Real Estate

What do i need to get a housing loan?
where can i find low priced houses?
Radon in house I plan to buy?
how can i find out what todays interest rate is for a home?
Housing benefits? How do they work?
California Lease: Terminated lease early Have a few questions?
do I have to be on the lease if I want to live w/bf or can't I just be a tenant under him?
Boyfriends on on lease, what can I do to get my $ back.?
how long can a landlord put off replacing unworking stove?
why do real estate people always include their pictures on their advertisements?
if your solicitor has cost you c.£20k by negligence, what is the best course of action?
How much of a cut do real estate agencies take when you have them rent out your place?
What to say to a bad tenant who doesn't let landlord inspect the property?
Hi i live in pennsylvania i have 8 kids any ideas on where i can rent or buy a big house on payments? ?
Does anyone know anything about tenant/landlord laws in Houston, Texas?
If you could move anywhere in the U.S, where would you move to?
Actual apartment complex owner - how to find out?
Negotiating with a landlord about allowing a dog?
House buying what a ****!?
where do i live?
How do i deal with a dodgy landlord?
Nashville Apartments?
Who is responsible for apartment damages?
Would you be able to rent in the future?
is it a sign of wealth to have a vacation home down the shore? even if it's small?
How to get deposit and 1st month rent back?
How can I scan a business purchase agreement into my computer, then pull it up and type in purchase info?
How do you buy a condominium?
What can be monthly bills of 1 person living in 1 bedroom flat in West Herts (gas, electricity, water, tax)?
HUD Housing-Who Qualifies?
If a house is listed at $349,900 what would be a reasonable offer?
Breaking Lease for Pet Policy?
Is this true?
Do a real estate consultant has to have a license?
im looking 2 move 2 Perry, Fl frm Daytona Beach and was wondering what the price range 4 an apt. or rm would b
Whats the site to check prices on homes?
Question About the software Building Homes of Our Own?
How do I rent my house to someone?
How do I contest a will and bring it to probate ?
How can I explain to my apt complex that I won't be on time with the rent again?
Should I pay rent if my landlord isn't being cooperative with a pest problem?
Violent Roommate! Can I get out of this lease?
can you get a first time home buyers loan if you have some credit card debt, but have good credit otherwise?
I am trying to get a house for 189000.. can i combine mortgage loans like my mom got approved for 135000 .can ?
What does it mean when a foreclosed house listing site list the house for $0.00?
i own a house with my boyfriend and i want out of the house and the relationship. Can i sign the house over?
i live in a council house but the area is really rough and there are always loads of drugs etc around?
When buying a rental building, how do you absolutely verify rental income BEFORE you buy.?
Who do you call to report an illegal apartment built in someone's house?
How does 30 day notice work for apartments?
I want to rent a house in Portsmouth without paying the Agency fee's.?
Can someone cash a check that is three years old by changing the date from '05 to '08? ?
Looking for a house to rent in West Virginia?
just let underwater house go to bank.?
where can i get a no-money-down home loan without paying an outrageous interest rate?
Is there anything we can do to get our neighbor to leave us alone?
Help me out if I should choose this apt or not! First timer here! THANKS .s asap.?
What State has the Cheapest House price in The usa ?
are there any sources out there who will check my mortgage contract for junk fees before i go to closing? who?
need 3 or 4 bdrm house in burkburnett,tx. that allows pets just move in from mo.?
Good website to find home for rent in London?
If selling your own house and are having an open house should you be there?
what to do in your city when you have no money?
Help me buy a house PLEASE..?
Do you, as a landlord, provide window treatments (curtains) for your tenants?
Are manufactured homes more cheaper than Built homes?
What do you do with a burned down home?
what are ltvs?
Bought a house in Cali on May 1 then found out someone died in it on 4/10/06. Was I supposed to be informed?
private mortgage insurance?
Your Open Question: If you have aspergers syndrome and maybe mild retardation can u move out? Into a house pa?
I'm about to get my first apartment, however I see many places asking for references from the last landlord?
what can I do if a landlord evicts me without notice?
What is a smarter option for a first time home buy for a family of three?
how can I find foreclosure properties prior to them being listed by a realtor?
Am I responsible for repairs to a home I have already sold and closed on?
Has anyone used the part exchange program to buy a new house?
want to buy unlisted bank-owned home?
what would the electric bill be a month for a 700sf apartment in florida?
Help with new apartment leasing job please!?
can i still rent a warehouse in vegas to throw a party?
how soon after receiving a court judgement can a person re-rent an apartment?
Relocating to Irving TX and I want to know what is the best high school, best apartments .?
What happens when you split up with spouse?
i am a private tenant in a furnished apartment and the washing machine handel broke who pays for repairs?
When buyng your first home, how important was/is location?
What is a good landlord website-service to screen tenants? I prefer unlimited use for a flat fee.?
rented house falling down?
First Home Buyers Grant in Australia.
If a foreclosed home is selling for very cheap, does it mean that is has lots of issues?
how long does landlord have to give security deposit back?
If the yearly lease to my apartment is up, do I still have to give thirty days' notice before moving out?
How can I persuade my landlord to not raise my rent?
Help me! Need to break my lease.?
Question about the application for renting an apartment?
how to conect my real estate agency to some britan real estate agency to work together like a partners?
Tenant asked me if she can paint her unit?
How much value has your home lost?
Is it legal for a landlord in CA to hold abandoned property for nonpayment?
Break Lease Before Move In!?
should i put an addition on my house?
do I need to notify my tenant about my intention to sale my condo? How many days prior to put on the markeT?
Can I sue my realtor for providing false information about a house I recently bought?
Rental Agrement Issues. He may be swindler?
Looking to get my MLO (Mortgage Loan Originator) license, but worried about my credit check.?
is it fixed or floating rate for a bond that suits a liquid market?
I am renting a house that I just found out was in forclosure is my lease valid? It's for 6 months?
looking for a way to find current employers to collect on civil judgements for unpaid rent?
my roommate is selling herself?
First time renting, having a nightmare time.. help experienced renters/buyers!?
How much do you pay for your electric bill every month?
AT&T account placed into collection 6 weeks before closing on house!!?
Would it be smarter to buy land or buy a run down house?
what does reimbursement of escrow funds mean?
Short Sale Home Question??????
Generally how long does it take for a real estate agent to follow up for a buyer?
What is a better rental property? A single family house or a duplex.?
Landlord ripped out central heating...?
An escrow account is used to collect ____________ from one's monthly mortgage payment.?
Is it legal for a landlord to tell other tenants that your leaving???
PLEASE HELP I need a new home to rent this summer in S Herts/Bucks/Berks/E Oxfordshire?
Is Digital content covered under renters insurance?
i wanna buy a open house in inz. being an indian can i buy the property in nz?
Is 20 years old to young to buy a home?
Is it still possible to buy a house with just a good credit and 20% down payment?
For an FHA loan home, what does my Home Owner's Insurance policy have to cover to fulfill FHA requirements?
Is there a loan to buy house back after sheriffs sale during redemption period?
What is good about a NEW building compared to OLD buildings?
how long does it take for escrow to close?
I think I am paying too much for this house! Can I back out?
What's the first step in getting started in real estate investing?
Realtor only wants to show me houses her company is selling?
When to call emergency maintenance?
How do I transfer my section8?
Can I cancel my contract for sale and purchase in Florida?
do you think buying a condo which can see the sea better or one that face the swimming pool?
I purchased a foreclosure from auction and I need to get a loan without an appraisal.?
Commercial Property from home property...?
Mortgage Broker and Foreclosure?
Why does my boyfriend ask me if i apply a house?
Realtors, do you use online real estate advertising such as:, Is it worth it?
I'm looking to buy a house in the USA?
What kind of house can you get in your area for $150,000 ?????
How much money does one need to live on his own?
looking for a apartment/trailer near fenton mo thats not ver $450 monthly & accepts medium/large dogs (pit &?
Apartment Company ruining city? Help? What can I do?
if u move from n.c and u have housing n u want to move to n.y. can ur housing turn into section 8?
I need a list of buildings for sale on lake shore DR with 30 units or more?
i want to know about the draw of residential plots of huda of jagadhri and my application no. are 61844 &61845
what does an appraiser apprentice do?
how do you stop forcolsure on my house sell date in 2o days?
how old do you have to be to move out?
Can I see the minutes from the Homeowners Association BEFORE i make an offer?
what can i do to my landlord to get revenge ????
Breaking a 60 day notice?
private landlords in sussex uk?
Real estate appraiser information anyone?
im currently assigning my commercial lease can my landlord change clauses in the lease?
My friend and I are spending the summer in NY and we're looking for an apartment to rent near the NYU campus.?
Trying to find an efficiency apartment that pays for electric and water?
Do you have to have credit to buy a house? Are there any other requirements?
Does renovating a house higher the price?
what is a co applicant?
does a real property lien become a personal lien?
Buying A Home In North Dakota?
what is homestead exemption?
What are my rights in Texas in reference to property access between properties with zero lot line?
What should I do about the house I own with my husband? We are divorcing.?
Question about extending an apartment lease.?
HI. my name happens to be leon l. white i'm trying to contact MARVIN ZINLER?
Buying a house ?........?
broke up but still paying rent help!?
Should I buy a house right now or pay off credits cards?
Is there anyone who knows where I can rent a van without pay the annual fee in London?
Real estate comparisons by state?
i want to know how to get out of lease ?monday nite two people killed in my apt nite it goes on daily?
What is Real Estate Development?
How to tell if you have mold or asbestos? Legalities of renter versus landlord over the matter?
can a landlord come in and strip our house of all appliances and fixtures inc. wood stove after foreclosure?
How can I get out of lease??????????
is it better to buy a new house in this year or next year?
am i supposed to deep clean my apartment when i move out?
what's your favorite real estate blog?
I have six month left on my flat's rental contract. Can I cancel it before the time?
Can I pay my own electricity bill in a month-to-month with included utilities?
How Can I Find A Real website That'll Give Me Real Houses For Rent And There real Price?
whens a good time to buy a house?
With the subprime mortgage crash?
how do I find the best realtor in southaven mississippi?
How should I deal with a late tenant?
how much time do i have to remove my belongings when forclosure is posted on my home? don't i get 30 days?
Buying a house w/huge CC debt?
what are your thoughts on investing in a high rise condo in downtown Dallas?
Can I sue my Landlord?
Costs of Owning a Home (Insurance, Tax, Utility, and what else?)?
Which is more expensive and which is more bigger?
what would the estimated monthly payment for a 150,000 loan ona home be?
is there really such a thing as no money down on buying realestate if so where do I find this place thank you?
Why Foreclosures Don't Work in Today's Market?
OMG, Can I legally break my lease now? Please help!!!?
How to get an apartment if you are very young? PLEASE HELP BEST ANSWER 5 STARS?
The due date is June 27, 11 instead of June 26, 11 because June 26, 11 falls on Sunday?
are there any 5 bedroom houses for rent in montgomert vounty?
Homes or apartments only all bills paid. ?
if a Tenant/Roommate has Drugs or naroctics on the property?
I want buy a house, my husband and I work and bring home $2400 every month?
When I negotiate a price for rental property, how much lower than the asking price do I start, %age wise?
Rent or buy?
does a landlord have to give permission to a letting agency before they can return a deposit?
What actions can I take against my apartment management company for construction noise?
Unbearable Neighbor?
My Realtor is robbing me, what do I do??
i am buying a home... please help?
How hard would it be to live on my own?
Kindly explain how the mortgage terms below would apply if the lender gave the borrower $100,000 for a home?
There's a land property in a very known and progressive resort that looks for a buyer.?
short sale after refinance?
How do I transfer over 2 property plots to my child as a gift? Levy County, Florida?
Near Joplin Mo - 2 Homes 4 Sale?
How likely am I to get approved for a mortgage?
has anyone had ay experience with a homebuyers type arrangement?
what makes a home unlivable?
i saw this 36 acres arizona ranch for only 23.000$. Is that price real?
Can we break a real estate contract for sell of a house?
My landlord has charged me for professional cleaning and gardening!?
My husband and I want to buy a house, but is this even possible?
Consider a borrower and a lender in a market.?
Moving for the First Time?
HELP! We helped homless family move from tent to empty rent. prop.,now they wont leave, what to do?we r broke!?
should I do this?
Can I get a home loan without 2 years at same job?
Which of these 3 apartments would you go for?
Need To Do An Inspection At Tenants Place?
Can I get the hombuyer credit this year?
Should I rent a $950/month apartment making $2,000/month?
Any1 heard of "tying of contracts" in buying investment property?
Do you think our landlord will make us get rid of her?
My daughter decited to break her lease. The owner is trying to make her pay 1/2 months rent + 299.00 reletting?
Is the housing market ......?
In California, is it illegal to demand higher rent from a specific person vs the public advertised price?
Housing benefit help.. Claim been going on 22weeks now in £1600 rent arrears...ADVICE PLEASE!!!?
are websites advertising their own apartments in paris safe?
Should we cut our losses and try to sell our house now?
Why do mortgage lenders ask how many floors are in a condo building?
If bought a home for $650,000.00 then put $250,000.00 worth of renovations into the home then sell it for?
is there such a thing as trading houses outright ? real estate or individual?
landlord hasn't replace my air conditioner?
how can i find out who the top 10% of realtors are in a given county?
Landlord didnt inform me of black mold?
I have a 37ft Montana maintainer edition fifth wheel trailer for sale is anyone interested?
i want to find the details of
if im renting a house, can the owners just go there anytime and sleep over?
How many home equity loan possible?
If i have horrible credit, and lose my house where can i live?
What is a fair price to pay for renting a guest room?
What profession can buy a house worth 900,000?
I own a house with my boyfriend and now we are seperating. What should I do legally?
home much is it to move a mobile home in las vegas?
Why so many homeless veterans???
Chances of getting approved for a mortgage loan?
a name for a real estate agency/property business thats efficient and creative?
Did anything happen on a property house?
Renter not paying contract for deed payment what can I do, can I get the past due rent that is owed to me?
what are my options? is my landlord responsible?
how big is 3000 square feet for a home?
Why does my apartment still have electricity?
How much should i offer for a house, marketed at £164,950?
are townhomes expensive in houston texas ?
Is it a good time to sell my holiday home?
HELP! Wife wants to refinance our home to free up $400 to $500 a month - doesn't want budget or to work?
Is there a down payment assistance program available for first time home buyers in Canada?
What does it mean when a rental or property is listed as Contingent?
I have had a xray license since 1973 in ca. I now live in az and want it transferred from Az how do i do this?
I have an Apartment Lease Question?
Great.... now what????!?!?!?
My roommate broke our lease, and now he refuses to give back the keys.?
What are the risks in renting out to a SECTION 8 tennant?
Anyone know of a lender who will do a 125 LTV equity loan using stated income?
for much i can find room on rent in new delhi?
would a land transfer have anything to do with a county auction?
How to take care of a gas leak bill in an apartment?
How good does your credit have to be when trying to rent an apartment?
Why are landlords such fuquers?
How is this legal? Any suggestions on getting this agent back?
Is it legal in MD for my landlord to tell me I must hire a cleaning service?
If I am one step away from being homless should I sell my travel trailer?
Can I sell my home for a loss and buy a cheaper home?
Ceiling leaking bad (where tub is upstairs)?
What banks are currently doing USDA Rural Development loans?
Is it feasible/how can two 18 year olds afford moving out together?
Question about Mortgage Underwriters?
Real estate help pleasE?! 2 questions?
Where is the Real Estate Market in Florida headed?
Broker/Investor desperately wants my home and I need some help and much needed advice?
can an apartments managers get in trouble if there are infestation?
my new land lord told me i have till the first of april to move out by law how many days do i get to move out?
what is the best web site to put a" home for sale "on?
Should I turn the water off in my house while I am on vacation?
How do i sell a high end A++ grade apartments in bangalore????
what is a home equity loan?
Landlord insists we bring a deposit to first viewing...dodgy?
Rent to Own? Buying? Help!?
landlord setlement money?
Can you be asked to move based on insects only?
Would a previous foreclosure home debt be considered as community debt if it happened before you were married?
In real estate terms, what does "active- kick out" mean?
Why are there no listing for houses for rent in Grand island NE?
Is it good to refinance from 4.99APR to 4.30 APR ?
Property Tax Rates in PA?
How much notice does a landlord have to give a tenant in New Hampshire before putting the house on the market?
is my apartment complex required to provide me with a handicap parking space?
can anyone tell me about how much it costs to go to small claims court?
Would a house for sale that does not include a refrigerator prevent you from buying?
Will i Qualify for a council house?
Advice for moving out of first apartment?
when selling a house in France?
if u sign a years lease can u break it before it is up?
Can my grandparents use the equity on the house they own to buy another for me to live in?
i am 21 and thinking of getting a morgage and renting out?
goverment grants do they cost any thing or are they free?
Is it cheaper to build or buy?
What can I do if the place that im renting is not safe.?
what do you do If your realitor refuses to lower your sale price?
Which is better, house or apartment?
Does any one has predesigned duplex home plans and elevations?
Is it okay to go through life without friends?
Trying to get a home loan?
When do we start the loan process for a new home construction home?
Why Houses in Richmond, VA so cheap?
Is it allowable to buy a piece of land in NY and live on it without electric, sewer, etc.?
I will be bringing home $2500 a month?
can my landlord charge damages for more than a property is valued?
My Roommate has skipped on rent and now we are bing evicted! What should I do?
Who is Donald Trump? He is an estate developer?
What to look for in a real estate company?
If paying more than monthly payment would it be better to apply it to the principal or escrow?
Can I still get approved for a mortgage loan if im on chexsystems?
House mate had a fire, and wants me to pay towards it?
What would you do?
what is responsbility of purchase assistant?
Mortgage interest rate. Should I lock now?
where can i get a free california brokers license test prep that is downloadable?
I have a passion to get a job in commercial real estate.?
we just changed house and my relatives sent us a mail on our previous one's address?
I'm 17 and living in the UK. When can I move out?
how much is the average return for a CA?
Condo Forclosure Listings?
I'm 23 and i want to buy a House the only thing is I'm broke. but i have a really good job. i hate paying rent
What are the tax consequences to taking on a roommate?
should i trust this craigslist buyer?
when you put an offer in on a short sale do they have to change the listing status?
Is my landlord likely to retaliate?
Renting council place,?
I own my manufactured home but want walk away but don't own land what can they do?
WHat will i need to know/do?
what is the best way to know how much my monthy payment will be when I buy a house?
Is 8k enough to move to miami?
IF your Section 8 lease gets terminated does that mean you cant rent in subsidized houseing?
need a loan but:no loan history,no job history,and no one to co-sign with me. what can i tell the loan officer?
I need a change should I move to Brooklyn?
Do I need an independent attorney when buying a house?... Please read the whole question.?
Can I claim head of household if I'm not the lease holder?
Small luxury apartment or large home in average area?
How does assist to sell work?
How can I become wealthy in a short amount of time? possibly with the lease money as possible? and attract a l?
should my mom become a real estate agent or should she keep waiting tables?
How can I deal the most damage possible in Skyrim?
I want to get a real estate license. Does anybody know how classes work?
Expenses for a condo with one person?
Does the seller see whose name goes on the deed/title to the house?
Can anyone recommend a rental agent in Washington DC? I was hoping to find 1 person who can show us around?
if you own land , how much depth do you own , or is down to the core yours?
Can I deduct mortgage interest on a rental property that is also the only property I own? (see details)?
Can a Homeowner's Association management company charge the HOA for their equipment?
Does Coldwell Bank only sell foreclosed homes?
I'm 21 and going to be 22 in september. I just got a job offer for 21.00 an hour. I have?
Gifting a home to a relative?
is there a place i can call about the Illegals that my apartment building people rent out to?
what does it mean when an apartment building states in the description "cable tv available?"?
would buying property in the usa give me right to be a us citizen?
what will happen if i move out of my apt. and not pay the the past 2 months i owe?
Is it best to vacate apt on my own or wait for an eviction?
Should I still pay rent?
Is this apartment good value?
is landlord responsible for boarding the window while waiting two days to replace window?
What are apartments that accept felons in columbus ohio?
Am I still in contract if my real estate agency went out of business?
Please help me understand?
My ex landlord wants tenancy agreement back. why?
Can I roll existing debt into a mortgage?
I paid for rent twice by accident?
When does my tenancy is finished? I need some help please?
In North Carolina can I break a lease if an apartment is infested with roaches?
Can a housing association evict me for rent arreas despite me doing all I can to pay my rent?
Why are US homes so much nicer than UK ones?
What is the difference between a townhome development and a condominium development?
Can I Get a Home Loan in KY?
What can I do if my landlord wants to keep my security deposit?
What do I do about a nasty landlord?
can my apartment managment get away with this?
how do you go about buying a house as a pre-foreclosure or as a tax sale in the state of connecticut?
as a real estate agent how can i get foreclosure list from the bank for an investor?
Best Gas/ Electric company in Fort Worth?
What are the basic requierements to qualify for a house?
How much notice should someone give to a roommate that they're moving out?
Who is liable for the damages?
Has anyone ever broken a lease on their apartment?
if my grandmother is 65 years old can she buy a house?
how much does it cost to terminate a housing contract?
how much land is on the entire biltmore estate?
How can I break my rental agreement/lease?
Does a huge house mansion have about the same bills as a small house?
I might go to U Michigan and thinking of housing...would it be cheaper in the long run to live at a condo?
How to rent with bad credit, bad rental history, new job, and several defaults.?
I want to break my lease ASAP?
When renting a property, is the landlord or tennant responsible for supplying and changing new light bulbs?
I will be selling my own house in California, do I need a real estate attorney and title company to assist me?
8020 Home Loan??
I am a Realtor in New York. Where can I find virtual volunteers?
What is due deligence?
I want to buy a building?
Why do mortgage companies resell your account so frequently?
Mortgage companys that allow to include rehab money?
What is the average price of land per acre in Raleigh NC?
After renting office space in Alex.,VA for 6 months I broke the 2 year lease.?
I bought 2 new build properties last year & bought new conservatories for both. Can I claim back the VAT paid?
Is it legal for aperson 2 harrass you at work for an unpay bill?
If you move house and leave something valuable in the loft is it true that you can not go back to claim it?
Can you go to jail for not paying your rent to own bill?
If I were to buy a $50,000 house, what would my down payment be and how much time might they give me to pay ?
Should me and my common law girlfriend buy a house together??
I've recently moved into a flat and get a lot of mail for the previous tenant.How do I return them to sender?
Regarding property managers vs. property owners?
My husband and I were renting a house together and he walked out on me January this year.?
Would you ever buy your childhood home?
Income taxes are due this week and I have some rental properties....?
If the mortgage rate rises to that of the 80's would you lose yor home.?
Need an example for a real estate release of lien on property worth less than $3000?
i need cash loan. have job, no bank acct, bad credit?
Who is the best realtor in Raleigh?
How do I become a real estate agent in Texas?
hello,, do you rent to tenants with credit not so good..?
I nee to shift my room,because the rent is toomuch,so if possible they reduce my room rent i will continue.?
is there a home owner equity protection act?
IMPORTANT MORTGAGE FORCLOSER QUESTION. 2 people on Deed, but only one person on mortgage - Can Bank Forclose?
Where can i find "Don't trust the B in apartment 23?
Can someone give me an estimation on the Price?
Please help? I am selling my home and my buyer wants to move in before the closing day.?
how do i find a commercial real estate companies web site located in fort worth,tx?
Can he put me out?
Buying a home with bad credit possible?
Kailua Kona, what is it like?
What is GemStone Mortgages?
rent w/ option to buy or owner financed farms in W or NW PA?
Which is the slimmest Phone within 10k?
Two people on an apartment lease and one person agreed to pay for everything and now wants money.?
How does one get access to MLS without being a realtor?
Near injury from shoddy apartment repairs?
If you have not paid rent for 4 months but you do give payments little here little there and your landloard?
Estimated Buyer's Closing costs.... any real estate agents?
Why are houses so expensive at some states?
Amrapali Princely Estate 9211725661 Noida Sector 76?
can a repo company find your new address if you moved?
How reputable is BladeOps?
what is a notice to buyer to perform?
where to look to find someone to remove a mobilehome?
Estate agent forgot about renewing tenancy and now we'd like to move. Advice please!?
is gettting loan for paying rent a personal loan?
Renting in CA, is a broken hot water heater considered uninhabitable?
Just cause for breaking lease?
i have requested since november for my apartment maintenance to repair my dishwasher can i buy one and deduct?
I'm 18 and unemployed, can I get a loan to help me with the first steps of moving out, bond & months rent?
My lease is almost up.?
if my child is on disabilty should i have to pay section 8 $631.00 in rent?
Need to stop Foreclosure need advice?
when will 100% mortgages return?
Who's responsible for shared bank expenses?
Real estate help please..?
purchasing the real estate in U.S.?
Which mortgage company offers best interest rates and good customer service?
I Have Lost My Change Of Name Deed?
Should I just stay with my mom for now?
rent funiture, how does it work?
Condo in a major city or House in a minor city?
i just want to rent out a room in my apartment who do i do that or were do i go to plese help?
Can I charge a brokers fee?
In Washinton State can you get a long term (15 to 20 year) mortgage/loan on unimproved land?
could i rent out a server?
If i break my lease on apt will i have bad credit?
renewing my lease rent being raised?
Fictional land lease - sister wants money?
Landlord walking in house.and announcing herself after she is already in?
Are you expected to give your real estate agent a gift after you buy your house?
Whats 30% out of $450.00?
i need help finding a grant or some kind or resource to help me fix up my rental houses.?
I bought a house on May 19, 2008. Do I get $7500 or $3750 on my next tax return?
I only make $800 a month. Is renting an aparment for half my income too much money to spend?
Apartments for rent in Port Colborne Ontario ?
Apartment Lease Agreement?
who owns the empty houses on keys court and ross ave in pensacola fla?
Im thinking of moving to seatle with a friend to a aparment how much would it cost.?
Do some condo's have stairs?
Selling land to daughter, what do we need to do?
what type of land can you build an apartment complex on in california?
Should I call my landlord about bugs?
house is priced 446.500 what,s the lowest cash bid i should offer on repo?
Why do people list houses for sale prematurely?
how does owner financing work in texas?
Dormitory for Bangladesh workers to stay in Singapore?
When you buy a home, which of the following do you have to pay each year in addition to a mortgage?
Mortgage Crisis in the US??
Can my Home Owners Association do this to me?
if a tenant is behind on rent and lease is about to expire but doee not renew lease can the landlord move a ne?
Are there landlords in Las Vegas, Nevada that grant leases on beginning professional gambling income alone?
What is the best place, close to San Francisco, to buy oceanview townhouse, preferably new? Price for 3 BR?
i caught my roommate trying to posion me with bleach.....?
Is the real estate boom over for good ?
Help, drawing blank on mailer!?
Can my landlord tell me I can't have a doorbell?
Is it legal for my roommates to take my house key even though I'm still paying the rent?
Does this house look good enough for a family of 5?
Is it true that you have to pay off your mortgage before selling your house?
My aunt just asked me to find out who the "inspector" is for our area?
Roommate Matching Fail/Lease Breaking?
Are there any laws in PA that state a boy and girl can't share a room?
Are houses on Guam a good investment?
i can not afford the full payment on my mortgage. cannot refi. house not worth mortgage . what can i do?
Structure responsibuilty and condominium associations?
Can a landlord really kick you out if?
When can I get free information on houses being foreclosed on that I can buy?
Rental properties and pets?
Is it worth it to refinance a mortgage line of credit from 15% to 10%?. $700 closing costs, + credit increase.
Is it against the law to charge 1st, last, and deposit on rental property in the state of CA.?
Do you need an attorney to file an eviction notice in the state of Arkansas?
I need a web site to locate excess property being sold by AT&T.?
Does this house sound too good to be true? If so, could you find a catch?
does buying mortgage leads really work and if so where is a good place or website to go to?
Real Estate contract altered without consent?
How much do i need to make in order to move out? ?
Is having 1000 leftover from paying bills and rent a month good?
Can I legally move out of my apartment/breaking lease if the mold cant be cleared up?
Can I ask my landlord to be present for the final inspection of the apt I am levaing?
renter's insurance. are these really needed?
Can I sue my landlord if I have excessive mold in my apartment?
A Good way to talk to landlord about not having his rent?
Is buying a parking space a safe investment?
Can I afford to get my own apt?
Will you give me your opinion about our house decision?
Advice for a student, first time renter; Not sure about Landlord.?
6 out of 40 sold what will happen?
i want to move out how do i tell section 8 housing?
I live in Australia but would like to get a mortgage to buy a house in another country (U.K), how?
What's it like to live in Apple Valley, Calif. (high desert in SB county)?
Is there anyway to get a home without any money down?
How do I ask my Landlord to install a shower?
If I put 10,000 on a new home would it go to the principle?
a question about getting pre-approved or pre-qualified for home loan?
Should one buy realstate now in Miami Beach area?
What do my parents have to do to transfer title of their mobile home to me?
how do I find out if someone is in foreclosure? Do I have to pay rent if my land lord is in foreclosure?
What does this property Description mean? Does this seem safe?
What are my rights as a tenant with cockroaches?
How often do YOU hide from the landlord ?
want to explore in developing new project in Asia?
In Canada, with perfect credit, what amount of a mortgage would a person making 65K/year qualify for?
How long after a change does it take for the fed prime rate to affect the lending rantes offered on mortgages?
Im going to get divorced, what will happen with the properties we have together and one that he is sole owner
I want to rent my own house, what is the procedure?
How much can I ask for from my (business)landlord?
Just curious as I am trying to buy a
What is an owner financed mortgage and how does owner financed mortgage works?
Can I legally sell my property[house] for less than its value?
Is it legal for a property owner to lease out a property (with a management co) and use part of the space..?
I'm looking to move down south. I need suggestions and/or recommendations for which city to move to?
My landlord is selling the house we rent from him...Do i have any right's, this feels so wrong!?
Is it true that mortgage rates in Canada decrease at summer time every year and how much?
anyone have a house in bklyn or queens nyc w 3 bedrooms and fin basement for sale at a very reasonable price?
Legally, can I file a claim for losses against my property owner for non-disclosure of conditions?
my former landlord wants me to pay for damages?
texas , want to break lease?
Residential building in Wisconsin?
I got a new job and have to move , can i break my lease legally?
Can we evict my inlaws out of our house and can we have their green card revoked?
My dad needs me to transfer his home under my name, can i still buy my own home?
renting issues PLEASE HELP!?
Why do people in rented apt buildings think they have reserved parking spaces???
What happens if a foreclosed home sells for a LOT less than it is worth?
What's the best way to buy a 3 family home for investment property?
If I divorced my wife would she get a lower monthly mortgage payment when she buys a house?
How can I get around re-paying USDA rual development loan recapture? Thanks,Paul?
What is the average price for a 3-bedroom 2 bath house in Los Angeles?
What is the average fee for an architect's services?
How Long Do New Manufactured Homes In California Last Before You Do Major Improvements?
We're FIRST TIME RENTERS.. The house isn't meeting our basic needs.. Can we say something ?
Will a drop in house prices mean a drop in rent?
Should I get a 4,5, or 10 year mortgage rate?
Getting my deposit back ?
Two bedroom apartment..?
Cheap studio apartment complex in Davis, CA?
Where can i find cheep rental property in the rural areas of south eastern parts of Ohio ?
enough to break my lease?
Landlords: Do you have a preferred online website or program used to screen potential tenants' rental history?
Grace periods?
Is it ever not a good idea to get on the property ladder?
2 bedroom apartments in Los Angeles for up to 1000?
Help with lease for apartment?
How can I start a mortgage broker business.?
Houses for Rent In New Jersey?
Business Plan format for Rental Property?
I want to buy cheap tax sale properties and flip them...
What house can I afford with my salary?
Planning to buy beazer homes.. Any idea about how the homes are ?
filed chapter 7 and was discharged in 2006?
is it okay to use credit cards to buy real estate?
Is there a nonsmoker out there who would like to rent a room in Moorpark for $575.?
I'm looking for the # to apartments that are located at 4202 garland tx?
can i gat a mortgage overseas{slovenia}+wher?i dont own a property in uk?
can apartments go through tenets mail?
property taxes on my mortgage payment?
How do we buy things in lockerz ?
Do I refinance or get an Equity loan?
Should I buy or rent, on my own?
Is now a bad time to buy a home?
What does it mean to build equity?
Has the letting agency misled me?
Landlords: how would you word a rent review clause in a tenancy agreement?
Real Estate professionals, do you have any problems with theft during open houses at properties you list?
Section 8 sent me a letter, What's the next step(s)?
Real estate values prior to 2001?
What do I do about the roaches I didn't know lived in my new Apt?!?
what do i do when my lease is about to be up and i wanna renew?
Moving into my apartment and landlord isn't fixing anything?
next step after foreclosure from bank of america?
What is a resonable amount of time for a tenant to have to remove a item from the premsis they rent?
I want to give authorization to collect house rent to my sister because I live in different country?
Can tenants leave without playing rent?
landords rights???? please help ASAP?
How much do I need to make to get a $200,000 loan?
Where would you rather move?
how can you make sure a temporary sublet roommate leaves by the 1st?
As a undertenant(subleasing apt) am I responsible for the rent that actual tenant owes?
What is the max in rent I can afford?
How can find where my recently inherited land is at without hiring a land surveyer?
where do i go to get the best home loan rate?
how many people can live in a 2 bed apt in phx?
I'm starting a new real estate business - is Hilltop Realty a good name?
My father past away on July 2, 2010. On July 16 I received his security deposit for his apartment, it was made?
how much will it cost to transfer a deed in michigan?
what does a landlord have to do when there mold in your home?
Problem with landlords?
Do I have to pay rent once my lease expires and my landlord doesnt follow thru with her responsibilites?
Is it possible for 2 families to buy a house together????
What rights do I have against my landlord?
how can someone in minnesota buy a $300,000 home on a yearly salary of $45,000/yr.?
we are looking to rent a 4bdrm, 2bth house in the rural hall, winston salem are of n.c. for $800-$1100 month.?
what rights do I have as a tenant?
Sooo iv been stressed out about me getting approved for this place for week?
Am I wrong for not wanting to buy a house with my boyfriend?
template of 30 day notice to roommate?
What's the difference between an efficiency style apartment and a studio?
are there any inexpensive areas near milwaukee, wi to buy a house for $ 200000 ??? that are safe?
How much should I budget for rent on an apartment?
Can our landlords do this? We are renting an apartment.?
What does it mean to build equity?
My husband is pre approved to buy a house we cleaned is credit up payed is taxes.?
I'm thinking about walking out on my manufactured home loan are the downfalls still the same as a real home?
Online tutor?
Is it possible to break an apartment lease before it starts?
Needing help with temporary or extremely low income housing.?
Do apartments call your last place of residence?
What should I pay in rent? Finance Question?
Is it wise to invest in rental property 5 hours away from my residence.?
Upstairs neighbors, do I have an place to state a complaint?
What legal recourse is there for me with a verbal contract for deed?
I was behind in my mortgage payment. Now the bank is refusing to take my money. Is this legal? What can I do
Looking for information about real estate loan assumption?
as tenants in common of 4 can 1 of them live in the house?
im living in shanghai does anyone know about the landlord-tenant laws here?
Ex-roomate issues... Need Help, who is being lame?
Is it hard to get into industrial Real Esta in NYC as a agent?
I might be getting evicted help please?
average price of a modular home in Texas?
Cheap place to live in Texas?
Can you tell me websites of the various countries where I can give an free advertisement for rent or sale of l?
is now a good time to buy a house?
What are my tenant rights in WA?
Do most homes in the hotter states come as standard with air conditioning?
Who builds high quality Modular homes?
Is it really possible to buy a home with little or no money down?
Im moving into a new apt and i dont know if its legal?
Has my landlord been paying his mortgage?
Who lives in an HOA single family home?
I need to download free sample sales contracts for Condos in Texas and Arizona?
how do i find out what bank did cash for keys on a property i lived in two yrs ago?
Buying First House for investment?
Buying a New House. So Expensive!?
How to become a real estate agent?
Is Surrey (20 miles south of London) a good area to invest in unplanned land?
Can I buy the house without telling the agent?
Who, in the OC, can I get a loan for 50 years.?
where will i find out how much a property in my area sold for ? [salford uk]?
what documents/paperwork is need to rent a house?
What should I do about signing my lease?
what is the approval for apartment rental based on?
Can I afford this house?
How to get a roommate for an apartment by tallahassee community college?
What does the term "NTC Trustee Sale" mean with regards to Real Estate transactions ?
How hard is a real estate license test?
I'm worried the tenants won't get their stuff out by the time it says on the lease. What are my options?
I am about to move into a new city. How can I find out how much this move will cost?
how do i do to get an agent??!!?
Ca Mortgage Broker?
tim holthaus success systems - credit repair-anyone have any experience with them-good or bad?
I signed a year lease, but land lord never gave me a copy of it. what do I do?
can you have pets in a rented house?
Can yu have a garage sale at your appartment complex?
Tivoli Apartments in Columbus,OH.?
Do i have to keep paying my landlord rent if the bank already owns it?
if im renting a duplex apartment am i responsible if my tennant breaks the law in any way?
Why do they give you money when you refinance?
Y or N please: Are realtors more motivated to work with ...?
What would be the expected monthly cost of heating an 8 family building (all 2BR apts.)?
what's a town i florida that's not good nor bad?
I need a traditional home loan to replace a hard money loan. My FICO score is 730.?
How long until I see paperwork in the mail?
How quickly do mobile homes depreciate in value?
Is my landlord allowed to come in to our apartment without permission?
What is the Average salary of a Real Estate Agent?
can my landlord do this?
How would I go about getting a house built on my own land? (10 points)?
Is there a way for non-realtors to get information about whether an individual owns a particular property?
i have seen one property in chawl, but no bank is agree to pay loan on chawl room .. what to do ?
want to ask about the farm and a houses in Gujarat of equal parts for brothers and sisters?
Financial Leverage?
i have a lease agreement ? i live MI the landlord never told me that she had snakes can i break the lease?
Does anyone know of any good real estate companies in Beaufort/Jasper county South Carolina?
What is an addendum, when taking place of a lease?
Why can't Trump just help put with the foreclosures, he is rich enough and he could use more properties?
How can I get the list of all the duplexes on sale in Montreal?
Should this work? Or is it a crazy idea?
Can you determine someone's gender, age, or name from his/her social security number?
whats the best way to deal with a situation where the lender's appraiser's value is less than the owner's?
Are prices on manufactured homes negotiable?
Staging a house to sell. 3rd room help?
If a house is 1 million dollars, and your down payment is $200,000, is that good or bad?
California: Land Lord 21 Day deposit rule?
Whats a good web site to find houses in my area that are being sold very cheap by banks or for other reasons?
what happens if owner is carrying contract through escrow and the liens are more than the down covers?
How should we split the rent between two people living in an one-bedroom apartment?
Where is the ideal retirement location on earth?
Is it possible to switch apartments with another tenant?
Do property managers belong to a certain association or organization in Canada?
I am giving someone use of part of my driveway to get to their propety, other than an easement, what can I do?
i got a qustion about land in the FL keys?
should or can a license realtor repersent themselves in buying a home?
My landlord has refused to give me my security deposit back...?
How do I get a flat rate box?
How do I get started in commercial real estate investing?
Tips to get out of a rental lease due to health issues?
Apartment Notice? Need advice?
Do we need a buyers agent?
i want to live my country an i need help i no about plumber work i need help.?
about moving out from an apartment?
Are estate and letting agent boards really effective?
How do I get house plans appraised?
I need to find the move in specials for apartments in colorado Springs. I just can't seem to find them.?
I inherited a manufactured home that I can't keep, can't rent and cannot sell. Now what?
Everything else being same, are condos typically cheaper than townhomes ?
Should I take legal action against my roommate?
How can he keep my couch?
I Live in a 55 + park & the new managers abuse & harass the people they don't like. What can we do? HELP!?
halfway house for ex cons next door?
i need to know how to write a letter to my landlord giving him notice of me leaving the premises?
Help with filthy neighbors!?
how can I get my website to pull up when I search on your site?
Does Anyone Dislike the Suburbs As I Do?
1st day in a new apartment.. Next door neighbor complained.?
If I am looking for a lease for a buisness but I am not sure on the location?
what is interest free mortgage and how its work.?
Having problems with my roommate!?
Im buying a house? please someone with experience answer my questions read further?
do u need a home loan to buy a house?
Found tenant with marijuna pipe!! What do i do?
can I put my home on short sell and buy it back, if I am not on the original mortgage?
Does the new council bedrooms law(housing benefit etc) apply to working people?
My upstairs neighbor complained about my kids in a weird way...pls help?
Does any one know a lender that deals with extremely low ficas or with bk's not discharged?
Can you sie a real estate agent for not doing enough to sell a house?
we are thinking of buying a house, questions.......?
Can I take possession of a shed that's been on my property for almost 7 years?
find 2 br apts in tampa fl for really cheap?
Can the new apartment owner still lock me out?
Information on housing benifits?
how to get out of real estate commission?
In the state of Flordia can I move out at 17?
thinking about moving out of state, how do i get started looking for information?
How do I buy a house after bankruptcy? It's been about 2yrs what are my options?
where can I find roommates who are not asking alot for monthly rent?
How much am I entitled to if my roommate vacated without giving a 30 day notice?
what does SPECIFIC PERFORMANCE mean as it relates to real estate purchase?
Do you have to rent to section 8 in California?
How do you get a real estate license in Lubbock Texas?
Evicting Tenants Who Are Not On A Lease (in NJ)?
Is there a way I can make my complex PAY for my rent for the month before?
What's are the rates on home mortages now?
if you were buying a property ....?
Is Quitclaim deed a scam?
How does a stripper verify her income when trying to rent a house?
Rentals should have the new pool drain cover?
how to calculate monthly payment?
can exfelons/convicts have a career in real estate?
What's the difference between a modular home and a double-wide trailer on a foundation?
roommates or living alone?
--Im 17 years old trying to invest money in property need help--?
Landlord problem?
Any opinions on Seaside in Huntington Beach, CA?
Is it a requirement to have your utilities when you sign an apartment lease?
Are any new home builders in the Fort Worth area still doing trade ins on existing homes?
How can I calculate closing cost on home?
Does anyone know of a home or mobile home for rent $400 or less around Birmingham, AL Area? Prefer country?
Is it a sellers market yet for real estate?
Is it a good time to buy a house now? in woodbridge va, if not when..?
Renting an apartment?
is real estate agent the way to go??
First time house flippers!! What is the best advice and/or tips for flipping?
i have a question about my section 8 ?? i NEED HELP!?
A question about my lease .plz answer.?
Please Help! Need out of my lease.?
A person working for the company i rent my apartment comes into my apartment without permission.?
Is it the right time to buy a house in Arizona? Why or Why not?
I want to buy or rent a small section of land in the downtown district of Savannah, Georgia?
Where Can i find a pool of hard money lenders for residential remodeling?
What are the options if I want to move out?
sue a leasehold landlord uk?
what is chris brown e-mail address?
how many emergency exits are needed for a basement apartment in nj?
Roomate never signed lease, paid rent, but now is moving out?
how much costs(TO BUY) a DOUBLE BEDROOM FLAT near/surrounding(15+ kms) SR Nagar ,CSI area in HYDERABAD ,INDIA?
How much is this house worth?
Best value 2 bedroom apartment in downtown toronto?
(If I were selling a home)?
where can i find who bought the property next to mine?
nervous for moving out..?
Realtors and loan officers, how is business... Are you busy?
PA renter for 2 1/2 yrs. Any deposit money back?
Anyone know of any good moving companies (we are moving from California to Colorado)?
Can we apply for housing assistance?
Is there anywhere i can find the history of my house for free, online?
Can I get a mortgage working per diem?
Do you have to inform your mortgage lenders when you become a student?
Our homeowners association is out of control. We would like to dismanle it. Any advice on where to start?
im thinking about BREAKING MY LEASE?
Can I get a appt for 600$ a month ?
In CaliforniaTenants in Common title vesting. How to word 90/10 of the loan value?
Help with mortgage dilemma?
What do you do when your home's value is $200000 less than you paid but you are current with your payments?
What is a reasonable offer to offer for a house that I am interested in?
what website will show satellite images of houses and prices for them?
If my apartment lease has a clause saying I can pay 2 months to leave early, will it be held against me?
We wish to break our lease, the landlord has now increased the rent and will only allow couples. Unreasonable?
Can real estate lease agreement hold binding if on date pymt due if not rec'd by eod, can chg 10% of mo rent
Roommate changed her mind, should I keep the security deposit?
I requently change jobs, moving from state to state. Any recomm on renting informaton?
looking for a 3 or 4 bdrm house for rent near 290&43rdst in houston?
What should a landlord say to a potential renter, if the person seems sketchy?
what are my rights upon eviction from an apartment?
can I post a 30 day to tenants I have in my rental house. They are under no lease. They always cause drama.?
How much does it cost to run a house?
Can I move I have no lease ?
Help, I want to move back to a house that has leins?
Pre-wired for internet and cable?
Is this a normal or reasonable rent increase?...?
Should I raise the equity limit on my second mortgage loan or just refinance?
Who Much Does it Cost to move to Westminster Great Britain?
Plz suggest me Any good Real Estate names....?
I need to take my real estate test next week, did any one know any hot Q online?
Is this a good time to buy a home in Califronia?
What are the major things you should concentrate on remodeling when selling your house?
Paid first month's rent yesterday never moved in?
why are interest rates higher on investment properties?
i am looking to rent a 2 bedroom villa in albir spain does anyone know of any agents i can contact thank you?
in real estate or renting?
What real estate rip offs are out there?
There are squatters in my fiance's apartment. I want them to leave.?
I'm afraid we just put in too high of an offer?
new owner keeps previous owners business name?
ive been evicted and don't know what to do, please help!?
is there a fha rule stating a mobile home that is used for storage purpose on a property will not qualify 4 s?
What is the measurement of an acre?
my hubby jus turned 60,he may be made redundant,i have apregnant daughterat home,is she liable for the rent?
Do I convert my home loan interest rate from 12.25% to 10.25% by paying 0.5% on balance loan amount?
Are there any apartments in Elizabethtown or at least Hardin county KY that base apartment cost on income?
this question is for those who are getting assistance for apartments?
How to sell my house quickly and for what the asking price?
If a for closed home is renovated can it enter the market at comparable prices to homes of the same value?
Are you looking for a mortgage broker ?
I have two Deed of Trust in same property. Is this normal?
Could a 20 year old Efford to buy a 150,000 dollars condo?
How do I find manufactured home co-ops in Florida without going thru real estate brokers? Thanks?
about mortgage how to pull equity?
I'm trying to find public records of mobile home owners, similiar to public records of typical residences?
Let's say I got a 30-year mortgage for around 5.5%, if I always pay on time, can lender ...?
If I were to rent a property in the UK, could the property owner turn up at any time and start looking around?
please help. need advice about buying a house.?
How do I obtain a deed on my home?
What exactly is the homestead exemption in Connecticut?
is it better to make a lump sum payment on my mortgage or make double payments?
I'm thinking foreclosure... Will the Bank be able to take my second house?
In this housing market, should i buy this house? What are the benefits of owning a home?
about how much is bulidings and contents insurance?
where can you apply if you want to deliver newspapers in apartments,condominiums?
How does a homless section 8 vocher work in california?
Where can I find inexpensive short-term housing in Tallahassee or Tampa?
What states are less expensive to live in?
Three friends looking to buy first home, advice?
What is the tenant eviction process in Mississippi?
how can i find out what todays interest rate is for a home?
I'm 17 and I want to move out?
Does anyone can help me to sell my house in Louisville as i was heading towards other area ?
When you are looking at a house for sale, what do you HATE to see?
can a landlord ask for the 1st month, last month rent, and the deposit all at the same time to move in?
How much does it cost to buy an apt. in a decent area of NYC? and what would the taxes be? see details below
I'm an investor and need help investing in tax deeds.?
Should a landlord return more of a security deposit to a long term tenant?
Apartments with max income restrictions?
Who's to blame for keeping high real estate prices... Agents or Homeowners (sellers)?
Apartment Lease - Roommate backed out - Small Claims?
is it legal for landlord to peep through windows of home rental?
Question about tenancy?
My parents want me to add me onto their house title. What are the benefits?
my mortgage was sold four times. in that process I now have four mortgage companies show negative marks?
How much money should I save before getting an apartment?
loans: fixed? lock? points?
Child support in mortgage underwriting?
I want to rent a 2 bedroom apartment in Barstow, ca how long would it take for me to know if I've been ?
when renting an apartment and you have a co signer do the co signer have to be there?
are town homes a good investment?
How do I become a real estate agent in AZ?
Is 970 sqft sufficient living space for 5 roommates? How to negotiate with roommates?
Is $350/mo. a bit steep to pay parents for rent?
Cost per acre for rent agricultural land in North of England?
Where can I find locations of property/land lines of Raleigh and surrounding area? (AKA lot lines)?
Can anyone give any advice on this mortgage dilemma?
Loan Modification Question please help?
Can a Landlord just walk into my house in NY?
Moving out when 18. Dorm or apartment? Need help1?
Can we apply for housing assistance?
Moving out of apartment before lease is up.?
What is the average interest rate in Tennessee (Nashville area)for someone with a credit score of about 680?
Should i have to pay Mortgage fee's again?
how could we buy AAKASH2?
i need some advice on what to do?
pit bull friendly housing in jeff city mo?
How do I know if a property I am buying has a lein on it?
why is buying a home so confusing, who really knows all this stuff like escrow, etc.?
Question about short sales in real estate?
Can anyone suggest a nice three bedroom apartment or Condo near downtown Orlando?
A mess on day one - what is a tenant to do?
Rights as a new property owner?
If you were the buyer, how much would you offer to buy this bank-owned house?
First apartment funds?
Can I Trust this Person?
Is a minor in architecture good for any real estate career?
Where can I find the best information for moving to Oahu?
My landlord is asking for bill money upfront. Is that okay?
Horrible roommate..should we tell the Realtor?
i am about to rent an apartment and the lady gave us the option of paying an 88.00 bond or paying?
buying a land for investment, is it worthed to buy a land in gen trias ca?
Tenants rights about not properly working AC?
If a landlord did not mention that I would be responsible for whole blocks electricity usage, what can I do?
if someone is dreaming to be like mr. trump,what will be the best way to be like him?
Upside down in a home but not in financial trouble - how to sell?
note on big ticket lease?
Can my estate agent charge for providing a reference on me?
Can a minor buy a house?
How can i get my own place?
Australia NSW Routine Rental Inspections?
Has anybody used AMERISAVE ( mortgage to buy or refinance their home? They sound sketchy.?
How can we insure a house in england between exchange and completion if we dont own it until completion?
is it fraud if a family were to sell their home in a short sale and an extended family member ended up buying?
Real estate agent in mesquite TX?
Convert single family into two family.?
do real estate agents have to wear suits?
Does the new council bedrooms law(housing benefit etc) apply to working people?
Can I afford to buy an apartment, house, condo etc?