License?
I've been asked to vacate and my landlady is not doing a final walk thru with me.?
What size mortgage could I get in the UK?
should i let my home foreclose since i can't sell it?
Can I get evicted for a messy apartment?
Help breaking a lease in an apartment?
Home purchasing, is it better to....?
What are some sure signs of being in a predominantly upper middle class neighbourhood?
can you turn your home into a business?
My landlors wants money for problems that were there before we moved in!!?
How do you find who the agent or landlord is for a property?
Should he pay some money for rent?
property sales have MLS, where I can turn to get the similar info on foreclosures?
Which town/city in Kentucky has the most ranches?
While getting a home inspection what questions should I ask that are NOT your average inspection questions?
Why does the home loan borrower generally pay a loan origination fee?
Our landlord has been sued and the house we live in is being auctioned off. What are our rights as renters?
My apartment manager was doing something sneaky?
What are my rights if I move into a house that is still full of the owners old stuff?
Are mortgage rates expected to go up or down in the next 3 months?
Apartment security deposit?
SOLICITORS? Can my landlord keep my deposit?
Every time i make a payment my escrow goes up?
If an apartment complex in broadview hts ohio controls the heat to all apartments, what is the minimum?
Wich state has the lowest cost of living?
how can we, as a music band, find a cheap place to live where we can also play/practice our music?
3 bedroom house with no back door, only 2 front doors?
i want to find a good site with rapid results to find a roomate i have a place i need a roommate?
Are these good neighborhoods in San Bernadino, CA?
i have property in nys and in nj. i want to get a home equity line of credit on my nj condo.?
im renting a house and the landlord put a stop on the mail is that legal?
How do I protect the family property from my uncle's evil new bride?
where can I get a loan to redeem a house in foreclosure?
How to get out of my lease?
Apartments 1/2 between Williamsburg and Richmond ?
What can I expect to pay for utilities in Ventura County, Southern California.?
I own a house free and clear and want to get it out of my name because the city is charging me a lot of fees?
My roommate tricked us out of our house, any advice?
House renovation abroad...?
What is the quickest and easiest way to become a licensed realtor in tx?
Should my name be on title or just let it go?
where in new york can you find a good apartment that is kind of affordable and in a nice area?
if you have a 1year lease and break it?
Is it better to buy or rent a house?
how do I get First Time Home Buyer, state & federal grants?
Help getting out of letting agreement?
I have a complicated legal question for you?
Do I have to repay the reverse mortgage?
My husband and I are thinking about moving to coastal maine?
The sale tax is $45 on the purchase of a dining room set for $1125. Find the sales tax rate.?
looking for 3BR appartment or house for rent in New York near Manhattan within $2500 range?
What are the best criteria in buying vacant lots for investment?
am i the onlyone going crazy looking for a bank owned house!!!!?
The owner would not let anyone to see inside of the property unless they make an offer on it. Is this right?
How much rent can i earn before i have to declare it as a second income?
Should I pay rent if my landlord gave me keys one week after my lease started?
wats the cost of living in USA?
How long will a landlord hold an apartment?
why are we so unlucky???
What typically happens if I buy a survey and the posts go into neighbor's garden and behind stockade fence?
Mortgage Questions for 1st time home buyer w/ 600 Fico score.?
Where can white middle aged couple get down payment assistance to purchase a home?
How much would this house cost?
What is the difference between a real estate agent and realtor?
how do i get my ex to give me my keys to our jointly rented house?
I recently filed bankruptcy and I'm now looking for an apartment. How hard will it be? Any success stories?
Does anyone know of a good mortgage company in columbus Ohio to work for?
how can we sell the house very quickly???
How do I sue my landlord?
House is in foreclosure please i need advice and help?
Where is a good website to find cheap apartments in Tucson AZ?
Moving to Tampa, Fl this summer. Need help finding an apartment!?
Do I have to give my landlord a key?
which is a better place to live in baton, rouge JEFFERSON SHADOWS or CHATEAU DIJON?
Should I buy a house in new Zealand with 90% mortgage now?
How is it possible to find a person who lives in the Usa?? Please, recommend me something. I am dying to find?
Bank sued and now wants to seize my property?
Can I evacuate my tenant to sell my perperty before the lease ends? It is in Fremont, CA.?
Adding my name to the deed to house I'm living in?
House I rent is in foreclosure and up for auction do I still pay landlord rent?
do you think it's weird to have a kitchen on the second floor instead of the first?
Just wanting to know if anyone has put me on a no hire list?
Does anyone know,how many people can legally, by code reside in a 1 bedroom apartment in Broome County NY.?
We need help in finding someone to take care of our apartment?
Is living alone easy or hard?
Renting Rules of Thumb?
if a red house is made of red bricks, and a yellow house made of yellow bricks,what is a green house made of?
how to turn condo into retirement home?
landlord gave me an eviction notice oct 16 asked me to leave oct 31st theres no lease how much time do I hav?
Where can I find a cheap apartment for rent?
How can I get a mortgage?
if in process of eviction if the rent is payed can it be stop?
Can our upstairs neighbors our ceiling from running and jumping excessively?!?
how much can a landlord up your rent.?
How to get non paying renters out with no rental agreement?
I have a duplex that is getting foreclosed on. Please help!?
Why are some landlords so funny about DSS and Animals?
Any one know of any month to month apartments for rent in Austin?
If you were the buyer, how much would you offer to buy this bank-owned house?
Where can i buy an apartment complex in california for a dollar?
Approx costs per foot to bulid a house in London?
when buying a house can they put the original water heater back before closing?
Should the tenants pay for hotel fee during fumigation of termite control?
I have searched online but can not find, how many exit/entrance doors does a home legally need in FL?
I just got my ifsac firefighter 1 certication can I ask for a lower insurance rate where I live?
does anybody else have an adjustable rate mortgage that they need to get out of? my rate just went up to 9%?
Can anyone who has recently sold their home tell me what the usual process time is?
Can a New Jersey Lawyer collect a commission on the sale of real estate?
how much did a house cost in NYC in 2001?
I have a residential rental property, what should I look for in a property management company?
Are landlords aloud to go into your apartment without you knowing?
I've Been renting a house for 4 years, Can i make my landlord pay to have carpet cleaned, or deduct from rent?
I can't understand why it is so hard to find a nice affordable apartment in st. louis. Some1 please help?
Question regarding tenant rights regarding contractors entering the property?
I'm moving to GA and was told to look at ALPHARETTA & CUMMINGS. Is one better then the other?
As a mortgage cosigner, will the bank look into the barrowers background as well? or just the cosigner?
In Illinois can a real estate appraisal be reassigned to a different bank?
What do you think of Section 8 housing? Is it fair?
How low can you offer on a home?
3 men wanted to share a hotelroom, the cahsier told them the room wil cost 30k,so they paid in 10k each, and w?
can my land lord turn off my utilities if i am behind on the rent?
Is my landlord allowed to show my house ?
how is the real estate business doing these days for agents?
Need help with plans to move to North Carolina from Maryland???
Is it possible for 2 couples to get a mortgage together?
Quick real estate question .s?
what does "bluff lot" mean in real estate?
how do I sell my manufactured home?
i'm trying to sell a domain name. What's the best place to sell it?
Is 3 months enough to prepare to move somewhere to a different city & state?
need home loan?
my old landlord has kick me out but my new house is not ready for me i have 2 kids?
Could a single guy live on £22,000 - £26,000 a year?
If my landlords only will allow me out of my lease if i find a tenant of a certain religion, is that legal?
How do I refianance my home if the appraisal is lower than the amount I need?
how much money do u need to buy a home?
Trying to acquire the price of a bowling alley?
How much does it cost to live in an apartment ?
Real Estate?
who is the most successful person in the real estate consultancy field?
can a home in probate be rented or leasedWhat would you like to ask?
any comments about Las vegas Real Estate market ?
How often can you refinance your home in the state of Florida?
what is a EE party on a land deed?
Looking for Crop Buyers - Kenaf?
Renting property troubles?
Hello, can anyone think of salary paid jobs which you can do if you have your Real Estate Brokers License ?
what is an underwriter in the mortgage process?
get my entire deposit back when i move out of an apartment?
Land in North Carolina for less than $5000 an acre?
what is a coffeecup loan?
Can a landlord charge $1600 in damages after she already took our $1500 deposit?
can i act as a landlord and rent one of my rooms out in my rented house?
If i'm renting and have good references will it matter if my credit rating is crap??
Do I have to use this real estate company if they let me see the house?
I need help with the course in property (agents rep) assignments?
how much notice you must give to leave a property?
I am planning to move into a new apartment. How big is a 675sq ft. apartment?
Can i rent an apartment again after breaking a lease 3 years ago?
How do I sell a restaurant/privately-owned business?
When is contract invalid?
What are some good websites to look for foreclosed homes and land?
how do you go about selling a time share?
Is it better to make more principal payments towards my mortgage or save my money in a savings account?
How much of monthly income should go to housing?
Housing benefit and bank accounts?
Looking into doing a rent to own, can you tell me what kind of Q's I should ask the owner?
The landlord is responsible right?
Are houses to buy always freehold?
If woman purchase home while single, then marries does the Title of the Home need to be changed?
Housing renting what to do?
Anyone know of decent cheap apt?
first part of this week there was mention of a appraisal site that started with a Z in a featured artical.?
How do I keep my sanity while looking for a new house to buy?
How to buy a house for my children who are not in United state at this time, but they will come?
would you live in a biggest house in a poor neighborhood OR a smallest house in a rich neighborhood?
Get out of PMI (how soon am I gonna be able to do this)?
Myself and my gf want to move out. Don't know whether renting or buying would be better...?
what is equity sharing in Real Estate?
Is there a way to find out who owns a building?
Looking for a first right of refusal form to buy my mortgage at a discounted price when it's sold by my lender
How much will a $1 deposit be worth after 24 years if the interest rate paid by the bank is 7%?
We will be moving to another state in October; is it possible to get a home loan without jobs lined up?
need real estate advice?
I am buying my first home. Asking price is 109000.00. What should my first offer be?
Moving to california soon?
Legally, in Ontario Canada, how many days notice do you have to give to move out?
how do I collect unpaid rent and late fees from tennant?
How do I acquire the deed from the county?
My sister ran into the house with her car. How much will this cost?
Should I buy a house?
i would like to find out where can i get true answers to any real estate questions....(a credible site)?
can i buy a moblie home in a holiday park in new zealand?
The people upstairs through cigarette butts into our yard - what can I do?
what does A/I mean in real estate?
how do i get out of my lease..?!?
Can a Tenant stay in a home after their lease expires if the Landlord does not want them to stay?
do you think investment in dubai is wisdome?
Financially can I live alone OK while still saving?
Do real estate attorneys go to trial? Which attorneys go to trial and which don't?
Moving to London - Wheres the best part to rent an apartment?
Is my lease still binding......?
what website do i go to to find out what a house is worth?
Landlord Was trying to come into my home with out my consent???
Is there a place on the Internet that can do side-by-side comparison between the FHA mortgage and the ?
If I take a mortgage out on a home which falls under Prop 13 will the prop taxes go up after reassessment?
Fair credit, good job, large down payment, good enough for home loan?
can apartments kick me out for unpaid rent?
Would you buy a house near a power line?
I need money now, but no where is hiring around here i cant get a loan, and my lease in up in a month, HELP!!!?
What form do I use to transfer the title of my house to my sister?
Does anyone know an average figure for the monthy utility bills for a couple who are first time buyers.?
How do I know if my real estate agent is not doing the best they can to help sell my home?
where are good places to buy cheap specific things for our first apartment?
I have inheritted a property.?
What is the proper way to go about buying land for a future home? What all do I need to consider?
who is authorized to sign a contract to purchase contract for real estate in wisconsin?
My Tennat is moving in today and the power is out?
where can I go online to find apartments in the tampa area?
I can't afford to pay my closing costs!?
I'm in the market for a house (first time). What are some pitfalls to avoid?
Is it worth it to cash out an IRA for a deposit on a home?
How long does foreclosure stay on a credit report?
How do you find the title Number of a house uk?
can mortgage co. force loan payoff with insurance damage proceeds even if contrary to mortgage contract clause
what is a reasonable price for rent?
Instead of selling our house, we considered the option of renting it out, Would a month to month lease be wise
where is a city that has a lot of new businesses moving to it?
how do i get a construction loan with bad credit.?
We're considering owner financing a house to our tennant. Where can I find the basics on how to do this?
Question about my Credit score?
Is it ok to buy fixtures, i.e. kitchen cabinets, from the owners of a house about to go into forclosure?
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