Real Estate

18, too young to buy a house?
What are the merits of selling property privately rather than using an Estate Agent?
Can we get out of the lease? ?
help me i have a tenant that wont stop?
Selling a home For Sale by Owner (FSBO). Received a call from a Realtor two days ago and the Realtor said....
I want to move to mexico and sell real estate, would it be hard to do that?
Rich Dad Seminar on Real-estate please help!!!!!!!!!!?
Whats the best way to buy a house with bad credit?
How can i get a sweet 16 rental space?
how can I find out what the average home price is in Santa Rosa County Fl in 2006 per square foot?
I live in Madison WI I want to refinance my house should I use a local broker or a site like lending tree?
Where can I find a site to buy an abandoned warehouse?
Can a foreign invest in real state with a b1b2 visa ?
Do you have to pay rent after getting a 2 month notice to move so being evicted?
Im a Single mother a Apartment HELP!!!?
British person buying a house...?
Privately owned apts being rented out?
On a short sale, why would the asking price be less than half of the assessed value?Sounds fishy to me.?
Can i get my security deposit used as rent?
I'm on housing benefit in Glasgow, can I move to London and sign on there?
What happens if you don't tell your mortgage lender about your car loan?
Would it be possible to share a sublease apartment?
have you sold a property recently through an estate agent in the uk?
Do They Still Sell These?
Real estate quandry explained?
Does anyone know how to deal with traffic noise?
Where can I find a frame home to be moved off of the property - within 50 miles of Cleveland TX area?
I need a cheap accomodation (single/shared) in Hamburg , Germany from 10th may to 20th july 2006 .?
Are closing costs one of the biggest rip offs ever?
Australian mortgages?
How do I evict someone?
property tax rate in las vegas, nv?
Name of Carlton _____guy who does the real -ife Real Estate TV show?
apartment rental income question?
Do I have to add my girlfriend to my lease?
Is my landlord allowed to charge 10% per day for a late payment of rent?
Would you invest your money in Land or a Island?
Is there any way to get a 10% loan for an investment property in Florida these days?
pros and cons of this house?
is it illegal for me too get kicked out of an appartment afeter i payed the whole rent?
What credit card info is needed for buying a house?
companies that do no/low-doc mortgage loans?
I have a toy haulerr that someone left on my property over 1 year ago. How do I attach a lien to it?
Can i legally make my landlord get his stuff out of the garage?
Writ Of Possession On Rental Unit?
I live in an apartment that doesn't allow dogs and i have one what can they do to find out?
Which apartment should I choose?
Question about validity of my lease?
Slumloard refuses to fix house and wont let me move!?
Which is a good area to buy property in Glasgow?
what is the average cost of a three bedroom apartment in san diego per month?
Im 13 i want to make money how much should i sell spring water at the park?
How can i find out which bank owns a repossed property that i would like to buy? I have the address?
house rent per square foot in sowripalayam coimbatore?
Help - I need a REAL realtor.?
Home loan denied now what???????????
A Messy Situation in Real Estate?
are there sites like to look up houses for rent in los angeles?
What action can a tenant take after 7 days without hot water?
What should I offer on this fixer upper?
I want to my buy my parents lake house but dont want to use my own name can i use a false one.?
How much of a mortgage could someone netting $25K a year afford?
I was wondering how to subdivide my lot in Auburn wa?
wisconsin statues on illegal removal of property?
Should I sign Quit Deed?
Question to the people of‏ ‏ Canada, how do you expect a hot dog vendor in complexes that wins the day?
How to find who owns the property in jasper county ,missouri?
My boyfriend whom I am on a lease with wants?
how long do i have to wait before i can buy a house with a foreclouser?
What should I do first to buy a house for the fisrt time?
How do I get an unruly rommate evicted?
To bid on a HUD home, should you have your own real estate agent or can you bid with the listing broker?
Real Estate Attorney Costs in NJ?
If you had $5000, what would you do/buy?
What is a list of apartments in Gainesville or High Springs FL?
Can an apartment complex require photocopy of your Driver's License before showing unit? Why do they need it?
£27,500 sav , what does sav stand for plz ?
new apartment has ants and little bugs on kitchen counter, what to do?!?
Is it worth it to refinance a mortgage line of credit from 15% to 10%?. $700 closing costs, + credit increase.
Does New Haven, CT housing authority require a security deposit for Quinnipiac Terrace?
Is it possible a 18years completed girl live separate in a trust home by her own way?
I need to get a new home.?
are the homes for sale on craigslist legit?
How long till they can be evicted?
We are buying a house and the inspection report showed things that needed to be fixed however the seller..?
Interested in donating a mobile home to hurricane Katrina people what agencies or group do I contact ?
Buying a home...?
does anyone know any apartments in birmingham where i can get 12+ people in?
I feel like my landlord is invading my privacy?
University Park, Texas?
My landlord charge me for new appliances replacement because they cannot restore it to original condition.?
"Please help" I moved into this apartment on the first of last month. The top floor above me keeps banging.
what happens to the house after my dad dies?
Can a landlord ask for an additional security deposit?
How can I get my money back? Read on....?
Is it a bad sign if an apartment complex only shows you a "model unit"?
i want to purchase the agricultural land in karnataka. what are the documents we have and which documents will
How can I purchase a home, as a first time buyer with poor credit?
Should I buy my own stove in an FHA loan?
Whats the violation for living in a house before its up to code?
background check by safe rent?do you think it will be ok.?
can you have 3 people legally live in a 2 bedroom apartment?
New Landlord seeking advice on how to deny a pushy potential-tenant!?
If I buy a 30 FT motorhome and never owned a home and live in it for three years, will I get the $8000 credit?
Home loan question. read details..?
Can a tenancy agreement ban a tennant from having particular guests? (known to have caused damage before)?
When PURCHASING (not renting out) a property what should be standard regarding appliances included?
Why are the interest rates so high?
How much money are you willing to spend on a house?
Does a lnadlord have the leagal right to charge an early termination fee and keep your security deposit?
how can a landlord take your rent money and not pay off the 8 liens on the property he hasn't paid one dime.?
I am 26, making $38,500 with a 635 credit score. How can I qualify to get a mortgage?
Rent a room at 16 in the UK?
Our apt bldg is in foreclosure. The landlord offered another property. Bad idea?
Question about mortgage transfer?
A friend of mine is retiring in the Dominion Republic.. and buying a 5 bedroom with pool for 35,000 canadian..
I am a condo owner, and my pool right are being denied. Where can I get help?
Can a house with a burnt garage qualify for an FHA loan?
null and void contract?
im 18 and i have no job and im losing the house i live in in a mounth?
Real estate Inspection?
Is it illegal to rent house with a mortgage?
Does she like me or does she not? (more info included)?
My husband is on title of my house not on loan can they put liens against my house because of him?
wholesale lenders that give 100% LTV with a 560 FICO?
If your house is paid for, do you have any equity in it?
looking for a 2 bedroom co-op or condo in NYC for $150,000 or less or 2 family for $200,000 or less?
Is there a law that tells you how long your landlord has to cash your rent check ?
Town homes for rent in Frederick MD?
How does 30 day notice work for apartments?
How To Kick Out A Tenant From Commercial Shop With Whom I Have Only Verbal Agreement.?
short lease my aparment in Bayside Queens, NY?
What is the average cost to living alone?
how to get rid of a crazy tendant?
Why are there so many houses for sale?
How do I buy a house with terrible credit?
The long process of buying a house ?
Selling my house... closing on 15th? Question about payments?
How to break a lease in Florida help needed please??
Letter from Landlord?
Rent to own, is it a good option?
Can my landlord do this?
Can someone give me links to rent to own property in Texas?
When does a landlord become a slum lord?
New York City Apartment/real estate question?
how can do i get a house deed change over in my name since i'm the executive of the estate?
Should I move to another place now?
can a person sell their house to another person for less than owed to a bank?
My parents paid the original loans in 1972 and I have paper work!?
Would you live here?
Where can I get a decent mortgage with terrilbe credit?
Lease applications?
is anybody worried about house prices going down?
how do you work out the square footage of a house? Please ?
Legality of "Parental Gaurantee" Form for MA Apartment renters over 21?
Questions to ask when purchasing a home.?
Will I need a down payment?
Housing benefit advice!?
i need back rent
VERY IMPORTANT! My brother's landlord wants to kick him out!?
Can I receive a commission for although I'm not a licensed agent? I have an option to sell or assign.?
Can people who make 150,000 a year and have a family of 4 buy things for 5,000?
Is it possible to have a co-signer on a home mortgage?
What are my rights a renter?
How much does one single individual needs to make on a yearly basis in order to live just right?
Is it legal to request a security deposit after a subletter has moved in?
how long does my fathers house and money have to be transfered ?
I live in California, how can I break a lease due to a job loss and financial hardship?
How can I find investment companies that hire to find properties, give money for purchase, pay you commission.
Is it wise financially to refinance a mortgage?
How do houses end up at tax auctions?
i hve no job at present what i do ?
lease problem in california?
I want to move how can i?
I'm thinking of going to college in Springfield, IL. Is it a nice place to live&safe? I'm from the suburbs
What can I do my escrow balance is negative 900?
kicked partner out of house as he didn't pay any bills,he wants me to make him a co-tenant to give him rights?
tenants want deposit back, threatening to sue/harassing me, house was badly damaged, what do I do?
nj renters rebate for the disabledin nj?
my home was sold at a foreclosure sale today. is there anything i can do to save my home? can anyone help?
if a bank takes over a apartment u are renting do i still pay landlord the rent?
how to get property values in certain area?
I live in florida and had a forclosure1yr. ago. I now want to buy a condo for $40.000 with half down,?
How should I dress for an appointment with a potential landlord (apartment/studio)?
What could I do with a pond on forest land?
does anybody have advice for someone looking to buy a house on Long Island when you can only afford $1700/mos?
What is the number to Community Bank of Greater Peoria?
I'm selling my condo and already paid some listing agents. Any place I can advertise without costing more?
Is buying a home in the Lowry Development of Denver, CO a good investment?
Need Unique Marketing Ideas for my Business?
Me and my ex own a house for two years I have only been on the deed for seven months can I sue her for house?
affordable housing in Sacramento, CA?
when you Lock in a low, fixed interest rate, for how long is it locked in?
way my old account was close?
How much does my roommate owe me? ?
When it comes to real estate what is the difference between a grant deed and quick claim deed?
Selling a home For Sale by Owner (FSBO). Received a call from a Realtor two days ago and the Realtor said....
Who to report your apartment complex too in Arlington TX?
what is the best way to find home foreclosures in my area?
What types of land can one Build on?
I found out that the county asr made a mistake on home information.?
how much do apartments cost?
How long until notice.. Forclosure?
Buying a house then a new car. Will this affect my credit in any way? ?
Why does renting a house cost more then buying a house?
What can I do about loud neighbors?
Can I sue my landlord if I was raped in my apartment complex?
how is louisville ,ky rated in terms of
how much would it cost to rent a large space for a business?
Can landlord do this?? (have husband move in etc) Please help?
How much does one's credit score is affected when getting pre-approved for a home loan?
When you list you house for a certain amount and say that's as low as you can get, why do they offer less?
Do I, the buyer, need to be present at a total home inspection?
Who do you blame for the sub-prime mortgage crisis?
how much mold is too much mold in a house?
Does mortgage monthly payments reduce over time?
Breaking Lease, Not safe?
How much rent can I afford?
Landlord says "Pets okay," building manager says "no"?
Is Ohio an abstracting state?
Landlord wants to date me?
why will my monthly payment be higher quoted from mortgage company than from mortgage calculators on internet.
which is the better buy for each of the following? calculate unit prices.?
Recently relocated to L.A.?
Will adding a hedge affect my property value?
Can I be denied an apartment after approval in ca?
Im looking for a large property with a guest house.?
are there more houses for sale than what are listed on the internet?
Has anyone had any experience doing a mortgage modification with Bank of America?
Grand father passed, me and 5 other family members are on the deed. Can I move into the house?
Can I sue Title Company for negligence?
Should I kill my pet cat or get myself evicted instead?
How do you feel about people you don't know "rating" your credit worthiness?
housing association, shared mortgage?
How would I get my first job and apartment out of state?
Is there a program for single parents that want to buy a home?
Writing first residential lease agreement need help?
landlord ripping us off (London) ?
Is there a penalty for breaking a lease?
Can you give me a way to tell my apartment manager that I won't pay rent?
Can the landlord turn off the heat in your apartment?
Who is an underwriter's boss?
Room for rent in North Chennai?
If I were to rent a property in the UK, could the property owner turn up at any time and start looking around?
My husband and I are buying our first home. What insurance will we need?
What does one do when an apartment maintenance worker messes around with one's things?
becoming a real estate agent in md?
Can someone with Power of attorney, affect my living situation?
If I'm making 75k a year (living on my own) can i afford a $2,000 a month apartment?
Can my landlord make additional requests for move out that are not specified in my contract?
How does Fannie Mae help first time home buyers?
Ok,this is the last question...!!?
i need to buy a home, single mom in Iowa Park, TX have no credit and no place to live?
Is renting to own a home a big scam if they ask for a downpayment first?
Anyone have experience investing in Croatian Real Estate Market?
What is the best way to go about getting a home loan when my credit is terrible?
Gift for Real Estate Agent?
what should i buy with $100?
Land For sale anybody interested ???/?
is it posible to get a bank owed house?
How can I lower my $91.97 electricity bill for a 1 bedroom apartment?
whats the difference between refinancing and a 2nd mortgage?
To rent or to buy..please need someone who knows real estate?
Do all the mortgage modification programs use the 31% of your gross income?
Im renting a room in a house just found out the house is abandon my landlord is kicking me out what can i do?
hard money loans,what are they and who finance those?
What is the average commision for a realtor to get for selling a vacant lot?
Is there a legit place where I can buy a house owner's current contact info online?
My husband and I have been living rent-free in a house owned by my parents for the last 10 years.?
To buy now or to keep renting.... that is the question?!?
is it hard to sell a house in oklahoma?
prices of two/ three bed houses in evanstown gilfach goch porth cf39 8ru?
How do I get out of my lease?
What kind of financing is available for purchasing property in Mexico.?
what is the real estate market like in Foley Alabama?
Is my landlord allowed to issue an eviction notice?
Is it legal to have a haunted house at yout own home?
I am ready to move out of the house, i am making about 400 dollars per week. What would be my best bet for now
How do I find out how much my property taxes are? I thought they were $1400/year but how can I be sure?
landlords treating us like garbage?
Am I able to obtain a mortgage if my credit score is slightly below 600??
Affording a home when you already own one?
Living in unfit, unsafe rental home, who do I contact? Kansas?
In FL, how can i legally kick someone who is out of my house? no lease was made?
For people in Tucson AZ, How much are townhomes running?
There is 100 acre farm behind my house and they are going to devleop it is there any way to stop it?
how do I find good tenants for my ghetto property?
what does it mean to broker?
is there any way to get out of a housing renting agreement?
Should I buy a house? I only have money in my 401K. He told me I need about 3k. Should I take it out the 401k?
ok Alabama is the state i'm going to...?
when i rent an apartmet, who must pay electricity water and phone, the owner or me (client)?
Is the previous owner responsible for repairs up to 6 months after selling.?
realtor expired rate on listings?
does anyome no of any older properties on the beach in los alcazares that are for sale?
Can I have a joint ownership on a motorcycle that my girlfriend bought me with out loosing her interest rate?
what is the name of the web site that compares real estate market values?
looking for 4br 2ba house in high point NC or closer surrounding. any help outthere?
Can I sue my commercial landlord?
Is it possible to get a nice house in Las Vegas for less than $100,000? Where?
what is a good website to find out the owner of an empty lot in texas?
Is it possible a 18years completed girl live separate in a trust home by her own way?
Qualify for medicare and own a home?
Rent regulation regarding previous verbal agreement transfer to new landlord?
Where can a person find free boxes when they are preparing to move? Most stores won't give them to you now
Help finding a good loan?
Renting house and deposits ?
What does T1, T2, etc. mean in referent to apartments/flats?
Can I break my lease if a murder was committed in my apt complex?
mobile home sites in cheshire?
How Can I find real goverment auctions?
How much does it cost to buy a lake house?!?
I am only 16, what ways can I get around to signing a lease to rent a house without an 18 year old.?
What's a good letter of explanation for late payments - real estate?
I paid for all my house in 2006 and now it's worth 25% less, but I have no loan?
what are the ups and downs of being a real estate agent?
Non-ghetto neighborhoods in Baltimore, Maryland? Apartment searching?
Me and my girlfriend are moving in together?
Does anybody have any info on first time homebuyers programs?
Is Richardson, Texas a good place to live? Where are the best areas with homes under 150K?
What's a good resource for finding a long-term sublet or an apartment to rent in Atlanta (besides Craigslist)?
Has anyone else been scammed by NACA?
What type of home loans are available for people with crappy credit and moderate to high income?
Tempe, AZ?
Living room for sublease rent issue, please help.?
What exactly is Forclosure?
I would like to buy a house at the bottom of the market,?
Nervous abt what to do. My lease is ending. Help?
Can anyone help me with a sample eviction notice?
What's the real estate investing market like in Colorado Springs, Colorado?
would the city consider waiving back taxes owed on forclosed home?
Which real estate company is the most honest in Baja California, Mexico?
buying a home.. is it legal for realstate agent to say she'll only take cash? ?
What is assessed value of real estate?
Renting apartment with cousin and gf?
Found a manhattan room for rent website. Does this look legit?
I need help getting rental assistance texas?
What kind of assistance can i apply for in pa?
is it a good idea to buy a house on a golf course?
I need to learn about leasing and purchasing commercial real estate.?
I was wondering where to begin being a property developer.?
Can I get out of my lease because of a moldy basement?
How will the current inflation rate affect house prices in the UK?
I dont know what a tracker mortgage is?
Are the house prices falling in the uk?
How to go about breaking my lease in Florida when there is no duration period stated on it?
i'm looking 2 buy a house... IN FL, NV, GA AND CA.... >>?
What is the cost of building a single-family 1300-1500sf home in Bozeman, Montana?
i have lived on property for 12 years rent free owner has died and property is in trust. what are my rights?
Are there Below Market Rate Apartments in Los Angeles? And is there a website listing?
Is there a website where I could check for available spots for lease?
WHy american dollars value is going down .adn when the value will increase.?
i rented a condo thru the owners realtor, was not informed of 30 day prescreening, assoc is now evicting me?
How does the internal return rate works out and what is the best period to allocate.?
I'm a renter. My rent gets raised each year. Does he have to improve my apartment each year?
Can a landlord require me to pay rent for days that I'm not allowed to live in the unit?
Do I have to take the class again?
Can you ask for a late fee when you only get a partial rent payment?
Whats a good website to get prices on resdidential land for sale without having to get on an agents callsheet?
What is a website I can go to, to look at apartments and houses for rent in Arkansas?
I have money to buy short sales foreclosures REO's. Do you have any in Las Vegas?
Closing costs?
transferring a condo deed in texas?
Is this legal??? I have a leaflet came through my door regards a loan...?
know any websites to search for apartments for rent?
I'm looking for a 2b2b apartment in san antonio between $400-700 per month utilities included. any sugestions?
what is the difference between "rent-to-own" and "closed-end leasing"?
Can I cancel my contract with my landlord?
Can anyone help with mortgage application?
Is it considered discrimination to not rent a place to someone because of their credit score?
How old do you have to be to sign a sub lease in Alabama ?
Would you ever get a roommate?
Where and when is it the best time to purchase homes .?
I have 2 Chattel loans on contract I would like to sell off to a lender! What lenders buy loans?
are there any underground home for sale in AZ., Nevada or Utah?
Do you have to put a down payment on a new car if you have a co signer?
I am a renter and my air conditioner unit's drain got clogged and backed up?
Why do they pressure me into buying a house?
What should i do about getting out of my lease? -Please read-?
Getting kicked out tomorrow, how can I make my rent?
hard money loan?
please i will like to know(explain)what it means to refinance the mortgage of a house.?
We are thinking about closing in our garage and making a room for our son, but we were wondering if not having?
how do i find an agent for a 13 year old?
I am planning to buy a house.?
Buying a New House!!! Important Questions to ask?!?
is this a real rule for buying a home?
how did home equity loans cause the housing market crash?
I bidding on a what?
Planning to buy A for closure house in Florida , Do I need to hire a lawyer?
Is there any incentives for first time home buyers now?
whether standard bank,registered office,5th floor,cannan bride house,25,dowgate house,londonEC4R2SB actually e?
After you pay the mortgage off on the house, what else has to be paid?
Can you rent when your income does not come from a job?
Timeshare company sent me new mortgage paperwork.?
Multiple owners of a home.?
Housing code durham nc?
We have jobs that allows us to move anywhere in the USA. Our credit is shot and we are looking to move out?
Can I afford a $460,000 house?
Is there any other housing programs besides section 8 housing in Baltimore ,Maryland?
Can I sue my old apartments?
If my partners name is first on the tenancy and he throws me out will he made completely liable for arrears?
Do you live in an apartment or house?
how can i find out who the first owner of my house was?
need to find out church's who are selling are leasing.?
I live in cincinnati,ohio.. What is the best place to find land for sale nky,indiana,ohio?
How can I find out what bank owns the deed on a foreclosed home that my husband and I want to buy?
does a landlord have the right to walk into the home he has let out and ask you to move out without notice?
I don't want to move?
I'm buying a home for sale by owner.I have my loan whats next?
Breaking a lease?
Does a business degree teach you to become a Real Estate Investor?
What do lenders like to see when renting your home and buying another?
How do you get out of a contract that the apartment isn't upholding their end of the bargain?
Can I split my land in the UK into individual plots and sell the plots?
Mortgage company sending someone out to take pictures of my house?
where can I get a loan for 4,000 and I have bad credit.?
What do you do when your tenant does not pay rent?
Can I cancel my contract for sale and purchase in Florida?
Can a yearly income of 200k buy a house that is about 2 million?
how much money will nationstar give me after my deed and lieu is processed?
Can I afford to live on my own.?
Would Rent-to-own be a better altenative since I am stuck between buying a house and renting a house?
What can I/my roommates do about someone on the apartment lease who moved out but refuses to give back keys?
How do you save this file to a computer?
Can Susan still live in her home and not get evict from her landlord after she rent the house for 9 years?
How long are you obligated to pay a commission to a realtor after the listing has expired.?
Can I work in Real Estate Part Time?
High Risk Lender- appraised value much higher than selling price?
what if I was evicted last fall but now my former landlady wont answer me?
Realtors: If I go out with one, am I committed?
How to find people in order to come and stay at your house?
Where we can find the center of in Arab Home land?
Making an offer on a house but.........?
Can my landlord evict me for doing voluntary work abroad?
Can we move whenever we want to?
Home Buying?? How do you buy from one state to another?
I am trying to rent an apartment again. How can you rent an apartment if you've been evicted in the past?
Will I be able to afford to move out at 18, and move to Nebraska and rent a apartment cheaply?
How do I find peninusla park apartments at 4855 W.Fuqua web site?
Can you put credit card debt into a new mortgage loan to consolidate into one payment. First time home buyers?
Need Help??
Any affordable apartments for all college student in st.paul/minneapolis minnesota?
Permanent House Exchange.?
What's the best brokerage for California flat-fee MLS listings?
How do i go about finding a house to live?
Is it hard to buy a foreclosure house? If you've done it, can you let me know about how it was? Thanks!?
If you buy a house directly from the owner, how much faster would u get to move in?
What would you do with $200k?
if you pay for a house with cash do you have to pay mortgage?
How do you get a real estate broker to hire you?
Is it illegal to look through someones trash on someones property? My husband and I are debating if it is le?
what is the payment options in an underconstruction building ?
Is my landlord suppose to pay for this?
Mortgages - how long do you need to be in full time employment to qualify for a mortgage.?
What do I do about the mold in the house I'm renting?
when renting out your home, can the tenants switch all utilities to their name?
signing home equity loan with or without spouse?
Best place to rent in Cali?
How difficult is it to buy a home with a bankruptcy?
copy of advance payment?
How to convice them to give me a 2 br apt?
What type of programs are helping people buy houses with little credit & with no/little money down?
should i pay my rent?
I want to rent a house in Portsmouth without paying the Agency fee's.?
which is the most common way of obtaining title to real estate?
in wich state should i buy my new home?
In real estate law what does the term contingency mean?
can the people legally take the house away from you if they wont except the checks?
Do landlords have any obligation to let me know ASAP if there is a problem with my electronic rent payment?
My realtor finally told us what the prob is with they buyer not being able to get a closing date on our home.!
Are there any nice, but not too expensive apartments for rent in Calgary?
Can I afford to buy a house or condo in NY? My husband and I make $110,000 a year. How much can we afford?
what are the top 5 commercial real estate litigators in albuquerque, NM?
Can an apt offer a 6 month lease, but then write up lease for 7 months without disclosing this to the tenant?
What is the term for a long term loan?
Can my landlord come into my apartment while I'm not home?
Paying non-paying tenant to leave instead of costly and time-consuming eviction?
if I was going to buy a rental property, what would give me a better return? New home or older home?
home information pack will I have to pay if....?
I need information about buying a house?
were can i find house plans for my older style house i just brought my council have none for it?
Do mobile homes fluctuate in value like land based housing or do they depreciate like automobiles?
Can I break my lease if I have raw sewage in my basement?
Where to find this type of house in LA?
How can I find out who owns a certain home? Is it public knowledge and if so, how do I find out?
is this legal? it shouldnt be!?
How much should an apartment cost in LA?
I owned a home with someone and then I bought the house from them in 2006. How do we do our taxes house wise?
Apartment or Rent a House?
What is the cheapest way to rent a flat (or something) in Italy?
i want to know about le kessel?
Wat is the risk fee that i have to pay for my first apartment?
Anyone know of a lender who will do a 125 LTV equity loan using stated income?
What happens to a condo unit owner if the title to the land turns out to be faulty?
Can my new manager force me to get rid of my dog?
I'm planning on moving out of state in a couple of months. What arrangements do I need to make?
I would like my tenant to pay the rent by ECS- do Banks provide this payment facility to SB account holders?
Estate Auction Advertising ?
who knows where to find a house for free?
when housing market will crash?
Mortgage lenders?
How can I get info on HOUSE VALUE trends?
My mother wants to put me on the title her home because she intends for me to own it one day.?
If a renter has a lease and the property gets sold does the renter have to sign a new lease?
If bought a home for $650,000.00 then put $250,000.00 worth of renovations into the home then sell it for?
i am on a month to month lease and plan on moving to a new place july 1st.?
Trying to learn about mortgages...?
Do I have to be a member of Realtor, Inc, to practice real estate? I am licensed with the state of CT.?
i will like to know were can i get a sample of a" new managment letter for an apartment complex?
i want to buy and bail on my house. any one know of a realator that can help in arizona?
can i be paid for vigin to have access to my property?
What should we do about our gas safety and should we press charges against our landlord?
Any recourse to get money that was promised to us by our real estate agent?
Can I sue? It's was a auction house, foreclosure but mortgage writer put septic instead of cespool?
Am I liable for the rent?
Will home prices in CA fall once the moratorium is lifted in late September?
how do you find out about bank forclosed houses for sale without paying some website. is this public info?
are there any other ways to getting a home loan???
If I want to increase the rent of my tenant in the UK at the end of the agreement how much can I do it by?
what are some free foreclosure websites (not scams) that give you the complete address?
price per sq.ft in navalpattu?
Can you sign a lease to an apt in Bolingbrook, IL when ur under 18?
im being evicted by my roomate and landlord?
Do I need to pay back the first time home buyer credit from 2008, if I intend to live in the house eventually?
I'm interested in investing in a vacation condo in Colorado or Maine. Where are the "up and coming" places?
is this right?
Pet (dog) injured on broken fence, is the landlord liable?
How do I change my ebay listing title?
My neighbrs r runnin a drug house, how do can i get out of my lease if the landlord says no.?
Are Big Pretty houses worth the money?
what country holds the most land in the US?
When doing an eviction is their anything that I can do to make it uncomfortable for them?
UK housing crisis solution..........?
Does rent a center accept payments by check?
Is safe to buy from? Has anyone purchased anything from there?
Can a 17 year old buy/rent an apartment/condo in Missouri?
Can you take your lights and shelves when you sell your home?
Where are some nice decent 2br/1ba apartment at in Atlanta no credit check?
what does 4A5P mean when looking at properties?
deed to find myid?
If I buy a house, which is worth less than my own, what happens?
How do I go about buying a foreclosed home?
Does my landlord have to do something about this window problem?
In a private rented property can we be left without a working boiler if we have Emersion heating and water ?
Do both homeowners names need to be on prop. insurance for escrow accts? It is cheaper if we put in just mine.
(Hey Smilin1) Can I purchase a home? see details.?
Is there a way to own a house by the age of 21?
How would I word a notice to repair to my landlord?
what do I need to do to sign over property to my son?
Settlement date for my condo.?
Moving out advice needed for teen?
Hello , I'm renting a house and need to know if I can evict someone who lives their?
Where can I find 2x3 ft plastic signs that are preprinted "Apartment For Rent" and "House For Rent"?
Can I get a loan modification if I have equity on the property?
Is there anyone who knows Dr Harrey Bin Dawaut or Marrangun Bin Dawaut, is he a real lender?
Where can i buy an apartment complex in california for a dollar?
First time renting / leasing a Vacation house, is this normal?
how much does it cost to own a lamberghini?
How much would you say you need to move out of the house these days?
I have an apartment in Manhattan and a friend that very much needs a place. The only space I can make for her?
What is the web address for free lookup on HUD or VA homes for sale? All sites I find want you to pay a fee.?
Purchased real estate with a cemetery?
real estate complaint?
Tracking down owner of a house?
Of the 4 choices below, who do you see as the party primarily responsible for the mortgage...?
How long does it take to get a building permit in NYC?
how can i move out of my house because of personal reasons but im only a teenager?
Does the VA give home loans without having a job?
how do I find out if my rental home is in foreclosurer?
How do I find Property Appraiser for Arizona SunSites in Bisbee 85603?
How to write the letter of request landlord to return money?
Where do you like to live in?
I am building a house and have already signed a contract and paid a deposit.?
Where in Toronto should I head?
what does reimbursement of escrow funds mean?
Should I avoid buying a house near a sewage treatment plant?
Can landlord charge more $$$ for additional occupants in this situation?
Buying groceries with roomates?
how do i find foreclosed homes?
If i move to Birmingham and rent a house, which furnitures are in there ? In the bedroom?
how much money it will cost to built a golf park?
Landlord is saying that the lease is invalid because his wife didnt have authority to agree to it?
Does the purchaser have until Friday or Saturday to notify the seller?
Living at home at 25?
i live in california. who knows the date over here?
can i sell my house after living there only 5 months.?
Where can I find information on building owners in NY and on Long Island.?
am refin. rate 6.25 1&2mtg.rates7.75&11.25resp. they pay off car, 2300, $350, 30 yr had 21left,shouldI?
Should I rent or should I buy a house?
What type of programs can help me find my own apartment if I get $600 a month from unemployment ?
Can I afford to move out?
Besides paying the break the lease fee is there any way a person can move and be accepted into a new place?
advice on first time move?
How do you move out on your own ?
Can i buy a house with a bad credit score?
Can I take out a bank loan for the deposit on my apt?
How do I find a guaranteed home loan for bad credit with no down payment and amount of loan not limited?
where is the cheapest place to buy a house (near the sea) in britain?
Landlords...assisted eviction...tenants don't pay yet they feel entitled...opinions plz?
Can anyone help with this? Need your opinions?
Should I use my savings for a big down payment on a house or save it and put down less?
Any available section 8 house for rent with the section 8 voucher in the Evansville area????
How do we get into this home?
Can my landlord raise my rent on a written month to month lease?
Wheres the best place to get a home mortgage?
Foreclosure Summons?!?!?
to buy or not to buy?
CA laws on breaking a lease?
Im looking for a website that has a free property assessment for westmoreland county, Its been driving me craz
Where do you apply for Section 8 housing in Michigan?
Need prayer!?
How about some info on Title Associates INC?
What would you call a smaller house that is in back of a bigger house?
My Escrow company closed down, what do I do?
where can i find a blank mortgage contract?
need someones opinion bad!!?
What do you do at an open house? (urgent)?
Need help with a lease agreement?
is it league to sell a house without the tenants knowing?
i am looking for a mobile home or house to rent in or with in a 30 miles Fredericksburg Va?
USA Realestate sites?
as a tenacy with contract of one year how long notice i ha to give to may landlord as i lived 6 month?
Can you sell a house in Mpls MN with back owed property taxes?
How long can a unit be with out water while being worked on for maintness isues?
Is it legal to rent a house with a broken furnace in Florida?
Does anyone know about rent to own home laws in Illinois?
What are the apartment management fees in the Illinois State University campus area?
As a landlord would I have to replace a built in kitchen soap dispenser if tenant claims it is not working?
can my mother just add me to her property deed?
Should I ask my Landlord to escort my subleaser around the aparment, so the roommates arent rude to her?
Would anybody want to purchase, refinance or get an equity line of credit? I work for the largest lender in US
What are the best communities to live in near Sugar Land, TX?
Need help with home loan!?
what happens if my rental company loses my lease?
Ford Electronics issues a $400,000, 8%, 10-year mortgage note on December 21, 2010. The proceeds from the note?
What's a good size for a 1 bedroom apartment?
i have a home on 2 1/2 acres of land, but house is not a permanent foundation..does that make the house worthl?
Should I call and complain or call and request?
how to buy a good small house with bad credit?
Should I buy a home in zip 90277 now, or wait until 2007?
i can't afford my apartment anymore and have to leave, help?
When a renter says "+ utilities" does that generally mean utilities included with rent?
Should my landlord reinburse me for lost wages?
How do Doctors and Lawyers and jobs that make about 100,000 a year manage to own homes that cost like 1mil?
anyone from fort smith?
Where is the best place to rent apartments in Central New Jersey?
why wont the council give us a new council house?
Would you evict this tenant, or give him a break?
rent a place for 1 night party?
where can i find a boarding house to stay in NYC for 12 months?
Is my Landlord blackmailing me?
is my land lord breaking the law?
how can I find a nice, safe, yet inexpensive apartment in the Baltimore area? Suggestions on areas welcome too?
New RE Agent in Sarasota, Fl. Anyone know the commission splits with Prudential or Caldwell Banker?
Poll: Like Oh My God Correct me if i am wrong please!?
Do landlords need some kind of insurance beyond homeowners' insurance?
What Must You Know About Estate Before You Apply?
how do i get my real estate licence in new york city?
What are the sound proofing regulations for commercial recording studios?
First time buyers needing mortgage advice?
I'm being sued for rent when there was no type of lease agreement. Can someone give me advice on what to do?
How do I find the right house to buy and flip?
How much does it cost to buy a lake house?!?
where can i find tenant and landlord laws for the state of california?
what is the least expensive state to live in?
What does it take to do your own title searches?
can anyone give me resources or can tell me how I may become a real estate investor with no money or no credit
A real estate appraiser is coming to our house tomorrow - anything special I need to know?
can any1 tell me what does Ga housing law 2.50 109 (1982) mean?
Lent the house I co own with my father in law to my brother in law who now refuses to leave.?
Our house agent says just don't mention it- Is he right?
Can you negotiate prices of a house if you live in another state? Can you fax offers in?
how do you create a entity?
which city is better...ripon or manteca?
Do I need appointment to get mortgage?
does earnst money go towards the cost of the house?
what rhymes with dot com?
If a limb off a tree in your yard falls and damages property on a neighbors yard, whos' insurance pays?
Moving to TN with a section 8 voucher. What is the voucher limit for 5 people in the home?
What is the difference between a modular and a true modular?
Will I have to wait until my first pay slip before I can rent a house?
my landlord has not fixed the things he told me he would?
What is the 'devon rule'? I am looking into buying a house in Devon, and a few have this rule on, what is it?
I am being required to buy renters insurance by the owners of the?
Does any body know someone who rents out houses? In the Beaumont,TX area?
Does a mortgage entitle the bank to property/assets outside of the property mortgaged?
How can I recover my earnest money deposit on a newly constructed home if I am declined for financing?
how many times can they run my credit?
Washington State - What do I do if landlord ignores attempts to turn over keys?
Question about Rent!
What is it like to live in Greenville, South Carolina? Everything you can tell me would be awesome!?
Can a landlord (in TX) require tenants to pay for AC repair done because they never changed the air filter?!?
If a friend has become disabled and needs constant attention,can he move into my house as a lodger.?
can you buy a home with bad credit??????????
how much can they raise my rent on comerical clothing store in hermosa beach CA ?
What are my housing options to moving out?
The best way to deal with our apartment neighbors?
Is it true that a 4 member family must buy a 2 or more bedroom coop in nyc?
minimum time on job to buy a house?
Why are apartments deposits so high?
is it harder to get a foreclosed home to buy for a first time buyer then a regualr priced home?
Do we have to give a 30 day notice?
Can my landlord send detailed 'late rent' notice to my neighbors?
Should I use a HELOC to pay off rental?
Phone etiquette; my property insurance agent said she would call me back in 10 minutes, its been 30?
Signed a rental lease but wanted to cancel- New Jersey?
Does anything resembling a National Renter's Association still exist?
real estate thousand oaks?
where i can find a fresh jade stone in india , i mean to say in land not on a shop?
can i demand my landlord to update my 1980 appliances?
Difference between living at home and an apartment?
where are the cheapest rents in america?
When you are purchasing a home. Who pays the taxes, and the closing costs?
How I get a name as a co-signer removed from mortgage?
does anyone know a free website with questions and answers to the NY Real Estate exam?
Is it any way possible for a 17 year old to get an apartment on their own if they have a good enough job?
Difference between Appraiser and home inspector?
who can i get to loan n when can i have it?
How do you send a flat rate box?
RESPA Guidelines: Is it Legal to generate 1003 Application outside USA?
what is the accepted procedure for winterizing a house for long term vacancy?
U.S. statistics for foreclosure homes 1998-2008, where can i find this?
My apartment is flooding from apartment above...what's going on? What can I do?
Total Privacy For Retail Property Owners?
hew the Dominican republic for real estate investment?
Landlord question?
Is it a bad idea to buy a foreclosed home?
where is the cheapest place to move in summit county?
council housing with brother ?
We're in short sale process, not living in the home. Can bank change locks without notifying us or our realtor?
How do you fight an eviction?
if my building is sold on June 5 and a new owner takes over on June 10, who gets the rent for June?
A friend's Dad pass away recently and left him his home which had a Reversed Mortgage.?
can my aunt sell me her house for peanuts or does it have to be market value. I am in the u.k. England?
Any Dallas Fort-Worth free apartment locators with gift cards?
My moms apartment manager came to her house drunk hitting on her. what should she do?
have to move landlord selling building?
Who are the best home builders on the market today? What about mortgage lenders and banks?
How long can I stay in my home after it has been foreclosed in Fulton County Atlanta?
Can a person with a non-FHA mortgage refinance with an FHA mortgage?
What are some legit real estate schools in GA?
Can you live off of minimum wage or 10 bucks an hour?
We want to sell our house... so I need some suggestions about how to fix it up. Help?
if you buy a commercial property with liens .... if they execute what would make them stop?
Is paying off your home mortgage a good idea?
Are lawyer fees included in an exchange for land?
I want to move to Santa Fe, NM but I'm stuck in Tx!?
Need help filling out apartment form?
Can a landlord charge you for cleaning?
Paying extra towards mortgage or saving it till you're prepared to pay off the loan?
Clerifing question I was told i would not have to pay the mortgage if it was transferred.That is to good totru
I'm looking for a list of upcoming sheriff's sales in waukesha, wi?
I live in apartment, can't get in contact with my landlord, neighbor's oil is spilling, fumes bad!?
What kind of rate will we get on our loan (mortgage)?
want to become a real estate agent, where and how to get it in New York? thank you.?
how much are property taxes in washington, dc?
I want my tenants to leave, the lease has been terminated, but they are refusing. on what grounds can I evict?
is there a law in Florida that requires a landlord to allow a certain grace period for late rent payment?
is there a gov site that will tell me how to get a house back after foreclosure?
If you make an offer on a house on do you have to buy it ?
Can I terminate the lease..?
what is the formula for home equity? how do you get it?
would the city consider waiving back taxes owed on forclosed home?
Why are Mortgage Lenders allowed to sell repossessed homes cheaply without incurring penalties by law?
What is the difference between a cellar and a basement?
Uptown Minneapolis Apartments?
Is there a free online site where I can find out how much my property taxes are?
Looking for good lead on purchasing a nursing home facility?
If you have a loan w/co-signer, can the collection agency bill both of you for full amount after repossession?
Are you responsible for a NYC apartment lease after you die?
Is it a good idea to buy a foreclosed home if it will be my first home?
What are the hottest US real estate markets?
Housing style or type?
closing on a condo?
We got served an eviction summons today. Will the judge understand we had no income?
Bought a house, fiance paid downpayment?
I sold my house ex council house back in 2009 and i am now renting can i get housing benefit?
I need an apartment FAST!!?
If I buy a $425,000 with a 20% down payment ($85,000) how soon use the equity for purchase of another property
Can you suggest me some good Real Estate Agents Website in Bangalore?
anyone have any good saving and or budget tips for me?
What do you own when you own a condo?
Is there any legit home business out there?
what type of mortgage loan should i get if i only plan on staying there 5-7 years?
My landlord keep breaking in?
how much my remaining balance on my salary loan?
Does anyone know where I can find a sample real estate exam for phase 1, Ontario?
My house is going for an aution?
does anyone know where/how i can get help with loan modifications?
Where is the best place to look for an apartment/job in orlando fl?
I am a mobile home park resident hwo owns my own home and I was told that I have until 7-1-06 to move,any righ
Building for rent ;Central Valley CA?
Suggest the upcoming suburbs in and around Kovai for real estate investment options?
pennsylvania real estate fraud?
Which is best? Town home or Single Family home in Northern Virginia?
landlord dilema??
Should I take the free carpet cleaning or a $50 gas card?
Was it a bad idea to review offers 5 days after listing?
What Are The Steps To Do A Foreclosure Short Sale?
Does anyone know if Foxtons Real Estate Co. is a good employer?
Chennai - Real Estate Investment Tips!?
rent is dead money ?
What is the appropriate rent I should pay for a gross monthly income 4500 in California?
Is prospecting the process of looking for homes/listings for your business in real-estate?
Housing assosiation??? been offered a house? sort of ?
Maintenance guy entered my apartment for a non emergency while I was sleeping?
Landlord is trying to make me pay a water bill?
Am I eligible to buy a home?
What would be the proper procedure to deny a rental application?
can a land lord come in the home at any time with out notice?
If an emergency plumbing problem occurs in a rented home in Westbury long island and I must stay home?
Massachusetts housing law?
How much is it to build on land thats never been touched?
Rentals? I am new to this and need advice...?
What jobs can I get in New York City?
how long can a landlord stay uncontactable? i have a problem with my boiler and the landlord has his phone off?
Why people dont help the homless find homes?
Split rent, one pays 100 more then the other?
if our house got foreclosed on would we be responsible for the difference the bank sold it for and what we owe?
My landlord asked me to leave his property in 30 days how many days do I have legally?
Refinance Question?
property uk - what does '' freehold with vacant possession '' mean?
Section 8 housing when renting to family?
If you own a house and are buying another can you take out a home equity loan for the down payment for the new
Is there any way to get my name off a home loan for a house I bought with an ex?
What are the monthly expenses in Center Valley, PA?
If a limb off a tree in your yard falls and damages property on a neighbors yard, whos' insurance pays?
curriculum development?
How hard is it to find a place that will rent to 6 people?
What questions should you ask when looking at apartments?
What are the chances I get a home loan?
Can i rent an apartment?
Will the FHA approve a mortgage for a home with a Dug well?
i am wanting to buy this land i am o they want 10.00 for the land all i have is my mobile home that sits on th?
What happens if you don't sign a rate lock agreement with your loan officer?
I need fast cash, should i pawn my pick-up truck.?
Good tenant being thrown out by bank!?
How long does it take to get a Realtor license in Illinois? Also, what is the approx cost.?
Landlord making own rules?
How can I find the best property or land for sale in Bali?
How dose the utilities work wen u land.on it.. How much do u pay?
Is 3% a good interest rate on a home loan?
how could a realtor selling new homes project a value based rerail image ?
Are there Brazilian organized crime gangs quietly moving in on existing mobs in USA?
How do I get a real low mortgage rate?
Should two students buy an inexpensive mobile home or rent an apartment?
Can a girl force sale of house if.....?
What can I do If my landlord is threatening me?!?
Can I have a roommate live with me and pay me rent on my home if I purchased using a VA home loan?
the top 10 mortgage companies in volume, in America?
whats a good site to find houses for rent?
If you're 18 and you pay rent at your parents house, do your parents have the right your significant other out?
how can I find out what a home sold for in the past?
how do i go about getting a home improvment loan with no credit?
are there any first time home buyer programs that help buyers?
i need to find rentals in jeffersonville indiana?
I live in a trailer park and My land lord is harassing me what can I do to make it stop!?
Real Estate license in NY and PA?
i am buying a home and need a loan that will not show on the credit buerau as a loan. need to pay a sm bill?
Paying for a house in full question?
who is a technical officer?
Am I supposed to get my realtor a gift after closing on my first home?
looking to rent a flat?....only 17?
Real Estate "subject to"?
How much is it for a 1 bedroom apartment in London?
How expensive of a house could I get?
What should I do?
1st time condo buyer..?
why are so many homes for sale in the Colorado springs area?
How much do I need to make per hour to own an average apartment/needs and go to school?
Construction Loan / Refi Buy Down?
Could anyone infer on this Additional Occupancy matter? Owner wants $200 extra. Pics included?
Can a Landlord enter and stay in your house without your permission whilst you are on holiday?
My bank will only give me a 30 year rate but pay 3 years with a baloon due at 3 years. They say it's because o?
Is it possible that EMI of the house can start after we get the possession of the flat in bangalore?
Should I buy a house before the $8k tax credit is up in June 1010 or wait?
uk private house rental contract infomation?
I've finally got an eviction warrant for my England tenant, but now they are applying to set aside/suspend?
How to let down a real estate agent easily?
Section 8, I'm going out of town, is there a time limit?
How do you find out the history of your housing estate?
Where can I report a real estate agent who hasn't made a full disclosure about who they are?
How can I buy a house with out having any credit at all?
Reg housing loan for Row house (in Tamil Nadu, India)?
can someone give me feedbacks on my business website? thanks!?
Can I depreciate appliances purchased for my rental property in 2009?
Can i get my deposit back and move or go to court?
will i loose my house if i staill keep up the mortgage repayments?
Should I buy a house that is new construction or one that has been lived in?
Mortgages?? What to chose?
are most fitnesss centers at apartments free to use?
Is there a way to get out of a lease with my roommate with my dad as the cosigner?
Lost my I.D. and trying to get an apartment? Will I be able to?
I am looking for all homes sold in Summit County Ohio?
Pet Friendly Apartment in the Bronx?
Should I refinance my home after a year?
if i sell my property for under market value can my morgage company refuse to let me sell?
Title & Escrow Discount?
What happens when you are served with papers for forclouse and you do go to court. Whar are your options.?
Four out of five of my flat mates have signed out flat lease but the company wants more money.?
Do you think the real estate bubble will pop or just deflate?
How do I get my Florida real estate license and what is the best way to get?
how much will i have to set aside to buy a 10,000 sq foot facility?
has anyone ever heard of a hostile takeover of someones property.?
Where can i find detailed contour maps of property in minnesota.?
landlord and tenant situation?
for those who live in "no pets allowed" apartments?
How expensive is housing in new orleans?
What was the name of the short-lived app on the repo meant slely for refreshing your spring?
When I move out of my apartment can they charge me fees for cleaning the carpet and painting the walls? TX?
How can I invest in real estate with $0 money down?
(If I were selling a home)?
my tenants wont move out.?
How do I transfer a timeshare loan?
chances of getting approved for an apartment with bad credit + no credit, first-time renters?
I am going to be getting my very first aparment very soon. Any tips or things to look out for?
If someone lost equipment that cost over 10k that they rent, What Happens?
what is the average rent for a 1 bedroom apartment in the city of savannah, Deluth, and columbus?
What's the best way to find an apartment in San Francisco?
If u refinance your house, do u lose equity?
Could i live off of $1200 a month?
Short-term rent assistance in Boston?
i deposited a large amount in my checking account from my annuities. The lender is asking about this money.?
What percentage of property value must a monthly rental payment be to make a rental investment worthwhile? 1%?
True or False. Prior to the 1930's the majority of real estate loans were self-amortizing.?
When is this the start of affordable housing in the US, specifically in Orange County, California?
Does my landlord have the right to see utilities bills that are in my name and that I pay for?
What is the best study course to pass the California Mortgage Lending exam?.?
Is it worth taking a big pay cut to move to another state?.?
no hot water in my apartment for a week!?
Our property owner has violated the terms of our lease.?
does anybody know how you can get the fees for the civil court waived?
Can a property management (apartments) bill water and sewage based square footage vs usage?
When making an offer on a house, how low can I go from the asking price?
How do you report tenant for non payment of rent to credit bureau?
We are renting our bar. Need examples of lease agreement for rental?
In Texas, if my lease was up yesterday, how long do I have to get my things out of the duplex?
How long do I have to move, legally?
the title company disclosure stated HOA is $300 per month but HOA stated $321.?
pick an apartment for an indecisive person?
What is the best way to find a real estate agent to sell my home?
Planning to Own a Condo? Things that I must remember before buying?
broke apartment lease new people living in the apartment?
HDFC apartment purchasing law, rules in New York?
I would like to find out what the 3bedroom home in big water ut. 84741 have sold for in the last year?
Where can I find a sample letter for Holdovers or Lease Clause?
landlord entered without permission or notification?
can i give mykids my house to get it out of my name for medical reasons even though i have a small mortage on?
how do you search for houses with swimming pools in the 'rightmove' website?
Renting 1 bed flat/apartment?
If someone is living with me and pays towards Bills and help with the Mortgage; is that taxed?
Housing Benefit Problem?
Is it alright for maintenance men to steal from my house although I'm on public housing.?
How old is this house?
how do i find out who holds the mortgage on a forclosed house i want to buy?
Is there a way to fax off the computer for Free, really, for more than a month?
My father died on 4-15-2000 but his condo was transferd the same day. How is that possiwble?
Should I get out of Real Estate?
Is there a lemon law for houses? I bought a trailer in august. In november we got a huge leak. Now we have no
Define "luxury apartment"?
How do i sale a house?
Renters insurance??? Good credit?
trying to get my first apartment, I've saved up $12,000 is this enough to cover initial costs?
What is a 90 10 mortgage or loan?
Housing Benefit for someone cohabitating?
Am I entitled to my money back?
How can you switch from a Chapter 13 to a Chapter 7, if the mortgage company plans to work with you?
How do i find out who owns a home i'm looking into buying?
what is the difference between a Deed of Trust and a Grant Deed?
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