Real Estate

What is the difference in the process of purchasing a foreclosed home compared to a HUD home?
Carleton Sheets program contacted us for mentoring. What can I expect?
What are the various taxes involved in buying a house property?
How does Rent to Own Work?
im skinnyis that bafd?
Can I break my lease?
Landlord won't give me my last month's rent back please help?
Moving to Charleston, SC - looking for an apartment - what area?
How can prospective landlords see your past landlords if you dont tell them?
I am having problems with my HOA board that is acting under the min# required members. What can I do?
How do you rent a house with no job and no credit?
How can I get a real estate license?
URGENT... can a 16 year old go and live on her own by renting a studio or something?
How do I acquire the deed from the county?
I was going to refinance and have a 3yr interest only then fixed. How exavctly is this I never heard of it?/?
I have $75000 in equity in my home & have to move in 3 mos. If I can't sell it by then, how do I get my equity
i want to know how to get out of lease ?monday nite two people killed in my apt nite it goes on daily?
My landlord indicated to me that they dont have coverage to cover lost caused by a tenant, is that true?
Oboma First Time Buyer; Can I use a Note and Trust Deed, or Land Sales Contract?
URGENT! Eviction Notice for non payment?
I'm a Realtor but can someone tell me why anyone, buyer or seller enter into a lease purchase in todays market?
Is the landlord responsible for couch cleaning?
How much does it cost to buy a 2 bedroom house in america?
do you have to have appliances in the house to pass a va vet loan? there are none in the house im bidding on?
Anyone have an experience w/ Bidwell auctions (mostly N. Ca)?
what does applicable amount mean from the housing benefit?
What's a good area to invest in the Washington DC area?
Buying in San Diego's East Village, Good Idea?
Capital Gains?
I need a contract for selling a lot with no Brokers and I can't find one where on-line would I go to find one
if someone took out a 20 yr loan on their home and passed away,what happens to the home and loan?
what is the best mortgage for first time buyers?
How do I avoid foreclosure?
Can a landlord keep my first month rent and deposit if I choose not to move in?
Buying Short Sale property. Week before closing. BofA changes rules and we may not have a house.?
Renting a house, when we went to move in...?
my tenants are not paying money from two years but now i decided to throw there belongings out is this correct?
what can i do as a condo unit owner about a renter of another unit?
I purchased a home & the seller did not disclose flood damage that occurred before I moved in. What can I do?
can we rent a property while being bankrupt?
What will happen now?
Flatmates have deposit, not the landlord?
Can someone sell a house that my mom should have owned?
I own the house. Can I throw my husband out?
Paying for an apt. at 15/16?
how can i find out what MAROC payments is?
how do i find out who owns my house?
How can I rent an apartment/room with someone in Amsterdam?
Why aren't they moving out?
i am looking for a mobile home or house to rent in or with in a 30 miles Fredericksburg Va?
I have a 1year least how can I get out of it and not loose my security deposit just seperated from my husband?
where can i find houses for sale by auction without paying for a list?
getting evicted?
How late can a "loan-to-own" 5 year interest only mortgage payment be before going into forecloser?
does anyone know about property or land Thanks Amanda?
I just started Wholesale Investment finding in Atlanta, what are some tip on geting started?
If your apartment complex has a no pet policy, can having a pet be cause for eviction?
What kind of questions do i need to ask when buying a home?
I need help from my British friends?
What do you think about my realtor?
i need a cosigner for a home for a year?
When signing an exclusive right to sell contract...?
What's cheaper? Renting a apartment or trailer?
Hey I just moved into an apartment and Its extremely noisy Help?
Rent to Own - Is this too risky?
Am I correct to ask my flat mate's girlfriend to leave?
Im 22 can i get financial help to move out of parents house?
Is weight loss the way to lose cellulite and love handles?
Help my Landlord is selling the house?
Cost of land prep/taxes/fees with bare land?
i left my last landlord without 30 days notice. think he'll rent to me again?
What should I do????
we're getting ready to buy our first house. any pointers i haven't heard yet?
What are some safe areas to live in, in WashingtonD.C.?
Are you entiteled to compersation when forced to move due to the sale of a house you are renting?
Advice about letting my property?
I am planning to buy a house, I have two options and I am not able to decide which option to go..?
Do I need to pay any tax from capital gain for selling my house?
is it possible to rent a $600 apartment on my income?
why am i getting sued for possession of an apartment that i gave notice on and handed in the keys and moved?
Is it bad to live at home at 29?
What is the best way to advertize rooms for rent for graduate students? Craigslist?
Is now a good time to sell my house?
MA: I am breaking the lease on my apt. and the landlord is raising the rent. Does this get me off the hook?
Is there anyway whatsoever to predict / forecast mortgage interest rates?
If you have bad credit and need to rent a house, is there an agency who can help?
5 hour clause regarding purchasing a house?
Is it ok (or how do I) write a follow up email for a rental property I saw?
how can i get a home laon for a first time home buyer with realy bad credit and low bocon score?
what % did real estate in the state of Florida go up last year?
In connecticut, is it illegal to rent out your basement?
Landlord redid carpet, but still charged me to get them cleaned?
I'm looking to buy a small stretch of land and put a caravan on it.?
Do you need to know alot of math to be a real estate agent?
Really Important! I may lose my apartment!?
what is the cheapest country in europe to buy real estate?
Can I changed to a 2 bdrm apartment when i signed a contract for 15 months and i have 10 more months to go?
How do you find out more about the first home-owner program?
What would be the first thing you buy with 1,000,000 dollars?
What is the property association for Sonoma Woods Condos in Newport News, Virginia 23608?
My lease is up June 30. Due to poor living, can I break my lease?
Where can I get a NOTICE OF RENT INCREASE form?
Is this rental process standard?
what is the best neighborhood for living in Richmond, ca.?
Buying a house Question - England?
Can the letting agents or your landlord enter your rented accommodation when you are not at home.?
My landlord entered unannounced and found traces of cannabis. Who is in more trouble?
How can I break an apartment rental agreement in California?
How much would hiring a commercial space cost for a butcher shop?
Is it against the law to offer someone money to buy their house?
With one year left on my lease for my retail store, when should I begin to re-negotiate for a new one?
Where can I find listings of foreclosed properties in my city without paying for it?
What is a fair price/offer for this home to either buy or rent to own?
HelpAm I overreacting over this...there is some damage in my apartment which I didn't do and I can't?
What is a townhome and compare it to a condo please, both in legal and practical terms (missouri). Thank you?
I want to foreclose on my house....bad idea?
can the bank be liable for closing cost when a RESPA was not disclosed in the required 3 days,?
How can my roommates solve this dilemma?
Looking for apt in Richmond, VA.?
What was the home equity line of credit spent on?
How can I find out how old a certain property is?
Did you know it cost about $2,500 a month for a three bedroom in New York in front of Central Park?
Have bad credit, but should I stop renting and buy now?
Pros And Cons: Buying VS. Renting Please Help!!!?
Mortgages- What % deposit should I aim for (realistically)?
How do I seek private capital?
Can We break our lease?
My parents bought their house 30yrs ago for £25,000. It is now worth approx £435,000. Salaries have not?
Are mortgage financial details available to the realtors / seller?
How can one find a New York apt to sublet/trade places w/ 4 my Los Angeles apt?
If only one home owner signs a forbearance aggrement is it still legal?
i have a van and i would like to rent it out......?
Moving out of my apartment, help?
Is there a study of the negative affects of neighbors on property values in a subdivision-boats in driveway?
i hve no job at present what i do ?
questions about moving out?
we had given a contract for the construction of our house(900sqft) at d cost of 1 lakh per 100sqft.?
How would I get my first job and apartment out of state?
Rent issues, pls pls help me?
where would you like to invest in property abroad?
I just moved into a apartment to find out two days after there is cockroaches! What do I do?! ?
certification for house rental?
Is it possible to afford an apartment room for 2 with this?
Real Estate in RB San Diego? 92128?
can you give me a website that has free real estate listings, so I won't have to subscribe?
who is the builder of 14318 N 129TH AV ELMRGE?
Wanting to move to New York from Oklahoma?
In the san francisco bay area, does it make sense to rent or buy ?
How can you find properties that are for sale by owner?
How much should I give?
Will the bank send me something to complete my 2008 taxes after a foreclosure?
I have roaches in my apartment and my landlord dont do nothing about it?
Isn't there a law saying I don't have to pay for the landlord to paint my apartment? I've been there a year?
Where can I find help in purchasing a home?
If you had kids, would you buy this house? Best public schools in the country and EMF from power lines?
Can my apartment charge me fees when they are not specified in the leasing agreement?
Can a seller refuse an inspection on a house ?
Renter Question - Security Deposit?
ive been paying my brothers property tax for years now. is the property at all mine?
i really want to move to montana?
Does anyone know of apartment/townhomes/condos that accept pitbulls?
I am looking to buy my first home, would it be better to build or buy established? We dont have a big deposit.
land banking...How profitable could buying a forest land and developing it to a agricultural be?
what information or forms are used when closing a mortgage in NY, final signing?
We all know London estate agents are crooks, but to how much of a degree are they crooks?
is ita good time to look at real estate in the metro philadelphia area or are prices on the increaseor decrese
mortgage undertaking (UK) for person not named on deed?
anyone have any good saving and or budget tips for me?
How does a land contract work?
Buying to rent out in NYC as Non-US citizen?
What are the skills required to be a good property manager?
Staying in someone else's hotel room?
Apartments in Durant, OK?
Where's the best place to live in the US? In the world?
How could seller have cheated on radon test?
What is it like to live in a small apartment by yourself for the 1st time?
If a bank dont accept your offer do they at least try to negoiate?
I am ready to move out of the house, i am making about 400 dollars per week. What would be my best bet for now
Is anybody in the real estate business? Would you recommend get into real estate?
What website could I use to find a job in Playa Del Carmen, Cancun?
can i report a landlord?
Im trying to find out more info on specific towns in Long Island.I'm planning on moving there soon.?
We are breaking our 12 month lease but honoring all committments listed in rental agreement.?
Can my mom's landlord charge her rent for my summer visits?
Waiting on a short sale to close how much longer?
I have 57 acres in PA. I want to raise livestock for profit. What is the most profitable livestock here in PA?
i am a registered notary in north carolina. How to you get to do mortgage loan closing as an independent?
security device?
I live in Fl. for 8 mos.& own large studio coop in S.I.,NY. How can I rent it out seasonal 2 professional?
I have been renting from this couple un-contracted for about five years now for an average amount of $420.00/m?
Tips on how to make house sell fast?
Does anyone know of any sites where I can see the people who used to live in my house?
My sis was told by an apt manager "the sooner you move in, the better cus the prices change"?
Can my elderly mother evict her two freeloading tenants by putting there belongings outside and changing the l
For FHA is there a minumum feet between back wall and fence?
Where are decent apartments in the Sacramento area?
Can apartment complex evict you based on an employee's negligence or failure to process ur lease correctly?
do you think God an ultimate plan for us?
Friends of mine have claimed tax back from parents but they never claimed to be landlords?
Is it illegal for a landlord not to prorate rent?
Question about house?
we pay our rent on time but the landlord has not been paying the mortgage, home is foreclosure?
Do I need a technical lease when I sign up for Medicaid?
im looking for a trailer to rent to live in south carolina can you help me?
Any way to get out of my apartment lease because of this?
Are there any Americans out there that have moved to Puerto Rico?
Wanting to rent an apt in springfield Tennese?
how much do real estate appraisers (residential) make in Hawaii? what is starting salary, and then in ~5 yrs?
Help, my house is gone!!!?
eviction from flat?is landlord correct?
Unbearable Neighbor?
Decreased rent for changing appliances?
The cost of moving out in Southern California?
My aunt asked me to put a house under my name?
does anybody know the pa real estate. law if a will isnt left?
Is it OK to apply to more than one lender for a mortgage so I can accept the best offer?
Can someone tell me if seller financing is legal in uk and how to go about it?
Has anyone done a mortgage transaction with Funding Foreclosures?
will the current real eastate boom continue ?
who can you talk to to find out if your landlord building is in foreclosure.?
I have enough $ to pay off my debt but want to use it for a d.p. on house. Should I pay debt or buy house?
Is is possible for me to live on my own?
Should I buy now or wait a few months ? I hear the housing market will drop next year.?
is it still possible to buy a house for 40,000?
I would like to buy a house.....?
looking for a lender that will finance a manufactured home on its own land?
What to do when buying a house?
Should I build a Pool?
Do you know a great International Mortgage Broker?
Who can I talk to on how to go about moving out of parents house on full time minimum wage?
how can a military male startt a home business?
mobile home park sold & residents have a year to vacat is there insurance coverage or legal rights I have?
How do you evict a tenant? And can you evict a tenant if the lease isn't up yet?
My Wife has Excellent Credit, but mine is poor and we want to buy our first house. How do I get a good loan?
we had friends rent our basement. they moved out & left all their stuff. its been 2mo can i get rid of it?
What is a decent amount to pay for a first time home?
I bought a home (paid cash), but had to take some money from a retirement account to make it livable.?
I am a Realtor and I would like some advice from other Realtor about?
I think I've become jaded as a new yorker. Is it wise to purchase when a con somewhat outweighs the many pros
What are the top ten affordable destinations to buy a vacation home?
We're thinking of adding onto our house, but would this make a wierd floorplan and negatively affect resale?!?
why does it take so long for hud to put airconditioning in?
Would real estate do better or stock market, during the next 10-15 months or so?
Can I refuse to pay for last week of rent as landlord terminated contract early?
What are the worst things about Realtors?
Home purchase monthly payment items?
Apartment lease contract question?
can i sell my house even if im in arrears with my mortgage?
Home Loan vs Home Equity Loan?
how can i refinance my house that i just bought six months ago?
what is a 1031 tax free exchange?
Can the mortgage company require me to keep my current job as part of the conditions for approving the loan?
Under the landlord and tenant act, should the landlord be providing air conditioning.?
My girlfriend refusing to leave my house?
What is a duplex exactly?
where can i find a nice cheap apartment in raleigh?
What are my rights as a subtenant not on the master lease?
I would like to lease a 100 rooms plus hotel. Any leads. Thank you?
I have stolen my Housing Bond, how can i get ?
where is the best area to live in nashvile,tn for someone starting their first career ??
can you buy a house from the hoa if the house was foreclosed by wells fargo?
How much is a 2 bedroom and 1 bedroom unit at the East Tower at One Serendra?
Which lease type would be better: NNN or modified gross? Why?
What is the maximum tenure for a NRI Home loan?
Where to find 20s to 40s era homes for sale?
What is the minimum salary one person needs to be able to get a mortgage in Canada?
I am looking to buy my first home, would it be better to build or buy established? We dont have a big deposit.
Moving Out Need Tips?
What is currently selling in camden market?
Mom says I owe her rent but she and I don't have a job....?
what r some good areas 2 live in in nashville for liberal, artistic, intellectual, non-religious types?
what is the number one market in growth in terms of investing in real estate?
I have a job offer in NY. Do I have to pay out my MI lease in entirety to move for employment?
What are these little "buildings" called in rich backyards and parks?
Moving out, should I get a roommate?
Question about rental agreements.?
Roommate problems... We want her out?
I want to know if someone is unemployed can they still apply for Section 8 Housing in Houston, Tx?
Cramer: That’s Right - If Your House Is Down, Dump It?
Can you sell your home if you have only been living there for 3 years?
howm can i buy a home with bad credit?
Well, everyone, I am trying to sell my house. I have a prospective buyer who has sent a bank appraiser out to
Can I break my lease?
Tenant Left The Unit A Mess?
Mortgages - first time buyer?
Walton county Florida making a pond on property?
Are families on Extreme Make Over Home edition given money?
What is a L-shaped outcome?
My tenancy is about to expire and the agent told me I cant move out as the others want to stay is this true?
Do you think 18 years old is too young to move out ?
How can I find out if my apt complex is in foreclosure?
Is a manager allowed to say you are being evicted to a potential new landlord?
Rent - Is it legal to charge me 1 months rent to move out, if someone else is moving in?
Frankfort IL has anyone bought a home from Burdelik Builders; good builder?
My housemate vacated the flat without giving me once months notice, we had a verball agreement?
whats a good city to move to?
what does a real estate deveolper do?
PLEASE HELP !!!! Wth this guy who works for apartments jumped my yard! Help please!?
What year my home was built and the square footage?
i went to the tax office found out who owns a piece of property that im interest in how do i find a forwarding
"how can you add someone's name on a mortgage with out it costing money?
Were are good places to rent games?
dr put me on disabilty from july of 2011 thru august of 2012?now i dont know what to do,i'm epileptic?
advice on rougue landlords?
Should my renter's boyfriend have the code to the alarm?
A house is refinance for $199,000 and the payoff is $159,750. What exactly is meant by "payoff"?
breaking rental house agreement?
Government Grants for purchasing personal land?
what is a lease-hold in real estate, thanks?
Do you think its racist if you have to be a farm worker to get into appartments/condos?
When will the offer come?
What do you do if you discover your landlord is charging you for other renters hot water and electric use?
My boyfriend is thinking about taking out a mortgage......?
What is the job market like in Corpus Christi TX?
What is better - Renting out or selling your home?
can i refuse to take work home with me?
For Realtors only--what can I do as a Mortgage Broker to help you generate business?
what is the federal reserve bank discount rate this week?
Is a 450 square feet apt big enough for me & a baby?
Where is the best place to get a construction to permanent loan?
Can someone break this down for me please ( renting apartments)?
Is Moviegallery closed on Sundays?
How come no one wants to get married and stay married?!?
No longer a non-smoking apartment.?
a dairy farmer agreed to rent our barn for 600. a month. we had a lease written and she will not sign.she is?
Why are houses in America so cheap!!?
What should I include in my situation room?
who is the builder of 14318 N 129TH AV ELMRGE?
My neighbour has parked a large utility trailer in front of my house. It has been there for days and I would?
Credit for buying a house?
Housing is expensive these days.. can't people just start living in their cars.. is this a fix?
What subjects school should cover if financial eduaction is to be taught in school?
Is it legal for the builder to cancell purchasing agreement if a buyer finds and asks to correct defects?
are tennants aggreements for 6 months?
Water or landlord problem?
what are some points to consider when renting an apartment?
Who pays for an appraisal on a home? Seller,buyer or lender?
how to file a deed on land your trying to purchase?
Just leased up a 168 unit property, any suggestions on how to maintain a brand new property?
Where are the best places to live in New Jersey?
If written lease states 45 day notice to move, can LL verbally change to 60 days if i am asking for a referenc?
window screens in a rental?
if a property is sold 3 times in one day for different amounts. can this be fraud?
My friend has bedbugs and her apartment building won't do anything?would you like to ask?
How can I find the value of a property I was given in 1982?
Where do I find a mortgage with good rates and less points?
Rental Business: How to Deal with Noisy Rude Tenant who is Causing high Vacancy in Building!?
My realtor said that assuming someone's existing home loan is not done anymore. Is this true?
Should I sell my house with my furniture in it and decorated nicely, or move-in ready?
The good news is property prices here in Scotland are still on the rise while prices in the rest of the UK?
Rental Agreement and notice of leaving?
Is there any WHOLESALERS in Real Estate up here that can help me out a bit? I am getting confused?
Fha loans and sellers?What to expect?
Condo Question Can the board have a private meeting with the condo attorney.?
In Edison, NJ, which RE agency is regarded as reputable? I want to find an honest agency to work with.?
How much money should you be making per month to be able to live in a 1 bed apartment with another person?
she wants $3000! I need advice!?
help! We can no longer pay.?
I just posted question bout a/c not bng fixed...the whole unit needs to be done, im on a fixed income?
what can you do to get ride of tenants that dont pay rent?
Why do landlords use carpet in their rental properties?
What if the appraisal comes in lower then the price I bid on a property? Will the seller lower the price?
How much cash do I need to build a house?
I am considering putting a house up for rent in PA.?
Can a FHA loan be refinance into a conventional loan after 120 days from purchase date?
What kind of credit score do I need to qualify for a mortgage? Right now I have a 572-Experian.?
3 people, how to split rent?
Thinking about foreclosing my house! Cant afford payments!?
rhode island affordable housing question?
what causes property prices to increase?
Renting in Las Vegas?
How to prevent overcrowding in a rental?
How can i make my house look ghetto?
What is a good starting price range for my first house?
need help on passing the ILLINOIS real estate exam. any info is helpful?
What process do I need to take when renting?
Why do you have to have to give your landlord a set period of notice before you move out?
i need to move to mason county Washington?
looking for temporary housing?
How old do you have to be to rent/buy an apartment in california?
Maintenance man signed my lease in place of landlord/owner- is it still valid?
how can i buy get financed for a mortgage if i filed bankruptcy in november?
Loan Calculator for loan arrears?
What state would you recommend to build spec. homes in 2006 and why? *Investment vs. return?
Landlord gave key to a third party can i break my lease?
Is now a good time to buy a condo in San Diego, California?
To evict somebody for not paying...?
what is the best way to buy a home with bad credit but a good income?
what is the best beach in the United States to live on?
real estate websites?
an anyone tell me?
what are tenants rights for safe environment?
Is it possible to sell my house to pay for it's mortgage?
on foreclosure properties the amount stated for sale is this amount what the property sells for?
Which of these improvements would help sell my house quicker?
I am obligated to full fill lease if it was altered by landlord?
I need help finding a home NOW?
I'm trying to find public records of mobile home owners, similiar to public records of typical residences?
Which is a better purchase? A home that needs a lot of work for $90k or a home ready to be moved into at 150k?
If I were to sell 2/3's of a farm which my brother ownes the other third of how would I go about it?
How do you buy a house foreclosure?
Number of feet in square mile?
Can a landlord not comment on the apartments neighborhood?
would a land transfer have anything to do with a county auction?
What is your opinion?
what good deed you do today?
Breaking my lease?
buying a house cheaper than my bank approved loan, do i keep the rest?
what can we as home owners take with us from the house\?
Should I go into foreclosure if I am $120,000 in negative equity and failed in a loan modification attemp?
what does it mean " Active-Exclusive Right" ? and "Status: Contingent Offer" ?
How do I ask renters for owed rent in a firm but polite fashion?
Can you rent an apartment in another high schools area so you can go to that school?
Will My Lack Of Credit History Affect My Eligibility To Get An Apartment?
In SEATTLE, WA or closeby, can anyone tell me which area is best $$$$ to live? And which area is best-value?
My home is blackballed by the previous real estate agent who owned my home,no one will show it-how can I sell?
my name is on the deed but not on the mortgage am i responsible?
Do I Have to get My Deposit Back?
what will happen if i leave my apartment without 30 day notice and before my lease is up?
Property in Florida. I got the loan but the seller is in Illinois?
How do I evict my Mom from my home (I'm a renter)?
i meed to find out if my landlord actually lives at address he has provided, how can i do this?
Simple mortgage/rent calculators?
my landlord won't fix my a/c unit it leaks and has a trash can under it to help the leaking i guess.?
Can I just kick someone out of my apartment whos lived with me for 3 months and is not on the lease?
Does anyone know the number or website for Renters Control in Los Angeles?
i can i buy a house, even if my credit is bad?
Paying a Realtor to rent a house?
They said i was approved for the apartment?
Any possibility for loan without current verifiable employment history?
Living in an apartment, but did not sign the lease for a new year?
What are good things to ask a realtor when they are showing you a property?
land registration question??
What is the latest form for "Notice to Leave Premises?"?
My landlord has been entering my apartment without notice, can I sue?
How much does it cause to gutt out a home?
Legal Question: I have a neighbor that poured a concrete slab on my property.?
Has anyone used Mark Forytarz from Castran Gilbert real estate? I'm thinking of selling my house.?
Eviction in Virginia?
we rented a cabin in lake arrowhead to live in and after paying the deposit and 1st months rent we have?
what changes to my home will increase my home value?
First Time Buyer Utilities Question?
How do I kick out my daughter's 18 year old girlfriend?
Moving middle school in fairfax county?
Is a Rental Renewal Offer Letter a binding document?
My aunt has section 8 and I want to move in with her. Will moving in affect her section 8 case?
How do I rent an apartment with no job?
if the landlord has written no pets does it also include hamsters?
My Mother left me Her house which is paid off, It's worth at least $400,000.00. I have horrible credit.?
Can anybody recommend inexpensive software package for the beginner Real Estate Investor?
Quick Selling a House?
where can I find a house lease to print for personal use?
Is it wrong to buy your friends forclosed home?
If I transfer my house that is paid off to someone, does he still must pay the delinquent taxes or me?
some one tried to sell me a house they did not own?
Does anyone know how much a mortgage payment would be on a house $124,900?
I own property it used to be rated R3 now its rated R2. I had no idea they did this. Legal?
How can I protect my identity when giving out social security number?
what does referral source mean in a application?
What is the best way to advertise for a yard sale?
I am looking to rent a house see below for the link. What do you think? It's in Melbourne.?
Judgment issued against landlord not tenant?
How long will they stay in my house?
i want to sell my house,and finance the buyer myself. the house is paid it Good idea?
we are looking for a single family house in will be our first buy ..?
tenant claim of $10000?
What does it take to be approved for a habitat home?
If a home has foundation issues would you buy it?
what are the tax implications of a lease with option to buy for the seller?
do any one know websites or places for apartments in southsuberbs?
can i appy for housing for 2 councils?
heating in work condemned will not be fix for 6 weeks?
If an apartment complex in broadview hts ohio controls the heat to all apartments, what is the minimum?
Does anyone know of a website where I can find out which U.S. states are booming now in?
I meant as the tenant trying to get rent back from an landlord and he knew the apt was illegal before he rents?
are there companies that will manage your rental properties for you? could you tell me more about this?
What credit score do you need to obtain a VA loan?
Help me make a letter: request to lower the interest rate of monthly rental to %5?
How do I file a complaint to the Renter's association in my area?
Am I responsible?
If you pay a deposit do you have to rent the flat?
To purchase a home or not?
Where is the most cheepest place to buy a house in USA.?
Can a former landlord have you arrested for damages done to their rental property?
Eviction notice was recieved on the 30th and we paid the rent on the 31st, and we recieve the notice in the?
Can you connect me to (the house value website)?
Can any one suggest a good website for posting a rental in NJ?
housing issues in the uk ?
how much of a down payment do i need for a 180,000.00 house?our credit scoresmy credit is like 450 hers 550?
REVISED - Where can I find a free online rental agreement sample?
My regime wants to start foreclosure
Is there a time in which I can get out of a lease that I recently signed?
Can our landlord make us move out of a handicapped apartment if a handicapped person needs to move in?
Sheriffs sales?
--**how much rent should i pay my parents-**?
how can we prove the house we rented for the past 4 months had an infestation when we moved in?
where can I get a legal form of intent to have a car towed? The tenants have been told many times not to park?
One Dollar Houses?
Which lenders will refinance small home mortgages?
How much money are you willing to spend on a house?
I rent my apartment around 3 years ago, my contract expire in January 2013, but 2 weeks ago the landlord send?
Anyone know the tips of how to get the house sold faster?
are any banks or mortgage companies doing 40 or 50 year loans?
New Tenants Mother Gets Smart?
What is an average cost to build a house in Southern Alabama?
what is the diff between a single rental and a studio rental apt.?
Can My Landlord deny my use of an AC Unit?
Water shut off notice in apartment...?
i have 50 points on housing executive does this make me priority?
Is it way too expensive to buy a house or is it just me?????
OK , what do I need to do to evict my roommates?
Is it possible to sell my house to pay for it's mortgage?
Would you pay 1300 dollars for an apartment? per month!?
help with housing benefit?
I have just received a letter from my lawyer saying 'buyer has confirmed deletion of her survey clause'.
During a recession do house prices go up or down? (ASAP)?
Does an eviction from housing come up on a credit check or background check?
How is the housing market in Tacoma WA?
I am looking for a certified kitchen in the South Bay area?
I'm thinking of going to college in Springfield, IL. Is it a nice place to live&safe? I'm from the suburbs
I have a poor credit score. What percentage of a home with a cost of $180,000 would I need to put down to buy?
can i be evicted for having a guest stay with me i am payed up on my rent?
Is 6.75% a Good Mortgage rate?
How to evict a "tenant"?
Apartment in Bellevue under $ 800 for 5 Months?
Do you think 3.5 Million dollars is too much for a 4 bedroom apartment in nyc?
What kind of annual income do you need to for a house that is $500K?
I'm 17, how do I rent an apartment?
IF you could buy SUMMER home in a Country, WHERE it will be, why you choose it there?
I need help with a realty question and the legality of it?
When doing an eviction is their anything that I can do to make it uncomfortable for them?
Paying off $2,000,000...?
If housing is approximately 28% of a person's income, where can a family live for $250.00 a month?
home construction costs per square foot in san jose, ca?
do we qualify for an fha loan?
What is the current VA interest rate for home loans?
would like to buy rental property,(duplex) i already have morgage, how much $ to put down .affordable? rent$?
what is a rentee?
Should I relisted a with another realtor after 6 months!?
Is it unethical to use more than one real estate agent if I am buying a house?
how can i get housing help? like finding a low cost place?
what is the appropriate rent increase for a commercial property in San Bernardino County per year?
is it difficult to get a loan for land without a house on it?
Can a New Jersey Lawyer collect a commission on the sale of real estate?
Mortgage Calcs - I know my monthly payment budget, how much can I then afford?
Pro's/Con's of being on the title/deed, but not on the mortgage for a new home purchase (Virginia)?
What would the monthly cost be to lease/rent a data center?
About franchise fees!?
How do I get onto the property ladder with no deposit but with having a decent job?
Can the landlord enter your property without notice and can I change my locks to stop him from doing so.?
Should I add my Husband to the deed or not?
Increase in rent question?
Can I sue my mortgage lender for lieing?
When should I get pre-approved for a home loan?
how can someone force you to stay in your home and they are not on the lease the cops told me i have to evict?
Am I at risk of being evicted from my apartment?
Please HELP! Can I Break My New Lease?
Is it legal for a realtor to show an occupied apartment?
how does the $8000 first time buyers deal work?
Wahts the best way to sell a house trailer that will have to be moved from property?
What is the best way to deal with potential roommates concerns about others in the house?
Can you break a rental agreement for a good reason?
Moving out, and starting my life.. Help?
Am I responsible? Can she keep my deposit?
HELP!! My roommate is breaking our lease!?
Negligent landlords rental house across the street from mine needs it's front lawn mowed badly.?
Is it legal?
Owning a home after Foreclosure?
I have fallen for my landlord's ex-girlfriend. She owns the house next-door. How should I proceed?
What to do about foreclosure on a rental?
Roommate doesn't want to pay utilities?
Do lenders only include the first mortgage in a foreclosure?
do you have to change your will if you move house?
What do i need to qualify for low income.?
how long does it take for a vha loan to do ther paper work?
is it worth it to invest in real estate?
question on breaking a lease?
Where is a good place to move? Why?
Should I buy a home in Jacksonville, Fl.?
I am planning to buy a condo unit in Manila, any sites and info you could give?
If I am Buying a Real Estate Property as a Private Investment, Do I Lose My First Time Home Buyer Credit?
Current refinance loan rates for rental condominiums in NC?
Does anyone have an apartment to rent in San Francisco near Fishermans Wharf?
Landlord sai we could rent an is now putting us through the ringer?
Will a lien filed against my home in Washington State be removed after 8 months?
step by step guide to land trust?
How do I get my redemption or confirmation number that I placed a rental ad on. I was kicked out?
File Exchange Systems for book listings on different book selling sites!?
where can i put my town house for rent for free?
I want to buy a property at auction, what is the typical APR for a bridging loan.?
Moving out, young and scared. How much does it cost?
Is the property in conveyance condition? Huh? What is their definition of conveyance? Can't be transfer.?
Can I bring my oven with me when I sell my house?
Can someone please work me through the entire process of getting a property under contract?
is raising my rent by 20% from £1000 to £1200 acceptable?
My roommate is bailing on our lease- should I be responsible for the security deposit?
What do I do about a landlord who won't fix things? (PLEASE HELP!)?
can you have more than one mortgage ?
howm can i buy a home with bad credit?
I just rented an office on Feb. 1st. Now the owner says I must get out. What rights do I have?
Is 626 square feet small for a 1bedroom in NYC?
I was curious how a house value is based upon it's market value? (See below)?
Why should the US government bail out irresponsible mortgage holders?
NHE (National Housing Endowment) Certification Scam?
how much is closing cost?
I need help with loan modification. Who can I trust?
I have fallen for my landlord's ex-girlfriend. She owns the house next-door. How should I proceed?
Property advice on what to do?
What percentage of americans have loans on their houses?
How exactly does lease option to buy work?
what should the rent to income ration be for a single person?
How to change from a 30 yr mortgage to 15 year?
What are the average cost of utilities for a 2 bedroom apartment in Westchester, NY?
Random Inspections from Landlords.?
My Mom and I are going to be homeless! What do we do?
I would like a place to rent Braemar Courts has availability whats phone number?
are there any loans for double wide or homes i have land sewer,well an electric there im on disability?
do i have to be put on waiting list for section eight if i have already found a house?
if you were going to sell your house would you have a male or female relitor?why?
Who is responsible for reflooring my apartment, my landlord or me?
Apartment close to Medical Center,San Antonio?
a home loan normally takes 30yrs to pay, if u pay the money quicker like in 10 yrs. do u save much? explain?
Mortgage Question?
In California, how much time does a landlord have to give a tenant when they want to show an occupied home?
Im a UK resident & have a house on my name which my dad does not know about.can I stop him from finding out?
Where I can advertize my apt vacancies?
what does a property manager do?
Should I buy a house in Portland Oregon? Or is it better to rent and save money?Are property taxes reasonable?
Yearly home rental inspections...what do they inspect exactly?
Will the landlord agree to rent me the apartment?
What law says the landlord can keep all security deposit for minnor wear and tare on the appartment?
Retiring "Trying"?
Does anyone know of a good place to get leads for mortgage prospects?
Is there a way to refinance a mortgage without changing the amortization schedule?
What is the average buy to let mortgage interest rate?
a name for my house?
Do you know Anything About Real Estate In Canada..Let me know.?
who is manager in charge of housing allocations .at riverside carlisle housing association?
Can we get an FHA loan for a mobile home?
How do people sell a house that they haven't finished paying off yet?
Both of us signed a twelve month lease, he moved. am i responcible for his half of the rent?
I'm 26 years old, living with parents, unemployed - am I a loser?
I am trying to get my deposit back from my uni house?
My husband will start teaching at Georgia State. Looking for nice rental apartments close to MARTA?
Rental - furnished home clause?
Do you think house prices will drop within the next 12 months and if so, how much????
I'm an A level student - can I claim Housing Benefits?
Can I get an apartment rental agreement if I am leaving my home for forclosure?
how do you find an attorney to sue a bank?
is a tenant required to have heat and electricity purchased?
Is there any cute new affordable condos or townhouse in a "good area" that are for sale?
My new foreclosed house?
Where can I get a mortgage with a low monthly payment?
Is there anyone in Arizona who knows of a house for rent?
If a person owns a piece of land, do they own it all the way down to the center of the earth?
How much does it take to build a house?
Does anybody know what how many units an apartment complex can have before?
renting with bad credit?
What do I do about my landlord?
Was kicked out, and my property thrown away?
If a person owns a piece of land, do they own it all the way down to the center of the earth?
How can we afford a house?
my wife and are planning on buying a house are there any tips any one can give us and things to look out for?
how do you get a mortgage on a house?
first time home buyers grant in ireland?
Should I short sell or stay?
I am on a lease with my boyfriend, but I want to move out?
how much of my total income should i spend on my house payment?
Is it normal for a landlord to have a copy of the keys to the house we are living in?
If someone owns a piece of land, do they own it all the way to the center of the earth?
i'm looking 2 buy a house... IN FL, NV, GA AND CA.... >>?
Can I get my deposit back if I back out of a purchasing agreement?
I want to buy a house in the next six months, will breaking the lease on my apt hurt my chances at all?
Can a high school student thats 18 get HUD?
I retire in 10 years. Should I try to buy a retirement home/condo/townhouse in the phoenix area now?
I'm looking to buy a house and don't really know the ettiquette.?
If $3575.00 is 30% of a 6 1.2 commission what would the selling price be.?
My EX is trans home to my name. How to make sure LAND is incl with house?
Judgemenet against my husband that we never knew about.?
Will my credit score be affected twice if I short sale 2 homes?
rent a house or apartment?
Getting rid of real estate agent before home sells?
Can I get a mobile home loan in upstate NY?
Landlords; getting lease renewed?
How do I legally get a family members out of my house?
rent stabilization in NEW YORK, NEW YORK?
i live in Bradford west yorkshire, and wondering what the best housing associations are?
2nd Home is it better to get an equity Loan to purchase or a 1st mortgage?
How can i build a nice looking house and get a nice looking place without money?
Landlord want us to move-out within two weeks?
Where in the usa has the cheapest land per acer for horse property?
what is subsidized apartment?
Will they let us remortgage?
URGENT!!! Back Problems need quick assistance?
Should I move into an apt with on site and coin op laundry?
What is the average time that a house is on the market?
what are the dangers of buying real estate with a lis pendens against it?
how to negotiate ?
i want to move out ON A BUDGET? should i?
What do I do If my landlord made deductions from deposit for pre excisting problems?
Could raid max frogger bug bomb be fatal if still in house?
My agent said the house he's going to show me needs minor TLC. What does TLC stand for?
I need help/advice on a mortgage question!?
What are my rights as a tenant?
Selling decseased fathers home.?
My roommate sent a rude email, how should I respond?
once the court is over how long does the eviction take to get on your recorder I live in CA?
how can i quickly move out my parents house?
What happens if I leave stuff at my old house in utah?
Interested in buying a house any advice?
Advice on renting to family?
Would i be good rnough to do commissions.?
If we are unable to sell our house, can we rent it out?
what is the rent that I can get if i want to let out my shop for an Atm to a bank?
Where can I go get my real estate license?
houses for sale in pasadena md?
Do think house prices will crash!!!?
Does this mean we might have a chance?
We have a pool in our apartment building and theres people in there having a pool party who dontg even live he
is chennai a best place for real estate investment? If so tell me why?
how do i find cheap rental homes in orlando florida preferably 2 bedroom?
Can I still move out if I said I would help find a replacement?
what is price of houses nowadays?
I need to find out who has the title for a Pa. mobile home.?
I had to short sell house I owe 159,000 sold for 60,000 house was appraised for 57 foundation problems,will i?
any reaslestate loan office success stories?
Can one buy a decent apartment/flat in london for 150-175k£?
Does this sound like a false ad?? I emailed this lady about a house off craigs list..?
What is the best area in Spokane, WA to invest in rental property?
How much do i need to buy a house in San Francisco?
Moving into a new house with roommates; how do we decide who gets the bigger master bedroom?
Landlord will not provide stove?
Breaking lease question?
Are there any places for rent for one month in the Katy,Texas or West Houston area?
My ex wife has left the house ?
What does the term 'land contract' mean?
Bankruptsy Attorney Won't Return Our Calls!?
I'm in the process of buying a house?
Yields and Adjustable Rate Mortgages?
Would he affect us not being able to rent a house?
Describe the difference between a mortgage and a deed of trust.?
I am going to rent a flat with my g/f....?
I signed a contract buying a house in Arkansas and the owner changed his mind.?
How do you treat a home that the previous tenants smoked in?
can we use a sellers gift for down payment?
do i have to pay for redecorating a rental property left in good condition?
How is the Clairemont Mesa are of San Diego? Looking to move there. Thanks!?
can a landlord only give u a 10 day notice to move out?
im 25 and make $30,000 a year and still cant afford a morgage. When will the prices be low enough to afford it
Is landlord allowed to have a copy of my mailbox key?
Can 3 people be on a 2 bedroom apartment lease?
What are the downsides to buying land in Arizona?
can i get housing benefit at 17?
what will happen when my unemployment run out living in low income apartment?
Is any clouser charges are applicable by bank on mortgage lone clouser befor time.?
What happens when you have an oral contract with your land lord and he wants to sell the house 2 mon. after?
the sellers want to stay a few weeks after closing?
is it a good time to buy a house in michigan?
What is the specific name for a building that is businesses on the 1st floor and apartments on the upper floor?
Landlord tenancy breach?
does an unlawful detainer need to be served face to face?
Buying a home?
Can I be forced to move?
Short term living and storage solutions on the cheap in Dallas areas?
What does it mean when you buy "pre-foreclosure rights", what exactly are you buying?
I just purchased home well below market value but still have to pay PMI..can I just refinance?
Why choose this topic on mortgage?
looking to buy a single family home with a pool in broward county from 200.000-250.000? or in miami-dade coun
Where is a nice affordable big city to live in CA?
Is it better to buy a house (but not live in it )to avoid higher payments?
Where's a good area of London for a first time buyer to get a two-bed property?
Is beach front property readily available for sale in Spain (including the Basque provinces;and,?
Can I be a CEO????????
what is the standard realtor commission if buyer does not have a buyers agent, I am the seller. Thanks!?
whats the difference between sale and sell?
mobile home appraisal came in too low is this a scam ?
when you move into a house when do you have to start paying bills?
how to make sure my son in law does not kick me out of house?
How would I change wanting to move?
Homeowners: How old were you when you owned your first home?
If I Get a Job Out of Town, How Can I Get An Apartment?
How can I find people who want to sell their house via contract for deed?
can public housing my apt. anytime they want even non-emergency?
Which Bank offers the lowest interest rate for home loans now.?
Cheap and Safe Area with Snowy Winters?
i want out of my lease?
what is the next course of action a landlord would take if you break a lease and habor a cat.?
what is the best state to buy real estate in now?
where can I find a NO GUNS ALLOWED sign to post in my home?
What is the difference between a condo and a townhouse?
What is my job title in the UK?
what is a fair offer on a house purchase?
I have really bad credit but am tired of renting, how can I get a loan?
Is it a bad time to sell a condo in orange county, ca?
Need subprime lender for standalone 2nd with a 520 fico?
What legal recourse do I have against my landlord for what he has done to us?
for real estate in Nigeria?
Can I put my moble home on land once had train tracks on it? I know it will fit but how much will it cost?
Grants and/or government assistance to help get a house?
What is the purpose for someone doing a sale-leaseback??
What are positives and negatives to consider when deciding on purchasing a townhouse or a condominium?
where can i find information on commercial property values?
Need advise with my new apt..?
Can an estate agent lie about another offer?
Is it illegal to rent a room in an apartment?
Rental Business: why would one need to install electrical conduit for safely operating dishwasher?
Can a city take your property that you own and claim it as theirs even if your taxes etc are up to date?
How can I find Leads in Real Estate?
where do i go to get information on real estate classes?
I want to owner finance a house that I own. Do I pay the taxes and insurance every year or do I have the buyer
My scout group has had a hut on church land for 59 years. Vicar wants us gone?
Can I break my lease after 4 mo. to return to school?
What are some questions a first time home buyer should ask thier realtor?
I owe the bank of america money Right, I deposit a check for 2800 Day. The amount is more than i owe.?
if a Warranty Deed is issued, it is legally binding even if not recorded with the state??
where can i find housing assistance in central texas?
Question about moving, moving costs, moving company, price etc>?
I am married but want to refinance my house only in my name. What do I have to do?
What do I do about my mortgage being almost $80,000 more than what my home is worth?
Flat Fee MLS Listing?
Can a landlord charge past due rent into your collections?
Is the housing bubble going to burst? Some are saying its time..?
We are moving to Oklahoma City in March. Anybody recommend nice, affordable apartments?
Can a landlord put that house on the market to sell while tenants are still renting?
Does anyone know of any nice 3 bedroom 3 bath apartments that accept pets in Tampa, FL?
Is a "love it or hate it" apartment a good idea?
What can I do to persuade our home builder to work faster?
How are people able to afford such high rents in some cities such as Los Angeles ?
What does Property sold "as is" mean to a seller?
Should I say something about the potent a smell?
Compare the monthly payment on a $2300 loan at 9% add-on rate with a 9% discount rate (4 yr loan)?
Can the landlord show my apartment before giving notice?
How do you find the interest rate?
I would like to know if anyone knows of a house for rent in the Turlock ,Ca. area?
Two Applications On Two People?
what should I do about a tenant who is always late with the rent?
Rental property a good investment?
THE QUESTION: Find the simple interest earned to the nearest cent for each principal, interest rate, and time? Is it a scam? Take my money and run??
How much bill my household bills set me back a month?
Spanish Word for gun?
I got an Adjustable Rate Mortage (ARM) on my house a year ago. Did I screw up?
I sign a lease for apartment and I don't want to move in. Is ther a grace period ?
My Landlord Used my Apartment while I was away?
How much would utilities cost for a studio apartment (two girls)?
Our vehicle was repossesed The loan company still wants the balance on the loan. can they do this?
When renting, does 'no pets allowed' really mean NO pets?
Can I buy a house even though I'm only 18?
OK, the mother in law is on title , cause she was the Realtor when house was bought?
our tenant failed to mention that the valve was broken?
is there anyway to find a list of new realtors in the houston, texas area?
Closing on my home end of July - can I take my expensive luxury shower head or do I have to leave it?
Can I borrow to pay for closing costs?
Do I have to give two month notice to end tenancy?
Housing assistance for moving families?
Is this possible? Mortgage advice, first time buyer...?
If I build a house in the countryside, how much would it cost to install electricity?
Why is the UK so unfair to the homeless ?
Questions about Section 8 housing in Tennessee?
Has anyone been approved for a home loan with mediocre credit score?
After you receive your first Foreclosure letter,can you just do a Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure or.......?
Contract for Deed Kansas?
Are there any websites to figure out which neighborhoods are safe for living?
rental cars for a week less than $160.00?
My mum promised me this house but then backed out...not sure what to do :( thanks for reading?
What kind of real estate license do I need to sell properties Caribbean?
can i buy heaters out of my rent money?
I'm selling my house and my lien Holder went out of business?
Will My Landlord Be Angry If I Broke into My Own Apartment?
What is the average price of commercial land in Cecil County MD?
Are these prices reasonable for Las Vegas high rises?
where can i find a listing for land for sale in Evans, GA?
what does GCH in a property advert mean?
renting against buying?
Where is the cheapest land for sale in the USA?
How can I get information about housing auctions and/or buying foreclosed homes in the Bay Area?
Is it possible to sell my home in two weeks?
whats best way to find low mortgage?
Will a lender negotiate if I recently filed skeleton bankruptcy?
how much will section 8 pay for a 3 bedroom house in lake county indiana?
Why is Wells Fargo Mortgage forgiving amount to forbearance on my loan modification?
My girlfriend wants to be on the deed?
how do i fond a good low income apartment?
What Are the Best Websites for Home Buyers?
how can i get a loan and don"t have to pay back?
Esthetician Vs. Property Management Career?" See Below>>> Please."?
How much are closing costs?
I heard on the news that my state Colorado has the highest forclosure rate in the country?
What are some clever ways to move belongings to a new city?
How can I force apartment management to fix leaking roof and ceiling?
How can I find people that would be willing to refer potential homebuyers, besides using a realtor?
were will i fine info on profit sharing on land development?
My real estate agent is never available to show me houses, is this normal?
Can I loose my home....?
How can I get out of my lease early?
Can we withhold our last 2 months of rent?
How much should I spend on a home?
who lives in indio/coachella CA who knows where theres apartments available?
if the house that im renting has broken into several times can i break my lease?
What is the process to make my home Section 8 approved?
how to find a list of people looking at apartments in boston?
URGENT- i need out of my apartment now!!?
If my home mortgage loan application falls through, can I get my ernest deposit back?
Why do tenants destroy their landlord's property?
how do i block a home owners association from filing a lein on my property?
Landlord doesn't return security deposit?
how does a bi-monthly payment on my morgage save me money over the life of the loan?
If I lost my job can I break my apartment lease?
if you buy a house that is for sale by owner do they have to disclose things that are wrong with it?
Bad to buy $450 laptop on a credit card, 1 week before closing on house?
I lived most of my life in Manhattan. Definitely not a "Texas Gal" type. Husband LOVES TX. Anymore "cons"?
Real estate agreement?
What recourse do I have if my movers are 4 days late delivering my stuff?
Moving House how does the process work?
which is better chicago or new jersey?
Do you have to tell your landlord 30 days ahead of time before leaving?
we know cost of land is getting expensive day by day ...but pl tell me do the builder floors get cheaper as ti?
Any nice apartments in hayward ca? ?
Do I have a case if I want to complain about my letting agency to the Property Ombudsman? (details below)?
i've been giving 2 weeks to move out of my house by the owner. is this legal?
can u buy a house?
How much rent can we afford?
Am buying a house for $165,000 the house was appraised for $230,000 which is the equity is more than 20%?
Figuring out Apartment bills?? HELP?
My first car payment is almost due and I still don't know who the lien holder is. What should I do?
Who can give me a good answer to give potential buyers when I'm asked why I'm moving?
I would like to live in NYC when I grow up. How much would a nice, medium size apartment cost?
What are my legal rights to the home my wife is buying,yet my name is not on the loan or deed?
What discount or free service are available for elderly in-home care?
What are the sound proofing regulations for commercial recording studios?
im being set out by sheriff. i just paid my landlord money toward back rent. can i still be set out?
what is gross income?
We never signed a lease. Can we move out?
rent a place for 1 night party?
my landlord is sueing me and my roommate because i withheld the rent .?
I am NOT happy with my realtor, what can I do ?
About how much would it cost to hire movers for a small move from Brooklyn to Manhattan?
What are the various term of years, that landlords grant for various trades & businesses?
How can I get off mortgage loan with my soon-to-be ex-husband?
How to calculate property taxes?
Is a finished basement taken into consideration in a home appraisal?
If I plan to sell my house within a year but I need money to pay bills, should I refinance now or sell now?
Where can I order hardcopies of the EPA Pamlet Protect Your Family From Lead In The Home?
how is the cost of the water bill equated?
Is there a website that shows which broker?
Why not buy a mobile home if my house is going to depreciate anyway?
where do we find if our neighbours have right of way passed our house?
What are the options if I want to move out?
For rental properties, what are the pros and cons of putting them into a LLC.?
Help please... I want to move?
harry holdings?
hi my dad is charging me rent? in 17?
Tenants want me to turn the heat on when the meter says that it is 67 degrees inside?
Real Estate: Who Is Right?
my apartment owners want me to relocate to another unit. should'nt they help me with the expense?
Uneven paint surface - want to sand, prime then paint?
my husband passed with no will or trust. His name is on the Deed and Mortgage of the house.Can i walk away?
I need some information on California City, Ca is it a nice place to live at?
Would a bank finance me on an investment property?
Woolwich Arsenal DLR extension increase house prices?
Where to buy an appartment for cheap?
title companies seeking noteries for loan closings boca raton fl?
I have very little money, but own real estate valuing approximately $500,000 in fee simple. I want to retitle
How do I use a real estate WebID number online? The realtor has no website but lists the WebID number?
what web site offers the selling price of homes?
Regarding the California Real Estate License Application RE202, What do I check for Working Status Question?
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